spoiledblackgirls 1 year
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Please take a moment to share this post and help get the word out about Lauren Smith-Fields (@soooolalaa on IG) & the lack of respect shown by the Bridgeport PD to her grieving family. She was a spoiled black girl in her own right & her death should be investigated as thoroughly as others are. Rest In Peace, love. You will truly be missed.
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misshyperglam 2 years
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馃挄 You deserve to be cherished and loved the right way
馃挄 You deserve to be taken care of
馃挄 You deserve to feel secure and protected
馃挄 You deserve a man who helps lighten your load
I get so many messages from women who feel like a relationship filled with what they DESERVE, makes them some kind of burden. Can you imagine?
Baby girl...
Your energy is in INFECTIOUS
Your love is GENEROUS
Your body is SACRED
Your womb creates LIFE
Your heart is WARMING
You are actually PRICELESS!
Don't let a dusty man bargain you down.
The very LEAST a man can do is honour you (and pick up the tab).
It's very simple. When you mope through life like you are less than, guess what type of experiences you're going to attract? I think It's time you start doing the opposite, don't you?
Stop romanticising the games that dusties play and settling for boys who are under-qualified for the role of men. If he's not doing the fore-mentioned he's a leech of your precious time and energy.
Stop thinking you owe men ANYTHING, or that you need to prove your self sufficiency by way of expecting and accepting less.
The right man is not going to waste your time, play games, and show up unprepared. The right man is not going to make you feel like a burden. The right man will recognise your value and your value as a woman. The right man is going to step up as a man because your respect as a Queen is important to him.
And that's on.. I Deserve (Momma Dee voice)
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womenofthecentury 10 months
why the motto "women support women" doesn't work all the time
It has routinely come to my attention that the reason behind women hating, shaming and casting other women down is because of their own deeply circumstantial assemblage of shame colored by society's rejections
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theperfectlifestyle 1 year
October Lifestyle Update
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It鈥檚 been a while ladies! An update - mostly for myself. I will try and reflect on the year when we move closer to 2022, but here鈥檚 just a small, monthly update in the mean time.
Food, diet & exercise
I stopped being completely vegan/plantbased for a little while and started incorporating dairy, eggs and fish again after so many months without, simply due to severe digestive issues. But, it has failed and I feel morally, ethically unwell eating that way, so for now I鈥檓 going back on a vegan diet.聽
As for exercise, I really hope to start going to the gym a lot more - I have great access as there鈥檚 literally a fantastic light, calming gym and an amazing swimming pool at my work place. No excuses! As soon as I鈥檓 over this flu, I鈥檒l get back in to it.聽
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Selfcare & Beauty聽
Like stated prior, at the moment I鈥檓 down with the (seasonal?) flu, and I look as poorly as I feel, but I鈥檓 almost at the other side of it.聽 I managed to loose 4kg but having fallen off of my diet again, I unfortunately believe I am right back to point 0. I have to diet quite strictly in order to loose any weight now, as my body being normal weight is very intent on staying the way it is.聽
As we鈥檝e gone over to Autumn and I鈥檓 in love with this season, I have made it an effort to do more at home beauty, especially taking baths and using lovely scented products - shower gels, shampoos, treatments, body lotions, nice gradual self tanners to keep a glow, etc.聽
I鈥檓 also consistently getting acrylics done, starting with tips and now having gone over to just acrylic on my own nails. Babyboomers, classic french and now a lovely autumny nude. I simply love having on point nails all of the time, especially after the gel nails failure and a life long battle with short, brittle nails!聽
I got my eyelash extentions removed - it didn鈥檛 suit me whatsoever and is far too unnatural. I wanted to instead dye my lashes, which proved to be a brutal way of finding out that I am allergic to this and my eyes watered, burned and turned red for hours. So for now, I am back to makeup and fake lashes. And I actually prefer it!聽
