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yooo-lets-go · 15 days
Tumblr media
Some background character somewhere: is named John Kowalsky
Me: 👀👀😳🇵🇱🇵🇱🦅🇵🇱??
Tumblr media
Misja „Alone” to był po prostu szybki spacer po Sosnowcu
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kiszoneszczury · 6 months
Tumblr media
Made this on polish independence day. Luckily it applies every day all year
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black-maidenz · 8 months
English as not your first language is great sometimes. Like you can spend all day reading ao3 fanfictions and just tell everyone, including yourself, that you are actually practicing your English this way. No, I didn't read smuts all day, I studied.
And the best part is, you can really learn something this way.
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holmesandwhatson · 3 months
when will people realize that it’s perfectly normal and natural to speak a foreign language with a foreign accent as long as you are understood
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nails-teeth-neck · 4 months
Tumblr media
while trying to figure out who called me from Poland on a Tuesday at 3pm (16:00 polish time) I found a great method of finding names I never even knew existed
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thenumbersgameif · 1 year
I have three first names and I hate writing it especially writing it with middle name and surname with a time limit:(
three first names- damn.
I'm sorry? I think I can kind of get it, cause I have a long ass surname that is hard to pronounce both for me, and many Poles 😭
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jewishdainix · 3 months
פיץ אתה כזה פולניה
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flowers-of-io · 1 year
Every time I have an idea for an OG story I'm so unsure what language I want to write it in. On one hand, if I want someone to actually read it, it's best to do it in English, but on the other I'd really like to write in my own language from time to time, you know?
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cranberrykissel · 2 years
Kids at Camp Half-Blood playing Capture the Flag but instead they grab the nearest pride flag with a smug grin, declaring it a win.
-> Afterwards, they admire and maybe exchange their flags ('I have bi, and it's neat, but can I get pan instead?', 'Can I have trans and lesbian at the same time?', 'Yours is so cool, but I like mine better')
-> They end the game early to celebrate and sing songs by the campfire. Chiron and Mr. D are so proud of their Greek gay kids.
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still-we-rise · 1 year
metallica justice era i polpolaczek z merca
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meichenxi · 4 months
Speakers of non-English languages of the UK and Ireland wanted!!
Since it’s World Mother Language Day today (February the 21st), I’m thinking of doing a series of posts on the native non-English languages of the United Kingdom and Ireland, with some information and short interviews. 
For this, I am looking for both native speakers/signers and learners (with or without parentage/heritage of the language in question) of the following languages:
- Scottish Gaelic
- Irish
- Welsh
- Any sign language of the United Kingdom or Ireland (e.g. BSL)
- Any other minority language indigenous to the United Kingdom or Ireland. By this I mean primarily spoken only within the UK or Ireland as a minority, or spoken very little elsewhere. For example: Cornish, Manx, Shelta, or Anglo-Romani, not languages like Polish or Bengali that are minority within the UK but have a significant speaker base elsewhere. (I am aware that I am fishing for some of these *cough* Cornish *cough*...but you never know!)
- Any language or variety that you speak that you feel is linguistically / culturally distinct from Standard English that you would like to inform more people about. For example: Shetlandic, Scots, Ulster Scots. 
I don’t have anything finalised yet, but if you would be wiling to speak to me about some text-based interviews for the sake of qualitative and informative tumblr posts, please send me a message!
(NB: if I have used any names of languages that are not preferred, tell me and I will change them. I don’t know a lot about the non-Celtic and non-Germanic languages here, which is part of my reason for wanting to make this series of posts in the first place.)
Please reblog so more people see this!
- meichenxi
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neine · 2 months
The Polish language and the return of the old Polish they/them.
Gendered languages, such as Polish, present unique challenges when it comes to implementing gender-neutral pronouns like "they/them". The Polish language, has a complex system of grammatical gender, with different forms of adjectives, nouns, and pronouns depending on whether the noun is masculine, feminine, or neuter. This can make it difficult to introduce new gender-neutral pronouns, as they would need to fit into this system and be accepted by native speakers. Additionally, there may be resistance from some quarters to changing the traditional grammar rules, as many Poles are proud of their "traditions".
