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Chenford + "it was never just biology..."
It was midnight, and Tim was no closer to falling asleep than he was when he first got in bed an hour ago. The sheets rustled as his legs moved up and down out of restlessness. While it wasn’t an excessively warm evening, the air felt thick and hung over him as if he was covered in extra blankets. If the obnoxiously loud cricket he kept hearing wasn’t already inside it had to be right beside his window, torturing him with its incessant chirping.
He couldn’t take it anymore. Flinging the sheets off, he groaned as he got up and padded to the kitchen. 
He quietly got a glass of water, trying not to wake up Kojo. 
Apparently, this was his life now.
It had been two and a half weeks since Lucy had left for UC school, some of the longest weeks of his life. Weeks that had been filled with an unbearable silence, the longest they’d ever gone without talking since the day she’d been assigned to him. 
He’d expected this, knowing such a compressed time of learning required total focus from her. He didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that, so he’d kept quiet, not knowing if she’d want to hear from him anyway after how he’d left things with her. 
It wasn’t as though it was permanent, he reasoned. She would be back in a couple of weeks. They would talk again, maybe ride together again, maybe be friends again.
But in the meantime, oh how he missed her. 
So he lay awake every night, torturing himself with guilt over what might have happened when she’d invited him in after Vegas, wondering what to do about Ashley, who didn’t deserve a guy who couldn’t figure out what he really wanted, and debating what exactly to say to Lucy the next time he saw her. 
She told him it was basic biology. She had Chris. There was no way she was sitting around thinking about her former TO. 
It was time for him to move on, too.
As he finished his water, he heard a faint buzzing coming from back in his bedroom and his heart plummeted.
A call after midnight was usually never a good thing.
He sprinted back, grabbing his phone from the nightstand.
“Are you okay?” was all he could think to say.
“Tim, hi. I just, um, I wanted–”
“Are you okay?” he repeated, still fearing the worst.
“Yes, yes I’m fine. I’m in my hotel room for the night.”
Finally able to release the breath he’d been holding, he sank onto the bed, feeling like he’d just aged ten years. “In that case, hi.”
“Um, how are you?”
Such a simple question, yet he didn’t know how to answer. Great made him a lying liar who lies. Good was also a lie. I’ve been miserable since you left, well, far more accurate but there was no way he was telling her that right off the bat. So he went with the old standby. “I’m fine.”
“Good. That’s good,” Lucy said, her voice wistful. He could almost sense her the overactive wheels spinning in her mind, yet she said nothing more, which was never a good sign when it came to Lucy Chen.
Sighing, he tried to break the ice. “Lucy, I know you didn’t call at midnight just to ask how I’m doing. So, start talking.”
He winced, wondering if that came out harsher than he intended. “Please,” he added, barely above a whisper.
He heard a shaky breath on the other end. “I’ve been needing to tell you something, for a while, actually. But calling was a mistake. It had been a long night, and I had wanted to hear your voice, but this was a bad idea.”
“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that and tell me what you need to say?”
“No, I can’t do that to you, Tim. I don’t want to complicate your life.”
“You’ve been complicating my life since the day I met you. What makes this any different?” he teased, trying to lessen the heaviness he could hear in her voice.
But all he was met with was silence.
“In a good way,” he added quickly. “Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood.”
“Not your strong suit.”
He couldn’t help but chuckle. She was able to do it with four words. 
“Please, Lucy, talk to me.”
“It was never just biology,” Lucy whispered.
He gripped the phone tighter, sure he heard her wrong. All words in the English language deserted him. 
“It’s what I should have said in Vegas, when you asked. I told you what I thought you wanted to hear, but it wasn’t what I wanted to say. It wasn’t just biology, and it still isn’t. I felt…so much when we kissed. And I know, I know you’re happy with Ashley, and I would never want to come between the two of you. I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable. It’s been weighing on me for weeks, and I felt like you needed to know, because when I come back to LA, everything is going to have to change, and I don’t know really know where we go from here.”
Tim scrambled to process her every word, still not quite believing it. He was desperate to respond, but no words were able to leave his throat. 
“Ok…ok,” she whispered, sniffling. “I get it, you know. You told me to move on, and I’m going to respect your wishes. I won’t get in your way when I come back, I promise.”
“No!” Tim exclaimed, his mouth finally catching up with his brain. “I’m sorry, Lucy, I just needed a second to process. It was never just biology for me, either.”
“What? Really?”
