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elskittie · 2 months
ellie comforting her sensitive girl when she’s crying ‼️‼️‼️
i see i have summoned all the crybabies to my blog …… we gotta stick togetha 💋
sensitive girl
🎀 ellie bein a sweetheart, short drabble
so, she wouldn’t out right realise you were crying at first because she just walked into the room - but she sees you sat on the edge of the bed facing away from her and she know’s something is up.
“whats up, bug? you’re quiet.” she breathes as she removes her jacket, dusting down her jeans from the dust it had collected from her climbing around god knows where. you didn’t respond and she frowns a little, walking around the bed to stand in front of you and seeing you with tear streaked cheeks and a wobbly bottom lip. “oh, man.” she sighs and calmly kneels down infront of you, taking your hands in hers as she studies your face. “whats with the tears, babe? who did this?” she softens her voice as you sniff and stare down at your joined hands.
“i don’t wanna say. don’t wanna be annoying.” you choked out, blinking your sticky wet eyelashes. at this she pushed herself up to sit next to you on the bed, closing the space between you as she wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you to lean against her.
“you could never annoy me. talk to me.” she reassures and you sigh, lifting your head slightly to look up at her with big sad eyes. she raises her hand and cups your wet cheek in her palm, swiping tears away from under your eye with her thumb. “it’s okay.” she adds in a whisper at the close proximity.
“just feel like i’m in the way lately. i’m not strong like you n’i’m scared you’re gonna get rid of me cos i can’t—i can’t like do the things you all do, and—” your own words made your hiccup and cry a little harder, and that was all she needed to hear to pull you even closer.
“hey, hey. come on, that’s not true. you know i love you and i’m not going anywhere. pretty girls should never cry, especially not my pretty girl.” she pulled you closer until you were on her lap and she could hold you, rocking you side to side as you whimpered into her shoulder. you tried to explain yourself more but she gently shushed you, silencing you by jogging her knee beneath you slightly. “don’t talk, just cry. i got you.”
once you had calmed down a little bit and were ready to listen she took your cheek in her hand, wiping your tears again and staring into your eyes with a solemn look that was full of love and emotion. “i don’t wanna hear you say you’re not strong, alright? you’re plenty strong. remember how good you were getting with target practice the other day when i was teaching you? and you’re my helpful girl, could never get rid of you.” she kissed you a bunch of times on the lips, loads of small ones where she doesn’t pull her mouth away between each peck and you smiled, which made her feel like she’d succeeded.
“see, you’re strong in lots of ways… just a big old crybaby. but that’s okay.” she smirked, her lips curling against your cheek where she dropped another kiss and you stifled a giggle in offence, pushing out your bottom lip in an exaggerated pout making her chuckle.
“heeeey.” you complained and she grinned, turning your cheek with her fingers so she could plant another long kiss on your lips but before she did she was sure to mock you with a smile.
“heeeey.” she repeated quietly before kissing you, and you couldn’t help but smile too.
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ohcaptains · 1 month
okg i don’t remember of i sent this or not but ellie calling r a cocktease 😩
this. okay this kinda got away from me. enjoy the absolute filth !!!! 18+ as always.
when Ellie bottoms, she always gets this soft, almost drunk look on her face. she’s intoxicated by the sight of you on top of her, beaming from the orgasm she’s just given you — still thinking about the way you’d rolled her over, and bent down to kiss her, tasting your slick on her mouth as you whispered, my turn.
“Fuck,” she gasps, arching her back. she’s still sensitive from coming on your fingers. Pussy puffy and slick from use. Her clit is swollen with need, and because you’re awful. down right evil, you push the head of the strap against it, watching her jolt.
She moans, hips dragging up to get some friction, and her sounds of pleasure hiccup into a laugh. “Fuck you,” she giggles, the end of it twisting into a whimper as you brush against her clit again. Her long fingers clutch the sheets, veins in her muscular arms popping.
“What was that?” you whisper, raising a brow. You rest your weight against your arm, leaning close. “What was that angel?” you pout, mocking her. “I didn’t hear you.”
Ellie gets confident, “I said fuck—“
You push the head of the strap into her puffy hole, and her eyes roll back, “—fuckkk,” she moans, pussy clenching around the tip. She whimpers pitifully, and you pull out, humming a laugh.
“I didn’t hear you again, I must have missed it.”
“You’re such a cocktease,” she whispers all at once, eyes fucked out, but still with their usual bright edge.
You chew your lips, giggling at your girlfriend.
“I am arent I?”
“Mean,” she whispers, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. She lets you move her, hitching her legs up, and she automatically wraps them around your back.
Ellie clings to you, a soft sort of wave washing over her. she always got like this when she was under you — desperate and needy. You push the head of your strap against her again, and she whispers your name, says shit like, m’gonna come so quick, and it’s so hot that you can’t bring yourself to tease her. You press deeper, watching her pussy stretch around you, her slick pooling beneath her ass.
Ellie moans. deep and unafriad — fills the room with it, as she arches her back and grabs for you, hand flattening against your chest. Her pussy gushes, and she whimpers, brushing her mouth against yours.
“M‘so wet for you,” she whispers against your lips suddenly, her mouth opening as she moans, breathy and desperate. “m’ my god, m’ so wet for you.”
Her fingers tighten in your hair, pushing her forehead against yours. “Fuck—“ she curses. she clenches her eyes closed, and you take a second to look at her, cheeks flushed, brow furrowed as you fuck up into her.
she chews on her bottom lip, and you kiss her teeth away, pushing your tongue into her mouth. “so hot Ellie,” you moan, pulling away, making her look at you. “do’you know how hot you are?”
She tries to hide under her arm, but you knock it back. She groans, flushing red. You grind deeper, and her breathing quickens, eyes rolling back as you pick up speed.