In recent years however, nonbinary people looking for a way to refer to themselves in Polish language, with little to no success. It was also a huge problem for translators of popular English works and shows that already presented quite a few of nonbinary characters. Most of the time the translations ended up referring to the openly nonbinary characters with "she" or "he". As a example Jim Jimenez from Our Flag Means Death, (played by Vico Ortiz who is also nonbinary) is straight up misgendered by official translation.
The English pronouns "they" and "them" have been increasingly used as gender-neutral pronouns in recent years, particularly by nonbinary and gender-nonconforming individuals who do not identify as exclusively male or female. When translated into Polish, these pronouns are commonly rendered as "ono" and "ich". It is interesting to note that the Polish word "ich" actually shares some similarity with the English word "their", which is a possessive pronoun used to indicate ownership. The irony is that the Polish word for "their" is gendered and cannot be used as a gender-neutral pronoun, whereas "ich" is often used to refer to a group of people rather than a single individual. Despite this linguistic limitation, many nonbinary and gender-nonconforming individuals in Poland continue to use "ono" and "ich" as gender-neutral pronouns.
Polish nonbinary people until recently used she/he in spoken form and added "x" (graphic pronouns) in the place where the gender...nation(?) in the word accrued, in written form. For a lot of people it was just uncomfortable. It often made sentences harder to read and unnatural since the letter "x" doesn't exist in Polish, and most people just put "e" (implying masculine) or "a" (implying feminine) in the blanks automatically, because it was easier to read it that way.
Some people use "it" - "to", which is neuter, however polish neuter is often taken as something offensive when applied to a person. "To", implies it's a thing, so of course a lot of nonbinary people felt understandably dehumanized by using that pronoun.
When Polish nonbinary folks were figuring out what pronouns feel most natural to them and fit the language, they were met with a huge amount of harassment. "These pronouns are made up", "You're a thing not a person now.", "These are not correct" and so on and so on
To check the checkboxes on the "stupid conservative twitter trolls cannot harass me because of my pronouns" list, the nonbinary pronouns had to: sound right, be used before in polish language and be intuitive, so there came the pronouns "ono/jeno".
The pronouns "ono" and "jeno" were also used as third-person singular personal pronouns when referring to people, particularly those whose gender was not specified or who were of non-binary gender. For example, "Ono przyszło" could mean "They came" or "It came" depending on the context. Similarly, "Jeno ktoś tam stał" could mean "Only someone stood there". In the 18th and 19th centuries, the use of "ono" and "jeno" to refer to people fell out of favor, and other pronouns, such as "on" (he) and "ona" (she), were used instead. This shift was partly due to the influence of other languages, such as French and German, which have gendered pronouns. However, the historical use of "ono" and "jeno" as third-person singular personal pronouns for people demonstrates a more inclusive view of gender in the Polish language, which is relevant today as more people identify as non-binary or gender-nonconforming.
Tumblr media
The fact that "ono" and "jeno" have been used in Polish language in the past has helped to give them greater legitimacy and credibility among nonbinary individuals and allies who are advocating for the use of gender-neutral pronouns. Because these pronouns are not "made up" and have a history of use in the Polish language, they are more difficult for critics to dismiss as illegitimate or frivolous.
Furthermore, the fact that "ono" and "jeno" sound correct and are intuitive within the context of the Polish language has also helped to promote their widespread adoption. While these pronouns may have a somewhat archaic or rural feel to them, they nevertheless fit seamlessly into the broader grammatical structure of the Polish language, making them a natural choice for nonbinary individuals who are seeking to express their gender identity.
Despite the growing acceptance of gender-neutral language in Poland and the adoption of pronouns like "ono" and "jeno," nonbinary individuals still face significant harassment and discrimination from conservative groups and individuals who refuse to recognize the legitimacy of nonbinary identities. However, much of this harassment can be dismissed as ignorant or uninformed and/or refusing to do any research to protect their world view, as even one of the most popular polish carols uses "ono" to refer to baby Jesus, as "ono" was often used to refer to children.
