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Next door neighbor-B.B. version
Logan Howlett’s version here
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Summary: Your next door neighbor, Bucky, has been trying to get your attention for a while now, but he fears that he’s taken the whole situation the wrong way. Will you ever give him a chance?
Warnings n stuff: 18+, modern au(but Bucky still has his enhanced senses and stuff), virgin!female!reader, reader is 25, smut!, fluff, bucky is a whore at the beginning, mentions of virginity(obviously), unprotected sex, penetration, creampies, multiple orgasms, soft sex, rough sex, lots of cum, belly bulge, multiple positions, scent kink, sexual frustration, talks of masturbation, talks of sex toys, choking, finger fucking, breeding kink, biting, he calls readers pussy ‘her’, dirty talk, oral(fem receiving), spit, pet names: pretty thing, pretty girl, sweetheart, sweet girl, cockslut, cock hungry slut, mentions of noncon touching(not by Bucky), both of them are lusting horny idiots, he licks his lips like a loooot, they argue like once, reader is a tad bit insecure because of past relationships, Bucky’s a fucking romantic sweetheart😭. WC: 8.8k+
Decided to repost this with Bucky because I like the fic so much. So if you see any “Logan” or “Lo” excuse that haha
All mistakes within this fic are my own!!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Having Bucky as a neighbor is…hard. You overheard what his occupation is one night a bit back, and now you know why he’s gone so much at night. He’s a top of the line security guard for a huge hospital. He leaves at around 6:30 PM and doesn’t come back till almost 7 AM. But on his days off, which he gets quite frequently due to his twelve hour shifts every night, you can hear the thumping of the mattress. The springs when they squeak, the bed frame that nearly pounds against your wall. It starts around 1 in the afternoon, and goes in till late into the night.
He must have some amazing stamina, is all you can think, well…besides thinking about how amazing it would feel to be on his cock, in his bed- or yours- and how fucking good it would feel to have his lips to yours in a heated kiss that gets you fucking throbbing. You’ve heard Bucky’s grunts through the walls, how throaty they are, how deep they are. They make you wet, to the point every day when it starts, you have to put in earbuds or you’ll contemplate doing something to yourself, touching yourself.
But that also doesn’t stop you from laying there and listening sometimes, thinking about how good it would feel, how his cock would fuck you dumb. It doesn’t help that you’re a raging virgin, if that’s how you’d like to put it. Twenty five and haven’t had much experience. Some of the dates you’ve been on were been nice, but most felt rushed because every guy wanted to fuck you on the first or second date, even a little non consensual touching happened. And they weren’t worth any of that, obviously. They didn’t compliment you, most of them didn’t anyways, they didn’t kiss your cheek or bring you flowers, chocolates, or even a fucking small teddy bear. Nothing. It was bland talk, and dry laughs for the most part of the dates, and then immediately they tried to get up your skirt or in your pants.
You don’t like those types of guys.
And Bucky surely sounds like he brings home a different woman every time his bed frame bangs the wall, but that’s different…right?? He’s not leading them on. Because sometimes you’ll hear them ask about the ‘next time’ or if there will be another night, and he says no, he tells them that he only occasionally does more than a night, but it’s rare. The woman usually understands though, and she leaves.
But…since you moved in a year ago, something in Bucky has changed. All he wants to do is you. But he’s a bit stubborn, so he thought that maybe fucking the women he’s bringing home, so hard that it would catch your attention and you’d hop into his bed one night and he’d take you out to dinner or something, make a habit of you. But Bucky is almost positive now that he’s got that completely wrong. He’s got it all wrong. Especially when he holds the elevator doors open for you and you rush in, a small smile on your lips as you mumble him a ‘thank you’ that he hears.
The corners of his mouth lift up and the doors close, but he can’t help to smell you. It’s a little after lunch, did you just touch yourself? He smells the sweet fragrance and it’s killing him, yet this is how it goes weekly. His hands are in his pockets as you both silently wait for the elevator to get to the bottom floor. God it feels like it’s taking forever.
“Uh, so…” Bucky starts with a small scowl. How does he even go about this type of thing??? It’s been a while since he’s asked someone on a date. Usually he’ll find the ladies that he brings home at bars or at clubs that he sometimes works at over the weekends. But he’s not asked anyone out on a date in…a long time.
You keep quiet but your gaze falls upon him. These are the moments you realize how fucking tall he is, his shoulder width is insane, and how fucking good he looks. Bucky’s eyes don’t meet yours, not for a few seconds anyways. “I- i don’t do this often but…I was wondering if you’d like to go out to dinner?”
Did those words just leave his mouth???? Did they really? What even takes you more off guard is the fact that he says ‘he doesn’t do this very often.’ Huh?! “I- I’m sorry?” You ask, a bit confused and taken back. Times ticking, there’s only six more floors to go. “I was just-.” He starts but you give him a polite smile, “look, Bucky… don’t, I’m not looking for a one night stand. I can hear the fucking bed frame hitting the wall every night. I just can’t do that…i- i can’t.” You shake your head and turn towards the door before it opens.
Bucky is stuck to his spot in the elevator as he watches you leave, and his brows furrow. You could hear it all. And he definitely knows he fucked up now. He should’ve known that as sweet as you are and innocent-because let’s admit it, he’s heard your soft cries at night while getting off on your fingers- you’d think he’s a jerk.
But Bucky doesn’t just take home any woman. He takes the ones back that only want a night or two, and that’s it. And you’re the first woman, in a long time, who’s made him feel any sort of way.
As he watches you walk out the elevator and into the lobby, he’s frozen. Bucky watches you greet the elderly couple and chat with them for a moment before going on about your day, and he does too, once he’s able to move, but you’re sitting in the front of his mind for the whole day.
Tumblr media
A week has passed, and you’ve run into Bucky once since then. He offered, again, to take you out on a date. This time, you almost went with it, but you didn’t. You hadn’t been hearing any sort of woman being brought over, so you think that maybe he’s being serious. Maybe this is his way of proving it to you.
But then last night, as you sat on your bed earlier, you could hear it. Well you thought you could, except this time it wasn’t a steady thump or creaking of the bed, the frame wasn’t hitting the wall. It was just the sound of his grunts and some kind of wet sound. You could hear him mutter and groan under his breath, and that’s when you knew that he was masturbating.
What else was Bucky supposed to do?? He’d gone almost two weeks by that point without fucking someone, and he was desperate. So he resorted to his hand, and fuck it he hadn’t of wished it were you and your sweet cunt. That’s honestly all he’s been thinking about for a solid few months now. That all the other women he brought home were you. Their moans and whimpers weren’t the same though. And he knew your pussy would feel different too. Yours is sweeter than any other pussy he’s ever smelled, your arousal makes his mouth water and his cock hard.
After another week of being shot down, even with no women being brought over, Bucky is starting to feel hopeless. He doesn’t want to bug you, he doesn’t want to be a creep, but he really wants you to give him a chance. Maybe he should take a new approach.
So after work, Bucky ran by the store and grabbed some flowers-that he very specially picked out for you. Thankfully he worked an odd shift today, so you should be up. He rushes to your apartment and knocks on your door, hoping you’ll answer. Bucky hears shuffling and then you pick up something, then he hears you at the door.
You look through the peephole before opening the door and you let out a sigh of relief before plopping the knife down on the table beside you. “Bucky…you’re home at a weird time…” you say with a small laugh. Bucky can’t help but to realize you know his schedule. That’s cute.
“Yeah I picked up a weird shift but uh…I wanted to bring these to you.” He says as he extends his long arm to hand you the flowers. Your eyes go a little wide and you feel heat rising to your cheeks. “I- oh they’re gorgeous, Bucky.” You can really tell he put some thought into them, and they look very expensive too.
They’re made up of reds, pinks, white, and some yellow flowers. There’s a few dark green pieces as well, and they’re very much real. The wrapping used for the flowers has white hearts on it, and it’s paper- not plastic. There’s pink twine wrapped around the bunch of stems to hold them together better, and there’s a little card sticking out of the center with a bumble bee stamped onto the outside of it. You smile and Bucky’s heart hammers in his chest. He’s never felt so nervous, not in a long time at least.
His eyes watch as you take the card and flip it open. Bucky licks his lips and swallows, hoping you’ll take him up on the offer. He fears this will be the last time he asks you if you say no.
The little card reads,
‘The most beautiful woman deserves the most beautiful flowers. The last time I bought someone flowers was twenty years ago, if not longer, so I hope this means a little something. The colors reminded me of you. So sweet and so pretty, always a ray of color and light in my days when I see you and your smile.’
Your smile grows more once you read it, and you can’t help but reread the words. They’re actually…in his handwriting. The numerous times you’ve seen him write something at the PO Boxes here at the complex have made his writing pretty much recognizable to you, so you know he’s being serious if he wrote this himself and not let the printer or some other person do it.
You put the small card down into the little holder before turning your eyes to his face again. “One date. No sex, no dirty flirting, no vulgarity, one date. And if it goes well, we can take it further. But if you butcher it, Mr. Barnes, no more!!” You say with a soft smile on your lips.
Bucky can’t help but chuckle as he nods, “yeah, I completely get it. I won’t ruin this. I’ve dreamt about this for months.” He says before his lips stay permanently into a nice, handsome smile. “How does tomorrow at seven work for you??”
Tumblr media
You never thought it would be happening, but as you stand outside of the all too expensive restaurant, your heart races. You’re definitely dressed for the occasion, but you’re nervous. As you’re in your own head, standing, looking into the window of the restaurant, someone lightly grabs your elbow and you jump. “It’s just me, sweetheart.” Bucky says, voice deep. “Oh, shit, sorry.” You apologize and a crack of a smile appears on his red lips. He speaks while his hand moves down to yours, taking your freshly manicured hand into his. “Don't have to apologize, I’m the one who startled you after all. What’s going through that pretty head of yours, hmm?” He asks, his hand that nearly swallows yours, squeezes yours and your heart thumps louder. “Just…there’s a lot of people.” You lie right through your teeth, but you’re more than sure that Bucky buys it because he nods. “Yeah, there is. But the food is absolutely delicious, sweetheart.” He hums before he leads you to the huge doors, and someone opens them for you both before Bucky escorts you in.
Dinner goes well. No flirtatious remarks, but Bucky does everything he can to compliment you. He compliments your hair, your nails, asks if it’s a new perfume you have on because it’s different from the ones he’s smelled on you before. He compliments the dress you’re wearing, and the shoes, even the tattoos that he’s never seen before, and he wonders what else you’re hiding from him.
You don’t expect him to compliment your laugh though. “What!? That happened!?” You ask after Bucky tells you about one of his many night shift stories at the hospital, mentioning the fact that a man fell on his ass while rushing to his car, for whatever reason, and it was icy. So he plummeted. Bucky then said the man proceeded to slide under his own jeep, and couldn't stop until he managed to grab ahold of the foot piece on the other side. “No fucking way!!” You say softly before you giggle. Your hand goes over your mouth as you laugh, imagining that the guy must’ve been so embarrassed because wow, you’re getting second hand embarrassment for him. “Yeah….nearly went down to the ground laughing at him myself.” Bucky chuckles as he listens to you laugh. When you finally manage to settle down, you take in a breath of air before drinking some water. “Your laugh…I’ve never heard you laugh so much before. But my god, it sounds so sweet.” He hums low before he licks his lips.
You feel your cheeks heating up again and you smile, “I- oh wow…No one’s ever said anything like that about my laugh. Bucky, I really- you’re a charmer aren’t you?” You giggle a little more and he laughs, “only for you. You’re the only one I’m seriously committed to for as long as you will have me.”
On the way back to the apartments, Bucky’s words play over again and again in your head. That he’s yours for as long as you’ll have him. Is he this serious about it? About you?? You’re brought back to the car ride when he squeezes your hand that he’s holding in his lap, sort of on his thigh. “Something wrong??” Bucky asks, voice deep and gruff, but something about it is always so soothing. You shake your head, and it’s the truth. Nothing is wrong, everything seems so right. “No, nothings wrong, just taking in everything.” And it’s halfway true, because you’re trying to wrap your head around how he went from fucking so many women, to looking like he’s in love with you.
Maybe one day you’ll have the guts to ask him, but for now it’ll wait.
Indeed, when he dropped you off at your door that night, he kissed your cheek, and you promised him another date. But you also told him you’d be out of town for a week, so he’d have to plan for when you got back. That was no issue for Bucky, because as soon as you were back, he let you get settled, let you get some rest, and then that next morning he knocked on your door. Bucky had you get dressed, “wear something cute but cozy.” He said, and so he dragged you out of the door after you got dressed.
He took you to a park, full of statues and art for the whole world to see. You walked the whole place and thankfully, Bucky steered you right with cute but cozy clothes. The sneakers you wore were perfect for the occasion. Bucky then brought you to a place for brunch. You drank coffee, ate some baked goods, and then made it on your way to the next destination. You remember asking him over and over again where he was taking you, but he wouldn’t say.
So when Bucky pulled up to a botanical garden, your smile came back onto your face. He didn’t even have time to tell you where you were, because you already knew. You loved this place, went there so often that you knew it like the back of your hand, but of course Bucky didn’t know that, so you explained to him, and he felt a little bad. He thought he'd picked out really good spots. But you reassured him that you loved it so much.
Bucky was relieved, he’d worked so hard to plan that date, and he wanted you happy. You two went out for dinner again, and he got you even more flowers, a bigger bouquet too. It had a small box of expensive chocolates with it, and you fell harder for the man.
Tumblr media
After a few more dates, Bucky finally got the courage to ask you to be his girl. Of course, over those dates, he realized and learned that you’re not a crowd person. You don’t like large crowds or a lot of attention on you, so he asked you to be his girl while the two of you were cooking in your apartment. It was romantic, and Bucky looked at you as if you were the brightest star in the sky, guiding him in the right direction of his sort of messy life.
You couldn’t say no, and you didn’t want to. He was thrilled. It was the most perfect dinner and snuggles he ever had, and he was happy- still is, the both of you are.
One small issue was that Bucky’s schedule got busier. So less dates is what became of that, but it didn’t deter your care and passion for each other. He’d often come to your place to sleep if he’d missed you way too much that day, and he needed you. He’d knock and knew that you had waited up for him, every night, and you’d help him shower and get dressed- simple loving things. Then you’d crash in your bed, tangled up together all warm because of his body heat, and all cozy.
Thankfully, the busiest time of year passed quite fast, and he was able to start back his regular schedule, which ultimately made you both happy. Bucky planned date after date, along with your help of course, and you never grew tired of each other.
Tumblr media
Your first argument was two months ago. You’d asked him, ‘how did you go from fucking so many women, to only wanting to be with me?’ And he had an answer. He just didn’t know if you’d like it or not. So he sat you down, held your hands, and told you.
Bucky told you how he instantly felt pulled to you the moment you two locked eyes, how he knew he had to have you, thought it would be best to try and make you jealous. But he found that stupid the more he thought about it, and he slowly realized that he needed to stop. So when you kept shooting him down, he knew that it was time. So he stopped. Bucky told you the truth, that he never really wanted to fuck all of those women, but he thought that it would get your attention.
That made you upset. He’d never seen you get upset at him or angry, but you were that time. Maybe you were being a little immature-you thought to yourself-, but the thought of him trying to make you jealous, when he had barely talked to you and didn’t even try to get to know you, was a hit in the face. It just felt dirty. So you didn’t talk for a whole week..
Thankfully, a week after that, you two made up. Bucky apologized a million times and bought you many flowers. He had them shipped to your workplace, along with lunch, and dinner dates. He finally won you back- and he thanked whatever god is above-, and you apologized too, for being a little too hard on him. Everything was good again, everything felt right again.
But around a month ago, you felt guilty at the end of one of your dates. The ride home got a little steamy, and you’ve kissed him before- many times. Sleepy kisses, lazy kisses, I missed you kisses, happy kisses, etc etc. But these were different. Bucky needed you, he wanted you so badly. And by this point it’d been around seven months since you started dating officially- nine since the first date. He had to pull over on the side of the road, pull you into his lap, hands were heavy all over your body where he allowed. They didn’t wander much, because he wasn’t sure if you wanted what he did, so he kept them on your hips, waist, thighs, and neck area, until he knew you wanted to go further. But then you didn’t want to go further.
Of course Bucky didn’t show disappointment or anger when you told him you weren’t ready for that yet. He was more than understanding, but his aching cock was a tiny bit of an issue. He’d dreamt so many nights of fucking you into the mattress it had gotten old how many times he had to jerk off just to relieve himself. But he’d never push you to do something you didn’t/don’t want to do- he’d never do it. A boner is only a minor inconvenience, one that’ll eventually go away. So he helped you get back into your seat and then drove you both home.
What he hadn’t expected was for you to not talk to him for a week. You felt guilty. You felt bad. You knew things between you two were going good again and…you felt like, since everyone in the past only really wanted to have sex with you, that’s what you were waiting for to make this relationship spiral into a pit of doom. You were nervous to actually try sex for the first time, and it was not a discussion you wanted to have with anyone- let alone Bucky- but you knew it would have to be done at some point.
So after around a week of unanswered calls and texts, luckily you answered his knocks- after he came by so many times and all you answered with was ‘I’m okay’- on your door and opened up. “Holy shit, you’ve worried the fuck out of me, sweetheart!” Bucky said as soon as you let him inside, and he picked you up, hugged you to him tightly and kissed your cheeks, nose, and lips. “I’ve missed you s’much. Thought I’d lost ya.” He whispered against your lips before he shut the door.
You apologized, profusely. You didn’t let him get a word in, not until you finished. You explained why you felt guilty, why you felt off and odd, and that you were scared. You didn’t want to disappoint him, you didn’t want to be a nuisance either, and Bucky’s heart broke for you. He had no idea that you were a virgin, he figured it was none of his business before now what you’d done with who, but he knew you would’ve told him about it before things got heated between you two, and he was correct.
Bucky didn’t expect for you to give yourself to him, he didn’t expect you to jump the horse and want to have sex with him immediately after that conversation either. So he held you as long as he could that night after the conversation, whispering words of reassurance and validation into your ears. “I don’t care about that. We can do it whenever you want to. You’re not disappointing me sweetheart, I don’t care about that.”
Tumblr media
Yesterday, three weeks after the conversation, Bucky got a new mattress delivered to his apartment. He bought new sheets, silk ones, and new pillows. He bought a whole new fucking bed, let’s just say that, and tossed his other one out while you weren’t home. You had no idea. Bucky was proud of himself. He felt like you would like to sleep on something….new. Something that wouldn’t remind you of his past ‘relationships’(aka.. one night stands) so he’d went out and bought new bedding. A new bed frame, mattress, sheets, blankets, pillows, everything. And he wanted to have you over the next day, so he cleaned up the whole place after the delivery guys had left.
Today, he got up and finished some laundry, then sent you a text, telling you to come over in your best cozy clothes at around 3pm. While Bucky finished cleaning, and then ran to the store for food products, you showered and ate a little something, then picked out a pair of cotton shorts and a big shirt of his.
When the clock hits 3, you knock on his door. You have a small baggy in hand for just extra necessities, because even if you do live next door, you kind of don’t want to have to leave his place. Not even a minute later Bucky opens the door and engulfs you into a warm hug, his lips pressing against yours and his hand on your cheek. “Sweet girl…I’ve missed you.” He whispers before he shuts and locks the door. Because before you he never would. He can protect himself, very well, and he’s never had a reason to. But when you told him that it made you feel safe, he started doing it for you.
“Hi handsome, I missed you too! What were you up to yesterday?” You ask, your hand runs through his hair before you kiss his scruffy chin. Bucky chuckles, “I wanted to show you something. It’s what I was up to yesterday.” He says, voice wavering a little but he wiggles his brows just a bit which makes you giggle. Bucky’s a bit nervous, he doesn’t want you to feel guilty that he replaced his bed for you- because he really wanted to do this; for you.
“Okay, let me just put my bag down and I’ll follow!!” You tell him, eyes bright and smile wide before you place the bag down, crocs sliding off and next to the door before Bucky picks you up into his arms. “I told you you’d never have to walk again if you don’t want to, pretty girl. Especially not in my apartment.” You giggle, that laugh he loves so much, and his heart grows warm at the feeling. He can’t help but press a kiss to your soft lips.
“Take me away, Buck!” You say before you wrap your arms around his neck and he leads you to his room. You’ve been in here dozens of times, but this time it’s different. The walls have different pictures on them. There’s many of you two, and some are just art pieces. He even put up some bookshelves and he sees you eyeing them. “Yeah….I know they’re pretty empty but I was hoping you’d bring some books over and leave them here…so I’d have more of you around the place.” Bucky whispers before kissing your neck delicately. “Notice anything else??”
Your eyes scan the room and they land on the bed after a brief moment. Your eyes squint as you focus and you notice it’s not the same banged up, metal bed frame as before. This bed is a sleek black wood, the poles extending up to leave around a foot and a half from the ceiling. There’s intricate white details, lining some parts of the headboard and footboard, and your mouth falls agape as to how nicely it looks. You also notice the sheets that are sticking out from where the comforter is pulled back are different, and the comforter is new. Everything’s new. “Is…is this all new??” You ask, confused as to why Bucky would go and buy all this stuff. But he nods as he holds you to him tightly. “Slept so good last night, even the mattress is new, pretty thing.” He says as he walks over with you on his body, and he sits down. “Why..?” You ask again, confused.
He chuckles at your expression and kisses your lips, “because I thought that maybe….it was time for a change, but I also wanted you to be comfortable. I know you could hear what all was going on here…in the past. Whenever we finally decide to take that next step, I want you to have something secure, new, and comfortable to be pleasured in. I wanted to get you something that’s just for us, only us.” Bucky tells you honestly as he holds you in his lap, his hands rubbing over your arms as he watches your face.
“I just want you to know, this isn’t some shit, or twisted plan to get you to change your mind about everything, I just want you to know how serious we are. How serious I take our relationship. That I am prepared for when you want to finally have sex with me-if ever-, and when you want to open up- no dirty pun intended.” Bucky says with a small chuckle, but he’s honest about it, before he kisses the crown of your head, pulling you closer into his arms.
It takes you a moment to process everything, but you smile, tears brimming your eyes, and his hands trail over your back as he eases your nerves, or at least he thinks you have nerves. “Bucky…you did this for me?” Your voice comes out small, and quiet. “Yeah, I did.” You hug him tighter, your face resting in the crook of his neck as you smile, “I-I Love you Bucky. Thank you, i- i really don’t know what to say.” You tell him gratefully, and all Bucky expects of you is for you to enjoy it. Whether it be sleeping, cuddling, watching a movie, hell just having you sit on the damn thing would make him so happy. “It’s all for you sweetheart, and you’re welcome anytime. I love you even more, pretty girl.” He then pulls out a key from his pocket, and it’s the spare apartment key to his place. You look at it and you smile, “any time? Really??” You ask, not believing that this man is real, but he nods and that brings you to realization that he is. Bucky is very much real.
Your hand takes the key and you kiss Bucky’s lips, “I really do love you.” You whisper against his lips, and he smiles, “and I love you, so much. I’m not good about putting it into words but…I try to show it through other things.” “You do…you’re amazing Bucky, honestly.” You murmur, and then you set the key down onto his nightstand, which is also shockingly new. “I have been thinking about it though…about losing my virginity. God I hate saying that…” you scrunch your face up and Bucky chuckles at how cute you are. “But I have been thinking! And I want to lose it…tonight. With you…on this new bed…and the new sheets- which are silk?!” You ask as you run your fingers on the material. “I really want to. I’ve dreamt about it…longed for it. I’m not…,that scared anymore. I’m more nervous than anything.” You admit, and your hands hold his as you look at him as if he’s your entire world.
“God, sweetheart, the things I’ve dreamt of doing to you. I’ve just imagined them night after night.” He mumbles against your lips before he stands up and places you onto the bed on your back, his calloused hand-and metal one too- running up your shirt just a little bit. “You’re positive? That this is what you are wanting??” Bucky asks, because he needs to make sure. Bucky needs to make sure because he is positive that once he starts, he won’t be able to stop. He’s dreamt of devouring you, sinking his teeth to leave bite marks all over your skin. Bucky has imagined kissing every inch of your skin, touching every inch of your body, and bringing you to your orgasm, more times than he can count on his fingers- and toes- twice. To say he’s utterly obsessed with you, pretty much any thought of you makes him go crazy, it’s an understatement.
You nod your head as you look up at him, “yes. I’m absolutely positive, Bucky.” Your words come out soft, and you bring your hands up to cup his cheeks. “And….you don’t have to be soft the entire time.” You tell him, your words firm and sure as can be. Bucky swallows and nods, then his lips are on yours as he picks you up and moves you towards the plush pillows, soft but firm and the fabric of the pillow cases are soft too.
The kiss is full of need, on both ends, not just yours. His body is slotted in between your legs as his hands slip up under your shirt, rubbing over the area of your ribs and your hands bury themselves into his messy hair now, thick and untamed. You moan into his mouth, and Bucky can’t help but grind down onto you, and you feel the heaviness of his cock through his sweatpants. “Bucky…” you mumble against his pretty lips, and your eyes stay closed as he starts to trail kisses down your jaw towards your neck. “So…fucking….gorgeous.” He growls out in between every kiss he gives you, and he can’t stop from saying more. “Love you…..so much….want you….need you….been dreaming of you….and thinking about..,,your tight cunt….” He’s breathing a little heavier when he gets to your pulse point, and Bucky starts to nibble on the skin there, causing a moan to slip past your glistening lips.
“Bucky…” you moan, and it sounds like a melody only meant for him to hear. “That’s it, pretty girl….moan for me.” He whispers, and you continue as his hands trail further up, his thumbs brushing past your nipples before he starts to tease them, playing with the hardening buds. You can’t help but let out soft whimpers of bliss as he treats your body like it’s a delicate statue, or like you’re a queen and he’s only meant to serve you, please you.
The further his kisses go, the wetter you get just from his kisses. They’re sloppy and wet, and Bucky’s cherishing every bit of your skin, memorizing it with his hands, lips, and nose as he takes in the scent of your warm skin. You smell absolutely captivating to him, and he can’t imagine not ever being able to have you.
His hands move down from your nipples and breasts to your ribs again, down to your waist and then hips. He kisses down your tummy and over your belly button before his hands slip to the waistband of your shorts. He can feel that you’re not wearing panties.
“Were you…planning on this?” He asks with a small smirk. Your cheeks grow hot and he notices how bashful you get, so he chuckles at your little expression. “Aw, pretty girl…so good for me.” Bucky kisses right above the band of your shorts before he tugs them down, slowly. You watch him as your hands stay buried in his hair, and the further down he goes, the more your hands slip away, and eventually when your shorts are pulled down, your hands are not in his hair anymore. That’s when you notice your shorts are gone, and on the floor somewhere, and you get a little more shy. But he doesn’t allow your legs to close.
Bucky’s hands gently grab you by the thighs and pull you closer to him, so that you’re now at the end of the bed and he’s on his knees, ready to worship you. “Mm…” he growls out low as he looks at your pussy, dripping and wet for him. He can just see the clit peeking out, and his cock throbs harder. He doesn’t say anything else, all he does is lean forward, hands still on your thighs, and places his face right onto your cunt. He takes a deep breath in and a throaty groan escapes him, and you can’t help but to get hotter than you already are. Bucky then takes another breath in, this time some sort of growl comes from his throat and more arousal gushes from you.
“Holy fuck Bucky….please.” You whimper as you clutch the comforter under into your hands, fingernails digging into the fabric slightly. He chuckles against your pussy before he moves his face back a little and then licks up your slit, and just teases you by missing your clit. You let out the most needy little whine and he didn’t think his cock could throb any harder. “Fuck, pretty girl….smell so sweet…sound so sweet, taste even sweeter than I imagined, too.” Bucky grunts out before he spreads your legs wider, and he can’t take it anymore.
Those sweet eyes you’re giving him, and the way you smell, look, and how you crave him just as much as he craves you, makes his head spin. Bucky leans back down and this time when he licks up your slit, he doesn’t miss that pretty clit he’s been wanting to wrap his lips around and suck on. You let out such a filthy moan, he has to grip your thighs harder to contain himself. “Please….mmph…feels too good!” You let out, your eyes closed. You’re so sensitive, never being touched makes you that way, and the fact that you haven’t touched yourself in a week, because you wanted to be absolutely needy when you told Bucky you were ready. And fuck if it isn’t so good already.
Bucky then sucks onto your clit, one of his strong hands leaving your thigh and spreading your lips apart so he can focus more onto your pretty pearl, giving it as much attention as he can. His eyes don’t close, instead they strain to focus on you, how your chest heaves, how your fingers clutch the sheets and comforter, and how your face is so blissed out. You’re so needy, and he’s going to give everything he can to you tonight, and as much as you’ll take.
Bucky pulls away from your clit and then his fingers spread you open even more, so that his tongue can delve into your hole. Your breathing gets heavier, and your pussy flutters at his warm, wet tongue when it slips in. His tongue is long, and when he manages to slip in a finger along with it, you’re moaning more. His nose bumps your clit over and over again, rubbing it just right in ways you didn’t know would feel so good. Guess your friends were right when they said guys with big noses make good use of them.