Still, the defiant Ellie is never that faraway. She manages to stutter, “shut up,” and you beam at the chase.
“You wanna come?” you grin, and she hums a laugh, “don’t be mean.”
You pout, “I thought you liked it when i was mean.”
You love making Ellie come. Love when she stretches out, back arching, and grabs a wad full of your hair, so fucked out that all she can do is whimper your name. She grinds her pussy against your cock, trying to match your thrusts, moaning softly, the sound high pitch and breathy, so different from her usual deep tenor.
“Oh fuck—oh fuck oh fuck,” she swears, clenching her eyes shut. “Please keep doing that oh my fucking—i’m gonna come, i’m gonna come, i’m gonna come.”
“s’my girl,” you whisper against her mouth, reaching between your bodies. You keep up the pace she likes, but push your fingers into her clit, and she flinches, cursing against your lips. When you swirl it in messy, tight circles, she whines pathetically, not embarrassed anymore.
Cant hide from what she wants.
“Keep doing that, please baby, please.”
“So polite for me,” you comment, grinning as her eyes burst open, wet with the compliment.
“So polite when i’m fucking you, huh?” you tease, rutting up into her, never slowing your fingers against her clit. “You get all dumb on my cock, don’t you, baby?”
“Mm,” Ellie moans, nodding, not aware that she’s doing it. So achey and strung out that she’d say yes to anything.
You kiss her. Push your tongue into her mouth and she groans around it, fingers tight in your hair. You fuck up and deep, and she gasps, pulling away and arching into you.
“Theretherethere,” she sobs, clutching the sheets, and you don’t stop fucking her, don’t stop until she’s coming, near screaming your name against your lips.
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xoxomoonville · 6 days
can you write casual dominance with ellie ♥️
♡ casual dominance w/ ellie
warnings: mention of alcohol
Tumblr media
i think els differs the way she shows her affection depending on whether you two are alone or in public. i can picture her being more strategic with her flirty remarks or pda when you are in public, but when you two are alone i feel like she's showing her dominance without even thinking twice about it.
one thing about that girl is she gets jealous EASILY (i mean... the way she would look at dina and jesse whenever they were somewhat close to each other in the theater lol). i don't think any of it has to do with trust issues between the both of you, she just wants everyone to know that you are hers and hers only. friday evenings at the jackson bar are the busiest, but you and ellie wanted to have some fun after a long week and got invited by a couple of friends. you found yourself standing off to the side waiting for ellie after she went off to grab you both some drinks. but before she got back, some tipsy guy you had maybe spoken to once in this small town decided to make a move. some shitty pickup line you can't be bothered to remember and watching him stumble over his words. before you could short-circuit his attempt to offer you a drink, ellie barged in as if she owned the place. clearly seeing from a distance how this guy was making you uncomfortable, she didn't give it a second thought before striding between the both of you.
"hey babe, here's your drink. is this guy bothering you?"
no real harm was done and you just shrugged off the encounter, wanting ellie to know that you could handle it on your own. but you couldn't deny the flutter in your stomach after seeing her dominant demeanor on display. not an ounce of her was feeling insecure or hesitant about the situation. just an immediate reaction to waltz in and show off what's hers. i also see her doing the 'hand in your back pocket' move. maybe when the two of you are walking off or on your way home. it's definitely a casual thing for her to do often.
Tumblr media
i think things look a bit different back at home. ellie lets her guard down and doesn't have to worry about lingering stares from others. i can see her picking up more of the "dirty work" when it comes to household chores. she's the one building the new furniture while you sit there with a glass of wine (lol). maybe she comes home from patrol one day to you attempting to fix up the creaky cabinet that has been on your nerves all week. but before you can argue she's pressed up against your back peeking over your shoulders gently grasping your hands showing you how it's done. quickly discovering that ellie's method of screwing on the cabinet would have saved you some time. she chuckles near your ear jokingly teasing you about how bad you are at handyman work, which earned her a playful slap to the back of her hand. all that did was bring her to mutter "owwwieee" and pepper your cheeks with sloppy kisses.
she also always needs to be nearest to the road when walking on a sidewalk. you two could be hand and hand on a walk but she's very stern about having you in the safest place possible. she won't let you argue with her about this either. i think she's like this in the bedroom as well. always sleeping on the side nearest to the door in case of any intruder or danger. as silly as it may seem, she just wants to be able to protect you in any situation that's in her control. even if that means swapping sides of the bed just so she can feel better about it.
her eyes are on you like a hawk on any occasion when you are drinking. she won't hesitate to tip your head up, look you in the eyes, and tell you "it's time to be done babe, you've had enough silly girl." and get you back home with plenty of water and tucked into bed.
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goofygooberdays · 9 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ellie Williams: The Last of Us
“Okay, Jesus. I’ll just throw my fucking sandwich at them.”
I found all these pictures on Pinterest
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writerwoed · 1 year
dating ellie williams headcanons
Tumblr media
welcome to the third installment of my valentine’s day one-shots. today i’m sharing my headcanons on what it would be like to date our favorite murderous lesbian - ellie williams. 
rating: mature/explicit. there will be mentions of smut/descriptions of sexual content. do not interact if you’re a minor. 
request a valentine’s one shot here!
Tumblr media
you have to make the first move because while you and ellie had been flirting for weeks now she was hesitant to make a move. 
one night you’re sitting under a tree on the edges of the settlement, sharing a joint and you just can’t stop yourself. 
when you kiss her she sort of freezes, but eventually she loosens up and kisses you back. it was your first kiss, but you don’t tell her that until much later. 
you all continue to hang out nearly everyday, kissing and watching movies and just spending time together. 
eventually she asks if you’re dating and you tell her you’d like to be. so after that you two officially become a couple. 
she is so overprotective.
you laugh because she was always complaining that joel is always in her business, especially about patrol, but now you’re being paired with her basically everyday. 
dina tells you ellie asked maria to keep you two paired up so she can watch out for you. 
whenever you two are out on patrol ellie always tries to push you behind her or otherwise protect you even though she knows you can handle yourself. 
you love how much she likes taking care of you. 
when you two finally decide to have sex for the first time she wants to make the entire thing really special for you. 
she sneaks you into one of the empty homes in jackson.
there are candles everywhere and she even scrounged up some flowers, even though they’re dried and dead. 
ellie spends the entire night trying to make you feel so good, coaxing at least two orgasms out of you. 
she loves all the noises you make. 
she gives you very specific instructions the first time you go down on her. 
