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princington · 2 days
Tumblr media
She sweeps her up and breathes her in, chest to chest, nose to neck… She breathes her in and reminds herself that Ava’s here and they have time.
every leaf that falls (never stops falling) by @jtl07
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avelera · 6 hours
Tumblr media
(With thanks to @fishfingersandscarves for the art, originally posted here!)
Joke's On You (I'm Into That) by Avelera Chapters: 1/? Fandom: The Sandman (TV 2022) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Dream of the Endless/Hob Gadling Additional Tags: Betaed, Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Bets & Wagers, Under-negotiated Kink, Dark Dream of the Endless | Morpheus, Fuckboi Hob Gadling, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Consensual But Not Safe Or Sane, Humor, Sexual Humor, Sex, The Dreaming Realm (The Sandman), Tudor Era, Hate Sex, Enemies to Lovers Summary: At the 1589 meeting, Hob is unwilling to let his stranger’s attention wander so easily. Not after Hob held off on his own marriage just for the chance to ask for his stranger’s hand instead. Dream does not take this proposal well. Disgusted by how Hob has squandered his immortality with the vulgar pursuit of wealth, he sets out to prove that Hob could never hope to endure the horrors of courting the King of Nightmares. OR That time Hob pissed Dream off so badly it started a sex competition between them in the Dreaming. With both of them too proud, pissed off, and horny to back down, things get weird very quickly.
--- It's finally posted! At least, the first chapter. Welcome to my silly, messed up, and very very smutty "What if Hob and Dream got together in 1589 (by pissing each other off so badly they started a sex competition)?" fic! It's very weird! Very kinky! And it's got about 45,000 words written at the time of posting! I do hope you all enjoy but PLEASE be mindful of all tags as they're added, the author notes, and your own experience!
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agios-rio · 3 days
Tumblr media
i am actually laughing out loud. WHAT
A Captains Privilege by Jungle Kitty (1999)
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nocturnaltrossard · 3 days
hi i was wondering if you could do gavi fluff where after he scores his first goal of the season or something and the reader starts crying with how she proud of him she is and it’s all fluffy SHDHFHB x
Tumblr media
this one is for you-pablo gavi
pairing: pablo gavi x reader
author’s note:i changed it a bit and this one is about his first goal for barcelona,i hope you don’t mind! thank you so much for requesting this,it’s such a cute idea and i hope you will like this as much as i liked writing this :)
word count: 1,000
what is a life without dream? when growing up,everyone looked up to someone as an inspiration. some wanted to be doctors,firefighters,some want to be pilots and be as close as possible to clouds. some literally wanna reach the stars and fly-so they go on to become astronauts. although pablo didn’t wanted to be astronaut or pilot,everyone around him from young age knew sky was his limit. pablo’s dream since he can remember was to play for barcelona under lights of one and only camp nou. dream of million little boys all around the world is about to become a reality for your boy. one of dates he will remember forever is 29th august 2021,when he made his first appearance for barcelona. when you told him he made the history,it wasn’t an exaggeration. just 24 days after his 17th birthday,he became the fourth youngest player to appear for barcelona in la liga. you will never remember how happy he looked when he stepped on that pitch. before the game,he said something that you wrote down when he gets a documentary one day.
“tonight i’m gonna leave my heart on the pitch for every little boy that is dreaming of doing the same. and more importantly,for every girl that believes in them.”
it is safe to say that he fulfilled his promise and you didn’t miss out on a single game ever since then. he was the happiest kid in the world. a thousand things went through his head and he had to admit that he felt bit nervous before. nonetheless,as soon as he stepped on the pitch nerves disappeared when he remembered you were watching him from the stands,as you always did. looking back on it,it was not that long ago when you were still kids. to be fair,pablo is still like a kid but that’s one of the many things you love about him. that is one of things that will never change. not that long ago he broke your window with ball when he was playing on street. even though your dad jokes with him that he still didn’t forgive him for that,everyone knows he loves him like his own son.
a few months went by,but pablo felt like he disappointed you and everyone else around him because he struggled to score. everyone backed him up;from coaches,parents,friend and,of course,teammates in the locker room. his disappointment in himself didn’t go unnoticed by you.after all you knew him better than yourself. everyone noticed his head was down and he wasn’t his usual self. he was undeniably charismatic and light up every room he walked in. naturally,everyone were determined to lift him up just like he did them anytime they needed it.
