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aesterblaster · 6 months
I could talk forever about how while Ego is a bastard he isn't a bad coach. He never berated the boys with any mal intent like some of the "tough coaches" out there that just end up giving their players anxiety. He genuinely believes in them and roots for them, sure Ego was tough in the beginning just to scare off people who werent serious about improving. Ego answers their questions earnestly and rncourages their creativity even if he's brash about it....He calls them "diamonds in the rough" for a reason.
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itskaashi · 4 days
BLUE LOCK SEASON 2. EPISODE NAGI MOVIE. blue lock nation always wins—I can tell you that much.
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penopenyoo · 22 days
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roseunii · 3 months
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just started watching Blue Lock
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nums-bird · 2 months
My blue lock fans,I got a question for y'all
Why tf isn't Ego a Tumblr sexyman.Like,think about it.He literally matches all of the traits;tall,lanky,a little psychotic,looks like he hasn't slept for 3 years and he literally only eats yakisoba for breakfast,lunch and dinner.Did I mention how blunt and straight to the point he is.We need Ego as a Tumblr sexyman ASAP
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certifiedhitmaker · 2 years
It’s cannon that Anri wakes up ego 😭 it’s in her schedule
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em-plosion · 25 days
Aboit thirst, Ego has to have a Voyeur kink. I need more Ego content 🥺🥺
I'm not really into Ego that much (he looks like mr.crocker from fairly odd parents, if you know you know lol) BUT I did read a little voyeur fic for him awhile ago where I think reader is his girlfriend and he rewards Isagi with the opportunity to fuck her and it was 🥵 (please if anyone knows this fic or if the writer sees this I'd love to give credit and send this anon their way!)
And YEAH he does for sure, he always watching 👀
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shoyoist · 3 months
Can i ask for ego smut😳 i feel like he'd be really into bondage and choking. Imagine him just talking to someone on the phone and his other hand's just wrapped around y/n's neck and fucking her dumb then if she ever makes a noise he'd just insert his index and ring finger in her mouth to shut her up aaaaa
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content: f!reader. unprotected sεx, light bondage, a little choking, gagging, edging, fucking while on a call. slight dumbification. an: you're so right nonnie!! except instead of his fingers in your mouth, he got a pretty present to help you stay quiet instead.
— . 。˚ ♡ ego enjoys testing your limits and seeing if you break.
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you're starting to feel dizzy.
ego leans back in his chair, letting out an irritated sigh into his phone as the JFC head on the other end of the line continues to blabber.
he talks casually, sounding bored as he rolls his eyes while going “yeah, yeah” like he's annoyed by whatever they're saying to him. “sure, i don't care. just get the system installed before the end of the week.”
he doesn't bat an eye, doesn't even let out a hitched breath — to give away the fact that he's got you sitting pretty in his lap, your cunt wrapped around his cock. it's like you're not even there.
but you are. you've got a cute little heart shaped ball gag in your mouth, and his free hand is lazily wrapped around your throat.
every now and then, he'll nudge his cock deeper into you, and you whine pitifully, teary eyed and impatient because he's been on that call for twenty minutes now, having picked it up right after he'd pulled you into his lap and got you to sit on his cock.
he's not taking care of you, even after he promised he would.
and he's even got your hands tied behind your back. you can't even help yourself. your clit's aching, begging to be touched — but his hand has remained around your throat the entire time, only once skirting downwards just to give your hip an absentminded squeeze before going back up.
“mmh,” he hears all your little whimpers and whines, but he pays zero attention. the only give-away that he's enjoying this so very much is that his cock throbs inside you with every pathetic flutter of your walls around him.
