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Heres your reminder to stop idolizing elon musk. If it was up to him, he'd have you all as slaves. Fuck him.
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Aight tumbl-fuck fuck you, for shadowbanning my el0n musk(rat) posts you hate that man just as much as I do 🖕🏼
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Elon musk never created his own business. He just took over as CEO and took credit for everything. He’s not in the slightest bit a “genius”
 We throw that word around way too loosely.
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Elongated Muskrat is an antiSemite
he lies about the ADL
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My 2022 Tesla Model 3 LR
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The Colors of Mars:
The Lioness
chapter one: The Lioness Cub
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I can’t believe I’m actually going to write this and post it online. I could get in so much trouble for breaking my confidentiality agreement! I could lose everything I’ve been working so hard to get; my career, my home, my whole life really, but I can’t keep it in any longer.
I will not say my real name obviously, for security and privacy purposes; you may call me “Honey” since that’s what he called me over and over again that night.
I work with Elon Musk, I am part of his public relations team, and yes; my job is hard! Elon doesn’t make it easier, by no means at all. I’ve worked with other household names, politicians, celebrities, but no one was ever like Elon. There’s something about him that has been turning heads since day one, people either love him or hate him, but undoubtedly he has a “strong magnetic field around him” that makes everyone at least check him out. I suppose you could say that about me as well, although I’m not Iron man, like he is, even though I’m younger than most of my peers and have accomplished in five years what took them a lifetime. At the end of the day though, i'm just a faceless marketing grad, but he noticed me.
The first time I met mr. Musk I was instantly attracted to him, it wasn’t just the way he looked or the money in his account, but how hard he worked. We read about this when googling Elon Musk, but none of us can imagine how hard that man works. I felt privileged to get that interview with him, even if most of the time he just typed on his computer. The way he thinks is attractive to me, the way he talks, you can almost see the engines of his brain working behind his clear blue eyes. It more than was enough to make a girl like me fall in love in a heartbeat!
I thought he saw something in me that day, I wasn’t dressed provocatively (as some lawyers insinuated when the confidentiality agreement was signed), I was wearing a basic white undershirt, and a dark blue social shirt, with matching pants and white sensible heels. My hair was in a high bun, and I had light makeup on; what you’d wear on a job interview. But the way he stopped going through his computer files at the end of the interview to genuinely ask me questions, listen to the answers, even smile when I made a joke… that was simply not what I heard from most who got interviewed by him. He hired me on the spot, the next day I started working with his team; another thing that was unusual, since Elon is very meticulous about who he hires. He liked me, right?
I shouldn’t write this…
Look, the reason why I’m putting my life on the line here, writing this as a “fanfiction” or whatever is, I don’t EVER want to forget the details of what happened between us. There are so many small details that I know will get lost in my head. I just wanted a few more seconds with him…
Everything started when I was called at 3am to go to the Tesla headquarters; my manager wanted everyone there, it was a mess. Something about a tweet; who let that man have a Twitter account? Now he bought the damn thing, my life going to shit.
It’s lways the same though, he made a joke, people took it seriously, the whole team was called in to put out a fire that he started while taking a shit. I was so done with how everything he did had to be turned into a mess.
This time he challenged Putin to a fight. I thought it was funny, I laughed; I was the only one there who laughed though and maybe, I did it too loudly, because my boss pulled me aside and asked me to get coffee for everyone there; it was a freaking joke, get over yourself, Margaret!
I hate that woman, her whole attitude was tiring. I can’t imagine why Elon would hire someone so conservative to manage his public imagine, considering he’s anything but conservative.
So yeah, I was kicked out of the meeting, off to the cafeteria at Tesla to buy and carry twenty cups of coffee all by myself, at 3am on a Tuesday. Perfect. The only way I could do that was on small trips, back and forth.
I was in a bad mood, had my AirPods on listening to whatever on Spotify, eager to take my seat back on the meeting and resume my “I’m as miserable as Margaret now” face. I didn’t hear anyone coming near me, I didn’t see anyone, so you can imagine how shocked I was when I turned around and saw Elon behind me, waiting in line to get himself a coffee.
It wasn’t a movie like scene, I didn’t bump into him and got coffee all over us. I just froze, like a bitch, or a Justin Bieber groupie, looking up at him; deer in the headlights style.
