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roanniom · 2 months
About this post, he would like know all the little known tricks too, like he’d pick up guy and girl-targeted magazines in order to gain as much knowledge as possible. The man is a nerd, he’d absolutely read up on giving a girl head. He knows the ‘come hither’ motion, he knows how to pay attention to the clit, he knows about pacing, and you bet he knows about the ‘seven pleasure points of women’ from Friends.
Critical Hit
Virgin!Eddie Munson x Fem!reader
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ ONLY, fingering
I’m just imagining Eddie Munson looking at you naked for the first time and just freezing. You think it’s cute and so you’re all gentle and sweet and encouraging and you just lay back and let him explore you.
But within 0.5 seconds he’s got his fingers in your pussy and his mouth on your tits and he’s sucking and thrusting and rubbing and you are writhing beneath all the attention.
“I thought you didn’t know what you’re doing!” you accuse with a yelp, eyes rolling back in your head.
He pulls off your breast with a pop and looks at you with a furrowed brow and wet, pouting lips.
“I have no idea what I’m doing!” he insists anxiously. But his fingers keep fucking you and your legs try to close in on his hand, back arching off the bed.
“What the fuck, Munson! Are you hustling me? I’m - mmm - it’s been like five minutes and I’m already - fuck!”
He perks up at that, using the hand not inside you to pet at your clit. The pressure is irregular but somehow exactly what you need??
“You’re already what?” he asks. Incredulous and eager and way too much like a puppy. “Do you mean you’re gonna cum?”
“Fuuuck…” you whine, dragging a pillow over and covering your face with it, really in order to bite into it. You feel embarrassed about being so easy for him, and for assuming he’d be some lost teenager when it came to your body. Virgin or not, Eddie Munson was playing you like one of his guitars and you were about to snap.
“No no don’t hide! That’s not fucking fair,” Eddie all but whines like a petulant child, tugging at the pillow till you let go of it weakly. His eyes blow wide and his fingers pick up the pace on your sopping wet, clenching pussy. “Are you…are you drooling? Cuz of me?”
You swipe at the errant spit left at the corner of your mouth from biting the pillow and frown.
“Shut up.”
“That’s fucking hot, Princess,” Eddie says with reverent awe. “You’re so fucking hot.”
You go to respond but can’t because he switches the direction of the swirl on your clit and suddenly you’re coming with a soundless moan that has you gasping open mouthed. Eddie waits patiently through your convulsions, staring at you wide eyed till you drop, spent, back into the sheets. Only then does he punch the air with his fist.
“That seemed like a critical hit of an orgasm if I do say so myself.”
“A critical…wha?” you pant, still not fully back to yourself yet. Left fuzzy and dizzy as you stretch your legs and savor the delicious ache.
“So in DND when you roll a natural 20 - ,”
You throw a pillow and smack him square in the face before he can say another word.
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eddies-whoreee · 28 days
Fuckboy!eddie getting a taste of his own medicine
“Fuck that was- wait where are you going?” He says snapping out of his orgasmic haze. “Leaving..I have places I need to be” you tell him slipping on your black mini skirt. “It’s 10pm and you’re at a party where else do you have to be?” He states with a chuckle. “Hm. Not here.. byeee” you speak fixing you hair and lip gloss before going to exit. He didn’t want you to leave, for the first time forever he didn’t want the girl he was sleeping with to leave. It was a new and strange feeling. “Wait.” He calls out grabbing your arm. You turn to look at him then your arm. “W-was it bad, did I not make you cum, because I can do that I just thought-” he’s cut off by your giggle. “It was good and I did cum, It’s just, I’m not the type to stick around cuddle and tell you how much I loved it. It was good, pat yourself on the back and move on.” You state exiting the room. As you left, he felt the ping of embarrassment, longing, and hurt? It couldn’t be hurt. Definitely not. Right??
