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ladyorchidia · 2 months
Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #18 (because I have no motivation) :
Keeping up with Night Raven College
Tumblr media
Crowley : I love all my students..Equally.
Deuce : Headmaster ! Have you seen yuu/mc ?
Crowley : ...
Crowley : Who the fuck is that-
Tumblr media
Yuu/Mc : Oh hi epel- wait a minute what are you holding ?
Epel : It's a jar.
Yuu/Mc : I can see that but what is inside the jar- ?
Epel : Oh I trapped Vil inside cause he told me to be more ✨G r a c e f u l✨
Yuu/Mc : ...What the fuck-
Epel : *proceeds to aggressively shake the jar and menacingly look at it* how's that for graceful-
Tumblr media
Vil, banging his small hand on the glass : Epel get me out of here right this instant
Tumblr media
Ruggie : Here is your lunch and that weird, expensive as fuck dessert I wrestled over three people for.
Leona : Why thank you Ruggie, I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Ruggie : ....
Leona : Why are you looking at me like that ARGH-
Ruggie, chocking leona with his magic pen : WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BANK- I MEAN DORM HEAD-
Tumblr media
Lilia : Hello, welcome to my cooking show ! I am here today with Jamil Viper who-
Lilia : ....
Lilia : We haven't even started to cook and you're already trying to commit suicide ? Hey put that pot down I use it to grill the meat of my enemies-
Tumblr media
Lilia, has trapped Jamil in a cup : Don't worry if you don't want to help, you can stay in here.
Lilia : Epel is good with inventing new spells, I should make malleus meet him- But wait that could end up creating a second fae vs human war....
Lilia : ...
Lilia : Perfect, I didn't have enough fun with the first one anyways, ROUND TWO LETS GO
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading this I greatly appreciate it and if you just scrolled all the way down to see this message it means I am in your house-
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purplesilkmoon · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Look at the tsums 🥰🥰
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blue-eli · 5 months
Tumblr media
Ink October day fourteen: Repulse
To drive back; repel.
To rebuff or reject with rudeness, coldness, or denial.
To cause repugnance or distaste in.
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iivis · 1 year
I have given up on trying to get Apple Boa Epel. I have accepted the fact that Apple Boa Epel would never come home. Epel never liked me. I remembered when I tried to get Epel's Dorm Outfit a long time ago, I did 100 rolls but he never came home instead it was Jade Dorm Outfit that came home. Epel will never come home no matter how much I plead and beg. I guess it's time to let him go.
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pyrebomb · 9 months
I decided to try pulling Suitor Suit Ace since I liked the Phantom Bride story so far and I'll still have enough keys and gems left for 100 tries at Idia...
I managed 2 SSR's, and neither was Ace. If this happens next week with Idia, I'm gonna riot.
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shkanoin · 4 months
what are we?
summary. texting your boyfriend ‘what are we?’ as a prank does not go quite as expected
featuring. ace trappola, deuce spade, jack howl, epel felmier, sebek zigvolt
t//w. reader gets an engagement scare in sebek’s part but it’s just for laughs el oh el
notes. man i haven’t made these in a while
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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oepionie · 28 days
—"🍳KITCHEN BLUES"various
💭masterlist | 💬ao3 link
sypnosis: you wouldn't really call yourself a chef. at most, your culinary abilities were barely above average. even so, when your boyfriend becomes overworked, you take your chances and cook something up for him. here's to hoping you don't burn down the entire dorm!
⊹ [ cw ] — slight mentions of injuries, ramshackle's oven is set on fire◞
⊹ [ tags ] — FLUFF.GN! READER | protective jade, lighthearted mentions of marriage in ruggie's part, leona's back muscles whsg, jamil calls you قلبي 'Albi' (My Heart)◞
⊹ [ character/s ] — trey, leona, ruggie, jade, & jamil
⊹ [ w.c ] — 1.5k+◞
Tumblr media
You stare blankly at the ingredients set out before you. The words on the recipe you printed seemed to blur together. Rice noodles, honey, smoked paprika, roasted almonds—you had your job cut out for you, huh?
You turn to face your partner who was dozing off on the rickety couch at Ramshackle, a thin blanket haphazardly thrown atop his body. He looked to be in deep sleep, not minding the worn-out scratchy leather texture of the couch one bit.
Tensed shoulders and fatigue laced his muscles; both evidence of the strain he's been putting on himself as of late. With an ache in your heart, you return your focus to the sizzling pan. Making him lunch was the least you could do to help.
Halfway through preparing the bento, you heard the old couch creak. Your boyfriend finally wakes, he calls for you with bleary eyes and a hoarse voice.
Tumblr media
"Oh, you're awake?" You rush over to him, dropping the lunch box onto the counter. Concern laced your features as you pressed a palm against his flushed forehead. Trey sat up, the blanket slipping off his torso and pooling around his hips.
"Mhm. Is something wrong?" Trey chuckled, resting his forehead on your shoulder.
"Yeah. This fever of yours is worrying me." You grumbled as you reached for his glasses on the adjoining coffee table. You slipped it onto him and gave him a quick kiss on the nose.
"The unbirthday party is coming up, and you know I have to work extra hard." Trey sighed, rolling his stiff shoulders. Nodding, you silently slipped back into the kitchen to retrieve the bento box. Once you returned, you handed it over to him.
"I know, but I hope you still take the time to rest every now and again." Trey tucked the box under his arm and drew you into a hug. You melted into his embrace, savouring the warmth you'd been missing these past few weeks. He's been so busy that the only affection you've received from him was the ocassional peck on the cheek.
Ten seconds into your little respite from the world, Trey pushed you away with a hand on your shoulder. He sniffed the air, brows pinched.
"Is something on fire?"
"Sevens-! The tarts!"
Tumblr media
You clutch a plate of charred black tarts in your hands, head bowed down in shame. Trey chuckled and took a piece of the inedible lump, turning it around in his hand.
"This reminds me of Lillia's cooking."
"You're not helping!"
Tumblr media
Leona sat on the couch, tail swishing lazily in the air while he watched you work around the kitchen. His emerald gaze swept over your apron-clad body, noticing the honey smeared on your cheek.
Once you finished, you walked over to him with the meal on a tray.
"How was the spelldrive training with the freshmen?" You asked, taking a seat on the floor beside him. He raised his arm to use his elbow to remove the honey off your cheek.
"It was shit." Growling, Leona pushed himself off the couch. He stretched his arms, groaning as his muscles ached from the burn. He was turned away from you, giving you full view of his back muscles straining against the fabric of the tight black shirt he had on; you averted your eyes, suddenly feeling very warm.
"See anything you like?" He grinned and flexed his arms. You squeaked and jumped back, embarrassment written all over your face. "Leona!"
He chuckled as he pulled you off the floor and onto the couch next to him.
"A-Anyways…Epel told me you stormed out in the middle of the game?" You stammered, avoiding his gaze and changing the subject. You scooped some food from the containter and fed it to him. Leona took the spoon in his mouth, chewing it throughly.
"Damn right. None of those idiots could fly straight if their life depended on it." Leona scoffed. You lifted the tray up so he could slip his head onto your lap, face tucked into your stomach.
"I see. I guess they couldn't keep up with you, huh?" You mused, running your hands through his hair whilst feeding him a bite of food.
The flavours and spices melted across his mouth, each ingredient flawlessly blending together. Leona relaxed against your form, satisfied, your food and pampering making him feel like a king.
"Who can?"
Tumblr media
"Is that food?" Ruggie piped up, wrapping himself in the thin blanket. He was shaped like a taco roll, with only his head sticking out from under the cover. You chuckled and nodded, taking the food you prepared into your arms.
As you brought out a platter of doughnuts along with the bento box, his tail began to wag. You approached him carefully, taking care not to drop the stacks of chocolate doughnuts. Unbeknownst to you, Ruggie was debating whether or not to marry you on the spot.
"Of course. You just looked so exhausted yesterday, I wanted to help." You said, frowning and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. Ruggie gulped, his cheeks flushing at your sweet gesture.
"What did I say about slowing down every now and then?" You grumbled, frowning at him.
"W-Well, I kinda lost track yesterday; I swear I won't do it again," Ruggie replied sheepishly, folding his arms behind his head. In truth, you were kinda right. His limbs were killing him with how sore they were right now.
"You better! I can't keep scolding you about this again and again!" You shook your head and sighed. After giving him the platter of doughnuts, you began slipping off the apron you were wearing.
"Shishishi. You sound like a worried spouse." Ruggie snickered, shoving two doughnuts into his mouth. You dropped the apron in your hand, eyes wide at the implications of what Ruggie just said. Snorting at your flustered state, he continued teasing you.
"Spare me! I'm sure you'll have plenty of time in the future to scold me." Ruggie's voice suddenly lowered to a whisper, the playful edge to it gone. "I should prolly start putting off money up for a ring now…"
Tumblr media
"What might this be?" Jade appeared behind you, his towering form pressing itself against your back. An arm wrapped around you, pulling you snug against him. His hair remained dishevelled and out of place, his physique still sluggish and lethargic. Jade, contrary to popular belief, was not a morning person.
"It's just a simple little bento I'm preparing…Azul told me you skipped out on dinner last night so I um-" Feeling flushed under his intense yet drowsy gaze, you struggled to finish your sentence. "…decided to cook something up for you."
Jade hums, grasping your hands in his own. He instantly pauses as he feels the texture of scratchy woven fabric beneath his skin. The eel looked down to see your hands covered with sloppily placed bandages and bandaids.
He stared down at your damaged hands for a minute, an unsettling smile creeping up his face.
"Who did this." Jade stated firmly, a dark, pointed expression on his face. His fingers rubbed soothing circles over your palm, patiently waiting for your response. "I need names, my pearl."
You fiddled with one of the bandages wrapped around your finger.
"No one did this. I'm just not really the best person to put near a kitchen knife or a pan with boiling oil." You laughed sheepishly, cheeks heating up in embarrassment. Jade chuckled alongside you. All previous apprehension from him seemed to fade away.
"I see. I appreciate the gesture however I wish you were more careful." Jade leaned down next to your ear, his voice dropping to a low whisper.
"Allow me to take care of you first, these bandages are in dire need of a change."
Tumblr media
"Albi?" Jamil groaned, raising his arms to shield his eyes from the glaring sun. He sat up and instantly regretted his decision when his head started spinning; he could already feel the start of a migraine. You rushed over and shushed him, pushing him to sit back down on the couch.
"Are you okay?" Frowning, you plopped the box open and scooped up some food for him to eat. Jamil leaned forward to take it into his mouth, humming at the taste.
Yesterday's events began to resurface in his mind. He was given a potionology assignment to complete alongside Kalim.
Everything was going smoothly until Kalim made the decision to add some sugar to the cauldron for unknown reasons. The cauldron exploded and Jamil ended up getting hit with the fumes, breathing it in. Which was probably the reason why his head felt like it was being split open.
"A bit. If my memory serves me well, the effects of this potion should wear off in a few hours." He mumbled, allowing himself to get fed by and spoiled by you. You smiled and reached for a napkin to wipe down the corners of his lips. "That's good. Is the food to your liking?"
"It tastes great." Jamil compliments, taking the box into his own hands. "Thank you for looking after me; is there anything you want me to make for you?"
"That curry you gave me the other day! It tasted so good!"
"Of course." Jamil smiled at you. Regardless of the numerous hijinks he has to deal with as Kalim's retainer and Scarabia's vice dorm leader, you've always been an anchor of support for him; holding him firm when everything appears to be sweeping him away.
Tumblr media
A/N: This was a request! Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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atl4ntxc · 2 months
“ 𝐦𝐞 𝐠𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐬 𝐭ú . ”
— how they confess.
Tumblr media
RIDDLE ROSEHEART will make sure everything goes perfectly. this is his big day! he wants to impress you, he wants to see your awed face. he is willing to collar anybody that dares to go against his plan. nothing will ruin it, this is his moment. first, he would invite you to an unbirthday tea party, just you and him. then, he would spend the whole evening with you before gulping down his anxiety and confessing. “i’m in love with you, prefect.”
baking will always be TREY CLOVER’S speciality. he goes along the flow, waiting to get signals from you. how does he confess? he confessed by leaving a box of homemade truffles on your bed, a sticky note attached to it. “i like you, [name]. be mine? yes or no?” you couldn’t help but swoon, a delicate hue decorating your face. you took out your phone and ticked ‘yes’ on the paper, sending a picture of the truffles and note you received with the answer.
CATER DIAMOND confesses through text. although he feels like it’s one-sided, he couldn’t help but notice the mixed signals you give him. do you like him or not?! so one day, he texted you out of the blue “i like you! no— i love you!”. you just got out of the shower and was drying your hair before receiving a notification from cater. a soft smile appeared on your lips as you texted back at him, “i love you too. where do you want to meet up? <3 :)”
it’ll take a millenia to get ACE TRAPPOLA to admit his feelings for you. nah, he likes you, but not like that. right? he is so stubborn. literally everybody can see the way he flutters his eyelashes at you 🙄 though one fateful night, the both of you were stargazing— you rambling your thoughts away. “i like to travel” “i like you.” silence overlapped the atmosphere before you looked at him, confused. “you like me?” he realized he couldn’t sugarcoat it anymore. “you’re an idiot— of course i like you. you’re so smart yet so dumb AND dense!”
