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pretty when you’re high- ellie williams
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: dealer!ellie x fem!reader
summary: you and ellie are best friends despite your differences. ellie gets you high for the first time and the lines of your friendship become blurred
warnings: [18+] mdni, language, use of marijuana, kissing, light smut, some nudity, nipple play, top!ellie, bottom!reader, mutual pining
authors notes: this is possibly part 1 of 2. lmk if anyone would want that? pls send any feedback u may have, would really appreciate it. <3
ellie williams was your best friend. you two were as close as friends could be. and despite what people around college thought, you didn’t find anything strange about the fact that the college’s best dealer was best friends with a shy innocent grade A student like you. but it was obvious to everyone that you two, despite being complete opposites, were inseparable.
what you hoped wasn’t obvious to everyone, was the massive crush you were harbouring on your best friend. you couldn’t help it; you thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. the way she laughs, her smile, her voice, the way her hands look as she rolls a joint. sometimes you’d just stare at her while she was doing sometime mundane like talking to someone at a party. you’d watch the way her mouth would move as she talks, how her eyebrows would raise in question, how her toned arms would move as she animated a funny story.
you felt like a lovesick puppy. but your friendship meant too much to risk fucking it up, so you made your peace with this one-sided infatuation.
as best friends do, you two did everything together; went to parties, listened to music, talked until the sun came up, had study/smoke sessions. meaning you studied, and she smoked.
“can you pass me that pen els” you asked, pointing to the biro a few inches from where ellie sat on your dorm floor, joint in her hand.
“what’s the magic word?”
“… abracadabra” you joked.
“wrong. now you don’t get your pen, sorry babe” she teased, picking it up and holding it behind her back.
your face flushed slightly from the pet name despite knowing she meant nothing by it.
“ellie i need to finish this essay. give me that pen” you warned
“why don’t you fuck off the essay and smoke with me instead” she offered hopefully, with a wide smile
you sighed.
“you know i don’t do that stuff” you said rolling your eyes. “and professor druckmann will end me if i don’t get this handed in by monday”
“well i will end you if you don’t stop being a priss and have a smoke with me. just a little bit, see if you like it.”
you frowned but said nothing. you had to admit you were slightly tempted by her offer. you’d always declined at parties, worrying about being in an unsafe environment. but just you and ellie, the person you trusted most in the world, in your dorm room… that’s pretty safe right?
“well.. i- i don’t know how” you said quietly.
“good thing i’m here then” she winked at you and scooched next to where you were sat on the floor, your back against your bed frame.
she held out the joint in front of you.
“just take a drag of mine. inhale and then try to keep it in your lungs okay?”
you looked at her and bit your lip in apprehension. you tried to ignore her eyes wandering down to your mouth as you did so.
“o-okay” you replied, as you took the joint from her fingers and held it up to your mouth, inhaling slowly and letting it ‘stay in your lungs’ whatever that meant, then slowly exhaling.
ellie was watching you with a small smile, feeling a sense of pride at you picking it up so quickly.
“atta girl. knew my smart girl would be a fast learner” she smirked as she playfully nudged your side and you let out a giggle.
a few hits later and your head was starting to feel fuzzy. ellie had taken the joint away insisting you not get ahead of yourself on your first time, missy and her slight condescending tone mixed with the weed had you feeling all tingly.
“feels nice els. ‘s a nice feeling” you spoke
“yeah?” she laughed.
“mhm. feel all fuzzy and tingly” you smiled and looked at the ground through heavy lids.
“i tend to have that effect on women” she joked, mouth turning up into a smirk.
cocky shit
“yeah” you said to yourself, lower than a whisper.
“hm?” she lowered her head to your face.
you snapped your head up.
“nothing” you mumbled.
she laughed and put her hand on your leg, just above your knee.
she was always touchy; often grabbing your hand to lead you somewhere instead of just telling you where to go, hand on your lower back as she stood behind you, or playfully grabbing your arm as she laughed at something you said. she pretended she didn’t notice the way you’d slightly tense up or the way your cheeks would go pink whenever she’d do this. despite the way she felt about you, she didn’t want to assume anything; maybe you blushed when she’d compliment you because you were shy. doesn’t mean you have feelings for her… right?
“you’re pretty when you’re high” she mused as she watched your eyes flutter, a blush creeping up on your face. there it is she thought.
“can’t say stuff to me like that” you said, looking down
“like what, babe?”
“like- like you’re pretty a-and babe. ‘s not fair on me” you uttered, voice small.
“but you are pretty.” a moment passed. “you’re beautiful.”
you looked up at her, searching her face for any hint of mockery or light-heartedness, but you couldn’t find it. your body felt warm and the fuzzy feeling all over felt even more intense.
“i’ve always thought you were beautiful,” she spoke. “the prettiest thing i’d ever seen.”
“ellie” you breathed out, heart beating fast and head swirling.
her hand moved up your leg, resting on your upper thigh and she moved her face closer to yours, eyes landing on your lips.
“can i kiss you?” she asked in a whisper, eyes not leaving your mouth as she spoke.
all you could do was nod, the combination of her words and the high making you unable to form a reply.
ellie grabbed your face with two hands and attached her mouth to yours. her lips were softer than you had imagined and she kissed you with a sweetness that juxtaposed the way her strong hands held your face. you kissed her back eagerly and it didn’t take long for her to take control of the kiss as she slipped her tongue inside your mouth, making you let out a small moan.
“fuck” she uttered against your mouth. “wanted to do this for so long”
she continued kissing you as one of her hands came down to rest on your waist. you felt dizzy with how turned on you were just from her kissing you.
“more.” you choked out. “please el”
“what is it you want baby? tell me” she replied, the hand that was resting on your waist, slowly coming up to stroke your side under your shirt.
“need you to- to touch me”
“i can do that” she smirked and grabbed your waist with both hands and placed you up onto her lap. her eyes sparkled as she looked at you, head titling up slightly from where you were placed on top of her, and you smiled shyly. lightly placing your hands on her shoulders, you kissed her sweetly. she dragged her hands from your waist up to your boobs and cupped them, fingers lightly ghosting over your nipples, then lightly pinching them.
“els” you moaned, head rolling back. you closed your eyes and let yourself focus completely on the blissful feeling of her hands on you.
“arms up” she instructed. you obeyed, lifting your arms up so she could lift your shirt up and over your head. she looked at you, green eyes now darker with lust.
“so fucking pretty" she muttered, almost to herself.
“this why you wanted to get me high?” you let out a small giggle.
“no,” her mouth upturned into a smile “but apparently when you’re high you forget to hide the way you stare at me.”
your eyes went wide and she laughed.
“‘s not a bad thing, it’s got you into my lap, hasn’t it?” she quipped.
“i hate you”
“‘s that right?” she titled her head playfully.
“mhm, i-“
she cut you off, capturing your mouth in a heated kiss, bringing her arms around your back and forcing your body to melt into hers.
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1ov9r · 2 days
i bet her fingers touch all the right places
Tumblr media
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𝐉𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐲, 𝐉𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐲
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐰𝐨
𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 || 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞 (𝐰𝐢𝐩)
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : Dealer Ellie x Reader
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : Your girlfriend needs to back off - wc 1.9k
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : cheating, sad Ellie, reader panicking and lashing out, mentions of violence in the past, angst, vomit, panic attack
𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 : ngl the intro to this chapter sucks
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Baby wait I can explain!”
Ellie's pleads fell on deaf ears as she struggled to follow you down the hallway. It was like a scene in a movie when the wife walked in and caught her husband sleeping with her best friend. They skipped the screaming to bit and gone straight to the running away part. Ellie knew that if you got to the fire escape you'd be gone for good.
"Just listen to me." Ellie grabbed hold of your wrist and jerked you back around manhandling you in the midst of her desperation. You struggled to get away but Elle’s grip was tight on your wrist, red marks from her fingerprints forming. You knew your girlfriend’s anger, you had seen it second hand. When someone would look at you wrong or say a homophobic slur towards you (or anyone for that matter) Ellie’s unbridled rage would show and it was all you could do for you to pull her back so the cops wouldn’t come.
Now you stood here in this empty hallway, no drunken crowd around Ellie and her victim to be seen. Just you and her, and this time it looked like you were on the receiving end of her fist. Ellie raised her hand to cup your face but out of fear of the moment you didn’t understand her intentions. You stamped down on her foot causing Ellie to reel away from the pain.
Once she let go, you jogged down the hall and stopped at the fire escape, one foot already out the door. You took a moment to look back at the girl, your woman, your lover. Her emerald eyes were glossy with tears. She didn’t say anything, she couldn’t find the words. Ellie knew that this is what she deserved as she watched you slip through the door and it shut with a sickening click.
The auburn haired girl’s knees felt weak and to keep herself from falling she sat down in the middle of the hallway. Her bedroom door creaked open and she twisted around to see the blonde, Seline, standing there. She wore only the pink panties she had on last night and Ellie’s oversized NASA Tee. Your t-shirt you would joke. Anytime you would stay the night or even just come over for a smoke and do homework you would wear it. Ellie loved to see you in it.
“Is everything alright?” Seline cooed, her surgery sweet voice making Ellie want to hurl. What had she done.
Tumblr media
The next few days went by in a blur for you. The moment you got back to your dorm the door slammed behind you and did your best to contain the screams and sobs that threatened to rip from your throat. But your attempts were futile because the moment that Jesse and Dina came over to you, Jesse rubbing your back and Dina cupping your face you broke.
Ellie had tried to reach out to you through any means possible. Through text or the few social medias that she had. She even came to the dorm herself but any time she knocked either Jesse answered shooing her away or if he was gone you’d just ignore it.
You hated this. You did. You didn’t like to live in isolation. When you made it to college one of the big things you said you’d work on was trying to keep yourself from slipping into self isolation. But with avoiding Ellie through just going to classes, some online, some in person and then going straight home you started to fall into that old routine again. Thankfully Jesse started to notice and he (with the help of Dina) tried to get you back out.
“I don’t see why we’re doing this.” You huffed trudging behind the tall man. After much begging and other dramatic antics Jesse had finally convinced you to come out and get some coffee with him. You didn’t even like coffee, that’s how you and Ellie started to bond. Over your hate for the popular bitter drink. “Well we agreed that if you won’t even show up to work with me you’d at least come out and get something to eat and drink with me. Besides, Dina wants to sleep and she said its too awkward between her and Ellie for her to sleep.
That wave of sadness rippled through you. That was another thing, Dina and Ellie. Those two were close like you and Jesse and with Ellie cheating things had become tense.
Jesse stepped in front of you, pushing the class door open for you. The little little bell chimed and you stepped inside. It was a little homey hole in the wall cafe called Jitters that you had seen only in passing but never took the time to walk in. You noticed a worker coming to the window beside you and tearing off a flyer. Before he crumpled it up you saw the words “HIRING - BARISTA NEEDED.” “I guess they found their barista.” You muttered trailing Jesse to the front.
There were two workers standing behind the bar, it looked like one was coaching the other. From where you stood you could tell the one being taught was a woman, her auburn hair tied back into a bun which was pushed through the hole of her cap. Her hair had little flyaways and you knew that she wasn’t the best with her hair.