“yeah, right there.” “just like that.” “you’re doing such a good job.”
on your anniversary she bakes you the ugliest cake ever and totally tries to downplay the gesture. 
she also writes a song for you and sings it to you when you’re both sitting in your apartment.
“joel helped with the music, but i wrote all the lyrics.”
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elliebrickmaster · 8 months
I've just made up a new Ellie headcanon and I'm obsessed.
Modern AU Ellie loves to dye her hair funky colors. Green, blue, red, she had it all. She currently has blue hair and she's rocking it. I HAVE TO DRAW THIS.
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elliewlums · 16 days
can you write general hcs of ellie williams x reader ♥️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ellie williams hcs <3
content warnings: smut implied + briefly described, use of a strap on, possessive!ellie😩
ellie is the QUEEN of casual dominance. a hand on the small of your back to guide you, a warning look to keep you in check in public, fingers pinching your chin and tilting your head up when she talks to you. when you really act up, she even crouches, elbows poised on her knees as she reprimands you (it always ends in an apology. and some other things…)
such an ass girl. astronomically so. grabs it with both hands when you walk in front of her and admires how the flesh moulds and squishes under her slender fingers. when you bend over, she pretends to fuck you from behind, moaning and groaning like a pornstar until you swat her away and grumble an exasperated “quit it, el.”
she’s definitely a night owl; ellie’s a light sleeper. she tosses and turns and sometimes gets up in the middle of the night for a walk. but now she has you - her sleepy girl - she’s far more still, in efforts to keep you asleep and comfortable if nothing else.
JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS GIRLLLL. so very possessive over you; she has a seriously short fuse when guys try anything with you whatsoever, likes to keep you close and tucked into her side. will stand between you and other people if she feels threatened. and she is liable to start swinging if she feels it necessary. you spend many nights after parties patching her up, perched on her lap as you dab at her bloody face with a damp cloth. (p.s: it always ends in sex.)
she’s also possessive in the nature that she just loves to have you close all the time. if you stray too far away or talk to someone else for too long, she will pout like a child.
she likes to hold the back of your neck when you’re walking; it keeps you close and touching just how she likes. plus, it gives her the perfect grip to pull you back and kiss you whenever she feels like it.
such a dom. loves to make you work during sex until you’re crying and all tired out and pushing halfheartedly back onto her strap. she eventually takes pity on you, but not until she makes you beg and whine beautifully for her plastic cock.
calls you cute pet names just to watch you fluster and hide behind your hands. she coos out a ‘baby,” and suddenly you’re shy and flushed white-hot. it makes her absolutely ravenous to get her hands on you.
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elsfavor1te · 18 days
can you write hcs of ellie being a simp gf 🫶🏻
warnings: i don’t really know what to put here tbh.. cutesy fluff stuff. 18+ smut included. oral (r receiving). thigh riding (also r receiving).
this was super fun to write man. i loved it 10/10. 💕💕 thank you for the ask. this is technically the first smut i’ve ever written, if you’d even count this as smut. be kind. 🥲
simpgf!ellie who always has to have her hands on you.
you could be doing something as simple as reading a book and she’s there, head on your stomach , hand trailing up under your shirt.
she loves to hold your hand too. just when you’re walking through jackson or when she’s between your thighs.
she has you spread open for her, one hand holding your thigh down. her tongue swirling around your clit occasionally sucking. she uses her free hand to hold yours when you’re about to cum, talking you through it.
“that’s it. good fuckin’ girl.”
simpgf!ellie who loves kissing you.
normally ellie isn’t one for pda but with you she doesn’t care. kissing you where ever and infront of whoever.
she doesn’t neglect kissing you when she’s upset either, sure she might grip your neck a little harder than necessary when she’s dragging your face to hers to place the kiss on your lips. never hard enough to hurt you though.
she doesn’t care if you’re wearing lipgloss either. you’d try and stop her reminding her how she doesn’t like the sticky feeling of it,
“baby, lipgloss. it’s gonna be on your lips.”
“i don’t care. kiss me.” she’d pout cutely until you finally did. standing patiently as you took your thumb and wiped the thin layer of gloss off of her lips.
sometimes when you’d wear the pretty colored lipstick you found on patrol and kissed her cheek, neck, forehead she wouldn’t let you wipe off the mark it left. telling you it’s your special way of claiming her, (even though everyone already knows she’s yours).
simpgf!ellie who loves waking up with you.
loving the messy bed head look you wake up with, your hair sticking up in all directions and mouth dry.
sometimes you would wake up to her trailing her fingers through your hair, separating tangles gently when she came across them.
other times when you’d wake before her she would have you locked in her arms. your legs tangled together and you trapped in her arms.
at first you feel safe, admiring her pretty face while she holds you. after awhile you’d try to wiggle out, whispering her name.
“els, i gotta pee…”
“shhh, m’sleeping”
eventually you’d wiggle enough and whine enough that she would let you go, urging you to go fast and come back.
on special mornings after you would both wake up you wouldn’t even make it out of the bed before your lips are crashing urgently. her thigh pushing up against your clothed center as you grind down, letting little moans slip into her mouth.
simpgf!ellie who helps you when you can’t sleep.
she would make you snacks if you said that’s what you needed to sleep.
she’d rub your back for hours if it got you to sleep easier, whispering reassurances as her hand drew little shapes on your back.