DEUCE SPADE is so conflicted. should he confess or should he not? what happens if he ruins your friendship? agh, it’s so frustrating! he just wants to hold your face and kiss every part of your features! why must you be so complicated? he asks his mother, now this is where it led him. deuce at your doorstep, holding a bouquet of flowers while wearing a suit with his hair slicked back and a nervous smile. “deuce?” you stared at him then at the flowers. “[name], i like— no, i love you a lot! will you go out with me?” he trembles.
LEONA KINGSCHOLAR is too lazy to set up a whole ass plan for this. yeah, he likes you, he admits— but he’s just gonna go with the flow, relaxing while letting fate do this for him. it’s obvious to everyone that this lion has the feels for you— i mean... he only uses you (and only you) as a pillow, cuddle buddy AND he lets you scratch his ears?? fuck yeah he likes u. if you haven’t taken the hint, you’re either really dense or really dumb. “leona, do you like me?” he snuggles into your shoulder and growls. “you just noticed?”
RUGGIE BUCCHI honestly doesn’t know what to do. i mean... he does like you, but he doesn’t know how to approach you. screw that, he’s 100% sure he’s in love with you. he isn’t an expert in the romance field, what do you expect? so, there’s only one way he confesses. asking you out on a date when he thought he was gonna die during leona’s overblot :D isn’t that so romantic? “hey prefect, if we survive this, wanna go out?” “ruggie what the fuck”
what the hell is that. JACK HOWL is the dense one here, not you. yes, his heart beats at an abnormal pace whenever you’re near, yes he misses you whenever you are not near him but nah, he thinks that it’s normal for friends to feel that way. this fr made epel hit his head and tell him that no, it is not friendship. that’s legit a crush!! now that’s when he realized he likes you. yeah once he realizes he just goes up to you and says “prefect, i like you”
AZUL ASHENGROTTO plans literally everything out. unlike riddle, his doesn’t go as plan. everything went wrong and he is about to lose his absolute shit. why must he be so unlucky? jade is putting his hand on floyd’s mouth so he doesn’t burst out laughing. just as he was about to ask you to meet him, the first years dragged you away to create another batch of chaos that are legit nightmare fuel. now at the end of the day, he’s sick of everything and with a fake smile, drags you away from these goons you call friends. “this took me all day. i will not let them steal you away this time. i like you, prefect.”
the moment JADE LEECH realizes his feelings for you, his eyes would never leave your form. it becomes a whole ass mission to find out whether you like him back or not, and it wasn’t difficult for him to decipher your feelings. oh dear, what’s this? you’re getting flustered over simple things that he does. this truly amuses him, and he enjoys every second of it. he holds your hand and gave a gentle kiss on top of it, a teasing grin on his face. “prefect, would you be mine?” JADE>>>>
FLOYD LEECH is a pain in the ass. once he realizes that he’s in love with you, he’s glued to your hip 24/7, it’s not even funny. he always say “i love you”. those words are always leaving his mouth. you might take it as a joke, but he is not joking at all. now, on a particular day, he wasn’t feeling it. so you know what he did? “floyd?” he kabedon’d you. “listen, shrimpy! i’m sick of you thinking that everything’s a joke! do you want me to squeeze you as hard as i can so that you know that i’m in love with you?”
KALIM AL-ASIM is trying his best, okay? jamil was the one who made him realize that he was in fact, in love with you. when found out, he was dying to tell you his feelings. so, the only solution to that is *drum roll* confessing his undying feelings for you! now how did he confess? inviting you on a carpet ride (pretty cliché, but i agree w/ the fandom) and showing you the true beauty of this world. that moment he realized, nothing could compare to your beauty. “i love you, prefect! i’m falling harder each day!”
love who? yeah, JAMIL VIPER is not confident enough to confess. he believes that you deserve someone better, someone like kalim, not a servant like him. although you like him a lot and he is aware, he couldn’t bring himself to confess. i strongly believe that jamil would try to make you hate him so that you wouldn’t get hurt by him. during his overblot, he banished everyone from scarabia except for you— who he kept by his side. that is when you found out what he actually felt for you. “don’t you dare leave me. i have fallen for you, and you will stay by my side forever— i’ll make sure of it.”
now, VIL SCHOENHEIT couldn’t believe that he would fall for a rotten potato like you! what spell did you cast on him, oh dear prefect? you’ve got him wrapped around your finger like a thread. he is definitely one of the romantic types, preferring to confess face to face. “potato, i can’t help but notice how wonderful you look today.” thanks for calling me a potato, vil. it’s highly unlikely for him to confess, so you’re gonna confess first. then, he would ask you to meet him at pomefiore, he told you to ‘dress nicely’. “finally arrived, prefect? i’ve made reservations, just you and me.”
ROOK HUNT is folding for you. he would appear during the most random times, confessing his undying love for you through poems. “oh, mon trésor—” “rook we are literally about to die” honestly, everyone questions your sanity. he follows you everywhere, sometimes it gets on your nerves. so one day, while sitting under a tree, an arrow was shot right beside you. “I love you, mon trésor. will you do the honours of being mine?” you could only stare at the paper in your hands. what’s your answer, prefect?
believe it or not, EPEL FELMIER would rather dive off a cliff than admit that he wrote love letters for you. love letters? haha what’s that? he’s so in love with you, i’m not joking. he definitely imagine scenarios of him protecting you (prove me wrong LOL). although he is very nervous to confess to you, he needs to man up for the love of his life! and when he gets in front of you to confess, he wastes no time to tell you what he feels... in great detail. this is honestly a great view, seeing epel all flustered and ready to be teased by you and his friends.
IDIA would be caught dead before confessing to you. nothing, absolutely nothing will make him confess to you. so, you will be the one to confess to this guy. he is too nervous for his own good, and would rather die than go through rejection by his long-time crush, aka you. although ortho knows that you like his brother back, idia can't help but feel his anxiety rise each time he feels like confessing. so he goes nope. i'm good 👍. so the big question is, will YOU confess?
it is clear to everyone that MALLEUS DRACONIA has fallen head over heels for you. just the mere mention of your name has got him smiling and feeling all giddy. the confession happened during a night walk with him, and as usual, he can't help but admire you. “child of man, i have something to say.” you turned to look at him and noticed how gentle he looked at you. "what is it, tsunotarou?" he gently cupped your cheek and confessed his undying love for you. his eyes would glimmer with delight once he finishes.
LILIA VANROUGE prefers traditional ways of confessing. he is an old man after all. he tends to scare you a lot just to show that he cares for you. he literally confessed like this: lilia was upside down when he spooked you. with a grin, he handed you a letter that smelled just like him. it makes you think, did he spray his perfume on this letter or something? the envelope itself was very pleasing to look at, a beautiful colour of beige and rose gold wax seal. open it, prefect! what was contained either made your heart flutter or not.
SILVER prefers simple ways to confess. of course, he asks lilia for help. while he had his head in your lap, you placed a flower crown on his head, making him stir awake. “did i wake you, silver? i’m sorry.” his lips curled into a gentle smile, pleasured to wake up by seeing your face. you could only look at his delicate features that were staring up at you. silver closed his eyes to continue his slumber, but before that, he whispered a delicate “i love you.”
SEBEK ZIGVOLT simply yells out what he feels for you. it was quite an odd scenario, him holding on to your shoulders while his face flushed a red hue. the tips of his ears turned pink as he stared at your face, eyebrows furrowed. “sebek??” he gulped his fears away and took a deep breath before confessing his feelings for you. “human! how dare you make me feel such things? you make my heart flutter at each mention of your name, so tell me— what have you done?”
Tumblr media
©atl4ntxc 2023 — any type of plagiarization, copying, stealing, reposting or translating without my permission is forbidden.
Tumblr media
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tealfloyd · 4 months
“I’m sorry MC, but you can’t go to the ball~”.
SUMMARY: NRC decides to host a ball in collaboration with RSA, but our dear prefect is not invited. Yet, the night of the ball, something strange happens… (Everyone + Neige and Che’nya x Fem!Reader)
WARNINGS: This is pretty long. Mentions of sadness, I guess (Excuse me, I suck at putting warnings).
CONTENT: Ortho's part is platonic. Crowley being an ass, but like, it was unintentional, really. As I said, this is pretty long, mostly because it has every character separately, plus dress transformation. WORDS: 9K+
A/N: I still feel bad since I lost all the content I had before, but it’s okay, I’m glad I saved everything separately because if I didn’t… I wouldn’t be uploading this in the first place.
Also, if you want to use this as inspiration for sketches, go on! I remembered a certain comment which asked for permission, and I certainly don't mind! Now onto the fic~
Tumblr media
Crowley really has the worst timing.
You were just about to drink a vase of water, throat dry because you passed the whole day with the first years. That’s when the door opened, leaving you to almost drop the cup, your reflexes making it possible.
“Crowley! What the hell!?”, you whisper yelled, looking at Grim turning in the sofa, far away in his dreamland.
It wasn’t unusual for the kind headmaster to show up with such… Theatrics, but this was certainly a new and unwelcomed entrance.
“I apologise for the sudden intrusion, but there’s has been an incident!”, he exclaimed, and you shushed him, leading him to whisper his next sentence. “You see, the ball of Royal Sword Academy and Night Raven College is near its due date…”.
Indeed, the ball featuring both of the most prestigious schools in Twisted Wonderland was drawing near; it started as a “friendly” way to make their students socialize, soon turning into a way to exhibit who had the most graceful gentleman.
“Yeah, and? I thought everything was fine, Che’nya told me this morning that the arrangements were almost done”.
“Me and the Royal Sword Academy headmaster have gotten some complaints indicating that we should not allow you or Grim assist to the ball due to your dorm not being an official part of the school”, ah, so that was the reason of the nervous tone. “I would refuse, but the grievances come from certain parents with high status and- “.
You interrupted. “Don’t worry Crowley, it’s understandable that you don’t want to make such powerful enemies. Grim on the other hand…”, you spared a glance at the sleeping being, already imagining what kind of reaction he would have.
“I appreciate your understanding, yet that’s not what I wanted to discuss”.
“Some of your friends know about this, and I’m afraid they’re… How can I say this…? A little erratic”.
You sighed, knowing exactly what the meant by that. “Are you scared of them?”.
“Me? Of course not! I’m the headmage! But it would be helpful if you intervened”.
“They can’t be that bad, I’ll go talk to them”.
Oh, it can be that bad. Not overblot case bad, but it’s much more chaotic than you thought it would be.
You walked towards the dining hall, place where all of them got the news. You felt bad for the other students who had to run away because of the outburst.
Once you enter the hall, there was only a way you can describe the situation: encasing every reaction in a specific group.
First, we have the erratic behaviour, as Crowley mentioned earlier: students who are enraged because you cannot go to the ball. Here we have Ace, Deuce, Riddle, Leona, Floyd, Vil, Epel, Malleus and Sebek. Some are just snappy, such as Leona or Vil, and Riddle is trying to not let the anger overcome him. The rest are tagged as official menaces.
The second is the quiet group, the scariest of them all. Even if you tried, you can’t fathom what their expressions are hiding, exuding an eerie aura that has everyone shivering. The most students of this group are Azul, Jade, Rook, Idia and Lilia, the most dangerous combination to ever exist.
The last but not least group is the one that has every sane person, and the ones that are near sanity. They are so busy trying to control the furious trope that they don’t realise why they’re mad in the first place. Trey, Cater, Ruggie, Jack, Kalim, Jamil, Ortho and Silver are the ones in this category.
You yelled as loud as you could in order to gain their attention, everyone’s head turning when recognising the familiar voice.
“What’s going on here!?”.
“MC/Prefect!”, they jolted, abruptly stopping dead in their tracks.
“I thought Crowley was exaggerating when he told me that you were, and I quote, erratic, but this is absurd!”, you whined in annoyance, not believing the scene in front of you, much less believing the reason behind it.
“Ah, well, this was just, uh…”, Ace was trying to find the correct words to not make you angrier, eyes evading yours as you send him a cold glare.
“We were practicing for, uh…!”, Deuce’s desperation showed up in order to think of an excuse, and you had enough of it.
“Do you think I’m dumb?”, the bitter words came out as venom, not only being directed at the young boy but at everyone, seeing how you shared your discontent look with all of them. “Is this because of the ball?”.
There was a brief silence before it was cut off again by Malleus.
“Child of Man, I think that this decision is an act of unfairness towards you”, his comment made way to other ones, clearly displeased with the agreement.
“You have done so much for this school!”, blurted out Kalim.
“It’s an improper choice after all the effort you’ve put, since this event is for congratulating students for their excelling performances”, Jade remarked, slight annoyance in his voice.
Soon, the hall was filled with different arguments, and yet again, you had to yell.
“Guys, I know that it may be unfair, but I’m okay with it; you all could get expelled for doing this!”, more than anger, your voice was full of concern, worried because of their impulsive actions.
“Shrimpy, aren’t you upset?”, Floyd tilted his head, not comprehending why you weren’t showing any strong emotion at the news.
