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prompt: eddie has you star in his latest music video. he wants it to be really authentic.
contains: 18+ MINORS DNI, language, drugs, alcohol, smut, exhibitionism, mentions of dom! and sub! themes, fingering fem receiving.
November, 1992
The dressing room had an overwhelming stench of aerosol hairspray and cigarette smoke, a dangerous mix. You wondered if the model next to you worried about going up in flames, her cigarette hanging loosely from her lips while she flipped through a magazine, the poor hairstylist behind her rolling curlers high and pinning them carefully into her long, black locks.
"Look down for me, sweetheart," Maurine, your makeup artist- the only makeup artist you'd ever let touch your face- instructed, eyes squinting as she pressed her thumb above your brow, raising the skin tighter.
Corroded Coffin had the music industry in a tizzy, their latest album releasing just days before you and Eddie announced your relationship; before you and Eddie announced your engagement. It was shocking, sure, but what wasn't with you and Eddie?
What was more shocking than the engagement bombshell, was the fact that you'd managed to keep the relationship under wraps for so long. Clandestine meetings in hotel rooms, sneaking through back entrances with hidden faces, stumbling out on shaky legs with a longing ache in your chest. You wanted nothing more than to be with Eddie all the time, but the privacy, the intimacy and secrecy of your relationship was so sacred to you, to both of you. You cherished every second. Trips to remote locations, free of paparazzi or gawking stares from bystanders, where the two of you could just be. Content in your own pleasure, a far cry from the first time you met. A meeting that started so fiery and jagged with hatred morphed into something beautiful; red-hot passion and attachment.
Now, the secret was out. You and Eddie Munson, polar opposites- or so the media thought. Eddie had proposed to you one night, at your family's beach house in Malibu. He dropped to one knee, surprising even you that Hollywood's raunchiest bad boy could be so sweet, sweet for you. He presented you with the dazzling Harry Winston, spilling out his heart over crashing waves, knee digging into the sand.
The reaction from the press had been nothing less than expected. Headlines, paparazzi photos, and both your agent's phones ringing off the hook with interview requests. You'd declined them, of course, liking the mystery of it all. The only thing you'd agreed to was the music video.
Your publicist pitched the idea first, after getting a request for a booking of another client, a super model. "It would be good press, for both of you." Kathleen gave you a pointed look.
So here you sat, in a stuffy room behind the set with the rest of the models and lucky girl who'd been picked to star with the other boys in the music video for Nailed in the Coffin, premiering exclusively on MTV. A racy, sexy, filthy song, and judging by your attire for the shoot- or lack thereof- you could only imagine what the video would come out to be.
"Alright, ladies!" Ricardo, the producer, entered the dressing room, careless of the half naked models and bustling artists. "Fifteen minutes!" He clapped, before walking over to a chair, finger pointed in accusation at a flaw.
"That's the guy shooting this?" Maurine scoffed lowly in your ear, smudging the eyeliner out from your waterline.
You smirked. "Yeah, Ed says he's a total wild card." You looked at her for a moment, brows raised in amusement. "Says he's a little weird, but makes good videos. Likes to take risks or something."
Maurine shrugged, pressing a powdered sponger under your eyes. "Well, he knows best, I guess." She sighed, looking over her shoulder.
"They've won best video a few times, so yeah, I guess he would." You giggled.
"Mrs. Munson," Ricardo purred from behind you. You could feel him over your shoulder, meeting his eyes in the illuminated mirror.
"Not yet," You teased, giving him a dazzling smile that only years in the limelight of Hollywood could produce.
"But soon, yes?" Ricardo quipped his brow. You giggled, shrugging, playing off the ditzy, spoiled role. You recognized sharks like Ricardo, sweet but would sell your story to the press for next to nothing. "Did your hubby tell you what he has planned for your scenes?" The way his eyes rose, wide and blown with excitement had your tummy twisting gently.
Knowing Eddie, he'd have you over his knee, paddling you with the Corroded Coffin engraved leather paddle until the band's emblem glowed on your backside- he already had the pictures, what would stop him from filming it?
"Oh?" You quipped, brows raising slightly. "Should I be worried?"
"No, darling, it's perfect. Very intimate. The world will love it." Ricardo clapped giddily. "Finish up and we'll shoot you first. Eddie was very adamant about getting done first. He said you're a very busy lady, so I don't want to keep you."
You grinned, shaking your head slightly. More like Eddie wanted to be done shooting as soon as possible. He was bored at the possibility of staying here all day, rambling off a million other things he'd rather do. "Gonna have you in all my videos, sweetheart." Eddie grinned, pecking your cheek. "At least you're there to keep me company."
"Wonderful, thank you." You smiled politely, watching the director turn. "Wait!" You called, turning in your chair to look over your shoulder at the man. "Where is my wardrobe?"
Ricardo gave you a wicked grin before barking out a laugh. "Darling, there is no wardrobe for you." He grinned. "Come as you are, as you came into this world."
You blinked, brows furrowing at his riddled words. "Naked?"
Ricardo nodded, winking at you before walking away. You huffed, turning back to Maurine with a small pout. She laughed, shaking her head at you. "Well, I guess we don't have to worry about messing up your hair getting you into wardrobe." She shrugged.
You rolled your eyes, letting her finish your look- blown out, sultry, bedroom eyes and hair, sexy. Maurine made sure to add your signature lip, contouring the bottom slightly over so you'd have your signature pout, a feature that made Eddie weak in the knees. Your engagement ring that caught the light from the mirror, the obnoxiously large stone dazzling for you. It was dramatic, big, heavy on your ring finger. You expected nothing less from Eddie, truly, everything he did was over the top, especially for you.
Eddie's loud, piercing wolf whistle cut through the deafening sound of machinery and chatter from behind the scenes of the set. You could hear him before you saw him, sitting on the bed in the middle of the set, but he certainly saw you.
"Didn't you get the memo, baby?" Eddie grinned, eyes rolling down your frame when you padded towards him. "Why aren't you in wardrobe?"
You scoffed, rolling your eyes slightly. Eddie quipped a brow in warning, making your thighs clench, the unspoken dynamic that always carried outside the bedroom in some way.
"'M not walking around naked." You rolled your eyes playfully back at him, taking in his inked skin, shirtless in nothing but a pair of tight leather pants. You salivated at the sight, his bulge teasing you through the black, tight material.
His hands found your waist easily, running over the smooth material of the silk robe, pulling you closer to him. You grinned at him, your noses nearly touching. He cupped your jaw, ringed finger splaying over your cheek.
"Munson! Hands off!" Maurine snapped, pointing at him from behind the line of cameras. "Do not mess up her makeup!"
Eddie huffed, pulling back, glaring at your stylist with a pout that rivaled your own. You giggled, running a hand down his cheek sweetly. "Heard you wanted to get this done quick?" You raised a brow, brushing his wild mess of curls behind his ear.
"Can you blame me?" Eddie's head tipped to the side, tongue running over his lower lip.
You snorted lightly, pressing your thumb lightly against his bottom lip. He looked so pretty, curls styled and fluffed, muscles glittering with the oil they'd rubbed him down with so he'd shine under the lights for the camera, his tattoos vibrant against his skin.
Eddie pressed a kiss into the pad of your thumb, winking up at you. You swooned, lips spreading in a smile, shrilling when he squeezed your ass through the robe. You two were infatuated with each other, the sick, obsessed, over the top type of love you used to snarl at when you saw.
"Alright, darling," Ricardo called, heeled cowboy boots- very eccentric for the 90's even- clacked across the set towards you. "Love birds, we're ready when you are."
You nodded slipping under the bed next to Eddie. Thin white sheets on the mattress, with an even thinner white sheet on top. You were sure under the harshness of the lights, they'd be able to see right through. Eddie grinned down at you, hand sliding over your hip gently.
"Can you hold the sheet up for me, Ed?" You asked, untying your robe under the sheet. You'd try to maintain some sort of privacy.
Eddie held the sheet while you slipped your robe off, handing it to the antsy tech who waited besides Ricardo. You slipped down further on the bed, holding the sheet tightly against your naked chest. Your nippled pebbled at the bite of the cold air, goosebumps kissing your skin.
"Perfect." Ricardo grinned, all teeth and blown pupils. "So, we only need a few scenes, but I know this will be the most talked about part, of course." He laughed to himself. Your eyes cut to Eddie, raising a brow gently.
"I want sexy, hot, vulgar. Give me a sex tape." Ricardo clapped his hands together.
"Sex tape?" You lifted a brow, frowning at Eddie. "You didn't say sex tape. I didn't agree to that, Edward."
"Not a sex tape," Eddie countered, gently rubbing a hand down your arm soothingly. "He means sexy. Just allude to it, like play it up like we're having sex."
"Exactly." Ricardo snapped, pointing at Eddie. "Give me some va-va-voom, darling!"
"You can do that." Eddie grinned. "I know you can. You do it for me all the time." You blushed hard, rolling your eyes at him.
Once the two of you were positioned, Eddie hovering over top of you, the sheet strategically placed so it barely covered you, Ricardo went back barking orders manically. Eddie's inked hand slid down your naked hip, thumb tracing close to your bikini line.
"You alright?" Eddie asked, brown eyes searching your expression. "This good with you? I thought you'd be ok with it, but baby if you're not-"
"No, it's good, Ed." You smiled, hand reaching out to cup his cheek. Your ring cool against his face. "I just... What am I supposed to do? Act like you're fucking me?"
Eddie snorted, lips nuzzling into your cheek. "Something like that." He muttered against the skin. "Just give 'em a show, baby. I know you can do that."
You rolled your eyes, his hand squeezing on your hip. "That's three times you've rolled your eyes at me." His head quipped to the side, eyes darkening in warning. "You do it a fourth, I'm gonna drag you back to my dressing room, understand?"
You throbbed, clenching around nothing under his dominant stare. You nodded slowly, biting your lip. Eddie smirked, squeezing your hip playfully. "Good girl."
"Ok! Let's get ready! Love birds, are you ready?" Ricardo called from behind the cameras and lights.
Eddie grinned, nodding while you moved your hands to his forearms, rubbing the veiny, inked skin softly. The start of the music played, lights flashing even brighter over you, blinding you from anything other than the set.
"Ok," Ricardo called from his megaphone. "We'll start at the first line. Eddie, move over her, lip-sync the lyrics." He instructed. Eddie moved so he was hovering farther over you, hips grinding through the sheet onto you.