“i’ve got you…”
at first she was against it but once she saw how fast humming little songs would get you to sleep it’d be her go-to. humming to you everywhere. when you couldn’t sleep, when you were crying, when you just needed ellie to hold you.
simpgf!ellie who talks about you to everyone.
“dina,” she would try to keep a straight face but ultimately end up with the biggest grin on her face. “she found me a brand new case of colored pencils AND a new sketchbook for my birthday. we’re in an apocalypse man. how does she do it?”
dina would smile, happy ellie found her person. even happier that it was her bestfriend she found it in.
sometimes when she couldn’t contain herself she would even brag to jesse. “she did my hair like this for me when we woke up,” she gestures at the 2 braids leading into a little ponytail at the middle of her head, otherwise it’s her normal half up half down hairstyle. “bet dina doesn’t do your hair in the mornings.”
“what? of course she doesn’t, i don’t have enough hair for that- you’re such a fucking simp.”
“yup.” she grins cheekily. “so inlove with her.”
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elsmstrss · 22 days
i wasnt gonna write anything today but i’m laying in bed rn and i was thinking !! (i know… first red flag) BUT:
ellie likes you wearing her clothes a little too much
tags: ellie williams x fem!reader , possessive!ellie , extremely self-indulgent , ellie wears boxers, because i said so, lapslock, smut (ish) , thigh-riding (hmm my favorite!) , dom!ellie, sub!reader
idk if this is a oneshot or a really long hc but enjoy !
it was a random afternoon in the middle of winter. you had invited yourself over to your girlfriend’s place, cold and reeking of horse as you’d spent all day at the stables.
you don’t bother knocking, pushing the door open, stepping inside, shedding your coat and throwing it over a nearby chair. you’re tugging your boots off, supporting yourself on the doorframe when you hear a shout from the bathroom, “babe! that you?”
you follow the sound of your girlfriends voice, sock clad feet pattering against the wood floors. you crack the bathroom door open, peaking your head in, smiling at the sight of her putting her short hair into a half bun. her forearms flexed with the movements and your eyes trailed over her tattooed arm.
“ellie,” you whisper yell, effectively spooking her, causing her to flinch and whip her head towards you.
“fuck babe what did i tell you about that shit? you’re gonna kill me one of these days”. ellie’s wide eyes and slacked jaw created the funniest look of bewilderment, causing you to let out a not-so-subtle laugh.
ellie scoffs but you notice her lips quirk as she tries to hide the smile creeping up on her expression. she suddenly pulls on your wrist and you stumble into her arms. she plops a big wet kiss in between your brows.
“ugh gross!” you complain, reaching up to wipe the damp feeling from your face but ellie beats you to it, thumbs gently rubbing at the crease there.
“oh you love it” ellie leans down for a second, less wet, peck on your lips, face scrunching up as she pulls back. “jeez you stink,”
you pout, ready to quip back but you couldn’t even argue. you did stink.
“wanna shower love? it’ll warm you up too,” you don’t even that you had been shivering until you feel ellie’s big, warm hands rub up and down on your arms, trying to thaw you out.
“i didn’t bring any clothes els. you’re just gonna have to deal with me, stink and all,” you tease. ellie just huffs out a laugh and and squeezes your shoulders.
“wait here.”
she comes back a few moments later, a stack of clothes on top of a messily folded towel. “here,” she places the tower of fabric into your arms and turns on her heels, “take your time, i’ll find us a movie in the mean time.” the door shuts behind her.
you turn the faucet on and strip your dirty clothes as you wait for the water to heat up. by the time you’ve removed all your clothes and jewelry, it’s scalding, steam filling the small room, just the way you like.
you instantly feel your body relax as it warms up from the shower. you wash the stable smell from your skin and hair, spending just a little longer than usual after rinsing, not wanting to leave the warmth just yet.
you finally turn the shower off, blindly reaching for the towel through the curtain, wrapping yourself up and stepping out. you stand in front of the mirror, clearing the haze from the glass with your hand, revealing a slightly blurry reflection of yourself.
you dry yourself as thoroughly as possible before turning to the small stack of clothing ellie had given you. it included an old, lived in gray hoodie and a pair of loose black and white plaid boxers. you shake your head, laughing to yourself at the mens underwear. ellie swears by them and often goes on tangents about how much more comfortable they are compared to women’s underwear.
“seriously babe, it’s actually so fucking unfair like??”
you pull the hoodie over your head. it smelled so much like ellie. it made you dizzy, her scent intoxicating and you couldn’t help the small throb in your cunt as a result.
you finish getting dressed and step out of the bathroom, steam escaping into the main room. you spot ellie on the bed, flipping through her dvd collection. without looking up she asks, “ok, what are we feeling? cheesy rom-com or equally cheesy thriller?”
“whichever one will make me want to rip my eyes out less,” you answer, joking but, not really.
“okayyy thriller it is,” she stands up and puts the disc into the player, “hey do you mind grabbing the re-“ she abruptly cuts herself off when she turns around and finally sees your figure.
you’re just standing there, ankles cross, hands playing with the frayed ends of the hoodie’s sleeves as you patiently wait for her to set everything up. you pretend not to notice as her eyes slowly drag up your legs, eyes slightly glassy as they trail up your body.
“grab what?” you ask, looking around the room. your only met with silence, “el!”.
that seemed to knock her out of her stupor, clearing her throat and stuttering out, “t-the um,” cough “ the remote. can you grab the remote please”. her voice dying off at the end, slightly hoarse.
you finally end up the in the bed together, ellie sat up, back against the head board, you tucked into her side. she’s stroking your hair and you sigh softly, settling into your favorite spot.
not even five minutes into the movie, you feel ellie shift and maneuver you, now half on top of her. she leans down and inhales. “fuck”.
you look up to see she looks almost like, in pain. “els what’s wrong?”
