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4n4kia · 13 hours
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toochiccctofunction · 8 hours
Quotes that fuel my ed<3 [ part 4 ]
"If you have a car, you don't fill up every time you see a gas station, so you don't have to eat every time you see food"
"Your mind gives up before your body does”
“If you want that thigh gap, put your food down and go take a nap”
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but fat and food will hurt me for good”
“I don’t care about anything other than being skinny”
“Don’t reward yourself with food. You’re not a dog”
"Starve your pain away, make everything okay, turn your problems into bones".
“In two weeks you’ll feel it
In four weeks you’ll see it
In eight weeks a you’ll hear it
Start now and keep going”
Some of the quotes are from you guys, tysm for the inspo, I hope you enjoy them<3
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nicotinenico-blog · 7 hours
I want to slowly rot away until I'm just bones, pure sparkly white bones, then I can be loved
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99calss · 22 hours
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It’s time to get back on track!
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shaking-and-starving · 15 hours
I’m doing this to prove my family wrong. I’m doing this to prove everyone whose ever body shamed me wrong. I’m doing this to look pretty and dainty for my boyfriend. I’m doing this to be desirable. I’m doing this to be liked. I’m doing this to feel better. I’m doing this for control. Im doing this because I deserve to feel loved and cared for. Im doing this because I deserve to be happy. I’m doing this to be treated better. Im doing this because I don’t deserve to be heavy. Im doing this so people will like me. Im doing this to be pretty. Im doing this to always be cold. Im doing this to feel more like myself. Im doing this because I want to be light. Im doing this for myself. This is my self love. This is what I deserve. This is what needs to be done. This is the only way.
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st4rv1ngxbabyy · 17 hours
hi there sweetheart, you're feeling a little down right now, arent you? feeling some hunger pangs? well every time you feel the hunger and resist it, you're proving how strong you are and how badly you want to lose weight. <3 and when we put in effort, do you know what we get? rewards. rewards which you fully deserve. keep working, sweetie.
you've got this.
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If you are outwardly and proudly fatphobic, go ahead and block me now. You and the sadistic bitches that everyone here undoubtedly had to endure in school are one and the same. Behind every eating disordered person, there you stand conceitedly. The same type of bitch that bullied and convinced my 10 year old self that something was wrong about her, that she did not "fit", that she was worth nothing. She's felt inhuman ever since.
You are poison. You are in no way superior. You are not welcome, oppressor.
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toochiccctofunction · 7 hours
Summer inspo<3
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Pics are from Pinterest
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sicdietcoke · 16 hours
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the first pic KILLS me omg her chest bones >>>
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maiathemoth · 5 hours
my stomach: bitch i’m hungry
me: *chugging a litre of water* no tf ur not
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r4ging-n4rcissus · 4 hours
breakfast 🥰
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0klciggies · 13 hours
I'm in the beginning of a fast (in the first 5 hrs) and my stomach is like blurblurblurblubrbrurl
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dulcedekohi · 24 hours
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ilovevanfuckingpeters · 19 hours
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I stg everytime i post about my weight loss I stay that exact weight for like 2 weeks 😭
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I will get there
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