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i bet her fingers touch all the right places
Tumblr media
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Counting the stars — Ellie Williams
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re tipsy and can’t seem to stop bugging Ellie by trying to count each freckle covering her soft skin.
Placement/background: Living in Jackson reader and Ellie spend a late night at the tipsy bison!
Warning(s): Best friend!ellie, oblivious!reader, intoxication, foul language, light touching, flirting, crushing hardcore, kissy kissy, word vomit.
Authors note: Come on you can’t tell me you wouldn’t just get side tracked looking at ellie’s cute little freckles ahh! NOT proofread
reblog’s and feedback would be much appreciated!<3
Tumblr media
You and Ellie had the night off after the rough week full of patrol and scavaging. Leading the two of you to decide to have a couple of drinks at the tipsy bison— well you had decided but also dragged the freckled girl along for the ride.
Ellie had stationed herself at the bar the small stool tucked away surprisingly more comfortable than she thought. She’d swirl the amber liquor around in her glass taking small sips now and then as she kept her eyes trained on you, bouncing around the dance floor with whomever you could get your hands on.
Ellie would chuckle to herself seeing how much you lit up everyone’s faces just by being— you. That’s what she loved about you, no matter how shitty the world is you were always a bundle of hope and you never failed to share it with others.
The green eyed girl brought the glass to her lips the liquor burning her throat as her eyes lingered on you, watching as you made your way over to her with a mischievous look on your face. Ellie would sigh knowing exactly where this was going you’d try it every time you two went out.
“The answer is still no you dweeb. Aren’t you tired of the same answer?”
Ellie sighed out as she rolled her eyes earning a small giggle from you, the liquid courage pumping through your veins as you swayed slightly to the music. Ellie on the other hand tried to not crack a smile at your altered state but failing as you leaned into her for more support, your hand pressing on her shoulder to balance yourself as hers pressed lightly at your hip.
“—b-but els please”
You’d drag out the ‘please’ pouting your bottom lip as you leaned more into Ellie’s touch trying your hardest to give her the best puppy dog eyes you could muster.
Ellie would let out a deep sigh, her eyebrows furrowed as she thought about it finding it hard to resist the small pout on your lips, wanting to just lean in and wipe it off your face. Ellie shook her head lightly trying to focus her thoughts as she cleared her throat, squeezing your hip lightly she stood up from her spot your bodies pressed together at the close proximity.
Ellie would reach over to her glass downing the rest of it, hissing quietly at the burning as she slid the empty glass to the end of the bar before letting her eyes land on yours.
“Fine, but only one song got it?”
She couldn’t say no to you for long she and you both knew that, you have to push the buttons just right and you were an expert at that.
Taking in a sharp breath at the closeness you’d give the girl a small nod letting your hand slide down from her shoulder, over her arm and onto the hand that was on your hip. You’d give it a light squeeze before pulling her hand away and intertwining your fingers together.
Reluctantly you pulled her towards the scares dance floor a couple of people dancing here and there. You’d stop towards the far right side of the dance floor turning your body so you were now face to face with Ellie.
A bright smile pulling against your lips as you heard the soft music playing, you’d drop Ellie’s hand bringing yours up around her neck resting them lightly on her shoulders. Ellie would gulp shifting from foot to foot looking completely out of her comfort zone as she struggled to know what to do with her hands, hovering them over your sides.
Giggling quietly you’d drop your hands from her neck, seeing the girl's eyes shoot up to yours a light blush spreading over her freckled cheeks. You’d grab her wrists lightly tugging them towards you, you’d place her hands on your waist giving them a small squeeze as you raised your hands again to interlock around her neck.
Swaying slowly to the music you’d let your eyes trace over the small freckles littering Ellie’s face. Almost like you were in a trance you brought your fingers up to touch her face lightly, before tucking some stray hair behind her ear letting it linger there.
“You’re so beautiful… ya’ know?”
It would come out in a whisper still lost in thought as you tried to count the freckles on her cheekbone, you could see the blush run a deeper shade as Ellie processed your words. She’d lean into your touch slightly gnawing at her bottom lip as she savoured the small gestures you were giving her.
“Pshh— shut up.”
Ellie would drop her eyes letting them linger at your lips before dropping lower to your neck her face feeling like it’s on fire. You’d drag your fingers down her jawline until it reached her chin lightly tilting her head back up so her eyes met yours again.
“I wasn’t finished counting.. now look at me.”
You gave the girl a warm smile the twinkle of mischief still in your eyes as you tilted your head to the side now running your fingers over the small marks.
Ellie would be beet red, the path your fingers travelled over her skin left a burning feeling in its wake. Ellie studied your features watching your eyes move over each freckle, your voice soft and breathy as you counted, catching numbers every couple of breaths.
She let her eyes flutter closed as your fingers inched closer to her lips. She memorized the feeling scared that she won’t get to feel it again, savouring your rough fingertips she’d feel your thumb run over her bottom lip.
Ellie opened her eyes slowly regaining her focus, realizing just how close you are. You could feel the freckled girls shallow breaths on your parted lips as you inched closer.
You could feel your heart pounding in your chest as Ellie’s thin fingers slide to your lower back digging into the soft skin. She’d use the position to her advantage tugging your body to press against hers causing you to take in a sharp breath.
A small smirk would pull across Ellie’s lips before she closed the space between you two. Moaning quietly as the moment finally happened— the moment you’ve been dreaming about each and every single night when you lie awake thinking about her.
The moment lingered as the music started to fade away, feeling intoxicated as the girl's lips moved against yours. Her hands tighten around your waist for a moment more before pulling away.
She sighed deeply as the music slowly filled the air around you two again, hands loosening from your waist as she pulled away to look into your blown out pupils.
“How many did you count?”
She let out just above a whisper, one of her hands sliding up your side before placing it lightly onto your cheek brushing her thumb back and forth. You’d shoot her a small smirk glancing down at her lips for a second before speaking softly.
“Mm.. —I think I’ll have to start again.”
Tumblr media
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instead of horny stoned i am sad stoned and i would love a hurt/comfort with stoner/dealer!ellie when reader gets high and gets sad... because im insane and lonely thank you!!૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა - pw roomie
my angel pw roomie im so sorry this took so long!!! i’ve been thinking abt ur ask since i got it so heres a lil blurb mwah <3
warnings: mentions of weed, dealer! ellie, kinda panic attacks (?) not really, crying, hurt, lotsa comfort, fem! reader, ‘girl’ used in a lot of pet names
☆ softer, softest
it wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to be like this, cuddled up beside ellie as the two of you shared a joint. your girlfriend always teased you about how lucky you were to be dating her since you always got the ‘pretty girl discount’ —otherwise known as ellie letting you smoke with her completely free of charge.
you never minded her comments, simply content to be by her side while the usual noiseiness of your mind finally slipped away.
a comfortable silence had fallen between the two of you, ellie’s head resting against the soft pillows that were behind the both of you as she let the smoke pass her lips. you were waiting for the usual calm feeling to wash over you but it was seeming to take longer than usual, a small huff leaving your lips at the uncomfortable ache that was blooming in your chest.
ellie was somewhat preoccupied, simply being too far into her own world to notice the way your breathing was beginning to become labored. you tried to keep calm despite the fact that it almost felt impossible to breathe, your thoughts becoming jumbled as you sat up from where you were laying with ellie. you moved your hand to your chest, pressing your palm against your heart in a desperate attempt to feel your heartbeat.
ellie took notice of your now distressed state once you sat up, quickly discarding the joint she had been holding into the ashtray she kept on her bedside table. she followed you so that she was sitting up as well, her hand resting on the small of your back as she looked at you with a concerned gaze.
“baby, what’s going on?” she questioned softly, now being able to hear the way your breathing was coming out in heaves in a desperate attempt to get more oxygen. even with ellie’s hand against you, you could feel yourself slipping further away and you were absolutely terrified. your hand was practically gripping your chest now, panic setting in as you turned to face your girlfriend.
“els, oh god, els i can’t feel my heart” you babbled out, not even thinking as the words left your mouth. you had never felt this way before, worry consuming every part of your body as you tried to explain yourself. ellie was frowning in the slightest now, her free hand moving up towards your chest so she could press her palm against it. you let her do so, your bottom lip beginning to wobble as she touched you.
“hey, look at me. i can feel your heart perfectly” she said in a calm voice, moving your hand to where hers had previously been so that you could feel it thumping against your own fingertips. you were looking at her with glassy eyes, a pout settling on your lips as you tried to focus on the beat of your heart. “see, baby? s’ right there” she continued on, offering a warm smile to reassure you in your distressed state. you nodded your head in the slightest bit, the calm returning for a moment as you realized how lucky you were to have ellie here to take care of you.
oh, how you loved ellie. you loved her so much it hurt. but are you annoying her now with your inability to control your emotions?
the questions suddenly started spreading through your mind like a wildfire, fresh tears rolling down your round cheeks as you took in your girlfriend’s perfect features. you could barely speak now, your head hanging as you squeezed your eyes shut. “els, m’ sorry” you muttered, suddenly feeling fearful that she would get upset with you.
ellie was quick to pull you close to her, allowing you to hide your face in the crook of her neck and shushing your cries that were growing louder with each passing moment. “there is nothing to be sorry for, bun. you never have to apologize for being upset” she said, giving you a gentle squeeze to keep you grounded with her.
she knew better than anyone just how shitty weed can make you feel sometimes, as she had already had her fair share of bad trips. she had never seen you have a negative experience though and she already understood how overwhelming it must be for you.
you nodded your head a bit, still feeling the panic coursing through your body as you began to think of how ellie may leave you one day. this only served to upset you more, your warm tears pressing against ellie’s skin as you clung to her. “els— i don’t know what to do. you’re gonna leave one day, find someone better who doesn’t cry” you began to say, your words slurring together from your lack of breath.
in the back of your mind you knew you were being irrational but in the moment it felt so real, the threat of ellie leaving you suddenly feeling like a real possibility.
ellie released you from her embrace so that she could face you, her hands holding your own ever so gently so that you could still have contact with her. “woah, hey, that’s not going to happen” she said, her voice continuing to be level so that she wouldn’t stress you anymore than you already were. “who would i cuddle with at night, hm? who's gonna give you and all your stuffed animals kisses before bed? that’s my job, bun” she said with a small chuckle in an attempt to lighten your sorrows, her thumb carefully wiping away your tears.
“i’m not going anywhere, i promise” she whispered, taking notice of the way you had managed to calm down in the slightest bit. her words had made your mind stop running at such a high speed, your rational mind easing its way back in as you tried to focus on what she had said to you. you nodded your head in the slightest, your own hand coming up to your eyes to roughly wipe away the seemingly endless tears that were flowing down your cheeks.
“easy now, bun. be gentle” she reprimanded tenderly, her hand gently taking your own to move it away from your face. “you need to be gentle with yourself. don’t want my pretty girl to get hurt” she said with a voice full of love, leaning in to press a small kiss to your cheek.
you allowed her to move your hand with ease, feeling safest when ellie was there to guide you. ellie pressed your hand against her own heart so that you could feel it against your fingertips, a reminder that you were still here, that you were here with her.
“can you follow my breathing, baby?” she asked, wanting to be able to help you in any way she could. you sniffled quietly before nodding your head, not bothering to give a verbal reply in the moment. “that’s my smart girl” she praised, keeping your hand pressed against her chest so that you could continue to feel her heartbeat as you got your breathing under control.
“let’s take a deep breath” she mumbled before following her own directions, inhaling deeply before slowly exhaling her breath and waiting for you to mimic her own actions. her directions took a moment for you to catch up with, momentarily focusing your eyes on the way her chest was rising and falling before you could follow her movements. it took a while to match her pace but soon enough you were able to slow your breaths, you chest no longer heaving as you followed her motions.
