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Epel and Rook With A S/o That Is Usually Quiet and Calm Become Unhinged
Tumblr media
Idk what’s happened to me, I’m becoming a simp for literally every first year- What’s next, I GO CRAZY FOR ACE??? 😰
Characters: Epel, Rook x Reader
Warnings? None.
Tumblr media
Epel Felmier
Epel is overjoyed, be needs someone else to be as unhinged as he can be sometimes. He loves you being calm and let’s be real you’re the reason why Vil hasn’t totally lost at times, being able to calm him down and what not.
He does feel bad sometimes though knowing he’s the reason most of the time for you getting in trouble. So it was nice when you went unhinged since you two were having your chaotic moment together and Epel didn’t feel like you were babysitting him.
The sound of your laugher makes Epel smiles more… God, you have an enchanting laugh right?
The back and forth playful banter? That’s what he loves.
Don’t get him wrong he loves you just as much when you’re more calm and taking care of everyone, making sure no one gets into too much trouble. It’s refreshing to him though when he sees you enjoying truely enjoying yourself and actively being cheeky and mischievous with him. It might have something to do with you to planning your prank on Vil whilst you were on your high
Epel feels like that night will be the night he treasures for so many moons. One of his favourites that’s for sure. He won’t ever forgot this day, and… He might’ve fallen in love with you all over again.
Rook Hunt
I’m not even gonna lie he probably at least had a slight clue about this unhinged side of you (In my own opinion though I feel like almost everyone has a little chaotic side to them) Rook isn’t the type to be easily surprised.
He’s happy to see yourself happy, as well showing more of your authentic self. It warms him to know that you trust him enough to show it to him.
Rook may know a lot about you but when people are relaxed, and chaotic doing what they want to do without judgement it makes people show sides of them that some might not even know about so he’s happy how he’s learning new things about you, even if some might think it’s boring he’s slowly put pieces together how your head works
He will admit that he never thought it would happen but still. The fact that you allowed him in and showed this side of yourself wanted his heart also piecing together your brain
Tumblr media
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rs-wonderland · 29 days
Epel: i'd kill for you!
Yuu: ?
Epel looking at the savanaclaw students who made fun of him: Please ask me to kill for you.
Yuu: -_-
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michelletsw · 8 months
The first years with overbolts:
Y/n: Time for plan G.
Ace: Don’t you mean plan B?
Y/n: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Deuce : What about plan D?
Y/n: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Jack: What about plan E?
Y/n: I’m hoping not to use it. Sebak dies in plan E.
Ace : plan E sounds nice.
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tingerines · 4 months
Tumblr media
Pairing: Epel x GN!Reader Genre: Fluff
In this world, soulmates do exist.
No one knows when they will meet theirs or if they ever will, but chances of the latter is very unlikely.
See, the universe has a funny way of bringing two destined souls together; in this case, soulmates are brought together through music.
As a result, it isn’t strange for one, or two, or even a dozen people to suddenly start singing in the middle of the street. The more fortunate members of society are able to contain this urge, and you’re fortunately one of them.
But balance is a must.
So, while most soulmates will start singing the same song no matter where or how far apart they are, you have to deal with a song playing on repeat in your head for an undisclosed amount of time. It’s similar to how people say they have a catchy song stuck in their head, but you hear your soulmate’s voice singing to you instead.
Luck is truly on your side though, because you think that your soulmate has one of the loveliest voices that you’ve ever heard.
Or do you only think that because it’s your soulmate?
You wonder what they must be like. Definitely an interesting person based only on their music taste — which is completely random. They could be singing a tune that probably should belong in an opera and suddenly change to a song about baking a cake the next.
You never knew what to expect from them, least of all silence.
But that’s exactly what you got today.
If this wasn’t something out of the ordinary, you wouldn’t have been so worried. But you couldn’t help but think of all the things that could be wrong.
It’s for this reason that you’ve dragged your friends out to the nearest tea shop: to worry incessantly about someone you haven’t even met yet.
“No, I’m telling you that they have never not sung, Ace,” you groan while rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands. “What if they tripped on their way to work and cracked multiple teeth, or something?”
Ace looks up at you with utter unamusement on his face as he takes another sip of his bubble tea, “that’s pretty dramatic, y/n. Maybe they’re just busy.”
“I mean, isn’t it nice to have some peace and quiet? They’ll probably go back to singing by tonight,” Jack offers before you could say anything else. “It could be worse.”
“How’s that?” you sigh before occupying yourself by taking small sips of your matcha latte.
“Our friend from college has never heard his soulmate’s voice — well, not since he was little.”
“Are you serious?” you raise an eyebrow, feeling a bit skeptical about this information.
But you weren’t one to talk; you’d always opted to wait until the late hours of the night to sing. A small part of you reasoned that you only did so to not disturb your soulmate throughout the day. But the bigger part of you knows that you’re just afraid to embarrass yourself.
“Yeah, you can ask him yourself,” Jack nods before nudging his chin towards the space behind you.
You turn around to see a young man at the cash register paying for his drink. You can only make out the top half of his face due to his face mask, but you can already tell that he’s attractive — with wavy lavender locks that perfectly frames his face and double-lidded eyes that curve slightly at the ends, as if he has a natural wing.
You’re not sure why you can’t take your eyes off of him. You’ve seen plenty of attractive men in your life, yet…
Jack clears his throat at the same time Ace pokes at your forearm, forcing you to divert your attention back to the two.
“What?” you ask again, your eyes shifting between your friends who keep exchanging knowing looks with one-another. “Why do you look like that?”
The pair don’t answer you and instead wave over the handsome stranger that’s caught your attention. He immediately makes his way over to your table and places his hands on the chair right next to yours.
“May I sit here?” he asks, his eyes curving into crescent moons as he smiles — though it’s not visible to anyone.
You look up and accidentally make eye contact with him; and that alone is enough to make a comforting warmth spread from your heart to the rest of your body.
Both of your eyes widen in surprise, though you don’t realize that the stranger is experiencing the same exact warm comfort as you.
But why?
Jack and Ace exchange another set of knowing looks before Ace pats the table loud enough to snap you both out of your trances.
“Oh, um… y—yeah, go ahead,” you manage to stammer out, your hands nervously tucking loose strands of hair behind your ears as you turn to sit upright again.
What is wrong with you all of the sudden?
“Thank you,” the man clears his throat and moves to situate himself onto the empty seat before extending a hand out towards you, “I’m Epel, by the way.”
“O—oh,” you hesitantly reach out to wrap your fingers around Epel’s hand in a handshake, your skin immediately tingles upon contact. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m y/n.”
“‘Y/n’? That’s very pretty,” Epel says as his eyes curve into crescent moons once more.
“Th—thank you,” you bow your head in hopes that the shadows will conceal the blush creeping up your cheeks.
“Epel, you have a pretty name too,” Ace comments in a playful tone as he pats the said man’s cheeks.
You shoot a glare at your friend, mentally cursing him for teasing you at such a time, but he only smiles innocently at you in response.
“Call me ‘pretty’ again and you’ll never see the daylight again,” Epel chuckles. “How are y’all?”
“We’re good. What’s with the mask?” Jack gestures towards Epel’s face, and he assumes that he must mean the face mask.
“I caught a cold — just my luck,” Epel sighs.
“Is Vil going to cut you some slack today then?”
Epel shakes his head, “nah… I just won’t be able to sing as much as I usually do. Which is why I’m saving my voice as much as I can.”
“What if they’re sick?!” you suddenly exclaim, prompting Epel to turn towards you with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Excuse me?”
“They’re talking about their soulmate again,” Ace whines before planting his face onto Jack’s shoulder.
“Oh? Why, what’s up? Did you finally meet them?”
“No…” you shake your head before giving your friends an apologetic look, “they’ve just stopped singing — and they always sing. So maybe they’re sick!”
“Sounds like me,” Epel says jokingly with a grin, but his laugh is cut short by the alarmed look on your face. “I—I’m kidding. I just meant that I sing all the time too for—well, really because Housewarden Vil asks me to.”
Watching the awkward exchange prompts Ace to hunch over and start coughing, but you can hear his hidden “smooth” in between the sharp sounds. You shoot your friend a glare before placing a hand on top of Epel’s — and it’s just a gesture of reassurance.
At least that’s what you try convincing yourself of.
“So,” you start, hoping to change the conversation’s topic for everyone’s sake, “is there any particular reason why you’re being made to focus on your singing skills?”
“Oh!” you can see the glimmers of happiness in Epel’s eyes as he begins to talk animatedly about his hobby. “It’s ‘cause of my family’s apple farm. Which, hear me out, ‘cause I know you’re prolly thinkin’ ‘how is that even related’? But…”
Then Epel begins to explain how his family business experienced a boom in business after this year’s SDC, and he saw this as motivation to work on strengthening his charms. After all, Harveston isn’t a well-known part of Twisted Wonderland; and if he works hard enough, he could help not only his family, but the other elders in the village as well.
“Then Vil had this great idea that we should start an NRC radio show. I like to call it the Epel Farm but Vil was not a fan of that. And, well— it’s more of a ‘daily podcast’ than it is a radio show. I do a lot of different things depending on my mood; sometimes I’ll give advice to my listeners or just play music — and sing, of course. I surprisingly like it a lot.”
“You seem to be very passionate about your family and apples. It’s wonderful that you’ve got such a strong source of motivation,” you can only offer a sheepish smile as your head is still spinning from the overload of information Epel just spilled onto you. “I haven’t gotten the chance to tune in yet, but your radio show sounds great.”
And the two of you continue your conversation just like that, completely forgetting that you have other friends sitting right across the table. Too enamored with one-another to even notice their amused stares.
Truth be told, Ace and Jack had a sneaking suspicion that they knew who your soulmate was for a while now. Epel’s too.
At first, it seemed like a coincidence. You’d whine about the fact that you couldn’t focus well when your soulmate keeps singing a song about washing the dishes. Then that same night, they would hear Epel singing a similar song in a pre-recording of Epel Farm.
When asked, Epel had told them that he rarely hears his soulmate’s voice unless he stayed up late enough. He’d wake up with swollen eyes the morning after and was surely scolded by Vil, but he always thought that it was worth it.
They connected the distant grey dots when you told them you try not to sing until nightfall in fear of disturbing your soulmate’s day.
The coincidences continued to pile on from there, and Ace finally convinced Epel to meet you for confirmation.
Except he left out the part where you were going to be here today.
But Epel is smart and he catches on very quickly. It also helps that your friends were not very subtle with the way they were gawking at you two as you conversed.
You must be someone special. He could tell from the moment you made eye contact earlier.
Whereas your parents never told you the feeling of meeting your soulmate — not to mention your friends haven’t experienced such things either — Epel was more blessed.
He’s been excited to meet you since the moment his parents recounted the day that they met. The feeling of comfort and warmth, like basking under the hot summer sun or wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket on a snowy day.
