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Could i request the twst earth thing except they get isekaid in the reader world? How would they act? Or interact with them? You choose the characters!
Summary: Floyd/Jade/Vil/Rook/Lilia
A/N: we'll just say that each one is a separate universe for simplicity's sake. Special thanks to @irrelevantlight @giuliap17 and @fishisahappydog for choosing the characters for me.
To the anon: your idea is really good! And I'm gonna save it for later to make it it's own post
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Tumblr media
Hopefully Jade gets isekaid with him. If he is, he will pretend to have a leash on his wild brother. I say pretend, because the moment Floyd sees you, Jade will suddenly stop caring about restraining him, and will decide to explore this world's flora and fauna instead.
Floyd gives zero shits about this world. All he knows is that he can feel you in it, and he has to find you. He'll run the whole way, no matter where he spawns in. He'll sprint towards you, and your poor, human self isn't gonna know what hit you when a wall of man bowls you over.
Stop screaming! He's trying to love you! 
Tumblr media
If he spawns in with Floyd, half of his time is going to be spent being angry. He knows you're here, but he also has to keep track of his brother who couldn't care less about finding his twins favorite "fictional" character. It's slow progress and it may take him a couple weeks to finally reach you.
Whether he spawns in with Floyd or not, he's going to orchestrate a meet cute between you two. He can't expect you to be thrilled if he swooped in and knew everything about you. So he waits.
One day some asshole accidentally knocks into you, and you nearly fall into the busy street. Luckily two strong arms wrap around your middle and drag you to safety. He asks if you're alright, and insists on taking you for a tea to calm your nerves…and the rest is history.
Tumblr media
How interesting….this must be your world! There is no need for him to even process the move. He's traveled many places in his lifetime. This is just a new place to add to his scrapbook!
He also isn't going to rush into a relationship with you. Once he finds you, he's going to make you fall for him. He'll play off his delightful scamp tendencies, and his charming character, and make yu head over heels.
One day you'll confess your feelings for him, and he'll act all surprised. But deep inside he's celebrating another victory for General Lilia, mastermind of the King's army.
Tumblr media
You won't even know he's here for a while. He can't be sure if this "move" is permanent or not, so he's going to establish himself. It won't be very hard with his unearthly looks, and winning charisma.
By the time he comes to find you, you'll know who he is. He'll befriend you, and perhaps you'll even confess to him.
And of course he'll say yes. He feels a little bad that he knows everything about you, and you just think he's some random guy who got famous overnight, but it's easier to believe than the truth. Maybe he'll tell you someday. But only if he figures a way back to Twisted Wonderland.
Tumblr media
He is in no hurry to find you. Yet. First he wants to explore your environment, figure out how his prey's your environment is so he can understand the survival tactics you use. Once he has those, he can ignore them all.
Now, just because he waited, doesn't mean he's going to do what some of these boys do, and get to know you so you don't freak out.
Nah. What you get is a man in a hat spouting a speech at you about soulmates and true love, and how he can provide for your future life living in a mansion in the woods, with a farm, and ten dogs, and thirteen kids that he just found somewhere….
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𝐵𝑒𝒶𝒸𝒽: 𝐸𝓅𝒾𝓈𝑜𝒹𝑒 𝒪𝓃𝑒 ♡ 𝐹𝒷𝑜𝓎𝓈 𝒜𝓃𝑜𝓃𝓎𝓂𝑜𝓊𝓈
disclaimer: this has already been posted on ao3 and quotev, i'm just reposting this beach episode special as a promo for the fic. after this is all my previous author notes. also, this is some old writing from like a year ago, so warning for cringe dialogue and writing;;;
this is a fem!reader and also a half chinese!reader insert.
Tumblr media
When Crowley invited you to the beach trip he had planned for the 1st and 2nd years, you were... reluctant to go. Your reticent nature did not mean that you were unaware of the fact that Crowley... wasn't the most caring person for his students. Crewel being the sole supervisor on the trip was the only reason you decided to attend. 
You had been informed that only the Housewardens, their vices and a person of their choosing would be present on the trip. Likely due to Crowley's inherent need to save as much thaumarks[1] as possible. Point is, you were going on a beach trip. The problem was that it would be just you and at least 14 boys plus Crewel at the beach. You were going to die.
And the worst part? Due to Crowley wanting you all to have an 'experience', the group would be taking a bus from the magic mirror to get to a specific, magically protected resort in the Sunshine Lands[2]. This resort was small enough that you would be living in each other's space for a good few days. But you shrugged, packed your bags and resolved to never tell your brother about this. All you could hope for was a peaceful trip, nice weather and no murders. And if you made sure to stuff your qiánkūn dài with fúlù for self-protection? That was just for your some peace of mind and nothing more.
Tumblr media
The walk to the mirror hall would have been quite lovely and peaceful for you if it wasn't 5 o'clock in the morning! Getting up that early was the worst experience you had ever faced in your life... not to mention the fact that it was so dark outside you almost tripped over the steps by the door! And yet... you still woke up 30 minutes earlier than you needed to for your skincare routine, makeup, and routine anxious bag check. At least you had gotten more than 2 hours of sleep?
Crowley had informed you that the others had to wear either their PE or dorm uniforms for the trip, but since he was oh-so generous, he let you choose your outfit. Dressing for the heat was something you were used to, deciding on packing a wide-brimmed hat and heart-shaped sunglasses in your draping cardigan with customised sleeve space. Underneath that, you decided on wearing a slightly short, pleated skirt in (f/c) and a cropped t-shirt to have some modesty. Even if your swimsuits were a lot more risqué, your outfits were definitely less so for the sake of your dignity.
To get to the mirror hall, you had to trudge past the overgrown plants you were 'working' on taming, and then had to drag your feet to the long (and still slightly confusing) walk to the dark mirror. Walking in the room, you could immediately see how the different dorms prepared for this trip. Riddle and Trey were helping Cater bring his bags closer to the portal, the poor man looking dead on his feet and still half asleep, nearly squashing Riddle under his weight by leaning on him. Meanwhile, Leona, actually asleep, was being dragged by poor Ruggie, the hyena having strapped the man to one of their wheeled suitcases. 
Ruggie's quite strong actually! I wonder how he deals with both the heavy bag on his back and the weight from Leona?
Vil and Rook were by far, the most prepared of the group, the two of them having their makeup done absolutely perfectly, chatting as if it was an afternoon meeting and not the most asinine hour you could imagine being awake at. Jamil struggled with a sleepy Kalim, though he too had shadows under his eyes denoting a clear lack of sleep, not that you could judge. Meanwhile, Azul, Jade and Floyd seemed perfectly fine with this torturous wake-up time, though they all gave off movements showing them to be slightly groggy. Idia was completely awake and huddling in a corner while Ortho tried to comfort him. And finally, Malleus and Lilia chatted with a healthy air, with Lilia having Silver hefted over his shoulder like some sort of comically large sack of potatoes. 
I am going to die on this trip, if not from fatigue, then from the amount of chaos that is going to be caused by this group.
The boys turned to look at you as your heeled boots clacked against the hard floor, with numerous comedic reactions to your rather... light luggage. That is, if they were even awake enough to notice you.
"Are you going to be wearing that outfit for the entire trip?" Vil raised an eyebrow at you, arms crossed judgmentally.
You smiled like a knife. Let them worry or think you're stupid, you do not have the emotional capacity to deal with this right now without making a mess of things. 
But before Vil edged closer to the line that would result in death from a demolished ego, Crewel walked into the room. The professor carried the pouch you gifted him, along with his signature whip. The man had shed his normal fur coat for a black and white striped button up, yet his style was as impeccable as always. The teacher grinned at you, a kind look in his eyes as he took in your clearly exhausted demeanour.
"I see we brought matching pouches, dear puppy. I thank you once again for making it so much easier for me to pack for this trip. Plus," He winked conspiratorially, "You've enabled me to bring as many outfits and shoes as I want."
"It was truly no problem, Professor." You returned his kind look with one of admiration and respect. "I'm simply glad that you like it!" 
Unfortunately, the two of you could not start a compliment-off due to the urgings of one angry, red dorm leader. 
"Professor Crewel, we really should be on our way now. If I recall correctly, the Headmage said that we must be on time to catch the bus, and as according to Queen of Heart's rule #375, 'You must not ever be late for a very important date'."
...That one's just common sense no?
Crewel looked slightly ticked off for a moment, but went back to looking like a calm and collected teacher so quickly you almost thought it was an illusion.
With a clap of his hands, he ordered, "Line up pups! Make sure you are with your dorm members and pass through the mirror." He cracked his whip menacingly. "And if any of you wander off in the time it takes me to mark you all present, you will be dealing with a punishment suiting such beastly behaviour!"
Azul and Jade snapped their heads up at that and quickly grabbed onto Floyd, knowing the mischief he would get up to. Thankfully for the other dorms, their troublemakers were either fast asleep or too tired to cause even a speck of mischief. Trey went up to the mirror and stepped in with their bags in hand, while Riddle struggled to get himself and Cater through without falling over. Next up was Ruggie, who unceremoniously dumped Leona through the portal, who woke up with a yowl, then snickered and stepped through. The Octavinelle kids walked in the portal, Jade and Floyd carrying the bags while Azul took wrote something down in a small black book.
...Is he studying? Or is he analysing his fellow Housewardens... either way it's kinda creepy...
Jamil woke Kalim up and got his charge through the mirror, then picked up their numerous bags with a sigh and struggled to get past the portal. Rook and Vil, as put together as always, walked through with no problem despite their heavy-looking bags. Ortho had to drag Idia through the portal, his older brother carrying their bulky bags while seemingly quite concerned by the amount of people in the room. Finally, Malleus and Lilia went through the portal, luggage floating behind them while Lilia kept Silver slung over his shoulder. Crewel ticked through names on a clipboard with a sigh, shaking his head in disappointment. He looked at you with a small smile then gestured for you to walk through. The cold sensation of the portal embraced you as you felt yourself transported through the dark mirror.
Tumblr media
The first thing you felt when you arrived in the Sunshine Lands was a stifling heat against your skin. The second was your eardrums dying from a loud, shrill noise. A bus screeched past you, blowing your hair into your face, before making a sharp u-turn to stop right in front of your group, blowing plumes of dust in its wake. If that noise wasn't enough to wake you all up, the slam of the doors opening definitely did. Crewel appeared through the portal just then, and walked up to the bus with no care for the groups shocked demeanour.
Both Leona and Ruggie gripped their ears in pain, Azul had hidden behind his bags and the twins, meanwhile Lilia seemed to be delighted and was shaking Silver like some sort of stuffed toy. You could catch a glimpse of their conversation:
"-could make such loud noises for the light music club! I do want to show off my heavy metal skills!"
"-right, Fa-Lilia"
Was he about to say father? Or something more offensive? I wonder... Lilia has often acted too old for his age...
You decided to walk past the boys to get a comfortable seat at the front of the bus, fearing getting sick during the long ride. Your calm demeanour and Crewel's glare from inside the bus made the boys scramble to put their bags in the trunk and race up the steps to prepare for a long trip.
As the bus's ghost driver started revving the engine, Leona settled in the back of the bus, lying down like a corpse, head on Ruggie's lap. The poor boy was being used as a pillow again, but didn't seem to mind to much as he scrolled through his phone. Riddle, Trey and Cater sat right at the front of the bus, a row behind Crewel who looked too tired to put up with questions from Riddle. Cater had settled down next to you while Riddle and Trey sat down on the other side of the bus, when he asked:
"Can-" He yawned, "Can I use your shoulder as a pillow?"
Riddle, hearing this, glared warningly at Cater, who didn't notice. You gently smiled and nodded, too tired to consider the impropriety of his actions. It was too bad that you were typically the type who was unable to go to sleep after waking up for the day. So you just closed your eyes, leaned your head against the back of your seat and listened to the hushed conversations of an early morning.
Trey and Riddle talked quietly about their plans for the week, while Floyd, Jade and Azul seemed to be intrigued by this method of transportation. You could hear Floyd cheering at each bump the bus went over, escalating in volume until Azul and Jade shushed him. There was a tiredly registered thought passing through your mind: a hope that they wouldn't throw up from motion sickness. Cater's head on your shoulder was a warm spot in the cool, air-conditioned bus that helped ground you, the slight sounds of breathing creating a rhythm for you to listen to.
You faintly heard the sounds of shuffling movements, likely from Jamil, who had Kalim's head on his shoulder while the shorter boy insisted that Jamil should lean his head on top of the other's. A sigh and some faint whispering before the two seemingly fell asleep. Malleus talked to Lilia in hushed, excited tones, the scratching of nails against a scalp as Lilia combed his fingers through Silver's hair while the first year napped. Vil and Rook seemed to have prepared for this trip, the sounds of pillows being taken out of bags and Vil asking Rook to make sure his sleeping mask is perfectly positioned. An obliging sound from the other and then the hushed noises of two more people falling asleep.
Crewel seemed to be working on something, judging by the tired sighs and the noise of pen against paper. From what you remembered, the poor professor was overwhelmed by third years requesting apprenticeships in the alchemical field, he was probably filling out those request forms, judging by the frustrated whispers coming from the front of the bus. Ortho was buzzing in anticipation, talking quietly to Idia, with notes of some video game's soundtrack floating over from their side of the bus. 
The bus was nearly silent, the only noises being from the Diasomina, Trey and Riddle, and the Ignihyde group. The bus's engine was silent, the small bumps it went over feeling less and less jarring as time went on. It felt like being rocked in a cradle like a child, a comforting movement that calmed you even further. Before you knew it, you had succumbed to your exhaustion and fallen into a restless sleep.
Tumblr media
You slowly woke up from your impromptu nap, hearing louder conversations from behind you. The weight on your shoulder was gone. As you blinked your eyes and stretched slightly, you glanced over to where Cater was before. 
"Oh, you're up!" Cater smiled at you from next to Trey, and then was quickly shushed. 
You stood up, curious, and walked across the aisle to where they were, balance as impeccable as always. You cooed as you leaned over Cater's shoulder, seeing a sleeping Riddle curled up slightly on Trey's lap. The man in question looked slightly tired as well, but smiled at you anyways. 
"Worried about him waking up?" You leaned on Cater even more, trying to examine the sleeping dorm leader's features. "I thought he was gonna stay up for the whole trip." 
Riddle was so adorable while asleep! The Housewarden's doll-like features were enhanced by his calmer face. Looking at him, you were suddenly struck by how young he seemed. For all Riddle acted mature, it was clear that he was still childish. And now, curled up against Trey's lap, he reminded you once more of your juniors back home. It made you want to coddle him even more.
"Riddle's used to sleeping and waking up at very strict times." Trey told you in a hushed voice, "His body is probably adjusting to the decrease in hours, so he's practically dead to the world."
Cater jumped in. "Oh, but he's a total monster in the early mornings! One time, he collared three dorm members for not providing the right sugar for his tea!"  
"That's..." You were a bit concerned by how natural Cater seemed to mention this. 
But before you could continue this hushed conversation with Trey and Cater, a loud voice suddenly yelled from the back.
"Oi~ miss koi fish[3]! You're awake now?! Over here!" Floyd waved at you before being hurriedly shushed by Jade.
You sighed, and decided to walk over to the Octavinelle kids, giving Trey and Cater an apologetic glance. Knowing Floyd, he'd probably yell for your attention until Riddle woke up. It probably isn't the best choice to ignore him, especially if you want to keep your head on your shoulders.
When you stood up from your position on Cater's shoulder, the bus sped over a large road bump, causing many to knock their heads against their seats or the ceiling. Trey cradled Riddle from the blow, knocking against the seat in front of him while Cater hit his head against the roof. You, a master of balance and too short to have your head brush the ceiling, simply went over to Floyd with no problem, the poor eel having a wounded look on his face from being brained by the bus.
"Ouch... Koi fishie, my head hurts..." 
"Oh no!" You smiled comfortingly. "Is there anything I can do to help?"
Floyd flashed a pair of disconcertingly cute puppy eyes. "I want a kiss!" he yelled.
The bus went silent, Riddle turned slightly in Trey's lap but went back to sleep. He sighed, relieved. Idia was now huddled against a seat in terror while Lilia and Malleus suddenly looked very interested in your conversation. Leona's ear twitched but he continued to nap, still on Ruggie's lap. The hyena had jolted at the loud noise, but went back to sleep just as quickly, curled over Leona in a position that was definitely not good for his back. Jade sighed, smiling at you sheepishly. Azul just looked exhausted by Floyd's behaviour.
Kalim glanced over, momentarily interested, but went back to showing Jamil something on his phone, which his retainer obligingly payed attention to. Cater was giving you a knowing grin while Vil and Rook seemed to be ignoring this conversation. Crewel, thankfully, was napping, headphones on so that he couldn't hear any of your conversations. Floyd continued to look at you beseechingly. You had blanched at first, shocked by his audacity, but decided complying to Floyd's request wouldn't hurt. 
You leaned in and pecked him on the forehead. "Better?"
