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~Dorks in wonderland~
Episode 4 Lilia Vanrouge x Gnreader
Y/N: I can fix everything in this world....even without magic... Grimm and Ace's grades...
Y/N: Deuce, Riddle and Epel's anger issues
Deuce:That hurt Y/N.
Riddle:You're lucky I'm in a good mood.*clearly pissed*
Y/N:I can fix the tweels' psycho behaviour
Floyd: Oh come on shrimpy we are not that bad! I just love squeezing you !
Y/N: I can even make Leona DO something!!
Leona:Herbivore don't provoke the lion...
Ruggie:They are right though.*snickers*
Y/N:But YOU...*points at Lilia*
Lilia:*smiles innocently*
Lilia:Oh come on, little bat I'm not that bad.
Y/N:"Not that bad"you say? Then....*points at the burned kitchen * EXPLAIN THAT TO MY DORM KITCHEN. HOW CAN YOU BURN A KITCHEN WHILE MAKING TEA!?
Lilia:I was trying to do something special for you little bat.*puppy eyes*
Y/N:*slipper in their hand*
Lilia: Looks like my charm won't work this time...am I right ?
Y/N: yes *pissed as fuck*
Lilia:....*runs away*
Silver:*embarrassed of his father's behaviour*
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Epel: Clawing at the door like a wild animal to escape.
Vil:(Holding a victorian boy costume) We do not treat you that bad.
Vil: It was traditional, you're going to look so adorable.
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Y/n: *stuck in a hole after chasing Grimm*
Epel: how are you doing Y/n?
Y/n: I鈥檓 ok鈥 this kinda reminds me of when I was born.
Epel: ok鈥 I鈥檓 going to get Vil鈥
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@brainlessrot <3
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"I鈥檓 not sure how better to say this... do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 4
GN!Reader x Pomefiore (Vil, Rook, Epel)
Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other chapters:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
I don't know how better to say this, but do you want to make out on my couch?
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Vil聽bit his lip, shrugged, and then put his hand at the small of your back, dropping you into an elegant dip (or it would have been if you hadn鈥檛 yelped in fright). You clasped onto his neck for dear life, and to his credit, he did indeed grasp you firmer in response.聽
Like a movie, Vill traced from the top of your ear to your chin, gently tipping your face towards his before pulling you into a ravishing and intense kiss. Your eyes slid shut as you felt yourself being slowly raised back to standing while Vil generously lavished you with slow and romantic kisses.聽
You wondered if this could go on for hours, you would do anything for it to never stop. Vil鈥檚 kisses were unlike anything you had ever experienced before. You couldn鈥檛 help but think that all your dreams of this moment had underestimated him. Nothing could truly compare to his petal lips, his silk hair, and his perfect skin passing over yours softly as you exchanged sweet kisses.聽
Finally parting, you both stood in silence. Vil held your face between his palms, eyes boring into yours. You suddenly felt shy, but you couldn't look away either. It was like you were hypnotized. It made you wonder how he could ever think there was anyone fairer than he. You certainly had never seen one who was鈥 not even鈥
鈥淚 refuse, by the way,鈥 Vil says suddenly, cutting through your dreamy reverie. His voice perfectly even and serious. You sputtered in confusion at the statement.
鈥...you refuse?鈥 You repeated. He literally just kissed you? What does he possibly mean by that?聽
鈥淲e are not going inside the hovel you call home.鈥 He says snappily.聽
You frowned, he鈥檇 been in Ramshackle before for a week during the training camp, it鈥檚 not like he hasn鈥檛 been inside before.聽
鈥淲ell sorry for my 鈥榟ovel鈥 but that's all I鈥檝e got.鈥 you snapped back, rolling your eyes. What in the world were you supposed to do about it?
Vil鈥檚 perfect face fell into a frown, finally releasing your cheeks from his grasp, brows knitting ever so slightly.聽
鈥淚t seems there must be a misunderstanding. Must I spell it out for you?鈥 He says with a huff, crossing his arms and tossing his head to the side, blowing away the hair that had fallen out of his braid from his eyes.
鈥淵es your majesty, I would appreciate it,鈥 you said, putting your hand on your hip and giving him a confused glare.聽
Really? What was his problem?
鈥淎s an actor, I am only worth as much as the stage I perform on,鈥 he says, extending his hand in a smooth motion to follow each of his perfectly articulated syllables.聽
鈥淯sually when I say that, the stage is a metaphor.鈥 he continues, shaking one hand with a finger pointed to the sky while the other rests on his chin in a gesture to evoke thoughtfulness.
鈥淵ep鈥︹ you had decided that he would probably be more upset if you didn鈥檛 respond to this weird interlude.
鈥淏ut鈥 in this case I鈥 I鈥︹ he begins, eyes opening wide with intensity (perhaps a little too much, if you were honest).
鈥淚 will not have my first time intimately touching the love of my life anywhere that is less than gorgeous, Prefect! And that鈥檚 final!鈥 Vil practically yelled, his perfect foundation no longer fully hiding the wild flush that had begun covering his complexion. His breathing was heavy, and his expression of frustration quickly turned to one of embarrassment.
Looking almost like he could burst into tears, Vil grabs your elbow and begins dragging you away from your hovel-adjacent mansion without explanation.聽
鈥淲e will go to MY room, we will make out on MY couch, and I will ravish you so perfectly that you will never so much as look at another man with fondness without tonight having been so perfect that it immediately ruins your attraction to him as it forcibly comes to the front of your mind!鈥 he finishes, words tumbling out of his painted mouth at light speed. Vil was pulling you even more enthusiastically than before as his shoes clicked on the cobblestones that lead you to the mirrors.聽
You couldn鈥檛 help it, you burst into laughter. Vil stopped in his tracks, looking positively horrified.聽
鈥淟ook, I鈥 I鈥檓 not鈥 You're...鈥 he mumbles your name softly, and the pure tenderness of his voice has you immediately pulling him into a hug even though your shoulders are still quivering with laughter.聽
鈥淰il鈥 why didn鈥檛 you just say that in the first place? You can ravish me all you want.鈥
Ears turning red, Vil gives you a sharp nod as he tightens the embrace between the two of you.聽
鈥淚锟斤拷锟絤 not going to let you forget you said that. I鈥檓 not going to forgive you for ruining my beauty sleep so easily.鈥
"I wouldn't have it any other way, beautiful," you say, shoulders sagging in relief.
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鈥淥h? Mon tr茅sor, do repeat that request?鈥澛
You suddenly realized that you shouldn鈥檛 have turned your back to聽Rook聽when you felt one hand snake across your waist and the other brush behind your arm to grasp your chin. Startled but also more than a little excited at the close contact, you very much could hear each beat of your heart in your eardrums.
Hot breath fanned over your ear as you felt the skim of perfect teeth against your sensitive skin. Shivering excitedly, you stood perfectly still. Feeling as if you moved even slightly, took the smallest breath, or uttered the shortest syllable, the spell would be broken and he would disappear just as fast as he came into your life.
鈥淵ou know, if you wanted to be caught by me, all you had to do was ask,鈥 he murmured, each word tickling the baby hairs behind your ear.
