#elumax incorrect quotes
El: The moon is beautiful
Lucas: Yes, but you know who is more beautiful?
Both: Max.
Max, lying between them and blushing furiously: sTOp-
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castielinpastel · 4 months
max : what are you guys doing?
lucas : makin some hot cocoa.
max : in the middle of summer??
el : …
lucas : it sounded good.
max :
lucas :
el :
el : do you want some?
max : …
max : yes please.
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messrsbyler · 3 months
Will: Oh, Mike is definitely the small spoon.
Mike: *shrugs* I like to feel tiny. What about you Max? Are you a big or a small spoon?
Max: I’m a knife.
Lucas and El: She’s a small spoon~
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Modern elumax au-
Lucas: in your personal opinion who stands to be the hottest superhero
Max: dc or marvel?
Lucas: any
El: can they be from a kids show?
Lucas: yes
Max: can they be a villain?
Lucas: I said hero but whatever
El: Kim Possible or Poison Ivy
Max: Black panther or..Katara.
Lucas: tbh firelord ozai is kinda hot...
El: he would call us slurs
Lucas: he has my permission to call me whatever he wants
Max: OZAI??
Lucas: or zuko
El: no zuko I could get behind
Max: hear me out...sokka
Lucas & El: yes
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Generating some
Elumax incorrect quotes
During post lemon and queueuing them <2
Also if ur unfamiliar w/ my incorrect quotes the rating out of 10 is how accurate they are imo
Lucas: Want to hear a hard riddle?
El: Sure.
Lucas: A rooster laid an egg on a roof. Which way did it roll?
El: ...down?
Lucas: N-
Max: Who cares about which way it rolled, it would be scrambled eggs by then.
Lucas: No, it's that roosters don't lay eggs... Jesus Christ...
8/10 accuracy rating annzbxbhdhdbvxbdb they're literally adorable <2
*El is telling a story*
Max: Wow, El, this story has everything! Action! Adventure! Romance!
Lucas: Romance?
Max: I have a crush on them.
5/10 accuracy this means everything to me
Max: *finds a note* Hmm, whats this?
El: Hey, that's mine! *tries to grab it*
Max: Aww, it's a love note for Lucas?
El: No-
Max: *opens it*
Max: I can't read this.
3/10 what is goinging on
Lucas: Yesterday, I overheard El saying “Are you sure this is a good idea?” and Max replying “Trust me,” and I have never moved from one room to another so quickly in my life.
8/10 but that's how you get spied on
Max: Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and…
El: Was diagnosed with mesothelioma.
Max: Mamma called the doctor and the doctor said…
Lucas: You might be entitled to financial compensation if he or a loved one dies.
Lucas: Which movie are you and Max going to see tonight?
El: Oh, I always go to whichever movie Max wants.
Lucas: Which one do they want to see?
El: I haven't decided yet.
5/10 elmax movie nights REAL
El: Make no mistake. Not only am I party rocking, but I am also in the house tonight.
Lucas: But are you shuffling?
El: Everyday.
Max: What language are you two speaking??
Lucas: Make no mistake. Not only am I party rocking, but I am also in the house tonight.
El: But are you shuffling?
Lucas: Everyday.
Max: What language are you two speaking??
10/10 Lucas saying "make no mistake" with the utmost confidence <22
El: So... what’s goin’ on?
Lucas: You want the long version or the short version?
El, hesitantly: The short one, I guess?
Lucas: Shit’s fucked.
El: Oh. Well, yeah, that’s definitely not an optimal situation.
10/10 the fact this was the one Max wasn't speaking in their name for Max is "the short one"
*Lucas teaching El to drive and taking Max along for the ride*
Lucas: That's a pothole. To the left!
El: Take it back now y'all *Drives into pothole*
Max, sticking their face into the front over the center console: Cha Cha real smooth.
El: I don't think that's how the song goes.
Lucas, crying and gripping the handle: Please just take me home.
El: Country Roads.
Max: To the place.
El and Max in unison: I Belong!
Lucas, crying harder: What the fuck?
10/10 let Lucas be frustrated with their chaotic antics challenge let El drive challenge let Max be happy challenge
El: I need 28 lightbulbs for 28 ducks.
Lucas: Ducks can’t eat lightbulbs?
Max: I think that’s the point.
El: Exactly. I want my ducks to glow so I can find them.
7/10 so THAT'S what they were planning...