Floyd looked disappointed, cheeks slightly flushed. "...I want a real kiss."
Jade suddenly spoke up in warning tone, "Floyd." He smiled threateningly. "You don't want to harass our senior, do you?"
His brother responded quietly, turning over to his twin. The two started whispering furiously, making you give up on even trying to talk to them. You decided to sit next to Azul, who had found sanctuary by sitting in the aisle opposite the twins. The Housewarden smiled politely at you, quickly closing the book he was scribbling in with a snap. 
You momentarily glanced at the suspicious book, and Azul's nervous behaviour didn't do him any favours. The octopus was sweating slightly, so pityingly, you decided to spare him an interrogation. 
"Azul, do you happen to know the time?"
The man sighed in relief, and replied with a glance to a pocket-watch he pulled out from his dorm uniform. "It's currently 7:30."
You thanked him and then realised, with an impeding sense of doom, that you would have to spend another 45 minutes on the bus with this group of... informal men. It really was a good thing that you decided to never tell your brother about this trip. Bored out of your mind, with Jade and Floyd still whisper-fighting, you remembered something very important.
"Azul." The boy perked his head up from his phone, giving you his full attention. "If I recall, you happen to be a part of the board game club, yes? Maybe we could play a card game or two while waiting to arrive at our destination!"
Azul blinked, but then a wide, menacing grin took over his face. "Yes, let's! I do happen to have a deck of cards here with me." He rummaged through a small bag, then glanced towards Idia, who squeaked. "Idia! Would you like to play a game of poker with (Y/N) and I?"
Ortho answered for him, flying over with stars in his eyes. "Big brother would love to! Can I play as well?"
You smiled at your adorable junior. "Of course!"
Lilia floated over, Silver now slumped over his bag while Malleus made sure he was strapped in with a seatbelt to not fall off. "May Malleus and I play too? Your human games are quite... intruiging." He flashed his teeth at Azul and Idia, who had been dragged over by Ortho, causing the two to pale in fear. 
You answered for them, "Sure! That makes... 6 players." You were very excited to play such a fun game with your friends, and started buzzing in excitement. Luckily for you, you had learnt to pack your belongings very tightly in your sleeves so they wouldn't fall out from you shaking in joy.
Azul cleared his throat. "Alright then, would anyone else like to play?"
Kalim jumped up, raising his hand like a kid in class. "Ooh! Are you playing a card game? I'd love to play, what about you Jamil?"
His retainer sighed slightly, then shrugged. "Sure, why not."
Jade and Floyd had stopped their argument by now, and glanced over, slightly intrigued. 
"I'd like to play but..." Floyd pouted. "Azul and Jade always cheat! I can never win..."
Jade chuckled, "Now, why would you say that Floyd? We would never cheat with such distinguished people. We are perfectly trustworthy!"
Idia muttered something under his breath and Jade turned to him, movements uncanny. "Is there something you'd like to say, dear Idia?" 
The Housewarden of Ignihyde froze. "No-not at all!" He looked like he was about to hide under the chairs in fear, so you reached over to pat him on the back for comfort.
Rook and Vil shook their heads when Azul prompted them for an answer, and Trey and Cater couldn't play due to the volatile bomb on Trey's lap. Leona opened one of his eyes and glared in warning, Ruggie still sleeping over him.
"Then that makes 8 players. Does everyone know the rules or should I explain them?" Azul asked. "Oh, and by the way, I will take on the responsibility of being the dealer first."
Malleus looked at Azul. "If you'd please, fellow dorm leader, I would be very grateful for an explanation of the conditions for this game."
A line of sweat dripped down the side of Azul's face. "Of course, now, pay attention since I will only explain this once!"
Tumblr media
The poker game was an... experience to say the least. Azul had won the first game, though not without a valiant fight from Jamil, Idia and Jade. Lilia, Malleus and Ortho were learning the ropes and wrapping their heads around the rule. Meanwhile, Floyd and Kamil were too busy trying to master card tricks, where you move cards via sleight of hand that you tried to teach them how to do. Of course, this was all part of your master plan. You categorised each player's reactions to the 'better' and 'worse' hands they were dealt, and very quickly, you could accurately guess what they had in their hand. Counting cards was a trick you were taught a long time ago by your grandmother, who was a master at diplomacy. She had chosen to either beat or lose to an opponent in a game to achieve the outcome she wanted, and taught you and your mother how to do the same.
This resulted in you testing out your strategy for the second game, in which Jamil and Jade insisted that Kalim and Floyd pay attention. Idia won this round, though Lilia had quickly mastered the game and gave his poor, shy classmate a run for his money. Malleus was still struggling, and seemed to have horrible luck in these games, though his poker face was just as good as you'd expect from a Crown Prince. Jamil, Jade, Idia and Azul were also very good at hiding their feelings, though with the amount of practice you had from trying to guess your grandmother's expressions, they were no match for you.
And so, you put your plan into action for the third game. And the fourth.... and the fifth, before Azul had thrown the cards off of your makeshift table in a fit of rage. But before the boys could interrogate you on your, very suspicious, wins, the bus came to a halt. You took that opportunity to stick yourself to Crewel like glue, recounting the tales of your victory to the teacher who listened indulgently, a slight smile on his face.
Crewel congratulated you on showing those boys a bit of modesty, saying: "It's good that you took those pups down a peg, our students have always been quite proud... but the Housewardens are even more so. Perhaps I should have all of you play another game tonight..."
You smiled in reply. Seems like this trip was going to be more fun than you thought.
Tumblr media
[1] Thaumarks is the official english translation of madol! Just an FYI for those who don't know [2] Sunshine Lands is a canon location that I got from this video, apparently, it's a map from the new chapter? It sounds and looks like a beach location so... [3] Miss koi fish/koi fishie is reader's nickname since they're very popular in China, and are bred to be very pretty! Koi may look similar to goldfish, but they are not of the same species so... I'm copping it for our dear reader.
Mini Theatre (Y/N), doing her best not to insult her friends: They're just quite... excitable, and they're risk takers so... that's a good quality. Plus they're not afraid to stand up for themselves... they're quite honourable! Her brother, reading these text messages: So you mean to say they're completely reckless trash who keep on getting into fights. (Y/N): Well... they also are very friendly, and are very different from the people back home! Her brother: Dearest sister, please start speedrunning the stages of grief you are in, I cannot deal with this constant denial.
Tumblr media
so that was the first part of the beach ep! i'll be posting these every day until we reach the end of this mini arc. if you enjoyed the writing or are interested in the fic, you can read it on ao3 here, and on quotev here
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Poor Unfortunate Soul (Azul X Reader) Ch. 4
Masterlist/ Next Chapter/ Last Chapter
As Azul's head pops up and out of the water he gasps, his eyes widening in wonder at the large ship before him. Bright fireworks firing off of it.
Azul looks around before swimming forward slowly, climbing onto a lifeboat and watching the people on board through the railings openings, watching as multiple men dance around, but his eyes catch someone.
A woman in a long sleeve white shirt, grey pants and black boots dancing around and giggling.
Azul watches her in awe, a purple blush crawling up his neck to his face as he gets a dreamy smile.
I’ll tell you a tale
Of the bottomless blue
And it’s hey to the starboard
Heave ho!
Heave ho!
Look out, lass, a cecaelia
Be waitin’ for you
In mysterious fathoms below
The men continues to laugh and cheer, but the cheering when Y/n sands, and Azul gets a different kind of look in his eyes when Y/n begins to sing.
I’ll sing you a song
Of the King of the Sea!
And it’s hey to the starboard
Heave ho!
Heave ho!
The ruler of all of the oceans
And seas
The crew and Hawkins then join in
Hawkins and Crew:
In mysterious fathoms below Heave ho!
Heave ho!
Heave ho!
"Enough! Thank you, gentlemen." Trein's voice cuts in sharply as he begins to lead Y/n to the other side of the ship.
"Oh, come on. It’s her birthday." Hawkins calls after as some of the men chuckle.
The crew shrugs as they continue to cheer and dance.
"Oh, come on, Trein. What’s wrong with me having a little fun? Everyone else is." Y/n smiles as she gestures to the rest of the crew.
"You, my lady, are not everyone else. It’s time you separate yourself from the rest of the crew." Trein scolds.
"Oh, but I’m one of them." Y/n laughs.
"And behave in a manner more becoming of a future Queen." Trein glares as Y/n gets quiet/
"You mean, be more like my mother was? Cut off from the rest of the world." Y/n scoffs, leaning againest one of the barrels aboard the ship.
"Oh, Y/n, you know what I mean. When you came to us 21 years ago, the King and Queen took you in and treated you as one of their own. Now that you’ve come of age- Trein was cut off as Y/n looks over to her pet cat, Grim, looking over the edge of the ship.
As Azul continues to watch he doesn't notice a large grey cat toroting to him. Azul gasps as he turns his head to the creature as it meows, wanting his attention.
Azul looks at the creature in glee as he reaches his hand out to sofly pet the creature as it purrs in delight.
"Grim." Y/n's voice is heard, footsteps following as the cat stays in place, purring.
The cat lets out another meow as Azul pulls his hand away and camouflages himself against the lifeboat
"Grim!" Y/n giggles picking up the cat as it sits on her shoulder purring as Y/n looks over the edge of the ship, seeing nothing.
"What are you doing over here?" Y/n mumbles to herself before setting Grim on one of the ships barrel, said cat laying down with a yawn.
"And now that you have come of age, your responsibilities are at home. Your mother would have expected that." Trein says softly, his tone different from before.
"Yes, trapped inside that castle in isolation and fear. I can’t do it." Y/n rolls her eyes.
"I believe a little fear may be advisable, my lady." Trein laughs lightly.
"Trein, you’re not listening. I want to be a different kind of leader. That’s the whole reason we’re on this voyage. We have to stay open to what's out here. That's the only way our island can grow, don't you see?" Y/n asks as she turns away from Trein to look out at the sea.
"Y/n, think what you risk." Trein sighs.
"I can’t explain it, Trein. It’s in my blood. Even now, I… I feel there’s something out here calling to me." Y/n softly smiles as Azul looks at her, eyes wide, before the girl frowns looking off into the distance at some clouds.
The clouds begin to get darker than before as rain begins to fall heavily onto both the sea and the ship as lighting hits the water.
"Storm coming in fast." Y/n gasps as thunder rumbles, she walks past Trein quickly looking at the crew.
"Squall coming in!" Y/n yells pointing at the storm as the crew stops, before stepping into action
"All hands on deck! Batten down the hatches and crates!" Y/n orders running over to help tie the knots
"Yes, ma'am!" The men yell back as the rain gets heavier while Azul watches in worry.
"Tie ’em down!" Hawkins orders as the men shouts orders to one another.
"Pull the main sail!" Hawkins shouts.
The waves gets rougher, hitting the ship. One giant waves hits the ship causing Trein, who was steering the ship, to fall.
Y/n runs up to the back of the ship and grabs the ships helm, turning it roughly to the right.
The ship creaks loudly, groaning as it moves
Y/n gasps as the waves clear for a moment to see that she is about to hit a giant sharp rock. Azul gasps jumping off the boat and back into the water as the rock hits the ship, taking the lifeboat Azul just on and turning to bits.
The ship stops roughly, making Y/n and the crew all fall down a few large boxes sliding off into the sea. Due to a rough stop a lantern falls onto the ground, setting the ship ablaze.
"Lifeboats! Abandon ship!" Y/n yells as the rew begins to run to the sides of the boat, getting onto the remaining lifeboats.
"Into the water, boy!" Mulligan yells as one of the younger crew members stand at the edge of the ship shaking his head.
Mulligan growls before picking the boy up and throwing him overboard, Mulligan right behind him.
The remaining crew members and Trein that are in the water get helped onboard to the lifeboats by other crew members.
Yn runs to the side of the ship about to jump off by is stopped by the sounds of hissing and meowing.
"Grim." Y/n gasps before coughing as she runs to the back of the ship, running through the flames as she picks up the wet gray cat.
Azul watches in awe as the girl ran before looking over the edge of the ship before looking at the cat, who hisses.
"I know but its that or death so... we live I'll give you tuna okay? Now go" Y/n orders sitting Grim on the edge of the ship before said cat jumps off, swimming to one of the life boats, sitting in Trein's lap.
Y/n stands on of edge of the ship about to jump once more before the ship gorans again, turning on its side and knocking Y/n back as she hits her head on the railing and falls into the water on the other side.
"Y/n!" Trein calls out in agony as Azul gasps diving under the water towards Y/n as the ship finally sinks.
Y/n continues to fall deeper into the ocean before Azul swims forward grabbing her and bringing her to the surface of the water while a statue of Y/n falls to the ocean floor.
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yaksha-lover · 2 months
Summary: After the events of ghost bride, Vil and Leona decide to continue their competition to determine who is the best suitor. They decide you, being new to the school, are the best option to try and romance.
Multi x GN Reader (Leona, Vil, Ace, Deuce, Floyd, Rook, Azul, Malleus)
Part 2
“Yeah, whatever, you failed too. Doesn’t mean a thing. Any sane person would’ve chosen me over you,” Leona snarks.
“Prove it, then. Let’s choose someone else and we’ll be able to determine who the real winner is,” Vil replies, not bothering to look up from the compact he’s using to apply his makeup.
Leona’s ears perk a little at the idea, but he turns his nose up at it anyway. “Like who? Everyone at this school’s already stepping over each other to get a picture with you. Not exactly a fair competition, blondie.”
“Our dear prefect hasn’t been at the school long, and they’ve never known me as a celebrity since they’re from another world. It seems they would be the fairest way to continue our little competition,” Vil pauses, looking back over at Leona. “If that’s okay with you, your majesty.”
Leona rolls his eyes. “Old bride clearly had no taste. At least the prefect won’t have all these delusional biases about their ‘prince,’” he grumbles. “Fine, they’ll do.”
“Alright, then whoever can get them to accept an invitation to the upcoming semi-formal will be the winner.”
“Deal. Try not to feel too hurt by their rejection, it’s not as though you can compete with a real prince like myself.”
“I’m not worried, you hardly qualify as a prince, lazy second-son that you are. Unless you’re planning to actually try for once? Could it be you have another motivation for wooing the prefect?”
“As if I would go for a pathetic little herbivore like them. I’m in this to prove a point to you, that’s all,” Leona huffs. “You’re the one who suggested them. Projecting, are we?”
Vil smirks at his denial. “My, my, quite the tsundere little kitty you are. I have no reason to deny, I have become quite fond of them recently. Enough to stop you from becoming a perpetual nuisance in their life, at least.”
The next day, you sit at your usual lunch table with Ace, Deuce, and Grim, when a certain grumpy lion approaches you.
“Herbivores,” Leona says, narrowing his eyes at the sight of Grim devouring an entire leg of chicken. He turns his gaze to you. “Get up, prefect, I need to talk to you.”
“Kinda busy,” you mumble, mouth full of food.
“Why, hello prefect,” Vil greets, walking over from his table where Rook and Epel watch on. “Ah, let me get that for you.” He pulls a handkerchief from his pocket, gently tilting your face when you look up at him and dabbing at the corner of your mouth. “Now you look perfect.” Vil looks up at Leona, saccharine smile ablaze. “Was this man bothering you?”
You ignore his strange behaviour and decide to just continue eating.
Leona glares at him, spotting the rose in Vil’s hand. “Aren’t you about to do the same thing, Schoenheit?”
Vil scoffs, glimpsing the small jewelry box Leona is subtly holding behind his back. “Hardly. I was simply checking in on my dear friend, who seemed distressed by your presence.”
Between Grim looking over at your food every two seconds and the bickering going on above your head, you decide to give in and let him have the rest of yours. “…I think I’m just going to leave.”
The two housewardens are too busy bickering to notice you making your escape, leaving them with the rest of your table.
“I never knew you felt so threatened by me. You really had to resort to sabotaging my attempts?”
“I was not! You just happened to be in the way of my own plans,” Vil dismisses.
Ace finally looks up from his lunch to address the situation. “What’s up with you, housewardens? Why are you hovering around the prefect like that?”
“Stick your nose out of this, freshman. It’s none of your business.”
Vil sighs. “If you must know, I wish to ask the prefect to attend the semi-formal as my date. I came to ask them.”
Ace looks back in forth in surprise between Vil and Leona. “You too, Leona? Huh, never figured you’d be interested in anyone but yourself.”
“Don’t lump me in with him. This is just a competition for me. Neither of us won when trying to charm the ghost, so now I’m going to take my victory over him.”
Ace relaxes a little at his words, turning to the other housewarden. “You’re doing this for a competition, Vil? I know Leona is shameless, but surely you’d never stoop to his level?”
“It’s not just for the competition. I do like the prefect, but now I have the chance to take them to the dance and to show Leona how much more charming I am than him.”
“I mean, I hate to rain on your guys parade but I think it’s a lost cause. The prefect definitely likes me. We’re best friends after all, so they’d probably choose me if I asked.” Ace says nonchalantly, earning him a glare from Deuce. “Not that I’m interested in them! Obviously, I don’t care. But, uh, if it’s a competition, of course I have to win.”