The heat that crept up your neck was made of more than just embarrassment as you suddenly wondered if you did fall into a trap by asking this beautiful man inside of your house. The hand on your chin slowly turned your head to the side, and your eyes met with a sparkling crescent emerald green.
Feeling very much like every breath he took against your skin took away yours in turn, you closed your eyes for a moment. Feeling the thrill of him being so close and success being so close you could almost taste it. Building up your courage, you square your shoulders as you try to speak again.
鈥淚s that a yes, Rook?鈥 You ask. Your voice shook slightly more than you would have liked, but it certainly wasn鈥檛 from fear.聽
鈥淎h, ma belle amie, I think you already know the answer.鈥 He said, a soft kiss descending to the cheek you had tilted nearest to him.
The beats of your heart go into overdrive at the simple and relatively innocent act of affection, and this forceful kickstart to your brain finally enticed you to turn your head to him.聽
Your eyes meet with one of the smuggest expressions you have ever seen in your life. You wanted to wipe it off of him.
鈥淚 suppose you鈥檙e right.鈥 You say, taking the opportunity to surprise him for once by planting a passionate kiss onto the lips of the stupid, dumb, frustrating, incredibly hot, hunter.
With a soft hum, he reciprocates your kiss. A single strand falls loose from his ponytail and brushes past your cheek in a ticklish wave. The kisses are slow, soft, and so very tender. The romance that everyone wishes for when they dream of kissing the object of their affection for the first time.
Separating with a sigh, Rook鈥檚 cheeks are alight with a scarlet splash. 鈥淥h! Mon amour! You do truly know how to stir the fondest fantasies of my heart.鈥 He said, squeezing you ever closer. The embrace made you wonder if mice were this happy with the cheese they found before the trap clapped shut.
鈥溾 Rook.鈥
鈥淵es, my darling?鈥
鈥淐an we go inside?鈥
Without a hint of embarrassment at being asked to let go, Rook loosens his arms to allow you to open the door you had been holding onto for the past couple of minutes.聽
Without skipping a beat, Rook places his hand at the small of your waist and ushers you inside, closing the door softly behind you both. You are escorted forward through the living room until you sit on the couch. However, rather than sit beside you, Rook kneels on the ground.
鈥淢a lune, mes 茅toiles-!鈥 He begins, holding your hands in between one of his, the other elegantly removing his baseball cap with a flourish and holding it to his chest.聽
鈥淒o you dare grant my fondest wish?鈥
You breathed in deeply, preparing yourself for what he may have cooked up in his french-speaking, romance-novel-infested brain.
鈥淎nd what would that be, Rook?鈥
鈥淔or me to make a mess of you, my dear.鈥
You inhaled sharply, looking for any hint of a lie or facade in his glimmering emerald eyes.聽
Maybe you were just naive, but no matter how hard you searched each curve of his elegant face, you could never find anything that ever so much as hinted at deceit.聽
Well, you were down too bad to stop at this point anyway.
鈥淚鈥檓 not convinced you鈥檝e ever made a mess in your life, Rook.鈥
鈥淥hoho, well then ma cherie! Allow me the pleasure of surprising you.鈥 throwing his hat into the air with an unnecessarily complex hand motion, Rook rises from his knees and uses his arms to box you in.聽
As he descends onto you with the promise of more, you can鈥檛 feel even a trace of regret at letting this hunter into your den. For better, or for worse.
(Link to the smutty conclusion of Rook's story: for both AFAB! and AMAB! readers)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥溾his isn鈥檛 fair.鈥
You spun around sharply to make eye contact with聽Epel, his arms crossed and his face screwed into a frown.
鈥淎m I really supposed to believe that? That all my dreams would just come true suddenly? Who do you take me for? Did someone put you up to this?鈥 Epel鈥檚 lavender hair falls into his eyes and his foot taps incessantly to the same rhythm that his eyes are rapidly darting between your face and the wall. Your heart falls while you look at him.
鈥淓pel..鈥 you say with a sign, pinching your nose in agitation. Was he this stupid?聽
鈥淲hat reason could I possibly be lying to you? What do I possibly have to gain?鈥 you cross your arms haughtily, mirroring his body language.聽
Epel is still frowning, but his eyebrows seemed to soften just a bit.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know! I just don鈥檛鈥 This isn鈥檛鈥︹ he falters, seemingly deflating in front of you.聽
You decided that the best bet is just to start your question again, 鈥...Epel, you are gorgeous and I am trying to come on to you. Will you make out with me?鈥
For once the little country boy was speechless. His huge soft eyes were wide and his hand drifted to his mouth to cover his gaping mouth.聽
It seems like at least some of Vil鈥檚 lessons in being demure had paid off, you supposed.
Finally pulling himself together enough to speak, he starts trying to argue again. 鈥淵-you can鈥檛 tease me like..鈥 he began in a sputter, but you immediately cut him off.
鈥淓pel, if you want to say no do it! But just鈥 look, I鈥檓 really鈥︹ your eyes were burning. How frustrating! What were you supposed to do? He wouldn鈥檛 believe you!
鈥淣o! I am-! I do!鈥 Epel's face lit a bright ruby as he grabbed you by the shoulders, shining blue eyes boring into yours. After a pause that felt like a lifetime, he finally rushed himself towards you, teeth clattering against your own in his haste.
Your incisor felt like hell, but you quickly were convinced to forget. Epel鈥檚 kisses were hungry, aggressive, and wild. You were overwhelmed by the pure emotion of it all, of the desperate push and pull of his body as he did everything in his power to try and convey exactly how he was feeling. After a pregnant pause, Epel separates from you in a huff, wiping his mouth with his sleeve, clearly trying to hide his face from view.
鈥淵a can鈥檛鈥 ya can鈥檛 just鈥︹ Epel was panting, his hands trembled, and his face was painted with a beautiful flush.聽
鈥溾his is so unfair.鈥 He finished, hands grabbing at your clothing to grope at every piece of skin he could get his hands on.聽
You were immediately pushed up against the door from the surprising strength of his frail-appearing body, but you couldn鈥檛 stop your mouth curving into a grin as you watched Epel try and fail to unbutton your collar.聽
Looking up at you with a glare, Epel finally just pulled your shirt hard enough that the button just popped off.
鈥淗ey! I don鈥檛 have that many shirts, you know!鈥 you said, trying to sound offended. He was cute when he was being bratty, but you didn鈥檛 want to encourage him.聽
鈥淨uit complainin鈥!鈥 he huffed, successfully opening your shirt further without needing to pop more stitches. Looking up to your face with a mischievous grin, Epel chooses to kiss your neck sweetly. Making you almost forget that you were mad鈥 almost.
鈥淓pel鈥︹ you whine quietly, you were sure he was leaving marks. He was biting your skin hard, firmly laving his tongue against every blooming purple mark once completed. Looking very satisfied with himself, he started on the other side.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry鈥︹ a sigh, a bite, a snicker 鈥淚 have good concealer, y鈥檏now?鈥 he says with another hearty laugh, seeming to get a kick out of the idea that the no-doubt expensive makeup was being wasted on covering up the marks that he was making on you. The marks that proved it was him that you wanted. He almost felt high on the validation.聽
鈥...Epel鈥 do you鈥︹ God, it was hard to talk when he kept playfully nipping at your windpipe.聽
鈥淒o you want to actually get on the couch?鈥 you finished, misty eyes staring at him as the moonlight made him look almost like an angel. If it weren鈥檛 for the devious look on his face, that is.