“nothing it’s just,” she moves her hands down, gripping your sides, “you smell like me.”
the tone of her voice, low and possessive, and slightly strained, causes butterflies to erupt in your lower stomach. ellie leans down and begins to leave kisses along your jaw and neck, sucking a little bit harsher each time. you bite your lip and sigh, trying to focus on the movie.
ellie knows exactly where to kiss and bite, leaving you squirming and desperate for more. “ellie,” you whine out, you sound out of breath already and you feel ellie smirk into your skin.
“what baby? gotta use your words,” she gropes the padding of fat on your hips, manhandling you to be fully on top of her. you want so badly to move, grind your hips down into her lap, feel some sort of relief but her grip on you is strong, keeping you in place.
“need it els, please”
“please what, pretty?” she sounds breathless herself, the sight of you needy and flushed on top of her like this makes a rush of arousal flood through her, needy for you too.
“touch me. please make it better,” words were becoming difficult, already slipping into that headspace, easily submitting to ellie. the slight embarrassment of being forced to voice your wants and desires makes you that much wetter and you know it won’t take much to tip you over the edge tonight.
ellie finally lifts you up slightly, angling her thigh up and grinding you down slowly onto her leg. the whine you let out would have embarrassed you but you’re far too desperate for any kind of stimulation to care.
“that’s it baby. look at you, so pretty in my clothes,” she groans out, just the sigh of you withering in her lap enough to make her cum right then.
you want more. you’re both still clothed and the friction against your clit is just barely enough but you can’t be bothered to stop and take it off, too far gone and chasing the feeling that’s building up, your lower tummy clenching.
you start to speed up, palms resting on top of ellie’s hands that are now on your waist and thigh. your moans and whines get louder and more desperate and ellie, who knows your body better than anyone, can tell you’re already close.
“yeah baby? already? such a good girl. my good girl. mine.”
you love when your girlfriend gets like this so you can’t help yourself when you spur her on.
“yours yours yours” you chant like a mantra. this causes something to snap in ellie because before you realize, you’re flipped onto your back, ellie slotting her knee in between your thighs. she pulls your hips back down and guides your movements, causing direct friction to your sensitive bud.
“oh- ellie!” you sob, it’s beginning to become all too much and your hands hold onto her forearms, nails digging into the skin there as you feel your orgasm building.
“gonna cum for me? that’s it love, take what you need,” it only takes a few more grinds and a particularly desperate groan from ellie above you that sends you over the edge, climax hitting you suddenly and hard. ellie talks you through it, leaning down and whispering sweet praises, lips grazing the shell of your ear
your mouth hangs open, eyes squeezing shut as waves of pleasure wash over you, you spasm every few seconds as you come down from the high.
ellie gently removes her knee and settles into the sheets next you, pulling you into your chest. she places a tender kiss to the top of your hair and strokes gently strokes your back. you can start to feel your eyelids droop, suddenly exhausted.
you feel a slight jostling as a small chuckle escapes from ellie’s lips.
“m wha?” you mumble, lifting your head up to meet her eyes.
“nothin’ just that,” ellie pauses to tuck your head back into her chest.
“i think you should wear my clothes more often.”
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elskittie · 26 days
ellie x crybaby! reader :((
a few lazy hcs :( bc she is meee !!
• nothing surprises her anymore !! she knows u are a big crybaby
• she’ll see you scrubbing tears away with the back of your hand and she’ll walk over to you, shielding you from everyone else as she places a hand on ur arm
• “what happened, babe?” her tone is light and casual, maybe because she’s used to it but also bc she finds keeping the tone light helps you get out your mood easier
• “jesse said he killed a rabbit… s-so they could cook it.” your lip wobbled as you turned and point at jesse who was talking and laughing about something else with dina.
• “ohhh, babe.” she cooed sympathetically, pulling your head to her shoulder so that you wouldn’t see the guilty grimace on her face from having done the same thing many times (just didn’t tell you, for obvious reasons.) she turned her head, catching jesses eye and shaking her head at him scoldingly making him mouth a ‘sorry!’ with his hands held up
• jesse and dina definitely come over later on (like your parents fjfjdjdjs) and reassure you that the rabbit had lived a long and healthy life (lying <3)
• ellie has a page in her diary dedicated to times like these which she has titled ‘Things that have made my girlfriend cry’ where she lists the reasons and the date it happened on
• the list contains of additions such as ‘Thought about how many abandoned dogs there must be in the world — 11/08’ ‘I hesitated when she asked me if I would still love her if she had three eyes, twelve legs, snakes for hair and the legs of a horse — 03/05’
• she always knows when you’re about to blow.
• like she can see it in the way your eyebrows twitch and furrow, you start looking all flushed and fidgety, your bottom lip starts wobbling. by that point, she’s usually whisked you away from the situation that’s upsetting you and is either trying to comfort you or distract you. “hey, hey, c’mon babe don’t get upset. let’s prank dina, it’ll be funny right? you like pranking dina with me!” she then takes your face in her hands and starts kissing your cheeks until you crack a smile. “theeeeres my brave girl.” she grins once you do.
• aaaand of course
• ellie looooves to make you cry during sex (in a good way, duh)
• you start hiccuping and blubbering when she’s overstimulating you and she’s quick to soothe you with soft hands and kisses, chuckling down at you. “oh, my sweet girl. you reaaally like that, huh. makin’ me look bad, crying on me like that angel.” she smiles reassuringly, holding both your hands even with her strap buried to the hilt inside you.