The one coaching happened to turn around and noticed you and Jesse. His tag read “Allan :)” and he quickly turned back around to the employee in training. Allan whispered something to her and she tensed up but after a few words of encouragement she nodded and turned around a smile on her face.
But when she turned your face went pale and her smile dropped, the cup on her hands falling to the floor and shattering, the hot coffee burning both her and Allan. “Ellie!” Allan hissed hopping on one foot but she was too in shock to care, she just stood there open mouthed.
That feeling of panic and unease set in as you slowly started to back away from the counter and head for the door. Ellie called your name but it only made you wince and run faster. Once you got outside you doubled over throwing up. Your breaths were short and shallow, so many thoughts and scenarios rushed through your brain. Jesse ran out after you and looked left and right to see where you went. When he found you he instantly felt guilty and pulled your hair back until your vomiting had ceased.
“I am so sorry,” Jesse whispered as you coughed up the last of the acid reflux and wiped your mouth with your sleeve. It was gross but you could wash it later. “I had no idea she would be in there.” He sighed helping you stand. You raised your hand to stop his rambling so you could speak. “It’s okay Jess.” You promised looking up at him with weak eyes. “I had no idea she’d be there either. She hates coffee, that's the last place she’d want to work.” You shook your head. “Let’s just get out of here before I get sick again.” You mumbled feeling more trying to come
Tumblr media
It was late when you looked up from your essay. The little analogue clock sitting on your night stand showed that it was about 2:29 a.m.. Jesse and Dina had gone out around 11:00 p.m. saying there was some frat party down the street and there was talk of the house having a huge pool that they were going to use to make a ball pit or whatever drunken idea they came up with. You were invited but you thought it would be best to stay back since you needed to catch up on homework. Or that's what you had said to Dina and Jesse. In truth, all your homework was turned in to your professors by 1:00 a.m. and there was still enough time for you to get ready to go, but you knew who would be there if you showed up.
Your phone vibrated beside you and you grabbed it with a sigh. As it turned on and unlocked once it recognized your face you tried to ignore the change in background. Your wallpaper was now an image of you and Jesse at the fine dining restaurant that you worked together, glad in your black pants and white shirts, your suit vests buttoned up and your red ties fixed to perfection. The poses that you were in was the two of you pretending to be in an epic battle armed with only spatulas. That was also the place you had met Ellie at. Joel had come for a visit and the two picked the restaurant that was further from their personalities. While the two were making snide comments on how rich tasting the place was you came over ready to take their orders. Ellie was so in shock by you that come time for you to take her drink order she was too busy gawking at you that she blurted out “you.”
You smiled slightly at the memory, remembering how embarrassed she had been but by the time she and Joel walked out your number was saved to her phone with a little red heart.
But getting back to the task at hand, why you had looked at your phone you swiped the screen down to find you had a new message from Jesse.
J: You comin? They actually made the pool into a fucking ball pit!
Y: maybe some other time Jess, I got so much homework
J: You and I both know that’s a lie. You’re just avoiding her.
J: if it makes you feel better, that blonde is here
Y: why would that make me feel better.
J: Ellie isn’t though.
You read the message over and over. Ellie wasn’t there? Famous weed dealer Ellie mother fucking Williams was not at the biggest party on the street? That was such a cash grab party! You sucked on your bottom lip and leaned back looking at the ceiling. Something was going on. You had the urge to go but if that broad was there you knew hell would ensue between the two of you.
Giving your back a good pop over the back of the chair you stood up and stretched your arms over your head, a whiny yawn sounding from your throat. You slipped out of your leggings and threw on one of Ellies old band tees. The once black now sun bleached fabric fell down over your shoulders, stopping just below the curve of your hips leaving your legs exposed. Thankfully Jesse was no perv so you felt comfortable enough to sleep in just your tee-shirt and black panties.
But as you pulled the comforter back a loud knock rapped against your front door. You stood there for a few moments and it sounded again. Coming out of your room and heading to the door a smirk graced your face.
You put your hand on the knob and twisted it. “You can’t keep giving all your keys to Dina Jess.” The door swung open and it wasn’t Jesse standing there. Hearing the door’s crack, your visitor turned around.
“Hey Pretty girl.” She greeted nervously.
Tumblr media
🏷️ @lilli-gabi378
© 𝐦𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫-𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥𝟓𝟕 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐨𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬
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Tumblr media
pairing ; bella ramsey x fem!reader
summary ; bella surprise visits you after months apart. what happens if they get the wrong idea about seeing you and your friend together? (they/them pronouns used for bella)
content warnings ; none really
a/n ; i’ve been meaning to write a bella fic for FOREVER, expect many more on the way!
bella had been your best friend for as long as you could remember. in your early teenage days, before bella’s rise to fame, the two of you spent every day together in your bedroom, pressed up against their chest as the radio played in the background.
flash forward a few years later, bella was not just your best friend, but a lover. the two of you shared an apartment, one that you had shared for a little over a year and a half.
it was quaint, but perfect. the bare walls had been decorated with paintings, photos, random knick knacks, and bella’s guitar. your plants littered the windowsills, giving the sun an opportunity to grow them.
however, in the last few months, it had to begin to feel like bella didn’t live there anymore. of course it wasn’t their fault, as the last of us had just taken off and they were traveling everywhere but here for interviews and such. you were happy for them—truly. you remembered how during your heart-to-hearts with bella, they’d confide in you about how acting was their passion, and now they were finally getting everything they wished for and more.
while bella offered to fly you out to wherever they were to spend some quality time together, you always declined. you were studying at university to become a doctor, and you couldn’t put your life on hold just to visit them. especially when you were so busy yourself, and even if they were home, you probably wouldn’t even see them that often either.
bella made an effort to call you every night, texting nonstop back and forth on the days their schedule wasn’t as busy. you’d hear the way their voice would brighten when talking about their days, and it made you realize the distance was worth it. it was worth it if bella was happy.
still, you felt stupid waiting for them at home like a damsel in distress. you hated the quietness of the apartment, when it was usually filled with you and bella’s laughter.
you tried to ignore the loneliness that blossomed deep within your chest late at night, as you stared longingly at bella’s empty side of the bed. it had become routine to sleep on bella’s side, bundled in their pillows and blankets that smelled enough like them to lull you into an uneasy sleep.
you busied yourself in your studies, spending hours your university’s library until the librarian practically had to drag you out. your grades shot up sky high, and you were immensely proud of yourself. you had even managed to make a few friends from the students in your classes.
a girl named tara had seen you in the library and introduced herself, and the two of you hit it off very quickly. she introduced you to her other friends, hadley and christopher, and suddenly the loneliness wasn’t eating away at you like it had been before.
you had mentioned bella to them once or twice, hadley was dying to meet bella, christopher didn’t believe you about your ‘secret someone’, and tara didn’t really seem to care.
it had been a wednesday afternoon, and classes ended early in the day. tara, christopher, and hadley were at your apartment, eating pizza and binge watching the scream movies.
hadley was laying down on the couch, her legs on christopher’s thighs. you were pressed up besides tara, your head on her shoulder.
you had barely been on your phone all day, after having forgotten to charge it last night, and all afternoon it had been powered off as you spent time with your friends.
you were halfway through the second movie, right when it was getting good. you and your friends were screaming in suspense, so loudly that you almost didn’t notice the unexpected knock at the door.
“hold on, guys—pause the movie,” you said with a smile on your face, gulping down the rest of your water as you headed for the door.
your hand twisted the doorknob and you suddenly came face to face with bella.
“bella?” you said in disbelief, blinking rapidly.
bella laughed at your expression, you could see the crinkle of their eyes through their glasses.
bella was wearing sweats from top to bottom, their hair in a bun out of their face, with backwards cap. their rings adorned their fingers as they suddenly took your hand in theirs.
“didn’t you see my texts? or my calls?” bella asked, tilting their head.
you felt your face redden in embarrassment, shaking your head.
“my phone has been off all day.” you replied. bella nodded, adjusting their backpack, and you noticed their suitcase behind them.
“i’m sorry, bells,” you said, wrapping your arms around them, “i feel so bad. i would’ve picked you up from the airport.”
bella shrugged, pecking your cheek.
“it’s okay. i just want to get off my feet and take a nap,” bella said, and you felt your face redden more—if that was even possible.
you cringed.
“yeah…so i invited a few of my friends over—but i can totally kick them out! they’ll understand!”
this time it was bella’s turn to cringe. they looked so exhausted, and you felt your chest tighten in shame. the one day you didn’t have your phone—was the day bella decided to come visit.
“no, it’s fine! they can stay,” bella said firmly, “what were you guys doing?” bella questioned.
“we were binging the scream movies. i know you love them and i’d love for you to join us…but if you’re tired i understand.” you weren’t sure where the sudden shyness came from, and you were talking to bella as if they were a stranger. bella agreed with a smile, as you took their hand and led them inside, carrying their things behind you.
you placed bella’s backpack on the kitchen counter, and put their suitcase next to the dining room table. bella followed behind you as you walked back to your friends in the living room.
“hey guys,” you said “this is bella. i would’ve mentioned they were coming earlier, but i didn’t check my phone. ta-da,” you said with a grin, showing bella off with jazz hands as you saw their cheeks redden.
“hi, bella! i’m hadley,” hadley introduced, shooting up from where she sat on the couch as she shook bella’s hand, looking towards you, “it’s nice to put a name to the face, we’ve heard so much about you.”
“really?” tara piped up, “i haven’t heard much of anything.”
you tilted your head in confusion as you assumed she was kidding around. bella glanced your way.
“shut up, tara,” hadley replied, “yes you have,” she said, ruffling tara’s hair.
the room grew awkward for a moment, until christopher introduced himself. the awkwardness seemed to wash away, and you resumed the movies once more. you moved from where you previously sat besides tara as you sat with bella, you were laying on their chest as they played with your hair gently.
bella seemed to be enjoying the movies, as were your other friends. you had to admit you spoke a lot during movies, and you and tara had practically talked through the entire third movie.
you liked tara, she was good freiend…but that’s all she was to you. you were somehow oblivious to tara’s obvious feelings towards you, missing the way she flirted when you spoke and the way she touched your shoulder when you said something funny.
bella noticed, though.
night was beginning to fall as the five of you finished the fourth movie, deciding to call it a night. you knew bella must’ve been exhausted from their travels, so you and your friends bid each other a goodnight.
you began to clean up as bella went to shower, uncharacteristically quiet. when you had finished, you headed upstairs, finding bella in your shared bed, scrolling on their phone.
bella had changed into a loose white t-shirt, black boxers adorning their legs. their hair was down now, slightly damp from their shower.
you crawled in bed besides them, gently plucking their phone out of their hands as they looked towards you.
“i missed you,” you said, bella humming in reply.
“i missed you too,” they said, reaching for their phone once more.
“hey, what’s wrong?” you said, noticing the way their eyebrows were crinkled together, the way they were when they were upset about something.
“nothing,” bella dismissed.
you sighed, taking bella’s face in your hands. their brown eyes bored into yours, as they looked down.
“how come you never told me about tara?” asked bella.
“tara? what about her? she’s just a friend,” you waved off with a shrug.