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fleurfairie · 20 days
eddie munson is down bad. in love. completely enamored. shot by cupid. and she’s beautiful. the fairest maiden in all the land.
she’s all flowery dresses, flowy skirts, cozy sweaters, butterfly clips in her hair, fairy wing eyeliner design and shimmery glitter on her eyelids, sparkly pink lipgloss, highlighter on her cheekbones— the prettiest angel he’s ever seen. absolutely ethereal. the thing is, she’s terribly clueless. oblivious, even. her and eddie have built a lovely friendship over the last few months, ever since he met her when he picked dustin up from the library. that’s when it happened. that’s when he got hit. an arrow straight through his heart.
his angel — because she must be an angel, with the way the sun followed her around and made her shimmer — was aiding dustin with his search, trying to find books on supernatural lore that he could take inspiration from for the campaign he was putting together. it was dustin’s first campaign in his hellfire club career, and he was taking it very seriously to eddie’s amazement and amusement. but whatever thoughts about dungeons and dragons that were swirling around his head cleared completely at the sight of her; in her white sandals, knee-length white silky skirt, and alice in wonderland graphic tank top she was a sight to behold. a mirage. a dream. sunny disposition, bright smile, fidgety hands, and the most enchanting voice— a siren call, really. and eddie was hooked. it didn’t help that dustin talked his ear off about the nice girl that was quick to provide him with an immense list of folklore and magic lore books that could help him, about fairytales and whimsical creatures, “she talked about fairies as if she were one, dude, it was sick!” dustin gushed.
eddie noticed the kid kept going back to the same library, kept entering his van afterwards with a list of books and another cute tale revolving around the pretty angel girl of eddie’s dreams. until one day dustin looked all nervous and coy and a little scared, and yeah, usually eddie loved to invoke that same reaction from him, but this time he didn’t know the reason behind it, behind the kid’s hesitant gaze. and truly it couldn’t have been a better reason. dustin wanted the mystery angel to be able to attend hellfire, to watch his campaign, “‘s the least i can do, man! she helped me with a lot of it and she was like- super interested in my shirt and stuff, please?” eddie’s quick reply, the resounding ‘yes’ he couldn’t hold back, caught dustin by surprise but he didn’t question it. don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that, right?
angel showed up in a long skirt with a flower pattern, converse shoes, and a black queen shirt tucked in. braided hair, lipgloss, and a tupperware box filled with chocolate chip cookies for the whole club, “my thanks for letting me crash your campaign”
eddie was hooked. once the session was done and the boys were gone, thanking her profusely for the treats after they picked her brain for cryptid lore, she stayed behind to help eddie tidy up, and they talked about music. she was shy, incredibly so, soft spoken and giggly and socially awkward, but she laughed at eddie’s jokes and playfully teased him once or twice, and complimented his bats tattoo, so eddie offered her a ride home. she gracefully declined, claiming she drove herself, so he walked her to her car instead. plans were made so that she attended each of dustin’s campaign sessions and through those sessions, the clean up afterwards, the talks about music and bands and movies, their time together evolved to going for milkshake afterwards, a coffee shop for some hot chocolate sometimes, and a friendship blossomed. a very strong one at that.
being alone, living alone, existing alone was kind of her thing— she preferred to be by herself, to indulge in her hobbies on her own, because she was anxious. extremely anxious. but apparently not at all reserved about it or ashamed of talking about it, which was proven by the fact that she casually let it slip pass her lips that she had an anxiety disorder the very first time she was alone with eddie after hellfire. not a single sign of shame or guilt in admitting it, and eddie admired that. admired that she was a loner even though she was so polite and kind, ready to send anyone she walked past a smile because she knew how much it mattered to those who needed a little kindness. a quiet soul but couldn’t shut up if you cared enough to figure out her interests, she laughed at everything, giggled without reason sometimes, talked to herself a lot, was often lost in daydreams, had a dark sense of humor surprisingly. complex but friendly. eddie couldn’t get enough, always wanting to find out more about her, to talk to her more, to understand her more.
but most importantly, in her opinion, eddie allowed her to be herself without any judgment. encouraged her even. and that was priceless. so yes, a strong friendship bloomed, but neither one of them wanted to stop at just that. the dark haired boy was quickly aware of his growing feelings, his attraction, his infatuation that turned to love, while his angel didn’t clock in on her emotions quite so fast, being entirely inexperienced and lacking any previous romantic validation. her anxiety and introverted tendencies played a part in that too, probably.
but that’s okay, eddie is more that okay with waiting for her to catch up.