“Excuse me?” He said politely, pointing at the machine; you’d expect me to have said something clever, something to make him think of me later…
I didn’t. I stepped to the side, lowered my head, and he stepped forward, towards the coffee machine. I walked out slowly, desperately wanting to talk to him, but I suddenly became a mute, or totally brain dead for some solid minutes. That’s when I heard the machine making his coffee and I looked back, not seeing the chair in front of me.
I tripped like an idiot, fell face first on the ground, but dropped only one cup of coffee. I managed to hold tight to the trays I held in each hand, and saved the remaining 7 cups, but the one I didn’t fell to the ground, where my face graciously landed.
Elon ran towards me, trying to help; all I could think of was my ass was up in the air, in the same height as his face. He tried to pull me by the arm, untangle me from the chair, sorta I’d say, but I lost balance and dropped the remaining 3 cups of coffee on the floor.
Coffee splashed all over my white shirt, and Elon’s pants, but he didn’t seem to mind as he finally pulled me back up and smiled. I would have been relieved if I didn’t slip on the wet floor, and threw the tray with four cups of coffee on his chest. It was in slow motion for me, I couldn’t help it, I tried to balance myself, but my feet were “ice skating” on the floor. I felt fired at the exact moment.
“Oh my god, mr. Musk, I am so sorry… are you okay? I’m sorry… shit! I- I didn’t mean to-“ I ran to get napkins, while still slipping a bit, and started to try to dry his face and shirt.
“This coffee is…cold?” He questioned, picking some napkins and drying himself “Is it for Margaret?”
Once again, I looked up like a child caught doing something naughty. It was for Margaret, I always made her cold coffee and blamed the machine. I wasn’t even the only one to do it, in my defense (Margaret, if you’re reading this: I know how the Tesla cafeteria coffee machine works, you bitch! I’ve been working here for a little over a year, I know how it fucking works).
“It’s the machine… I don’t know how-“ I tried to explain myself, blushing, terrified he might fire me as fast as he had hired me.
“Yeah, you’re not the first. Margaret is kind of a bitch.” He laughed, looking over at the machine to his coffee, just sitting there, then to me; he looked at me up and down for what felt like an eternity; I could feel his eyes scanning my body “You look… you look like a mess. I think I have a spare shirt in my office. Come with me.”
“It’s okay, mr. Musk! Please, don’t worry about it… I’m okay.” I tried to say, but he had already left the room, so I followed him into the hallway “Its not a problem, I’m just sorry you got coffee all over yourself. Please, don’t fire me! I mean, I love working here, it’s not a problem. This was an accident. I’m… sorry.”
“I’m not gonna fire you.” He laughed to himself, then looked over at me “You don’t have to be so nervous, I don’t bite.”
“But I do!” I joked nervously, and he stopped and looked back at me and smiled “haha? It was a joke. Sorry, mr. Musk.”
“Stop calling me ‘mr. Musk’ you can call me just Elon.” he smile was so carefree, it felt so unusual to see him that calm “We don’t have to tell Margaret about this. But you can’t tell her I said she’s a bitch.”
“It will be our secret. Already forgotten!” I smiled and walked faster to caught up to him, walking next to that huge figure of a man “Please, don’t tell her I make her coffee cold.”
“Look at us, we have some many secrets now!” He laughed again, looking forward, sipping on his coffee.
Elon wasn’t like anything I had imagined, he was not as tall as I thought he’d be. People always mention how “massive” he is, but he’s just like any other tall guy I’ve met. He didn’t have that “billionaire vibe” I got from my previous clients, he walked and acted like an average guy. He’s so average, in fact, I don’t think he gets recognized on the streets.
He didn’t smell like aftershave or cologne, his beard was never one hundred percent done, and his hair was always a little messy. His eyes looked tired, he always sounded tired too, overworked and stressed. I didn’t blame him for wanting to laugh a bit, prank people on Twitter with his weird and questionable humor. Let the guy live a little, I was working for him for almost a year when this happened and it was the first time I didn’t see him working, still he looked stressed; I wished I could do something about that, because I really liked him, you know?
“Here,” Elon said opening the door to his cubicle; his desk looked disorganized, but I figured it was his genius way of organizing his things and just smiled to myself “put this on, it’s clean. I just got it from the dry cleaning.”
“Another coffee accident?” I joked picking the neatly pressed shirt still on the hanger, covered by a plastic bag.
“No, I actually stayed in for a couple of days, my housekeeper brought this for me. There’s a bathroom down the hallway. Come back here after, I want to talk to you.”