Deuce rolls his eyes: “You’re such an idiot. And wrong. I’m their best friend.”
“And where do you think you’re going?” Vil asks Leona when he starts to walk away.
“To nap. It’s exhausting dealing with you children. Try not to get in my way, next time,” Leona replies, not bothering to turn around as he saunters away.
The next time you’re approached by the housewardens is in the hallway after class. You jump in surprise when a hand reaches around your waist to pull you into an empty classroom. The long brown hair that tickles your face gives you a pretty good idea of who the culprit is.
“Prefect,” Leona greets casually , as if he didn’t just basically kidnap you with no explanation.
“What are you doing? Will you let go of me, please,” you sigh.
Leona loosens his grip and turns you around in his arms to face him. He brushes a hand over your cheek, tucking a stray piece of hair out of your face. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” he says, voice softer than you’ve ever heard it. He’s so close his breath brushes over your neck.” “For me to let go of you?”
“Leona?! I-”
Your response is interrupted by the sound of a bell and the noise of chatting students approaching the classroom you currently occupy. You and Leona fling apart, but there isn’t enough time for you to calm your flustered face before Floyd, just entering the room, is able to see it.
“Shrimpy! What are you doing in here with sea lion?” Floyd takes in your embarrassed expression. “You haven’t been doing anything naughty, have you? And without me?”
“Nothing happened, eel. Let’s go, prefect.”
“Now you’re trying to take shrimpy away after hogging them all to yourself?”
“Sorry, Floyd,” you appease, not wanting to get into another ridiculous situation, “but he’s right. I have a class to get to.”
“Class is boring. I’d much rather be playing with you, but suit yourself. I’ll just have to squeeze you sometime later!”
Leona trails behind you as you walk to your next class, demanding an explanation from him.
“So why did you try and seduce me?”
“Seduce? You’re so perverted. Have you forgotten I’m a prince? I was only trying to-”
His reasoning is interrupted by Crewel’s glare as you silently head into class and take your spot beside Ace, leaving Leona to get a talking to for making you late.
“Leona and Vil have both been acting so weird lately, and I don’t know why.”
You miss the side-eye Ace and Deuce give each other as they ‘uh huh’ your venting.
“So,” Ace says, leaning towards you a bit, “Have you heard of the upcoming dance?” He winces when Deuce kicks him from under the table. “It’s kinda stupid, but if you wanted to go-”
“Trappola! Quiet or you’ll have extra work to do after class.”
Crewel seemed to be saving you a lot today.
Later, you notice Vil ahead of you, walking by himself through the halls. He drops something on the ground, but walks away before you can call out to him. Picking up his dropped handkerchief, you rush after him, finding yourself in yet another dim, empty classroom.
“Vil?” you call. He turns around, and you hold his lost item out to him. “You dropped this.”
His eyes light up and he smiles when he sees what you’ve brought. “Oh! Thank you so much, dear.” He approaches you, suddenly dropping a kiss on your cheek, making your face heat up. He winks. “Just a little reward for your endless kindness.”
“Uh, it was nothing, really.”
“Nonsense!” Vil leans against the wall, filling your view. “In fact, let me repay you. Do you have some time now?”
Before you can respond, someone flickers the lights on, the brightness now revealing the room was less empty than you assumed. The sound of a violin fills your ears as you spot Rook in the corner of the room, playing beautifully. Epel stands in front of a small table, set with two plates and a vase of roses in the middle. He blushes a little when you spot him, giving you a gentle wave. Both of them wear suits. Epel approaches Vil to remove his school overcoat to put on a more traditional suit jacket.
Still lost in confusion, you let Vil guide you to your seat at the table. He sits down across from you, taking your hands into his. Epel brings out a slice of chocolate cake, setting it between you, before going to sit near Rook.
“Ah, I hope you don’t mind sharing, dear.” He winks again. “You know, I really would like to repay you for your act of kindness.”
“Did you just- have this all set up? In case you dropped something…? It’s really nothing, it took me literally two seconds to return.”
“So humble, it’s one of your many fantastic qualities. I am serious about treating you, though. You know the upcoming dance?” You nod, not liking where this is going. “How about I accompany-”
Before he can finish, the door flies open and Leona struts in. He, seemingly, is not fazed by this set up in the middle of an empty classroom.
He ignores Vil and the others completely, turning to you. “Prefect, we never finished our conversation from earlier,” he grumbles.
“You’re right. Sorry, Vil, but it would be rude to keep him waiting. I better just-”
“Please, I have something important to ask you. Just one moment of you time is all I ask.” Vil places him arm on your shoulder.
“They already made up their mind, Schoenheit. Back off, they wanna come with me.” Leona grabs hold of your hand, trying to tug you out of Vil’s grasp.
Vil does not give in, taking hold of your other hand. “Putting words into their mouth, Kingscholar? They were about to choose me.”
Stuck between the two of them, locked in a glaring contest, you try to pull your arms from both of them.
“Merveilleux!” Rook stops playing his violin, approaching the group of you. “To have two beautiful men trying to make you swoon, c’est le paradis!Would you like me to become a contender for your heart as well?” Rook sweeps his arms around you gently, before Leona pushes him off.
“Fuck off, I don’t need another one of you pomefiore brats swarming around them.”
Rook turns back to you. “He’s quite possessive, are you into that type of man, I wonder? I can be that type too~”
“I’ve gotta go,” you say, taking this chance to run out of the class.
You’re asked to sit in on a meeting with the teachers and housewardens, which Vil and Leona decide to use as their last opportunity to win once most of the others have left. Only you, Leona, Vil, and Azul remain, still packing up your things.
“Prefect? I apologize to bother you again, but if I could, I’d still love to ask you-”
Vil is, once again, interrupted before he can finish.
“Prefect,” Leona says, touching your cheek. You turn to face him just in time for him to pull out a jewelry box from his pocket, popping it open in front of you. “I-”
“What the hell? Are you actually proposing to me?!”
“What are you on about?” It’s only then that Leona seems to realize your confusion. “A ring, Ruggie?? I said get something nice, not a ring!”
Ruggie strolls in from around the corner, shrugging. “I’ve never even seen jewelry this expensive before. How would I know what you wanted me to get? I’ll take it if they don’t want it.” He pauses, suddenly remembering something. “Also, did you still want me to bring in the flowers? There’s four hundred roses just sitting in the other room.”
You turn back to Leona incredulously. “Why did you send Ruggie to- Forget it, why have you guys been acting so strange?”
“Leona and Vil made a bet on who could get you to agree to go as their date to the semi-formal. It seems their small, fragile egos were quite bruised from their rejection by the ghost bride,” Azul interjects, finally looking up from his book at the corner of the table.
Vil stares at him. “You truly have no loyalty nor shame.”
“Says you,” you quip.
“Yes, it’s quite pitiful. I heard rumours and used my resources to discover the truth. I thought you deserved to know, prefect.” Azul stands from his chair, approaching where you’re sitting to place a hand on your shoulder. “Now, if you still wanted to attend the event with someone who wasn’t planning on manipulating you into it, I would be happy to offer my services.”
Your narrowed eyes prompts Azul’s swift apology.
“Ah, I see now was not the correct time. I shall make my exit.” He leaves the room along with Ruggie, leaving you three alone.
“What is wrong with both of you? You didn’t learn your lesson with Eliza? It’s messed up to play with a person’s feelings like this, I’m not your little prop.”
“Prefect-” Vil starts, cutting himself off at the look you give him.
You give them each one last glare before walking out the door, barely hiding your laughter.
“You’re quite the actor, my dear,” Malleus says, slipping your hand into his own as the two of you walk towards Ramshackle.
“I know,” you laugh, “Did you see their faces? I think that’s the first time in his life Leona’s ever looked guilty. His tail was definitely between his legs.”
“Yes, it was rather unbecoming of him,” Malleus chuckles, before stopping his stride. “Although, you could have simply let them know you already belong to another.”
“True, but it shouldn’t really matter. It’s not as though they’re actually interested. They clearly just think of me as some kind of prize to win in an ego competition. Plus, it’ll certainly make a scene when we walk in to the dance together, won’t it?”
Malleus sighs, pulling you into his arms to drop a kiss on your head, before continuing to walk you home. “You are far too naive, my love. Not to worry, you have me to protect you from those beasts.”
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starboyshoyo · 6 months
Courting, Pining, or Flirting? 
Characters: All NRC students x reader (seperately)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland 
Genre: fluff
Do the NRC boys court you, pine for you, or flirt with you? 
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts will do his best in courting you. Raised to be strict and formal, he has virtually no idea of what love is, or how to express it. The best he got was the fairytales of princesses and knights in his childhood. So he’ll follow their lead to the best of his ability. Riddle will give you his blazer jacket, and take your arm in his when navigating crowded hallways- he’ll even bow to you when saying goodnight, placing a tender kiss on your hand. Riddle might need a bit of a confidence boost before he performs a moonlight soliloquy under your balcony, though. 
Ace Trappola, unsurprisingly, enjoys flirting with you. What can he say, he’s a fun-loving guy! That extends to all parts of his life, including you. When the two of you are watching movies on his laptop in Ramshackle Dorm, he’ll tug the blanket away, forcing you to cuddle up to him for warmth. One day in class, a crumpled paper ball will hit you on the shoulder, reading: DO YOU LIKE ME? YES/NO ;) It’s childish, but somehow endearing.
Deuce Spade, ever the gentleman, will try (keyword: try) his best in courting you. His mom didn’t raise a brat! Listening to her advice, he’ll buy you flowers, ask you out on the weekends, and drape his jacket over your shoulders when you get cold. It’s a lot less smooth than it sounds, though. He’ll be a blushing, stuttering mess the entire time and accidentally spill his plans to you before he can execute them. Then he’ll apologize and spill even more of his plans- and alas, the cycle continues. 
Trey Clover is surprisingly good at flirting! Trey is confident in his ability to charm people. Even the most uptight of Prefects tend to relax a little around him. Of course, the delicious handmade pastries he often brings along with him are just a bonus. They’re an easy way to strike up a conversation with you, getting you to spill more and more about yourself to him. He’s comfortable to talk to, isn’t he? Oh, is that baked good your favorite? Expect a box of them to show up on your desk within the next week, along with a coy little note: Sweets for the sweet. 
Cater Diamond, on the surface, is definitely into flirting. He chases anything and everything within a fifty-meter radius of himself, and giving his posts on Magicam so much as a comment will result in a Hey cutie ;) popping up in your DM notifications at 1 AM. But with a person that Cater truly loves, face to face, he won’t do anything more than stay by your side as a supportive friend, pining from afar. He’s afraid of messing this up. Do you even see him that way? Please say you do. 
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar does all three, in the order of pining, courting, and flirting. Hear me out: Leona pines, but not in a hopeless way. Instead, he just figures that he doesn’t have the time or emotional investment for a relationship. But once the feelings began to grow, Leona gets desperate. He doesn’t want opportunities to slip through his fingers without doing anything. So he’ll begin subtly hanging out with you more, until it reaches the courting stage. At that point, he becomes visibly softer and less harsh around you. He’ll only really be comfortable flirting and being playful with you once you’re in an established relationship, not before. 
Ruggie Bucchi is into casual flirting- Well, he’s into it until he realizes he’s fallen so hard that he can’t climb back out. It’s all fun and games to him at first. Oh, you want to pet his ears? Maybe trading that cookie of yours from the lunch buffet would be suitable collateral. You think he looks good in the PE uniform? There’s more where that came from. Want him to accompany you on a late-night errand? Of course! He loves spending time with you- Wait, when did that happen? 
Jack Howl follows his sharp instincts on everything, and every sign is pointing at him courting you like a true gentleman. He knows he’s a little rough around the edges, but he’s got no problem cleaning his act up for you. Putting on a suit and tie and using a bit of gel in his hair and around his ears is a small price to pay for your affection. He’s not particularly shy about showing you he has feelings for you, but outright telling you might take a bit more time and effort.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto is painfully, unequivocally deep in pining for you. There’s just no way around it is there? Oh, what he wouldn’t give to crawl into his tako pot and hide when you’re around. You’re on his mind every second of every day, and he lays in bed every night wondering if you see him the same way. Is he handsome to you? Is he smart? He wants to hold you so bad but he won’t do it until you tell him yes, I like you too, first.
Jade Leech, ever the calm, collected one, excels at smooth flirting. He just knows you like him as much as he likes you, and he’s not afraid to point it out. It’s not like you’re subtle about it either- with the way you sit in a corner booth of Mostro Lounge for hours, just to be able to talk with him after-hours over leftover pastries and tea. You wouldn’t mind if he did this with you more often, would you? 
Floyd Leech has his unique way of flirting, just like everything else in his life. You’re just so exciting, Shrimpy! Won’t you tell him a little more about your day? Even just the little things, like how many pages of notes you took in History of Magic class or an answer to a test question or two- he’s kidding, he’s kidding! All jokes aside, Floyd truly does enjoy your company and the ways you spice up his life. 
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim does none of the three, surprisingly. He’s so bright it might not even occur to you that he’s interested until you’re already three layers deep. He’s always been a friendly person, so when he begins inviting you to hang out all the time, you wouldn’t give it a second thought. It’s only when you notice him trying to do things for you rather than just with you do you realize his feelings might run a little deeper than just friendship. He tries to be chivalrous, but it usually just comes off as him playing at being your prince charming. The closest you could get to describing what Kalim does is playful, friendly courting- albeit a very unconventional form of it. 
Jamil Viper is used to never getting what he wants. Somewhere along the line he stopped trying. So when you step into his life, shining but not blinding like Kalim, he hesitates. Is he ready to take such a risk? All he knows for sure is that he wants you in his life… someday. So quietly, in between classes and in the hallways, he’ll be pining for you from afar- hoping you’ll make the first move, so that he won’t have to worry about Kalim whisking you away.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit thinks he has never met someone so beautiful before. You might even be half as beautiful as he is! It’s a huge compliment coming from someone like him. You’re also half as smart, almost as strong, and maybe he’d consider taking you out for lunch- but don’t get it twisted! He’s doing this out of the goodness of his heart. (He likes you. He really likes you. Please date him.) It’s not very good flirting, but he’s trying his best.
Rook Hunt is flamboyant and genuine in everything he does, which includes flirting with you, his longtime crush. You have the most beautiful smile he’s ever seen! Would you mind if he admired it for a while? He’ll brag about you to everyone around him, much to the irritation of Vil, who finds it offensive that his biggest supporter has ‘betrayed’ him for another. Rook doesn’t care, though. If you so pleased, he’d be more than happy to walk you to your next class. Anything to bask in your unmatched beauty just a few seconds longer. 
Epel Felmier is good at flirting, and he’s confident about it too! A rough and tumble farm boy like him needs a cute thing on his arm to show off, doesn’t he? Don’t laugh at him- he’s trying to impress you. He’ll do anything he can to prove to you that he’s a strong, capable person and your perfect match. Let him carry your books, and serve you in the cafeteria buffet line. When you share a snack together, he’ll lean just a bit too close, letting his cheek brush against yours before pulling away. Come on, look him in the eyes! Or are you too shy~
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud has never met you in real life. You’ve never seen his face, but he’s seen yours through the camera of his tablet at housewarden meetings. Maybe it’s the pent up stress speaking, but wow, you’re way out of his league. Best to make casual conversation and repress his pining over a game of online chess, lest he screw it all up in real life. 
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia is a lonely soul who knows little more than a life of isolation. When you walk into his life, unafraid of the twisted black crown that sits on his head or the ominous aura that seems to surround him, he has to wonder if after all these years he’s finally found his soulmate. Immediately, he wants to make plans to see you every day, to listen to you ramble about anything and everything beyond the briar walls around his castle. Stay a while and talk with him, won’t you? Malleus is the true definition of patience and indulgence when he’s courting you. 
Lilia Vanrouge isn’t one for mere high school relationships. He’s a father and a general! He’s got a teenager to raise and armies to lead, on top the infamously heavy homework load from NRC classes. You’d have to be really important to him to find a place in his ancient heart. Sure, he’ll have his fun with flirting and all, but no one can really expect a thousand-year old fae to fall in love… right?
Sebek Zigvolt is shocked, no pun intended. There’s no way a fae like himself has fallen for a mere human! No, he won’t accept it. Sebek will turn in somersaults and bend over backwards to make any excuse on why he is not in love with you, he’s just a bit agitated today! Ironically, he makes things harder for himself with this mindset, condemning himself to pining for you from afar. 
Silver, like his name, wants to be your knight in shining armor- he’s just not quite sure how to go about it yet. He supposes he’ll ask for your parents’ permission to begin courting you, first. That’s the tradition in the Valley of Thorns after all. But when Lilia points out that it’s a bit old-fashioned, he’ll simply agree and go along with whatever terrible plans the rest of Diasomnia comes up with next. Be prepared to be barraged with an awful yet endearing mix of pick-up lines, cheesy love letters, and classic romance songs that this quartet comes up with in their free time. The best thing? Silver himself won’t even be awake for half of it. 