“So good…” Bucky groans in between lewd noises, complimenting your taste. His finger moves and curls into your cunt, reaching as far into your pussy as he can, then his tongue finally moves back up to your clit, and he flicks his tongue, knowing just how to make you feel good. “Bucky…another…” you moan, back arching as you tell him to slip another finger in. Bucky doesn’t have to be told twice by you. So he pulls back from your clit, gathers spit and then spits it messily and filthily onto your cunt, watching as it drips onto the one finger that’s curling against your g-spot, before he slips the second one into you. “Fuck!” You moan, fists getting a tighter hold on the sheets before he’s moving back to working on your clit, hungrily. Bucky nibbles on it, sucks on it, and flicks it with his tongue. The noises grow louder, wetter, more obscene. He’s never eaten any other woman out like this, he’s not even thought about it. All he’s thought and is thinking about, and forever will, is you. Your pussy, your clit, your lips, body, sounds. Everything about you.
“G-getting….close.” You whimper as you start to squirm a little, body growing hot as you whimper and moan, the sounds are heavenly to Bucky’s enhanced hearing. He groans from the pit of his throat, lapping at you hungrily as he finger fucks you harder, faster, messier. He’s never eaten pussy like this in his life, not this lewdly or needily. No.
He wants you to cum on his face, his mouth, his tongue. He wants every bit you’ll give him, and he’s so fucking glad that when he suckles onto your clit harshly, growling out which sends vibrations through your core, that you cum. Your back arches off the bed, and you try to squirm away but of course Bucky doesn’t let you. He has that one hand gripped onto your thigh and holding you in place as he fingers you and suckles your clit.
Bucky does, however, move his mouth after a few moments, and let’s his nose do the work while he laps at your juices that have leaked from your weeping pussy, and god you taste so good. He groans, cock leaking precum in his sweats as he licks up everything and all that he can of your cum.
When he’s finally done, you’re panting, chest heaving, skin hot and slightly sticky, and your shirt is ridden up so he can see your boobs. Throughout that, he thinks, you must’ve risen it up and started playing with your nipples. “God Bucky….fuck me, need it so bad!” Your raspy, whiny voice breaks him from his trance as he stares at your body. He can’t believe he got this fucking lucky. You’re so debouched, hair a mess, eyes hazy, lips parted, and nipples hard. Your pussy is a mess of slick and spit, and your clit is swollen and sensitive.
“Fuck, pretty girl. Such a pretty pussy, tastes so damn good, look so fucking pretty for me.” Bucky mumbles as he crawls on top of you, helping you take the shirt off while whispering, “let’s take this off…” He then kisses your lips again and being able to taste yourself on his lips, has your pussy walls fluttering around nothing, greedily. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as he kisses you, lids closed, Bucky’s tongue in your mouth, roaming to taste every inch of yours.
His hands grab your thighs and lift your legs up, and he grinds down onto your cunt, his clothed cock hot and heavy. You let out a breathy moan, and you lick your lips. “Taste good, don’t you?” Bucky asks and you nod, “yes…tastes so good.” You’re so blissed, pussy so needy, that you rub up and buck up towards Bucky’s cock. That makes him chuckle before he runs a hand up your body and over your neck. Your breath hitches as his hand closes around your throat, and his face comes close to yours. His breath is felt on your lips, nose bumping yours, “love ya, pretty girl. Think you’re ready for me?”
You nod quickly letting out an, ‘mhm’ and Bucky chuckles again. “So needy….” He grunts out before his other hand goes to your pussy again, feeling the wetness that’s fresh, and it’s not even his spit this time. It’s your arousal. “So fucking wet again. I can tell you’re gonna be my little cockslut.” He smirks before he presses his lips to yours in a searing, hot kiss, then he squeezes your throat a little harder before he stands up, and takes off his sweats. He didn’t have a shirt on, so that’s not an issue, and now you can see he didn’t have underwear on either.
“Fucking….my god.” You breathlessly say when you see his cock. It’s huge. The only thing you’ve ever used is a vibrator, and oftentimes your fingers. You’ve never had anything that big inside of you. You swallow, legs still spread open as you look at Bucky’s cock. “It’s okay…” He whispers as he comes over, crawling back on top of you. “It’ll be okay….I’ve gotcha, pretty girl.” He murmurs before kissing your jaw, then down to your neck where marks have already risen due to his assault on your neck earlier.
You feel the tip of his cock nudge your pussy and you gasp. It feels even bigger without seeing it. Your hands go to his biceps, and you hold onto them, nails digging into his skin. Bucky grunts out in pleasure before he starts to make a steady motion of slipping his cock in between your folds, the leaking tip rubbing your clit every time. “Is this my pussy, pretty girl?” Bucky grits out, his cock throbbing hot against your cunt. “Yes, yes it’s your pussy. All yours, Buck…” you say fast, and needy. Bucky chuckles deeply, cock catching on your hole now as he slips back and forth, dying to be inside of you. “Tell me if you want to stop or if you need a minute.” He says, and before you can reply, he’s nudging his cock into your pussy. “Oh shit…” you gasp out, nails digging further into his skin. Your eyes scrunch closed at the intrusion, and Bucky softly kisses your cheek and face, your lips and jaw. “It’s okay…it’s okay. Doing good, such a good fucking girl. So tight for me too. Ease up a little though, pretty girl. Gotta ease up.” Bucky murmurs, and you try to relax as much as you can, because holy fuck this is a lot.
You swallow as he eases the head in, and you try to relax more. “Keep going.” You tell him, and he obliges. He pushes in some more, and when he hears you take a breath in he stops. He waits the few seconds for you to relax again, and this is repeated until he’s fully inside of you. Your pussy squeezes him so tightly, he’s not sure if he can go more than two minutes without cumming, but he knows with his stamina he can cum many more times than just once or twice. “You’re….fuck.” You say with a small chuckle as your hands soothe over the small cuts on his arm from your nails but they’re pretty much gone now. “You did good. Taking my cock like a good girl. My very good and pretty girl.” Bucky moves a little bit and it has you whimpering. He places his hand onto your lower tummy and you let out a moan, feeling him so deep inside of you. “Gonna make you feel so fucking good…gonna have you stuffed.” He grunts before he eases out and pushes back in.
The first few thrusts are like that, sort of slow, but he pushes back in progressively harder. The more of a reaction he gets from you, the faster that Bucky goes. Eventually he has your legs pushed back, and his cock is ramming into you while the hair at the base of his cock is brushing up against your puffy clit, your moans bouncing off to the walls and for a few seconds you feel bad for your neighbors but…then you remember that you are his neighbor, and Bucky lives at the end of this hall. So it’s likely people can’t hear you as much as you were thinking. But those thoughts are all swept from your mind the second Bucky says something absolutely filthy. His hand wraps around your neck, one arm holding both legs near your head as he fucks you. “Focus on me. Focus on my cock, my voice, the pleasure I’m giving you, or I’ll make you cum. I’ll make you fucking focus.” He growls out as he gets faster, harder, and you moan, nearly screaming.
Everything’s washed from your mind except for him. The way Bucky’s cock drives into your pussy, the lewd sounds of his dick pushing in, pulling out. The feeling of how thick he is, how his heavy balls slap your skin. “Want you to cum in me!” You moan, breathless, but it’s a moan full of pleasure nonetheless.
Bucky nearly cums right then, his balls twitching, cock does too, as his chest heaves. He licks his lips before he gets a dirty smirk on his face, “you…..you want me….to cum in your cunt??” Bucky’s voice is even deeper, and it hits the pit of your stomach, making your pussy clench around his cock, and he groans- guttural and devine to your ears. “Yes! Yesyesyesyes!!!” You chant, voice music to his ears as he fucks you harder. You don’t think you’ll ever walk again from how hard he’s fucking your pussy.
“Oh I’ll cum inside of your cunt, pretty girl. I’ll fill ‘er up so good….that she’s leaking my fucking cum for a week. You won’t be walking, you won’t be off of my cock for longer than five minutes at a time.” He growls, hand tightening around your throat, and Bucky has you seeing stars.
You unexpectedly cum, trembling under his glistening body as you do, and you pant, nipples hard and exposed. He then pushes your legs down further, hand leaving your neck as he takes a nipple into your mouth and sucks on it, nibbling some afterwards. You cry out at the pleasure, and this isn’t exactly how you imagined the first time for you going, but you’re definitely not going to complain either.
The second you feel that Bucky is about to cum, he doesn’t. He pulls his cock out, maneuvers you so that you’re faced down. He grabs a pillow, one that he bought for you both to use, places it under your hip area, and then spreads your legs just wide enough for him to push back in. The stretch is more now, and he feels that you’re even tighter since you’re not so splayed out for him. “Fuck! Good girl….good girl. Taking my cock like it was fucking made for you. Huh? It was made for you, wasn't it baby??” You sob out from under him, his hands holding you down as he fucks you, skin slapping skin loudly. “Yes!!” You moan out, but it’s a little muffled. “Mmyeah…she’s so greedy, won’t ever let her go a day without my cock again.” He then pulls out and teases you, slipping just the head back in. You beg, “nononononono!!!! Put it back in, put it back in!! Please pleasepleaseplease, Bucky! Please!!” You cry out, and he’s shocked at how much of a cockslut you already are, but that doesn’t stop him from ramming into your cunt again. He fucks you like he has no restraint. He has been dreaming of this for a long while now, so really no one can stop him- only you if you need to.
“Cock. Hungry. Slut.” Bucky growls in between thrusts, his cock throbbing as he gets close to another orgasm but he wants you to cum again. He needs to feel how tight you can get in this position, how pretty your sounds are again and again, and how breathless he makes you.
All you can whine out are noises. You can’t make a coherent sentence or thought. All you know is, cock, cum, orgasms, Bucky. That’s all you fucking know. “Yeahhh, gonna fill you right to the brim. Over. And. Over. And. Over. A-fucking-gain. Gonna fucking breed this little pussy.” He growls out and when his hand meets your asscheek, it has you cumming. Legs shaking, pussy spasming around Bucky’s thick cock. His balls are full, and within the next minute, he cums inside of you. Bucky lets out grunt after growl after groan as he cums. It’s so much cum that you’re stuffed just from this one load, and you’re wondering just how much more of it you can take, but you know you’ll take however much he can give you. “Mm…Bucky.” You moan as he continues to fucking it into you cunt, needing to get it as far and as deep as he can, which makes your pussy squeeze tightly and it squelches from the cum inside of it. “Good. Girl.” He says in between breaths before he leans down and kisses the sweaty skin on your neck. He moves your hair out of the way, and then kisses more skin, and his hips move in the process. “Buckkkyy!” You giggle softly, hazily. “Again…” you murmur and he chuckles. “So fucking cock hungry, huh?? Already needy, already wanting to suck me fucking dry. But that’s okay…because I’ll give you all you want. All ya gotta do is ask, pretty girl. And I’ll fill this pretty, swollen cunt up, as much as you want.” Bucky murmurs against your skin, trailing kisses down your back as far as he can, then he’s spreading your ass cheeks and pulling out, before pushing back into your hole, watching as the sticky cum stretches from your hole to his cock, and when he sees his cum covered cock, and feels your pussy flutter around his dick, he can’t help but cum again. It’s not as much as last time, but he still gives it to you.
And he gives you plenty more after that.
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ro-is-struggling · 2 months
Slow Hands || Spencer Reid x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Spencer gets tired of pretending he doesn't notice the way you look at his hands, so when you show up at his hotel room late at night he decides to ask you about it.
Warnings: SMUT MINORS DNI, porn without plot, hand kink, size kink kinda?, praise kink, Dom/sub dynamics (gentle dom Spencer x sub reader), dirty talk, pet names (good girl, baby, dirty little girl, slut), fingering, overstimulation, penetrative sex, choking, slight dacryphilia, a little fluff at the end, female reader, kinda rushed ending
English is not my first language
Word count: 6800
Notes: Spencer is a gentle dom and you can’t change my mind.
Also pictures aren't mine, I just put them together. I took them from this post (the one that inspired this fic) and also from this one so full credits to them!
Tumblr media
"Why do you always stare at my hands?" The question escaped Spencer's lips before he could stop it. You had come to his hotel room to discuss something about the case you were working on and the whole time you had been staring at his hands. 
It wasn't the first time you had done that, he had caught you staring at his hands in the past. It seemed that whatever he did with them you found interesting. He had never said anything to you because he honestly didn't know how to approach the subject without it sounding strange, but he was aware of what you were doing. The same way he knew you didn't admire anyone else's hands the same way you admired his, something that sparked a warmth inside him.
Spencer was pretty sure he knew why you looked at his hands so much, but he wanted to hear you say it.
"Oh," you mumbled in embarrassment, startled at being caught. "I don't know, I think they're pretty." You shrugged, looking everywhere but at Spencer. "I like hands."
"You like hands?" He repeated, looking at you with a raised eyebrow.
"I know it sounds weird but it's not! Some people notice someone's smile first or maybe their eyes or laugh, I tend to notice people's hands." It was a half-truth. Yes, you used to pay more attention to people's hands than most, but that wasn't the real reason for your inability to take your eyes off his hands. But since you couldn't admit that you dreamed every night of feeling the touch of his long, slender fingers on your skin, you thought that explanation would satisfy his curiosity and save you from the humiliation of the truth.
"Why do you like my hands so much?" Spencer insisted and you struggled to stop your mind before it got lost in the endless fantasies involving his hands that haunted you at night when you were alone in your bed.
"I don't know. They're pretty, I guess." You tried to downplay it, hoping that would be enough to ease his curiosity.
"Pretty how?" Spencer asked you and when you looked up to meet his eyes you saw a dark glint in them. He was up to something, you could see it in the innocent little smile plastered on his lips. He was pushing you to give him an answer for a special reason that you didn't know, but you assumed it couldn't be anything good for you.
Your brain was screaming at you not to take the bait, that it was dangerous and stupid. The smartest thing to do would be to find an excuse to go back to your room, where you would be safe from Spencer and his tricks. But you had never been that smart. Curiosity got the better of you, so you ignored your brain and took the bait.
"Well, for starters, your hands are big." You spoke in the most casual tone possible, trying to hide your embarrassment and excitement as you took one of his hands between yours to compare sizes.
You rarely had the opportunity to hold Spencer's hand, so feeling the warmth of his palm against yours awakened a wave of electricity that coursed down your spine. You swallowed hard, struggling to control yourself as you admired the difference in size between your hands. Even though you had long nails you weren't able to shorten the difference in length between his fingers and yours, Spencer's still stood tall against yours, which barely touched the middle phalanx of his fingers. You thought it was impossible, but his hand seemed even larger when compared to yours. 
"And that's a good thing?" His soft, low voice shook you awake from your trance, lifting your gaze to look at him for a moment before returning your focus to his hands.
"Yes, especially for a guy," you said, trying to act natural under his intense gaze. "But you also have beautiful fingers. They're long and slender... perfectly balanced with the size of your palm." Your fingers traced his as you spoke, delicately caressing the skin of his hand with your fingertips. You could feel his eyes on you, following your every move. If you kept quiet you could hear his deep breathing quicken a little more with each caress you gave him, just like your heartbeat. 
Spencer knew what kind of ideas the size of his fingers sparked in your imagination and he would be lying if he said he didn't have the same fantasies from time to time. It was actually embarrassing how many times he had masturbated imagining having his fingers buried deep in the warmth of your core —you moaning his name and begging him for more while he used his expert fingers to make you feel pleasure in a way no other man had ever done. 
"But I also like the veins in the back of your hand." Your voice brought him out of his thoughts just in time, a few more seconds lost in his fantasies and his pants were going to start feeling a little tight. "I like the way the veins mark on your skin." Your fingers traced the lines on the back of his hand, following the paths that led up his arm, where the rolled up sleeve of his shirt prevented you from continuing.
Your fingers lingered on his arm longer than necessary, taking the opportunity to memorize the texture of his skin, the warmth of his body and the way his closeness made you feel in case you never had the chance to touch him like that again. The room fell into complete silence as you shared an intimate moment, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of your slightly accelerated breathing. There was a tension in the air that you had never felt before being with Spencer, but you barely paid attention to it as you lost yourself in your fantasies, your mind finally surrendering to your wild imagination. 
But then the sound of a speeding car coming through the window distracted you from your thoughts. You pulled your hands away from Spencer quickly as you realized what you had done, ashamed of yourself for losing control like that. However, when you looked up to meet his eyes you didn't notice anything strange about them. He didn't seem to be bothered or uncomfortable by your behavior. No. You just saw that sparkle again, shining in his hazel eyes with increasing clarity. 
Spencer's gaze didn't leave you as he moved his hand closer to you. You remained frozen in place, holding your breath without even realizing it as you waited to see what he was scheming. His fingers took a lock of your hair that fell over your face, playing with it for a bit before he gently tucked it behind your ear. Your heart was beating faster and faster and your brain was working hard to decipher what Spencer was thinking. You enjoyed the attention you were getting from him, but your impatient nature needed to know where he was going with all this.
However, your brain was fried the moment Spencer's hand cupped your cheek. You even forgot how to breathe as you felt his long, slender fingers caress the skin of your face. You closed your eyes instinctively, leaning into his touch as you allowed yourself to get lost in the moment. The warmth of his hand awakened a tingling sensation that spread all over your face following the path of his fingers, from your cheek bone, down to your jaw, across your chin and up to your lips. It was ridiculous how he could have you melting under his touch with the simplest of caresses. He had so much power over you... and you liked it. 
You opened your eyes when you felt Spencer's thumb caress your lower lip. Your eyes met for a moment, feeling small under his intense gaze. He had never acted that way with you before, much less looked at you with the hunger reflected in his hazel orbs. And you liked it. You liked feeling small under his watchful eye. You liked feeling completely at his mercy. You liked knowing that he owned you even if he didn't realize it.
"I feel the same way about your lips," Spencer announced, staring at your mouth as his thumb continued his caresses, tracing the shape of your lips. "I love how soft they look, always tempting me to kiss them... especially when you stick your tongue out to wet them... or when you bite your lower lip when you're deep in thought. It takes all my willpower not to cross the room and kiss you right then and there." 
Spencer's voice was soft and seductive, the slightly deeper than normal tone going straight to your core, which tightened around nothing, desperate for attention. There was nothing dirty in his words —he was just declaring how much he wanted to kiss you— and yet you could feel the wetness beginning to stain your underwear. There was something about his voice, the way he was talking to you and the softness of his touch on your lips that felt highly erotic. Spencer seemed to know exactly what to say and what to do to have you at his mercy. He had you in a trance, frozen in place as you eagerly awaited his next move. There wasn't a single thought in your head, just him and your desire to feel his hands all over your body.
"And don't even get me started on those lipsticks you wear," he continued, applying a little more pressure on your lips as he dragged his thumb across them, smearing lipstick on the corners of your lips. "This one is my favorite."
You parted your lips to try to breathe. You were starting to feel lightheaded, unable to move or speak under Spencer's intense stare. You wanted to, god knew there were a lot of things you wanted to say to him at that moment, but you couldn't do it. Your brain was fried, your body vibrating with anticipation. Part of you still couldn't believe what was happening, so you thought it would be best to keep your mouth shut. You would let him guide you, show you what he wanted from you. You'd be lying if you said that wasn't exactly what you wanted.
Your thoughts were interrupted when you felt Spencer's thumb push into your mouth. You closed your lips around the digit without even thinking about it, your tongue caressing his skin in an act of pure instinct. Your mind didn't process what was happening until you heard him moan softly.
"Good girl," he praised you and you couldn't help but moan over his finger, pure pleasure vibrating throughout your body. "I always suspected that behind that strong, combative attitude of yours was hiding a good, obedient girl... I didn't even have to tell you to suck, you already knew what to do."
A wave of pleasure ran through your body at his words, feeling proud to hear him call you a good girl. That's all you ever wanted to be, his good girl, and now that you finally had the chance to prove it to him you weren't going to waste it. You sucked on his finger harder to show him how much you loved his compliments, hollowing out your cheeks as your tongue played with his digit wishing it was his cock instead.
"I’ve wanted this for so long, you have no idea," Spencer sighed. 
Oh but you did know. You knew exactly what he meant because you had wanted him for so long too. Every second you spent with him was torture, not only because you fantasized about feeling his hands on your body all the time, but also because you had to pretend you didn't in a room filled with skilled profilers. 
But there was no more of that. You didn't have to worry anymore because his hands were finally on your body and it felt even better than you had imagined.
"Will you be my good girl tonight?" Spencer asked you, his voice barely a whisper as he moved closer to you. 
You almost fainted when you felt his warm breath crash against your face, feeling even smaller under his gaze now that he was closer to you. When he removed his thumb from your mouth you had to bite your tongue to keep from letting out a whimper in protest. 
"Answer me!" he demanded in a firm but soft tone that managed to snap your brain out of its trance. 
"Yes," you rushed to say, maintaining eye contact with Spencer at all times. "I want to be your good girl, please."
You barely managed to get the words out before Spencer's lips crashed against yours in a kiss full of passion and desperation. You didn't even try to fight for dominance, surrendering to him without him having to ask. You let his lips guide yours, melting under the caresses of his tongue. His hands gripped each side of your face, using his hold to tilt your head so he could deepen the kiss. 
It was all happening so fast you barely had time to process it, your poor brain working hard to keep up with the torturous rhythm of Spencer's lips. The kiss was much rougher than you would have imagined from someone like him. He always looked so sweet and innocent it was hard to believe he had such a dark side. But you loved every second of it. You loved knowing that he had chosen to share that side with you. 
"Stand up," he ordered you as he pulled away from your lips. His kiss had left you a little stupid, so it took you a few seconds to process his words. But he didn't seem to mind. On the contrary, Spencer seemed proud of himself. He loved the effect he had on you as much as you did.
Spencer stood next to you, standing in front of you. You looked up into his eyes, patiently awaiting his next command. You lost yourself in the beautiful hazel color of his orbs for a moment, noticing a flash of his usual sweet, tender glow mixed in with all the desire and lust. That soothed the nerves that were beginning to form in your stomach from the anticipation, remembering that behind the darkness in his eyes was your Spencer, the one who always opened doors for you and brought you coffee without you asking him for it when you were stuck in the office late at night doing paperwork.
He took his time removing your clothes, his hands caressing and kissing every inch of skin he uncovered, showering you with compliments. He even knelt down in front of you to properly remove your shoes, pants and panties, taking the time to caress your calves and deposit a kiss on each of your thighs before rising back up. Spencer was tall, much taller than you. His figure towered over yours in an imposing way, but his soft and gentle touch helped you not to feel self-conscious in front of him, even when he was fully clothed and you were not. The gentleness with which he was treating you contrasted with the hardness of his kisses, but it was a change you gladly welcomed. Although it did make you wonder what he had planned for later.
"You're so beautiful," Spencer murmured against the skin of your neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses as his hands roamed your body. His fingers caressed your skin ever so gently, trailing up your arm all the way to your shoulder. He paused at your neck for a moment and a shiver ran down your spine as you imagined him closing his fingers over your throat, applying pressure until it was hard to breathe. But before you could put voice to your desires, his hand wandered down your back, fiddling with your bra before unclasping it.
"Spence, please." You begged in a whisper when you couldn't stand the anticipation any longer. As much as you enjoyed the attention of his hands on your body, you needed more. Much more. Your pussy was crying for attention, staining your underwear with your arousal.
Your broken voice went straight to Spencer's cock, your desperation was music to his ears, but he managed to keep his composure. He wanted to take his time with you. "What is it, baby? What do you want?" he asked in an almost condescending tone. He knew very well what you wanted, but he wanted to hear you say it.
“I want you,” you replied, not caring about how pathetic your voice sounded. You were desperate for some relief and were willing to do anything to get it. "I need you to touch me... to make me feel good."
Spencer didn't need to be told twice. He settled down on the bed again —his long legs stretched out on the comforter and his back resting against the bed frame— and gestured for you to sit on his lap. When you moved closer he turned you over, helping you to settle onto his body until you ended up sitting with your back against his chest. He used his legs to spread yours apart, opening them as wide as he could. You hated not being able to see his face easily, but the new position was exciting anyway. You could feel his hard cock twitching against your ass and had a privileged view of his hand as he slowly moved closer to where you needed it most.
"You're so wet already and I barely touched you," Spencer whispered against your ear, his breath brushing your skin as his fingers began to toy with your clit. "Is this all for me?"
"Y-yes,"you managed to mumble between ragged breaths, struggling to control the sounds of pleasure escaping your lips. You were in a hotel room and the rest of your co-workers were sleeping in the rooms next to yours. The last thing you wanted was to be discovered.
"No, don't hold back. I want to hear you moan. I want to know how good I'm making you feel." Spencer was desperate to hear you moan his name, it was all he had ever wanted from the first moment he saw you. He dreamed of your whimpers of pleasure, but they never felt real enough. His mind could never recreate the beautiful melody of your voice to perfection. But he could remember it forever if he could hear you.
Spencer increased the speed of his fingers and you weren't able to contain the moan that escaped your lips, nor the many others that followed. But even if you could, you wouldn't have done it because he wanted to hear you and his wishes were your command. Your body belonged to him in its entirety, you were his to do with you as he wished. 
"Good girl," he praised you, using his free hand to push your hair to the side so he could kiss and nibble on your neck. Each thing he did brought you a little closer to the edge. It was as if he had studied your body in preparation for this moment, as if he knew exactly what buttons to push to have you making a mess under his touch.
"Is this what you wanted?" Spencer growled against your ear, feeling his cock throbbing under the movements of your ass. Pure pleasure coursed through his veins as he listened to the whimpers escaping your lips. "Is this what you imagined every time you looked at my hands?"
"Yes! F-fuck, yes." Your voice came out in a broken moan, your brain fighting the haze of pleasure to form coherent sentences. Spencer was bringing you near climax in record time, you could feel the knot in your stomach getting tighter and tighter. You didn't know how he was doing it, but you didn't want him to ever stop. "I thought about having your fingers deep inside me all this time and, f-fuck, and how good they would feel reaching places mime can't... yes! Just like that."
As if Spencer was using your fantasies as a guide, he slipped his middle and ring fingers inside you. Your velvety walls received them gladly, clasping around them to keep them there forever. Just as you had imagined, his long fingers felt wonderful, filling you in a way yours could not, and they reached that spongy place inside you in a matter of seconds making you see stars every time they caressed it.
"Oh god, Spence it feels so good... please" you murmured between moans and heaving breaths, gripping onto your lover's arm for support. Your body was on fire, your mind lost in pleasure. It all felt like too much and not enough at the same time. You were desperate to find that sweet relief, moving your hips against Spencer's hand to reach your climax.
"You're gonna cum for me like the good girl you are?" He spoke against your neck, biting into your skin and drawing a moan of pleasure from you. "You're gonna cum all over my fingers?"
"Yes! Yes, please, I wanna cum so bad," you begged him on the verge of tears and Spencer couldn't help but growl against your skin. Knowing that he was capable of making you cry out in pleasure with his fingers alone awakened something primal in him. The desperate sounds escaping your lips were the hottest thing he had ever heard and suddenly it became his mission to keep you crying with pleasure for as long as he possibly could.
Spencer increased the rhythm of his fingers and applied pressure to your clit with his palm so each time he moved his hand you would receive twice as much stimulation. "C'mon baby, cum for me," he encouraged you and his permission was all you needed to collapse into his arms.
Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through your body, which was squirming under Spencer's skilled hands that kept fucking you through your orgasm. Your lungs were screaming for air, but it was impossible for you to catch your breath. The world around you became a blur for a moment and the only thing your pleasure clouded brain was able to process was Spencer's voice praising you as his hands caressed your body.
"That's it... that's my good girl." You smiled, enjoying his compliments as you tried to catch your breath. 
But then you felt the hand that was still in your pussy begin to move once more. They were slow thrusts of his fingers inside you, but it was still a lot for your abused cunt, too sensitive from the orgasm it had just had. Your hand clutched at his wrist to try to stop it, but as you opened your eyes and looked down you couldn't help but let out a moan. You were convinced that there was no more erotic sight than that of his veiny hand buried in your pussy, moving in and out of you, giving you a glimpse of his skin glistening with your arousal in the dim light of the room.
"One more," Spencer told you, tugging on your hair to force your head back so you could look at him. It was a little rough, but you loved it, the pain going straight to your center. "I want one more and then I'll fuck you."
"I can't... too much" you tried to say, but your body betrayed you. Your pussy was dripping with excitement, your walls clinging to Spencer's fingers with desperation. Your hips were moving to his rhythm, following his lead and not yours. Your body no longer responded to you, it no longer belonged to you. It now belonged to Spencer and if he wanted you to cum one more time then you would.
"You can, I know you can," he encouraged you in a soft voice that contrasted with the roughness of his movements. He kissed you, his lips pressing against yours with a desperation that took what little breath you still had, and you surrendered completely to him. You stopped fighting your body's urges, trusting that Spencer knew what was best for you. He always did.
"That's it, baby. Let go for me, c'mon. I want to feel you cum on my fingers one more time." His words went straight to your pussy, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. It wasn't long before you started to feel like it was too much. Your legs shook uncontrollably with pleasure, but when you tried to close them Spencer didn't let you, using his to keep you wide open for him.
