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pandorapanther 2 days
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I got an amazing commission from @shandzii and i am absolutely obsessed look at how nice my trio came out! 100/10!
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spookyuu 3 days
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I made designs for a Sun and Moon I Solis and Lunair. Their names are interchangeable, though. You can call them whatever and they'll respond :))
They're constructs, or automatons. Made with magic to help a mage with tasks they can't do themselves. They both have powerful cores in their chests that hold their magic. Sun's core is imbued with fire magic and Moon's is imbued with a kind of celestial, maybe astrological magic.
Solis is like the sun: keeper of fire
Lunair is like the moon: keeper of stars
That's all I have so far but I plan on doing more doodles of these guys soon!!
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dovewingkinnie 2 days
was bored so i did this animation thought it would be funny
i can only perceive toy freddy as massive now
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might-be-a-potato 22 hours
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man, comics are HARD! If anyone has any tips on paneling please please please tell me, I will give you the LARGEST hug!
Anyways, this is a concept for Moon and Y/N's first meeting that I had bouncing around in my noggin, needless to say it was... not great.
Not entirely sure if it'll be canon or not, but it was fun to draw!
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smubs-fnaf-au 3 days
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redraw of elizabeths encyclopedia pages, except its my AU version of her ooooooOOO
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magical-mascots 1 day
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First meeting
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cero-sleep 21 hours
Time-lapse of this piece
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just-a-drawing-bean 2 days
Hi! I like your art! The expressions are just sooooo nice.
Could I maybe, possibly interest you in drawing Sun wearing an ancient Rome gladiator's outfit? 馃憠馃憟馃ズ
Thank you!! This suggestion was magnificent, you got me thinking
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What if Gladiator au?
Some random ideas. Sun is the champion, an absolute brute. He鈥檚 got the skills and the 鈥渂attle scars鈥 Moon doesn鈥檛 really do much fighting since Gladiator fights happen in the daylight. So at night moon fixes them up and repairs their signature weapons and armor. Not much is known about sun or moon as they keep to themselves. Not even that they are the same entity. People just don鈥檛 know where Sun goes at night and most people don鈥檛 ever even see moon he鈥檚 kind of a nobody, a myth. Although Sun does the fighting, moon has the same skills and helps sun in battle. Their duel ai is part of the reason they鈥檝e not lost a battle yet.
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kyot092 1 day
Tension arises between these two.
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Textless Version
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art1sty 1 day
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thedenofravenpuff 2 days
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Naga AU but they are smole and domesticated.聽
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lord-tekron 2 days
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Was looking through the posts of聽鈥渨hat stuff have I shared and haven鈥檛 I shared to tumblr since I got back into the swing of things鈥 and I noticed I never shared The Springlock Paradox drawings @the-ooftroop drew couple years ago before they became too big to fail. Honestly I am shocked I never showed these off sooner as looking at them now has my shriveled brain producing dopamine. :V
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bbonkie 8 hours
I'm feeling nice tonight <3
soo.. have a wip of an au I'm collabing on with @garbagechocolate & @darkxsoulzyx
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im going to have SO MUCH FUN *evil laughing*
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m0nsterjuice-art 17 hours
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Various nightguard/Alex art I don't remember if I posted or not
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fernsproutxx 2 days
Hello! Hello hello!
How you doing?
doing goodie! just came back from spending the weekend at my grandma鈥檚 kekw.
currently working on the lineart of 鈥渢hat unique place鈥 first page. here鈥檚 a peek o3o.
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the original plan was to leave it with one plain color, but now i鈥檓 debating on doing some volume shadows as to show what objects are closer or at the background, like on this scene layout i previously did way before i had the comic script made (it鈥檚 not exactly one to one when compared in-game [im a sucker for accuracy] but the essence is still there);
Tumblr media
that of course would mean that the pages will take longer to make but they would look way more appealing, so i鈥檓 not sure.
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fablegate 2 days
Hi hello I've already become obsessed with the borrower au and I was watching tiktok and got a video with the sound "I made a mistake. I put my apple pen down on my comforter and it evaporated" and idk butlike
But sun and moon to y/n-
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An entire collection of gel pens gone in a flash turn up later on a corner of the daycare wall
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