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lunarzstarz · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s so babygirl 🥰
I need him to spit in my mouth and use my throat until it hurts to speak while he tells me how pretty I look choking on his dick.
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lightvixxen · 3 months
We need to talk more about Eddie fucking reader with a bad dragon dildo 🥺
YES! YES WE DO!!! like lets be real here he'd date a monster fucker, cause that's the majority of people who's his type (imo) he'd wanna help all their fantasies!! and if that includes getting the biggest dragon cock dildo he can find then so be it 🤭
also...double penetration role-play where a knight (or rouge if he's feeling especially CNCy) and dragon fuck the pretty princess that wondered into the dragons lair!!! 🤭
(also saying dragon bc well..thats the main thing i find other then like tentacles that IM actively into lol)
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starlightsearches · 1 month
Aaaaand maybe track 11, with Eddie? I’d choose a love song for him, but I really am curious as to what you’d do with this song…..eheh….ya know it, fave song is Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo 😅❤️❤️❤️
All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go
Tumblr media
Track 11 - Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen: Pick a character and tell me your favorite song, and I'll write a short blurb or headcanons based on it.
Kas! Eddie x GN! Reader
thank you, irma! i'd never listened to dead man's party before, but it fucking SLAPS. i hope you like what i made for you 🥰
📼✨ mixtape milestone ✨📼 requests open through march 1st
Warnings: drinking, puking, ANGST, talk of death and mourning, making out, blood sucking for the sluts uwu, language, a very open ending
Your hand is getting cold.
You let your eyes wander down briefly, stopping when you spy the cause. There's punch spilling over the edge of your cup, trickling down your hand and leaving a sticky red stain behind.
Your mind's been on the run all night—or at least after the last four drinks—always looking for something simple to focus on but never staying long.
The sweaty condensation dripping down the windows. The thumping base traveling from the dance floor. And now the way the punch shines like blood against your skin in the spooky lights Steve spent the afternoon hanging.
"Hey, hey, hey."
A big hand covers your own, reaching for the cup, and you pull it back on instinct, trying to place the pretty brown eyes.
Steve. Of course. Speak of the devil.
He looks handsome, and very Harrison Ford-esque in the vest you found together at the costume shop. The costume fits him better than the Leia dress does you. In all the billowing white fabric, you look like a ghost every time you catch your own reflection.
So maybe that fits you fine. You hardly feel like you're here at all.
There's a crease between Steve's brows, and he reaches for the cup in your other hand. You pull back on instinct, sloshing punch in the other direction. It lands with a loud splat on the floor.
"I think you've had enough," he says softly.
Steve purses his lips, and you know he's holding back a whole slew of unhelpful phrases. You've heard them all—I know it's hard, but you have to try and enjoy yourself. Eddie wouldn't want you to be sad. He wouldn't want you to spend his favorite holiday crying into a pillow or blacked out on my couch. He'd want you to move on.
But Eddie's been dead for six months. So who gives a fuck what he would want.
You pull the cup to your lips, drink and drink and drink, letting the sweet sting burn any chance of tears from your eyes.
Steve only put this party together for your benefit. It was a nice gesture—going through the list of couple's costumes you and Eddie made together before, mashing the playlist of songs Eddie loved with ones people would actually want to dance to.
But you wish he hadn't. You wish he had let you wallow.
The empty cup crushes against Steve's waiting hand. You sway a little closer so he can hear you over the music.
"I'm gonna go dance."
There's a splash of guitar from the speakers, and you know it's one of your songs from the confused looks of everybody on the dance floor. Whatever. They get over it, swept up in the beat.
You let it take you, too, swinging around wildly, flailing with no concern how you look or who's watching. There was nobody around you wanted to impress anymore.
Eddie wouldn't care what you looked like anyway. He was a shit dancer.
The room is spinning. You're trying to keep with the beat, but there's the same lyrics, echoing over and over and over in your head.
dead man dead man dead man deadmandeadmandeadman. dead.
You're going to fucking puke.
Fighting through the crowd is like wading through a pool of bricks, which would still fucking suck if you were sober, and you are not. Catching on thrown back hands and angel wings, you stumble into the bathroom, just bending over in time to avoid vomiting a red stain down the front of your dress.
