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gm angel!!! i was wondering if u could possibly write abt ellie helping out an inexperienced reader like she has her first time with ellie n what the would be like!!
haaayyyy omg ok
slow burn.
Tumblr media
🎀 innocent / inexperienced!reader, very smutty ! ellie being a cocky lil shit …
you knew you’d wanted ellie from the moment you met her.
you were entranced by her, both young teenagers, ellie a year or so older than you when she took you under her wing. you often recalled how she solidified your love for girls almost instantly, the crush on her hitting you flat in the face like a slab of concrete. you think back to her adorable pony tail, the way she dressed, the way she had boy-ish charm and playfulness but could comfort you the way only a girl could. you’d spent a long time following her around like a lost puppy, being known as “ellies shy friend”. over the years she’d forced you out of your shell again and again, dragging you around with your hand in hers, a constant reassurance.
inevitably, now adults, you’d ended up her girlfriend. “slowest fucking burn in the world.” the auburn haired girl often told you, shaking her head recalling the way two of you had grown up crushing on eachother without saying a word. “no seriously, what… the fuck… were we doing?” she chuckled, handing you the watering can as you worked. she found it sweet how you’d only been given the totally ‘girly’ jobs around jackson. tending to the horses, helping out in the garden etc. she couldn’t picture you leading a supply run or hunting like she would, nor would she want you to. your soft hands were best utilised back here, where you were safe.
“i guess i didn’t wanna ruin what we had. i knew you liked girls but i thought it was awfully presumptuous to assume you liked me just because we were close and i’m a girl.” you shrugged thoughtfully, trickling water on the soil. you turned your head to look at ellie for her thoughts, only to find her smirking. you furrowed your brows in confusion.
“presumptuous.” she repeat, amused at your use of such big and unnecessary words. she jumped off the wooden fence where she was sat, leaning forward to ruffle the top of your head. “my smart girl, aren’t you?” it wasn’t mocking, or patronising and yet it made heat rise to your cheeks, something else, another feeling stirring down below. before she had time to notice she was stepping away, stuffing her hands in her jean pockets. “alright, i gotta go meet tommy about some fuckin’ hunt he wants me to lead. i’ll see you later, yeah babe?” she began strolling away and as you lift you head to bid her farewell, hands pushing some new buds into the soil she spun on her heel, finger pointed towards you.
“hey—um,” she began casually. “you wanna come over tonight? i got that movie you said you wanted to watch, the scary one.” she flushed. it was still very early days in your relationship, finally having admit your feelings for eachother just about a month ago. even though you’d known her for years, the two of you were treading on totally new territory. she made you hot and nervous, even more than she did before now that she was all yours. she oozed confidence, and now she had you— her usual flirtiness was dialled up to ten. it had erupted some feelings you’d only briefly touched on before, one’s that would have you laying awake at night frustratedly palming at your cunt trying to dull the ache she’d leave from her lingering glances and gentle manhandling.
later that night, you were smushed up against her side on the couch— the old horror movie buzzing on the screen. the two of you were always affectionate, it was normal. but now, your heart raced when her arm slipped around the back of you, pulling you closer into her. “you know, incase you get scared.” she smirked, and you feel like the butterflies in your tummy bottomed out into your cunt. you stared up at her for a moment, totally unaware of her joking tone and nodded shyly, snuggling into her with your eyes glued onto the screen to hide your face. to be quiet honest, you had no idea what was going on in the movie, you were totally encompassed by being so close to her.
she seemed totally relaxed and in her element, which equally sucked for you as it made her even hotter, whilst easing your mind slightly that she had everything under control. her hand pushed your tshirt up your arm slightly, hands gently stroking and kneading the skin there in an attempt to comfort you. you realised that she must’ve thought you were on edge because of the movie, and not because of how much she effected your body. her hand was cold and slightly clammy, a stark comparison to how warm the rest of her was in her hoodie. you snuck a peek at her, eyes flitting over her profile. she was wetting her bottom lip with her tongue, eyes on the screen. everything seemed to suit her so perfectly, her hair pulled up into her messy half up bun, the freckles dusted over her nose and cheeks, the scar dividing her eyebrow into two. you felt so lucky to have her, and you wished you knew how to express to her how badly you wanted her.
“you know, i can see you staring.” her lips pulled up into another smirk, this one more adoring as she turned to look at you, her eyes moving in a triangle motion— from one eye, to your lips, to the other. you couldn’t help but openly look at her mouth too, glittering with moisture slightly from her own tongue. “hm?” came your delayed reaction, so zoned out— feeling light headed from the way she made you feel. this made her chuckle, low in her throat.
“hm?” she repeat, teasingly. “you want a kiss?” she offered, her hand now stroking down your back from your position, turned to face her. you didn’t even wait a beat, already embarrassed from the way you threw yourself at her. kissing was the one thing you did know how to do, wrapping your arm around her neck, an accidental moan leaving your throat when you did so. she took control quickly, pushing you back with her mouth, hand on your cheek to almost soothe your desperation. “easy, tiger.” she joked with a humble chuckle, pulling away to breathe and laugh at you. you felt your face turn all hot and your lips parted, realising how pathetic you were being. you blinked a few times, turning back to the screen like it never happened.
“sorry.” you blurt out, frozen in your spot from the humiliation. the amused smile didn’t falter on her face at first when she leant forward to look at your profile questioningly.
“hey, wait what?” her brows furrowed, the smile taking its time dropping. you didn’t say anything and she spoke again. “babe? what just happened, huh?” she gently took your chin, urging you to look at her and she nudged you slightly with her shoulder. you looked at her wide eyed and guilty, struggling with your words.
“i didn’t mean to — i just — i accidentally just totally threw myself at you because — i want — i don’t know ellie, i’m sorry.” you covered your face, feeling hot tears in your eyes.
“woah, baby!” she cooed sympathetically, not quite knowing what she’d done to get you so wound up but feeling incredibly guilty for it. “hey, don’t be like that. i liked it. i was just gonna tease you for it, that’s all. you know what i’m like, m’an idiot.” she chuckled reassuringly, both hands on your cheeks. you peered up at her shyly, letting her stroke her thumbs along your cheeks.
“really?” you clarified, blinking at her in the low light as the movie continued, unattended to in the background.
“really.” she confirmed with her classic ellie smirk, she pulled your face close to hers, lips just grazing over yours. “i actually thought it was kind of hot, seeing you all needy like that.” she breathed into your mouth, and right there and then your pussy clenched up, thighs near trembling with the force it had spasmed at just her voice. you worried for the couch beneath you, scared of dampening it from your seemingly abundant arousal.
you couldn’t say anything, just let out a shaky breath, leaning forward to try and connect your lips. she leant back a little, so fucking cocky and amused when you chased her, letting out a desperate, quiet ‘ah…’ as you did so. “uh-uh.” she cooed and your eyes fluttered open to look at her face, analysing you close up. she was trying to get you back to that place she had you before without the embarrassment. needy, desperate, bordering on frantic for her touch.
already without pride, you whispered. “please, ellie.” and she couldn’t help but grant your wish, pressing her lips to yours. the makeout session intensified past any point the two of you had gotten it before. you hadn’t even realised that you were moaning quietly as her tongue massaged yours, and she groaned back— more at the feeling of your chest heaving against yours, the subtle feeling of your nipples hard through your top pressing against her was driving her wild.
you knew she’d been with other girls before, much to your devastation over the years when she’d come back to you bragging about her new sexual endeavours. to you, it felt like confirmation that she would never in a million years like you. you’d spent many nights crying over this, or out right avoiding her when she’d go through these phases. luckily for you, her relationships never lasted that long— no more than a week or two at a time, and the reason behind the breakup was always vague and mumbled, ellie recovering from it almost instantly— clear that something vital had been missing (that being, you— of course.) to ellie, her bragging was a constant display of her worth to you. she knew, but wouldn’t admit that she was only trying to prove to you that she could make you feel good if you’d ever give her the chance, but she was sure she’d blown her chances by that point.
you however, were totally innocent. you didn’t understand half the sexual jokes ellie made, let alone understand the sexual acts she’d describe when she’d return to you after one of her little flings. she’d always chuckle, catching a glance of your wide, focused eyes before patting you on the head “you’ll learn what that means one day, don’t you worry.” she’d mock, amused by your lack of experience.
your back arched into her touch when she finally slid her slender hands up your top, stroking and worshipping your soft skin that she’d always wanted to get her hands on. a whimper forced its way past your lips when her fingers ran over your breasts. you pant against her mouth, before the moment was again broken by her quiet yet obnoxious laugh.
“what?” you whine, openly needy this time.
“nothing, s’just… god, i thought you were fuckin’ innocent dude. you want it so bad.” her lips catch yours again, pulling away ever so slightly to suck on your bottom lip as she groped you beneath your shirt.
“i don’t know how to— i don’t know what i want i just know that…” you began, voice strained and hoarse as she mouthed at your neck, undoubtably sucking a bruise like she did last time (which when noticed, earned you a wide-eyed side-eye from Joel himself the next day.) she pulled away from you, her eyes all pupil at this point, mouth wet and flushed with colour.
“you just know what, hm? s’okay, i don’t bite.” she couldn’t help herself from pecking you again. “unless, you know… you’re into that.” she stole another kiss, gently nipping your bottom lip, voice deep with the smirk laying across her mouth. you drew in a harsh inhale, trying to gather your thoughts.
“you know i’ve never…” you started and she nodded, giving you her full attention now.
“i know, babe. you don’t have to—” she reassured but you cut her off, hands grabbing her by the collar of her hoodie, practically half on top of her.
“i want to. i want you to… i need help. you make me need something and i don’t know what, but i can’t sleep at night and i can’t focus, els. just want you t’make it better.” she could feel you slipping. you were always so submissive to her, even in every day life she knew you’d do anything to please her— and now things were no different, except it had been dialled up, and you were staring at her with big doe eyes and lips that she wanted to push her fingers into and make you suck. she ran her thumb over your bottom lip just at the thought, picturing how pretty you’d look.
“you need me to make you cum.” she state boldly and your eyes widened a little bit. you knew that cumming meant an orgasm, and the thought equally scared you and excite you. you could never quite get there by yourself, mounting pillows and blankets and your hand — yet never quite sure what to do, just rutting against it like some kind of desperate bunny. “i can do that, baby. always wanted to do that.” she whispered in confession, her other hand sliding up your back to reach your hair, tugging gently and slowly to expose your neck more to her, bruising her lips back into it. you bucked your hips against nothing on the seat and she glanced down, hand soothing you against your thigh.
“can i touch you there, pretty girl?” she asked, hand sliding across the thick band of your leggings. her pinky finger grazed over your mound as she stroked you just briefly and you shivered, nodding. “fuck. i need you to say the words, babe. don’t wanna take anything from you that you’re not ready to give.” she was stern all of a sudden, commanding and kind all at the same time the way ellie had always been. it was comforting, your ellie was going to make you feel good.
“want you to touch me ellie. need you to teach me.” you whimpered, eyes glossy with need and glancing between hers.
“alright. alright, i got you.” she dropped another kiss to your mouth before leaning back to look at what she was doing. “‘m gonna take these off okay, baby? just get them out the way.” she muttered, the desperation slipping through in her own voice ever so slightly before she checked herself, gaining better control over her demeanour.
you helped her pull off your leggings, ellie gently easing you to lie down on the couch, leaning on her elbow laying beside you as she shield you from the horrors on the forgotten about movie on screen.
“these are pretty, you had plans to get me in your pants tonight huh?” she joked, running her finger lightly over the waistband of your lacey pink panties. you felt your body flush in light embarrassment, knowing she was totally onto you. you had infact worn your best pair, unsure of what might happen.
“no.” you hid your nervous giggle into your hands and she nudged them away with her chin, rewarding you with more kisses.
“its okay, i like ‘em. they suit you. plus i can’t say i wasn’t thinking about it.” she praises, pushing your tshirt up to grope your soft skin once more. “you ever touch yourself before?” her question catches you off guard and your breath hitches in your throat, thighs tensing a little which she ignores. “s’alright you can tell me. our secret.” she nudges her nose against yours as her fingers dip into your lace waistband, pulling out again to tease you.
“i’ve… tried. just don’t know what m’doing.” you shiver, eyes screwed shut in concentration, her hand setting your skin alight as she continually draws near where you need her.
“poor thing.” she tuts, hand sliding up your thigh to bend your knee, pulling your legs wider open. you feel your drenched folds part and you swear to god you hear a wet sound at the action, a tribute to how fucking turned on you were. you swallow thickly, and ellie kisses your throat. “you’re cute, always wanted to ask you that actually. used to think about you doin’ it, all alone in your room. figured one day you’d come knocking at my door beggin’ me for help. that day never came, you really toughed it out hm?” she was cooing at you, and you felt ashamed at how hard your chest was rising and falling, eyes fixated on her hand stroking your inner thigh.
“mmph— wanted to. wan’ed your help, els.” you whimper and she responds with a hard wet kiss on your cheek.
“and look at us now. see where using your words gets you, huh?” she teased. her hand cupped your mound finally and you sucked in breath, the pressure just enough to make your clit pulse beneath the indirect touch. you rocked your hips into her hand through your underwear, the friction of the lace burning against your button making you sob. “yeah? haven’t even gotten started on you yet, baby.” she digs her fingers in slightly, sliding them up to rub your clit in generous circles. you release a clear moan, grabbing her arm and digging your nails into her tattoo.