“Certainly Mademoiselle, you must feel at least the slightest bit offended, don’t you?”, Rook asked, also tilting his head.
“What I think about it doesn’t matter, the decision it’s made and there’s nothing else to do other than accept it, and you must do the same”, you sighed, all the stress leaving your body with that long exhale. “You shouldn’t make a fuss over this; there will be other events I can participate to”.
“And what if there aren’t any ‘other events’?”, the abrupt question coming from Leona made you think, and after some seconds you chuckled.
“If that’s the case then I guess I can always make my own”, your quick response had everyone gasp in cuteness, some were more dramatic than others but the gasp was there.
“My, is this an angel speaking to us?”, Lilia said, his teasing tone having you think it was a joke, which it wasn’t.
“Less talk, more work”, and with that note, the students were forced to start their cleaning duties, not really minding it since you were there.
While you were picking up some broken pieces of wood, an idea came to your mind, making you do a soft smile as you thought about the outcome.
The ball day was here, and everyone was shining in their own lights, their tuxedos matching their distinctive colours as they added some characteristic details to it.
The week after the incident, everything was pretty chill; they reluctantly agreed to leave the topic alone to please you, switching it to their fashion choices or practicing some basic dance moves.
You were greatly surprised when seeing them all before the event, cheering them up as you told them that they looked handsome, making some of the boy’s blush. “I hope you enjoy the ball!”.
You bid them goodbye, making sure everyone was out of sight so you could return to Ramshackle, home to the angry creature named Grim.
“How can they not invite the great Grim to their boring party!? That’s unacceptable!” you laughed at his antics, caressing his fur to soothe his ire.
“Should I remind you that I was also excluded?”, he let out a cute groan, curling into your lap to comfort himself.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever ya’ say henchman. By the way, why’re ya’ using that dress?”, he lazily signalled the simple gown you were wearing, closing his eyes when you reached an icky spot.
“I don’t know, I saw it at Sam’s and decided to bought it, does it look bad?”.
“I didn’t say that, it’s just weird you’re using it now…”.
Both you and Grim decided to get out of Ramshackle, sitting on the shore of the pond that was near the old building, the quiet and magical atmosphere worth the outing.
Grim’s soft snores were heard in the solitude of the forest, some fireflies appearing to make the scene look like it came straight out of a painting.
“Am I upset?”, you asked yourself, quoting the words from last week.
Truthfully, you did care about not being invited to the ball. Your excitement vanished the moment the headmaster started explaining why you couldn’t assist.
You started to wonder if that meant that your efforts were going to be unappreciated, until you remembered that they weren't. The friends you made here made you feel at home, even though most of them were sceptical about befriending you at first, oblivious to the fact that they started to look at you with heart eyes.
You started to sing a lullaby you constantly heard during your childhood, a calm harmony that brought you peace in moments like this, when you were about to cry out of confusion and sadness.
Your voice acted as anaesthesia for the little Grim, humming contently as you gently stood up, holding him like a baby as you started to dance around.
Unbeknown to you, a wandering fairy heard the enchanting lyric; her pointy ears perked up in curiosity as she approached slowly, her small form making it impossible for you to take notice of, too focused in your dancing solo.
The small, fantastic individual started to hum along. Deeming you as a friend, and not a threat, she closed the distance between you both, a giggle leaving her mouth as she sat on your shoulder, surprised when you didn’t saw her.
She stayed silent, lightly grasping the soft material of your dress so she wouldn’t fall, hearing in joy as you continued your lively tune.
Your steps were feather like, slowly spinning while leaving the forest, now strolling through the dark corridors of the academy. It may seem a little eerie seeing it as an outsider, but everything you could think of was the enchanting lyrics, the absence of light not resembling an issue as you resume the melodious piece.
It was a matter of time when you got to the giant ballroom, passing through an open door as you heard a lively composition that matched yours, smiling wider until you collided with someone.
You woke up from your trance, your previously calm state being replaced by worry as you bow to the person in front of you.
“I’m so sorry, it wasn’t my intention to…”, you spared a quick glance at the boy’s face, mouth agape when realising who it was, the little fairy hiding as soon as she saw the unknown person. “Neige?”.
“Ah! MC, I was looking for you!”, said the young boy, cheeks dusted of a light pink. “I was afraid you didn’t appear, but I’m so happy I found you!”.
That woke up Grim, aside from all the chit chatter of the room.
“Nyah!? Henchman, where are we!?”, he jumped off your arms, falling nose-first on the marble floor.
“I may have brought us while dancing…”, you confessed, ashamed of not noting it sooner. “I’m sorry Neige, but we and Grim have to go before Crowley spots us”.
“Not so fast! I want to check the food! With that amount I’m sure they won’t notice one or two dishes missing…”, his mischievous smile threw you off guard, sighing at his intentions.
“Grim, come on, we can’t…”.
“It would be a pleasure! The banquet is right there!”, said the naïve boy, signalling a large table with lots of different dishes.
In less than a second, Grim was already there, filling his mouth with everything his little paws could hold on to.
“Grim!”, the frustration was there, but you couldn’t show it, not wanting to make a scene, but you were certain that some students were already glancing your way.
The kind-hearted boy looked at you with pure adoration, trying his best to hide it as he took your hand in his; all while the little fairy, still hidden, tried to think about what she could do to “help” you.
The gown was sky blue, white grading in the top and sleeves with some yellow sparks. Your hair was now short, curled at the ends and portraying a red lace on the top, a cute bow placed on it.
“Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask you… Would you like to dance with me?”.
“I guess I can, I’m already here, aren’t I?”.
Dear, you just made Neige the happiest man alive. The dwarfs were in their way to talk with him, but when they noticed the huge smile that he portrayed, decided to keep their distance so you could have your perfect moment.
That was interrupted when he stopped, pointing at your dress that had changed abruptly. You were surprised, obviously, but there wasn’t a major reaction from you, since you’re in a world of magic after all. Him on the other hand was completely flustered, trying to think of a compliment as he kept dancing.
He’s a good dancer, but his steps resemble those of a child dancing, in a good way obviously, it’s pretty fun and refreshing to waltz with him.
Laughing time was over when a shout was heard, coming from a certain red hair.
 “Prefect!?”, yelled the first years, their loud scream attracting even more attention. You just hoped Crowley didn’t hear it; he didn’t, but the others surely did.
And now you’re scared because Vil had a questioning look in his face. If he did saw the dance, may the Sevens let you rest in peace.
“Ah, hey guys!”, you backed away from Neige, who in response pouted, sad at the loss of contact.
 “What are you doing here!?”, they asked, a combination of confusion and excitement washing over them.
“I don’t know, I was enjoying my solitude, dancing alone and when I looked up I was here, dressed like this”, you slightly lifted the dress for emphasis, frowning when everyone shut up. “Uh, guys-?”.
“Please dance with me!”, most of them screamed at once, having to cover your ears because it was so sudden and very much not appreciated.
And just like a week ago, that led to everyone argue about who should dance with you.
You were about to stop them again, but someone took advantage of the situation, bringing his hands to your waist.
The gown was of a light lilac, along with some stripes that were just a few shades apart, white sleeves added to the palette. Your hair was still short, but it changed the style to a light messy pixie cut with some mauve highlights.
“Isn’t this such an entertaining scenario, nya~?”.
“I think is more of a dangerous scenario, incredible to think they’re fighting over such a stupid thing”.
Oh, MC, is that what you think of yourself? This is not a stupid thing, dancing with you is enough to make the most ferocious man drop on their knees, mesmerized by your beauty.
And he certainly would do that just by seeing you with a dress matching his attire. While you don’t know why or how this is happening, he’s grinning widely because you look so beautiful, the slightest shade of pink covering his cheeks as he throws some funny comments, lighting up the mood.
Dancing with him is amusing, to say the least, sometimes disappearing his body, leaving you to dance with a floating head.
Ace, the moment breaker, does his thing once again, his loud shrieks rivalling those of Sebek.
 “Ah, she’s dancing with the disappearing guy!”, they all turned their heads, most of them having a vein about to pop up from the anger.
 “It seems that I’m not welcomed, but at least we will be together the next week, goodbye~!”, and with that, he disappeared, again.
Remember that scene when Rapunzel was calming Maximus down? That was the exact thing you had to do with the most enraged students, thanking the unwanted dress for acting as a distractor.
“If you care that much about dancing with me, I can dance with all of you, only if you promise that you would not cause more mess; I’m already walking on a thin line just by being here”.
Silence. You tapped your foot impatiently at that.
“Promise that you would not cause more mess”, it was more of a demand than a request, but it worked when they all repeated your words, humming in approval.
“Great, so who’s the first?”.
Quickly realising your mistake, you spoke again before everything reverted to a few minutes ago. “Wait, maybe it would be better to do this by dorm order, Heartslabyul will go first”.
It was then when the troublemakers of said dorm started to dispute over who should dance with you first; Ace proclaimed that he should because he met you first, and Deuce responded by exposing his terrible behaviour towards you the first time you met.
Tired of this, you grabbed Ace’s hand, being the first pick because, well, both Ace and Deuce were right.
The gown was of a cheerful ruby colour, the sleeves were wine and since it was Heartslabyul inspired, had a chess design along with some hearts in the skirt. Your hair was tied in a loose braid, a heart shaped accessory placed in the side.
“Are you that excited to dance with me, Prefect?”.
“Deuce was right, you were the first nuisance I met, I thought it was obvious”.
He groaned in embarrassment, recalling the awful treatment he had with you, wishing it would have gone somewhat different.
When he was about to change the subject when your dress changed yet again. You said that that probably was going to happen all night, and that he shouldn’t pay attention to this Barbie style transition.
He definitely doesn’t know what is a Barbie, but he refuses to not pay attention to the dress, teasing you about it, trying to make you blush. That’s where the tables turned and you teased him, making him blush. Great, you broke Ace.
He dances in a messy manner, but he can be serious when he wants to, so I would say it’s a 50/50 final rating.
Sighing at this, you decided it was time to change partners, leaving his hands so you could grab Deuce’s ones. Expect him to be more annoying, maybe even sending Deuce some threatening glares.
The gown was navy blue, in its majority, a few hints of cerulean peeking up the skirt, the same chess design with some deuces in the corset. Your hair had a bun, it was loose but it didn’t look messy, just a few strands of hair that were out, along with a deuce hairpin.
“You… You look beautiful, Prefect”.
“Thank you Deuce, you also look handsome, but… Your face is very red”.
It’s because he wasn’t prepared for this. Did his mother tell him what to do when dancing with a girl whose dress magically changes every time she changes partners? No, he’s sure she’s not.
As a fun fact, Deuce’s mother sensed something was going on with her son; when Deuce told her what happened, words couldn’t describe how happy she got.
When he does notice the dress, he stays still, not moving for a few seconds until you bring him back to earth, worried about his sudden redness. MC, please, you’re going to kill the poor boy.
His mother tried to teach him how to dance a few times, so he isn’t that inexperienced as one would think, but the problem is that he’s dancing with you, and that makes things complicated.
He doesn’t know if he should feel relieved or sad when you move to continue dancing with Cater. Maybe both, but it’s not like he can’t say something, he still respects his upperclassman even though he wanted to keep dancing with you.
The gown was of a bright tangerine, a soft shade of red covering the sleeves. A pattern of diamonds was outlined in the corset, subtly placed on it so it wasn’t too flashy. Your hair resembled his, the top part tied back into a ponytail and the rest hanged straight, curling at the ends.
“If I posted this on Magicam, a lot of people will get super jealous of you!”.
“As if, I’m pretty average, I don’t know why someone will get jealous of me”.
Your kindness, tolerance, intelligence, looks, should he keep going? There’s a ton of reasons people will envy you, and he means that as a good thing, really; in his eyes you’re the most stunning person to ever exist.
And apparently you can change clothes magically, we can add that to the list as well.
His dancing is playful, but he’s fairly skilled, talking about random things while he swiftly moves one feet after the other.
He resists the impulse of taking his phone out and taking selfies non-stop, not wanting to disturb you or weird you out in such a moment, when in reality you’re pretty chill about it. If only he knew about it, he would have had thousands of pictures of you and your dazzling self.
He only does it when it’s time to swap, posing with you as he takes a quick snap, posting it with the hashtags: #ballroomprincess #howjusthow #thebeautyandthebeauty, and so on.
The gown was pine, the dark shade of green matching with Trey’s. It seemed to be more nature-like, clovers all around it. Your hair was asymmetrical, and it barely touched your shoulders, looking a little spiky, yet it still looked stylish.
“I thought you weren’t allowed to come, did Grim drag you here?”.
“It’s a long story, but Grim’s the one that made me stay; by the end of the night there will probably be no food left to eat”.
Which is a shame because he prepared a few desserts, Che’nya suggestion, and he wanted you to try some of them specially to see your sparkling eyes as you took bite after bite. Oh well, it would have to wait until Heartslabyul’s next tea party.
But it seems he’s gotten a new sight, you in a dress that magically changed and it’s now matching with him. He doesn’t ask about it, letting himself enjoy this brief moment with you.
He’s a good dancer, and his tall figure makes him look elegant while he waltzes with you, the atmosphere breaking when you switch to a huffing Riddle.
