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roanniom · 2 months
About this post, he would like know all the little known tricks too, like he’d pick up guy and girl-targeted magazines in order to gain as much knowledge as possible. The man is a nerd, he’d absolutely read up on giving a girl head. He knows the ‘come hither’ motion, he knows how to pay attention to the clit, he knows about pacing, and you bet he knows about the ‘seven pleasure points of women’ from Friends.
Critical Hit
Virgin!Eddie Munson x Fem!reader
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ ONLY, fingering
I’m just imagining Eddie Munson looking at you naked for the first time and just freezing. You think it’s cute and so you’re all gentle and sweet and encouraging and you just lay back and let him explore you.
But within 0.5 seconds he’s got his fingers in your pussy and his mouth on your tits and he’s sucking and thrusting and rubbing and you are writhing beneath all the attention.
“I thought you didn’t know what you’re doing!” you accuse with a yelp, eyes rolling back in your head.
He pulls off your breast with a pop and looks at you with a furrowed brow and wet, pouting lips.
“I have no idea what I’m doing!” he insists anxiously. But his fingers keep fucking you and your legs try to close in on his hand, back arching off the bed.
“What the fuck, Munson! Are you hustling me? I’m - mmm - it’s been like five minutes and I’m already - fuck!”
He perks up at that, using the hand not inside you to pet at your clit. The pressure is irregular but somehow exactly what you need??
“You’re already what?” he asks. Incredulous and eager and way too much like a puppy. “Do you mean you’re gonna cum?”
“Fuuuck…” you whine, dragging a pillow over and covering your face with it, really in order to bite into it. You feel embarrassed about being so easy for him, and for assuming he’d be some lost teenager when it came to your body. Virgin or not, Eddie Munson was playing you like one of his guitars and you were about to snap.
“No no don’t hide! That’s not fucking fair,” Eddie all but whines like a petulant child, tugging at the pillow till you let go of it weakly. His eyes blow wide and his fingers pick up the pace on your sopping wet, clenching pussy. “Are you…are you drooling? Cuz of me?”
You swipe at the errant spit left at the corner of your mouth from biting the pillow and frown.
“Shut up.”
“That’s fucking hot, Princess,” Eddie says with reverent awe. “You’re so fucking hot.”
You go to respond but can’t because he switches the direction of the swirl on your clit and suddenly you’re coming with a soundless moan that has you gasping open mouthed. Eddie waits patiently through your convulsions, staring at you wide eyed till you drop, spent, back into the sheets. Only then does he punch the air with his fist.
“That seemed like a critical hit of an orgasm if I do say so myself.”
“A critical…wha?” you pant, still not fully back to yourself yet. Left fuzzy and dizzy as you stretch your legs and savor the delicious ache.
“So in DND when you roll a natural 20 - ,”
You throw a pillow and smack him square in the face before he can say another word.
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boomhauer · 5 months
Everyone says “Eddie looks like Van Halen! Eddie looks like Kirk Hammett! Eddie looks like Jimmy Page!”
What about Jason Newsted before the horrendous undercut? 🤔
Tumblr media
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everdeenwayland · 9 months
Intriguing how ppl hate grace for shipping Edissy (bc they say it’s P*do) r the same ppl stanning Eddie. It’s like so u stan a p*do character then? Bc even Joe admitted Eddie had a crush on Chrissy. And they also stan Joe so that means they stan an actor who likes his p*do character. It goes both ways. Obviously I don’t think Eddie/Edissy is inappropriate or p*do but I’m pointing out their faulty logic.
Yup, it has no logic at all. I've seen here people saying that all this hate towards Grace steams from misogyny and I couldn't agree more. Countless male actors (cough david harbour cough) have done and said things similarly to what she had said/done and still they don't receive as much hate as she has.
And people have the worst takes about eddissy like saying he was only interested in selling her drugs and that it all was a ploy for it, makes him look so bad and out of character (especially if we consider the things Joseph Quinn has said about Eddie). And don't get me started on the p*do thing. Everyone that worked in that scene said that they had an amazing romantic chemistry, are people sure that's something famous people would say if there was a hint of p*do there??? Like do they really think this is all a big complot??
I also don't like what people say about the drug scene because most of the times they just understimate the performance of both Joseph and Grace, they are both very talented actors that manage to make a small scene so significance and brought so much depth to their characters.