Lucas: What’s it like being tall?
Lucas: Is it nice?
Lucas: Can you reach comfortably for the cupboards?
El: We live in constant fear of the short ones who, in my experience, will climb 4 chairs, 2 boxes, a small coffee table and 6 oddly placed stools to get what they want.
Max: It was one time!
10/10 El being the tallest and strongest and Max being the shortest REAL
El: Guys, Max is missing.
Lucas: Good.
3/10 dw guys he means bc she's awake 😅
Lucas: So... who's the big spoon and who's the little spoon?
El: We're chopsticks!
Lucas: Well... that's cute!
Lucas: Does that mean you two snuggle together perfectly?
Max: No, it means that if you take the other away, the only thing the other is good for is stabbing.
10/10 accuratte
El, in a high voice, holding Barbie: Hey, Ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Max, in a deep voice, holding Ken: Nonsense, Barbie. You’re staying home and having my kids.
Lucas: What the fuck are you guys doing?
El: Playing systemic oppression.
10/10 but specifically during season 3
Max: You don't need my blessing to go kiss Lucas. In fact, I was pretty sure you were already kissing Lucas!
El: Nope.
Max: In that case, as the archbishop of El's fully awakened gaydom, I give you my blessing to immediately leave and rectify that as soon as possible! Go now, my child, and kiss Lucas right on the lips!!!
4/10 but transmasc/transboy queer El REAL and hopclair my beloved <2
Lucas: How did you even get in here?
Max: El's window! Or, as I like to call it, "Max's door"!
El: I’m closing the window.
El's staying at the Wheelers in ST5 Lucas was there to witness the gays panicking for a sleepover with Will and Mike
Lucas: Do you think different paints have different tastes?
El: They do.
Max: ...Why did you say that with such certainty?
7/10 not me rearranging all the quotes for Lucas to ask the philosophical questions- he's just such a curious soul <2
Max: If I say I love you, will you say it back?
Lucas: Yes.
Max: I love you.
Lucas: It back.
El: Why is Max crying face-down on the floor?
10/10 the girls who get it get it
El & Lucas:*Playing video games*
Max: You guys woke up at 5:30 in the morning just to play games?
El: *silence*
Lucas: *silence*
Max, finally figuring it out: ...You two never went to sleep, did you?
El & Lucas in shame: Yeah...
6/10 Max had major fomo she was totally listening the whole night
Wait the site crashed but the next one was going to be ab the moon :(
That's all, folks
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zoomcleric · 15 days
steve: so.. you got any girlfriends, lucas? or, boyfriends?
lucas: yeah!
steve, pointing at the other two: and they are?
lucas: that’s my girlfriend max, and her girlfriend el!
robin laughing in the background: HE PULLED TWO WHAHAHAHAA
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internettrash336 · 5 months
Dustin: Time for plan G.
Lucas: Don’t you mean plan B?
Dustin: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Eleven: What about plan D?
Dustin: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Will: What about plan E?
Dustin: I’m hoping not to use it. Mike dies in plan E.
Max: I like plan E.
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sebyplay · 4 months
Nancy: why are you crying?
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willbyerssupremacist · 3 months
my favorite stranger things ships as cute cat pictures
because it's 4am and i can't sleep
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thatskindagaytho · 3 months
lucas: you know i’m regretting showing you two how to work the blender
max, handing el another glass of toast: why would you say that?
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novaninja · 6 months
lucas: max is so sweet. she’s the love of my life, i love her so much and everything about her is so perfect. i love when she insults me, when i braid her hair and when she lies her head on my chest
el: i like max.
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polyamorous-elevenv2 · 2 months
Max: I wanna get run over.
Lucas: Oh come on, MadMax, it’s Christmas! Get in the spirit!
El: She wanna get run over... by a reindeer...?
Max: Exactly.
Lucas: …
Lucas: Not what I meant, but I’ll take it!
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castielinpastel · 7 months
steve : so how does this work exactly?
lucas : max is gay but she’s straight for me but she’s gay for el and el’s really gay for max
max : it’s not that complicated
steve :
steve : alrighty then
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mikegoogoogagaeyes · 3 months
Tumblr media
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noisy-little-raccoon · 6 months
Max shouting: Excuse me, God, but I think it's about fucking time you made me happy too!
Lucas and Eleven: *appears in front of Max*
Max, murmuring while hugging both of them: Thanks
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dis-a-ppointment · 6 months
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