“does she know that?” bella asked, “i saw the way she was looking at you, touching you.”
you suddenly noticed what was wrong, pressing a kiss to bella’s forehead.
“are you jealous, bells?” you asked suddenly, and bella shrugged.
“i just…i was so excited to see you and i saw you with her. i hadn’t seen you in two months, and we only have five days left before i’m off again.” bella sighed.
“bella, i promise you,” you began, taking her hand, “we will make the best out of the next five days. we’ll get through all the traveling, and one day, when i’m not busy with school and you’re not busy with work, we’ll be able to build a life together, y’know?”
this seemed to make bella feel a little better, you felt their shoulders drop the tension they previously held.
“…you really want to build a life together?” bella asked hopefully, a blush tinting her cheeks.”
“i wouldn’t want to with anyone else but you.”
you and bella spent the next few hours talking about anything and everything. you felt everything clicking into place once more, and everything felt right.
however, bella’s exhaustion seemed to take affect, as their eyes were beginning to close as you gently played with their now-dry hair.
bella’s head was against their pillow, and you noticed they began to sniff it. you were about to question what they were doing, when they suddenly spoke up.
“…why does my pillow smell like you?” bella asked, “not that i’m complaining,” they added sleepily.
“i may or may not have been sleeping on your side of the bed because i missed you.” you mumbled sheepishly, as a giggle erupted from bella, and they suddenly turned your face towards them and planted a kiss on your lips.
yeah, you missed this.
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milkiangl · 1 day
hi there !! i saw you were in need of requests so i was wondering if i could request ellie x reader with a hand kink? maybe with a splurge of choking in there as well? i’m so obsessed with ellie’s hands omfg they’re just so pretty and i just KNOW her hands would make for the best necklace ever <3
pairing: ellie williams x fem!reader.
warnings: smut! choking kink, thigh riding, dirty talk, praising, dom/top!ellie, sub/bottom!reader, overstimulation, use of feminine nicknames, a few hints of degradation if you squint.
note: you’re so so right omg hello!! i could just kiss your genius genius brain right this nanosecond! the hippocampus section of my brain is filled with just images of ellie’s tattoo and her veiny hands alone!!! (´ω`*)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Ellie, s’too much!”
Already sensitive from completing two orgasms, Ellie continued to rock your exposed pussy against her jean-clad thigh. Electric shockwaves traveled through the coarse of your nervous system as you writhed beneath her strong grip, only causing her to tighten her grasp on your hips.
“Poor baby,” Ellie tsked in a fake sympathetic tone, one of her hands coming up to grasp your chin as she continued her assault on your puffy clit; your dizzy head involuntarily leaving the crevice of Ellie’s neck and instead meeting her pair of haunting green irises. “weren’t you just begging me to take care of your achy cunt? Now you’re whining about how you can’t take it.”
All you could do was release an incoherent mewl from the depths of your shaky throat, your eyelids becoming severely heavy from the familiar feeling of euphoric bliss on the near horizon bubbling inside you yet again.
Ellie’s hand advanced to the span of your neck, wrapping her  digits around the extent of it. “Come on, honey. Always so good f’me, aren’t you? Give me one more. Please. Just one more. Make a mess all over my thigh, know you can do it.”
The slight pressure Ellie was putting on your windpipe mixed with her words was enough to send you over the edge and stars to cloud your vision; sensitive bundle of nerves rocking against the seam of her pants perfectly.
A string of moans and incomprehensible babbling left your bitten raw lips, body shaking uncontrollably as Ellie guided you through your mind-numbing feeling of ecstasy.
“That’s it. Look at you.” She cooed, her veiny hand still wrapped around the expand of your neck as she scooped her other middle and ring fingers beneath you to collect your juices; the contact making you twitch in her clutch with a gasp.
Shoving her digits into your awaiting mouth to clean up the mess you had made, your tongue caressed and traveled the length of her mesmerizing fingers as Ellie gazed at you in utter admiration and awe. “My good fucking girl.”
Tumblr media
© 2023 milkiangl | comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated!
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dankpunks · 1 day
Counting the stars — Ellie Williams
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re tipsy and can’t seem to stop bugging Ellie by trying to count each freckle covering her soft skin.
Placement/background: Living in Jackson reader and Ellie spend a late night at the tipsy bison!
Warning(s): Best friend!ellie, oblivious!reader, intoxication, foul language, light touching, flirting, crushing hardcore, kissy kissy, word vomit.
Authors note: Come on you can’t tell me you wouldn’t just get side tracked looking at ellie’s cute little freckles ahh! NOT proofread
reblog’s and feedback would be much appreciated!<3
Tumblr media
You and Ellie had the night off after the rough week full of patrol and scavaging. Leading the two of you to decide to have a couple of drinks at the tipsy bison— well you had decided but also dragged the freckled girl along for the ride.
Ellie had stationed herself at the bar the small stool tucked away surprisingly more comfortable than she thought. She’d swirl the amber liquor around in her glass taking small sips now and then as she kept her eyes trained on you, bouncing around the dance floor with whomever you could get your hands on.
Ellie would chuckle to herself seeing how much you lit up everyone’s faces just by being— you. That’s what she loved about you, no matter how shitty the world is you were always a bundle of hope and you never failed to share it with others.
The green eyed girl brought the glass to her lips the liquor burning her throat as her eyes lingered on you, watching as you made your way over to her with a mischievous look on your face. Ellie would sigh knowing exactly where this was going you’d try it every time you two went out.
“The answer is still no you dweeb. Aren’t you tired of the same answer?”
Ellie sighed out as she rolled her eyes earning a small giggle from you, the liquid courage pumping through your veins as you swayed slightly to the music. Ellie on the other hand tried to not crack a smile at your altered state but failing as you leaned into her for more support, your hand pressing on her shoulder to balance yourself as hers pressed lightly at your hip.
“—b-but els please”
You’d drag out the ‘please’ pouting your bottom lip as you leaned more into Ellie’s touch trying your hardest to give her the best puppy dog eyes you could muster.
Ellie would let out a deep sigh, her eyebrows furrowed as she thought about it finding it hard to resist the small pout on your lips, wanting to just lean in and wipe it off your face. Ellie shook her head lightly trying to focus her thoughts as she cleared her throat, squeezing your hip lightly she stood up from her spot your bodies pressed together at the close proximity.
Ellie would reach over to her glass downing the rest of it, hissing quietly at the burning as she slid the empty glass to the end of the bar before letting her eyes land on yours.
“Fine, but only one song got it?”
She couldn’t say no to you for long she and you both knew that, you have to push the buttons just right and you were an expert at that.
Taking in a sharp breath at the closeness you’d give the girl a small nod letting your hand slide down from her shoulder, over her arm and onto the hand that was on your hip. You’d give it a light squeeze before pulling her hand away and intertwining your fingers together.
Reluctantly you pulled her towards the scares dance floor a couple of people dancing here and there. You’d stop towards the far right side of the dance floor turning your body so you were now face to face with Ellie.
A bright smile pulling against your lips as you heard the soft music playing, you’d drop Ellie’s hand bringing yours up around her neck resting them lightly on her shoulders. Ellie would gulp shifting from foot to foot looking completely out of her comfort zone as she struggled to know what to do with her hands, hovering them over your sides.
Giggling quietly you’d drop your hands from her neck, seeing the girl's eyes shoot up to yours a light blush spreading over her freckled cheeks. You’d grab her wrists lightly tugging them towards you, you’d place her hands on your waist giving them a small squeeze as you raised your hands again to interlock around her neck.
Swaying slowly to the music you’d let your eyes trace over the small freckles littering Ellie’s face. Almost like you were in a trance you brought your fingers up to touch her face lightly, before tucking some stray hair behind her ear letting it linger there.
“You’re so beautiful… ya’ know?”
It would come out in a whisper still lost in thought as you tried to count the freckles on her cheekbone, you could see the blush run a deeper shade as Ellie processed your words. She’d lean into your touch slightly gnawing at her bottom lip as she savoured the small gestures you were giving her.
“Pshh— shut up.”
Ellie would drop her eyes letting them linger at your lips before dropping lower to your neck her face feeling like it’s on fire. You’d drag your fingers down her jawline until it reached her chin lightly tilting her head back up so her eyes met yours again.
“I wasn’t finished counting.. now look at me.”
You gave the girl a warm smile the twinkle of mischief still in your eyes as you tilted your head to the side now running your fingers over the small marks.
Ellie would be beet red, the path your fingers travelled over her skin left a burning feeling in its wake. Ellie studied your features watching your eyes move over each freckle, your voice soft and breathy as you counted, catching numbers every couple of breaths.
She let her eyes flutter closed as your fingers inched closer to her lips. She memorized the feeling scared that she won’t get to feel it again, savouring your rough fingertips she’d feel your thumb run over her bottom lip.
Ellie opened her eyes slowly regaining her focus, realizing just how close you are. You could feel the freckled girls shallow breaths on your parted lips as you inched closer.
You could feel your heart pounding in your chest as Ellie’s thin fingers slide to your lower back digging into the soft skin. She’d use the position to her advantage tugging your body to press against hers causing you to take in a sharp breath.
A small smirk would pull across Ellie’s lips before she closed the space between you two. Moaning quietly as the moment finally happened— the moment you’ve been dreaming about each and every single night when you lie awake thinking about her.
The moment lingered as the music started to fade away, feeling intoxicated as the girl's lips moved against yours. Her hands tighten around your waist for a moment more before pulling away.
She sighed deeply as the music slowly filled the air around you two again, hands loosening from your waist as she pulled away to look into your blown out pupils.
“How many did you count?”
She let out just above a whisper, one of her hands sliding up your side before placing it lightly onto your cheek brushing her thumb back and forth. You’d shoot her a small smirk glancing down at her lips for a second before speaking softly.
“Mm.. —I think I’ll have to start again.”
Tumblr media
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findmeintheferns · 2 days
sweet dreams <3
fuck me like you missed me then
Tumblr media
𝓢𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓪𝓻𝔂: y/n can’t sleep, how could she? she had gotten so used to ellie fcking her every night before bed. since ellie and cat were back together they can’t anymore. uno because that would be wrong, right? right???
𝓦𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰: angst, smut (oral sex, fingering), apologies if there is typos i got sick of rereading this lol
𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓭 𝓬𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓽: 1.5k
𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰: ellie williams (TLOU) x reader
You had tried everything, you mediated, downed 2 cups of chamomile tea, took a warm shower, read. Hell, you even counted sheep for a solid 15 minutes to no avail. You just could not sleep. Usually you wouldn’t really care that much, you enjoyed your quiet time and would spent the night finishing a book or watching whatever movie you could scavenge from crumbling houses. Nighttime was really the only time you could be alone. However tomorrow you had patrol at 5am and you didn’t really love the idea of no sleep before that. You stared at the clock as the hand crept closer and closer to the early hours of the morning.