"Mrs. Munson," You fought back another eye roll at the nickname. "Give us those bedroom eyes. Show us how good Eddie makes you feel."
You cringed at the instruction, but moved your leg to hook over his hip. This felt familiar, natural, a position you were in this morning with Eddie before you arrived here. Your nails dug into his arm, lightly, for show of course, while you turned your head to the side, eyes closed and pinched in fake pleasure. It felt weird, having to fake the ecstasy that Eddie constantly gave you, but not having him do it to you now.
"Ok, cut," Ricardo called after a moment. The music halted, screeching to a stop while you pulled apart. "Eddie, let me talk to you for a moment." He motioned him over.
Eddie climbed off of you, squeezing your thigh gently through the sheet. You watched, propped up on your forearms while Eddie talked to the director, eyes cutting back to you.
"Let's take that from the top again." Ricardo clapped, walking away. "Eddie, whenever you're ready."
Eddie climbed back into the bed with you, hand brushing hair out of your face. You laid back on your back, fixing your sheet. "What did he say?"
"He wants it to be more authentic." Eddie replied, moving his knee so it was between your legs. You furrowed your brows softly. "He said we looked robotic." Eddie scoffed, shaking his head.
You giggled. "I don't really know how to look like we're fucking without actually fucking." You admitted with a sheepish smile. Eddie's heart swelled, he loved seeing you so sweet and small like that. "Feels awkward."
"Yeah," Eddie hummed in agreement, his hand dipping under the sheet. You felt him rub across your hip, tummy softly. "Maybe we should change that."
You frowned in confusion. "What do you mean?" You asked carefully. You felt his fingers trail further, tracing down your mound just barely over your lips. You gasped, pushing him slightly.
"Ed," You hissed, eyes cutting to the producers and film staff hidden behind the blinding lights from the set. You lifted the white, thin, cotton sheet higher over your chest. "Have you lost your mind?"
"What?" Eddie shrugged. "They said to make it as authentic as possible. Sell it up big for the cameras, baby." His grin was salacious, hungry. It made your legs clamp further.
"C'mon, angel, they'll never know I promise." Eddie cooed, ringed hand pushing back your perfectly tousled hair. "I'll make sure Donno watches the whole thing before it's released. Just let me help you out."
You huffed, his hand cupping your thing through the sheets, dangerously close to your core, but of course, he knew that. Eddie leaned forward, lips on the shell of your ear, hot breath tickling and nipping at your flushed skin. "You gotta admit it will be exciting." He grinned. You squirmed, his hand cupping your heat through the sheets. "Our little, dirty secret, huh? The world will never know. How fuckin' hot is that, baby?"
You felt his fingers tickle the top of your lips, your own legs parting to let him in further. He grinned, lips against your cheek. "C'mon, let's give 'em a show." The pad of his thumb rubbed the hood of your clit so lightly, to made your head spin.
You let out a staggered huff, before nodding gently, eyes locking with his. His pupils were blow, looking lustfully down at you with a wolfish smile. Your thighs clenched.
"Ricardo," Eddie called, his eyes never leaving yours. You felt the pad of his thumb slowly circle your clit. "We're ready."
You couldn't even register the sounds of the music starting, lights and cameras whirring into place. Your hand clamped down onto Eddie's arms, eyes pinching closed as he worked you slowly, circling your clit at the perfect place that had you writhing.
"Fuck, Eddie, just like that," You whimpered, legs hooking over his hips, pulling him closer.
"Ok, Eddie, and in three, two..."
Eddie's lips moved against yours, low, gravelly voice signing the words of the song into your skin. You writhed gently beneath him, his free hand moving to your face to look at him. Just as your eyes listed, shining and glassy to meet him, he slipped his middle finger in, pumping slowly in and out of you.
Your back arched, gasping when Eddie's fingers curled into you. You gripped onto his arm, his own hand moving to cradle your chin, thumb brushing over your bottom lip. Your hips ground under the sheets, eyes rolling back when he curled into your g-spot, pulling out to circle your clit, then repeating the actions until you were reeling.
His thumb swiped against your bottom lip again, pressing against the soft, lipstick coated mouth. You opened your mouth easily, cheeks hollowing while your eyes met his, obedient. Just like he trained you to be.
Eddie smirked, still mouthing the lyrics that played over the loud speakers. If he wouldn't have been in the music video, he would've praised you for what a good girl you were being for him.
"Beautiful! Beautiful! Keep it up, let's go to the chorus! No cuts!" Ricardo chanted through his megaphone, the music continuing.
Your walls clenched around his finger, moaning against his thumb while he toyed with you, playing with you expertly. Eddie took his thumb out of your mouth, inching closer and closer to you. His calloused thumb was rough against your clit, providing the perfect friction that had your toes curling, hips lifting against his.
Eddie continued to sign the lyrics slow to you, eyes locked. The two of you were in a trance, locked in on each other, uncaring of the others around you. Your mind was spinning, racing and dizzy with the blinding pleasure that Eddie always brought to you. You tipped your head back, the lights above blinding you, centering you back to your own reality a little. The crew around you, watching as Eddie finger banged you relentlessly on camera. You knew you should be ashamed, mortified; but the deep burning pleasure in the pit of your tummy only built more, growing higher and higher, with every flick, pump, curl, and rub of Eddie's magical fingers.
You whimpered, reaching up to grab his curls, threading your fingers through the base of his hair. He knew you were close, your rounded eyes and desperate little mewls. Eddie rocked his hips against your thigh, relieving his own throbbing cock of some of the uncomfortable pressure.
"'M close, Eddie." You whined softly, pulling back on the hairs gently, clutching them for purchase while his fingers moved slow and deep inside of you.
Eddie pressed his lips to the side of your cheek, lightly, still singing the words to you in a low rasp, more of a growl.
"Perfect! Last line, Eddie! Last line!" Ricardo shouted excitedly.
Eddie fingers moved, curling deep inside of you, while you gasped loudly, mouth falling open slightly, rounding in pleasure, while Eddie kept pumping in and out of you. He could feel your release, the gush of it drenching his hand, making a sickening squelching sound as he still fucked you through it.
Teeth clenched together, eyes narrowed near predatory, Eddie watched you fall apart for him. Whining and gasping, while he still finger fucked you relentlessly. His lips were pillowy soft against your blushed cheeks, finishing out the last lyric with a growl, before his licked a long stripe up the side of your face.
You knew Maurine would be furious, her work destroyed by him, but you were too wrapped up in a cloud of satisfaction that followed your release to care.
Ricardo sounded far away, your eyes glassy when you blinked back up at Eddie, familiar brown eyes shining sweetly back at you. "You alright, angel?" Eddie asked, curls tickling the side of your cheeks as he hovered over you.
You blinked, moving to sit up on your forearms. "Are we done?" You asked, looking around at Ricardo, who frantically moved, barking orders.
"They're done with us," Eddie nodded towards the crew. "But 'm not done with you." Your legs clamped under the sheets at his wolfish grin, dark and hungry. You could feel him grinding gently against your leg, leather pants harboring his growing bulge.
You shrunk under the sheets to hide the blush that was creeping over your chest and neck. Ricardo clacked over, loud boots snapping against the hardwood. "That was beautiful, you two, gorgeous! So authentic!" He shrieked. You blushed harder. Eddie grinned, eyes cutting over to you.
"What can I say? I'm a great actor. Maybe your dad should put me in one of his films, whattya think, baby?" Eddie teased, looking back at you.
You scoffed, shaking your head with a small smile. "Sure. I think you're Oscar worthy." You jested back.
"Totally. Eat your heart out, De Niro." Eddie barked out a laugh.
You rolled your eyes, playfully, halting when Eddie's eyes narrowed at you. Ricardo didn't notice, thankfully, too high off whatever powdery substance was still around his nose, laughing erratically at the two of you. "You two are perfect, perfect. Your fans are going to lose their minds, their sanity entirely, when they see this."
"So we're good?" Eddie asked. "I can go change?"
"I've got everything I need from you." Ricardo gave a half bow to Eddie. "Mr. and Mrs. Munson, it's been a pleasure, as always." He grinned, wide and toothy.
You smiled politely back, still clutching the sheet to your chest. Eddie turned back to you slowly, giving you a pointed look. "What did I tell you?" He asked, tilting his head to this side.
You pouted at him. "I didn't mean to." You huffed, biting back a smirk when his jaw set. Even if the two of you are together now, that didn't mean you couldn't still have a little fun with him, rile him up a little.
Eddie let out a sharp breath out of his nose, lips pursing slightly. He knew what you were doing, and that was fine. He'd handle you back in his dressing room, make you gag on his cock until all that pretty makeup smeared and ran down your cheeks.
He grabbed the robe from the tech, handing it to you while you carefully slipped it on under the sheet. Eddie nodded, extending his hand out for you, what a sweetheart.
"Eddie," You mumbled, eyes cutting down to the sheets. You flushed with embarrassment, looking at the wet spot let on the white sheets. Eddie just shrugged, and you gaped at him, tongue clicking in annoyance. "We can't just leave that. They'll know."
Eddie scoffed, stopping one of the bustling techs that was scampering by. "Hey, man, you might need to change those sheets before someone else gets in 'em, alright?"
He didn't wait to see their confused, stuttering response. Reaching out for you, Eddie took your hand in his, pulling you close to his wide while the two of you scampered into his private dressing room.
A month later, you sat at the MTV viewing party, hosted at a club in West Hollywood for the band. Eddie pulled you close, smirking when you hid into his leather jacket as the video played on the large screen. Even with the editing and the features, it still looked so raw, so real.
The media seemed to agree too, magazines and articles barreling out by the dozens about the sexy, sensual music video featuring you two, boasting on how intimate it appeared. No one knew exactly how that was possible, except you and Eddie... and maybe the tech responsible for cleaning up the messy sheets.
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giving eddie a blowjob under the d&d table as he sits on his throne, legs spread as your head is slotted between his thighs. your tongue is teasing the swollen head as you bob your head up and down his leaking cock. (NSFW AUDIO WARNING)
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Your camera roll if you were dating Eddie Munson
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
pearl: march 1984
pairing: eddie munson x fem!reader word count: 3.2k chapter summary: eddie realises he might like you as more than just his best friend.
content warnings: best friends to lovers, slow burn, mutual pining, suggestive & mature themes, adult language, use of pet names, emotional hurt / comfort, self-doubt / insecurities, recreational drug use, mentions of alcohol - if i missed anything, pls let me know!
pearl masterlist
Tumblr media
Frankly, a terrible concept and quite possibly one of the worst ways to punish misbehaviour ‘cause who did it really benefit, really? Definitely not the students since it just made them resent everyone involved in the situation even more, and not the teachers either as they do not want to be stuck minding careless brats after their already exhaustingly long day at work. 