鈥淣o鈥︹ he said softly, pressing you further into the wood planks of your front door, ever more firm, ever more persistent.
鈥淚 want you right here.鈥澛
Oh man I really enjoyed this chapter. I feel like the more I write for twst the ever harder it becomes to tell which boys are even my favorite anymore, I just love them all so much.
As always, let me know who you want to see next and tell me if there are any ideas you want to share. Survey said yes on the spicy continuations so I may do a new fic post for those that includes these introductions and picks up where they left off. (I'm coming for you Floyd)
Love you, reader! Thank you everyone that told me happy birthday yesterday!
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Vampire AU designs!! (Rook Hunt + Epel Felmier)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Epel鈥檚 hair was a nightmare to figure out.)
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馃憗 Everyone is Staring at Yuu | TWST
>> requested: yes, an anon >> a/n: none
Tumblr media
>> masterlist: ramshackle (misc.) >> summary: on an outing with the first years, you notice more than a few eyes watching you >> reader prns: they/them >> warning(s): none
Tumblr media
"Dude..." Ace whispered to Deuce. "Everyone's looking at us really weirdly."
"Watcha lookin' at, huh?!" Epel sneered, sizing up a Octavinelle student.
"U-uh, nothing! Not you, of course!" They said in a rush. "Not that you're not worth looking at just uh-"
"Really now?" Epel seethed.
"Epel, let it go," Jack said, sighing. "C'mon."
"It is highly unprofessional of you to start a fight with another student!" Sebek yelled over at Epel.
"I'll show you professional when I shove my foot up your as-"
"Epel!" Jack pulled back the boy by his collar. "Sebek, disregard him."
The Diasomnia student scoffed. "Such a small threat wouldn't phase me. I am Waka-sama's personal guard, after all."
"I don't think they're looking at us..." Deuce whispered back, looking at the students staring.
In the middle of the group was Yuu, with Grim perched on their shoulder. The prefect was chewing on some jerky that they had on them, occasionally giving a piece to Grim.
"...I think they're looking at Yuu." Deuce completed his sentence.
"Woah, you're actually being smart for once?!" Ace exclaimed on an intentionally loud volume.
"It's not like you're much better, Ace." Yuu smirked, handing Grim a piece of jerky. "You're an idiot. But you're one of my idiots, so don't worry, heh."
Ace blushed a little before turning around and huffing. "Where are we going anyway?"
"I would like to know that as well! I can not slack off on my duty to protect Waka-sama! I should be back soon!" Sebek agreed.
"Oh just down to Sam's! I need some stuff and I've been saving tokens for weeks." Yuu replied. "And why do I feel so many eyes on me? Like this is creepy."
Grim looked up from his piece of jerky around at the people Yuu seemed to be talking about. "I dunno... Hey! Why are you starin' at us?!"
"U-uh... Nothing, nevermind." The called-out student stammered.
"It's alright, don't mind Grim." Yuu motioned for the student to come over with their hands. "C'mon."
Nervously, the student shuffled their way over to Yuu and the other first-years.
"Uhm... see... you're ...aquaintances? I don't know if that's the right word... but you seem to be familiar with the dorm head of both Savanahclaw and Diasomnia," They said, staring at the floor. "And no one's really ever talked with either so much as once, so you're kind of a... celebrity, I suppose."
"Me, a celebrity? Hah!" Yuu laughed. "I mean it is true that I'm friends with Leona and Tsunotarou, but surely more than I have talked to them."
"I wouldn't be too sure, Yuu." Jack nudged them.
"Yeah... the Diasomnia dormleader is kind of... scary."
"How dare you call Waka-sama scary!" Sebek yelled.
"Sebek, calm down. I don't think Tsunotarou minds." Yuu sighs. "You can go now."
"A-ah, alright!" The student scrurried off.
"So... you're a celebrity now, huh?" Ace teased, rubbing Yuu's with his fist.
"Don't forget about me, the Great Grim! That's my henchman!" Grim puffed his chest. "So if they're a celebrity, I am too!"
"Ace... I don't think I'm a celebrity," Yuu sighed. "Although I suppose it would be nice..."
Tumblr media
>> twst masterlist: @trappolaces | @ch3lun | @oseathepebble | @ventisaircurrent | @epelys | @pastelmages | @tulipluvlettr | @xxhome-is-where-ria-isxx | @atlasnessie | @sapphicxslvt
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Since tsum cater has a tiny smartphone I would like to propose the idea that tsum epel has a tiny knife. It's mostly used for carving apples but I can't help but imagine it using the tiny knife as a form of intimidation
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Let me just scoot myself in here real quick AHEM! I would like to participate in this 100 followers event!
I would like epel with....
Daisies ~ 鈥渋t鈥檚 our little secret, alright?鈥
Freesias ~ 鈥測ou鈥檙e an idiot鈥 鈥渘o, i鈥檓 not鈥 鈥渋 hate you鈥 鈥渓ove you too鈥
Thank you^^ you don't need to do this if you don't want to and congrats on 100 follower you deserve atleast 500 but I digress.
Tumblr media
Daisies ~ 鈥渋t鈥檚 our little secret, alright?鈥
Freesias ~ 鈥測ou鈥檙e an idiot鈥 鈥渘o, i鈥檓 not鈥 鈥渋 hate you鈥 鈥渓ove you too鈥
~epel felmier x gender neutral reader~
warnings: just random people thinking epel is a girl while on a date with reader.. bless his heart. pls remember that although here, in this fic, it's to be taken as light-hearted comedy in a fictional scenario, misgendering others can have serious effects on people irl. always remember to never assume the important things about a person just because of their appearance. thank u <3
Tumblr media
鈾anly misunderstanding鈾
Epel wasn鈥檛 too sure what it would feel like to overblot. But he was sure that he would be moments close to forming the oozing, black liquid from his pen if you and him did not walk out of the mall you both had been shopping in as soon as possible. Because what had disrupted your very first date together as a couple was just outrageous.
Out. Rageous.
鈥淗ello, Miss!鈥 an overly cheery voice called out to you both, specifically referring to your startled boyfriend who jumped up in surprise. 鈥淲ould you like to try out our new moisturizer?鈥 the saleswoman chirped, 鈥淚t's one hundred percent made of natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter! Perfect for a self-care day!鈥
Epel hesitantly raised his pale hand in refusal, instinctively shielding you from the gazes of the insistent advertisers as if you were a jewel in need of protection鈥攅ven despite the fact that he was clearly the one in need of more protection rather than yourself.