In 2023 on the bookshelves you can find correctly translated works written from the eyes of a nonbinary character using the pronouns "ono" and "jeno" and I wholeheartedly hope that this trend continues. The use of gender-neutral pronouns is an important step towards creating a more inclusive and diverse society, and it is essential that literature reflects this. By using pronouns such as "ono" and "jeno" to refer to nonbinary characters, authors can help to normalize these pronouns and increase awareness and understanding of nonbinary identities. In addition, correctly translating these works into other languages can help to promote the use of gender-neutral pronouns in those languages as well. Overall, the use of "ono" and "jeno" in literature can help to promote greater acceptance and inclusivity of nonbinary and gender-nonconforming individuals in society.
Gendered languages have a great struggle on finding their own "they/them", however I wouldn't say Polish is one of them as ironic that may sound, as Poland is taken as a very conservative.
And that concludes my short information dump that I decided to write after seeing a video about gendered languages.
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astro-nautics · 1 month
witcher media masterpost:
The Hexer: 2001 movie (aka The Witcher; polish movie) 2 hours long, contains english subtitles, audio cuts out for a brief period towards the end. The Hexer: TV series (2002) (aka The Witcher; polish tv show)13 episodes long, contains english subtitles
Wiedźmin audiobooks (aka The Witcher audiobooks; polish) a bit harder to navigate for non-polish speakers, fragments of them can also be found on youtube.
The Witcher books Multiple translations exist. You can buy both physical copies or the e-books. There are PDFs of them floating around online also.
The Witcher comics (english translation) You can find these at various sources online in a variety of languages, or in bookstores!
The Witcher games (The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt + DLCs) You can buy them yourself on Steam (or elsewhere), they're frequently on sale (as a bundle) on Steam for dirt-cheap. There are also playthroughs of all of the games available on youtube.
additionally there's Online Gwent (or stand-alone Gwent), which is free, though you can buy in-game items and things. The mechanics are different from TW3 Gwent. There's also Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales (available on steam; playthrough available on youtube), which makes use of the Online Gwent mechanics.
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iloveflowersandclouds · 8 months
Hi, ive been reading thru ur filo!god!reader posts and broooooo-- AHAHAHA SOBRANG GANDA, TAWANG TAWA AKO TALAGA AHAHAHAHAH
Para sa recent post mo, meron akong naisip na idea-- since stereotype ng filipino sobrang nice, what if ganun si god!reader? PERO meron silang "dark side". Alam mo yung mga... quiet kid sa school pero pagdating sa bahay gALIT NA GALIT AT MURA NG MURA SA DOTA O VALO??? yung ganoooooon!!! AHAHAHA so like-- the god!reader could be chillin in their palace or throne or whatever, looking prim and perfect but then they go adventuring with the traveler or something and they come across a boss (lets say its golden house childe because OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO KILL HIM SOMEDAY) and the god!reader just gOES OFF--
Another idea is the filo!god!reader saying something in filipino and everyone else mistaking it for something else (im looking at you kaeya... the word kaya and kaeya istg--) so im imagining that the acolytes have a bit of filipino comprehension already but they still dont have full fluency. God!reader just goes like "ok, ok... kaya ko 'to, kaya ko 'to" to hype themselves up for something but kaeya just mistakes it for god!reader proclaiming that they own him AHAHA
warnings ; swearing, not best english, not the best tagalog either, grammarly can't even help me at this point, crack, a boatload of chaos, more swearing, in need of editing and polishing, Kaeya being a gentleman, nail picking, and fluff.
notes ; reader is filipino and GN, Traveler can be either Aether or Lumine, there will be translations added for non-english speakers! (TRANSLATIONS ARE STILL BEING WORKED ON). Romance on Kaeya's part? But then again, it's up to the reader to interpret it.