“That’s it. Fuck it.” you groaned in frustration, pushing yourself off your couch and marching towards the door. You knew deep down this wasn’t a great idea, but you were desperate. It was freezing outside, you didn’t even bother to put on a jacket before making your way to Ellie’s. You see, the past few months between you and her had been kinda awkward. You were best friends since Ellie and Joel had returned from Salt Lake City. You met her during a rough time, and you bonded over that. She was the first person you ever did a patrol with, you know, without a group. You always knew there was something more there, you just didn’t act on it. However when Ellie and Cat went on their first ‘break’ you slipped up. The two of you had been drinking alone in her room, she couldn’t stop complaining about her ex and you were getting fed up of hearing about it. You didn’t like Cat in the first place, and the idea of making her jealous lit a fire in you, one didn’t know was there before. Ellie was mid sentence, saying something along the lines of, “And you know what fucking gets me? She says that I should cut YOU out of my life because you secretly want me blah blah blah yet she’s always with stupid Bailey, the one person I know for a fact wants to fuc-“ you cut her off, pressing your lips against hers and making her shut up. She pulled away, looking kinda shocked. That shock however didn’t last long because about 2 seconds later she was pulling you into her lap by your tank top and roughly kissing you back. After that incident you continued to fuck for a few weeks, spending almost every night in her bed or her in yours. The problem was you didn’t talk about it, probably because you knew it was wrong. You’d simply wait for one another the second it got dark out to show up at the door and then spend a solid chunk of the night having the best sex of your life. This was up until a week ago, which is when you noticed Cat desperately trying to fix things with Ellie.
“Wait- y/n, don’t go. I don’t understand?” Ellie quickly followed after you as you made your way to the door.
“Cat wants you back Ellie, come on we can’t keep doing this.” You grab the door handle but Ellie’s hand grabs yours, stopping you from being able to twist it. You make eye contact with her and sigh.
“Why does it matter if she wants me back?” she asks, confused.
You push her hand off yours, aggressively opening the door.
“You clearly want her too, you shouldn’t ruin your chances by continuing something that’s purely just sex.”
You don’t give her a chance to reply, you don’t even look at her face, scared that her expression will convince you she’s feeling something she’s not. You didn’t have the balls to tell her how you actually felt, like how you wish you were hers instead of Cat, or how you were scared to take it any further because you couldn’t risk losing her as a friend. From then on you had barely been talking, she seemed kinda pissed off at you actually. Plus her and Cat were back together, so yeah, you knew it was the wrong thing to do, but you no longer gave a fuck. You reach her door and gently knock three times, wondering if she’ll even be awake to hear it. Suddenly a sleepy, groggy Ellie opens the door, looking puzzled.
“Y/n? Is everything okay?” she mumbled staring at you with confusion. You don’t waste anytime making your way into her room and slamming the door shut.
“Y/n I don’t understa-“ You cut her off again, grabbing her face and pressing her lips to yours. You expect her to get angry at you but instead she returns the kiss even more rough then you were. Before you know it she has pushed you onto the bed, her lean but muscular body on top of yours. You moan at the sight of her, she’s wearing a singlet with with no bra, so you can see how hard her nipples are already. Her hair is a little messy, probably from sleep, but still looks good somehow. She practically tears your shirt off you and moves her kisses from your lips down your neck and to your breasts. You gasp at the feeling of her lips on your chest as she intently sucks your nipples, making your whole body tingle. You pull on her hair and she lets out a moan, moving back to your lips. You’ve made out for too long, you need more, you grind against her leg and she retaliates, pressing her thigh into your clit. You grab her singlet and pull it off without hesitating. You begin unbuttoning her pants however you’re interrupted by her raspy voice.
“Wait, wait, wait, Y/n. Are we really doing this?” she says, clearly out of breath.
“I mean, only if you want to” you shrug
“I want to. I really want to. But i’m confused, you told me to get back with Cat? You made it clear that what we had was just sex, are you just really horny because if that’s the cas-“
You press you finger to her lips.
“Ellie, come on did you really think this was just sex to me? I hate Cat, I envy her. I’ve wanted you since we were 15 but I couldn’t risk losing you. I just can’t pretend anymore.”
You watch Ellie’s face carefully, scared that what she’ll say next will cause you two to never speak again. Instead she softly rubs her fingers on against your cheek.
“I really wish you told me earlier, we wasted so much time. I missed you this last week, a lot.” she sighs.
You are so relieved you could actually cry, but now is not the time for that.
“Fuck me like you missed me then.” you don’t have time to say anything else, because the second you finished your sentence Ellie has lifted you up and roughly placed you on top of her hips so that you are straddling her as she lays down. Your lips reconnect and you grind down hard.
“I need you” you moan, drunk on the how good this feels.
“I’ve got you baby” she replies, flipping you over and pulling your pants down quicker than you thought was humanly possible. She unbuttons her pants so you are both naked, your pussy pulsing from the sight.
“So wet for me huh baby?” she hums, causing you to groan.
Wasting no time she presses her mouth against your clit, moaning at your reaction to her tongue. It isn’t long before you feel your stomach begin to grow warm, you’re not going to last long. You grab her hand that is tightly gripped against your thigh. She always does this so she can hold you in place while she licks and sucks in the perfect rhythm. You push her hand further down and she knows exactly what you want. She presses her fingers inside you and you throw your head against the pillow, making the headboard loudly hit the wall. She continues to finger you while using her magic mouth on your clit as you feel yourself begin to come undone. It makes you so fucking wet how much she loves eating your pussy.
“F-fuck, FUCK, Ellie i’m so close. I’m so so fucking close ughh” you moan worryingly loud but oh well, you couldn’t care less in this moment. Ellie moans into your pussy and you’re thrown over the edge, cumming arguably harder than you’ve ever cum in your life. Ellie rolls over, laying next to you, as you both try and catch your breath.
“Fuck.” You groan, thinking about how good she makes you feel. You roll over and look at her, sweaty and breathless.
“You okay?” you ask “You seem kinda out of breath.” She turns to look at you, her cheeks bright pink.
“I-I um, sorta”
“Spit it out Ellie” you say impatiently, worried something is wrong.
“Shut up” she retaliates “I came. When I was eating you out idk how but I finished”
You giggle, moving so that you are now on top of her.
“Naw don’t be embarrassed Els, wanna cum again?” you whisper in her ear causing her to groan,
“You know I fucking do”.
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luv-cherry · 2 days
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loakism · 1 day
Tumblr media
real life conversation while dating ellie. she's sick of your shit and is currently in home depot looking for a drain trap
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homeslices · 2 days
College GF Ellie Headcannons
Tumblr media
♡︎ - A/N: First time writing headcannons lemme know what you guys think or if there’s anything else you guys wanna see.
♡︎ - Summary: No thoughts, just college girlfriend Ellie
♡︎ - Pairings: College!Ellie Williams x Fem!Reader
♡︎ - Word Count: 763
♡︎ - Warnings: Smut headcannons but nothing too graphic
Meeting Ellie Headcannons:
Ellie and you met in one of your college classes
You were late to class one day, totally not your fault, so instead of talking your usual spot up front you sit in the last row a few seats down from a really hot girl
Said girl happens to forget a pen that day, so of course she asks you, the pretty, quiet girl who never sits in the back, for one
You, being the prepared person you are, gave her one of your extras with a teasing comment, she gave you a snarky one in response and by the end of the lecture, neither of you took any notes, too busy talking to one another to pay any attention.
So while the two of you were packing up, she ripped out a piece of paper from her notebook, which is hardly ever used, wrote out her number, and gave it to you along with the borrowed pen
(You messaged her as soon as the both of you parted ways)
General GF Headcanons:
Will sit by you in every class the two of you have together, and while she usually doesn’t bother you and pays attention to professors, she will try to get you play tic-tac-toe during boring lectures sometimes
Ellie definitely seems like she would be big in pda. I mean why wouldn’t she? She has a beautiful girlfriend, so she definitely wants to show you off.
Holding hands, arm around your waist, putting her hand in your back pocket, kissing you (i.e. cheek, neck, lips), she would be fine with making out with you in public. However, if you aren’t that comfortable with pda, she won’t push it and 100% respect your boundaries.
This girl is a cuddler. I also think she enjoins being both the little or big spoon depending on what mood she’s in
Definitely seems like the type to smoke a joint whenever she gets a little too stressed. Which in college, would happen a little more often than not.
Always offers you some, but if you don’t want to smoke, she would ask you to just stay and hang with her while she does. Smoking is one of her stress relievers, but you’re her favorite
Loves it when you lay with her and just play with her hair. She swears it’s one of the best feelings in the world
Smut Headcannons:
Speaking of hair Ellie loves it when you pull hers. She basically lives in between your thighs
She worships the ground you walk on everyday, it’s no different in the bedroom
“Pretty girl” “good girl” “attagirl” are all phrases she uses constantly
Loves making out with you. Usually all of your sexual encounters start with a make out session with her.
She will not stop kissing you until you ask her to stop or one of you is whining to get fucked.
I see Ellie as a switch leaning top in the bedroom. She loves to take care of you, but sometimes she needs the one to be taken care of
Y’all have a plethora of sex toys, which includes Ellie’s favorite purple strap. (If your honest, it’s yours too)
Very into experimenting.
If there’s something you wanna try, “yeah let’s go to the bedroom right now.”
If one of her or your friends mentions trying something that works for them, she’ll literally say in front of them to you “babe we should try that.”
If you’re both watching tv and a steamy sex scene comes on, she’ll turn to you mid scene, “wanna do that right now?”
Seems like the type to be into edging until you’re a complete mess, then overstimming you until you’re fucked dumb.
Something she won’t tell you is she wants you to do the exact same thing to her
Communication is a must with her
Y’all use the stop light system (I.e. red = stop, yellow = slow down, green = go)
10/10 aftercare
She’ll wipe off any bodily fluids on either of you, get you changed into some sort of clothes (if that’s what you prefer), change the sheets, make sure there’s water for the both of you, and lay there cuddling you whispering words of praise as you come down from your high
Speaking of communication, once the both of you come out of the post-sex bliss, the both of you will talk about what either of you like or didn’t like
She will make mental notes of everything you say
Overall Ellie is an amazing girlfriend, loves you more than life itself, and would do anything for you
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Tumblr media
dealer!ellie x reader
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prrimordiais · 7 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings: 70s pornstar!ellie williams x fem!pornstar!reader
summary: in the adult film industry, having to work with people you didn't like was inevitable. at least it made for some good film,, right?
warnings: 18+ smut, marijuana use, cigarette use, talk of the corn!industry, pornography, fingering (reader!receiving), oral (reader!receiving), nipple play, an audience, men being gross, praising, pet names ( ex: baby, sweetheart, darling) sexual tension, overstimulation (??) , not proof-read ( shocker... ik )
tags: @roarriita, @hazelnutsforellie, @trilogyss, @elliesflower, @sparkleswonderland, @coeurify, @shesluxurious, @strgrlxox, @scandalcus, @dyk3ification, @frogychu, @addisonnie, @soleilmoons, @elliesstar, @lonelyfooryouonly, @moonlightdivine, @bratydoll, @helaenaswife, @ellieismami, @elliesquerida, @dinosun, @rxllingstones ( if i am missing you please let me know )
a/n: i had 'i wanna be your dog' by the stooges on repeat while writing this, as well as a playlist I'll link below. enjoy 4,9k words of sin, my lovelies!
“When I tell you that this is the best script to ever come into my hands, I mean it. But, all I’m saying is that we need some slight adjustments.” 
