#eyeless jack x reader
cringequeenwrites · 3 days
Stupid back in fourth
Eyeless jack x reader
Tumblr media
Eyeless jack: I don’t have a piss kink.
Y/n: I find that hard to believe.
Eyeless jack: the fuck you mean?
Y/n: you eat kidneys.
Eyeless jack: I don’t follow.
Y/n: they make pee. You brag about eating pee sacks all the time.
Eyeless jack: that’s not, no.
Y/n:is that like, your strategy?
Eyeless jack: what no-
Y/n: everyone watch out!! It’s the peepee man!!
Eyeless jack: stfu-
Y/n: watch out! He might drink your pee In your sleep!
Eyeless jack: your an asshole.
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fanficgirly18 · 1 day
Eyeless Jack x Male Chubby Reader| One-shot
You awoke to pleasure.
Pleasure going up between your legs.
Your huge thighs were resting on someone's broad shoulders. It was too dark to see who's- but you caught a glimpse of their blue mask.
Three tongues were licking and suckling at your private. 
You immediately let out a groan. Your precum mixed with saliva. 
Sharp teeth teethed your balls.
You squeaked- trying to close your legs but claws held them apart.
"You like that....huh?"
came the quiet, hushed voice.
You pleaded for him to stop. You knew they were a 'he' from his deep voice. 
"No. Bad boy..."
You heard his mouth open wide, saliva connecting from his teeth and you felt sharp teeth bite into the meat of your huge left thigh. 
It took a huge chunk, and you felt warm blood pour down your leg.
You shrieked, almost like a girl.
He gave a quiet chuckle, blood dripping from his mouth onto the floor.
"Guess you didn't like that...."
But your erection was going up and your eyes rolled back nearly into darkness.
What took the cake was his many tongues started to lick at your open wound.
You slowly lost consciousness. 
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cyberp-1-nk · 8 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Masterlist / Requests?
SYNOPSIS: How they'd act while play-fighting with you.
PAIRINGS. Jeff the killer x reader, Ticci Toby x reader, Eyeless Jack x reader, Hoodie x reader, Masky x reader, Homicidal Liu x reader, Ben drowned x reader.
GENRE + WARNINGS. It gets a bit suggestive during some parts, but it's mostly fluff overall.
Tumblr media
He's so competitive— in a good way. He loves to just grab your wrists, and overpower you, the smug-shit eating grin on his face. The moment your hand made contact with his hoodie, you felt a hand grip your side— the hand gripped onto your clothes tightly and was then followed by swooping legs that kicked your knees out from under you. Jeff then will use this momentum and his grip on your side to remove himself from under you before you hit the bed. In the blink of an eye, the cocky man had flipped you under hom and placed each knee beside your hips to pin you in place. He never lets you win, and probably never will. He's such a loveable asshole. His idea of an award for overpowering you is…suggestive.
Toby tries to be gentle, but to be completely honest— he doesn't know his own strength so there is a chance he might hurt you, just a little bit. Toby would wrap his arms around your waist and lifting you off the ground, spinning you around and then gently setting you back down. You would both giggle and laugh as you playfully tugged at each other's limbs, all the while maintaining a sense of mutual respect and affection. Whenever he would playfully tug you over to him, he'd press kisses all over you while you desperately laughed and pushed at him in attempt to get him to let you breathe.
He doesn't do this often— considering he's very much a large demon man, he's very gentle with you no matter what— so it's somewhat obvious that he wouldn't play fight with you often. He would have to be in an especially giddy mood, and even then— he will probably just let you pin him down to see that victorious little grin on your face. He won't directly wrestle with you, but he will bite you LOL. He will sink his teeth in your skin and smirk at your little giggles/whimpers— it might become way more heated than you had originally intended. 
This man. Oh my God. He's such a loveable asshole. He definitely DOESN'T let you win. He's usually tired by the time he gets home— but as he watches you casually fold clothes, his tiredness begins to fade, and he finds himself feeling more and more awake, energized by the company of his darling. He will randomly wrestle with you and act extremely playful. He will lean over and plant a soft, playful kiss on your cheek, causing you to giggle. His eyes will sparkle with mischief when he's playfully wrestling with you on the bed, and ruining all the folded clothes. Will he help you fold the clothes afterwards? Only if you win. 
Will let you win sometimes, just so he can go to sleep. If he's feeling petty though, he will overpower you just so he can see that cute little annoyed frown on your face. He also loves to man-handle you lmao. You watched as Tim rolled his eyes, knowing that after all the shit talking you had done over the last hour, it wouldn’t take more to get him to snap. You slid your hands up his sides as you lightly brushed your lips along his jawline. The moment you felt his breath hitch, you planted your hands on his chest and shoved him down on the bef, quickly jumping back out of his reach. At first— you were just being playful, but now, it turned into something else. 
I love Liu so much— he always lets you win, and compliments you throughout the entire time. The cute little compliments aren't meant to catch you off guard— but they do anyway. Despite the playful tone of your words, it was clear that you both held a deep love and respect for each other. As you continued to play-fight, your movements grew more fluid and graceful, as if they were dancing rather than wrestling. Finally, after several minutes of play— you both ended the game with a gentle embrace, both breathing heavily and grinning from ear to ear. In that moment, it was clear that your cute bond went far beyond mere physical play, and that the love and affection they shared for each other was truly special. He loves you so much.
