kliekie · 3 days
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Upright Piano
Functions as a normal piano, but with a much smaller footprint!
Base Game Compatible
20 Swatches
2 Tiles
16 Deco slots
1033 Polygons
Custom LODs
Custom Thumbnails
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i-am-renfield · 8 hours
Shower Thoughts
Why do vampires always look great when they can't even see their own reflection? 🧛🏼‍♂️ 
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Reason to Live #8811
 Waiting on a new season of your favorite show. – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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brand-directory · 5 months
Welcome to a directory of all official brands on Tumblr. Here you’ll find links to your favorite brand:
Please submit your own — especially active brand blogs — to help complete the directory! Submissions must include a mobile screenshot of the blog's header with notification bar cropped out, and a plaintext link to the blog (ideal format: https://www.tumblr.com/[blog url]). Please tag one or more categories and tag 'active' if the blog has posted within the last year!
If a link directs you outside of the app or triggers a log-in page, please let us know which post has caused the problem so it can be amended!
Please remember that branded blogs are run by workers.
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389 · 3 months
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Colin Farrell
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itsangelface · 3 months
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May I have this seat?
Let’s have some fun 😉
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unbfacts · 1 month
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zinodust · 11 months
So one of my friends who writes more on the adult side of fanfiction just got flooded with angry people upset that she writes adult fiction. It went everywhere from "my child could/has read this." To "how dare you put it where anyone can see it?"
Like bro what?
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It's not our responsibility to make the internet as child-safe as possible. Especially on a site that we put down warnings that say that the work is 18+ or mature. Warnings that, even if you're signed in, usually warn you AGAIN that there's mature content.
Art sites do it. Fiction sites do it. Even fricken adult sites do it WHEN IT'S AN ADULT SITE.
If you are a "concerned person" doing this, kindly stop.
Don't let your child wonder freely on the internet and get mad at creators when your child gets too close. People have the freedom to post whatever they wish for anyone to have access to. If you don't want the possibility of your child accessing these works, you go and stop them and talk to them if they do see something bad.
Just a rant and warning to any creators that waves of these people are coming in AGAIN.
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iridessence · 16 days
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If you are anywhere near New Orleans then get ready, as I am incredibly excited to bring to the city the Essence of Glamour, a vintage-inspired classic burlesque experience with an emphasis on underrepresented bodies.
Feathers, jewels and general opulence accentuate lively performances from a lineup of glimmering tease artists from around the nation and some of New Orleans's finest, in a night of luxury and aesthetic sensuality. Glamour is, and has always been for every body!
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tubi · 1 month
Go deep on the kind of content you’re passionate about. Tubi. Free movies + TV.
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queerism1969 · 4 months
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i-am-renfield · 2 days
I will no longer tolerate abuse. 🙅‍♂️
Come see me, only in theaters April 14th. 
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2001hz · 1 year
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Hajime Sorayama For Sony Corporation, Tokyo Aibo Entertainment Robot ERS-110 (1999)
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onyx-collective · 14 days
Inspired by some truly crazy sh*t.
Kerry Washington and Delroy Lindo star in UnPrisoned, now streaming on Hulu!
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junkyarddook · 1 year
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(this was an instagram post so it iz formatted weird for tumblr, i apologize. but important)
please share and help ‼️ this is extremely important and took me multiple hours to write out articulately & so hopefully anyone can read and understand it.
edit: i have comfirmation that cec is doing this for a sponsorship from autism speaks. i can not share the image howevrr, to keep myself and others safe
@/chuckecheese has been deleting/ hiding comments of autistic people (for 2 years now) begging them to end their partnership with autism speaks. plz read slides for more info.
I also forgot to mention that not purchasing food/ anything from them, simply not giving them your money will also help.
the autistic members of the fanbase are arguably the most passionate, and make up a bigger percentage of their income than i think cec realizes. corporate would be missing a lot without us. personally, i think they would go bankrupt if every autistic person stopped supporting them. this is just an extra slap in the face to any autistic person who has put so much love and time into cec, wether we have worked there or not. there is also obviously the fact that this is extremely morally messed up. i dont expect much more from such a large corporation, but i cant sit here and watch while they do this year after year. it makes me sick to be honest.
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metropole-journal · 8 months
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