The same exact feeling he had when he first saw you.
But he’s not one to jump to conclusions. He needed solid evidence, and there’s only one way he knows how to collect it. Subtly.
“Do you want to come back to Pomefiore with me then? I’m about to head down, and it’ll give you a chance to finally listen in,” Epel offers, holding his breath as he waits for your answer.
You hum in thought, glancing over at your friends for their confirmation before nodding, “sure, I would love to.”
“Perfect, I’ll go grab my drink and we can go.”
Underneath the face mask, Epel is absolutely beaming in delight but he tries his best not to jump for joy right away. Instead, he counts to ten in his head to calm his nerves before he gets up from his seat, “oh— Ace and Jack, you guys can come too. Just don’t break anything this time.”
“Wh— it was totally Jack’s fault for scaring me!” Ace tries to defend himself but the shorter man is already out of earshot. He sighs, lips jutting out into a pout as he crosses his arms and slumps back down his seat.
“Your soulmate sucks, y/n,” Ace grumbles due to his hurt pride, the weight of his words not registering until he notices the way you stare at him with raised eyebrows.
“Who’s my soulmate?” you snort and lean forward to gently smack Ace’s hand. “Don’t joke around like that!”
“S—sorry,” Ace scratches the back of his head, the toothy smile he offers you filled with awkwardness.
Were you always this naive, or pretending to ignore the fact that he just slipped up?
His eyes shift up to look at something behind you and he breathes a sigh of relief before jumping out of his seat, “Epel! Great! Let’s get going before you’re late!”
“Uh— Okay, okay,” Epel holds his hands up in defeat as he allows Ace to usher him out of the tea shop.
You and Jack follow not too far behind, with you clinging onto your friend’s arm for warmth and protection against the chilly autumn breeze.
Thankfully — and surprisingly — the walk back to the Pomefiore dorm was only about one mile, tops. It was still a half an hour walk, but you can’t complain in the presence of good company. Plus, it probably would be a few days’ walk if you didn’t have a mirror to transport you to anywhere you want to go.
“Here we are,” Epel announces, his voice quieter and a softer tone than it had been at the tea shop. He stops walking right outside a door to a room marked with a medium-sized apple sign. “Please come in.”
Epel hurries to hold the door open for you, and you can’t hold back the giggle that bubbles up your throat as you walk past him.
How adorable, you think to yourself.
You absolutely adored the way that he so enthusiastically talked about his radio show earlier, and you can see now that he truly treats this place like his second home.
True to its name, the interior of the room is decorated with shades of green and various apple drawings randomly placed on the wall. Just like an apple orchard.
The environment is bright and warm, and if Epel was a room this is what you imagine he would look like. Is that strange?
“Okay, follow me. You guys can sit right outside of the broadcasting booth, and we’ll be able to see each other,” Epel gestures for your trio to follow him deeper into the room.
His face mask is pulled down now, exposing the lower half of his face, and you can’t help but to steal glances at him every few seconds. You had the gut feeling that he would be attractive, but nothing could prepare you for how pretty the man truly was.
Lost in thought — well, more like Epel’s face — you don’t notice that your friends have stopped walking and you face plant directly into Jack’s shoulder, causing you to stumble back ungracefully.
“Are you okay?” he looks back in concern.
“Uh, yes,” you affirm, a hand rubbing at your sore forehead.
“Be careful,” Epel comments before reaching out and taking a hold of your hand. He gently pries it off your forehead and leans forward to study the blanket of red on your skin. “It doesn’t look bad, but if it still hurts and you want to ice it, please let me know.”
“Okay, t—thank you,” you whisper.
From the close proximity, you have the opportunity to see his features more clearly — from his piercing light blue orbs to his adorable plump cheeks down to his rosy lips.
You’re not sure why you couldn’t stop staring at him, or why the same warmth as before is spreading through your body again. But the feeling is very much welcomed.
Unbeknownst to you, Epel feels the same way.
The sound of someone clearing their throat pops the momentary bubble you were encased in, causing the two of you to take a step away from one-another.
“Epel. We need to go check the sounds now,” a very familiar man stands off to the side, his face seeming as if he’d showed up someplace he wasn’t supposed to.
“Thank you, Housewarden Vil. I’ll be right there.”
“Alright. And Jack. Ace. Y/n. It’s a pleasure to see you all again,” Vil greets you all politely before he turns on his heels and hurries back inside what you presume is the broadcasting booth.
“Have a seat. You should be able to hear the broadcast through the speaker here,” Epel gestures towards a seemingly misplaced large speaker just outside of the broadcasting booth. When he turns back to you, he flashes a bright smile that has your heart suddenly skipping a beat. “I hope you’ll like it.”
With that, you both part ways. Epel walks to the broadcast booth while you walk over to where your friends have retreated minutes earlier.
“I feel strange,” you confess after situating yourself in a seat facing the glass door to the booth.
Jack and Ace exchange looks for what seems like the hundredth time that day before Jack says, “a good strange? Or did you already catch Epel’s cold?”
“I don’t know, but… I feel so warm and fuzzy. So I guess that’s good? I—” your sentence is cut off by a familiar voice in your head, and you let out a short sound of relief.
Your friends give you looks of confusion mixed with worry, mostly because your mood suddenly changed and they can’t tell if you’ve suddenly lost your mind. But you shake your head and whisper, “my soulmate is singing again!”
Jack eyes flicker briefly towards Epel, who seems to be speaking into a mic, before coming back to you, “what’s he singing?”
“Actually, it’s not a made-up song for chores this time,” you hum along to the lyrics in your head, your brain working to figure out what song is playing before it clicks. “Ah! It’s ‘Piece of My World’.”
Jack nods as he hops off his seat and makes his way to the speaker Epel pointed out earlier. His fingers fumble with the controls before you suddenly hear the same song blasting through them as the one in your head.
“How?” you ask, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you stare at the speaker. “That’s such a weird coincidence.”
Surely this was just a coincidence, right? But the more you listen, the farther away the voice in your head gets, the voice coming from the speaker replacing it instead.
The same voice that you’ve heard every day for as long as you can remember.
Your soulmate’s voice.
You stand up, hesitantly inching closer to the speaker, where Jack is giving you an apologetic look. How long had he known?
A million thoughts were running through your mind per second, faster than your heart is racing at the moment.
But when you’re a few feet away from the glass door, it suddenly makes sense to you. The way you felt so comfortable around him, how easily attracted you were to him, and why your friends had insisted you meet him all those times before.
Somehow they always knew, but now you know too.
Feeling eyes on him, Epel looks towards the door and makes eye contact with you. His mouth falls open to a small “o” when he sees the look of utter astonishment on your face.
Did you figure it out? Was he right?
Your lips moved, though he couldn’t hear what you were saying through the soundproof walls. That didn’t matter, however, because suddenly a voice greets his mind. One that he hasn’t heard sing to him when the sun is still up in years.
“You’re my soulmate.”
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noyaetnox · 7 days
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- I adore Vil so get ready 😌🙏
- you were for sure the one to confess, BUT. But. It was after you've both basically started flirting like crazy, and it was painfully obvious to everyone around that two have the hots, the butterflies, the emotions for each other and you were basically dating by that point, it just wasn't official. He didn't confess because he's just that stubborn, and you, you are too 😀🫶
-> this is why no one was surprised when you've finally announced that you guys are together officially
ALSO Epel took the whole thing the hardest. He had to listen to you talk about your massive crush on HIS HOUSEWARDEN but then ALSO watch Vil look like a lovestruck fool. He really wanted to beat the two of you up 😁
- you know how some people joke, how their friends, that are dating, are like their parents? Yeah that's you and Vil. Like, at first you two didn't know about, but once Deuce accidentally called Vil mom and then Epel, and you finally had the talk, and they confessed that they do see you as kind of parental figures
-> it was sweet but why
-> Vil got very angry when you told him because that's not true??? And then you were hanging out with your first-year friends at Ramshackle and he came to tell everyone to go to sleep (he knew you'd stay awake the whole night otherwise) and almost all of your friends -tired- called him mom
- you two are the parents of everyone at NRC. It's fate. You have to live with that, but it's fun! Sometimes, at least!
- you keep your relationship private from the general public for some time. It wasn't because he wanted to hide, he simply wanted to find a good time to share something so important to him. You eventually told the world, though!
-> you got some hate for it. Actually a lot 😔
-> Vil was very mad. He really thought his fans were better than that. He really expected them to be mature and accept that he found someone he liked, genuinely, and that they would happy with him. He once voiced his anger during and interview where he talked about the relationship. Most of the hate stopped after that, and you could deal with the few hateful comments that showed up from time to time just fine! He tried his hardest to remain at your side and remind you how they're just haters and you should not take any of it to heart,,, let's be honest, though, you both needed to be there for the other. That was, of course, totally fine!
- despite all of that, I strongly believe it strengthened your relationship. Like, after that it's as unbreakable as bedrock when you play on survival without any mods or hacks. And that's something to respect!
- you often spend your free time together and have spa days. You both put on facemasks and watch a show that you both then bitch over because the character so terrible, or their acting, or the writing in general. You enjoy that 😡☝️ bitching at people brings you two closer and that's beautiful 😌
- if you used to like Neige you don't anymore. Because let's be honest, Neige <<<<<< Vil. Like, you've got this amazing boyfriend who's a total hottie and you want to fuss over Neige? Now go watch Vil's newest commercial 😡!
- dates with him are, of course, in secret. He's got crazy fans and doesn't want to force you into dealing with them, too. Sometimes, the two of you go out incognito, in funky outfits to hide your true identities. Rook loves it, because you've got this game where you go insognito into the public and Rook tries to find the two of you and then gives you a rating out of 10 how well you hid. Sometimes it works very well, sometimes not so much.
- you introduced cosplay to Vil and he likes it a lot, to pretend to be someone else for even a little, getting to wear crazy outfits with crazy make-up, please find a couple cosplay to do together 🙏
- he brings you many expensive gifts in the form of jewelry, clothes, stuffed animals you name it. He is rich, but he feels the need to give people expensive things to keep them close. He has a fear that you'd leave him if he stopped, despite you telling him that's not the case all the time. He's very hard-headed (Aries gang), so you wouldn't be able to change his mind, but you can give him gifts in return.
Don't buy him expensive gifts, give him something that comes from your heart, a silly drawing, a sticker, a mug you saw that you thought he'd like and he's in love. He prefers giving, so give him something he won't feel bad about later down the line, okay?
- all in all, it is a great relationship despite some of the bad things, lots of love and care (sometimes not in a way you would like, but it's Vil 😮‍💨)
- platonic: bro doesn't treat you as crazy, because you're only his friend. You're not part of the Pomefiore dorm, nor are you his significant other, so he has no reason to dictate your life. For the most part 🤭 it's in his nature so he can't stop himself ALL the time, but you can clearly tell it's not as intense
Tumblr media
- even if you're a Rook simp, I refuse to believe people aren't afraid of him. Bro is a pro stalker and pops out of nowhere all the time 😰😨😨 that's scary. Not to mention he is all of that compiled into a french man.