“th—feels good, ellie.” you whine and she smiles, nudging your head aside so she could kiss your neck again. “that was definitely the plan.” she mumbles jokingly against your skin.
you huff out in frustration at her teasing. “stop.”
she lifts her head to look at you, eyes dancing between your own. “stop what, touching you?” her fingers slow their motions.
“no!” your brows furrow desperately, bucking into her hand. “stop teasing me. be nice.” you pout, emotions sky rocketed from the vulnerable position she had you in. she smiled sympathetically, her fingers skilfully pull your panties to the side, digits swiping through your wetness. she smirks once more as your eyelashes flutter at the sensation.
“i dunno, think you like my teasing. sure does make you wet.” she closes in on you, latching her lips to yours once more as she pushes her fingers through your soaked folds, feeling the way you jolt against her. “see, i can be nice.” she mutters, circling your clit again, she swallows your moans, dropping her tongue into your mouth and letting it swirl around. she continued to please you, and you felt a growing ache — lower down, where your hole was. it pulsed and clenched around nothing as she gave all her attention to your clit.
“m—more, please.” you swallow thickly, the fast circles on your clit slowing.
“yeah? you enjoying yourself, pretty girl?” she kissed the corner of your mouth making you nod.
“you’re so, mmh, so good at this.” you whimper and she feels smug— knowing no one else could ever know your body like she would. her middle finger hooked round, pushing ever so gently against the gummy walls around your hole. she massaged it, easing your tension slightly and you bit your lip needily, eyes trained on hers as she watched your every move and reaction. she began pushing her finger in slightly, watching the way your body tensed and then relaxed, expression melting as your brows furrowed and your eyes fluttered closed.
“fuck.” she whispered harshly, tearing her eyes away to look down at her finger disappearing inside you. you were tight, and she didn’t want to jump the gun but the thought of you squeezing around her strap had her breathless. “y’need to relax for me, pretty girl.” her free hand stroked your lower tummy, soothing you. you’d clenched around her finger so hard that she could barely move it. “m’not goin’ anywhere. that’s it, there you go.” she praised as you willed yourself to unclench, a whimper at your efforts leaving you.
she massaged the gummy warm walls inside you, watching the way just one finger had you falling apart, sobbing into her mouth as you caught the rhythm, grinding against her hand. “good, yeah. you’re taking it so good babe. my good girl, aren’t you? always been my good girl.” she kissed your forehead, another finger prodding at your entrance. you whine at the intrusion but welcome it anyway, only clenching hard once you’ve swallowed her up to the knuckles. your toes clench at the fullness, along with everything else. her palm that had been knocking against your clit with each movement was making it all too much, and suddenly you could barely breathe.
you sucked in air, overwhelmed by the feeling. “ellie.” you gasped and she was cupping the back of your neck with her free hand, the other fingers stilled inside you.
“look at me, look at me.” she demand quickly and casually, your hazy eyes landing on hers. “breathe, baby i know it’s a lot. i know.” you let the panic wash past you as you slow your breathing, wide eyes stuck on her’s like they were your life line. “there. you’re so fucking good. just be calm, let it come to you.” she kisses your cheek and you nod, eyes fluttering closed again as you nod. her fingers start to move, slow and you moan, free and unabashed. “good girl, baby.”
her fingers curl up, and after a while of doing this they come across a soft spot— one that makes you cry. “oh, gosh— ellie!” you hiccup, tearful and desperate now bucking against her hand.
“right there?” her voice is calm, raspy and low in her throat as she looks straight at you, brows raised in almost sympathy.
“yeah—but— s’too much i feel like— g’nna pee!” you squeal in humiliation and she hides the chuckle that nearly breaks out of her because it wasn’t the time.
“i know angel, s’intense isn’t it? but it’s not pee. i promise you. just let go okay? when you’re ready j’st… j’st fucking let me have it, yeah?” her whisper gets desperate again and it makes you buck even harder against her hand— fingers pressing hard against your spot again. almost immediately, you’re tipping over the edge and seeing stars, brows furrowed and jaw dropped. ellie keeps up her pace, feeling like she could cum herself just from watching you lose it, clenching and squelching around her fingers. “good girl. good fucking girl. look so pretty cumming for me, that’s it.” she encourages through grit teeth, talking you through it. you can barely hear her, white noise deafening you as you hit your euphoria.
it becomes too sensitive too fast and you’re fumbling at her wrist to stop her. she does, of course and she’s letting you breathe right into her mouth— swallowing the pants and catching kisses where she can. years of waiting to touch you, and it was better than she ever could have imagined. despite the sensitivity, you whine pathetically when she pulls her fingers out, her head pointing down to look at the mess you’d made. even in the low light she can see your slick coating her hand and your inner thighs, and if you weren’t so out of breath you might be embarrassed. “god damn.” she chuckled and your eyes flicker open, demure and sweet as ever. she brings two fingers to her lips, oh-so-casually sucking the juices off them with a grateful hum. “taste as good as you fuckin’ look.” she compliments and your lips part slightly, invitingly. she brings them to your mouth now and you welcome them inside, sleepily suckling the remainder of your flavour off them. “shit.” she puffs out a breath, shaking her head. how had she bagged someone so sexy again?
“than—k’you ellie.” you garble around her fingers, greedily savouring the slick on your tongue as she watched, entranced.
“anytime, babe.” she huffs out. “no really. any time.” she reiterates, widening her eyes making you giggle.
you weren’t sure how great of a student you were, but you knew ellie was a damn good teacher.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
here with you ; ellie williams. (4.5k.)
⤿ f!reader, college!au, drinking + kissing, fluff fluff fluff <3 lowercase is on purpose , was blasting ceilings by lizzy so excuse the title
⤿ you're invited to another one of dina's off-campus parties not long after finals, where you meet a pretty girl who miraculously knows your name. away from the hustle of the actual party, where people are plastered out of their minds and making a ruckus, you and this pretty stranger get to know each other a little and earn yourselves a place in the other's heart.
Tumblr media
“if you want anything just let me know, okay?” 
dina’s hand is warm, splayed across your lower back as she guides you away from what had to be the noisiest place at the party. it’s no surprise she attracts such diverse groups of people, given her gregarious personality and hard-to-overlook kind of beauty.
you would be lying if you said you hadn’t had a crush on her when you first met her; it’s dina, how could you not? thankfully, over maybe a year of getting to know her, you realized she wasn’t exactly your type and that she was far too head-over-heels for her on-and-off partner to even think about you. honestly, she never shut up about the guy.
“got it. thanks, dina.”
you definitely were not going to mention the almost completely assured possibility that you wouldn’t see her at all for the rest of the night. thing is, when you’re the host of parties like these, you tend to get thrown around a lot. though she doesn’t really seem to mind, since this is, at the very least, the fourth party you’ve been invited to since finals ended (which was around a month ago).
she hums passively at the acknowledgement, then gestures fluidly towards the rest of the room. there are a few people situated on her couch, a couple of them already putting on a show for the others while a few sit alone, sipping their drinks with reckless abandon. you’ve never gotten completely plastered at one of dina’s parties, always the type to stay back and help her clean up if she hasn’t passed out or gotten herself sick, but unsurprisingly, there are always those who’ll take any chance they can get.
“mi casa, su casa.” she sings, then she’s gone. 
left alone, you can handle yourself. why the hell would you come here if you couldn’t? you head towards what you remember to be the kitchen, but right now looks like a completely unprofessional bar complete with its own bartender—who you belatedly recognize to be jesse, dina’s on-and-off partner—in search of booze. 
said bartender nods at you when you catch his eye, pouring whatever’s on the table for tonight into a very typically red party cup—on the house, since you get special privilege—and sliding it over to the edge of the counter. whatever’s inside sloshes dangerously, threatening a mess which’d only add to the ugly stickiness of dina’s countertops, but you grab and take a whiff of it before it can tip over. 
“what, don’t trust me?” jesse ribs over the music—he speaks of your tentative sniff—, which is, as you’ve just realized, getting progressively louder. 
“if i say anything,” you mutter, which gets you his typical jesus christ, these people, kind of laugh and he leans back against the counter, right next to you. 
head crooked to the side slightly, you look him over. objectively, you can see why he and dina mesh so well; they’re both unbelievably attractive and complement each other’s personalities perfectly (from what you’ve seen, at the very least). their pretty much daily arguments aside, you can tell they love each other and only want the best for one another. that said, you can only imagine what’s running through his head right now.
“she’s not going to get shit-faced drunk,” he mutters, and that’s your cue to leave. you know he’s trying to console himself more than anything.
“no, she’s not.”, you respond in kind, patting his shoulder with just as much care as one would handle a two-hundred-pound gorilla, before pushing yourself up off the edge of the counter and walking out of the kitchen. god knows he could spend an hour sitting there talking about her; you’ve had enough of that for, quite literally, the rest of your life. 
the sole of your left shoe sticks to the ground a little as you walk, and you thank your past self for owning a strictly-for-parties pair of converse which were, sadly, a little too worn in for your own good. sneaking a glance into the main hall, you catch a glimpse of your best friend seated halfway up the stairs chatting with someone—maybe a senior? junior, at the very least—who’s got a guitar case slung over her shoulder and the most unruly head of short, auburn hair you’ve ever seen. 
dina’s gesturing wildly at the front door, likely having gotten into an argument with said stranger (except it looks far too fond to be serious), when the two of you make eye contact. her eyes are a strikingly pale kind of green, piercing through whatever weak defenses you’d put up for the night in a very relaxed fashion. she’s got this look on her face that screams uninterested, which is quickly swapped out for a look of rapt attention at your own once she realizes you don’t actually plan on looking away. 
because man, she’s hot.
it’s just then that a presumably tanked freshman crashes into you and spills the contents of whatever it is they were drinking all over you, effectively shattering whatever that was. really, you would be grateful for it—something to spare you the embarrassment of looking too interested in someone way out of your league—had there not been the undeniable presence of cool, once-iced liquor spilling down the front of your printed tee. 
“oh, fuck,” you curse, nearly missing their hurried apology before they barrel out the front door.
this wouldn’t be the first time. you sigh, reluctantly slipping away from all the noise, away from the pretty stranger, to deal with your problem. usually, you’d have an extra top shoved haphazardly into dina’s closet, something you could throw on in the worst-case scenario, but laundry day was just yesterday and all of your stuff was piled on your bed back home. already you could feel the liquor causing the shirt’s fabric to stick, leaving an icky, gross feeling that was begging to be cleaned up. the humidity from everyone’s breathing was not helping.
you set your cup down on a random table (never to be seen again) as you make your way to the bathroom. you wouldn’t be surprised to find the door locked, having been an unsuspecting party crasher one too many times in your first and some of your second year, but luckily the room’s unoccupied—not for long—and you slip in and lock the door behind you after waving off a concerned glance from jesse, who’s very slowly making his way to his girlfriend. no surprise there. 
“oookay, fuck.” you curse, flipping the light switch and nabbing a couple (a lot) of the mini towels out of dina’s probably way-too-expensive towel rack and pressing them to your front, hoping they’ll soak up some of the leftover moisture, at least save you from the mortification of showcasing to everyone your chest and abdomen.
it doesn’t really help.
again, not an irregular occurrence, so you’re not too worried; dina’s typical party etiquette has ensured that everyone here will leave you be and mind their own business. that doesn’t help your pride, but you concede to stepping back out and flipping the light switch off behind you as you make your way to the front.
this time, when you cross the main hall, dina’s gone and so is her friend. accompanying disappointment comes the ponderance of whether jesse found dina or not and if the pretty stranger has left, but you remind yourself you’ll find out later—probably near midnight when people start to filter out for the night and you’re tasked with cleaning up—, however frustrated that makes you, given the fact you’d lost a chance you probably never had in the first place. 
you pass a group of what look like sophomores playing beer pong against seniors—or maybe even graduates?—on your way out, and silently curse the growing pool of booze dripping on the floor right next to the table on your way outside.
the door is wide open, so being engulfed in cold air on your way outside is no surprise. luckily, the weather is calming down a little after a gruelling winter, so there’re only a couple of piles of leftover snow and the breeze doesn’t serve as an immediate freezer. however, your damp tee is anything but a savior and causes an eruption of a ton of goosebumps across the pane of your chest, stretching as far as your shoulders, which are only covered by the loose fabric of your top.
you’re not sure what you expect to see when you turn the corner to dina’s garage, but seeing her and her boyfriend sucking face is absolutely not it. dina’s got him pressed right up against the garage door, and you’re pretty sure that if jesse weren’t sober out of his mind he’d be giving into every single one of her wordless demands.
you slip past easily, far away enough to go by soundlessly and completely bypass the two’s freaky-ass sixth sense. the back gate is just as well-managed as the rest of the house and opens quietly, in no contrast to the backyard itself, which is empty and well-kempt. you know only you and a select few people are actually allowed into dina and her parents’ pretty backyard, so peace is expected and welcomed. the breeze is also blocked by the house, which is nice.
there are a couple of flowers blooming already, and their scent wafts through the air, bringing a natural sort of calm. the yard is illuminated by the house—light dances in beautiful patterns against the greens and greys that make up the garden—, but so is the relaxed silhouette of the same pretty stranger you saw less than ten minutes ago. this time, she’s hunched over in one of dina’s ugly bright-green lawn chairs with a guitar seated in her lap.
you consider her privacy and the fact that maybe she doesn’t want company right now or that she’s too busy with her music as you make your way over—aside from those ugly lawn chairs, really, there’s nowhere else to sit—but then banish your hesitancy with the acknowledgement that this is just as much a space for you as it is for her. 
the chair scrapes against the patio as you pull it out, just far away enough from the brunette to make yourself seem open and friendly, but respectful of her space. you worry the cheap plastic is going to snap beneath your weight as you sit down, but it holds well and serves as a final, much-needed resting spot for your already sore feet. once your rustling stops, you hear the gentle strum of a guitar and realize the girl hasn’t stopped playing.
you relax further into your seat. 
closer up now, you have the chance to really look at her. her hair’s pulled back now, half-up half-down, a lot less dishevelled than she’d been when you’d last seen her. 
looking lower, she’s wearing a low-cut short-sleeve and an unbuttoned flannel long-sleeve. skin-tight, ripped jeans line what look like toned thighs and spread legs, stained black and white converse completing the look. her fingers move deftly between frets, over strings, and you just barely catch the edges of a black and white tattoo peeking out from beneath her sleeve. she’s got really nice hands, you think, just as pretty as her face.