“there we go, nice n’ slow, just like that” she praised, continuing her own deep breaths. you could finally feel the fuzziness that had been clouding your mind slipping away, feeling as if you were back in control of your body, finally.
you continued to breathe with her for a few minutes before your tears stopped completely, taking one last deep breath before wrapping ellie in a tight hug. the contact had caught ellie by surprise, the both of you falling back onto the plush pillows as you held her close. she returned your affections, pressing a kiss to the top of your head with a relieved smile on her lips.
“i’m guessing you feel better now” she said in a joking manner, making sure to keep your body pressed against her own. you nodded your head sheepishly, still mentally reminding yourself to continue to take deep breaths. “lots better, els. all cause of you” you said sweetly, letting the warmth of her arms around you return you to a state of calmness.
“im glad, bun. m’ sorry you had to go through that … shit is brutal” she muttered, feeling slightly guilty that it was her own supply that had caused the event. “but you’re my brave girl, huh? followed my directions so well” she quickly added on, loving the way you squirmed from the praise. “s’ okay! m’ just glad you were here” you reassured quickly, moving up slightly so you could finally kiss her properly. “plus, i have the best girlfriend ever to help me through it” you said with a little smile, your heart finally settling down as you laid in the comfort of ellie’s embrace.
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Sweet Creature
Pairing: Joel Miller x fem!reader (plus platonic Ellie Williams x fem!reader)
Author’s note: holy shit thank you for your ideas this is my favorite. also i put it in the tags of darlin’ i’d wait for you BUT there is a beautiful easter egg in the baby’s first and middle name and the first person to tell me what it is gets a kiss on the mouth
Summary: “Helping one another is part of the religion of our sisterhood.” - Jo March, Little Women aka Ellie rescues you and Joel [1.3k]
Warnings: newborn DRAMA, post-partum anxiety if you squint, Joel being a softie for his daughters
Tumblr media
"C'mon, Charlie girl, you've gotta help us out." You mumble as you bounce your crying baby around the room. It's been an hour of her crying nonstop, and you've tried everything. Nursing, changing her diaper, changing her clothes, burping, changing the room's temperature, and playing music. You even went as far as to check her for any injuries that you may have missed. You're not sure what kind of trouble your one-week-old could've gotten into to warrant an injury, but you're exhausted, and it seemed to make sense. 
Joel woke up with her first, as he has done every night since you gave birth, so you had the chance to get some rest. Recovery has been rough for you, and he's already doing so much for you. He and Ellie barely let you get out of bed most days because they want to ensure you take the time to heal. Even though the thought is nice, you wake up and listen when Joel gets up with her every time. It's not that you don't trust him. It's that you're already the world's lightest sleeper, and Joel is deaf in one ear and is rarely aware of just how loud he is. You also don't mind secretly watching as he lays her on his bare chest in the low light of your room, singing to her or explaining what he's doing for her to engage her little brain. He's caught you staring at least twice since she's come home. 
But tonight was different. She woke up crying and was pretty much inconsolable until Joel brought her over to you. She nursed for a minute or two before wrenching away from you and screaming. Since then, you and Joel have been taking turns trying to get her to go back to sleep. It's hard having a newborn with two capable parents. You have no idea how you had a baby as a single mom. 
"D'you wanna try to feed her again?" Joel asks as he stands next to you, disheveled and overwhelmed but trying his best to comfort the both of you. 
"I don't know," you shake your head, your throat starting to feel like sandpaper. You were always the more emotional person in your relationship, but postpartum emotions are nothing compared to your regular ones. "I don't know what's wrong." You cry. Joel touches your back and makes a sympathetic noise as tears fall down your face.
"Let me take her for a little bit so you can sit down, okay?" He suggests as he carefully takes Charlie from you. She chuffs at the transition before going right back to screaming her head off. You sit on the edge of the bed and watch as he holds her like a football and hums what sounds like Hank Williams to her. You'd be surprised if she could even hear him over her own crying, and you take a deep breath, racking your brain for what could be wrong. 
"What are you doing to her?" Ellie asks as she walks into the room, rubbing sleep from her eyes. She's wearing one of Joel's shirts and hand-me-down shorts from Maria, and her hair is as messy as Joel's. If you weren't still crying, you think you'd probably laugh. 
"She's just a little fussy. You can go back to bed." Joel says, but she shakes her head and walks over to where he's standing with Charlie. 
"What's going on, bug? Huh?" She asks, crouching to look at Charlie's tired, sad eyes. She may have your eye shape, but she got those heartbreaking brown eyes from Joel. When she cries like this, they look like the saddest puppy dog eyes in the world. "D'you want me to try?" Ellie asks, and Joel shoots you a look.
You've been very intentional about not putting too much pressure on Ellie to help with the baby. She's sixteen, and she shouldn't have to be burdened with that if she doesn't have to be. You told her she could help as much or as little as she wanted, but she took it upon herself to help more often than not. You just didn't want her to wake up for midnight cry sessions or feel like she had to be put in a parenting position. She's still a kid.
"It's worth a shot," Joel says, and you shrug, way too tired to argue with him. He carefully passes Charlie to Ellie, who cradles her close and pushes her hair out of her face. Joel stays nearby in case she decides to hand the baby off, but he doesn't intrude on their moment.
"Hey, it's alright. You let it all out," Ellie says as she sways. Her fingers muss Charlie's hair, and she's quieting down. Not a lot, but enough to see it as crying instead of blood-curdling screaming. "I've got you, sweet girl." Ellie's hand moves to her chest, gently scratching and rubbing little circles into Charlie's onesie, and like magic, she stops crying. She turns her little head toward Ellie and yawns big and long like we kept her up. You sigh in relief and tip your head up to the ceiling as silence fills the room. Your ears are still ringing, and your body hurts, but it's quiet. 
It would be easy to claim that Charlie calmed down because Ellie's wearing one of Joel's worn shirts or that she just finally hit a wall and fell asleep, but you like to think she was just missing her sister. Joel looks between Ellie and Charlie in disbelief, mumbling "shit" under his breath. "What can I say? She loves me." She shrugs, and you quietly laugh as she walks over to the rocking chair in the corner and curls up with Charlie. She snags the yellow blanket one of the older women in town knitted for you off the back of the chair and drapes it around them. You would think they've known each other for centuries. 
Joel is still standing in the middle of the room, his curls a mess on top of his head, as his sleep-deprived brain tries to piece together what happened. He scratches at his stubbly jaw and shakes his head as he thinks. "You don't have to stay up with her. I can put her back in the crib." Joel offers, and you watch her hold on Charlie get a little tighter.
"It's gonna take me a long time to fall asleep. You guys should get some rest. I've got her," Ellie says, a smile pulling at her lips. "Besides, I like hanging out with her." You would cry again if you had the energy, but you don't. Instead, you crawl back into bed and get comfortable. Joel looks to you for confirmation, always looking for your approval as the mother of his child before making any decisions, but you're already half-asleep again.
"If she's volunteering, I'm not gonna stop her," you mumble into your pillow. "Just don't fall asleep."
"Sir, yes, sir," Ellie says. They may have stayed up talking. You're not sure, but when you wake up, Ellie is between you and Joel in bed, and Charlie is in her crib. She's tucked under the arm Joel is using to hold your waist as he sleeps, and her hand is on his chest. He's snoring lightly as he holds you both, perfectly content to cuddle with his girls in bed. You smile and kiss each of their heads before falling asleep again.
You vaguely remember fearing how the new baby would affect Joel and Ellie's relationship and worrying if Ellie and the baby would get along. You don't know exactly why Charlie was crying last night or why she calmed down so fast once Ellie had her, and you don't need to. 
Sometimes a girl just needs her sister. 
Sometimes a father just needs to baby his sixteen-year-old a little longer.
taglist: @evyiione @nyotamalfoy @abbyhaslongshorts​
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random ellie hcs
Tumblr media
a/n: just a little something while i finish up falling in love at a coffee shop pt 4! i hit 600 followers the other day so i wanna say thank you for that! sorry ive been slow and requests haven't been coming out :(
she would watch every single movie you told her to watch
it didn't look interesting to her? she sat next to you and watched it.
was too cheesy? she was watching it to see your smile
ellie is not the biggest fan of horror movies
but especially the PARANORMAL kind...
she can deal with slashers and gore and stuff
but a ghost??
she would be sooo jumpy for like a week after watching paranormal activity with you
cannot even look at the exorcist girl without feeling sick
i also see her having a letterboxd and she would take the ratings and reviews she gives very seriously
would craft a whole essay about how the movie made her felt
she would comment on like one shot and rave about it
you would just laugh at her
ellie WOULD not take other people's reviews to heart though
gets really offended when other people rate one of her favorites low
"clearly, they don't have taste for the finer things in life."
and she gets all pouty
just because someone rated the hunger games as a 2.5
ellie is also the type of person to stick her tongue out when she's super concentrated
one night she was helping you with dinner
she was put on cutting onions
and you would look over and her damn tongue would be poking out the side of her mouth
how cute!!!
would blush and DENYYYY it when you brought it up
but she knows she does it
her lips are always dry because of it
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lolasimms · 1 day
Tumblr media
Mom Group - Modern Ellie x Reader Fic
Summary: You and Dina leave the kids with Ellie and Jesse as you head to your monthly mom group meet.
CW: Mentions of Alcohol, Children, Suggestive Language, Swearing.
Tumblr media
You look hot as fuck, now stop being so self-conscious and own it" Dina says, she's standing in front of the arched mirror, that sat in your home's foyer, applying a thick coat of her signature nude lipstick, fully concentrated. You sigh in discontent and smoothen out the black cocktail dress you were sporting. Then walk over to the mirror, taking in your appearance.
"I feel dumb, are you positive my pouch isn't visible?" You question as you swiftly throw on a silver necklace, followed by the gold Cartier bracelet, engrained with Lila’s name, a Christmas gift from your wife.
"Have I ever lied to you?" she sings whilst coming up behind you and spritzing you with the halfway-done bottle of Miss Dior perfume. You look up into the mirror and smile at her and she does the same. The both of you are interrupted by the pitter-patter of tiny feet, hitting the glossy hardwood floor.
"MOM COME!" JJ screeches, before taking hold of his mothers pedicured hand and dragging her to what you assumed was Lila’s room. Before you can return to readying yourself, Lila too is dragging you towards the playroom and you've no choice but to oblige to her commands. Once you enter the room, littered in fairy lights, light pink wallpaper and multiple toy boxes, your eyes land on Dina. She's awkwardly seated on one of the tea table chairs and is sipping from a pink and gold teacup.
"Mmmm, this tea is so nice" she plays along, and the two toddlers burst out in sweet giggles. She looks up to you, giving you, a knowing look and you can't help but shake your head in amusement.
"Mommy sit next to Dina" Lila demands as she walks over to the toy kitchen, where her friend removes a tray of plastic cookies from the oven. "Aunt Dina" You correct her, and she smiles. "Mommy sit next to Aunt Dina" and you oblige taking a seat next to your friend.
After almost 20 minutes of dining at 'Lila and JJ’s Tavern' both you and Dina leave the room to bid goodbye to your partners. The kids would be in the care of Ellie and Jessie tonight, as you and Dina were off to your monthly mother's group outing.
Dina is conversating with Jesse and you make your way to the living room to talk to Ellie.
"Hey" you whisper as you hold Lila in your arms and sit down next to her.
"Hi, honey" she mutes the tv and turns to drink you in, you sported a black midi dress, with a spaghetti strapped back, your hair straightened for a change and accents of gold jewellery which included the special bracelet, courtesy of her and of-course, your wedding band.
"You look fucking breathtaking" she says, her eyes roaming your body, making your insides swarm with butterflies.
"Thank you, I've gotta impress the Greenwich mom community" you joke, and she chuckles whilst shaking her head. Lila reaches for her and she happily takes the toddler into her arms, then proceeds to stroke her curly locks.
