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forestshadow-wolf · 2 days
Imagine a lieutenant has temporary stay on the 141 base. For some reason they seem to have a problem with soap, Ghost suspects they may have been a previous CO to soap, but he can't figure out what the problem is. They're on a power trip, has soap running around, doing their bidding. Soap can't say no because of his rank, Ghost can't do anything because of either seniority or soap tells him not to do anything.
One day the lieutenant is trying to get soap to do soemthing for them, Ghost is trying to argue he needs soap for something else, soap is trying to argue that he's nobody's bitch.
The lieutenant steps into soap's face, growling "you are an ant, to be crushed beneath my boot. You do what I say." Ghost is just about to step in then, but...
Soap postures up and snarls "you may think I'm an ant, but that just means I'll always be ten times the man you ever were."
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querenciasturniolo · 3 days
oh my god oh my god oh my god
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
picture creds: user111269777 on tiktok
edit creds: nsbeditzld on tiktok
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yelenadelova · 21 days
TBOSAS has me thinking about how Finnick was likely one of the only people alive who knew even some of the story of what happened in the 10th Hunger Games and after. It’s apparent that Snow or the Capitol in general buried any record of the 10th games and Lucy Gray to save face.
However, who knew all of Snow’s darkest secrets and dirty laundry? Finnick. It’s reasonable to assume he probably learned at least part of the story. Not only that but Mags won the 11th games, directly after Lucy Gray’s Games. It is canon that there wasn’t much coverage of the games in the districts but I’m sure even if she didn’t watch them there were likely rumors about it during the next game. And when Snow reappeared as the president she likely remembered his role. And as Finnick’s mentor and mother figure she probably told him a lot.
There’s no real point to this information but I just think it’s very interesting that despite how hard Snow worked to bury his past it probably still lived on. And despite his efforts to control, oppress, and abuse the victors, it was one of these victors who knew his dark past. It was one of the people he tried to control that eventually gained an upper hand over him and helped play a big role in his downfall.
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strangebossyuri · 6 months
my version of flirting is inviting someone to infodump
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singingvio · 2 months
You. Youyouyouyouyouyou.
Who asks about leveling up at the end of almost every session, even if the encounter only involved tripping over a rock in sight of a skittish Deku scrub and scaring the poor fella away?
Tumblr media
The better question is who doesn’t…
(Four Swords DND AU)
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deviltownresident · 3 months
thinking about how if Rimmer sees Ace as the 'perfect' version of him, meanwhile insinuating that Ace and Lister are a couple (or about to be), then Rimmer's ideal self and life goal is being in love with Lister (and having that love reciprocated)
praying someone knows what I'm on about
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alluringsturniolo · 10 days
i know it’s big, y’all…i KNOW it
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luminouschaotic · 20 days
kita “what’s a failing grade” shinsuke and ojiro “stress breakdown after day one of finals week” aran
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This year I think we should honour Guy Fawkes and blow up Parliament for bonfire night
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bgsdraws · 2 years
Tubbo : Do you support gay rights?
Ranboo : I'm gay
Tommy : He's dodging the question!
Tubbo : GET HIS ASS!
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elnotwoods · 2 months
did anyone find a way to not make everything about aziraphale and crowley? asking for a friend
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forestshadow-wolf · 2 days
ghost!Soap and ghost!Ghost fighting over who gets to haunt a random dude's house (soap came with the dude'd family heirloom of some kind, Ghost haunts the house)
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querenciasturniolo · 21 hours
we as a society moved on from this way too quickly
i mean just fucking LOOK at him
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yelenadelova · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really hate it here…
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strangebossyuri · 3 months
Tumblr media
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singingvio · 2 months
Not sure if Green being the new guy he's also new to DnD but either way I cant help but imagine him panicking everytime a session goes off the rails or something extreme happens (mainly to his character).
Some examples being...
Green: Wait we fell from a waterfall!? Are we dead!?
Shadow: Youre just unconscious.
Green: But how!?
Shadow: Roll a con save
Green: I got a 10
Shadow: Alright, the massage from the Gerudo causes you to fall asleep.
Green: Wait my friends are somewhere else and could be in danger and Im just taking a nap!? What kind of knight am I!?
Shadow: Green and Vio roll initiative.
Shadow: Consider it character development.
Vio: Do your worst Green. *smirks*
Green: *gives Red and Blue the "Help me" look*
Tumblr media
He’s not new to DND as a concept, but he’s never played a campaign before.
(Four Swords DND AU)
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