So yup, antis are throwing rocks on their own roofs saying bad things about eddissy, they make Eddie look the worst.
(Sorry for the late reply anon, life kept getting in the way of this reply </3)
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queerxqueen · 6 months
this fandom is so mean sometimes when it comes to even the most basic of fandom shit like. i get it, ST is relatively mainstream, a lot of yall have never been in fandoms before, but the stuff folks call out as "cringe" behavior (or worse) in fandom is quite literally stuff that has always been a part of fandom and always will. people cosplaying, kinning characters, shipping characters who have barely spoken in canon, going to nerdy conventions, overanalyzing every scene w/ ur fave character in it, crying over characters, writing fanfiction and making art of whatever the fuck you want since you're doing it for free and for fun... this is fandom culture. if you dont like it you don't have to engage with it and its so easy to block/not interact with content you don't like.
tldr; stop bullying fans for doing fan things.
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pinkkinoko · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For all your discourse needs🥰
Feel free to save/use!
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mrsblackruby · 4 months
I think Billy Hargrove and Eddie Munson would get along just fine *heart eyes* 😍
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eddiemunsongf · 10 months
Eddie and Chrissy were cute in concept but then it was brought to my attention that Chrissy is underage, she’s gotta be 16-17 while Eddie is 19-21 😬
first of all, i have a hard time believing this is from an actual reformed shipper and not just someone trying to covertly push their ideals but i'm gonna pretend this is in good faith.
these are the facts. they were in middle school together. american middle school lasts three years. eddie has been held back at least twice. combining these two facts, we know definitively that their age gap is 2-3 years.
we can also reasonably assume that chrissy is a senior, based on her necklace. the necklace says '86', the current year of the show. the most logical assumption is that 86 is her graduation year. there arent a lot of other reasons for a girl that age to own and wear a gold necklace with the current year on it. the time of year is spring, by which time all american high school seniors are minimum 17.
(unless they skipped a grade, which we have no evidence chrissy did, and frankly if you're headcanoning that just to make the ship creepy.... you're the creepy one)
that combined information makes their ages:
chrissy: 17-18 eddie: 19-21
two notable caveats:
these ages are relative to each other, and cannot be further than 3 years apart. it is not possible for chrissy to be 17 and eddie to be 21 at the same time. eddie is ONLY 21 if chrissy is 18.
it is EXTREMELY unlikely eddie is 21 at all. that would mean that hawkins high is sanctioning a 21 year old to stay in their school. that would be an extraordinary circumstance, and one i cant reasonably see being extended to trailer trash eddie, who looks and behaves the way he does.
if you're basing your assertion on chrissy's file, don't. it was most likely just an error, and a screenshot of a prop you have to csi enhance to see doesn't override the things that have been written into the show with the explicit intent to indicate these character's ages. that's insane.
all together, their most likely ages are:
chrissy is 17, and eddie is 19-20. OR chrissy is 18, and eddie is 20.
in my country, and most countries, that is perfectly legal. notably, the age of consent in indiana is 16.
what's more, it's normal. i don't wanna be the prick that says touch grass but seriously you guys. get out in the world. a 2-3 year age gap is fine, and extremely common. teenagers date older teenagers all the time.
the problem comes when there is a significant maturity or development gap between partners. if your headcanon or read on these characters is that chrissy is a naive, childlike thing and that eddie is a fully grown and developed man who is preying on her, thats a you problem. you're mad at your own brain. that's not the canon, and it's certainly not my headcanon.
finally, it's not your job or your right to go around pushing your personal morality on other people. even if your assertions were true, which they are not, there's no possible interpretation of the canon in which this relationship would be illegal. so leave people the fuck alone. you don't have to like it! if it squicks you, that's completely valid. my recommendations would be to stay out of the tag, and unfollow me.
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tuvens · 10 months
i think my favorite part about steddie until now is that most of the fanfiction i've read is sensible to the time period's concept of queerness. i'm in love with all the references, the earnest way everyone's getting in touch with heavier topics like the gay panic defense and the aids crisis and getting educated to accurately portray what their relationship would've been like. it's beautiful to see people engage with this type of content and it's even more beautiful when it's done in an honoring way!!