[author's note] >> this whole post is overdue tbh
Tumblr media
you are quiet
like seriously quiet
i am not even kidding---
even the archons thought you were mad at them because of how quiet you were
bonus points kung may panyo ka tas lagi naka-cover yung kalahati ng mukha mo gamit yung panyo kasi akala nila may sakit o dumudugo ilong mo💀
but the things is, you DO talk. but only when needed
you do get quite talkative around those close to you like traveler (which others are quite jealous about COUGH COUGH--)
there are times when you would ramble about a chosen topic but that's only how far you can go
well, at least from what your acolytes know.
until today
"Your grace?" a knock was heard outside the library, it was traveler! You hurriedly got up from your seat and practically ran to the door to open it "Traveler!" you greeted them happily. "I hope we didn't disturb your reading session" Paimon said, pointing at the book in your hand. "Oh, this? I just picked it up a few minutes ago. Got quite bored honestly. But, why are you here?" "Actually, we needed your help in something.." "And that something is?" "Fighting Childe"
Were you nervous? Of course not!
You were literally A GOD, The Creator even! You can just snap your fingers and defeat childe and collect the items that you got and leave! right?
you thought that you could just solely rely on your powers
but NOPE, turns out even basic fighting skills are useful in the predicament you are in
"Your grace!" Traveler shouted as they saw you get THROWN across the room, your body hitting the ground harshly. "Gago 'tong Childe na 'to.. " You winced as you tried to get back up on your feet. The Harbinger was RUTHLESS, he was always attacking. His skills and use of his vision was no joke. Suddenly, the Harbinger was targeting you instead of Traveler. The only thing you could do was run💀 (but that didnt save you ofc LMAO)
While Traveler was desperately trying to shield you from Childe's attacks, you were just insulting him😭😭😭
safe to say Childe didn't understand you but Traveler sure did to a certain extent
Napipikon ka na kasi🥰🥰🥰
Tapos kailangan mo pa siyang labanin ng tatlong beses syempre forda pagod ka na
Safe to say Traveler has never seen you that way. Like, ever. You may have also insulted Childe about him being a red-head. Don't ask me why, you just did.
Pagod na pagod na mes hart, pawis na pawis kala mo kakatapos lang maligo 🥰🥰🥰 🥰🥰
Natapos niyo na ba? Syempre! Pero oks ka lang ba? Syempre hindi!
After the fight, you collected the rewards and called it a day (or two I think.....or was it three?)
Bonus: It was the day you were going to announce your official return as The Creator. Were you ready? No. Nervous? Absolutely. You took mental notes in your head as to how you were going to say your speech. I mean, you have done this before! It's just that it's in front of almost the whole population of Teyvat in front of you rather than your normal classmates and teachers during an oral presentation. Wait, that's it! Maybe that's how you should think of this situation, maybe it's also like a presentation! But...maybe just modify it a little to you know, match the event.
You paced the room nervously, muttering to yourself and sometimes even speaking in-front of the mirror to practice how you would look. You fixed your hair pins here and there, brushed your clothes a bit and you suddenly hear--Knock Knock Knock.
"Your Grace? May I come in?" Kaeya said from the other side of the door.
"Oh, Yes, yes, you may."
The door opened and there revealed the (handsome) Cavalry Captain. He was about to bow but you waved your hand "There's no need to do that you know," you smiled at him "So, I guess I should...go out there huh?"
"Yes, I believe you should." He smiled back, his hands reaching for the sleeves of your clothing to fix them.
"Okay..." You gulped, taking a breath, you try to compose yourself. Kaeya noticed you picking your nails, a habit he recognized as something you do when you're anxious. You suddenly felt a warm hand brush over yours, holding your hands together. "You're going to be fine. But if you want to cancel today we can--"
"No, no, no, I want to do it today" You decided. You can't just make people from all around the world gather for nothing. You pull you hands away from his and sigh. "Kaya ko 'to, Kaya ko 'to." You walked to the terrace with a confused Kaeya accompanying you. May The Creator forgive him for the question he's about to ask, but his curiosity and confusion has gotten the best of him.