He sighs, leaving your hand so it would take his dorm leader’s. He starts to wonder how he can pass more time with you, maybe a baking date session would make you accept.
The gown is scarlet and white, hints of black but mostly to softly outline the roses and the hearts placed on it, looking fairly fancier than the other ones, like his dorm uniform. Your hair was in a bun, velvety like for the little crown that was on top to stay still.
“I… I’m surprised to see you here, Prefect”.
“I was surprised as well, but you get accustomed to it… Ah, Riddle, are you alright?”.
He can’t control the blush that creeps up his face. He nods, wanting to look at you in the eyes, yet he can’t help but feeling flustered when you tilt your head in confusion, trying to make eye contact.
Sevens, his mother would be so disappointed at this, what would she say if she found her son wasn’t following proper ball manners? And then he remembers that his mother isn’t there, only you, knowing that you didn’t really care about those in the first place, and he doesn’t know if he should feel relieved or frustrated.
When he sees the dress, he stops dancing for a few moments before continuing, finding the explanation weirder than the dress itself. But he has a limited amount of time and he prefers spending it dancing than trying to find the reasoning of this; even he’s surprised by this thought too.
As said before, his mother taught him how to waltz, so he has experience doing it. Now when it comes to the part of actually dancing… He needs to polish it a little, but the knowledge is there.
Speaking of which, he knows it’s over when you have to shift partners, Leona being the next one. His snarky grin he sends at him is almost enough for him to explode, Trey noticing this and immediately trying to calm him down. Perhaps he can include some ball elements to some of his tea parties, definitely not to spend those with you, no no yes.
The gown is of a sand colour, golden details all over it to make it look like it was a royal dress; a satin, brown scarf placed elegantly on your arms. A braided chignon hairstyle made it easier to carry a golden tiara on it.
“You really like being in trouble, huh? I didn’t think you would sneak here, herbivore”.
“I like to think that since I come here, I’ve became a Jack in the Box full of surprises, don’t you agree?”.
Sure you are, not only you sneaked in here, but you also sneaked your way into your heart. He’s not stupid, and he won’t say you are, but what he can say it’s that you are pretty dense. Well, in your defence, you do know he treats women differently, so how are you supposed to guess the fondness he shows at you?
This is one of the few, rare moments where you get to see a shocked Leona, his eyes widening at remodelling of your dress, tail swinging in glee. You really are a box full of surprises, aren’t you? He doesn’t know what he should say, choosing to stay quiet, enjoying the calmness that you made him feel.
He would never say out loud though. At least, not now.
He has a royal background, so it makes sense that he knows at least the slightest bit of dancing manners, and he shows that while waltzing with you.
The moment doesn’t last long as you start to back up from him in a strange manner, and his eyes soon found out the reason why. He growls at this, that hyena is going to pay it off for the next days. Either way, he would have done it even if he didn’t intervene.
The gown is of a dark fawn, blonde highlights in the neckline. Compared to Leona’s, this was more wild-like, giving a light, rustic impression. Your hair had a back Dutch braid, the mid-length complementing the whole look.
“Hey, Prefect, didn’t expect to see you here. And to imagine that everyone made a fuss 'bout this, shi shi shi~”.
“Yeah, I think everybody thinks the same here. There wasn’t really need for you to use your unique magic, I think Leona got mad at it”.
Effectively, he got mad at it and because he stole you. Fair enough, he thinks he can endure a few days of Leona’s working, that meant he got to see you more than him since he would be running his errands.
When he saw the dress, oh boy, man was trying so hard to not blush. The only way to prevent that was by teasing you; just make sure to don’t tease him back, he doesn’t think he can’t handle it.
He knows how to dance, so he’s pretty fluent when waltzing with you, making some “accidental” mistakes so you would step closer to him. That backfires when you cheekily laugh, and the blush he tried to contain creeped up his face.
Just when he thought you were going to see it, you released him, and he was left holding nothing as you giggled at this reaction, now dancing with his underclassman. He frowned but didn’t want to make you mad by using the same tactic, so he let it be.
The gown was pearl, similar to the one you were using earlier except that this one was fancier. The skirt had some light golden designs, a few hints of black on it to contrast. Your hair was tied in a classy ponytail, fluffy and shiny, much like his fur when he’s in his wolf form.
“You could get in trouble for being here, don’t you know that?”.
“I’m sorry, do you want me to go?”.
Short answer, no. Long answer, he’s very happy that you’re here, literally everyone can tell just by looking at his tail, wagging uncontrollably. If you try to say something about it, he will deny it, even though it’s still wagging.
He can’t dance that well, but he’s trying, and that’s what counts. Besides, it’s not that noticeable, maybe a few stomps on your feet but nothing too serious.
This dress causes him to leave a quiet gasp, mouth agape for a few seconds until his mind tells him that he should ask you why and what was that transformation. You respond sincerely, telling him that you don’t know and that he should just ignore it.
Like hell he’ll be ignoring this, it’s not something you can so easily ignore, but for the sake of his dignity, he will try. Keyword try, begging that you don’t start to ask questions about his state.
Apparently, you heard his pleads, muttering a little ‘goodbye’ as you now danced with Octavinelle’s sly, but nervous, octopus. He sighs, he didn’t mean it like this, but it was something that was meant to happen soon or later. More soon than later.
The gown was of a greyish cloud colour, platinum adornments on it that make it look elegant, even though it seemed to approach more of a softer side. A waterfall braid embellishing the “marine” style look.
“My, if it isn’t the Prefect. I’m greatly surprised to see you here, and I also see you’ve made some major changes in your attires”.
“Those aren’t intentional, I swear I don’t know where they’re coming from, but they’re nice, I think”.
Nice? That’s how you would describe them? Your sole being is enough for him to lose his businessman composure, and now you do this, this… How did you call it? Barbie transition? He wasn’t hearing the conversation you had with Ace, what are you implying?
He’s already having a hard time to not let his façade break down, afraid that you may not like him if he showed any weakness, and that’s when he saw the dress, now matching his outfit. Although he still is smiling, what gives him away is the huge blush and his “subtle” coughing, trying to convince himself that he can still talk to you normally, like every other day.
Until he remembers that you don’t usually talk while waltzing, and that is enough for him to sigh in relief, now focusing in not stepping over your feet because of his nervousness.
He knows how to dance, it’s just because of the nerves and the feeling of your curious eyes staring up at him.
A tall figure places himself next to him, and he doesn’t need to look up to know who is, slightly refusing to let you go. Yet he knows that it would not end well for him; the mischievous eel would definitely use this as teasing material. He figures he can make a dance night in the Lounge, only you and him.
The gown was teal, and it seemed to be made of a shiny material, some purple laces tied on it as it had a tight and long bow on the left side. You portrayed a half up left side braid, clearly resembling his long streak of dark-grey hair framing his left side.
“You look marvellous tonight, Prefect; may it be because of your presence or your magical dress?”.
“Very funny. Obviously, it’s the dress, the one that I didn’t know had magical properties when I bought it, but thanks for noting my presence”.
Wrong. The dress certainly was a boost to your natural charming nature, but saying that was the only cause of your fascinating self would be an understatement, after all, the main thing Jade and Floyd finds fascination in is how interesting is the person in question, and for him to have romantic feelings for you? With that you can already imagine what he thinks of you.
He waits for the moment your dress changes, and when it does he leaves an amused chuckle. But surprisingly enough, he doesn’t say anything about it, rather enjoying your reactions at it and your comforting company.
He excels at dancing, even making it more difficult for you to keep the pace, and yet again an entertained noise leaves his mouth. He slows down a little, not wanting to exhaust you, as your next partner would be his energetic twin.
Speaking of the devil, he can’t wait for much longer, whining to you both that he wants to dance with you. He leaves no room for complaints, and so you are separated from Jade, who finds this situation more than lively. If Azul ever decides to tell him about his idea of the dance night in the Lounge, he would be more than delighted to share some of his suggestions.
This gown was the twin of Jade's, also teal and shiny, the purple bow now sided on the right, now messier and easy looking. Your hair is, again, in a half up right-side braid. Similar to the concept of the dark-grey streak of hair on his right side.
“Shrimpy~! Why didn’t you tell me that you were here? We could have passed more time together~!”.
“Sorry Floyd, my mind was a bit of a mess before I got here. But I’m here now, doesn’t that make you happy?”.
He lets out a cute ‘yay~!’, and you are wondering how someone can be so adorable and so frightening at the same time, as his pout quickly disappeared after your kind-hearted question.
He has the same train thought that his brother, and waits for your dress to change. He’s a little disappointed when he sees it at first, I mean, doesn’t it look the same? Until he notices those small details that allure to his right side highlight, and his smile widens so much you can even see his back teeth.
His Shrimpy surely knows how to make him happy! How is he supposed to stop smiling so widely when you can become more interesting by the second? Be warned, this man wouldn’t let you in peace after this, but that applies to almost everything that you do, because for him everything you do can be interesting, and even if they’re not, he would make them interesting just by joining you.
His dancing is… Different. It’s not ballroom dance, that’s for sure, but why should he follow such boring rules when he can have fun spinning you? You agree to some level, but your stomach doesn’t.
He pouts when you try to change, expressively refusing to let you go. He only agrees to when you say you would pass more time with him after, most likely hovering over you the rest of the night. He sure is an Octavinelle student.
The gown was of a really light and shiny yellow, almost looking like it was made of gold, softly transitioning to a silver white in the sleeves and neckline. Your hair had a braided crown, a turban like his slightly covering it.
“I’m glad you’re here Prefect! I was going to throw a ball for you since I thought you would miss this one!”.
“There’s no need for that Kalim, but I appreciate the gesture, you’re very sweet”.
You think he’s sweet?
Now nothing is stopping him now from actually throwing a ball in your honour. He usually doesn’t think much when it comes to give you gifts and hosting parties for you, no selfish intention behind it, but if this makes you say that he’s sweet again? He doesn’t have any second thoughts about it, much to Jamil’s annoyance.
When he sees the dress he exclaims a loud ‘wow’, like really loud, he even stops dancing for a couple of seconds because of the initial shock. He didn’t know you could do this, MC, this is awesome! Oh, you didn’t do it? It doesn’t matter, it’s still awesome and nothing can change his mind.
He knows how to dance, and surprisingly, he takes it seriously. His steps are firm, contrasting with his saccharine smile.
He sees Jamil aside, a slight frown as he keeps his gaze locked on the floor, and he decides it’s time to change partners, making you do a twirl and practically throwing you at Jamil’s arm, giving him a thumbs up. He can dance with you later when you come to Scarabia, and by later is tomorrow! He’s just too excited!
The gown was black, little touches of a flaming red on it, mostly placed on the sleeves to emphasize a fire-like emblem, a golden snake tracing your waist gracefully. A braided bun with a large lock of hair standing on the side of your face, similar to his.
“Aren’t you tired? I’m sure all this dancing is exhausting for you”.
“I’m fine, this is better than watching soap operas alone while Grim sleeps, his snores are so loud I can’t enjoy the drama”.
Watching what? We all know Jamil isn’t much of a trendy and he doesn’t follow the latest entertainment, so he’s confused when you explain this to him. That doesn’t mean he isn’t intrigued, maybe if he wasn’t so busy he could watch this “soap operas” with you, only if you want to though; his worst nightmare is making you uncomfortable.
The transition has him even more confused, and he hopes he had his hoodie right now to hide his face in it, not wanting to embarrass himself in front of you because of that stupid cute blush. He asks about it, and he sighs when you told him the story we already know, already expecting something like this, it’s you who we’re talking about after all.
He’s an A+ dancer, and the great thing about dancing with him is that he understands you can’t follow his moves and accustoms to your moves, making you feel at ease and welcomed.
When he spins you, Pomefiore’s house warden takes your hand in his, now taking the position as your current partner. He leaves a bothered noise, awkwardly staring at you and the Magicam star.
The gown was black, a violet robe placed on it in a similar fashion like Vil's, the most outstanding feature being its length. Your hair had a side French braid up-do, a tilted golden tiara on it.
“It seems that you’ve finally taken my fashion suggestion, potato”.
“The answer may disappoint you, Vil, but this is not my doing. Although it’s fancy, it can’t rival yours”.
He can’t agree with that; sure, he’s dressed elegantly and his makeup is perfectly done, but that doesn’t mean you’re inferior than him. You’re one of the few people that don’t have the title of “potato” in his head, even though he has it like a nickname for you, but he sees it as an endearing term and he low-key hopes you see it as well. He never really understood the concept of “inner beauty” before meeting you, now getting its meaning.
Vil’s a professional actor, so he only shows the slightest hint of surprise when your dress changes. His blush isn’t a noticeable one, and even if it was, he could have just said that it was a new product, knowing you would believe him. He finds your naïve nature confusing; Neige is naïve, and that bothers him, because he’s Neige, but when it comes to you is just… Endearing.
You’ve practiced with him quite a few times, using it as an excuse to see you since he was pretty busy with the clothing arrangement the week prior to the ball, not really expecting to actually dance with you.
You spot the astute hunter behind him; deciding it was time to change, he reluctantly released you, his face betraying as he scoffed at this, softly enough so you wouldn’t hear it.