“You know, it’s not too late to ditch Dina, I’d much rather prefer this dress on the floor of our bedroom” She rasps, playing with the straps of your dress.
“Lila’s sitting right here, keep it PG you freak” you hiss, playfully swatting her arm.
“Ouch, see how mean mommy is Lila” she feigns hurt, as she looks down at your daughter with a pout.
“Mommy mean” Lila laughs, you can’t help but roll your eyes. The two of them always seemed to be ganging up against you.
“WERE GOING TO BE LATE!" Dina shouts and you immediately rise from the couch before replying. "COMING" You reach down and take Lila’s face in your hands.
"Goodnight baby, Mommy will see you tomorrow okay?" you place a kiss on her cheek, and she smiles tiredly at you and nods. Before you can exit the living, room Lila reaches for your arm.
"Kiss for momma?" she questions innocently, and you can't help but curse the sweet kid. You lean down and place a kiss on Ellie’s cheek and then rise. She smiles down at her daughter and high-fives her and you roll your eyes at their schemes.
"Okay, goodbye for real you two, Behave" the two of them wave innocently, and you grab your purse, then make you way towards the front door, where Jesse is stood with a now asleep JJ in his arms. Dina throws the car keys towards you, you flinch but to your surprise catch them.
"Ready to go?"
You both exit Dina’s car upon entering the winery. Although the sun was setting, the view of the vineyards were astonishing. Rows and rows of green terrace and grassy hills dressed the valley and you couldn't stop yourself from pulling out your disposable camera and capturing the scenic view. Itching to show Ellie the location on film, once you got home. Dina smiles at you as she shuts the car door and you both make your way into the cellar building. Upon entering you are greeted by Brie and the rest of the mom group entourage, who all whisper the two of you an array of 'hello's' and 'heys' to which you reply.
"Dina and Y/n, urghh my two favourite moms, you two look so stinking cuuuutee!" Brie exaggerates and Dina can't help but let out a snort, to which you kick her leg making sure to remain subtle.
"Thank you, Brie you look stinking cute as well" Dina mocks her, thankfully Brie is to clueless to take notice to her mockery.
"Thanks, Brie and thank you for inviting us this place is breathtaking" you say, and she smiles.
"Now this, ladies is the final and most prized cellar of them all, built in 1908 the Jacob Bergdorf cellar belongs to the current owners of this facility who are descendants of the Mr. Bergdorf. Its famous for its aged red wine, which you will all be enjoying at the dinner that will be served shortly, enjoy" The tour guide, then leads the group of women to a table, lit up with candles, centrefolds and an array of wine and cheeses.
"We should've gotten McDonalds on the way here, how the fuck are we supposed to fill ourselves up if there's only cheese and wine" Dina complains, as the both of you take your seats at the table. You simply laugh and turn your attention to Renata who was stood at the head of the table tapping a spoon against her glass of white wine.
"Alright, listen up moms. Brie and I are so glad you could all come to today's wine tasting, you know as a mom group we don't really get the time to hang without our kids so tonight is about letting loose, sipping and chatting the night away, so let's make a toast; to mom group!" she raises her glass and the rest of the table follows, as you all click your flutes against one another's.
"You're right, these charcuterie boards are not going to fill me up and I'm fucking starving" you lowly whisper to Dina who is seated to your left. She drops the small piece of halloumi she was nibbling on and looks at you, contemplating.
"I could make up an excuse, tell them JJ’s temps run high or something like that, then we can leave" the smirk on her face said it all, and you knew she was set on this plan.
"I don't know, we'll give it a few more minutes and if it's too much, operation ditch this shit is a go" she snorts and then lifts the glass of Chardonnay to her mouth to quickly conceal it.
As you make your way into the foyer, you flick off your heels and hang your coat, before heading into the living room, with Dina following closely behind you. Sounds from the TV can be heard, alerting you that both Ellie and Jesse were probably still up.
"We're back" Dina whispers, as she trots over to the couch to sit by her partner, who happily takes her in his arms, planting a soft kiss on her forehead. You walk over to the couch and sit by Ellie who does the same.
"How was it?" Ellie asks as she looks down at your face that was laid in her lap.
"It was shit, they had no food and Brie wouldn't shut up" You say, as your roll your eyes at the thought of the meaningless conversation and overall snobiness of the moms. Ellie laughs and gives Jesse a knowing look. Both you and Dina’s heads perk up, noticing the odd looks from your partners. Dina is first to speak. "What was that?" she looks to Jesse who smirks and then to Ellie who does the same. You decide its now your turn to question the two.
"Seriously, spill you two" and they both break out into unceremonious laughter.
"You wanna tell them?" Jesse asks and Ellie simply smirks as she strokes your face.
"Tell us what?" You glare at Jessie and he only laughs harder.
"Mom group..." Ellie begins and you can't take it anymore.
"Just get to the point!" Dina shouts, and Ellie finally starts.
"Jesse and I made a bet that you'd both come home and complain that you hated it, but see you two claim you hate mothers groups so fucking much but still somehow you manage to go to every single meet, so...secretly we think you love it"
The two of you yell in unison, whilst the two of them simply smirk. You roll your eyes at Ellie and she gives you a fake pout, prompting you to push her face away from yours, as you accept defeat and laugh at their observation. It was probably true, as much as the two of you pretended to hate spending time with the superficial and self-centred mothers of the group, it was nice to get a few hours away from the kids. Especially when it meant you could both make fun of the weird and sometimes disturbing lengths some moms would go to to garner attention from Brie.
"I'm tired as fuck, we're going to head to bed" Dina says as she lifts herself from the couch, looking down to Jesse.
"We are?" he questions, and she simply rolls her eyes. He finally rises from his seat and the both of them bid the two of you goodnight, before heading up to the guest room.
As the two of them ascend up the stairs, Ellie begins to toy with the straps of your dress, deeming the coast clear.
“You know what I said about me preferring this dress on the floor?” She questions as she tugs both sleeves down, leaving your chest exposed to the cold air. Clad in your pink Lacy bra.
“Mhm?” You question with a smile, liking the direction the conversation was taking.
“I think I’d like to make that happen right now”
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on7u · 2 days
summary: u piss in the woods wit flirty and annoying ellie
cw: peeing in the woods? she teases u, thats literally it.. its fluffy um also i didnt know how to word it but whenever u see '_its' just say the first letter of ur name or first syllable wtv sounds better 2 u :3
a/n: this is my first big writing thing ever please excuse its shittyness if u can 😞🙏 MDNI!!!!
Tumblr media
you and ellie were searching for a place for you to pee. the woods were scary, you couldn't go alone! (”el come with me? i know you don't have to pee just what if a bear gets me?”) and there was no way you could just pee anywhere either.. (”right there?! what if an ant crawls up my ass or a thorn pokes me? no lets keep looking.”) that's how you two found yourselves walking through the forest you were originally just patrolling through, to find the perfect place for you.
“god why can't you just squat and go.” ellie groaned, looking at her foot in the puddle of mudd she just stepped in. you didn't respond, pushing your finger into her back to signal her to keep walking. she complied with your silent request, continuing to navigate through the trees to find something her picky friend might approve of. her eyes lit up at what she thought might satisfy you, taking a step towards it.
“oh how about th-” she was cut off by her foot sinking into what seemed like a poorly built groundhog's nest, as it crumbled under her weight. her entire leg sank into it and she let out a groan at the less-than-ideal position she found herself in.
you gasped and yelled out, “bellie!” as soon as she fell, grabbing her arm to stop her fall which proved to be pointless as the fall wasn't nearly as far as you thought it would be. ellie stopped caring as soon as the word fell out of your mouth. She looked up at you and smiled, squinting at the sun in her eyes and letting out a weak laugh. You frowned, letting her arm out of your grip.
god she has never looked more attractive in her life.
“what'd you call me?” ellie asked, reaching for you again when you started to turn around and walk away.
“nothing,” you responded curtly, narrowly avoiding her grabbing hands. “i'm gonna pee now.” you mumbled, squatting behind a bush.
“did you call me belly?” she asked, lifting herself out of the hole and dusting herself off.
it took you a while to respond out of embarrassment but finally, “it was an accident.” you said meekly. ellie snorted.
“what if i started calling you tits?” she suggested, turning around when you got up and pulled your backpack back on.
“it wasn't like the body part, it was like ellie with a b.” you grumbled, already tired of this conversation. it truly was a slip of the tongue! well, maybe you came up with the nickname in your head because of ellie's sweet tooth but still! ellie nodded, acting like she understood.
“aah so i should call you _its then.” she said, throwing her arm around your shoulders. you almost stopped in your tracks. as the two of you got closer with time, ellie had become more physically affectionate towards you but she had never given you a nickname. this had you confused because why was your heart beating so fast over a nickname derived from the word tits? why did your face feel so hot? why was ellie’s skin or your own making her feel so antsy now?
it was usual for you to not say much but what wasn't was for you to not push ellie away or make a face at her or groan. she looked for your face and grinned.
“you alright _its? you're feelin’ kinda hot.” she said, fanning you with her free hand. you whined and bat her hands away.
“yea i am hot.” you shove her arm off your shoulder and walk ahead of her to genuinely cool off, even if her raspy laughter from behind you made it hard.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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saeransangel · 2 days
Make Me Your Queen
Summary: Ellie is a knight of the Kingsguard and your sworn protector.
A/N: "ser" means that person is a knight & the kings hand is the Kings closest council member/advisor & a fortnight is 14 days. Also homophobia does not exist in this!! I pictured the reader wearing this dress
CW: fluff
WC: 1.5k <3
Tumblr media
You sighed as your handmaids assisted you in slipping into your long, scarlet dress. The dress was beautiful but you would rather wear it for a different occasion.
Today you were set to meet Prince Jesse, who you would marry in a fortnight. The thought of having to marry him consumed you for the past three days. You didn't want to marry. You were the youngest of two brothers, two brothers who already had sons and daughters to be their heir to the throne. But this marriage was simply to form an alliance between your House and another.
"What troubles you, my lady?" A voice rang out.
After your handmaids finished lacing up your gown, you turned around. A grin snuck across your face. "Ser Ellie," You beamed, gliding over to her. You embraced her armored figure. "Give us the room please." You called out to your maidens.
After they cleared out you turned back to Ellie. "Have you heard?" You began.
She paused for a moment. You knew that she knew. "You're to be married... in a fortnight I hear. Very exciting, Princess."
You rolled your eyes at her comment. You sat down on the sage green lounger, inviting her to sit beside you. "I'm afraid I require your council, Ser Ellie."
"How so, my lady?" She asks cautiously, unsure of what you're planning to ask her.
"So yes, I'm set to marry Prince Jesse. But you know that I'm always one to follow my heart no matter what." Ellie was silent. She nodded for you to continue, her green eyes boring into yours. Her eyes were so pretty, you could stare into them all day.
She seemed like she wanted to say something, her lips parted and then pursed shut. "You have a duty to the kingdom, my Princess."
You shut your eyes. My Princess. You usually loved the nickname she had for you, but not while saying that. Before you could open your mouth to protest there was a knock at the door. Ellie stands up and walks over to the door, opening it slowly. Beyond the door was the Kings Hand and Ellie's father, Joel. He was your fathers closest and most trusted advisor.
"Pardon me, Princess Y/N. Your father wishes you meet him in the throne room. Prince Jesse's ship has arrived at the harbor. He will be expecting you." He spoke.
You sighed and glanced over at Ellie who's eyes were glued to the stone floor. "We will finish this conversation later." You said to the auburn haired girl.
"Yes, my lady." She smiled hesitantly.