- anyway. Rook basically liked you from the start. You caught his attention, because you were a magicless human in their magic school, not to mention you only caused trouble and carried around a Grim. If that isn't interesting, I don't know what else is
- he started following you just like any other interest of his. You knew about his antics of stalking (from everyone, really) so you didn't think anything special of it. It made sense that he was interested in you (you would be, too, had something like happened at your school). It was only after he hadn't stopped for months that you started thinking this wasn't just another phase of his. Gathering courage, you finally went to Vil to ask him about his opinion in this matter to which Vil straight up told you Rook has a crush.
- you were SHOCKED
- Vil then went on to explain that Rook does stalk often, but yours seems to be different, and that they often converse about you, and Rook just proclaims how his heart beats louder and faster whenever he sees you, and that your beauty is simply out of this world! (Pun intended)
- surprised Rook hasn't said anything about that, you caught him stalking you, inviting him for a chat over a cup of tea, where you finally asked the question. Rook just laughed, called you a silly animal and then told you that he's in love at this point and it's not just a crush
- cue surprised Pikachu face
- you started dating after that, and Jack stopped hanging out with you. You smelled like Rook - not to mention Leona doesn't allow you to enter Savanaclaw anymore 😅
- that said 6 times out of 10, if you look behind (after feeling like somebody is watching you), Rook will be there smiling goofily at your person and his finger would've sending you hearts. The other 4 is when he's watching you fr and doesn't WANT you to notice him.
- Rook is very loud and says whatever is on his mind (I would hit him if I was Vil), which is why you sometimes have to ground him and remind him not to say something. But also, he kind of speaks in riddles? But not riddles? Like, his words don't always mean what he wants to say and it's on you to pick up on that.
- Rook is a very family based guy. Like, he loves his own and definitely dreams of having one at some point, so be prepared for that.
- Rook is very silly and you have to live with that. I believe one of your past time activities is playing dress up - Rook dresses you up and you dress up Rook and then you take a bunch of pictures that later go into his album... or more of them (he's still very creepy)
- your life became chaotic as hell ever since you got together. Like one minute you guys are resting and painting each other's nails and the next you're flying on one broom across the ocean while he shows you all the tricks he knows (you have almost lost your life several times)
- WHICH BRINGS US! Rook is not very serious most of time, talking about you loosing your life - he will just laugh it off and ignore it if nothing serious happens. On the other hand, the second something actually happens he is very serious and scolding either you, himself, or the person that hurt you while catering to you and making sure you're A-OK
- he says "I love you" and "love you" all the time. Instead of goodbye, everytime he sees you... Just every opportunity he gets and it's so sweet 😔 me when
- despite being totally in love and everyone thinking you spend all the time in the world together, you actually don't see him as often - not because you're busy or anything 😁 it's just that Rook has to do his shenanigans often
-> you just receive a frantic call about how he has to "DO THIS THING" and you don't hear from him for the rest of the day, or you get a letter is it isn't as sudden. Most of the time, though, you know exactly what he's doing because he sends you pictures - of sleeping Leona, eating Leona, walking Leona, yawning Leona, glaring at him Leona, running at him Leona, running away from him Leona, oh hey Ruggie, Leona sending him the middle finger, Neige, ... you get it
- despite all of that, you spend a lot of time with one another... surprisingly
- you got into trouble many times because of him, but it's fine you're used to it at this point 💀
- platonic: this man is basically your guardian. "Can your guardian sign this paper?" "OUI!" Rook how did you get here 😨😨😨 silly tall french man who likes you a tad bit too much and basically considers you his child
Tumblr media
- mutual pinning so bad
- like it was painfully obvious to everyone, even to the two of you, but you both kind of though it was just friendly flirting from the other side and that the other could never possibly return the feelings
- that said, none of you "actually" confessed. You have started flirting one day and it went from there. You know how in all those enemies to lovers fanfics, the two of them go somewhere and some stranger confuses them for a couple (very unrealistic btw, when do strangers go around calling other people couples 💀), anyway that happened to you and Epel when you were one day hanging around alone - you went to get coffee and the barista refered to him as your boyfriend and none of you said anything and have been dating since.
- like I'm talking calling each other sweet names, little kisses, holding hands, and all of that. So you're official but also not? Idk man, I don't make the rules
- he REFUSES PDA - unless it is to annoy people ("Epel stop kissing the prefect during dorm meetings" "How could you stand between our love, Vil? 😔" "You know what? 😮‍💨 Whatever" and Vil doesn't speak to him the rest of the day) and you don't care about that much. After all, you get all the affection in private
- talking about privacy 😀 good luck getting away from the 1st year squad and Grim. If it isn't Ace and Deuce crashing at yours, it's Jack about homework or working out, or it's Sebek coming just because (he wants to hang out but is too conscious to say it, so he comes up with crazy excuses how you can get attacked and he has to protect you for WAKASAMA), or it's just Grim that does it on purpose (the rest don't realize you guys want to be alone), because no way in hell does he -Grim- accept anyone as your lover! Epel started either locking Grim out of the Ramshackle dorm or bribing him with tuna 🫡 it keeps him busy for a few
- because you get no free time together, he is often snappy and curses the world
- that's why he often invites you away from everyone
-> the moment you guys started dating you became a part of his family - his grandma has your contact information and you talk to each other all the time, and she sends you stuff (she sends a big package to Epel with the words to give half of it to you 😭) and you just love his grandma and she loves you - you actually promised her that you will marry Epel one day and she was the happiest and you were the happiest and Epel has no idea what happened (he skipped a few chapters)
- you spend every holiday with him and he isn't asking!
- he tried to teach you how to carve apples. It did not go well 😔 you simply can't carve an apple out of an apple - not to mention you then can't eat it because it's too pretty (when Epel carves it)
- Epel thinks you're crazy
- anyway
- your dates are usually not just the two of you. It's like the song: "it's finally me and you and you and me just us, and your friend Steve" except it's Ace, Deuce, Jack, Sebek, or Grim. You have to hold Epel back from beating all of them up, it's not you're doing anything crazy during you dates - not to mention they all just kinda do their own thing. That means you two can still have the date - just with some background noise!
- he isn't big on giving you anything, mostly because he forgor 💀 he might think about it for days and the he'll see you and just go "shit" because he wanted to bring you a gift he really did. You, on the other hand, give him a lot. He's just so cute and adorable (don't tell him) that you can't help but want to buy or make him stuff that will make him smile (he loves you so much and you love him so much and when you give him something he's so happy because you thought of him and just cjsbxiabbsjdjabxoba)
- yes
- all in all, the relationship is very chill, you're all feeling very safe in it, not like with many of the other NRC students 😀.
- but for real, I can't stress enough how good the relationship will be ☝️
- platonic: he treats you like one of his bros 😎🏋️🤸🤾🏃⛹️ because no way will he be friends with someone lame 🙄
The Pomefiore chapter is finally DONE! 🤝
It's a bit shorter because there's only 3 members, but it's fine. I'm done with my finals, so I've got time for maybe a month before they continue so I'll try to ouch more chapters out 🫡
Next chapter will probably be Savanaclaw, so see you there 🤸!
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morgandoesstuffsig · 3 months
— twstw boys attempts at courting you p.1
— e. felmier, piomefire, 16yro
— no c.w
— sfw + hc form
— a/n; trying out new formats🤭 also very short
Tumblr media
— : ☆ EPEL F.
Tumblr media
my little skrunkly
hes very soft spoken with you
he may not be very talkative but that doesnt stop him from being competitive and short tempered
he never loses his temper with you though
you don't treat him differently because of how he looks
why should he give you a cold shoulder?
he only realizes his feelings later
later later
when he gains the courage to try and court you, he takes it slow
gift giving, small words of affirmation, etc.
when he gains more courage to confess
hes going to leave you a note somewhere only you will find it
you two meet up in private somewhere
confession below
"Yuu! You actually came..!" Epel said surprised.
"You called for me, didnt you?"
"Yeah, I did." He smiled at you.
"Well, what's up?"
"I have something to tell you... if you dont feel the same, hopefully we can still be friends but I wanted to tell you that..." he took a deep breath.
"...that you mean a lot to me. More than a friend. More than a "bestie." I... I love you, Yuu. I guess you could call me an apple because uh, I fell for you..." He said, blushing from embarrassment at the cringeworthy pickup line he said at the end.
"Will you... Yuu [L/N], take me to be your boyfriend?"
— : ☆ EPEL F.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Part 6, It Was Your Hand I Took Pomefiore Version.
Song I'd recommend- Mirrors, by Justin Timberlake.
Notes- I have a horrible cold, what better way to keep myself busy and distracted on how miserable I feel then to write?
Tw- You probably know the drill by now. If not, see the other four parts.
Vil Shoenheit 🪞
Young and Beautiful, by Lana Del Rey
Vil wasn't about to let the star of the evening show up looking shabby, even if they didn't know they were the star. He also wasn't going to run from the subject he knew was most likely to come up, but right now, their hair and outfit were what he would focus on. One knock was all he gave before he opened the door to Ramshackle and entered. (Y/n) sat on the sofa blinking up at him in surprise. "Vil?" Oh, they weren't ready for this. They quickly shut the notepad in their lap, hopefully not fast enough for him to realize they were panicked. It was probably kind of stupid to be writing down the words they would say when they confessed... And if it wasn't to the rest of the world then it was embarrassing and they didn't want anyone else to see it. "Stand up." They blinked at his command but did so anyway, just to yelp when they felt his hands in their hair.
Vil fixed their hair as he opened his mouth and began to speak. He wasn't planning on bringing it up, since he was sure they would at some point, but he couldn't stop himself, it was an accident that they overheard him, but they had, and their reaction had hurt him. And since he had more time to think it over he realized it wasn't just because they had run from him, although that didn't feel great either. "Forgot what I or anyone else once said. You are beautiful... Ahem, you just need to put in a lot more effort." Vil's eyes met theirs as they stared up at him in question. "About what you overheard the other day..." (Y/n) ducked out from under his hands and began to fidget with their hands, when Vil reached out again to try and adjust their uniform they grabbed his hands, surprising both of them. "Did you... mean it?" Vil wasn't sure what they were referring to at first, his accidental confession of when he called them beautiful just now, well he meant both so he simply nodded and said "yes" since they were looking down at their feet, which he didn't like.