"'S too much… too much… can't" you mumbled incoherently as you felt the pleasure take over your whole body. Tears of utter pleasure streamed down your cheeks, each movement of your lover's hand bringing you closer to the edge you weren't sure you'd be able to cross. 
"Shh you're okay, you're okay" he reassured you, showering his kisses all over your neck and shoulder as he used his free hand to hold you in place. "You can do it. C'mon, I got you."
You clung to Spencer's arm as you braced yourself for the explosion of pleasure that was coming, your nails digging little half moons into his porcelain skin. He held you in place as your body shook violently as your second orgasm hit you, enjoying the incoherent cries of pleasure escaping your lips as you soaked his fingers with your arousal. It was music to his ears, the sweetest melody he had ever heard. 
"That's it, such a good girl for me." He praised you, but you were too lost to process his words. Your mind was completely lost in a fog of pure bliss, the world around you forgotten as your body twitched with the aftershocks of your orgasm. You could barely breathe and you couldn't remember your own name, but a smile formed on your face. Those had been the best orgasms of your life and you hadn't even had Spencer inside you yet.
"There you are!" you heard him say next to you. When you opened your eyes you discovered that at some point he had moved you, and now you were lying on the bed with him staring at you at your side. "Are you okay?" 
His voice was soft as his fingers gently caressed your cheek. It was quite a change from the man who minutes before was demanding you cum on his fingers, but you liked it. He was more like the usual Spencer and that was what you needed at that moment as you recovered from the two most intense orgasms of your life.
"I'm fine," you assured him with an ecstatic smile. You really were. Spencer had demanded a lot from you, but in the best possible way.
"Do you want to stop? Just say the word and I'll let you go to sleep."
"What? No, please, I want to feel you inside me." You begged with glazed eyes and Spencer let out a chuckle.
"Are you sure you can handle it?" he asked, looking at you with a raised eyebrow and you nodded enthusiastically.
"Yes! Please, I want to make you feel good. I want to be your good girl."
Spencer silenced your pleas with a kiss, his lips caressing yours ever so gently. Unlike the previous times, when desire, passion and desperation prevailed, this kiss was slow and sensual. He was taking his time to enjoy the moment, memorizing every little detail of your lips and your reactions to the caresses of his tongue. He wanted to experience everything with you, the urgency of passion and desire, as well as the tenderness of such an intimate moment. He wanted it all with you.
When he pulled away you let out a whimper in protest, missing his warmth the moment he got out of bed. However your protests were silenced when you rose up on your elbows and discovered that he was undressing. Before that moment you didn't think it was possible that the image of a man loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt could be so erotic, but Spencer proved you wrong. Your mind raced wildly with the thought of everything he could do to you with that tie or the belt, which fell to the floor with a metallic clank as he peeled off the layers of clothing. 
Anticipation bubbled up inside you once again as you stared at Spencer crawling towards you, looking at you like an animal at its prey. He gave you one last slow, tender kiss before settling between your legs, taking his cock in his hands and stroking it a couple of times before lining it up with your entrance.
"You ready, baby?" he asked you one more time to make sure you were okay, his voice no more than a raspy whisper that awakened a new wave of arousal inside you.
"Yes, please."
He was gentle as he entered you, giving you time to adjust to the size of his member as he enjoyed the warmth of your velvety walls. You both let out a moan as he bottomed out, your pussy tightening around his cock as you felt him deep inside you.
"So tight and warm for me," Spencer growled in your ear as he began to move, slowly dragging his cock almost all the way out before slamming back inside you with a quick, punishing thrust. "Taking me so well."
It was clear from the erratic, desperate rhythm of his hips that Spencer wasn't going to last long. He was so worked up after having you wriggling on his cock as you came twice that he was already close to the edge. But he still tried his best to drag the moment out as long as he could, thoroughly enjoying the way you had surrendered to him completely. He hadn't even had to ask you, you had simply accepted your role, desperate to be his good girl just as he had imagined. 
"You look so pretty like this, making a mess on my cock as I fuck you stupid," he praised you as he noticed your moans increasing in volume and incoherence. He felt you tighten around his member, letting out a pathetic moan of pleasure as you increased the rhythm of your hips, which moved against his in search of your orgasm.
"Feels s-so good, Spence… please." A couple of tears escaped your eyes as you begged him for relief, awakening that primal desire deep inside him again. There was something so erotic about the way you were moaning for him, crying for his cock, begging him to bring you to your climax one more time. You looked completely ruined, mascara running down your face and lipstick smeared across your lips after so many kisses, and he was the cause of it all. He was the one you were moaning for. He was the one you cried for. He was the one you begged for more even though you were completely ruined. He was the one who was making you feel so good. He and only he. You belonged to him. 
"You want to cum again, huh?" Spencer spoke in a condescending tone as he increased the pace and roughness of his thrusts. "Two orgasms are not enough for my girl? Is that it?"
You tried to ignore the way it made you feel to hear him call you 'his girl', attributing the warm feeling that spread through your body to desire and arousal. Though deep down you knew there was something more pure and innocent behind your reaction.
"Please, don't stop. I'm so close, f-fuck." The pleasure was overwhelming, coursing through your entire body, consuming every cell of your being. Your vision was blurring again, the tight knot in your stomach threatening to snap at any moment.
Then Spencer lowered one of his hands to where your bodies joined as one, his fingers losing themselves in your wetness as they played with your clit. Your body began to twitch beneath his, your moans increasing in volume and quantity as you felt yourself getting closer and closer to the sweet relief. You reached out to him, grabbing his arm in an attempt to ground yourself, frightened by the force of the powerful orgasm that threatened to destroy you completely. 
"I know, baby, I know." Spencer comforted your incoherent cries of pleasure, feeling your whole body tighten around his to hold him in place. The warm walls of your cunt clenched around his throbbing cock with every movement he made. Your legs hooked around his hips, pulling him even closer against you, his cock reaching deeper inside you with each thrust. You were both so close to cumming, but he wanted to feel you come undone around him first.
"Just let go for me, I got you."
You moaned his name, appreciating the tenderness in his voice as he encouraged you to cum. But you needed more, something to push you over the edge. And you knew exactly what that was.
Loosening your grip on his arm, you guided him up your body to where you needed him. Your hand rested on top of his as you gently settled it on your exposed neck, closing your fingers —and his— over your throat in an attempt to make him understand what you wanted.
Spencer looked at you with a surprised look, but you could see that flash of darkness shining in his eyes that let you know he liked the idea as much as you did. "Are you sure?" he asked you to make sure you were both on the same page about it.
"Please," you begged him with glazed eyes and Spencer felt his cock throbbing inside your pussy, feeling his orgasm approaching. You were definitely the perfect woman for him.
He began by applying a little pressure to the sides of your throat, feeling your veins pumping blood under his fingers. His hand was so big that he could almost wrap it around your entire neck, giving him a sense of power that awakened a wave of pleasure that coursed through his entire body. Knowing that you trusted him enough to let him choke you gave him a strange sense of relief. He wasn't the only one.
But what really sealed the deal for him was hearing your strangled moans as he applied enough force to limit your breathing a bit. 
"You're such a dirty little girl... you like getting fucked like a slut, huh?" Spencer asked the question on purpose, knowing you weren't going to be able to respond other than incoherent sounds from both the pleasure you were feeling and the pressure he was putting on your throat. But he knew you loved it, he could feel it in the way you were clenching down on his member. 
"Cum for me, c'mon. I want to feel you making a mess on my cock." His command was all you needed to let yourself be consumed by pleasure, the combination of his dirty words, his punishing thrusts and the pressure he exerted on your throat finally pushing you over the edge. 
Your whole body trembled beneath his as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through every inch of your body. You felt like you were on fire, floating in pure bliss as you heard Spencer praising you in the distance.
"That's my good girl, doing such a great job for me." Spencer's movements became more erratic and sloppy as he chased his own orgasm. His grip on your neck softened, but you didn't let him move his hand from there, grabbing his wrist to hold him in place.
"Please Spence, I want you to fill me up... I want to feel you cum inside me, pleaseee," you begged him with what little strength you had left, trying to push him over the edge. You looked at him with half-closed, slightly unfocused eyes, completely lost in the pleasure that flooded your insides. It was the hottest image Spencer had ever seen. You were ruined, so fucked out that you could barely think, and he was the one to blame for that.
You whimpered from the overstimulation, the sweet sound of your raspy moans driving him over the edge. He came with a grunt of pleasure, emptying his load inside you. He painted your velvety walls with rope after rope of cum, enough that the pearly white liquid trickled down your thighs and onto the bed. Spencer earned one last moan from you as he pulled out of you, collapsing beside you as you both struggled to catch your breath.
"Are you okay?" he asked you as he regained the ability to form coherent sentences. He shifted his body towards you, rising up on his arm and resting his head in his palm so he could look at you. "I wasn't too rough, was I?"
"No, no. You were perfect." You were quick to say, opening your eyes and turning to face him. He had his soft, innocent expression back, looking at you with adoration as he analyzed your face to make sure you were telling the truth. If it weren't for the smell of sex that flooded the room you would find it hard to believe that he was the same man who had fucked you until you forgot your own name.
"Everything was perfect." You added with a satisfied smile on your face that he mimicked. 
A silence formed as you tried to process what had happened. Now that your mind was clear of the fog of desire and passion that blocked your thinking you realized the position you had put yourselves in. You were friends and co-workers and at the time you had no way of knowing how this slip-up was going to affect both relationships. You figured you would have time to sort it out, but for now you needed to get out of there before you fell asleep and the rest of the team discovered you leaving the same room in the morning. So you carefully got up, holding onto the bed frame until your legs got used to supporting the weight of your body again, and looked for your clothes that had been left behind, scattered on the floor of the room.
"What are you doing?" Spencer asked, watching you struggle to put your underwear back on.
"Putting my clothes back on?" you replied as if it were obvious, grabbing your shirt off the floor. "I need it. Unless you want me to walk down the hallway naked I-"
"Stay," he interrupted you, grabbing your hand to force you to stop. "Please." He sounded so soft and vulnerable that there was no way you could say no, even though you knew it was a terrible idea.
“What about the team?”
“We can wake up a little earlier so you can sneak back to your room.”
You weren't fully convinced. There were a lot of things that could go wrong —what if you were called away in the middle of the night? how would you explain that you were not in your room but in Spencer's room sleeping with him if one of your co-workers knocked on your door before you got back?—, but Spencer kissed you and all concerns left your system. You let the soft movement of his lips quiet the voices in your head, surrendering to his charms once again.
"C'mon, let's get you cleaned up so we can go to sleep." He whispered against your lips, giving you one last short kiss before guiding you to the shower. You let him take care of you, allowing him to wash your hair and carefully massage the soap over your body, and in gratitude you did the same for him. The tenderness and intimacy of sharing a shower contrasted with the rough sex you had had, but you liked it. The same way you liked sleeping snuggled in his arms. He was your favorite pillow, the warmest and most comfortable blanket you had ever slept with. 
You were pretty sure you couldn't go back to normal after discovering how happy it made you feel to be surrounded in Spencer's arms, but you were okay with that. You had plenty of time to talk about your future in the morning. For now all you wanted to do was enjoy the moment, letting your lover's deep breaths lull you to sleep.
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pixiemunsons · 9 months
la petite mort (em)
you have two deep, dark secrets; you've never had an orgasm, and you're in love with your best friend. eddie thinks he can rectify them both.
la petite mort; the sensation of post orgasm as likened to death
(3.7 k words) soft sex, f!receiving oral, reader has nipple piercings and a praise kink, first orgasm, best friends to lovers, protected sex, reader really likes eddie’s rings and tattoos (same girl), no use of y/n or reader descriptions, weed and alcohol use, eddie and reader are in love w each other but also share a single braincell, reader is eighteen eddie is nineteen, no spoilers
this is a combo of two requests which i loved so thank u anons!!
Tumblr media
there was absolutely nothing to do in hawkins, indiana.
as you got older, you might reflect on your childhood and teen years and everything you overlooked while you were too busy hating your hometown. the woods that offered endless hours of exploring, the lake in which you swam most summers. the video shop. the arcade. even the shitty roller rink that played nothing but cheesy 70s love songs.
before then, though, right now, your free time was best spent doing exactly what you were doing right at that moment; smoking weed with your best friend.
and listening to him bitch about a girl who didn’t wanna fuck him.
‘i just don’t get what she doesn’t see in me! like, she said i was weird looking.’ his head was laying in your lap as you buried your fingers in his hair, playing with the surprisingly soft strands and weaving tiny braids. 
‘i mean, i think i’m pretty hot!’ you looked down to his chocolate brown eyes, and shivered slightly at the way he was already looking up at you. your crush on eddie had been building for years, nurtured by the loving nature of your relationship, and by the time you realised you thought he was cute at sixteen you were already halfway in love with him. and yet, for some reason, here you were. eighteen years old, still pining after the one guy you wanted but couldn’t have whilst he complained that other girls didn’t like him. great.
‘i don’t think you’re the problem, eddie, i think she’s a stuck up bitch.’ you explained, reaching over to grasp the joint from his fingers. you’d both smoked two each already and were pretty high, but he’d insisted on finishing off what he’d skimmed from his supply and well, who were you to say no to some of rick’s primo shit?
’i think she needs to have a orgasm.’ your eyes widened as you choked on the smoke in your lungs, drawing half-breaths. eddie seemed totally nonplussed, as if he’d mentioned the weather or asked about a class of yours. bringing his left hand up to play with the sleeve of your t-shirt, the cold silver of his rings brushed against your arm, and you shivered once more. when eddie had started wearing rings the year before, it had pushed your crush into a whole new realm. they featured in every single fantasy you had; cold rings brushing your lips as he stuck his fingers into your mouth, imprints left behind after he smacked your ass, pushing up against you as he thrust his fingers deep into your-
‘you’re probably right. ‘m sure she’d benefit greatly from one.’ you laughed it off, stubbing the joint out in the ashtray by his bed and trying to play off just how horny you felt. talking about sex was something you had always avoided; the few boys you’d slept with had gotten you nowhere but disappointed, and admitting that you were eighteen and had yet to make yourself cum, let alone anyone else make you, was not a fact you were all too willing to give up. you looked down and let out a shaky breath as your mind ran away; eddie’s shirt had ridden down as he’d turned his face in your lap, and you could see the very edges of ink inside his collar. it made you feel hot under yours. eddie suited this new look so well, and you indulged in staring at him for a little while. you wondered what he looked like without his shirt, when all of his tattoos were exposed. you could feel your mind going hazy, the weed finally taking effect, and you couldn’t help but giggle softly at your own thoughts.
‘what’s s’ funny, peaches?’ he was peering up at you with an eyebrow arched, playing with the skin at the edge of your shirt sleeve, fingertips dangerously close to the curve of your chest.
‘nothin’, just thinking about what you said about her needing an orgasm.’
‘we could all benefit from one every now and again,’ he shrugged, and when you muttered an almost indecipherable ‘i bet,’ against your better judgement, you hoped he wouldn’t hear. but years of listening to shitty cassettes and teaching himself to play guitar from scratched records had given eddie an irritating superpower; he had fucking fantastic hearing.
‘what’d’you mean, “i bet?”,’ he sat up, making quote marks with his fingers around the last two words. 
your skin erupted in goosebumps, and you suddenly became very interested in the hangnail on your left thumb, pulling the skin between your teeth. eddie was transfixed on the way your teeth pulled, how your tongue darted out to swipe against the skin there, and he almost forgot that you’d been talking about until you spoke up again.
‘’s not a big deal,’ you whispered. ‘just never happened for me, ya know?’ you were looking hopefully up at him, and then it clicked.
‘you’re fuckin' kidding? no one’s ever made you cum?!’ he almost shouted the last words, and you buried your face in your hands. you could feel your skin getting hot and you knew you couldn’t look him in the eye as you spoke.
‘i-i’ve never done it with someone. or on my own, really, either. i just can’t let go enough to get there, it’s not a big deal.’
eddie wanted to reach out and take you in his hands, smooth your hair back and soothe your embarrassment.
‘it’s nothing to be ashamed of babe, but wow. i thought everyone had had an orgasm.’ you scowled up at his words.
‘way to make me feel better, eds.’ his eyes widened, apologising instantly.
‘i’m sorry babe, i didn’t mean it like that. look, i’m sorry, i’m just surprised is all. you’ve like… been with people, right?’
you frowned again. ‘yeah, a couple, but they’ve never got me there. they think they have, course, but i dunno… never seemed that important. i enjoy sex without it.’
eddie could feel himself going bright red, and he didn’t know what it was; the weed? talking about how much you enjoy sex? the knowledge you’d never had an orgasm? or the fact that you’d had enough sex with other people to know what you liked? he shook his head. of course you’d had sex, you were fucking gorgeous. anyone who you wanted to fuck was lucky. so lucky. so how had they had the audacity to not make you cum? that should be, like, a fucking crime. the more he thought about it, the more irritated he got, until finally, he snapped.
‘how about i make you cum?’
you had reached to take a sip of eddie’s beer, and at his words had spat it out all over yourself. your black shirt was soaked through and he really wished he hadn’t noticed how clingy it was, because it was making this a lot harder.
‘what- what the fuck did you just say?’ you sputtered, and eddie steeled himself, wiping his sweaty hands on his ripped jeans.
‘i mean, we don’t have to fuck. you don’t gotta do anything to me, you don’t even gotta do this. i just think we all deserve to have a really fucking good orgasm, and you said you can’t let loose enough to do it, and i thought maybe because we’re so close you’d trust me to-‘
you flung your arms around him, chests pressed together, and nuzzled your face into his chest. looking up at him with those doe eyes eddie couldn’t resist (he always said yes to you very quickly when you flashed them, mostly because they gave him a hard-on every time without fail) you fluttered your eyelashes, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth (it made him even harder whenever you did that) and sighing.
‘you’d really do that for me, eds?’ you spoke quietly, nervously. really, it was very sweet of him to offer. he wasn’t going to get much out of this - at least, he didn’t expect anything from it - and he’d asked so kindly, so sweetly…
‘of course i’d do that for you, baby,’ he brushed a piece of hair out of your eyes, cupping your face. a new tension had swept the room; you were both so excited the air was crackling. ‘are you gonna let me? need you to tell me you want this. also, i’ve caught you staring at the rings, i know you wanna know what they feel like.’
you hit his arm as he laughed, then leant forward to press your forehead to him. you heard him gulp, and you were glad for the weed you’d smoked, or you knew the two of you would’ve been too nervous to move on each other like this.
‘i’d like that very much, eds,’ you breathed, and that was enough for him.
he pushed you down gently by the shoulders, laying on top of you propped up on his elbows with his legs between yours.
‘you’re so goddamn beautiful,’ he whispered, and then his lips were on yours.
his lips were chapped but he tasted vaguely of the strawberry chapstick he had stolen borrowed from you months back. one of his hands was resting on your lower back, the other on your face as he guided you in the kiss. it was unlike any other kiss you’d had before; they’d always been rushed, tongue down your throat, sloppy. but eddie was taking his time with you, his lips moving languidly over yours, being careful to relax you into it. you almost wished he’d go faster, harder, but your mind was already cloudy from the weed and the feeling of his mouth on yours, and you wondered if it was always meant to feel like this with boys. his tongue probed at your lips carefully, not pushing, and when you finally let it in you felt the hand on your back slip to your hip, squeezing gently. you nipped gently at his bottom lip, and the moan that he pushed into your mouth in response sent you dizzy. suddenly, there was more; he was hitching your left thigh over his hip, creating delicious friction between you and he was tugging at your lip, tongue flicking over the back of your teeth. you couldn’t help the way your hips were moving of their own accord against him, it felt like you were floating above your own body.
eddie’s lips left yours to press against your neck, nipping and teasing down your throat, and you were sure you’d have marks tomorrow.
‘y’can leave marks, eds,’ you whimpered, tugging on his hair in response to a particularly hard bite, ‘can wear a turtleneck to school tomorrow, s’okay.’ he chuckled against your neck, moving his mouth up to a spot just below your ear.
‘don’t want you to hide ‘em, babe.’ before you could ask what he meant, he was sinking his teeth into the spot where his lips sat, a place you knew no jumper or jacket would hide, and you felt almost delirious at the idea of people seeing it tomorrow.
‘can i take your shirt off, baby?’ he asked, bringing you back to earth.
‘god, yeah,’ you sat up slightly to wriggle out of it, ‘take the bra too, shit,’ you moaned, and eddie started to laugh before he got your bra off and the laugh turned to a choke, then a cough, and he felt like he couldn’t get enough air in his lungs.
because you, his beautiful, kind, goody-two-shoes to everyone else, grade-a student best friend had your nipples pierced. and he was looking right at them.
‘fuckin’ hell babe, where’ve you been hiding these?’ he was practically drooling imagining how the silver bars would feel in his mouth, and if he hadn’t been fully hard before he was rock solid now.
‘got ‘em done a year ago, thought they’d look pretty.’ you were whimpering, squirming in the firm grasp he now held on your waist, and you cried out when he reached up to pinch one. ‘they’re real sensitive, fuck, feels like so much.’ eddie flicked out his tongue, bathing your left nipple in his spit before blowing cold air over it, making you tremble and moan out his name.
‘they’re very pretty, baby. i mean, i knew your tits were like, wow, but jesus christ i could spend every day the rest of my life playing with these.’ you laughed shakily, head thrown back for him to scatter kisses down your neck and chest.
‘anyone seen them before?’ he muttered, and you almost thought he didn’t want you to hear him.
‘no, just - shit eddie, i can’t concentrate when you’re playin’ with ‘em like that - just you, no one else.’ you swore you could see his eyes darken as he looked up at you, then latched onto your left nipple with a renewed vigour that had you arching your back, desperate for some friction. one big hand pushed your hips back down, sending a spark of electricity down your back as he manhandled you.
‘stop it, babe, gonna need you to wait there a minute, be a good girl f’me.’
what the fuck
what the fuck
what the FUCK
you couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips, and your eyes widened instantly, clapping a hand over your mouth. eddie stilled his movements, raising his head so he was eye level with you, a mischievous glint in his eyes. he pulled your hand from your mouth, observing the way your eyes had widened and how your cheek felt hot under his hand.
‘did you like it when i called you a good girl?’ he cocked his head to the side, and from the way you looked up at him, with such desperation in your eyes, he knew he had his answer.
‘no one’s ever told you what a good job you do for them, have they?’ he cooed, smiling down at you as you shook your head.
‘tsk. well that just won’t do, will it baby? i think you deserve to be shown what a fantastic job you’re doing for me, how good you feel in my hands. want me to show you what a good girl you’re being, give you a present?’
you had died and gone to heaven. that’s the only answer to this. eddie was on top of you, feeding into your most desperate of fantasies, telling you he was about to reward you for being a good girl for him. either that or you were dreaming. because he was pulling your jeans down, kissing down your thighs and telling you how cute your panties were, how wet you were for him and oh-
well, you definitely weren’t imagining that. because you hadn’t known what it felt like when someone put their tongue on you, when they licked a stripe from your hole up to your clit and lapped at you so messily you could hear it, but you did now, so surely you couldn’t be imagining that-
‘baby, you okay? you with me?’ eddie’s voice snapped you back to reality, and you looked down to see your best friend, cheeks pink and led between your legs with his shirt off and a slick on his face; you on his face, and you couldn’t help but reach down, wind your fingers into his hair and tug him back to where he had been.
‘eager, are we?’ you could almost hear the smile on his face, and you knew he was trying so hard to keep up the cocky act, but you could see the way his hips were making minuscule movements against the bed and his fingers were going to leave bruises on your thighs with how hard he was gripping them.
‘shut up, you’re loving it too,’ you gasped, and in retaliation he seemed to ramp it up. suddenly, he was two fingers deep in your sopping wet pussy, head thrown back once more as he pressed them into the plush of your inner walls, right against a spot that made your mouth dry and your thoughts spin.
‘eddie, fuck,’ you cried out, and his other hand rubbed your thigh reassuringly. you imagined he would’ve spoken to you in reassurance had his teeth not been wrapped around your clit, tugging just the right way.
‘eddie, think it’s comin’, you were slurring now, and to eddie’s delight, when he looked up at you, you were toying with one of your puffy nipples, bucking yourself up towards him. his fingers were cramping up and his jaw hurt but he wouldn’t, couldn’t stop now, not when you were half riding his face. he lifted up, using his left hand to rub circles on your clit as his other hand fucked into you.
‘relax, sweetheart, you’re doing so good for me, y’can do it baby, just need to let go for me, eddie’s got you, such a beautiful good girl f’me…’ eddie was talking away, bringing you closer and closer to the precipice until you fell over the edge of it, body turning to jelly. you couldn’t believe you’d been so happy to miss out on this all this time, so willing to do this to boys and not have them do it back. eddie was working you through it, kissing your cheeks and your nose and your eyelids and your mouth, letting you ride the aftershocks on his hand. 
if you’d been more with it you’d have noticed how he was looking at you; like you were the only woman on earth, like he could never get enough of this, like he’d never leave this bed if it meant he could make you do that over and over and over until you were crying, begging, putty in his hands. you felt like it was lasting forever, riding wave after wave, until finally your whole body relaxed, flopping down against eddie’s bed.
‘so, sweetheart, how was it?’ eddie asked, almost nervous now that the energy in the room had dissipated a little. you were still naked and panting, making no effort to cover yourself up, which he supposed was a good thing; you still felt comfortable around him, didn’t regret what you’d let him do to you. he had half-expected you to leave after, too much for you to do that with him, so when you rolled over and kissed him like your life depended on it? a welcome surprise. even more so when you reached for his painfully hard cock.
‘whoa, baby, you don’t gotta just because i did,’ he sputtered, and you brushed him off, leaning up so you were on all fours above him. you were pouting. fucking pouting.
‘but i wanna. don’t wanna suck you off, not this time at least, ‘m too tired,’ he almost asked what you meant by this time before you interrupted him once more.
‘want you to fuck me, though, eds. please.’ 
he really hadn’t been expecting to get anything out of tonight other than spank bank material. he was more than happy to get you off then never speak about it again, if that was what you wanted. of course, what he really wanted was to marry you and fuck at least two kids into you, buy a house and live in the suburbs. but for now he’d settle for making you cum on his tongue and maybe, when you weren’t looking, steal your panties. but eddie munson was never one to say no to you, especially not when you were naked and begging, so he pulled his pants and boxers down in one movement before rolling himself on top of you.
your hand went to his cock instantly, rubbing a thumb over the leaking tip.
‘christ, eds, were you just gonna deal with this later?’ you asked, eyebrows pulling together in a concerned expression. ‘you’d have exploded.’
he let out a laugh, kissing your neck as he fumbled about in his bedside drawer. he was naked except for the guitar pick necklace resting on his chest, and you leant up to kiss it, hand still sliding up and down his cock.
‘fuck babe, i was just gonna beat it when you’d gone home,’ he gasped, batting your hand away so that he could roll the condom he’d fished up on himself. he looked down into your eyes, kissing you gently. ‘i’m not gonna last long.’
‘don’t care, just need you.’ you mumbled back, pulling him down into another kiss as he slid into you.
it felt like he was made for you. no painful stretch, no disappointment. he fit in you so perfectly you could’ve sworn this was exactly how it was always supposed to be; you and eddie, eddie and you. every other time with every other boy felt so totally redundant you had no idea why you’d even bothered when you could’ve been doing this the whole time. and when eddie moved, it was more like lovemaking than fucking. his left hand was intertwined with your right on the pillow, his other holding your face as he looked into your eyes. yours was pressed against his hip, guiding him into you gently as you writhed under him.
‘i’ve wanted this a really long time, sweetheart,’ he spoke quietly, honestly, and it was a far cry from the cocky eddie you’d come to know over the years. he seemed genuine. vulnerable. you kissed him again then, trying to pour everything you wanted to say into it as his hips rocked faster against yours.
‘shh, i know eddie, i know,’ you kissed his chest again, his necklace dangling in your face, and you used it as leverage to pull his face back to yours.
‘come for me, baby, c’mon,’ you were whispering against his lips, pressing your hips up against him for the new angle, and he came with a gasp of your name, gripping the back of your neck and kissing you.
when he pulled out, snapping off the condom, he pulled you onto his chest without a word. he was red and sweaty, hair frizzy and lips swollen, and you had never been so in love in your whole life. you traced the tattoo on his chest, new to your eyes, and you hoped you’d get to see it every day.
‘you didn’t get to come again.’
‘that’s okay, sweetheart. you’ll get as many chances as you want.’
‘you mean it?’
‘always, when it comes to you.’
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aetheternity · 5 months
Pegging them (5wirl)
A/N: I have returned to my element! (snorts get it.. cause anemo.. well I think its hilarious!) Anyway I wanted to have this out during kinktober even though I'm pretty sure pegging is not a kink but whatever.
Random things of note: (You do not have to read this I just felt like talking about it outside of the tags.) 1. I wrote Venti's entire part in the span of two days. Realized it was basically a one shot and too long for a headcanon post then scrapped the entire thing and rewrote it in the format you see now. 2. Xiao, Kazuha and Heizou's parts were written on the same day. 3. Kazuha's part was originally going to have reader shoving his face into the pillows but I decided for something more gentle. 4. I didn't have an idea for Heizou ahead of time, the spanking was kind of a shot in the dark.