Glancing at the man in front of you, the twinge of hope that had developed within you just last week seemingly diminished, snuffed out with wet finger pads. You leaned back into the velvet red of the tiny seat, licking the top row of your pearly teeth, watching with low-lidded eyes as he waved his thick hands around — emphasizing just how much he meant what he said. 
The sheen of sweat running down his forehead proved how harsh the heat was. More unbearable than usual as of late as the sun beamed with an orange hue through the glass pane of one of the many windows in the sizable van, mugginess forming in a thick cloud — mixing with the smoke from the lit joint between your ringed fingers. 
You crossed a leg over the other, the denim of your bell bottoms rubbing together, uncomfortably sticking to the bare skin beneath from the humidity. Guiding your fingers toward your mouth, you inhaled, listening to the crackle of the van radio as ‘White Room’ by Cream filled the tensed silence, happy toxins filling your cool mouth — the odd flavor combining with the peppermint gum that once twirled on the sides of your cheeks.
Humming, you shrugged. “Like what? Having a man fuck me instead of a woman?”  
A sheepish look came across his features, signaling that your words had made him just a tad disagreeable. You had to bite back the scoff that tried to force its way out of your mouth, shaking your head from side to side dramatically before pointing a manicured finger in his direction.
“You already know the type of shit I do, Paul.” The amused smile that painted your lips was once laced with malice. “I thought we were on the same page when you agreed to be my agent.” 
Paul was a bitter man. Then again, when aren’t men in general upset? Truthfully, you should’ve walked away from him the second you found his disgusting eyes raking up and down the expanse of your smooth legs, alcohol and a wrong impression exuding from his pores, violently washing over you in waves. He tried to chat you up but his words faltered when your eyes narrowed, the annoyance radiating off of your being at his very presence. 
As politely as you could, you told him to go fuck off — will all the disrespect in the world, of course. Eventually, he relented, but not before sliding a withered, folded paper card in your hands before leaving you to wallow alone. But alas, here you were, in the back of a fogged van on your way to film pornography. 
He put his palms up in defense, the buttons of his shirt halfway undone, giving you a visible view of curly chest hair in all its glory. Lifting the right corner of your lip, you grimaced, noting the way he frowned as soon as he saw your pained expression.
Sighing, he clapped his warm, sweaty palms together, figuring it’d be worth a shot to try once more. “I’m just putting my input out there, and -”
You interjected. “Where it isn’t needed. Thank you though.”
Narrowing his eyes, Paul waited until you sunk back into your seat, heaving out a heavy sigh before dragging a hand down his sweaty face. “Look, I know what I said about letting you do your thing with women, it’s what you’re comfortable with. But you’re audience is mainly men.” 
Bouncing your leg, you huffed, diverting your gaze to stare at something else other than him. Your nose hairs burned slightly from the scent and the stuffiness of the small area despite the small open window, it was suffocating. “Something I didn’t ask for. I do what I do for women.” 
“Obviously, but that’s not how they see it. They’re never gonna see it that way. Might as well make money off of it … with someone like your audience.”
 Although he had a point, there was a part of you that could never give up on the very limited amount of queer women who enjoy what you do for their pleasure. You had once been in their shoes, scared of the consequences of touching yourself to the thought of women, guilt weighing down on your shoulders so heavily that you felt as if everyone had known exactly what you were into. It was something you had always been so cautious about — glancing at a pretty girl the wrong way, to bat your eyelashes at them as you so desperately wanted. 
The women you had been with had left you with empty sheets, and an even emptier heart, not ready to come to terms with the fact that you were exactly what they liked and not clean-shaven faces and strong-scented cologne. He was right. But, that’s not something you were willing to take with a grain of salt, nor give in like he so desperately wanted.
You took a long drag of the burning paper, reaching forward to snuff it out in the nearby ashtray on the floor before ultimately shaking your head side to side, tendrils of hair falling in front of your face, escaping the small bun you had created at the top of your head earlier. “I’ll take the risk and keep whoever’s filming with me.” 
Paul pursed his thin lips, poking his tongue out from in between to moisturize the dry flesh before nodding curtly, “Okay,” He sighed. “I guess we’re keeping Ellie.” 
At that, your eyebrows furrowed, the skin between them folding as you grew confused. The cogs in your head were overheating — and not just from the scorching heat. Paul knew your resentment toward the auburn-haired girl. Her freckled face sends the flesh of your lips to curl over your teeth in disgust for reasons unknown to everyone but you. It was a tension that always stuck like the strongest glue, hard to scrub off no matter how hard you tried.
 There was just something about her that made your heart fill with a type of emotion that you couldn’t decipher as something other than anger and spite. 
Ellie Williams.
The one person you seemingly weren’t able to get along with no matter how hard you tried. From the handful of small interactions you’ve had with the girl, she’s curt. A little bit of a bitch if anything but then again, so were you. Maybe that’s why the two of you were always going at it, words of hatred being spewed back and forth, metaphorically pushing one another’s chest, trying to see who could take things to a burning point, letting it boil over like a pot full of water on high heat. 
“I see that look on your face, mellow out.” 
You hadn’t noticed the way your nostrils were flared, the way your chest was rising up and down at a rapid pace, your breathing uneven and your hands balled into fists on either side of you. Closing your eyes, you opened your mouth to take a deep breath, letting the stale air fill your lungs before you exhaled, trying to center yourself. 
“I’m neat. Just lost my cool for a second there.” 
You glanced out the window next to him, your eyes darting to focus on any ounce of color you could spot behind the thin layer of dust that coated the outside glass. Taking in the stream of green grass that stretched as the van moved along the road, you sniffed. Paul followed your gaze, turning his torso to join your small viewing party of one. 
The rest of the ride was silent, the only sound reaching your ears, for the time being, was the quiet hum of the radio, the occasional squeak of the van when the driver would brake, and the silent mumbles that came from Paul’s mouth as he muttered quietly to himself. 
It wasn’t an ideal situation for you — having just Paul to guide you through an industry you knew only a handful about. Although the money was decent, you were thriving to achieve more with your life, looking at the porn industry as a last alternative to solve every problem that arose at every corner, chasing you down to tackle you, to beat you to a pulp. 
In a way, the green that would make its way into your greedy hands wasn’t going directly into your pockets. Instead, it was being handed to doctors at the local hospital for your mother’s care, as she had been diagnosed with some sort of terminal illness. Oh, how you loved her dearly, having been raised behind motel walls, the rent was barely paid, saltine crackers being shoved into your mouth ravenously, and inexpensive water being guzzled down your throat due to how thirsty you’d be.
 As you became older and your hair grew longer, the idea that your mother had tried everything she could with you carried on into everyday occurrences as you found yourself coming home with less than needed. It wasn’t until your friend, Jean, had come into your home, a joint and a bottle of Mateus Rose being shared between the two of you as you sat in the expanse of your small, crowded living room that you realized just how serious she was about what she was saying. 
“I know a couple of these fellas down in the city, they’re easy to convince if you bat your eyelashes a little.” She had said it as if it was the simplest thing in the world, and it was. Just for all the wrong reasons. After that, she moved somewhere deep in the valleys of Los Angeles and you haven’t heard from her since. You supposed she was doing well for herself though, having seen her in the papers a couple of weeks ago on your way to the designated filing studio for the day, stepping backward in your heeled boots, grabbing it from the stand much to the dismay of the man who was selling them. 
You were surprised, to say the least, eyes scanning across the big, bold black print. She had gotten herself in the papers for all the wrong reasons, destroying everything she had built for herself in the blink of an eye as soon as she had cheated on her millionaire husband with an even more rich, married man. You remembered the way your eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion and the ‘o’ your jaw had dropped into, the cigarette in your hand long forgotten and burning between your fingers. 
You couldn’t help but feel bad for her, your chest hurting at that path that she had chosen for herself although you weren’t one to judge considering what you were doing for money wasn’t proper either. She was on a better lane than you, trading her dingy apartment for a nice typical picket fence house in the hills, her handmade craft bracelets for pearls, and her bell bottoms for posh dresses. All that aside, she was a nice girl. 
The van came to a harsh stop, jolting forward just enough that it made you shift in your seat, and it was then that you paid special attention to the knot that had formed in your stomach. The uncomfortable feeling caused your face to scrunch up, the expression disappearing as soon as Paul looked in your direction with a smile on his stupid fucking face. 
“You ready, kid?” 
Shrugging, you licked your lips, cocking your head to the side before heaving a dramatic sigh, “I guess so.” 
Rolling his eyes, Paul nodded his head toward the doors of the van, silently telling you to join him in the outside world, figuring that fresh air would do you some good and ease the nerves along with the high you were experiencing. As the doors opened from the other side, the hairs on your arms raised from the slight breeze that the warm air brought, the sun glowing directly into your eyes, causing you to squint. 
Bringing your hands up to cover your face, you breathed out through your nose, blinking rapidly once — twice, the strain that had formed due to the light difference created a dull throb to go along with it. 
“Are you fucking serious, Jeff?” Once that voice reached your ears, your raised your head and immediately came face to face with the one person you were dreading to even glance at. She looked good, that was something you couldn’t deny. The glowing daylight behind her created a halo that made her short auburn hair shine just a little brighter, the freckles on her skin more visible in the Wyoming sun.
The expression that swirled in her green eyes wasn’t something you had the opportunity to decipher as she had turned away from you in an instant. 
Your eyes shamelessly roamed down what part of her chest was visible to you, noticing the white, collared button-down she wore; the first couple of buttons undone leaving her collarbone exposed, a thin layer of sweat forming between her sternum. Loose, boot-cut jeans hugged her hips. Her fingers looped through the belt holes causing the tucked shirt to ruffle slightly, a wrinkle embedding itself into the fabric.
Interacting with her was inevitable and you internally slapped yourself for letting something so stupid bounce across your brain. You were making an adult film with her after all. 
“Jeez, it’s just me, no need to get yourself wet.” She glanced back at you momentarily before averting her gaze once more, leaving you to narrow your eyes as you slid out of the van, stretching your legs. 
You bit back a groan at the sensation of releasing all the built-up tension and ache from sitting for so long, having come from Montana to Jackson, a grueling six and half-hour drive. The fresh air was nice, so you basked in every second of it before you would have to go back to an inside setting again. 
The thought of it sent your mind reeling again, the small pang of nervousness creeping back up onto you in the form of an itch on your elbow that you scratched with your short fingernails, the skin there dry and in desperate need of hydration. 
“I’m not starting with you.” She stated, voice gruff and low as she tapped one of her polished, black pointed-toe boots on the dry dirt beneath her, the leather creasing as she did so with a cigarette in between her right fingers. You could tell she was growing annoyed, and a devious smirk tugged at the corners of your lips before you plucked it out of her fingers, putting it toward your lips to take a drag. 
From your peripheral vision, you could see her point the flesh of her lips in a frown, shaking her head slightly. It took you a fraction of a second to decide that starting a conversation with her wasn’t what you wanted to do, especially watching the way Jeff, her manager, interact with yours, his jaw tense and teeth grinding together behind his thin lips. The sky was getting darker, the bright blue that was there mere moments ago being stained with a salmon pink, a tinge of sherbet orange below the horizon. The grass around the property was short, thriving with life, and as green as ever with different arrays of flowers, colorful and swaying in the wind.
