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Don't repeat yourself sis! They heard you the first time.
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It's time to stop questioning the place you hold in others people's lives and believe what they are showing you.
Are they honouring their word?
Are they backing it up with action?
Are they changing the behaviour after communication?
A Queen goes where she is wanted, appreciated and valued, not where she is undermined confused and treated like an option.
Time is too precious and so are you 💕
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misshyperglam · 2 years
Learn How To Receive
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A question I get asked alot is "How do I get comfortable recieving?" Are you not deserving? 🧐 Ultimately it's all in the way you respond. Are you reinforcing or rejecting when it comes to recieving? A High Quality Man understands that by taking care of his Queen he will be awarded so much more. So if you're worried you'll appear like you're unable to take care of yourself. Don't. The only type of man who can't grasp this concept is an extremely dusty one. Feminine energy is to receive. Contrary to popular 50/50 beliefs YOU ARE THE TABLE. So get comfortable and allow him to bring the offerings, like he wants to and like he should. When he compliments you RECEIVE IT because, damn right YOU LOOK GOOD 👩🏾‍⚖️ When he wants to take care of something for you RECEIVE IT because you are a soft feminine woman and you deserve your load to be lightened 👩🏾‍⚖️ When he gifts you RECEIVE IT, because a goddess deserves offerings 👩🏾‍⚖️
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misshyperglam · 2 years
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For years I felt like I wasn’t at my best unless I had on a 24 inch silky straight wig. Don’t get me wrong I love a good wig layyy.. , but it was really becoming a form of spiritual bondage.
I know a lot of black women can relate to growing up and entering the professional world, wearing natural or protective styles often turns into a show and tell circus, or a passive aggressive reminder of the “code of conduct”.
This idea of black hair not being presentable and polished enough is absolute foo foo. Beauty comes in all forms and that includes hair textures.
The more and more I detached from mainstream society and started focusing on myself the more I began to appreciate my natural beauty and sought to enhance it, rather than completely mask myself on a daily basis.
If you told me 2 years ago I would be posting pics and videos with a leave out and my hair pulled off my face revealing my forehead I wouldn’t have believed you. Sounds very extreme I know! But ..it just goes to show how deep messaging and lack of representation manifests sometimes.
In the off chance that you can relate, here is a reminder that your hair is beautiful in whichever way you want to rock it and some gorgeous natural styles inspo 💕
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misshyperglam · 2 years
Let's get you back on track! 💕
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