On the way down to the throne room, Joel tried to talk to you but your mind was consumed with other thoughts. You were dreading meeting the prince. But most of all you were thinking about Ellie. The two of you had been close since you were children. Even then she was never one for dresses or lady like behavior. She was naturally gifted with a sword and in combat. You were there with her as she trained to be a knight. When you were sixteen she vowed to protect you, her best friend, from any harm that could be brought upon you. This moved you and brought the two of you closer. So close that you demanded your father appoint her to the Kingsguard. He granted your wishes and Ellie was forever grateful. It was a great honor to be your friend and your sworn protector. Thinking about your past with Ellie and the fate that was in store for you, you began to realize that you harbored feelings for your knight.
After the meeting in the throne room, you found yourself running back to your room, tears streaming down your face. Ellie was hot on your trail. "Princess, what happened?" She called after you. You tried to slam your door, not wanting her to see you like this. She caught the door with her arm. She advanced towards you slowly. "Please, Y/N, tell me what's going on with you. Is this about the prince?"
"I don't want to marry, Ellie." You sobbed.
She looked at you with concerned eyes. "But you've always wanted to marry?"
"Not Prince Jesse." Your sobs grew louder the more your spoke.
Ellie seemed unsure of what to say, she was staring at you with worry. After a moment she finally spoke. "Let's take a walk to the beach, Princess."
You nodded and sniffled, wiping away your stray tears. With a deep breath you walked over to Ellie, interlinking your arms. "Let's get going then."
When the two of you got to the beach, you were met with the sounds of the waves crashing onto the sand. The moon was shining down brightly on your figures. You often found your selves here in this same spot when something troubled the other. You found comfort in many moonlit nights with Ellie.
"I do not want to marry this man, Ellie." You spoke after a while. You turned and grabbed her hands, delicately holding them in yours. "I asked you earlier what I should do. My heart is telling me there is something else for me. So do I follow my heart or do I do my duty."
You were nervous after your rambling. You were afraid it sounded too much like a confession. In a way it was. You were hopeful that your heart was telling you the right thing, that Ellie felt the same about you.
"I'm not sure what you want me to say, Princess." Ellie said. "What else does your heart desire?"
"Marry me, Ellie." Your mouth had moved faster than your brain, but you meant it with your entire heart.
Her mouth went agape. She shut her eyes and shook her head. "Y/N, I can't." She began to protest, taking her hands out of yours.
You grabbed them back, tightening your grip. "You can. We can. I know my heart isn't lying to me. I know you want to marry me too. I could see it from the moment you found out of my engagement." You were pleading with her to admit her feelings for you. Feelings you know she had.
"Princess, I'm just a knight. I can't marry you, I-"
You cut her off. "My father loves me and your father is his hand. I will demand it of him that he marries us. He will do it if I command. I don't want anyone else but you, Ser Ellie."
Her green eyes welled with tears. She shook her hands from your grip. She turned away and began to walk back up towards the castle. "I cannot marry you, Y/N. Marry the prince and fulfill your duty to the kingdom." She called back to you.
"Do you deny me then? Your princess." You yelled back to her. You hiked up you dress and began to run after her, your feet sinking into the sand as you ran. "Do you deny your feelings for me?"
She didn't say anything, she just continued her trek up the sandy hill back to the castle. You finally caught up to her and stepped in front of her path. "Y/N, please," Ellie sighed.
"You'll live a long time yet, Ellie, an eternity without me." You grabbed at her hands once more. Her gaze softened. "You will look into the faces of passersby hoping for something that will for an instant, bring me back to you."
"Princess why-" She tried to interject.
"You will find moonlit nights strangely empty, because when you call my name through them there will be no answer. Always your heart will be aching for me and your mind will give you the doubtful consolation that you did a brave thing." You stepped forward, reaching up to cup Ellie's flushed cheeks. You brought your forehead to hers. "Do not deny me, my Knight. Do not let me marry him." Your words came out as a whisper. Your hands felt tears running down her face.
"I love you, Y/N." She spoke, voice shaking. "I will marry you, if you'll have me."
Your heart flipped in your chest. You grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. It was your first kiss with her. Her lips tasted sweet and salty mixed with her tears. The waves crashing behind you were almost as loud as your heart was beating.
"I love you too, Ellie. I would marry you right now if the Gods allowed it." You beamed, tears of joy welling up in your eyes.
Ellie wrapped her strong arms around you and lifted you up, giving you a spin. You threw your head back in laughter. "My beautiful princess." She smiled up at you. She put you down, keeping her grip on your waist, pulling you in for another passionate kiss. Your hands found home in her auburn hair and you arched into her.
"I will tell my father in the morning, at dawn even. I don't care if he's still asleep. I will rush his chambers and demand it." You said eagerly.
"You will make a fierce queen." Ellie laughed. "You do always get what you demand. Your father is most generous."
"You're most generous." You teased, taking her hand once more. "Now, fulfill your duty as my protector and bring me back to the castle safely."
"Yes Princess." She smiled as she lead you back to the castle knowing that in a fortnight she would be the one to marry you.
Sorry Prince Jesse.
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scromchz · 20 hours
Tumblr media
The Passenger.
Tumblr media
— you’re hired as an onboard engineer by a reluctant pilot; following her on a blood-soaked revenge plot across the galaxy was not in the job description.
Tumblr media
contents. ellie williams/reader | star wars!au | 2.8k
chapter warnings. mature rating, descriptions of violence and bodily injury, cursing.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The ship is silent save for the ever-present hum of the light-speed engines. It’s late, nearing 03:00 hours on the 24-hour cycle. The darkness blanketing your quarters has a heavy quality, like you’re sitting at the bottom of a lake on a moonless night. Breath held, you better strain to listen. 
Again, there it is; Creeeaak. 
It’s the floorboard near the refresher at the back of the hull, the one with a carbon black scuff that looks suspiciously like it came from being on the wrong end of a blaster. She’s at it like clockwork, walking circles around the ship and wearing holes into her compression socks.
Cabin fever is no joke, but you don’t think it’s the case for her behavior. Hell, you think she prefers the void of space to solid ground and non-recycled air. 
Every night is the same. You trace the mass of swirling shadows on the ceiling and she traces her steps. And worst of all, you wonder. If she mutters, if she plans. About the ever-elusive why. 
You should fix the damn board, if just to put your mind to rest. You have ample opportunity, a box of tools, and a list of pros to boot. But your curiosity is a living thing. Fucking resilient, too. So you don’t.
It will likely be your undoing. 
You’ve become well acquainted with her late-night pacings these past few months. It’s become a secret to harbor, one you tuck in between your ribs and try not to set free by wayward breaths. You think– no that’s too generous, you know she’d hate it if she knew. Yet you lie awake, a silent voyeur all the same. 
It’s now, in the wee hours of the artificial night, that you get a glimpse of Ellie Williams. 
Not the awkward and crass, surface-level version you’ve acquainted yourself with. The one with the thousand-yard stare during shared mealtimes, who can’t scarf down her food fast enough so she can relieve herself of the situation, yet still abides by the routine. Who avoids eye contact like a plague, and is consistently caught off guard by your consistent greetings. 
She reminds you of an unsocialized loth-cat. Observant and cautious, but will pounce at a moment’s notice, all fangs. Like the time a melioorun fruit merchant got a little handsy with your merchandise, and Ellie wasted not a second in yanking you behind her, brandishing a knife’s point to his eyeball, and roaring out the roughest what the fuck do you think you’re doin’ you’d ever heard in your life. 
These moments reveal what dwells beneath the cracks. 
And Ellie Williams is restless.
In every sense of the word. You’ve been on par for the planet-hopping course, only ever stopping to refuel or twiddle your thumbs aboard while she completes a job. You can’t remember the last time you watched the same sun rise and set from a planet’s surface. Back before you knew better, you once suggested spending the night at an inn close to where the ship landed. Sleeping on a real bed and then waking up to birdsong sounded damn near luxurious after weeks of doing so in a tin can. 
She shut that down quickly. No time for dilly-dallying, she said through a mouthful of a crumbly energy bar. You heard the unspoken don’t ask again, loud and clear. 
If anything, it’s for her own good. Gods know she could use some shut-eye. You’re pretty sure she actually sleeps with one eye open, if she ever does at all. But as luck would have it, she wouldn’t be starting anytime soon. 
All it takes is a split second for everything to go sideways. Literally.
A harsh boom rattles the ship, and you’re thrown straight into the metal wall. Knick-knacks you’d tucked safely into drawers are rendered airborne before smashing to pieces on the floor. You roll into a fetal position, gasping in the air that was knocked out of you. Pain thrums from under your skull, a fuzzy static hitting your senses like a tidal wave threatening to pull you under. The ship echoes your pain, groaning loud and long like a living entity. 
Iron fills your mouth, and the emergency lights flicker on, bathing the room in low reds. 
Amidst the chaos, you hear Ellie’s voice. “Ow– shit! Fuckin’ dammit,” and panic hits your chest at point blank range. 
Cradling your head, you grapple for your bearings and push yourself off the floor. Nearly toppling over from dizziness, you have to rely on muscle memory and a hand along the wall to guide you. Finally your palm comes into contact with the knob and you rip the door open, desperately trying to locate her.  
You call out, voice cracking on the first letter of her name. “Ellie!” 
Through a haze of smoke, you don’t quite know how even to approach the image that greets you. 
The place is a wreck, steel interior bathed in crimson light and carnage. Something dark drips from the ceiling, and electricity crackles from an exposed wire. Distantly you think about the hell it’s going to be to repair. 
It’s the first time you’ve been face to face with Ellie in–shit, nearly three cycles? She’s been sealed away in her quarters, the door barred like it houses ancient relics instead of a bed, and pouring over something you’ve not been made privy to. She looks nearly the same, classic Ellie with her ruffled flight suit and messy half-bun hair. 
There’s only one new addition. Blood. Her fingers are drenched in it as they clutch at her shoulder; a jagged piece of shrapnel glinting between them. 
She skids a bit as the ship rights itself, a new wave of items crashing onto the floor. Neither of you pay it any mind. 
You brace against the wall opposite her, forcing down the panic clawing up your throat. “Ar–are you okay?” 
“I’m fine,” she seethes, chest heaving with harsh breaths. Without an ounce of hesitation, she rips the fragment of metal out and tosses it onto the floor. A river of blood drools from the open wound, soaking into the material of her ripped up sleeves. 
It’s a lie and you both know it, but there’s no time to argue. The proximity sensors were going haywire, the ship’s alarm system blaring on a warning rotation. Ellie made a mad dash for the cockpit, your sock clad feet slapping against the platinum flooring in your haste to keep up. Bits of debris pierced the material, sharpened shards nipping at your soles. 
“Shields won’t hold up for much longer,” she curses at the mouth of the ladder. Maroon light spills onto her face, your gaze drawn momentarily to the hard line of her jaw. She gives you a grim look before hauling herself up, her injury not impeding her speed.
You’re close behind, wincing as the arches groan under your weight. A mixture of sweat and Ellie’s blood slicken your grip, and you have to take extra care not to lose your footing and add your body to the wreckage. When you pop your head up with a wheeze from the effort, she’s already home in the captain’s chair. Flipping switches and maneuvering gear shifts, completely and utterly focused on the task at hand. 
The room is shadowed, in aid by the dark void outside. You’re no longer traveling through the blizzard of starsystems in hyperspace, that much is obvious. There’s no telling where you are, or what damage the blast did to the ship’s engines.
Blinking away the haziness heavy on your mind, you take a closer look out the viewing window and every cell in your body freezes. Three TIE fighters circle the Savage Starlight like carnivorous birds. The oppressive force holding the galaxy hostage under their thumbs is a familiar sight, and you know all to well what their presence means. 
Where the Empire goes, death follows like a dog hungry for bones. 
There’s a crackle over the comms system. Ellie reaches up, accepting the transmission with a harsh flick. A nasal voice relays, “--ome in. M-22T Krayt come in. Come in–”
Ellie doesn’t skip a beat. “What? Over.”