"Your Grace?" you replied with a hum. "I...beg your pardon? I know I don't really understand your native language but I can understand some of the words you say but today what you just said...is...well" the poor boy scratched the back of his neck. Clearly embarrassed, he mentally slaps himself for actually saying that. All you could do was ponder on what you have said to make the poor boy this way until it clicked.
"Ah! It actually means 'I can do this'. Sorry, what did you think it meant?"
The poor knight's cheeks reddened. As much as he tried to hide it, he knew that you knew he was flustered.
"Uhm...I thought meant that you were proclaiming that you owned me"
Did you choke on your own saliva? Yes. Absolutely. After displaying it as a mere cough, you replied "Oh! Hahaha, so that's how you understood it! Well, it honestly sounds...off...but, hey! At least now you know the meaning! Ehe..." Nahiya ka syempre. *~you too were embarrassed of course.~*.
You then stop right by the terrace, facing Kaeya "I guess it's my time to go and do a speech." You sheepishly smiled, not wanting the awkward subject to continue. You turned, but you felt his hand grab yours. "In all seriousness, Your Grace. I am yours. I am here to serve you, protect you, and care for you. You were my motivation to become a knight after all" his soft voice was music to your ears, his promise of commitment to your was the cherry on top. "I swear to be here whenever you call." He knelt on one knee, bowed, with a hand on his heart. You made a mental note to make sure to care for him as much as he cares for you.
You bow in response. "Thank you, Kaeya. My endless gratitude goes to you." You gave him a warm smile once he tilts his head up to meet yours. You turn and walk over to the terrace, seeing all of Teyvat cheer as their Creator has finally returned.
Tumblr media
💐Don't forget to like or reblog this post! It helps my account grow! 💐This post will be edited for any typos, mistranslations, etc. 💐Do not repost this and claim it as yours 💐Feedback and constructive criticism is highly appreciated! 💐divider not mine, credits here
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llynwen · 4 months
this is for non polish speakers only sorry fellow poles i need them to choose off vibes and vibes alone
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nomaxart · 1 month
Tumblr media
Hey everyone! We've finally made it! The first update for Conway is now available to the public!
You can play it over here: https://nomaxart.itch.io/conway
This one is pretty sizable (at least for what i'm able to do as a one person project)
Well, admittedly I didn't quite get everything done that I wanted to, but I'm learning that If I did try that I'd just end up never releasing any new updates until the very end. There's always SOMETHING. So it's probably best to just go until it's time to release it and then release it. It's an unfinished project after all and not every version is it's own polished release.
So, let's rundown what to expect from this one. First off, I ditched the 0.XX version number. I don't know numbers in coding enough to make that work. So this being the second release, it's release version 2. Counting up one by one, now that I can do! (this part is clearly the most important thing!)
We got a continuation of the story with the beginning of day 2. I thought I might get day 2 finished but HOH BOY DID I NOT. Just bringing in variables from day 1 made it wider than I anticipated, but that's all good. And also just had a few writing days where I struggled to write much. (and I'm already a pretty slow writer). So it is shorter than what v1 had, but with that one I had the advantage of starting from zero and just being able to write the one introductory line right up until the dinner choice before any breadth came into it.
Art art art! Of course some you might have already seen teased, but now you get to see it in context! But yes, we've got some of the first proper character art, some expressions, some art scenes. A little bit of everything basically. Still far from finished, but again, single dev here, so just doing what I can with the time I can spare for this project.
Some stuff here and there. Ya know, stuff like preparing the gallery, exe icons and little stuff like that. Also had someone help me figure out some of my structural grammar mistakes and all that good stuff that comes with being a non-native speaker. So it's probably still far from perfect and some more have already been fixed for v3, but I did go over everything in both the new and old writing and hopefully fixed the biggest offenders here.
And of course, if you like this game then consider signing up to patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/Nomax
Everything helps to make this game possible.
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