Detention was dumb. And you weren't just thinking that because of the half-crumpled slip in your hand.
Exhaling, you slowly open the classroom door and enter. There’s a hesitant sway in your strut as you approach the desk, handing the mangled piece of paper to the teacher that drew the short straw today — Mrs. Click. 
Judging by the look on her face, she was just as happy to be doing this as you were, only reaffirming your already strong belief that detention was in fact dumb.
“Take a seat,” Mrs. Click grumbles before burying her nose back in the book she was reading.
You don’t bother responding, she clearly wouldn’t care anyway. Turning instead on your heel, you scan the room of delinquents until your eyes land on the one specific culprit that landed you in this mess in the first place.
Not surprisingly, Eddie’s eyes are already on you. He’s got a stupid, shit-eating grin plastered across his face and you can’t help but to roll your eyes at him — what a dingus.
“I can’t believe you’re actually pleased with yourself,” you huff while sitting down in the free spot next to him.
The metalhead chuckles silently before sliding his chair closer towards you. 
“And I can’t believe you’re actually annoyed with me,” he teases in response, “It’s just as much your fault as it is mine.”
Your brows string together. “Are you shitting me, Eds?”
He shrugs, still smirking. “I’m just saying, princess—”
“Please don’t call me that.”
“—, if it wasn’t for your inability to control yourself around me, we wouldn’t be here,” Eddie teases, nonchalantly throwing one arm around the back of your chair. 
“Eddie, and I say this with love, you’re delusional.”
“Quiet,” Mrs. Click calls out without lifting her head.
Letting out a faint breath, you lean in your best friend's direction. The curly-haired teen mirrors your movement and the two of you are now mere inches apart — a proximity that in recent months has become all too familiar. But not in a weird way. Eddie was still just your friend, nothing different. Not really. Simply, ever since it became apparent you would be graduating without him this year, being as close to one another as platonically possible, brought some comfort.
“As I was saying,” you begin in a whisper, “I was simply trying to get you to stop annoying me with your childish behaviour. I didn’t think you would land us in detention.”
He gasps inaudibly, placing a hand to his cheek as his mouth pops into an ‘o’ shape. Again, you roll your eyes at his dramatics then gently flick his forehead in an attempt to get him to quit it. The metalhead’s smile is wide as he lets his arm fall back down onto the desk.
“Well, I just hope you didn’t have any plans tonight,” Eddie teases, the shit-eating grin plastered across his face growing wider by the second.
“As a matter of fact, I did have plans. Thanks to you, Eds, I had to cancel on a friend of mine. We were supposed to go to the movies. I should be drowning in popcorn and overpriced soda, instead I’m stuck here with you,” your response is honest and there’s a hint of annoyance detectable in the sound of your voice.
Eddie’s eyes widen slightly and for a split-second you think you said something that hurt his feelings, but then he opens his mouth, confirming your suspicion about not feeling an inch of remorse for landing you in this hell. 
“Princess, you’re hurting my feelings. I didn’t realise you had other friends.”
“I told you not to call me that,” it comes out in a half-hiss, half-giggle.
“Quiet,” Mrs. Click repeats and you glance in her direction. Her tone was slightly more stern yet she still doesn’t lift her head from the book in front of her, although you are mighty aware the third warning wouldn’t be as congenial. 
Since you seriously did not want to have to do this again tomorrow, ignoring Eddie’s quiet babbling, you reach inside you backpack to retrieve a cassette player. Proceeding to make eye contact with the curly-haired boy, you place the headphones around your ears, silently showcasing you were done with the conversation and just wanted to be left alone for the remainder of your mutual time in this teen prison.
Thankfully, Eddie seems to get the hint. He drags his fingers across his lips in a zip-like motion before shooting you a wink and leaning backwards in his chair.
As the metalhead was no stranger to passing time when forced to stay longer after school, he spent the next hour or so taking what he believed to be a much deserved nap. You on the other hand spent the entire hour staring at the clock on the wall with intensity. 
Time dragged. The cassette ended long ago and you felt no effort to rewind it, instead sitting in silence with the headphones still covering your ears.
Eventually, Mrs. Click clears her throat and you immediately turn your attention to her.
“Alright,” she begins and glances at the watch strapped to her wrist before looking up at the group, “I hope you all learned your lesson and we won’t have to see the majority of you here again.” 
Her eyes flicker to Eddie and she sighs, “Mr. Munson, please be cautious not to drag your friends into your messes in the future, understood?”
“Noted, ma’am.” Eddie offers a charming smile and you can’t help but snicker next to him, a reaction that causes the denim clad teen to nudge your side with his elbow.
“Good,” the teacher nods at his response, “You’re all free to go then.”
Scrambling from your seat, you slide a bag strap up your arm, resting it on your shoulder, before walking towards the door. Eddie is close behind, as always. He says a sweet goodbye to Mrs. Click and he hurries after you out of the school building.
“I don’t know about you,” Eddie quips, unlocking his van, “But this was a lot of fun. We should definitely do it again sometime.”
You find yourself rolling your eyes once again while settling into the passenger seat. 
“Eddie, please be serious. This isn’t funny, this was detention.”
He chuckles lightheartedly. “So? I get detention like every other day, you know that. These teachers, they have it out against me,” he says in his usual theatrical tone.
“They don’t have it out against you, Eds. Everyone wants to see you succeed.”
But he ignores you. 
“Can I have that tape you were listening to earlier?”
He’s swift to change the subject because he knows where this conversation is heading — you graduating, him staying behind — and you're painfully aware he doesn’t want to talk about it right now, (or ever, if he could have things his way). 
Eddie has only once admitted that he can’t bear the thought of you leaving and he wasn’t entirely sober when he said it, leading you to believe he didn’t even remember talking about it.
Considering avoidance of the topic also worked in your favour, you obey and hand Eddie the tape. He rewinds it with ease and places it inside the cassette player of his van. The first couple of tough yet vulnerable notes from Janis Joplin’s Pearl album blare through the shitty speakers. 
Eddie starts the van, rhythmically tapping his fingers against the steering wheel and a smile tugs at your lips as you watch him begin mouthing the lyrics. His eyes are on the road ahead, his curly brown locks are blowing with the light breeze coming in through the parted window. 
“Hey, Eds, since you ruined my plans for the afternoon, wanna drive down to Lover’s Lake and share some of your stash with me?”
Eddie smirks at the question. 
“Lover’s Lake, huh? Is this your sneaky way of getting me to make out with you, princess? ‘Cause you know you don’t have to convince me too much.”
“No, shut up,” you scoff and playfully smack his bicep, “this is your way of apologising for landing me in detention. Also, in your dreams, hot shot.”
“Ugh,” the metalhead groans, “can we please just agree the fault lies with us both? I can’t have you making me feel guilty until the end of time,” he whines and glances in your direction, “And, side note, aren’t you always the one telling me to chase my dreams?” 
Eddie’s insinuation isn’t lost on you, but this kind of flirting blurred the line between platonic and something more which was dangerous so close to your departure.
“You’re an idiot.”
He laughs, looking back at the road as the song ends and the next begins. Eddie starts to hum along with the melody and you watch him, slowly bobbing your head to the beat. The soft sounds he’s producing are so angelic, it causes your heart to soar then crack all at once. 
Playing cat and mouse with the subject of graduation worked for you too because you weren't entirely sure you could handle the real world without Eddie. He’s been a permanent fixture in your life for years now. The only person who truly knew every single thing about you. The only person that’s ever cared.
“Okay,” he says eventually, breaking you away from your thoughts, “Lovers Lake it is, princess.”
You gently smack his bicep once again. “Seriously, Eds, don’t call me that.”
“Sorry,” but he’s not. You're certain he’s not. Just like you know he’ll do it again, and again you will tell him not too.
The drive to the new destination is relatively quick. Eddie finds a space to park and cuts the engine causing the music to end mid tune. He tilts his head to look at you, wiggling his dark brows, and you can’t help but giggle at his ridiculousness while unfastening your seatbelt.
You proceed to squeeze in between the seats, into the back of his beat up van. Eddie follows suit, although one of his many metal chains gets caught somewhere in the process and he gets stuck. 
“Ehm,” he clears his throat, “A little help please.”
You laugh then skoot towards his trapped frame, scanning for the culprit. 
There’s a sudden shift in dynamic. It’s a little strange. Proximity usually isn’t an issue, but you can feel his eyes on you, scanning the side of your face, as you tug at the chain, fingers grazing against him. The air feels unnaturally heavy and you're fighting with yourself not to meet his wandering gaze.
“You know this thing has doors, right?”
“I could ask you the same thing,” Eddie bites back playfully.
“Don’t lie,” you begin, fingers mangled around the chain causing this current situation, “You like to stare at my—” But you catch yourself by biting on the inside of your cheek before the rest of the sentence slips from your lips.
There is a semi-awkward moment of silence. 
Still avoiding his gaze, you eventually untangle Eddie’s metal chain, freeing him from his shackles, and push back further into the van. The curly haired boy sits across from you and in the spirit of continuous avoidance of yet another topic, he’s quick to whip out a pre-rolled joint from the inside pocket of his denim jacket then lights it.
“Go ahead, princess,” he offers, the joint between his fingers, ready for you.
“No, no,” you protest, “Dealer first.”
He lets out a lighthearted chuckle but shakes his head. “Take it,” he pouts, “it’s heavy, my arm is starting to hurt.”
“Did anyone ever tell you how dramatic you can be?” you joke but give in, taking the joint and placing it carefully between your lips. 
It’s moments like these that are your favourite. It is moments like these that make you think how lucky you are to have Eddie in you life.
But it’s also moments like these that make you realise how fucking hard it’s going to be to say goodbye.
And Eddie feels exactly the same way.
Landing the two of you in detention wasn’t the plan. It just sorta happened and honestly, rather selfishly, he was glad that it did. God only knew how many afternoons he had left with his best friend, so he had to make every single one of them count.
This one was turning out to be quite perfect. Just you two, sitting in the back of his beat-up van, about to share a joint.