Disclaimer: No gender specified so if you have a dick you can technically still enjoy this ig?? Minors Dni. This is a modern au. Mentions of being rough in Aether's part light spanking in Heizou's part.
~ He had legit never heard of pegging till you brought it up. But Venti being Venti is immediately intrigued by something that has his lover shifting around with unease.
~ "You're so cute! Just how long have you been sitting on this? You look like you could burst at any second!" He teases only working to make your skin feel twenty times hotter than it already was. Stomach concocting knot after knot while he cupped your face only enhancing your anxiety.
~ Ultimately he agrees to it. Why wouldn't he? He loves everything you do to him.
~ He's not concerned at all in fact he's almost overly excited when he comes home to find you in your shared bedroom with all the items laid out ready to play with him.
~ Though the nervousness on your face slowly winds him down.
~ "Windblume, it's ok. I know it's gonna feel good because it's you and me." He coos and pecks quick open mouthed kisses over every part of your forehead. Eventually getting you to untense enough to remove the rest of his clothing.
~ If you weren't relaxed enough before his very eager, very breathy moans and the reddening of his entire face when your fingers brushed his prostate eased you completely. His fingers intertwining with the sheets as he bucked his hips with tiny gasps of, "More." and the pet name he'd uniquely given to you.
~ His cockhead smearing precum along his stomach with every arch of his back. Tears streaming along his cheeks.
~ Windblume.." He nearly choked as you pressed a third lubed finger inside his tight entrance. The tips of your fingers coming up to brush over his hardened nipples. "It's.. so intense.." He shivered, pleas for you to fuck his ass spilling off his lips.
~ You managed to talk him through it as you pressed the lubed tip inside. Massaging his cock with your free hand till he melted into your touch. "How's this, love?" You questioned over his meek whimpers.
~ "Kind of weird.. but.. it doesn't hurt.." He shuddered as you continued to press the entire length inside of him. Pausing to allow the feeling to subside.
~ Your wrist flicked just gentle enough to relax him. Just until his body sank gently back into the mattress. Up until he was whispering words of approval for you to move.
~ He doesn't even begin to hide his eagerness when you press right up against his prostate again. His lips upturned, teeth clamped and eyes so alight with pleasure that it sends a chill down your own spine.
~ "Faster, Harder.. please.."
~ He can't help but reach out to you. Wrap his arms around your waist as he clings onto your heat. His moans being swallowed up as you press as deeply as you can.
~ You find your fingers sinking into his hips, tugging him as close as possible. Pressing kisses to his ears as you whispered small words of praise.
~ It's not long before he's spilling over. So consumed with this new feeling he'd never experienced before and the pleasure of having you fuck his ass.
~ As if he didn't enjoy it enough, the comfort of having you run your hands up his back and heaving chest made things all the better.
~ Don't be shocked when he asks you if the two of you can repeat this endeavor in the near future.
~ He doesn't exactly have a track record of saying no to you so when you ask he agrees to it. Even though he is one hundred percent in the dark on what it is.
~ "My ass? You wanna fuck it?" When you nod he simply chuckles. "That sounds hot."
~ "You're too casual when I ask you stuff like this." You playfully pout returning his kisses when he leans into you.
~ "So you want me to panic?" He asks "Ah! I can't believe you want to fuck me silly!" He can't help but explode with laughter.
~ "Just for that I'm not gonna be nice about it."
~ You stayed pretty true to your word. But Aether managed incredibly well. His sphincter loosening fairly quickly to the lube.
~ And God was he so incredibly adorable. His hips trembling and swaying as you fingered his pretty ass. Knees digging so deeply into the mattress. Little whimpers falling off his lips with each new finger added until you were scissoring them so easily and swiftly that he was wetting the bed beneath him with precum.
~ "Such a cocky little shit and now look at you." You tsked with fake disappointment.
~ He can only answer with a gasp while you gently press inside of him. Shifting your hips to press the tip of your cock against his prostate. Delighting in the way his arms nearly buckle beneath him.
~ Doesn't take long for you to set a quick pace. Plowing into him till he yelps and cries with pleasure. Your left hand sliding up his back to his braid to twist it around your wrist tugging him back into your thrusts.
~ He doesn't even pretend to mind. The curling of his spine appearing more prominently, encouraging pleas falling off his lips.
~ The look of his head pulled back in your grasp only worked to turn you on so much harder than you ever had been before. The rickety clattering of the bed further cementing just how hard the two of you were going.
~ By the time he finally cums he's sinking into the bed. Not even trying to hide the shake of his body, breathless as you soothe him. Sliding your palms down his back.
~ You'll probably have to wait till he wakes to ask him if he enjoyed it. But judging by the streaks of cum layering his stomach and the bed you probably don't need to.
~ Does not know what that is the unholy trilogy.
~ And once you explain he says outright that he does not want to even try it.
~ He's not scared, of course not and it's not because he enjoys being a top. (Let's be honest he's probably the power bottom in your relationship). He just hates breaking from routine. The two of you have sex at least once a week every week on the same day. The most breaking of the schedule being if he comes home late or perhaps if one of you is too tired.
~ "Aww Xiao Xiao.. you don't want to try something new? Aren't you worried about things getting stale."
~ "Are you asking because you're unsatisfied with our current arrangement?"
~ Doesn't really matter how you answer that Xiao caves within a couple days. The pressure to make you happy has always come from his own anxiety and never actually from anything you say or do after all.
~ He seems so much grumpier than usual when you just have him strip and sit on your lap.
~ While he sounds a bit agitated by it, the constant check in's do indeed ease his stress over this new experience. That is until you start to play with his ass and he tenses up, knees quivering at your sides.
~ "Want me to stop?" You ask, squeezing the fat of his hips.
~ "I'll be fine." He repeats as he had every time you'd asked.
~ You slip a hand between his thighs slowly coaxing a hand over his cock till he naturally loosens around your finger. The gorgeous curve of his back high lighted perfectly in the dim lighting of your shared bedroom.
~ By the time you make it up to three fingers he's squirming and panting uncontrollably. Cockhead drooling across each of your fingers to be used as lubricant. The way his cheeks had flushed out combined with his disheveled bangs making him so much cuter.
~ "I'm going to put it in now." You tell him "Tell me if you want to stop."
~ His hands lay flat on your stomach, holding out for purchase as the lubricated tip slowly curves inside him followed slowly and carefully by the entirety of your shaft until he found himself seated with a heavy exhale. You question him a bit on his breathing, moving your hands to cup his cheeks but he simply shook his head brushing your concerns away.
~ "I want you to enjoy this too Xiao Xiao."
~ Despite his insistence that he was indeed ok. You still gave him the opportunity to set his own pace. Delighted by his initiative in the matter.
~ All you really have to do is coax his hips along with one hand and flick your wrist along the head of his cock with the other. Showering him with praise until his dick twitches excitedly.
~ He stays fairly quiet unlike the others. Focusing mostly on riding you with the occasional breathy huff or loud grunt. Sweaty bangs clinging to damp spots against his forehead.
~ His hips start to move sloppily as his orgasm approaches and to your surprise he leans in to you. Breathily hiding every noise he can no longer contain on your lips. Nails raking along the sheets as his climax drenches your hand and both your stomachs.
~ He keeps twitching for a couple minutes exhaling and inhaling hard. His weight almost completely on top of yours.
~ "You seemed to enjoy that huh Xiao Xiao." You almost giggle knowing fully well that his cheeks were bright red where he'd stuffed his face into the crook of your neck. You don't push him any further, just brush your hands along his back. Placing kisses over any areas you could reach. Up until his breathing steadies.
~ You'll just have to wait till tomorrow to give him the proper aftercare he deserves.
~ The first one here to actually know what pegging is.
~ Probably anticipated you asking for something like this because of your obsession with his ass.
~ He's pretty willing to try it too. Even asking you if you'd ever had experience doing something similar in the past.
~ "I'm actually a little surprised you're so willing to do this with me." You say, giving his cheek a small kiss.
~ "All relationships go through periods of experimentation, my love. I wish to continue trying new things with you as much as possible so that we can truly become one soul."
~ "There goes the flowers Beidou's always talking about.." You chuckle
~ You lay beside him on your side as he lays in the same fashion. Drawn into his heat by the soft hitches of his breath and nearly inaudible moans. He fingers himself so swiftly but you love to watch.
~ Love watching his cock shake between his legs as he spreads his own ass. Scissoring those lean fingers in and out. Every thrust sounding so wet, bouncing off the walls of your shared bedroom.
~ "Ok.. I think.. I'm ready." He pants inching close enough for you to press your tip against his prepped hole.
~ You take hold of his cock first. Easing yourself in until he's filled. Stroking delicately as you go.
~ "Can you speed your hand a bit?" He questions immediately gasping as you follow his instructions.
~ You keep your pace slow and steady above all. Just focusing on deep, long thrusts to fill his pretty ass. He rewards your efforts with a part of his lips, sucking in air as it's dragged from his lungs.
~ "Kiss me.." He nearly whimpers and you indulge. You'd never seen Kazuha like this before it almost felt out of character the way he moaned unabashedly into your mouth. Sucking your lip into his kiss.
~ Your fingers sifting through his untied hair. Keeping his head close as you pressed against his prostate. Pure lust flooding your body at the completely sinful sounds that fell from Kazuha's lips.
~ He tried his best to hide it but you'd caught it. You'd caught your boyfriend moaning and whining so submissively if you weren't doing it to him you would've imagined it were someone else.
~ When he gets close he starts to beg you. Beg you to allow him to finish. Beg for your hand to continue stroking his cock. Those scarlet irises trapped behind closed eyelids.
~ "My good Kazu.." You whispered and he couldn't help but cum at those words. Pressing ever closer to your heat with his breathy sighs.
~ He looks so drained as he tries to sit up but you simply insist that aftercare is on you tonight. You nearly overheat when you hear him call you, "An amazing partner." Underneath his breath.
~ He's well aware of pegging and what it is. However his immediate response to you asking to do it to him is surprisingly speechlessness.
~ It's not that he's surprised it's more that he'd never been a bottom before. Not even in previous relationships. He also can't quite wrap his head around someone playing with his ass.
~ Though he trusts that you'll be gentle with him so he talks through it with you a bit further before coming to an agreement.
~ "Man alive.. that's cold.."
~ "Don't tense up or it'll hurt." You respond
~ He presses his ass back for you allowing a single finger to slide in half way before he's huffing and cursing.
~ "Does this hurt?" You question
~ He moans in a way that sounds both pleasured and pained. You pull his hips back into you fisting his pretty cock until he carefully unwinds for one finger.
~ "I'll admit this sensation.. it's quite odd." He chuckles trying to suppress a disgruntled groan.
~ "I know it's a bit uncomfortable Shika but you have to relax a lot more before I can fuck you. Otherwise it'll hurt."
~ "No no I'm aware.. I'm.. trying." His knees shake as you try your hardest to talk him through a second finger, stroking his cock a bit faster while trying to avoid an immediate climax.
~ "Right there.. fu.. yeah that's the spot.."
~ He presses back into your hands, spreading his legs wider to let you pound his prostate till his moans become long and drawn out.
~ "Think you can take the strap now?" You question, holding the lubricant out to properly rub on your cock.
~ "Ah.. just keep it gentle this is my first time after all." He chuckles throwing a wink over his shoulder at you.
~ You simply roll your eyes, "Don't worry, I'll be just as gentle with you as you are with me."
~ "Ah ha.. that's not funny."
~ "It's a little funny."
~ You'd prepared him better than you'd previously assumed. Delighted by how little resistance you face pressing in up to the half way point. Sliding back out before pressing forward a little deeper.
~ He mumbled a series of words softly calling to the gods as you grabbed hold of his ass giving it a quick slap. Then another slightly harder one. Comforted by the soft moans that slipped off his lips.
~ "Darling.. darling that feels good.." He doesn't even try to hide the way he lowers his arms. Pushing his ass up for easier access.
~ You watch strands of hair slip from his hair tie and without thinking about it, you reach forward loosening it to let the mess of red flood his shoulders. The glint in his eye catches you just before the curtain of hair falls over his shoulders.
~ He shakes his head, letting the strands fall evenly over his back. His elbows sinking further into the mattress as he clings for purchase.
~ Your name falls from his tongue from the depths of his throat and he works a free hand between his legs to make your job easier.
~ When he cums it's so abrupt you hadn't even noticed till he randomly gasped. Panting out exclamations and curses in brief, unstructured sentences.
~ You pulled out for him and he instantly flipped onto his back. "Are you sure that's the first time you've done that?" He asked tongue curving over his lips.
~ "Of course. I wouldn't lie."
~ "Well, I hope in the near future we can do that again. I never knew how good it felt to have your prostate massaged."
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kaihavertzfc · 6 months
𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙪𝙥 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙡𝙤𝙨𝙩 𝙩𝙞𝙢𝙚 | 𝙢. 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙣
pairing: max verstappen x fem!reader
summary: after a gruelling triple header it was finally summer break, a time where you could enjoy max entirely to yourself in the comfort of your own private villa.
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, choking, praise, oral (f receiving), fingering, degradation (use of the word slut like once), max being cocky, breeding kink (?? maybe idk if it counts), google translated dutch, established relationship, not proofread!!
a/n: listen…the mans fine and post race max oml
a/n 2: lowkey disappeared for like two months and back to a celebratory max fic? Surprise
Tumblr media
When you met Max you knew finding time together would be a hard task. He was travelling the world with red bull doing what be loved, but being in a different continent practically every week it was hard to keep up with him.
So when finally the summer break came around you had never been happier, being around Max 24/7 after a gruelling triple header was like heaven. Going to sleep with him beside you and actually waking up with him was paradise.
Together you had decided to go on vacation to a small island near Italy, a place you could go with a smaller chance of people recognising him. You just wanted him alone for the next 2 weeks.
The tiny bikini's you had packed with you were beginning to drive Max crazy, not that his low rise trunks didn't have the same effect on you. Neither wanted to crack first, to give the other, the satisfaction.
You wrapped a towel around your body, tucking it into the wet bikini top you were wearing. Renting out the two person villa had been one of the best decisions you had ever made, being able to have the pool to yourselves and not have to worry about people sneaking pictures.
Max was sitting on the day bed, attempting to regain the tan he had before the season started. Being covered head to toe in fireproofs didn't do anything for his pale complexion. Finally when he saw you head towards your shared bedroom he made the move, stopping you before you could get past the bed.
Goosebumps rose on your skin as Max ran his hands over your shoulders, grazing down your arms and sitting on your waist. Max spun you round, the smile on his face giving away with what he had planned.
"I've had so long to think about what i want to do to you." You shivered as he whispered in your ear, the effect he had on you showing more than you wished it did. "Had three weeks where all i wanted to do is fuck you. Ever since Austria." His lips trailed down your throat, dancing over your collarbone and across your neck and shoulders.
You tilted your neck to the side, allowing him more access although your words contradicted your actions. "Max, what if someone-."
"No ones gonna see, it's only us out here, schatje." His kisses reversed his previous trail, one of his hands coming up to untuck your towel and dropping it to the ground.
The goosebumps continued to rise on your skin, half due to Max and the other half due to the rush of cool air. "Max." You whimpered his name as he bit into the skin of your neck, soothing it over with his tongue and adding another next to it.
He pulled away, looking at the marks he left proudly as they blossomed into purples bruises already. "You look so good like this, mijn liefde." Before you could reply his mouth was already back on your skin, marking you up even more.
When his lips met yours, you kissed him back. Your past arguments being pushed to the back of your mind.  Max's hand carefully pulled you along with him, following him over to the day bed he had been sitting on. Before he sat, he kissed you again, longer and with more pressure.
Cockily, he placed his arms behind his head when he sat down. His biceps looking larger than usual in the position. His eyes looked down to his lap, silently telling you where to go. Of course you obliged, already missing the intimacy of his kisses.
Your legs were placed across both sides of his thighs, your barely covered core being pressed against his growing hard on. One of his hands moved from behind his head, falling to your hips and moving them gradually against him.
The growing pressure between your legs caused a few small moans to escape your mouth, the friction slowly building. He moved his arm to join the other on your hip, being able to rock them more forcefully now. "Is this what three weeks does to you? Three weeks without my cock and your such a slut for me you'll ride my thigh, hm?"
His newly moved hand grabbed your jaw, forcing you to look down at him. Max's eyes pierced into yours. "Answer me, schatje."
The pace of your moving hips never faltered, the look he was giving you somehow adding to the growing pleasure. "Fuck, Max, yes." His head tilted to the side, the hand on your jaw staying firm with one of his fingers tapping against the skin. "Gonna ride your thigh." You obeyed his silent command.
As the words left your mouth you could feel the rising heat in your cheeks, embarrassed at how desperate you sounded. "You're fucking perfect, mijn God." Both his hands sat on your waist, pulling you impossibly closer to him whilst his lips trailed over your body.
The ache in your legs and the sloppy movements of your hips gave away how close you were. You could feel your thighs beginning to shake just as you were about to reach your peak. Finally, you felt the coil in your stomach snap when Max sank his teeth into your collarbone.
Your body collapsed against his, teeth biting into his shoulder, attempting to control your ragged breath. The aftershock of your orgasm continued when his grip against your waist didn't stop, the sensitivity causing you to whine against the skin of his shoulder. Max could feel your heart still beating rapidly against his chest, spurring him on even more to get you to another orgasm on just his thigh. "One more."
"Max-" Your voice was breathless when you tried to argue back, throat hoarse.
"I know you can." His lips found your temple, reassuringly kissing it. "Just like that." You moaned into his shoulder again, not trusting your arms enough to be able to support you.
Max's words of praise were a killer, enough to tip you over the edge whenever he wanted you to. Like you were putty in his hands the second he spoke those words.
Just as before you felt the familiar feeling building much quicker in your stomach. He could read your body like a book, not even needing to ask if you were closer before you were coming undone on his thigh again.
Your nails dragged down his back,likely going to leave red scratch marks for the next couple days. His hands stopped their movements of your hips, allowing you the minute or so you needed to come down from your high and catch your breath once again.
Max pushed the fallen hair out of your face, lifting your lips to meet his in a soft kiss. Nothing from the feverish one you shared previously. "You're so good to me." His praise already igniting that feeling in your stomach again.
He only took an extra second to look at you on top of him again before flipping you both over, Max now hovering over you. Goosebumps rose on your body when his fingers dragged down your leg, moving back up to untie that side of your bikini bottoms and then doing the same to the other side. You helped him out, lifting your hips to let take them off.
When his hand moved to where your bikini strings were, drifting in towards your inner thigh, tracing down where your two thighs met before slowly moving them open and leaving an arm to keep them open.
His free moved from holding your thigh, letting his fingers run through your dripping folds, groaning at how wet you were for him. "I want nothing more than to fuck you right now."
You rose an eyebrow at his words, tugging his hair to look up at you. "Then do it."
Max smirked at your reply, how desperation leaked from it. "Soon." As if to cut off any chance of you arguing back, Max slid in two of his fingers. Curling them as he went knuckle deep.
Moaning at his action you bit into your fist, the other hand deep in Max's hair, pulling on the roots. His fingers continued moving in and out of you when his tongue pressed against your clit. The sudden feeling making you shudder slightly. “Don’t. I want to hear you, schatje.”
His tongue lazily circled your clit, as if he was only doing it to tease you. In contrast, his fingers were pumping in and out of you at a quick pace, every time he pushed them in grazing against your g-spot.
Within just a couple minutes of him going down on you, you could already feel your third orgasm beginning to unravel. Max already knowing before you did, adding a little more pressure to get you that extra bit of pleasure.
All it took was for Max to slide a third finger inside of you and you were already begging underneath him, squirming and moaning when he didn’t slow down any of his movements. “Max, fuck, please.” Your orgasm finally hit when his teeth grazed over your clit, the new sensation making your mind go blank, ears ringing as you forgot about your surroundings not caring who heard your loud moans.
Max helped you through your high, slowly and then stopping his movements before pulling away. He groaned as he placed his fingers in your mouth, the way your tongue swirled around them only reminding him of how badly he wanted to be down your throat. “Now can you fuck me?”
Every plan he had of you on your knees for him left his mind when you asked him that, even after the three orgasms he had already given you all you wanted was him inside of you. He was already removing his trunks when you spoke to him, too impatient to wait any longer.
Roughly, he grabbed your thighs and wrapping them around either side of his body. He lined himself up against your entrance, not even taking the time to tease like he did nearly every time, instead pushing himself fully in.
He did give you a minute to adjust to him, although it really was just a minute before he started moving inside of you. “You were fucking made for me, schatje, for me, only me.” Your legs tightened around his middle, trying to pull yourself as close as you could to him.
Max brought himself down to you, connecting your lips as the harshness of his thrusts increased, not even trying to control himself. He slipped his tongue straight into your mouth, deepening the kiss as much as he could. You bit down on his old lip, the groan he let out turning you on even more.
Pulling away he kept his teeth on your bottom lip, letting it go and admiring the way it bounced back into place. One of his hands moved from your its place on your hips, an attempt to keep you in place from his relentless pace and found your clit, circling it like before.
You moaned at the overstimulation, from the way he felt inside of and the sensitivity that was becoming overwhelming everything felt heightened. “Look at you, a mess because of me, all for me.” Max looked down at you proudly, proud of the marks he left littering your skin and of how fucked out he got you. “All for me.”
In that moment nothing else mattered, the closeness of being with Max after only three weeks apart being an experience unable to top.
Nodding along you muttered under your breath. “All for you.” Your eyes were screwed shut, the pleasure you were feeling becoming even more than you thought you could handle, the strain from the bright sun not helping. “I’m so close-“
With another couple harsher thrusts you felt him twitch inside of you. “Cum for me, liefde.” His words tipped you over the edge for the fourth time in a row, the clenching of your pussy spurring Max on for his own release in you.
You heard him groan as he emptied into you, letting his body fall onto yours as you both attempted to catch your breaths, feeling each other’s pounding heartbeats.
Max was the first to move, sliding himself out of you, making you wince at the loss of contact. You could already feel him cum leaking out of you, despite how deep he was in you. “You look so good filled with my cum, fuck.”
“As long as you promise this every time you can finish inside of me as many times as you want.”
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oncloudten · 1 year
genshin men and their kinks
in this post: diluc, childe, itto, and ayato.
cw: nsfw! nothing too extreme. notes: i mention boobs in itto's list, but i tried to keep the reader as gn as possible! so no specific mentions of gender aside from that bit. no set pronouns.
oh boy oh boy... i could make a whole seperate post on this man. so many thoughts being thunk. just putting this out there: he's a very dominant man. mostly in the sense that he just wants to make you feel good and to be in charge of that whole process.
starting off strong, he 100% without a doubt has a breeding kink. just absolutely loves filling you all the way up and thinks nothing will ever compare to the feeling he gets when he slowly pulls out and sees everything for himself.
master/daddy kink. everyone always brings this up but i don't think it's stressed enough... he could come undone just hearing it fall from your lips. (is very embarrassed about it though, and you EAT. IT. UP. he's just so cute)
let's just say one time kaeya overheard the two of you and well... poor diluc. he's been getting teased ever since. the second he heard it, he was coming up with ways to forever taunt him with it—and then that night at the tavern he made sure to emphasize the way he casually dropped master before his name. you both immediately knew, and everyone else at the scene of the crime felt the atmosphere change. especially after taking one look at diluc's terribly flushed face, matching the color of his hair.
and also... he loves pleasuring you. he will genuinely not leave your side until he for sure knows you're just as satisfied or more. sometimes even ignoring his own needs. his vision has most definitely been involved at times to make you feel extra good. also showers you with so so so many praises. he wants you to know you're his everything in every way possible, and he makes sure to get that message across with every thrust and praise you recieve.
bonus: diluc goes crazy with the aftercare. taking showers with him has become a consistent thing in your relationship but it's different after sex. he will run the bath, set the perfect temperature, sometimes even lighting some candles and throwing in some scents and then personally carrying you into it. he'll wash your hair, your back, and then you'd do the same for him. it's just a very intimate process. his most favorite thing is when you wash his hair, he's very vocal during it too lol.
childe is... well, childe. he's genuinely crazy but especially when it comes to sex. his sex drive is just all the way up there. he's also very dominant. loves it when you ride him though. i believe he has the most kinks out of them all and will try almost anything with you, but to name a few:
he's a cute little family man so a breeding kink is high amongst this list. literally dies and comes back to life at the mere thought of filling you up. and he'll do it several times, making sure you get every. last. drop. and then when he pulls out he just fucks it all the way back into you whether it be with his fingers or with his cock. the first time you told him he could cum inside... yeah it was a big fucking day for him. man was having a blast.
he loves edging you. i know childe is genuinely just a softie but he's a big fucking sadist in bed. sex with him is almost always very rough, with tears being involved and all. back to edging you, he's a man who doesn't beat around the bush, but when it comes to this... he just gets off on getting you to beg. and when it finally happens oh man are you in for a BIG one. (literally).
despite all that he's very careful with you and secretly (not really) the biggest romantic little shit ever. you of course have a safe word if things ever get out of hand sometimes. but also he does have a choking kink. very big on involving his hands. one hand will be wrapped around your throat and the other will be used to shove two fingers down your mouth. and you'll take it.
bonus/honorable mention: impact play. plus: childe is also big on aftercare, you end up having another round of sex in the shower because he just can't get enough of you. but he makes sure you're taken care of. he will clean you up and dress you and do anything for you really. all the while showering you with praises of all sorts on how you did so good for him and also kisses. he's a very gentle lover despite being an absolute rough monster and menace in bed.
he's a freak. despite being headcanoned as a virgin, which he most likely is, once it happened he got the hang of it almost immediately. no role set in stone for him as he cares more about the pleasure and just you, but he's on the edge of being a dom. he's a bottom though.
size kink. he's BIG. i don't think i can emphasize that enough. like BIG big. nothing you've ever seen before on any other man. literal monster cock. itto did not know this. well, he knew he was big. he just probably thought everyone else also had a fucking monster cock dangling inbetween their legs... also you're just so SMALL compared to him and he's like ? MIND GOES BLANK. he wants to raw you. also once he's fully in, he just stops for a few seconds before moving and goes "that's all me" "look at how i'm filling you up" loves seeing the outline of his cock forming again and again in your stomach, pushes down on it. big on sex talk too so he will not shut up about it.
as i said he's very keen on sex talk so that leads us to this: his praise kink. goes absolutely feral. just simply tell him you love how he feels around you, how he's filling you up, and boom. we've all seen how he is so he let's this get to his head and you sometimes find him talking about it to his gang. you don't know whether you want to curl up and die or kill him or laugh. tons of "y'know you're doing so good for me, taking all of me so well. so good." on his behalf.
a very territorial man, and that especially applies to you. he loves marking you. letting everyone know you're his and his only. it's very personal to him, so definitely expect bite marks and several hickeys and scratches. he truly believes everyone who sees you wants you, so when i say this, it's almost always in exposed areas.
i feel like his favorite position is doggy style. and he gets off on the fact that he's the one making you feel so good, so he HAS TO see your face when he fucks you. expect to be fucked infront of the mirror alot. he'll occasionally hold up your face to make you look at yourself. "i'm the one doing this to you" "look at you" blah blah.
plus: boobs. he just loves your boobs so much he could cry. he loves everything about your body and he doesn't have a specific preference for anything in general but he is just SO obsessed with handling your boobs man... also putting them in his mouth, marking them, holding them while he's fucking you or while you're riding him... goes bonkers seeing them go up and down while you're fucking him.
this man isn't even out yet but i'm a delusional individual so i have enough to work with. i like to believe he's a menace. in a very entertaining way. have you guys seen yae's voiceline about him? like omg. it's canon. sly little sexy bastard. definitely a soft dom.
i have a feeling he's into exhibitionism. loves the thrill and possibility of getting caught—being heard. the adrenaline of it all. sometimes he even makes sure everyone hears you, just for the fun of it. and by everyone i mean thoma (when ayato is occasionally home). that poor boy and what he has heard. also when you're done, he WILL fill you up and immediately casually go on with his day. he'll just be chatting up with thoma, while you're in the back filled with his cum. and it's all he can think of. fear him.
orgasm denial. also just for the fun of it. loves it when you get desperate and beg, like he will literally laugh in your face.
oh boy oh boy does he have an authority kink. call him just about anything that puts you in a position where you submit to him and he will fold. trust. he will ask you to address him properly. also loves it when you're a brat.
to follow that up, brat taming. no further words.
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hee-pster · 6 months
Tumblr media
+18 content read at your own discretion, please scroll if you’re uncomfortable with. [MDNI]
pairing: roommate!sunghoon x afab!reder
genre: smut
summary: what's the best thing to do if you're missing your roommate? For you, it was to dry hump their pillow on their bed, in their room, while wearing nothing but one of their baggy shirts. It's fun and all but, what would happen if they return early and catch you on act, huh?
word count: ~ 0.9k
warnings: dom!sunghoon, sub!reader, rough sex, unprotected sex, mirror sex, usage of pet names, choking kink, implied multiple rounds, oral sex (male receiving), cum play (sort of)
a/n: Hi hi everyone, I hope you are doing fine <3 since it's been some time I've posted anything about hoonie, I wanted to post this small fic that I've written before for him :3 I hope you enjoy it! As always, any type of feedback is highly appreciated whether it's a like, comment, ask or especially a reblog with your cute reactions <33 wishing you all a great day/night, love you <3 
🧷. . . back to masterlist
Tumblr media
"Ahh look at you y/n." Sunghoon purred in your ear, grabbing your hair into a messy ponytail with his big palms.