“your time will come,just be patient and don’t lose your mind over it. i know you wanna prove yourself,but you already exceeded everyone’s expectations and this is only the start.”
“what if i don’t live up to expectations and end up being…average?”
“last time i checked average players don’t start for barcelona at 17 years old and don’t get called golden boy.”
“you are just saying that to make me feel better but thank you.”
“you are adorable when you pout,but seriously don’t be so harsh on yourself.”
“you’re right,enough of pouting…for now. i was thinking,what celebration i should do when i finally score? it’s probably not gonna be today buy yeah…”
“hmm i don’t know,maybe kiss the badge? you always liked to do that.”
“yeah,i might do that one.”
“you know i will always be there and i can’t wait to see that,but don’t stress yourself over it.”
“i love you so much,princesa. are you ready,i don’t want to be late,xavi will kill me.”
“yeah,i’m coming. don’t want you to get in trouble,do we?”
it was hard to point out what exactly gave the impression that tonight would be special,but you just had that feeling. after you found your seat at camp nou before their game against elche,you were soaking up the atmosphere and thinking to yourself that people that have never been at this magical stadium don’t know what are they missing out on. these last few weeks you developed a habit of taking pictures of kids who had pablo’s jersey to show him after games. it still felt so unreal and he couldn’t help but blush everytime you showed him pictures. it reminded him of how proudly wore his iniesta jersey he got for birthday. fast foward to today,now someone is wearing jersey with his name on back. crazy how things can turn around.
you were confident that barcelona will win but in football,anything is possible like pablo always reminded you so you didn’t want to underestimate opponents. first 15 minutes went by quickly and everyone felt more relieved when barcelona scored the opening goal. you were so focused on pablo because you didn’t want to miss anything and truthfully because he was mesmerizing as always. you wanted to take countless photos,but it felt pointless to record during whole match when you can enjoy the moment. thankfully you don’t have to worry about photos because there are tens of photographers on the sideline and you mentally thanked them for their service. few minutes later,you saw him slaloming through their midfield. could this be the moment he was waiting for? it was. for a moment,it felt like the world stopped spinning and the only thing you could hear is announcer screaming his name. you rarely cried,but when you did they were tears of joy. he instinctively kissed the badge and unlike some who do it out of lust,he did it to show undying loyalty to club and fans. to show his loyalty and gratitude for you,he wrote you a message with black marker under his jersey. he revealed “este es para ti princesa<3” and all you could’ve think about is how lucky you were that he was the one that broke windows of your castle. maybe your childhood dreams of being a princess weren’t far-fetched after all. fairytale days were supposed to be over long time ago,yet it didn’t feel like they are ending anytime soon.
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lululawrence · 3 days
Tumblr media
lululawrence's March 2023 Fic List
Previous Fic Lists / Lulu’s List Podcast Masterpost
Happy 28th! I finally finished with reading Christmas, so the last batch of those are found here as well as a fun variety of other fics that kept me well entertained this month and hope you'll enjoy them too.
As always, be sure to show your love and appreciation with kudos, nice comments, and (when applicable) reblogging their fic posts!