Eddie observes as you closes your eyes, inhaling the smoke. A warm feeling settles in his core. Honestly, he found himself experiencing this certain tingle more and more lately, although he couldn’t quite decipher whether it was because you were leaving soon and this was serendipity towards everything the two of you share, or whether there was a different underlying reason, one he was undoubtedly afraid to act on.
— Most likely the latter.
Simply put, you had waltzed into his life and flipped it completely. Eddie had spent years putting up emotional barriers, guarding and shielding his heart from further suffering, yet after the very first conversation he held with you, the walls started to crumble. 
The metalhead adored your openness, honesty, and effortless ability to be unapologetically yourself. No bullshit. You brought out this sweetness in him, a side he didn’t even know he had. It was as if you took a metaphorical sledgehammer and banged against his emotional barriers until there was almost nothing left.
“So,” Eddie begins as you take another puff, “tell me, what’s your favourite song on the record? ‘Cause I don’t think I’ve ever asked you.”
“On Pearl?”
He nods as you pass him the joint.
“Probably A Woman Left Lonely, the lyrics are just next level. I mean all of her songs have these hidden meanings and a level of emotional maturity I can only hope to reach one day, but A Woman Left Lonely in particular…”
“Well, the fevers of the night, they burn an unloved woman,” Eddie quotes melodically before taking a puff and your eyes widen in surprise. A reaction that causes a chuckle to escape his lips. 
“What? Didn’t peg me for a Joplin fan? I am a musician, after all.” Eddie quips as you reach for the joint, which he gives up without question. “Or did you think I forgot Pearl is your favourite album?”
“No, I—” you hesitate and Eddie can tell you're not sure what to say. “What’s your favourite song then?” you asks instead and he smacks his lips together, pondering the question for a moment. 
You pass back the joint and he takes it from between your fingers to light it again before inhaling, then exhaling a heap of smoke.
“Me and Bobby McGee,” Eddie answers eventually, “I know it’s not a Joplin original but her voice, damn, she does things with that song that literally make me feel weak.”
A smile circles your lips. “Sing some of it for me.”
The request catches Eddie off guard and you can sense his hesitation because you're quick to add a witty remark, “You are a musician, after all.”
The slight jab at his earlier point makes Eddie smirk. “Touché, princess. Touché.” 
And you shrugs as if it’s nothing, but the mischievous glimmer in your eyes devices you. Eddie knows you know that he can’t refuse you. He knows you know there is nothing in this world he wouldn’t do for you. He knows you knows that when it comes to him, you hold all the power.
“Okay,” the metalhead clears his throat and reaches for an acoustic guitar hidden under a blanket. With the joint still between his fingers, he begins to strum the intro chords from memory: G - C/G   G - C/G   G. 
Your gaze is fixated on his frame. He can feel your attentive eyes on him as you tap the palms of your hands against your knees in rhythm. 
This isn’t the first time the two of you have done this. Thinking about it now, he actually tends to play the guitar for you a lot, although it’s usually more heavy metal than blues rock, and he hardly ever sings just for you, so he's wondering, why did you ask him to sing? And why was he suddenly feeling nervous?
“Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waitin’ for a train. When I’s feelin’ near as faded as my jeans,” Eddie warbles melodically, now playing D7, “Bobby’s thumbed a diesel down, just before it rained. And rode us all the way into New Orleans.” C/G    G
“I pulled my harpoon out of my dirty red bandana. I’s playin’ soft while Bobby sang the blues,” he effortlessly switches to C and muster up enough courage to look up at you — which could have been a big mistake because the smile gracing your near perfect features nearly causes him to fumble up the next part of the lyrics.
“Windshield wipers slappin’ time, I’s holdin’ Bobby’s hand in mine. We sang every song that driver knew.” 
D7    C
“Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose. Nothin', don't mean nothin' hon' if it ain't free, no-no.”  Eddie continues, strumming G, and to his pleasant surprise, you join in for the next part of the chorus, harmonising without flaw. 
“And feelin' good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues. You know feelin' good was good enough for me. Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee.” G    A    A
He holds the last chord for a second longer, not breaking eye contact. His heart is battering inside his rib cage and if he didn’t know any better, he would say it was about to explode. 
After ultimately coming to a full stop, Eddie rests his arm on the neck of the instrument. Neither of you speaks for a moment. You're beaming at him and he can’t help but return the happy expression, before putting the bud of what was left of the joint between his lips.
“I guess you are a musician,” you quip and Eddie smirks.
“You doubted me?”
You're teasing. Eddie doesn't care though. All he really wants to know is if you liked his mini rendition of the song. Although, wanting to spare himself the humiliation just in case you didn’t, he doesn't dare ask for you opinion.
But it seems you can read his mind ‘cause as he manoeuvres to open the sliding door and discard the reminisce of the joint, you tells him exactly what’s on your mind. 
“In all seriousness, that was like really really good, Eds. From now on, I’m definitely going to ask you to sing for me more often. Perhaps A Woman Left Lonely next? Or not just Janis,” you ramble excitedly, once again unknowingly causing his worries to dissipate. 
Proceeding to sit beside you, Eddie once again reaches for the guitar. You let your head fall on his shoulder as his fingers strum random chords. 
“You know that Irish band U2? I think your voice would really suit Sunday Bloody Sunday. Or, actually, any of their songs really.”
And as you continue listing different artists, an unfamiliar feeling settles in Eddie's core.
Well, shit.
Tumblr media
pearl masterlist | main masterlist
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myosotisa · 2 days
Tumblr media
Eat Your Young, supernatural!Eddie Munson x fem!Reader + supernatural!Steddie x fem!Reader
‖ summary: Since coming back from the Upside Down, Eddie has slowly been changing. Things shift around beneath his skin and against his will until he settles in this new normal. This new thing. He's a thing now, isn't he? He doesn't feel very human anymore. How does one become comfortable being something they were never supposed to be?
‖ tags: best friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, angst, supernatural elements, sexual content, telepathy, vampire aspects, feeding on feelings. canon divergent - everyone lived. no y/n, she/her pronouns, no physical description given
‖ ao3 ‖ series tag ‖ the song ‖ tag list request ‖
‖ masterlist:
i'm starvin, darlin
lips to something (coming soon...)
wrap my teeth around (coming soon...)
‖ steddie expansion:
start carvin, darlin (coming soon...)
smell dinner cooking (coming soon...)
edges start to burn (coming soon...)
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willowsgrl · 2 days
Let me know if this is too much but…
Older Eddie has to fuck crybaby reader to sleep sometimes..sometimes she’s gets so cranky and when she’s all cranky she starts crying because she’s so frustrated that she can’t go to sleep so eddie does the one thing he knows is gonna get her fast asleep..he coos at her and kisses her salty tears away and moves her his baggy shirt up over her pretty tits and gets her panties around her ankles moves his plaid pants down to his thighs to get his thick cock out and slides into her little cunt she instantly softens and melts in his hold. His big rough hand holding onto her hip and the other is wrapped around her waist holding her flush to his chest because he knows how much she loves skin to skin she needs him close to her. Her eyes instantly start getting droopy and her lips part into silent whimpers as Eddie moved her hips helping him fuck into her the rocking motion putting her into a sleepy state 😴
Omg yesss me relatable GIRL not too much at all, I love it
Warnings: MDNI, 18+ under the cut! Agegap, sleepy s*x, frustration, subspace, Somno maybe?? I suppose kinda lol let me know if i missed any! Not proofread, unprotected s*x, cream pie ending
GIFs not mine, credit to the talented creators
Tumblr media
Eddie would wake up to the sound of her frustration, the little grunts and whines of pain. This was a regular occurrence whenever she'd been running around at her job all day. He hates when they overworked her but he never complained to her knowing it would just end in tears. Her muscles could never relax afterwards, not in the bath or after a massage. It was like she had restless legs but the pain only grew the more the night went on making it near impossible for her to sleep it off. Which annoyingly is the only way to fully recover from the pain.
"Aw, my sweet girl- c'mere.." He rolled to face her, and immediately started undressing her. His Her shirt was lifted to reveal her chest and he slowly peeled her panties down to her ankles where she kicked them off the end of the bed.
"Poor baby," he started trailing soft kisses from her thighs up to her chest. "In so much pain, hmm? Need me to take care of you? Get you to sleep, little one?"
"Yes please.. " she sobbed, starting to feel better already. When his kisses reached the base of her neck, he began to lick where the tears had fallen past her chin. Her soft whimpers soon turned to sniffles and moans.
He shuffled her so she was the little spoon and held her thigh in such a way to gain him easy access. His other arm slipped under her waist to make sure her back was against his chest. Touch was her love language so skin to skin contact was always essential when helping her feel better. She adjusted her hips so he wouldn't need to hold her thigh up and Eddie moved his hand to her hip so he could guide her onto his c*ck.
The long moan that escaped her lips was exactly what Eddie needed to hear to know this was what she needed. He refused to let her do any of the work and began slowly fucking her into a dreamlike calmness. All the pain and frustration was melting away from her taut and tense muscles. They were relaxing under his magic touch. The hand on her hip was used to start rocking her gently, enough to rock her to sleep. He could hear her soft moans transition into adorable little snores, something she only did when she fell asleep with her mouth open.
He knew she was fully asleep when she turned her face to hide it under the covers. Eddies quickened his pace once he was sure she wouldn't wake up, giving in to his needs and grunted into the back of her neck. It didn't take long for him to catch his release and he kept thrusting into her, making sure nothing leaked out from her pretty pussy. She was on the pill so they didn't worry too much about protection and Eddie despite being a gentleman, couldn't be bothered to get out bed to get a cloth. He slowly pulled out, readjusted his pajama pants to hide his softened c*ck and fell asleep, happy and content with her in his arms
Tumblr media
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harrywavycurly · 2 days
Okay hear me out for a moment…imagine you dated Eddie in high school and it was just a mess the two of you were just better off as friends but right when you two break up when you’re a little over eighteen you find out you’re pregnant. So now you have to co parent with Eddie but fast forward a few years later and the two of you have gotten into a great routine, your daughter is about to be four and you work at Family Video.
Steve who met you when you came in to fill out a job application has always thought you were cute, like the man goes full on heart eyes every time he sees you. He had no idea you were Eddie’s ex until one morning Eddie came strolling in holding the hand of a little girl who Steve knew immediately was yours because she had your eyes but Eddie’s unruly curly hair. That’s when it all clicked in Steve’s brain, every time you talk about your ex you’ve been talking about Eddie Munson who Steve already kinda sorta shares custody of a group of kids with.