“i can feel you fuckin’ staring.” 
her tone is accusing, but not necessarily malicious or irritated; she doesn’t even look up at you when she says it, adjusting her guitar in her lap as she works at whatever she’s trying to play. her voice suits her, too, you think, and shift a little where you sit at the thought. 
“sorry. you’re really good at guitar.” you mutter, earning an amused chortle from the girl across from you. it’s a pathetic excuse—you’re well aware of your own unsubtlety—but there was something there, something between you two, not long ago, and you’re not just going to let it slip away. the alcohol’s got you pleasantly buzzed, and you’re sure that if you were a little soberer, you’d be embarrassed. 
“you think so?” 
she looks up now, a brow raised. you catch the slit in her right eyebrow, cocked slightly as her gaze rakes over you. she’s got this lilt to her voice that feels like it means trouble, however, it does nothing but pique your interest a little more. 
your response of “mhm. you play real nice.” earns you another glance over.
“i’ve seen you around a couple times. you’re a friend of dina’s, right?” she questions, looking between you and her instrument as she tunes what she seems to think is an out-of-tune string. her leg—the one which has the least contact with her guitar—bounces gently against the patio floor, and it takes you a second to realize she’s seen you around before and remembers you.
“yeah. best friend? i think? she likes to call it that.”, you joke, shoulders trembling slightly at the very unwelcome entrance of another breeze, carrying in the temperature from the front into the back. the sound of the stranger’s laugh is already addicting, especially when it feels genuine. that’s sometimes hard to come across, and you’re already starved for it even though you’ve been speaking to this girl for like, a minute.
“i’ll tell her you said that. shouldn’t she have an extra top for you or something?” 
“she does, usually. kinda forgot to leave a couple here.” you hum, pointedly ignoring the third glance over the girl’s given you since she’d first laid her eyes on you. her lips are pursed slightly, gaze trained wholly on your face whenever you speak yet it wanders when silence stretches between you two. her eyes are locked on something behind your head when she speaks again.
“are you two a..?” 
“thing? no, have you met jesse?”
“dina’s got a ton of other people that aren’t jesse, babe.”
your cheeks warm at the pet name, and you realize she’s right. dina’s had a couple of other flings outside of jesse; every time the two of them break up, she runs off to someone else before realizing she doesn’t want anyone but him. then, suddenly, without your permission, your mind wanders at the idea of someone wanting you the same way those two want each other. 
“no, we’re not,” you shake your head as she looks back at you. briefly, so momentarily, you question whether she actually likes girls or not—and if it seems like you do—so add a quick and easy-sounding, “think i liked her a year or so back, though.”
the stranger nods, and you’re suddenly hit with the fact that you don’t know her name. 
caught in your own head, you don’t register her leaning back in her seat, guitar following her movements, pressed right up against her abdomen. you do though, notice her shrugging her long sleeve off and balling it up in her free hand before it's carelessly thrown your way. your rapt attention towards her movement is pretty much the only reason you were able to catch it; it’s warm from her own body heat in your cold hands. it’s pretty obvious what she wants you to do with it, but you wouldn’t want to impose so you just stare at it.
“put on the damn sweater. it’s cold.”, she mutters, and you can’t help but bite back a smile at her tone; what was likely intended to come across as gruff and demanding sounds pleading and mildly concerned. you unravel the garment and pull your arms through the sleeves, a clean, earthy scent enveloping your once-shivering form.
“thanks, uh..”
“ellie. williams. ellie williams.” she stutters out, which is pretty cute.
“ellie. thank you.” 
that only gets you a grumble of acknowledgement before she’s back to her guitar. strands of her hair are slowly slipping out of her half-updo, and it only makes her that much more alluring. you’re well aware of the fact that you’re staring again, but she doesn’t seem to mind all that much as she starts up another tune. this one sounds far too smooth, too practiced to be something she even needs to go over, and belatedly you wonder if she’s trying to impress you. 
you two sit together quietly for god knows how long, accustoming yourselves to the other’s presence with ellie’s music writing over any awkward silence, and you drown in the admission that you could sit like this forever. the party inside is dying down, with a good chunk of attendees deciding to turn in early while the rest are either still on adrenaline highs or settling down for a couple of drinking games. 
“where’d you learn how to play?” 
you find yourself speaking before you can even think about it, and she doesn’t give you room to regret the interruption with the soft, loving little smile that breaks out on her face when she considers your question.
“old guy. his name’s joel.” 
you can’t help but smile at that; whatever harsh exterior she’s going for really isn’t working for her right now. almost every time she’s spoken to you, it’s either been with a smile, a laugh, or some poorly-concealed interest. joel, you think, taking that name and storing it for later, if there ever is a later with this girl. ellie.
“his guitar, then.” you hum, because it can’t be that much of a secret if a signature that deeply resembles his name is etched into a spot just above the pickguard. “you mind teaching me someday?”, you add, because there won’t ever be a moment where you don’t want to be talking to ellie; what you aren’t expecting is for her to look up at you with the same fond look that she’d looked at her guitar with just moments before, and nod. christ, you think, she’s so..
“we can start today, if you wanna.” she offers, and you try your very best not to seem too eager when you say yeah, for sure, but realize you’ve failed and that the pretty stranger–pretty girl sitting across from you doesn’t really care. she’s taking her guitar off her lap and making her way over to you before you can even second-guess yourself, crouching in front of you and raising an inquisitive eyebrow on her undeniably attractive, stupid fucking face.
you kind of want to kiss her.
you’re already imagining a future where you and ellie are, at the very least, friends—if not more, but you don’t want to get your hopes up—and are out like this every day, hanging out, being comfortable in each other’s presence because there’s no way this feeling of security is normal with someone you’ve just met unless you’re soulmates of some kind.
ellie makes a gesture, lifts her arms as a means of telling you to lift your own, and you swear its the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. you lift yours and her hand snakes its way forward, pressing against your right shoulder so you’ll lean back a little. she’s strong, you can tell that much—as if the muscle lining every inch of her visible skin wasn’t enough—, and her touch is searing hot, leaving fire in its wake. 
she sets the guitar in your lap, spreads your legs gently by the knees, and waits expectantly with her hands out for you to offer up your own. you find yourself staring as she takes your hands, lithe, strong fingers beneath your own, lips parted slightly in both concentration and excitement as she positions your left hand under the neck, fingers splayed just slightly against the frets. she realizes you already have your other arm around the body, but reaches over to ghost her fingertips against the skin of your elbow anyways. 
she smiles. “try it. use your thumb. don’t break my guitar.”
the look you give her prompts another huff of laughter, but she seems to have enough faith in you to believe you won’t. it doesn’t seem like she plans on moving, though, since she’s still crouched in front of you and when you mutter a retributive “it’s joel’s,”, the pretty girl in front of you leans forward and rests her open palms on your knees, effectively cutting off any sly remarks.
you’re probably never going to forget the way her eyes light up when you strum it the first time, and use your very limited guitar-playing knowledge to press against a couple of the frets in succession and play what sounds like a semi-well-practiced harmony.
“holy shit,” she breathes, and you find yourself feeling bashful regardless of the fact you were only, like, thirty percent sure you could pull that off again. however, you manage to contain any sighs of relief and only exhale a chuckle in response. 
her eyes are still on you, you know, and you start absentmindedly fidgeting with the neck and its frets; her attention is everything you could’ve ever wanted, but her gaze is weighed and it’s making you feel a little self-conscious. you’re not starved for it by any means but it has been a while since someone has stared at you like this, awestruck out of their mind. it’s funny because for some reason ellie’s making this seem like such a huge deal when she’d spent the past, what—you’ve lost track of time—thirty minutes? an hour? playing a bunch of fucking songs on this old guy’s guitar, and—
“i had no idea you could play guitar..” 
her voice tears you out of your own head, and suddenly she’s closer to you than she has been all night. you lock eyes when she mutters your name, alarmed at the fact she knows it—you reason that she knows dina and you must’ve been mentioned in passing at least a couple of times—, and feel chills go down your spine, butterflies erupting in your stomach. i definitely want to kiss her.
“i can’t,” you huff, desperate to ease out the tension, “you outplay me by—”
“can i kiss you?”
her cut-off is abrupt and unexpected, and you swear your heart has never stopped like this. it’s such an innocent question, a plea of consent laced with insecurity, something the girl you’d seen in the main hall earlier into the night hadn’t even seemed like she possessed, but it’s so inherently ellie you don’t know what to do with yourself. so you nod. a quick tilt to your chin, up and down; you can’t trust your voice to work well enough for a yes.
but ellie needs to hear it. 
“say yes. i gotta hear you say it.”
you stare at her, and she stares back. the need to actually kiss her is growing unbearable now that you know she wants it too, but the mortification of knowing this pretty girl could hear the desperation in your voice—you haven’t even tuned into the fact that she sounds just as desperate as you—, the hitch of your breathing if you were to say yes, makes it hard to voice what you want.
so you don’t. she’s close enough, hands having slid upwards, her sweaty palms against your thighs in a subconsciously innocent gesture; any stray hair’s been tucked messily behind her ear, her lips are a little chapped and you see her throat constrict in a swallow when you reach forward with your right hand and thread your fingertips through the hair at the base of her neck.
and when you lean forward—as much as you can, with the guitar situated between the two of you—, ellie meets you halfway, semi-pulled in by your touch and mostly leaned in of her own accord. 
it’s a kiss. just that, a gentle press of the lips, but the glorification fiction has given it hasn’t been for nothing. maybe it’s just because it wasn’t with the right person, but you’re far from unfamiliar with it and it’s never felt like this. ellie kisses like she never wants to stop and you’re not complaining. you feel her grip tighten around your thighs, and you’re already running out of air even though you’ve only been doing this for a couple seconds. when you part, it’s with an unspoken promise of more.
“i’ve seen you around,” ellie starts, whispering against your lips. it sounds like a confession, something she needs to get off her chest, so you urge her to continue with your silence and the gentle circling of your thumb against her scalp. “with dina. or jesse. on campus. during those stupid presentations. or the social events. and i’ve always wanted to talk to you, you know? especially that one time, when you,” she inhales, smoothing her hands out against your legs. “when you corrected jesse on a fucking dinosaur name at the group’s museum outing.”
you stare at her, shuffling through images of every event you’ve ever gone to for dina’s sake when it hits you. a couple months back, before finals, probably when dina and jesse had gotten back together after a huge blowup, she’d found some stupid exhibit at a museum close to campus and presented it to you. she’d asked if you thought it was a good deal, especially because her friend, ellie, liked dinosaurs, and fuck, what is wrong with you?
“shit, you remember that?”
her silence is enough of an answer, gaze flitting between your eyes and lips nervously. 
“oh my god,” you exhale, keeping her still with the hand you have around her neck as you press your foreheads together. to think, if you’d been a little less ignorant at the time, you could’ve already known ellie. the two of you could have been friends, possibly more—which now, doesn’t seem all that ridiculous—, had you tuned in a little more to what dina was saying, had paid more attention to the rest of dina’s group when you’d gone out with her, had asked simply, back then, who’s ellie?
“is that weird? tell me that’s not weird. i kinda feel like a creep now, fuck. i swear i wasn’t, like, stalking you or anything,” ellie starts rambling, something you doubt you’ll ever get tired of. 
“you said you’ve seen me around a couple times. are you a creep?”, you tease.
“no! i mean, no. i just kinda, i only heard about you and saw you that time, and, shit–” 
you smile at her, let her go on as you lean further over the guitar, left hand reaching out to tuck a couple strands of her unruly hair behind her right ear, effectively cutting her off without saying a word. this awestruck look on her face is something you really, really want to get used to, and the feeling of her breath ghosting over your lips is far more welcome than anything else will ever be. 
“god, i wanna kiss you again.”
“do it.” you hum, and then ellie’s lips are on yours again and you swear this pretty stranger with the auburn hair is going to be the death of you.
Tumblr media
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butterflykissiies · 14 days
here's an idea piercer!ellie comforts the reader through gettting their first piercing
also can i claim ⛸️ as my anon emoji
of course the ⛸️ emoji is all yours !!
ellie held your face still with one hand, your panicked breaths making her halt her actions as she needle she held just barely grazed your nose. “take a deep breath for me, doll.” she whispered, her voice just loud enough for your to hear. “we can do this another time, just say the word and we’ll stop.”
you shook your head , knowing that you wanted to finally go through with it. “no, no. i can do it, els.” you sighed, letting out a shaky breath. your eyes moved to her green ones, relinquishing your trust into her. “im ready.”
she nodded, smiling slightly at your willingness to go through with it. her hand left your face, moving to double check her marking before pushing the needle through the flesh, erecting a small gasp from you. “good girl, oh good job.” she praised, moving to quickly grab the stud. “you continue to impress me, doll.”
you felt a stray tear fall from your water eyes, making you move to brush it away. “really?”
