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f1incorrects · 1 day
Charles: Hey, wanna hear a funny joke?  Max: I only like dark humor.  Charles, turning the lights off: What do you call a fake noodle?  Max:  Charles: An IMPASTA! 
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f1incorrectquotess · 2 days
*Lewis, Sebastian, and Daniel are sitting on a bench*
Valtteri: Why do you guys look so sad?
Lewis: Sit down with us so we can tell you.
*Valtteri sits down*
Sebastian: The bench is freshly painted.
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maxiel-jpg · 3 days
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Formula One Drivers + One Direction Tweets: 1/?
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vroomvroombxtches · 3 days
Charles: Right now, I don't know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge.
Max: Can I pick?
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majactrl · 3 days
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kgsracing · 16 days
SLIPS & AÇAÍS — charles leclerc
charles leclerc x fem!reader
# summary — in which charles’ girlfriend is a menace on the internet and the fans are obsessed with it
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Tumblr media
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ynusername me explaining to bro why he’s gotta find a new girl now 😂
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danielricciardo second picture was you fighting on twitter
ynusername and i was right, as usual
landonorris ynusername don’t think you were, man
ynusername landonorris ommggg hop off my dick will youuuuuuu
username ynusername tbh back then i thought THEY were together
username i love their relationship, your honor
username with no context?
ynusername just look at it, there’s nothing to tell
username ynusername IT 😭😭😭
username never seen lando type that much
ynusername username dyslexia, that’s why
landonorris ynusername fuck off will you
alexalbon that’s a lot coming from a guy with no rizz
ynusername alex_albon YOURE RIGHT LMAO LANDO NORIZZ 💀
username ynusername you’re a menace 😭
landonorris ynusername you’re blocked
username Y/N I LOVE YOU
maxverstappen1 i can’t believe i’ve lived long enough to witness this
ynusername ik you want my man…
username ynusername y/n LMAO
username lecrank it
username y/n saves my life daily
danielricciardo i’ve never laughed harder tbh
schecoperez oh wow
username must’ve proper pissed off y/n 😭
username what’d charles do?
ynusername landonorris HAAAAAAAAAAA
lewishamilton i literally jumped
username slide 1 is the look he gave you when you dropped the phone on his forehead 💀
georgerussell63 oh heavens
carlossainz55 oh jesus what is this?
landonorris i fear not even jesus has an answer
pierregasly reminder to not argue with y/n
ynusername you do it daily stfu
pierregasly ynusername 🤷🏻
username y’all having too much fun 💀
username admin has got to be landonorris
mclaren username 🤫
scuderiaferrari 😧
username shocked… is what i am
susie_wolff greatness… 🫢
username y/n is not real
username she can’t be 😭
username menace to society
username babe i’m concerned
username did you butt-post this? 😭
username where’s charles to fight back 😭😭😭
username y/n is not a real person 💀
username i thought you loved him
ynusername i lied, my true love is actually schecoperez
username ynusername so real of you!!! 😍
charles_leclerc what the actual. why.
ynusername consequences of your own actions
lewishamilton charles_leclerc tbf she did warn you
carlossainz55 i’m glad this was shared
landonorris 💀
lilymhe the drama 😭
username i’m reading all of this in their accents
charles_leclerc ynusername i accept your apology, please delete this :(
ynusername charles_leclerc see how easy it was, baby ❤️
lewishamilton ynusername whew the sexual tension
username lewishamilton LEWIS😭😭😭
username username he’s not wrong though 💀
username y/n, you’re the light of my life
username i’m never leaving f1 twitter/ig
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formulamuppet · 6 months
Charles: were you dropped on your head as a child?
Max: bold of you to assume I was even held
Daniel: Max, we’ve talked about this
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aaltilis · 2 months
Yuki: I sleep with a knife under my pillow.
Pierre: Weak, I sleep with a gun.
Charles: You're both pathetic.
Yuki: Oh? What do you sleep with?
Charles: Max Verstappen.
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bionic-donut · 3 months
Charles: We all have our demons.
Charles, grabbing Max: This one’s mine.
Max: *smiling*
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glysraya · 5 months
Lewis, planning everyone an outfit for the next gp: I assigned you each a greek god that I think matches you somehow.
Lando: Did you pick Artemis for me because I'm not interested in romance?
George: Did you pick Apollo for me because I'm gay?
Max: Wait you picked Hephaestus for me... Are you calling me ugly?
Charles: I don't know, but I got Hera and I would totally throw you off a mountain.
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xiaoluclair · 21 days
max: [pulling off his balaclava after a race]
charles: mamma mia
pierre: here we go again
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f1incorrects · 3 days
Fernando: My knee just cracked so loudly that I half expect it to glow in the dark tonight. 
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f1incorrectquotess · 2 months
Charles: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life
Lando: Self-esteem, haven't seen you in years!
Carlos: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this!
Pierre: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
Esteban: My moral code, is that you?
Charles: I was just gonna show you this cool trunk my mother left me but do you guys need a hug?
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maxiel-jpg · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Formula One Drivers + One Direction Tweets: 2/?
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incorrect-merc · 6 months
Toto, teaching George how to drive: Now, you're driving and Nico and Lewis walk onto the road. What do you hit, George?
George: Nico, obviously. I could never hurt Lewis.
Toto: The brakes, George. You hit the brakes.
Niki, from the backseat: Don't listen to him, hit the gas pedal.
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majactrl · 2 months
charles: *angry yelling in french*
max: stop being so mean to me, or i swear to god i'm going to fall in love with you
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