it always leads to you (in my hometown) by @insightfulinsomniac / InsightfulInsomniac (41k, E, Harry/Louis, Christmas fic, exes to lovers, famous/non-famous, childhood friends to lovers to exes to strangers to lovers, if you want the whole rundown, though not all of it is shown in this fic lol, pining, angst and fluff, this fic was so enjoyable i devoured it and enjoyed every moment, the way they both wanted it so bad and tried so hard to get over each other, it was just so pure and good you know?, i really did enjoy it very much a lot)
A Boyfriend for Christmas by @chelsea-frew / Chelsea Frew (chelseafrew) (6k, G, Harry/Louis, Christmas fic, fake relationship, fluff and humor, Louis agrees to help Gemma by pretending to be her boyfriend to keep her family off her back, but then he meets Harry and lmao the STRUGGLE to hide the gay is hilarious I loved it so much, he was trying so hard, and Harry was so conflicted, but it all turned out alright and it's just such a cute fic)
Worries, Kisses and Surprises by @neondiamond / Neondiamond (3k, G, Harry/Louis, Christmas fic, established relationship, fluff, mpreg, this short little thing is so funny because Harry is trying so hard to keep it together and not let things slip, and Louis is just really pushing it and not picking up on the clues, and it's just so funny and cute, very sweet)
santa, won't you bring me the one i really need? by @alwaysxlarrie / alwaysxlarrie (6k, T, Harry/Louis, Christmas fic, meet cute, Louis is a last minute sub for a mall Santa, and Harry is the last minute sub as his helper elf, so many puns, so much flirting, so many horrible children and parents lmaoooo, this fic was silly and painful and cute and fun, just like a real mall santa gig lol)
when did i first know? i always knew by @panye / eynap (8k, E, Niall/Shawn, Christmas fic, established relationship, I would summarize this fic as anxiety and fluff lolololol, punctuated by some hot smut, it's Shawn's POV and you can FEEL his anxiety as he's starting to worry that he is SO in love and Niall.... is not, but oh gosh it's so perfect really it is, so sweet)
when I'm feeling alone, you remind me of home by pinkbathrrry (14k, NR, Harry/Louis, Christmas fic, co-workers, strangers to lovers, closeted in the workplace, Christmas together, listen this fic was so soft, it had a really lovely pacing to it that made it feel like it was gently lilting like a poem or a song, with these sweet little ending statements to scenes, it was just such a soft little Christmas fic)
The Hour of Us by @niallziam / sitandadmire (6k, M, Niall/Harry/Louis, Reverse Bang fic, girl direction, polyamory, established relationship, magic, witches, cottagecore, this fic was unbelievably soft and sweet, and so silly, the scene with the frog was so funny omgosh, but it's just so sweet even with the slight feeling of things going wrong you just know it's going to turn out perfectly, you know?, anyway, this was so sweet)
bitter ends turn sweet in time by @greeneyesfriedrice / me_her_themoon (24k, E, Harry/Louis, Christmas fic, childhood friends to ex-friends to coworkers to lovers, miscommunication, homeless Harry, boss Louis, assistant Harry, dog walker/kind of personal assistant/bestie Zayn, this fic was so lovely, it was so interesting piecing together their background and trying to figure out what went wrong, and the PINING oh my word it was fantastic, so good, this fic was so goooood, when they finally come together and figure out what's going on with them and fixing what went wrong it just, chef's kiss, so good)
Let Your Heart Be Light by @cyantific / Cyantific (78k, E, Harry/Louis, Advent fic, Christmas fic, grieving, strangers to lovers, enemies to lovers, kind of, lol, pining, more grieving, and grief, and love and sadness and the holidays being incredibly difficult because, you guessed it, grief!, this fic isn't a happy go lucky one, it handles a lot of difficult subjects and these characters have a hard time with it all, i cried a lot reading it, but it is so perfectly and beautifully done, it is incredible and such a beautiful fic, the journey the characters all take together, and the camaraderie between all of the friends, it is such a great read, i loved reading it as a wip and cannot believe i forgot the last chapters posted for as along as i did lol)