聽鈥淎h鈥擭o, thank you,鈥 Epel politely declined, 鈥淚 think I鈥檓 alright鈥斺
The bright saleswoman, however, continued to tread closer and closer to the first year鈥檚 defensive form as she eagerly passed down a fancy-looking bottle of lotion into his hand, 鈥淎re you sure? We are having a limited-time sale for this season only! Here, come into our store and see for yourself鈥斺
鈥淵oung Lady!鈥 Readily backing away from the previous shop, the two of you hastily moved forward to flee the creeping stares of the mall only to immediately be caught by another spokesperson. 鈥淧lease have a sample of our latest concealer!鈥 The seller, this time a very young and refreshing boy, called out to Epel, 鈥淐logs no pores and nurtures your fair skin!鈥
鈥淎h鈥擲orry, I鈥檓 not very into that sort of thing鈥斺
鈥淗i! Wanna try out this trending red lipstick? I bet it would SO match that cute top you have on right now, Miss. Post and share it with your girlfriends, too! Or even your boyfriends!鈥
鈥淧lease, just leave us alone鈥斺澛
Hollering in frustration, Epel鈥檚 sanity had ticked its final thread of patience as he bolted towards the blaring red lights of the mall鈥檚 heavenly exit. You quickly followed behind him, concerned but slightly amused by your boyfriend鈥檚 struggle to escape the grasps of the endless sea of salespersons as they all flocked the young boy like a stray piece of food being surrounded by a wave of birds on the shoreline. Dashing past the tempting aroma of the plentiful food stalls, speeding away from any stranger who had so much as looked your way, and skipping across the wooden tiles of the mall鈥檚 boardwalk, you and Epel had finally stopped to rest as the advertisers were now nowhere in sight.
Well, you had thought so, at least.聽
鈥...You know,鈥 your voice said tiredly, finally catching your breath from the strenuous chase, 鈥渋f the other first years saw this, they鈥檇 never let you live this down, right?鈥
鈥淪hut up,鈥 Epel glared back at you with no real ill intent. 鈥淚t鈥檚 our little secret, alright? And no tellin鈥 Ace or Deuce 鈥榖out this! Nev鈥檙!鈥
鈥淩eally~? What if I accidentally let it slip out one day during alchemy lessons that we were both chased down by a bunch of your fangirls and fanboys because of your beautiful looks? What would you do then?鈥 a smug smile then slowly grew on your face, clearly trying to cause some sort of mischief between the two of you with your jokes.
The boy proceeded to maintain an exhausted stare at your comment, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e an idiot, (Y/n).鈥澛
鈥淣o, I鈥檓 not.鈥
鈥淚 hate you.鈥
鈥淚 love you, too.鈥
Epel, upon hearing your words, stood still in shock for a fragment of a second as he took in what you had just said in its entirety. 鈥淭hat鈥檚鈥 that鈥檚 not fair,鈥 he muttered in what seemed like a flash of defeat, 鈥淏ut you were kiddin鈥, right? You wouldn鈥檛 actually鈥斺
鈥淗ey, you there!鈥 another unknown voice coming from the store adjacent to the both of you pierced your ears like a dozen nails on a chalkboard, 鈥淲ould you like a special sample of this new cologne and perfume by a well-known rising actor and model? May I present to you, madam, Fairest and True, Schoenheit: The Fragrance鈥!鈥
鈥淣O, PLEASE,鈥 Epel curtly yelled as he leaped yards away from the salesman innocently holding out an elegant, violet bottle of perfume towards his stature, 鈥淎NYTHING BUT THAT鈥斺
Tumblr media
a/n: 聽currently imagining vil in a fragrance commercial like adrien agreste from miraculous ladybug. i am dying.
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twistedwonderworm 4 months
Pairing: Epel Felmier x M!reader
Warnings: first time, dom Epel because yes
Word count: 654
Everyone in this fic is 18+
They were both nervous but both so very eager. Their kisses were eager and passionate despite their inexperience. Epel and Y/N had been together for a couple years and now since they were third years, wanted to take their relationship to the next level.
Epel pushed Y/N down onto his back on the bed, crawling over him, "Are you sure about this, hun?" He asked, trying to hide his nervousness with a grin.
Y/N nodded, "I want to do this with you. I love you." He leaned up to kiss Epel, this kiss not as desperate as the ones before but not lacking passion. The two lovers undressed each other slowly, kissing and caressing each inch of skin they revealed to their eyes.
Knowing that it would be rough in the beginning, Epel tried to properly prepare his lover. Though he was far too excited and got a little rough with the prep. Y/N didn't mind much either. Epel was a bit rough with his kisses and when he got handsy. It was something Y/N was used to, and something he absolutely adored about his small lover.
When they were ready, Epel stopped and glanced at the nightstand before looking back at Y/N with a confused look, "You want me to wear a condom, right?"
Y/N thought for a moment before shrugging, "It's not like I can get pregnant. I know it's going to be a mess, but I don't mind it honestly. As long as it's you. I'm leaving that decision." He leaned over and gave Epel a sweet kiss.
The purple-haired male kissed him back before pulling back with a grin, "If you're fine with the mess then I guess we're good then." He grabbed the bottle of lube he had used when prepping his love and slicked his cock with some, groaning softly.
Y/N leaned back and tried to relax, though that was hard. He wanted this, but he was still a little nervous.
Epel gently stroked his cheek, "Are you okay, love? We don't have to do this tonight if you're too nervous." He gently rubbed Y/N's thigh with his free hand. He needed to make sure that Y/N really wanted to do this.
Y/N shook his head, "No, no. I want this, darling. Please." He pulled Epel closer.
The Pomfiore student nodded, "Alright, love. We'll take this slow." He felt Y/N shiver when his tip gently pressed against him, and he gently rubbed his lover's thigh more. "Relax for me, sugar plum. It'll hurt more if you don't." He lowered his head and teased one of Y/N's nipples with his tongue, hoping the pleasure would help distract Y/N from the worst of the pain as he slowly pushed in.
Y/N was so tight that Epel had to pause, afraid that he would cum far too soon if he didn't hold on. After getting himself under control, he kept pushing in slowly until he was fully seated inside his lover. He moved to press kisses all over Y/N's face as he kept still, letting the other adjust to his size.
Soon Y/N shifted with a gasp, "You can move now, love." Epel nodded and soon started slowly rocking his hips. Their pace stayed slow for a little while before Y/N begged for him to go faster. They kissed each other desperately again as Epel pounded into his lover. They ended tumbling over the edge together, Y/N cumming all over his stomach as Epel filled him up. They lay there, tangled together, giggling and sharing sweet tired kisses. Epel pulled his softening cock from his lover, and got up to get a wet cloth to clean Y/N up with. Though that was for naught, since they just couldn't keep their hands off of each other for the rest of the night.
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blackopals-world 4 months
Could I have part 4 for The Way to A Man's Heart series with Riddle, Trey, Cater, Jack, and Kalim?
~Oh boy, this Au is getting bigger and bigger. God help me. Come eat you filthy animals~
"The Way to a Man's Heart" (part 4)
(Part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
Notes:I spent a day on this. It's not proof read.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was confused on what to do for him to first but inspiration struck like lightning. This is way too long so if you like Riddle come get yall food.~
Yuu loved tea parties. She had thrown her fair share in her homeland with different themes and styles. With her talent for cooking and knowledge of many cultures she was booked ro host events as a host and caterer just like her mom and dad. It was her pride and joy.