“Really. But you made it seem like you weren’t interested, and then everything with Chris…I was going to try to put it behind me.”
“How was that working out for you?”
“Terribly. You’re impossible to forget, Lucy.”
“Wow. I’ve been overanalyzing all of this for so long, and you’re able to whip out a line like that out of nowhere?”
Tim chuckled as he sank further into the pillows. “Because it’s the truth.”
“But Ashley….”
He felt his stomach churn at the mention of her name. “I’ve been needing to break up with her. I haven’t been fair to her, having feelings for someone else while still trying to make the relationship work.”
“I had already decided to break up with Chris once I got home. That was a decision I made for myself, regardless of what might happen with you. I thought I could stay with him after his attack, but there just isn’t anything there. I don’t feel enough to keep anything going. But I do owe it to him to break up with him in person.”
“Sounds like we both have some things we need to take care of.”
“Can we really do this?”
He ached for her to appear in front of her so he could pull her in his arms and give her all the reassurance in the world, to touch and taste her until she had no doubt in her mind. But right now, all he had were his words.
“We can, Lucy. I know there are obstacles with work, but you matter more than any of those. Sure it will be a risk, but I think we’re worth the risk.”
“I think so, too.”
Tim smiled. “Good.”
Lucy yawned loudly into the phone.
“Get some sleep already. We can talk more tomorrow.”
“Man, have I missed you.”
“Yeah,” Tim said, nodding as if she could see. “Me too.”
“Goodnight, Tim.”
“Goodnight, Lucy.”
He pulled the sheets back over him, unable to get rid of the grin on his face, not that he wanted to. There still wouldn’t be any sleep coming tonight, but at least now it was for a whole different reason.
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madametamma · 3 days
A while ago, I posed the question ‘Where do fans stand on Danny having an obsession?’  With different answers all around. 
Some said they don’t like the idea that Danny has an obsession because it takes away his agency and makes his choices less meaningful if he’s forced to do what he does.
Some said they loved Danny with an obsession because that can lead to angst potential.
Others said it depended on the story.
What about all of the above?
Danny seems to be slacking off in ghost hunting lately, at first it was just, “I haven't gotten a full night’s sleep in a while, let me take a break.” But that was quite a few days ago and his sleep schedule has gotten back on track so there’s no excuse for him to be cutting patrolling short tonight, or for him to ignore what could possibly be a villainous plot going on in town, Sam insists!
Tucker points out that said villainous plot is just a new hot dog shop opening up in town which she waves off.  She insists Danny could be doing more.
Danny replies that if his ghost sense goes off, he’ll do his job, but it’s nice to take a few days off.
Sam leaves Danny and Tucker to play games while she hops on her scooter to patrol the city by herself. As she zooms through the streets she mutters “I wish the one with actual superpowers on this team was more obsessed with with doing this job than me.”
When the friends meet up the next day, Danny is much more vigilant.  Sam’s pleased although Tucker is bummed that Danny doesn’t want to see a new movie after school in favor of patrolling the city. 
For a little while, everything is good.  Danny is taking his job as a hero seriously, ghosts are getting beaten and taken back to the ghost zone, crime is noticeably going down in Amity.
Tucker points out to his friend that he might want to do something about those bruises on his face and Danny waves him off.  Hazards of the job. Sometimes the ghosts get a few good shots in.  He’ll just say it was Dash, if anyone asks.
By next week, Danny was noticeably skipping more classes than usual.  His excuse being ‘ghost fighting’ and Sam warns that he should be more careful.  Even his clueless parents are going to notice.
Later that night, Sam’s house gets a call from Jazz.  She thinks she knows what the conversation is going to be about and prepares some excuses on Danny’s behalf, but is thrown off when she confronts her about not seeing Danny since Yesterday.”
“He staggered home at 2:00 AM last night, looking like he got run over by a truck! me, mom and dad tried to talk to him but he looked so exhausted, the only thing we could think to do was send him to bed, thinking we would talk again in the morning but he was gone when we woke up.  We haven’t seen him since then! Sam, what is going on?!” Jazz cries.
At that moment Danny flies in through her window, ectoplasm seeping through an an enormous gash on his abdomen. 
“Can I get a patchwork?”, he mutters, groggily. Sam hangs up the phone in shock.
She goes to work, stitching up his wounds.  Danny murmurs some explanation of why it’s not that bad and how he’ll just need a minute before he’s ready to keep going, as his eyes droop and head nods in his exhaustion.  She tells him that he can just take a nap here until he’s well enough to go home but he disappears the instant she’s finished.