Now Eddie may be an idiot but he knows enough about Steve to know that he has a crush on you, he can tell by the way his cheeks get all red when he’s just looking at you. Eddie doesn’t mind, he thinks dating someone might be good for you because all your “free” time is taken up by Family Video or the occasional girls night with Nancy and Robin. While he might not like the idea of Steve getting to be around his daughter when he’s not there he has to admit Steve is a good guy and also he knows you can handle yourself, a trait he already knows has been passed down to your very headstrong daughter.
You on the other hand are oblivious to the fact Steve has a crush on you, Eddie teases him about his red cheeks in front of you but you’re too focused on restocking the shelves or helping your daughter pick a new bedtime movie. You’ve known Steve for a while now, of course you think he’s cute you may be out of practice with the whole dating and flirting thing but you still have eyes and can appreciate a handsome man when you see one. You just assume he’s nice to everyone and that might have a little soft spot for you because of your co parenting situation.
It’s not until Eddie drops off your daughter one Sunday evening and asks “so has Harrington made his move yet?” that you begin to replay the last few months in your mind and Eddie just laughs as he watches your face go from confused to flustered. “If he hasn’t then you might have to do it for him.” Eddie adds as he hands you your daughter’s backpack. “Has she eaten?” Of course you change the subject because you honestly don’t know what to say and thankfully Eddie is in a caring mood and drops it and answers your question just as your daughter runs past the both of you and into the house so she can go greet her teddy bears she’s missed over the weekend. “I know it’s not my place but…Steve’s a good guy,” you just stand there as Eddie turns to head back to his truck. “See you Wednesday.” He says over his shoulder and you just give him a small wave as you stand there on your front porch holding a backpack as thoughts of Steve Harrington fill your mind.
“No way…” is all you say to yourself as you turn and head inside so you can begin your daughter’s bedtime routine and put the idea that Steve has feelings for you to the side because if he had a crush surely he would’ve said something by now right?
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upsidedownmvnson · 13 hours
reasons eddie visited you at work this week:
Tumblr media
he missed you & wanted to say hello, bring you a little dinner, and sit with you on your break if possible.
he was driving by, and thought he may as well
he drove from all the way across town because he needed to see you (just to drive all the way back across town)
needed a kiss
wanted your opinion on his new jacket
needed help with his homework (but really a kiss)
because he was bored, and missed you, and got high & clingy so he'd sit near you, waiting for you to finish working while he just hangs out
wanted to ask what movie to rent and couldn't remember your work number
another kiss
you forgot something at his trailer and he wanted to make sure you didn't need it
the point being that he will just make up a silly excuse if he doesn't have one because he's so stupid in love with you that he just wants to be around you 24/7
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wndalovebot · 1 day
easy | e. munson
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
꒰ pairings ꒱ toxic!bsf!eddie munson x naive!reader
꒰ warnings ꒱ — smut — oral ( m! ) ; ball sucking ; degrading ; throat fucking ; spitting ; slap mention ; p n v ; slight breeding kink ; eddie is just mean
꒰ word count ꒱ 1.6k+
꒰ author’s note ꒱ no race/ethnicity at all! the first picture is just for the outfit.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you were a tease. almost all the guys in hawkins knew it. they hated how you were so innocent, batting your wide eyes at them anytime you walked past them in the hallway with a soft and sweet, ‘hello boys!’ sending them a little kiss, a lipgloss smile and a sway of your hips as you went to class.
blue balls was not a thing and did not exist, but the amount of times you’ve heard it being whispered in your ears while you’re in the library, at your locker on little notes and the texts you received, you were convinced it was real.
and eddie hated the way guys looked at you and spoke to you.
you were just for him. maybe that’s why no one ever tried to lay a finger on you.
‘you know damn well you’re keeping them to yourself.’
‘munson you haven’t hit it yet? it would be so easy to take advantage of them.’
‘if i were you, they’d be on their knees for me every single night.’
and they were right — you were easy. eddie knew that 100%. maybe that’s why you were so easy to rile up, maybe that’s why it was so easy to get you in his bedroom after smoking a little bit of weed with him at his place.
he was your best friend, you trusted him and his judgement. and you’d be lying if you didn’t have a slight crush on him. he was the complete opposite of what you were — all black, heavy metal, studs and gauges vs pink tight little skirts, red lipstick, bubblegum scents and all things fuzzy.
he was a smooth talker, easy on the eyes and ears. his voice laced with lust, lowered an octave while he spoke to you and those eyes that sparkled as he looked into yours to get exactly what he wanted.
and that’s how he had you here, knees digging into the shag carpet underneath you, your hands tightly gripping his hairy, thick thighs as his hands gripped the sides of your head and fucked into your mouth at a fast pace.
your eyes were squinted, mascara running down your cheeks mixing in with the saliva he was fucking out of your mouth, making you as messy as possible. the strawberry lipgloss that was once on your lips was coating your tongue, each time the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat.
“fuck, sweetheart…” he was at a loss for words, watching as you looked up through your lashes to him, seeing his fucked out expression while he throat fucked you. he was looking down at you, loose curls framing his face as the rest was tied back with a pink scrunchie you had on your wrist prior to coming over.
you don’t know how you got here — well, you do, by eddie picking you up after a party on of your roommates from your dorm hosted a couple blocks away. you didn’t plan on seeing eddie there, infact, you were there to get him off your mind.
you didn’t need to tell him that though, he already knew. with the way you were looking up at him wit your mouth stuffed full of his cock, he knew he had you cock drunk with just the sight of it.
he pulls out, gripping your cheeks harshly, his rings digging into your skin and leaving a cool touch to your heated cheeks covered in saliva and pre-cum before he forces your mouth open. your tongue already falls flat, and a smile ghosts his lips before he spits on your tongue.
“swallow.” his demanding, his voice low and short ad you do what he says, swallowing his spit with a soft moan. your cunt was throbbing, feeling slick cover your pink undies and the inside of your thighs as he man handled you. it was something you weren’t used to, yet you were so intoxicated by him.
you shift on your knees, rubbing them together to get some sort of relief while he stands there and watches you. a short laugh leaves his lips, a tsk sound before he’s prying your mouth open again and taking hold of his cock, pushing his hips into your face.
“eddie..” your whine is futile as he watches you, your tongue poking out between your lips and just ever so lightly catching his balls. he groans, gripping the back of your head before shoving your face into the underside of his shaft, right where he needs you.
immediately, your tongue darts out before taking one of his balls into your mouth, letting it rest heavily on your tongue. you moan around it, sending vibrations through eddie’s body and his cock twitching in his hand as you suck and pull at his balls, taking the other one in your hand before he swats it away.
“if you can fit my cock inside that pretty mouth of yours, you can fit my fat balls in there too.” eddie was mean when he wanted to be, and you knew he could be a sweet talker. he was your best friend, you were helping him out in the way he needed you to. because, ‘that’s what friends are for, right?’ the words ringing in your ears and the forefront of your mind as you suckled on his balls, his hand jerking himself off and moans bouncing off the bedroom walls going right to your cunt.
he sounded heavenly, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel some type of way about him every time he ducked your throat like this. how he was so rough with you, talking down on you and using you like a flesh light, to keep all to himself.
and afterwards, he brings you up off your knees just to bend you over the side of the bed, flipping your cute little pink skirt up and over your hips, enough to show your soaked underwear, the outline of your puffy lips making him groan.
a harsh smack on your ass as he pulls them to the side with his thumb, jerking his cock off and twisting it harshly as he watches your hole pulse around nothing.
“look at her, fuckin’ begging for some cock, huh?” and you couldn’t deny it, you were so cock hungry you needed to feel him fill you up, needed to feel every inch of his cock drags across your sensitive walls until you were a fucked out blabbering mess.
before you could respond, he was already pressing the tip of his fat cock against your hole, pushing in and watching the way your cunt swallowed and took all of him — just like he knew you would.
“there you go… fuck, taking all of my cock so fuckin’ good,” he was too blissed out to make any coherent thoughts, just whines and moans as he pushed his hips quickly into yours, the headboard of his bed frame hitting the wall over and over again as you clutched the sheets in your grip.
eddie was intoxicating, he was someone you could never say no to, even if he wasn’t a good person, even if he made you cry and humiliated you in front of everyone. he knew you liked it, because if you didn’t, why does your cunt flutter each time he calls you his little slut? everytime he smacks your face before shoving his dick down your throat you feel a fish of arousal stain your underwear?
why was he so fucking good but so fucking mean at the same time?
you couldn’t think — your brain was fuzzy and hazy as you felt his balls slap against your puffy clit, the obscene wet sounds with each leak of your pussy around his cock making you grow red in the face, moaning into the sheets as his hands had a bruising grip on your hips.
“you’re fuckin’ perfect for me, sweetheart. you and this pretty little fuckin’ pussy. my own personal cockdrunk slut, huh?” he didn’t need you to answer, the way you moaned in response was enough for him to pick up the pace, his cock twitching deep into your pussy.
“that’s right, fuck, can’t even say it huh? so fucking messy,” he bit his lip as he looked down, watching the way your cunt took his cock, how’s your pussy covered his shaft in slick and made it easier to slide in every single time. he needed you like he needed air to breath, but he’d never admit that. if he did, that meant he had to be vulnerable — and that was not who eddie munson was to you.
“you’re mine, understand? not anyone else’s, no one else can fuck you the way i can, no one can look at you like i can. you belong to me, you and this slutty fucking pussy, got it?” your ears rang as he spoke, clenching around his cock as the words filtered through your ears. you let out a string of, ‘yes, yes i’m yours fuck, yes yes..’ as he fucked into you, his fingernails digging into your skin.
you felt his cock twitch in your cunt as he pushed his hips flush against tour ass, letting on a loud moan as he came, filling your sweet cunt up with his cum. you felt it overspill out of your pussy and down on the sheets, not wasting a drop, he pulled out scooping up the rest before finger fucking it back into your hole.
“gotta make sure it stays, baby. has to drop down the inside of your thighs as you leave to go talk to those boy toys of yours — remind you who exactly you belong to.”