Teach me how to love by perfectdagger (sincerelyste) (71k, E, Harry/Louis, Bad As Sex AU, Harry is bad at sex, like SO bad at sex lolllllll, it's kind of like, one night stand to enemies to friends with benefits to lovers, but only kind of because enemies isn't quite right and neither is friends with benefits, but it's as close as it gets i guess, anyway there's so much more to this, but it's so much vulnerability, and so much exploration and growth and just, this fic was exactly my shit okay it was so good, i don't even know how to fully explain what made it so special but it really was so good, the smut was sexy as hell and the chemistry between the two of them leapt from the page and it was just, incredible, a truly stunning fic from start to finish)
Late Night Talking by @kingsofeverything / kingsofeverything (54k, E, Harry/Louis, Reverse Bang fic, famous/famous, Harry is essentially Jimmy Kimmel, and Louis is... himself except he'd always been a punk rocker basically?, holy COW y'all, the PINING, the angst, the longing!!!!, you know i'm a hoe for those things so it was just everything i love, this fic i just inhaled it, like so many others this month tbh, it was an absolute joy to read it, so many incredible moments, just, yes, so good lol)
Slide by @this-onegoes / thisonegoes (88k, E, Zayn/Harry, I'm trying to figure out how to summarize this fic lol because it is SO MUCH and doesn't really fit smoothly into any trope exactly, divorced Zayn, father Zayn, music producer Harry, neighbors, sexuality crisis, emotional hurt/comfort, SO much hurt/comfort, puzzles, kid fic, navigating life changes, daddy issues, angst, pain, happy ending, the best happiest ending, i just loved this fic so much, i dove right in and could not handle how incredible it was, if you read rare pairs ever you have to give this a try because it is just stunningly amazing, and the women in it are fabulous, and just wowowowowow, i have no idea how i just discovered this fic now but thank you to @louandhazaf for reccing it because it's a new fav)
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Tumblr media
Hello! Happy 28th! Very excited to share my March fic rec! All of the fics below are so amazing. In no particular order, enjoy!!! 
Golden by shaylea (128k)
Harry is fully dressed when Louis returns to the room. He’s slumped on the edge of the bed, fingers twining awkwardly around the edge of his pink flounces. “Can I come?” he blurts when Louis opens the bathroom door. Louis freezes. “What?” “North. With you,” Harry clarifies. “If you’re going north, could I come too?”
On a rainy night in Auckland in the middle of his world tour, popstar Harry Styles loses his ability to carry on. Instead of continuing to Sydney and the rest of his tour, he seeks sanctuary with Louis Tomlinson, a man with a macadamia nut farm and a mysterious past.
I’ll Fly Away by @juliusschmidt (122k)
Harry and Louis grew up together in Lake County, Harry with his mom and stepdad in a tiny cottage on Edward’s Lake and Louis in his family’s farmhouse a few minutes down the road. But after high school, Louis stuck around and Harry did not; Harry went to Chicago where he found a boyfriend and couple of college degrees. Six years later, Harry ends up back in Edwardsville for the summer and he and Louis fall into old patterns and discover new ones.
ft. One Direction, the local boyband; Horan’s Bar and Grill; families, most especially children and babies; Officer Liam Payne; many local festivals and fireworks displays; and Anne Cox, PFLAG President.
Mine Would Be You by @crinkle-eyed-boo (114k)
Louis blinks his eyes open, his eyelids fluttering as the room swims around him. He takes several gulps of beer once he confirms that he’s definitely not hallucinating, that the very first portrait Harry Styles ever painted of him is hanging on that wall.
Louis stares at the wall, his heart jackrabbiting in his chest as he realizes that there’s not just one painting of him, there’s five, the portraits lined up like they’re some sort of storyboard depicting the rise and fall of his deepest love. His greatest heartache. A pain that cut him so deep that he left the fucking country, severing all ties with his life in New York, now suddenly surrounding him as if he’d never left.
Fucking shit motherfucker fuck.
Louis returns to New York City five years after he left it – and the love of his life – behind. He didn't intend to see Harry again, but fate has a funny way of pulling them together, whether they like it or not. After making a begrudging truce, they both start to wonder: Would it be so bad if history repeated itself?
You’ve Got My Devotion (Hate You Sometimes) by lucythegoosey / @harryrainbows (95k)
Harry was in the biggest boy band in the world. He was also one half of the best (or worst, depends on who you ask) kept secret relationship in the music industry.