But cooking for her friends seemed to be enough. Until it wasn't.
For the past few days she had begun putting ideas in Riddle's head about hosting her own party.
She needed participants for this specific tea party but the problem was it required people who stuck to the rules. No other dorm could be as complaint as Heartslabyul expect maybe Draconia or Pomefiore but they might be to perfect if that makes sense. In reality Yuu just wanted to see Ace and Deuce suffer.
Riddle of course was very enthusiastic about party and added it to the schedule and making attendance mandatory.
Yuu couldn't help smirking knowing just how strict she was going to be.
The following Saturday Yuu rolled out tatami mats on the Ramshackle lawn. She had planted a few trees with help from Malleus and Leona for the event. Sakura trees that had a spell to keep them in bloom. Everything must be set up perfectly.
The Heartslabyul boys showed up at exactly 11:30 as instructed. Each had to wear traditional hakama.
Riddle had trouble following instructions for once. Yuu had specified that their attire be undecorated or plain. It could color but not bright or flashy so no red. When he had asked Yuu about it she made quite the face, on he imagined he had made many times at rule breakers.
"Red, is unacceptable. What? Are you getting married or showing off? It's not permitted to wear that unless your the host or a royal. Even then it's unseemly. This is a formal party Riddle not a informal tea." Yuu sounded unlike her usual soft and endearing self. Every word was deliberate and pointed. She took this seriously.
Riddle felt a bit chastised himself. He found that he wanted to follow her directions to the letter because of just how fervent she was. They had something in common now that she was making the rules and he had to forget his own to follow her's.
The group arrived in muted colors with minimal patterns but very well made. Of course they looked rather out of place in Ace, Cater and Riddle's case due to the ban on red. Cater chose yellow, Ace got orange and Riddle had pink. Trey had olive and Deuce had on navy blue.
Grim answered the door with a red and white rope tied around his neck and a gold bell that rang as he walked. He wasn't happy about the bell but he didn't make the rules.
Speaking of rules Grim was ordered to invite everyone inside. Shoes had to be removed and any unneeded items put away. Grim pointed to the scroll on the wall for everyone to read.
Riddle remembered that the scroll depicts the theme of the party.
He couldn't read the symbol on it. Why did she writing in another language?
Everyone took a seat as Grim rolled out a little cart with cups of tea on it. It was rather adorable as the cat served tea to the best of his ability. Yuu must had taught him. Grim was rather proud of himself as he explained that he chose this tea and made it himself.
Cater took plenty of pictures of the cat acting like a little butler. Grim was made into a meme by the magicam community instantly.
Tumblr media
Riddle was very impressed as Grim told the group that the first tea was Sakurayu. A tea made from cherry blossoms pickled in plum vinegar though he chose to fargo salt in the process do to the aftertaste except in Carter's case.
It was a very different to the tea Riddle usually drank but it was very good. The blossoms unfurled in the hot water making a beautiful display. Everyone seemed to enjoy it but Ace and Deuce didn't have a taste for tea.
The group had to wait for Yuu's arrival as she entered wearing a pink kimono with a white obi and haired tied neatly an updo with cherry blossom tasseled hair sticks placed into her hair.
Tumblr media
She greeted everything in a formal bow and made sure everyone in turn bowed as well. When Ace messed up and didn't bow properly at the waist a paper fan wacked him on the shoulder.
"Ace, try again." Yuu said with a smile but her eyes where clearly issuing a threat.
Yeah, Yuu and Riddle are alot alike.
Riddle in turn didn't say a word as. She watched her in astonishment.
Yuu instructed everyone to go outside to use the tsukubai to ritually wash their hands and mouths out before entering the tea garden.
Trey believed that every tea should begin like this. Everyone else but Riddle found it tedious.
Soon enough Grim escorted everyone outside to the garden to wait for the ceremony to begin.
Each of them had to sit in order of prestige. Riddle was seated first closest to the head followed by Trey, Cater, Deuce, and Ace. Ace complain about going last, but Deuce is still older by two months.
Ace began complaining about having to sit uncomfortably in seiza-style. Everyone was uncomfortable but Ace at least said it.
Riddle wouldn't dare admit his discomfort especially so early in the event. This was traditional and Yuu expectations were high. If he failed to meet her standards how could he expect her to meet his. If he can't do something so simple, she'd never trust his judgment again.
The event officially began with the audible closing of the door to the garden and Yuu entering and sitting down last.
"You guys are doing well. Seiza takes alot of practice. Your blood flow should improve overtime to make it easier." Yuu smiled as she turned down the outdoor burner for the water boiler. She neglected to mention how seiza isn't practice the same way since the Japanese government recognized it as a form of punishment considering the pain it caused. But her part her rules. "I hope you guys remember the ceremony takes about 4 hours to complete."
The audible groans that came from the group where hilarious. Yuu believed that the Riddle could use the humbling seeing the stained expression on his face.
"I don't know if I can do it." Deuce said, his face downcast and his teal puppy dog eyes on full display "I'm sorry, Yuu."
Her heart wasn't made of stone and Deuce her poor dumb-dumb was her her weakness.
"If that's the case we have seiza stools for you. It'll look like your sitting in position while taking the weight and stress of your legs." Yuu said giving in.
The boys took the offer, even Riddle knowing he wasn't expected to sit unassisted for 4 hours. He face was red with embarrassment when her noticed Yuu didn't need the aid of a stool.
As it was custom Riddle was promoted to ask questions about the ceremony for the group. The questions were written by Yuu before hand to help Riddle.
"What was the meaning of the scroll?" He asked.
"The theme is cherry blossom viewing. I thought it was best to be held outside." She answered in a rehearsed manor.
"What have you prepared?" He asked again.
"We shall begin with a meal with a watered down plum sake reserved for festivals. It's not strong enough to get drunk off of unless you have an entire bottle. Then we will take a break for a walk or play games. After that the tea ceremony begins. After we can go back to more casual fun." She said casual in an a different manor. She had plans.
After that Yuu presented the meal she had made. The meal served stared with a simple miso soup, rice, and salmon sashimi.
Ace and Deuce ate greedily with Grim and only stopped when Yuu gave them the evil eye. They reluctantly slowed down so they didn't suffocate on their food.
Cater was posting pictures of the food and laughed when the only pictures Vil would like had Yuu in them. Jealous much?
Trey feigned any acknowledgement of his surroundings as he enjoyed the scenery food. Truly an unbothered king.
Riddle fumbled with his chopsticks trying to pick up the fish before a helpful hand folded over his.
"Hold it like this." Yuu said her head over his shoulder and her cheek brushing against his. She moved his fingers into the right position and showed him how to pick up the fish. Before finishing her demonstration she pinched the fish between the wooden sticks and moved them to Riddle's mouth, feeding the headwarden the soy sauce soaked food.
Riddle turned ten shade of red as she pulled away.
Carter watch slack jawed as he dropped his chopsticks.
"Yuu? Can you help? I don't know how to use these." Cater whined calling for her.