Tumblr media
Comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated!
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hisui-dreamer · 4 months
he lives in you
Characters: Leona, Floyd, Jamil, Lilia
Synopsis: You shared a night of passion with your lover before you left for the other side of the mirror, but fate's cruel hands strike once again as you realise you have to raise his child alone in your original world. Thankfully, your child is incredibly drawn to magic, and they opened a portal...?
Tags: slight angst, fluffy end because im a sap, fem reader, reader gives birth to a child, reunions, bot proofread
Word count: 2.4k+
Notes: uh i was practicing Japanese and researching Japanese names before writing this, so all my name ideas ended up in japanese? if it makes you uncomfortable, you can imagine that reader is japanese hehe
right in time for mother's day, so here's to a celebration of the motherly figures in our lives, blood related or not, for being there for us <3
Part 2✧Part 3
Tumblr media
A few months passed as you settled back into your routine at home. Eventually, with the noticeable changes in your body, it dawned on you that you were with child—his child, your lover from the other side of the mirror whom you could no longer reach.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks turn into months. You had adapted to the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Juggling the responsibilities of work, childcare, and household chores was no easy feat, but you found solace in the small moments of your child's growth and development.
Your child was a true joy to behold, a mirror image of their father in many ways, and you often see the ghost of your past lover in them. Having inherited his magic, your child experimented with their powers, leaving you to support them with what limited knowledge of magic that remained from your NRC days.
On one such experiment, your environment started to shift as a wave of magical energy engulfed you. When you opened your eyes again, he was there, right in front of you—
Tumblr media
Hina (日来) with日 meaning "sun, day" and 来 meaning "coming, future"
Leona reminded you of a shining sun that radiated warmth and light in your life, of how the it would surely shine again no matter how dark the night seemed, and so you named your daughter after that image
your daughter has the clearest emerald eyes and flowing dark brown locks that you often braided in a similar style to her father's
she's very energetic, always curious and asking questions, eager to learn more about the world around her
she's an obedient child, although she's eager to seek your affection and may whine a bit when things don't go her way
if there was one thing that was similar to the Leona you knew, it's that she's extremely clingy and constantly seeks physical affection, hugging your legs and asking for you to carry them any chance she has
and also the fact that she enjoyed her naps a bit too much
her lion ears are a bit of an issue in our world, but you often hide them with hoods, clever hair styling, or simply saying it's a costume
when you told her about the brilliant man her father is, she grew really excited about the possibility of meeting him, and started playing around with magic more to be like the intelligent mage he is
and then it happened, just an ordinary afternoon practicing magic had the two of you transported back to twisted wonderland, face to face to Leona
somehow, he had grown even more handsome in the years you hadn't seen him, but instead of his lazy smile, he looked confident and powerful, like the leader he was always meant to be
A sudden gust of magic swept through the air behind him as he raised his staff in response, only to immediately drop it in shock as your figure came into sight, and beside you, a small child that he had never seen before.
"Herbivore..." he whispered.
Without a second thought, Leona rushed towards you, his heart beating wildly in his chest. He felt a lump forming in his throat as he reached out to embrace you tightly.
"This better not be a dream," he murmured into the crook of your neck as he inhaled your scent. "It's really you."
after a tearful reunion and introduction, Leona quickly excuses himself from his duties with a quick meeting with Falena, and helps you and Hina settle into the palace
since you left, Leona's been working hard to do what he can do as per your promise with him
he's now in charge of foreign affairs and on better terms with his brother after much needed communication
he showers you in affection, he's even clingier than before that it almost starts a rivalry with your daughter
he puts in a lot of effort to spend time with Hina, learning her likes and dislikes and bonding over magic
uncle jack and ruggie are always fun to be around and play with her
though it wasn't his fault, leona feels guilty you had to bare the responsibility on your own for so long, and he puts in a lot of effort to make amends for any mistakes work to build a strong relationship with you two
he has a family now, and you're damn sure he'll protect it with his life
Leona looked down at Hina, feeling a sense of pride and wonder at the little girl standing before him. "Hey there," he said, his voice gentle. "Nice to meet ya, kiddo."
Hina stared at him, her eyes searching his face. "Are you my dad?" she asked, her voice small and uncertain.
Leona's heart ached at the question, knowing that he had missed so much of her life. "Yeah, I'm your dad," he said, reaching out to take her hand.
Hina looked at him for a moment before a smile spread across her face. "Can you show me magic?" she asked, her eyes lighting up with excitement.
Leona felt a sense of joy at her words, feeling a connection with her that he had never felt before. "Of course I can," he said, standing up and taking her hand. "What do you wanna see?"
Tumblr media
Sakura (桜) meaning "cherry blossoms"
your daughter has sleek teal hair that reminds you of the sea, a single strand of dark hair, and mismatched eyes in the same manner as Floyd
Floyd had lovingly given you the nickname "Shrimpy", and it only felt right for your daughter to be named Sakura, after the tiny sakura-shrimp
she's incredibly mischievous and there's not a moment of silence with her, she's spontaneous and playful and you've got your hands full
though she is very considerate of you and will listen to your words, she's uncontrollable when she's bored and in need of a spark of interest
she's also a squeezer, much like her father, and hugs you every time she sees you or anyone she likes, and you're thankful her strength hasn't developed too much yet
she enjoys biting you, albeit gently, and you find your arms littered with bite marks, but it's her unique way of showing affection
her eel form won't show unless she's been in the water for too long (thankfully), and she enjoys squeezing you in her eel form even more
ever so curious, she's asked about her father many times, and you've told her how carefree and easygoing her father is, and that he'd love her the moment she saw her
which leads you to her magic actually teleporting you to him, her spontaneous idea having manifested itself, and you found in a dimly lit room similar to the Mostro Lounge
Floyd looked matured, his hair sleeked back and his features sharpened, though his wry smile that you loved had stayed the same
Floyd's eyes widened with shock and disbelief, and his steps quickened as he rushes towards you, his long arms outstretched in a gesture of longing. As he got closer, he noticed the beautiful and curious-looking child standing close to you.
"Shrimpy?" he said, his voice barely above a whisper. "No way... It's really you!"
Floyd pulled you close, holding you tightly as if he never wanted to let go. "I missed ya so much, I wish I hadn't let ya go," he said, his voice choked with emotion as tears threatened to spill. "You're not allowed to leave again, okay?"
Floyd is so ecstatic he can't stand still, once he's calmed down a bit, be immediately carries Sakura and drags you to Jade and Azul
Azul and Jade are pleasantly surprised at your return, and it's a warm welcome back
the two of them are glad Floyd won't be moping any time soon
the trio have now expanded into a franchise and divulged into many businesses, though Floyd largely acts as Azul's right-hand man
Now that you're back, he refuses to be apart from you, always holding onto you tightly and afraid you might disappear just like how suddenly you appeared
he does get mood swings where he's upset or angry, not at you though, just at how unfair things were and how he couldn't be there for you
he's a good eel who does everything to make sure you and Sakura are happy and comfortable, often cooking meals for you two
he's so curious about Sakura and enjoys playing with her and lifting her high up in the air
don't worry, he's extremely careful, this precious gem is why you got back to him!
Jade is the best uncle and Sakura wants to marry him??? (honestly same)
poor Azul is getting pranked by the daughter- father duo, though Sakura does comfort him afterwards with squeezes and kissss
Floyd looked down at Sakura, and he saw her staring back at him with wide, curious eyes in the opposite colours of his eyes. Though she resembled him physically, there was an air about her that was so distinctly his Shrimpy.
"Heya," Floyd said, trying to sound friendly. "I'm your dad."
Sakura giggled and reached out to him, her tiny hands grasping at his hands. Floyd froze, not sure what to do, letting her yand his hand forward. But then, she opened her mouth and bit down on finger.
"Hey!" Floyd cried, pulling back in surprise.
Sakura just laughed, her eyes sparkling with mischief. Floyd couldn't help but laugh too, despite the pain in his finger.
"Yer a feisty one, aren't ya, Sakura-shrimpy?" he teased, grinning down at her as he ruffled her hair. "You know," he whispered, "you can't just go around biting people like that. But I like your style."
Tumblr media
Isami (功己) 功 meaning "achievement, credit, honour, merits" and 己 meaning "self, serpent, snake."
your son has smooth ebony locks and sharp grey eyes that make him look slightly intimidating
Jamil had shown you how much he valued his achievements over his social status, so you chose a name the could embody him
he's a quiet child who's always attentive and careful
he's rather shy in front of other people, but when it's you he'll soak up all of your affection and stare at you with longing eyes seeking praise
he's a cute helper at home too! he always volunteers to help you with chores and cook in the kitchen, though you're careful he's not close to anything sharp or dangerous
he does have an inherent fear of bugs, something he's inherited from Jamil, but thankfully you've taught him to be less destructive than his father
do expect screams and for him to be crying as a little fly chases him around though
he's incredibly smart and talented at magic, easily grasping the concepts of magic you can only teach him theoretically
when you told him about his father, you've told him about the diligent man that his father is, and how would let his guard down around those he treasured
he had listened quietly without much of a change in his expression, but you could tell there was a bubbling excitement building up in his eyes
and no long after that, he managed to teleport the two of you to a warm, airy room of marble walls
Jamil's features had sharpened, he seemed more openly confident and comfortable with himself
Jamil's heart skipped a beat as he saw you. It had been five years since he bid your farewell at the mirror chamber and lost you forever. And yet here you were standing here in front of him with a child in tow, a child who resembled him so much.
"It can't be..." he murmurs.
Without hesitation, Jamil dropped all the papers and rushed towards you, his heart pounding furiously. His eyes locked with yours, and in that moment, time seemed to stand still. He could see the love and longing still shining in your eyes, and he knew deep down that he had never stopped loving you.
Jamil couldn't stop the tears that began streaming down his face. "I've missed you so much," he said, his voice raspy. "Letting you go is the worst decision I've ever made." He reached out and pulling you into a tight embrace, his arms shaking with emotions.
he's a bit overwhelmed but still so thankful you're back in his life
Kalim barges in at this time and exclaims in surprise at your return and ??? OMG JAMIL YOU HAVE A SON?!!
Jamil has half a mind to dissuade him from holding a banquet immediately to welcome you back, and instead take things slow to not overwhelm you or Isami
asks Kalim for some privacy and the second he's away, he melts into your embrace
he hasn't felt so at ease in so long
if he wakes up in the morning and you're not right there beside him, he's panicking and searching all over the place for some confirmation you're still here
he's very curious about Isami and asks him all sorts of questions to piece together his development and personality
they definitely have a rivalry over who's braver over bugs but it just ends up with the two hugging you for safety
he's a bit awkward with how careful he is with his emotions, so it takes Isami some time to fully trust him
but trust me, Jamil will go above and beyond for his family and there's no way Isami will have to endure what Jamil did in his childhood
Jamil's eyes widened in surprise and wonder. He couldn't believe that they had created a life together. He knelt down to the Isami' eye level and looked into his eyes. "Hello there," he said, his voice gentle and warm. "What's your name?"
Isami starred back at him, his eyes wide with distrust and caution before he buried his face in your legs. Jamil chuckled softly. "It's okay," he comforted. "You don't have to be shy around me. I'm your dad."
Isami looked up at him again, this time with a mix of curiosity and wonder. "Daddy?" they said, testing the word out.
Jamil smiled warmly as nodded, his heart swelling with love and joy. "Yes, daddy," he parroted. "And I promise I'm never going to leave you or your mommy again."
Tumblr media
Yuri (百合) meaning "lily"
Lilia's name always reminded you for lily flowers, and what better name for your daughter to embody him?
your daughter has straight raven hair with some of the hair flipping upwards resembling two horns, angular fae ears, and bright crimson eyes
she's always up for pranks and mischief, it's rare to see her without a smile
she loves exploring places, if you keep your eyes off her for one second, she's letting her curiosity take her to whatever she wants
if you're serious and stern though, she will listen to you, she wouldn't dare make her mother upset!
she's friendly with everyone and isn't shy to say hi to neighbors or absolute strangers
she's not overly affectionate, but she definitely enjoys hugs and kisses from you
she has an odd habit of taking stray animals back home in an attempt to adopt them, so you have little adventures with her trying to find an owner
do not let her in the kitchen
she has surely inherited her father's cooking abilities, somehow, she can render even a piece of toast beyond human consumption
magic comes as second nature to her, and she's always standing on ceilings
gosh her eyes absolutely sparkled when you told her about the teasing and mischievous fae that is her father
and soon, the portal opened and you found yourself in a gothic castle lit up by green candles
He's a lot taller, his hair longer and reaching his waist, and more enchanting than ever
Lilia stood in shock as your family figure come into sight. In all his years of living, he had never been so utterly stunned. After all these years, you had finally returned to him.
"Beastie..." Lilia gasped, his voice catching in his throat.
With a surge of energy, Lilia broke free from the trance-like state and hurried towards you, his hair streaming behind him like a dark flag as he enveloped you tightly in his embrace. "After all these years, you've truly come back to me?"
Carefully, Lilia held you at arm's length, studying your matured features, etching them into his memory like a cherished work of art. His eyes traced the lines and contours of your face, memorizing every detail that time had etched upon you.
"My, how you've grown," Lilia murmured, a mix of pride and wistfulness coloring his words. "The years have shaped you into a remarkable individual."
it's family reunion time!!!
he immediately drags you to the throne room where malleus, silver and sebek are
malleus is now king with two incredibly reliable bodyguards, and Lilia's his most trusted advisor
malleus is so glad his dear human friend is back, silver is satisfied that his father will have someone to be with, and sebek is screaming about Yuri, though she enjoys his loudness
for a while, Lilia is extremely affectionate, trying to make up for all the years that had gone by
when you're sleeping together at night, he hugs you tightly and it's difficult to leave his embrace
he definitely tries to cook for you two, going on and on about how the two of you need to stay healthy and need lots of nutrients
you always volunteer your portion for Yuri, and she'll gladly eat whatever her father has cooked for her
silver is an older brother often on babysitting duty, and Yuri loves watching him spar with sebek and also wants to learn
Sebek is quite fond of Yuri, and he sees his half-fae self in her
Lilia is always trying to fun with Yuri, bouncing her high up in the air and teaching her to hang upside down and swing around
plans so many family vacations, he can't wait to be exploring places with his two darlings
"Is she... ours?" Lilia asked. At your nod, he reached out to caress Yuri's cheek, his touch gentle as if he were touching fragile porcelain.
"Well, I'll be damned," Lilia chuckled, his voice cracking with emotion. "I never thought I'd be a father again. But I'm glad to meet you, little one. What's your name?"
Yuri giggled and and beamed at his touch. "My name's Yuri," she said, her voice sweet as honey.
"Yuri," Lilia repeated, his heart swelling with emotion. "What a beautiful name for my beautiful girl," he reached up to fondle her hair. "You know, Yuri," Lilia said, his voice growing serious. "I may not have been there for you when you were born, but I promise I'll always be here for you from now on. No matter what happens, I'm your father, and I'll always love you darling."