Your head has it's own heartbeat, pounding behind your eyes. You dip your cheek down to meet the cool porcelain.
There's no avoiding it. Hot tears spill over your face, plopping like raindrops into the basin. Fucking rock bottom, crying over your dead boyfriend on filthy toilet seat.
There's the sound of the door shutting and latching, just audible over your sobs. You lift your head, so dizzy and sad and hopeless it makes you angry.
"God," you're yelling, loud enough for it to echo off the tiles, "can't you see there's somebody fucking—"
He looks just like you remember him. And not in a good way.
The room already smells like sulfur, the way everything did down there—like sulfur and mold and fucking death. Eddie brought it with him. He brought it all. The holes in his hellfire shirt, scars peaking out of his collar, the mud and shit and blood staining his clothes.
He's got dark blue bags under his eyes, like bruises, cheeks sallow. Looking almost as tired as you feel. But he smiles, just the way he used to.
"Wow, sweetheart," —Eddie's voice is deep and gravelly as he kicks a boot up against the door, nodding back in the direction of the party— "this all for me?"
That comes out as a sob, too.
He crosses the room in a few strides, a big hand at soft at your back, petting strands of hair off your sweaty forehead.
"Hey princess," he tries to smile, "long time no see."
Jesus. Your head's still spinning. You might puke again. It doesn't help that Eddie keeps going in and out of focus, like maybe you're dreaming this all up, the way his skin feels and the smell of him and the cute little curls in front of his ears.
"You were dead."
He huffs at you. "I think, technically, sweetheart, I still am."
He pulls one of your hands toward his chest, and there's nothing beneath it. No heartbeat. Just Eddie.
He doesn't expect it, the way you launch yourself at him, pulling him to floor. Eddie laughs, wraps his arms around you, his shaking lungs and the feel of his hands full of disbelief.
"I missed you."
You can tell he's missed you, too. He nods into your neck, hot breath on your skin.
"Why didn't you come back before?"
"Halloween seemed like a good time," he whispers, looking you in the eye, "wouldn't want to scare the neighbors."
His lips press tighter together. There's something he's not telling you. If you weren't so fucking high, you'd try to figure it out.
But you are fucking high—high out of your mind—and there's only one thing you want to do right now.
Eddie doesn't taste like death. He tastes like he used to, in the back of his van, in his bed or on the couch, his hands on you and his wandering lips, just bodies and kisses and nothing in between.
"Fuck, baby," he grunts, nipping at your ear, "you gotta be careful with me."
You shake your head. There's enough blood in him for the skin at his neck to turn a shade darker when you bite at it.
Eddie's hips shift against yours. He's breathing harder, although you're not sure where it goes, or what his lungs do with it once it's there.
"Can I- can I taste you, baby?"
It feels so good to be caught up in his arms again, you don't even notice the sting when his lips seal around your neck, the way his throat pulses with swallow after swallow. The groan he lets out is pained when he finally rips himself off of you.
Eddie cups your cheeks in both hands, thumbs petting at the left-over tears.
"Awww, baby. I don't think I should have done that."
You hardly hear him. Everything is fuzzy. You let your eyes fall closed, and the soft brush at your hairline could be his lips, or something you made up.
And then he's gone.
Steve's beside you when you lift your head again.
"Jesus, what the fuck happened to you? Robin found you on the floor and thought you were dead."
He's wiping at your neck with a cloth, or paper towel or something, and it hurts.
What did happen to you?
"I- I think I fell."
Steve hums, disapproving, cleaning the dripping blood from your neck, smoothing a bandage over the skin.
When you pull it off the next morning, all that's left of Eddie—or your vision of him—are two perfect little puncture wounds, and a few bruises in the shape of teeth.
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theoreticslut · 8 months
This might be too much on my part, but I can’t stop thinking about vamp!eddie always wanting to eat you out when you’re on your period😩😅
Also hi you seem really nice and I love all your writing okie bye
Nothing can be too much when it comes to Eddie! Also thank youuu for the ask & the compliments! You seem really nice too 💗
But I love this idea!! I feel like he’d disguise his want but claiming he wants to “help you out” with your cramps but after awhile you just know he’s doing it for his own pleasure!! Like he just does it so often, and for so long that it’s hard to believe he doesn’t enjoy it. Not to mention he’d get physically excited anytime you mention you’re on your period (if he doesn’t already know bc I feel like he’d just know and/or track your cycle) so it’s rather obvious how much he loves it.