Jealous much?
The next dishes where served with a nishime soup with bamboo shoot, lotus shoot and shiitake mushrooms. It was served with pork filled gyoza.
The first year boys loved the dumplings but didn't want to touch the veggie soup until Trey snapped out of revelry and eyed them both. Cater was also picky but knew he should just eat it.
Riddle actually liked the soup, it had a good soy sauce and sake based stock.
After everyone was already getting full, Yuu served dessert. Wagashi. It was a sweet made from mochi, sweet bean paste, and fruits.
Riddle found his favorite food so far and loved the taste of the floral peach.
Trey was in a similar boat and asked for her recipe. Yuu was happy to share as the made plans to make and serve more of these.
Yuu called for a break as everyone had to rest after such a meal. Full and satisfied they walked about viewing the flowers. Riddle took note of how well he and Yuu matched while standing under the cherry tree. A literal cherry tree not the cherry blossom trees.
Yuu showed the boys a few of the old games played during these event. Haiku writing, scripture reciting, origami, music, and dancing.
They didn't know that Yuu could do more then cook, she was actually good at playing the harp of all things and singing.
Trey was really good at tea ceremonies apparently. He truly understood its purpose. Distressing from everyday live and enjoying peace and tranquility. He had grown past simple earthly desires and was in touch with his innermost self and was finding the answer to who he was as a person.
"Okay, someone go get Trey. He's been staring up into the trees for way too long." Yuu said to Carter while watching Trey from a distance.
Trey's journey of enlightening had to end before he accidentally achieved nirvana after eating a bean bun. Honestly, what did Yuu put in that thing?
Yuu refocused on her flower arrangement preparing the actual ceremony. When she finish she rang a bell to signal the boys to come back and sit after washing up again.
Yuu began serving the tea as she poured the Macha power and water and whisked it into thick tea. This is where the rules must be followed to the letter.
Yuu movement must be precise as she prepared and poured the tea. Then she poured the tea into a bowl and bowed to Riddle who in turn bowed to her. He then raised the bowl in respect to her as a host.
He took a sip of the herble mix and complimented her tea as he wiped the rim before passing the bowl to Trey who did the same. On and on they all had to to it. Ace once again complained avout everyone elses lips touching the bowl causing a paper fan to go flying for his forehead this time. Yuu wasn't letting him get way with that one.
The formal part of the tea was just about over as Yuu removes the formal equipment and makes several cups of thin green tea to enjoy with light sakura cakes. She let the boys relax and recalin on the pillow cushions now.
"I was fun right?" She asked as they talked and drank.
"It was scary." Ace said rubbing his red forehead.
"I liked it." Deuce said wolfomg down a cake. "The food is really good"
"I got some many pictures. The other dorms are practically green with envy." Cater smiled wickedly as he scrolled through the comment section. Vil was still being petty, and now Neige was paying attention.鈼嘍rama!鈼
Trey was still heading for inner peace so he was having a good time. Actually Yuu checked the sake and his might of been stronger then intended. He might actually be a super lightweight and is currently sloshed.
Riddle was sleepy after a big meal and all the activities. He leaned his head on Yuu shoulder and dozed off. Her kimono was really soft and she smelled like fruit and flowers.
It wasn't exactly what Yuu imagined when she threw this party. She had intended to give Riddle a taste of his own medicine but seeing everyone even somewhat enjoy the event was fun. It wasn't for everyone, at least not Ace who was the only one to complain. With a few changes here and there the others could really like this. Unfortunately Yuu wasn't going to just change everything for westerners. Tradition was tradition and she already compromised enough.
She waved them off in the evening as she praised Grim for doing so well today. Trey and Riddle had to be carried back.
Trey recovered pretty well after the tea party. He thankfully didn't get sent to the heavens after achieving the 6th sense and becoming God.
They still had plans to cook desserts together. Yuu came over to the dorm with a bag full off something special.
She gleefully placed it on the counter as Trey eyed her with suspiciously.
"Guess what I got?" She said in a sing song voice.
"Something you want us to cook I'm guessing." Trey answered attempting to peer in the bag.
"Well yes, but that's not what I asked." Yuu pouted as she scooped up the bag to keep it away from Trey.
Trey wasn't going to play her game so he when back to making tarts as Yuu realized she wasn't getting anything out of him.
Trrreeeeyyyyy!" She whined as she pulled on Trey's apron.
Trey ignored her as he stirred the raspberry jam filling. When Yuu continued to whine he reached over to pat her head like a toddler who was demanding attention. Yuu reluctantly gave in and showed Trey the ingredient.
It was Hakuhou peaches. They were a top of the line peach known for its sweet, floral taste and soft texture. It made great treats.
Trey cut up slices to try so he could best see how to cook it.
Yuu showed him her recipe for peach tarts and the intended crowning dish for the day, peach flan.
Tumblr media
Flan was difficult to get right, the consistency was hard to get right, the glaze must be glassy and just thick enough. The bigger the mold the harder to get it out with it falling apart.
Of course Yuu used a big mold and got it out without trouble.
"Oh my God, fuck you. Of course you did it perfectly the first try." Trey said exasperated with no real heat. Yuu laughed as he pouted now.
Yuu cut a slice of the flan and offered it to Trey to eat. Trey feigned reluctance and took a bite.
"It's really good." He sighed.
Yuu gently encouraged him as he took a napkin and wiped the caramel from the side of Trey's face.
"We can try something different."
Cater was a spice hound and was foolish enough to challenge Yuu. His idea was to do a live video of him trying Yuu's spiciest dish from her homeworld in a bid to make a new internet challenge.
Yuu almost immediately told Carter no. He wasn't ready for that. Cater wasn't listening though and insisted. He eventually wore her down and live on the air she placed a bowl of black dried ghost pepper noodles.
Tumblr media
She advised him to be careful so he doesn't burn a hole in his stomach. She went easy on him by removing the seeds from the pepper for his own good.
"Thanks to our lovely chef Yuu, we have the best possible food for our challenge made hot and fresh. " Cater said pulling Yuu into frame why the hip. Because the camera perspective was at Cater level while sitting the audience couldn't see above Yuu's bust.
The viewers didn't mind as the made comments about wanting her "hot and fresh."
"Well that's enough fan service. Let's eat!" He said grabbing his chopsticks.
It went downhill fast as tears where shed and his nose was running. This didn't stop him because he wouldn't stop eating because it was, too good.
At some point Yuu took the bowl away and gave Cater a glass a milk. He was in too much pain to be cohesive now as he rested his face in Yuu's apron.
"Sorry, everyone but we need to cut here. We exercise personal safety in what we eat and seeing as Cater is in no condition to continue this is the end." Yuu said comforting her stupid friend by stroking his head but she was still as mischievous as always.
"This is what happens when you dont listen. Say goodbye Cater." Yuu cooed.
"Goodbye Cater." He moaned in pain, his face red fr the heat.
"Good Boy." She said cutting the feed.
When Cater finally recovered he got the internet fame he wanted. The trending tags were #ChefMommy, #Spicynoodechallange, #ChefYuu, #hotandfresh, #HeNeedsSomeMilk, and #bisexualmoment (yall better not use these. I will not be held responsible for making these tags.)
