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lovelysnk · 2 months
Hi this is Mouni and you are watching my YouTube Channel, Thank you for landing here if you are new to my channel please subscribe and click the bell I con i...
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zlukaszemprzezswiat · 5 months
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Hurghada Grand Aquarium  Cały odcinek możesz zobaczyć na YouTube na kanale Z Łukaszem Przez Świat.
 Spodobał Ci się odcinek i chcesz postawić mi kawę? nie ma sprawy zapraszam do linku w Bio ( buycoffee.to ) Nie musisz się rejestrować ani zakładać konta
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siodium · 1 month
my colleague took me to the ocean restaurant for lunch last friday!! i was not expecting a fine dining experience O: the flavours were complex and i didn't know what i was eating half the time lmao but my fav were the grilled scallops bc they were thicc and juicy!! i also rly liked the complimentary madeleines. oh and i tried uni (sea urchin) and frog legs for the first time. they were alright?? wouldn't call myself a fan but they're edible.
we loaded up on bread and butter (i recommend the sourdough bun and the baguette with the seaweed butter!!) in between the courses bc those were free flow HAHAHAH i ate a grand total of 3.5 breads...... that was too much bread i think
food aside, the view was magnificent!!!! definitely the best part of the whole experience!!! it's too bad that we didn't manage to get a table next to the tank but since we were the first customers to arrive, i managed to get a satisfactory amount of fish watching done before the others arrived heheh
i wanna bring a giant sea pancake home......
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savageday6 · 1 year
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shades of blue in dowoon’s jeju vlog 💙
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zeta-in-de-walls · 2 years
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I can’t believe how much vlog content Tommy’s making, in such short time. xD Anyway, here’s Tommy and Jack’s brother, Josh Manifold. Once again befriending his friends’ family members.
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nolifedestiny · 6 months
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On his YouTube channel, Xander Budnick takes us on long camping trips through the harsh wilderness. Always with him: a tent, a fishing rod and his canoe.
Auf seinem YouTube-Kanal nimmt uns Xander Budnick mit auf lange Camping-Trips durch die raue Wildnis. Immer dabei: Ein Zelt, eine Angel und sein Kanu.
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daggryet · 1 year
tommy’s new vlog is one of the best he’s made, it’s so much fun to watch and i’ve rewatched it a couple of times already
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mr-scandalous · 2 years
tommy and co. making friends with the staff of the places they vlog in
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simplydm · 2 years
That fishing hat Jack Manifold has is by far the best worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life so here’s some screenshots of it so you too can feel my pain
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azeemskitchen · 9 months
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georgeliker · 2 years
phew here’s all the doodles ueueue
they were super fun, ty for giving so many refs !!
im so sorry vice omg,,
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you gotta click thru cuz the composition is,,interesting
OH MY GOD?!?? I CANT BELIEVE YOU TOOK MOST (ALL?) OF MY SUGGESTIONS T_T THESE ARE SO SO CUTE 💘💘 holds all your beloved doodles so tenderly in both of my hands... !!!
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goldenlie · 1 year
Andy don't look, close your eyes, it's just a joke hahah Quackity just wanted to prank us all and then next George stream he will still be there just hanging out and being chaotic together 🙂😐🙁😭 I'll miss them - qnf enjoyer ;-;
I'm just blinking right now anon ahaha we're actually sitting down to wait for the Qnf stream together right now! Quackity really got us good but we still have time left, of course we do I mean why wouldn't we? 😃😄😀 Anon time passed way too quickly there's no way it's already over 😭😭
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rredbirdii · 2 years
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the cummer went fishing 🎣🤡👍
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mvrbidity · 2 years
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
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kattmeithmath · 2 years
Petition to get Jack Manifold a “Women love me, fish fear me” t-shirt
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