Her lack of decorum makes you gulp, dread settling like a weight low in your gut. It was becoming abundantly clear that this wasn’t something you both were going to walk away from, scot-free. 
Whoever ‘hailed you down’ pauses, certainly not in appreciation. With a harsher tone, he replies, agitation marring his words. 
“Your ship has been pinged in suspicion for smuggling illegal cargo.” His cavalier attitude is relayed amid the static, “We are giving you the opportunity to relinquish control of your ship, before we do so by force. Over.”
The entire time he relays their gracious offer, Ellie’s hands don’t stop working. “Hm. Let me think about it.” Her fingers whirl over the control board like it’s an instrument, hitting buttons and turning them from red, to orange, to a promising green. She huffs out a humorless laugh, turning a dial that makes the ship purr. “Fuck you.”
With that, she ends the transmission. You think your jaw is on the lower deck. 
“Hell’re you doin’ still standing around? Strap in,” her head flicks to the side, grip steadfast on the controls. You scramble, throwing yourself into the co-pilot’s chair. Synchronously you click your buckle in and she yanks the gear upwards.  
Your head is catapulted back from the g-force, vision whiting out from the injury you’d nearly forgotten about coming into sharp contact with the headrest. Stomach and chest twisting sharply, the armrest creaks from your bone-white grip as you try to block out visions of an inevitable, fiery death. Just another poor soul fallen victim to the Empire’s ‘correction’ is all you’d be. When you peek open your eyes, it’s to the sight of a neon green laser bolt hitting the space you’d been in a split second ago.
You startle when she smacks the dashboard, now single-handedly steering. Her sharp gaze flickers between the controls and encroaching enemies. “Hyperdrive’s shot. Fuck.” 
“Okay,” you say, and it sounds hollow to your own ears. Options dwindling, a cold dread washes over your body. Reality is, there’s no hope of outrunning them with a busted engine. Getting caught in a tractor beam is the second-worst-case scenario now that Ellie’s guaranteed your spot on their shit list. The first goes to getting blown up, which –shit, another close one, seems entirely plausible. “Wh– What do we do?”
Her gaze cuts to you and it’s as if she’s allowing herself to see you for the very first time, an openness there you’d never clocked before. Something in the air shifts at the same time the corner of her lip does— and she smirks. At a time like this, with both of your lives held in the palms of her hands, she’s never looked so confident. So radiant. It’s bewildering and you can’t look away. It’s the perfect distraction. 
“First off, quit actin’ like we’re gonna die. Have a little faith, will ya?” She huffs. The ship takes a hard right, and you’re zooming straight toward the closest fighter. “Second, we do nothing. I’ve got this shit in the bag.” 
Her cockiness isn’t unfounded, you come to learn very quickly. Ellie doesn’t just fly; she soars. The TIE gives her chase, and she swiftly follows with the other’s hot on her trail. With a practiced ease she pitches the ship into an accelerated spiral, dodging the barrage of hits aimed at blowing you out of this plane of existence. It’s a good thing your stomach’s empty because the contents would be sliding down your front by now. 
Weapons system operational, flashes on the center screen in glowing orange, Ion cannons at 70% efficiency. “I’ve got you now fuckers,” Ellie grins, entering the passcode with four fingers to enable weapons control. Twin buttons erect themselves from the steering mechanism, her thumbs ghosting over them. 
A little box pops onto the viewing window, tracking the movements of the ship you’ve been going after. With a bit of maneuvering, it lights up and hones in on the evading craft, the ship’s AI broadcasting the words Target Lock. Ellie discharges twin cerulean plasma bolts, and you watch as they travel with a deadly beauty, like two fish flying upstream, and hitting the vessel dead on. In a blink, it implodes into a gazillion pieces, and then there were two. 
The win is short-lived. The remaining ship’s tailing you have gotten exponentially closer from both sides, a few energy beams hitting the shields and rattling you in your seat. Ellie doesn’t make any moves to retaliate, instead pushing onward. A message pops up, and Ellie breathes out, “About damn time.”
You’re beyond confused when she begins switching flight gears, preparing a jump you thought wasn’t possible. “What’s happening?”
“We’re getting outta here,” is all she says. Distantly you hear the hatch sealing closed with a pressurized hiss. 
Main hull power and life support successfully diverted to engines, resonates through the speakers. Even with your limited flight knowledge, you know whatever she has up her sleeve is a long shot.
Turning the dial from sub-light to light, Ellie disregards the numerous warnings popping onto the screen. Without punching in any coordinates, she thrusts the lever forward. As the damaged engines sputter to life, the ship rumbles dangerously, and time slows. You watch with bated breath as stars stretch around you, tunneling you in a brilliant vision of white stripes. At the same time both TIEs close in on you, beams of green closing in on you from both sides.
Just as you think your luck has run out, the ship blitzes onward and you’re gone. You collapse into your seat. You laugh deliriously, high off the adrenaline.
“Kriffing hell,” you exhale, your limbs feeling like they’re made of jelly. 
Ellie grins wide, de-accelerating just as quick. Her aura has never been so bright, and you’re awestruck by the way she seems to glow. “Didn’t I tell you not to doubt me– Oh shit!” 
The damage is already done. Spat out from the short stint in hyperspace, you’re immediately caught in a planet’s gravity. You’re pitched forward in a nose dive towards the green and pink surface, while Ellie scrambles for a semblance of control. But it seems as though your luck has run out as nothing responds and your descent hastens. 
“Ellie,” you say, shrinking into your seat as if that’ll grant you any sort of protection. Clinging to the only familiarity present, you repeatedly gasp her name, again and again with escalating severity. “Ellie, Ellie, Ellie.” 
“I know, I know,” she aquiceses. Face slicked with sweat and teeth clenched, she pulls the joystick up with every muscle in her body clenched. With no shields, the ship is unprotected from the fire licking up the sides of the ship, and you’re both subject to the feverish heat. 
A choked sob escapes you. You’re hurtling towards the surface of a planet like a bug would a windshield, about to be splattered in kind. Every single alarm is blaring, warning messages popping onto the screen and piling atop one another. Shields at 10 percent– Shields down. Fuel gauge severely damaged. 
You don’t need to read a single one to know they all mean you’re fucked. The ship had broken past the upper atmosphere, and the bumpy green you can now see were ginormous tree-tops was fast approaching. 
“Fuck,” she actually whimpers. You think it’s the sound of her giving up, accepting the inevitable. That it’s over. 
Less than twenty kilometers from the impact, something happens. 
The air teems with energy, and your descent slows a fraction, then dramatically halts mid-air. Your head snaps to Ellie with an exclamation on the tip of your tongue, expecting her to have a similar expression on her face. Only to find her eyes shut tight, a pinched look of concentration on her face. Her hands are outstretched, the veins on her forearms bulging. Palm turned downwards, her fingers slowly spread outwards; and the ship responded, hovering in kind. 
Your eyes bulge. Impossible. There are no words you can string together that would describe the utter disbelief you feel.
Growing up you’d heard whispers of beings with strange abilities that protected the galaxy. Stories told around campfires on your backwater-ass planet meant to spark wonder in your dreary lives. Jedi, they’d called them. Harboring control of a force that was bottom line, not real. 
Yet here she is, fable turned flesh. 
You’re thrashed around as you near the ground, a stream of blood falling from her nostrils. Her breathing has gotten heavier, and whatever mystical control she had falters. The landing gear deployed on its own, snagging on treetops and before breaking off. You’re so enraptured with her that you don’t look outside until it’s too late. 
The biggest tree trunk you’ve ever seen was directly in your path. The last thing you hear amid the barrage of alarms is your name before you black out.
Tumblr media
note. this is kinda a niche fic idea so I hope someone enjoys it. I'm a reader at heart and love space shit, so this is basically me contributing to my own obsessions. this was supposed to be out like weeks ago but life got hellish and I finally have the will to write my silly little stories again. hurrah.
Tumblr media
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astro-ellie · 8 hours
okay but imagine ellie and you trying to come up with some cute names for your baby together. jesse managed to find some old book for parents to be one day when he and his patrol partner stumbled across an old bookstore, and of course he made sure to bring it back and give it to ellie the first chance he got.
the book contains an entire chapter dedicated to name suggestions, and it even has the meaning written right next to them. you’ve been saying every name out loud, rolling them on your tongue, trying to find a name that just feels right.
ellie giggles and tries to find one she likes as well, but it’s not easy. there are a lot of cool, cute, charming, really every type of name, but none of them are the name. maybe your expectations are a little bit too high, maybe you just pick a name you kinda like and it grows on you.
as you flip over the last page of the chapter, ellie sees your eyes light up. “hey, i really like this for a girl…” you nudge her and point at one of the last names on the list.
“it’s real cute, but we need a name that works on a boy too. yknow, just in case” ellie picks up your hand in hers and starts pressing pecks all over your fingers. she has this feeling, like she just knows that it’s going to be a boy. maria, you and jesse are team girl though, but both ellie and tommy are betting on a boy.
“don’t we already have a boy name?” your smile is bright and there’s something in your eyes that ellie can’t read, and her expression must have the confusion written all over it cause you’re quick to add; “joel, of course”
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cherriebat · 3 days
I need more dealer!ellie fics I’m desperate for it 😩
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1ov9r · 17 days
"she's so babygirl"
she killed half of seattle
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dankpunks · 4 days
Bruises — Ellie Williams
Tumblr media
Summary: Ellie comes home battered and bruised and you’re the one to patch her up.
Placement/background: Ellie and the reader share a small house in Jackson for the last couple years.
Warning(s): pre-established relationship, mention of injury’s, mention of fear and discomfort, badly hurt!ellie, caretaker!reader, mention of brief nudity, pure fluff, some smooching, wlw.
authors note: This is kinda like salt on a wound ngl but sometimes we just need a bit of that sting dw you get lots of fluff with it<3 LIGHTLY proofread
reblog’s and feedback would be much appreciated!!<3
Tumblr media
You’d hear the soft creek of the rusty front door as you made your way around the kitchen the soft glow of the street lamps streaming through the open windows in the living room.
Rinsing the suds off the small pan you had used for dinner that night you’d peak your head around the corner of the kitchen catching a glimpse of Ellie struggling to pull off her pack as her once tan tank top was drenched in red. The smile dropping from your face as the loud clink of the pan falling into the sink filled the air.
Rushing over to the injured girl without a second thought you’d pat your hands dry on your ratty t-shirt as a gasp fell from your lips.
“Els— what happened”
your words barely a whisper but filled with panic griping onto the girls arm to gently tug her onto the worn down couch you’d push her shoulders slightly to have her sit. Drooping to your knees in front of her you brushed your hands over her blood stained cheek trying to get her attention.
“oh baby..”
you’d hum softly seeing the freckled girls soft eyes meet yours but remaining silent. She didn’t need to speak you could see the pain and fear in them silently begging to be helped as much as she didn’t like to admit it.
Letting out a deep sigh you let your shoulders slump hating to see her like this battered and bruised but this time felt different she looked completely lost— broken.
Getting to your feet again you leaned over placing a soft kiss onto the top of Ellies head letting your lips linger there for a couple moments.
“I’ll be righ—“
before you could finish your sentence Ellie gripped onto your wrist her fingers digging into your skin but not hard enough to hurt. Your brows furrow watching her carefully she looked up to meet your eyes before her voice broke through the silence.
“Please- please don’t leave.”
Her voice sounded strained almost pained as she stuttered over herself. Her eyes were glazed over her fingers on your wrist slightly trembling as the moments passed. You felt the strings tug at your heart as you heard it making you close your eyes briefly and inhale through your nose to try and calm your thoughts.
You’d give her a small nod before tapping your fingers on the hand that was wrapped around your wrist slowly having her fingers intertwine with yours. You’d tilt your head slightly giving her a small smile as you pulled her up with you careful not to hurt her more.