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eddiessluttywaist · 3 days
thinking about contractor eddie 😵‍💫 thinking about hot sweaty roofer eddie working on my house 😵‍💫 thinking about him absolutely railing me 😵‍💫
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loveshotzz · 1 hour
Tumblr media
bartender!eddie x fem!reader Eddie’s night
summary: 90’s au / After being stood up by a blind date, the cute bartender you’ve been ‘trying’ not to flirt with keeps you company.
edit by @eddiemunsons-missingnipple 💕
masterlist|offical soundtrack of the foxy lounge
Tomorrow 💋
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Hiii I LOVE LOVE LOVE your angel/devil!steddie x reader fics!!
Could I possibly request one where they’re having movie night with the rest of the Stranger Things group and the reader is under a blanket. And Eddie and Steve are just fooling around with her under it and the others are just none the wiser?
I realize it’s a little similar to the one you recently did with the one with the date situation and I really loved it so I couldn’t help and ask for something similar 🤧, I love all your work!! Keep at it!!!
A/N: I wrote this in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, so I do apologise if that factor is obvious
∼ gentle reminder that feedback, but especially reblogs are the way you support writers on here ∽
masterlist | join my taglist | devil & angel AU masterlist
Tumblr media
Hugging the fluffy pillow tight, pressing it over the lower half of your face, you grew thankful for your friends’ wish to watch the movie from the floor before you, laying on their stomachs with their feet crossed in the air behind them, while you stayed on the couch aways behind them, filling their heads with lies about you simply being too tired to move closer and already on the verge of just passing out. 
“Keep your eyes on the tv, sweetheart,” Eddie whispered, sucking on your neck as your thighs clenched around Steve’s skilful hand, “you don’t wanna look dumb when they talk to you about the plot later, do you?” your eyes fluttered down to see where the blanket draped over you swelled up, giving clue to where the angel’s hand was at work, drawing sloppy sounds from your centre that the energetic soundtrack luckily obscured. Tucking your knees up to your chest in an effort to discuss the inappropriate actions just in case the low light of the television was enough to illuminate your form. 
“Or maybe you do wanna look dumb, is that it?” you bit down on the mass of the pillow as Steve’s arched fingers rocked your very core, “is that why you’re letting us play with you in front of your friends? Are you just that desperate for them to find out what a little slut you really are? Of what a pretty little dumb dumb you are for us? Making your brilliant brain fly out the window with just the lightest of touch?”
Tumblr media
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ediewentmissing · 2 days
eddie’s hips slapping against your skin as he fucks you in missionary, bent over forwards so he can suck greedily at your tits.
he’s moaning your name against your chest, grazing his teeth on your flesh as he whines from the ache of his cock. he slides in and out of you, begging for you to let him go faster.
you give in when he looks up at you with those signature doe eyes with his lips still attached to your boobs.
Tumblr media
“shit. okay, baby. you can go faster for me, yeah? good boy.”
as a thank you, he plasters wet kisses all over your nipples messily, whimpering and grunting as he picks up the pace of his thrusts. he moves his lips up to your neck, sucking on your sensitive spot that has you writhing.
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choke-me-eddie · 9 hours
Tell Me You Hate Me
Eddie Munson x Harrington!reader
Content warning: It's the old cliché I'm afraid BUT there's no smut in this one. If people want it, I'll write part 2 😈 so for now, just language warnings, mentions of hate fucking. Not proof read, written on my phone so if you see mistakes...no you didn't
Tumblr media
You stifle a yawn as you trudge out of your bedroom into the living room of the apartment you shared with your brother Steve. He had to work today, so you had a blissful, quiet day of doing nothing planned after your late shift at the diner ran over by a few more hours last night.
"There she is, I was beginning to think you were avoiding me, princess." A voice that sends a shudder down your spine echoes from the direction of your couch.
Eddie fucking Munson. Your brother's best friend and your life long enemy, currently nursing a beer and manspreading on your couch. The nerdy, cocky and INFURIATINGLY handsome metalhead that gets on your very last nerve just by fucking breathing, but also makes your pussy clench with want and need every single time you lay eyes on him.
You fucking hate him and also need him to fuck you, too.
It was complicated. Robin had assured you that Eddie wasn't all that bad, obviously your brother loved the dude, and even Nancy seemed to have a soft spot for Eddie. Nobody saw him like you did.
"Don't fucking call me that!" You seethe, teeth gritted together as you glare at him.
"What's wrong? I thought girls liked being called princess, princess."
"Maybe those cheap sluts you drag home every Friday night, or Tuesday night, whenever your crummy band plays at the crappy Hideaway-"
"HideOUT, sweetheart, the Hideaway is a totally different scene-"
"Oh my god, whatever! The point is you're used to these cheap, desperate sluts who throw themselves at you just because you play mediocre music in a dingy little bar once a week, and I'm not cheap, or desperate, or creaming my panties over you, so stop fucking grouping me together with them by calling me a quite honestly cliché and disgusting pet name!"
Eddie is quiet for a moment.
"So, we're mediocre, huh? That's an upgrade from crummy, princess."
"Ugh I can't fucking stand you! Why are you even here?! Didn't Steve tell you he had to work today? And why are you drinking a fucking beer at 11.30 in the goddamn morning?!"
"Obviously I didn't get the message, princess. What, you thought I came over to hang out with you?! Although, not that I'm complaining, the view is pretty damn good." Eddie's eyes rake over your body and suddenly you remember that your pyjamas consist of tiny shorts and a very, very thin and clingy tank top. "Cold?" He shoots you a wolfish grin, eyes drifting south of your face. Your arms immediately fold over your chest, hiding your embarrassingly hard nipples from sight.
"Stop it, you fucking pervert! God, you can't just walk in to other people's apartments! What the fuck is the matter with you?!" You storm back into your room and grab your robe, wrapping it around yourself before stamping back into the living room.
"Aw, come on princess, I'm just playing around! Why do you have to be such a bitch to me all the fucking time? Where's your sense of humour?" Eddie chuckles, placing his now empty beer bottle next to the sink, deliberately hovering near you as you make your coffee and do your best to ignore him. "I really get on your nerves, don't I, princess?" His breath ghosts over your exposed neck where you hair is thrown up, and you have to fight the shiver of pleasure that threatens to roll over you.
"I don't care about you enough for you to get on my nerves, Edward." You bite back, nonchalantly pouring creamer into your coffee. "Now seriously, why are you here when Steve is not?"
"My apartment building is being fumigated, sweetheart, so your big bro said I could crash here for a few days." Eddie smirks, gesturing to a couple of bags by the front door. You don't even attempt to not groan out loud. Eddie snickers. "Wonder what other pretty noises i can you to make, princess."
"Keep going and the only noise you'll hear is my maniacal laughter as I hack you to pieces with a kitchen knife." You growl, sitting as far away from him as possible.
"Knife play, huh? Hot. Always took you for a vanilla kind of girl, princess. You surprise me."
"I'm full of surprises, Edward. You don't know me at all." You say over the lip of your mug, your stare harsh. Eddie scoffs.
"Course I do. I know you like your coffee with two sugars and extra creamer-"
"Shocker, you just watched me make it-"
"Your favorite color is purple, your favorite movie is Nightmare On Elm Street, your favorite band is Def Leppard, piss poor choice by the way sweetheart, you like pineapple on pizza, and your favorite season is fall. Anything else you want me to list, or still convinced I know jack shit about you?" Eddie looks smug as he folds his arms over his chest, ink peeking out from under the sleeve of his Metallica shirt.
You stick with glaring. Damn it. He kind of did have you there. Eddie chuckles again and busies himself with reading a Playboy, the same Playboy you'd yelled at Steve to put back in his goddamn room the other day, so clearly he did not.
"Gross." You mutter, rolling your eyes.
"Jealous?" Eddie smirks from behind the magazine, his eyes finding yours over the top of the pages.
"Oh, yes, Eddie, please jerk off to me instead of the women in Playboy, please!" You say, deadpan.
"If you say so-"
"Ugh!" You stand up, coffee sloshing dangerously in your mug. "I'm going back to my room. You're driving me insane."
"Probably a good idea, princess, me, Pamela and her five sisters are about to get reacquainted." Eddie wiggles his right hand teasingly at you and you audibly gag.
"At least do it in the fucking bathroom!" You yell, once again stomping back to your room and slamming the door shut, ignoring Eddie's loud laughter.
You groan, placing your mug of coffee down on your bedside table before flopping down onto your bed. You lie there for a few minutes, and you hear the bathroom door click and lock. Surely he fucking wasn't?!
You try to ignore the pulsing feeling in your underwear as you lay there, heart hammering in your chest, ears straining to listen for even a whimper, a hushed moan…
And then the toilet flushes.
You sigh. Why did the thought of Eddie fucking Munson jacking it in the room next to you turn you on so fucking much?!
Maybe you'll just hold up in your room for a bit.
An hour and a half later you venture back into the apartment, dressed in sweatpants and an oversized Aerosmith shirt, your hair thrown up on top of your head. The apartment was a shit hole so you might as well distract yourself from him by cleaning it.
You roll your eyes as you spot Eddie laying across the couch, tucking into a sandwich and watching TV, his long legs thrown over the arm of the couch. He winks at you but you ignore him, heading into the kitchen to find your cleaning supplies. You bend over to look in the cupboard under the sink, and a press of denim against your ass makes you let out a shuddery breath, which you conceal with a sigh of annoyance.
"Scuse me, princess," Eddie is pressed up against you, crotch pretty much to your ass, as he stretches to grab something from the cupboard above you. He roots around, hips wiggling as he does so, and you feel your cheeks heating up. He eventually finds what he's looking for, a bag of chips, and slams the cupboard door shut making you jump. You snatch up your cleaning supplies and shove him away from you. You hear him snicker as you set up base in the living room.
You feel your rage and/or arousal building slowly as the day goes on. Everywhere you are, Eddie is there. You're dusting the coffee table, and his hand is ghosting over yours to reach the remote. You're wiping down the kitchen counters and Eddie is grabbing your waist, holding you against him as he reaches for another drink or another snack, his breath fanning over your exposed neck as he mumbles another "scuse me, princess" or "Don't mind me". You do your best to suppress shivers and trembling but Eddie sees it.
He fucking sees it all.
He sees the way your eyes subtly trail over him when you think you're being sneaky, he sees the way your tongue darts out to wet your lips when he's close to you, he sees the way you shiver when he brushes up against you, and he hears the shuddery breaths you think you're covering up.
That's why you hate him so much. That's why he tortures you.