Not that you’re complaining though. You both enjoy it so why not let him go to town??
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earlgreydream · 8 months
Might I offer them Hornee alternative to the list ask? Eddie getting yr initials on his v line, right under where his belt sits, in one of yr handwritings -🦇
oh yes absolutely, he gets your initials on his v line, and goes absolutely feral whenever you kiss it when you're on your knees
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thisishellfire · 7 months
Okay but like, I am willing to bet that even just normal Eddie 100% has a collection of porn vhs's that star women who look like you. He keeps his crush on you pretty well handled, Jeff and Gareth are the only ones who really suspect it but even then they don't know for sure.
But god damn if that vhs collection isnt his biggest guilt whenever youre in his room. You know your way around his home and hia room well so you dont have to go searching for stuff in there if you need anything nor do you snoop. So he knows its safe, but god help him if you ever find out and he has to find a very quick excuse as to why the women all "coincidentally" look like you.
THE SOUND I JUST MADE OH MY GOD! Imagine finding it though, and seeing how much the actress looks like you? Imagine teasing Eddie with it, too? Maybe dressing like one of these women to live out Eddie's deepest fantasy?
I need to be in horny jail.
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munsonsgirl71 · 6 months
Eddie thots for when you have a bad day at work.
-When he picks you up and sees your exasperated face he immediately takes you through your favorite drive-through for milkshakes and fries.
-He drives you home and dresses you in HIS comfiest pj’s while you mutter through a mouthful of fries about your dickhead boss, he just nods along going, “man that sucks baby, he sounds like such a prick” just so you can throw your hands up and go, “I know right! Like what the hell?”
-He puts on your favorite romantic comedy (which you know he finds mostly annoying but still laughs with you on certain parts) and rubs your feet, which he brought up onto his lap sometime after the beginning.
-Towards the part he finds most annoying (the cliché ‘go get her, man’ scene) he starts getting handsy along your thighs. You giggle at him, and he eventually rips your (his) pj’s off and kisses all along your thighs and hips.
-When he notices your giggles turn into the sweet little noises he loves the most, he knows he’s got you. He distracts you the rest of the evening with his tongue and fingers, until you’re a shivering mess.
-Movie long forgotten and sun long set, he carries you to bed and tucks himself in behind you.
-“Sorry I just kinda complained all day.” “Don’t worry about it, sweetcheeks. You had a bad day.” “Yea…”
-You fall asleep listening to him hum behind you. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad day. Well, at least afternoon.
Please! This would literally be so amazing right now.
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roanniom · 2 months
Eddie Munson x Fem!reader
That man is checking in with you nonstop.
He’s touching you? He’s watching your face and looking for expressions that show how turned on you are.
He’s kissing you? He’s pulling back periodically and giving you time to breathe, smirking as you try to cling to him and pull him back immediately.
He’s climbing on top of you? He’s holding most of his weight up and rubbing down against you just right, following the cues of your noises and the roll of your hips.
He’s reaching into the waistband of your panties? He’s pulling your face up from where it’s pressed to his neck and looking straight into your cloudy eyes to ask “sure this is okay, Princess?”
He’s finally got his cock teasing your clit, sliding around in your slick to nudge at your entrance? He’s squeezing your hand and waiting for you to nod before he’s sliding in.
He’s buried deep inside you, filling you up in ways you hadn’t thought possible and touching spots you’d never known existed? He’s pushing your hair from your face and nipping at your bottom lip whispering, “hey beautiful, I’m gonna move now, okay?”
He’s so overwhelmed by your body and your sounds and your hands and how tight you got at the apex of your pleasure? Eddie’s grabbing for your hand blindly and whispering in your ear, breathlessly, urgently, “You’re making me cum, baby. Where can I cum? Huh, Princess?”
Tumblr media
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eddies-whoreee · 2 months
No Thoughts Just Eddie Fucking You Dumb & Teasing You About It.