Before he realized what he was doing he had reached out and tilted their face up, he was met with a red face but a very sweet smile. "I guess I knew that... You have called me beautiful like... three times now." Ah, right, they could hear him while they were asleep. He was about to say something else but (Y/n) grabbed his wrist before taking a deep breath. "Vil, I'm sorry I ran like that." They didn't let him get a word in as they continued. "I guess I couldn't believe my ears. You liking me back...? As if, right? Never in my wildest dreams did I think- Mmmph!" Not wanting to hear their self-deprecating words anymore Vil placed a small peck against their lips, despite it being small, they still looked dazed when he pulled back, dazed but happy. It was Vil swiping the lipstick that was left behind on their lips that pulled them out of it. "(Y/n) if you agree to be mine I promise I'll get you out of Night Raven as soon as possible."
He wasn't exactly sure what he was expecting, they had told him that they liked him back pretty much so he was sure it wasn't going to be a rejection, but them pouting was also pretty low on that list... But they were pouting. "Do you think I only want to be with you because you could get me out of here sooner than some or something?" Welp... That explained it. No, he didn't think that it's just something he wanted to do, but their concern that he might think that way made him happier then it probably should, although Vil wasn't about to let it show how endeared to them he felt in that moment. In order to hide his smile he poked them in the center of their forehead. "Don't pout, it's unbecoming. Now, since you're mine you have to look your best at all times so let's go over a few things." (Y/n) expected that line... Just not right after they got together (if they got together) which was perhaps foolish on their part, but whatever. Relationships were about mutual compromise anyway.
And they knew they wanted it to last forever and, although they didn't know this little tidbit, Vil wanted the same. Together they'd make their love story one of the best Twisted Wonderland had ever heard, right up there with the other greats!
Epel Felmier 🍎
I'll Save You, By Jordan Sweeto
The ballroom in Pomefiore was bustling, but not with the students that attended said dorm... Except for the Housewarden and Vice Housewarden. Some were helping with the decorations, others with music, and the rest with food. Epel watched it from the sidelines as his Housewarden bossed everyone around-ahem- I mean... Oversaw the proceedings. Epel wasn't too surprised by the other boys, but he was surprised to see Grim. He thought that out of everyone here, Grim would be the one distracting (Y/n). Seven knows he was probably the best at that. "Why is Grim here? Shouldn't he be keeping (Y/n) busy?" Grim smirked at him, "I'm the one who knows (Y/n) the best! They need me here!" "Oui, Monsieur Grim is helping us here. That is why we need you to distract the Trickster for us."
In truth, Rook had planned this out. He figured the two freshmen may need a petit push for the conversation he overheard (Y/n) ask Epel for to happen. He could see Epel getting more and more frustrated by the thought of the talk with (Y/n) ever since they woke up, so both he and Vil had decided to help them out a little. Epel glanced over at his Housewarden in an attempt to get him to help, but the famous junior simply waved him away. Epel sighed, he had no choice. So he went on his way. Meanwhile... (Y/n) was alone in Ramshackle, although they barely noticed. They were currently writing down their feelings about Epel, from when they ran away to now. It was probably dumb, but they wanted to get some control over their swirling thoughts before they talked to him. Hearing footsteps approaching they looked up to see, "Epel!"
(Y/n) quickly stood to their feet. "Why are you here?!" Epel knew he was supposed to keep (Y/n) busy... So why hadn't he thought about something to talk about?! Maybe because there was only one thing to talk about. "I came to have that conversation now." "O-oh... Uhm..." (Y/n) began to fidget, Epel didn't know why they seemed so nervous, turning someone down should be easy, he wished they would just tell him "I'm not interested in you" and get it over with. (Y/n) suddenly cleared their throat. "I'll be right back. I-I need to use the bathroom!" (Y/n) bolted and Epel watched them go, he looked down and saw the paper on the ground.
He bent down and picked it up. As he read it over his eyes began to water although he didn't want to. It's just... It was about how they regretted running away when he confessed but also about how they felt trapped between two worlds... Yet they loved him, how they wanted to be with him. (Y/n) came back after splashing water on their face only to see Epel in tears. "What happened?" They asked, only noticing the piece of paper in his hand before he practically threw his arms around them.
"(Y/n), if you'll be mine I swear I'll be the best man I can be for you!" He didn't want to talk about the contents of the letter, not yet, he just wanted to tell them he wanted to be with them too. He let out a shuttering breath when he felt their arms wrap around him as well. "I think you're already pretty great Epel, but I look forward to growing to be better with you as well." The new couple pulled back slightly to look into each other's eyes before The Prefect gave him a sweet smile. "Epel, can I kiss you?" "Hey! I wanted to be the one to ask that!" Epel joked, earning a chuckle from both parties before they both leaned in and shared a kiss.
One that was sure to be the first of many... And both were looking forward to all the others to come.
Rook Hunt 🏹
Every Breath You Take, by The Police. (No, I couldn't resist.)
(Y/n) hadn't expected to have a party thrown for them. They were pretty sure it was Kalim's idea, although they weren't sure why the others had decided to throw it in Pomefiore, they were also surprised that they remembered to invite Malleus, although they didn't say it out loud, they simply had fun talking to their friends. Until they had enough and needed some time to themselves... Although they also knew they weren't alone.
They knew Rook was watching their every move, perhaps more closely than usual, they weren't sure if he was trying to make it that obvious or not, he was probably just biding his time until he thought they were ready for that conversation. It had been hard to think of what to say when they could feel his eyes on them, but they were ready now. Other than Vil and Epel the rest of the Pomefiore students were asleep... Another thing that surprised (Y/n) about this party was that Vil allowed himself to stay up later than normal, but because of that, the lounge was empty.
"You followed me, right Rook? I'm ready to chat, are you?" "Oui." Suddenly he was by their side and (Y/n) turned to face him. "I'm sorry I ran from you then." "Ah, Trickster! You know if I had wished to I could have caught you~! I know you had your reasons." "Maybe not good ones." (Y/n) couldn't help but chuckle at their own words. They knew Rook wasn't upset at them... But they were upset at themselves. "Rook, can I tell you this now? I like you. I really do... But I was scared, and I regretted running off right away."
"Oh... Trickster... I am so glad you share my feelings! Ah, to think I have captured your heart! Perhaps this will be the best mark I have ever caught!..." Rook had, of course, gone off on one of his rants. (Y/n) should have expected this, the barrage of flowery words and compliments, they also should have expected that Rook wouldn't give up on his feelings for them so fast... But this... Was getting to be too much. So they did the only thing that made sense to shut him up, at least temporarily. They grabbed him by his blazer and pulled him in, placing their lips against his. As short as it was it succeeded.
Rook stared straight ahead, dazed at what had just transpired. Not that he was complaining, no just the opposite... At least he wouldn't be... If he could think straight. "Rook." A pat on his cheek pulled him back, though he still couldn't form any words. Unusual for him and (Y/n) was slightly concerned that they broke him, but they only smiled and offered him their hand. "Let's get back to the party, shall we?" Finally, Rook found his voice as he took their hand. "Oui, let me make sure our guest of honor returns in one piece, they are after all my dear (s/o), oui?" "Oui."
The new pair began to walk, it wasn't that far of course, but walking hand-in-hand like this... They both hoped that they could continue to do so for the rest of their days. Would they? I'll leave that up to you.
For the other parts and more, here's the masterlist! Thanks for reading!
End notes- My head got super woozy when I was writing Epel's, so it ended up pretty bad, I came back and rewrote it, I think it's slightly better, but Epel is still out of character and I think it also turned out longer than the others... Whoops. Now I want to rewrite Vil's, but once again my internet is being awful... So maybe I'll do it another day. ... Maybe.
Don't get me started on Rook's. Leave me alone.
(I did it by the way. I edited all of part five. In one day. Luckily there weren't that many mistakes so it didn't take that long.)
I do not own Twisted Wonderland or any of the characters
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la-lolita · 3 months
but for the event may I request ice skating and snow with epel-
Tumblr media
˗ˏˋ ꒰ 𝗙𝘂𝗻 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝗻𝗼𝘄¡¡¡ ꒱ ˎˊ˗
Tumblr media
˗ˏˋ A/n - CUTE CUTE CUTEEE! Also dw Yako! I love getting my inbox spammed hehe
˗ˏˋ Characters: Epel Felmier & Gn reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Ice skating - What fun! Ice skating while its snowing!? Is your partner alright when it comes to skating? Or are they scared~?
I feel like he isn’t bad at ice skating!
probably ice skated before actually.
He isn’t a god at doing it, but he knows the basics!
Epel will also find this as a way to show you how much he is capable of doing!
He likes to hold your hand and help you ice skate in case you don’t fully know how to!
He will be absolutely helpful and supportive, he will make sure you make it safely!
He will also compliment you so you don’t feel stupid &lt;3
And if you fall he’ll help you get back up and ask if you are okay, he won’t necessarily laugh at you, just giggle a bit once he makes sure you are alright. He wants to make you feel okay about the situation instead of being embarrassed.
⤷ Snow - In the snow, does your partner start snow fights? Or build a snowman? Or perhaps a snow castle? Snow angels? Do they like the cold? Lets find out!?
Epel doesn’t start snow fights, but he definitely will continue them if you start first! He finds it lots of fun and enjoys them! He is determined to winning you, just because he seems innocent doesn’t mean he cannot be competitive at times!
He has build many snowmen’s! But he will try to make one of the biggest snowmen’s with your help! He will even bring a ladder-
Sliding down the snow mountain is also something he enjoys! He will hold you tightly just so you don’t fall.
In general he likes the snow! He gets to do many fun activities with his s/o!
Tumblr media
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it-happened-one-fic · 3 months
West Coast Swing - Double the Pressure - Strictly NRC Dancing
Author's notes: Wow, I am nervous about this one. I've never written this character before and honestly, it was tough. You may notice that this dance is the same one as the previous section of the Strictly NRC Dancing AU. That will happen several times and all that means is that one of the dances will be with a staff member rather than a student! I did have a dance I used as inspiration for this fic. It was a West Coast swing performed by Melissa Rutz and Ben Morris at West Cost Monterey Swingfest 2013 to "Boogie Shoes" by KC and the Sunshine band. Just like the rest of the fics in this AU, reader is female. I hope you enjoy!
If you would like to read more of this AU the fics can be found here: Strictly NRC Dancing AU Master-List.
Type: Platonic/fluff/female reader/Dance AU
Word Count: 681
Tumblr media
I felt bad for Epel. While West Coast swing wasn’t exactly the most difficult dance of the classes provided, impressing Vil and Sam was. Crewel had been incredibly clear when he’d been teaching me. Sam was murder to impress when it came to any sort of swing dancing. As such, Crewel had been especially careful in teaching me.
But Epel didn’t have to impress just the judges. Knowing his ongoing disagreement with Vil, he’d be determined to impress Vil and force his housewarden to say he was a good dancer. Which meant he had double the pressure on him.
Which was why I’d been surprised when he’d chosen, of all things, an upbeat disco/funk tune to dance to.
While there was nothing wrong with his choice, West Coast swing was typically danced to slower more bluesy tunes, with faster songs usually only used by the very best of dancers.