Now, almost five years on, after One Direction has broken up, and Harry and Louis' relationship has as well, a video threatens to put everything at risk.
One determined Irishman, a massive publicity stunt and two begrudging exes are all it takes to bring One Direction back to life and maybe, just maybe, Harry and Louis' mangled love life too.
Or: Harry and Louis are forced to fake-date after an old video from when they were dating emerges.
Wild Love by purpledaisy / @harrydaisy (130k)
“Good,” Julia says, clearly pleased to have them both uncomfortable and unable to look at each other. “Now, I only have one more question before you can go. What are you planning to do when this experiment ruins your friendship?”
“We said we’d stay friends no matter what,” Harry says smoothly, his chin lifting in defense.
“That was our one thing going into it,” Louis agrees. “Stay friends no matter what.”
Julia raises a perfectly manicured brow, “That’s all fine and good. But I hope you realize your emotions aren’t going to realize this is an experiment in the end. If one of you falls for the other and finds out those feelings are not reciprocated, you’re not going to be able to laugh it off as a social experiment. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this, I’m just hoping you’ve considered all of the possible outcomes.”
- AU: Two best friends try to date each other for forty days. It's supposed to be fun until emotions make it complicated.
Part one of Wild Love
Never Slows Down by purpledaisy / @harrydaisy (28k)
“Maybe we should just have one place instead,” he says. “Just move in together.” It’s heavier out loud, the first time either one of them has made an outright mention of it.
Harry keeps his back turned, the running water of the sink the only sound. Louis wants to say something stupid, something like, “Just kidding,” or, “Wait, no, that’s not what I meant,” but he doesn’t. Now, out loud, lingering, he doesn’t want to change the words he’s just said or the implication.
It must only be a few seconds but it feels like a lifetime before Harry turns off the water and turns to face him again. He swallows and shrugs, “Uh, yeah, maybe.” He meets Louis’s eyes only briefly before checking his watch. “We should go soon,” he says turning to leave the kitchen. “I’ll grab you a jacket.”
Part two of Wild Love
Being of the Jealous Kind by zita17 / @louisandtheaquarian (24k)
A-list actor Louis Tomlinson and his partner fashion photographer Harry Styles weather the storm that is Louis’ fake relationship with his costar in the lead up to this year’s Academy Awards.
Featuring a fluffy teenage meet-cute, an angsty wine drunk Harry melting down over pap pics, Louis habitually overusing the word “baby,” and cameos by a vintage Umbro sweatshirt, the peace ring, and one hell of a Larry hug.
Or the justice for To Be So Lonely fic. Based on the lyrics to TBSL and a prompt where “Louis has to fake date some celebrity, while his boyfriend Harry sits at home.”
Starry Haze, Crystal Ball by you_explode (10k)
Freedom. Harry’s not sure what exactly it means anymore. For him, for Louis. Personally. Professionally. Musically. There are so many layers to it, and it feels like as he gets older, the thicker those layers become.
Non-AU. A brief look at 2020 and the journey Harry and Louis are on with their careers and closet. Inspired by the Devil card.
Drifting, Weightless by dinosaursmate (45k)
“We’ve been asked to do a gig,” Niall said slowly. “Harry and Liam are completely up for it, I am too.” “Alright. What’s the catch?” Louis asked with suspicion. “It’s, um…” Niall cleared his throat. “So, Juliana was contacted by this themed cruise company, and they want us to do a four-day One Direction cruise.” The words hung in the air as Louis’ right eyebrow slowly crept up and he fixed Niall with a stare. “Absolutely not.” Louis rolled his eyes. “You’re essentially asking me to go on a working holiday with my ex. Stranded on a boat in the ocean for four days.” “Cruise ships are huge! You don’t have to see him in your down time.” --- Harry and Louis are exes with benefits until they're not, and the Mediterranean Sea might just be the perfect place to work through some unresolved issues.