There were clips everywhere of the video. Memes of his face crying in Yuu's clothes that read "Me when my biwife says no more chicken nuggies"
Fans demanded Yuu to come back or for her to make her own channel.
Jack was probably the most normal person to feed. When he wanted something, he asked. No trick or games.
That is until Yuu had another fight with Leona and Leona banned Yuu from the dorm and giving food to Savanaclaw members.
Ruggie didn't listen and was staying at Ramshackle until it blows over because he wasn't giving up Yuu's food for anything.
Jack was caught between a rock and a hard place. He didn't like it but he complied.
It didn't help watching Ruggie all his fellow first years eating her lunches. She even made pear parfait for him and he couldn't have any.
Yuu thought it was painful to watch as he gave her puppy dog eyes.
Jack came up a convoluted work around. He would just sneak over to Ramshackle in his wolf form and eat there. As long as someone other then Yuu gave it to him then it wasn't "Yuu's" food.
He didn't feel guilty wolfing down a waygu steak and potatoes, lick his chops in satisfaction.
Tumblr media
He still urged Yuu and Leona to call of their feud to no avail. He had to give up and chose a side. To bad Leona didn't nearly enough for Jack to side with him. Yuu was his classmate, gave him good food, cared about him alot, and smelled better.
It helped that Yuu loved feeding him more in his wolf form.
Epel walked back to Pomefiore with his arms full of takeout containers. Yuu made a Sunday dinner full of souther comfort foods.
Fired chicken, greens, Mac n' cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a cinnamon apple pie.
Epel felt like he could sleep for days.
He had told Yuu that he missed home and when he talked about his grandmother's food their was a glint in her eye. She had gone behind his back to send a letter to his grandma and they began sharing recipes.
Yuu cooked everything to the letter.
When Epel took his first bite he almost cried. I was just like gram's but it reminded him of Yuu as well. He could taste a seasoning only she used.
Tumblr media
He made sure to take back as much a possible and keeping his envious dorm mates from taking it. He knew Rook and Vil were snagging his food even if they were playing innocent. They could get their own. Yuu made this for him.
Around the holidays Yuu was at his house with Professor Crewel and Headmaster Crowley. She was cooking with Epel's grandmother who made not so subtle hints about her joining the family in the future.
Yuu actually had no interest in cooking for Kalim. He made it clear he didn't eat anything that Jamil didn't make. Why step on someone else's toes.
She understood that everyone has preferences and fears are valid. She trusted Jamil to know what Kalim likes. She just cooked food for Jamil instead.
One evening while Jamil was cooking Yuu was in the kitchen feeding him bites of the lunch she made him that he forgot to eat since he was busy. Most people stared clear watching the affectionate scene but Kalim was too interested to say put.
He wanted in on this much to Jamil's annoyance.
"I want some." Kalim popped up, mouth open to a bid to be fed like a baby bird like Jamil.
"No, I couldn't eat earlier because I was so busy. It's mine." Jamil growled as he cooked Kalim's dinner. "Besides you'll spoil your appetite."
"He's right, Jamil is working hard to cook for you. You don't want to ruin that." Yuu said half heartedly. It's not like she didn't want to give him any, it's just that she respected Jamil.
"Not even a little bite?" Kalim said pitifully pulling on Yuu's sleeve.
"I'm sorry." Yuu sighed.
Still when Jamil's back was turned she spooned a serving of chicken Tajine into Kalim's mouth. Kalim was elated and gestured for more. He really liked it.
Tumblr media
Yuu felt guilty but she couldn't help herself. She gave him more whenever Jamil wasn't looking, all the while feeding Jamil.
Was this cheating or betrayal? Probably not. If Jamil knew he didn't say anything.
Kalim got used to being fed after this and when Yuu was around he only wanted her to give him food. This made parties difficult as everyone watched Kalim being served by hand.
Jamil only sighed at Kalims spoiled behavior but he didn't have to cook every single day now so the break was a relief. This is why he told her not to give him food. Kalim was like a stray cat once you feed him once you can't get rid of him.
Crowley knew he was being left out. Everyone in the teacher's lounge eagerly ate Yuu's cooking. The staff actually forced him to bankroll the operation to increase student moral which was working very well.
But where's his lunchbox? What about Crowley and his hunger? Was his child so cruel to leave him starving?
Yes. Yes, she was. If he was a better guardian then maybe he'd get food.
This actually did show Crowley just how bad his relationship with Yuu was. He was the only one left without anything.
He tried to get close, but she was always too busy for him. He hung around Ramshackle with the excuse of fixing up some stuff. When he did she asked him to focuse on the portal back to her home.
He eventually gave in and made some progress and made a small portal he could manage. I would be a long time before he could do any more then that. She could use it to send letters and talk to her family as well as grab small items from home. I was more then enough for Yuu who cried hugging him.
Crowley wasn't lying to her, he was looking for a way back for her but he had doubted his ability to do it it takes a lot of magic and required the aid of lots of people. He outdid himself by creating a stable portal that could stay open constantly. Yuu could even use it to get ingredients from her realm.
He had to promise her family to take care of her no matter what and made his guardianship offical with their consent.
He forgot about the lunchbox thing eventually due to caring more about her than the food. When he visited Ramshackle one evening he saw her making something and decided to join her. He wasn't good at cooking but he enjoyed that atmosphere. He messed up a few times but Yuu laughed and showed him how to fold the dough.
They placed the toppings on their pizza and put them in the oven. His came out a bit sad but at least Yuu's tuned out fine. They cute it up and sat down for a dinner of pizza, salad and pasta.
Tumblr media
He could be a better parent but he was making progress.
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TWST as Dogs!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part: Doggofiore ,
Ciel鈥檚 Comments: was talking with Aster ( @v-anrouge鈥 ) about Pomefiore trio as dogs and things got a tad out of hand. Creative liberties have been taken but should mostly be accurate. Also yes, the borzoi is known for their nose-to-crotch incidents and, along with their high prey drive, I felt they were perfect for Rook. Anyway, enjoy some wholesome respite with your borfos (blorbo made doggo. I came up with this myself and if you guys let it flop I will never forgive you.)
Also, none of this is proofread. If you end up upset with anything鈥 just write it yourself i guess? ( also yayyyy! You guys get to see all the headers I made. They mostly all look the same with minor differences per dorm, but I feel like it helps with identifying my writing! )
Warnings: doggo-fication.聽
Tumblr media
Breed: Poodle
You would think Vil鈥檚 temperament would be hard to deal with, especially as a poodle and with all the stereotypes surrounding the breed. However, out of the trio, he鈥檚 the easiest to handle. He鈥檚 perfectly active and healthy, but not to a degree that he becomes needlessly messy or tracks dirt into the house (unlike a certain someone). The only downside is that he鈥檚 incredibly demanding of your attention and refuses to be left alone, so if you鈥檙e planning on going anywhere, expect him to be joining you. Honestly, at this point, it's your fault for indulging in his bad habit so much.聽
Despite being what some would consider an 鈥榚lite鈥 breed, he鈥檚 not as high maintenance as one would think; While you鈥檇 need to brush Vil every day to keep his fur soft and healthy, he hardly sheds at all. His fur is soft and fluffy but tends to coil if left untrimmed, so you鈥檒l either need to trim it yourself or go to a professional. You鈥檇 rather go for the latter though- you once made a mistake while trimming and he sulked around for a week straight. Often whimpering and moping by your feet as though he鈥檇 faced a great betrayal, or laying directly on top of you so that you couldn鈥檛 get up. You tried, but he always looked down at you with such judgemental eyes tat you often couldn't bring yourself to move him.