When I’d questioned his choice the young man met my gaze with a unique determination that I was positive was grounded in his eternal beef with Vil, “Absolutely.”
I had taken the time to question Epel as to why he had brought Vil into his dance classes and had immediately been met with a mocking sound similar to a scoff that Vil might do, “He told me to be sure I paid attention in class since swing dancing was apparently difficult and not something that had come naturally to him.”
My eyebrows lifted, at his words. So Vil had already tried to learn swing dancing.
With that knowledge, I normally would have advised my friend to ask for tutoring, but that would have been a horrible idea. Epel would never do that. Not when he’d apparently vowed to one-up his housewarden.
And I couldn’t deny that after practicing with him, I wondered if he could actually pull it off. He’d mastered the slippery nature of West Coast swing to a tee, and it was genuinely fun to dance with him since, in true Epel fashion, I never knew exactly what he was going to do.
I could practically feel Sam’s eyes one us the entire performance as I slid to and fro along an invisible line on the floor with Epel. The relaxed nature of the dance allowed us to occasionally glance around and even sing along with the song as we pranced in quick, light steps across the floor. 
Despite the considerably high-level of our dance, Epel led me smoothly, even executing a few trick-like motions himself that had him practically smirking since he knew good and well Vil was watching. What he didn’t know was that the housewarden and vice housewarden were both watching with a smile each, almost like proud parents.
Even as we were performing I could still feel myself amused by the fact by how much the choreography was perfect for someone as young as Epel. Crewel had somehow managed to put the dance together in such a way that even though my hand remained in Epel’s we were hardly ever in closed hold for a lengthy period of time. 
Instead we remained smoothly gliding across the floor with two hands joined and the other two free. And it suited the occasionally awkward boy who wanted to seem manly at all times and might have viewed other forms of dance as too dainty for his taste.
I  turned, grinning at the judges as Sam sat back, a rather pleased smile on his face that had my hopes for Epel steadily rising. I already knew that Epel had succeeded in impressing Vil. The only remaining concern was Sam.
Those concerns faded quickly though as we approached the teacher’s table and Sam started speaking, “I was surprised that you picked a faster song considering the generally relaxed nature of the dance. But you pulled it off.”
Despite how harsh he’d been on some of the other’s performances, may Ace’s name never be forgotten, that was all Sam said to us. And that was enough.
Because when you danced swing, getting Sam’s approval was practically enough to guarantee you passed.
If you would like to read more:
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wolken-himmel · 5 months
9k Followers Special
In which Crewel and Crowley somehow manage to destroy the time-space continuum and end up with dozens of mysterious children to care for.
Little do they know that these are (Y/n)'s children from various timelines where she married different NRC students.
Idea by @tickledpink31.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"By the Great Seven, why are there so many children here?!"
Just as Crewel had set a foot into the headmaster's office, he was immediately overwhelmed by the sudden noise of high-pitched wails and children's screams. A barrage of small children had taken over the office, some running around happily while others destroyed the furniture and knocked over vases. There were more than twenty small children, and the oldest couldn't have been much older than seven years. For a while, Crewel merely remained at the entrance and gaped at the crowd of children.
The papers he had intended to deliver to the headmaster sailed out of his hands and fell to the floor. There was pure chaos going on, and his paper spill had exacerbated the issue even more.
It took the headmaster a while to notice his visitor. He had been busy wrangling his poor top hat away from an especially mischievous fae child. After a little while, the headmaster succeeded and managed to put the mangled hat back on his head. Only then did he give his attention to his colleague by the door frame. "O-Oh, Divus! Come right in! Just make sure to shut the door—" the headmaster announced hastily. "Rook Jr is quite the stealthy one..."
Just then, a blond boy tried to zoom past Crewel, but he managed to grab him by his collar and raise him into the air just in time. The professor eyed the rambunctious boy quizzically. "Rook Jr? Is that you?"
The boy let out a sheepish giggle and even gave him a clumsy salute. Somehow, he seemed unbothered by the way he was held into the air. "Aye, monsieur! Maman loved to call me that as well— But my name is actually Philippe. I am the proud protector of my siblings!" he announced proudly and raised his nose upwards.
"Oi, stupid Philippe, as if you were responsible enough to protect Jaques and Laure!" The female voice came from below the professor, and he indeed found a young girl — she shared similar features with Philippe — tugging at his expensive coat. "I, Noelïe, am the protector of the Hunt family!" she corrected and saluted much more properly.
After Crewel had made sure that the door was locked properly behind him, he lowered Philippe to the floor again and removed his grasp from his collar. Without wasting another second, an enraged Philippe stormed over to Noelïe, and they began brawling on the floor.
"Oh my, quarreling siblings..." Crewel watched helplessly as they rolled away.
"Well," Crowley trailed off sheepishly, "at least Umbra and Solis get along better..." His finger pointed to a pair of twins by the other end of the room. Each of the siblings, a boy and a girl, possessed the strange feature of winding, black horns — and not to forget, pointed ears. They wore expensive gowns in the shades of green and black, befit of royals.
"Look, Umbra!" the boy cried out and held out a picture frame to his sister. "I found this floating portrait of the grand witch that Grandpa Lilia always talks about!"
"Oh my, let's show him! I'm sure he has more stories to tell!" Without another word, Umbra had taken the frame out of her brother's hand and was now on the move to another corner of the room. It looked like they really were searching for something with how they lifted up the sofa with their magic, only to lower it to the floor again when they only found dust and cobwebs.
"Where did all these children come from, Dire?"
"I don't know!" Crowley exclaimed and threw his hands into the air. "The heavens must have seen my boredom and blessed me with these adorable bundles of joy—"
"Wait," Crewel interrupted and inspected his boss more closely, "your coat is missing a few feathers—" Indeed, there were gaping holes here and there.
A pained sigh escaped the headmaster's lips as he pointed to a girl with lion ears. She sat on his desk chair and was happily munching away on dozens of black crow feathers. "Ah... yes... the little lioness over there likes them. Ouch, who knew that such ferocity could be hidden behind such an adorable face..." The headmaster buried his face in his gloved hands and began mourning for his poor, tattered gown.
When Crewel turned his gaze to the desk chair again, he realised that it was empty. Instead, he soon found a weight clinging to his left leg. "Sir, do you want to play with me? Play with me, please! Let's play hunting, okay?" A look downwards revealed that the little lion-girl was smiling up at him toothily. "I'll give you a head start, and then you run away as fast as you can? I'll chase you once the time's up! I promise I'm really good at it! My cousin Cheka says I'm the fastest predator he knows, even faster than my daddy!"
"Oh my, what might your name be?" Crewel asked in amusement and ruffled her hair.
"Aria! The fiercest lioness in the entire Afterglow Savannah!" she exclaimed proudly and drummed her hands against her chest, like a seasoned warrior. "No one can scare me! Not even my mommy when she yells at me to eat my vegetables."
The corners of the professor's lips quirked up into an amused smile. "Adorable."
His remark drew a little hiss from her lips, accompanied by an offended scowl. "I'm not adorable! Rawr!" she yelled out, although her roar was more similar to a cute mewl. When she realised that she hadn't intimidated him, she crossed her arms and stalked away to her friends, also beast-children. "Dandelion, you're the fastest hyena I know! Cereus, you're the strongest wolf I know! Come play hunting with me!"
The hyena-girl let out a little snicker before she darted away with nimble feet. "Shishishi, you'll never catch me, princess!" Then, she disappeared within the crowd of other children, never to be seen again.
"I'll show you two how to roar properly after this!" the wolf-boy teased before he also made his grand escape. Without an issue, he lunged over a tall bookshelf and disappeared behind it.
Now that he was free again, Crewel turned his pressing gaze to his boss again and put his hands on his hips. "Alright, Dire, so where did these children really come from? And don't you dare tell me that the stork delivered them to you."
"I don't know." Crowley merely shrugged. "They appeared after I accidentally destroyed the time-space continuum."
"You what—" Crewel spluttered out in horror.
The headmaster raised his hands into the air and shot his colleague the most calming smile he could muster. "I swear, I didn't mean to! It was all just an unfortunate accident... But you know, a wise man once said that there were no mistakes, only happy accidents! And can you believe it? Now we're surrounded by adorable, little children—" The happy grin on his lips disappeared, and he soon rushed over to a duo of children by the window. "Wait, Anemone! Don't bite your cousin like that!"
Anemone let out a low growl and bared her sharp teeth at the boy next to her. "But Nemo took my toy without asking!" she wailed when the culprit wouldn't pay her any attention. With unmatched vigour, she shook her head left and right, causing the mop of blue hair on her head to become a wild mane.
Nemo merely let out a little giggle and held the toy out to her. "I just wanted to show you a cool trick, Anemone!" he said happily and opened up the golden shell toy to reveal a glistening pearl. "Here, look!"
An awe-struck look appeared on Anemone's face, and she immediately ceased her crying.
"Wow—" Another child appeared by the cousins' side, a confident girl that wore a thick pair of black glasses. As she looked at the toy in fascination, she pushed her glasses up and let a sure smile appear on her lips. "That really is cool, but I know another trick! I can show you, if you want to!"
"Really? Ursula, show us!" Nemo cried out.
Anemone nodded along eagerly and held the toy out to the silver-haired girl. "Hurry up, Ursula!"
"I see what you mean with adorable now, Dire," the professor began and chuckled to himself. Yet, his moment of appreciation was short-lived when he turned to the headmaster to find him being mauled by the lion-girl Aria again. "But still, what are we supposed to do with all these children? Have you found a way to send them back home yet?"
"No, and I've tried really, really hard, believe me," Crowley began after the vicious predator had tired of him playing dead. He rose from the floor and dusted his tattered coat off, a giant smile on his lips. "But why send them back when I can just open a nursery with them? Just imagine, Divus! Night Raven Nursery? How does that sounds? I, for once, love it!"
"Have you gone entirely mad? We can barely handle the older students, as is, with all these overblots going on—" Crewel cried out in disbelief. "And you want to have small, helpless children nearby?"
"They can protect themselves, no?" Crowley rolled his eyes and pointed to a group of children by his coffee table. "Tell him, Rose!" The headmaster beckoned the girl over, and she at once appeared by his side.
The red-haired girl grabbed the alchemy professor by his hand and led him over to the coffee table, which was full with steaming tea-cups and cookies. She let out a little giggle before she took her seat again. "Grandpa Divvy! You're finally here— Do you want to join our tea party?" The girl patted the empty seat next to her. "My daddy always throws tea parties, as well— with all of his friends! But oh well, mine are so much more fun than his! Who wants to follow all these strange rules about how to drink your tea? You can drink your tea however you want to at my parties! If you want to add salt instead of sugar, go for it!"
The boy with orange hair, seated next to her, let out a hum of agreement. "I love salty tea! Way better than sugary sweet..." he exclaimed while pushing strands of hair out of his face. A satisfied sigh escaped his lips, and he gave a peace-sign to the baffled professor.
