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Ben Shapiro discovers the mystery genre
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It would be an incredible adventure. And life needs to be more than just solving every day problems. You need to wake up and be excited about the future
Elon Musk
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Billionaires don’t fear for their lives enough. That’s a legit issue.
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El encuentro más “bonito” de Hasbullah:
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1) you’re losing users every day
2) oh my god what a kiss ass
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saywhat-politics · 2 days
Elon Musk predicted Donald Trump being arrested would end in a landslide victory for the president in 2024.
In an early Saturday morning Truth Social post, Trump ranted that he may be arrested on Tuesday and encouraged his supporters to protest.
Also posting about a potential Trump arrest on Saturday was Musk. The Twitter head reacted to a report that Trump could be arrested as the result of a possible indictment stemming from his mountain of legal troubles.
“If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory,” Musk tweeted in reaction to the Fox News report.
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gonsplode · 24 hours
Twitter has finally resumed communicating with journalists again, after months of silence since Elon Musk's takeover of the company.
However, don't expect an actual answer to media inquiries about mass layoffs, declines in advertising revenue, outages, and lawsuits. Instead, the account is sending automated responses of a single poop emoji, after Musk announced the new policy Sunday morning.
It was widely reported shortly after Musk took over that nearly the entire communications department was among the thousands of employees who were laid off. The company has rarely, if at all, responded to requests for comment in the months since layoffs began.
Musk's Twitter ownership has largely been defined by the layoffs and other cost-cutting measures, and the company is currently the subject of several lawsuits over the way the cuts were conducted, in addition to lawsuits over allegedly unpaid bills from consulting firms and landlords of Twitter's offices.
It's unclear if the change to Twitter's press email is permanent. In response to Insider's request to comment, Twitter said 💩.
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She saw her moment and got glossed up for it
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#this had to be done
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tippenfunkaport · 4 months
there is something so darkly comical about tumblr potentially outliving twitter
tumblr, which is held together with duct tape and madness, run by three raccoons in blood stained Yahoo! hats and a handful of crabs, its only discernible source of income the sale of shoelaces from an inside joke so inside no one knows the original source anymore and fake blue checkmarks... that website still lives on
truly the cockroach of social media and I love it for that
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mysharona1987 · 3 months
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ashekirk · 3 months
So let me get this straight
1. Elon Musk buys Twitter
2. Elon Musk unbans Andrew Tate
3. Andrew Tate picks a fight with Greta Thunberg
4. Greta Thunberg ratios the shit out him
5. He gets mad and posts a video response
6. There's a Romanian pizza box in the video which twigs Romanian police of his location
7. He is raided and arrested for human trafficking
That is some fabulous fuck-around-find-out shit and a great end to the year.
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