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seanchaidh7 · 20 hours
Tumblr media
Brooklyn Nicky
Inspired by this INCREDIBLE fic Can't you help it, thinking of me . Do you want to scream into your pillow about the blistering hotness of Brooklyn Nicky? Do you want it to eat at your brain every time he calls a special someone sweetheart?!? This fic is a damn gift! I just had to draw him.
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f4ll-for-you · 7 hours
Aemond Fic Reccomendations
hey angels! I wanted to brighten up a rubbish day in the HOTD community by recommending some amazing Aemond fics.
there are so many more than this, but here are a few I adore.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dress: Only bought this dress so you could take it off by @harrenhalhottie
Satisfied by @valeskafics
Down in Flames by @sapphire-writes
EVERYTHING by @arcielee she is the QUEEN of Aemond fics
Teachers Pet by @valeskafics
An Ego Thing @sapphire-writes
I’ll Make You A Queen by @valeskafics
A Stranger by @targaryenrealnessdarling
Massage by @biblioklept-writes
CEO by @eddiemadmunson
Thankful For You by @sstan-hoe
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hiatuswhore · 2 days
𝐹𝒾𝒸 𝑅𝑒𝒸
Tumblr media
♕ House of The Dragon
✎ @sapphire-writes
♡ I absolutely love all of their writing. The smut is feral, the fluff has my feet kicking, and the tea is always steaming hot with drama. They write AMAZING sexual tension. Ugh amazing. Super interactive with reader, love them.
✎ @yoonivy
♡ I am in love with their Aemond fic, Ivy. Their modern au’s are so well written and I haven’t read their Last of Us Fic yet. They also have BTS fics, I’m not a part of the BTS fandom but I heard their BTS fics are really good! They are really good at developing side characters. Super interactive with reader, love them.
✎ @fairysluna
♡ Their Cregan fics are just jaw dropping. The pacing, immaculate. Smut, mouth watering. Plots, delicious. I haven’t read their others yet but trust me, I will be. Super interactive with reader, loveeeee them.
✎ @abadtakehonestly
♡ Okay so they have three blogs which their fics are spread across them. The stories are so good. I am not into A03 but for them I use it also. Their plots are amazing and writing is very well detailed. Not very interactive with readers (from what I’ve seen in their comment sections, pretty interactive with their inboxes though) but I looooove their stories.
✎ @dilemmaontwolegs
♡ I love their writing, I think they’re a little underrated. Their smut and character chemistry is amazing. The one Aemond fic that I love I feel like they really write that vicious side of Aemond super well. They’re soooooo interactive with readers, ugh I just wanna smooch them.
✎ @underhousearrestblog
♡ They will write the best one shot that has you screaming, crying, throwing up for a part two. You likely won’t get it BUT I love their writing and I am always in awe by it. Pretty interactive with readers. Love, love, love their work.
✎ @thesoftestirises
♡ This author has the most interesting Aemond fic. I am still waiting for them to update it….I will never stop waiting. Their writing is really good they’ve just been on a hiatus sadly.
✎ @its-actually-minicika
♡ The Harshest Winter is CHEFS KISS. If you’re not reading it….you should be. I like Dark Aemond fics but I feel like some writers don’t really develop the confusing complexity to it well. This author is so good at having you sitting there likeeeee is he in love with her or infatuated??? It’s amazing. Very interactive with readers, big smooch.
✎ @bittersweetarts
♡ I read their entire little lamb fic in one sitting, it was just so saucy. I loved every second of it. Definitely go check it out!
♕ Harry Potter
✎ @mentally-in-northern-italy
♡ I am not really into Harry Potter BUT the Cedric Diggory, Midnight Feasts and Evening Strolls fic. So. Freaking. Good. Go read it right now. Why are you still here?
♕ Peaky Blinders
✎ @theshelbyclan
♡ Back when I was fixated on this amazing show all of their fics for the show AMAZING. When I was writing for Peaky Blinders they liked one of my fics and it was an honor. I’m about to go reread their fics right now. Their writing is simply just good, go read all of their blog right now.