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ohraicodoll · 1 month
 Feral Masterlist
Tumblr media
Joel Miller x Feral Reader/OFC
(You’ve all lovingly named this character Feral Reader, but she’s referenced as Starshine or Red sometimes in the stories.)
Warning: Explicit Content, Graphic Violence, Trauma, PTSD
(Put in order of story timeline)
Monsters Two-Shot | (18+ Minors DNI) | 3rd POV | AO3 Part 1 | Part 2 Honey One-Shot | (18+ Minors DNI) | 3rd POV | AO3 The first time there was an excuse, the second time was just about release after a hard day.
Be Still Drabble | 3rd POV | AO3 It takes her a while to notice. Joel is having a panic attack. Bitter Two-Shot | 3rd POV | AO3 Joel makes a decision for all of them when they finally find Tommy in Jackson. Part 1 | Part 2 Violent Delights One-Shot | 3rd POV | AO3 With Joel injured and Ellie captured, she has to make a choice. Violent Ends One-Shot | 3rd POV | AO3 They find the Fireflies and one by one, the lights go out.  Crossword Snippet | 3rd POV | AO3 It’s the first time their group has been split up and Joel definitely isn’t waiting for you at the gates.
Daisies Drabble | 3rd POV | AO3 The women of Jackson have their eyes set on Joel Miller.
Beast One-Shot | 18+ Minors DNI for Graphic Violence | 3rd POV | AO3 All she can see is that he’s hurt and she would tear them apart. Left Behind One-Shot | 3rd POV | AO3 Settling into life in Jackson wasn't going so easily and Joel is hit with the possibility she may not be welcomed to stay. Territorial One-Shot | 3rd POV | AO3 She never paid attention to the newcomers when they joined Jackson until one of them begins to get close to Joel. Dominant One-Shot | 3rd POV | AO3 Jealousy and rationality don’t mix. Hero Worship Drabble | 3rd POV Ellie has a little admirer  Your Bury Me One-Shot | 3rd POV | AO3 A failed trade, a dress, music, and their own form of confession.
Reckless: Ellie gets mad at her for being too careless with herself Red’s Personality ***Red Integrating Into Jackson Headcanons ***Red and Joel Headcanons Does Red ever try singing again? ***Tommy x Red Headcanons Tommy after the punch ***Ellie x Red Headcanons ***Joel falling for Red Headcanons Red is Ellie’s Mom Gifts from the Barn Cat The Morning After Bitter Part 2 Joel’s Nightmares ***Moments in Domesticity Headcanons
Where does Red met them in the timeline? TLOU Part 2 Question Sunshine Bestie Red and cheating scenario Romance and Connections Red and Pregnancies Maria and Red’s relationship Ellie’s Adjustment Maria standing up for Red Reds Triggers Red & the baby (More) When Reds Sick Annie’s Birthday Joel Calming Red Down Red’s Trinkets
________________________________ If you would like to be added to a taglist for this series, please reply to this post! Taglist: @alouise20 @faceache111​ @hawsx3 @taxidriversainz @iluvbunnyhops @mrfitzdarcyslover @emlovesya  @agent007knight @spaacerabbit @namgification @wonwoosthetic  @wxnderingthoughts @sagggy @escaping-reality8 @badwolf00593​ @themothersmercy @badwolf00593 @mxtokko @happinessinthebeing​ @taranicristeard  @aroacefanenby @barbellpedro  @maviee​ @sgt-morgan​
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rory-butnot-gilmore · 18 days
Little Moments in Time
You and Sarah make dinner for Joel and Tommy before you leave for a business trip. The world then falls apart, and you find yourself separated from your family. 20 years later, a weird twist of events leads you back to the man you loved.
Pairing: joel x fem!reader
themes/warning: oh yeah, there is angst this time, death and violence, pain and sadness, with a little bit of fluff if you squint <3 also, there are some parts that i tried really hard to do extra research on so it wasn't like completely off trail from the canon storyline, but I couldn't find much.
part one
september 24th, 2003
You and Sarah both danced around the kitchen, while you made barbecue chicken and rice. It was supposed to be spaghetti night, but after your recent trip to the doctors and finding out you had celiac disease, gluten free options started to be incorporated. Joel and Sarah definitely didn't mind though, because both of them thought the things you cooked instead were great. Joel didn't even notice some of the differences in the things you made sometimes.
"So, what is it you're doing again? On your trip?" Sarah asked as she grabbed down a can of corn from the cabinet. You looked at it and made a mental note to make sure Joel went shopping for groceries.
"So now that I am an actual nurse, I am going to Chicago to help out with some younger college students somethings I know about nursing," You explained to Sarah, who smiled and nodded. She loved your job, and was always so curious about the things with it. Joel teased that Sarah would follow in your footsteps.
"When you get back, we are going shopping for my maid of honor dress right?" Sarah poured the corn into a small pot.
"Yes we are, are you excited?" You nudged her with your elbow, and she giggled before nodding.
Things had been official between both you and Joel since the week after your second date. You went everywhere with him and Sarah by then, all of her soccer games, every school recital, and every moment. By the fourth year of dating, you gave up the apartment life and moved in with them. Then last year, Joel finally proposed after dragging his feet for so long. You didn't mind the delay though, because life for the two of you already seemed so perfect.
"Oh damn it smells great in here!" Tommy exclaimed as he came through the door, he grinned at the two of you when he came into the kitchen.
"Hey, how was work?" You turned off the stove, and grabbed the plates that Sarah had already gotten down. Joel came in behind Tommy, and gave Sarah a quick kiss on the head. He wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, as you made Sarah a plate.
“It was shit, don’t let Tommy tell you any different, the bastard didn’t tell me how anyone the guys we have to work with are this time,” Joel laughed, “The plans are coming along though, and we should be able to start on it within the next day or two,”
“Well hopefully your string of good luck continues babe,” You kissed his cheek, and handed him Sarah’s plate, “Tommy you can come make a plate,”
“Thanks Y/n, you know I still don’t understand why Joel got to end up with you?” Tommy made his eight year old joke. Joel flipped him off and made his plate and made a plate for you.
“Hm, I mean if I remember correctly, you were too busy making out with one of my best friends?” Sarah laughed, covering her mouth to stop the water she had just drank from spraying out. She started coughing a little, but she was still laughing at your comeback.
“How is my dear old friend doing?” Tommy came behind Joel and grabbed his plate to start making it. You grabbed three beers out of the refrigerator for the Miller brothers, and yourself. Everyone sat down at the table together, and started talking about your days. Sarah talked about a test she passed. Tommy told an embarrassing story about Joel from the day. Joel squeezed your hand while you talked about your flight leaving in the morning. Tommy headed out a little bit after you cleaned up from dinner. You helped Sarah get her curls into a style that would help keep them from getting ruined during the night. Once she was all set, you and Joel started your night time routine.
Once you thought Joel was done with the shower, you climbed in. You sighed happily as the water rinsed over your skin. Before your hair was even completely wet, Joel climbed back into the shower. You rolled your eyes but turned to look at him. Joel was unapologetically looking you up and down, and pulled you against him.
“I figured I could rinse the grime off of me before I ambushed you,” Joel shrugged, and explained his reasoning for not just suggesting a shower together in the first place.
“Joel Miller, are you trying to seduce me before marriage?” You teased, and he shook his head.
“Mm, no, no I don’t think I would ever do such a thing?” Joel started to kiss your jaw and neck, his hands resting on your lower back, fingers just barely tracing the top of the curve of your ass.
“Sarah isn’t asleep yet, so this is holding off for right now,” You played with the hair at the nape of his neck, not really wanting the touches to stop. Joel groaned but still pulled back, smoothing your now wet hair down and out of your face.
“I don’t know how her or I are going to do without you for a whole five days?” Joel whispered, and kissed your forehead, “Sar’s cooking lessons better have been paying off, if she’s going to be cooking for me on my birthday,”
“She will do phenomenal, she wants to make you pancakes, I know you’re super stressed with work, but I left you a grocery list so you can make sure you make her dreams come true,”
“Isn’t it supposed to be my dreams coming true? It’s my birthday?” You glared at him, and started washing your hair. Joel swatted your hands away and helped you scrub the shampoo into your scalp.
“I’ll get the pancake mix, we will call you while eating our pancakes, you can sing me happy birthday while I do,” Joel teased, and helped get your hair rinsed out. You leaned your head back and he kissed your neck gently.
“Then when I get home, her and I go to pick out her dress, pick up my dress, and then we will be two weeks out from me marrying you, old man,” You wrapped your arms around him, and pecked his lips, “Cold feet?”
“I’m about to be thirty-six years old, and I’m marrying the most beautiful, smart, and loving woman I have ever met,” Joel’s voice was softer now, “The same woman who loves that awesome daughter of mine, plus she’s a bit younger than me so that totally boosts my ego,”
You raised an eyebrow and he laughed a little.
“My feet are as hot as they could be Y/n.”
september 25th, 2003
Joel drove you and Sarah to the airport in your car. Sarah teared up more the closer you got to the security. You were quick to pull her into a tight hug.
“Hey, it’s going to be okay, it’s only five days and I will be home,” You whispered, trying your hardest to fight back your own tears, “You can call me each day too, I won’t mind, I have my cell,”
“I love you mom.” Sarah blurted it out so fast, that both you and Joel were taken aback by it. You didn’t hesitate for too long though before you were holding her even tighter. Joel pulled both of you into a group hug, and everyone said their I love you’s. No one said goodbye, just reminders that you would be home soon. That this was only a temporary thing.
You didn’t let yourself fully cry until you were on the plane, and you cried until you landed. Sarah called you mom, for the first time in eight years, she called you mom. It made your heart swell ten times the size it already was. Sarah held such a special place in your heart, that was never a doubt. There was a certain kind of satisfaction knowing that you held the same spot in hers.
You got off the plane and took the cab to the hotel, that was where you first met the next person who would change the course of your life for the next twenty-years. She was twenty-four years old, and with her best friend. The two of them were laughing in the lobby of the hotel, but hers was the loudest. She was going to be your mentee during the trip, but in the end she was so much more.
“Oh!” She finally saw your name tag, and waved you down, “You’re Y/n! I’m Anna, I guess you’re in charge of me for this whole thing huh?”
“Anna, it’s great to meet you,” You shook her hand and then her friend’s.
“I’m Marlene, not here for the nursing stuff, just this annoying person right here.” Marlene nudged Anna, who had no problem nudging back.
Marlene went on her own adventure, while you and Anna went to the first activity. It was in the local hospital, and the senior nurses explained how the next five days would be. Anna was a jokester, and you knew that she was going to cause a bit of trouble. Still though, she was fun to be around. The first day went by really quick just with her jokes alone.
That night after a bar outing with Marlene, you and Anna were in your hotel room together. She was sitting in the chair that was to your desk, with her feet propped up on the bed you were sitting on. The two of you were talking about anything and everything. Just bonding over whatever you could find.
“Okay, so you’re only thirty, you’re about to be married and a step-mom?” Anna laughed, and you nodded with a grin on your face.
“You know, I don’t like the step part of it, but I do like the sound of mom,” You smiled, thinking about Sarah, “Joel, my fiancé, does nothing but tell me about how I saved them, but in reality they saved me more than they know,”
“I can’t even imagine where I will be in six years, at thirty, but it definitely doesn’t feel like I would be a mother.”
september 26th, 2003
You, Anna, and Marlene were all in your hotel room. The emergency broadcast was going off, and you were all watching everything unfold. When your cellphone started to ring, you answered it before the second ring went off. It was Sarah, and she was asking if you knew what was happening.
“I woke up and Dad isn’t here, and-” Sarah screamed a little, and the line went dead. Your entire body started to shake.
“Sarah?! Sarah, baby! Sarah!” You were yelling into the phone, hoping that her voice would come through the dial tone. You never got to hear her voice again though.
The next three days, were more torture than you could even imagine. The three of you were all escorted out of the hotel by military eventually, and made your way to a safe zone. It didn’t feel safe though, none of it did. You put Sarah, Joel, and Tommy on a name list. So that it could be broadcasted soon enough. Eventually you were all within a QZ. You waited everyday for any sign of the Millers, hoping they would eventually show up. It didn’t take long before you all started to catch onto the bullshit that was FEDRA, and that was when the Fireflies became a part of your life.
You found the safe house, Marlene should have been there already. Then you heard the screams, and you ran around to the backside of the house. You went through the back door, and busted into a bedroom. Anna was on the floor, a baby with an umbilical cord still attached laying in front of her, and an infected dead off to the side. Anna was breathing heavy, and the baby was crying.
“You k-know how I said I couldn’t see my self being a mother at thirty?” Anna was breathing heavily as you rushed closer, she cut the umbilical cord with her own knife and started to tie it off, “Looks like I was wrong, but also right,”
She bent her leg out, and you saw the bite on her inner thigh. Your entire heart stopped and you dropped down to your knees. Anna was shaking a bit, but she picked up her baby anyways. The tiny infant calmed down looking at her mother.