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icythot-bakubitch · 2 days
The dynamic of puss and kitty from puss in boots but make it vashwood
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Rockstar prompts that don’t include being a groupie.
"I didn't get into this business to be liked. I got into this business to be heard."
"I've been on the road for so long, I feel like a nomad. But the stage, man, that's where I feel at home."
"The best thing about music is that it can bring people together. The worst thing is that it can tear them apart."
"I never cared about fame or fortune. I just wanted to create something that would stand the test of time."
"The only thing that matters is the music. Everything else is just noise."
"I may not have the voice of an angel, but I've got something to say, and I'm gonna say it loud."
"There's nothing more liberating than stepping on stage and letting your emotions pour out through your music."
"The road can be a lonely place, but the music keeps me company."
"When I'm on stage, I feel invincible. Nothing can stop me."
"Rock and roll isn't about being cool. It's about being true to yourself, even if that means being a little bit weird."
"I'm not a diva, I'm a rockstar. There's a difference. Divas wear feathers, I wear leather."
"I can't believe people still think rock and roll is dead. Clearly, they haven't seen my bank account."
"The only reason I'm still touring is because I'm too broke to retire. And I'm too old to learn a new skill."
"I don't need a personal assistant. I need a personal bartender."
"I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer it in a plastic cup."
"I don't have a problem with authority. I just don't like being told what to do."
"My rider is longer than my setlist. Priorities, man."
"I used to be a rebel, but now I'm just a recluse. The rock and roll lifestyle is exhausting."
"I've got 99 problems, but a guitar ain't one."
"I'm not getting older, I'm getting better. And by better, I mean more stubborn and less tolerant of people who can't keep up with me."
Here you goooooo!
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oldfangirl81 · 16 hours
If you want to write a family spy au might I suggest Undercover Blues (1993) for ideas. That is supposed to be a real baby he is holding, not a doll.
Tumblr media
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Fic prompt: I know this is sort of a strange one but Kate’s thoughts about Josh, or something to do with Kate and Josh
A gentle ending...
Tumblr media
"I've been waiting for this," he said softly as he lowered himself into the seat by her bed. "If I'm being honest, I'm surprised you waited this long."
She stared at him as she tried to decide which emotion to settle on.
She was hurting, upset after having come to the heart-breaking decision to end their relationship. He had been perfect, in almost every way, and she really liked him. But she knew that wasn't enough.
Not now that she knew...
But as he sat beside her, indicating that he had no intention of leaving, her sorrow bled into anger. This was hard enough, without him having to make it worse by being stubborn.
Anger diffused into appreciation... relief. Sure, he was being stubborn, had to have the last word. But the words he spoke were soft, understanding. As far as making things worse goes, this really wasn't that bad.
"What do you mean?" she asked after a moment, confused by what he had meant by waited this long.
"I mean... I expected to be one of the first people you pushed away," he explained with a simple shrug of the shoulders. "You sent Castle packing over a week ago. I haven't seen Lanie or the boys come by in a few days..."
"They have jobs - lives - why would they want to spend every spare moment in a hospital with me?"
"Because they're your friends and they care about you."
He placed his hand over hers, gently brushed his thumb along the bruise where her IV had been removed. She was set to be released today.
The plan was to head to her father's cabin, to isolate herself from the world so that she could focus on her recovery and rehabilitation.
She knew that Josh wanted to be there with her, but she couldn't put him through that knowing how this was going to end.
As much as it hurt, as great as he had been to her, for her, she needed to end this now. Save them both from even more heartache.
"You don't have to hide from us," he added. "You don't have to push us away."
"That's not what I'm doing," she defended, avoiding meeting his eyes.
"I know I've been a little overbearing, checking in on you every chance I get. I'm sorry, I'm just worried-"
"I know."
"If you want time, a little space, I understand. And I'm happy to give you that, but we don't have to give up on us."
She shook her head. "It's not just time, Josh."
They sat in silence, processing the moment.
"How long have you known?" he asked, earning him a confused look from her. "That this was done."
She swallowed the lump in her throat, deciding she would answer any questions he had. She owed him that much.
"After Royce died, I started to re-evaluate things," she confessed. "My job, my relationships... everything."
"So, what? You've been trying to let me down easy for weeks now?"
"No," she answered definitively, shaking her head. "I've been so confused. I have a lot that I have to figure out and you deserve better than waiting around for me to figure out what I want."
