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gmarseln · 2 days
*playing twister*
Yoko: Right hand red
Wednesday, now completely on top of Enid: You're doing this on purpose aren't you.
Yoko: I stopped spinning fifteen minutes ago. The fact it took you this long to notice..
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Wednesday: Can I ask you something?
Enid: Of course.
Wednesday: Why do you want to hit me?
Enid: What? I don’t.
Wednesday: Really? Because I overheard you talking about me to Yoko and you said ‘I’d hit that’.
Enid: Oh…I don’t…I mean…I was just…Oh no
Wednesday: You okay?
Enid: I suddenly desire an early death.
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Enid: Ask me why I love you.
Wednesday: Why do you love me, Enid?
Enid: *pulls out a 200-slide-presentation*
Enid: I’m glad you asked!
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Enid: What do you think those two are talking about
Enid: *gestures over the Wednesday and Yoko*
Divina: I have no idea, but they haven’t killed each other yet, so it’s a win
Enid: Yeah, it’s so unfair how effortlessly hot Masc are
Divina: Oh definitely, they both pull of the goth look so well
Enid: *vigorously nodding*
Divina: Ya know, them looking so scary works in our favor
Enid: Yeah, means no one is going to try and approach them
Divina: At least if they want to keep their dignity intact
Enid: *giggles*
Divina: Shh, they’re looking this way
*Both of them wave across the quad at Wednesday and Yoko*
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liv45no · 3 days
Enid: Weeeeens?
Wednesday: I already told you, I am not gonna sing you to sleep again.
Bianca: Sing her to sleep?
Xavier: again??
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kraken17 · 2 days
Bianca: Sinclair! Did you know that the skeletons Addams brought for the Halloween party decorations are real??
Enid: Duh, who do you think helped her dig them up?
Bianca: …
Enid: What?
Bianca: [whispering] Oh God, Addams is contagious.
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sapientgolem · 2 days
Tumblr media
Imma need this next season, even if it’s a nanosecond of a clip!
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eidolons-stuff · 3 days
Yoko: "Yes of course. You said that you & Wednesday kissed. That's amazing"
Enid: *smiles* "It is. But... Ajax also just confessed that he likes me"
Bianca: "This man is trying to be a homewrecker"
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crying-tartine · 1 day
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Simple reference sheets for my LIS x wenclair au 🫶 feel free to draw based on them !!
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reijing · 15 hours
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wenclair <3
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Enid: Wednesday you look so pretty! Where’d you get that dress? Is it vintage?
Wednesday: My twice great aunt was buried in it.
Enid: …so def’s vintage then.
Wednesday: She massacred a small village and was rumoured to partake in cannibalism before being stabbed to death by her gay lover. I dug the dress up myself. I’m hoping she’ll come back and use my body as a vessel for her revenge.
Enid: All I’m hearing is she was a gay icon. Tell me if you do get possessed though. I don’t want to kiss you and have it actually be your crazy dead aunt.
Wednesday: Don’t be foolish. I cannot speak to you while she’s in possession of my body, Enid.
Enid: Fine. Then I’m gonna do it on purpose. Do you think she’s a good kisser?
Wednesday: I’ll leave her a threatening note.
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gmarseln · 1 day
Enid: I'm the kind of person that likes to think things through
Wednesday: Since when? I once saw you eat a marshmallow that was still on fire.
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ememyers-1fan · 2 days
bro was invisibly flabbergasted to hear that
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antichesirecat · 3 days
Hear me out...
After Yoko and Divina officially get together, Enid starts to hang around the Scales a bit. Yoko isn't super close to the other Fangs, so they're just the group that's around most often. Enid gets close with all of them, but her and Kent become especially good friends (himbo and bimbo solidarity is very important).
Wednesday, newly accepting of her attraction to Enid, completely misreads the situation.
Divina: whatever you think is going on between Enid and my brother, isn't
Wednesday: what, because you know every fleeting thought in his mind?
Divina: no, because he's seriously gay
Wednesday: ... it must run in the family
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Wednesday: *sitting in the quad reading a book*
Yoko: *walks up and sits next to her*
Yoko: So, fems?
Wednesday: *looks up from her book and sees Enid and Divina across the quad*
Wendnesday: Fems.
Yoko:*also looking at Enid and Divina*
Yoko: Glad to know we could agree on something.
Wednesday: This doesn’t mean I like you
Yoko: Yeah, i figured
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