Slowly making your way to your shared bathroom Ellie trudged behind you quietly arm still outstretched behind you as to lead the way for her. Making it into the small space you kept your hand in hers turning so you were facing the freckled girl her eyes not quite meeting yours until you raise your hand to lightly touch her chin lifting it to press a small kiss onto her nose.
You’d pull away slowly trying not to make to much sudden movements so you wouldn’t cause the injured girl in front of you any discomfort. Fingers still lingering together you reached over to the faucet of the tub with your free hand turning it on and dipping your hand under the running water to feel the temperature before dropping the plug to fill the tub.
Ellie would let out a soft whimper as you let go of her rough hand the lose causing her to look up at you with pleading eyes.
“I know baby— i’ll take care of you.”
You’d say quietly bringing your hands down to the hem of her tank top peeling the blood soaked material from her wounded body. You’d inhale sharply as you saw the multitude of small gashes and bruises littered over her skin; you would alway tended to her wounds when she had a hard day on patrol but this time.. this time felt different.
Dropping the tank top to the ground you slowly let your eyes travel over the wounds trying to get a grasp on what she needed. You’d slowly unbutton her jeans sliding them down her legs as you hunched down to help lift each of her ankles to get them off completely before letting your hands slid up the soft skin of her thighs. You stood up again pushing the thin material of her underwear off her hips so they pooled at her feet having her carefully step out of them.
Sighing quietly the only sound in the room was the rush of the water coming from the faucet causing you to glance over at the half full tub. You’d turn off the running water before looking back to your timid girlfriend intertwining your fingers again you nodded your head over to the tub.
“I’m going to need you to step in for me, love. Slowly please..”
You’d help her step in hearing a soft hiss fall from her lips as the water washed over her open wounds. You felt her fingers press tightly against yours as she sat further into the tub a small sigh of relief escaping her as the warm water loosened her aching bones.
Lifting her battered hand to your lips you left a lingering kiss to the skin causing the freckled girl to give you a weak smile.
“i’m just going to get a clean rag, bug. I’ll be one second.”
“Mm— o-okay.”
Ellie’s voice was raspy, soft but broken. She’d give you a small nod giving your hand a tight squeeze before dropping hers into the warm water.
You’d rummage through the small cabinet pulling out the first aid kit along with a soft cotton cloth placing the kit on the counter top before dropping to your knees and shuffling closer to the tub.
Dipping the clean cloth into the bath water before ringing it out slightly bringing the cloth up to Ellie’s cheeks. You’d lightly run the cloth over her freckled cheeks causing the girl to wince as you went over a dark bruise coming in on her cheekbone. You lean closer to the girl inspecting the cut under her eyebrow dabbing lightly over it to get a clearer view seeing that it wasn’t deep enough to need stitches.
After the skin of her once stained face was clean you’d press your lips lightly onto her jawline feeling Ellie’s body relax a bit more into the feeling. Keeping her eyes closed she’d pull her legs up to her chest resting her chin on her knees as her lanky arms wrap around her legs.
You’d rinse the cloth in the water again before softly drag the cloth down her scared back causing Ellie to groan as her fingernails dug into the back of her calves not enough to brake skin but enough to ease the pain of the water through open wounds.
“s-sh bug i know it hurts.. here—“
You’d reach out your hand pulling her fingers away from digging into her skin intertwining your free hand with her rough calloused ones.
“hold onto me okay? squeeze as hard as you need.”
A warm smile spread over your lips as Ellie gave you a small nod holding your soft hand between hers tightly. You’d manage to rinse off all the blood on her pale skin tossing the dirty cloth into the sink behind you to wash later.
Sitting up on your knees before you’d reach over to the small handheld shower head and turning on the faucet testing the water temperature. Ellie would be quiet watching your every move, her head remained foggy as the soft hums you let out soothes her worries.
You’d lightly tap Ellie’s chin so she tilted her head up higher letting the shower head come closer to her head you carefully soaked her hair rising any of the grime that might have tangled through her roots. Lowering the shower head and turning it off you reached for the honey scented shampoo that the two of your shared before lathering some in your hands.
Running your soapy fingers slowly through her tangled hair letting them rub at her scalp causing Ellie to moan out softly at the feeling. You could feel the slight sag of her shoulders as they dropped in comfort and bliss as a smile tugged at your lips glad that she’s feeling more relaxed.
As you finished lathering the freckled girls hair you reached over to the plug of the tub having it drain slowly. You’d raise the shower head again to rinse out the shampoo, small hums of content falling from Ellie’s parted lips as you made sure the water stayed out of her eyes.
“Thank you baby..”
The words startled you for a moment growing use to the quiet atmosphere but welcoming the words nonetheless. The green eyed girl would look up at you as you grabbed the fluffy blue towel that was hanging from the door with the most adoring eyes, she was truly head over heels for you.
Ellie stood up slowly from the tub while you wrapped the towel around her small but strong frame her standing a tiny bit taller then normal from the height of the tub.
“Anything for you, bug. I love you.”
You’d lean in whispering the three little words that always had Ellie’s head spinning. She’d be the one to close the gap pressing her soft lips to yours while raising her hand to rest on your cheek. She’d pull away slowly resting her forehead to yours her breathing hitched in her throat as she tried to saviour the moment, saviour you.
“I love you, darlin’.”
Tumblr media
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elliewlums · 16 days
can you write general hcs of ellie williams x reader ♥️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ellie williams hcs <3
content warnings: smut implied + briefly described, use of a strap on, possessive!ellie😩
ellie is the QUEEN of casual dominance. a hand on the small of your back to guide you, a warning look to keep you in check in public, fingers pinching your chin and tilting your head up when she talks to you. when you really act up, she even crouches, elbows poised on her knees as she reprimands you (it always ends in an apology. and some other things…)
such an ass girl. astronomically so. grabs it with both hands when you walk in front of her and admires how the flesh moulds and squishes under her slender fingers. when you bend over, she pretends to fuck you from behind, moaning and groaning like a pornstar until you swat her away and grumble an exasperated “quit it, el.”
she’s definitely a night owl; ellie’s a light sleeper. she tosses and turns and sometimes gets up in the middle of the night for a walk. but now she has you - her sleepy girl - she’s far more still, in efforts to keep you asleep and comfortable if nothing else.
JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS GIRLLLL. so very possessive over you; she has a seriously short fuse when guys try anything with you whatsoever, likes to keep you close and tucked into her side. will stand between you and other people if she feels threatened. and she is liable to start swinging if she feels it necessary. you spend many nights after parties patching her up, perched on her lap as you dab at her bloody face with a damp cloth. (p.s: it always ends in sex.)
she’s also possessive in the nature that she just loves to have you close all the time. if you stray too far away or talk to someone else for too long, she will pout like a child.
she likes to hold the back of your neck when you’re walking; it keeps you close and touching just how she likes. plus, it gives her the perfect grip to pull you back and kiss you whenever she feels like it.
such a dom. loves to make you work during sex until you’re crying and all tired out and pushing halfheartedly back onto her strap. she eventually takes pity on you, but not until she makes you beg and whine beautifully for her plastic cock.
calls you cute pet names just to watch you fluster and hide behind your hands. she coos out a ‘baby,” and suddenly you’re shy and flushed white-hot. it makes her absolutely ravenous to get her hands on you.
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insxghtt · 12 days
hot knife — ellie williams x reader
if Ellie is butter, then you're a hot knife.
warnings: fluff, lots of cursing (it's ellie), lesbians being really really gayyyy, ellie and reader are 18
based on a request. y'all needed it, i needed it, we all need this.
Tumblr media
You were angry. Well, not angry like when someone tells you something you don’t really want to hear, or when someone messes with someone you deeply care about, or even when someone is trying to tell you what to do. No, this was a different type of angry. Something you have never felt before. 
It was like when you have a dog and this dog that you love so much only cares about someone else. Shit, you’re the one feeding it, you’re the one who covers that ungrateful dog with a blanket when it’s snowing outside, you’re the one who loves and would do anything to protect that dog when someone tries to hurt it, or kidnap it, or some shit like that. 
Of course, Ellie was not a dog. It’s not like you were comparing her to one, no. That would be just superficial and kind of mean, honestly. You cared about Ellie more than you would care about a dog. Also, Ellie was so much better than that. She was perfect. Every detail of her was just beautiful to you. You weren’t angry at her. You were angry at yourself for feeling like you were invisible every time she looked at her. 
Why did Ellie had to pay attention to every word she said? Why did she seem so happy when Dina talked to her? Most importantly, why did you care so much? It’s not like Ellie was your girlfriend. She was your best friend. Wasn’t it enough? 
Apparently, no, considering how shitty you felt when you saw Dina and Ellie laughing in the park while playing with snowballs. That morning, you were supposed to meet with her. You two made plans to have lunch together. Well, you didn’t plan that, but it became kind of a routine, so you though she would be waiting for you in front of your house like she always did. 
Ellie didn’t like to take care of herself. She was used to skip some meals and you were quick to notice it. Of course you would notice it, you were always looking at her. Since the day she arrived at Jackson for the first time. 
She was only fourteen then, but fourteen years were enough to make her tougher than the other kids. Tougher than you. You were more innocent than her then and that made it difficult for you two to connect. Yet somehow, you were able to sneak into her life. ‘If you are butter, I can be the hot knife’, you told her one time. That was the first time she laughed in front of you. Since that moment, you made it your goal to put a smile on her face at least once every single day. She deserved it. 
It hurt like hell when you realized you were not the only one doing it anymore. Dina was pretty, smart, confident. They made a good match if you look at it from any other point of view that it’s not yours. 
“You’re staring”, a voice next to you brough you back to earth. You didn’t have to look to know that it was Jesse. 
“You too.” 
“Do you think they’re like...”, he made a pause, obviously uncomfortable with the use of the word. “Lesbians... or something?” 
You raised your eyebrows and looked at him. “Is there a problem if they were?” 
“Well, I... No, it’s just that I...”, he stuttered. 
“You are unbelievable”, you sighed. 
“Hey!”, Ellie yelled when she saw you. “You!” 
She ran to you with a big smile in her face. For a second, you even forgot about that awful feeling. 
“I knocked at your door, but I guess you weren’t there anymore”, she stopped in front of you. Her cheeks were pink because of the cold. “Me and Dina went to sleep late yesterday, so I woke up late, and... you know.” 
Yes, of course, last night. When Dina and Ellie talked for hours and hours at the stable and you just decided to leave because it was just too much for you to handle. 
It was kind of funny how Jesse gulped when he heard Ellie saying that she and Dina were alone for hours. It obvious how much he liked Dina, but she didn’t seem to realize. 
“What were you two doing last night?”, Jesse asked. 
“They were doing drugs and making out, Jesse, that’s what they were doing.”, you said sarcastically. 
“Oh my God...”, you rolled your eyes. 
“We were talking”, Dina explained to him while she was getting closer. 
He laughed nervously and nodded.  
“I’m sorry I made you wait”, Ellie said to you. 
“It’s fine.” 
You just shrugged and turned away, now heading to the bar where you usually had your lunch. Ellie looked at Dina without really knowing what to do. You didn’t sound fine. Dina gestured for her to follow you and that was what she did. 
You entered the bar with her. It was weird how distant you were, but she tried her best to stay positive. You saw Seth from far away and gave him a signal. He already knew you and Ellie pretty well. He didn’t exactly like you, but he liked Maria, Maria liked you and you liked Ellie. That meant free lunch every day. 
When you sat at one of the tables to wait for the food, she sat in front of you. 
“Listen, I found this movie in one of the patrols and I...” 
“That’s nice”, you interrupted her, staring at your hands. 
“Okay...”, she nodded. You were not interested in the movie. Alright. “So, I was thinking we could...” 