“Anna, what are we going to do? I mean Marlene should be here soon, but was the baby? I mean?” You were stumbling over all your words. The girl who had become your family was dying, and there was nothing you could do.
“You are going to take Ellie, wait for Marlene downstairs, and I am going to ask you one last favor Y/n,” Anna whispered, “Make sure she’s loved, make sure she’s safe, and please kill me before I hurt you,”
“No, no, I’ll take her soon, I’ll go downstairs, but I can’t.. Marlene will be here soon, she needs to get to say goodbye Anna, and you h-have a little time, spend these last minutes with your daughter,” You sat against the wall next to Anna, watching her with the baby. She glared at you for a moment, before giving up and looking at Ellie.
“She’s so damn beautiful Y/n, and I will.. I will never get to see what she becomes,” Anna whispered, “If anyone asks, y-you know I cut the umbilical cord before I was bit? They would never let her live other wise,”
“If they ask, I was here the entire time.” You whispered, and laid your head on her shoulder.
Every part of you wanted to kill Marlene, for dragging you back to Boston. After you knew Ellie was safe, you decided to set out and try and find whatever you could about the Millers. Any kind of sign of what happened to them. Now, fourteen years later you were back at your original QZ. After they ran their tests, and you lied and explained you were coming from the fallen QZ in Chicago, they let you inside. You showed up at the building Marlene had explained to you over the radio, and made your way inside. You quietly snuck your way in, your gun ready to shoot at any sign of trouble.
You slowly went up the stairs, and then heard a loud thud. When you made it to the top, you saw Marlene holding her side, with another woman standing next to her. There was a man and a woman with their backs turned to you, and a younger girl on the floor.. A girl who looked almost identical to her mother.
“Get your gun out of her face.” You snapped, and the man turned around. Then your entire heart fell down into your stomach even more than it was seeing Ellie.
He was standing there, and he was alive. Marlene was watching the both of you, waiting for the blow up. His eyes though, they stayed on you, and then trailed to the chain around your neck. Hanging off of it was a simple diamond ring, that he remembered clear as day picking out with his daughter. He looked older, seemed different, but yet you felt like home was standing only a few feet in front of you. You lowered your gun and glanced at Ellie, who was staring at you like she knew exactly who you were. In reality, she might have, she did have a picture of you that you slipped in with her stuff when you left her at the military school. It was your picture name tag from the convention you met her mom at.
“Y/n?” Ellie and Joel said your name at the same exact time, and for a moment it sounded like the world stood still.
next part
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sitnorelle · 2 months
i am begging you someone PLEASE write a fic where both bill and frank meet ellie. i don't care that they weren't there anymore when joel & ellie got there, i need the bill & ellie banter and frank fretting over ellie and i can't write it myself
(if somebody already wrote it and you have a link, please send)
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tbhatxr · 2 months
Ellie: Who wants to make fifty bucks?
Joel: How?
Ellie: I need someone to take the fall.
Joel: What did you do?
Ellie: I can't tell you. Yes or no, no questions asked.
Abby, from the other room: Oh my god.
Ellie: ...
Abby: OH MY GOD!
Joel: Make it a hundred.
Ellie: Deal.
(I like pretending nothing bad happened)
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x-aefx · 20 days
Hi sweetie! So we have the exact same obsession with Arya and Ellie and you said they are kinda similar (and it is true lmao). What things do you think dating them would have in common? And the differences? I also can't stop thinking about having a relathinship with both, like a one shot crossover. Omg I'm going feral for this.
In all honesty this had me thinking for a bit.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Both would make sure you know how to defend yourself.
Arya would teach you how to use a sword and a bow and arrow (any weapon really) watching you improve would make her heart swell with pride. She would tease you constantly during training but her priority would be to make sure your always protected.
Ellie would teach you how to shoot a gun, use a knife etc. Again, seeing your improvements would make her proud but she would express that with flirty remarks. Ellie would encourage you to practice by pretending she's someone unwanted and for you to try strike her, however neither she or Arya would ever try it on you.
Both are very protective of you. Will make this clear to anyone they think needs to know.
Family is very important to Arya and Ellie. Neither would rush or pressure you into meeting their family. However when you do agree to meet them, they'll go all out. Both will make sure everything is perfect! They'll give you any necessary warnings or advice. Will hold your hand reassuringly if they notice your nervous/stressed. Both would proudly show you off to everyone.
Neither are very lovey dovey in public HOWEVER both would throw out the occasional flirty remark.
In crowds or other settings that can be stressful/dangerous/overwhelming Arya would let you squeeze her hand as tight as you need without showing any bit of pain. She would whisper comforting things to you. If she thinks your uncomfortable or overwhelmed she will lead you away from everyone and reassure you everything is alright. She'll cup the sides of your face and comfort you.
Ellie LOVES to hold your hands. Her hand will be on the small of your back to guide you or simply to remind you your safe and that she's beside you. Hugs from behind. She'll creep up on you, wrap her hands around your waist and rest her chin on your shoulder, swaying you both slightly.
Arya's and Ellie's perfect date would be just the two of you together someplace out of sight from everyone else.
Ellie would either bring you to her home or an abandoned building (that is safe!) She'll probably have weed or alcohol with her. Music would be playing in the background, which she'll probably make you dance with her to. She'll joke around, shower you in compliments and since it's just the two of you, she'll be more affectionate. She'll shower you in kisses everywhere. She'll praise you and her compliments will turn to flirty and seductive remarks fast. I'm sure you have an idea as to what might happen after;)
Arya would bring you to a beautiful northern sight on horseback. At first things will be calm. You two will get into a deep but nice conversation. The atmosphere is light and free. Then Arya will waste no more time and show you how much she loves and appreciates you. She'll remind you of your worth and beauty. Very flirty and blunt.
Prayers go to whoever hurts you in the slightest because theses girls would quite literally kill for you. No matter who they are or what advantages they have, Arya and Ellie would easily show them the mistake they made.
The main differences between Arya and Ellie in my opinion is how the would react to things.
Arya would waste no time in finding out the reason for your pain and dealing with it. She would do it unexpectedly and quietly. She wouldn't make it a scene or very public unless it's something serious and she's real pissed off, them she'll go off.
When that's dealt with she'll go straight to you. She won't mention what she did as her only focus at that moment will be you. She'll hold you and comfort you. She'll let you cry in her arms and listen to your sobs and mumbling. Arya will continually remind you of how strong you are and how much your are worth. Won't leave you until she knows your alright.
Ellie would go to you first to make sure what she was hearing was true. Once she sees your pain she will be filled with rage and anger. She'll go straight away to deal with the problem but upon hearing your protests, her anger will disappear and immediately she's by your side pulling you into her arms. Ellie will rub up and down your arms to soothe you, she'll kiss your shoulders and neck, along your jaw and all over your face.
She'll remind you of your worth and how much you mean to her. When you calm down she'll make sure you've eaten and gently get you into bed. Whilst your asleep that will be when she'll go deal with whatever made you hurt. She won't care about making a scene, only that the problem is dealt with it.
I wrote this at 2am so my apologies for any mistakes.
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just-a-scratch-man · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I can’t do this without you…please, joel please…”
The last of us 01x06
One of the most heartbreaking Moment in My opinion(even in the game)
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calistico · 7 months
Tumblr media
(Art by Sr. Concept Artist, Katie Scott at Bend Studio)
Tumblr media
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cloveroctobers · 10 days
TOMMY MILLER — spring prompts 🦋
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: originally this was supposed to be for Joel — and I jumped on the Pedro train a little late my apologies but I can’t lie and say I’m not a bigger whore/softie for Tommy / Gabriel (this goes for the game version too!) so :) here goes nothing and if we flop, this never existed lmao! Only trying my best to write fluff for the upcoming spring season so let’s cheers to that! Happy first day of spring people!
WARNINGS: age adjustments for this piece + age-gap. Mostly following the live action ages according to their wiki except for Ellie! I aged her up some as this takes place before the events of part ii 😥 Joel is still 56, Tommy is 50, Ellie is 17, and “she” is 35…and would be a year older than Sarah. I know some might find that weird and usually I don’t write storylines around a age-gap but here we are! Tommy and “she” met during the time of the virus. So don’t drag me too much if you’re on the offense, thanks.
Using prompts from this list and numbers: 2.) listening to the birds when they wake up + 6.) new beginnings + 12.) rolling down the window of the car. + 28.) adopting puppy/kitten.
⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆
He’s still asleep while she’s on the balcony, hunched over the banister watching the town gradually come to life to start their daily routines. Being part of the main committee had its benefits, meaning one would start the day whenever they wished, which allowed her more time to just enjoy the little moments.
The air is touching spring, allowing livelihood to begin sprouting again. She breathes in the brisk air, pacing herself as the air still clings to the biting of its bitter sister while whipping by, reminding her that her asthma would not be leaving for the season just yet. The tree to the right of the house has lost one of its branches, which now lays on the roof of the house, due to the last winter storm which pushed its way through Wyoming with a foot of snow two weeks ago.
She’s not going to ask Tommy again to remove it, she’ll take it upon herself to get it down with some others later. She’s aware that he’s got a lot on his plate with Joel and Ellie back in town…along with this weighing secret Joel’s keeping from Ellie.
A sigh escapes her lips, eyes closing as she feels the brightness of the sun starting to rise behind the foggy skies. She knows if she keeps them closed a little longer, she’ll receive a morning song with the sunrise. The sun is a nice contrast against the cool but dry air in Jackson but it always brings a sense of peace.
The chirping is just enough for a small smile to split onto the corners of her lips and she listens, enjoying the sweet song the birds sing. She was never much of a bird person due to her grandmother having all sorts back in her hometown in Connecticut. She was raised mostly by her grandmother in a town that lacked diversity, since her parents prioritized work rather than spend time with her and her little brother. Sure she understood this now in her adulthood that her parents faced many challenges in their work field but as a child, of course you just wanted your parents around.
To care.
And whenever they were around, she gave them hell about it until her younger brother quickly became upset. He was on the spectrum and sensitive but just wanted everyone to get along. He loved talking about clouds and had dreams of venturing off to Iceland one day. She was thankful he got to experience it before the world officially went to shit.
Now here she stood listening to birds sing, despite being pecked, chased, and shit on by birds for what felt like her whole life and the sun was shining beneath the gray. Perhaps that was symbolism for new journeys along the way—if she bothered to look deeper at this but now was not the time for overthinking.
She did that enough on a daily basis.
“Hey, you didn’t wake me for the sunrise?” A Texas drawl called out from behind.
She turns slightly, facing the screen door to see Tommy with his head poking out beneath the door, dark hair frizzy, and slits in his eyes. He’s not much of a morning person out of the two of them and will usually need five to twenty minutes more before getting up.
He needed the sleep.
She steps to him then, wrapped in her blanket and getting a better view of the freckles that always appear sprinkled on his face whenever the light hits his skin.
“It’s okay,” she softly says, “there’s always tomorrow.”
He hums as his brown eyes peeks over her head and sniffs at the air, “c’mon in, baby. Who knows how long you’ve been out here and I don’t want anything to start acting up on you and I’m not nearby.”
“I’m fine,” she argues, making a show as she deeply inhales and puffs out a breath as she exhales, fighting back a cough, “airs not too bad.”
Tommy gives her a look, alerting her that he doesn’t believe any of the words she’s saying to him. He knows she can get lost in nature for hours, making him think it reminds her of her old home.
He suggests, “Let’s go for a morning drive for a bit before we really start the day, huh?”
“I’d like that.” She smiles at the man who mirrors it back, “we haven’t done that in awhile.”
The pair lived in the most active part of Jackson, right in the heart of the western town where most of the houses were almost on top of each other. There wasn’t much that got pass this part of Jackson and it only made sense since she and Tommy helped keep this town running. Surely she preferred the more secluded parts, which is what she was grew up with but to be married to someone so extroverted changed that.
“Yeah, we sure haven’t. Let me get dressed.” Tommy says with a nudge of his head, inviting her back into their home.
She nods at him, glancing over her shoulder in the doorway as he exits, sending another smile to the birds before closing the door.
Tommy’s driving in the pale yellow Camaro he picked up from his last scouting trip, it’s his new toy that she teases him about since he’s kicked her Chevy SUV to the curb. She’s laying with her arm resting against the door, cheek pressed into her balled up arm, with her black faux fur blanket still wrapped around her and Tommy’s got one hand resting on her thigh.
He’s shuffling between keeping his hands on the steering wheel, steering with his knees and twisting his arm all kinds of ways to get a cassette into the radio slot. The dirt road is empty and full of green hills along with loops that remind her of the path that leads to Ellie and Dina’s home. This part of Jackson feels familiar and like what she’s used to but she knows she doesn’t have to feel alone.
A soft beat begins to play through the car just as she’s rolling down the window. Tommy lightly shakes his head at his wife, who welcomes some of the air through the crack and receives that there seems to be something on her mind. Lately it seems like he’s been so busy with not only the community but rebuilding his relationship with Joel and his additional niece Ellie—although they’ve been back for about two years now, it did not go unnoticed that there’s been something on his wife’s mind.
Surely he was going to get to the bottom of it on this drive.
“What do you know about this?” Tommy quizzed, taking his hand off her thigh briefly to twist the volume knob, before placing his warmth back on her sweats.
She snorts as she listens to the lyrics of the 80s jam, a little shocked it wasn’t Pixies or some rock song this time. However she believed Tommy always picked songs that fit the mood.