Bathtime with Vil happens once or twice per week, though if you鈥檙e absolutely busy and don't have time you can push it to once every two weeks. Though don鈥檛 expect him to be happy when the time comes. He鈥檚 extremely prideful about his coat and being denied the good scrub he needs will make him very, very bitter. You鈥檒l need to spend a very long time inspecting and cleaning every little divet, bean toe, and curl on his body until he鈥檚 satisfied. Make sure to dry him off properly afterward, unless you want him howling at you in indignation.
聽As expected, Vil isn鈥檛 the most playful of dogs. Outside of his scheduled walks, occasional games of frisbee, and training, he鈥檚 not very interested in being overly active. This of course means that any younger children you have or are related to often find him somewhat boring. He鈥檒l still let them pet him and lay next to him, but he often ignores them. He prefers your attention anyway. Once they鈥檝e left, Vil will often pester you into brushing his fur clean, and if he鈥檚 particularly moody he鈥檒l howl and bark until you give him a bath.
Tumblr media
Breed: Borzoi
Rook is the most eccentric, overly excited, and playful dog you have ever met in your entire goddamn life. But hey! He鈥檚 your little weirdo! And no one鈥檚 allowed to insult your freaky baby boy except you, even as he trods mud and dirt into your floors and sticks his nose into the private parts of every new person you invite into your home. He鈥檚 also extremely active, to the point you gave up on scheduled walks due to how often he managed to sneak out when you weren鈥檛 looking. Sometimes you think Rook should鈥檝e been born a cat instead with how many 鈥榞ifts鈥 (AKA dead animals) he keeps dropping at your feet. Well, all things considered, at least he isn鈥檛 leaving them on your pillow鈥 Anymore.聽
Surprisingly enough, he hardly needs any grooming, most of the time he鈥檚 taking care of himself without much fuss. Though every now and then he鈥檒l flop down into your lap and poke at you with his nose until you start brushing him. Rook is usually very quiet, sometimes even dead silent- even when he wants attention - but he鈥檚 stubborn in that he鈥檒l keep blocking your path or sitting on top of you until you give him the good grooming he wants. He isn鈥檛 as prideful as Vil in regards to his appearance, though the poodle in question is often seen pestering you until Rook has been trimmed properly.
Rook only needs to be bathed when needed, for instance when dripping wet and covered in mud because he ran around during a rainstorm like the little devil he is. Other than that, most of the dirt and mud dries against his fur and can be easily brushed out with a bit of patience. On rare occasions, he鈥檒l randomly appear in odd places around the house like some sort of ninja and try to trip you up until you follow him into the bathroom. He鈥檒l sit down in the bathtub, and continue to stare at you dead in the eye until you start cleaning him. It's extremely unsettling, but hey! That鈥檚 Rook for you, and being covered in soapy water from all his excited splashing is a small price to pay if it means he鈥檒l stop stalking you like the little serial killer-turned-dog he is.
聽 Surprisingly great with children, both older and younger! He鈥檚 very playful and energetic, though not to a degree that makes him intimidating for them to handle. Games like tug-of-war or running around with them is actually a great way to take care of his boundless energy and prevent him from wandering off again later. Rook is especially protective of younger, smaller children and can be seen guarding them in public spaces. Safe to say he鈥檚 a favourite of your younger relatives. But that's only because they don鈥檛 know how mischievous, strange, and quiet he usually is; Not to mention all those poor, dead animals. You will never tell them. The only problem is that he runs off the moment he spots a small animal. In the past, one of the younger children got pulled along with him and it ended in a whole fiasco involving a very traumatised toddler and Rook presenting you with another gift. Safe to say, any family occasions involving your dogs are usually done at home now.
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Breed: Chihuahua
Despite the stigma surrounding small dogs- chihuahuas especially- Epel is actually very quiet for the most part. He definitely has his outbursts and moments of aggression, but so far nothing that you haven鈥檛 been able to calm him down from. Despite his small body he often tries to terrorise other dogs during your daily walks (regardless of their size), which you think is probably the reason he鈥檚 always so ridiculously excited to go on walks. You can鈥檛 even say 鈥榣et鈥檚 go for a walk鈥 without being rammed into by a hyper chihuahua vibrating at the speed of sound. At the very least, you鈥檙e glad he鈥檚 healthy.聽 聽
Unlike Vil who demands a good brushing every day and Rook who receives them randomly, Epel needs to be brushed just about every three days. He seems to have a strange relationship with being groomed, as he鈥檚 perfectly calm on one occasion and the definition of hellspawn on the next. You鈥檝e never been able to predict the patterns, but you鈥檙e starting to think it has something to do with the way both Vil and Rook stare him down while he鈥檚 being brushed. Not that you can blame him; For a dog, Vil sure knows how to make someone feel dirty and insignificant. And Rook, well鈥 he鈥檚 Rook. You鈥檙e just tired of having to dig his brushes out of the garden every few days, you鈥檙e not even sure how he keeps getting into the cupboard to find them.
Bathtime with Epel is what some would consider an extreme sport, more often than not involving the practice of patience only used by saints and the willpower of Hercules himself.聽 Epel usually needs a bath once a month, and you鈥檇 be lying if you said you weren鈥檛 glad for it鈥 knowing that it takes all your strength to wrestle a chihuahua into sitting still for an hour has given your ego a bit of a bruise. To make things worse, you usually end up dripping wet and covered in dog fur. Now if only he鈥檇 stop immediately running outside to roll around in the dirt, you鈥檇 be a little more lenient towards all his bathtime transgressions.聽
聽When it comes to children, Epel isn鈥檛 the greatest. That鈥檚 not to say he isn鈥檛 trying though, he鈥檚 perfectly fine if it鈥檚 just a game of fetch or tug-of-war, or even just running around in the mud. But the moment someone goes 鈥榓ww he鈥檚 so small and cute鈥 his terminator mode is activated. Hide your children because this little dog is out for blood and he will not rest鈥 until you call him back to give him some pats and tell him to calm down, to which he responds by sitting down with a dramatised thump and looking very grumpy. Epel is the type of dog who prefers just playing with children rather than being touched or patted by them- much to Vil鈥檚 dismay- so better warn your relatives before letting the kids come around.
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Generally speaking, the trio tends to be healthy and active. Despite their weird little quirks, they鈥檙e all charming in their own way and never fail to put a smile on your face. Though for obvious reasons, none of them are particularly great with strangers. They all co-exist easily, which is honestly quite the shocker considering how different they all are from one another, but this does make for some very cute moments between the three.聽聽
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