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ohcaptains · 2 months
okay can we pls talk about the fact that ellie would 100% buy & collect lego sets or gets into puzzles. like realllllyyy into them, and the pair of you will have one on the go at all times. joel calls you an old married couple when he walks in on the pair of you doing the puzzle together on a friday night, watching old doctor who episodes, both in pajamas. or the same for lego’s, n you’ve got all the pieces out and ellie’s counting the pieces, squinty face on, and she’s suddenly frantic because she swears you’re missing a piece, but it was under her thigh the whole time
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totheblood · 12 days
hii love can you write hcs of ellie williams in protective gf mode
a/n: of course! thank u for the request <;3 p.s little bonus ai audio at the end (ellie yelling at u lol, ellie telling u to drink up, ellie asking u whats wrong)
Tumblr media
protective gf ellie
it’s no secret that ellie is extremely protective of the people around her, but when it came to you it was a whole other story
she’s protective of you out in the world, if you’re on patrol together she will always enter new areas before you, scoping it out before giving you the okay to come in
“it’s safe to come in, babe.”
“you’re ridiculous.”
“and you’re still alive, so where’s my thank you?”
she would definitely try not to baby you since she’s positive you can hold your own (it’s very hot to her how badass you are on patrol) but sometimes she just can’t control it
she knows she’s immune so she would much rather take her chances than have you be bit, but you don't know that so you get into little quips about why she doesn’t let you fight infected
“i don’t see why i can’t clear out the area with you ellie, i feel like i’m not pulling my weight.”
“it’s not safe, you could get bit.”
“but i won’t.”
she will always check the sturdiness of the floor before telling you to follow her (she’s fallen through too many floors to take her chances with you)
when you do end up getting hurt on patrol she gets mad
like unreasonably angry at you… she’s working on it
“what the fuck were you thinking?! going in there gun’s blazing, you didn’t know how many of them there were!” she would scold you while tending to your wounds, it was honestly very confusing
“i’m sorry, i jus-“
“don’t do it again.” she would say it in her sternest voice before kissing the gauze where she patched you up
when it comes to protecting you from other people in jackson ellie was known for being ruthless
a guy hitting on you at the diner? she would slide into the booth next to you and wrap her arm around your waist with an exaggerated, “hey baby.”
someone who won’t leave you alone when you’re obviously uncomfortable? she would immediately step in between the two of you with her finger pointed in the guys face, “hey back the fuck up!”
if she ever saw you crying, all hell would break loose
inside her rage would be boiling, but on the outside she was running up to you, putting your face in her hands, scanning your body for any injuries, and asking you with the most tender voice, “what’s wrong, baby?”
“these guys would not stop making fun of me on my way home.” you would explain in between sniffles “just got so overwhelmed, but i’m okay.”
“who? what did they look like? what were they saying?”
“ellie, don’t do anything.”
“i won’t, just tell me. wanna make sure those assholes shovel horse shit for a month.”
after you would tell her she’d press a kiss on your forehead and stay with you until you fell asleep
after she would go out and find the guys who made you cry and beat them up (violence isn’t the answer but this is ellie and she’s a sucker for revenge)
ellie’s actually not above punching anyone for you, she just would never let you see that side of her
a part of her also wants to protect you from herself and what she’s capable of
so whenever she’s not doing mentally well she would seperate herself from you so she doesn’t lash out at you
she hates the look on your face when anyone yells at you and she knows she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she was on the receiving end
she also always walks you home, she likes when you call her a gentleman and kiss her goodnight
she’s also protective of you when you’re not feeling well, absolutely ignoring her own health to make sure you’re eating, sleeping, and getting enough water
“c’mon baby, drink up.” she would coo as she gently sat you up in your bed, her protective hand resting on the small of you back while you drank
she would stroke your hair as you slept, constantly checking your body temperature as she waited for your fever to break
on the flipside, whenever she was sick she wouldn’t let you around her
you would be banging on her door with homemade soup being like “ellie, open this goddamn door!”
and her sick ass would say “no! don't wanna get you sick!” through her stuffy nose
“fine, but i’m leaving the soup outside your door, please make sure you eat it and drink water!”
“thank you.”
“okay, bye, i love you!”
“i love you more”
she’s always doting on you, making sure your happy and satisfied
if you’re eating together she would make sure you are full before she finishes her plate just in case you want more
at community events her eyes would always return to you even when she’s in conversation with someone else
“she’s fine y’know? just the spring dance.” jesse would say after her looking over at you for the tenth time in their 15 minute conversation
“i know. i just like looking at her.” it wasn’t a lie, but she was still just making sure you were okay
ai audios:
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elli3luvs · 28 days
a/n: i am... a crybaby so this is near and dear to my heart! cant help it i cry at everything!!!!! it's pretty short sorry about that!
cw: slight smut!
she really didn't know what to do when she saw the tears begin to well up in your eyes
it shocked her every time (even though it shouldn't by now)
when she saw the tears welling up in your eyes, panic started to creep into her system
ellie was just kind of awkward with things like this
at first, she would shuffle around kinda trying to figure out what to do
then she would awkwardly side hug you as the tears fell freely down your face
her hands would interlock on her lap as you spewed about whatever was making you cry
whenever you would finally look up, you would have to swallow a laugh at the way her eyes were widened and her mouth open
she tried so hard to figure out what to say but nothing would ever come out
just a stuttered mess
but since the two of you have been together for a longer period of time ellie knows what to do
albeit, she is still awkward just not as bad
she immediately drops everything, talking in a soft voice, "what's wrong baby? do you wanna talk about it?"
your lip wobbles at how sweet she is being, "saw a deer with her baby... i just... ellie, i can't." you shove your head into her chest, letting yourself relish in this emotion
she truly has to stifle her laugh because it does amuse her a little bit
it's just little things that set you off
ellie finds it extremely endearing though
the way your eyes get kind of red and hazy
the tip of your nose turns red
she loves it
her absolute favorite, though, is when you are under her, tears streaming down your face as her fingers trace your inside
she has to hold one of your thighs open with her spare hand
her thumb circles your clit tightly while she shushes you, "sh, sh, sh... it's okay, baby. you feel good?"
you nod your head, legs shaking as the pleasure builds up, "so good, ells."
it makes her feel so proud
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dyk3ification · 4 days
mama to be head-canons | ellie w.