My blood froze and I crossed my legs; nearly pissing myself; what the fuck did he want to talk to me about? He said he wasn’t going to fire me, but I figured he changed his mind. I thought about running away, but I didn’t.
I went to the bathroom and took off my shirt, drying the coffee from my chest, annoyed and anxious. His shirt smelled like “a billionaire’s shirt” I don’t know how else to describe it; it smelled fresh and minty. It smelled like a delicious male cologne. I couldn’t help but imagine how he must have worn that shirt, how it looked on him, with a few buttons still open… that’s when I realized: “God, I wanted to fuck my boss” and I couldn’t hide it; I got turned on by his clean laundry! Motherfucker!
I walked back to his cubicle, where Elon sat reading something on his phone and laughing. He didn’t notice me watching him, so I crept a little; I never saw him relaxed like that. I just wanted to jump on top of him and kiss him right there.
“Excuse me, mr… I mean, Elon?” I said stepping into his cubicle shyly.
“Hey, the shirt looks good on you. Keep it.” He smiled, and put his phone down “You know, I didn’t hire you to grab coffee for the PR team. I told Margaret you had experience, to use that. Why does she have you bringing coffee like an intern?”
“Oh, it’s nothing, I suppose I was inappropriate during the meeting today.” I lied, not wanting to throw Margaret under the bus. I hated her, but that was a bit much for me.
“What exactly happened?” He straightened up on the chair, crossing his fingers over his lap; he didn’t change his clothes, he was still covered in coffee, the room smelled like coffee, in fact.
“I laughed.” I looked down embarrassed
“You laughed?” He asked laughing, and as I looked at him he seemed terribly confused.
“Yeah… at the tweet.” I looked away from him again, I couldn’t shake the thoughts in my head.
“And she just sent you to get twenty cups of coffee alone? Didn’t that strike you as weird?” He seemed to grow more and more amused.
“No, as you said, she can be difficult.” I started to try and focus on his little office, and not on the wet T-shirt sticking to his chest.
“Margaret quit. She gave me her two weeks' notice. I’m promoting you. You got her job. I figure that’s why she was mad at you for laughing.” He smiled, and sipped on his coffee.
“Are you serious?” I didn’t have many interesting reactions that night; i stared at him in disbelief.
“Dead serious, look.” he handed me Margaret’s two week’s notice with a smile “You deserve it. People quit after three months, when you got to eight, I figured you could do the job. And she quit. Do you want it? Or are you done with, quote on quote ‘my never ending bullshit’”
“I can’t believe this! This is everything I’ve ever wanted and more! Mr. Musk-Elon, thank you so much! I could kiss you-“ as the words left my mouth, his eyebrows rose and his face turned red; I made Elon Musk blush “Now I’m fired, aren’t I?”
“No, stop asking me that!” He laughed wholeheartedly, and the room lightened up “You know, most people kiss their bosses to get a promotion, not because they are grateful they already got one.”
“I’m unique like that.” I joked, feeling my face heating it up, and my inappropriate thoughts rushing through my eyes.
He stood up to shake my hand, but when I had him just a few centimeters from me, I couldn’t help it; I kissed him.
He tasted and smelled like cafeteria’s coffee, I felt his muscles tense up as i ran the tip of my fingers over his arms. He kissed me back, he didn’t broke the kiss. I did, when he slip his hands over my ass and tries to squeezed it. That’s not what I had in mind.
I looked up to meet his gaze, he was once again looking terribly confused as his hands still rested in my butt. I just smiled and pushed him to sit on back on his chair, carefully closing the door for his cubicle. I turned to look at Elon, who seemed both confused and interested in my next move.
I bit my lip, trying to contain my excitement and keep a straight face. I kissed him lightly, and pulled back slowly, watching him following my lips with his eyes closed.
“What are you doing?” Elon asked me smiling, slightly tilting his head trying to read my expressionless face.
I ran my fingers through his hair, before holding onto it hard and kissing him again. I needed to feel his lips, I wanted him to remember me as the woman who took over him and made him lose control. So I pulled his wet shirt off aggressively, watching his chest falling and rising.
“You know, all the girls think you’re so dominating in bed. I’ve always thought I could… make you beg.” I whispered in his ear, and he tried to put his hand on my hair but I held his wrist “shhh, everything in it’s due time.”
I spread my legs and sat on his lap, kissing his and pulling his hair lightly. I wanted his body yearning for mine, and I could feel him through his wet pants. He liked it, I pulled his hair back and licked his neck.