You want him. You want him in the way he wants you. And fuck, does Eddie want you. It's all he's been able to think about since the day he met you, but you were Harrington's baby sister, you were forbidden fucking fruit and it made you even more irresistible to him. So, in a bid to curb his burning desire for you, he took to being a fucking asshole to you. Not deliberately mean, more like pulling your pigtails on the playground mean, just teasing, but unfortunately after time you took it as he just didn't like you, so you decided to be a bitch right back.
Over the years, your friendship group had grown tolerant of yours and Eddie's constant bickering, mostly blocking it out like white noise until newcomer Argyle joined the group and pointed out oh so eloquently-
"Dudes, they totally wanna bang each other!"
Steve nearly threw up then and there.
But it was true. And now Eddie knew you felt the same way. You were pissy around him because you wanted him.
This was too good an opportunity to pass on. So he does it more. More lingering touches, his skin ghosting over yours, finding any opportunity to be pressed up against you until you finally have enough.
The final straw comes when you're walking down your narrow hallway, and he's just there. Stood right in your fucking way and the only way past him is to literally press your front against his and shuffle by.
"We gotta stop meeting like this, princess, people will start talking." He smirks and you scream out in frustration, putting your hands on his shoulders and shoving him roughly into the wall.
"Will you just fucking stop?!" You yell, fists clenched and chest heaving. "Why are you here?! Why are you constantly in my fucking way?!"
"Don't act like I don't know how I make you feel, sweetheart." Eddie grins, a huff of laughter behind his words. "You really think I was that stupid, hmm? Think I didn't hear your little noises, or see how your body responds to being around me?"
Your mouth hangs open, words leaving you.
"I-I-no!" You quip back. The confidence was there, but the delivery was lacking. Eddie chuckles, taking a tiny step towards you so you're forced against the wall. His arms come up either side of your head, caging you in. His face is dangerously close to yours, his lips inches away. He looks down at your own lips, then back up to your eyes.
"Tell me you hate me." He mumbles, his body pressed up against you. "Tell me you fucking hate me, Y/N."
"I-I fucking h-hate you." You whisper, and a gasp of surprise attempts to leave your mouth when Eddie slams his mouth to yours in a harsh, fiery kiss. Blood is pumping in your fucking ears now as your nemesis kisses you in a way that has your toes curling. It's the best kiss you've ever had.
And it's with Eddie fucking Munson.
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༻¨*:· 𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐒𝐒 ·:*¨༺
༻¨*:· summary ·:*¨༺ you get paired with Eddie Munson for your ceramics final.
༻¨*:· notes ·:*¨༺ 𖦹 cheerleader!reader 𖦹 eddie calls reader "princess" and "sweet thing" 𖦹 angst for one microsecond 𖦹 closest thing you will get to enemies to lovers from me 𖦹 jason carver. you have been warned 𖦹 im sorry if your name is allie 𖦹 im in love with this fic 𖦹 i actually love the way this came out 𖦹 i did not proofread this⎝(ˊ0ˋ)⎠
༻¨*:· word count ·:*¨༺ 𖦹 3.2k
Tumblr media
You hear someone shout. Something about "sheep," and you immediately know who it is. Still, you turn your head to see the person staring at you.
"Oh," He scoffs, "And their leader stares directly at me! Hey, princess! Was there something you needed? Or were you just staring at the freak again?"
You don't answer, turning back to your lunch.
"Yep, that's what I thought!" He yells.
Then, Carver stands up, "Leave her alone!" He yells.
Eddie smirks, "Princess needs her knight in shining armor to save her?" He mockingly croons.
Ignoring Eddie, you look to Carver, "Jason, just—" You take a deep breath, "Just sit down. Leave him alone."
Jason scoffs, "He's picking on you, babe."
"First, don't call me babe. You hear me?" Jason nods, "Second, sit down."
For once in his life, Jason listens.
Eddie smiles in victory, knowing he got you riled up. Even happier knowing Carver got told off.
Tumblr media
You walked into fourth period late and sighed upon seeing the only open seat. Silently, you sit next to him. You hear him groan, and you don't need to look to know he's rolling his eyes.
The teacher drones on about the subject, and Eddie watches as you diligently take notes. Your pen's ink is sparkly and blue; he internally scoffs. 
The teacher mentions the words: "Final project." Eddie sighs, and you light up. He despises how happy you look.
Ms. Ronette mentions that this will be a partner project, and this time, you groan. None of your friends are in this class.
Then, she says that you will be working with your seat partner. There's an eruption of both glee and gloom. Some people are indifferent. You're hoping that's how Eddie feels, but you know he's pissed. You and Eddie look at each other, and you offer a hopeful smile. He scowls in return.
As soon as the bell rings, Eddie is out the door. You chase after him.
"Eddie! Wait!" He stops, and you catch your breath, "You would think all that cheering would make it easier for me to breathe after running for five seconds," You laugh. Eddie does not, "Just... get on with it."
You frown, "When should we meet to work on the project? I'm free today after five." You offer.
"I have Hellfire," He keeps walking.
Taking long strides to keep up with him, you continued, "I can wait. How long does it usually run?"
"'Till six, if we're lucky."
"Oh, well, I can sit in." You suggest with a smile, "It doesn't sound all that bad."
He hates how genuine you sound.
"Fine. But," Eddie stops to turn at you, "Absolutely no mocking or making fun of it. Understand?"
You nod.
Tumblr media
"Sorry that you have to spend time with the freak," One of the girls on the team says in the locker room.
You shrug, "Y'know, maybe you should give him a chance. He doesn't seem horrible."
"I hear he sacrifices to the Devil." She whispers.
"Oh, I think that's just rumors," You deny the accusation thrown at him. You never liked rumors.
Walking into Hellfire was scary. You weren't sure what to expect, and Allie definitely got into your head with the whole sacrificing thing. She even told you he might lure you into a trap and sacrifice you. You didn't believe it rationally. But, your heart beats as you knock.
"Enter." You hear Eddie say. He's sitting on a throne and looks so in his element.
Nobody greets you, and you weren't expecting them to. Still, it would have been nice.
You pull out your notebook and begin sketching your final project.
Eventually, you give up on the sketch to listen in on the game. It's pretty interesting. There are trolls and elves, and you hear the word merfolk at one point. That piques your interest, and you begin drawing a mermaid. She's demonic and cryptic and freaky, and you smile. She's beautiful.
Everyone's packing up, and you're glad. All you want to do is work on your project.
"We can go to my house?" You propose.
"I smell like weed."
He tries to hide his smirk—it doesn't work.
Tumblr media
Once you're at your house, you grab your basket of albums.
"Pick one," You smile.
"What do you even have in there? Pop music?"
You shrug, "I think I'll surprise you."
"What, you have one Bowie album in there? Think that'll impress me?"
Why was he being so difficult?
"I'm just trying to put on some music to make this more bearable."
He scoffs, "Fine. Give it to me." 
You hand him the basket, and he's surprisingly careful with it.
His eyebrows raise as he flicks through your collection, "Kill 'Em All?"
You smile. You surprised Eddie Munson.
Tumblr media
With the music playing, you pull out your textbook.
"Who do you want to study?"
"I don't care." He shrugs.
"Look, Munson," You cross your arms, "I care about my grade in this class. I know you probably don't, but I do."
"Of course, everything is about you," He copies your movements, crossing his arms back, "I'll have you know, I immensely enjoy pottery."
An awkward silence falls over the two of you.
"Let's go with Beatrice Wood." He murmurs.
"That's who I was thinking, actually," You whisper, pulling out your sketch.
"Guess we have something in common." He snorts like it's the funniest thing in the world.
"Guess we do."
And with that, you set out on your research.
Tumblr media
"It's getting late," You yawn, "Did you want dinner?"
Eddie wants to say no but also doesn't want box mac n cheese again. Ultimately, his guilt wins, "Nah, don't worry about it."
"Nonsense," You dismiss him, "I'll make something."
"Are you sure?" He's growing anxious by the second.
"I'm positive," You reassure.
Tumblr media
"You live in a trailer, right?" You ask, blowing on your food.
He nods, "What about it?"
You can tell his defenses are up.
"Just wondering," You shrug.
"You gonna tell all your friends? Make fun of the trailer park freak?"
You furrow your brows, "No. I don't enjoy making fun of people, and I certainly wouldn't make fun of you. If anything, I would make fun of Allie." You state.
"Why? I'm, like, prime 'picking-on' material."
You shake your head, "It's not nice to make fun of someone for where they live or what they do for fun. Allie is the worst if I'm being honest. She's always talking about how much she loves tennis. She's not even good at it."
Eddie laughs, "Didn't you just say it's not nice to make fun of someone's hobbies?"
You smile sheepishly, "Yeah, but Allie's a bitch."
Eddie gawps, "I've never heard you swear."
"I don't do it often," You shrug.
"You should do it more."
Eddie leaves, and you tell him to drive home safely. Maybe working on this project won't be as bad as you thought.
Tumblr media
"How was working with Munson?" Allie asks you the next day.
You roll your eyes, "You were right!" Your smile was saccharine sweet, "He tried to sacrifice me!"
Allie gasps, "Really!?"
"No, idiot," You huff, "We actually got a lot done. And then we had dinner."
"Who'd you have dinner with?"
"Carver." You greeted.
"Tell me you didn't have dinner with the freak. What did you eat?" He laughs, "Box mac and cheese?"
You cross your arms, "It's not nice to make fun of people, Jason." With that, you walked away.
Tumblr media
"Imagine being named Jason," You murmur, sitting beside Eddie. He laughs, and a sense of pride settles in you.
"Imagine your last name being Carver," He whispers. You giggle, and Eddie is sure it's the sweetest sound he's ever heard. Then, he remembers he's supposed to hate you.
Tumblr media
"So..." You're elbows deep in clay at this point, "What exactly is 'Dungeons and Dragons?'"
Eddie is surprised, "Um," He swallows the lump in his throat, "It's an RPG."
"I—" You sigh as your pot collapses again, "I'm not sure what that is." You throw the clay again.
"Role-playing game. I'm the Dungeon Master or DM."
"So you're character is... Dungeon Master?"
He smiles, "Not quite."
"Why do I feel like you're making fun of me?"
"I'm not making fun of you, princess. Promise."
"Stop calling me that," You whisper, though you're smiling.
"Why? You're the princess of Hawkins High."
"No, I'm not."
"Mhm," He nods theatrically, "Sure."
It makes you laugh, and you don't care about the stares you receive from your peers.