It felt peaceful, and serene almost until the thought of what you were here for jumped out at you. 
Tapping the butt of the cigarette, you ashed it, watching as it fell an inch away from your boot, pulling it to the entrance of your lips before taking another drag, and exhaling loudly. 
Swaying slightly from side to side, Ellie watched as Paul and Jeff continued to argue, turning to you, waiting until you cocked your head in her direction at her outstretched palm. 
She pointed a ringed finger at half of the stick still in your grasp. “Since we’re sharing now apparently, at least let me take a couple of drags too.” 
Huffing, you extended it out to her, snatching your hand back across your chest once she took it from you. “You don’t have a pack of your own?”
“Obviously not or the thought of taking yours would’ve never crossed my mind.”  Running a hand through your hair, you felt the warmness of your tongue against your bottom lip as you licked the layer of dry skin there. The silence that followed after was thick, suffocating almost until you decided with the last shred of dignity you had. “So, what’d you think of the script?”
Turning your body in her direction, you quickly scanned her up and down, taking in the way she shrugged in response before inhaling again. “It was alright, nothing worth getting excited over. Can’t expect much when it’s written by who it’s written by.”
Raising your eyebrows, you silently agreed by nodding your head, knowing exactly what she meant without her having to say too much. Troy, the man who wrote the majority of your scripts, was a creep. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that most of the men in this line of work were as weird as could be, especially when working with woman such as yourself who found comfort in the arms of another woman and not a man. 
“Yeah, It didn’t make much sense but no one’s watching for the plot, I guess.” 
Ellie snorted, flicking the cigarette on the ground, snuffing it out with the sole of her shoe, and rubbing at the back of her neck with a hand after. “Yea.” She nodded, looking off into the distance for a couple of seconds before scanning your face, her gaze lingering on your lips a little too long before they moved again. 
Standing without a word being spoken was the most comfortable silence you had ever felt in a while, so you took the peace to your advantage, your rapid heart slowing down its pace the longer you stood next to her, the wind carrying the scent of pine and cigarettes from her clothing into your nostrils, exciting your nose hairs.
The sound of soles crunching beneath stray rocks and rubble caused you to look up at Jeff and Paul through your lashes, observing how they looked at each other and then back at you. 
Clapping his hands together, Jeff pointed his thumbs over his shoulders, gesturing to the lone house on the land, his brown eyes bouncing between the two of you. 
“Okay, let’s start filmin’.” Turning on his heel, he extended the distance between you three, leaving you to catch follow quickly, the lids of your eyes shutting slowly before fluttering open again. Walking through the wide door, you found three other people gathered around a patterned sofa, their talking coming to a pause as soon as you had walked through the frame of the front door, Ellie right behind. Arnold, the cameraman seemed to be everywhere, and he was a bit of a creep if you were being honest but it was nothing you couldn’t handle. You’ve had your fair share of men being openly odd, sparking weariness within you, and raising bright red flags. Jared was the sound guy, a ribbon microphone practically always glued to the tips of his fingers every time you saw him — and that was often. 
Arnold was the first one to speak, his dark eyes swirling with happiness, a haze of drunkness in them as well. Figures. “Never thought I’d see the day where the two of you were close willingly.” 
Wiggling a finger at you and Ellie, he balanced his camera in another hand, the sound of the door shutting grasping his attention momentarily, zeroing in on Ellie when he had focused again. 
When he had opened his shit-hole of a mouth again, you had tuned him out, eyes locking onto the hardwood beneath your shoes as he explained the little plot of the short movie. Ellie was to play the ‘man of the house’ as Troy had called it, and you were the stunning wife of course, having to cook a pretend dinner and prep the dining table for a romantic night for two before the stares and touches grew heavy with need. The sex scene would take place on the island countertop in the kitchen after you had finished washing dishes. 
Filming was difficult, with time being lost from the handful of times that you and Ellie had bickered about hand placements and the way you were supposed to feverishly lock lips, which had everyone in the room in a sour mood, the negativity spreading within you as Ellie had kissed you harshly during one scene, knocking her front teeth into yours. You had yanked your head back, running your tongue across your left tooth as it throbbed slightly, not intending to shove her as far as you did, and of course, that action elicited a bunch of curses from her and a small ‘fuck, I’m sorry it was an accident.’
In hindsight, your response should’ve been a little more respectful considering that she had apologized but as she put her lips to the skin of your neck, right below your ear, it swirled out of your mind, the words that rose out of your throat being a jumbled mess of moans as she sucked at a certain spot. 
The dull throb between your thighs made you wrap your legs around her waist, creating more friction as the material of her jeans rubbed deliciously against your clothed clit. If there was one thing about Ellie that you were certain of, it was that she knew how to touch a woman, to get them flustered, to have them writhing under her touch, to make them want more.
“So beautiful. Why are you sittin’ all shy, baby?” It was as if everyone else in the room had disappeared, disintegrating into thin air, the camera a couple of feet away from you forgotten as you stared at her, chest rising and falling quickly as your heart started to beat rapidly against your ribcage. Whether that was part of the script or not was something that crossed your mind for a couple of seconds as you stared at her lips, shaking your head a moment after.
“M’ not shy.” 
Grabbing the apples of her cheeks with the palm of your hands, you cupped her face, bringing her lips closer to yours once more, your hot breath mixing with hers as you desperately clutched the back of her shirt into your fingers, knuckles growing white as your nails clawed crescent shapes into her back.
Ellie hummed against you, pulling her head back, a string of saliva stretching between the both of you before she wiped at it with the back of her hand, the way she held eye contact the whole time causing you to rub your thighs together. “Mhm, not shy but very eager.”
It was a low whisper that brought the hairs on your arms to raise slowly, the warm feeling of her fingers tapping the fat of your thighs evoking a small, unintentional whine from you. 
You didn’t care if this wasn’t a part of the script, and neither did everyone else in the room as they all waited with bated breath, their bodies rigid and tension-filled, waiting for your response. 
“Only this eager for you.”
It was true. Your experience with her was by far the best of your career and she didn’t even take unbutton your pants yet, leaving the slick that had pooled in the center of your pants, staining the crotch area, your cheeks developing a rosy tint at how embarrassingly horny you were. 
The freckled girl noticed this, a smirk pulling at her mouth as she leaned closer to you, green eyes fogged with the desperate need to please you, to have you screaming her name until you weren’t able to do so. The hotness of her breath as it passed through her teeth made you shudder, your manicured fingers going to rest at the waistband of her jeans, right above the small of her back. 
“You have no idea what you just started, sweetheart.” 
With that, she hastily reached for the button of your jeans, popping them open, her fingers guiding themselves onto your bare cunt, air passing through your teeth as you hissed, the coolness of her ringed fingers coming in contact with your warm flesh. 
The dry chuckle that passed her lips was laced with humor, your lack of underwear surprising her although it wasn’t written on her flushed face. “And you aren’t wearing anything else. You’re trying to reel me in, huh?” 
“Ah, shit.”
“So wet and I only just started touching you.” She drawled, her left arm wrapping around your waist to scoot you to the edge of the green laminate countertop, placing the pad of her thumb on your bud, moving it in slow circles. You clenched onto nothing, bucking your hips into her hand, urging her to press down harder. 
She complied, working her finger against you so roughly, that the slight pinch of pain one of her many rings caused as it skimmed across one of your folds spiraled into pleasure. She rested her forehead against yours, the tips of your noses touching as she continued to please your aching cunt. Biting down on your lip, a muffled moan escaped causing your jaw to grow tense at the knot that had formed in the expanse of your stomach. 
“Does it feel good, baby?” 
Nodding your head, you lifted your hips, helping her tug your jeans off fully, exposing the smooth, moisturized skin of your legs, the scratchy denim pooling at your ankles. 
Ellie removed her hand, the sudden rush of air on your exposed flesh causing an involuntary arch in your lower back. The heat of her green eyes burning at your lower half had sent adrenaline coursing through every vein in your body, even more so when you had whined. 
“Such a pretty pussy.” 
Her praises had set your skin on fire, the aching throb becoming unbearable, your arousal leaking from you once more as she shoved a finger inside of you with the help of your wetness, one of the tight rings stretching you out just an inch more. One of your sweaty palms slapped against the counter, the back of your head coming in contact with a wooden cabinet, a small ‘thud’ accompanying the action. 
Without warning, she started pumping the lone finger in and out, flexing in between your walls, enjoying the expression on your face — the way it contorted with pleasure when she’d hit a certain spot inside of you that had you silently mumbling with closed eyes, curses spilling from your lips in a low chant.
Your hard nipples were visible through the thin shirt that covered your chest, and she couldn’t stop her other hand as it weaved its way under the end of your shirt, flicking one of them harshly, a sting of pain in its wake. “Fuck.” You sighed, breath stuttering as you felt another finger slide past your hole. 
With flared nostrils, you cocked your head to the side as her lips started to suck at your neck, teeth grazing across your throat, a thin layer of saliva snailing up your neck as the skin grew red and raw, the blood cells beneath rising to the surface at the suction. 
Your entire body was hot, flushed with sweat as she pleased you as if you were the last person she’d ever have the privilege of laying her godly hands upon. You were growing addicted to her touch — as wrong as it was because your dislike for her was starting to lessen just a bit. Her fingers felt amazing, the way they curled into you, not too much but not too little that it didn’t satisfy you when it was the exact opposite. 
In truth, you almost didn’t recognize the sensation that came to you as it had grown foreign to you, along with the butterflies that would flutter within your stomach as other’s touches had rendered you numb. Not Ellie’s though. Never hers. 
With that one lingering thought, a sob rippled through your throat as you clenched tightly around her fingers, the muscles in your stomach flexing as you came, legs shaking around her frame. 
There wasn’t any time to waste, camera film was expensive after all. 
You were numb, breathing heavy and hair disheveled, eyes wide and lips parted as Ellie sunk to her knees, curling her hands under your thighs only to rest them on your lower stomach, a trail of hot, sloppy kisses being left behind starting from your knee. 
When her warm tongue cupped over you, you were a goner, toes curling within the space of your boots, the sound of her lapping at your juices sinful as she sucked greedily. 
Internally slapping yourself, you came to the conclusion that all the past bickering and sexual tension throughout the many seasons all lead up to this — the best head you had ever received in your life and she had just swiped her tongue once. 
“Please, please.” You begged pathetically, hands weaving through her short auburn hair, tugging to one side harshly, causing her to moan against you. 
“Please what?” She cooed, urging you to use your words even though you were a sobbing mess. 
“Please let me feel you, I want your tongue.” 
The smile she gave you was lazy, and devious as the flesh of her lips pulled back into a smile. 
“All you had to do was ask, darlin'.'”