…In time you will see
That love won't let you down
You said that you loved me
Said hurt only came to pass me
It sounded so convincing
That I gave it half a chance
And learned the ways of love, my baby
There is so much love inside me
And all that I have
I give my all to you
All, all my love, baby.
She joked, “Did this one play at your prom, old man?”
Tommy scoffed, “i was nine when this came out in 1982 so nice try but even then, I knew good music when I daggone hear it.”
There was a fifteen year age gap between her and Tommy but that’s never been a issue given the circumstances of life now and probably wouldn’t be much of a issue if things were different. However she couldn’t be certain if the infection didn’t cross the globe if their paths would even align. She had southern roots thanks to her maternal and paternal grandparents yet she’s only ever visited Georgia to see her paternal grandparents, cousins, and friends she’s made out there.
Georgia was a long way from Texas.
“Look at you listening to love songs at just a little baby…I’m starting to not believe the whole never been in love until I met you line.” She sat up then, head resting against the headrest while playfully peeking at Tommy, ready to get him riled up.
Tommy shook his head, “I told you before, pre-Tommy was a whole ‘nother person, all about fun moments and keeping those memories strictly as that…temporary. I didn’t like to be attached although I knew I was very capable of loving someone.”
His past relationships did not matter to her. It never did because a new life was happening now, with her and their relationship most likely wouldn’t exist because they lived on different sides of the map. She trusted him to be a good partner and she equally wanted to be the same. The love or lust before was not a factor on both ends because Jackson was about redemption and growing forward.
If they couldn’t see that with each other then there was no need to continue on with this commitment. However she liked sparking this compassion from Tommy just for a sense of not only laughs but perhaps a bit of reassurance?
“I love you.” She slipped a hand around the back of his neck, lightly caressing the warm skin beneath his jacket.
Tommy glanced over at her then, pure light in his dark eyes as a smile quirked up beneath his facial hair, “I love you too…with all of this love.”
“Oh gosh, the corny is killing me. Make it stop!” She gagged at Tommy’s singing while he laughed at her, putting the car in park.
It was his turn to face her, gripping her jaw to place a kiss on her temple. Soon she unbuckled herself from the seat so she could sit in Tommy’s lap who welcomed her with open arms. Together they sat, his arms locked around her waist and her head tucked in between his neck and shoulder.
To be held by the one you love, what more could she ask for?
She could fall back to sleep in the comfort of Tommy’s arms just then. The prickle of his beard against her brow bone, the firmness of his hands secured around her frame, his steady breathing, her light grip from underneath his bicep, and his scent of white musk and eucalyptus was enough for her this morning.
Sometimes people just need to be held by the right person.
Tommy was ready for her to fall asleep. It’s not like it was uncommon for her to rest against him and as much as she claimed he needed rest, he wanted her to take care of herself just like she took care of him. The flutter of her eyelashes fought against the closing of her lids that it made Tommy grin, silently encouraging her to just let go but one thing about his baby, she was a fighter which provided a nice contrast against her dainty appearance.
Her glossy grayish-brown eyes popped back open, eyes gazing out at the scenery while Tommy quickly shifted his eyes elsewhere so he wouldn’t get called out for staring. He followed her line of sight and immediately wanted to reach for what was in the backseat.
“What’s that?” She asked, sitting up as she put more strain on one eye than the other.
It was confirmed by one of the new nurses that she was losing her sight in one eye quite quickly. It was mostly caused by a injury with a clicker that sent her through a glass window face-first but blindness was also hereditary on her mother’s side. Who truly knows what life continues to throw at you? In whatever way, it was not something she dwelled on.
Tommy nodded as he pulled his shotgun up and over the console, “uh huh, I see it.”
She was out the door before he could get the safety off and that sent his heart rate spiking.
Her feet stomped over the rising grass, ignoring Tommy’s hushed calls as she slowly approached the animal. It had height to it, straggly mixture of grey and black hair with a heavy bone structure.
Tumblr media
“Honey, I don’t know what’re you’re thinkin’ but you can’t just run up on dogs like that! We don’t even know if it’s infected.” Tommy stated as he took stealthy steps behind the braided woman.
She slipped a hand into her pocket, holding the  thermometer up in the air to silently answer the man’s question who couldn’t help but to deeply scowl.
Squatting down she kept some distance between her and the dog who put it’s head down, sniffing in her direction. Her hand slipped into another pocket, reaching for something green before she lightly tossed it in the dog’s direction. Carefully the dog stepped forward to bite into the green bean, allowing her to slowly get closer to aim the thermometer and get a temperature reading.
“He’s clear.”
Tommy still circled around, gun slightly lowered but not completely as he watched her smile at the dog.
“It’s still a ugly lookin’ thing.”
She scolded Tommy, “don’t talk about him like that! He actually might think you’re the ugly one here.”
‘That’s not possible.’ Tommy thought to himself.
Rubbing his back, she cooed at the animal, “he didn’t mean it boy, he’s just being mean because I didn’t signal that I was coming to introduce myself to you.”
Tommy couldn’t help but to shake his head in disapproval, taking a moment to survey the area to make sure the unattractive animal didn’t lead any unwanted attention. When he turned back, she was still petting him, this time the dog was licking at her hands and seemed to be enjoying his pets as he sat.
“…this isn’t your first time meeting?” Tommy guessed.
She sighed, “no. Joel’s grumpy ass scared him off last time with the horses when we patrolled. You have no idea how bad I wanted to kick his ass…at least you’re being better about this…besides the whole verbal bullying you just afflicted on him.”
“I wasn’t bullyin’,” Tommy started, “I just wanted you to be careful.”
“Yeah and you took it out on someone who didn’t deserve it.”
Tommy sighed, “I—I never took you as a dog person anyway. I would have thought cats.”
“Are you gonna get me a cat for my birthday?”
“Probably not, honey. They’re kinda creepy.”
‘Creepier than people turning into walking funguses? I think the fuck not!’ She thought.
“Then we’re taking him home!” She beamed as she rubbed behind his ears, “hear that?! We’re gonna get you home, bathe you, feed you, and you’ll fit in with the rest back at home, I’m sure of it. And if you don’t, you’ll stay with us.”
“The hell he will.”
The sharp look she sent the curly haired man was enough to get him to clear his throat and almost straighten up. It’s not like Tommy didn’t care for dogs, hell, he was thinking of getting one before Sarah came into the picture—not that he was comparing his niece to a got damn dog! Fuck, he knew she was probably sending him a mean mug from up above right now. It’s just that the loneliness he faced at his own townhome in Austin was erased when life granted him with a niece.
Sarah was his just as she was his brother’s.
Now his wife wanted to bring a dog (as if they didn’t have enough in the community) into their life and it seemed like she already had a connection with it, that Joel didn’t tell him about at all! He could also argue that his own wife didn’t tell him she was forming a bond elsewhere.
The laughter that sounded from her as she got to her feet, facing him with a smile that reached her shining eyes made his heart swell.
Happiness was all he wanted her to have. He was happy if she was happy and he felt himself breaking.
“What if it’s got fleas?”
“Hello…veterinarian school?”
Which was true, she knew what to do and since the community was well-off to take care of everyone and everything, She had what she needed if any of the animals got sick.
“Right…Dr. Dolittle here.”
“Was that a jab, Tommy?” She pointed at the man who immediately shook his head in defense.
“Not really.” He shrugged his shoulders innocently before continuing, “I’m not afraid to say I was in the theaters when that one came out for Sarah…although I love a good comedy family film.”
That’s funny, that’s when she knew she wanted to work with animals after seeing that film. Unfortunately she couldn’t hear the actual voices of the animals she worked with but she still knew how to communicate with them. She can only imagine tommy taking the time to spend with his niece and that brought a smile to her lips.
“So you’ll love him?”
“…I can try?”
She patted the dog’s back, “see it only took some convincing. We just have to find you a name and it’ll have to flow nicely with your sibling.”
A frown dug in between Tommy’s brows at the end of her sentence. It slipped so easily from her lips that Tommy was unsure if he heard her right. She was getting ready to turn and head back to the car with the dog in at her side but Tommy steps towards them.
“What was that?”
“Hm?” She took her attention away from the dog who began wagging it’s tail.
“That last part of the sentence. About the dog having the same sound as it’s..sibling? Meaning what? the other dogs?” Tommy pried.
She tapped on her chin then, pretending to think about it, “I’m thinking Silas for him and Milo, Tyrus, or Linus for this one.”
Tommy watched with wide eyes as a hand rested against her clothed belly.
“A-Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”
“Maybe…what’re you thinking?”
“You’re pregnant, honey?”
“Uh huh. You’ve got two extra babies now.”
Tommy wanted to curl into a ball of happiness hearing this news. He never thought he would be a dad way back then and he certainly didn’t think now…especially with the way things were and she hasn’t had much of a cycle in years. Of course there were discussions of what ifs but it’s not like they were deliberately trying.
His put the safety on and slung the gun around to his back. He exhaled, his hands raised in air before gripping at his hair in astonishment.
“We’re gonna be somebody’s mommy and daddy?”
“Damn straight.”
“Hell yeah we are!” Tommy grinned as he reached forward to lift her up by the waist, gently spinning her in the air before he quickly put her back on her feet, “shit, are you having any nausea? did I just cause it?”
“No love, we’re okay. Just fatigue sometimes. I’m about thirteen weeks according to Rosita’s ultrasound.” She breathed with a smile, flicking her hair back.
“Thirteen weeks?! Holy shit! He’s gonna be here in no time…wait Linus? There’s no way we’re naming our kid Linus—that’s out.”
“Okay let’s talk about it,” she laughed, “walk with me.”
“It’s clear we have a lot to talk about!” Tommy slipped an arm around her waist, peeking down at her baggy clothing as they made their way back to the car.
He halted as she started to give him the details and glanced back at the dog who had its head down but stayed put. He whistled at the animal with a nudge of head, “c’mon, dog! You’re comin’ with us.”
“Silas.” She whispered up at Tommy.
Tommy corrected himself, “Silas! Let’s go home.”
Silas perked up and trotted after the couple, hopping into the backseat as Tommy intently focused on her, their hands clasped together as he held them to his lips, ready for their new beginning.
⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆。˚ ꕥ ༘⋆ ⋆
Continue along with my spring anthology prompts here.
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elskittie · 13 days
mean!ellie who loves to tease her poor needy best friend who she knows would do anything to get fucked by her.
Tumblr media
she loves when you follow her around like a lost puppy, agreeing with her every word because you’re just so head over heels for her. ellie wanted to have you, make you all hers officially — and she knew she could in a heartbeat… but something in her enjoyed the teasing too much. enjoyed watching you try to poorly conceal your arousal when she’d flirt with you, touch you, look at you that certain way. it made her day go by faster.
she’d come to visit you when you were working for Seth at The Tipsy Bison, missing your sweet face and wanting to catch you before her scheduled patrol. you were found taking stock in the back room, counting up liquor to see if there was enough for a gathering Maria wanted to host. “well well well, should you be back here all alone?” ellie’s voice caught your attention and you turned around with a grin to see her reading the faded label on a bottle of whiskey.
“ellie, ‘missed you! don’t you have patrol?” you brought your fists beneath your chin, hoping she was going to tell you that she’d swapped it out with someone to hang out with you.
“yeah yeah, Jesse can wait. wanted to see my favourite girl first.” she flirt and you felt your face heat up, trying to take it for what it was. a joke, right?
“really? wish you could stay here n’keep me company.” you pouted, voice so sweet and beggy by nature that ellie couldn’t help but smirk— beginning to move towards you.
“oh really. and what would we be doing? seth come back here often?” she stepped into your space smugly, looking down at you. your eyes went all wide and doe like, practically melting in her presence.
“mm, anything you want?” you offered, already so submissive, which only made her more smug. she hooked her finger under your chin, keeping your gaze on her. ellie liked to see how far she could push it.
“yeah? anything? you’ll let me do anything?” she spoke quietly, just to you, her special best friend. you nodded frantically as she spoke, eyes flickering from hers to her lips desperately pushing yourself more up against her.
“mm, mhm.” you were whimpering, from just a simple touch.
“yeah.” you pant like a puppy in heat and just like that she pulled back, stepping out your space with a chuckle. so mean.
“funny girl. i’ll come see you later yeah? gotta get goin’, Jesse’s gonna kick my ass if i leave him waiting.”
you said nothing, flustered — watching her back up out the stock room. “bye, pretty girl.” she smiled as if to say ‘i know what i did, and i’m not sorry.’
ellie was some best friend.
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escarlatellie · 12 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
my heart's mistaken ; ellie williams. (4.9k.)
⤿ f!reader, modern!au, anxiety attack (you), lowercase on purpose, hurt/comfort (?) confessing your feelings & misunderstanding trope my favorite!! title inspired by heaven / troye sivan.
⤿ returning to your hometown after leaving for five years, you're met with a mix of kindness, worry, and rage. when dina ends up scaring you away (though she has the best of intentions), you crash into the one person you'd run away from all those years ago, and end up having to face the feelings you'd been so afraid of.