You guys struggle to overpower eachother lmao… you both play-fight all the time, engaging in playful banter, teasing each other with witty remarks and jovial insults. Sometimes, he'll grope you just to catch you off guard, or throw a string of extremely suggestive compliments giving him enough time to be able to flip you over. He's easily flustered though, so you can turn the tables on him and make him extremely flustered with little to no problem— and he's so dramatic about it too, he will pretend to die lmao, "At least my last moments were spent with someone with nice thighs…! *dies*" Thick or stick, he loves your thighs bro. Bonus points if you (gently) choke him with them.
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creepypasta65 · 4 months
Hi can you do EJ eating out fem reader?
Hi! Thanks for the request :)
⚠️Warning NSFW content below⚠️
Eyeless Jack eating out Fem Reader:
Jack loves eating you out and treats it like he hasn't eaten in weeks.
He has 8 tongues, and his tongues can reach places your fingers can't reach. Jack will tease you by constantly rubbing your clit with his tongue.
Jack loves it when you squeeze his head between your thighs and finds it adorable knowing he's the only one who can make you feel good.
Try to close your legs and push his head away from your pussy; he will force them open and will not allow you to push his head away from your pussy. Jack will overstimulate you making you cum five times and squirt at least two times, all over his face.
Jack will praise you, telling you sweet things like, "This beautiful pussy is mine and only mine", "Your pussy taste so delicious, love", "Please cum again all over my face, I know you can do it", "look at this pretty pussy clenching on my tongue", etc.
He loves hearing your moans, whimpers, begs, and pleas.
Jack loves biting your thigh when he finishes eating you out.
Have a nice day or night :)
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wifeyifey · 9 months
Slenderman: Y/N so about your soul you sold to satan
Y/N: no refunds
Slenderman: please it’s scaring him
Toby: look, I know you think my judgement is a little bit clouded cause I like Y/N
Masky, holding Toby's diary: you doodled your wedding invitation
Toby: no, that's our joint tombstone
Masky: my mistake
Y/N: I'll never talk!
Hoodie, sharpening a knife: I have ways of making people talk
Hoodie: *cuts a piece of cake*
Y/N: ... can I have some?
Hoodie: cake is for talkers
Y/N: (shaking a magic 8 ball) does EJ like me?
Magic 8 ball: not likely
Y/N: Oh...
EJ, with their head on Y/N's lap: we've been married for 8 years
Ben: what kind of guys do you prefer?
Y/N: my husband
Ben to Jeff: and what kind do you prefer?
Jeff: Y/N's husband
Y/N to Jeff:
Tumblr media
(After having sex in the kitchen)
Laughing Jack: that was a creative use of pancake syrup
Y/N: I can’t look Mrs buttersworth in the eye ever again
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multi-fandomedfreak · 5 months
Creepypasta - Kissing headcanons
Authors note: Severly dehydrated of Creepypasta content. The pastas in this  are Toby, EJ, and Jeff
⚠WARNINGS⚠: Mentions of blood, scars, and sharp objects
🪓Ticci Toby🪓
-The DEFINITION of awkward
-During the beginning of the relationship anyway. He just got so flustered and red in the face no matter where you kissed him. 
-It legit made him go like: 🧍 without fail
-He used to rarely be the one to initiate kisses but after a while, he didn’t hesitate to kiss you but isn’t too keen on doing it in front of the other pastas. He isn’t a big fan of PDA
-He loves to kiss you on your cheek, your forehead, your temples. Usually doesn’t kiss you on the lips because it flusters him too much but never complains when you’re the one to start it
-He’s definitely the kind of guy to not like PDA but lovess making out when the both of you are alone
-He MELTS when you kiss around his scars and whisper about how beautiful he is. You do this and he’s all over you
-Loves giving neck kisses but isn’t a fan of hickeys 
-His hands are always cupping your face whenever you two kiss, it just seems right to him definitely not because he likes to squeeze your cheeks
🕳Eyeless Jack🕳
-A little less awkward than Toby because he’s been a relationship before (before the whole sacrifice thing)
-Doesn’t like kissing in front of the other pastas due to it meaning he has to lift and/or take off his mask so he’d rather do it in private
-Doesn’t mean he minds PDA. So you gladly kiss his hands whenever you can
-He specifically likes it when you kiss his hands because he hates his claws with a passion, so seeing you lovingly and gently kiss his hands almost brings him to tears 
-When you both are alone he’s much more confident and usually is the one to initiate the makeout sessions
-Gets a little handsy but not really, like the most he’ll do is put his hands on your thighs and waist but nothing more
-Oh and since he has sharp teeth/fangs, will absolutely lose it when you swipe your tongue across his teeth
-Try not to cut your tongue tho
🔪 Jeff the Killer 🔪
-Not awkward at all, he could care less if the other pastas are watching, he’ll kiss you without warning
-Like the little gremlin he is, he’ll make eye contact with the other pastas as he kisses your neck
-Buuut if you were to ever show him like, really fluffy affection, that’s where he gets embarrassed
-Will literally push you away as he’s blushing
-Maybe stab you if you start teasing him about it but no worries, you can take it (plus he never actually stabs you in any fatal places)
-kissing in private tho?
-This man WILL NOT take his hands off of you
-His hands are EVERYWHERE, literally no part of you is safe from his touch; you’re thighs, your butt, your waist everything
-Probably likes to have you on his lap as you two are making out
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k3rr0p · 3 months
𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐲
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Creepy Boys Wake up to you Giving Them Head
𝐓𝐰: cussing, being woken up by sexual advances, pet names, throat fucking, harsh language, etc. *please tell me if there's more*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend have been talking about ways to make the bedroom more exciting for the both of you. On one of these discussions the topic of being woken up by head made the both of you want to try it out. The conversation had happened weeks ago, but it was still fresh on your mind, though your boyfriend is very forgetful so it wouldn’t surprise you if he forgot.