There was no logical explanation for you to be held against a mirror with your roommate pumping his cock into you mercilessly right now but well life is full of surprises isn't it?
Who would've thought your dearest roommate will return earlier from his vacation that he left to spent with his parents, catching you pleasuring yourself in his room, on his bed, wearing one of his big baggy t-shirts? Well definitely not you, since you had the nerve to do exactly that.
"Did you miss me that much, huh?" He groaned, leaving wet kisses down from your spine, his hands making their way up to unclasp your bra.
The vision in front of you was making you choke on your words, seeing your fucked out expression in the mirror was giving you a pleasuring feeling mixed with embarrassment.
"I asked you a question didn't I, doll?" Sunghoon repeated himself, yanking you against the mirror with one strong thrust, immediately wrapping a hand around your neck, pressing the sides of your bare flesh.
"Y-yes I did!" You screamed out when he landed a loud smack on your asscheek, making you clench around his thick shaft.
"Guess my princess likes it rough." He chuckled under his breath, pulling your hair back to gain himself some space of your neck, sucking on your sensitive skin roughly.
You were sure it would leave a huge mark, cursing yourself you started to think what lie to tell your friends when they ask what the hell happened to you.
"Fuck, Sunghoon please." You pleaded, looking at the reflection of the guy who was busy taking his time on you, watching how good you take him through the mirror.
"Please? So we're also a begger huh?" He raised an eyebrow at you, pushing your head back with the hand around your neck to make eye contact, "I never thought you would turn out to be such a slut..." He whispered in your mouth before placing a wet lazy kiss on your lips, "But hey, I'm not complaining at all." He smirked as he pushed himself all the way in once more, filling the room with the sounds of your moving hips.
"You don't need to be a literal dick while you're already fucking using it Hoon." You moaned loudly, slamming your hand on the mirror, your sweet high getting closer with every thrust.
He chuckled, his hands sliding down to cup your breasts, pulling you up so that your back would meet his bare chest, "I see it's time to put that pretty mouth into some good use .." he gritted between his teeth, ".. but first be a good girl and cum for me."
And with that he paced up, one of his hands trailing down to rub your clit. Your head fell back onto his shoulders while he was peppering kisses down your jawline as he continued to fuck you. Given to the fact that you were almost halfway there when he caught you, it didn’t take long for you to cum and release your orgasm all over him. He helped you ride your high, slowly pumping himself in an out until you stopped shaking.
"On your knees baby." He ordered with a low voice once you calmed down from your high, watching you get on your knees as you obeyed. “Open wide for me.” He said, positioning his tip against your mouth. You took him in, swrilling your tongue around his head. Knowing he was also close to his high, you wanted to take your time like he did with you, so you sinked down very slowly on him, being careful to not hollow your cheeks.
"Fuck, this isn’t the time to play with me y/n." He groaned as a warning, a hand coming down to tug on your hair.
Seeing no change in your behavior he sighed, "Once a brat always a brat huh? I have to teach you a lesson then." He let out, wrapping his hand on your hair with a tight grip. "You're gonna swallow them all, you hear me?" He asked as he started fucking your mouth, his tip reaching the back of your throat each time, making you gag continuously.
You were a mess, spit dripping from your chin, tears running down your cheeks, your nails digged into his thighs as he fucked your throat. Yet, you never felt so satisfied in your life before, as if the deep grunts coming out from his throat was going straight to your pussy, making you drip with arousal like he didn’t just fuck you.
"Shit." He cursed right before his dick twitched in your mouth, releasing his seeds down your throat as you tried to swallow them the way he ordered.
"Just like that baby, don't waste any drop." He praised before pulling you up for a sloppy kiss, hands immediately finding their place on your rosy asscheeks. He pulled out with a clear admiration on his face, wiping your tears and spit away, "You did so well for me." He praised, caressing your cheek.
"I can do more." You offered, your hand leading his to your swollen pussy, sliding his fingers along with yours on your wet folds.
"Show me what you got then."
© hee-pster on tumblr
@muffinminnie @donghoonie-3 @lix-freckle3 @foxdaisy @jaeyunsz @jak-ey @n-ek0 @jaylaxies @seungkwan-s @duolingofanaccount @jaysbiceps @heeseongism @forjongseong @criceofpain @spiderrenjunfics @parkhonnie @seuomo @taekookstiddiemilk @momorai @sluttyenha @jongseongwtf @skzenhalove @valley-of-lies @thots4hee @jayked-archive @gegeetime @yjjungwon @jakeswifeyy  
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jordansgarden · 3 months
grand sage's grand love
Tumblr media
hoyoverse pls make more official alhaitham content so i have more pretty pictures i don't wanna use artists' work
cw: sex, size kink, breeding kink, mocking praise, edging, overstim, dacryphilia, dumbification, masturbation(?), no mention of gendered parts for reader, switch reader and alhaitham, there's both dom and sub reader sections, this is a huge post lmfao
lots of nsfw below the cut
when i say grand love, i mean big dick.
this man has a massive dick and he loves to make you take it all at once because he knows you can do it darling :((.
his dick is so pretty, quite like his fingers. long, slender, a little curve at the end. it's not thick, but the length absolutely makes up for it.
you'll see the stars he loves to point out the moment he shoves his whole cock into you.
alhaitham is a very busy man, so don't waste his time by letting his cum leave your pretty body alright love?
he'll never admit it but it turns him on so easily just thinking of you filled to the brim with his seed after using not just your precious hole but your mouth too.
waste a drop? don't worry your pretty little head about it, he'll make up for it with another load! anything for his pet <3
he's quite rough sometimes, but alhaitham loves to praise you ever so slightly.
"i knew you could do it love, you're so perfect for me."
alhaitham's favorite thing to do is pushing you to the point where you can't behave anymore. he'll edge you and edge you, say "be good baby, you can do that can't you?" and he won't stop until you break.
"oh no, darling, you came."
it wasn't his words that got your attention, it was the lack of friction. his fingers pulled out of you, hands let go of your hair.
"w-wait- 'h-haith m'sorry- couldn't- mhg!"
suddenly his tongue pressed against you, slowly licking up the mess you made. too overstimulated, you writhed against the rope around your wrists and tried to move your hips away. alhaitham's hands held your thighs down and open, his thumb rubbing circles a little too close.
his head lifted, hands running up your body before tracing his fingers back down. following the hickeys and love bites he left, his hand replaced where his mouth previously was. up and down, up and down. the soft rubbing- oh archons it's so good.
you found yourself grinding against his hand, desperate for another release.
"haah.. 'haith please-" his hand stopped moving, eliciting a whine. "please what?" "hng- need more.." "why should i? you came, when i told you no." "i said m'sorry- please i- i need you- need you inside-!" "you're lucky you're so pretty."
he pressed his fingers against the hickeys littered over your skin. at once, tears pricked your eyes as a choked moan escaped. he was all in already!
"fuck- 'haith-!" he bent over you, holding your head against his neck as he groaned into your ear. "hah- you're still so fucking tight after all that." "move- move 'haith please please please move- fuck me fuck me please-" "gladly."
one. two. six. nine. you didn't know how many times you'd cum already. it'd been long since alhaitham fucked you silly. all you could think was the feeling of his hand pressing against your pretty tummy bulge. him sliding out and slamming back in every time. his cum sliding deeper and deeper with every thrust. dripping down your thighs.
"m'gonna- gonna cum agai-n!" "just- just a little more, be good and take it all, yeah?" "yes! yesyesyesyes!"
the moment he came again, so did you. alhaitham slowly pulled his dick out, slipping a pretty pair of panties on you to keep all his seed in you <3
"you did so well for me darling. would you like a little reward?"
being the fucked out pet you are, of course you said yes! well, saying yes was out of your capacity. his confirmation was received from the way your dazed eyes lit up again.
"then, come kneel here for me."
you would stay on your knees for a long time, his hands using your hair to help fuck your face while his cum dripped out of your mouth and stained your panties.
can you really blame him when you're just so good though?
now, pretty baby is so busy all the time! he just gets so tired that you just have to take care of him :(.
when you have work to do, it's easy to get him to sit under your desk and suck you off. alhaitham loves it! the feeling of one of your hands keeping his head between your legs is heavenly.
this man is obsessed with you, and i mean obsessed. mark him. hickeys, bruises, handprints, bites, anything. he'll trace them later and fuck himself thinking of you.
he's the prettiest crier. quiet, heavy breathing with his head tilted back while you milk every drop of his cum out of him. he swears, he doesn't have any more! he can't handle another one!
such an easy begger, he'll do anything for you to touch him, make him cum.
"please- darling please, i've been so good, please let me."
he'll swallow every drop of your cum or keep it in his ass. anything falls to the ground and he'll lick it up, no words necessary.
"mhn- dearest- i-i don't know how much more i- ouH~!"
there it is. your fingers pressed harder against that spot, another breathy moan coming out of him.
"please- use me, let me please y-"
slap. "aGH-!"
a sharp smack to his ass forced tears into his eyes.
"awh, you're so pretty when you cry." you kept abusing his prostate, tweaking at his pretty pink pecs.
"haah- okay- okay okay okay- hnG!" his back arched, precum covering his dick.
"fuck me- fuck me please-! pleasepleasepleaseplease-!"
ah, he's so cute. you smacked his ass again, his tears falling.
"oh my love, would you like to have me?" with teary eyes, he nodded frantically, hands tightening on the sheets. you'd been edging him for hours already!
your fingers pulled out, leaning back. "you'll have to fuck yourself first. make yourself cum once and i'll make you cum many more times."
his eyes widened, cheeks going dusty pink. touch himself? in front of you?
"j-just once..?"
"once. i promise i'll make you see celestia afterwards."
he sat up, his arms shaky. alhaitham squeezed his thighs together, soft whines leaving his swollen lips as he rubbed his tip just how you do.
soft strokes up and down his cock, up and down, up and down. heavy, labored breathing as he glanced at you. you, looking at him with the most adoring and pleased grin.
"c-close- so close- no-!"
he was right there, his release- but it slipped away. alhaitham couldn't please himself, not when you were right there, not when he knew you could do it so much better, not when he knows his body isn't his, it's yours, it's all yours.
tears streaming down his pretty cheeks, he panted while looking at you. "please- please my love i- i can't- i can't use myself the way you do- i can't do it- it's your cock- i can't do it- it's all yours, i'm all yours-"
soft snickers, and your hands were around his shaft. one, two, one, two, steady rhythm and his head tilts back. pretty moans and thank-you's, probably too fucked out to realized he's fucking into your hand like a little whore. soon enough, he cums all over said hand, continuing his steady stream of gratitude. you put your hand up to his mouth, and alhaitham cleans his mess up immediately.
"t-thank you.. thank you thank you thank you.."
"oh darling, i'm not done yet."
"wha- mph-!" your hand was back on his cock, tip so red and swollen. he bucked his hips, mewls and whines filling the room again.
he's such a good boy <3
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ringsofsaturnnnn · 3 months
𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙝𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙮 :: 𝙖. 𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙚𝙧𝙩 𝙛𝙖𝙣𝙛𝙞𝙘
𝘴𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺 :: it’s no secret that most people see armin as a sweet, innocent little thing. i mean, how couldn’t you? his sweeter than honey smile, bright blue eyes, and gentle voice pulls everyone in! however, what happens when you end up finding out that little mr. perfect isn’t as nice as everyone thinks he is?
𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨(𝘴) 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘦𝘴 :: fem bodied reader, porn with a plot (kinda), manipulative!armin, jealous!armin, pervy!armin, mean!armin, ooc!armin, swearing, dark content as armin is kinda manipulative, armin sorta shames you for what you wear at one point, nsfw themes - armin jacking off to you, oral (female receiving), breeding kink, slight choking, light dacryphilia (armin likes seeing you cry), fingering, virgin reader, overstim, pet names/endearing terms (honey, baby, sweet girl, etc.), slight dumbification. all characters are aged up & are in college. if i missed anything just let me know!
𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 :: 7,187
𝘢𝘶𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘴 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘦 :: this is my first time ever writing something like this so if it sucks i’m so sorry 😭. i really hope it makes sense.. i feel like the plot just kinda fell apart but oh well. i’ve just been having extreme brainrot for armin. big thanks to my friend @oyusumi​ for beta reading like.. half of this and inspiring me to finally post.
𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘤𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘢𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘥
Tumblr media
your head moved back and forth to the music playing through your headphones as you looked through your notes in the notebook in front of you. you had been studying nonstop for the upcoming german test, however, it seemed like all your studying was futile. you still couldn’t understand how to pronounce, nor spell, certain words. it was just getting frustrating because it seemed that no matter how hard you tried, you still just couldn’t get it.
letting out a groan, you ripped your headphones out of your ears and started packing your notes up. you needed to get out of the library. this studying was starting to drive you nuts. as you were packing, you heard someone’s voice behind you. turning, you saw your friend eren. “oh, hey eren.” you smiled as you shoved the last notebook in your bag. 
“hey. you looked frustrated. do you need help with anything?” many people pegged eren as the stupid type who didn’t do his homework and was passing school by the skin of his teeth, which was ironic, because he was a great student. he practically had straight a’s with the occasional b+. “oh no, don’t worry about it. i was just getting frustrated while studying for the german test.” you shrugged as you swung your backpack over your shoulder and grabbed your phone.
“oh, here! let me help you,” eren sat down in the empty seat and looked at you. “well, come on.” giving him a hesitant glance, you sighed. “are you sure? i don’t want to be a bother..” he nodded and you couldn’t help but smile. “fine.” setting your bag down, you unzipped it and grabbed the notebook you were previously looking at.
unknowingly to the both of you, a certain blonde was watching you two out of the corner of his eye. he couldn’t stop the anger building inside of him. it should of been him helping you, not eren. armin was the brightest kid in school, no doubt. he was a straight a+ student who had a 4.0 gpa. sure, he spent most of his days studying, but it showed as almost every teacher favored him and wished every student was as bright as he was. 
the sound of your laughter pulled armin from his thoughts. he looked up and saw your head resting against eren’s shoulder as you laughed at something he said. gripping his pencil tightly, he looked at the blank white paper, lined with blue stripes, in front of him. he just couldn’t think. couldn’t focus. not when you entered his mind.
armin was obsessed with you.
plain and simple. there was no other way to explain it. to others, and even you, his gestures were sweet. he was a true gentleman. he held doors open for you, walked you to your next class at the expense of being late to his own, gave you his notes if you missed something, and would even offered you his jacket if certain classrooms were too cold for you.
day after day, you never left armin’s thoughts. you were always on his mind, in more ways than one. what seems like a harmless crush continued to grow and grow until it turned into a deep infatuation with you. many would call this unhealthy, but to armin, it was perfectly fine. in his eyes, how couldn’t he be obsessed with you? everything you did was just perfect.
“armin? hey, armin!” shaking his head, armin looked up and saw eren. “you okay? i’ve been calling your name for a few minutes now.” eren chuckled and sat down next to his friend. “oh? yeah, i’m fine. just spaced out.” armin responded, adding a fake laugh at the end to sound more believable. he continued to speak with eren, growing tired of the small talk. he made up an excuse so he could leave and eren nodded. “mhm, see you later.”
getting up, armin headed towards the door of the library. something on the table that you had been sitting at caught his eye. stopping and looking, he saw your phone. he glanced around and made sure no one was looking before pocketing it and heading out. 
Tumblr media
once armin entered his room, he threw his bag to the side and immediately started examining your phone. hitting the power button, your lock screen lit up his face. it was a picture of you, armin, mikasa, and eren. he couldn’t stop the smile that toyed at the edge of his lips at the thought of you seeing his face every time you opened your phone.
he swiped up and the phone asked for a passcode. chuckling, he easily typed in the six-digit code to unlock your phone. he had seen you type the passcode in when you sat beside him at lunch one day. your face id hadn’t been working and you made a comment about nearly forgetting your passcode because you always used your face id.
the second he was in, he paused. this was wrong. he knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t stop himself. he needed to see what was on your phone. he needed to know that you were safe. clicking on your messages, he noticed that his conversation was pinned. his heart swelled at the thought. you had his conversation pinned. along with his, you had eren, mikasa, and the group chat all 4 of you shared pinned.
after he finished smiling about the fact that his conversation was pinned, he started reading your other messages. most of your conversations were, in his opinion, stupid. you mainly texted sasha about different recipes you had made or how she was doing on homework. your conversations with connie were basically him inappropriately flirting with you (which made armin quite upset) or telling stupid jokes back and forth. he occasionally asked you for answers to homework, which didn’t shock armin one bit. jean’s texts with you were dry and dull, nothing interesting there. 
the conversations that caught his eye were your texts with mikasa and eren. since they were your good friends, you, of course, had more interesting messages with them. eren’s texts with you were mostly about hanging out and how you two were feeling. armin couldn’t help but feel a spike of jealousy. you never texted him about your feelings, so why did you go to eren? had he not proven that he was trustworthy enough? what made armin see red was the pictures eren had been sending you. shirtless pictures, him at the gym, pictures where his pants were hanging dangerously low on his hips. he was disgusted as he scrolled through the texts. you had told him more than once that you weren’t interested, so why wasn’t eren getting the fucking hint?
having enough of eren, he went to your conversation with mikasa. he felt himself calm down as he read your texts with her. you mainly talked about your struggles with certain classes (which armin made note of so he could help you later) and your feelings. he didn’t mind you talking to mikasa about your feelings because he knew that mikasa was very important to you and would offer you good advice. 
just when he was about to be done snooping through your messages, he saw his name. scrolling up a little further, he couldn’t help but read what you said about him. his eyes quickly scanned the words, the smile on his face growing wider and wider with each passing second.
you had a crush on him?
he continued to stare at your messages with mikasa, not being able to pull his eyes away from that simple message. you, a beautiful, ethereal angel, had a crush on him? it was almost like a dream come true. armin even pinched himself a few times just to make sure he was seeing this correctly. 
shaking his head, he finally swiped up and exited your messages. he scrolled through the pages on your phone, admiring your phone theme. he remembered you ranting about how long it took you to make it look as nice as it did. he looked through all your apps, less than impressed with some of them. why the heck did you need so many apps?
just as he was about to finish his snooping and call it a day, his mind wandered to your photos. should he? scrolling over to the photo icon on your homescreen, his finger hovered over it. he knew this was wrong but.. fuck it. he already had your phone, so why not? clicking the icon, he was immediately met with all your photos. 
he gulped and regained his composure before starting to look through them. a lot of your photos were of your pets. of course they were though, you loved your pets. you had some pictures of different drinks or foods you got to have. different places you’ve visited. lots and lots of photos of you and your friends. swiping out of your camera roll, he looked at all your albums. you had.. a lot.
yummy things
fun places
the album that made him smile was called “armin.” he had his own album in your phone? clicking on it, it asked for face id, much to armin’s surprise. you could lock photo albums? it obviously denied him every time he tried to use his face. he was starting to grow frustrated before it asked to enter the passcode. smiling, he typed in the code. bingo. 
the album opened up and revealed all the photos of you and armin and just armin, which gave him a satisfied smirk. eren didn’t have an album all to himself. he had finally managed to one-up eren. 
he scrolled through the hundreds of photos, smiling and laughing at a few. he could recall almost every moment that had been frozen in time in these pictures. his favorite photo was the one where you were kissing his cheek. you two happened to be underneath some mistletoe that sasha had hung in a doorway. being teased by all your friends, you kissed his cheek while historia unknowingly took a picture. 
his cheeks were flushed at the memory of your soft, warm lips against his skin. swiping out of that album, he saw one last one, hidden far behind the other albums. it was titled “n/a,” which he found odd. n/a meant not available or not applicable, which made no sense. those pictures were obviously available, so why put them in a folder entitled otherwise? clicking on it, he realized that this too was locked. sighing, he continued to be denied because of face id before being able to punch in the passcode.
when the album opened up, he jumped and turned red. this album was full of pictures of.. of you. however, not just any pictures, risky pictures. in some pictures you were in nothing but a bra and underwear. in other photos you used your hair to cover your (obviously) bare chest. he continued to scroll through these photos, his cheeks becoming embarrassingly warm. he couldn’t deny that he was extremely turned on. 
it wasn’t long before his pants felt uncomfortably tight. unbuckling his belt, he slowly pulled his jeans down to his knees and slipped his hand into his underwear, feeling how hard he was. “oh shit..” he mumbled before slipping his underwear down as well, allowing his cock to spring free.
gently rubbing his thumb over the tip, he let out a small gasp. “mmm, fuck!” he whined. he continued to use his thumb to spread pre-cum all over his tip and down the rest of his length. he couldn’t help it, it just felt so good. as he did this, armin let his thoughts wander. he imagined it was you. you sitting on your knees in front of him, teasing him with your fingers. your mouth. your tongue. 
with a quiet moan of your name, he started rubbing himself due to how uncomfortably hard he was. “oh.. oh please..” he squeezed his eyes shut as he continued to imagine you pleasuring him. bucking his hips into his fist, his moans continued to rise in volume. his cheeks were flushed as his mouth hung open ever so slightly. his pace became more and more erratic the more he pumped his length. 
opening his eyes, he clicked on a random picture in the photo album. it just happened to be a picture of you squeezing your boobs together, revealing your cleavage. it wasn’t long before he felt his stomach tighten. “m-m’ gonna cum!” he cried out, even though no one could hear him. loud whines left his soft pink lips as white ropes painted his stomach. “oh, please,” he whimpered as he slowly came down from his high. armin rubbed his sensitive tip with thumb and looked down at his stomach, watching it rise and fall with his breathing. although armin didn’t work out as frequently as eren did, he still had a decently chiseled chest and well-defined abs. a few strands of cum dripped down his abs towards his v-line.
he frowned as he looked at the picture on the phone screen. he wished he could have came on your chest, or inside of you, instead of his stomach, but for now, it would have to do. armin glanced at your phone screen one last time before he shut it off, watching as the screen turned black. he pulled his pants up before getting up and heading towards the bathroom. when he felt his feet hit the cold tile, he flipped the light switch on before heading towards his shower. he listened to the water thunder against the plastered shower floor before starting to disrobe.
once he had rid himself of all his clothes, he opened the shower door and stepped in. the warm water immediately welcomed him like a hug, which armin was grateful for. running his hands through his hair, he felt his once tense muscles start to finally relax. he knew that once he got out of the shower, he’d have a little more fun with your phone before returning it to you the next morning. 
Tumblr media
you had spent the whole rest of the night and some of the morning worrying about your phone. “shit, shit, shit!” you cried as you tore your room apart for the umpteenth time. “where is it?!” it honestly looked like a tornado had hit your room. clothes were thrown everywhere, blankets askew, pillows piled up in a random corner, it looked like a royal trainwreck, that was for sure.
sitting on your bed, you buried your head in your hands and groaned. “FUCK!” you growled angrily. how could you have been so stupid? you could have swore you had your phone when you left.. wait. looking up and blinking, you let out yet another groan. you never grabbed your phone off the table once eren sat down. in an attempt to let out some anger, you grabbed the nearest stuffed animal and chucked it at the wall. you listened to it hit the wall before watching it fall to the ground. 
you continued to wallow in anger for a bit before deciding to get up and get ready for school. maybe it was still on the table. you highly doubted it, but you never knew, or, maybe eren grabbed it. as you came up with scenarios in your head, your tension started to ease a little bit.
Tumblr media
as you finished putting your stuff in your locker, you saw your good friend armin walk up to you. “oh, hey armin!” you flashed him a bright smile, watching as his pale cheeks turned pink. “hi. uhm, i just wanted to uh, give this to you,” armin reached into his pocket and pulled your phone out. he held it out to you, a soft smile gracing his delicate features. “i thought you might want it back.”
you couldn’t help but laugh a little before taking it. “i’ve been looking for this everywhere! thank you, thank you, thank you!” you squealed. you quickly shut your locker door before giving him a big hug. he stiffened at first, but quickly melted into your embrace. armin loved your hugs. he loved your touch. he loved you.
“where was it?!” you asked as you pulled away. armin wished the hug would have lasted longer, but he didn’t complain. “oh, it was on the table you were studying at. i saw it when i went to leave. i charged it for you.” he flashed you a smile, revealing his perfect white teeth. now it was your turn to blush. you never understood how someone could be so.. so perfect. 
“i really, really appreciate that armin. you’re too sweet.” his heart felt warm and fuzzy at your compliment, however, in the back of his mind, worry consumed him. would you still think he was sweet if you figured out he had managed to share your hidden album with himself? would you still find him sweet if you knew he downloaded all your pictures to his computer hard drive so he could fuck his fist every night to it?
the sound of the bell ringing pulled him from his worry-ridden thoughts. shaking his head, he watched as you adjusted the books in your arms. “i’ll walk you to your first class.” his blonde hair covered his forehead and reached down to his eyes. “such a gentleman.” you laughed before starting to walk away. 
Tumblr media
a few weeks had passed since armin had snooped through your phone. since then, he managed to grow closer to you, which led to you inviting him over more frequently, which in turn, made his obsession grow more and more. there were times where you left him at your place while you went and got take out food or some coffee from your favorite shared café. little did you know that he used this time to snoop through your room. he managed to find your diary, which he would read before carefully placing it back where it was. other times he would look through your dresser, staring at all your lingerie sets. oh how he wished he could just rip them off of your body, leaving pretty red marks on your oh so delicate skin. his mouth always salivated at the thought.
his most recent infatuation was giving you his hoodies. not only were they oversized on you (which he found incredibly adorable and hot at the same time), whenever you returned them they smelled like you, which drove him crazy. your scent was so incredibly intoxicating to him. to armin, your scent was a mixture of strawberries, lemon, and lavender. it wasn’t long before he became addicted. 
night after night he would buck his hips into his fist while wearing the hoodies that smelled like you. he would stare at your pictures, chanting your name like a mantra while he came all over his hand. he would go two or three rounds, falling asleep with his hand covered in his cum. 
Tumblr media
“hey armin, can you come here for a second?” the two of you had been doing homework for the past few hours. you were wearing shorts that were way too short for you and one of armin’s hoodies that he had so graciously let you borrow. “of course, give me one second,” he quickly finished writing something down before getting up and coming to sit on the couch with you. “what’s up?”
you moved closer to him, causing a small blush to appear on armin’s cheeks. “well, i’m having trouble with this math problem. i was wondering if you could help me?” the way you looked at him through your lashes, armin could have swore he about creamed his pants right then and there. “oh uhm, uh sure!” he stuttered.
you leaned down and grabbed your textbook before setting it in his lap, allowing your hand to linger on his thigh a little longer before pulling it away. armin could have swore that you were trying to give him a heart attack. every part of his body felt like it was on fire. he was just. so. warm.
“so, where do i start?” your voice pulled him from his thoughts. shaking his head, he looked at the book. for some reason, nothing was registering to him. his eyes saw the ink on the page, but his brain couldn’t understand what it was asking. “you start with.. with..” every time armin spoke, his voice just trailed off. “armin, are you feeling alright?” he felt your palm on his forehead, sending yet another wave of heat coursing through him. “yes! i’m just fine..” he carefully grabbed your hand and put it on his thigh.
he couldn’t deny the tent in his pants, but he was praying you wouldn’t notice. “fuck.. i’m so attracted to you.” he mumbled under his breath. “what did you sa-,” within a second he had picked you up and set you in his lap, forcing you to look at him. “a-armin?!” you were taken aback by his sudden actions, but you weren’t gonna lie, you were slightly turned on. 
“how long are you gonna play stupid, huh?” he grunted. shaking your head, you just looked at him. “what do you mean?” confusion swarmed your brain. play stupid? how were you playing stupid? how did you even get to this point? all you wanted was help with a simple math problem! 
“what do you mean,” he mocked. “seriously? don’t fuck with me,” he hissed through clenched teeth. “how long were you gonna sit here and fucking tease me? don’t think i didn’t notice your outfit. those shorts that are obviously too fucking short for you. your ass is practically hanging out of them. and my hoodie? i bet you don’t have anything on underneath it.” it was like armin had just flipped a switch. your once kind, innocent, friend was now basically degrading you for your choice in outfit. 
“i, i really don’t get what you mean. armin i just.. i was just trying to be cozy i really wasn’t trying to dress like a slut or anything-“ words continued to pour out of your mouth as you became painfully aware of his growing erection. “please, i’m sorry, i’ll go change..”