Tumblr media
“thanks for letting me crash,” you whisper, only half paying attention to whatever kdrama dina has playing on her old flatscreen. you shoot her a look, and she responds in kind with the one-finger salute before getting back to chatting with whoever she’s on the phone with; you’re not self-centered enough to try and drag her away from it, since you’re technically the one intruding. 
a part of you worries, briefly, that your being here is a problem. understandably so, since you’d up and left everything and everyone here without a word of goodbye five years ago. typically, you’d expect all of your old friends to be pissed, right? you’ve had years to consider going back, reason winning over the fear that you’d harbored when you left. you’d given dina just a couple days' warning, which felt good enough regardless of the hovering anxiety surrounding the idea that she’d call everyone and tell them. 
you weren’t ready for that, and it seemed as if she knew that too. 
your bag had felt heavy, slung over one shoulder as you rode the elevator up to her quaint little apartment, which you’d taken the liberty of looking at on her social media; something she had every right to keep from you after so long, but offered up anyway. your eyes water at the distinctive warmth of home you get from being back here, the security you feel settling into a place you haven’t been in in a while. 
what was great, actually, was the way she’d greeted you. dina’s just sweet like that. she’d had her phone cradled between her ear and shoulder, a birman cat cradled in her arms, clawing at her top as she swung the door open. regardless of what you presumed was absolute chaos on her end, she smiled at you, reached out with her just barely-freed hand and pulled you into her place by the shirt. when the door shut, you’d barely had time to collect yourself before the small birmin was cuddling up to your legs and inviting you in.
there was no awkwardness, just a sense of familiarity as dina cooed her cat and gestured towards the hall’s tiny little closet; hang up your stuff there, she mouthed, just as excruciatingly hospitable as she’d been five years ago. you figured any dismissal or worry you showed would be shut down the moment you spoke on it, because dina’s just..like that, so you did exactly what she told you to do, hung your stuff up, and had been promptly dragged to her little living area and thrown onto the couch. 
just let me finish cooking, she’d mouthed once again before getting back to her call, and off she’d gone. that left you here, knees pulled up to your chest as you pondered what exactly it was you were doing here, or what you planned to achieve by coming home. you had a whole life back where you’ve been staying, a place you could call home even though it hadn’t felt as..safe as here did. something was calling you back, a gut feeling which had been nagging at you for a while and it’d been long enough for you to think screw it, pack your stuff, and figure out where you could stay before taking the nearest train back home.
if you were being honest with yourself, you knew what was calling you home. though life back where you were living was good, the one thing lacking was love. it’s not as if you weren’t loved by the friends you’d made there, nor as if you hadn’t tried, because christ, you’d tried so hard to find someone, but every attempt had been a massive fail. most of the time, they were great people, mature and committed, but nothing had ever felt right and you’d grown to accept the fact that you weren’t built for it until you went through some of your old stuff and found a picture of you and an old friend all those years ago. 
you’re not exactly sure what it was about the picture that triggered it—perhaps it was the pose, your expressions as you two fucked around, or what was going on in the back—, but now, for some reason, it was folded nicely in the back of your phone case and you were back home looking for this person. ellie williams, you thought, thumbing at the case and wondering whether or not it’d be weird to take it out right now, where dina could see it. god, you’d seem like a creep. 
williams, for all you know, could’ve run off and started a life of her own outside of the city. williams, for all you fucking know, could’ve crashed her car and died in a fucking ditch, never to be seen again. williams could’ve gotten over you long before she stopped trying to call you. she could hate you, now. she might not even be the same person she was all those years ago. god fucking knows what she’s up to, and you might just be wasting your time looking for her here. 
you think back to what’d caused this mess—it was one night, a stupid choice while the two of you had been drunk out of your minds just after your second-year first-semester finals. you’d tumbled into ellie’s bedroom, messed around a little, then next thing you knew you were waking up at hell in the morning sore all over with ellie’s arm draped over your waist. 
it was a fucking nightmare because as you’d tried to sneak out, joel’d caught you and sat you down for coffee in their little, horrendously well-decorated and lived-in kitchen as he sat oblivious to your dilemma of when the fuck is ellie gonna wake up, when can i get out of here, and only let you go once he heard ellie’s footsteps and a faint call of your name from upstairs. 
you’re not even sure if he knew, if anyone knew that you two had anything going on. you hadn’t stuck around long to find out, as you’d practically raced out of their house and ghosted the poor girl. you’d barely spoken to any of your friends aside from the occasional i’m okay messages you’d shot to dina right up until you left. then, you stopped speaking to everyone because as a fucking nineteen-year-old, you were falling for someone—you had fallen a long time ago—, your best friend, and said best friend was in love with someone else.
really, how was dina so chill about you coming over after so long? you knew she was a good person, but even the best of people would have completely lost it. she’d left you alone when you’d come in, had been kind enough to let you relax and get used to being here again, but a part of you knew the second she got off the phone, she’d be on your ass about it. 
it wasn’t as if you’d expected anything different. as a matter of fact, you’d been prepping yourself for it since you boarded the train hours ago. telling her why and explaining the circumstances along with your feelings at the time would probably end you up in shambles, but she deserved to know. despite the effort you’d put in to try and forget her, too, she was the only person who’d worried about you the entire time. it was hard to forget someone like that.
that urges a pang in your heart; obviously, you’d never really gotten over ellie.
dina’s voice whips you out of your own thoughts. she’s holding two dishes, presumably the food she cooked though she’s standing and is too high up for you to be able to see. she sets them both down on her little coffee table and curls up on the other end of the couch, lower lip tucked tightly between her teeth as she figures out what to say. honestly, you figure you should spare her the trouble and start with your well-practiced, yet still unbelievably nerve-wracking apology, not because guilt is eating away at you (though it is), but because she deserves it. 
so does everyone else, but one thing at a time. 
“dina, i’ve kinda accepted the whole i’m an absolute piece of shit thing, so don’t try and deny it or anything, okay? jesus christ, it was so fucking stupid. cutting you guys off like that was so screwed up, i can’t even imagine how you felt. you didn’t deserve that,”
you’re about to continue, pausing to take a breath when dina cuts you off with one of her disgustingly sympathetic chuckles. nothing has changed, you think, because this is something you’ve already prepped yourself for; one of dina’s lectures, spoken through teary eyes, has been long expected since even before you’d messaged her for the first time in a while. 
“yeah, no one did, you idiot. we were all so fucking worried about you. do you know how often ellie called me, before you dropped off the face of the fucking planet, to ask if you were okay? god, she was crying,” dina cuts herself off with another laugh, this time watery, a stark contrast to how she’d greeted you earlier. the idea that she’d been just as scared as you, though, is shoved back promptly at the heartbreaking image of ellie, your best friend, bawling her eyes out, because you left her after sleeping with her, for fuck’s sakes. 
when you zone back in, dina’s still going and you’d be completely open to listening to her if guilt wasn’t already causing tears. her voice has lost any sympathy, and it sounds a lot more emotionally driven than it had been when she’d greeted you earlier. “i don’t get it. you left us, you didn’t even say goodbye– you ghosted ellie—”
“i was scared, dina,”, you cut her off, and this time regret makes its presence known in your gut.
“of what? your best friend? just cause you slept with her once, god,” dina mutters your name under the hand she has over the lower half of your face in disbelief. if anyone, the person who should be in disbelief is you, you think, because shit, dina knew? 
how many other people did, you let your mind wander, and shit, your fight or flight instinct is kicking in.
“she told you,” your wide-eyed gaze was enough to scare dina out of her outrage, because even if you deserved to be berated for this, she still considered you a friend—family, if she was being honest with herself—, and seeing you afraid felt like a dagger stabbing through her chest. she’d already figured you’d feel bad for it, leaving just like that, that you’d regret it, and at first wanted to comfort you before the sight of her best friend sobbing in her arms makes its return, ellie’s watery gaze as she crowded into dina’s apartment five years ago looking for you because she couldn’t find you at your place fueling her rage; who leaves their best friend, just like that? you just… you were gone.
if dina reacted like this, your thoughts wander, and it hurts. how is everyone else going to react? 
you glance over at her tiny little analog clock, seated just under the tv, on a cute little shelf that you would’ve liked to look through under different circumstances, to check the time. it reads 3:09 pm, and the scared little kid in you is sure that if you run you’ll make it onto the next train by 3:30 and make it home by dusk. 
“yeah, she did,” you hear dina say, but it sounds distant, far away, because you’re panicking. you don’t even hear her mention ellie coming over, or the fact that no one else knew, as far as she’s aware through your rush to get up and out.
dina shouts as you rush to the door, left unlocked and you swear you’d turn around and yell at her to be more careful, and to lock her doors if you weren’t so intent on leaving, but you just tear it open and slam it shut on your way out. you try not to think about the fact that everyone knows and might hate you or the fact that everyone knows and must have figured you were in love with her, because both are causing your heart rate to stutter and pick up in your chest, but it’s rather difficult when you’re quite literally surrounded by memories. 
dina’s calls of your name echo down the hallway, but you’ve already turned the corner and are making your way down the stairwell before your guilty conscience can pull you to a stop. you almost pull open those heavy-duty parking garage doors, only belatedly realizing you went too far down but craving fresh air so badly that you don’t care. you collect yourself enough to realize it’s a fucking push door, chill the fuck out as you push it open and let the cool air engulf you.
what comes as yet another surprise, though, is the heavy metal door’s collision with a whole person on the other side. you hear them curse as it knocks into them, sending them stumbling a couple of steps back just before you let go and slip out yourself, the door closing quickly behind you—practically slamming—thanks to the impact it made on the unsuspecting stranger.
“fuck, ow, shit, jesus christ, ow!”
now that you’re not caught off-guard by their existence, the stranger’s voice strikes you in a way no other person’s voice has. their consistent stream of curses easily brings you back to instances years before, when the possible love of your life had put herself into the same kinds of unfortunate situations and couldn’t control her language. 
then, you realize, this sounds like her, reminds you of her, because it is her, and your heart rate is picking up for a whole different reason entirely. ellie williams is in front of you and you just smacked her with a door. if you’re lucky, she won’t recognize you until she ends up seeing dina because why else would she be here and you can go about your life pretending this never happened, but then the idea that she’s coming to see dina because they’re together pops into your head and you’re frozen to the spot. 
“i’m so sorry, christ, that was so stupid. are you okay?” 
you find your body speaking for you before it can consult your brain, and then ellie’s eyes are on you rather than the floor as she clutches whatever’d been damaged in that collision. you really don’t want to describe your gazes colliding as anything magical or relieving because it was anything but; it only heightens your anxiety and brings about the sudden worrying of your lips and ellie’s shocked countenance. 
you’re terrified.
“um, again, i’m so sorry, but i have somewhere to be, so,” you bow your head slightly and turn to leave through the stairwell even though that’s exactly where you came from, and likely where ellie’s going, and god, you must look so fucking stupid right now. maybe it’s not even ellie, maybe your anxiety’s peaked so far up you’re starting to hallucinate and you just decided to walk away from a random stranger who you’ve smacked with a fucking door—
you don’t even realize the guest keycard dina’s sent you on your phone isn’t properly aligned with the scanner in your rush to get out.
ellie’s utterance of your name must be your breaking point, because all of a sudden tears are springing to your eyes and you’re having trouble breathing. this is why you ran away, this is why you hadn’t even considered coming home, this feeling is fucking terrifying because the only person that has ever pulled it from you is ellie and her being oblivious to how much you love her. 
ellie fucking williams is reaching out and trying to fix your shaky hold on your phone so you can open the fucking door when her hand is just as shakey as your own.
“if you didn’t wanna see me, i’m sure dina could’ve just—”
“you’re blaming this on her when you knew i was coming?” your voice comes out weak, but loud, and you see her flinch at your tone because ellie has never been the type to avoid being where she wasn’t wanted, but when it came to you she’d respect what you wanted no matter what. she’d been the only person to sit with you as you went through shit like this, and now she must think she was the cause.
“no, no! i didn’t, fuck, what’s wrong with you?” she asks. it’s not meant to be accusatory, a part of you knows that ellie just sucks at being all open and vulnerable—at least the ellie you knew did—, but the other part is afraid and feeling defensive and it wins against the other in a fight for reason as you choke out a disbelieving laugh, turning around and shoving her as far away from you as she can get.
“nothing’s wrong, i just have somewhere to be—”
“this is the first time we see each other in five goddamn years, and you say you have somewhere else to be?!”
ellie’s voice breaks at the question, and you swear you feel your heart shatter in your chest once you see the look she gives you; it’s true, pulling the i have places to be card was a dick move, but you’re in the midst of what feels like an anxiety attack and arguing with the supposed love of your life is not what you need right now. honest to god, all you want is to leave, get the fuck out of this town, and pretend nothing happened in the first place because being back there is ten times better than dealing with your fucking feelings and facing rejection head-on.
“don’t you!? this is dina’s place, i’m not stupid!” 
“what the fuck are you talking about!?”
she should know, you think, the two of you had spent hours either on-call, out, or in either of your respective bedrooms talking about ellie’s massive crush on dina and how she was going to ask the girl out. every day, you’d urge her to just get it over with because there’s no way she doesn’t feel the same. 
understandably so, because had anyone else seen the way the two of them looked at each other all those years ago, they would think they were a match made in heaven, too. perhaps to ellie, you think, it wasn’t that big of a deal and was an easy little crush to forget about, but to you? the best friend who had been in love with ellie since she was, at the very least, sixteen years old and struggling with comphet? it was like being shot over and over again until you were completely numb to it. 
it was your whole world, and you haven’t let go of those childish and immature feelings yet. 
“i’m so glad you got the girl, ellie, god knows i was rooting for you,” 
you see her face fall. “...what? dina and i, we aren’t..”
