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Florida letting the Helen Lovejoys of the world run their education system.
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"Don't resist what the universe offers you, flow with the current of love and abundance."
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Time and time again, progressive legislation is found to be widely popular
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It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
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Culture Differences
In Brazil, it's considered really weird to refer to people by their last name other than in extremely formal circumstances.
Students refer to their teachers by their first name or as "teacher" (sometimes very little kids may also call their teacher Aunty or Uncle).
When talking to an elderly person you often add the honorific Dona (f) or Senhor* (m) ahead of their name, but you still call them by their first name (e.g Dona Otilia and Senhor Daniel were my school principals when I was little. To this day I have no idea what their surname was).
* In colloquial language, Senhor often gets shortened to Sô.
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Stingrays of the world. #animals #fish #sharks #rays #skates #batoids #ocean #wildlife #marinelife #sealife #nature #sea #education #conservation #stingrays (at Nashua, New Hampshire) https://www.instagram.com/p/CqIk03Puy4R/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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By Julia Conley
Common Dreams
March 23, 2023
From the article:
"Each attempt to ban a book by one of these groups represents a direct attack on every person's constitutionally protected right to freely choose what books to read and what ideas to explore," said one intellectual freedom advocate.
Librarians from across the United States released a report showing that pro-censorship groups' efforts to ban books with LGBTQ+ themes and stories about people of color have driven an unprecedented rise in the number of book challenges, with right-wing organizers pushing library workers to remove works ranging from the dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale to children's books about foods enjoyed in different cultures.
According to the American Library Association (ALA), a record-breaking 2,571 unique titles were challenged in 2022, a 38% increase from the previous year.
The organization recorded 1,269 demands to censor books from various groups and individuals, compared to 729 challenges counted in 2021.
"Each attempt to ban a book by one of these groups represents a direct attack on every person's constitutionally protected right to freely choose what books to read and what ideas to explore," said Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director of the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom. "The choice of what to read must be left to the reader or, in the case of children, to parents. That choice does not belong to self-appointed book police."
Read more.
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Florida bill would ban elementary school students from learning about menstruation 
HB 1069, like several other proposed pieces of legislation in the state, also stipulates how instructors can define sex and reproduction to their students, adding that reproductive roles are "unchangeable."
The bill's suggested version of sex education would "teach that sex is determined by biology and reproductive function at birth; that biological males impregnate biological females by fertilizing the female egg with male sperm; that the female then gestates the offspring; and that these reproductive roles are binary, stable, and unchangeable."
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One of the things I never got quite clearly is how the education system works in the US. In my country, private schools are a rare occasion, even the most "humble" and cheap private schools are like, super rare, and for most of us, when we hear that someone attended a private school we go like "Wow your parents are super rich huh". Also, homeschooling just isn't a thing that happens here, apart from children with disabilities and mostly because they physically cannot attend school. But since most of my knowledge of how Murica works is from (mostly mainstream) American films, I pose here this poll.
Choose the option that applies the best to you, like if you attended private school for three years and public for nine, choose public school.
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The Future of Marine Stewardship and Management: Young Scientists Pioneer in Collaborative Research
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The stewardship of our spectacular oceans is informed by brilliant scientists, researchers, and budding scholars. NOAA’s Dr. Nancy Foster scholars represent a new generation that works to find solutions to the complex obstacles faced in marine management.
Learn how the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program has changed the trajectory of future scientists' careers.
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Cullens, Ph.D.
Random Headcanon Thoughts on a Saturday: which Cullens have what advanced degrees? Carlisle canonically has an M.D., obviously, and so do Edward and Rose. But I take as a given that he also holds the Ph.D., probably in several fields, some related to medicine (I HC he’s into epidemiology) and some not (literature? Musicology?) But this morning I am struck by thinking that the guy probably got at least one Doctor of Divinity degree at some point—that his curiosity eventually got the better of him and he went to seminary on his own terms, not on his dad’s. But what about everybody else?
Some I assume:
Jasper: Ph.D. in Philosophy and History (he tried to study the American Civil War but he kept getting into heated fights with his advisor so he’s actually a specialist on the North African rule of medieval Spain)
Rosalie: MEng in mechanical (she isn’t into doctoral degrees because she wants to get her hands dirty with her new knowledge right away)
Esme: MFA in architecture, MFA in drawing
Emmett: PhD in kinesiology
Alice: MFA in Dance (because literally nothing else holds her attention long enough for her to do advanced degrees in it)
Any others? Also what degrees is Bella racking up post-canon?
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