Tumblr media
a/n: i'm sorry but can u just imagine carrying your and ellie's baby for a second. like. she would be the sweetest thing ever, even more than how she usually is with you. if that's even possible.
warnings/tags: fluff, sfw, joel's alive, tommy and maria are here too, gangs all here basically, 18+ only blog
Tumblr media
she'd be so in love with your bump, like she definitely talks to it.
"hi, kiddo. it's your mom- wait," she'd cut herself off when she looked up to you, brows knitting towards each other as she thought. "if i'm mom... then what are you?"
"ellie-" you'd have to stifle a laugh, shooing her hands off your bump.
she'd always want to touch it, or just see it. her little baby with you was in there, how could she not??
unbeknownst to you, ellie was sitting at the edge of the bed as you slid over a t-shirt of hers. turning to the side to see just how much your belly was poking out now. that was when you caught her glance in the reflection in the mirror.
"have you been there the whole time?"
she didn't even respond, but her growing grin was enough of an answer for you. along with her open hand reaching out to hold your bump
she needed to remind everyone that you were pregnant. and that it was her baby, even if they knew. everyone.
you sat across from her at joel's dinner table, along with the rest of your little family and friends. you pushed your chair back with a soft sigh, feeling physically confined against the table from how much your bump had grown.
"only about three more weeks right? you're almost ready hun."
"did you know that that's my baby in there-"
ellie said, interrupting maria.. and everyone else at the table. tommy nearly choked out his drink. jesse, dina, and everyone else, including you, all shooting her a slightly confused look. yours flustered. a grin plastered on ellie's face.
"ellie-" joel said in defeat whilst looking up from the table, shaking his head.
you planted your eyes shut against your thumb and index finger, trying to conceal your stifled laughter with the palm of your hand.
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cowgurrrl · 22 days
More domestic Joel Miller headcanons because I can’t stop thinking about him
Tumblr media
When Tommy and Maria have their daughter, Joel absolutely falls in love with her. You two take turns helping the new parents out so they can get some sleep which means you get to watch Joel hold the tiny baby
He will bounce her around the dimly lit room, humming whatever song is stuck in his head, and his curls are a mess on top of his head and he looks so tired but he’s so happy
As she gets older, she clings to him and cannot get enough of him
One time you were walking through town together and you heard a very loud “UNCA JOE” coming from behind you
Joel lit up like a Christmas tree when he turned around and saw the little girl abandoning Maria to rush across the town square and into his arms
She and Ellie become fast friends and the two become little trouble makers despite their 14 year age gap
Speaking of trouble, Ellie constantly makes fun of how affectionate you and Joel are at home. On patrol, you keep it professional and barely even kiss each other goodbye. But, once you’re in the comfort of your own home, all bets are off
This man was so touch-starved for so many years but now that he has you, he is the clingiest man alive
Joel will come up behind you when you’re doing something and wrap his arms around you, kiss your neck, tickle you, whatever he needs to do to distract you
He LOOOVVVEEESSS laying his head in your lap and letting you run your fingers through his hair while you ramble about your day
Can’t fall asleep unless he’s touching some part of you
He has a horrible habit of smacking your ass any chance he gets (poor Ellie)
“You guys are gross,” she’s yelled across the room so many times you’ve lost count. Joel thinks it’s hilarious each time
“You’re gross,” he’ll accuse before letting go of you and turning to face her. “You don’t have to be so jealous. There’s enough Joel Miller to go around.” He teases before wrapping her in a big hug and spinning her around the room
Her squeals of laughter could power a whole city as she screams at him to put her down
Loves cooking even if it took him a long time to learn
You and Ellie grinned your way through some truly awful meals but he got better and now you actually look forward to when he cooks
Teaches Ellie how to cook even though she’s more impatient than he is
You manage to snap a Polaroid of the two of them at the stove with their backs to you and under it you wrote “Chefs Miller + Williams”
Oh my god the nicknames they would come up with for each other
Ellie Bellie was the first one and then it quickly divulged into Elle Belle, Bellie, Smellie, Smell, Elle, and so many more
At one point, you were each calling her Beleanor Roosevelt
Joel’s nicknames get cycled through pretty quickly: Joey, Jo Bro, Joel Bowl, Bowl, Grumpy McGrumps (curtesy of Ellie), Goel (Joel’s drunk alter-ego) and whatever else ends up sticking
Joel is one of the most intelligent men you have ever met and you would (and have) trusted him with your life but Jesus Christ is he oblivious when Ellie starts dating
Sarah wasn’t really interested in dating so Joel never had to talk to her about anything but with Ellie EVERYTHING is different
Ellie never really came out in the sense that she never sat you two down to have an emotional conversation. She just kinda came home with Cat and told you she was her girlfriend
You were being a typical protective figure for Ellie and asked Cat lots of questions but even then you weren’t sure if you thought Cat was right for Ellie. Joel, however, was surprisingly quick to welcome Cat and didn’t have any qualms about Ellie dating
When you asked him about it later, he shrugged and said, “I think it’s nice that Ellie has good girlfriends like her”
“No, Joel. Cat is Ellie’s girlfriend not a girlfriend”
“I’m lost”
Once you explain it to him, he goes into Ellie’s room and they talk for a long time about God knows what
Joel Miller may be from Texas but that man supports his daughter, no matter what
Neither of you ended up being a huge fan of Cat but once Ellie and Dina start dating, it’s over
Joel invites Dina over for dinner every chance he gets and embarrasses Ellie each time but Dina loves it
Subtly tries to teach Ellie love songs on the guitar
Ellie subtly lets him
You subtly fall deeper in love and the life you have built with them
In conclusion, Joel Miller would be the sweetest little domestic guy if given the chance.