“no.” his voice was low, yet demanding. “you wanna dress like a slut? fine, i’ll fuck you like a slut.” your hands were starting to tremble at his words. why was he being so mean? although his rough words were turning you on, you were still soft at heart. you could feel your eyes stinging as he continued to go on, telling you how much of a whore you were. “s-stop it. stop being so mean..” your voice quivered as tears dripped down your cheeks.
you felt his hand cup your cheek as he wiped your tears. “oh honey, i’m not trying to mean. i just love you,” his voice was sickeningly sweet. “i just want you to know how mean the real world is. how if you dress like this,” he motioned to your outfit, “you’ll be called a whore. but it’s okay baby, you’re not a whore. you’re a good girl, right?” you quickly nodded, sniffling a little. “that’s what i thought.”
he wiped the new tears that had fallen down your soft cheeks before pressing a kiss to your forehead. “you’re my good girl, right?” he pulled back and cocked an eyebrow, waiting for a response. shaking your head, your voice trembled as you spoke. “mhm.. i’m your good girl.” an evil smile crossed armin’s face at your words. “of course you are.” 
he moved his hand from your cheek to the hem of his hoodie. gently toying with the edge, he started to pull it up. he was immediately met with your skin, which left him with a satisfied smirk. “i was right, baby. you aren’t wearing anything underneath my hoodie.” he chuckled as he pulled it completely off of you. looking away, you tried to cover yourself. “ah, ah, ah, you’re not gonna hide from me are you? i love you, so why would you hide from me?” 
his voice was like a trap. the second you heard it, you were stuck. he could always manage to get into your head. he would manipulate you, but part of you didn’t care. you craved his attention just as much as he craved yours. you needed armin just like he needed you, so why were you so scared of him in this moment?
“hey. i asked you a question pretty girl.” armin’s voice cut through your thoughts. looking at him, fear suddenly overtook you. this wasn’t your armin, was it? how.. how could it be? your armin held doors open for you. your armin walked you to class and locked pinkies with you when you were nervous. your armin gave you his jackets in cold classrooms, even if it meant he’d be freezing for the rest of the class period.
“quit. fucking. spacing. out.” armin wrapped his hand around your throat, gently squeezing to gain your attention once more. gasping, you weakly tried to pull his hand off your throat. “armin, you’re scaring me..” once the words left your mouth, his eyes softened and he immediately removed his hand. “oh honey, i’m not trying to scare you. i promise. i’m just trying to get your attention,” he brought your trembling body closer to his. “i wouldn’t ever hurt you.”
you didn’t realize how much you were shaking until armin held you against his steady body. more and more tears were slipping down your cheeks and were now wetting down his shirt. as he hugged your body closer to his, he unhooked your bra, allowing your breasts free of their constraints. “let me take care of you.” he whispered in your ear. nodding, you allowed him to carry you towards your bed.
thoughts swarmed your mind as armin gently set you down on your unmade bed. he made quick work of ridding you of your shorts and underwear. “who made you this wet baby?” he teased, watching as your cheeks turned a shade of pink. you covered your face with your hands, too embarrassed to say anything. “honey, i’m talking to you. now, answer me.” his voice was low when he spoke. 
“y-you did, armin..” your voice was quiet, hardly above a whisper. “be louder. i can’t hear you.” he remarked. shaking your head, you couldn’t bring yourself to be any louder. suddenly, he grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head. he got all up in your face, your noses almost touching. “fucking say it.” he growled, his hot breath fanning your face. fear coursed through your veins as you spoke quickly, afraid of upsetting him even more. “y-you did! you made me this wet, armin!” your voice was louder now, which brought a satisfied smirk to his face. “atta girl. now that wasn’t so hard, was it?”
you shook your head as armin used his middle and ring fingers to gather some of your slick. you bit your tongue, trying to suppress the moan building in your throat. using his thumb, he started to rub your clit. “let me hear those pretty noises of yours, liebling.” his slow, lazy circles on your clit started to get quicker and quicker, causing you to let out a whine. “armin.. armin wait!” truth be told, you had never done this before. and by this, you meant any of this. you had never masturbated. never had sex. sure, you read stories, watched porn, and listened to your friends talk about it, but you’d never done it. 
“aw baby, what’s wrong?” he chuckled. he didn’t stop his ministrations, which caused you to whine. you tried to push him away, but it was to no avail. “i-i’ve never done this before..” you mumbled under your breath. “hm?” armin hummed as he sped his fingers up. “i-i’ve never done this!” you cried, your legs starting to shake a little. a shit-eating grin crossed armin’s features as he pulled his fingers away. it felt like you could finally catch your breath as your erratic breathing started to settle. sliding his fingers into his mouth, he sighed, satisfied. you tasted fucking heavenly. 
closing your legs, you tried to sit up, only for armin to pin you back down again. he laughed in your face, the warmth of his body radiating off of him. “oh, my sweet, sweet schatzi, you’ve been waiting for me, haven’t you? such a good fucking girl, waiting for me. you wanted me to take your virginity, didn’t you? you knew nobody else could please you like i would.” a feeling of possessiveness coursed through armin as he looked down at your features. you were made for him. now that he had you, he’d never let you go. 
you were trembling underneath armin as he slowly started kissing down your body. as he did this, he started unbuckling his belt, the noise echoing loudly in your ears. your body felt like it was on fire as armin continued to kiss your delicate skin. kicking his pants to the side, armin stopped at your plush thighs and looked up. “you look so fucking perfect like this.” he mumbled before spreading your legs. he looked at your sopping cunt, a look of hunger in his baby blue eyes. 
“i just know i’m gonna become addicted to you, more so than i already am of course..” he whispered before kissing your inner thigh. he gently nipped at the skin, causing you to squeal and try to move away from him. “stay still, damnit.” he huffed before using one of his arms to pin your waist down. he gingerly placed a kiss over the spot he bit before moving towards you dripping wet cunt. armin carefully licked a stripe up your soaking hole, relishing in the taste. it tasted like heaven to him.
he listened as you gasped at the feeling of his tongue being pressed against you. you didn’t know how to respond. it felt so weird. this was nothing like how any of your friends described it. your bare chest rose and fell as armin continued to kitten lick your cunt. his nose bumped against your clit, causing you to moan. “a-armin!” you cried as you allowed one of your hands to grasp his soft, blonde hair. he smirked before moving his mouth away. you looked down at him, his mouth covered in your essence. your cheeks felt as if they were on fire as he moved his free hand down towards your messy cunt.
you felt his fingers press against your hole, causing your eyes to widen. “w-wait!” you weren’t going to lie, you were scared. “it’s okay baby, i’ve got you. just relax.” he smiled before pushing his middle finger into you. your walls clenched around him, causing him to smirk. you were so damn tight. he honestly couldn’t wait to fuck you. if you were squeezing his finger this much, just imagine how much you’d squeeze his dick.
“armin.. it feels weird..” you whimpered. “it’s okay baby. you just have to relax. you have to trust me.” he started pumping his finger in and out, trying to get you used to the feeling. the lewd noises had you gasping for air. “armin, please..” tears welled in your eyes again as you carefully bucked your hips a little. “there you go.” he cooed before carefully adding another finger. you felt your body start to relax as pleasure overtook your senses. “oh shit..” you mumbled.
armin could tell that you were finally starting to relax, which made him happy. he slowly started to speed his fingers up before leaning down and sucking on your clit. he watched as your mouth fell open and you searched for something to grab. “oh fuck! a-armin!” your legs started to shake a little, not used to this kind of pleasure. he hummed against your clit, curling his fingers to try and find that one spot inside of you. while he got you off on his fingers, he bucked his hips into the mattress, trying to give himself some sort of relief. 
“please, please,” you whispered under your breath. it wasn’t long before you felt a weird pressure building in your lower stomach. “a-armin, stop. i feel weird! please stop..” you whimpered, pulling at the sheets. your hips lifted off the bed a little as you tried to get him to slow his ministrations. he pulled away from your clit and looked at you, his fingers speeding up yet again. he had stopped grinding his hips into the mattress now to help him focus on your climax. “it’s okay, honey. you’re gonna cum. just cum on my fingers. make a mess on them.” he smirked as you gasped one last time before cumming. your legs were shaking as tears flowed down your face. you weren’t used to these feelings, this pleasure.
withdrawing his fingers from you, armin immediately brought them to his lips and started to suck on them. you were so fucking addictive. he saw that your folds were glistening with cum, making his smirk grow wider. he reinserted his fingers into you and started pumping them back in and out. you tried to push his hand away, feeling overstimulated. armin ignored you and continued to finger you. while he did this, he slowly slipped his boxers off and threw them next to his pants.
“‘m gonna fuck you real good, sweet girl, don’t you worry.” he mumbled as he pulled his fingers out of you. he quickly spit in his hand and rubbed himself a few times before looking down at you. “you’re okay with this, right?” even when he was caught up in the moment, he knew how to pull himself out of that mindset and take care of you. you looked at him and nodded, a slight smile on your face. your cheeks had slight tear stains on them from crying earlier, but neither of you minded, if anything, it turned armin on more. 
he used the head of his cock to tap your clit a few times before cursing under his breath. “fuck, i forgot a condom, hold on.” he huffed. “no, it’s fine! don’t worry about it..” you flashed him a smile. armin couldn’t help the smile that crossed his features at your words. “oh sweet girl, you want it raw your first time? how sinful.” the words rolled off armin’s tongue and sent shivers down your spine. you could only shake your head as armin rutted against your soaking cunt.
“‘m gonna put it in now, schatzi. it’ll hurt at first, but you’ll be okay.” he mumbled before lining himself up with your entrance. you took a deep breath as armin started entering you. right off the bat your warm walls squeezed him, making his eyes roll back. holy fuck, you were so tight. you whimpered as he continued to push himself inside of you. he could feel your walls constricting around him, making him go insane. it felt so fucking good to be inside of you.
minutes felt like hours until he finally paused. “oh honey, i’m halfway in. you’re doing so fucking good.” at his words, you gulped. he was only halfway in?! how fucking big was he? you never got the chance to look at him before he started fucking you.. 
it almost seemed like armin could read your mind. he cupped your cheek in his hand and made you look at him. “i know i’m big, but it’s okay. you can take it. good girls like you just stay still and take it.” you just took a breath and nodded, wincing as he started pushing himself in again. it felt like you were being split in half, the pain seeming unbearable. 
time continued to pass (slowly in your opinion), before armin’s hips stilled. “that’s my girl. see, i’m inside you now. can you feel me in your tummy, love?” he cooed. his eyes looked upon you lovingly as your heart was beating erratically in your chest. he gently pushed down on your stomach, causing you to gasp. “d-don’t do that!” the pleasure that shot through you when he did it startled you. 
he chuckled and leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. your kisses were just like he imagined, warm and welcoming. as you continued to kiss, he slowly pulled out before thrusting back in all at once. you broke away, gasping loudly. “a-armin!” you cried. 
“shh, shh. you’re fine. you can take it. you’re okay.” he mumbled encouraging words to you as he gripped your waist. he started thrusting in and out, the sound of skin slapping together could be heard around the room. “oh baby, you feel so fucking good. squeezing me so much.” it wasn’t long before the pain started to turn into some sort of pleasure. 
“such a greedy fuckin’ girl, hah.. can’t get enough of me? it’s like you’re sucking me back in. i don’t mind though, i’m all yours. ‘m gonna fuck you so good that you’ll never want anyone else but me.” he babbled on and on as he continued to thrust into you roughly. you just shook your head, agreeing with the blonde that was currently drilling into you. “only you. only want you. ‘m your special, sweet girl min..” you panted.
you sunk your nails into the sheets below you as you tried to ground yourself to reality. armin was hitting spots inside of you that you didn’t even know existed. “fuck, you’re so deep in me!” you whined. you could hear armin chuckle above you as he continued to fuck you roughly. “oh baby, you’ve gotta stop squeezing me like that.. ‘m gonna cum to soon if you keep doing— oh!” without realizing it, you had came on him.
your room smelled like sweat and sex. moans, pants, skin hitting skin, and squelching noises could be heard echoing around the four walls. “oh fuck baby.. good girl. cumming all over my fucking cock.” armin praised. you whined, your mind starting to go blank. if this would happen every time you had sex with armin, you would happily oblige.
“oh shit! sweet girl, i’m gonna cum. i gotta pull out..” armin whined, his hair sticking to his forehead. you violently shook your head. “p-please cum in me! please..” at your words, armin swore he could have came. “oh honey, you want me to come in you? want me to stuff you full of my cum the first time? you’re that addicted to me that you want me to stuff my kid into you? fucking hell sweet girl, you’d look so beautiful with my baby stuffed inside of you.” armin was mindlessly mumbling now. he was getting off on the thought of you being stuffed with his kid. 
“yes! would be so perfect with your kid in me, min! would be so perfect..” you weren’t quite sure what you were saying as you felt like you were on cloud 9. your body was stuck in a state of euphoria as you felt armin’s hips still. he whined loudly as he started cumming. 
your legs were shaking and pants escaped your parted lips as armin slowly started moving again. “wait! wait.. ‘m overstimulated!” you cried out, but he paid no mind to it. he leaned down, whispering in your ear, “i gotta make sure you’re full of my cum, sweetie. one load won’t do it. gotta breed you full, make sure you’re good and full.” you felt chills run down your spine. the intimacy of what you were doing, and him being so close, seemed to have you on edge. 
a white ring had formed at the base of his cock, your cum mixing with his. the noises you two were making were downright sinful. “holy.. ahhh..” drool was starting to drip out of your mouth as armin continued to bully your pretty pussy with his cock. he used his free hand to wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth. “you’re drooling, pretty girl.” he teased.
his words weren’t registering in your brain as you continued to slip further and further into a dumbed out state. “oh come on, don’t tell me i’ve got you dumb on my cock already,” he laughed before letting out a moan. your walls squeezed his cock just right. “we’ve only went one round, darling.” 
you mindlessly babbled some response. you were fairly sure what you said wasn’t even coherent words, but armin didn’t care. in fact, he found it quite adorable. “ah shit.. i’m not gonna last long if you keep fucking squeezing me like this, hah—“
your walls continued to squeeze and contract around him as the coil in your stomach snapped once again. you came all over him, loud moans escaping your sore throat. your legs were trembling and you could have swore that you were seeing stars. “m.. ma.. min.. oh min.. please-“ your voice was quiet, yet armin could still hear it.
“don’t worry, my love. i’m right here. ‘m gonna stuff you full of my cum, okay? you’ll be nice and full. gonna look so fucking precious with my child in you..” he hissed between clenched teeth. it only took a few more thrusts before armin came inside you again. his hips still, a sigh leaving his lips as he slowly pulled out. you had tears dripping down your cheeks, drool leaking out of the corners of your mouth. 
armin watched your cum, mixed with his, drip out of your abused cunt, a satisfied smirk on his face. “oh, sweet girl, you can’t waste my cum like this.” he frowned before taking his fingers and scooping it back up and pushing it back in you. you whimpered, not being able to form words. “gonna make sure you’re bred. gotta make sure you’ll have my kid. then you’ll never leave me..”
Tumblr media
groaning, you slowly started to open your eyes. your lower body felt like it was being ripped to shreds, the pain feeling unbearable. as you started to gain your bearings, you noticed that you were dressed again. you had on a pair of lace underwear on, along with one of armin’s t-shirts. 
what the? how did that happen? the last thing you remember was armin practically fucking your brains out. carefully turning your head, you saw armin fast asleep beside you. truth be told, you were too tired to be worried about how you got dressed again. yawning, you set your head back on your pillow, thinking about what happened.
how could your sweet, innocent armin say the things that he did last night? you coughed a little before pulling the blanket up more to cover your body. armin shifted beside you, but was still asleep. 
as you continued to think, you could feel yourself slipping right back into sleep. the last thing you thought of before losing consciousness was the fact that even the sweetest honey can turn sour..
Tumblr media
liebling :: german. term of endearment. means dear or darling.
schatzi :: german. term of endearment. literally means “little treasure” but is also said to mean sweetheart or darling. 
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sweeterthanthis · 11 months
"Where do you want it? Your mouth or your cunt?"
A Lesson To Learn
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky x 18+!F!Reader
Summary: You should know better than to tease the neighbours, shouldn't you?
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, STEPCEST, heavy daddy kink, mild spit play, cheating, risky sex, vaginal sex, name calling (princess, baby, daddy, slut), jealousy, bucky’s absolutely filthy mouth, possessiveness. 18+.
Word Count: 784
All my works are 18+. If you click the read more tab, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over, have read the warnings and take responsibility for your own media consumption. I do not consent to having my work translated or posted anywhere else.
Tumblr media
You knew what you were doing. You knew there was only so much he could take before he lost it and cornered you. You knew he couldn’t ignore the not so subtle flirting. Bucky’s possessive nature is intoxicating, and you ache for it. Every calculated move you’ve made this afternoon is for him. "You got any idea how many of these fuckin' morons have been checking you out today, princess?" 
He grunts, letting a thick string of saliva fall from the tip of his tongue, watching it dribble down between your ass cheeks and onto his dick as it spears in and out of you. "Should hear what they've been saying about you. You want Daddy to tell you?"
Your hot breath fogs the mirror, sweaty palms unsuccessfully trying to cling on to the bathroom tiles as he claims what's his. You know how much he hates it when men look your way, and you may or may not use that little fact to your advantage from time to time. Did you have to wear your pretty, cotton sundress to the Huffman family barbecue this afternoon? Yes. Because you knew this is exactly where you'd wind up. Stuffed full of his cock in your neighbours bathroom while he lays claim to your body like a man obsessed. "Uh huh. Tell me, Daddy."
You wanna hear it straight from his mouth. You know Scott's been looking down your dress, sneaking glances when his wife isn't looking. It makes you feel powerful. Knowing Bucky can't handle someone else eyeing up his property is just a bonus. Grinding yourself back against him, his balls slapping against your clit, you meet his stare in the reflection in front of you.
"That useless fuck, Joe, from down the street? He's wondering if you're a virgin, princess. Can you believe that?" Bucky chuckles, reaching to pinch at your pebbled nipples through the thin cotton. He leans in closer, neither of you paying any attention to the chatter that flows in through the gap in the window, the back yard below bustling with activity. "Wonder what he'd say if he knew you had a belly full of your stepdad right now. Think he'll go home tonight and jerk off thinkin' about you?"
God, it's disgusting. It shouldn't make you clench and moan. It shouldn't have you as wet as it does. Spreading your legs a little wider, you arch your back for him, reaching back and pulling your cheeks apart so he can see just how perfectly he fills your tight, little hole. "Tell me more, Daddy."
"Goddamn," he mutters, one hand snaking up towards your throat and the other tugging your pliable body back onto his cock. Rocking back on your heels in perfect synchronicity with his thrusts, you struggle to hold in your cries of pleasure as he hits all the right spots deep inside you. "I know you've noticed Frank staring at you. Saw the way you flashed him that sweet smile. Bet you got that man hard as a rock."
"You like it, don't you? Daddy's dirty girl. Knows she's got these poor bastards hanging on by a thread." Your cheek presses tight against the mirror as your knees begin to tremble, looking back over your shoulder at him, watching while he loses himself completely in the feel of you wrapped tight around him. "Where do you want it? Your mouth or your cunt?"
Your eyes flutter closed at the sinful obscenities spilling from his perfect lips, letting him use and abuse your body however he sees fit. "Daddy," you choke, his hand tightening around your throat.
"Daddy's choice, huh?" Bucky groans, pumping his cock into your overworked pussy, his lips hot and moist against the shell of your ear. "Gonna fuck you full'a me. Gonna watch as you try to keep those pretty legs closed for the rest of the afternoon."
His hand falls from your throat, fingers reaching beneath the hem of your dress and toying with your clit. He knows exactly how to treat you, knows exactly how to get you shaking and begging for release. "Want it. Want your come, Daddy."
"Do you think anyone's gonna notice when it starts dripping down your thighs, baby?" He asks you, your brow crumpling in confusion as he smirks at your misted reflection. Bucky reaches for the sodden scrap of lace on the counter in front of you, grinding his hips against your ass as he does so. He holds your panties up for you to see before shoving them deep down in his pocket. "Call it a lesson, princess. Wanna behave like a slutty tease and I'll treat you like one. Now, be a good girl for a change and spread that pussy open for Daddy's load."
Tumblr media
A/N: I no longer have a tag list, but if you want to keep up to date with what I post follow my sideblog, @sweetersficlibrary, and turn on alerts to be notified whenever I post something new 💕
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aquagustd · 1 year
whipped - JJK
Tumblr media
↣ another day, another trend that you’re forced to participate in with your boyfriend. It was his idea but he somehow gets sidetracked, with his head between your thighs.
Tumblr media
pairing — tiktoker!jungkook x reader
genre/rating — R | fluff, smut, crack, pwp
word count — 5K
warnings/tags — college au, sorta established relationship, strong language, barista!reader, thigh kink (ofc), kinda famous jk, explicit smut — big dick jk, manhandling, exhibitionism, dirty talk, biting/scratching, hickeys, fingering, oral (f & m), hair pulling, clit biting, degradation, spanking, pussy slapping, squirting, deep throating, cum eating, choking, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, doggy style, unprotected sex, cum on chest?, aftercare
a/n — if you don’t watch tiktoks, that’s fine, he kinda explains it in the fic. I couldn’t get tiktoker!jk out of my head.
Rubbing at the itch on your forehead, you’re scrubbing down the counter with tired arms, switching from one to the other while your co-worker sits at one of the tables, giggling at her phone screen now and again. If it was any other day, you would ask her to help but you’re not in the mood for another argument. Today had been one of those days, the kind that made you regret ever begging for a job here at the café. You were forced to deal with two elderly woman who chewed your ear off about not having oat milk. Despite you telling them – multiple times – that you don’t handle inventory.
Then you messed up two orders, which was entirely your fault. But you know that it could’ve been avoided if Mina got off her phone for a minute and remembered that she had a job to do instead of taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi here.
“You’re so lucky,” she whines, face lit by her red screen.
Rinsing out the cloth, you untie your apron, finally, then set it in the drawer. You would ask her what she’s talking about if you haven’t heard complain about it a million times.
“He’s like…perfect,” she sighs dreamily, the same song replaying in the background as she drools at the screen, “how does it feel to have a famous tiktoker, who’s not only hot, but rich too, as your boyfriend?”
You didn’t think she was expecting an answer until she slots herself in front of you, eyebrow lifted in question.
“Did you know that he just hit ten million followers?”
You sigh, throwing on your jacket before fitting the grey beanie over your head, looking around her to find your scarf.
“I know.”
“How does it feel to have the JK as your boyfriend?”
Shrugging, you brush past her and switch off the lights, grabbing the keys from the counter. This is what you have to deal with every evening after work. Once she mistook your anger for insecurity, so you decided not to entertain her.
“Have you seen the girls in his comments? Don’t you ever feel even a bit intimidated?”
You shrug again, much more tense this time, “I don’t. To me, he’s just Jungkook.”
She chuckles, manicured nails tapping at her screen, “I find that hard to believe.”
“Well,” you begin, gritting your teeth, “I don’t care if you believe that or not. Here.”
Clumsily, the ring of keys slip through her fingers when you toss them in her direction, she scrambles to pick it up from the tile.
“See you on Monday.”
Hearing her curse under her breath, you laugh to yourself as you step out into the cold, shoulders hiking up when a particularly frosty breeze hits the back of your neck, through the thick material of your scarf. Perhaps you are nettled by the fact that Mina nags you about the same thing all the time. What does she want from you? To admit that deep down, you’re really insecure and threatened by Jungkook and his fans? Most of the time, you don’t keep track of what he posts. Except when he asks if you could make a video with him.
And he doesn’t mind. He knows that you’re a busy woman and have other things to see to before spending hours on an app you don’t understand. But you try to understand, for his sake.
Like the calm before the storm, you drag your weight up the quiescent stairway, knowing that it won’t be long before your dorm would be vibrating for the start of the weekend. You come to an abrupt stop at the end, seeing a black, hunched figure sitting against your room door. Heartbeat accelerating at your boyfriend’s bunny smile.
“Hey,” you grin, falling into his embrace when he rises to his feet. You giggle when he lifts your beanie a bit to kiss your forehead, hands clasped behind your back.
“Hi, I brought the noms.”
You inhale deeply, pulling away to see the brown bag in his hand, “what is it? Thank you, baby.”
He follows you into your room, shutting the door behind you while you set down the bag and unroll your scarf, scratching at the little dents it made in your skin after you wrapped it a bit too tight.
“I was feeling for curry, so I got that for us,” he replies, coming up behind you to prop his chin on your head, “but we can order something else if you like.”
Lifting the small container from the bag, you moan when the steam wafts over your face, jowls tingling when the spicy fragrance hits you.
“No, it’s just what I needed.”
He chuckles, helping you offload the rest of the containers.
You lick the side of your thumb, shrugging off your jacket before you get any gravy stains on the white collar.
“I’m gonna shower first,” you inform, peeling off your socks, “I feel gross.”
He nods, already digging into the rice, “okay, it’ll be warm by the time you get back.”
You hold your index finger up threateningly, “hey! Don’t start without me!”
He pokes his tongue into his cheek, closes the container slowly then flops down on your bed with a sigh. One of your plushies bounce onto his chest.
“I was just tasting.”
You share a look when your stomach growls, crying for food.
“Better make it snappy.”
Tumblr media
By the time you’re done eating, you’re too full to move an inch, sprawled across the bed with Jungkook’s head in your lap. He’s scrolling through Tiktok while you’re attempting to round up your paper. But it’s proving to be a difficult task with your energy running low and his lack of earphones. You’d just have to complete it sometime this weekend.
When he hears your laptop close, he turns his head to the side, doe eyes gleaming.
“You’re done?”
You shake your head, “I’ll just finish it tomorrow.”
With a pat to his hand, you help him under the blanket with you, cozying up to him with a blissful sigh. But he continues to fidget, and you feel your heart speed up with lack of sleep, the beginning of a headache stirring. Did you fall off to sleep that quick?
“What’s wrong?”
He tugs you closer to him, nose nudging yours when he sets his head on your pillow.
“Did I wake you?”
“I don’t know,” you laugh, rubbing at your eyes, “was I asleep?”
Goosebumps trail the line his index finger draws on the side of your face, creeping down over your back when you breathe in his heady scent.
“I think so,” he whispers. You lean forward to slot your lips over his, hiking one leg over his waist when his palms slide under your t-shirt.
“Missed you,” he mumbles against your lips, “are you tired?”
You smirk, “why?”
His gaze flits somewhere behind you, then to your chest as he props himself up on his elbow. You mirror his action, swiping across his chin with your thumb.
“If you’re not tired…there’s something I wanted to do.”
“Well, I’m not tired anymore. What is it?”
He rubs the back of his neck, not quite meeting your gaze, “it’s for a tiktok.”
You open your mouth to protest but he cuts you off, grabbing at your hands.
“We don’t even have to do much! Just sit here on the bed and cuddle. That’s all. It’s like seven seconds too!”
“It won’t take long. Please,” he continues to beg while you snigger at the way he’s behaving, “you know how much I like having videos of you on my page.”
You fiddle with the aglets on his hoodie, “I know, I just…don’t feel like…I spent the whole afternoon working on my paper. And then work was shit.”
He coos when you pout, bringing you into his arms.
You melt into his embrace, burying your nose in his hoodie to inhale his comforting scent, “can’t we just cuddle?”
Shivering slightly when his fingers run under the band of your panties, you tip your head up to look at him, chin pressed into his toned chest.
He sucks his lower lip into his mouth, little beauty spot under his lip disappearing briefly.
“Of course we can,” he smiles, lips grazing your nose, “after we’re done making this tiktok. It involves cuddling.”
You blink, mildly confused. “Fine.” As if you could say no to that face.
Goofy grin reappearing, he grips your head in both his hands and smashes his lips to yours. Before you can even attempt to kiss him back, he pulls away. Grabbing his phone and scooting up on your bed.
“Okay, you’re supposed to sit here,” he points at the pillow, fluffing the frills a bit then fits his hand in yours, directing you to sit against the headboard, “and…wait—”
You follow his gaze to your black Nirvana t-shirt, “what? God, Jungkook. I am not changing—”
“No, no,” he interrupts, lifting the hem of your shirt which has your cheeks heating just a bit, “you’re not wearing any pants under.”
Narrowing your eyes in his direction, you smack his hand away, “should I…put on pants?”
He looks to be contemplating for a while before he nods, “yeah.”
Sighing deeply, you walk the short space to your chest of drawers. By now, you should be accustomed to Jungkook and his weird requests. But this isn’t even the worst one. At least you don’t have to leave your dorm room this time.
“Yeah,” he whispers behind you, chest hitting your shoulder as he reaches over to pull out your black gym shorts, “these ones.”
You cock an eyebrow, “are you sure?”
He examines the clothing, smiling stupidly to himself, “these are the ones. Put them on.”
Yanking the flimsy material from his hands, you sit at the edge of the bed as you pull the shorts up your legs. He stands at your side like a puppy holding his leash, waiting for you to take him out on a walk.
Even if you are a teensy bit annoyed, you really can’t be mad at him for too long. With his big, doe eyes, messy hair and puffed-up cheeks. For him, you try to keep up with the latest trends on Tiktok but you don’t have enough time. Even if you say that you’ll spend some time on that confusing app before bed, you’re exhausted by the time you’re home from work and end up visiting his page only, then falling off to sleep.
You know that he has quite a large following, girls thirst over him in the comments, even if he posts a video of his right hand alone. But at the end of the day, he’s your man and you’re in some – most – of his videos.
Bending over to pick up a ball of socks that had fallen out of your drawer, you yelp when he smacks your ass cheek. Spinning around to glare at him.
“Couldn’t help myself,” he smirks, black eyes flashing, “I love it when you wear that. But then again, your ass looks good in everything you wear.”
You clear your throat, glancing at the bed behind you, “let’s get this over with.”