You guys usually shared a room, even when your parents were home he would sneak in without a sound just to see you. On some level it made you feel special. This was one of those times.
In the morning you woke up not expecting him to be there, but as you turned over on your side you could feel an extra body next to yours. Immediately your eyes open before you relaxed at seeing your boyfriends face. After a minute of not being able to go to sleep, the memory of your previous conversation came to your mind. You bit your lip hoping not to wake him as you moved under your fluffy comforter and crawled in between his legs. Your boyfriend was a heavy sleeper on days where he had been out all night stalking his prey. Lucky for you this was the perfect time.
Your freshly manicured hand instantly found their way to his boxers where his length had already hardened from his morning wood. Your fingers grasping softly at his waistband, pulling them down ever so slightly before looking back up at his face to see if he’s awake. This went on for a moment longer before his boxers were able to come off like a feather against his skin. His sheer length never failed to surprise you, on this day his tip was especially red and irritated with pre existing cum leaking from it.
One of your hands softly wrapped around the base of his cock your freshly painted nails grazing the skin as you did. Your tongue reached out and kitten licked at his leaking tip a few times before your plump and shiny lips wrapped themselves around his girth and your head began to bop up at down while your tongue licked at it as well. Your hand began to move up and down and soon enough his eyes opened and he unexpectedly let out a loud groan from the sudden sensation.
Tumblr media
— Jeff The Killer —
His hands instantly went down to your hair as they kept pushing your head down more and more before pulling you back up. He knew it was you from the moment he opened his eyes.
The noises that left him were loud and lewd. Without shame he belted out cuss words and praises.
“Oh fu-uuuck baby..just like that..”
His fingers were gripping at your hair hoping to find some sort grounding sensation. But all he kept seeing were stars. Your hands went from his cock to his waist and stomach as your nails gripped into his skin as he throat fucked you. The pain was pleasurable and he could hear the gurgling and gagging noises you mad when he hit the back of your throat.
“Keep going fa’ me..”
As his high came near he twitched inside your mouth and his thrust and hair pushing became more sloppier. Your tongue kept moving around him as he did which only caused his breath to hitch and he hissed between his teeth and his cum shot into your mouth.
His hands quickly found your arms and he pulled you up from under the comforter and one of his hands found your jaw as he moved your lips to meet his before the quick and hot kiss ended. He looked at you with over powering lust.
“Such a fucking tease..”
— Eyeless Jack —
He instantly pulled the comforter off of you when he woke up not knowing what was happening. When he realized it was just you, he visibly relaxed. His voice came out deep and lustful as his hands gently found their way to your hair.
“Baby..shit..you’re so pretty like this..”
He would constantly praise you for anything you did. His pale grey and black skinned hands wanted so badly to shove your head down harder and quicker, but he wouldn’t do that to his angel. Instead, he flexed his hands from gripping your hair to harshly and gently guided you to your own pace.
His mask was off so his sounds weren’t muffled by anything this time. His groans were deep and animalistic. One hand came down from your head and gripped the bed beneath his tightly, his claws puncturing the soft foam.
“So good angel.. fuck..just like that.”
Your tongue drive him wild. And although his hands wouldn’t push your head down, his hips instinctively pushed his cock further down your throat.
As his high drew near his chest would heave up and down quickly before the one hand that was on top of your head pushed you down one finally time and his load shot into your throat hard and unexpectedly without any twitching. Your eyes widen as his cum leaked out from your lips and your tongue went to gather it up before swallowing what was left.
His hands instantly found your arms and pulled you up to his chest and he looked like he was cradling you almost. His lips kissed your forehead and your cheek profusely as he whisper sweet nothings to you.
“You did so good angel..you’re so beautiful..my pretty princess..”
He would instantly make sure you were okay as well his eyes scanned over your face for any signs of discomfort.
He would want to repay the favor to you.
“Does my princess want anything in return? Anything at all..name it..”
— Ticci Tobi —
When his eyes first open he feels the the station and he blushes heavily. He doesn’t know what’s going on so the question that are going through his head are ‘what?’ And ‘why?’ But instead of those words coming out, whimpers of pleasure take their place.
He sucks deep breaths in through his teeth as he tries to calm himself. He lays his head back on the pillow as his hands grip at the sheets below him. The lewd noise you make cause him to moan loudly. Of course he didn’t think you would do it, but it’s a dream come true for him.
He likes to think he can have you withering underneath him. Which he can, but most of the time it’s you making him moan in pleasure.
He begs constantly as his hips rut into your mouth and one of his hands goes to cover his mouth as he tries to come how stop himself from being so loud and embarrassing himself.
“Baby..p-please..please..com’ on..god..so good..”
He will not last long. His cock twitches for a moment before his load flows out of his tip like milk onto your tongue. If you poke out your tongue while his cum is still on it he’ll throw his head back into the pillow and groan loudly while blushing.
He hold his arms out for you to come back up to him and he cuddles you into his chest while his face is still red and his arms wrapped around you. While he thanks you profusely for giving him the best morning gift.
— Ben Drowned —
Ben doesn’t wake up immediately, he thinks that he’s still dreaming and it’s not really happening. His head moves from side to side before his eyes twitch open and he looks down and they widen at the scene in front of him.
After he gets over his initial shock, his lips form into a smirk as he groans at the little licks your tongue makes around his girth. His hands grip onto your hair and he lets you go at your own pace.