Give me my last paragraph back or give me death 🍓🍓🍓
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peterparkersnose · 2 months
Rough Day
pairing: Joel Miller x fem!reader
word count: 1k (short but sweet)
warnings: death (not prominent character death), child abandonment, descriptions of medical terminology, not angst but reader is comforted by joel, defined relationship with reader x joel
a/n i cannot wait for the last of us, im writing so much joel content to feed you babes in late december/early january (and after jan 15 when the show airs) title is not to be compared to the iconic din djarin fanfiction, it just fit too perfectly to pass up and make a possible reference (update 01/16/23 first episode was brilliant. only word i can use to describe that masterpiece)
summary Y/N comes home after a hard day of working at med bay and Joel comforts her
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read time: 3 mins 23 seconds
Tumblr media
The walk home seemed longer tonight. Maybe it was because of the sheer exhaustion from not sleeping in almost days, or maybe it was just from the horrible day you had.
The vision of the woman with the fresh bite on her leg plagued your mind.
Her sobbing baby next to her made matters even worse.
The tourniquet didn’t work. The infection spread too fast. The woman didn’t even know she was bitten for days. How could you not notice an open wound on your leg?
How could Tommy had let someone into the compound who was clearly not well?
You shook your head as you fumbled through your keys to get the right one. It was silent. The crickets were even gone, nothing else moved except the flickering light on your porch.
Joel had to fix that one of these days.
The old door creaked open. The only light left on was the lamp Joel would leave on for you when nights like this would occur.
What time was it now- after 11? He would most definitely be asleep.
You kicked your boots to their place and set down your bag. Angry with the state of your scrubs, you began peeling your coat off and leaving it on the floor.
The stairs creaked slightly as you made your way up them. You pulled at your socks that clung to your feet. The bedroom door was left slightly ajar, you could see the lamp light peering through the crack.
Pushing the door slightly open, you found Joel propped up in bed with a book.
“Your still awake?” you asked, immediately taking the top of your scrubs off.
“You know I can’t fall asleep without you,” he said, a harmless dig at your absence lately.
You genuinely felt bad for being gone. It wasn’t your intention to work a double at the hospital wing and then have 3 people come in with all very serious problems.
“I’m sorry,” you sighed, opening your drawer and searching for a comfy shirt.
Joel raised his brows in concern. Your tone was off. “Everything alright?” he asked, folding the corner of his page and slowly placing the book next to him.
Ignoring the question that would most definitely bring tears to your eyes if you answered, you changed into some of Joel’s old flannel pants that were two sizes too big.
You turned to the mirror in your bathroom, staring blankly at your toothbrush.
“Y/N?” he asked, the bed creaking as he sat on the edge. “Please don’t,” you whispered from the bathroom, finding the courage to turn on the water to brush your teeth.
Looking up from spitting out your toothpaste, you found him standing adjacent of you with a worried look on his face. Your eyes looked tired and he knew you had an awful day. Joel knew there was definitely a story behind that face causing your mood.
The stress of the day always seemed to fizzle out when you were around him.
“Come here,” he says, accepting your embrace. The tiny sniffles you gave broke his heart. He held you close to his chest. One hand rested on your head, another arm wrapped around your back.
“It wasn’t supposed to happen. She could have lived,” you choked out. “Mhm, I know baby. Let it out.” he sighed.
Joel didn’t have to know the story to understand what was happening. He felt the energy coming off of you. It was bad.
“Everything will be okay.” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. “Let’s get to bed now, hm? We both could use some sleep.” he said, placing his hand on your waist and walking with you towards the bed.
You anxiously sat at the edge of your bed as Joel turned off the hallway lights. He hated the look on your face when he returned. Zoned out, you stared at the tiny photo on the dresser of him and Sarah. His large body broke your trance, engulfing you in another hug. “Everything’s going to be alright. Stop lookin’ so pitiful,”
Your hands grabbed his hips and drew him closer. The scent of pine filled your nose. He had been on patrol earlier that day you assumed. His hand carefully rested on your head, stroking your hair. Your forehead sat against his stomach. Joel’s stomach gargled, causing you to let out a brief laugh.
“Get in,” he said playfully, tipping your shoulder back as you fell into bed.
“Gassy,” you whispered, bringing your eyes up to match his. He was standing over you, your knees in between his legs.
“What did you say now?” he asked, smirk on his face. His large frame fell over yours. You yelped as he caught himself with his forearms next to your body.
“Watch it,” he whispered in your ear. He showered your face in kisses as you squirmed. Using his body as a catapult, you forced yourself out under him. Finally free.
You scooted over to your side of the bed and curled into the smallest ball you could. Joel knew exactly what you wanted.
He pulled up the sheet quickly with a snap, and let it fall over you slowly. He knew you loved this.
“Pillows good?” he asked. You nodded, a small smile appearing on your face. “You need anything else while I’m up?”
“No. But thank you.”
He climbed slowly in next to you. Joel clicked off the lamp and moved in right next to you. It was almost as your body was fit to compliment his. You two matched perfectly.
“We can talk about it in the mornin’ if you’d like.” he offered. He felt your head nod against his chest.
“Goodnight darlin’,” he said, wrapping an arm around you. “I’m sorry today didn’t go well. Tomorrow will be good, I’ll make sure of it. We can make a day of it,”
A sigh of relief came from you. He always made things better. He was right. Tomorrow would be a better day.
tag list: @dani5216 @uwiuwi @alohastyles-x @samanthacookieone @maddieinnit0 @alexxavicry @scoliobean @jmillerswife
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