“mm, ego-san.” your words are barely coherent, tongue held down by the gag, and your voice is all pitched and slurred anyway, but he knows you're saying his name. he knows exactly what you want.
and he's not going to give it to you. not until he's done with this call that he's purposefully dragging out as long as he can, asking the JFC guy for more stuff to spark more protests and arguments from him so that he could stay on the phone longer.
will you be good for him? will you be his good, pretty little cockslut and sit on his dick and behave for him until he's done? he knows you will.
you're a good girl <3 that's why he likes you. because he can push at your limits, play around with you and toy with you as much as he likes — and you'll take it.
his eyes flash behind his glasses as you slump forward, lashes fluttering as you try to remain focused, doing your best to be patient. you twist your wrists behind your back a little, letting out a little, helpless sigh as the rope chafes at your skin.
sweet, pliant little thing.
he knows you won't cum until he tells you to. he knows you'll drive yourself to tears and sob, getting all hot and messy on his cock as you try to control yourself, as you try to shift into a less stimulating position. he knows you'll do your best and follow all the rules he's laid out for you.
which is why once he's finished with this call (in ten more minutes? fifteen minutes? twenty?) he'll untie you, admire the rope marks around your wrists and arms for a bit — and then bend you over his desk and fuck you dumb.
it's what you deserve <3
he plays a fair game, after all. if you do as you're told and give him what he wants, he'll reward you with what you want — to cum and make a mess all over his cock as he fucks you and fills you all up.
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mentallyunatlas · 7 months
All the blue lock volume covers until now, for your enjoyment and my obsession
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katasstrophy · 4 months
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*shoves more bllk text posts down your throat* oh you thought i was done? you fool. you absolutely buffoon. my vision cannot be contained.
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 5)
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aesterblaster · 3 months
Tumblr media
Ego in another universe
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deescade · 2 months
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Blue Lock (love triangle + confession scenario!) click and drag game!
warnings: flashing images
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Game notes • How to Play
Please use a browser other than Google Chrome to play because the GIFs always lock onto their first frame on Chrome. Safari and Firefox work, please try those
If you're on mobile, screenshot the gifs either as a set or individually
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nagumo-chan · 2 months
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from Teieri Anri’s Blue Lock Journal ☆
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pparadiselost · 2 months
various (blue lock) x fem reader how they like to make you cum warning(s): nsfw minors do not interact.
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on their mouth!
There’s a rush they get from knowing that they can completely unravel you without even lifting a finger. They’ll yank you onto their face, strong hands grabbing onto your thighs as they pull your dripping pussy down onto their mouth. They can’t get enough of your taste in their mouth, and no matter how many times you’ve cum all over their lips, they’ll swallow it all down and lean back in for more. They’re not letting you go, not until you’re twitching on the bed from, sheets soaked with your cum, brain muddled except for the thought of how addictive their tongue feels on your cunt. And when you yank at their hair, crying about how it’s too much, how you can’t cum again, they’ll simply laugh and pin your hips down just to prove that yes, you can give them one more. 
YUKIMIYA, AIKU, lavinho, prince, snuffy
on their fingers!
Maybe it’s a pride thing. Either way, they think you look the prettiest when you’re grinding down on their hand, their fingers spreading apart your pretty pussy and fucking you out on two or three of their lithe fingers. Their wrist rubs slow circles onto your clit, and their eyes stay fixed on you while you squirm and moan. They’ll curl their knuckles inside of you, imitating the teasing movements of their cock inside of your tight pussy. It’s unfair how smug they look when they feel your cunt squeeze and gush around the’, cooing at you about how cute you are, feeling this good from being fucked by nothing but their fingers.
aryu, KARASU, luna, EGO, sae, kuon 
on their cock!
This is what they think feels best for the both of you. Splitting you in two on their cock, feeling your cunt gush and cream around their girth, eyes fixed on your face while your eyes and mouth twitch in pleasure. They want to stuff your cute pussy with their cock, emptying their heavy balls into your cunt until the only thing on your mind is feeling more of their dick. It’s not their fault that you’re so irresistible when you’re all fucked out and hazy, babbling about how it’s too good, how you can’t get enough, how you want more of their cock inside you… Lucky for you, they’re more than happy to oblige: pressing you down into their bed as they stretch your fucked out cunt all over again. 
barou, SHIDOU, NOA, kaiser
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bachirasbodyguard · 1 month
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blue lock as some 'it's always sunny in Philadelphia' moments I love
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