Tumblr media
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Part 2✧Part 3
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faebaex · 2 months
TWST Characters - Big Spoon or Little Spoon?
author note: don't ask me what provoked this, i'm writing these silly little headcanons so that i can get it out of my head so i can write the things i'm supposed to be writing! forgive me for my slowness (。T ω T。)
characters: Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw & Octavinelle
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Little spoon who thinks he is a big spoon
He will try being both the big spoon and the little spoon respectively
But in his ACADEMIC opinion, he will declare that he is the big spoon
But despite how he insists that he is the big spoon, most nights he ends up falling asleep in your arms
If he wakes up in the middle of the night he’ll groggily try to rearrange but it doesn’t always work
Don’t tease him about it, sometimes he just needs the comfort of being held
Little spoon in denial basically
Ace Trappola
Silly straw who thinks he is a big spoon
No fr this guy will posture and insist that he is 100% big spoon material
But then as SOON as he falls asleep, he’s snoring and throwing his arms around and wiggling around, tossing and turning
Man will NOT keep still
The amount of times you’ve kicked him out of bed bc he keeps waking you up with his flailing
Rarely you’ll get a night where you comfortably sleep with him as the big spoon but don’t get used to it
Deuce Spade
Respectable big spoon
Probably one of the most comfortable people to sleep with
Will cuddle you well enough that you feel soothed but not tight enough that you can’t slip out if you want/need to
Always makes sure you’re comfortable, probably to the extent that you have to tell him to stop fretting
Good boy, 10/10
Cater Diamond
Undeniable little spoon
There is no doubt, just hold him pls
His favourite position is with his back to you bc he prefers it if you can’t see his face
Can’t have you seeing him vulnerable instead of his usual silly, goofy persona
Sometimes tho he’ll lay his head against your chest and you’ll have a little moment together
But don’t mention it otherwise he won’t do it again
Trey Clover
Big spoon
As if there was ever any doubt
He actually really likes spooning, he likes the intimacy
He likes the feel of your heartbeat and being able to stroke a hand through your hair or watch you as you sleep
Plus it is easy for him to slip into bed next to you if he’s stayed up late to finish baking
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
Big spoon but only because he treats you like a living pillow
I mean let’s be real all this man does is sleep
So there is no way that you will be anything but the little spoon here
He’ll think its funny if you try to be the big spoon and then just push you underneath him and resume business as usual
Spooning with Leona is either incredibly comfortable or the most uncomfortable sleep you’ve ever had – there is no in-between
He pretends not to care if you voice any discomfort but genuinely will try to be more attentive in future
Jack Howl
Big spoon
But he goes to bed sooo early so you don’t always get to cuddle
Sometimes when you sneak into bed he’ll roll over and engulf you in his arms
As if he sensed you in his sleep
But other times Jack sleeps like a rock
So its kind of hit and miss
But when you do get to spoon, it feels like you are encompassed in a huge, never-ending hug
It may even be tempting enough for you to become a morning person, if you’re not already
Ruggie Bucchi
Little spoon 100%
My man just likes to cuddle up after a long day of making thaumarks and running around taking care of Leona
So there is nothing he loves more than snuggling into your chest or side and passing out
Plus being the little spoon makes it a tiny bit easier to slip out in the morning when he has to do one of his early morning jobs or get Leona's breakfast ready
Plus plus having you there makes his bed feel just that little bit more comforting :)
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Little spoon who thinks he is a big spoon #2
You’ll fall asleep with him being the big spoon but you always ALWAYS wake up with him somehow in the little spoon position with his arms and legs wrapped around you
Will insist this is a misunderstanding and that he slipped bc he’s still not used to beds yet
He actually loves nothing more than burying his face into your chest and feeling nice and safe
Nevertheless he will go to the grave insisting that he is the big spoon
The biggest little spoon in denial, no one compares
Jade Leech
Big spoon
The only time he is a little spoon is when he gets too excited about mushrooms or something and needs to calm down while you stroke his hair
Otherwise he is a big spoon through and through
Thing is though, his grip is TOO strong
Once you make the decision to spoon with him, there is no escape
His arms will be wrapped so tightly around your waist that you can’t even more an inch away from him
He has absolutely no remorse about it either the next morning, he’ll just give you his little closed eye smile and be all ‘whoops’ but hold you just as tight the next time
Floyd Leech
Hear me out, hear me out
100% a little spoon
He gives off big spoon energy but actually prefers to wrap himself around you and have you hold him and play with his hair and give him back scratches
Be careful if he’s in a silly goofy mood though because he’ll start nipping at you
Thinks its hilarious when you’re relaxing and you suddenly yelp bc he’s nipped at your side
But usually he behaves himself bc sometimes he’s a little touch starved so he really likes it when you hold him
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azulashengrottospiano · 6 months
nrc when you dodge their kisses
SUMMARY: The NRC boys try to kiss you, and you dodge. How dare you!
COMMENTS: You already know what I'm gonna say. Azul you're gorgeous and I want actually I NEED you to hmu!! I would treat you so right!! Just one kiss please!! You can tell I'm Azul biased and I am not sorry!!
Riddle Rosehearts immediately turns as red as his hair. He apologizes profusely for assuming you’d be up for a cheek kiss and you have to resist the urge to hug him. You tell him to calm down, that it was a joke. His relief is evident, but you can tell there’s something else on his mind as he stares at you, so you offer him your cheek again.
Trey Clover apologizes immediately, his cheeks flushed pink. This is one of the only times you’ll ever see him rattled, slightly embarrassed that you’d dodged his display of affection. He shakes it off pretty easily though, much to your chagrin. Smooch him.
Cater Diamond knows what you’re playing at. He holds your face still and gives you two big smooches on your cheeks, telling you he loves you before rushing off to class. He’s going to dodge you the next time you try to kiss him as payback.
Deuce Spade looks heartbroken. He apologizes and vows to ask before doing anything like that next time. He asks if he’s made you uncomfortable or if anything is wrong, and when you tell him it’s a joke he gets so relieved. Don’t scare him like that again!
Ace Trappola whines incessantly. Anyone would be lucky to kiss him and you just dodged him! Like he was chopped liver! Is that what he is to you? Huh!? It’s hilarious because he will not SHUT UP until you give him Two (2) kisses to make up for the one he missed and the time he spent lamenting over it.
Leona Kingscholar narrows his eyes and stares at you. You pretend you don’t notice, continuing to walk inside your classroom that he’d so kindly walked you to. Except he doesn’t leave. “Herbivore.” Leona calls, and even though he didn’t touch you, you freeze. “You forgot something.”
Jack Howl assumes you’re not in the mood and shrugs it off. Well, that’s what it would seem like if you weren’t an expert in Jack Howl Communications. His ears are lowered and his tail isn’t wagging as much anymore, and you know it’s because he’s worried. The next time you see him, you cup his face and give him a kiss on the cheek, just to watch him perk up again.
Ruggie Bucchi’s ears flatten almost immediately. He immediately assumes he’s done something wrong and starts bringing you a bunch of snacks to make up for it. He’s laughing on the outside but dying on the inside. He will literally only touch you again when you initiate or until you tell him it’s a joke.
Azul Ashengrotto wants to run away, and he almost does. The world crashes around him and his mind immediately runs to his octopot and all the mockery he faced and how you are the last person he wants to see him that way. You immediately notice that the small joke hurt his feelings in a way that you never wanted to hurt him, and grab his face to kiss him gently. “I’m sorry honey. You were going to miss.” you murmur as you pull away, rubbing circles on his cheek with your thumb, “Had to make sure you didn’t.”
Jade Leech pretends to be wounded. He refuses to accept any affection from you for the next five hours because you broke his heart so bad. Maybe next time you’ll think before you deny the eel the attention he rightfully deserves!! If you try anything, he’ll dodge it with a “oh, I’m sorry. I’m busy. Come back later.” JADE STOP.
Floyd Leech is another whiner. You dodge his kisses, he’ll pout and whine for hours. No amount of kisses you give him to make up for it will be enough. Ten, fifteen, twenty kisses, on his forehead, cheeks, or lips…won’t be enough. He will hold this over your head.
Kalim Al-Asim blue screens and tries to figure out what he did wrong. He apologizes quickly and asks if you want him to keep his distance from you today. He doesn’t phrase it in a dramatic way like some of the students on this list. Instead, his words are genuine and warm, with only your comfort in mind. He’s very observant so he’ll be able to tell if you really do want your space!
Jamil Viper rolls his eyes and goes about his day. He immediately assumes that you’re playing a prank on him, and he fully intends to do what you did to him but doubled. You lean in for a kiss the next day, he dodges it. You try to hold his hand, he moves it at the last second. Just apologize, he’s so petty.
Vil Schoenheit narrows his eyes and stares at you. He doesn’t like playing your silly little games and will immediately ask if that's what you’re doing. No matter your response, he rolls his eyes and lets it go. If you want any of his affection, you’re going to have to initiate next time.
Rook Hunt doesn’t realize you’ve dodged until his lips don’t land on yours. He’s already closed his eyes when he stumbles a bit, his eyes flying open in surprise. You stand behind him with a mischievous little smile, and he immediately knows what you’re doing. He cries out some monologue about your cruelty before giving you a forehead kiss.
Epel Felmier narrows his eyes and refuses to give you kisses after that. His ego is hurt and you’re responsible! You’re going to need to promise to never do it again and give him a kiss to make up for it. How dare you make him out to be a fool!
Idia Shroud wants to crawl into a hole and die. He finally gained the courage to kiss you goodbye for the second time this week, and you dodged him! That was so cringe he thinks he’s going to explode. He only feels a little bit better when you grab his face and kiss him twice - one on each cheek.
Malleus Draconia is frozen, his eyes wide with surprise. You’ve always been receptive to his advances, and now that you’re not he doesn’t know what to do. Recovering quickly, he smirks and looks you dead in the eye. “I suppose you’re avoiding my affection today? Fine. I shall fulfill your wishes, Child of Man.”
Sebek Zigvolt jumps away, his face flaming red. He immediately starts yelling about how he wasn’t trying to give you a forehead kiss, he was just checking over your shoulder to make sure nobody was about to attack you! Cup his cheek and kiss his forehead - watch him get even redder.
Silver blinks slowly before nodding, telling you he understands and he hopes you have a good lesson. Assuming you want your distance, Silver doesn’t initiate any affection for the rest of the day unless you give him explicit permission.
Lilia Vanrouge follows your dodge and lands a kiss on you anyway. He laughs loudly at your surprise, booping you on the nose before practically bouncing off to his next class. If you want to give him a kiss, he’s going to dodge and stick his tongue out at you now.
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Mc gets fed up with their money problems and starts selling hugs
Yes hugs... One hug costs five euros per minute. Imagine how the twst boys would react to that...
Some loudly condemned Mc for this business idea. Mostly Azul and Sebek.
Azul because now people don't have money to eat at his restaurant anymore because all their money goes to hug time with MC... And because he's too shy to ask for a hug himself.
Sebek because in his opinion this is completely immoral and wrong. And he's also jealous of all the attention Malleus gives you.
Then there are people who use this service occasionally like Trey, Cater and Kalim.
Some people use this service really regularly like Floyd, Rook and Jamil.
Floyd would be really excited when he gets to squeeze shrinmpy now with permission.
Jamil would really like attention and time without Kalim. In addition, he would sometimes like attention for himself as well. And this would be a really good way to get it.
And then there are Malleus and Leona... People who are so rich that they can buy several hours of cuddle time with you even every day if they want.
Malleus who would like to marry you and believes that this way he can show how well he could take care of you. Also a really attention hungry dragon.
Leona, on the other hand, wants someone to accept him and take care of him for once. He usually falls asleep during hugs. Also wants to hug you more than Malleus.
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thehollowwriter · 6 days
First of all-
Tumblr media
Dramatic af. Drama kids Octotrio canon??? Where are they jumping from???
Second of all
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Violence all around with these three
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moonlit-midnight · 2 months
TWST incorrect quotes
Tumblr media
Floyd: Wanna hang out with me, angelfish?
Y/N: I can’t, I have a deadline to meet 
Floyd: *takes your hand and drags you out of your room* I’m not taking no for an answer 
Y/N: Fine! Let’s go, my project can wait 
*seven hours later*
Jade: *finds you in the kitchen at 1:00 A.M., papers scattered across the floor*
Jade: What are you doing, little pearl?
Y/N: Eating five slices of pizza and a whole slice of REGRET, what do you think I’m doing?
Tumblr media
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dotster001 · 7 months
For Tuna
Summary:Grim does some interviews to find the perfect sugar dad for him you gn!reader x all boys in one way or another.
A/N:I haven't unpacked my tag list yet, so hopefully this is everyone!
Part Two Part Three choose your ending...
"Grim, we can't afford the bougie tuna. Put it back."
You'd missed it before when you were loading your basket at Sam's shop, but Grim had snuck in the expensive tuna. Now you were at the counter, trying to hide your embarrassment as you told Grim to put it back. Sam gave you a sympathetic smile, but still. You didn't need to add his pity to your plate of worries.
"Prefect, don't worry about it. I can take care of it."
You jumped. You hadn't realized Ruggie had lined up behind you with his own basket full of stuff.
"Yeah! Let Ruggie-"
"I couldn't do that, Ruggie, but thanks for the offer."
Ruggie grinned, "oh please, it's on Leona. He said I could get whatever I want as long as I come back with his energy drinks."
You made an unconvinced face, and Ruggie gave a playful wink.
"Trust me, your tuna won't even make a dent in his wallet. I could pay for your entire load, and still be able to pay off my student loans. In fact," he slapped down Leona's wallet, "Sam, add Y/N's groceries to mine, I'll take care of it."
Before you could protest further, Sam was ringing you both up.
And then Grim got an idea. A terribly, wonderful, awful idea.
"There, all settled. Plus now you can afford to fix your windows this month, or…." He looked at the cash in your hand, "well you can fix one window at least. And don't feel too bad for Leona. Eat the rich and what not," Ruggie patted your back comfortingly then left with his groceries.
"C'mon Grimmy, let's go," you said with a heavy sigh.
"Actually, I have something to do, Henchhuman. You go on home, I'll see ya later."
"Okay, but if you need me…."
"I'll be okay! Geeze you get so anxious without the great Grim. It's embarrassing."
You rolled your eyes and left. You would be so proud of him once he had finished though. He was excited already.
Heartslaybul Dorm….
"Mr. Rosehearts. Thank you for meeting with me."
Grim primly took out his pen and began to scribble on a clipboard.
"I didn't meet with you. You barged into my office," Riddle said, his arms crossed along his chest.
"I think you will find this meeting beneficial. It pertains to Y/N L/N."
Riddle relaxed a little, and raised a single curious eyebrow.
"You see, It has come to my attention, that Y/N and I do not have the funds to live comfortably. In fact, Y/N is practically starving to death! It has also come to my attention that you harbor some feelings for the prefect, and are in possession of a great deal of funds. Now," Grim dramatically looked up at Riddle, who's face was a shade of dark red. "How do you intend to provide for Y/N?"
Riddle opened his mouth, and Grim prepared himself for the worst, but…
"Wait, Y/N's on the market?!?!!"
Grim turned over his shoulder just in time to see Cater run in, tea tray in hand.
"He's only taking applications from rich people."
"Not a concern, housewarden!" Cater cleared his throat. "Hi, I'm Cater Diamond, and my dad is a banker."
"Oh!" Grim made a note on his paper. Riddle stood up abruptly.
"You only talk to your family on holidays, I wouldn't call that a solid source of income-"
"Yes but I'm a people pleaser, so I'll probably follow in his footsteps. So I will also have a banker's salary."
Riddle turned to Grim in a panic.
"I'm going to be a doctor!"
"Oh!" Scribble scribble.
"Oh please!" Cater rolled his eyes before conspiratorially leaning into Grim. "We both know Riddle. He'll work long shifts, day in and day out, and he'll never come home. Meaning poor Y/N will be trapped in a lonely loveless marriage. Meanwhile, I'll work my nine to five, and be home in time to gift you tuna, and keep Y/N warm at night."
"You think Grim cares about that?" Riddle shoved Cater out of the way. "I'll make time for Y/N. Plus my salary will provide double the tuna for you."
"What's all the yelling about?" Trey entered the room, followed by Ace and Deuce.
"Don't look at them, those three are poor as fuck. I mean a baker? Blech, disgusting," Cater apologetically smiled at Trey. "No offense."
"What?" Trey said, feeling more confused than he ever had been.
Grim clicked his pen closed.
"Thank you for your time. I have more interviews to conduct, but I will be in contact if you get through to the second round."
He scampered out of the room as Riddle and Cater nodded after him.
Savannaclaw Dorm….
Grim sat at the foot of Leona's bed as he tapped his chin thoughtfully.
"How can I provide for Y/N, huh? You mean the little demonstration Ruggie gave this morning wasn't enough?"
Grim tapped the pen impatiently against the clipboard.
"Mr. Kingscholar, it is important that you participate fully, or I will remove you from the list entirely."
Leona groaned.
"I receive a….certain amount of, shall we say, an allowance."
"And how much can I expect from that? I have a lot of people to interview. Please don't waste my time."
Leona looked over at Ruggie, who was folding laundry, then gestured Grim closer, before whispering a number into his ear.
Grim gasped, then hastily scribbled something onto his clipboard.
"We will be in contact with you when the second round of interviews begins." Grim stood up and hopped off the bed.
"Ruggie," Leona snapped, "Ensure my future relative makes it out of here safely. Let no one stop you."
Ruggie nodded in understanding as he escorted a proud looking Grim out.
Once they were halfway through the dorm, Ruggie began to speak.
"Leona has promised me a job with an excellent salary once I graduate. Just sayin."
"Won't he just take back the job if he finds out you're competing with him?"
Ruggie rolled his eyes, "Nevermind."
Jack left his room, and noticed the two of them, and began to walk towards them.
"Jack will make you get a job if you pick him," Ruggie whispered hastily. Grim hissed and sprinted the rest of the way out of the dorm.
"What's wrong with Grim?" Jack asked.
"Shi hi hi who knows?"
As Grim made his way to his second location, he was picked up by the scruff of his neck.
"Hey! What's the big idea?!?!?"
"Aw little sealie you're so cute!"
Grim stiffened.
"Fu fu fu," Jade laughed next to him. "our boss would like to have a word with you."
Grim gulped.
Octavinelle Dorm….
"Thank you for agreeing to see me," Azul said smugly.
"I didn't. Your scary twins picked me up and dragged me here."
"You see," Azul pushed his glasses up his nose, expertly ignoring Grim, "We got word that you were interviewing potential candidates for Y/N's future husband. I prepared some charts for you."
Azul pulled out several charts. Grim understood exactly zero of them. But he nodded thoughtfully and pretended to make a note on his clipboard.