"Don't mind Anthony and his strange tastes... He got it from his father," a girl at the table said and let out a little giggle. Without wasting any time, she had skilfully poured tea into an empty cup and now held it out to the professor. She urged him to take it when he wouldn't, otherwise. "Here, have some tea, mister! I would usually hand you some cake to go along with it, but Grandpa Crow said that he doesn't have any."
Finally, Crewel took the cup and dared a little sip. "And who might you be?" he asked when she handed him a cookie and some sugar cubes for his tea.
"I'm Madeleine! Mommy always says I'm as sweet as madeleines, hehe. And Daddy always says my eyes are the same colour as perfectly baked madeleines." Her eyes shone proudly as she took another sip from her tea. "You should come by our bakery someday, Grandpa Divvy! It's been a long while since you've visited us. There's tons of new cakes on our menu that Daddy wants you to try!"
"Grandpa Divvy?" he repeated the nickname in confusion. "How peculiar..."
The professor was ripped out of his thoughts when the sound of crying reached his ears. He turned his gaze to the sobbing boy who had sought refuge in the soothing arms of Madeleine. A motherly look flashed across her face as she cradled the weeping boy in her arms. "Oh my, Bernard... why are you crying?" she asked and stroked his soft hair.
"Eris is being mean to me again!" he yelled out and pointed to another red-haired girl at the table.
"Really?" Madeleine asked softly. "What did she say?"
"She told me that I would never become a magical enforcement officer like my father!"
Eris rolled her eyes at the accusation and threw her velvety hair over her shoulder. "I didn't say it like that, you idiot," she grumbled under her breath. "I only said that it's very hard to become one! So you need to work a lot and give it your all!"
Bernard's face hardened in determination, and he finally stopped crying. "Well, I will work hard!"
A look of relief flashed across Madeleine's face, and she removed her arms from around the young boy with bright blue eyes. "See? Now you two troublemakers play nicely with each other," she cooed and nudged him towards Eris again, who welcomed him with a playful punch to his shoulder. The sight caused Madeleine to shake her head in amusement. "Oh my, even worse than my own siblings..."
Now that the children were busy playing tea party again, Crewel was allowed to return to the only other adult in the room. "Hm... Dire?" he called out when he found his colleague to be busy handling a large group of children.
Crowley was being climbed on by an endless amount of children. They were giggling and laughing as they were put to the floor again, only to resume their climbing fun. "Yes? Pardon me, I was busy dealing with all these Al-Asim children... There's a bunch of them! They are never-ending!" Crowley let out a little wail when one of the younger siblings began fiddling with his mask. "At least little Zahra is there to calm them down when things get a little bit too hectic."
All the children began rejoicing at once. "Zahra is our bestest friend!" they cried out together and rushed over to the older girl nearby.
She welcomed them with open arms and hugged them all in what seemed like an overwhelming group-hug. A genuinely happy smile decorated her face as she exclaimed, "Aww, I love you guys, too! Everyone of you: Malik, Fatima, Aamira, Ibrahim—"
"See? Never-ending," Crowley remarked, chuckling under his breath. Then, he turned away from the children and focused his entire attention on his colleague. "Now, what is it you needed from me, Divus?"
"Have you noticed the way all of these children address us as their grandfathers? Isn't that peculiar?"
"Well, there is a simple explanation for that—"
"Grandpa Divvy? H-Have you seen my mommy? I... I really miss her!" a little girl with flaming blue hair interjected. Tears stung in the corners of her eyes as she extended her arms out to him, wishing to he picked up. The professor reluctantly did so and cradled her in his arms when she began sniffing. "She wanted to read me some bed time stories— my favourite, even! Do you know the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice? Can you read it to me?"
"I'm sorry, but I don't know where your mother could be," Crewel muttered and tilted his head at her. "But now, on closer look... You really do look like (Y/n)."
At that, Crowley broke out into a loud bout of laughter. "Haven't you noticed yet, Divus? All of them look like (Y/n)!" By then, he was wiping the tears from his eyes. "And each of them also shares traits with some other students here at Night Raven College. Do you see that tall boy over there? I swear I've seen someone with blond hair and purple tips around campus before..."
The boy he spoke of stood next to a much smaller girl. A little pout graced her lips as she handed him a hair tie and pointed to her lavender-shade locks. "Konrad... Can you braid my hair, please? The braids opened up when I helped my daddy on the farm earlier..." she muttered and clasped her hands together adorably.
"Of course, Daisy." The blond boy smiled softly and urged her to turn around. With the utmost of care, he ran his fingers through her messy hair and unwinded even the most stubborn knots. "Would you like a French braid, or a fishtail braid... or perhaps we could try out a pull-through braid?"
"Oh— I'd like a French braid! My mommy isn't all that good at braiding, sadly. But she always tries her best!" An enthusiastic grin graced her lips as Konrad went to work with skilful and nimble fingers. After a while, an adorable snort escaped her lips, and she added, "But you should see my daddy try to braid my hair... He is always so impatient and gives up within a minute."
Konrad and Daisy broke out into a fit of giggles.
"Well, I love braiding hair! I wish I could braid my dad's hair, but he's always so busy with his job..." Konrad muttered under his breath and exhaled softly. "At least Mom always allows me to braid her hair, even if hers isn't as glossy and smooth as Dad's—"
The two were interrupted by a boy having snuck up on them and yelling, "Boo!" A grin appeared on his lips when the two children began screaming. The fear on their lips soon transformed into utter frustration, especially once they realised that the half-done braid had opened up again. The mischievous boy merely shot them a large grin, his sharp front teeth sticking out. He also possessed pointy ears and shaggy black hair, where little tufts of hair stuck out on each side. "Did I scare you?"
The headmaster let out an exasperated sigh and scolded, "Ciaran, don't go scaring others like that! People might start crying or—"
He was interrupted by a slap, its echo bouncing around in the office. Surprised, he realised that sweet and adorable Daisy had marched up to Ciaran and had whacked him over the head angrily. "Oi, take that, you stupid fae!" she yelled and began growling like a feral dog.
A series of whimpers escaped Ciaran's trembling lips. "Ouch..." He held his head in pain and watched in shock as Daisy marched back to Konrad, smiling innocently as if nothing had happened. Konrad patted her on the shoulder before beginning to braid her hair anew.
"—or they might take revenge... and then you'll start crying..." Crowley finished and shook his head in disbelief.
At once, a gentle human girl appeared by the side of the wounded fae child. She tucked her silver-coloured hair behind her ears before she soothingly whispered, "Hey, don't cry... Where does it hurt?" Her voice was as soft as expected, probably even able to lull the wildest of beasts to sleep.
Ciaran let out a series of sniffles. "She hit me here, Chimere..." He pointed to the red mark on his forehead.
Chimere smiled gently and took his hand into hers. "You don't need to cry... Adam and I are here for you," she cooed, and at her command, a green-haired boy with slightly pointed ears appeared by her side.
A confident grin appeared on Adam's face as he yelled out, "Yes! Don't cry!" The volume of his voice was so loud that he managed to outyell every other child in the office. He gave Ciaran's hand an empathetic squeeze. "It will go away!"
"Now my ears hurt..." Ciaran complained, yet smiled at his two friends.
Crewel, who had been in deep thought until now, let out a drawn-out sigh after having analysed the faces of the last three children. "You're right, Dire... They all look like (Y/n)..." he admitted woefully and cast his gaze at the ground. "You say that you destroyed the space-time continuum, right? Could that mean that these are various timelines where (Y/n)—"
"—married a different student here at Night Raven College and had children? Yes, absolutely! That's the only logical explanation," Crowley finished while picking up a tired Aria into his lap.
"Ah... I hate it here..." Crewel huffed in disappointment. "To think that my adopted darling child would marry one of these dirty street dogs..."
Crowley, however, waved him off and began laughing happily instead. "Hey, don't be so pessimistic, Divus! I love it here..." A blissful sigh escaped his lips when Aria had finally fallen asleep in his lap, softly breathing and cuddling up against his destroyed jacket. "Lots of grandchildren for me, (Y/n)'s other adoptive dad. And who else would be better at playing babysitter than me? Oh, this is simply paradise..."
"Excuse me?" it came from outside the office. "Headmaster Crowley, are you in there?"
Crowley froze in fear. "O-Oh— don't come in, please. I'm very busy right now!" he cried out nervously.
"It's me, (Y/n). It's an emergency! Grim climbed onto a tree and doesn't know how to get dowm now!" In your desperation, you had pushed the door open and marched inside, initially not even noticing the many children. You rushed over to the headmaster and clasped your hands together. "Please, he's been crying for the last hour already... and nothing we've tried so far works—" It was only when a child curiously tugged at your blazer that you realised how the room was filled to the brim with children. By then, they were all silently staring at you in awe.
"Uh... You must be wondering why there are so many children here..." Crowley trailed off and shot you a sheepish smile.
"Yes, indeed." You furrowed your eyebrows when all the children began flocking to your side. "Where did these guys come from?"
Crewel rubbed his temples in exhaustion. "Well, it's a long story—"
He was interrupted by a sudden return of the screaming and wailing from earlier, now tenfold worse. In a united chorus, all the children yelled out, "Mommy! Mommy!" Small and chubby hands were grabbing you wherever they could, even toppling you over and sending you falling to the floor.
"I missed you, Mommy!" someone screamed from your left.
From your right, someone yelled, "Mommy, can we finally go home now?"
The masses around you blurred into one big mess. "Help!" you cried out as you were hugged and squeezed by more children than you could count.
"Oh no," Crewel muttered, furrowing his eyebrows. "We have to help (Y/n), Dire!"
However, Crowley merely shook his head woefully. "I don't think we can, Divus. It would be impossible to tear a child from their mother— even more so when its dozens of little brats." The worried frown on his face soon turned into a enormous smile, and another heavenly sigh escaped his lips. By then, his eyes were basically the shape of hearts as he stared at the children in delight. "Well, what a grand opportunity to have met all of my lovely grandchildren! I should destroy the time-space continuum more often."
Crewel rolled his eyes. "Please don't..."
The screaming and yelling soon became unanimous — and you could somehow discern them yelling, "Mommy, I love you!"
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michelletsw · 2 months
Twisted wonderland boys with a s/o that's deathly scared of spiders
Twisted wonderland boys reactions to walking in on there s/o standing on something looking like there going to cry trying to kill a big spider.
I made epels so long compared to the rest of them lol TwT sorry also I didn't do ortho but I threw him in with idias. I'm changing them up a bit gets kinda random with the hair spray lol.
((I honestly don't know if idia or vill are scared of spiders I couldn't find anything about it so I'm just going off there personality here sorry TwT))
Warnings ⚠️ cursing, not spell checked,
Heartslabyel, octavinelle, scarabia, pomefiore, ignihyde, savanaclaw, diasomnia.
