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stealingpotatoes · 3 days
Regarding tl4j romances: Ezra doesn't need to smooch anyone! He can embrace the crazy Tooka lad life and just start hoarding them (and other creatures, probably. It becomes a problem!)
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you know what? i think i've got the perfect solution:
Tumblr media
(commission info // kofi support!)
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“Sabine Wren will be at the party” 🏃🏼‍♀️💨
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rebel-ahsoka · 2 days
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If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing. STAR WARS REBELS
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worgjen · 22 hours
Tumblr media
Dark Side AU
Imperial inquisitor Cal Kestis tracked down young Jedi apprentice Ezra Bridger. There was only one thing he didn't expect: Ezra was now a Sith apprentice.
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alphaofdarkness · 23 hours
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I heavily headcanon that Sabine suffers from insomnia and don't have a doubt in my mind that there were likely several nights she spent not wanting to sleep because of dreams/nightmares/memories of Ezra disappearing, Kanan's death, the loss of her family, her home on Knownst and Mandalor, etc. 🥲 (Filoni, sir, please, I beg you, give my girl a break and some therapy 🥺).
So, I made this as a thought-idea of Ezra and Sabine sharing his bed in his Noti-home after being reunited and spent time talking and sharing what they have been up to. Eventually, Ezra sleeps, but Sabine likely takes some time— with a multitude of different things going through her mind,,,
However, most prominent is just the fear that if she sleeps, Ezra won't be there when she wakes and everything that has happened has just a cruel dream :(
BUT! The best man's will not allow that >:( He also holds her and does a Keldebe kiss in reassurance ;;w;; ah they give me such,,,, Peeta/Katniss vibes and it hurts even more feeling this parallel I have created;;0;;
Hope y’all enjoy 😊🙌🏼 they are mis meow meows and am so grateful for the kindness of this community 🧡💜💙
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firerose · 2 days
Jacen and Ben solo growing up at Lukes temple together
Jacen convincing Ben to pull all sorts of pranks on their peers
Ben stopping Jacen from getting himself killed on missions
Their masters bonding over their disaster Padawans
both of them getting older sparring together
( Jacen looking more and more like Kanan every day )
Ben always jokes that he will be a great teacher, Jacen gets excited at that idea
Eventually he gets his own Padawan that he smiles at kindly , proud to carry on his fathers legacy
Ben stands beside him happy for his cousin, his best friend
His family is there too his mother with tears in her eyes
His master Ezra who cant believe that the little boy he once trained is now a full grown Jedi knight
His uncles zeb and kallus who live a peaceful life on Lira san protecting the Lasat
His aunts Shin and Sabine who just got back from one of their many space adventures
and of course chopper
A family, his family
And in this universe Palpatine really did die and Snoke doesn't exist
so they get a happy ending
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tobytost · 14 hours
Ezra Bridger would NOT be a swiftie
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tonsillessscum · 18 hours
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This is my single most favorite picture of Ezra in Disney Infinity ever. WHY is he so angry. angry boi gets TOWED.
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ineffableobikin · 3 days
Eman and Ivanna out doing the Lord’s work on Eman’s Star Wars twitter takeover rn, showing Ivanna racing down the hall barefoot lol
Tumblr media
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elisbookworld · 3 days
Kanan and hera have ezra and Sabines "Wanted" posters on their fridge.
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armoralor · 18 hours
the person who was banned multiple time already for harassment and homophobia is back @standorando (previously @sabezrastan01, @longlivetheemporer, and @imperialloyalist01). He is filling the Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger, Wolfwren, and Sabezra tags with calls for violence and sexual assault against wolfwren shippers. Regardless of who you ship, please do not engage and report his account instead.
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peachyhoolagan · 3 days
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Still absolutely slammed rn with finals so here’s something i doodled in a lecture I probably should’ve been paying attention in….. huh
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Anytime I think of this ( and cry and puke)
Tumblr media
I remember this
Tumblr media
Sabezra we were first and I understand that you can ship who ever you want ( even if it's toxic and...bulish) don't forget that Taylor and Tiya were Sabezra shippers way before wolfwren ever came along....don't loose hope Sabezra nation..
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mistr3ssquickly · 2 days
Tumblr media
Taken from;
because Tumblr won't let me put a poll in a reblog. Rude.
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kanerallels · 2 days
I also think Cold December Night for Sabezra (romantic ofc) would be super cute!
In honor of @sabezra-life-day-celebration day two, here it is!
“Why are you doing all of this?” Sabine demanded. “Are you trying to make me fall in love with you or something?”
Both Ezra and Sabine’s eyes went wide at his response, and she could see him turning red. “Uh… or, no, no, forget I said that. Just… I’m just trying to make sure you have a good Life Day, like you deserve.”
His expression sheepish, he rubbed at the back of his neck. “And yeah, I thought that all of this might make you realize how I felt. I know, it’s stupid, but—”
Sabine cut him off by stepping forward and pressing her lips against his. For a second, Ezra froze, and she was sure this was a mistake.
But then his arm went around her waist and he kissed her back. And nothing had felt more right than this in a long, long time.
It was a while before they pulled apart, and when they did, neither spoke for a long moment. It was Sabine who finally broke the silence.
“So, just to be clear, your plan was to seduce me with Christmas cheer?”
She saw him grin. “Well, it worked, didn’t it?”
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