He pressed his lips into a fine line, nodding his head, and she knew he was holding back whatever it was he wanted to say.
"I'm sorry." Words could never describe how sorry she truly was.
"I hope that you figure it out, Kate, whatever it is that you want."
He rose from the chair, pressed a kiss to the top of her head.
"You have this troubling little voice in your head that tells you you don't deserve to be happy. But you do."
He let go of her hand and left.
As he walked away, she briefly considered that maybe she was making a mistake.
She did really like him, loved him even. But that wasn't enough.
And they both knew that.
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moonshotsx · 3 days
sleepy prompts 33 for anarcia?<3
33. “Look me in the eyes and tell me what time you went to bed last night.  Or if you went to bed, for that matter.”
When Anetra walked into the company's dance practice room bright and early, she didn't expect to find someone else inside.
Marcia sat in the middle of the room, her hoodie discarded haphazardly on the bench next to the stereo.
From where she was standing, Anetra could spot the singer's reddened elbows and knees from trying the new floor choreography.
Was that a new bruise on her shin?
The singer's head sprung up, seemingly caught off guard by Anetra's presence, "Oh, hey, I was just, you know, trying to get that step down and".
Anetra sighed, it wasn't the first time Marcia pushed herself to the limit just to meet everyone's expectations of her.
“Look me in the eyes and tell me what time you went to bed last night.  Or if you went to bed, for that matter”.
"What time is it?"
"If you have to ask me that question, we aren't off to a great start, blondie".
Marcia breathed out a quiet "Sorry" when Anetra made her way to sit on the floor next to her.
"I'm just worried you're overdoing it again, Marsh," she replied as the singer rested her head on her shoulder.
She let a moment of silence fill the room before speaking up again.
"How about we go get you some breakfast, uh? Screw practice for today".
"Yes, please".
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Dani is hunted by the JL
So dani was traveling around the infinite realms and came across a universe that she and danny would LOVE
Their are super heros, and clones and wizards, and alians
Dani send danny the location of the universe with the caption:THE WORLD OF HEROS AND ALIANS WHICH WILL YOU MEET FIRST
Danny texted her back a voice massage of his screaming the word alians
So dani was exploring this new universe when she saw asshole.1 berating a teenager about how he's not fit for this life
The asshole.2 chimes in and AGREES with asshole.1, at this point the kid looks upset
and dani could understand teenagers in the superhero business is not the best(she asked) and sometimes tough love is what it takes so she was going to leave
Then she heard asshole.1 say" clones should just be terminated to save everyone problems like this"...
No...dani didnt hold back in teaching asshole.1 a lesson in clone rights via: trial by fist
But now 3 months later she decided to ask the assholes what they want and why they keep harassing her
She didnt expect a rant about how an unsupervised meta(and a clone asshole.1(whos name is superman WTF is super about him))
Then they all had a meeting about her IN front of her
The options ranged from finding her original to termination to imprisonment to forcing her to be a superhero
They eventually decided to make her a superhero in training...
These people are IDIOTS, if you dont trust her why put her WITH A TEAM, why not just let her leave, the most she did was get payback for the insensitive shit superman was saying but the sheer notion she was a clone was enough to FOECE her into a life she dosent want...
Oh hell no
So when the JL and clones in the background came up to tell her that they decided to give her a chance at "redemption"
She looked then in the eyes, smiled a too sharp smile said
Then she screamed
The next thing anyone knowes is the watchtower is in an unknown location with a person that looked scarily similar to the unknown clone
And then he said
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winterbuckwild · 2 months
Whenever Corroded Coffin play at a new venue, getting bigger every time Eddie is the only one with demands and the list is simple. 
Eddies princess gets anything they want.
The guitarist always looks particularly intense and the heart of the venue coordinator always sinks in the face of another potential diva groupie. 
"My princess gets everything and anything to make them comfortable. I don't care what it costs or takes. Got it?" 
So the coordinator tries to prepare for anything; bottles of expensive champagne on standby, the purest water they can find, plush cushions in the green room and dressing rooms. 
But the groupie never shows, just a guy in yellow sweater that politely thanks everyone, stays out of the way and smiles widely at the band as they give everything to the stadium crowd they were playing for that evening. 
They watch as Eddie descends into the back room after the encoure and grins at the guy. 
"Princess! You made it." He takes the man's face in his hands and kisses him softly like he was made of spun glass. "You OK? Do you have everything you need?" 