You’d be so fucked out that you can’t even speak full words. Just little noises and half words.
“I- ugh- can- oh!” Your eyes roll in the back of your head as he pounds into you from behind. He has you hair in a makeshift ponytail. He chuckles keeping his relentless pace. “What? Baby I can’t understand what you’re saying” he says smugly. “C’mon use you words or I’m gonna stop” he tells you, knowing you can barely comprehend words. “Nononono! P-please! S-s-so, fuck! Mmm” you cry out. He lands a harsh slap on your ass.
Or he’ll mock your broken moans while laughing at you. It’ll make you cry. “Aww baby it’s okay my dumb little baby, just let daddy take care of you” he coos as he pounds into you.
Afterwards your eyelids are heavy and you can barely keep them open, he’ll kiss up your body making you whimper. “Did so good baby, always such a good girl” he whispers in your ear wiping the tears from your face and gives your forehead a soft kiss. “Mm d-daddy” you mumble. “I love you so much princess” he says nudging your chin with his nose making you giggle. “L-Love you too” you manage to say with a tired yawn. “Let’s take a nap then we can take a shower, m’kay?” You nod wrapping your arm around his torso and snuggling close you him, laying your head on his chest. He hums in satisfaction, before you two drift asleep.
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fleurfairie · 7 months
eddie’s pretty girl
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: eddie munson x shy!fem!OC
warnings: anxiety, shy!oc, lovesick!eddie, friends to lovers, inexperienced!oc, curse words, self-conscious thoughts(?), first kiss.
Tumblr media
so fem!oc is entirely inexperienced in anything romantic or sexual, no first kiss, never even got close to it. she’s extremely shy and anxious, has a seemingly innocent aura, is a bit out of sorts, ditzy, maybe a bit luna lovegood-y, y’know? she doesn’t argue with people, will tear up if confronted about anything, doesn’t have beef with anyone and is a lot more rational than emotional even though she tears up easily, doesn’t hold grudges or care what people think of her…
…now! she has been introverted her whole life, a very very anxious person, and so doesn’t understand that eddie munson likes her because she needs to be told how people feel about her very explicitly otherwise her mind will convince her they hate her, right? and she’s the kind of person that has a hard time realizing that people can perceive their existence and have feelings for them no matter what feelings, so even though eddie is not at all shy about flirting with her and giving her all of the attention in the world in his over-the-top, overdramatic way, he also knows that if anything other than the friendship he’s thankfully managed to build with her is going to happen, romantic-wise, that she has to be the one to initiate it— but she’s oblivious! on the other hand though, she doesn’t even bother hiding her infatuation with eddie is a lot more than infatuation, she’s always looking at him with stars in her eyes and laughs at his jokes and smiles that big, square, goofy smile y’know the one? whenever they lock eyes and constantly praises him because he deserves to feel as special as he is right? and she talks lord of the rings with him and likes quite a few of the same bands he does and loves to watch hellfire play dnd SO EVERYONE IS AWESTRUCK AT HOW THEY AREN’T TOGETHER YET!!!
let’s say oc is out with nancy and robin maybe? maybe they’re hanging outside a diner, talking and laughing and catching up, and eddie is close by somewhere with friends. his van is parked nearby. it starts getting chilly. oc starts shivering. so she steps away from the girls for a sec and reaches through the window of eddie’s van to grab his leather jacket because he has told her over and over that she can borrow it, that what’s his is hers, that he doesn’t mind sharing if it’s with her, so she figures it’s okay, right? and goes back to the girls who are fucking smirking like they see something she doesn’t.
a bit later, eddie is walking towards them because he misses his girl and wants a hug when he sees it. she’s wearing his jacket. his jacket. and in typical eddie fashion, he goes all out!— he gasps dramatically, clutches his heart and falls to his knees because fuck what anyone around and there were quite a few people think! his precious girl is wearing his fucking jacket! and she looks like a fucking angel!
“eds, WHAT are you doin’?” / “do you know how HEAVENLY you look in MY jacket? i just had to get on my knees to worship you.”
he shuffles closer to her on his knees still. while he talks and she’s flustered, okay? she’s shy and blushing and covering her cheeks and giggling, but it’s eddie! it’s eddie and he’s being sweet so she can’t focus on anyone else long enough to feel crippling anxious or embarrassed. doesn’t care that robin is cooing and nancy is smirking.