“You taste like coffee, mr. Musk!” I joked holding his head back forcefully by the hair “if anyone asks, just say I… took advantage of you.”
“Fuck…” he said under his breath, trying not to struggle to bring his head forward.
I licked his collar bone and bit him hard, making Elon whine in pain. I gently stopped and let go of his hair, blowing on the spot I had bitten, as he watched me; he had an undeniable lust and curiosity shining in his eyes like little stars. I kissed his collar bone, and rested his hand on my lower back; I bit him again.
“I want you to think of me later, when you take off your shirt and see this bruise.” My hands traveled from his collarbone to his waist and I unbuckled his belt.
I stood up and opened his pants carefully feeling his half hard dick, pulling them as he lifted his butt from the chair to get them off. I messaged his dick over his boxers, and he threw his head back, that’s when we heard a knock on the door.
“Mr. Musk I cannot find the damn kid you want to replace me with. I think she left, she went to get coffee and never came back. Seriously, mr. Musk you should promote someone else, or hire someone with a little less ‘looks’ and a little more substance! I just can’t believe you’d put her as my replacement, because that girl-“ Margery yelled from the other side of the door.
Elon tried to pull his pants back up, but I held him in place, pulling his dick out and licking the head amused at the feet in his eyes mixed with the pleasure I gave him while teasing the head of his dick.
“Answer her!” I ordered in a whisper, as my hands wrapped around his dick, going up and down.
“Margeret, I’m-uhh… in the middle of something, right now….” The started, as I fully took his cock in and bobbed my head vigorously in sync with the motions from my hands “I-I… I really can’t talk right now!”
“Oh per usual! You’re always so busy! This is the exact reason why I’m done working with you. No one is that busy all the time! I can’t even begin to say how these past years working for you have been! You never even consider us in the public relations team! I bet you’re on that damn phone, ‘tweeting’ some-some-some… some poop tweet! Well, you’ll see that girl is not gonna last as much as me, because I am…” Margaret was furious, she kept yelling, while I kept sucking Elon’s cock.
He was getting so hard, I could almost feel his balls so filled with cum; I cupped them gently, sucking on each of them as I get jerking off his cock. He tried to grab my hair, but I grabbed his wrist and put it on the table.
“Stay.” I mouthed, teasing the head of his dick with my fingertips.
Elon looks flustered, almost a little too panicky because Margaret wouldn’t leave. I leaned back and quietly locked the door, winking at him.
I started to strip for him slowly, mentioning for him to play with himself while he watched me. He wanted it so badly, I could see by how fast he was jerking off and how his cock twitched.
“… and one more thing, Elon! You’re a terrible boss. I wish I didn’t have to work for you for another two weeks-“
“Then don’t, Margaret! Just… fucking leave already!” Elon screamed, as I stood in front of him in my underwear and he played with cock “Just go, I’m busy!”
I took his hand from his dick, and held both of his arms above hims head, as I kissed him and slowly sat with my legs spread on his lap.
“Fine! I’ll go…” Margaret kept talking for a while more, before we heard her heels on the hard floor as she left.
“Finally!” I smiled, and kissed him passionately, before leaning in to whisper in his ear “Finger me.”
I let go of one of his arms that went directly to my lower back and under my panties. He caressed my butt and gently started to circle my entrance with his finger; and his fingers were thick, I loved feeling them stretching me as he gently penetrated from behind. I moaned in his ear, while playing with his cock, feeling him leaking pre cum.
“You’re so hard! So turned on! But you can’t cum until I tell you, so understand, mr. Musk?” I held his face by the chin, forcing him to look at me.
“Yes…” he answered and I bit his neck hard “Ow!”
“Yes, what, mr. Musk? We are professionals here!”
“Yes, ma’am.” He said and I kissed his neck, pulling his fingers out of my pussy “You feel so good, honey! I want to fuck you so bad!”
“You do, don’t you? You’re so hard!” I teased, while squeezing his dick in my hands “Tell me how much do you want to fuck me.”
“Badly. I won’t focus on anything if I don't!” He said under his breath.
“Really? Are you gonna beg me to fuck, mr. Musk?” I could tell he was close, so I stopped, not wanting him to cum just yet.
“Please?” He looked at me with big puppy eyes; so pitifully desperate.
“Yes, go on…” I said starting to jerk him off again.