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clearheartgreyflowers · 18 hours
instead of horny stoned i am sad stoned and i would love a hurt/comfort with stoner/dealer!ellie when reader gets high and gets sad... because im insane and lonely thank you!!૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა - pw roomie
my angel pw roomie im so sorry this took so long!!! i’ve been thinking abt ur ask since i got it so heres a lil blurb mwah <3
warnings: mentions of weed, dealer! ellie, kinda panic attacks (?) not really, crying, hurt, lotsa comfort, fem! reader, ‘girl’ used in a lot of pet names
☆ softer, softest
it wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to be like this, cuddled up beside ellie as the two of you shared a joint. your girlfriend always teased you about how lucky you were to be dating her since you always got the ‘pretty girl discount’ —otherwise known as ellie letting you smoke with her completely free of charge.
you never minded her comments, simply content to be by her side while the usual noiseiness of your mind finally slipped away.
a comfortable silence had fallen between the two of you, ellie’s head resting against the soft pillows that were behind the both of you as she let the smoke pass her lips. you were waiting for the usual calm feeling to wash over you but it was seeming to take longer than usual, a small huff leaving your lips at the uncomfortable ache that was blooming in your chest.
ellie was somewhat preoccupied, simply being too far into her own world to notice the way your breathing was beginning to become labored. you tried to keep calm despite the fact that it almost felt impossible to breathe, your thoughts becoming jumbled as you sat up from where you were laying with ellie. you moved your hand to your chest, pressing your palm against your heart in a desperate attempt to feel your heartbeat.
ellie took notice of your now distressed state once you sat up, quickly discarding the joint she had been holding into the ashtray she kept on her bedside table. she followed you so that she was sitting up as well, her hand resting on the small of your back as she looked at you with a concerned gaze.
“baby, what’s going on?” she questioned softly, now being able to hear the way your breathing was coming out in heaves in a desperate attempt to get more oxygen. even with ellie’s hand against you, you could feel yourself slipping further away and you were absolutely terrified. your hand was practically gripping your chest now, panic setting in as you turned to face your girlfriend.
“els, oh god, els i can’t feel my heart” you babbled out, not even thinking as the words left your mouth. you had never felt this way before, worry consuming every part of your body as you tried to explain yourself. ellie was frowning in the slightest now, her free hand moving up towards your chest so she could press her palm against it. you let her do so, your bottom lip beginning to wobble as she touched you.
“hey, look at me. i can feel your heart perfectly” she said in a calm voice, moving your hand to where hers had previously been so that you could feel it thumping against your own fingertips. you were looking at her with glassy eyes, a pout settling on your lips as you tried to focus on the beat of your heart. “see, baby? s’ right there” she continued on, offering a warm smile to reassure you in your distressed state. you nodded your head in the slightest bit, the calm returning for a moment as you realized how lucky you were to have ellie here to take care of you.
oh, how you loved ellie. you loved her so much it hurt. but are you annoying her now with your inability to control your emotions?
the questions suddenly started spreading through your mind like a wildfire, fresh tears rolling down your round cheeks as you took in your girlfriend’s perfect features. you could barely speak now, your head hanging as you squeezed your eyes shut. “els, m’ sorry” you muttered, suddenly feeling fearful that she would get upset with you.
ellie was quick to pull you close to her, allowing you to hide your face in the crook of her neck and shushing your cries that were growing louder with each passing moment. “there is nothing to be sorry for, bun. you never have to apologize for being upset” she said, giving you a gentle squeeze to keep you grounded with her.
she knew better than anyone just how shitty weed can make you feel sometimes, as she had already had her fair share of bad trips. she had never seen you have a negative experience though and she already understood how overwhelming it must be for you.
you nodded your head a bit, still feeling the panic coursing through your body as you began to think of how ellie may leave you one day. this only served to upset you more, your warm tears pressing against ellie’s skin as you clung to her. “els— i don’t know what to do. you’re gonna leave one day, find someone better who doesn’t cry” you began to say, your words slurring together from your lack of breath.
in the back of your mind you knew you were being irrational but in the moment it felt so real, the threat of ellie leaving you suddenly feeling like a real possibility.
ellie released you from her embrace so that she could face you, her hands holding your own ever so gently so that you could still have contact with her. “woah, hey, that’s not going to happen” she said, her voice continuing to be level so that she wouldn’t stress you anymore than you already were. “who would i cuddle with at night, hm? who's gonna give you and all your stuffed animals kisses before bed? that’s my job, bun” she said with a small chuckle in an attempt to lighten your sorrows, her thumb carefully wiping away your tears.
“i’m not going anywhere, i promise” she whispered, taking notice of the way you had managed to calm down in the slightest bit. her words had made your mind stop running at such a high speed, your rational mind easing its way back in as you tried to focus on what she had said to you. you nodded your head in the slightest, your own hand coming up to your eyes to roughly wipe away the seemingly endless tears that were flowing down your cheeks.
“easy now, bun. be gentle” she reprimanded tenderly, her hand gently taking your own to move it away from your face. “you need to be gentle with yourself. don’t want my pretty girl to get hurt” she said with a voice full of love, leaning in to press a small kiss to your cheek.
you allowed her to move your hand with ease, feeling safest when ellie was there to guide you. ellie pressed your hand against her own heart so that you could feel it against your fingertips, a reminder that you were still here, that you were here with her.
“can you follow my breathing, baby?” she asked, wanting to be able to help you in any way she could. you sniffled quietly before nodding your head, not bothering to give a verbal reply in the moment. “that’s my smart girl” she praised, keeping your hand pressed against her chest so that you could continue to feel her heartbeat as you got your breathing under control.
“let’s take a deep breath” she mumbled before following her own directions, inhaling deeply before slowly exhaling her breath and waiting for you to mimic her own actions. her directions took a moment for you to catch up with, momentarily focusing your eyes on the way her chest was rising and falling before you could follow her movements. it took a while to match her pace but soon enough you were able to slow your breaths, you chest no longer heaving as you followed her motions.
“there we go, nice n’ slow, just like that” she praised, continuing her own deep breaths. you could finally feel the fuzziness that had been clouding your mind slipping away, feeling as if you were back in control of your body, finally.
you continued to breathe with her for a few minutes before your tears stopped completely, taking one last deep breath before wrapping ellie in a tight hug. the contact had caught ellie by surprise, the both of you falling back onto the plush pillows as you held her close. she returned your affections, pressing a kiss to the top of your head with a relieved smile on her lips.
“i’m guessing you feel better now” she said in a joking manner, making sure to keep your body pressed against her own. you nodded your head sheepishly, still mentally reminding yourself to continue to take deep breaths. “lots better, els. all cause of you” you said sweetly, letting the warmth of her arms around you return you to a state of calmness.
“im glad, bun. m’ sorry you had to go through that … shit is brutal” she muttered, feeling slightly guilty that it was her own supply that had caused the event. “but you’re my brave girl, huh? followed my directions so well” she quickly added on, loving the way you squirmed from the praise. “s’ okay! m’ just glad you were here” you reassured quickly, moving up slightly so you could finally kiss her properly. “plus, i have the best girlfriend ever to help me through it” you said with a little smile, your heart finally settling down as you laid in the comfort of ellie’s embrace.
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mystar-girl57 · 3 days
𝐉𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐲, 𝐉𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐲
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐧𝐞
𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 || 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : Dealer!Ellie Williams x Jealous Fem!Reader
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : Some girls just need to back off. - Wc 2k
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : Drug use, drinking, prompts of sex but nothing explicit or between reader and Ellie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The beat of the bass drummed in your ears and the haze of the joints settled over the room. It was like every other party you had attended with your dealer. Shots being slung back, drinks being mixed, joints distributed among partyers and some broad trying to grind themselves on your dealer— or should you say your girlfriend’s lap.
You stood there across the room, your back against the wall nursing whatever concation you had blindly thrown together into a flimsy red solo cup. Across the dance floor (if you could even call it that) you had a perfect view of Ellie had her little shop passing out bags and pre rolls and taking whatever cash she was given. If it was too little she’d demand for more but if it was too much well lets just say people were too drunk to care.
You took another sip of the bitter liquid and winced at the after taste. Bourbon and Vodka with a squeeze of lemon wasn’t the best of mixes but honestly you could care less. The only intention you had with the pungent drink was to get so drunk that you could get the image of the platinum blonde leaning over the table talking to your girlfriend. You glowered at the sight of her boobs spilling out of her top as her big blue doe eyes were transfixed on Ellie and her glossy lips were jutted out in a pout.
You should have been used to this by now. Your girlfriend was attractive. What could you say? With her boyish charm and bold personality, she knew how to sweet talk girls and get them to fall at her feet. But as Ellie had promised you hundreds of times before the only one she wanted hanging on her arm was you and you alone. She claimed that the advances she got from all the girls at the parties (and in classes) meant nothing to her and you tried to believe her, you did! But seeing it happen so often made you turn green with jealousy.
As the blonde took the blunt that she had begged Ellie to roll for her she turned and blew a sweet kiss to the auburn haired girl, slipping her a piece of paper. You watched Ellie look at the little note and you expected her to just crumple it up and throw it out but to your horror the dealer shook her head with an amused chuckle and placed it in the front pocket of her flannel. Your mouth ran dry watching a blush creep onto your girlfriend's face as she eyed the blonde dancing not too far away and it was obvious she was putting on a show for Ellie the way she shook her ass.
Your stomach felt tight with nausea and you emptied the drink with a quick gulp and slammed it down into the trash can. You had enough. For the six months that you had been with Ellie you had tried to just brush away all the glances the girls she was around gave her but never once had you seen Ellie actually watch the woman walk away and keep the phone number she received.
You began to look around for Jesse and Dina to tell them that you were leaving since they had given you a ride and you knew Jesse would panic if you had just up and disappeared at a party like this.
When you spotted them they were out dancing, having fun and laughing hanging onto each other. That ugly feeling started to spread from your stomach and creep up your stomach at the sight. You couldn’t remember the last time that you and Ellie had danced around with each other like that, she was so busy with her weed business. Which again you understood, it was how she made a living but the looks and the smiles that she gave that blonde were stuck in your mind. Those were the looks reserved for you. When you walk together through town, when you wake up the morning after. The lingering glances the touches, now all you could see was Ellie and that girl sharing them. Not wanting to interrupt Jesse and Dina you prompted to just sending them a text that you were leaving as you stepped out the door.
The cool night air felt like a cup of cool fresh water being poured over you. You took a deep breath in and let it out after a few seconds, relishing in the quiet outside compared to the nosy house behind you. You took one more look at the large frat house behind you. If you left, would Ellie even notice? Would she go to your dorm and take the risk hoping you wake up in the morning to find her with you. Or do you go back in and act as if the scene you had just witnessed never happened. Thinking of seeing that girl showing off for your Ellie made you want to throw up and you subconsciously leaned over closer to the ground in case you did.
After nothing came up and Ellie never came out you decided it’d be best if you headed back to your dorm and just hoped Ellie would be there in the morning.
Tumblr media
You woke up cold and alone, the spot that you had left Ellie in the bed empty, only Jesse’s and Dina’s snores from the room right next to you filled the silence. A feeling of unease bubbled in your throat. She had never done this, she always came home to you no matter the hour, or you’d go to her.
Rolling over in your bed to your nightstand you grabbed your phone and clicked the power button. The screen illuminated and the image of you and Ellie laying on the couch appeared. The image was time frozen in place, you leaned back on Ellie, the light of the fire that was out of frame lit up your faces, your smiles as the picture had been taken in the middle of you laughing. That was the night you both had finally gotten high enough to make out in her room and admit these confusing feelings you were having for each other.