He is a moaning mess after a few seconds of acting like he’s put together. He is begging you to let him release.
“Please darling, c-can’t hold on..fuck..please..”
Cuss words leave his mouth rather violently and quickly almost as if it burns when he says them.
He’s too caught up in his own world to do anything, his hips push into your lips and his hands softly push your head down. His high is near and as his chest tightens he groans and whimpers out soft please into the air.
“Angel.. s’ to much..c-can’t do it..”
He tries to hold on until the last moment he can’t. His cum leaks out everywhere, it’s very soft and it comes out in different moments. The first is long and he whines throughout it, while the next few burst are short and he breaths heavily through them.
His hands will leave your hair instantly and they will fall to the side of himself as you climb up beside him. Once he feels your warmth he’ll roll over and push his face into your chest while thanking you for the good morning
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Y/N: I feel fine.
Y/N: Don’t worry honey, I’ve been stabbed before.
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raythekiller · 6 months
hear me out…s/o waking up BEN,Toby,EJ,Hoodie,and Clockwork with head(they’ve given s/o permission to do it obv) if your not comfortable with writing that then I totally understand tho
🗒 ❛ Waking Them Up With Head ༉‧₊˚✧
Tumblr media
Featuring: Ben Drowned, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Clockwork
#Notes: yall a bunch of perverts (← foaming at the mouth at this ask)
pronouns used: none, gn! reader
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Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ben Drowned
He's a very light sleeper, so he probably wakes up when you shuffle around the bed but still pretends to be asleep. When he feels you pulling his pants down, he can barely contain himself with the amount of excitement that came rushing in. Really? You're gonna do that? And he didn't even have to beg? Pretends to wake up when you take his shaft into your mouth, his hand immediately going to your hair and his back arching as he moans softly. Best morning ever.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ticci Toby
Takes him a second to notice what's going on, he moans before he even realizes it. When he gets his bearings, he's completely red in the face. He tries to ask what you're doing or why, but the only sound coming out of his mouth are whimpers. He squirms a lot, his moans a bit deeper due to his morning voice as he tries not to thrust his hips upwards into your mouth. Wasn't expecting it, but he's not complaining.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Eyeless Jack
Jack's a bit of a heavy sleeper, so it takes a little while for him to wake up. He immediately growls once he gains consciousness, both his hands grabbing at your hair to help set the pace, his head thrown back as he keeps groaning in pleasure. Doesn't take him long to just pull you off of him and throw you on the bed, ripping your clothes off. You chose the wrong demon to play these games with cause it completely backfires.
Tumblr media
This cocky asshole acts like it's no big deal. Wakes up as soon as you start going down on him and immediately thrusts his hips up, grabbing your head to keep you in place as he facefucks you, all the while looking down at you with this cocky grin on his face. Another one you can't pull a stunt like this with cause it backfires and it backfires badly.
Tumblr media
One of the only moments she's completely submissive. As soon as you take her into your mouth she's moaning and whimpering while grabbing the sheets like her life depends on it, begging you to keep going cause it feels good, completely intoxicated by drowsiness. Will be super embarrassed after it's done and says that you'll pay for that later, and trust me, revenge is a bitch.
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devilsspaghetti · 1 year
Tumblr media
INCLUDES;; Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer, Masky, and Jane the Killer.
Tumblr media
Oh, to have this eldritch in love with you. With you! He must adore you, ravish you, cherish you.
An old lover at heart, wherever that organ is, he often pulls you into slow dances.
A slender hand clasping with yours, so gentle, so careful. For once, he fears someone will run. That you will run.
Every time he pulls you into another waltz. His hand rests on your back a little longer. A little closer. A thumb brushing on the back of your hand, caressing ever so gently, to prove his gentle love.
He’s never had many lovers or significant others. He found them a waste of time. But you, he’s trying to prove that you are his time. Every time he tries to say otherwise, he sees your smile again
He shows his love by lots of little things. Never big and extravagant. He’s a eldritch that kills for living, why do you think he has lots of money? He steals, yes, but for you? You’re worth more than diamonds and blood.
A tendril slithers to your palm, wrapping around your hand with a loving squeeze. He pulls you close, replacing the tendril with his own hand. His other hand finds a way to your back seconds later, not wasting another breath when swaying to the right. Call him lovestruck, but he knows you’re the only human that makes him purr. You made him repent by kissing his knuckles. You make him swoon with your laugh. For the sake of god, please don’t die anytime soon.
Or the world will feel his wrath. You’ve seen how he could be. It’s terrifying.
Eyeless Jack
A demon? Who shakes in the knees and melts at your touch? He’s smitten. He writes about you and to you.
There are often days where he will be gone, most being the cause of hunting or tending the wounds for an injured far elsewhere. So, he writes to you.
Letters filled with immense love. Words that could build you a new home. Endless sentences that reach no end. They’re all for you.
He leaves them in random spaces that you will see much later on. The crevices of shelves or open on the coffee table; they’re everywhere.
But when he’s home, when he gets to bring your hands to his lips. He softly bites.
No kisses, just soft bites on your skin. With how sharp his teeth is and how much he has, he shows that you do not need to worry about him injuring you with his canines. Or feasting on your flesh.
He shows domestication. That’s why he hunts often. Jack dares not think about eating you, nor scaring you. So he hunts to eat well. For you are his last option of a food source.
He pulls you close to his chest. A purr coming from his chest that can easily be mistaken for a growl. Jack wraps himself around you; almost protectively; he was surprisingly warm. Time for bed. Don’t mind how his nails are digging into your skin.