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demobatman · 7 months
hey why are people making fun of that eddie song when fan songs have been around for literally all of time. girl what do you think a musical adaptation is.
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intothedysphoria · 5 days
I really don’t understand Billy antis need to be like “without Billy this would be perfect” “or mentally erasing Billy from this because it’s too good” in Mungrove, harringrove or especially harringroveson works
I had an anti do that on a post I was doing about harringroveson with Tourette’s and I’m just like…………backhanded compliments do not make compliments
Stop it. It’s weird.
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orangechickenpillow · 8 months
Look, you for sure don't have to ship it, but I literally cannot understand when people say there's no way Steve and Eddie are into each other. Like....
Hello??? Did we watch the same show???
(Also if one of them was a girl some of you would probably spot the pining from a mile away, but whatever I didn't say anything)
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roanniom · 3 months
forearms thoughts: Eddie bracing himself over you with his hands on either side of your head, fucking into you slowly and deeply. You’re so far gone, just moaning unintelligibly and writhing beneath him. You don’t have the energy to kiss him properly but when you tilt your head to the side your lips touches his wrist, his forearm, so you just start sloppily mouthing at his skin there. Eddie laughs above you and teases you for how cock drunk you are- “just need somethin’ in your mouth, princess?”
I also know exactly what that feels like. You are not capable of controlling yourself, just know you have to touch something but you’re so weak from pleasure, so weak you can barely hold on to whatever you’re holding, let alone make an intentional, concerted effort to grab on to a part of him.
So your mouth - which hangs open in a heavy pant - is the next best option. Turning your head, Eddie’s strong forearms are right there. Bracing him and holding him up above you. Giving him that leverage that lets him thrust so slowly and so deep, giving you those exquisite strokes he knows you love so much.
And you love him for knowing what you love, and you love him for giving you what you love. Your brain is fuzzy. Empty, save for cotton and arousal and the humming buzz of EddieEddieEddie repeating over and over like a mantra.
So you’re dropped into your basest form. The need to feel and taste and have. So you press your open mouth against his skin, breathing raggedly in some form of relief that you’ve been able to find this additional point of contact. To lave your tongue over his sweat-salted skin and feel the muscle contract underneath.
You drag your lips side to side, drooling almost as he thrusts another particularly intentional thrust deep into you. You groan against his arm as your eyes roll deep back into your head.
“You still with me, Princess?” Eddie asks above you, humor probably evident in his voice though you’re well beyond the point of comprehension.
You nod absently, lips mashing against his skin with the movement. He laughs.
“That’s it doll. Just lose yourself in it. I’ve got you.”
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butterflykissiies · 9 months
Hold on to me
Nancy Wheeler x Reader
CW/TW : talk of sexual assault, talk of abortion, mental health, cursing, fear, anxiety, violence (mentioned).
word count : 1772
authors note : this work may be triggering for some, it does not hurt my feelings if you unfollow or choose not to read. i love you and i hope those who do read this enjoy/relate to this. this is an abortion related fic, brought on as a way for me to express my feelings about roe v wade being overturned.
Tumblr media
The air felt like hot coals sliding down your throat as you stared at the test in front of you. It was positive, there was no mistaking it. The revolution felt more violating than the conception, it had only been two weeks since the incident and now here you stood- two weeks pregnant with an assaulters baby.
“Oh fuck.” You choked out, body trembling under the stress. There was a life growing within you, one that made you gag at the very thought. What were you supposed to do? To think of having to raise the kid for 18 years, to see the face of the man that hurt you every single day made you want to throw up.
You stumbled out of the bathroom, heading directly to the landline. There was only one person you could call, one person who’d care. Your fingers trembled as you dialed the number, the line ringing as you waited an answer.
You let out a deep sigh, the weight on your chest disappearing. “Hey.” Nancy was always good at answering the phone, even when Mike clogged up the lines.
“(Y/n)? What’s up?” She greeted, her chipper tone conveying through the phone. It was unusual to get Nancy in a bad mood, it was possible but pretty unlikely.
The words escaped you as you opened and closed your mouth like a fish out of water. Saying the whole situation out loud, and to someone else, made it feel much more real. If you didn’t tell her now, you could try to forget about it another day. Live just a little longer without those consequences.
“Hello? (Y/n)?”