"As you can see, my income is projected to continually go up until retirement. Plus my assets will continue to be of value, and my investments will be bringing in money for many years to come. I can safely say, money is no object. Plus, I am an excellent cook. You will never have to eat poor person's tuna ever again."
Grim made a real note this time just as the twins roughly turned his chair around.
"Now that Azul has had his turn, we would like to give our pitch," Jade said with an eerie grin. 
"You see, our parents run a certain…. organization," Floyd and Jade shared a grin before turning to Grim again. "Jade and I are the sole inheritors of this empire when they pass. Just keep that in mind."
"Also, people who oppose this organization have a tendency to, shall we say, disappear."
Grim shivered as he made a skull and crossbones picture on his clipboard.
"Awesome. Great. I'll be taking Grim now…."
"Sea Snake!" Floyd shouted, wrapping his arms around Jamil, who had silently snuck into the room. 
"Let go," Jamil hissed, wriggling away from Floyd. "Give me the cat."
"Aw, but we were playing with him…."
"It's alright Floyd. I think the three of us have made our point quite clear," Jade hummed, before the octotrio shared a laugh.
Jamil rolled his eyes before carefully picking up Grim.
Scarabia Dorm….
"Look, Kalim isn't going to brag for himself so I thought I'd bring you here and remind you that this entire dorm was funded by his family. And he will be inheriting said funds."
Grim nodded and made a note.
"What about you? I mean, I already know you aren't getting picked cause, well, " Grim pointedly looked him up and down. "But the other broke losers have tried to participate."
Jamil leaned down and gave a dark smile.
"I don't need money to win over Y/N," eyes flashing red as he spoke.
"Monsieur Fuzzball!" 
Grim and Jamil both groaned. It only took two seconds for him to be scooped up by the hunter.
"Non, non, do not struggle. I only wish to prove myself as a proper caretaker!"
Pomefiore Dorm…
Grim had never been so pampered, well fed, and relaxed in his entire life. Rook had provided snacks galore, given Grim the full on spa treatment, brushed out his fur, and was now massaging his sore kitty back.
"Monsieur Fuzzball, doesn't this feel wonderful?"
Grim nodded as Rook continued his massage.
"Just think, you could have this everyday!"
Grim groaned happily as Rook hit a tough knot.
Suddenly, Rook's voice was directly in his ear.
"All you have to do is give me the Trickster."
In that moment, Grim knew he would sell you for this life without a second thought.
But before he could do that…
"For heaven's sake I told you to find Epel, not this rodent!"
Rook immediately stopped the massage, to turn to his Queen.
"Roi du poison! I was simply-"
"Spare me," Vil snapped, before handing a struggling Epel over to Rook. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small card, gracefully handing it to Grim between two fingers. 
"I believe you are aware of my financial situation, but should you have questions, you can reach my manager on that card."
Then he left the room with a flourish, and the lingering scent of apple blossoms.
"You know I am willing to share the trickster with you," Rook whispered to Vil in the hallway.
"Ew," Epel groaned.
"As if I'd ever share," Vil smirked.
Outside the Ignihyde Dorm…
Ortho stood next to the tablet, holding Grin up so he could see what it said.
"So as  you can see from my bank account," Idia's voice said from the tablet, "Money is not and never will be an issue."
"It all looks good," Grim muttered as he made a note, "but I have to say it's a red flag that you couldn't come here in person…"
"Hey! Big brother is just busy with his experiment!"
"Yeah, exactly, thank you Ortho, for being the only one who appreciates genius. In fact this conversation is over. If he doesn't get it, then that's his loss. Ditch the noob, Ortho!" And the tablet floated back into the dorm.
Ortho gently set Grim down. "Look, big brother gets nervous around the prefect, that's all. But I think they'd make a great couple."
He gently patted Grim's head, then floated back in. Grim sighed, made a note about how Idia was a package deal, then continued to the final dorm.
Diasomnia Dorm…
"Small kitten, I am to be king of a country. Not only that, but I have spent centuries curating my hoard. Our nest will be always warm, and my perfect child of man will want for nothing," Malleus finished with a smug grin, as he leaned back in his throne. Then he sighed and rolled his eyes.
"Now you three can make your offers, or whatever."
"Me next! Me next!" Lilia said, cradling Grim like a baby. "I'm not as young as I look, and am on the best of terms with the queen and future king. I also have a great fortune built up! Kay, who's next?"
Silver timidly raised his hand.
"I just want to say, what about what Y/N wants? What if Y/N doesn't like any of us? What if Y/N doesn't even want to get married in the end? Or maybe they'll be just as happy with or without money?"
There was a long pause. Then…
"Silver's father is loaded and will do anything to see his children married and happy!"
"Fa-Lilia!" Silver hid his face in his hands in embarrassment.
"Same with Sebek. And his dad's a dentist!"
For once Sebek had nothing to say.
"Excellent, this looks very promising for you four," Grim nodded scribbling his final notes, "Now to-"
Uh oh. He turned around and saw you storming in.
"Child of man!"
"Save it Mal Mal! I'm here for my rat," You scooped up Grim, placing him under your arm as you left the room.
"When will we hear about the second round of interviews?" Lilia giggled.
You answered by flipping them the middle finger without looking back.
The Hallway….
"What the hell, Grim? I'm not for sale!"
"I'm not selling you! I'm just trying to get you provided for!"
"Please! This is about tuna and you know it!"
"Who even told you?"
"Jack called me about an-"
"Ah! Prefect!" 
You and Grim groaned as you heard Crowley call to you both.
"Yes, headmage?" You asked through gritted teeth. You turned and saw Crewel was with him….wearing a bigger coat than normal.
"That coat looks so soft," Grim muttered.
"Yeah," you whispered back. "Wait, headmage, what do you need?"
"I heard your current allowance is no longer sufficient," he gently traced your jawline, settling below your chin, tapping up against it thoughtfully. "How does a little extra sound?"
You nodded dumbly.
"Good good, I'm too generous, I know," he hummed and walked off.
Before Crewel followed him, he smirked and patted the top of your head.  
"Good pup."
He stalked off. You stood frozen for a moment. Grim smirked up at you.
"You know, they look like they…."
"You keep that thought to yourself, Grim."
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𝐵𝑒𝒶𝒸𝒽: 𝐸𝓅𝒾𝓈𝑜𝒹𝑒 𝒯𝓌𝑜 ♡ 𝐹𝒷𝑜𝓎𝓈 𝒜𝓃𝑜𝓃𝓎𝓂𝑜𝓊𝓈
disclaimer: this has already been posted on ao3 and quotev, i'm just reposting this beach episode special as a promo for the fic. after this is all my previous author notes. also, this is some old writing from like a year ago, so warning for cringe dialogue and writing;;;
this is a fem!reader and also a half chinese!reader insert.
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Tumblr media
The atmosphere surrounding the group as you gazed upon your temporary lodgings was one of surprise. For all his faults, at least Crowley did not skimp on renting out suitable accommodations. At least, that's what you were thinking, the others were... less grateful. 
"What is this meant to be, our storage room for the week?"
Ruggie cringed. "Leona! Stop being so-" He then glanced at Crewel and sighed, "Nevermind..."
The group were all discussing the rooming, which was practically an omen in itself. You just knew this was going to devolve into petty squabbling in no time at all. 
"But Jamil-" Kalim whined.
The brunet snapped at him, already knowing what he was going to say. "No, you are not going to buy out a 5 star hotel for us just for this trip Kalim!" 
"God I hope this place is clean. Rook, we're sharing a bathroom and bedroom if needed." Vil muttered, looking critically at the 3-story house.
His vice dormleader smiled in reply. "It would be my pleasure, Roi du Poison."
"Eh, goldfishie, are you mad? Is it 'cause you have no-one to room with? You can stay with me." Floyd smiled, all teeth, and ruffled Riddle's hair.
Riddle's eye twitched. You winced while Trey and Cater looked like they were about to duck for cover. Jade moved to drag his brother away while Azul did damage control, Trey pitching in while Cater looked like he was about to start hiding behind his suitcase to avoid the blowout.
Oh dear, I better go before this turns into another all-out brawl.
Idia was comatose on the floor, Ortho struggling to carry him as his older brother sobbed from the stress of these eccentric personalities. Malleus was examining the architecture, talking poor Lilia and Silver's ears off, though the freshman was once again in slumber. You decided to follow after Crewel, who had just entered the house. There was no way you were going to put yourself through this migraine-inducing situation. 
The interior of the lodge was a bit beyond your expectations. The decor was quite simple, with no gaudy displays of extravagance like you thought Crowley would go for. The entrance gave way to an small entry hall, leading to a rather large living room and dining area. The kitchen seemed to be off to the side while the bedrooms were upstairs. A large glass window gave a stunning view of the beach and natural landscape of the Sunshine Lands, the clear blue sky foretelling a fortunate day.
Crewel glanced apathetically to the entryway, where one could still hear the arguments of the boys outside. It seems none of them had noticed your absences. The professor sighed and went to look through the note left on the table for your group by the owners of this (suitably large) house. 
"It seems that there are just enough rooms to be shared between the boys, while you and I will be getting rooms of our own." Crewel smiled, pleased. "We should look through the rooms first to find which ones would be suitable for ourselves."
It seems your teacher really was the mischievous type. How lovely!
I better be getting a room with its own bathroom or so help me dear ancestors, I will murder any man who has subpar hygiene. 
So, leaving the boys to argue amongst themselves about the size and luxury of your lodgings, you and Crewel went upstairs to choose the most extravagant rooms for yourselves.
"...Wait, where did Professor Crewel and (Y/N) go?"
"Oh seven, we're screwed."
Tumblr media
By the time the group had realised your absence, you and Crewel had taken the best rooms for yourselves on the top floor. There was no way Crewel would let you be on a floor filled with boys alone after all. To quote your brother, 'Men are all untrustworthy pigs, never ever give him an inch because he will take a mile. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.'.
Brother tends to be a bit extreme. At least he doesn't know about this trip, otherwise he'd give me tips on castration.
You shuddered at the thought, brother dearest was quite graphic and did not skimp on any details whatsoever.
...It didn't help that you were 10 when he first told you about it.
No use crying over it now. You started to take out your clothes from your qiánkūn dài and hang them up in the closet provided to you. You hated ironing and had no desire to deal with creases on your clothing this time. Just as you finished unpacking and setting your belongings out in your room, a crash came from downstairs. Seems the boys finally went inside instead of loitering and arguing like a pack of hooligans.
You decided to take your time. Give Riddle a chance to let off some steam before he starts ranting about how you broke rule #577: let redheads choose the rooms first. Or something equally asinine. 
Another crash and this time, a scream. It was probably best to leave this for Crewel to deal with, he was the authority figure in this situation. The boys would... most likely listen to him. Probably.
You pulled out suncream from your right sleeve to reapply and pass the time. Sunburns were not something you ever want to deal with, plus UV light would reveal your many stress wrinkles. 
A third crash... You decided to walk down now, locking the door behind you, wondering what your friends were getting up to. Hopefully they weren't arguing over rooms, poor Idia would have to share with another person other than Ortho, while someone would have to room with either Floyd or Azul. The horror.
The conversation you heard was... worrying to say the least. It seems that the boys were trying to argue who gets to pick the rooms first. If it weren't for the fact that it would ruin his nails, you were sure that Vil would have already started an all-out brawl. Where was Crewel?
"As head of the Heartslabyul Dorm, I believe that I should have the right to picking the rooms out first. After all, the Queen of Hearts did say that-"
"Now now Riddle," Azul smiled, irate. "Should it not be Octavinelle who chooses the rooms first? Perhaps you should learn a thing or two from our benevolent Sea Witch."
"Why you-!"
Leona cut in, "I'm the oldest, so I should get first pickings. Done. Let's go Ruggie." 
"Now hold on! Pomefiore should have the first choice! You potatoes don't need any type of special room since you obviously don't care about your appearances!"
While those four argued about who should be able to choose their dorm first, it seemed that Idia was... running away? From Floyd? Maybe you should go help him...
"Ah- Floyd?" You spoke up, giving Riddle and Azul a spook as they turned around to see you on the stairwell. "Maybe... don't chase Idia?"
The first year looked at you and pouted. "Eh? Why not? I'm so bored and Firefly Squid is so fun to chase!" He grinned menacingly.
"...Idia looks like he's about to go into cardiac arrest." You stated, deadpan. 
Ortho quickly flew over to check on his brother. Meanwhile, the Housewardens continued their argument. Floyd frowned and went to go harass Riddle (again), not wanting to face the force of nature that is Ortho. This derailed their conversation even further. By this point, Trey and Cater were attempting to deescalate the situation, while Rook egged Vil on and stayed by his side for support. Malleus, again just happy to be included, was talking animatedly to Lilia and Silver, still asleep, about... the intricacies of 15th century stonecutting? Jade was adding to the argument now, instead of passively watching his brother bother poor Idia, covertly teasing both Riddle and Azul and adding fuel to the fire. 
...Did Ruggie sneak upstairs to find a suitable room for him and Leona? Smart kid.
You now took the time to examine the room to find the source of all those crashing noises. There didn't seem to be any damage, so either Malleus and Lilia used magic to fix it or the crashes were from... poor Idia's frantic attempts to flee Floyd. You sat on the couch across from the Diasomnia trio, giving a smile and a wave to them, before leaning your head on your hand to watch the argument go on. It really was amusing to see Trey and Cater, unstoppable force, fight against Riddle's anger, immovable object. Though... you couldn't help but feel sorry for Kalim, who was less an active participant in the fight and more a person to insult and condemn, even with Jamil trying his best to defend him.
He's not doing a very good job of it though... I wonder why...
A noise to your right made you look over at Idia, who squeaked at the eye contact. You smiled with open body language, not unlike how one would approach a wild animal, and slowly moved closer to Idia. Ortho, at his side, gave a thumbs up and moved to fight for Ignihyde in the battle being waged. Idia, shocked, glanced back and forth between you and Ortho. Though you couldn't see what Ortho was motioning, by Idia's body language, it was likely something scandalous (by his definition).
However, it did seem to give the Housewarden some confidence. Idia took a deep breath, gathering all his courage, and said, "S-so..."
You leaned in closer, reveling in the pale pink blush across his cheeks and the way the tips of his hair flamed pink. "So...?"
"Uh- I-" His eyes darted wildly away from your face, red spreading across his and at this rate, his hair would be entirely pink within a moment. "I-I was wondering if... you'd like to... room with me and Ortho?"
How sweet! Though... he's not gonna like the news I'm gonna have to give him.
"Idia," He perked up, hope in his eyes at the soft smile on your face. "I'm sorry but, you do know I'm meant to room alone, right?"
He paled and yelped. "WHAT?! But-" Everyone's eyes were on him making him shrink into his hoodie like a turtle. "N-nevermind!"
Luckily for him, the boys all thought their current argument (or conversation, in Malleus' case) was more important than whatever made him yell. You did feel a smidge bad for Idia though, knowing how your peer struggled when it came to conversation and any type of social interaction.
So I wonder what made him reach out to me? No matter the reason, it must have taken him tremendous courage.
"I can suggest a roomate for you, though." You glanced over at Lilia, and got up to walk over to the other sofa. "I am terrible sorry to interrupt your conversation Malleus, but I was wondering if Silver had a roomate yet? If not, I feel that he and Idia would be well-suited to be in the same room."
Lilia chuckled at that, "Why do you think so dear (Y/N)? Surely his clubmate Azul would be easier to talk to?"
Malleus nodded at that, looking curious to your reasoning.
"You do have a point, however, I feel that with Silver, Idia will not be as nervous. Silver has a righteous personality, unlike Azul, and is not so... talkative. Moreover, Idia will not seek to disrupt Silver's work or training, which I think would benefit you greatly. From my point of view, it seems mutually beneficial."
Malleus looked pensive. "I do find your points persuasive, but... I fear that Silver may lose sleep with Idia in the dorm." 
"Not to worry." You hid your grin behind your sleeve. "I will make sure that Ortho will keep Idia in line."
Malleus and Lilia exchanged a glance, then, with a smirk, Lilia floated up towards you. Eye to eye. "It seems we are in agreement then."
"Seems we are." You smiled, though it was more a baring of teeth. "I thank you for your consideration."
And for a heart stopping moment, Malleus smiled in reply, softly with a hint of pink across his cheeks. The look in his eyes were undoubtedly kind and considerate, your heart felt like it was to leap out of your chest.
"'Twas no problem," he said, "the pleasure was ours."
With a twirl, you bounced over to Idia in time to the beating of your heart. He was huddled up on the far side of the couch, looking less a man and more a turtle.
You moved close to him, wide grin on your face. "I've got some good news for you!"
"I-is it that I can room alone?" He said, eyes gleaming with newfound hope.
"Nope! You're rooming with Silver!" 
Idia shrunk, making you frown in disapproval. "Whatever is the matter? Silver is the perfect roomie for you!" 