Steve has anxiety, and Eddie is an overprotective little fucker.
*now with a little part 2....
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fangirlingpuggle · 3 months
Half asleep Bowuigi idea where Luigi gets kidnapped and somehow castle chef is not able to make food and Luigi volunteers because these kids are hungry and they need to eat!
He makes a massive Italian meal, Kamek doesn't even know where he got the ingredients from but he eats a bit and is not complaining, all the Koopalings eat it and are instantly like ‘we are keeping him’.
Suddenly all the minions are actually really really trying to stop Mario it goes to Kaizo levels hard and Mario is not having a good time, but he is getting his brother back. Peach is not sure if she should be offended or not that they’ve never been this bad when it was her kidnapped.
Bowsers confused why it’s taking Mario so long (He’s a bit happy though because the green one is kinda nice to talk to NOT THAT HE WILL EVER ADMIT THAT)
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eloquentmoon · 7 months
romantic confession dialogue prompts 
"i can't pretend anymore."
"you need to know that i have grown to care for you. deeply."
"i've loved you since the moment i first laid my eyes on you."
"you deserve to know."
"it's you. it's always been you."
"are you really so oblivious?"
"there isn't anything that i wouldn't do for you."
"i was made to love you." 
"i cannot bare to be apart from you anymore." 
"please. please just listen to me."
"don't make me say it. i can't say the words."
"you are all i can think about."
"i can't fathom the idea of my life without you in it."
"i dream of you. all i do, is dream of you."
"i am so very in love with you."
"is it so obvious how infatuated i am?"
"for years i have yearned for you, in secrecy and silence."
"we have just met and yet it feels like i have known you for a lifetime."
"you are everything. everything."
"it hurts me, just how much i ache for you."
"i don't know if i can't bring myself to speak it."
"i know that this is not what you want to hear..."
"after everything you've done, i still love you. with all i am."
"it's true."
"i cannot stand you, and yet i also cannot stand to be away from you."
"please...say something."
"i feel your absence in everything that i do alone, in every place i go without you."
"your smile brings me so much joy."
"i'm falling for you."
"i am sorry that you found out this way."
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terrestrialnoob · 5 months
The Batfam meeting Danny's sister
Bruce: So you said she's a psychiatrist at Arkham?
Danny: Yep! She really likes it there.
Bruce, internally: We should keep an eye on her, maybe offer some self-defense training to help her feel safe while at work, or a panic pager so we know if there's a break-out...
Doorbell: *Rings*
Jazz: *enters the room* *is 6'8, lean muscle, easily catches a vase from five feet away that Jason stumbled into while staring at her*
Jazz: Thanks for having me! I really appreciate you keeping an eye on Danny. Do you need any help preparing for dinner? I know how to kill reanimated food.
Bruce, internally: Must. Resist. Recruiting.
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weirdosreignhere · 2 months
Instead of Summoning the Ghost King, they summon his Weakness
The Justice League has heard rumors of the Ghost King Pariah Dark, and coincidentally they interrupt a summoning of said Ghost King, but after subduing the cult the group discovers that the runes are different but can’t understand their meaning. With no way to stop the madman from arriving, the Bat Clan waits with dread, hoping the containment shield holds.
What they don’t know is that the previous King had been defeated and now another, much kinder, king rules: Danny Phantom. They also don’t realize the runes have changed. Summoning not the king himself but his closest ties to the mortal plane; his greatest weakness.
What the League does expect is a mad king hellbent on destruction, but what they don’t expect is a child’s corpse, blackened skin barely hanging onto the charred bones that now lies at the center of the summoning circle.
Elsewhere, a certain young halfa suddenly goes absolutely batshit, the only thought running through his head is ITS GONE ITS GONE THEY TOOK IT WHO TOOK IT WHOTOOKIT—
Cue: chaos.
@thatrandomsarahchick @hnymp @alinmenttreasure @demon-cat-goes-woof @tiblii @yukkikatsuki @skulld3mort-1fan @thewondersoflebanon @spectralstardustandphantomnights @silvergreeneye @apointlessbox @gin2212 @idontgetpaidenoughforthisshit @dannyphantomphan @arc-777 @akikoyuii @persephoneblackrose @[email protected] @undead-essence
STORY NOW POSTED BY @thatrandomsarahchick
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cod-has-taken-me-over · 2 months
Soap has a box that sits under his bunk and stays locked at all times. Everyone’s seen it at one point or another but nobody actually knows what’s inside and so they’ve all got their bets on what could be in it.
