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sa-dnesss · 9 months
I do not like who I am. There is nothing good about me anymore. I am sick of wasting my time. I am worn out, I am really tired.
there is no point of me being here if I am not doing anything useful
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sulealone · 2 months
people are constantly fooling themselves. they smile when they really wanna breakdown. they ask how are you when they actually don’t give a flying fuck. they say good morning when their life is a living hell. it seems to me, civil society is the biggest madhouse of them all.
sulē cerdan
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glueckskomet · 11 months
Stay away from people who ignore you until they need you.
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battling-my-demons · 2 years
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self-destruct-gene · 9 months
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mochinek0 · 2 months
The Al Ghul Family
Lila glared at the evidence in front of her. She quickly wet the papers she had in her hands and threw it in the trash.
'Dammit! If only I had never heard her say the name 'Al Ghul'.'
Lila gripped the sink in the girl's bathroom as hard as she could. She glared at her reflection in the mirror as if it could turn back time. It wasn't her fault that she heard Marinette talking on the phone to someone and calling herself an Al Ghul. Lila had searched up the Al Ghul's and learned they were tied to a dangerous lineage of killers in the past. There wasn't much about them; it was almost as if they were ninjas. The only thing she knew about Marinette was that had some type of Asian heritage. Sure, if she asked around she'd probably know, but she didn't really care.
She felt like she only closed her eyes for a second, as she sighed. When she opened them, Marinette was standing behind her, smiling.
'Speak of the devil.'
"I hope you enjoyed your little game, Layla." Marinette smiled.
"What are you talking about?" Lila questioned, peeved by hearing that name.
"You figured it out by now, right?" Mari continued, cornering Lila like she had done to her long ago, "You were never a threat to me. You do realize that don't you? Gabriel Agreste has always said yes to me. You have to manipulate people to get your way. I could have had you murdered at any moment, but I chose for you to live. I wanted to see what a toy could do when the thought they were in charge. Step out of line again and an accident will happen."
"I'll tell everyone!" Lila hissed.
Marinette stepped back and giggled, "You-You think they'll believe you!"
Lila smirked, "They already do."
"It wasn't hard to find out about you Layla Agetha Vincourt Rossario."
Lila froze and took a step back. She felt the color drain from her face.
"When I show everyone the mess you made at your last five schools. I mean, Audrey Bourgeois wants me as part of her staff. She may not love Chloe, but a national security risk? She'll make sure everyone knows." Mari ranted off, "Think of all the problems you would cause for Gabriel: stocks would plummet and all the recalls. Poor Adrien will be drowning in photoshoots to make up for the publicity. Not to mention, them blacklisting you. To a thief, a liar, and a murder in the eyes of the boy you want."
"I didn't-" Lila began.
"The evidence stands for itself." Marinette shrugged, "Maybe it was an accident that you poisoned the Minister's nephew, but all the people they talked to. All those people who heard you pull the same shit that you do to me? How you cried about being bullied and how his girlfriend was hurting you for just being friends? Do you really think the Minister of Italy won't catch the first flight over to arrest you when he hears you're doing the same thing to a poor baker's daughter. Imagine how much news it will make when people learn about you and your doing the exact same thing in Paris! It'll make international news! How a murder was trying to gain the attention of a famous model and lied her way into is father's graces."
Marinette smiled, "All it would take is one little phone call to the Minister of Italy for him to know where you are now. I don't even have to be the one to make the call. Your poor mother, losing you and her only source of income. Your father is in America with his new wife and new family. I hear his new daughter is everything he ever hoped for."
"Shut up!" growled Lila.
"She's a straight A student, popular, dating a musician that her father approves of."
"Shut up!" Lila repeated.
"You're just jealous of your little sister because she's everything you're not. Too think, she's only one year younger than you? I heard she took after her mother, but you took after your father. He cheated on your mother didn't he? He lost his job because he was employed by your mother's family. Then, he married into his mistress's family. Of course, none of it is his money; it belongs to his wife and daughter. If he doesn't behave, he doesn't get an allowance. Smart of her to make him sign a pre-nup. He cheats and he's back to being broke." Marinette laughed, "Your mother would hate you if she knew you were just like him. She has sole custody. Your father didn't even want you."