“that jacket is yours now, you own it. you pretty much own me by now.” eddie says, on. his. knees. in front of her
“it’s okay that i took it right?” bc she has anxiety and anxiety isn’t rational “you said i—”
and eddie stands up, gets real fucking close to her, so close they’re almost touching, with this look of absolute adoration and “i’d give ya everything i have if i could, pretty.”
so fast forward a few days later and robin kept yapping on and on about how “in love” eddie is with oc but it’s like her brain won’t let her even entertain the idea until she’s having a semi-regular ‘friend’ date with eddie like they’ve done a couple times before, and this time they go to the fair maybe? and they’re doing everything couples might do, eddie is very aware of this, and he’s over the moon to just be enjoying quality time with her until THEY GO TO A PHOTOBOOTH OKAY! and eddie’s desperately counting coins to pay and when they get ready for the pics it goes like this:
after coming up blank with pose ideas they just look at each other and laugh, but at the sound of his laugh she just stares at him like he’s a dream come true— first pic is taken, oc looking at eddie like he hung the moon while he’s mid-laugh
eddie noticed her staring and stops laughing, a smile on his lips, and he asks “what?” softly— second picture is taken as oc quickly presses her lips to his, HER FIRST KISS, and it’s caught on camera
the third picture depicts oc nervously rambling about how she “was going to ask for permission to kiss him first, [she] promises” while eddie has a glassy, dreamy look on his face, slack jawed, while looking at her lips
and for the fourth pic? eddie presses forward to shut her up with another impossibly soft and tender kiss, both their eyes are closed and his hand is holding her jaw, thumb brushing her cheek
so after they part from the second kiss, eddie acknowledges that that was her first kiss and asks “was that okay?” shyly to which oc just smiles really big and nods excitedly over and over. that was the perfect first and second kiss and she couldn’t ask for more.
they hold hands for the rest of the night.
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lightvixxen · 6 months
Y’all im bored…send me some asks!! Im in a drabble kinda mood rn
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wroteclassicaly · 5 months
When you’re tryna get ready for work and Eddie decides he wants to eat your pussy instead, so Steve has to film it, of course.
“Yeah, just like that. C’mon, Eds. Pin her thighs down. Spread her open a little more for me n’ the camera.”
Eddie mumbles something unintelligible around his mouthful of your dripping cunt. Steve crouches , purposely pressing his swollen bulge in your face, chunky cam recorder filming Eddie working between your legs with a fervor. “Fuck, man. Spit on that pussy.” Steve directs.
Eddie obliges, pushing his hair off his forehead and spitting a webbed string of saliva across your puffy folds, using his tongue’s tip to spread it around your clit. You can do nothing but moan and mewl, touching your own tits and enjoying being held against the vanity seat by Eddie’s vice pinch. What really drives you over the edge is when Steve dips into your metal head’s space and opens his mouth to catch Eddie’s spit. He groans around your taste, considering undoing his pants and seeing if Eddie can suck him off like a good boy and eat you out in rotation…
Tumblr media
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littledemondani · 2 months
don’t think about modern!eddie using a lush toy on you.
especially out in public.
don’t think about him starting out with the softest pattern. it isn’t enough to make sure you keep yourself together, but it is enough to get you wet and gasping quietly.
don’t think about how he changes the pattern to slightly quicker pulses right as you’re about to order at the restaurant he’s brought you to.
don’t think about the filthy praises he gives you. how you’re doing so well for him, how much of a good little slut you are, how you can take just a little bit more.
don’t think about how badly your clit throbs through all of it. you want to reach down and relief the ache so bad but you can’t, not without eddie’s permission and you know he won’t give it to you.
don’t think about how you have to bite down on your lip when he changes the pattern again. this time, enough to make a moan catch in your throat, and all eddie does is just smirk at you.
don’t think about your orgasm approaching you faster than you can process it. your mind feels hazy, the coil in your belly wound so tight, threatening to burst at any moment.
and definitely don’t think about the utter frustration when eddie shuts off the lush altogether. only giving you a wink right as the food you order gets placed in front of you.
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