Gaz said there was a bunch of porn mags in it and got so severely judged for it that he considered changing his bet, but nobody would let him do so.
Price bet that it was family stuff. Pictures, heirlooms maybe some trinkets or what have you from family members (eg. a hair clip from his sister, a cigar from his dad, etc.)
Alejandro said it was different bottles of booze he had picked up from missions, reasoning the man was Scottish so it would make sense.
Rudy had gone the opposite direction and said it was food cause they all knew how much of a foodie Soap was and how severely pissed he got when any of them took his food form the common rooms.
Ghost had shrugged and said it was filled with his old journals since he knew Soap worked through them so fast, and he had never seen what Soap did with old ones anyway.
Soap knows about the bet and he refuses to tell any of them what’s in the box, always deflecting and shrugging whenever he’s asked about it. Because it’s his box of secrets and for once, he doesn’t want to share it with anyone else.
While him not telling is in part due to his own embarrassment it’s also because the box is filled with what the others would consider trash, but they’re special things to him.
It’s filled with trinkets and little bits and bobs from his team members. Different things they picked up during a mission and gave to him or something he had picked up to remember a particular mission for whatever reason.
There’s pretty rocks from Gaz that caught his eye and he just brought with him. They always end up with Soap cause the other man just leaves them in his pockets and forgets about them.
Price gives him snacks and foods from the regions he’s gone on a mission to and Soap keeps the packaging. Cleans it out and keeps them cause he’s a bit of a hoarder like that.
He’s got bullet casings and beer cap lids from missions and nights out with Rudy and Alejandro. No two beer caps are the same cause the two like giving him different alcohols to try and the bullet casings are from the last bullet that ended a mission.
Ghost gives him little vials filled with dirt and he always claims that it’s only because he had picked up too much to fit in his mason jars but Soap knows he does it on purpose. He knows that Ghost picks up his dirt jars and thinks of Soap and getting him some and it’s so heart touching.
It’s also got photos of the team from the ends of missions or night outs and some sketches that he considers too private to leave in his journals. Nothing erotic or anything but things that show the softer moments of their lives or, on occasion, Simon’s face.
So yeah, maybe it is filled with trash and useless crap but it’s his and he doesn’t find any of it to be useless. He loves his little box of trinkets that remind him of times with his team mates, it’s a home away from home for him.
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Prompts for Fans of music!
"Your music got me through some tough times. Thank you for being there when nobody else was."
"I've been a fan for years, and seeing you in concert is like a dream come true."
"Your lyrics are so relatable. It's like you're singing my thoughts and feelings."
"I named my dog after you. He's a little rockstar in his own right."
"I don't usually like rock music, but your band is an exception."
"My mom used to listen to your music when I was a kid, and now it's my turn to pass it down to my own kids."
"I don't know how you do it, but every time I listen to your music, it's like you're speaking directly to me."
"You're not just a musician, you're an inspiration. Keep doing what you do."
"I got your lyrics tattooed on my arm. It's a constant reminder to stay true to myself."
"I don't know what I'd do without your music. Thank you for being a part of my life."
K-pop Life!
"I've been practicing the dance routine from their latest music video for weeks now, and I still look like a baby giraffe learning to walk."
"I can't decide which member is my bias. They all have their own unique charm, and they all wreck my bias list every comeback."
"I'm so excited for their comeback. I've already pre-ordered the album and the merch, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be broke for the next three months."
"Their music helped me through a tough time in my life. Now, I'm not sure if I'm healed or just obsessed."
"I'm learning Korean just so I can understand their interviews and variety show appearances without subtitles. My family thinks I'm crazy, but I'm like, 'Oppa, saranghae!'"
"I can't wait to see them perform live. I've already started saving money for the tickets, but I might have to sell a kidney to afford them."
"I've spent so much money on K-pop merch, my family thinks I'm crazy. But it's okay, because every time I wear my bias's face on a t-shirt, I feel like a millionaire."
"Their fashion sense is always on point. I wish I could pull off half the outfits they wear, but let's be real, I'd look like a potato in a sequin dress."
"I'm not ashamed to admit I've cried during their concerts. They just have a way of making you feel so emotional, like they're singing directly to your soul...or maybe that's just me."
"I've been practicing my fan chants for their upcoming concert. I want to make sure I'm representing their fandom properly, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to mess up and embarrass myself on national TV."
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oldfangirl81 · 1 day
Buck and Christopher thought it was hilarious.
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