“you don’t have to lie to make me feel better, jesus christ, i’m not some stupid—”
“shut the hell up for a second,” ellie cuts you off. this time, she’s putting up an act, you can tell. what she’s using it to hide, though, you’re unsure of because ellie has always been really good at pretending when she actually wants to. 
you can’t tell if she’s trying to make you feel any worse by laughing, though. it’s not gleeful, or amused, in fact it sounds aggravated and it’s scaring you a little bit, because ellie’s only ever laughed like that just before she swung at a couple idiots in high school (like the idiot she is, really) or before cursing out some bigot in the middle of a busy club or group outing. 
“you need to fucking breathe,” she exhales, and it feels like your airway opens just a little at her words alone. ellie’s care has only ever been shown to those she’s close to, since she’s always been too afraid to open up and show that kind of vulnerability, so the fact that she’s showing it to the person who ditched her and fuck—you’re reminded of dina’s words—, the person that made her cry, gives you the kind of relief you don’t feel like you deserve.
“i’m not…with dina. she’s pregnant with jesse’s kid, for fuck’s sake.” 
the admission makes your heart stop, something you hadn’t even considered—understandably so, given the fact dina identified as a lesbian when you’d up and left all those years ago—even though, now, thinking back, there were pictures on those shelves, sonograms, and…
“oh”, you breathe out, feeling the sudden need to go up and check if dina’s okay because god, you’re so stupid, you made a pregnant woman—god knows how far along she is—run around her fucking apartment complex looking for you, made her stress out because you were acting like a fucking child.
jesus christ, what is wrong with you, you think, and practically collapse onto the dirty ass floor of the parking garage. you pull your knees up to your chest in a near-fetal position as every bit of anxiety seeps out of you, allowing yourself to relax, now knowing dina and ellie aren’t together but also granting guilt full access to your conscience. it’s both a relief and a nightmare all at once.
“i’m so sorry,” you force out, and figure this is the only time you’ll ever be able to get it out. at least you’ll walk out with no regrets; your relationship with ellie is damaged enough as is, so the revelation of your feelings will only act as another reason to forget about each other’s existence. it’s a win-win, you tell yourself, even though the idea of losing her for real is ripping you apart. 
you tug your phone out of your pocket, ignoring the stream of notifications from dina, asking where you are and, again—something that will never fail in making your throat close up and bring tears to your eyes—if you’re okay. this time, away from prying eyes, you’re free to take out the picture without judgment. your phone case falls to the floor along with the picture, and you try to pretend you don’t feel ellie’s eyes burning into the top of your head. 
all of her attention is on you and it hurts. 
“i found this. last week.” you start, and unfold the paper. your hand is surprisingly steady as you hold it out to her, anxiety pooling in your gut when she takes it from you and your fingers brush just enough to send sparks racing up your arm and into your chest; to your heart. 
“it was in a box of a bunch of old stuff. i guess that’s when i realized i missed you guys. where i am now, i guess, it felt like i was just staying there, you know? like i was visiting or some shit. it didn’t feel like a place i could call home.”
ellie’s gaze flits between your face and the paper. she even goes as far as flipping it over and reading the date written on the back; something scrawled unevenly that you’d already memorized. it was taken not long before the two of you graduated high school, and there’s still a little bit of mischief sparkling behind your eyes, your closeness evident even through a cheap piece of film. 
“i know you know i left for a reason,” you start, and cringe because you’re already expecting her to ask in the same harshness that dina did, if it was because you slept together one time. 
“fucking figured, yeah,” she mutters, but it’s her way of telling you to continue.
“i um,” you swallow past the lump in your throat, “i was missing you. i couldn’t—” and your voice breaks again, this time you don’t have the chance to stop it. “there was something missing, ellie. i ran away because i couldn’t stay after—”
“after you slept with me?”, she tries to finish for you, but it sounds wrong coming from her; her tone screams defeat, it screams acknowledgement and unbidden heartbreak, and it genuinely tears you right the fuck apart. you freeze up a little, because it was something you’d considered time and time again while you were away, the idea that ellie thinks you ran away because it was her you’d slept with, because you thought it was weird and that she’d forced herself on you, because that’s just the way ellie is, but you’d ignored it solely because being rejected would’ve felt worse than knowing your best friend was blaming herself.
man, you felt like such a dick. 
“no, ellie, i love you, you fucking idiot. i ran away because i’d just slept with the love of my fucking life.” 
the look she gives you fills you with an unbridled sense of hope, even though ellie’s given you that look before. she’s given you hope before, too, for years. honestly, even before you’d realized you were in love with her, she’d give you that kind of hope. maybe she loves me too? your teenage self would ponder, and then would have her heart broken once again every time ellie’d bring up dina and have the two of you waste your night chatting about her. 
so you shove that feeling down and try to finish. 
“i stopped talking to you because i knew i needed to get over it. i know now that was complete bullshit, and i shouldn’t have just…walked away like that. fuck, ellie, dina said you cried about it, shit, i’m so sorry—” 
“don’t.” she cuts you off, and if she weren’t holding onto the last physical memory of her that you own, you would have gotten up and left. anything to avoid her rejection, anything to avoid hearing it from her mouth and have her feelings clarified to your face—it’s going to sting, you know, it’ll feel like a slap to the fucking face even though it’s what you’re expecting.
“you’re seriously not the only idiot here. i don’t actually think i ever actually liked dina,” ellie starts, and you don’t dare look at her, staring at the floor next to your feet. she’s only saying this to make me feel better, you think, because ellie’s just like that. you realize you’ve been making that excuse all afternoon, but really don’t see a point in stopping, it’s what’s gotten you this far.
“i loved seeing the look on your face whenever i talked about her, though. you were always really into it, the whole romance thing, and it felt nice having your eyes on me, you know?” 
she stares at the paper, and god, ellie thinks, was it obvious to everyone but you? how the hell couldn’t you have noticed? the way she’s looking at you in this picture, dina—who had taken it herself—had to remind her to be subtle about it or she’d be found out immediately. honestly, ellie was a lost cause with you, but the fact that you’d run away from her because, what…you were afraid? after sleeping with her, because…
“you thought i hadn’t felt the same way.”, she says, and then everything clicks into place. ellie’s hushed utter of your name prompts your gaze on her, and she returns that look with just as much intensity. she’s not sure she’s ever wanted someone to understand something as much as she wants you to understand this right now.
“you’re so fucking stupid, you idiot. it’s always been you. i still love you.”
ellie, having gotten down onto the floor herself in the middle of her little monologue, scooches towards you and picks your discarded phone case up off the floor. it takes you a second, still… processing her words, believing them, to realize she’s holding her hand out for your phone, and you scramble to give it to her. 
she fumbles with the case and the picture, folding it up nicely so it’ll fit into the back before ensuring the case and the picture are securely back where they belong. she stares at your case, different than the one you’d had all those years ago, and figures she has to decorate it the same way she had all those years ago. 
it was her mark on you, those ugly stickers, folded-up gum wrappers, random concert tickets and any shit she’d find that’d been given to you as gifts, things that she honest to god never saw you throw out. right now, ellie’s hoping you’ll give her the chance to fill it up again, leave parts of her somewhere you’ll never forget them, and belatedly realizes you’ve never actually forgotten her even though you’d only dug up this picture about a week before.
“i’m so sorry,” you start again, and ellie’s just about as sick of hearing you apologize as someone who’s hopelessly in love with their ex-best-friend can be. so she cuts you off by tossing your phone carelessly at your face, earning a yelp of surprise, before scooching even closer to you and leaning in far enough that her chin can come down to rest on your knees.
“stop fucking apologizing and kiss me.”, she says, and the press of your lips against hers calms you like nothing else ever will.
Tumblr media
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scealaiscoite · 2 months
ೃ༄ the last of us prompts ˚◞♡ ⃗
[ 1x01 -> when you’re lost in the darkness ]
— “it’s a miracle you’re alive.”
— “you like saying no, don’t you?”
— “well we can’t go east, we can’t go west- where the hell else are we supposed to go?”
— “let’s keep moving.”
— “we gotta get off the street, now!”
— “you greedy fuck.”
— “so we’re gonna be okay.”
— “i’m gonna get you somewhere safe first, and then i’m gonna go back for him. okay?”
— “i know, i know it hurts.”
— “we can fix this.”
— “are you serious?!”
— “you mumble in your sleep.”
— “well the more you shoot people, the harder it is to sleep, i guess.”
— “wasn’t my fault this time!”
— “hey, is everything okay?”
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Saw the prompt post. And your tags. So I'm dropping this in your lap and leaving the rest to your excellent discretion! Any fandom. Any characters.
“you’re so cool.”
Good luck! Have fun!
Thankuuuuu Cuckoo! (I was totally going to do Sandman and Dream but couldn't stop laughing over what his reaction would be without making it ooc. So more TLOU lol)
Tumblr media
Hero Worship Joel Miller x f!Reader (Established Relationship) + Ellie The Last of Us 1k Words
“You pull it straight back until the string is almost kissing your lips,” she guided her, watching as Ellie pulled the bow string back with shaky arms, “Elbow in, not out like a chicken wing. And breathe, you’re fine.” The teen seemed to glare at the small target across the way in the makeshift target practice Jackson had crafted. She took a deep breath, released and flinched.
All three of them watched as the arrow hit the target on the edge of the hay bale. Joel chuckled. “That had to be the wind!” Ellie argued, glaring at the older man. “There hasn’t been a single breeze all damn day,” he smirked, looking up to meet her instructor’s eyes over the girl’s head. With an eye roll, she picked up her own bow and took Ellie’s spot to demonstrate, “You keep flinching. If you keep your arms straight how I showed you, the string isn’t going to smack you in the face. Look, just watch.” 
Purposefully, she slowed down her movements and pulled the string back, arrow notched. Joel was right, there was no breeze and the target wasn’t very far away. Much closer than when he’d let the girl practice shooting the rifle. 
Elbows in and stance proper, she released the arrow and watched it sail home to the center of the target. Bullseye. Ellie groaned. “Whatever, you both are show-offs,” she grumbled, glaring at them both now. “Mmmhmm, why don’t you go grab another set of arrows if you’re gonna run your mouth and be a sore loser,” Joel nodded towards the small shack a little bit away where one of the older men kept all the range supplies. With a grumble, they watched as she trudged away, bow practically dragging in her hand. “She’s getting better,” chewing on your lip, she leaned against the wooden fence that acted as a barrier between the shooting area and the danger zone. “Yeah she is, but you know her. Wants to be instantly good,” Joel chuckled and rested his arms beside her, knee raised to brace on the fence, “She’ll get there. Besides, I think she’d rather do this than be at the theater though I do miss the two hours we’d get on our own when she would go.” Raising a brow, she looked at him out of the corner of her eye with a smirk, “Yeah I’m sure you do. Ellie’s trying to persuade me to let her stay in the small house behind the property. She needs her space.” The excuse was almost laughable as only a week ago she had asked to stay in their shared room during a bad storm, blaming her window they had already fixed. His eyes burned into the side of her head, fingers adjusting against the fence until they grazed the skin of her elbow, “Wouldn’t be the worst idea.” She huffed out a full bellied laugh and turned her eyes to him, “Oh please. You’d be at that back window with the binoculars checking on her every second if you let her, Miller. Probably rope Tommy into it too.” He sighed and was the one to roll his eyes this time, “Yeah, yeah. Give it a couple more years of her going full teenager and we’ll see. She drives us nuts enough as is and I’m dreading the day she starts being interested in boys.”
She struggled to fight down a grin, not wanting to break it to him that it wasn’t the boys he was going to have to worry about. With a smirk, they both turned to look at the teen, watching as she talked to the attendant and then catching sight of the young boy very blatantly staring at her not even a foot away. The boy had to be roughly six or seven and stared at her behind large bottle glasses, eyes huge on his tiny face. His mouth hung open slightly, eyes transfixed. Nudging Joel with her elbow, she nodded at the kid and the stars in his eyes. Ellie, her arm full with a new quiver of arrows, turned and almost ran straight into the little boy who hadn’t moved an inch. She looked almost startled, brow furrowed in a way that was too similar to Joel, mouth turned down. It had taken her a bit to not be in full aggressive mode and instantly be on edge with every person that stared at them, but every now and then that tough attitude came out. She didn’t like to be stared at. The kid blinked. The two adults tried not to laugh. “What?” Ellie asked a little harshly, clearly uncomfortable. “You’re so cool,” the boy choked out with a look that was pure admiration. Joel turned his head into her arm and tried not to laugh out loud, pressing his mouth into the fabric of her coat. His shoulders shook with the effort. Ellie almost seemed taken back, unsure of what to do, false bravado gone. But then she grinned and that attitude slid back into place before she leaned towards the kid and seemed to whisper something. They couldn’t hear what she said, but could see her head turn to look at them and nod before pulling back and walking over. The boy’s face stared at all three of them star struck. They tried to act like they hadn’t been watching the interaction and went back to the lesson as normal, didn’t mention Ellie’s little fan or how her shooting got better afterwards as if she only needed a little bit of confidence. It was a moment they didn’t want to intrude on or make her embarrassed about. And a week later when she went to the girl’s room to drop off a newer pair of shoes, she didn’t bring up the kid drawing tucked between some book pages that was obviously from her admirer. All three of them were drawn in crayon, looking larger than life, with the words, “Ellie's family” scribbled at the top.
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Very quietly and tentatively opening requests and prompts for April's The Last Of Us appreciation week. Lmk what y'all wanted to see and I'll try to doodle that💜
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