Jeff the Killer
Ruthless. Disgusting. An asshole. That’s how everyone describes him. They’re not wrong, but he’s just a little more different with you.
Calloused hands cupping your face and bringing you into a kiss. He loves feeling your lips.
He shows his love by: showing it. He’s surprisingly affectionate and physical. You’re always in his hold. Holding your hand, cupping your face, pulling you on to his chest. Maybe it’s because of how warm you are.
Jeff has never known what natural warmth what. All he found familiarity with was the heat from a fire. You’re his fire. You’re why he isn’t cold anymore.
His index often traces random lines on the crevices of your back. Sometimes circling around the stiff areas.
He shows it by not yelling at you. He has anger issues. He’s seen how you cower when he yells. It’s loud with no remorse. So he doesn’t yell anymore. Nevertheless, raise his voice inside the house. Doesn’t mean his anger issues are fixed, but it doesn’t exist inside your home.
The homely scent of cinnamon and nutmeg filled the house; it happened as soon as you pulled the cinnamon buns out of the oven. Mixing the glaze; arms suddenly wrapped around your waist; you hovered the spoon over the baked good. You felt him press his face on the crook of your neck, lips pressing against your skin. He squeezed lightly.
Falling for a killer has its pros and cons. Maybe it’s what distracts you for being inside everyday.
He’s the last expected to have a partner. Nevertheless, a romantic partner. Everyone believed Tim would have someone, but Masky? No.
He shows it by little whispers.
He shows it by simple caresses.
He shows it by not killing you.
There’s nothing more he could do; to be honest, he never thought it would last. But they way you’re eyes light up at him. He finds himself soft.
He shows his love in silence. No words but holding you a little closer. Kisses on every part of your skin. Every whisper can be mistake for a breath. But for once, he prays that you stay each time.
Arms around around you, he carefully rocks both you.
He often leaves flowers or trinkets he found. Sometimes stuff he makes by hand. Other things, he steals.
He keeps you far from other killers. Very far. Even away from his best friend. Somewhere you can never be touched nor known about.
He decorated the home and keeps you near a town. Each kiss is held a little longer, and he revised every second of it.
As you wake, you feel him pull you close to his chest. Fingers softly digging into your soft, trailing down your back. He pressed his lips against your shoulder, a hum emitting from him. He doesn’t talk much, but it’s obvious that he’s hungry. Not waiting another minute, both of you are up and down in the kitchen.
Jane the Killer
She shows her love by doing everything for you.
House chores, cooking, sometimes shopping if she can find herself to go in public. She’s more affectionate with you.
Paint nights and movie nights almost every other day. Loves putting on music while both of you cook in the kitchen.
One of the best girlfriends you could ask for. Maybe because she’s one of the less hostile killers around.
Wakes you up with breakfast in bed. Often has dinner ready before you could help.
Presentation and quality of her food? Out of this world. She wants only the best for you, because you’re just a human who needs to eat well to run well.
Expresses her love in many words also. Always talking your ear off about anything.
A hand rests on your shoulder as she carefully put a plate in front of you. She comes forward, lips pressing against your cheek with a giggle. Jane lingers for a minute longer before retreating to her seat. Now, you can eat.
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j0eyj0rdis0n · 2 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jack had been worried for the day you'd have to experience his rut. He'd gone through it before while he was dating you, but he made the proxies take you far away. Your smell would drive him absolutely crazy. He'd told you it was for the best, but heavens forbid you believed him.
When the week was over, he let you come back home. He needed you to take care of him after such a tiring experience. You pretty much babied him the whole next week and he was so thankful. Of course you were filled to the brim with questions which he groggily answered. But the one that stuck the most was one he wasn't expecting.
"You'll let me help you next time right...?"
He was surprised. You'd want to help him, a demon, through his rut? What were you? Crazy?
It took up until the week before his next rut of you convincing him for him to finally say yes. He'd try his best to be nice, but he made you quite aware that his self control is very minimal during that week.
The week was finally upon you. Jack had locked himself in his room, only letting you in on the third day. The first and second day was usually the worst, so he wanted to save you from that, especially for the first time you'd experience his rut. Maybe next time around he'd let you have the full week together.
He was curled up in his bed, desperately humping his pillow that had your shirt on it. He was hot and sweaty, completely naked trying to get any sort of relief, any sort of chill on top of that.
You didn't know what you expected but it certainly wasn't your demon boyfriend all curled up and small. As soon as he heard the door close his eyes were focused on your form, your sent was overwhelming and his control was already beginning to dwindle.
He held out a clawed hand for you, pulling you to him when you placed your small hand in his. He let out a deep growl as he inhaled your sweet scent.
"Please help me..." He whispered, pressing his head into the pillow as his hips continued to grind.
All you could do was stand in shock, you'd never seen him like this...
"Y/N... Please..." His whispers turned into whines the longer you refused to touch him.
Finally when you began stroking his cock was when he let his head come out from the pillow. His mouth hung open as you worked his massive cock over in your tiny hands. Incoherent whines and groans fell from his lips as you continued. Eventually when you added your mouth to the equation he felt something inside of him snap. A guttural growl was all you heard as he pushed your head down on his hard cock.
It took all the self control he had to not choke you to death on his dick. Pulling you up harshly by your hair he moved you on top of him, slamming you down on him, not giving you any prep at all. You felt as if your demon was splitting you in half. You'd felt pain before but nothing quite of this magnitude.
His massive hands gripped your waist as he continued to slam you down over and over and over again.
All he could do was mumble through the unexplainable pleasure you were giving him without even trying.