“Yeah, yeah. Im still here.” You spouted, swallowing hard as you took a deep breath in. “Nancy, could you come over? If you’re not busy, of course.” You couldn’t bring yourself to tell her like this, the whole incident could warp your relationship with her forever. It was no secret, you liked Nancy. More than anything in the world, and this could really.. change things.
There was a silence at the end of the line, brief but definitely silent before she answered. “Oh yeah, sure. I can be there in..” She trailed off, probably to look at a nearby clock. “Let’s say 15 minutes.”
You felt your heart skip a beat, this really was happening- wasn’t it? “That sounds great, Nance. The door should be unlocked so just come up.” You moved a hand to rest on your abdomen, the sight making you feel ill. “I’ll see you soon, okay? Be safe.”
“I will, I’ll be over soon.” With that, she hung up.
The phone clicked back onto the base, cord curling around as you pushed it back into its crevice. There was nothing more to do now than wait. You just couldn’t seem to understand, of course you knew how this happened. It was a hard thing to try to forget. With it only being two weeks since, it felt very fresh emotionally. But that wasn’t your confusion, as you settled into the think pillows that rested on the head of the bed the only word that came to mind was ‘why?’
Why did this happen? To you of all people? It’s not as if you’d wish this on anyone but God it felt so cruel. Was this some kind of punishment for the feelings you’d been having? Being a homosexual was looked down upon, they even say it’s a sin in the Bible- but how can that be helped? How could you stop feeling the butterflies in your stomach when Nancy held you close. God, how could anyone? She was perfect. Even if being a homosexual was a sin, that would never warrant this. And if it did, God is a piece of shit.
The world was cruel, it wasn’t made for people like you. You were kind and genuine, you cared more about people you barely knew than you did about yourself. You’d dedicated years of your life to helping the poor, the sick, the needy. It all meant nothing, at least that’s how it feels. The sun shined through the window and plastered itself on the floral wallpaper that covered the entire room, creating a baby pink sheen of light haloing around the room. It almost made you feel better, it better meant you had stopped wanting to vomit.
A small knock was heard at the bedroom door before it creaked open to reveal Nancy, she was testing the waters as she entered. Eyes scanning the room for any indication of what was going on. “Hey, I let myself in like you said.” She hummed, closing the door behind her with a soft ‘click.’
“Thank you for coming, I really appreciate it.” You admitted, hands twiddling as you thought of ways to break the news to her. It wasn’t as if you wanted this or this was consensual. It was thrust upon you and now you just had to figure out what to do.
Her soft eyes met your own, leveling with you as she sat on the edge of the bed. Her baby skirt crinkled at the edge as she scooted in. “What’s going on, (Y/n)? It sounded urgent.” Her voice carried lightly, causing you to wince involuntarily.
The truth was bitter, but even bitter things must go down. “Nance, I’m pregnant.”
Nancy’s mouth fell into an ‘o’ as she took in those words, eyes reflecting what seemed like disappointment. “Wait, what? Are you sure? Who’s the father?” No, it wasn’t disappointment. It was worry.
“I’m very sure and the father.. it’s a long story.” You pushed the subject off, it wasn’t that relevant- right? “The test is still in the bathroom, it’s a very clear positive.”
The brunette squinted slightly at you, “(Y/n), what aren’t you telling me? Who’s baby is it?” Her voice became more stern, not stern as in drill Sargent but stern as in ‘tell me or so help me god I’ll figure it out myself.’
Your throat went dry, hands beginning to sweat. Images of the man who violated you that night flashed through your head, the feelings arose as if a wildfire had ignited in your chest. “It’s really…I don’t know how to explain this but I don’t know really who he is.” You began, “But it’s not the way you think. I didn’t just sleep with some random guy. I went to that party, you know the one that Joe threw?”
Nancy nodded, listening intently as you recited the story you had been dreading bringing to light.
“Well yeah, I had probably too many drinks. Steve and I played beer pong, then we raced each other at shots. But then, some guy started creeping on me. He was making me.. really uncomfortable. So, I went upstairs to freshen up.” Your stomach churned, the contents becoming dangerously close to your throat. “He followed me, and while I was fixing my skirt- he.. he did things..”
The silence was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
“Nancy, I… I tried to stop him. I tried to fight back. He was just relentless and so aggressive.” The tears came before you could even comprehend it, salty streams of regret from all the times you’d told yourself not to drink anymore. Every shot, every cup of beer. The taste of alcohol was the taste of rape now.