The gown was of an iris purple, a short, red cape hovering over your shoulders, looking a lot like a hunter's cape, a black neckline completing the Pomefiore’s colour palette. Your hair was wavy, bob styled, matching with Rook's.
“Quelle beauté! Your beauty is nothing I can ever compare, for it is so endearing that my heart flutters at this magnifique sight!”.
“Wow, I… I don’t know what to say- Thank you, Rook. That’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve said to me, and I encounter you every single day”.
You really think so? Then you should listen to his poetry, dozens of poems dedicated solely to you placed neatly in his drawer, ready for you to read them, or, even better, he can read them to you! He recites them every time he thinks about you, so he knows them by heart.
He’s great at acting, but why should he act when he’s genuinely happy of having you this close? He doesn’t see the appeal in it, he wants you to see how much appreciation he has for you, continuing to spill carefully planned comments, even forgetting about the fact that your dress has just magically transformed. The hovering attention has you stuttering, and he leaves a content sigh at your reaction, basking in your cuteness.
He’s the vice dorm leader of Pomefiore, he knows how to dance, and his gracefulness is something you did expect from him, so there’s no surprises in this part.
He doesn’t put a fight when you have to switch to your next partner, only making a dramatic sight and saying something corny like: “May fate reunite us again”. Rook, you’re going to see MC tomorrow, calm down.
The gown was lavender, an apple red cloak covering your bare shoulders, the interior being of a velvety black. Your hair was tied in a low, twisted ponytail, some golden apple hairpins on the side.
“Ya’ look pretty… I mean, you look great, Prefect!”.
“Thank you Epel, but you know that you don’t have to hide the accent when you’re with me, right?”.
He forgets how thoughtful you are, how he doesn’t have to act like the perfect boy Vil wants him to be, and how you don’t think of him as weak just because of his “feminine” looks. He’s thankful for that- Correction, he’s thankful for you.
He maybe in Pomefiore, but he has no acting skills, backing off you for a few seconds because of the surprise, immediately recovering from it upon seeing your confused expression. He didn’t mean it as a bad reaction, he saw it before, but he still doesn’t know why or how you do this, only to receive the explanation that you aren’t the one changing your dress, jokingly telling him that if you could do that you wouldn’t be broke. Sad facts, MC, sad facts.
He’s an average dancer. He’s had so many, so many classes with Vil graved in his skull, but not on his body, so he constantly looks at his feet and even like that he makes some mistakes, but nothing you can’t correct.
It was hard to switch partners this time, only because Ignihyde’s gloomy dorm leader was hidden in the crowd. When you did spot him, you had to make your best try at making it as smooth as possible, waving Epel goodbye, who in return waved you as well, being too nervous to actually protest.
The gown was indigo, the dark colour combining both of Ignihyde's characteristic style, adding some sapphire elements so it would look a little more "futuristic". Your hair had a classic half up-do, the volume matching with Idia's flame hair.
“How did you-? Forget it, of course it’s something the main character would do”.
“Aww, you think I’m the main character?”.
And now his hair is combusting into pink flames, good job MC.
He can’t believe he actually lived long enough to see you like this, and what’s worse better, you spotted him and wanted to dance with him. Is there some kind of manual for situations like this? Maybe he should ask in a forum? Is something he can actually ask? There’s a ton of questions and no answers, but those thoughts disappear when seeing you change of dress and hairstyle yet again.
His dancing skills are… Non-existing. This man doesn’t dance, you have to guide him in the entire waltz, and it’s difficult because he’s standing there, officially classifying as a rock.
You see his younger brother besides, and you can’t help but changing with him, wanting to have a bonding moment with the little boy. Idia’s froze in place, mind racing with thoughts of what could he have done to scare you- Oh, you’re dancing with Ortho, now he’s at ease.
This one was a short dress, knee-length; it was lapis, layers of a translucent fabric covering the skirt, looking slightly lighter in colour. Your hair was simpler this time, a short and cute cut with a blue flame hair accessory.
“Hello MC! I’m happy you’re here, thank you for dancing with my brother, he seems much livelier now!”.
“Really? That’s nice to hear, Idia’s not the type to go to these events, so I’m happy if you both are happy!”.
He knows about his brother’s crush on you, and honestly speaking, Idia’s the one that has an advantage against everyone else: He has a cute brother who wants him to be happy. I’m sorry everyone, this is the truth.
This was actually pretty fun, his short height made it easier for you (or not, if you’re tall, can’t relate) to dance with him, and although he’s a robot, he can dance fairly well, giggling when you spin him.
He stops and says that it’s time to switch, according to the data he’s recollected during the night, and because a dragon-fae being is waiting just behind you.
The gown was all black, the only other colour it had was a bright green, seen in the hem of the cape and the large lace that was tied in your waist. Your hair had a twisted royal bun, a dark crown over it with some black diamonds, outshining the hairstyle itself.
“You always manage to amuse me, Child of Man. May you join me in this dance?”.
“Your old-fashioned talking amuses me too, Tsunotarou, so I will try… It would be a pleasure, noble gentleman”.
The giggle that leaves your mouth after saying those words is music to his ears, holding you in such a fragile manner as if you were porcelain. When he does start waltzing, his eyes focus on yours and only yours; being with you like this makes him forget everything else, choosing to rather enjoy your presence and the warmth that it comes with it.
The dress does break his concentration, fixating his gaze on it for a few seconds before his eyes return to his initial position. It’s not that he doesn’t think you don’t look enchanting, you always do, but even if you wore a potato sack to the ball he would still think of you as his goddess. That’s how much he loves you.
He’s an exceptional dancer; he grew up in a royal environment after all, often practicing with his grandmother and Lilia, but he’s willing to slow down for you. And that’s when his mind wanders about dancing with you at night, the moonlight covering your smooth skin as you both dance till your feet hurt and- Where are you?
It seems he let himself out of guard and now you’re dancing with… His overseer. Did- Did Lilia just stole his Child of Man? DID LILIA JUST STOLE HIS CHILD OF MAN-?
He calms down, knowing that making a scene is considered rude, and so the only thing he can do is… Pout; so he’s now a sad and pouting dragon-fae.
The gown was of an opaque magenta, the top being black with some leather belts tied on it. Your hairstyle was asymmetrical, mid-length with a resemblance to his own, some of it flipping upwards, looking like small horns.
“It’s endearing to see you here, dear. I was thinking of even bringing you with me~”.
“Thank you for not doing it, I don’t think I can endure another flying session…”.
That’s a shame, he loves when you cling onto him like your life depends on it, and it low-key does, but there’s nothing to worry about! He would never drop you or let you fall, not even him would joke like that.
He recognizes the type of magic that is causing this, and lo and behold he takes a glimpse at the hidden fairy behind you. He chuckles, not saying a thing to let the show continue, but he’s really intrigued by how you managed to get the attention of such a shy creature, soon remembering that of course it was attracted by you, everyone in this room could say the same.
He’s a good dancer, but he chooses to make it more fun by elevating you a few meters off the floor. You cling onto him, telling him to stop doing that as you slowly tried to reach the marble ground.
When it’s time to change, he spins you dramatically, and you fall right into the arms of the drowsy Diasomnia knight, who woke up at the sudden impact.
The gown was white, some simple and silver patterns on it, maybe from a knight's armour. Your hair had a flower braid, specifically a rose, cascading down like a waterfall.
“Prefect…? Are you okay? You look a bit exhausted”.
“I’m fine, Silver, sorry to wake you up this way, it wasn’t my intention”.
He doesn’t mind if you are the one waking him up, and it’s not like this is the first time it has happened either; your clumsy friends always manage to make you fall, and conveniently for you, he’s there, be it catching you or cushioning your fall, but once again, he doesn’t mind.
If he’s being honest, he didn’t pay attention to the dress nor the hairstyle you were wearing at first, and how it magically transformed every time you changed partners, so this background leads him to make a baffled expression, mostly because he isn’t the greatest at showing emotions. He mutters some compliments, but the echoing walls don’t let you hear what he’s saying, much to his invisible frustration.
He’s a calm dancer, and it’s very much like dancing in a fairy forest, animals surrounding you as you continue to be invested in the harmonious waltz.
But that moment breaks when the last boy complains under his breath, probably because he was the only one that hadn’t had his dance with you, and with an apologetic smile, you go to him. He sighs, trying to stay awake, but failing at the end as his breathing regulates in his sleep.
The gown was lime, some parts had a darker green and others had subtle white highlights. Your hair was now straight, twirling slightly at the ends, which touched your covered neck.
“I’ll give my all in this dance, human!”.
“I know, Sebek. You always give your all in everything you do~”.
Are you trying to use the same tactics you’ve used to seduce his young lord Malleus? That won’t work, human! He’s not weak to your charming smile and lovely eyes, he must stay alert to guard his master from any threats!
Less to say that is a terrible lie; he’s head over heels for you, but can’t express it, not even when the transformation happens for the last time, the enchanting dress and enticing hairstyle had him in a state of shock for five to ten seconds, and when he snaps out of it he wants aka sort of demands to know what’s the meaning of this. He shuts up after hearing that you also don’t know, feeling bad for all the shouting.
He’s a vigorous dancer, his moves are more energetic compared to the others, but not enough that you grow tired of it.
Since Sebek was the last one you were supposed to dance with, you sigh in relief, maybe you can finally rest and maybe even enjoy the rest of the night-
“Prefect! I must know what is the meaning of this!”, here it comes, the problem you wanted to evade.
“Headmaster, hello, I was just, uh…”, you tried to think of an excuse that made sense, even if you knew that everything you said would be a futile attempt to get out of the situation.
“She was making sure everything went perfectly; she helped with the organisation, after all”, announced Azul, him and the eels hiding your figure behind theirs.
“It’s our fault she’s here, we insisted she stayed”, added Riddle, unconsciously joining the barricade, as well as the other Heartslabyul students.
“I appreciate the worrying, but I explicitly said that she nor Grim could take part in this ball”.
“She helped with it, and for her to not be part of it was an act of unfairness”, said Malleus, his cold glare sending shivers down the spine of the kind headmaster.
“I understand your position, but- “, you went out, standing in front of Crowley.
“Guys, it’s okay, I’ll take Grim and then we would return to Ramshackle”, before they could even start complaining, a different voice joined the conversation.
“My, what is this commotion?”, it was the Royal Sword Academy headmaster, Ambrose the 63rd. “Oh, you must be the prefect I’ve been hearing a lot about, it’s nice to meet you”, he presented himself, and you did the same, somewhat intimidated of him.
“It’s nice to meet you too, sir. My name’s MC, and I know I shouldn’t be here but I assure you I was about to leave- “.
“Leave? Who said anything about that?”, your face shifted into a confused expression.
“I was told that some parents had a problem with me and Grim participating of this ball, so that’s why I thought that- “.
His amused laugh shut you up, baffled at this action. “Yes, that’s correct, but it would be cruel to send you home after you made all the way here”.
“Headmaster! The parents solicited- “.
“I know Crowley, but they’re not here, and this young lady has the right to enjoy the same things as their classmates. There shouldn’t be any problem since this is a private event”.
“But I- “.
“You heard that MC!? He said you can stay!”, exclaimed Kalim in excitement.
“I guess so”, you turned to the man that helped you, and bowed in gratefulness. “Thank you, Mr. Ambrose”.
“No worries, dear. Now if you let me, I have to talk some important things with your headmaster”, both of them walked away, Crowley’s shocked expression still placed on his face, and you chuckled at it.
It seems that happy endings do exist in the real life, and if you’re wondering where did the little fairy go… Well, she changed your dress again to the initial gown you wore at first, except that it was more of her liking, with huge bows and puffy sleeves.
But the rest as some say, it’s history.
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twst-headcanonss · 2 months
I read that fic about reader telling some twst boys they're prettier than Vil and I'm living for it! Could I have the same concept but with ADeuce, Epel, Trey, and Malleus? Thnx!
𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒚 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒆𝒏 .𝟎𝟐
₊˚ ✧ ‿︵‿୨୧‿︵‿ ✧ ₊˚
Note: Of course! Anytime !!!ヽ(・∀・)ノ Also this might suck because I'm running out of ideas and when I'm out of ideas they are kind of short.. so... sorry :(((!
Characters: Ace, Deuce, Epel, Trey, and Malleus Dictionary: _ (not any that I remember)
Ace Trappola:
Tumblr media
Ace would be the same way when receiving compliments, except he mostly acts as if he knows already. He only does that to try to make him look cool in your eyes.
But when Ace uses that method, he says it in a way that could shatter your interest in him; or at least that could go one way.
The other version of how this whole idea would go is, You would randomly say it catching him by surprise.
"Could you repeat that?" He says with a slight tone of sarcasm.
He patiently waits for your response as he tries to hold in his laughter.
One of Ace´s basketball games ended with a rival school, who we´ll say is RSA. He lets out a huge sigh of relief as he makes his way to one of the benches, that´s right in front of where you sitting.
He opens his eyes wide open as he stops in front of the bench to see you sitting on the bottom column right in front of him. A wide grin spreading on his face, ¨Did you see me out there Y/N? I was cool right?¨
You nod as you pay your attention to his hair, ¨Y/N~ Why are you looking at my hair-¨
¨ I think I like this hairstyle way better. Makes you look hotter than Vil no?¨
An annoying grin comes up onto his face, as he leans closer to your face, leaving only inches apart. He crosses his arms locking his eyes with you.