♕ Last of Us
✎ @yelena-bellova
♡ I am a huge fan of the game and I was so excited for the show. I didn’t think I was really going to be into the fanfictions but oh. my. god. Their fic Twenty Years Later fic. Freaking phenomenal. If they do continue it when season two comes out, I don’t think I’m ready for how this journey continues. They’re very interactive with readers and seem really nice. Big smooch!
Tumblr media
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kazureicentral · 24 hours
Tumblr media
like dude you can’t do this to me.
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robynnnhooddd · 1 day
hiii i know this might be a lot to ask for but do u have any jean kirstein x reader fic recs?? i read a couple of your fics and they seem amazing i was wondering if you had any other fics that you liked... you totally don't have to answer this.... thanks! ❤️❤️
Hi! First of all, thank you so much for appreciating my work! ✨️ It's not a lot to ask at all! I actually enjoyed compiling my fave Jean fics so far 💖
I categorized them into three: ☁️ for fluff, 🌩 for angst, and 🔥 for spicy. Hope you enjoy the works of these amazing authors!
Disclaimer: I do not recall the genders of the reader used in these fics, but these are all either fem!reader or gn!reader.
Jean Kirschtein Fic Recs
(Untitled) @aotimagines https://www.tumblr.com/aotimagines/165127419239/could-you-do-a-jeanxreader-scenario-where-the
(Untitled) @aotimagines https://www.tumblr.com/aotimagines/160345377765/could-i-request-jean-and-his-so-out-in-trost-on-a
"Belonging" by @firefly--bright "Botany, baby" by @firefly--bright "I Like You A Little" by @sanb3rry "Cuddle Me, *ssh*le!" by @colorseeingchick "Recruitment at Sunset" by @kinda-thoughtless-critic "Broken bones" by @luna-eclipse2000 "Sweet Creature" by @damn-stark "God Complex" by @jean-vi
"Nightmares" by @coloredsolos "Nightmares II" by @coloredsoloss "Silly Little You" by @beanbings-things "Ash Brown" by @dolcezzzza
"So Damn Cute" by @bananami "It's What Rivals Do" by @awkatsukis
"Make Me Warm" (3-part series) by @mangohedgehog Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
(Untitled) by @aotimagines "Are You Still Mad" by @damn-stark "Please?" by @hajisbunny "Hate You So Much" by @fandomvariousness
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appletreedutyornot · 11 hours
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rebelrebelwrites · 2 days
Queen of the Southlands by @formerlyir
🔊 for video
+ + +
Status: Complete
Rating: Explicit
Story Summary:
Mount Doom does not erupt. Mordor is never created. And the very course of history is altered by the prevention of one single calamity.
As a result, Halbrand's deception lasts years.
Read the story.
+ + +
Another fic trailer, this time for one of my all-time favorite fics from @formerlyir! Recc'ed here as well. Music pick/credit goes to them, too. Hope you enjoy, and if you haven't read this fic yet, respectfully, what have you been doing with your life? 😆
+ + +
Fic trailer request? I've got a list going, but feel free to send me an ask or a DM.
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The Anniversary Collection
Hi philes, it’s been a long time! Far too long if you ask us.  Would you believe that 7 years ago today we posted our first recommendation? In celebration of our 7 year anniversary, we reached out to a few old friends and asked them to write a little something anniversary-themed for what we are calling, The Anniversary Collection. And hooboy did they come through! The collection will be updated throughout the day as more stories are added. 
Thank you writers for collaborating, for joining forces with us to bring a solid list of new recommendations!
Thank you readers for still being here, for still showing us love even long after we stopped being active. We appreciate the messages of love and support over all of this time. 
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neondiamond · 3 days
Tumblr media
💚💙 Recently Read Fics - March 2023 💙💚
These are all the amazing fics I read over the past month (from shortest to longest). Don’t forget to leave kudos and comments to show the authors your appreciation if you read any of these!
💚 Even My Phone Misses Your Call by @wabadabadaba (796, G)
Slide 3 on merch NOW
Or, Nick comments on Harry's Instagram picture after not talking for one year and five months.