The girl had hopper across the bed to where you sat, arms wrapping around your frame. She pulled you into her chest, rocking you gently. “It’s okay, this wasn’t your fault. God, I’m so sorry.” Her voice cracked and she squeezed tighter, terrified to let go.
“I don’t know what to do, I can’t raise a baby. Let alone his baby. If I want to give it up for adoption, I have to carry it to term. Everyone will know what happened.” You gushed in a fit of panic, breaths coming out faster and faster as the moments passed.
Nancy pulled away to look into your eyes, holding you gaze. “Look at me, okay? Breathe. I will take care of you, honey. You have options.” She gently wiped the tears from your face, caressing you with the utmost care.
You nodded, trusting her. It was the most you could do. She seemed to know more than you could about this, which seemed impossible but you didn’t question it. “What options? I can keep it or I can give it up. I’m going to have to go through this pregnancy one way or another.” You pulled your knees up to your chin, refusing to even look at your abdomen.
“Well, actually, you have one more option. You can get an abortion. They can remove the whole fetus and you won’t have to go through all of that.” Her words felt like the final bell, the saving grace. Though, you didn’t fully understand.
You’d heard about abortion in passing but you never fully understood. “Isn’t that killing it? Fetuses can’t live outside of the womb.”
She nodded, “Yes. It will kill it. It’s not really a baby yet, so really all you’re doing is getting a sack of cells removed from your uterus. I know many lady’s who have had this done.” It was up in the air and to be honest, it was the best idea you’d heard in a long time.
“Does anyone have to know? Ever?” You shifted slightly, glancing around the room as if someone was peering in.
Nancy shook her head, hands moving to hold onto your own. “Your medical information in private and I would never tell a soul.”
Though, you knew this would weigh on your conscience- there was no other way. You were so young, you body wasn’t fit for this yet. This is what was best for you and the fetus. It’s life wouldn’t have been good, especially with a mother who could barely look at it without getting ill. You didn’t want to have a child, God, you were a child.
“Okay. I want to do it.”
The girls eyes softened, giving your hand a squeeze. “Are you sure you want to do this?” If there was one thing you loved about Nancy, it was the way she never judged you. No matter the circumstances, she never passed judgement on your choices, you really needed that. “I’ll be with you every step of the way.”
For once since the incident happened, there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. With Nancy’s help, everything would be okay. Her love exceeded the hate that was implanted within you.
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thediktatortot · 3 months
Mungrove Hell AU where Billy gets sent to hell for being too fucking sexy and becomes Eddie the King of Hell's personal babygirl.
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I guess a part of my beef with Eddie and Chrissy is that people (people I know) are going goo goo eyes insane over them. Hanging on to every word, replaying their two (2) scenes over and over. Like. Y’all. There is no suspense. Obviously they liked each other. If Chissy didn’t die, she would have gotten together with Eddie and it would be sweet and all. There’s no speculation. You don’t need Joe Quinn to tell you that they loved each other. Its blatantly obvious.  I just find it stunning that people are going off the walls over a very obvious and open m/f ship, when there are so many underappreciated m/m and f/f ships in Stranger Things that just get no attention at all. You want to be analytical and speculative? go look at BYLER. You want cute teenage fluff? Look at RONANCE or ELMAX. You want salty bad boys? look at STEDDIE or JARGYLE. Pay a little more attention to the gay ships, because they actually have something to fight for. Sorry, rant over. If you’re a mutual and you are a big fan of Chrissy and Eddie, please know I’m not hard pressed about this. just a little issue i’ve had with the larger fandom.
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Grace Van Dien: *mentions or posts anything even remotely related to Chrissy/Eddie*
Eddie Munson stans/Steddie shippers: fuck you bitch, go die, you’re milking your shitty little character and we fucking hate you, you’re a manipulative bitch who’s probably homophobic, we’re going to harass you and edit screenshots of your blog so it looks like you said homophobic and racist things
Joseph Quinn: *talks about Chrissy/Eddie as a pairing favourably*
Eddie stans/Steddie shippers: he was forced to say it, he doesn’t mean it but even if he does, he probably just doesn’t know better, we love you Joe 😍🥰😘
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