"Shut up!" Lila screamed, before charging after Marinette.
Marinette yawned and easily flipped her onto her back.
"You're nothing, but a disappointment." Mari hissed, "Weren't those his last words to you?"
Lila laid there and sobbed.
"You truly are disappointing; I expected more of my so-called bully." Mari sighed, "Make sure you behave from now on and if you decide to make me your bully again, well, Mommy will find out just how much of a Daddy's girl you really are. I'd be careful with my next move if I were you."
Marinette walked out of the school and smiled. I was great to see a familiar face
"So?" Damian questioned, as Marinette towards him.
Marinette smirked, "Mother always did say innocence was my best look."
"Think the liar will listen?" Damian asked.
"Eh." Mari shrugged, "I'll call you if she doesn't. Just forward everything to her mother and let me know. I don't want to miss the fall out."
"What about Gabriel?" he asked.
Marinette smiled, "He has two years to change. If not, I'll burn his company down or buy it out; I haven't decided yet."
"What about Junior?" her brother questioned.
"I've already convinced him to give up modeling and Agreste Senior agreed, but that bitch doesn't know that." his sister commented.
"Sometimes I wonder if I should be convinced how much you think like Mother, but look like Father." Damian stated.
"A female isn't needed on the throne." she shrugged.
"That was Grandfather's mistake." Damian growled, "Mother was just as deadly as him. What about coming to the manor?"
"Not yet. Father is still adjusting to you." Marinette declared, "He may know of me, but that doesn't mean he views me as his. I don't want his legacy and that's all he cares about. He thinks I'm 'safe' so we'll keep it that way."
Damian smirked, "Gotham would likely be destroyed in an instant if we both took it on."
"You know how to reach me if there is ever anything you need." Mari commented.
"I gave Todd your number for emergency use only." Damian declared, "If I can't call, he will."
"You better be dead if he calls me." Marinette frowned, glaring at her brother.
'Just as dramatic as Mother.'
Damian noticed someone walking towards them and changed his demeanor.
"Thank you." he spoke and began to walk away.
Marinette watched, confused, at least until she heard some footsteps.
"Who was that, Marinette?" Adrien questioned.
Marinette blushed at his sudden appearance by her side.
"T-Tourist." she smiled, "Um, lover. NO! I-I mean louve. He wanted to know about the louve! Where, um-"
Adrien chuckled and listened patiently, as she explained the stranger's presence.
"Think I can walk you home?" he asked, taking her hand.
Damian watched as Marinette turned red and looked away from the blonde.
'Adrien Agreste, hmmmm. I'll still never get over how scary like Mother she is. She always knows what she wants and how to get it. I doubt she'll slip anything into his drink, though.'
"Welcome to the Al-Ghul family, Agreste." Damian smirked.
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lincognilto · 4 months
,,Udajesz że wszystko jest OKEJ, a tak naprawdę rozpierdala cię od środka..."
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“Just fake a smile, fake a laugh, fake everything you can, you know nobody cares, nobody wants to deal with how miserable you really are”
-the honest voices in my head
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vampghxst · 9 months
started treating people like they treat me, and now I'm the villain of the story
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sa-dnesss · 2 months
I don’t know how to do this anymore. I don’t know how to get better. My head is a dark place and it only gets worse, day by day. and I have no idea how to stop the darkness from coming in. I have no idea how to save myself anymore.
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darabokra-tepsz · 1 year
Az az ember akarok lenni, akit hiányolsz hajnali háromkor.
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glueckskomet · 2 years
nobody gives me butterflies anymore y‘all just give me brain damage
- instagram
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thiss-onee · 1 year
Uśmiechaj się, ponieważ to dezorientuje ludzi. Ponieważ to jest prostsze, niż wytłumaczenie im, co zabija cię od środka.
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nessarids · 8 months
I just wanted to kill myself
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