¨ Y/N- I- You're suddenly in a flirty mood today huh?" A red hue covers his face as he realizes the closeness between you two.
Deuce Spade:
Tumblr media
Deuce generally has never really comprehended how to act after someone just complimented him. He only usually accepts them with an unsure smile on his face.
His heart nearly stops as you utter the most breathtaking compliment.
It was the end of the first period as you look at the clock. You’re so wrapped up in your thoughts that you’re surprised when you hear someone shout your name.
"Y/N are you coming?" Deuce says as he stops mid-way from getting up from his chair.
"Oh yeah- Sorry." The both of you walk out of the classroom and you stare at Deuce in awe.
"Have you gotten prettier? I swear... you're more pretty than Vil."
"I-I don't think so."
He looks to the side as a red hue spreads on his face, "But if you say it... I might believe it."
Epel Felmier:
Tumblr media
Epel probably handles compliments depending on his surroundings.
For Example: In the vicinity of the Pomefiore dorm he would try and be as masculine as possible because, a) vil could be near and he doesn't want to be seen as weak by him, or b) there are too many people starring at the two of you.
A pink hue of blushes covers his whole face, to the point where his skin tone turns into a light shade of pink. An uneasy smile puts together all his cute features.
Widened aqua-blue eyes look at you in shock as he blanks out, every single part of his body freezes in place. It took some words from your mouth to get Epel out of this state.
As he gets out of this embarrassing state he's in, he folds his hand in a tight fist alongside his chest area. Instead, a stern and serious face gathers on his features.
Blush still is formed around his face as he then scrunches his eyebrows, suddenly trying to look all tough-looking and masculine.
He can't let himself look all weak! What if Vil's around? He can't let himself be a scene in this state, he's trying to prove he's not weak to him y'know!
He's broken out of his wondering state of thinking as he's met with your confused eyes. Epel breaks out into a mini-state of panic as he realizes how wrong he came off.
"Th-Thank you for your compliment Y/N, it's my fault for expressing my emotions in a.. confusing way!" He exclaims as he quickly breathes in, bowing to you with a hand over his chest.
"I'm glad you think I'm more handsome than Vil!!" Epel's voice sounds like he's almost screaming from the amount of passion in his voice.
Trey Clover:
Tumblr media
Trey is taken back for sure, him? More handsome and prettier than Vil? Why he doesn't know if he could believe that if he tried!
You reassure him that what he just heard was correct, he's a shy-stuttering mess. Trey thinks of himself as a completely average guy with average looks, not anything close to the image of Vil Schoenheit.
He tries to choke out words from his mouth, but his racing heart says otherwise. Someone needs to make sure Trey doesn't have a heart attack from how fact his heart is going.
Trey chokes out a rushed 'thank you' as he tries to calm down his pulsating heart.
His hand clenches his chest as sweat drips down his rose-colored face.
"Y/N, you said that so suddenly, once again thank you, darling."
Malleus Draconia:
Tumblr media
Argue all you want with me but... Malleus can be cocky from any sort of affection you try and give him. (⌒▽⌒)♡
He finds it mostly amusing and endearing how you think of him in those ways.
Malleus can't help that he thinks you are the cutest when you come up to him and say it directly to his face. His light up in such curiosity, he's glad to inspect such an interesting person.
A smile appears on his lips as a warm atmosphere drifts around the air. More handsome than thee 'Vil Schoenheit' huh? It flatters him, to say the least.
His eyes gleam with such flirty intent, he then puts his finger under your chin and lifts your head.
"Y/N~ Child of man, you wanna repeat that?"
A cocky smile forms on his lips as he stares at you with narrow eyes, waiting for your answer.
"Just going to stay silent huh? Fair. Now come, I want you to show me how much you think of how pretty am I~"
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bxnnybtch · 25 days
Tall reader with Ruggie/Riddle/Epel be like. If nobody minds I'm gonna scoop up this short king and smother him in love. and then do NOT actually wait for an answer.
Ruggie is fully taking advantage of this, especially if he gets pampered/babied too. Oh he has to hang Leona's clothes, but the line is So High, maybe his lovely girl will do it for him? Bonus is when he makes her reach for high things on his behalf her shirt lifts up and he sees her tummy (nice) and her hips (extra nice). 50/50 he has to touch the revealed skin.
Epel is despondent about being shorter except for when tall reader has her tits eye level with him or leans down to talk to him and he gets to see all that cleave. He also tries to use her as a body block between him and Vil trying to make him do stuff. Generally fails to do so.
Riddle HATES this because he gets sooo embarrassed and turns so red, but also Tall reader unlocks a leg and thigh kink he never knew about, and he gets dizzy whenever he sees her in tight thigh high socks. NO he did NOT gift her pairs that match his dorm colors that would be INAPPROPRIATE (he did, cause he checked and there are no rules against it)
No why did you just steal my whole heart 😭😭😭 the noises i made while reading this jsksks this is my favorite thing ever 💗💗💗 i want this entire post to be my entire blog
Ruggie is all sweet to your face, asking for help or tricking you into doing his work for him (though he is a malewife at heart so it really is just so he can spend the time and appeal himself to you.) He doesn't want to seem useless and wants you to know that yes he is smaller but he will do everything you need and more. Acts of service galore!!! And when you help him? He's so in love!!! Please let him make it up to you! He'll massage your back (featuring some suspiciously soft touches that feel like butterfly kisses) or better yet, allow him to worship your long legs and massage down to your feet. You are his queen, you know?
+ Leona can't even get upset when Ruggie starts slacking because it's for you- and the lion in him revels in such a statuesque beauty being spoiled. If you want to be Ruggie's make believe Queen, he respects it, but he wouldn't mind making you a princess by his own right. He'll blow money on things he knows you like and have Ruggie secondhand deliver them, but anyone with a brain knows the quality goods are from none other than Leona.
Epel gets teased so bad for being a petite, pretty thing so he flaunts you with pride. It feels damn good having positive attention from such a bombshell. He'll do things for you that he'd detest anyone else asking him for. Dress him up? Sure. Do his hair? All right! Make up? Ugh, okay....but he does need to be rewarded. He's not fussy- just go with him to lunch and let everyone see how he did what they couldn't. He's already feeling sky high from your little makeover (guess you didn't realize how far down you had to bend over to reach his face.) Sure, he's pretty, but you're drop dead gorgeous and he'll make sure that you know he's a man where it counts.
+Vil hates you. He really does. First you steal one of his problem kids away to do some sub par eyeliner and now- this?! When he walks in Epel's room without notice and sees you bent over from behind, long legs like a runway and your ass facing him, he genuinely blanks. Regardless, he's not one to get distracted for too long or to accept anything less than perfection. He'll have to give you a few beauty tips in private- oh, and don't worry about Epel, Vil's nice enough to let you bend over practice on him like that instead.
Riddle is a little embarrassed. He just didn't hit his growth spurt, okay?! He avoids standing next to you but has no qualms in tugging you down by the tie when you're getting scolded for this and that thing. It's always a scolding, somehow you never get collared by the little redhead. Speaking of red, Riddle encourages you to keep wearing those thigh highs. They show great school spirit! As a reward for being so enthusiastic, why don't you sit right next to him for the next Unbirthday Party? He'll even let you try a slice of his favorite tart. No, he's not playing favorites. He's just being a good dorm leader!
+Cater adores the way your legs look. At first he thought you might get in trouble for your thigh highs but Riddle quickly dismissed him when he tried to look up the dress code rules to warn you. Well, beats him. He's happy to enjoy the show you unknowingly put on and he hopes you don't mind the cheeky hand he casually slips onto your leg while he chats away at the Unbirthday Party, his pointer grazing the skin between your long socks and ridden up skirt.
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ceruleancattail · 19 days
hello, could u please write pomefiore as butler please?
I love it
I’m so glad you like my butler au!!! Omigawd-
Thank you for the request! Sorry for the wait🥹
Pomefiore as Butlers
Epel has always been a little on the wild side. Despite his docile appearance, he’s always raring to go. Just give him the word, Master. He’ll go charging into battle, your white knight.
He follows you around, waiting for a chance to swoop in. Now, you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting, that’s what he’s here for, yeah? Epel’s remarkably fast when he wants to be. Those files you had to look through? Swiped into his arms, a lopsided grin bright on his face.
How’s that? Isn’t he the strong? Now Master, you can lean onto him if you want too~
You have a wonderful orchid of apple trees. Epel’s suggestion. His reasoning being that “an Apple a day keeps the doctor away”. What better way to ensure his master stays healthy? A throve of great big apple trees, the crimson fruit gleaming in the sun. Now, don’t you worry about a thing. Epel’s more then experienced in the care of Apple trees.
Only the sweetest for his master, no?
Rook has remarkably silent footsteps. You never hear him coming. The moment you open your mouth to speak his name, he’s already there, tipping his hat.
He’s very affectionate with you. His gloved hands clasping your own, giving them a little squeeze when he speaks. Rook tends to be a little carried away, singing your praises loud enough for all the skies to hear.
Sometimes, it’s all a little too much for you. Cheeks growing hot, pulling away from Rook. He only holds on all the tighter. Mi Amor is not accustomed to such praise? Please, allow him to continue. Someone as magnificent as you should not shy away from such truths!
Rook tends to lurk in the woods,his bow slung over his shoulder. He tends to trek a little dirt in, that day’s dinner grasped in his hands. Occasionally, he takes a little longer then usual. “Lost in the hunt”, he often tells you.
Tread into the woods, Master. Call his name. He’ll come, as sure as dawn and night.
Vil has a certain authority to him. Walking around your house with purpose, he has no tolerance for sloppiness. Straighten up your back, please. You’re his master. Act like it.
He keeps a tight watch on the condition of the house. Cleanliness is a must, of course. However the decor must be kept up to the times, of course. No master of his will ever lose in the aesthetics. Despite his harsh judgement of things that have gone out of fashion, you do notice he does keep memorabilia that you’re fond of.
Outfits are picked out with you in mind. Your personality, your habits, your expressions… Vil takes special notice of those. After all, clothes only enhance what’s already there. A medium to show the world your beauty. He picks out clothes that bring out your best features, always asking if they’re comfortable for you. There’s no use using shoes that pinch uncomfortably, no matter how good they may look.
Unless you want to lean into him? My, my, Master. There’s no need to be all shy about it.
Come, take his arm, Master.
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harunayuuka2060 · 1 month
*In a housewarden meeting*
Azul: *taking care a lot of business calls*
Riddle and Vil: *are getting annoyed*
Azul: Yes, of course. My assistant will send you an email about it. Yes, yes. Thank you for your cooperation. *hangs up*
Crowley: Mr. Ashengrotto.
Azul: I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to interrupt the meeting with my business.
Riddle: Can't you do that in your own dorm?
Azul: Unfortunately, I'll be in big trouble if I do that.
Vil: And why?
Azul: MC-senpai dislikes it when he sees me being overly-busy. The least I want is to disappoint my loving and caring senpai.
Riddle and Vil: ...
Leona: Ha. Sounds to me you're being spoiled-rotten.
Leona: Anyway, could you please tell the beautiful bastard to stop seducing the Savanaclaw students?
Azul: Excuse me? I believe it's not his fault they're naturally drawn to him.
Leona: Tch.
Kalim: Ah, Azul! I just remembered! My mother is asking if MC will be able to visit her in Scalding Sands.
Azul: Oh, about that. I don't think he'll be available.
Kalim: Why?
Azul: Senpai's schedule has been too hectic. In fact, he's going to have a modelling shoot here in Night Raven College.
The housewardens: Huh?
Crowley: Huh?
Riddle: You know nothing about this, headmage?
Crowley: Mr. Ashengrotto hasn't informed me and I'm hearing about this now.
Azul: I did send you a memo. That should still be on your desk.
Crowley: Oh. I see. I'll read it later. *smiles*
The makeup artist: Wha~ You're so pretty~.
The makeup artist: Do you even need a makeup?
MC: *soft chuckles* Would there be a work of art if you wouldn't touch the canvas?
The makeup artist: Aww~ I promise to make you prettier!
Floyd: Wow. Senpai knows how to fool them with words.
Jade: I don't think he's doing that, Floyd.
The Pomefiore students: *watching him*
Epel: He looks so pure in those clothes.
Student A: But I've heard he's going to show the two sides of him.
Rook: The innocent and the seducer.
Epel: How did you know that, Rook?
Rook: I've asked.
Epel: Oh.
The students: Whoa...
MC: *the makeup artist has turned him into a goddess*
The makeup artist: What do you think? I've tried accentuating more your delicate features.
MC: ...
MC: *smiles* Can I take myself a photo? I want to send it to my mother and sisters. They're going to love this.
The makeup artist: Of course! Of course! I'll take it for you!
The Pomefiore students: Shit... He's more beautiful than our housewarden.
Epel: *also in awe*
Rook: *taking his own photo of him*
Vil: *watching his students gawking over MC*
Vil: Looks like I have bunch of potatoes to peel this afternoon.