“Please… let me fuck you. I-I wanna be inside you so bad! You feel so good, so wet… Cmon, honey, I need it..” he begged, nearly cumming, but I stopped touching him again “Fuck! Let me fuck you or cum… at least let me cum!”
“Let me think…” said, masturbating him slowly “You really want to, right?”
“Yes! Fuck-yes! I’m so fucking hard!”
“No.” I stopped and stood up, looking at his utter disbelief.
“No?” He repeated with those blue eyes opened widely.
“No. I don’t think you can fuck me today. But maybe I’ll let you cum.” I said, pushing his laptop from the desk and taking off my panties “Let’s see what you can do. If you make cum in less than, say? Five minutes? I’ll let you cum.”
I sat on his desk, and spread my legs, laying one of them on his shoulder and chair, pulling him closer. Elon didn’t take a minute to start eating my pussy, licking my clit and gently fingering me. I ran my fingers through his hair, pushing myself against his face. I was trying my best not to cum, I wanted to torture his dick as much as possible, but his tounge felt amazing, the way his lips sucked me, and his fingers fucked me rhythmically just sent me to the edge. I came hard, pulling his hair, and trying not to moan. He kept going, until I couldn’t take anymore and moaned loudly.
Thank god we were the only ones there!
My legs were trembling when he pulled away, and kissed my inner thigh with his beard wet, but a smile on his face.
“Less than five minutes, hm?” He asked proudly, jerking his dick.
“Fiiiiine, I’ll let you cum. You were very good.” I rolled my eyes, faking annoyance as I got down from his table and put my panties back on and he started to jerk himself faster; I slapped his hand hard “I didn’t say now!”
“I’m sorry, honey! I’m really horny, okay?” He laughed, putting both of his hands behind his head “Do whatever you want. I’m all yours. Shit! I’m-just so hard. I haven’t been this fucking hard in ages. Do anything you want! You’re so fucking hot, honey!”
I smiled and put my hand under his chin to kiss his lips sweetly. He still smelled like coffee, but he tasted like me. I couldn’t help but feel my heart skipping like it did when I was a teenager.
I kissed his lips, his chin, his jaw, his whole neck and kept going down his collarbone and chest, scratching him lightly and gently sucking on his skin, leaving a trail of marks all over him. I felt Elon’s eyes on me, as if he was watching a mythical creature, something new and exotic, and it was me. I kissed his stomach and his hips, his skin was so pale, it got red so easily under my bites and scratches.
When I got to his cock, I licked the base, down to his balls. Whenever I looked up at him, he had a look of bliss in his eyes, especially when I played gently with his balls. His cock was bigger than most, I had a hard time getting it all the way inside my mouth, but when I did it was amazing. I prefer to use my hands while focusing on the head though, and Elon seemed to enjoy it very much; I could feel his cock twitching my mouth, I could see it in his face, how he bit his finger to keep quiet. I sucked him until he came down my throat, and kept going until he relaxed completely.
“There. I let you cum. Happy?” I joked, leaning against his table.
“You’re amazing. I-I really didn’t think this… would happen tonight.” He smiled and pulled me into his arms, to sit on his lap again “It was so good. I’m glad it did.”
“‘Me too. I’ve been dying to do that… and more” I laughed and hid my face in his neck blushing and giggling “I have a lot of… ideais… Sorry, you’re my boss! I can’t do this!”
“Oh, yes, you can! Clearly, you’re the boss. We are… we are gonna do this again sometime, right? Sometimes like, tomorrow?” Elon asked me and I felt small in his arms, I couldn’t believe I had just done that with him.
“Tomorrow sounds good…” I answered, kissing his neck, and he shivered “Oh, stop you, I haven’t even smacked you!”
“Are you planning to smack me?” He asked, pulling me from his neck to look at me.
“Just a little?” I giggled like the idiot that I am, Elon looked both scared and curious about my plans “I promise you, we are going to have so much fun together!”
Okay, so most people ask me for Golden Promise updates (now that I’m done with this first chapter, I’ll start working on that!) because everyone wants “Dom!Daddy Elon” but I cannot be the only one who wants to dominate him??? Anyways, if no one wants this, fine lol I’ll write it for myself. It will have more 3 chapters; The Lioness Plaything, The Lioness’s Prey & The Lioness Roars, so buckled up, buttercup! I’m going all the way down to FemDom town with mr. Musk!
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*knocking on bedroom door*
Elon sweetie, are you doing okay…?
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Elon Musk fan art ☄️🪐
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(Don't steal it even if it's shit ;) )
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