“Did you and Dina have fun last night?” 
She opened her mouth to answer, but Seth called your name before she could say anything. You stood up and walked to the man behind the counter. 
“Thank you, Seth”, you said before taking the two sandwiches. 
The man responded with a mumble. You didn’t look at Ellie when you gave her one of the sandwiches, but she still followed you when you walked out of the bar. 
“Can you slow down a bit?”, Ellie asked. 
It didn’t really make a difference. It took her a few seconds to realize where you were going. Your home. Something was off. You two usually had lunch in the park. When it was too cold, you went to her place because it was closer. 
When you finally arrived at your house, you didn’t ask her to come in. No, you entered the door and closed it behind you. Okay, that was just too much. 
“Hey, what the fuck is wrong with you?” 
“Oh, so now you care!”, you yelled too from inside the house. 
“What?”, she tried to open the door, but it was locked. “Did you just lock me outside your house?” 
There was silence for a few seconds. “No...” 
“The door seems pretty fucking locked to me!” 
You were being childish, and you knew it. With a sigh, you left the sandwich on the corner table and opened the door. Ellie stared at you, but she didn’t seem angry. No, she seemed... hurt? 
“Are you mad at me because I woke up late?” 
“Oh, fuck you! It’s not about that!” 
“Alright, then what is it?”, she crossed her arms, waiting for an explanation. 
You had no other option but to just deny it. 
“It’s nothing.” 
“Really? You think I'm gonna buy that?” 
“I don’t need you to, it’s the truth”, you shrugged. 
“So, you just ignored me and locked me out of your house for nothing?” 
“Maybe I didn’t see you.” 
“You did see me.” 
“Maybe it was the wind.” 
“The wind can lock doors now?” 
You really had no arguments, huh? 
“Stop...”, she whispered. “Come on, let me in? It’s cold.” 
You sighed and gave her space to enter you house. When you closed the door, the silence filled the room. Ellie took the backpack off her back and looked for something in one of the pockets. You watched in silence as she took a VHS film and showed it to you. 
“This is what I was telling you about...” 
“Who the fuck is Donnie Darko?”, you read the name. 
“I was hoping to find out.” 
Why did she had to look at you like that? 
“Well, I think Dina will love it.” 
“Dina? Why would I...”, she seemed confused for a moment, but then it hit her. “Wait, are you jealous of me and Dina?” 
Jealous. Was that the word? 
“Fuck, no!” 
“Oh, my fucking God, you’re jealous!” 
“No, I'm not!”, you could feel your cheeks burning right now. “Why would I be jealous of you two?” 
“I don’t know, maybe you have a thing for her...” 
“I do not have a thing for her.” 
“You have a thing for someone then?” 
Her confusion was making you dizzy. You sighed and sat on the couch of the living room. 
“Okay...”, she was still trying to absorb that information. She felt weird trying to picture you with someone else. “Who is it then?” 
“Shut up, I don’t wanna talk about it.” 
“I think we are already talking about it, so...”, she looked at you. “It’s okay. You can tell me, you know?” 
“No, I can’t.” 
“Because I can’t lie to you, Ellie.” 
“But you don’t have to lie... right?”, she said, and you finally looked at her with tears in your eyes. “Oh...” 
You didn’t have to say anything, it was too obvious. You were in love with her. The tears started to roll down your cheeks, and you didn’t try to stop them. It was done, you couldn’t go back in time. 
“I’m sorry.” 
Ellie was staring at the floor. Her silence was terrifying to you. What if she never talks to you again? All your worries were soon replaced by confusion when she let out a laugh. 
“You know what’s funny?”, she smiled and looked at you. “I spent a week with this movie in my backpack, scared that if I invited you to watch it with me you would realize I was asking you on a date.” 
She left the VHS tape in the center table. 
“And I really spent hours yesterday talking to Dina, describing to her everything I feel when you’re around, asking her if it would be too bad if I really did ask you on a date.” 
The way you looked at her made her heart melt. It was almost as if you were begging for that to be true. 
“So, is that what this is?”, you pointed to the VHS tape. 
“I mean, if you’d like that, then I guess it is”, she looked down, trying to hide the tears in her eyes. 
You nodded and stood up. 
“I do like that.” 
She stepped your way, your faces closer than ever. “Okay, then it’s a date.” 
You gave her a shy smile and paid attention to every single detail of her. Eyes, nose, lips. 
“It’s a date”, you whispered before leaving a soft kiss on her lips. 
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ceo-of-ellie-simps · 14 days
the space between us
pairing: ellie williams x reader
summary: MINORS DNI!!!! this is basically fluff that leads to pure smut. i love ellie's fascination with space and i just had to write something surrounding it. i've never written smut in my life i'm sorry if this is awful but i truly tried...  warnings: smut, dom!ellie, sub!reader, fingering (r!receiving), oral (r! receiving), spanking, ellie's a little pussy drunk and slightly deranged, degradation kink, praise kink, spanking, choking, lmk if there are one's i might have forgotten!  ellie and you started getting close. too close. it was a dangerous game. it started with being paired up to go on patrols with her, and ended up with you two having regular movie nights at your place. somehow, she always ended up falling asleep in your bed, and you never dared to wake her up.
in those moments, when she was sleeping right beside you, you felt like you were in a dream. you'd study her features, taking every single one of them in. the way her freckles were scattered across her face, like a galaxy of stars. the way a strand of her hair fell perfectly behind her ear. the way her firm hand grazed the pillow softly, tattoo's on full display.  sometimes, you'd put your hand right next to hers, and find yourself admiring the contrast. compared to her firm hand, your hand seemed fragile, small. her tattoo's seemed to embody her spirit - confident, and unapologetically herself. you couldn't help but wonder how that hand might feel like around your waist. after entrancing in those deep thoughts, almost like a ritual, you'd fall asleep besides her.   it was a warm night in jackson, and ellie and you had made plans to meet up at her house. when you and ellie hung out, it was almost always at your place. she would always tell you that her place was too messy, too dirty, that you wouldn't like it. she didn't know all you wanted was to be closer to her, to know her. after patrol the other day, ellie mentioned she had a surprise for you, and invited you over. your heart fluttered at the invitation. finally, you thought.  you picked out a pair of tight, light pink pajama shorts paired with a simple white tank top, and decided to have your hair down. ellie always told you how pretty you looked with your hair like that. one time, after a long, excruciating patrol, you let your hair down, after feeling like you might combust with the tight ponytail pulling at your scalp. "i like that" she said casually, making your cheeks flush a shade of rosy pink. the memory of the last time ellie had commented on your appearance lingered in your mind, and you couldn't help but feel a tinge of nervousness. would she notice if you had put in extra effort to look nice? would she appreciate the gesture, or would it go unnoticed? you took a deep breath, trying to shake off your insecurities, and headed out to meet her.
you knocked on her door, and a few seconds later she opened it to greet you with a huge smile on her face and open arms. she pulled you in for a hug, her arms wrapping tightly around your body, and you leaned into her, feeling the warmth of her body against yours. she rubbed your back slightly. ellie's never been a hugger, but with you, she couldn't help it. she liked having you near her. whenever you'd go grab a drink at the bar, she would always make sure to wrap her hand around your waist if some guy tried it with you. you weren’t hers, but it felt like you had been for all of your life. 
you pulled away from the hug, a small smile on your lips as you looked up at her. "hey" you said softly, feeling a little shy in her presence. no matter how much time you've spent with her, you always felt nervous, giddy. she looked down at you, her eyes lingering on your chest for a second too long. it made your face heat up slightly. did you wear that just for her?  "hey yourself" she said, her voice deep, warm and playful. "are you ready for your surprise?" she asked, taking your hand in hers and pulling you inside. her hand didn't leave yours, and she was practically dragging across the entrance.   suddenly, she stopped, and put her hands on your eyes, covering them entirely with her long, sleek fingers.  "el, are you going to kidnap me?!" you said, giggling uncontrollably.
"nah, i'm saving that for another time... if you piss me off" she said. you couldn't see her, but you swore you could hear that smirk forming on her face. she kept on dragging you on, slower this time, so you wouldn't trip over the mess on her floor. books, records, clothes. she really was messy. she rested her firm hand on your waist in order to guide you. you prayed to god she didn't hear your breath slightly hitch up at the sudden contact. 
after she was done guiding you through her house, which ended up with you slightly bumping in to a wall (she swore she didn't do it on purpose, you knew she did) you felt a warm breeze caressing your body. her hand left your waist, which made you pout. finally, she removed her hands from your eyes. you found yourself on her porch, staring at a strange object.  "what is this?" you asked, your voice filled with excitement, which made ellie slightly scrunch her nose at you. your eyes fell on an object that you didn't recognize. it was a long, slender metal device. you furrowed your brows.  "it's a telescope" she explained. "you use it to look at the stars."  your heart leapt at the idea, and you turned back to the telescope, feeling a sense of awe wash over you. ellie watched as you gazed at the telescope with a look of wonder on your face. she couldn't help but smile at how excited you were. you always had a way of finding joy in the simplest things, and it was one of the things she admired most about you. 
"you like it?" ellie asked, her voice soft and teasing.  you turned to look at her, your eyes shining with excitement. "i love it." you said, a smile spreading across your face. ellie chuckled, reaching out to ruffle your hair affectionately. "you're so cute when you're excited" she said, her voice warm, teasing you even more. you blushed slightly at her words, as she stood with her hands fidgeting with the buttons of her grey flannel.  "where did you even manage to get that?" you asked. 
"found it on patrol the other day… and i knew i had to show you" she responded. she was thinking about you, she wanted to show you.
״come on" ellie said, gesturing towards the telescope. "let me show you how it works." you followed her eagerly, your heart racing. 
"you put your eye right here..." she explained, with her hand right on your waist, never leaving your side. "you close one eye..." you didn't see shit, which made ellie laugh.  "one eye, like you're winking"  "you know i can't wink!" you exclaimed, with a childish tone.   "okay, okay. let me help you dummy"  ״hey!" you slightly pushed her off jokingly.  she got behind you, and you could feel her chest grazing your back ever so slightly. she covered your left eye, keeping you firm against her. you could feel her belt caressing your ass. you wanted to be pushed against her more than anything in the fucking world. you felt hot all of a sudden, as if someone lit a fire inside of you.   "now, look" her voice was quiet, deep, raspy.  your breath caught in your throat as you stared at the glowing orb in the sky. 
the moon was breathtakingly beautiful, and you couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with emotion. joy filled your eyes, and you turned to ellie, your voice trembling with excitement.  "oh my god ellie", you said, your voice barely above a whisper. "its so beautiful" she smiled at you, her eyes warm and tender.  "i'm glad you like it." she said, looking deeply into your eyes.  "you wanna see saturn?" she asked, with a smirk on her face. you nodded your head at her, like a little puppy. it made her heart melt.  "turn around then" she whispered to you, adjusting the lens.  she got closer to you. even closer than before, her fingers were trailing little circles around your tummy. you wanted to see saturn, you swore you did, but she was so close, so fucking close you couldn't focus on anything else other than her soft breaths against your neck. you were lost in the sensation.  "are you looking?" she asked playfully. it was like she knew. she knew what she was doing to you.  "y-yes" you said, stuttering, embarrassment washing over you.  "yeah?" she asked with a tone you couldn't quite recognize.  your heart was beating faster. your head was almost spinning. you couldn't even respond. your breaths became heavier, and so did ellie's. you could feel her heart pounding against your back.  "describe it to me then" she demanded with a low voice.  you swallowed. "umm..." you almost whined, as you felt her soft lips grazing your shoulder.  "the ring...-it has a ring...-" you stuttered. your voice was shaky and you couldn't focus. couldn't see anything. saturn was the last thing on your mind.  "which one do you like more, the moon, or saturn?" she teased. her lips were so close to your ear it tickled, making it even harder to breathe. 