"Mine... Mine... All mine... I'm gonna fill you up... All full of my babies... You're gonna make such a good mother... Fuuuuck..."
He was so close... So damn close... He fucked up into you, meeting your hips as he chased after his raging orgasm.
"Oh fuck- Fuck please- I need this so bad-" He moaned out, practically begging himself to cum.
It was only seconds later that he did, letting his seed fill you right up to the brim. Of course that didn't stop him. He wouldn't stop until you were cock drunk, used and abused, and he finally got the relief he needed.
Tumblr media
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rockstvrdotcom · 5 months
It's 💅anon again!!!!
Can you pls do a s/o who like to bite or mark their partner/mate a lot??? (NSFW or SFW all fine)
With EJ, Masky and Hoodie pls 🥺🥺🥺
ej, masky, and hoodie with a s/o that likes to bite
ej, masky, hoodie x reader (nsfw but mostly sfw in there)
HI NONNIEEE!! the first work u asked for is otw!! i just decided to post this one first because the other is longer lol
tw/cw: marking/biting (duhhh), nsfw, guys theres gore in the photos so beware, fem reader, mentions of blood, scratching, cigarette burns on skin/clothes, spanking, slapping, slight somnophilia kink
Tumblr media
you like to mark him:
at first he was reluctant, he thought his skin was already ruined enough at it was. you assured him that it's fine, and that he's the most handsome boy you've ever laid your eyes on. (you both cringed at that but he lowk loved it cos hes canonically insecure abt his skin)
once you did it the first time.. this man could not get enough. literally begged you to do it over and over again. he's obsessed with it. you almost got tired of it (you could never tho)
loves when you leave little kitten licks on the mark; he loves the feeling so much like he could just eat you
loves when your on top of him as you give him hickeys— especially when your sitting on top of him and your hips are grinding against his.
lets out really silent whimpers as you mark him, so silent you don't even hear them most of the time. but when you're near his throat, you can faintly hear them.
gets hard so easily from you biting/marking him.
obsessed with when you have lipstick on and leave little lipstick stains on his cheeks or really any part of his body.
...loves when you mark him near the base of his cock— whether its lipstick stains or his hickeys. he just loves seeing the marks as he jerks off when your not around him. (yall im going to hell)
he likes to mark you:
after he begins to mark you he does not stop. sucks on the skin until its a dark purple/green.
sometimes he even likes to bite through the skin and lick up the blood— if you're okay with it of course.
gets really turned on when you let him break skin, usually ends up in him bending you over the nearest surface and fucking you silly. the blood gets him so riled up.
whenever you both are not busy he constantly has his teeth in your neck; not all the time but often. sometimes he'll just sneak up behind you and take a bite like you're some sort of snack.
he likes to mark you around your collarbone and neck; makes you wear v necks around the mansion so people can see the piece of art he created on your neck.
he was really gentle with it at first— asking you if it hurt or if you were ok. he has a higher pain tolerance than normal he has a hard time knowing the limits, but when you tell him it's ok and tell him you want more? he just can't help himself.
if he's marking you and you both have nothing to do it usually always ends up in him dicking you down. this mans sex drive is HIGH
asks you to sit on his lap any chance he gets and let him mark you.
guys this man is just so obsessed with marking—  gn.
Tumblr media
you like to mark him:
masky n tim are very different.. tim is such a sweetie pie but masky is a whole 'nother thing. but lets talk about masky
this man.. he's so down bad for you marking him like the second you asked he started rushing you to come over here and start sucking on his neck.
all that and he still won't ever take off his mask— but maybe he'll lift it just enough for you to leave lipstick stains and hickeys down his jawline.
i don't even know whether he prefers the lipstick stains or hickeys. he loves when you break skin though, he's just so into it and it gets him so hot n sweaty.
also obsessed with the way you leave scratch marks down his back when he pounds into you, likes looking at them in the mirror and how they burn in the shower
when you're leaving marks around his neck you can really smell the earthy/woody scent he has.. and a faint smell of cigarettes' on him.
likes when you mark him as hes smoking a cig; two of his favorite things at the same time? sign him up
has to have some sort of grip on your thighs while you mark him, he's obsessed with your thighs.
it js makes him so horny when you have your teeth sunken down into his skin.
wants you to leave lipstick stains on the collar of his shirt or hoodie.. idk man he js loves it.
he likes to mark you
oh boy
he lifts up his mask just enough so he can bite you and taste your skin.
thighs. leaves scratches, bites, kisses all over your thighs. he just can't stop man.
begs you to let him mark you all the time, even though it lowk humiliates him.
"please, pretty. i wan' everyone to know your mine."
leaves scratch marks all over your ass and back, idk he's just obsessed with it.
the whole marking thing rlly plays into his obsession with letting everybody know your his. he's really possesive.
this one might be a lil.. yk. but if you're okay with it and let him, he likes to leave cigarette burns on your thighs. something about stubbing out a cigarette 0n you just does something to him. or he likes leaving cigarette burns on your clothes that you don't mind being ruined.
the way he marks you is just so diverse, you don't know whats next, a bite or??
also likes to spank you or js see your ass red.. seeing the pretty light red shade on your ass does something to him. when you guys are fucking he'll grip/spank your ass hard, he likes seeing his hand prints on your ass.