"Sure..." He rolled his eyes.
You placed your hands on your hips and listed out a 12 point argument on why Silver was, indeed, the best option for Idia to room with. By the end of it, well, he didn't look any happier but Idia did look a bit more grateful.
"You really thought about this, huh?" He remarked.
"Of course I did! I was worried about you, silly!" You pushed his shoulder playfully and Idia shoved you back in reply, tips of his hair a pretty fuchsia.
"You were?"
"Yeah! You're a dear person to me, of course I'd be worried for you!"
Ah... that can be grossly misinterpreted... whoops...
Idia's hair flamed pink for a moment, and his eyes widened in surprise. He opened his mouth to reply but-
Professor Crewel was at the top of the stairs, and he looked pissed. "Now," he said, whip tapping menacingly against his open palm. "who told you horrible little dogs that you could cause such a commotion?"
Riddle, looking properly chastised, pouted and looked to the floor. Leona, on the other hand, rolled his eyes. Jamil and Kalim glanced away out of guilt while Azul frowned, less in remorse and more in disappointment at the argument being cut off.
Crewel looked even more upset. "Well?"
Vil spoke up, practiced guilt streaked throughout his demeanor. "No one, Professor, we were acting out of line. As the Housewarden of Pomefiore, I deeply apologise and hope to repent for my misconduct."
The others scrambled to follow suit, except for Leona. The lion looked unbothered by it all, probably because of Ruggie's absence and the discreet lack of any Savanaclaw bags in the room. Thankfully, Crewel didn't seem to noticed and looked slightly mollified by the apologies. He walked down the steps and took a perfunctory glance around the room. With nothing in disarray, he relaxed.
"Well then, judging by your unruly behaviours, I suppose Diasomnia and Ignihyde should get to choose their dorms first." He stated, arms crossed.
"But Professor-!" Riddle tried to interject but was silenced by a stern look from the man.
Idia glanced at you, nervous, and you motioned for him to stand up and grab his bags. You hoped he got a room on the same floor as you. The walls seemed rather thin and being in a room next to Kalim, or worse, Floyd, seemed like a curse.
Crewel went to get the boys in order and the rooms all sorted out. Lilia and Malleus had grabbed Silver's bags for him, leaving the sleeping freshman on the couch. You pulled out your phone for a moment, checking your notifications, just in case.
Brother: I hope you are doing well. Unfortunately, due to Jiànhóng's urging, I will be unable to contact you for a week. The Aster's fief needs to be taken care of, since the branch family[1] who were meant to be taking care of it have apparently been rather lazy. I will be dealing with that. Take care.
(Y/N): I see. I wish for things to go well and be easily dealt with for you, but knowing our branch family... Stay safe, love you! Tell Jiànhóng that I send him well wishes.
Brother: He is busy, as per usual. Unable to talk or answer any messages. Be safe.
Unsurprising then. Jiànhóng was never available for you to talk with. He was often swamped with the work your brother was reluctant to do, as his aide. You missed your friend, but knowing him, he'd do all the duchy's taxes for the next 5 years before he'd take a break. You hadn't been able to talk to him for a few months now, and it hurt to know that he considered his work more important than you. Why else would he ignore your messages?
"Are you alright?" Silver's voice snapped you from your reverie. 
"Hm?" Your head snapped to him, who was now awake and sitting properly on the sofa. "I am fine, why do you ask?"
The boy looked you in the eyes, concern written across his face. "You were frowning, I thought you were upset."
"Oh." Just that phrase was enough to make your heart go into overdrive, joyful pinks and purples flooding your chest. A warmth rose to your cheeks for a moment. "Thank you for your concern."
"There's no need to thank me," Silver replied with a slight smile, "I was worried about you, that's what friends do."
"I-I see." You glanced away, the eye contact feeling too intense. "Thank- ah. I am glad that we are friends."
Silver leant in closer, and despite the distance between you two from the couches, it felt like he was right in front of you. You were filled with warmth and butterflies started to swarm in your stomach.
"It is my pleasure-"
He was cut of by yelling from upstairs. Though it was too far to make out the words, from the voices, you could guess that Riddle was yelling at someone. Maybe Ruggie and Leona? He probably figured out their scheme. You doubted Crewel would do anything about it, he seemed a little fond of Ruggie, who was the main reason why Leona attended any of his alchemy classes. Thinking of the rooms...
Right... does Silver know who he's going to be rooming with? Better tell him.
"Silver," He turned his head to you, tilting it rather cutely in silent acknowledgment. "have you heard who you will be rooming with?"
"Ah." Silver frowned. "No. I should grab my bags and put them away now then, before I fall asleep." 
"Oh, you're rooming with Idia! I figured you two would get along-" You rose from the couch as Silver did, continuing your conversation as you two walked up the stairs together. 
"See, Idia's a bit... anxious around others, and I figured a calming presence like yours would be good for him! Plus, you need your sleep and I heard from Lilia that you get up early to train so-"
Silver interrupted you with a chuckle. "Sorry it's just... I'm glad that you care so much about me."
Stunned, you could only reply with, "...Ah."
Silver smiled at your silence, and you two continued up the stairs to search for Idia. 
...Your heart wouldn't stop racing.
Tumblr media
Coincidentally, Idia was also on the top floor! He looked nervous when he saw both you and Silver standing at the door, but before he could say a word, Ortho rushed in and beamed with joy. 
"Ah, Silver is here! I'm glad you're rooming with my brother!"
Quick as a whip, the younger Shroud yanked Silver into the room, then slammed the door shut on your face. It stung a little, but you understood that there was no ill intent. Shrugging, you went back to your room, unlocking your door and closing it behind you. With a deep breath, you took the time to enjoy the silence and relax. Though... you could still hear Riddle's yells and the sound of slamming coming from the direction of Idia's room. 
Really, there's not much silence at all. 
So instead of attempting to unwind in an impossible situation, you chose to set up protection and silencing talismans throughout your room. The wards were placed mainly by your doorway, though you stuck some barrier fúlù by the window. Hopefully, this will alert you to anyone trying to sneak in. A smattering of silencing talismans in all four corners and you finally felt safe.
For all you could like the boys, you still couldn't bear to trust them. Perhaps it was your brother's lectures, maybe it was just a natural instinct but... sometimes, in your darkest moments, you felt terrified of your friends. When Trey or Cater were too close, when Leona leaned on you, when Rook was 'watching' you, a cold, bubbling tar of fear rose to your throat. On most days, you quickly snapped out of it, recognising your friends as people who would never hurt you. Yet, a deep-seated panic still remained. You could never trust them. It wasn't in your nature, though you'd like to try.
Tumblr media
Crewel had left you all some time to unpack and get the rooming sorted out, stating that lunch would be at 12, then your group would go down to the beach for a few hours. You put on one of your swimsuits, deciding to go with a more conservative, one piece swimsuit for the day: a (f/c) piece with a heart-shaped hole in the chest. Applying suncream, then sorting out your hair and packing a beach bag were what you occupied your time with. A pair of towels and a beach umbrella were what you decided on bringing, using your bag instead of your sleeves to carry all the items you'd need. 
It took a bit of organising, but everything you needed fit. A water bottle, fúlù for emergencies, a coat in case it gets cold, extra suncream, your hat, sunglasses, magical pen... and more. In your defense, you had a lot of important items in your sleeves. You checked your phone for the time, and you still had 15 minutes before lunch, so you picked out a lovely white sundress to wear over your swimming gear. Grabbing your beach bag, you decided to spend that remaining time downstairs with your friends.
Only Leona and Ruggie were on the couches, evidently everyone else was either using that time to lounge around or prepare for the afternoon. Leona took up an entire couch, so you decided to sit close to Ruggie. The lion opened one of his eyes at your presence, glancing at the bag you had slung over your shoulder.
"That's a big bag, what do you need so much stuff for?" He muttered, an amused glint in his eye.
"It's just in case!" You pouted defensively. "I need all this stuff for emergencies!"
"Oh I'm locked behind a door? Good thing I brought my trusty battering ram!" Ruggie mocked you lightheartedly in a high pitched voice.
"No! A battering ram wouldn't fit in my bag," You glared half-heartedly. "and I don't sound like that!"
The hyena snickered. "Sure you don't."
"I don't!" You insisted.
Leona decided to speak up, "(Y/N), as someone who has been hearing you for the past 8 months... you absolutely do."
You gasped dramatically, draping yourself over the end of the couch like a swooning maiden with fainting fever. "How could you say that to me! I've done approximately no bad things! None!"
"Approximately?" Ruggie prompted, pushing your legs off of the side of the couch to move in closer. He looked similar to a predator stalking a prey in that moment, though you broke through and concealed that flash of fear.
"Well... I don't know if punching a guy is a crime..." You mumbled, looking away.
Leona frowned, deadpan. "It's not."
"What if... he was flying on a sword... 10 metres off the ground?" You continued. "And he broke his leg by falling?"
"Did you get caught?" Ruggie loomed over you, friendly smile on his face.
He grinned wildly. "Then it's not a crime! Right Leona?"
The prince smirked. "Yep, not a crime."
You were learning some things about your friends' moral systems today. And you thought they deserved to be roasted for it so you prepared to retort with a comment about not trusting the person who skips class 24/7 and the pickpocket who admitted to stealing thousands of thaumarks worth of stuff. 
But before you could, you were interrupted by a shriek of delight.
"Koi fishie!" Floyd practically flew down from the stairs and gathered you up with a tight hug. "You look so adorable lil' Koi, right Jade?"
Jade looked at you, smile in place. "She does look quite charming, I'd say. What do you think Azul?"
The Housewarden flushed, eyes darting around in search for help. He'd find none. "I-uh... I think she looks... uhm."
Jade's smile widened, eyes flashing. "Well Azul?"
Azul started sweating in stress. "She looks... uh... well..." He motioned his hands around wildly. 
Floyd, with you still wrapped up in your arms, spoke up. "She looks what? Don't be so shy, Azul!"
"She looks... okay!" Azul squeaked out, eyes squinted shut.
Floyd laughed wildly at that, gently putting you down before laughing his heart out to make fun of his poor Housewarden. Jade joined in with a chuckle while Ruggie snickered lightly. Leona smirked at the underwhelming answer.
You decided to tease Azul even more, finding his bright red face adorable. "You think I look... okay?" You pouted, eyes welling up with tears. "Oh... I see..." You looked away from the Octavinelle kids and slumped next to Ruggie, taking up a position to make it look as if you were crying on his shirt. 
"Hey!" The hyena whispered, a scowl on his face. "This shirt is like... super expensive! I bought it with Leona's money but still! Don't ruin it with your fake tears!"
You gave him a watery glare in reply and gestured to the tissue in your right hand. He sighed and backed up your act by stroking a gentle hand through your hair and glaring at Azul.
"I- uh." Azul stuttered, nervous when faced with tears.
Jade and Floyd looked genuinely concerned, and moved over to comfort you. Floyd patted your arm lightly while Jade offered encouraging words.
"Don't cry, dear, you look wonderful! Azul got like that because he was awestruck by how lovely you look." The vice Housewarden said, a kinder smile on his face.
"Are y-you sure?" You asked, practiced voice wobbly to further guilt trip Azul.
"Of course. When have I ever said a word I didn't mean?" Jade gently wiped your tears away, tilting your head to face his with a soft hand on your chin.
"Oh. Okay then." You smiled blindingly in reply. "I'm over it!"
Azul blinked in shock. Then, Ruggie started laughing hysterically at the whiplash, while Jade and Floyd, who had only just gotten the joke, blinked in surprise. They quickly joined in the laughter once they realised what you had done. Leona let out a pleased rumble at the prank you had pulled, with Azul looking absolutely dumbstruck by the complete tone shift.
"I- uh. What?" He stammered, a confused look in his eyes. 
No one could answer him, Floyd was wheezing on the floor while the rest of you took too much pleasure in watching the cogs in his brain turn to try and compute. When the poor boy did realise what happened, he only looked resigned to your shenanigans. Shaking his head with a sigh, Azul sat down next to you on the couch, posture perfectly composed, unlike his behaviour from earlier.
Soon, the rest of the group wandered down and waited for Crewel to arrive, looking hungry and ready to argue their hearts out. Riddle looked especially angry, though Vil was a close second. On the other hand, both Kalim and Jamil looked very pleased with their rooms, as did Malleus and Lilia. Idia's emergence from his room, dragged along by Ortho with Silver following close behind, heralded Crewel's arrival. The professor burst through the door to the house with a flourish, carrying bags of groceries and lunch boxes with him.
"Lucky for you pups, the ghosts decided to cook you all a lunch! Don't think this is normal though, you will be preparing your own meals, and mine, for the rest of this trip!" Crewel gave you all a stern look. "Now, let's all eat at the dining table, first come, first serve."
Oh dear...
At that, everyone scrambled to grab a good seat and a decent meal, Ruggie being at the head of the stampede with Floyd in a close second. This was sadly, futile, as Lilia floated from above to grab himself, Malleus and Silver some nice meals. Almost animalistic noises were heard as the boys all rushed to the table, you were slung over Jade's shoulder in the commotion, hanging from it like a doll. There was a lot of pushing and shoving coming from around you, though Jade remained unaffected. Soon, a scream from Idia signaling his fall to the floor. A squawk indicating Riddle suffered the same fate.
Really, when my brother said 'men act like animals' I thought he was speaking metaphorically. I didn't think he'd mean they'd act like this!
Tumblr media
[1] Just a note, reader is from a noble family! The branch family was assigned to help out the main one, but they've obviously not been doing their job. They're from a descendant that married out of the family to a merchant, who is seen as 'new money' and doesn't have a title. So despite their relations, they lack a noble title.
Tumblr media
and here is the second part of the beach ep. if you'd like to read the rest of the fic, you can read it on ao3 here, and on quotev here.
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lyneira · 6 months
Tumblr media
♡ don't look..! 🫣 ♡
Tumblr media
-> how they would react after walking in on you undressing
slightly perverted and a bit more on the crack-side
lyneira's 1.2k milestone event
Tumblr media
Scolds you
Vil, Riddle, Jack, Trey, Rollo, Sebek, Jamil, Silver, Jade
Once they walk in the room to see your half-naked form, they're going to immediately look away and shut the door without a word. Once they're outside, then they're going to apologize and would proceed to scold you for a looooong time for not locking the door shut.
He's just really worried for you. What if someone ill-intentioned had come instead and tried to peep on you? The thought distresses him so. Thus, he's not going to leave your doorstep until you're either finished changing or until you've locked the door yourself.
(For Sebek, he'd do all of this but would definitely be much louder about it)
Freezes up
Malleus, Azul, Ruggie, Rook
Honestly, they'd be frozen when they see you, I think from both an 'oh crap, I walked in on them and they're nearly naked! 😰' feeling and an 'oh...they're nearly naked 😳' feeling.
Either way, they'd just be staring in awe from both the shock and view of your body. They want to apologize this instant, but they're currently at a loss for words. They want to turn and leave like they know they should, but their body just won't budge. Look, they're not intentionally trying to be a pervert but MY GOSH the gorgeous sight of you just has them completely mesmerized.
It's only until you turn to them and speak up do they finally snap out of it and apologize for the intrusion and leave, the blush and shame clear on their face. (Yet, the thought of you would never leave them for the rest of the day or few 🫣)
Freaks out
Idia, Deuce, Epel, Kalim, Neige
The moment they see your half-exposed body they would instantly go red and run out of the room yelling, "I'M SORRY!!!!", so freaked out that they even forgot to close the door behind them. (Neige probably wouldn't forget, though)
They truly did feel bad about it because even though they saw your body for barely a second, that image of you was now stuck in their minds. The more they thought of your body, the more they would freak out and feel ashamed of themselves.
I think it'd take a while for them to have the guts to approach you without thinking of that moment again. They'd apologize numerous times if they ever did recall it.
Is nonchalant about it
Ace, Leona, Floyd, Che'nya, Lilia, Cater, Trey
I think they'd all of these guys would be calm about it but in different ways.
I feel like Ace, Leona, Floyd, and Chenya wouldn't even really apologize but would be like, "Nice bod, you should really lock the door next time tho" LOL
Despite this attitude, I think they'd be decent enough to lock the door for you on their way out. He wouldn't want anyone else seeing the lovely sight that only he should see, hehe 😏🤭
And as for Lilia, Trey, and Cater, they would apologize, "Ah..! My bad, y/n", and probably lightly scold you as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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calcifiedunderland · 19 days
Shrimply Yours~
Tumblr media
In which you invoke your shrimp privileges to cheer Floyd up.
Floyd x GN Reader! Enjoy, shrimpies!!~
“Y’know Floyd, I’d say you’re the shrimp, not me.”
Maybe you really did have a death-by-squeezing wish. Or maybe your plot-armor protection had finally worn off. The eel in question lifted his head slowly at your words and side-eyed you, his golden eye glinting ominously in the Mostro Lounge kitchen’s light.