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Home life & Cleaning
I鈥檝e always struggled with keeping my house tidy and clean, and I still do. I just didn鈥檛 grow up being taught to or disciplined to clean, as so it鈥檚 still not something that comes natural to me, even though I do like cleaning and even more so I value a clean home! I try to keep it clean, but from time to time it still does overwhelm me. I might start a tracker to try and help myself out, to have a clean house more frequently, because truely our home is lovely when it鈥檚 fresh and clean.聽
We still use fresh flowers, candles, oil diffusers and aromatherapy to freshen the home and keep it lovely, and this I鈥檒l keep up. The few more pounds are absolutely worth it!聽
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This month may not be the one I get to save the most money, as a lot of things are happening. I have family coming over finally after this Pandemic started, as well as being the host of this years Halloween party too. But I鈥檓 looking into saving double the amount I鈥檓 saving at the moment and really bump up my savings soon. That鈥檚 all for my budget - the rest is my private business!聽
All in all, I鈥檝e been better and more disciplined. I鈥檓 still reading a lot of books about how to master this self discipline and sort myself out to be my own dream girl. But I鈥檒l get there, one stop at a time!聽聽
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sluttygoddesspodcast 2 years
You gotta already have the type of energy that鈥檚 gonna capture my attention b cuz I鈥檓 not matching energy anymore. #unapologeticdopeness鈥硷笍鈥硷笍鈥硷笍 : : : : : : : : #blackmassagetherapist #senuallover #femininewomen #sexyblackwomen #bepowerful #massagetherapist #blackownedbusiness #massagetherapy #femininity #feminineenergy #confidencecoach #blackfemininity #toxicfree #divinefemininity #pussypower #sexualhealing #femininecare #owningmyfemininity #reclaimyourpower #couplesmassage #polyamorous #bossbitch #massagemsensual #sandeeafterdarkpodcast #chocolat_femmes_sisterhood (at PUSSYPOWER) https://www.instagram.com/p/CRNxvEsD57Q/?utm_medium=tumblr
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motherdaughterish 1 year
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NEW EPISODE ALERT 馃棧 https://youtube.com/channel/UCS6AKD9Bclb_62dWxRSBnNA Your mammas favorite podcast and the podcast your daughter always wanted! #feminineenergy#femininestyle#femininewomen#womensupportingwomen#podcastlove #podcastaddict#podcasthost# #podcastmovement#PodcastJunkie #podcastinglife #podcastnetwork #firstborn#birthday#podcast#podcastlife#PodcastSeries#mother#daughter#motheranddaughter#podcast https://www.instagram.com/p/CVBzkv8MBNK/?utm_medium=tumblr
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reinabarbie 2 years
how are u so pretty
I鈥檇 like to thank God and the academy for this achievement. Lmao but seriously I follow certain blogs like yours for beauty tips and self care. REALLY big on self care.
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mindfulmoonprincess 2 years
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This Birthday Month has gone hand in hand with Mental Health Month. And it鈥檚 been good. I always wanted to get a pic like this at a luxurious hotel. Silky. 鉁ㄢ湪鉁 * * * * #wellnesswednesday #representationmatters #BlackWellness #wellnessjourney #selfcare #igerschicago #blackgirlyoga #igyoga #BlackYogis #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #bodypositivity #levelup #loveandlight #meditation #chicagoyoga #yogateacher #blackyogateacher #chicagoyogacommunity #feminineenergy #blackwomeninluxury #chicagofitness #blackfemininity #chicagogram #raiseyourvibration #femininewomen #naturallyshesdope #instayoga #blackmentalhealth #abundance #marriottbonvoy (at The Gwen, A Luxury Collection Hotel) https://www.instagram.com/p/CPWVGtXh6U2/?utm_medium=tumblr
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lesliejoelle 2 years
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#LipstickLESBIAN is slang for a #lesbian who exhibits a greater amount of #feminine gender attributes, such as wearing make-up, dresses or skirts, and having other characteristics associated with #FeminineWomen. #TheMoreYouKnow #L毛slieKNOWLEDGE #L毛slieWISDOM #PRIDE2021 #PRIDEmonth2021 #HappyPride2021 #CelebrateYOURSELF #LGBTQIA2plus #ThanksForCreating @ohmwoo from #GwyllionMagazine * twitter: @ohmwu SUPPORT THEM @ http://ko-fi.com/laurieraye (at Central Park) https://www.instagram.com/p/CP3gDdxAYSB/?utm_medium=tumblr
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spoiledblackgirls 9 months
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Just gonna leave this here.