He was making his way over to ramshackle for a sleep over, walking into the dorm and making his way up to your room only to stop when he hears you yelling? Walking towards the sounds he ends up infront of the bathroom door, knocking he asks if your Allright. To which you respond by yelling at him to come help you, he opens the door and sees you backed into the corner clinging onto a hair spray bottle for dear life. Panicking he asks what happened, what are you doing? Why are you in a towl??? "SpIdEr. HeLp." He turns to look at the still running shower and spots a unreasonably giant spider just hanging out on the wall next to your soaps. "Okay you go get dressed and I'll take care of it" mainly only saying this because he doesnt want you to see him struggling with this both mentally and physically. You hand him your hair spray and run to your room now that he's alone it's just him and the spider. He can do this...... he can't do this. Has psyched him self out multiple times when trying to put cups or something over it, attempting to kill it with his shoe failed because he got to nervous he might miss and it would jump on him. Ended up retreating over the the other side of the room and thinking for about 2 minutes before it clicks, he turns the shower back on and grabs to shower head and moving it so the water just hits the spider and it goes down the drain! Done and done!.... not done and done he repeats not done and done!!! It worked for the most part but it's not going done the drain it's fighting back, the mf holding on for dear life. You make your way down the stairs yelling for epel and asking if he's doing okay, the boy now panicking he runs over to the sink cabinet and grabs the first cleaning product he saw, that just so happens to be bleach he pours it on the spider and it finally gives up and accepts its fate. He turns the shower off and puts everything back then leaves the bathroom, he tells you everything is fine and he killed it. You 2 then continue on with your sleep over and hang out for the rest of the night.
Rook was on his way to do his daily stalking check up on you to see what your doing and what not. Letting himself in he makes his way to your room only to stop dead in his tracks when he hears you yelling from the common room, he quickly makes his way over to you afraid something might of happened. Walking in he sees you standing on the coffee table with your eyes watering, he instantly looks to where your looking at snd sees a large spider on the wall where the couch is. You still haven't noticed him it seems, he grabs one of his shoes and smashes the spider, This quick action makes you jump almost falling off the table. Rook grabs you and places you down on the other couch next to the window "wait here mon petit trickster" he leaves to the kitchen and comes back with a paper towel and cleaning cloth, he cleans the spider mess off the wall then his shoe. Throwing them away he goes back over to you kissing the back of your hand "what shall we do this afternoon mon amour" you go get food and have a picnic in the botanical gardens, talking about your day and what not.
Due to his busy schedule your dates normally consist of doing self care or movie nights in his room, you where sitting on his bed waiting for him to come back after being disrupted and having to leave the room to answer a phone call. Once he walks back in the room you are now standing on the bench at the end of his bed, he asks what in the world your doing? Turning to him teary-eyed you point to the wall and tell him there's a spider.
You where actually at his dorm room playing some video games and everything was going good till idia called for a snack break. He was walking back to his room and when he got to his door he heard you screeching, he quickly opened the door and ask you what happened? You now standing on his desk chair, point to the wall next to you and theres a big ass spider. Now you both look like your about to cry "YOU SHOULD KILL THAT!" "Um No FuCk tHaT!" Idia yelled back jumping on his bed. Your yelling combined with the noise of random objects being thrown at the spider could be heard all the way from the kitchen where ortho was, curious but he didn't think much of it atleast till he heard you screaming "Ah! IT MOvED FUcK iT!!" "DoN't Abandon Me Here!" Followed by the sound of a door being thrown open and running. You and idia now both in the kitchen sitting on the floor ortho of course ask what happened and if you two are okay, checking your vitals and looking for any injuries. You explain what happened and that there's a giant spider in idias room. "Oh! Is that all?" Ortho chuckles and grabs a cup, making his way up to idias room. Idia and you look at each other still a little startled, you break into laughter over your own reaction. idias nervously joins your laughter as you both get up and make your way back to see what orthos doing. You and idia peek your heads through the door way to see ortho happily holding the spider in a cup with paper under it, making his way to the door to go outside. Seeing you both he holds up the spider showing you that he caught it, you both thank him as he leaves. You continue on with your hangout with ortho joining you, gaming and hanging out till ortho makes you to go to bed around 12.
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random-twst-things · 3 months
*When Mc/Y/N/Yuu finally connects the dots to their dreams*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: ......
Deuce: Are they okay? They've been staring at nothing for 10 minutes
Jack: Actually it's been 16 minutes close to 17
Grim: idk, they've been like then ever since they looked up after taking a bite of their lunch food
Ace: Was lunch that bad?
Grim: HEHE no it was delicious, not as good as tuna of course
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: -ie
Deuce: they spoke!
Epel: Yeah but what did they even say?
Jack: Mc/Y/N/Yuu can you repeat that?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: We're all gonna die
Epel, Jack, Ace, Deuce, and Grim: .......
Ace: ...huh?
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, slowly turning to face ace: We're. all. going. to. die.
Grim: looks like they finally lost it
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ladyorchidia · 3 months
first year gang (+ grim if that's okay) reacting to yuu/mc getting heavily injured in front of them and losing lots of blood? (mostly from overblot)
it can be plantonic or romantic
Another request to go ! Thank you for requesting Anon, I'm so sorry it came out so late. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved doing it.
Content : You get heavily injured in a fight with another overblot, how do the first years individually react to such a devastating sight ?
Warning(s) : mentions of blood and injury, reader is gender neutral so they/them, it can be platonic or romantic whatever suits your taste, might have cussing ? idk. Anyways, have a fun time reading.
First years reacting to mc/yuu getting hurt :
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
If I remember correctly, an insult was enough to make him worked up. He literally punched the living sh*t out of his dorm leader, so try imagining what would happen if you got physically injured.
His mind instantly snaps upon seeing you get hurt, he may sometimes act like a jerk. But no one hurts his best friend.
Especially you.
Loses his temper, will try to murder whoever is over blotting even if they're not mentally stable.
hell he isn't either, after they turn back to normal, he won't hesitate to slap them across the face and spit as many insults there is.
When you're brought to the school nurse, he isn't coming because he's not done with your attacker but Ace will shoot you an anxious glance.
Once you heal up, this guy will fucking scold you but he means good. For once you're not the mom of the group.
"What kind of idiot jumps right in front of strike ?! You're lucky we saved you or you would've been dead by now stupid-"
He's not nice about it cause you made him way too worried. He's supposed to be the one messing around, don't be so reckless especially if your life is at stake.
Doesn't mind fun but not the type of fun that's gonna get you killed.
"*sigh* just c'mere- Yeah don't ask why I'm hugging you, that answer is FAIRLY OBVIOUS !"
Tumblr media
Deuce spade
Deuce is one of the first to check up on you and your injury, if you're unconscious he's going to repeatedly call out your name and beg you to wake up.
He's panicking, and he knows that it doesn't help the situation. But fear quickly turned into anger by the time you were put to safety.
There goes that guy, rest his soul cause getting killed by deuce is the exact opposite of he died peacefully in his sleep.
after a couple days, you would be fully recovered and you can bet this blue haired ex-delinquent will be all over you.
He'll scold you too but not as much as Ace, deuce is a sweet idiot and honestly I love him for it.
Deuce is trying his best but he can't help being mad at himself for not being able to protect you, you're his best friend/Lover !
You need to reassure him that you're fine and that's enough, he's glad you're trying to cheer him up but YOU'RE THE ONE WITH A RUPTURED SPINE- HOW THE HELL IS THAT FAIR ?!
"Repeat after me : I promise.." "Deuce this is stupid" "NO, say 'I promise..?" "...I promise..." "TO NEVER BECOME A HUMAN SHIELD"
"Just do it."
"...I promise I won't become a....human shield..?"
Tumblr media
Epel Felmier
Ok this man is loosing his temper. But like imagine the : you called him a girl temper, now reimagine that but then triple the anger.
That attacker/overblot dude is dead, he's about to die.
Like Epel doesn't even need help he's already cowboying his way through- wait is that a damn lasso.
Destroying the whole area as if he was an active tornado just obliterating everything and everyone.
Epel is most likely to stand by this quote : "You mess with them/her/him, you mess with me."
Doesn't matter if you're just his friend or partner, that man has loyalty and he is going to tackle anyone in the stomach just for looking at you the wrong way.
He may look pretty but he is deadly, I can assure you that no need to test it.
He won't be panicking when you recover, he's just gonna be relieved you're ok.
Will probably pout a little cause you worried him so much but besides that he hopes that you won't pull a stunt like that again.
"I'm glad to see that you're doing alright.."
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
Ok this one. Is pissed.
He's not gonna let that offense go, you and wake-sama are placed on an equal pedestal so it means that if you get hurt then that means the only suitable punishment to the cause is d e a t h.
Crocodile Sebek goes BRRRRRRRR-
Proceeds to annihilate the bastard, like have some fucking mercy dude- I have never seen a scrope pounding this severe in my whole entire life.
yeah no, the victim isn't getting up after getting his balls turned into a size eleven sneaker.
Sebek is gonna give you those 4 hour lectures when you wake up and there is no escaping it cause you got a leg turned into mash potato.
"And so that is why you should NEVER put yourself in danger EVER again-"
"EPel please save me"
"Where do you think you're going ?!"
Sorry I got carried away, I just love this song so much T_T.
Running through the halls like a one-legged track star as students just hear Sebek yelling from the other side of campus.
Tumblr media
Jack Howl
Ok he turns into big wolf boy the second he takes the sight of you getting hit and heavily injured.
He is going to eat that overbold guy alive, no questions asked.
He was baring his teeth before now he's full on destroying them into oblivion.
Man gets angry, growling was a warning until they crossed the damn line by putting you in danger.
Now it doesn't really matter wether he's your partner, best friend or some kind of family figure. Cause that man is guarantee the best guy to have around, like...LOOK AT HIM !?
he may act tough but he's a real softie that does his best to play fair and square.
No matter what you see him as, Jack is protective and looks after to you. Even more than you can do actually !
Once the fight is over, he's going to the nurse to check up on you.
When he sees that you're out of harms way he's gonna grumble a little bit.
"You really are reckless, don't pull a stunt like that again..Uh ?! No I wasn't worried ! You're strong, there is no way that kind of injury would be able to take you out anyway. But still...I'm glad to see you're alright."
Tumblr media
I know this isn't very good, I'm sorry for not being active as much these days but since it's now the holidays. I'll be posting a lot more with how much time I got !
Thank you for reading !
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whateverdontgiveashit · 2 months
Intrusive thoughts won so you guys get entertainment.
Warning:Crack fic,GN!Self insert(Yuu),relationships can be read whoever you want,Yuu doesn’t find a way home,light angst where the first year friend group falls apart in the future,second person view,Yuu is described as taller and with a deeper voice.
Prompt:(Headcanon)Yuu touches a time artifact that causes their future self to be swaped with them,but apparently Older!Yuu is an ABSOLUTE DILF/MILF/PILF when they grow up and how do their friends react.