"i… i cant- i cant pick" your breathing got heavier. her hands were still wrapped around your tummy, her head resting on your shoulder. you could feel the air coming out of her nose with every breath she took, caressing you. suddenly, you felt her soft lips on your shoulder, planting a small, light kiss.   "ellie..." you whined quietly, and that was enough for her. she pulled you in even closer.  "tell me what you want, y/n" her voice was husky, whispering in your ear, making your knees weaker. you couldn't even respond.  "you can tell me to stop..." she planted another kiss. "should i stop?" she said, as if she knew she had you wrapped around her little finger as you melted into her touch.  you were a silent, whimpering mess, and she didn't even start. the knot in your lower stomach was too much for you to handle. it was tickling, burning, all for her.  "i cant pretend with you anymore" she said, and she turned you around to face her.  "you're fucking killing me." she had a hungry look on her face. starving. her eyes were darker than ever. "ellie…" you said in a needy voice. you didn’t need to say anything else. she could sense your desperation from a mile away.  "fuck…" she grunted loudly. her hands trailed up to cup your breasts. she was squeezing them hard. it almost hurt, but you were too focused on the pressure building up in between your thighs to pay it any mind.  "ellie... ellie…" is all you managed to whine. your desperate little voice was making her go crazy, squeezing your tits tighter, until you were left shaking in her arms.  "if you want more, you're going to have to beg for it." she said with a breathy voice. she sounded hungry, like she needed you to tell her what you felt, more than anything in the world.  you surrendered. you were hers in this moment, and you'd do anything she said. anything.  "p..please ellie touch me, kiss me, please" you weren't even sure if that's what you said, since your voice was so breathy and desperate, mind clouded with the thought of her hand on your tits, fingers circling your nipples through your thin bra. 
she turned you around forcefully. she looked like a fucking animal, her eyes dark with lust. she let out a groan, and she smashed her lips into yours. her lips were slightly chapped, opening up your soft lips, begging for acceptance. begging you to let her in. it was wet, and your head was spinning from the burning desire. one of her hands grabbed you by your neck, and the other pulled you closer to her by the back of your head, almost pulling your hair.the warmth of her tongue was driving you insane, dancing all over yours. she needed you more than anything. the ache between your legs was killing you, craving some sort of friction. you couldn’t believe this was happening.  
all of a sudden, she picked you up, her hands grabbed your ass, and she carried you to her living room, lips never leaving yours. it was borderline pornographic, the sounds your mouths were making. she let out a grunt as she pushed you up against the wall, and broke the kiss. 
the feeling of not having her lips over yours was excruciating, you needed her bad. you were gripping her flannel's collar, and her hand started playing with the hem of your little pants, eyes never leaving yours. her gaze suddenly turned soft. 
"you sure about this?" she asked in a breathy voice, as she pushed a hair strand away from your face. "i can't be around you without... i can't do this anymore, you drive me fucking crazy." now, it was her turn to heat up. her cheeks were red, eyes hungry for you. 
"ellie, i want to do this right now" you said, you felt tears forming in your eyes. you were so desperate it hurt, and it was finally happening.
"don't play with me" she said as she roamed her hands all over your body, purposefully avoiding your clothed cunt. 
"im not playing with you..." you whispered, as you grabbed her face and pushed it closer to yours. 
"i think about you all the fucking time" you admitted, voice shaking. 
she flipped you over so your ass was pushed up against her jeans and her belt was borderline bruising you. your heart skipped a beat at every move she made. she slapped your ass and it made a sound so loud you swore it could have woken up every resident in jackson. you moaned loudly.  "jesus christ," she muttered under her breath. you've never seen her like this. it was primal. every grunt that left her voice was filled with pure carnal energy. 
"i want to fuck you so bad" she said, her voice shaking, as she gave your ass another slap, earning herself a moan mixed with the sound of her name leaving your mouth. her hands grasped the skin underneath your shirt, reaching for the hem of your bra. she almost tore the fabric away from your body, leaving you with no shirt on. her sudden act of aggression left you with a startled look on your face. "fuck. i don’t wanna hurt you" she said, it felt like she didn’t mean it. her hand was caressing your thigh, sending shivers down your spine. "i can't- i cant hurt you… youre so fucking pure…" her voice was slightly above a whisper. your breathing was rapid, her eyes were inviting you in. 
"i need you. i need you" your voice cracked. you needed her more than anything. her hands on your body were fucking electric, she could hurt you all she wanted, you didn't care.   she pushed her knee between your thighs, giving you that friction you oh so craved. you heard her loud groan, and she hit every single nerve in your body. she noticed your little moans and whimpers, which made her move her knee up and down on your pussy. every moan encouraged her to torture you even more. 
"fuck yourself. show me how bad you need it" she grunted loudly before kissing you, swallowing in your loud pathetic moans. 
you started moving up and down, feeling your clit against her hard jeans. you were grasping for air, pulling her shirt down, scratching the muscles in her arms. it was excruciating, you craved more of her touch, you needed her. your clit felt swollen, begging to be touched.
"please- ellie- touch me" you whimpered. she hummed, and kissed you again, tongue rough against yours. it felt so fucking good. 
with no effort, she slid your pants off, revealing a pair of lacey white underwear. she breathed heavily and grunted as she noticed the wet spot that formed right where your hole is. her eyelids dropped slowly. she furrowed her brows, looked as if she almost pitied you.
"so fucking wet for me.. such a dirty fucking girl", she gave a quick slap to your pussy, which made you flinch and let out a small scream escape your mouth. her eyes were blazing. you pushed your cunt closer to her face. you were barely aware of your actions, you felt as if something took over you. she smiled playfully and planted a little kiss on your pussy through your panties, licking the wet spot that grew larger with every move of her tongue, over and over again, just to drive you mad.
you moaned her name, again and again, it was almost like you were chanting, saying a prayer, and ellie was your god. 
"not so fast…" she teased again. she was staring at your pussy with a look you’ve never seen before. she slightly pinched your panties to reveal your outer lips, and started rubbing them up and down your slit. the fabric was burning through you, and she enjoyed every minute of it. it was intoxicating for her, how the pretty girl next door was in front of her, begging to be fucked. she still didn’t touch you. her mouth was salivating at the sight of your pussy dripping just for her. she owend you. 
your hand grabbed a fistful of her auburn hair, pleading for more.
"now ellie please- please" you were full on whining. that act made ellie stop in her tracks, and she got up to meet your eyes with a stern look on her face. 
"you don’t get to decide." she said firmly. her green eyes were wide, her pupils blown out. she looked high out of her mind.  
you practically pouted, tears almost forming in your eyes.  she took both of your hands firmly. 
"how long have you wanted this, huh?" she toyed, her tone mocking you. there was no going back. she knew of the effect she had on you. no more sneaky looks, no more thinking you were so in charge of your feelings. she cursed under her breath and bit your ear, which made you moan her name loudly. she planted a small delicate kiss to your collarbone.  The sharp contrast of sensations was sending you into a frenzy. one moment, it was the intensity of hardness that left you gasping, only to be met with the tenderness of softness in the next. a delicate kiss followed by a stinging slap, each touch igniting a fire within you.
"tell me, or i don’t touch" no no no. you couldn’t deal with that. 
"i fuck myself thinking about you" you admitted, throat dry with desire. she grinned and let out a loud groan, eyes dark with lust. that was all she needed to hear. 
you were still pushed up against the wall, but now, she was kneeling in front of you. she looked up with her predatory gaze, and that look made another loud moan escape your mouth. she started planting long, light, little kisses over your soaked panties. you could tell she was restraining herself. all she wanted was to ravage you, to fuck you into submission and leave you unable to walk for days. she wanted to break you, but not yet. "its like you were fucking created just for me" she said. it made you blush even harder. just for her. 
"tell me you're mine." she demanded with a grunt.
"im yours… jesus- ellie im yours" you gasped out. she planted more and more kisses on your pussy, burying herself in your scent and wetness. it was killing her, as she felt her own cunt leaking from just the sound of your soft moans. her words were like a drug, intoxicating and addictive, and you couldn't get enough. you arched your back, pressing your hips against her mouth, wanting more, needing more. 
"i need-" kiss. "to taste-" kiss. "that little fucking pussy" she bit your clit through your panties, making you scream loudly. "please eat me- please… fuck-" you moaned, the sound catching in your throat as she bit down. you were mumbling absolute nonsense, the word "please" not leaving your mouth. she got up from her knees again, pushing you firmly against the wall.
she felt herself go absolutely insane, she could feel how wet and needy you were for her. she wrapped her hand around your throat, squeezing it lightly. "you're begging for it, aren't you?" she murmured. "you want me to eat your pretty little pussy until you can't even remember your own name."
her hand was cupping your pussy, giving it small slaps that made your head dizzy. you were hot all over, burning, as her hand imprinted your neck. 
you nodded frantically, not being able to say a word, intoxicated by her grip and her eyes, fucking you with her look.  
she was kneeling again, with her head wrapped between your thighs. you wished you could burn this moment into your memory. it was fucking glorious, a pure work of art, like a scene out of a renaissance painting. your eyes closed in ecstasy.
"jesus christ" she muttered under her breath, and moved your panties to the side, not even bothering to take them all the way off. she needed to know how you taste. she planted a warm, wet kiss all over your aching clit, and sucked it ever so slightly. a moan escaped her mouth, and you saw her hand immediately go down to take off her jeans. she took them all the way off, and then she shoved her hand in her underwear. that sight made you almost come on the spot.
the fact that she couldn’t wait, that she had to touch herself as she was kissing your pussy made you see stars, galaxies. she spread your legs open, your pussy on full display, offering your glistening folds for her exploration. she took her hand out of her black boxers, and without warning, she slid a finger inside you, and you gasped at the sensation of her slick warmth mingling with your own wetness.
"taste so fucking good… so sweet for me" she said in her deep voice.
"holy shit-" is all you could mutter, feeling the tight coil in your belly about to explode. she looked amused, letting out a small chuckle. your loud moan earned you another slap right on your clit. you screamed in agony and pleasure, as she pumped her finger inside and out of you like a fucking machine. 
she spat on your pussy, her saliva mixing with all of your wetness. 
"such a fucking slut for me, youd do anything for me wouldn’t you?" she mumbled, with that hungry fucking look on her face. 
she added another finger, pumping in and out of you, making you come closer and closer to your climax. the moans that left your mouth made her go even crazier. ellie was licking up all the juices that had gathered, and started flicking your clit in a circular motion. you felt so fucking unholy. 
she sucked roughly on your clit, her eyes not leaving yours, demanding for your eye contact. you could feel it coming at you hard, you couldn’t control yourself anymore. you needed to cum and you were almost going to. your eyes rolled in your head, forcing you to leave her piercing gaze. 
she stopped. 
"no. no- no. ellie- wh-why?" you cried. she blew air on your clit slightly, making you twitch. "youre going to look at me when you cum- if you don’t, I'm gonna fucking torture you. understand?" she said firmly, and she spanked your ass once again. 
"i understand" you cried.
"atta girl" she praised, as she wrapped her arm around your ass, and started licking you all over again, with an agonizing speed. your cheeks were covered with tears, you felt so embarrassed but so fucking full of her fingers and her tongue. with every single one of your soft sobs, ellie became more and more eager, moaning softly against your core. 
your mind went absolutely numb, as you felt your orgasm come closer and closer. you were filled with so much pleasure you couldn’t handle it anymore. 
"m'gonna cum ell-… i'm gonna cum" you cried, as her pace got faster and deeper, ruining your pussy. 
"cum for me angel" she praised.  you cried out ellie's name until your mind went blank. you arched your back as you drowned in the pleasure. 
ellie never wanted to hurt you, but you came so hard it nearly broke your heart. 
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