You would’ve smiled but the lack of calls and texts from Ellie only fueled your worry. The only notifications your phone showed was 6 missed calls from Jesse and 3 from Dina followed by several messages from the two asking where you were and then Jesse messaging on the group chat between you, Dina and Ellie at 4:34 a.m. saying: Don’t worry, I found her sleeping at dorm. Call off the search party.
Dina responded with a “Thank God” followed by a “haha” but there was nothing from Ellie.
That feeling bubbled up again and your throat felt tight. Where was Ellie? Had something happened to her? Did the cops show up because of a noise complaint and they caught her with the weed? Did she get into an accident on the way home?
So many questions rushed through your mind but you refused to acknowledge the one that was weighing on your heart: Did she go home with that girl?
After about 2 hours of waiting by the phone the clock shifted from 7:56 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. you decided that it was time to investigate for yourself what was going on. Pulling the blankets off of your body it didn’t take you long to get out of the clothes from last night's party, lace up your converse and be out the door by 10:33 a.m.
The walk to Ellie’s dorm didn’t take too long since her dorm complex was less than a block away. The ID scanner buzzed from red to green as you put the spare entry card that Ellie gave you up to the scanner. The large glass doors unlocked with a loud click but the sound didn’t bring you joy like it used to. You made your way up the fire escape stairs, your slow footsteps echoing throughout the bleak stairwell. Most times people took the fire escape steps you would hear them rushing up or down the steps trying to go as fast as they could, but you were slow.
You were stalling.
The fifth floor came sooner than you were like and with each step that you took down the hall towards Ellie’s room and that feeling of anxiousness filled you once more. You came to a stop at the end of the hall and looked to the basic brown door.
The door’s faux gold number shimmered in the morning sunlight creeping in from the window beside you. Your shadow being cast across the forest themed decorated door with the names “ELLIE and DINA” in gold in the middle. Dina’s handywork, Ellie’s idea. You raised your first to knock but noticing the time you knew that Ellie wouldn’t be up yet. Glancing down on the car key lanyard sticking out of your pants pocket that also contained your student ID and your dorm key you also had Ellie’s key hanging there. For emergencies she said.
Was this an emergency?
In your book you suppose it was.
You lifted the silver key to the knob’s lock with shaky hands and it slipped in smoothly. Taking a deep breath you held the knob and twisted the door unlocking and pushing open with a creak.
You peaked your head in and you were met with silence. You sighed with soft relief, better silence than the other vulgar sounds you were expecting. Stepping all the way in you closed the door behind you gently. “Ellie?” You called out walking down the hall to the kitchen area. Ellie wasn’t there, but she had been. There was a pot full of coffee sitting there on the counter. And it was warm.
Worry set in again, Dina was back at your dorm with Jesse, you checked before you left, and Ellie hated coffee. So that meant.
“Who are you?”
Tumblr media
© 𝐦𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫-𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥𝟓𝟕 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐨𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬
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williamswifey · 1 day
Tumblr media
pairing ; bella ramsey x fem!reader
summary ; the exit by conan gray, a story told of you and bella’s breakup, and what comes after it
content warnings ; bella is an asshole, slight angst, struggles with sexuality
a/n ; i love doing song fics and i love bella angst so naturally this was fun as hell to write
inspired by conan gray’s the exit
part two
february, and the flowers haven't even wilted
it's crazy how fast you tilted
the world that we were busy building
it was february when you and bella’s relationship came crashing down. you two had met four years ago when you were both volunteering at a summer camp, and you quickly bonded over how much you had in common.
you and bella had both struggled with your sexualities for a while—and it was nice to be able to confide in someone who was going through the same thing.
a few months later you got together, and you guys had been dating for three years. you grew up with her, you did everything together.
you thought the two of you were forever, but clearly not. bella’s career had taken off and while you tried your best to keep in contact, you spoke less and less until bella dumped you over text—leaving you in the past, just like they left behind everything else in their life before fame.
mid-november, and i'm sippin' on a half-cold coffee
staring at a girl who's not me
on your arm, a carbon copy.
when bella dumped you earlier that year, it felt like your entire world flipped. you couldn’t get out of bed, you couldn’t do anything.
everything was a constant reminder of bella. it didn’t help they hadn’t bothered to pick up their remaining belongings in the two of you’s shared apartment.
eventually, your friends helped you get back on your feet. you found a new apartment—it was a fresh start. you were currently scrolling on your social media in the family-owned coffee shop across the street from your apartment building, when a painfully familiar face appeared on your explore page.
it was bella. with a girl around their arm.
bella looked different. you noticed they stopped wearing their hair in that half-up-half-down style you adored, and stopped wearing eyeliner like they used to.
instead, their hair was pulled back into a low bun, no makeup on their face as they wore a sweatshirt underneath their jacket.
besides them was a girl, a girl who’s featured eerily resembled yours. you had the same hair and eye color and a similar style.
you felt your chest tighten, as you quickly paid for your coffee and left. you hadn’t been able to take your eyes off the picture, no matter how much it felt like a knife searing into your heart.
feels like we had matching wounds
but mine's still black and bruised
and yours is perfectly fine now
you couldn’t believe that bella had moved on. to be fair, it had been nine months…but your brain still couldn’t wrap around the fact that you no longer mattered to them.
you had gone into your hidden photos album, finding all your pictures with bella. you saw the smiles upon both of your faces, and you wanted to laugh at your past self.
bella…the one person who you genuinely believed would never hurt you, hurt you the most out of anyone you’d ever met in the entire world.
you remembered bella being the person who you trusted most in the world, long before you two even began dating.
it’s funny how things changed.
you still felt like a broken record—far from being okay, but bella seemed to be doing perfectly fine without you.
feels like we buried alive
something that never died
so, God, it hurt when i found out
you remembered the day bella dumped you. bella had texted you earlier that day, saying they wanted to call you. naturally, you were excited—as bella hadn’t texted you for a week, and hadn’t initiated a phone call in much longer. you two had scheduled a time to call, and you had canceled your plans for the entire night just to talk to them.
however, when the time came, bella wasn’t able to call anymore. you felt a pang of disappointment shoot in your chest, dissipating for a moment when you heard your phone chime.
the emotions you felt when you read their text made you want to sob, ‘i can’t do this any longer. i don’t think it’s a good idea to see each other anymore, i’m sorry.’
you cried yourself to sleep that night. and every night for the next three months, wondering where you went wrong.
it felt like there was so much left unsaid between you and bella, your story forever unfinished.
and it hurt even more to know that your story never would be finished, because when you had done some more digging on bella later that night…you found out that the girl in the photo was bella’s new girlfriend. of three and a half fucking months.
you love her, it's over
do you even doubt it on your lips? when you say it?
you love her, it's over
you promised yourself you wouldn’t stalk bella’s social media anymore. but a few days later, you were unable to sleep, and you folded.
you and bella hadn’t spoken to each other since the breakup, but there had been a mutual unspoken agreement at some point to unblock each other on instagram.
so naturally, you proceeded to go through bella’s instagram highlight dedicated to their girlfriend.
bella looked so happy, you knew it. you were happy for them, no matter how much it killed your to know you were no longer the cause of their happiness.
you already found someone to miss
while i'm still standing at the exit.
you had officially gone back on all your progress you had made in term of moving on in a week. this was the lowest you had stooped, however, because you had driven two hours over to you and bella’s old apartment building.
you stopped renting the apartment a while ago, but the doormen still knew you. you caught up with a few of your friends in the area, and felt stupid for being there in the first place. you weren’t going to find bella here, and you had to come to terms with the fact that you’d probably never see bella again. they weren’t yours to miss.
you stood at the entrance of your old apartment, memories of drunkenly struggling to get the door open with bella as you both fought back loud giggles. you remembered surprising bella with flowers, and you remembered the days they brought you home pizza when they knew you had a hard day. you remembered their teary eyes when they left for the airport, promising to call you every day until they returned. they never did.
it the last day they were ‘your bella’ as you liked to call them— the bella who had loved and cared for you.
your bella no longer existed.
another reminder that it was over.
i can't hate you for getting everything we wanted
i just thought that i would be part of it
i was moving into your apartment
when you and bella first started dating, you remembered making a bucket list of all the things you wanted to do together. you wanted to go skydiving, backpacking across europe, and you wanted to kiss beneath the ball drop on new year’s eve in times square.
the further you looked into bella’s instagram feed, you saw they had done everything on your bucket list—except without you, and with her instead.
your blood boiled when you went through their instagram, and you had to shut down the app before you angrily chucked your phone across the room. it didn’t help to find out that bella and their girlfriend lived together, and you remembered the day you moved into bella’s apartment temporarily, just while you two looked for an apartment to move into together.
you imagined bella with their new girlfriend, did they treat her just as well? did they bring her breakfast in bed, did they leave her tylenol and a cup of water on her nightstand when she was hungover, did they come up from behind her and plant kisses on her cheek while their arms wrapped around her waist?
you didn’t want to know.
when you met someone, she's from your hometown
you hate the east coast, it's where you live now
you learned that bella’s new girlfriend was coincidentally also from england. the way bella treated their girlfriend was different than the way they treated you—like a foreign type of love.
what bothered you the most, was that bella was living it up in manhattan. the exact place you had begged them to move to when you were dating.
were they doing this just to spite you? you wanted to laugh at the thought as you scolded yourself. bella didn’t think about you anymore, they moved on.
it truly wasn’t their problem you were borderline-obsessive, and they had moved on like a normal person.
impossible to understand how you're not coming back
but i can't say it out loud
ever since you had taken an interest in bella again, you expected them to suddenly take an interest in you, too. you checked your instagram dm’s daily, praying that bella would be in your notifications. it didn’t matter that you had 99+ unanswered dm’s, not a single one of them was as important as bella was.
you refused to admit things were over. a month ago, you’d somewhat confidently state that things were over between the two of you, but it was okay. today, you were in denial all over again.
you had ended up getting a job at the coffee shop near your new apartment, and had made a friend there. you told them about bella, and they confided in you about other things that solidified your bond.
it had been pretty slow in the coffee shop that afternoon, so the two of you stood behind the counter chatting.
“come on,” your friend’s heather’s voice rang out from behind the cash register, making you jump, “i know you’re still thinking about them, and as harsh as it is—it’s over.”
you glared at your friend slightly, before you softened your gaze. you knew it was over, but you were allowed to miss them.
“i know,” you replied softly, fiddling with your necklace. the one bella got you for your birthday.
“then say it,” she said, not meaning to be harsh—just helping you accept the truth.
you opened your mouth to speak, but no words came. it’s as if the universe knew you needed a distraction from the conversation, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket.
while you expected one of your friends had sent you a tiktok or something along those lines…but you certainly hadn’t been expecting what you saw instead.
while the person that texted no longer had a contact name, you had their number memorized in your head like second nature.
it was bella.
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supermotherbug · 2 days
does ellie make anyone else like. literally nervous. like i'll be playing tlou2 and get nauseas butterflies from the way she says things.
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