You’d been washing the dishes after asking Azul for a job in exchange for a little extra madol on the side. For the most part, your day had been as peaceful as it could’ve (the life of a magicless prefect was always maniacal), until you heard arguing from outside the kitchen. You all but jumped when Floyd slammed the door open and wordlessly stalked to the stove, and you spotted Azul walking off shaking his head to himself. Floyd shoved pan on the heat and began frying something, completely ignoring your presence. Was it even possible to fry chicken so aggressively?
In any case, Floyd seemed a little more volatile than usual at the moment, even considering it was him. The other students who’d been in the kitchen with you before had scuttled out before Floyd could snap at them too. But in any case, you knew that Floyd’s mood flipped faster than Crowley leaving all his work to you. So, you thought you’d try to lighten the mood.
At your words, Floyd slowly brought his head up from his deep-frying, golden-and-olive colored eyes zeroing in on you, baring his sharp, shiny teeth at you in a scowl. And in that split second, you suddenly remembered that Floyd was, in fact, a mer-eel. Moray, specifically. A predator. A predator that probably ate shrimpies like you. Who was now looking at you predatorily.
“What did ya just say, shrimpy?” His pupils were practically pin-pricks, and for a moment you swore you could hear the Jaws theme song in your head. You could remember, time and time again, your friends and upperclassmen telling you not to engage Floyd when he was in one of his moods. Even up until now, you’d never been on the awful end of his anger, especially alone. But you weren’t called beast-tamer for nothing, damn it, and maybe that title could extend to taming angry Floyd’s too. An angry Floyd that was still your friend.
“I said, you’re the shrimp, not me.” You maintained eye-contact with him, almost challenging him, ‘come at me, bro.’ You tried to keep a straight face, although you were deflating rapidly by the second because by Sevens this was so stupid but-
“Because you’re shrimply amazing.”
One second passed. Two. Three.
Then Floyd broke into a wide, sharp-toothed grin. He surged towards you, completely forgetting the frying food. “D’awww, SHRIMPY!!!”
He swooped behind you, wrapping his arms around you and picking you up. Your legs flailed around and now your arms were locked in as Floyd spun around the kitchen haphazardly with you in his arms. “Shrimpy knows just how to cheer me up! I knew this is why I kept you around!” He laughed cheerily, bobbing you up and down.
“FLOYD!” You cried, “PUT ME DOWN-“ the kitchen swirled crazily around you, as Floyd babbled some song or other cheerfully. Thankfully he’d stopped spinning, but began shaking you side to side while humming, “Shrimpy’s so brave n’ nice, all the other guppies left when they saw me but only Shrimpy stayed!”
He started pouting, and squished his cheek into yours. “Azul was bein’ mean to me, making me work now. Just ‘cause I roughed up a few customers doesn’t mean it was my fault! They shoulda been nice to me~”
Even though you were basically suspended in the air by him, you smiled at Floyd’s words. “Glad I could help Floyd, that was so mean of Azul,” you consoled him, hoping he’d put you down. He bent over until your feet were safely on the sweet, sweet ground, but didn’t let you go from his arms. The two of you swayed together, basking in each other’s company in the subpar lighting of the kitchen, until you frowned.
“…Hey, is something burning?”
“Ah shit, I burned the chicken.”
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starboyshoyo · 5 months
Characters: All NRC boys x fem!reader (seperately)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Genre: fluff
What were you to the NRC boys, before you were lovers?
Includes: Childhood friends to lovers, best friends to lovers, strangers to lovers, enemies to lovers, exes to lovers.
Tumblr media
Childhood Friends to Lovers
Trey Clover the boy next door
Everyone and their mother knows Trey Clover, the golden boy in your little provincial town. Sweet, intelligent, and he can bake? He’s a heartthrob in every definition of the word. But Trey’s only ever had eyes for you, his parents’ best friends’ daughter and the girl next door.
Joined at the hip from the moment you met, you’ve done it all together- but Trey’s been away at NRC for three years. You were sure he would move to the city after getting a taste of the wider world. So you’re caught off-guard when he returns to take over his family’s bakery, eight inches taller than you remember.
His eyes crinkle at the corners when he sees you, and you can feel the firmness of muscles under his shirt when you launch yourself at him, embracing him tightly. He has to bend down to hug you now, you realize. And his face is sharper now, jaw angular instead of the soft cheeks you were used to. When did that happen?
And when did he get so handsome?
Leona Kingscholar betrothed to his brother
Leona has only ever had one friend- you, the heir from the neighboring kingdom. It shouldn’t be a problem to love you the way he does, but the stars in the sky had other plans, it seemed. Because from the moment you were born, you were meant to marry Falena.
Leona has long-since learned that no matter what he does, he’ll never be enough to win the public’s love. It didn’t matter that he knew you never had feelings for Falena, or that Falena was seeing someone else in secret. His brother will be king, not him. He’ll watch you walk down the aisle towards him, and then he’ll go back to his room and take a nap, and tell himself that he won’t be upset. That’s just the way life will be.
One day, while napping behind a curtain in the royal library, he catches wind of something so very interesting. Your parents arrived in the kingdom that morning, bearing news: Falena’s engagement has been peaceably broken, by your own choice, nonetheless. It’s a huge, life-changing decision and so a formal dinner is being held, to re-discuss the terms of the treaty. Leona wants to snap you up right away to be his, but he has to bide his time. For now, he’ll meet your eye across the banquet table, scowl softening a little. He should have known that he has always been king in your heart.
Silver childhood soulmates
Right person, right place, right time. Rarely did the universe ever align so beautifully. From your first meeting at the tender age of five to the time you were accepted into NRC, Silver has always been by your side.
He’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the mornings and the final good night you say before going to sleep. When small birds land on your desk and deposit gifts of acorns and flowers to you, you know exactly who they were from and who was thinking of you at the moment. And when you look at your handsome knight, you can’t help but imagine him by your side, every step of the way for the rest of your life.
Silver is more than just your best friend and first love. He is your person, through and through.
Best Friends to Lovers
Epel Felmier first friend, first love
You met Epel on the first day of school, getting beat up by a blonde upperclassman in the hallway. Much to the surprise of both boys, you jumped in to help him- pulling him off the ground and scolding the taller boy, who merely scoffed and wandered off. Though Epel’s ego was a bit bruised, he was grateful to you for helping him.
Epel became your constant companion after that. You could listen to him talk for hours while laying on the floor of your dorm room, a bag of apple chips in hand. His roguish accent and mischievous jokes charm you a little more each day, making him more than just the rough-hewn boy you met at the entrance ceremony not long ago.
His grandparents know all about you from the letters he sends home. Even in ink, they can sense his lovestruck heart. They had felt the same way when they started courting all those years ago. The Felmier family are fools in love, it seems. You would call him your best friend if someone asked, but Epel wants to be so much more.
Ace Trappola best friends to lovers
It’s pathetic how fast Ace changed his tune. The first time he met you, he was jeering you for being a magicless human. Now, he’s in love with you? When did that happen? And why did it have to be with you of all people?
Ace isn’t fooling himself. He knows why it’s you. It’s simply because no one could ever capture his heart the same way you do, with your smiles and your laughs and the way you look at him in both disapproval and exasperated fondness when he makes a crude joke.
Don’t act surprised when he holds your hand out of the blue or when he searches your face with those eyes, wondering what it would feel like to kiss you silly right then and there. He wants you, not anyone else, and it’s driving him crazy.
Kalim Al-Asim what are we?
Everyone thinks you and Kalim are dating already. You joke about it all the time. Oh, yeah, we’re partners in crime! Soulmates! Two sides of the same coin- but the line between teasing and reality has begun to blur. Once, you even made a jibe that you’d marry him one day, and Kalim got you an actual ring! It was so extravagant- a ruby inlaid with smaller gilded gems along the edges. He told you it was a family treasure, kept in the storerooms of Scarabia and just waiting to adorn the hand of the right person.
You tried to refuse, but he insisted. Money wasn’t something the Al-Asim heir ever had to worry about. So you go along with it, the golden band rubbing between your fingers and his when you walk down the halls, hands interlaced.
How does Kalim really feel about you? You’re not sure, so one day you ask- Kalim, what are we?
He looks at you curiously. “Aren’t we engaged?”
Strangers to Lovers
Deuce Spade the hallway crush
Every day between alchemy and history of magic, Deuce finds himself scanning faces in the hallway for someone who makes his face flush and his palms turn sweaty. And every day when you catch his eye and send him a wave, he finds himself tangled up a little more in his heartstrings, tripping over his feet as he tries to return your greeting.
He’s not sure when he first noticed you. Maybe it was when he fumbled and nearly dropped a potion on the carpet, and you caught it. His heart did flutter a bit then, but maybe that was because he nearly messed up the project he had been working on all night. He wants to talk to you again so badly- more than just a ‘hello‘ or a ‘thanks.’ He wants to brighten up your day just by walking by, like you do for him. Maybe if he becomes an honors student, then you’ll finally notice him too.
Jack Howl the mysterious savior
Being hounded by a group of rogue students wasn’t in your plans for the day. Trying to slip between the mob, avoiding their prying hands and sharp words, a sudden growl makes them all look up. A tall boy with wolflike ears towers over them.
Leave them alone. His voice is sharp, like a dog's canines. Golden eyes meet yours, steely and cold, but they soften for a moment when you manage to say thank you.
Your savior rubs the back of his neck. ‘S nothing, he says gruffly, but the lingering traces of blush on his face tell a different story. Only when he leaves do you realize that you had never gotten his name. Perhaps fate will lead you to meet once again, in the near future.
Azul Ashengrotto love at first sight
One minute he’s discussing the best way to mix a potion with his lab partner. The next, he’s sitting straight in his chair, eyes blown wide when you walk into the room. You’ve ensnared Azul Ashengrotto’s attention and heart without a single word. And when you finally say hi to him, ignorant of his shady dealings and strange company, he’s caught- hook, line, and sinker.
Azul begins to do things for you. Not in the way he does for others, with a flourish of his pen and a snap of his fingers. No, you’re special. He could never ask anything of you.
It’s so obvious, the way he favors you and gives you the best of everything he has. But he can’t bring himself to care- not when this new feeling brings him such happiness.
Idia Shroud closer than he thought
Idia Shroud has never met you irl. No way. All you are to him is a profile picture on a leaderboard, telling him to dodge the next attack or that he’ll never beat you in the latest game the two of you are playing. You make his gloomy days a little brighter. And when they’re brighter, he finally takes a chance to step outside for a bit and go to class.
In class is where he met you. His charming desk partner, whose presence he enjoyed far more than he thought he would. He likes your jokes. He likes that you play the same games as him and nerd out about the same topics. But when he returns to the world of online anonymity, he can’t help but feel disloyal- so much so that he doesn’t notice the lilt of the voice in his speakers is the same one that rings in his ears when he falls asleep in class.
Malleus Draconia love from afar
No one knows who you are, a mere human who attends NRC. You could be dangerous as far as his retainers know. Malleus isn’t supposed to speak with you- but oh, does he want to.
He’s tried to ignore the pull towards you, but he just can’t. Why is this mere child of man lingering in his thoughts, ensnaring his every waking moment?
One night when Sebek is busy berating Silver for falling asleep on the job, he sneaks away and finds you beneath the moonlight, staring up at the stars. He’s caught like a fly in a web from the first hello.
Enemies to Lovers
Riddle Rosehearts academic rivals
He’s so annoying. With a loud voice, short stature, and short temper, you could consider Riddle Rosehearts to always be underfoot. But even you have to admire his academic prowess, his name topping the scores at every turn. And just under him, is you. How very frustrating.
You’re so focused on one-upping one another that you don’t even catch yourself when thoughts of him wander into your mind throughout the day. Of course you think of him, you’re trying to beat him. But slowly the competition turns into wondering. What does he do in his free time? What’s his favorite food, his favorite color?
Little do you know, he thinks of you too.
Ruggie Bucchi the goodhearted thief
You heard from your neighbors about the slum thief who steals things from their shops. It’s only a matter of time before he comes to you next, they warn, so be ready.
And ready you are. When a skinny boy with rounded ears atop his head tries to slip something into his pocket, you call him out. And when he dashes away, you scramble after him- tackling him in a paved alley near some dumpsters. Cans go crashing over to reveal several homeless youngsters, shivering in the cold and barely more than bones. The boy tosses the food to them before you can intervene- but why would you, when you’ve just seen what you saw?
When he comes into the bakery next time, you make sure he pays. But you also slip an extra loaf or two into his order, with a wink and a nod. Your conversations become a bit longer, a bit friendlier. He’s quite charming and you have to berate yourself for falling for a thief.
He’s stolen your heart, hasn’t he?
Floyd Leech the hallway bully
Floyd Leech. Just his name makes you groan and roll your eyes. It’s not just you he teases you in the hallway by holding your things over his head, but you seem to be his favorite. How are you supposed to get your notebook back when it’s dangling almost 8 feet above the ground, courtesy of his freakishly long arms?
The graceful solution you come up with is to kick him. Right in his eel, to summarize. His twin brother is by his side in an instant while you walk off.
Jade expects Floyd to be livid. But even when he’s doubled up on the ground in pain, he’s got a grin plastered across his face.
His shrimpy is such a badass.
Jamil Viper flirting rivals
For someone who’s usually level-headed and cool, you sure bring out Jamil’s temper. He can find a million ways to insult and discredit you, but still you’ll bounce back with some snarky, suggestive comment that just makes his blood boil.
He swears he can feel your eyes on him from across the hallways. It makes him want to pull his hood up over his face. But when you approach him, he’s as calm as ever. Why are you leaning closer, prefect, and running your hands over his tie? He’s not going to fall for your ruse, so don’t even try.
Still, his eyes can’t help but wander down to your lips, wondering if they would taste like he imagined.
Rook Hunt one-sided annoyance
It seems like you’ve gained yourself a one-man paparazzi recently. If Rook is meant to be a hunter, you have to wonder if he’s any good at his job. He never seems to conceal his presence, following you down the hallways brazenly while spouting off fake compliments about your demeanor and beauty.
Well, you thought they were fake. It’s hard to believe anyone is genuine in a school full of villains, but you might have caught the attention of the one person who actually is. His company isn’t so bad sometimes, especially when you can talk his ear off about anything and everything.
Sebek Zigvolt forced proximity
This was meant to be a partner project, not a threeway. But being paired with the great Malleus Draconia means putting up with his annoying, self-proclaimed bodyguard for the next week as well.
You pity Sebek’s alchemy partner, because he’s ignoring his own work in favor of hovering over you and his liege. His loud, unsolicited advice and passive-aggressive comments don’t make him any more bearable. By the time Thursday rolls around, you’re about ready to drop-kick him into the cauldron.
Thankfully, you and Malleus get your work done early. When you’re packing up your things to leave, you find Sebek quiet for once, deep in concentration as he rushes to finish his own work.
I don’t need the help of a human, he proclaims in that loud, obnoxious bark of his. But he doesn’t complain when you settle down next to him, stirring the potion while he measures out ingredients.
Exes to Lovers
Cater Diamond the one that got away
Cater knows you probably hate his guts. Hell, he hates his own guts for fucking up so badly. You were the best thing that ever happened to him and he drove you away with his constant neediness and self-deprecation. It took him years to realize that he was so focused on himself that he didn’t realize that you needed support too.
He’s been lonely for a while, working on himself and his problems in the shadows. It’s been a while since he last saw you- he knows you might not want to see him again anyways, but he’s changed now- both for himself and for you.
Cater wants you back, if you’ll have him.
Jade Leech second chance romance
Jade was nothing more than a talking stage that never got off the ground. He was fun to be around and a good hiking partner, but you stopped seeing him after first year ended and you no longer shared a class together.
You didn’t think of him much throughout your second and third year at NRC . But when you arrive at your new work study to meet your partner for the program, a tall, familiar figure greets you at the door.
Vil Schoenheit right person, wrong time
Vil has no one but himself to blame for the downfall of your relationship. He broke things off with you after his manager advised him to- she said that a young, taken idol isn’t marketable. You need to think about your image.
The stage lights blinded him and he dropped you without a second thought. Any trace of you in his life was erased; smoothed over to perfection like a beauty filter.
But oh, how Vil regrets it when he scrolls on his phone late at night, your Magicam account pulled up to a photo of you laughing. What he wouldn’t give to have you smile like that at him again.
The icon for a DM request sits beside your profile picture. Vil regards it for a second, finger hovering over the button, then clicks.
Lilia Vanrouge facing the future
Lilia has always known that humans live short lives. In his time, he’s seen countless people born and died. It’s just a fact of human life; a phenomena he watches from the outside in- disconnected. It doesn’t dawn on him that yours too will run out until Malleus points it out- and then Lilia becomes scared.
He’ll cut you off, hiding in the shadows and avoiding your eyes until a great danger almost befalls you. It is then that Lilia realizes he’d rather have loved and lost you than never have known you at all.
Please, stay with him. You have the rest of your life, however short or long, to live by his side. Lilia would gladly warp time and face the consequences just for one more minute with you.
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