He nods, unlocking his phone as he sits in front of you on the bed, “the Wi-Fi here sucks.”
You chuckle, running your fingers through his silky hair as you peek over his shoulder.
“So, what am I supposed to do?”
“Well,” he begins without lifting his head, “I already filmed the first part this morning and then it’s gonna transition to me and you sitting here.”
You nod, “okay, and do I have to like…say anything?”
“Yeah,” he says softly, “I’m gonna be sitting like this…but between your legs. I’m just waiting for the audio to load.”
Yanking his head back with your grip on his hair, your eyebrows pinch together, “didn’t we already make a Tiktok like that?”
He wiggles out of your grip, nudging your thighs apart for him to get more comfortable, “yeah, but this is a different one.”
He holds the phone up to your face, “this is the first clip.”
‘Wake up in the morning brush my teeth before I see my queen—’
It’s a video of him, you can tell that he just woke up by his tangled hair and half-lidded eyes, holding his toothbrush before it pans to the side and cuts off.
“And that’s where we come in. I’m supposed to say this bit—"
‘Wow. Who are you?’
He points to you, “and then you say—”
‘Bitch I’m two-phone Baby Keem.’
Your eyebrows shoot up to your hairline, “that’s the song?”
He nods eagerly, “mhm. See. It’s just a short video.”
You stare at each other for a while. He’s waiting patiently for your answer before you nod and move up on the bed, smiling to yourself at how excited he is when he slides down and sits between your legs. Resting his head just below your crotch, he holds his phone up while you prop your thighs over his shoulders, fitting your fingers in his hair once again.
You’re familiar with this position, so he didn’t need much direction but it’s not like you could pretend as if his whole head is not…there. In that region…The region he claims to love so much.
He reaches up to knead your thigh, the other hand occupied by his phone, “it’s taking so long to load again.”
“It’s—” The words die on your tongue when he tilts his head to mouth at your inner thigh, tattooed fingers running over the delicate skin slowly “—it’s okay.”
Suddenly, you’re feeling all the pressure of his head between your legs, even more when he lifts his head up to look at you menacingly.
“I know you like it when we sit like this.”
Maybe. But you prefer other positions.
You try to hide how his fingers pinching at the meat of your thigh isn’t affecting you. Hoping you aren’t soaking through your panties and shorts because it feels as though the apex of your thighs has gone numb but too sensitive at the same time. Air a little warmer despite the window being left open a crack.
“Did it load yet?”
Shivering when he starts to nip and tug at the skin, your fingers twist in his hair.
“Did what load?”
You crane your neck to look into his phone, masking your arousal with anger, “idiot. The audio?!”
He flings his phone to the side which misses the edge of the mattress and clatters to the floor. You’re about to yell at him when he spins around and begins to kiss the junction between your leg and thigh through the fabric of your gym shorts. Your hands fall to your sides, mouth hanging open.
“What are you doing?”
He hooks your legs over his shoulders once again, adjusting his position on the bed to lie flat on his stomach, “what does it look like I’m doing?”
“What ab—” your eyes scrunch shut when he drags his nail down the centre of your folds, finding the outline of your puffy clit with ease.
“Fuck that. You smell so fucking good.”
Of course. He was that close. Obviously, he’d smell you. And it’d be easier for him to recognize your scent after he spent hours trying to suffocate himself between your legs. You should’ve known this would happen. Are you angry? No.
“Jungkook…wait, did you lock the door?”
He doesn’t respond, just lifts an eyebrow when he tugs on the band of your shorts. You raise your hips as he pulls the material over the globes of your ass, flinging it in across the bed to find his phone lying somewhere there. Abandoned.
Lip caught between your teeth, your fingers curl around the blanket when he lifts the band of your panties and it tugs on your folds, sticking to your pussy which clenches around nothing. One thing you always seem to forget about Jungkook, is that he starts off slow, takes his time at first before he loses his patience. By the time he’s done with teasing you, your mind becomes fogged with nothing but lust.
He mouths around your pussy, licking and sucking everywhere except where you need him the most. And he continues to grab at your panties, pulling it up, as high as it can go as you squirm with the friction that’s not enough. Grinding into the flimsy fabric while he paints your thighs with his teeth.
You hips fall to the bed pathetically when he clicks his tongue, spreading your thighs further apart for his greedy stare. He taps your clit once and you jolt, a whimper spilling from your lips while you feel your juices seep through your panties.
Feeling his hot breath penetrate the sodden material of your underwear, your hips jerk up reflexively when he taps your clit again. Harder this time.
“Touch me. Please. Want your mouth, your fingers. Anything.”
He chuckles darkly, “why?”
You groan, “why? Fuck Jungkook. Because—”
A gasp gets caught in your throat when he tears at your panties and pinches your clit. Caught between his fingers lightly, but the sensation has more arousal dripping down your folds, slipping between your ass cheeks.
“Watch your mouth.”
He draws his hand back and slaps your clit, dragging his thumb along your slick folds.
“S-sorry,” you choke, tugging on the sheets so as to not grind into his hand that’s running down your pussy deliciously, gathering your slick on his hands before coming up to rub tight circles on your clit.
“Such a slut,” he says clearly, voice calm as if the hand on your cunt doesn’t belong to him, “you seem to forget your place.”
Your nails pierce into your palms as he drags two fingers up and down your inner folds, moaning at how good it feels when he presses down harder, nearing your pulsating hole.
“Take off your shirt,” he orders, lips grazing your clit, “let me see those pretty tits.”
Swallowing thickly, your breath stalls in your chest when he sinks two fingers into your heat at once, tongue curling around your clit while you’re trying to remove your t-shirt from around your head. You collapse onto the bed, resisting the urge to play with your nipples with his vigilant eyes on you, waiting for you to make the wrong move.
“Jungkook, yes…”
He swirls his tongue around your clit, fingers thrusting in and out of your cunt until he finds your sweet spot, hooking his fingers against it when you cry out his name.
The loud squelching of his fingers pushing into your pussy is embarrassingly loud, slick dripping down his hand while he continues to roll his tongue against your clit. His hot breath, paired with the skilled movements of his fingers and tongue sends a spark up the length of your spine. You feel the knot build in your abdomen, back arching off the bed when he picks up the pace, reaching up with one hand to push you back down.
You’re buzzing with desire, thrashing under him as you hear him slurp up your juices sloppily, grinding his fingers into you with vigor. Pressing into that spot until you feel yourself reach the edge.
“I’m gonna fu—”
All you hear is the sound of the door handle clicking before you sit up on your elbows to see Hana and her group of friends standing at the doorway.
“Oh fuck.”
They stand motionless, and you’re trying to yank Jungkook away, shame washing over you as he continues to lap at your pussy, watching them from his periphery. You can hear them whisper, and you’re wondering why the fuck they aren’t going anywhere until you grab your penguin plushie and throw it in their direction.
Still gawking at your boyfriend between your legs, they make their way out and until the door clicks shut do you fix Jungkook with a shocked stare.
“Why didn’t you stop— Shit!”
He flicks his tongue over your clit at breakneck speed, adding a third finger to the mix as he sinks in and out, matching the pace of his tongue to have your thighs shaking around his face.
“I know you liked it,” he growls, the sound reverberating through your core, “I felt you clenching around my fingers when they came in. Such a fucking slut.”
He wiggles his hand, crooking his fingers against your walls, spurred on by his filthy words. The knot builds again, eyes watering while you jerk your hips up. Grabbing at the sheets, you spill onto his hand, screaming out his name as he continues to stretch you out. Heat washing over your body. He licks at your folds noisily.
“That’s it. Let them hear you. Let them know who’s making you feel this good.”
He suctions around your hole, drinking up every last drop while you twitch, still coming down from your high. You watch through blurry vision as he hops off the bed, the front of his hoodie drenched with your cum. You would’ve been embarrassed, if it wasn’t a regular thing with him.
Milky skin exposed, he balls up his clothes and sets it down on your desk, tugging at your hand to signal for you to sit at the edge of the bed. You feel desire recollect in your abdomen as you see him take off his watch. The sound of his rings hitting your nightstand is something you love hearing, knowing what’s about to happen next. You’re already salivating, core throbbing all over again when you see him roll his palm over his girthy length.
Delicately, he pulls your hair over your shoulder as you lie down at the edge, parting your lips immediately when he lines his cock up with your mouth.
You stick out your tongue, tasting the precum smeared across the tip before he nudges it against the corner of your mouth. Hissing when the wet muscle rubs against his frenulum.
“Look at you,” he grits, thrusting into your mouth experimentally before pulling out and gripping the base, other hand fitted tightly around your throat, “worried that your friends might see you but you’re still letting me fuck your throat. Knowing they can walk in again.”
You mewl, eyes flying shut when he pushes his hips forward, balls slapping into your face as the tip hits the back of your throat, causing you to grab his thighs with the burn. He draws his hips back, giving you some time to breathe before you open your mouth again and take him further, relaxing your throat as he grabs your hands in one of his. Holding it to the side.
“Fuck, just like that.”
Lips sealed tightly around his cock, your tongue presses into the veins on the side, eyes prickling with tears when he takes control and rocks against your face, throwing his head back while his fingers press into the sides of your throat. Your spit dribbles down your lips, hitting the rug beside his toes which curl with pleasure.
“Such a pretty little slut, letting me use her mouth however I like,” he grunts, gaining momentum as he presses down on your sternum, thumbing at your nipple before hunching over your form.
You can feel the sweat collecting at the back of your neck, jaw beginning to ache when he holds his cockhead deep inside your throat, tears slipping down the side of your face. Whining around his length, your eyes fly open when his calloused fingers slide below your navel, stopping over your clit. Thighs trembling as he spreads your folds, pressing his index and ring finger into your heat while he grinds the heel of his palm into your clit.
“C’mon,” he growls, voice strained as you feel his balls clench against your nose, “give me another.”
You plant your feet on the bed, taking mangled breaths through your nose while he stretches you open on his fingers once again, still sensitive from your first high, you squirm and moan with his cock lodged in your throat. Burning when you feel your second high splatter against your thigh, messing your sheets once again.
His heavy cock hits your cheek when he pulls out of your strained mouth, dragging you by your ankle to pull you further down on the bed. The only thing you see before he spins you around and raises your back to an arch, positioning your ass against his cock, is the sweat glittering on his skin, hair dripping as it lays flat against his head.
You’re still buzzing from your first high, holding yourself up on tired limbs as he spreads you open with the tip of his cock, sighing out your name before you feel his hand meet your ass. Hands giving up while your cheek presses into the blanket, drool slipping out when his cock rubs against your folds.
“Good girl,” he pants, and you can tell by his prolonged thrusts that he’s trying to drag out the sensation. Feeling each vein press into your walls once he sinks into your cunt.
You’re babbling, hair sticking to your shoulders with how much you’re sweating, mouth hanging open as he splits you open on his cock. He twists you around harshly, pressing your knees into your chest as you both watch how his cock disappears into your creamy cunt, air creeping out of your lungs.
He directs your attention to his face with a hand around your throat, taking your bottom lip between his teeth.
“Such a greedy little cunt,” he grunts, eyes not leaving yours, “still want more? Want me to fill you up with my cum? Hm?”
You nod, rubbing your lips together to prevent yourself from screeching, eyes rolling to the back of your head when his big cock goes deeper and deeper with each ruthless thrust.
If you weren’t so fucked out, you would notice that he’s quiet once he’s close to the edge, eyebrows knitted together as he concentrates, rolling off the last bit of energy as he chases his high. He whimpers when your walls close around him, hissing when your nails draw lines down his back.
“Fucking hell,” he groans, cock twitching inside you as his thrusts become shallow. His eyes lock with yours, wet hair brushing your forehead before he kneels on the bed and sets down your legs, index finger flicking at your clit twice before your mind goes blank for the third time tonight.
“I’m cumming, fuck—“
He thrusts into his fist, directing the hot spurts of cum onto your chest with a drawn-out groan of your name. You gasp when some hits your chin, dripping down your sides filthily.
You’re lax in his arms, reaching up half-heartedly to help him clean you up and change the beddings. Sitting at your desk, you watch as he struggles to fit on the sheet. You would’ve helped but he insisted that he could do it himself. Smiling tiredly, you thank him as he tucks you in, leaving the blanket folded over so he can join you in bed.
“Are you feeling cold? Do you want me to close the window?”
Humming, you roll over onto your side under the blanket, unable to fight the exhaustion any longer, especially when the fresh sheets feel so good against your skin. Behind closed lids, you sense the change in lighting after he settles in behind you, pecking the skin of your shoulder. You’re about to fall off to sleep when you realize that your roommate and her friends saw you butt-naked with your boyfriend’s mouth on your—
“Jungkook,” you call, nudging him with your shoulder, “are you awake?”
“Yeah, what?” He croaks. You melt after hearing his whiny, sleepy voice, turning around in his hold to poke his cheek.
“Hana and her friends saw us.”
His mouth quirks to the side, eyes remaining closed, “so?”
“So? Are you kidding? I was naked and you were…I’m pretty sure they’re all fans of yours!” You whisper-shout, smacking his arm lightly when he pinches your ass.
He speaks around a yawn, cuddling you closer to his chest, “so what if they’re my fans?”
You blink, “I don’t know…What if they tell everyone and you lose followers…or something like that?”
His eyes crack open, face going blank for a split before his eyebrow jumps.
“Everyone knows I have a girlfriend. Why would I lose followers if everyone knows that my girlfriend and I fuck? Which they probably already know.”
Your cheeks heat at his crude words.
“Besides, I could have one billion followers but only one would matter to me,” he says nonchalantly, shutting his eyes as if dismissing the conversation.
Pulling away to get a better look at him, you slide a hand over his tattoos, stopping at his shoulder.
“Oh yeah? Who would that be?”
His arms encircle your waist, sharing body heat as your form melds to his. Heart fluttering in your chest at his boyish grin.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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azanthys · 1 month
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING — satosugu x fem!reader
SYNOPSIS — there's no such thing as "sin" in buddhism, but gojo and geto are not so sure about that... not when you look good enough to eat.
CW — monk!satosugu, believer!reader, slight dumbification, praise and degradation kink, pet names, oral, dacryphilia, power play, rimming, size kink if you squint, cum eating, choking, satosugu is fruity af // WC — 2.5K ;; cross-posted on ao3
ANYA'S CORNER — geto in his buddhist robe is something I think about every day, but him and satoru? I'm gone
P.S : this fic is named after BeWhy's song, "GOTTASADAE". in early Korean's transcriptions, the term 가라사대 was an imperative form used by the king and other important figures hence the connection
Tumblr media
Being a faithful believer is no easy vocation. Especially if the temple you go to pray at has such debauched monks inside.
"Drunk on my cock already?"
Every time, every day, it ends up in the same way: confessions whispered in the darkness provided by the huge, golden statue of a Buddha in the Hokke-do, the meditation's main hall. Immoral words heard by Geto Suguru then reported to Gojo Satoru.
A slap on your thigh. Playful, but it stings still.
"That's all she's good at."
They are the heads of the temple and as such, it's no problem for them to summon their acolytes and before you know it, they are onto you. Hazes of lust surrounds their godly bodies like foggy auras and nothing, not even the great Buddhas take pity in you.
Suddenly your clothes are gone and you find yourself laying on your back on one of the altars close to their living quarters. Often it's the one with food offerings made to please enlightened beings, which you certainly are not.
'Atone for your sins with us here', as both of them like to repear, an offer to the spirits of sex you should be staying away from.
Such a sacred tool soiled with body fluids should corrupt the monastery, but it doesn't.
It never does.
A dark, masculine chuckle slide on your skin like honey, soft as the fabric his robe is made of. The rustling of his sleeve, so close to your ear, brings you back to reality.
"It's true, but there's more. Come on now, doll. Show us your tongue."
"Do as we say, you filthy slut."
You wrinkle your nose at the smell of incense mixed with hydrangea tea next to you, yet you oblige. You're glad to. Your outstretched tongue reaches the chin with Geto's length resting on it and Satoru cocks his head to the side to look. Once he's done, the man kisses your thigh, delighted.
Today, it's his turn to suffocate in the warmth of your pussy.
"Good girl. You're so obedient," your eyes beam with adoration as calm, considerate Suguru cups your face while his other hand grabs the base of his veiny, girthy dick. Your mother waters all over again and he notices it.
You sinful, little thing.
He motions for you to raise your eyes and meet him and when you do, you see it. His smile borders on a grin. "Now take me fully. Make me cum and you'll be one step closer to repent."
You know it isn't right and yet here you are, gagging and choking around him when he shoves himself back in, his length pushing through your lips to fuck your throat while his best friend's lips delve deeper into your flesh. Gojo's eyes roam on the bulge in your throat, the head of Suguru's cock touching your uvula.
Then he starts to move and you whimper, helpless, and you feel your drenched folds get even wetter. The pace set by the other monk is too fast for your poor self to endure much longer.
Strands of pearly white hair caress your inner thighs as Satoru scoots closer to you. His tone is graceful, an inch away from your cunt when he whispers, "So you really are dirty. Look at this pussy. You like your throat fucked, slut? It's unsurprising why you always come to us to atone. No one else wants you."
Geto's gaze is fogged with lust, eyebrows furrowed in pleasure as your moans vibrate around his cock. Degradation really gets you going, no doubt about it... even if his best friend isn't able to calibrate at times.
For Gojo Satoru, the boundary between pleasure and pain is blurry at best and invisible at worst.
The sight of tears pooling in your eyes almost have him cum in his robe and as for you, naked and aroused despite shame, you hold onto the altar's borders as if your life is on the line. In a certain way, it really is. Another bead of arousal streams down your legs, spreading on Gojo's cheek. He chuckles, peppering every inch of skin he could reach in hasty pecks.
You don't see it, too busy with your throat being clogged by Geto, but the dark-haired monk shots Satoru a warning look and the white-haired monk scoffs.
"You love when we're being mean to you, precious, don't you? You love when I do." he hums and his impossible, blue eyes bore another hole in you when you wail in response, the sound buried by the slapping of Geto's skin against your skin.
Reaching out, you fondle his balls and feel them twitch in your hand. Impossible as it is, a proud smile plasters all over your face, eyes fixed on Geto's. Well, that goes right to Satoru's groin.
"Fuck." It doesn't take long for Geto to grab your hair, keeping you still as he fucks your throat. Gojo stops in his tracks, watching his best friend come undone in your mouth.
Being the kindest out of the two, Suguru warns you with a strained "I'm coming" and thrusts one, two, three times before he shots his creamy load in your mouth. You wait, gather in your cheeks every rope of cum he gives you as his spent cock weighs on your tongue. When he pulls out, Geto's vision tunnels on you swallowing.
A few strings of your saliva and his release spanning from your mouth is all it takes, and Suguru feels his dick spring back to life as you hide your face in his taut forearm, suddenly too shy to hold his or Gojo's gaze.
Hot and cold. Fire and water. You are perfect.
"Oh, look at you, acting all cute when I was balls-deep in your mouth just moments ago." the dark-haired monk coos, eyes rolling down to where Gojo's mouth is heading to. He pats gently your hair, then leans closer to nuzzle at your neck.
"What do we say in return to those who provided us with such delicious food, uhm?" You are in over your head, chest heaving with exhaustion. It's always a struggle to accomodate him fully in your throat. The man is hung.
Still, your voice grazes him with a small, "Thank you, G-Geto-sama" as another one, much calmer and deeper, hits you both.
One used to run up your pussy and make you see stars... and then you remember. Your lower half is his to ravish today. And he hasn't touched you properly yet.
His smile is lewd, intoxicating as you look at Satoru and he whispers, "Thank you for the meal."
The first lick is almost hesitant, as to test how jumpy you are; when you do jump, however, Gojo laughs. He was expecting it. And then, without further ado, his mouth is on your pussy.
Demanding, relentless, starved. Satoru is all that and more as he indulges his desires.
Chants of groans flutter around you three as your hips buck into Gojo's mouth, his wet muscle flickering small and frantic circles on your clit and then down, lapping up your juices. He's making your body sing unholy songs on the altar of enlightenment, while Geto enjoys the view from above.
You are so close to your own release, but it's not going to happen any time soon, and the man with snowy hair proves your point immediately.
"Ah-ah, not yet." he tuts and draws back, feeling you spasm underneath him. His chin is coated in your juices as he admires the mess he made between your legs and your heart drops to your feet.
He is preparing you for the grand finale, how can you expect to have an orgasm so soon?
Geto must've seen the look of disappointment in your eyes because he's on you in a nick of time. He bits your lower lip and you chuckle. It tingles.
Spidery fingers press on your stomach as Suguru steps back, sinking into the expanse of skin while Gojo breathes on your pussy. Now that definitely helps you focus on him again.
"Look at me." You tilt your head to better look at him but Suguru coaxes you closer again and kisses you, the feeble plea on your lips dying on his. Satoru stares at you in silence, both annoyed and a tiny bit aroused, until his best friend covers one of your tits with his hand.
It's time to act.
Unaware of the little bet between them you relax in Geto's touch, enough for him to slip in his tongue, stroking yours with his until a sudden, sharp pain knocks the air out of you. Yelping, your eyes flicks up to the man between your thighs, perched and hooked up his lean shoulders.
Gojo has nipped at your folds.
Shocked but burning within you keen and Geto smirks at the white-haired monk, amused.
Geto 1, Gojo 1.
"I said look at me, slut. It's time for the final absolution." When left down, both their hair are so long and lush you always fight back the urge to sink a hand in them. Sometimes they let you do it, for they love physical touch.
Today you sigh sighs in relief when Satoru notices the question in your eyes and nods, moaning as your fingers grip his roots; Suguru, on the other hand, simply grins at you but complies and bends his head for you to caress his.
One hand in Gojo's hair. The other in Geto's.
You feel invincible.
Satoru's locks are spread across your skin like silken webs when he noses your clit and you squirm, shake on his demonic tongue. "Your tongue feels s-so good, Gojo-sama" that's all you manage to say but it's enough. The praise boosts Satoru's ego. He's the easiest to get through like this.
A tug at the seams of your, his limits but they both tear apart the moment Satoru's tongue snakes out of his mouth again to descend further on you, two fingers resting on either side of your tight, incredibly tight ring of muscles while you arch your back, startled.
His head spins at the thought of how ruined you're going to look like soon, bliss painting the inside of his cheeks while he allows you to fuck yourself on his tongue.
Good sluts need to be awarded, too, after all.
The image goes straight to his painfully hard cock, still caged in his clothes. After this, he is going to break you in a half. "Mine."
"Gojo-" you want to protest, say something at least, but neither of them gives you time to understand what's going on. What you do figure out, or rather see, is Geto's arm coming in the frame. He grounds his hand on your throat and cuts your airflow just enough for you to clench like crazy around Gojo's tongue on — no, in your ass. But he's not done.
"Take everything we give you and pray. You'll need it."
A mewl escapes you and he shots you a heated glare as his free hand sneaks between your sopping pussy, neglected by Gojo. His thumb presses on your clit, then an idea strikes his skull, and the look he gives you after is, for lack of a better word, lecherous.
Drawing back from your pussy, Suguru stares at your open mouth and head thrown back on his shoulder, eyes closed in a desperate attempt at containing your sobs.
All in vain.
Looking down for a second, Geto sees the other monk leave kitten licks on your pussy only to still his tongue in your ass right after, hands on both your ass cheeks spread for him to fuck into you deeper. Ruthless.
"Do you want to come, doll?"
The snow haired man moans against you when you cry out, digits digging into Satoru's scalp as your eyes crack open to look at Geto. Am I dreaming?
"Please, I beg you. Let me cum. I've been good." Fresh, salty pearls frame your lashes, falling on your cheeks as Suguru pin you down with a gaze. Satoru keeps on licking and sucking and fuck if you're not going insane because of him.
Tensed, you throw daggers at both when they stop working your body. What-
"You call that begging?" Geto wets his lips before the thumb previously on your cunt flies to pry your lips open. He rests it on the flat of your tongue as he groans,
"You can beg better. Or choke trying."
You go absolutely nuts. With them you always feel so small since they're so tall, but today your need to let go is bigger than both of them.
"Please please please just let me cum this once. Gojo-sama," you whip your head around to catch a glimpse of him and catch him staring at you with hungry-filled eyes. "I've been good, haven't I? Can I repent now?"
Fuck. That look in your eyes, so teary and filled with need make him cum, and he does so hard that his strangled moan echoes in your pussy, your ass, your walls.
The thumb in your mouth glides past your lips and Suguru chuckles, eyes fixated on Gojo. Then it's on your engorged bud, stroking it lazily, and that means you did well. The dark-haired monk bit your earlobe and says, "Come all over us, little whore.
The coil snaps. You snap.
Jolts of pleasure shot through you as the orgasm hits you and without warning, your legs snap shut around Gojo's head but he doesn't care in the slightest. Actually, he's the happiest man alive right now, stretching out his tongue to lick and suck and — kiss every droplet as your arousal does collect in his mouth.
Geto fingers you through the haze of the moment, sliding three fingers in you while he keeps circling your clit. When you come back, shaking in over-stimulation, your gaze wanders around the room. Geto pulls out just as you see Gojo's shadow against the wall stand up after pressing light, affectionate pecks on the inside of your thighs, your calves.
"You've atoned for your sins. Look, they're all here," he darts his tongue, covered in your release and your cheeks burned, seeing how much of a wanton you've been with him. "I'll take care of it."
"Not so fast. Let me see."
Before he can swallow, Suguru lures him down to his eye level and plants a kiss on Gojo's lips. The man quickly responds to it, deepening the kiss, and the sight of their spit and your cum pushes your embarrassed form to roll to the side, face toward the painting of a holy Buddha in front of you.
Their inhuman eyes stare back at you, merciless.
You are ruined, soiled beyond divine grace.
Moments later the monks' bodies cramp you once more and Suguru's arm encloses your waist to let you sit with your back against his chest. Satoru sits beside you both and your eyes fall on the wet spot on his crotch, a smile already forming on your bruised lips.
Gojo follows your gaze when you whisper as sheepishly as possible, "Looks like I haven't repented enough. Want me to lick you clean, Gojo-sama?"
Truth to be told, you love being their sweet, naive acolyte. Always eager to comply, ready to follow every instruction they give you.
They are your one, true creed.
And you're the greatest sin they have yet to absolve.
Tumblr media
© azanthys — do not copy, translate, repost and modify my works. do not recommend them outside tumblr and ao3.
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readerthatreadsss · 9 months
Flipping The Script~(TASM! Peter Parker)
Pairing: TASM! Peter Parker X Fem! reader
Summary: You’ve been in a relationship with Peter for a while, and throughout that time, you’ve always been the more dominant one in the bedroom. But, one night, Peter comes up with a few interesting ideas. And with that sloppy grin on his face, you couldn’t help but give in and hand over the reigns for a night.
Warning: 18+ FILTHY SMUT, unprotected sex (remember to wrap your willy before you fuck her silly), rough sex, swearing, basically porn with a splash of plot, light spanking, hair pulling, choking (barely), throat fucking, oral (m and r recieving), face fucking, face riding, dom!Peter (kinda), sub!reader (kinda), creampie, praise kink, Pet names (only pretty girl, pretty boy, sweetheart, and baby), small bit of fluff at the end.
Word count: 3k+
A/N: Hello! This is my first official post, just to give you guys an idea of what my writing’s like since im not really used to the writing style on here cause I’ve been writing on Wattpad for the past few years. So please let me know how I did. Hope you enjoy it cause it honestly turned out better than I expected it to. I will also be taking requests from now on! (Check my pinned post to see which characters i take requests for)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was a normal Saturday night. Peter had just finished patrolling and you just got home from work.
After showering and changing into more comfortable clothes, you and Peter were cuddled up in bed, light kisses passing between you occasionally...until Peter briefly zoned out.
Spotting the dazed look in his brown eyes, you lightly tapped his cheeks with your hands. “Pete?” you called out, effectively snapping him out of his daze.
“Yeah?” he mumbled, turning his head down to look at you.
“You kinda left for a minute there. What’s on your mind?” you cooed as your fingers continued to caress his clean shaven cheeks.
“Nothing...I, uh, I kinda had an idea?” he answered.
You raised a brow in intrigue as a small smile crossed your features. “An idea? What kind of an idea?” you questioned as you allowed one of your hands to slowly trail down his neck and naked chest.
“I think you- ahem- know what kind of idea,” Peter said, his ears growing red from the way your fingers were touching his abdomen.
Being spiderman meant that Peter’s senses were on high alert 24/7, which meant that every brush of your fingertips drove him crazy. It’s one of the reasons why you love touching him so much. And possibly why he always let you.
“Hmm, sounds interesting,” you chirped.
His lips slipped into a smile as he shuffled closer to you and wrapped both his hands around your waist. “Pick a number between 1 and 40,″ he said.
Your brows furrowed in confusion from the unusual demand. “That doesn't sound very sexy if I’m being quite honest, Pete,” you giggled.
He rolled his eyes as his fingers slipped under your t-shirt and crawled up your sides, leaving a burning trail of goosebumps in their wake. “Please? For me?” he pleaded as he presented that charming full teeth grin of his, knowing that it would soften you up.
You sighed dramatically, staring into his beautifully brown eyes. “Fine,” you gave in, “Ummm...how about...39?”
