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gr1nne · 3 days
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Star Storm Shark
Bid Here
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toncreds · 3 days
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Dragon Adopt! Available for purchase on my toyhou.se!
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magicbubblepipe · 1 day
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another black sails themed painting bc I'm in the middle of a re-watch and I'm feeling things. available for sale at my store:
See the process on TikTok
My Patreon
Commission info
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moonlitalien · 2 days
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I badly need money again so I'm posting some old designs for sale!!
Zeltron: This was the design of my own OC Anemone, but her design has changed since then, and I still think this old design looks gorgeous, so I'd like it to find a new home!! - TAKEN
Sith PB x Twi'lek: I bought this amazing design from Whistles the wind on Discord a long time ago but unfortunately I haven't found a good use for her and she's drop dead GORGEOUS so I don't want her to go unused :( - TAKEN
Mirialan: This lovely Mirialan used to be an OC of mine so I still love her design and I want her to find a good home as well <;3 - TAKEN
Just DM me to claim any of them!
EDIT: All taken!
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palaeoplushies · 4 months
Suction cup bristlenose pleco plushies that I just finished making! My sister did most of the sewing, I did the eyes, suction cups and stuffing.
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Plushies available over on my website www.palaeoplushies.com
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... cuddlier than the real thing.
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badinfluencepress · 5 months
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You’ve heard* of the fraternities Pi Kappa Alpha... Sigma Alpha Epsilon... Beta Theta Phi...... but what about...
Is this a joke? Yes! Can you actually buy these things? Also yes! A bunch of college students get to wear mysterious Greek letter combinations on their chests to signal to others In The Know what their deal is... why should they have all the fun? It’s our turn, and our thing is better. Objectively. Probably. Or worse? But more fun FOR SURE. Ideal clothing for making weird eye contact with the other online-looking person at the grocery store or gym, confusing your boss over a video call, or meeting your fandom Discord squad for outdoor brunch!
*I googled “most popular fraternities” for these names.
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romantic-musings · 3 months
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flower lamp
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godbirdart · 1 month
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new adoptable went ufs on my toyhouse!
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alchemistsattic · 2 months
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There’s new Greek god themed dice in the shop, including this glow-in-the-dark Zeus set! Come take a look :D
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isbergillustration · 1 year
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Celestial Catsitting (Helped By Many Hands For Petting)
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scodeeyodee · 7 months
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Functional Mailbox & Realtor Signs CC
Neighborhood Mailboxes (3 Swatches)
Arch Brick Mailbox (4 Swatches)
Cast Stone Mailbox (4 Swatches)
Realtor Signs (12 Swatches)
Download: Patreon
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roses--and--rue · 6 months
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Vintage owl bookends via Roses & Rue Antiques
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cavalierfou · 6 months
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ALL HALLOW'S EVE – a google docs template, dark & light versions 🎃🦇
The dark & light versions are both included in the premium version of my 2022 Halloween Pack! You can download it HERE or by following the source link.
The file includes all the graphics necessary for customization.
Likes and reblogs are appreciated!
I hope you enjoy this resource ♡
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bookrat · 2 months
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Coelophysis bust, available in my etsy
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lilmistermaya · 3 months
Hello! my name is Charlie, and I'm the folk behind Long Lane Creatives! I'm making hand-made water colors, mostly shimmers and glittery blends! I want to create colors that are new and interesting, layered so that using them is a surprise each time.
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But! We're just starting out! So if you see this, please click the link and take a look, or send it to a friend who likes playing with paint! More colorways are in the works, so check back often! any questions? please DM me!
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once again, thank you for supporting a small, queer-owned business!
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palaeoplushies · 5 months
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EELS! Eels are long and full of grace, Some have two jaws within their face, One jaw to grasp, One jaw to pull, Until the eel is nice and full. Within their throat some fish have teeth, But moving jaws, to my belief, Are only found in Moray eels, It helps them eat and swallow meals, Unlike fish that suck down food; (Morays find them very rude). I’ve got all these eel species for sale over on my website here: https://www.palaeoplushies.com/
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