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kalims · 2 months
˃ ᵕ ˂ . . "what are you willing to do? oh tell me what you're willing to do."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I would,
premise. in which it's the things he's willing to do.
parts. one , two
characters. rook, cater, ruggie, lilia, epel and kalim.
contents. scenario, fluff, crack, comfort, teaspoon of angst in lilia,
includes. gender neutral reader, sebek x gn!reader (platonic) in lilia's.
cw. mentions of nudity (not what you think it is I swear)
note. not proofread, but read clarifications please thank you!! it's to clear up general idea's of the scenarios
I know most of lilia's part is sebek but I hope you know the whole point of it
my unofficial 'I am back' post
Tumblr media
rook hunt
I would be your number one fan.
who the hell thought it would be a good idea for you to be the main character in the play?
oh wait.
that's right it's freaking vil. the worst part? it's VIL and no matter how much you resent the idea, you can't exactly deny vil all in his glory when he asks you because either way he's gonna strike you down with one look alone.
well at the very least if vil insisted you be the main lead out of... over 300 students in the school he must really be striving for success. if he wasn't he wouldn't be so lenient.
now you get why epel is both terrified and irritated at vil.
you were getting starved! (which is in fact, not true but you swear your stomach is still empty and lonely after one meal full of vegetables) maybe you don't mind veggies, maybe you do. but heck.. you enjoy those delicious, savory food once in a while.
you huff, panting as you kneel over. this was absolute hell. if you knew your character liked to apparently 'test their speed with horses' literally everyday you wouldn't have taken the spot. really though who even enjoys that?!
the play took place in an older era, where high society and such was a thing. typical main lead is outcasted yadda yadda.
you wipe the sweat off your brow and sweatdrop. "bonjour! you look positively sparkling!" a bottle of water is promptly shoved in your face, but even with the sudden intrusion of space you pay it no heed. after all water had never looked so enticing before.
though sparkling? you'd rather use the word 'hot and sweaty'. if anyone was sparkling it'd be rook. "I'm more stinky than sparkling." you can't say you enjoy the feeling of sweat on your skin.
even at your little joke his smile doesn't falter, rather it widens through the crinkle of his eyes. "you are still beautiful in my eyes, trésor"
you raise a brow at his casual compliment.
"I don't see how you'd like me racing with horses." it is rather ungrateful, you'd expect a character like yours to be on the horse, not running alongside it! magically out of nowhere rook pulls out a handkerchief which you gratefully accept.
your nose catches a whiff of the scent. wow, it smells like rook. too bad it's getting sacrificed for the better good. you think, patting down your forehead in the way vil taught you.
cause apparently just dragging it across your skin wasn't as good as patting it. though you won't question the unusual languange.
rook seemed to find your comment humorous as he laughed. "whatever you'll do. I will always admire!" well gods. his smile was contagious cause you found yourself mirroring his look. rook looks pleased with the upturn of your lips.
he catches a hold on your shoulders. "perhaps this is merely stage fright. first time, no? do not fret! I will be cheering for you if it makes you feel better."
your face twists into that of doubt. "um.. rook I love you but that seems.." embarrassing? you'd got your own share of people yelling out your name in a cheer. especially your family at an event you were featured in.
the experience wasn't that nice. it's not that you hate it, but something about it is like a thorn in your mind.
rook tilts his head. "nonsense, trésor. I will show everyone how nice your performance is, they deserve to know!" he proclaims.
oh no no no—
you chant in your head, frantically running around rook and attempting to stop him from giving you an example. just the first shout attracted the attention of your other co-workers.. "ROOK—"
"let them hear the depths of my love!"
cater diamond
I would be present.
cater is observant.
his ability to sway nearly every conversation to his favor is partially due to his ability to pick out the opposing person, be it a nervous twitch when the conversation tilts to a subject. or the gleeful shine in their eyes.
he can tell, especially you.
sure. he might've known you less compared to his friends but it feels like he can tell everything about you.
it does feel like a crush at first, he's questioning himself whether his feelings are actually romantic or not. borderline gaslighting himself that it's not even when he tries everything to impress you.
'you're just a friend' he tells himself but he's testing out the tricks social media told him to. holding eye contact when he can't even contain his heart.. amongst other things it's his favorite.
cause he can see your eyes, and at times you look away. clearly embarrassed by the contact.
"how's my favorite person doing?" cater slides in. seemingly out of nowhere, slinging a casual arm around your shoulder while keeping you close.
seriously. the occurrence had happened to often you had grown to find the little shoulder sling present in your everyday.
technically you are his favorite person but no matter how much he says so you just don't believe it.
you roll your eyes but can't keep the smile off your face, despite the clear look of exhaustion on your face. "just peachy. don't you have class right now?"
as far as you were aware. the time period between classes were alternating. it was the students that had to move between rooms to attend their class.
cater shrugs. "we were excused for club practice. it just ended, so I thought; why not see how you're doing?" he explains. pinching your cheek out of the simple urge and grinning when you grunt and slap his hand away.
as far as he can tell. you are definitely not feeling peachy, the bags under your eyes. more prominent than ever, or the unkempt appearance that both vil and riddle would practically strangle you for speaks volume.
"I'm fine."
cater knows that look all too well.
he tightens his grip on your shoulder and practically pushes you to his side, not really forceful. his eyes soften the littlest bit.
whatever vulnerability cater had shown for a little quickly disappeared as he simply smiles, perhaps less bright than his usual but it was.. something.
closer than you've ever been cater leans in, in a voice you've never heard. it's quiet, and gentle. "well. if you ever aren't come talk to me, okay?"
you still at the sudden warmth that jolts in your heart. "okay.."
ruggie bucchi
I would give you the tastiest piece
"—can you believe it?" ruggie huffs. words coming out in mumbles due to the amount of donuts he'd eaten in a single minute. it seemed that a mouth full of his favorite treats isn't gonna stop him from telling you all about leona's recent orders for him.
you absent-mindedly swirl your drink with a straw. "totally."
it was like, it goes in one ear and out to another. it does feel a little horrible to ignore something someone's talking about, especially if that person is someone you like! the only reason you were listening is cause you liked his voice.
you did get the gist of it though. it seemed like leona was in a bad mood nowadays, which meant ruggie had to take most of it by the increasing amount of errands leona had him run.
leona in a bad mood = ruggie's now more broken sleep.
as the resident ruggie stan you didn’t really mind him leeching off the salary you'd gotten for crowley. a few madol isn't gonna hurt your savings, plus. it's not like you haven't bought a few treats for yourself previously in the past.
you leave out the part that you like seeing his delighted face.
you did sneak a few glances by the plate almost finished by ruggie in a mere few minutes. you, by no means spent cheap money on it. for the guy you liked you'd probably buy anything he'd like (within reason) and then 'fall short' if ace asks you to buy him food.
it looked scrumptious in all honesty but from the look of ruggie's face and the assumption that he won't stop any time soon prompted you to shut your mouth and just enjoy him enjoying the donuts.
"thanks a lot for this. you know just how to cheer up an exhausted hyena up." ruggie laughs under his breath. sending you a rare look of appreciation that has you cracking a smile.
proudly, you nod. "of course. anything for you."
you wince. maybe that was too bold, but then again. it didn't seem to faze ruggie in the slightest.
after a period of silence, not exactly awkward in the slightest but rather comforting. no words needed to be said, you liked that, ruggie liked it as well. he casts you a peek.
"I can see you ogling at it. you look like me when I look at the donuts."
you frown. "no I don't.. I am not, ogling at your food."
ruggie shakes his head but there is a trace of a smile in his face. "I might be eating a lot right now but I can't leave you out of it can I? you gave it to me." ruggie says, pausing to look at you before continuing, "it's our food,"
to seemingly show you that it's 'ours' ruggie takes out the final donut in the plate and hands it to you with a grin. "I saved the best for last, here. open your mouth." he urges, threatening to squash it right in your face if you didn't with fast motions.
you sigh. he's just taunting you at this point. and, as far as you can tell that's his favorite flavor.
"but that's your favorite." you point out but ruggie's grin only seemed to spread across his face wider.
he shakes a finger in your face. "nope. correction, you're my favorite now eat up!"
you were too flustered to rebel against it.
lilia vanrouge
I would love with you
"aren't they simply adorable?" lilia raises one finger to point at the duo that.. didn't really seem all to adorable to you.
you sweatdrop. "uh.. yeah.. totally cute." it's not like you were gonna say outright: those are two men who are battling each other, definitely doesn't look cute to me. more like horrifying. to lilia out of all people! if silver and sebek are anything to him it'd be babies.
he beams.
it's safe to say it positively breaks down your entire body to skip a beat of your heart.
earlier the afternoon lilia had graciously extended an invitation to his dorm. something about bonding and since you're incredibly down bad, of course you wasted no time fretting over yourself as you trudged towards the mirror with barely contained excitement.
while sebek did pick you up (courtesy of lilia) you're sure he knew why you were barely able to keep yourself on your toes, hence surprising why he didn't bother to comment in it.
most probably something about the audacity of humans and defending himself if you pointed it out.
you aren't sure of the details which is admittedly kind of idiotic but did you really care? no.
but did you expect to spend your afternoon quite literally babysitting two grown men with the man you can call your yearning? quite a suprise and one you can't say you welcome.
when you accepted the invitation you didn't spend hours picking out articles of clothing and practically thrashing your wardrobe trying to make a 'casual' outfit that would appease to his eyes just to waste it on.. watching two grown men live their own lives!
frankly it's frustrating. it's endearing that lilia had his family in mind every step of the way but all the more irritating. and you don't even mean the part where he had his family in mind.
you just wish he'd realize they aren't the boys he used to baby before.
after god knows when, you watch lilia enter mother hen mode when silver fell down from his sitting-sleeping position. lilia gently lowering himself to adjust silver's position.
you look down.
and god did you feel awful for invalidating his love for family (kind of) it was too presumptuous of you to assume that you'd ever fit in it anyways.
oh well. you shrug. at the very least you were able to bear witness to it.
call it a sixth sense but you can tell sebek is right beside you. he huffs. "you, are a pitiful human." he says casually. the words are awfully mean, but you sense no particular ill intent from the boy.
instead you find it quite amusing. so you laugh quietly under your breath. "so I've been told." you can't use your fingers to count the amount of times sebek had called you that.
you both just stay like that. in silence, surprisingly no quips from sebek's mouth.
till he turns to you.
"the way you look at fathe—master lilia. you are being a coward by not telling him."
"I'm fine with that, there are things better left unsaid."
sebek stares at you. as in, stares real hard. the kind of look you'd see with someone who was feeling a mixture of confusion and frustration.
he opens his mouth as if to say something.
your own gaze lands on a poorly wrapped bandage around his arm. you raise your brows and gesture, "enough talk about me. what is that?"
great seven.. sebek had hoped you wouldn't see that, even so. he didn't pick you out as someone to care anyways (not that he wanted you to) it's just bizarre in itself.
at the mentioned he grunts and looks away. "it is merely a scratch!" he huffs. looking forward aggressively as if to try and hide away the sweat in his forehead. you roll your eyes.
it is a scratch but also not one? sebek and only noticed the blood down his arm when he was in the restroom. it seemed like silver had managed to nick him.
"human! you are not—"
sebek grumbles but sits down anyways. once again surprising you with his obliged silence as he waits for you to return with a new roll of bandages. the boy can feel the searing embarassment of getting treated by a human by all things!
"my my, seems like silver did a number on you did he?"
lilia chuckles deeply. sending the boy a look which sets off a fire within. sebek immediately opens his mouth to defend himself, while you. busy yourself with wrapping it around tight, but loose enough not hurt.
"silver is lucky to have done it that's all!"
you laugh.
sebek snaps his gaze to you. "what are you laughing about, human?! your way is that of a parent and I don't appreciated you flocking me." he grits out. possibly not realizing the extent of his words till he spots the look of rare suprise in lilia's face.
his face mirrors yours, but yours is definitely coated with embarrassment.
lilia giggles, a fond glance he gives you sends thousand butterflies in your stomach. "parent eh? I didn't know you yearned for another parent my dear sebek. if you wanted two that can be arranged fufufu.."
epel felmier
I would do the craziest thing with you
while you did have your own fair share of being in trouble plenty of times (a good amount stems from being with ace and deuce) you aren't sure if the potential consequences of this one can top any of them.
you squat outside the window of vil's room, which could be considered a violation of privacy if your intention was to break in this room.
right. your eyes slide to your left. in a similar position, epel sits beside you. hugging his legs to his chest looking oddly innocent for someone whose idea was to do this in the first place.
in hindsight you can call it epel's master plan to get a week with vil off his back.
apparently his master plan included adding paint to vil's shampoo, an atrocious color of bright violet. and yes, you were both on the roof. probably looking creepy as fuck to anyone else but you merely prayed that no one would look up.
"are you sure this is safe?"
"it is."
one peek down there made you question his sincerity, either he wasn't worried about falling off or was just too into waiting for vil to get out the shower.
speaking of, "what if he comes out naked?! I don't wanna see that.." you groan. shivering by the mere thought and even epel grimaced when you mentioned it.