You watched as Peter pursed his lips briefly in thought.
Before you could utter another syllable, you felt Peter tighten his grip on your sides before flipping you onto your stomach, gaining a surprised yelp from your lips. As you tried to get used to the abrupt change in position, you felt Peter grip a heap of your hair before pulling on it roughly. You panted as he held your back tightly against his chest, still maintaining his grip on your hair.
You couldn't stop the moan that befell your lips as he used one hand to rip your shirt from your chest, leaving your breasts available to him.
You were never the submissive type, but Peter’s sudden change in attitude already had your panties soaking, which you were sure he could smell.
“You okay, pretty girl?” he whispered, his cool breath fanning against your ears.
Chills ran down your spine from the nickname. You nodded confidently regardless of the foreign blush that had found its way onto your cheeks. “I am so much fucking better than okay,” you spoke, slowly grinding your lower half against the growing bulge in Peter’s sweatpants.
He caught onto your movements and abruptly put a stop to it by gripping your waist with his free hand. “You’re gonna count for me,” he began, temporarily releasing your hair to most likely undress himself.
“Count what?” you cluelessly asked.
The harsh ripping sound of your pajama shorts and panties was the next sound you heard before feeling Peter harshly thrust into you, his thick cock sending a wave of pleasure and delicious pain through you at the same time.
“Holy fuck!” you moaned at the sudden intrusion, feeling your boyfriend bottom out inside of you.
His hands came to wrap around your neck as he roughly pulled you up against his bare chest. “What did I say? I want you to use those pretty fucking lips and count for me,” he demanded before shoving your head down into the mattress.
Peter fully pulled out of you before shoving his dick back inside of your dripping pussy.
“One,” you choked out, swallowing back a scream.
He pulled out of you and slammed back in, the sound of his hips slapping against your ass echoing in your shared bedroom.
“Two,” you moaned.
Seeing that you were getting the idea of his game, Peter decided to pick up the pace.
He quickly found an angle that worked for him and repeatedly slammed into you, pressing your head into your sheets. “Three, four, five, si- FUCK!” you eventually gave up counting when Peter hit a specific spot in your cervix. “Fuck, you feel amazing.”
But your words soon stopped short when Peter fully pulled his cock out of you. Before you could turn and ask what the hell he was doing, you felt a stinging on your ass as a loud slap resounded in the air.
Peter Parker, the same man that has called you mommy on numerous occasions, spanked you...and you fucking loved it.
He grabbed each of your ankles and flipped you onto your back, his advanced strength coming in very handy. “I didn’t say you could stop counting,” he huskily whispered as he hovered over you, his very erect cock prodding your stomach.
Peter soon lined up his cock with your entrance and thrust himself into your tight cunt again, not yet moving inside your warmth. “You will count every thrust and if you stop counting or cum before we get to 39, then I will punish you,” while he spoke, Peter looked into your eyes and searched for any hint of apprehension. He only found lust, excitement, and love, telling him that you were more than okay with what he was doing.
Your eyes sparkled at the mention of punishment. “What are you gonna do to me?” you smirked, “Spank me?”
Peter grabbed each of your wrists and pressed them against the headboard of your bed. “No, I'm gonna hold you against this headboard and fuck those pretty lips with my cock until you’re a drooling, slobbering mess.”
Your thighs involuntarily clenched at his words. “Don’t threaten me with a good time, baby,” you cooed as you leaned up and pressed a sloppy kiss against his lips.
You could tell from his pursed swollen lips and his dilated eyes that your stolen kiss had him nearly ready to submit to you again, but he quickly grabbed a hold of himself and focused back on the task at hand.
Peter slowly removed his cock from your pussy, erupting a whine from your chest, only to flip you back onto your stomach with Peter taking up his previous position inside of you.
“Peter!” you loudly moaned, not caring who heard.
One of his large hands pulled you up to your knees, while the other came around your chest and squeezed one of your breasts. “Lemme hear you count, baby.”
“FUCK- seven!” you moaned in a strangled tone, your walls clenching around Peter’s familiar length.
Within seconds, his hands had found their way back to your hair again and he grabbed as much as he could in his large fists. Peter continued to roughly thrust in and out of you, and you continued to count, slurring your words more and more with each thrust. The feel of Peter pounding inside of you and the sting of his grip on your hair was nearly becoming overwhelming. There was no way you were gonna last much longer.
You were now at 21 and you could feel the need for release rising in your stomach. “Twenty tw-Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” you yelled, tears springing from the corners of your eyes from the force Peter was using to fuck you.
He then reached around one hand and pressed it against your soaking clit, gaining a scream of pleasure from you in the middle of your counting. “You’re so fucking wet, baby,” he lowly groaned in your ears.
Peter picked up his pace, as you struggled to keep up your counting while keeping a hold on your impending orgasm.
“Keep taking my fucking cock, pretty girl, you’re doing so good,” he praised you, slowly rubbing his fingers against your aching clit. 
The sounds of his hips slapping against your ass grew louder than you thought was possible, and every single movement inside of you, lit your nerves on fire.
“Fuck, Peter, I’m gonna-”
“Don’t you fucking dare!” he grunted, still maintaining a cadence inside of you.
But his warning came too late, as you were soon overwhelmed by the combination of Peter’s large cock pressing against the most sensitive areas of your cunt and his fingers expertly prodding your clit. You cried out as the tight cord inside of your stomach snapped and you felt your juices leaking all over Peter’s cock.
“Fucking hell,” you moaned, shaking from your orgasm as Peter pulled out of you.
You had no time to recover before feeling yourself be spun onto your back. Your chest heaved as you remembered what Peter had promised you in return for your disobedience.
God, you had never been more excited.
You slowly backed up against the headboard, smirking as Peter crawled further onto the bed. You crossed your wrists against the wooden board as Peter positioned one knee on each side of your head. You gulped in anticipation as his hard cock stood at attention before your throbbing lips.
“You did this to yourself,” he smirked grimly.
“We’ll see about that,” you challenged him.
Having enough of your mouthing off, Peter used one hand to grip your hair in his fist while using the other to secure your hands against the headboard. “Let’s put that big mouth of yours to good use.”
You stuck out your tongue, awaiting his cock. Peter used his leverage on the back of your head to bring it forward and meet his achingly hard dick. You hummed in satisfaction as the taste of your own juices flooded your taste buds. Your lips soon fully wrapped around the first few inches of Peter’s cock.
And that was all he needed to take things further.
Peter thrusted his large dick further into your mouth, using his grip on your hair to hold you in place. “There you go, baby,” he cooed, sighing in pleasure as his cock invaded your throat.
At that moment you were very thankful for your lack of a gag reflex, as you forced your throat to make room for Peter’s angry thrusts.
He grunted as he felt the head of his dick hit the farthest part of your throat, and held his position for a few seconds. “So this is what peace and quiet sounds like?” he joked.
You groaned around his cock and narrowed your teary eyes up at him, wordlessly objecting to his ill-timed joke.
He looked down and laughed at your face before slowly pulling back and fucking your mouth at a torturous pace, yet again.
You could feel drool leaking from the sides of your mouth as you relaxed your throat and continued to take Peter’s length in your mouth. “You look so pretty with my cock in your mouth, Y/N,” he moaned, his thrusts growing more forceful as you skillfully teased his tip with your tongue.
“Oh fuck yes, baby, just like that,” he urged you as he continued moving your head up and down on his dick. Sweat lined your brow as you could feel the drool from your aching lips falling onto your breasts.
Peter’s thrusts eventually grew sloppy and he reluctantly withdrew his throbbing cock from your hungry lips. He wasn’t ready to cum yet and he definitely wasn’t gonna do it in your mouth when your pussy was ready and waiting.
“What did we learn?” he moved his hand from your hair down to grip your neck.
Your pussy throbbed at the force with which he squeezed your neck. “We learned that this game is fucking incredible,” you spoke, dazed from the ordeal that Peter did on your throat.
“Hmmm,” he momentarily paused in thought, “since you sucked my cock so beautifully, I’m gonna give you a reward,” he smiled, using the hand that previously held down your wrists to wipe the slobber from your cheeks.
You licked your lips clean as you looked up into his brown eyes expectantly.
“You’re gonna ride my face, and then, when I’ve had enough of your delicious pussy, I’m gonna flip you over and fuck my cum into your guts. Deal?” he proposed.
Your jaw slackened at his statement and you eagerly nodded in agreement.
Peter grinned before sliding off you and allowing you to shift in position for him. Your legs shook in anticipation as you began carefully lowering yourself onto Peter’s hungry lips.
His impatience soon rose to the surface as he wrapped each of his arms around your thighs and harshly pulled your soaking cunt down onto his tongue.
“Oh, f-fuck,” you moaned, your eyes sliding closed as euphoria washed over you at the feeling of Peter’s tongue sliding between your wet folds.
You reached down and ran your fingers through his messy brown hair, slowly grinding your pussy against his eager mouth. “You’re so fucking good at that, Peter,” you moaned.
Peter continued devouring your sopping core before using one of his hands to smack your ass. To add fuel to the fire, the brown-eyed young man began moaning his satisfaction into your pussy, the vibrations bringing you closer to release.
“Shit, Pete, I’m gonna cum again,” you shakily told him as you ground yourself against his damp face even harder. Peter soon snaked his arms up and squeezed each of your hardened nipples in between his fingers as his tongue fiddled with your clit.
Your breathing grew ragged as his focus on your sensitive bundle of nerves had you nearing your orgasm for the second time that night. “Fuck yes, Peter, right fucking there baby,” you shouted as you continued running your fingers through his hair in encouragement.
He continued his groaning beneath you, using the vibrations of his voice to drive you crazier and crazier as he gripped your thigh harshly enough to leave bruises. It wasn’t long before-
“Oh my- Fuck! Peter I’m cumming!”
You moaned loudly as your orgasm left you shaking above Peter’s still-active mouth. The young man continued lapping at your cunt, prolonging your orgasm as he soaked up every drop of you that he could.
He eventually ceased his slaughter on your pussy. “Damn, Pete,” you sighed in satisfaction.
As you slid off of your boyfriend’s face, you looked down to see him grinning widely, his face glistening with your slick.
“I think there was one more thing you promised to do to me, sweetheart,” you smirked while sliding off the bed and walking away, “But I think you should come and get me first. Consider it payback.”
You didn't make it past the door of your room before feeling Peter’s hand wrap around your neck from behind. You yelped as he slammed your body against the nearest wall and brutally pressed his lips against yours. You groaned as your senses were flushed with the pleasant taste of yourself again.
Peter reached both his arms underneath your ass and used his strength to hoist your legs around his own waist. You swung your arms around his neck to keep your balance.
“You’re not in charge tonight, sweetheart,” he huskily whispered before shoving his throbbing cock inside of your sensitive pussy.
You screamed at the feel of him inside of you, the remnants of your orgasm still affecting your body.
Peter used one hand to hold you against the wall while using the other to wipe away the few tears that had managed to leak free from your pleasure-filled eyes. “Look at you, crying over my cock. I thought you were tougher than that Y/L/N,” he taunted as he began cruelly fucking you against your shared room wall.
“I am. Now shut up and fuck me harder, Parker,” you spoke through gritted teeth.
Peter smirked down at you before picking up his pace, now fucking you at a speed that could have broken a world record.
You moaned loudly as your pussy began clenching around Peter’s dick, gaining a groan from him.
It wasn't long before his thrusts grew sloppy and his groans grew louder. You placed each of your palms on his reddened face, immediately gaining his attention. You smirked up at him as you could see in his eyes that he was growing closer. “Cum inside of my pussy, pretty boy.”
And that was all it took to push the hero over the edge. 
He roughly slammed one of his hands against the wall beside your head as he emptied himself in your cunt. You moaned happily as his liquids flooded your insides.
You couldn’t help but smile at the look on his face as he groaned in release. “You did such a good job, baby.” At your words, Peter smiled and leaned forward to press a small kiss onto your lips.
As you both came down from your respective highs, Peter withdrew his softening cock from your entrance and helped you to stand on your two feet.
“Let’s go clean up,” you grabbed one of his arms and led him to the bathroom connected to your room.
“Yes ma’am,” he smirked behind you, shamelessly staring at your ass as you walked.
“I hope this isn’t the last I get to see of Dominant Peter,” you smiled as you both stepped into your shower.
You leaned forward to turn on the water before feeling a familiar pair of arms snake around your bare waist. “Definitely not,” Peter grinned as he kissed your neck from behind, “Thanks for trusting me.”
“You’re welcome baby. Thanks for sharing that part of yourself with me,” you smiled while turning to face him.
The shower water soon began cascading over both your heads as you leaned up on your toes and lovingly kissed your boyfriend. “I love you, Peter Parker.”
“I love you more, Y/N, Y/L/N.”
You grinned up at the man who you were sure you would spend the rest of your life with. “Not possible.” 
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masturbucky · 4 months
The Intruder
Tumblr media
DARK!Winter Soldier x fem!reader
Summary: You had issues with sleeping for the past two weeks. You wake up every night and you swear you can feel someone's staring from the shadows, but there's no one, and you know it's your imagination. Sometimes you feel touches. When you're tired of your mind tricks, you start taking those sleeping pills. It's good for you, and for the man who watches your sleep every night, too. But you dont need to know that. You need to sleep.
WARNINGS: DARK REALLY DARK PLEASE BE AWARE(!!!), Smut, Somnophilia, NON-CONSENSUAL EVERYTHING, AGAIN IT'S A FUCKING RAPE, Obsessive behavior, unprotected p in v, WS basically romanticizes from his sick point what he does to you, no y/n, literally NO comfort, creampie, marking, a bit of knife play(he tears your shirt off and touches you with a knife a bit), a lot of mentions of death by WS, choke kink if you squint, dacryphilia if you squint, what else? ENGLISH IS NOT MY NATIVE LANGUAGE! Also I kinda forgot to post it when I finished it and so i remembered only like an hour ago, changed some stuff a bit, but grammar errors are still on the table yk. Also, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU READ. I'M NOT YOUR DADDY I CAN'T TELL YOU SHIT, I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE A MINOR, IT'S YOUR PROBLEM.
You sigh, dropping your bag on the couch while slipping out of your shoes on the way to the kitchen. It's a living hell, you think.
Two fucking weeks you can't sleep. You wake up every night, a several times at least, with a fucking panic attack, or in a sleep paralysis, or whatever the fuck it is — you don't know, you don't care, you just want it to stop.
The thing is, you're going insane.
Every night the reason you wake up is this feeling of someone's eyes on you. Someone's staring at you, from the shadowed corner of your room, every night and it doesn't stop. At first you weren't brave enough to look. On the thrid night you said fuck it and turned the light on, looking around. No one, nothing, no trace of anyone's presence. The fuck you expected to see? The windows were closed, same goes to the door — you checked, three times and one more to be sure — and you were honestly confused and tired enough to get back to sleep. Only for the same thing to happen the following night. And the next one. And again, and again, and again.
You changed locks. Better safe than sorry, you know?
It didn't helped. You still feel watched every night.
Sometimes YOU SWEAR you could feel lingering touches on your body. Cold or warm.
Again, you're going insane.
You bought a fucking camera and installed it in your bedroom under the ceiling just to find your sleepy self and your scared to hell awake self, walking around and searching for the fucking intruder, on it in the morning.
You tried to invite your friends over for the night, but — what am I, a fucking joke? — they all laughed at you, when you told your story. Fuck them, really, you should consider searching for new friends.
You decided to go to the therapist your friend (the only one who, thankfully, didn't laughed with the rest, but still brushed you off) recommended you. The point is, you'll have to wait a month to get an appointment in their busy schedule. You ain't gonna wait so long, you need to sleep for fuck's sake.
That's being said, here you are. Reading an instruction list to Flurazepam, which is like a fucking blanket itself, and grinning like an idiot, excited. Fuck your brain really, fuck it's dumb imagination, fuck the imaginary intruder! You need your sleep and you'll get your sleep, thanks to medicine!
Tonight you eat, shower, read your evening book and get to bed happily, excited to finally get some sleep. Maybe you take a bit more Flurazepam than needed. Just in case, you know?
He entered your apartment the same way as always - it wasn't hard to steal your keys and make a copy. He's used to be unnoticed, they would've been disappointed if he was careless enough to let you know about his mere existence. So far, you're stupid enough not to look into details. Smart enough to try and change locks and install a camera, smart enough to show him that you're safe from everyone, but him.
He stops the recording of this damn camera before walking into your room. He solved this problem the first night you installed it. It's a nice kind of change, he must admit. Seeing you from different angle other than from cameras he installed before is nice, truly. Beautiful, clever and caring about his... needs, even without knowing about him. That's what makes you so divine.
Tonight... To be honest, he was waiting for this just as much as you. He was excited, even. For your sleep and his next move in your relationship, if he could call it that.
He takes his mask and glasses off, walking closer to your bed, to your sleeping, relaxed. Asleep, more calm than usual. Just like the first night. Your breath is soft, heartrate is slow, the pills you took obviously worked. You probably took a bit more than you should have, his dumb little thing you are.
He doesn't know how it all happened, to be honest.
What he knows is, he needs you. Badly. All the time, day and night, needs to see your beauty and he needs to be close to something as perfect as you. He thought they wiped everything that could've been even close to what he feels towards you, but apparently they only made it worse.
More likely they know where he disappears every night to. They know everything, and he noticed how much easier it became to sneak out. And if they know and let it be, then he's allowed to have this. Which probably gives them even more power over him.
But he doesn't care. As long as he can see his angel, as long as he can touch something as perfect as you are, he doesn't give a fuck about what else Hydra would make him do. Consider it done. Consider it dead.
He takes his gloves off, kneeling down beside your bed. Slides your blanket off your body, and takes a deep breath. You're in your usual clothes of choice — this tempting shirt, which he often can see your nipples through, which he allows himself to touch sometimes even, and a comfy pair of underwear. He doesn't know what other men usually consider sexy, but for him it is whatever you wear. Especially this pair of panties.
Brings his hand to your thigh, more confidently than usual strokes the smooth skin up, touching the soft material of your underwear and sliding under the warmth of your shirt, to your belly. He doesn't need to be careful now. You won't wake up anyway, you're too deep in your slumber, thanks to those pills.
He almost groans only at the feeling of your soft, warm skin under his fingertips. It's not often when he touches you UNDER your clothes. Too much of a risk, he never intended to wake you up. It would mean a too big step, he doesn't need you to put up a fight and resist too much. If so, he would have to hurt you. And take you away. He's not ready to do that just yet.
But now? Now he can at least do that much without rushing things into it's natural ending. He could have you now, he could taste you now, and then he would prepare to take you somewhere where he would do that as often as possible. He just has to be patient.
For now he could just leave you a message of who you belong to. A promise, of sorts.
The bed cracked under his weight loudly, thanks god you're so deep in your sleep, and the blade shines in the moonlight, so does the hand, the whole arm. Soldier knows that what he's about to do will break you. But a broken angel is still an angel, a fallen one is not.
However, he's very clear with his messages.
Your shirt goes first. The material breaks easily on a sharp knife, he uses it to kill after all, and he's devouring every second of it. He prays that it wont be possible to erase from his mind, just like it was with you, with his angel.
"Beautiful," He breathes out, his voice hoarse and his throat hurts. He hasn't talked in quite some time.
Your shirt is no longer on his way. And oh god, seeing your chest again makes him believe in heaven, whatever this is. When you'll be his, you won't be wearing any clothes at all. It will be his personal heaven.
"So beautiful..." He lowers the knife to your chest, tracing soft skin, nipples with the backside of it. He could so easily switch the side, he could leave a permanent mark on you, a reminder of your first night as his, but he wont. Not now, at least.
Then he lowers the blade to your underwear. Two simple cuts on either sides - and it's just as dysfunctional as the shirt. But he doesn't think you'll need them anyway, now. He might as well just... Take them, as a little reminder for himself? A promise.
He lifts your pretty legs up, resting them on his shoulders when he settles in between, and slides the thorn material from under you with his flesh arm. He wants to feel this. He wants to savor every touch.
Your panties are left in the pocket of his pants, and he returns his full attention to you. Only if you knew how beautiful you are right now, naked for him, ready for him. He would show you, one day. When you would be conscious and used to him, his presence, his touches. For now, this will do.
The knife is back in it's holder, and he lowers to your warm body. Hands slide up your waist to your tits, and the left one to your neck. Metal fingers trace the warm, delicate skin, pressing ever so slightly. The only time he really focuses on how much pressure he adds. Looks just perfect on you.
He can't wait anymore.
Right hand slides off your body to lower his pants, just enough to free his almost uncomfortable erection. He was so mesmerized by your beauty that he completely forgot about himself.
Leans back slightly, once again admiring the view. His angel, so perfect and peaceful, in her sleep. Your calm face, delicate neck, chest, your belly, legs and, a fucking paradise, your pussy. He can't see much, but he knows its perfect. He had seen it, many times, on the cameras. He also knows what you play with, and where you hide it. Lower drawer of your nightstand.
Soldat leaves a trail of open mouthed kisses on your neck, tasting your skin. It's his time to enjoy, his moment to savor, so he slides his hand down to your exposed to him — only him — heat. You're wet, just a bit. Enough for him, at least. Touching you is a privilege already.
Your legs are pushed up, over his thighs. He doesn't know if he wants to hurry up or take his time, it feels like he needs both. Contradictions became natural to him since he found you.
A deep breath. He lined himself up with your entrance, stroking himself slowly, just a bit. Smearing his precum over your clit and soft folds, enjoying the moment. It's so strange to be so overwhelmed. So excited. You make him feel things he didn't knew he was able to feel, and you have no clue. You will, eventually.
He pushes in slowly, groaning and almost cumming right away, holding himself back and biting on your neck. He takes a second to remind himself about how to breathe. Unbelievable. You feel like death. The best feeling ever, the only good feeling.
When he's fully in, he thinks that calling it a heaven would've been an understatement. Your insides around him are so much more.
When he pulls out to the tip and pushes back in, that's where he could've die happily.
You're so warm. So tight, squeezing his manhood just right. It's where he belonged, it's where he feels complete and forgiven. Your walls hug his dick perfectly, and he want's to stay in there until he fades away. And he wants more.
He's greedy when he starts moving. In and out, slowly at first, but getting faster — yes, he's greedy. He's guilty in more than greed, he doesn't care. With your pussy taking him so well, with your warm body under his hands, his lips, just under him — he doesn't care. It's all his, you're his.
Oh how he wants to hear more than those sweet whimpers from you.
He can imagine. His angel, you, under him, hands gripping on his arms, you'll be begging him for more and crying for him, clamping down on him so deliciously and needy. You'll be screaming — screaming the name he can't quite imagine, he can't remember, but he knows you'll be screaming it. One day.
He will take his time to praise you, to tell you how good you are for him, angel, taking all he can give, giving all you have. He will make sure you're shaking and breaking all over again on his cock, tears smeared all over your face and you're drooling with this fucked out look on your divine face-
Oh god, more. He needs more of you, he takes all he can take.
He will leave so much marks on your body, just like now, over your chest and your neck, while you'll be squeezing him inside and begging, begging for his seed-
He cums with a groan, slurred fuck left his lips, headboard of your bed cracks under his metal hand. Aftershock hit the Soldat hard. Right hand gripping on your hip, his breath is ragged and he barely remembers how to breath correctly — he knows this feeling well, but from the bad side. Now? It's euphoric. He doesn't want it to end, he wants to die right here and there, buried deep inside of your heat, with you taking his cum so well, his beautiful angel.
He opens his eyes after what feels like a blissful eternity, his gaze slowly focuses on you under him. He can hear your breath, hard and ragged, he can see a layer of sweat over your body. Small smile cracks on his face. Even in your sleep, you accepted him. You enjoyed it.
He doesn't want to pull out, but he does so anyway. He reminds himself that it's not the last time. He'll have enough chances to do it again with you, after all. He knows what to do. He knows how. He just needs to prepare it.
Soldat looks down, mesmerized by how his seed leaks out of you. There's so much, he has to resist the urge to push it back in. Or to lick it out.
You're so perfect, his beautiful angel. But he has to go.
On a second thought...
He reaches out to your nightstand, barely even looking up from your pretty cunt, still leaking with his cum. Grabs his mask and glasses. Puts both on quickly, then grabs the remote control of your camera from his pocket, and presses on.
After all, he should be very clear with his messages.
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caroldantops · 11 months
nothing fucks with my baby || w.m.
this post contains multiverse of madness spoilers. 
ship: wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: dark themes (18+), yandere!wanda maximoff, gender neutral reader, forced ageplay, heavy mdlg dynamics, mommy!wanda, little!reader, kidnapping, stockholm syndrome, codependence, lactation kink, implied violence/murder
(read part one here)
Tumblr media
After Westview was freed from Wanda’s grasp, you honestly felt…lost. 
You returned to your normal life as an agent, saw your friends again, had to answer a lot of question about what exactly happened in Westview that you didn’t have the answer to. 
Except you did. Wanda left you will all of the tender memories of her and you together. The way she held you, kissed you, fucked you. 
The others always commented about how horrible it was that she took you away like that, held all those people hostage as well. How they weren’t sure if they would ever be able to see her the same way again. You always stayed silent, and they took it as you not wanting to relive your time there so they backed off.
If only they knew.
Every night, you dream of what your life would have been like if Wanda hadn’t freed the town and you were allowed to stay with her. When you wake up, you’re always left with tears streaming down your face, nose stuffy from crying in your sleep. 
The only person who can comfort you is no where to be found. 
Until you get word that Stephen is looking for her. Something about her looking for a path into the multiverse. You know she’s after something, but you don’t know what. 
Stephen doesn’t let you go with him to find her, and you don’t know why. You can’t hear his reasoning behind the anger ringing in your ears. 
You remain in your little apartment, cold without the warmth of Wanda engulfing you. Your thumb slips into your mouth as it often does lately, craving your lips around anything else. 
You’re startled awake by someone grabbing you, and you try to scream on impulse, but you’re shushed by a familiar soft voice, and your tears are brushed away from your cheek by a corrupted looking fingertip.
“Mommy?” you choke out, easily slipping into the title even after not seeing her for months.
“Yes, baby,” Wanda kisses your forehead. “Mommy’s here.” 
She brings you to where she’s been staying, a mirage of a little cottage in the woods, the fields filled with apple blossoms that you already know you’ll enjoy helping her tend to. 
Wanda explains that she had to go into hiding after Westview, which you figured, but the question that keeps nagging at you finally erupts as she shows you around your new home. 
“Why didn’t you come back for me?” 
Wanda looks almost pained when you say that. 
“I wanted to. I wanted us to go back to the way we were. I’ve been trying to get into a universe where we were still together because...I didn’t think you’d come back to me in this one.” 
The Wanda in front of you isn’t the one you remember. She’s tired, paranoid, lost in herself. Her darkened fingertips show how desperately she’s been trying to return to you. Another you. It hurts, the idea of her being with you, but not really with you. But you understand. 
Wanda and you settle into a routine again. She managed to bring all of your belongings with her this time - even the little stuffed animal that she got you in Westview that you were shocked didn’t disappear along with the hex. 
Everything is going smoothly until Stephen returns again, saying he’s going to bring you back home. 
“They are home, Stephen,” Wanda snaps at him. “They want to be here. Isn’t that right, darling?” 
“I do,” you insist. 
They argue for a while longer, Stephen throwing around words like kidnapping and stockholm syndrome and you can only shrink into yourself as Wanda grows more and more angry with him. 
“Baby? Go inside the house for me, okay?” Wanda says over her shoulder. “Mommy’s got to talk to Stephen a little longer.” 
You obey, and try to cover your eyes as you see huge flashes of red and gold clashing outside the window. You clutch your stuffie to your chest, thumb slipping into your mouth as you try to drown out the yelling of more people from outside. 
Why couldn’t they just leave you alone? You were safe here with your Mommy. 
Sure, you missed your friends and family. It was harder when you remembered them - unlike you had in Westview. But Wanda promised once things calmed down you could see them again! 
Before you know it, the yelling and blasts have stopped. When Wanda walks in, the metallic smell of blood hits your senses and your body reacts viscerally, but Wanda is quick to eliminate the issue. She changes from her bloodied suit with a flash of magic and pulls you up to sit with her on the couch. 
“They’re not going to bother us anymore, baby,” she mumbles against your cheek. When she notices your thumb planted in your mouth, she shakes her head. “Nuh-uh. What have I told you?” 
“No thumbs,” you pout. Wanda laughs at your disappointment, relieved that you aren’t pushing her away after that little show. She tugs her shirt down and guides you to her nipple, sighing as you immediately latch on and start sucking. 
Wanda sighs as her full breasts get some relief, smiling down at you as you look up at her with sleepy eyes, her milk soothing you to sleep.
“My good baby.” 
After that, Wanda is even more paranoid than she already was. Although it seems like Stephen has given up on his rescue plan, she still refuses to let you contact anyone else to even let them know that you’re safe. 
“They won’t believe you. They’ll just come swooping in like Strange did. And what if they take you away this time? What will you do without your Mommy?” 
You agree, of course, your own autonomy having slipped away way back when Wanda originally took you in. 
Wanda keeps you safe. She keeps you loved. And she won’t let anyone get in her way. 
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