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mawecking 2 days
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this probably happened after what was missing like they probably had a girls night planned and my boy finn put the date in the Vault SO bad he came in the WRONG day
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kurakuradon 2 days
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disjointed ideas of an episode where ice guy and pb meet and kidnap pb and ice guy, drama ensues
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termiken 2 days
adventure time
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fionna and cake
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repression and high functioning depression
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phantom-shell 13 hours
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VAMPWORLD FINN!! The baby they left in the tank grew up :)
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seagiri 3 days
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I only brought a bicolor and a propelling pencil with no leads
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ravisantm 2 days
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i think little Finn would do a great job as a vampire hunter.
most likely the AI 鈥嬧媜f the peppermint butler in the tank helped him survive
(sorry for bad english)
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entitybear 2 days
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Some doodle assortments of the fellas 鉁岋笍 馃槍
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sabertoothwalrus 14 hours
hi !! just curious because i was looking at your adventure time episode guide and i love hearing other peoples adventure time takes !! how come you don't like finn's characterisation in together again?
I've talked about it before here and here!
But also I'm gonna say more and share some art I did in 2021 for a rewrite comic that I never got around to doing
So again to reiterate: Adventure Time is usually VERY good at making it feel like time passes, even when you're not watching. It's something about what they don't show that tells you everything you need to know.
Together Again did not do this.
It really really felt like they were avoiding showing Finn as an adult, as if they wanted to leave his post-show life ambiguous. Which, now that Fionna and Cake has shown us literally that, it makes Together Again feel even more wrong?? Like. imagine you have to pick a moment from your life that represents You鈩 the most. Together Again said that Finn, after living his whole life and dying as an old man, feels most represented by how he was at 17. I do not buy this. I am 25, and I cannot fathom identifying by my 17 year old self. I was a completely different person then, I was still cooking. I can imagine most people feel the same. And ok, so maybe Finn DOES for some reason feel stuck at 17? Explain to me why!! What needed to happen to him that made him feel that way?
And before you just say "it's because Jake died," there's still too much that was left out. How old was Finn when Jake died? What was Finn like, at that point? What else had they accomplished? What was he doing at the time that was on the forefront of his mind? Where/with who did they spend most of their time? Where were they living after the treehouse got destroyed?
It was like,,, it was like the story Together Again actually wanted to tell was about Finn's grief, and how poorly he copes, and how too much of his identity is tied to Having Jake, and how he struggles to move on. But that's not the story we got. I honestly think-- as interesting as it was-- everything with New Death and Tiffany and Lich just did a disservice to the focus, which was Finn trying to get over Jake.
I think Together Again should have gone like this:
Finn and Jake had always planned that whoever died first would wait in the dead world for the other to die so the two of them could reincarnate. Jake dies first. Jake would be able to "watch over" Finn as he lives the rest of his life, so Jake wouldn't miss Finn as much as vice versa, since he'd feel like he's still there with him. Eventually, Finn dies.
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Finn's appearance would change with his emotional state. I thought it'd be interesting to show different phases of his life through the stages of grief.
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There'd be a room where they could watch Finn's memories. Finn would walk Jake through the events of his life. We SEE exactly how Finn dealt with grief, with heartbreak, with love, with friends, with community. All the good and all the bad.
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By the end of it, Finn is quiet. "Jake... when we reincarnate, will we.. lose all of this?" "Well, do you remember anything from any of your other past lives?" "No.. But that's the point. I don't want to forget you." Finn, despite their promise, despite Jake waiting for him all this time, declines reincarnating. He doesn't want to move on, because that would mean forgetting everything. He wants to say with Jake!! He JUST got Jake back!!
鈥淲hat if鈥 in the future鈥 what if they forget about us? What if they don鈥檛 know about all the stuff we did?鈥 We see Ooo in its current state. It鈥檚 changed, but it鈥檚 clearly been affected by the two of them. Every person they鈥檝e saved, every civilization they helped build, every hero they鈥檝e inspired. They鈥檝e left their touch everywhere. 鈥淭hey鈥檒l know,鈥 Jake says with certainty. 鈥淲e鈥檒l know.鈥 We see the future, with Shermy and Beth. We see the Finn Sword, and BMO with all their old belongings. Everything stays, but it still changes. Will happen, happening, happened. These have always been the themes of the show. They reincarnate, together.
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tired-demonspawn 2 days
lil thing i cooked up after seeing this post by @mimir97477906 :)
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option 1:
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option 2:
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just a convo i think they would have at least once
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werepuppe 2 days
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day 4 of. you know the usual
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journish 3 days
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DADTRIKOV TRUE????????????
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weevmo 2 days
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adventure time c'mon grab your friends
we'll go to very distant lands
with Pep the tank and Finn the human
the fun will (probably) end - it's adventure time!
- - -
Honestly I hope little Finn comes back, leaving him there seems a little cruel and I want him to grow up to be an awesome Vamp slayer (If he even CAN grow up??)
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baandithoe 2 days
The way martin reunited with two versions of his kid just to die 2 minutes later. And then Fionna keeping his jacket for the next episodes. This show is really destroying my mental stability.
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the-commonrose 2 days
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Also second image is like an observation 锟糏 made the og Finn is short n stout while farmworld Finn is tall n lanky
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phantom-shell 2 days
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Thinking about baby Finn being left all alone in that tank in vampworld... growing up.
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builtinadayy 2 days
Finn loses an arm in every single universe. Fionna still has both arms, for now. Apparently ep 9 is the most emotionally intense one. F&C is allowed to show blood. We're in for a treat.
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