"uh.. I hope he won't..?" so we're basing the possibilities out of your hope? great. you think grimly. you really think this is a bad idea, horrible really. but if it's epel you'll do it.
now I know what the 'in the name of love' shit they were talking about. you deadpan.
the more you stare down the more it seems horrifying to just drop down. epel huffs at you, clearly noticing your frantic eyes. "don't look down." he says, and you do just that. the problem is now you can't stop thinking about it. there isn't even a railing to stop you if you slip.
"what if I fall?"
"I'll catch you."
oh shit.
your heart rate speeds up immediately as you lower your eyes, trying your hardest to act casual.
"... with what your tiny, noodle arms?"
epel's face scrunched up at that. he casts you a glare but you know there's no malice in it whatsoever. it's become normal at this point, picking at each other. (of which you thoroughly enjoy)
he crossed his arms. "it's not—! agh whatever!" epel fumes. smacking your arm playfully as you feign a groan of pain. "my arms are manly and strong!"
you looked at him then at his arm before grinning. epel makes a look of offense.
both of you burst into a fit of giggles right after and you never thought he could look any more beautiful with crinkled eyes and a wide smile on his face.
though the moment of felt joy was hushed upon the shrill scream that definitely belonged to vil. of course, it was manly but nevertheless unable to mask the terror in it.
that was like an omen for punishment and revenge. you cover your mouth and look at epel with wide eyes.
he looks at you as well but you can tell he's holding in the cackles.
in all fairness it wouldn't have been too bad if epel used the shade of purple vil had on the tips of his hair. but this one? it's literally a bright neon that will burn your eyes for life.
you can't give yourself the moment to feel warm at your shoulders bumping, too wrapped into muffling the giggles that would definitely wake up the entirety of pomefiore from their beauty sleep.
you and epel are practically gripping each other for life, shoulders shaking in wheezes. midst that, you both failed to hear the rustle over your heads.
"my my, my ears have not decieved me! I know two love birds singing when I hear it."
"OH MY F—"
the laughing immediately seizes as you both look up at rook hovering over the two of you, donning an amused smile.
you sigh. "oh shit."
kalim al asim
I would give it to you
kalim is by no means rich.
he's loaded.
since the day he was born even his room as a child cost more than the monthly expense of a citizen, toys handcrafted by the most talented, a blanket soft and crocheted with the most expensive of silk.
an entire vault filled with treasures, gems, things made entirely out of gold. at some point he leaves them untouched, swimming in it out of boredom.
even scarabia wasn't exempted from his touch of gold.
you could say he doesn't know how to live other than luxuriously.
it sounds bad. he knows, but for the entirety of his life it's all he's ever known. and kalim isn't really one to break out of a habit that's been going on for so long.
nor does he see any bad in it. out of the goodness of his heart he merely thinks he's rewarding you with the things you deserve.
last week a whole lot of tuna was sent to your dorm. it was definitely the work of grim, and you imagine the little feline brought up your name in a conversation with kalim. the boy didn't have a second thought before he took out the money that didn't make a scratch in his account.
while you would have wondered who sent the shit ton that would last grim a good year it was prominent that it was kalim from the exaggerated words of happiness in the gift card, filled with little doodles. (you assume he couldn't help himself)
you make a mental note to limit the interactions between kalim and grim.
the second time it was purely out of coincidence. a mistake on your part, if you'd like to say.
off handedly you'd mentioned to kalim that if someone were to ever give you something on valentines, you'd rather it be one that's beneficial to you. a practical gift. but since it was the day of expressing love you settled for the classic choice of flowers.
everyone loves flowers!
but you didn't expect to step into the cafeteria with your friends and immediately get slapped by a straw flower that apparently sprouted wings and flew (a joke of course) but you like to think that it had something out for you.
deuce's jaw drops at the amount of wildlife around the wide room. there's flowers everywhere and in the sole center was kalim sheepishly scratching his cheek.
you just stared around, gobsmacked and flabbergasted. "what.. in the holy name of—" you trail off.
beside you. ace grimaces, slapping away a flower that fell in slow motion beside his face. then dragging a palm across his face. "all of this and he says.. oops?" he groans.
after picking up his jaw from the floor deuce nods hesitantly. "yeah, isn't this a bit much?"
as flattered you were. it really was.
on one, sunny, hot day you invited kalim for a walk around scarabia. beyond the dorm, away from all the glamorous things.
kalim didn't complain one bit and went along without much fuss, happily even if you might add.
the sun shines down at you harshly. the weather in the desert here sure is unrelenting. you wipe the sweat off your forehead. feeling the crunch of the sand beneath your feet.
the boy isn't too far behind you, taking animatedly as you nod along.
"that reminds me! your birthday is coming up." at that, your eyebrows raise. you still can't keep the heartwarming smile off your face at the mere fact that he knows, and remembers.
you smile at him kindly. kalim flushes at the beam. "where did you hear that from?" you question absent-mindedly enjoying the walk despite the great struggle the heat brought you.
because goddamn was it hot in here!
kalim falls into step beside you. "I asked the grandmaster for it."
more like basically forced. but he doesn't know that.
he continues, "what would you like? anything you want! I'll give it to you." kalim grins. there's no doubt whatever he's saying is nothing but the truth, he has the power to get anything you ask.
you feel embarrassed at the thought that clouds your mind. one word.
at your silence kalim tilts his head. "what's the matter? if you need more time to think it's alright!" he reaches out and clasps your hands together, further flustering you.
you gulp. "I just... I really want you, you and your heart." you slap yourself on the head in your mind cause god did that sound cliche.
you tense at the frozen kalim. only staying still when he breaks into this, love struck, goofy grin and giggles. he all but practically throws himself onto you in a tight embrace.
"you already do!"
I've been practically dead but don't blame me I've been stressed & sick fr
after this I'm probably gonna be dead again BYE HOMIES
anyways for cater's part it's him basically being there for mc, like not just present but there.. yknow... idk if you get what I'm saying LOL
so like picture this, you're going thru a hard time and there's a shoulder to lean on which is cater. WHICH I ALSO REALIZED OMG HE DID GAVE US A SHOULDER TO LEAN ON LITERALLY WKAJSKJA
B4 you say lilia's part didn't even include the whole romance thing I just thought it'd be sweet if I incorporated his lil' family in it
so while you might not think it's a lilia x reader it really is, I'm just showing the parts that'll get lilia to love you. especially if you're doting on his babies!!
ngl reader in lilia's... I lowkey thought they were a grandma when I was building their character
'I would love with you' is loosely based off two parents loving their children lmao idk what I'm saying. anyways j hope you spotted it, lilia taking care of silver + you taking care of sebek = loving them (platonically)
draft for epel's was actually like. since rook appeared out of nowhere I wanted reader to be startled and slip off, epel actually saving them just like he said. (with his noodle arms.) you're free to imagine it! but if you do wanna see me write that just hit me up in my inbox and I'll write an alternative scenario 🤫
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jester-lover · 3 months
Painting the First Year’s Nails
Warnings: female reader, fluff, impatience, short and sweet, pouty boys, reader’s physical features are not mentioned 
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
He’s so hyped
Wants the full princess treatment
Cuticle oil, buffer, base coat, color, top coat
You’ll be there for a bit, ace will not sit still
You’re his nail tech now, he’s bragging to everybody
“I bet you don’t have a girlfriend who paints your nails.”
He likes them sparkly red
Deuce Spade
He’s such a sap
To think, he was a delinquent only a few years back, and now he’s an honest young man, with a girlfriend who cares about him
He simply doesn’t move throughout, until you tell him he’s shaking
While he’s waiting for them to dry, he asks you to take pictures of them on his phone, to send to his mom later
He’s so sweet, asking if you want him to do yours next
(Respectfully say no, he’s good in intent but he has atrocious hand eye coordination)
“Thank you so much Y/N, how did I ever find someone like you.”
He likes navy blue or a clear sparkle
Epel Felmier
Vil definitely makes him paint his nails, but he sucks at it, so you paint them for him
Pouts and groans the whole time
You decide the best way to appease both him and Vil would be to paint them clear or jelly pink
After you are done, you give him a kiss on the hand for his patience
He’s slightly less distressed
“Ok, I suppose if it’s just a light color, I’ll be fine with it.”
Jack Howl
This is your idea
He’s a sucker for his girlfriend, so he holds steady and let’s you do your thing
He has really pretty nails, perfect ovals
Waits for them to dry very carefully, examining his hands for any irregularities
“Good job.”
He asks for black nails
Sebek Zigvolt
He has no interest in painting his nails!
Until he notices that his young master has painted nails
You find him outside of ramshackle, begging you to paint his nails
His hands are pretty, but calloused through his work, and he sits still as a soldier as you work
(Give him the princess treatment too he wants it but he won’t ask)
Take as much time as you like, this is quality time for the both of you
You give him a kiss on the cheek after, he is very happy
“Thank you human! I applaud your work!”
Black nail polish, he’s a happy happy boy
Thank you for reading! As you can tell, I’m still working on dialogue, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. I’ve been rewatching a lot of Simply Nailogical.
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ange1princess · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary❕Sleeping with them at night.
Characters❕Ace, Deuce, Jack, Sebek, Silver, Epel, Floyd.
Masterlist ❕
Tumblr media
❝ The kind to have you in a GRIP literally won't let go.
❝ I'm sorry if you want to go to the washroom in the middle of the night, if you move even slightly he's going to make his grip on your waist tighter.
❝ Mumbles in his sleep and says random stuff like "idiot cat" or "i love you" but you can never know if he's awake and saying it to you or not.
❝ Will definitely make you late for your classes because he'll keep insisting that the both of you stay in bed for just 5 more minutes.
❝ A pillow hogging menace (affectionate) he had at least 6 pillows on bed before you started sleeping with him and you've only convinced him to get rid of One of them, barely any space for everything to fit on the bed.
❝ Probably sleeps in bed all sprawled out, half of his leg is hanging off of the bed while one of his hands whack you in the face.
❝ Has to adjust to sleeping next to you, and trust me it's not easy
❝ Is the small spoon initially so that you can hold him to restrict his movements or him accidentally kicking you.
❝ Once he gets used to it, is the same as ace that he has a strong grip around your waist and doesn't let up easy.
❝ Only difference is he's going to wake you up early in the morning so that the both of you aren't late and will not fall for you asking him to stay in bed for even a little longer.
❝ SWEET BOY, he may have trouble sleeping some nights because he's too big for his bed or because he feels lonely, but then you come along!
❝ Not much of a cuddler honestly, but liked having your presence next to him.
❝ Always falls asleep after ensuring that you're asleep first and then he'll keep some space between the two of you but wraps his tail loosely around you.
❝ Wakes up at the crack ass of dawn to go on his daily run but arranges the pillows next to you in a way where you'll not feel the emptiness on the other side.
❝ Not up for the idea of the both of you sharing the bed at first, why can't you share a room and have seperate beds instead? And all you say is, "It'll save money, better to have one bed than two!"
❝ Sleeps straight on his back because it's the easiest way to get up as fast as possible in case something happens.
❝ You usually lay your head on his chest listening to his heartbeat as it lulls you to sleep.
❝ Plays with your hair somedays when he can't sleep, it makes him relax but he'll deny it if you ever confront him, although the redness in his face would give him away.
❝ He's so sleepy he'd sleep anywhere you ask him to, probably falls asleep on your shoulder constantly.
❝ However when night falls, it's a different story. He can't sleep, probably paces to try and tire himself out, or reads a book.
❝ Will ask you if he's being disruptive but you'll shake your head, and ask him to lie down next to you as you try to sleep.
❝ He slips in next to you, and as soon as you fall asleep, his eyes go from being on the ceiling to being on you as he traces your beautiful features with his eyes as he smiles to himself.
❝ Won't fall soon but would let you curl up next to him as he traces shapes on your back.
❝ Hard to wake up in the mornings would probably cling on to the sheets but would listen to you begrudgingly.
❝ BLANKET HOG !! As soon as he's asleep he'll start twisting and turning so that he can be wrapped around the blanket the BOTH of you were supposed to share.
❝ You're going to have to get your own blankets sorry, he likes you a lot, loves you even so he'd not put on the "charm" he does for others and if you're taking too long to fall asleep he'd tell you to "shut the fuck up and get in bed."
❝ Would want to be the big spoon but would be a little shy to ask you so he just roughly pulls you against him and hopes you won't make a big deal out of it.
❝ Wants physical affection but won't ask for it, if you start playing with his hair as he's trying to sleep, he'll rest his head against your chest or in the crook of your neck.
❝ A little strange but likes when you smell like him, (might make you wear the same perfume/cologne he wears) will make you do a whole 10 step skincare routine before bed.
❝ His dorm room can get a little cold for you sometimes, so Floyd makes it a priority to get as close to you as possible for body warmth as he puts it.
❝ Tells you about his day as the both of you lay in bed, is surprisingly gentle with you as he runs his fingers up and down your arm, his voice soothing and low as he whispers in your ear.
❝ He loves the closeness, he can be moody where some nights he won't want to be as close, and he may not want to talk, but he does appreciate you talking to him instead, and playing with his fingers.
❝ His mood improves around you, you're like his personal recharge button, his mood usually improves before he falls asleep, and as a thank you he smothers you in kisses till you're giggling and asking him to let you sleep.
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