So for a history class Trein decided to bring an ancient time artifact he was gifted,to show the students on the lesson about the history of time magic.At first he simply wanted to show and explain what it does but the students wanted to take a closer look!(Mainly Ace and Grim)He relented but only allowed you to do so being that you are one of the more responsible out of your peers and you were magicaless so it’s not like you could use it.And you couldn’t but shit still happen.
A blinding beam of light shot out as the arcane clock began to tick and everything started to warp.
The first years looked in horror as you were envelop in smoke.Only for a larger and fuller figure to take your place.
After all settled their shocked faces only worsened when they saw…
Ace Trappola:
Tumblr media
Just staring mouth agape
Bitch when?
You simply looked around the class confused but also amused as you turn to look at the first year gang you burst into laughter
“Holy shit I forgot how stupid you used to look Ace.”
Why is your voice so deep?
He didn’t register your words
You simply looked amused
As they explained the situation you broke out in laughter
“To think that your guys’s shenanigans would follow me way beyond into the future when we part is so funny to me!”
Hey it wasn’t even my fault this time!Wait-
So apparently you never find a way home and all of them grow up to be successful
But fall apart from one another?!
But why,why did we-
“Listen Ace we all grow up and have to do are own shit it’s just life.”
Deuce Spade:
Tumblr media
Absolutely dumbfounded
Eyes about to pop out of their sockets
Mouth agape too
Takes a good 2 minutes to process shit
Just silently staring at you but in reality he is just zoning out into the cosmos
“Deuce you look like a fish”-You say cooly as you simply look around amused
He slowly closes his mouth takes another minute to think jumps back a little and then breaks into a mad blush
It’s fucking Yuu BUT HOT.
He just doesn’t know how to react like he can’t even speak like abddbghh
Tease him doesn’t matter what you say you can say pickles and you’ll send him just by your voice alone.
What does he do now he just standing there like:0.0
Jack Howl:
Tumblr media
He was the only one that from the beginning was like
Please don’t do this
Like he was already against this whole thing from the very start but now he has in front of him a version of you that is older,hotter and has the same scent just a bit different
He is wary
And isn’t sure how to react or what to do
He wants to help he doesn’t know how,you are also hot asf-wait
“Hey Jack long time no see,ey?”
…Yuu what the fuck.
You are extremely amused he is confused and having an internal crisis with himself cause
The situation is serious,time travel is dangerous,where and what happened to their Yuu,when did you grow that massive fucking cake-
Epel Felmier:
Tumblr media
W-Who the fuc-k are ya!
Are the first words he said you looked down at him seemingly unimpressed and curious
And suddenly his tongue was tied and there was a lump in his throat
“Oh shit,Epel!I forgot how puny you used to be!”
Holy fuck.
Who the hell you callin punny ya bastard?!
His accent slipped as you cocked your head back laughing
“Shit,despite that you haven’t changed much”
Wai-*part two*
So after they tell you what happened you tell them you’re from the future
WAIT,so I grow TALLER!
“Yep,you even put on some muscle.”
He’s never been more enthusiastic for the future like he grows taller and stronger and you become sexier it’s a win-win
He ain’t never gonna complaining about Vil no more
Tumblr media
(Pic of Epel when he grows up lol.)
Sebek Zigvolt:
“Yea,yea I’m fine Sebek you don’t need to scream,Damn how did I even finish NRC without going deaf with you around.”
You simply said rubbing your ears and collecting yourself
“Sebek you good?”
If Deuce was starting into the oblivion Sebek is starting at your soul.
Tumblr media
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Almost Within My Grasp, Pomefiore version.
Song I'd recommend, Not Like The Movies, By Katy Parry
Notes- I'mma have to start looking up other ways of telling someone you like 'em and wanna go out with 'em. Yes, I am that bad with romance, don't judge.
TW- Possible mentions of events in the past events. Mentions of someone being a jerk, (in Vil's. I mean there is no way other students aren't jerks to The MC, let's be real.) Probably out of character.
Vil Schoenheit 🪞
Vil stepped into Pomefiore lounge and sighed loudly. Epel was being held back by Rook and a few other Pomefiore dorm members, another dorm member cowering away from the feral first year. "What is going on here?" Everyone turned to look at their Housewarden before Epel shook off the people holding him back and pointed a finger shaky with rage at the still cowering student.
"He said (Y/n) should just give up an' leave Night Raven! That everythin' would be better if they just never came 'ere!! That they were useless!" Vil looked at the cowering student and sighed again, obviously disappointed. "We'll be talking about this later. Leave, all of you, except Epel and Rook." As the other students left the room Vil turned back to the other two. "Epel, I admire you standing up for your friend, but honestly, violence isn't always the answer." As Vil continued to lecture Epel he couldn't help but worry that this was somewhat his fault.
The Prefect had been helping him out, just like they discussed after they woke up from their breakdown, and the longer the two spent together the clearer it became that some members of his dorm were starting to judge (Y/n), even more than they used to. "All of you should ignore what those others say, if they aren't able to see all that (Y/n) actually does here, then they're blind." "Ah, Roi de Poison, the love you have for the trickster is truly outstanding indeed!" "Wha...?" Epel blinked at his Vice Housewarden as Rook continued his rant about how Vil's love for The Prefect would be the most beautiful love ever, y'know. Usual Rook stuff.
Epel looked towards Vil who didn't deny what Rook was saying, and that was enough for Epel to realize it was the truth. "Vil you have feelings for (Y/n)?!" "What of it." Before Vil could say anything else there was the sound of something breaking. The three of them turned to face the source of the noise. The Prefect stood there, eyes wide, having dropped a vase of flowers that Vil had sent them to get. "Oh, Trickster! You have returned! How much did you hear?" The Prefect looked at Vil with wide eyes, their (e/c) eyes swimming with fear and confusion. "Vil...? Rook's not serious is he." "Oui, I am." "Then he's confused, right?!"
Why did they sound so desperate? Vil sighed and looked (Y/n) in their eyes. "No, he is not." Inside his mind, Vil was screaming out in frustration. He really hadn't wanted them to find out. "Rook, Epel, leave us please." "Oui." Rook dragged Epel out after him as Vil turned back to (Y/n), who was still staring at him in disbelief. "I do like you, (Y/n). I think you're... Beautiful." "Hah...haha... I thought you would have better taste than that, Vil." Vil furrowed his eyebrows and opened his mouth to say something about how ridiculous it was for them to say that about themselves before they wrenched open the doors leading out of the lounge and running away from him. Like a scene from a movie. But Vil didn't chase after them, that was for a hero to do. And Vil was never the hero, not even now. ... Besides, he knew they probably needed a little space.
Epel Felmer 🍎
Epel took a deep breath as he stood in the school courtyard, waiting for The Prefect to show up. He had left them a note asking them to meet him there because he decided he would tell them about his feelings after all. Why? Well, a few days ago he and Deuce had been studying together when the topic of (Y/n) came up. Deuce had said something about worrying about (Y/n) not knowing how much he appreciated them sometimes and it was actually all the push Epel needed.
But now, he was starting to worry that (Y/n) wasn't coming, with every second that passed he got more and more nervous. He has only been out there for a few minutes, but it felt like hours and he was tempted to just give up, but before he made his mind up for good he heard fast footsteps approaching him. "Epel?" The Prefect approached him with a curious smile, stopping right in front of him. "Something up? I got your note."
"I have to tell you something." Epel took a deep breath, to keep his voice from shaking and his accent slipping out. He didn't care to admit that he might have practiced in front of his mirror the night before. "Okay? I'm listening." The Prefect hoped that their apprehension didn't show on their face, anything like this could end up being some kind of crazy errand that they had to do. Although they didn't think that Epel would ask something crazy of them, like a certain headmaster. ... But they could never be too sure.
"Willyougooutwithme?" He said it fast, like ripping off a bandaid, but it only earned a few confused blinks from the Prefect, who was inwardly questioning if he was speaking in his accent again, and they were trying to translate it, but they weren't sure. "I'm... Sorry? Could you say that again?" They saw Epel's shoulders slump slightly before he squared them again and grabbed their shoulders. "I said I want to go out with you! As in I like ya a whole bunch!" He was definitely overly annunciating his words this time, if it was to be petty or to make sure they understood him, neither of them were exactly sure.
Epel was looking directly into (Y/n)'s eyes, but he couldn't tell what they were feeling, he was getting fear mostly, but why would they be scared? The Prefect shook his hands off their shoulders and made a break for the school building. "Hey!" Epel was about to go after them before he stopped himself. ... After all, he had already decided that he would respect any awnser they gave him. ... Even if that awnser was running away.
Rook Hunt 🏹
The Prefect was currently putting up a few posters that Crowley asked them to, they didn't even bother to pay attention to what kind of event the posters were for. They knew in the long run, they would be doing a lot more than hanging up posters for the event. Grim had skipped out on them, but that's not to say they were alone. Rook was trailing after them, complimenting them as they went.
Leona groaned as he passed by the two. Honestly, he had enough. Rook had been ranting about the Herbivore all day during their shared classes when Leona bothered to show up that is, but even then he could hear Rook going off about how great The Prefect was. "Honestly just tell them you want to go out with them already!" He growled, not stopping to see what effects his words would have.
(Y/n) and Rook watched Leona's back disappear down the hall, not a word passing between the two before The Prefect chuckled and went back to hanging up the posters. "See Rook, that's why you shouldn't always say things like that, even people who know you can get the wrong idea." The Prefect knew that Rook didn't mean to flirt, it was just the way he was, but it did make their heart flutter more than they wished it did.
"But ah, my dear Trickster, Roi de Leon is correct, I do want to go out with you." (Y/n) froze and turned to face Rook, who had his usual smile on his face, but his face read the utmost sincerity. Their mind felt blank, their tongue felt heavy in their mouth somehow. They gave him a shaky smile, and Rook could tell that they were confused and scared. "I... Gotta go." (Y/n) turned on their heel and took off down the hall.
Rook didn't follow them, he could tell they were scared and confused, he hoped that one day they would tell him what they were feeling to his face, and if he knew them, they would, they had a good heart. It was one of the things that he found the most beautiful about them after all.
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End notes- These aren't getting stale, are they? I think they might be. Aw well, too far in now, and I don't wanna give up. Just gotta try harder! In other news! I'm gonna try to say how much I hate my own writing and how much it sucks less often! (Emphasis on try. Heavy emphasis.) It's getting repetitive and it doesn't help. (At least not in the beginning notes. But the end notes are just to get my thoughts in order anyway.)
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*On a winter break Epel in his home land and Sebek visite him while recording for Yuu and the other first years*
Epel: Wanna know how cold it is here?
Sebek, throw water from the jug into the snow and it didn't freeze
Epel and Sebek: ...
Epel looking at camera: It will freeze soon
Sebek the backround support: Yea, yea...
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