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misshyperglam 2 years
Learn How To Receive
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A question I get asked alot is "How do I get comfortable recieving?" Are you not deserving? 馃 Ultimately it's all in the way you respond. Are you reinforcing or rejecting when it comes to recieving? A High Quality Man understands that by taking care of his Queen he will be awarded so much more. So if you're worried you'll appear like you're unable to take care of yourself. Don't. The only type of man who can't grasp this concept is an extremely dusty one. Feminine energy is to receive. Contrary to popular 50/50 beliefs YOU ARE THE TABLE. So get comfortable and allow him to bring the offerings, like he wants to and like he should. When he compliments you RECEIVE IT because, damn right YOU LOOK GOOD 馃懇馃従鈥嶁殩锔 When he wants to take care of something for you RECEIVE IT because you are a soft feminine woman and you deserve your load to be lightened 馃懇馃従鈥嶁殩锔 When he gifts you RECEIVE IT, because a goddess deserves offerings 馃懇馃従鈥嶁殩锔
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libraba-by 2 months
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#outandabout #classyoutfits #sassygirl #femininewomen #darkfeminine #healingera #gorgeousgirls #raffinity
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theperfectlifestyle 2 years
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Feminine Face Goals聽
Tinted Eyelashes
Eyebrow tattoo
Teeth aligners and teeth whitening聽
Chin filler to slim + give a pointy chin and heart shaped face
Lip filler聽
Nose filler to non-surgically remove bump
Eyebrow lift
Botox (in the future, when needed - not yet.)聽
Possibly eye laser surgery to quit the contact lenses聽聽
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scriptasebasti 1 year
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Homes with educated and working women tend to be in most cases, chaotic. Homes with uneducated and non-working women are no better either. Homes with educated but non-working women tend to be a fertile land. . . Follow @sebastian.seraph 馃枊锔忦煉煆攫煋氿煆嬸煆锯嶁檪锔忦煣狆煉扳殧锔 Follow @sebastian.seraph 馃枊锔忦煉煆攫煋氿煆嬸煆锯嶁檪锔忦煣狆煉扳殧锔 Follow @sebastian.seraph 馃枊锔忦煉煆攫煋氿煆嬸煆锯嶁檪锔忦煣狆煉扳殧锔 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #scriptasebasti #眉bermensch #photooftheday #follow #followme #instagram #follow4follow #instadaily #instalike #instareels #igers #motivation #dailyquotes #dailytweet #tweetsfromtwitter #tweetsavages #lifeadvice #getthingsdone #pushforward #instaquotes #workingwomen #feminizm #feminization #educatedwomen #stayathomemom #femininewomen https://www.instagram.com/p/CZGQXiOI8WE/?utm_medium=tumblr
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fashion-eater 3 years
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If you鈥檙e childless but desire to start a family, consider getting married first! Being a baby mama and 鈥淧RETENDING鈥 you don鈥檛 want to tie the knot is hustling backwards. The 鈥淲e been together for years, we don鈥檛 need to get married鈥 or 鈥淚t鈥檚 just a piece of paper鈥 line is a bunch of bs. If you don鈥檛 believe me then just sit back and observe the baby mamas. She could be a celeb, friend, or your own mother. It doesn鈥檛 matter, do you really want to struggle raising a child alone while your baby daddy is off living his best life鈦夛笍 - If this pandemic didn鈥檛 shed light on the messy financial strain, instability, job loss, lack, etc. then idk what to tell you. Marriage gets you the keys to: * Stability * The Family Unit * Partnership, and Emotional/Financial/Legal benefits (Inheritance, Longer Life Span, Legal Decision Rights) * Benefits that will allow you and your family to live more fruitful and satisfying lives. - Idc how glamorous these insta baddies and rappers/trappers/athletes baby mamas make it look like on the gram. Child鈥檚 support is only a tiny piece of the pie and raising a child solo is NOT normal. - #babymama #childsupport #marriagegoals #hypergamy #levelup #femininewomen #feminineenergy #feminine #femininity #blackfemininity #goaldigger #wifegoals #relationshipgoals #highvaluewoman #familygoals #generationalwealth #legacy #blackwealth #blackwomen #divinefeminineenergy #divinefeminine #deservebetter #womenempowerment #selflove #blackselflove #baby #highvaluegoddess #knowbetterdobetter #loveyourself #securethebag (at Stonebridge Golf Club) https://www.instagram.com/p/CAI4USyp5Rh/?igshid=1s0lrrwx95xvs
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