Tumblr media
you like to mark him
when it comes to marking, hoodie and brian are relatively similar but hoodies way more kinky w/ it.
hoodie does not hesitate to do it in public. begs you to mark him all over while you guys are in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of people around.
wants you to leave them in the most noticeable places like his neck and jaw.
he just wants you all over him honestly. he wants you ontop of him littering his chest with kisses and hickies. hes so obsessed with you marking him and you can smell the strong but faint smell of cologne on him (idk how that works dont ask me)
looks down his shirt randomly just to see the marks you left on him.
every time he sees one fading he asks you to do it again.
just like ej he likes when you leave marks near the base of his dick, it just adds to the pleasure when the forming hickey is throbbing while you're sucking him off.
he likes to mark you
doesn't stop once he starts.
hes kinda a sadist tbh
doesn't do anything like cigarette burns like masky. but likes to take a smoke while you mark him. he doesn't smoke often though.
hickeys and lipstick stains are his favorite. slapping you and seeing the red slowly creep onto your face tops all of that + bruises aswell.
doesn't slap you just to inflict pain; surprisingly. he just wants to see the red marks on your pretty 'lil face
takes pictures of the marks he left on you with his camera and jerks off to them later.
praises you but also degrades you at the same time as he marks you.
"fuck, you're my cute lil' slut aren't you? so adorable with my hickeys all over her."
grips at your thighs hard while you guys are fucking; hard enough to leave dark bruises. he admires then while you sit on his lap later on.
speaking of sitting on his lap,, he loves when you're sitting ontop of him or you're on your knees infront of him as he lightly slaps you on the face, just enough to leave his handprint.
also likes spanking your ass and leaving bruises on it
squeezes your ass later to hear you wince in slight pain.
marks you while your sleeping and likes to see your reaction when you wake up
kisses the marks he leaves on you
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creek-ink · 1 year
pov: ur goofy ass got nabbed by the creeps,, and Jeff is uh- not very happy
Tumblr media
oh yeah?? well what if I make a y/n's pov crp comic?? huh?? - just kidding,, ~unless~
Tumblr media
b/w 4 the mo0dy vibez
(click 4 better quality)
also js the idea of making a whole ass comic abt y/n's path to the mansion is,, oddly enticing
commissions r open!!
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cyberp-1-nk · 8 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Masterlist. / Requests?
SYNOPSIS: How they'd react to you dodging one of their kisses.
PAIRINGS. Jeff the killer x reader , Ticci Toby x reader , Eyeless Jack x reader , Hoodie x reader , Masky x reader , Homicidal Liu x reader , Ben Drowned x reader
GENRE + WARNINGS. Nothing too explicit. It's mostly fluff overall.
Tumblr media
Usually — he isn't very affectionate. So one of the fairly rare times he decides to press a chaste kiss onto your cheek, and you dodge? He takes it as disrespect. Will probably and very suddenly — take a hold of your collar rather roughly, pull you into him, lips colliding as you were completely dumbfounded. He wouldn't even be gentle about it either, he'll probably give your lips a rough tug if he's feeling especially petty. The kiss he gives you will calm him down in a few moments, but he will grunt in annoyance, becoming conscious of the reason he had been slightly irritated with you.
He is extremely affectionate — he's constantly pressing kisses against your skin, and muttering compliments. So the next time he leans in for a kiss, and you press your hand against his mouth before he can manage — he's a little oblivious, he genuinely thinks you just want him to kiss your hand. He brought your hands to his cheeks to rub their backs against his skin. You absolutely flush when he begins peppering them with kisses so soft it almost made you question if he was even making contact. This man is so persistent with his affection. 
Will most likely bite your hand. Contrary to popular belief — Jack isn't as mature as most people think. Yes, he's usually one of the more level-headed and mature ones among the creeps, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have his petty moments. The moment you press your hand against his face before he has the chance to kiss you— he's sinking his teeth in your hand with an annoyed expression. The bite isn't hard enough to draw blood, but just enough to basically tell you to stop your shit, and give him a kiss already. He deserves it! (He thinks he's entitled to your affectionation, and you feed into this delusion.)
It's been an incredibly long day for him, he's finally home after an unnecessary amount of proxy work, and he's ready to just fall asleep with you. He leans in for a kiss — but when he's denied of it, he definitely just ignores your action and attempts to kiss you again. Making the mistake of pressing your hand against his mouth before he can kiss you will result in him glaring at you a little. Watching you, Hoodie smirks as he lands a gentle yet sharp slap on your backside — just to get back at you for being a little shit. 
This man. He's so petty. As soon as you decide to dodge him, there’s a pair of auburn eyes burning holes in the side of your head and you can feel the gaze penetrating further and further into your skull with each passing second. Will actively ignore you until you decide to just give in, and kiss him — he might even ignore your affection if he's really feeling petty. He bites. Not just your neck, he bites your shoulder, your arm. You assume he’s going insane since he has you pinned against the bed. 
メ LIU 
This man is so cute — if you playfully press your hand against his mouth when he tries to kiss you, he'll only smirk a little before grabbing your hand. He'll turned them around, rubbing his calluses with his thumb as he admired them. Hid lips drew a trail in kisses as they made their way up your hands from the base of your palms to the tips of your fingers. He'll compliment you — tell you how your hands are one of his favorite things. Your heart racing and breathing quickening, before you pulled his hands to your lips for a kiss of your own.
メ BEN 
Will fight you. Finds it annoying at first how you straight up dodged his kiss. Trying to fight back the urge to pounce on you and giggle with you like a shy school boy. After he resorts to tickling your sides he gives up and spins around to grab your hands, tumbling on the bed and wrestling with you. He doesn’t need any strength to keep you down, you’re too busy laughing under him — he presses a few kisses to your face and has a goofy little smile on his face.