💙 Perfect, For Now by @parmahamlarrie (5k, T)
Moving to a new city is always difficult, being away from home, finding your new community - none of it is easy. Dealing with all of this while being touch deprived is even more difficult.
That is where omega Harry Styles finds himself a few months into his move to Brighton.
Then a mysterious alpha's scent enters his life, and he finds that he can't stay away.
💚 i wanna give it to you by @non-binharry (5k, E)
Alpha mom Harry and omega dad Louis decide to have another baby. Ironically, parenthood gets in the way.
💙 one chance (kiss him you fool) by @voulezloux (5k, M)
the five times louis tries (and fails) to ask harry out. and the one time harry finally gets the balls to ask louis out.
💚 Wanna Feel The Edges Start To Burn by @letthemusicmoveyou28 (6k, E)
The one where Louis has a meltdown in front of a stranger, but it turns out better than he ever could have dreamed
💙 Everything I need, I get from you by @lunarheslwt (6k, M)
It’s Valentine's day and Harry wakes up fatigued. Louis shows him that a change of plans is not a bad thing, and that the day can still be perfect as long as they spend it together. A quiet day full of love ensues.
💚 my heart’s against you chest, your lips pressed to my neck (i’m in love now) by @bottomhaztoplou (8k, T)
Five times Louis gives Harry a courting gift and one time Harry reciprocates.
💙 i’m torn by @track-five (8k, G)
one direction is set to perform in the live lounge the day before their fifth album is released, and a terribly ill harry will sing whether louis likes it or not
💚 Checking Them Out?: How To Use Your Library Science Degree To Get an Alpha by @insightfulinsomniac (20k, E)
When a flirty, attractive alpha patron checks out an entire shelf of literature on omega behavior and omega rights, Harry can’t help but wonder why the man is so interested — is he a really attentive partner, or is he just a creep?
It doesn’t help that this alpha visits weekly to exchange his books… and that he smells absolutely divine.
Whether he likes it or not, Harry has a crush.
💙 Every Lover’s Got A Little Dagger In Their Hand by @pocketsunshineharry (22k, E)
Harry Styles’, marriage counselor extraordinaire, has helped many couples rekindle their love and mend their relationships. Unfortunately, his own love life is in shambles. Cue one Louis Tomlinson, cutthroat divorce attorney, charming, infuriating, sarcastic and all around the bane of Harry’s existence. Too bad his office is right across from Harry’s new office, and they cross paths almost daily. Oh! Let's not forget… he is also Harry’s one-night stand from hell!
Does the attraction between two complete opposites really exist, or is it just a myth?
💚 You Can Hear It In The Silence by @imogenleefic (235k, E)
When Harry Styles received acceptance into a post-grad degree, he knew he could no longer afford his flat leaving him with three options:
1) Moving back into student halls.
2) Becoming homeless.
3) Moving in with his best (and only) friend, Niall, and three of Niall's other friends.
He ended up choosing the third option. But it was a close race.
Shame one of his new housemates reminded him why he only has one friend.
If Louis Tomlinson had to choose one thing couldn't stand, it would be pretentious tossers, having grown up around enough of them. If he had to choose something he couldn't live without, it would be his friends. So he was proper thrilled to move in with his best mates and a couple of other lads.
That was until he discovered one of them was the archetype for a pretentious tosser.
In the interest of seeing out the twelve-month lease without killing each other, they both try (debatable) to get along despite believing they were opposite in almost every conceivable way, each having the communication skills of a cucumber, and secrets that had no business be kept secret.
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rayshippouuchiha · 1 day
Ok, so I see you're approaching the summer break arc (I don't know what it's called), and since after that one there will be 0 spoilers (minor spoilers now, though, if I remember right), so I won't miss the chance to recommend (this thing that I specifically looked for one you decided on AssClass):
Smile by Mellow_Park
Karma had always been wary of harmless, silent death Nagisa.
And Slowly Nagisa is finding that hilarious.
(Karma isn't the only one who can be yandere, is he?)
Ohhh delightful!!
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