Tumblr media
"So... You wanna come to my place to work on the project?" Eddie asks at the end of the period.
"Can you drive me?" You ask, hopefully.
"Sure can, princess."
You try to disguise your smile as a scowl at the name. Eddie can see right through you.
Tumblr media
"Lots of mugs..." You say, looking around Eddie's trailer.
"My Uncle Wayne's." He answers. "Anyway, this was to my room!" He declares like he's on a journey. You giggle, and Eddie melts again.
Eddie's giddy. He always is when he's thinking about you. Your perfume and that lip gloss that's been used so much that the label has begun to rub off.
"I'm running out," You pout as you stare at the tube of gloss, and Eddie thinks he would buy you all the lip glosses in the world if it meant you would smile at him.
"Hey, shiny lips," You roll your eyes with a smile, "Time to work on this project."
You groan and clutch your chest like you've been mortally wounded. Eddie laughs at your antics.
You settle on his bed, books out, when he asks, "Am I what they chalk me up to be? Have I freaked you out?"
You swear there's almost a sadness in his tone, "No. You haven't tried sacrificing me."
"Yet." He adds, knowing it will make you giggle again. God, he loves that sound. He decides it's the worst thing on the planet because how can you be so lovely and sweet and laugh like that and then expect him not to fall for you? It's cruel, truly.
"Did you draw this?" He nudges the drawing of the mermaid.
"Oh, yeah," You grow warm.
"It's pretty fucking sick," Eddie says as he pulls the drawing out.
"I drew it when you were playing Dungeons and Dragons. Someone said something about merfolk, so I drew one." You shrugged, "It's not that good—"
"Oh, shut up. It's good. Amazing, even."
"You don't have to lie," You murmur.
"I'm not lying! How do I prove that to you?"
You think momentarily, "Hang it on your wall, then I'll believe you."
Eddie smiles and grabs a pin. He hangs it next to his guitar.
You gawp at him.
"You actually hung it!"
"Of course I did! It's amazing!"
"Thank you." 
"Don't mention it, princess."
"Stop calling me princess, Eddie," You cross your arms.
"Stop being a princess, and I'll stop calling you princess." He jests.
Tumblr media
You find yourself not wanting to leave, "So..." You look around his room, "You sell?"
Eddie huffs a laugh, "Did the princess wanna buy something?"
Your eyes go wide, "No! No, I was just wondering."
"Have you ever smoked weed?"
You nod, "I like smoking. It makes me laugh a lot."
And then, Eddie decides he needs to get you high.
"You wanna smoke?"
"I don't have any money," You shake your head.
"C'mon, it's on me. I've got my own stash," He opens a drawer and pulls out a pre-rolled joint.
Tumblr media
You couldn't stop laughing, and Eddie adored it. Your eyes got smaller while the slopes of your cheeks grew. He was sure he was in the presence of an angel.
"And then," You laughed, "She vomited! All over her white clothes!"
"You really do hate this Allie girl, don't you?"
You throw your head back and groan, "She's the worst, Munson. All she does is talk and talk and talk about how much she loves tennis and her boyfriend, and her voice is so nasally. It gives me a migraine."
"Who's her boyfriend?" Eddie asks, intrigued.
"Just... a guy."
"Oh!" He snaps, "It's Gonzalez, right? Michael?"
"Yeah. Can we talk about something else?"
Eddie was quiet, and you were worried you scared him off with your strong reaction.
"Let's talk about Beatrice Wood."
You smiled kindly, glad he didn't pry. You received a smile back from Eddie Munson for the first time, and it felt like you won the lottery.
Tumblr media
Eddie decided he hated you. He hated you and your cute face and your stupid laugh. He despised you. You freaky-art-making bubbly cheerleader.
And there he was. Nothing more than an anomaly who reeked of weed and cigarettes. A nerd-game-playing, grumpy freak.
And the worst part? He was falling for you. Hard. Oh, he loathed you because he knew you would never feel the same way.
You were too good for him. Too pretty, too nice, too lovely.
Tumblr media
"You weren't here yesterday," You grab some slip with a frown as Eddie sits across from you. 
"Yeah... I was at home."
"I saw you during passing period, Eddie. Where were you?"
Eddie sighed, "I was dealing."
"The whole period?" You threw your slab a little too hard. Eddie flinched.
You solemnly nodded. There had to be some reason Eddie ditched. Maybe it was you. His whole M.O. was "hating cheerleaders," so would it be that ridiculous to assume he didn't like you? It would, you decided. He liked you. He spent so much time with you. Sure, it was to work on the project, but there was no doubt in your mind that you spent more time together than anyone should during a research project. 
"Whatcha thinking about, princess?" He smirks.
You sigh, "Things I shouldn't be thinking about."
"Like... me?" He hopes he doesn't come off as desperate.
"Maybe," You smile, "Maybe not."
"That wasn't a no."
"It certainly wasn't," You confirm.
Eddie beams.
Tumblr media
"You've been spending a lot of time with the freak," Jason says during lunch.
"His name is Eddie, Carver. He's a person." You cross your arms, then mutter: "Unlike you."
"What did you just say?" He asks.
"Nothing, Jason," You glare at him.
"Look," He barks out a humorless laugh, "I don't get why you jump to defend him. He's a freak. He's probably got a sock at home with your name on it. He's not good for you."
And that's when you snap, "Oh, like you know what's good for me! Do you even know my favorite color? Because I'm sure he does!"
Carver has nothing to say to that, and he leaves you alone.
Tumblr media
"I am so sick of Carver," You moan in the locker room.
"So am I, if I'm being honest," Allie concurs.
"I literally was not talking to you, Allie." You huff out.
"Jeez," She murmurs, "No need to be so rude."
"Actually, Allie," You turn to her, "There is."
Tumblr media
You walk into the drama room, and Eddie greets you. He makes everyone else welcome you. It's a nice feeling that makes you warm inside.
"Sorry it ran late, princess," Eddie apologizes as you sit in his van.
"It's okay," You reassure, "I drew some more."
Eddie nearly slams on the breaks, "You did?"
"I did," You gleam like the star you are.
"Can't wait to see them."
"Sweet thing, these are amazing." Eddie isn't smiling, and it would worry you if not for his tone. He's so sincere, and you melt. "What if you draw something for me?" He proposes.
"I will," You promise, "After we work."
"Take as much time as you need, princess."
You don't understand why everyone seems to despise him. Eddie's a good kid with a kind heart, and you really enjoy him and his company. He's funny and stupid and cute. Yes, Eddie Munson is cute, attractive, pretty, whatever word you want. And you're surprised you didn't notice it sooner, but as he sits on his bed, tongue poking out ever so slightly as he reads, you can't deny how attracted you are to him.
"Allie keeps talking about Michael," You mention. It was out of nowhere. You were both silently writing. Eddie looks up at you, and you look... wounded. 
"Yeah? What about him?"
You huff, "About how he's so great."
Eddie frowns, "Look, sweet thing, I know you don't like Allie, but why are you so upset she's with Michael?"
You look like you're about to burst into tears, and Eddie is scared he's said the wrong thing.
"Because I should be with him." You put and cross your arms.
"You like Michael?" Eddie is surprised because Gonzalez is a douchebag, and you're a sweet angel.
"Not anymore," You harshly wipe at your eyes, "We used to date."
Eddie's heart frowns, "And Allie...?"
"Took him from me!" You sniffle; Eddie's heart breaks.
"I sound childish," You determine, trying to blink back the onslaught of tears approaching, "But she just took him, and she doesn't even care about how I felt. Y'know she told me you were going to lure me and sacrifice me? How cruel is that?"
"That's... wow. Allie really is a bitch, isn't she?"
You solemnly nod as Eddie wraps his arm around you. You soften into it.
"For what it's worth, Michael's an idiot." He mutters into your hair.
"An idiot?" you look up at him, eyes all big and watery.
"An idiot to lose a girl like you."
"Can I kiss you?" You realize after you've said it that you sound lame, but as Eddie ducks down to place his lips on yours, you couldn't care less.
Tumblr media
You dial your home's number into the phone, twisting the cord around your finger, kiss-bitten lips, and a wide grin.
The phone rings once, twice, three times, then your mother answers.
"Y/l residence."
"Mom," You all but gush, "I'm gonna stay over at a friend's tonight."
"Y/n? Who?" 
"My friend Eddie," You're quiet, testing the waters.
"Eddie?" You can hear the apprehension in her voice, "A boy?"
"Yes, mom. A boy."
"Honey," She sighs, "You need to wash your uniform. I trust you, but..."
"I don't want you staying over at his house. I don't even know him."
You shake your head at an excited Eddie, whose mood sours.
"Okay. I'll see you in a little." You sigh, hanging up.
"No dice?" Eddie asks, already knowing the answer.
"No dice." You confirm, and you both frown.
Tumblr media
"Bye, princess," Eddie says as you open the door to the van
"Bye, Eddie," You smile, happy with the outcome of your study sesh.
You scream into your pillow that night, murmuring: "I kissed him." Over and over, still shocked.
Tumblr media
"I forgot to give this to you yesterday," You push a piece of folded paper toward Eddie.
"What is it?"
"Just... open the paper."
You've drawn a cute bunny. Eddie smiles, "For me?"
"For you."
"This is so metal, babe."
You laugh, "Are you sure about that? It's a bunny."
"Most metal thing ever." He affirms.
Tumblr media
The next day after class, Eddie shows you a tattoo of a small bunny on his arm, right next to the bats.
"You—" You point at his arm, "You got it tattooed?"
"'Course I did, sweet thing. Most metal thing ever, remember?"
You stumble into the cafeteria with Eddie.
"Oh my god!" You laugh, and all eyes are on you. You, the princess of Hawkins High, are laughing—not at, but with Eddie Munson. 
Eddie Munson, the school freak.
"I cannot believe you got it tattooed."
"Believe it, babe."
And, for the first time, you walk right past the "popular kids" table. You sit next to Eddie, unbothered.
Tumblr media
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slutforeddiemunson · 2 days
Eddie kissing Reader’s or Chrissy’s little freckles/beauty marks. He turns it into a game where every time he finds one, he kisses it. One morning she’s brushing her teeth while wearing a tank top, he spots one on her shoulder and pecks it. She’s having a lazy day, body sprawled out on the couch, he sees a few on her leg and he kisses them. And just to be playful/kind of annoying, he nibbles them too.
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