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creepypasta65 · 4 months
Hi can you do toby and ej having a breeding kink?
Thanks for the request :)
⚠️Warning NSFW content below⚠️
Toby and Eyeless Jack having a breeding kink:
Toby does wish to have kids in the future.
During sex, he would love to breed you. Whether you can or not get pregnant.
He will whisper filthy things in your ear, saying stuff like how beautiful you will look with his child growing inside of you or how much your womb wants his semen inside of you.
Toby gets so horny thinking about filling you up with his cum until you're overflowing.
He will also beg for you to give him a child when he's fucking you.
If he's fucking you in doggystyle, he will hold your tummy and think about you being pregnant.
Jack is a demon, and his sense of smell is good, so he can smell you when you're ovulating. He knows that's the best opportunity to breed you.
Jack will get so horny at the thought of getting you pregnant with his demon babies.
He will fill your pussy up with so much cum and get mad when he sees his cum spill out of your pussy.
Jack will tell you how much of a filthy slut you're squeezing his cock begging for his cum, and how you want to get knocked up by him.
After all the baby making sex, he will act sweet. He kisses you and prepares you for a warm bath.
Have a nice day :)
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amaesama · 1 year
jeff & EJ (separately ofc) popping their partners cherry & getting absolutely riled up about the blood ? like maybe they get very vocal and describe to them the mess they made on their dicks ? using words to fluster you up to no extent 🧚🏼‍♀️
Hi! I’m back! I’m so sorry it’s taken so long for me to do this, being in university means I have hardly any free time or motivation to write. Thank you for the request and I hope this is alright!
Content/warnings: I favour Jack, blood, Jeff’s a bitch,
Jeff the Killer:
Jeff isn’t a passionate lover, more like a selfish one, a little fucked if you will. We all know that he gets completely turnt off of blood and this will absolutely be conveyed in blood.
The man is definitely way too into knife play, but that’s a story for another time
The first time you have sex you’ll need to remind him that foreplay is indeed a thing cuz mans will be rough af and seeing as it’s your first time there’s just no way you’ll be able to take that. I don’t think he knows too much about sex, like he knows enough but he doesn’t know that you’ll bleed the first time, and you don’t bring it up cuz you thought it was a given that he’d know this. ALTHOUGH you had a feeling he would lose it for a bit.
So! You’re laying there, he’s on top of you (hopefully not in that rancid hoodie) and his cock is positioned at your entrance. My guy is shit at talking so he’ll just look up at you as a way of asking your permission, to which you’ll nod. He would never EVER say this but there’s a certain part of him that’s a TINY bit nervous so he hesitates for a second before he finally pushes in.
He hears you squeak and looks up to see you clenching your eyes shut in pain. He’s confused by this until he feels something dripping down his dick - he looks down and completely freezes when he see’s it’s your blood. He’ll just stare for a second before reaching down and touching it, like a weirdo. It takes him a few second to comprehend it and the man won’t even question it.
And then he loses it. He will instantly pick up the pace and push your legs up so he can get a good look at him going in and out of you, with your blood webbing over his dick. He’ll lean over to your ear and talk about how filthy you are, how beautiful your blood looks on yous skin, how you’ll have to clean up after the mess you made.
Usual name calling things, he’ll call you a dirty whore , messy slut, you’d be surprised at how creative he can get.
Lowkey degradation vibes.
Eyeless Jack:
As a former med student, Jack knows all about the body and what it does in certain situations. As a man eating demon thing he knows all about his own need to consume blood and flesh to live, which is why he’s…. Hesitant, to take your virginity.
He knows blood will rile him up so being the respectful man he is he’ll talk to you about it before you have sex for the first time. He’ll make sure you know all the terms and conditions and knowing him will probably whip out a form for you to sign saying you consent.
Nah fr tho, he’ll do lots of foreplay so you feel comfortable and prepared cuz he’s a big boy, to the point where you’re just like ‘😐 bro just get on with it.’ It’s not that he’s postponing it and avoiding actually having sex with you, he’s just worried for your safety and after a while the foreplay is more to help ease his spirits then prepare you for the potential dick down of your life.
The days or minutes of hours or whatever leading up to it he would totally just be reassuring himself that it’s going to be fine and you’re going to be fine and nothing bad will happen, but as he’s looking down at you now with the head of his cock slowly pushing into you, your tight virgin entrance squeezing around him until he’s finally able to sink fully into you, he has an awful feeling that he’s going to lose it.
For a second he thinks he’s safe, you’re face is slightly scrunched in pain but there’s no blood, right?
Very wrong.
He smells it first. A familiar metallic smell that he knows from every time he eats but a little sweeter, and at first he thinks he’ll be ok. Until he feels the blood.
He curls into you, his face into your shoulder as he breaths heavily into your neck. He’s trying so hard to just calm down, but you can tell from the grip he has on your waist that he can’t go on for much longer without going mental. He can feel and hear everything about you, from the tremble of your thighs to the pumping of blood in the artery in your neck. Your torso flush against his, the smell of your hair. He feels a rumbling growl in his throat as he instinctively thrust inwards, revelling in the feeling of your blood being pushed down his length.
‘Messy… so messy… so sweet…’
Nah you’ve lost him. He’ll start thrusting into you at a rapid pace, nails piercing your skin from how tight he’s holding you.
I honestly don’t think he’ll be able to form coherent words in this state, just a lot of growling and animalistic sounds, sometimes littered with curses and ���dirty’ or ‘’s goin ev’reywherr… you’re- you’re cleaning this up.’
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