lake-lady · 1 year
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gyroporus cyanescens (cornflower bolete)
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sheepyhollows · 3 months
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hexandbalances · 4 months
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Mushroom Medley with Reindeer Lichen by Jill Bliss.
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haysillustrations · 1 year
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My newest seasonal collection piece; Autumn Foraging! 🍄🫐🌰 I've been really interested in seasonal foraging lately and trying to learn more about wild edible plants growing local to me. Here are some common wild plants and fungi that you can forage for in autumn!
1. Hen of the woods
2. Hazelnut
3. Rosehips
4. Sweet chestnut
5. Oak Bolete
6. Horn of plenty
7. Blackthorn
8. Chanterelle
9. Beechnut
10. Beefsteak fungus
... among many many others of course!
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rose-colored-tarot · 2 months
Since AI generated foraging guides are making the rounds again:
Don't put it inside you if you aren't 100% positive what it is. And an AI ID is not sufficient. This is true for everything, but moreso for mushrooms. Mushrooms will kill you and laugh while they do it. Don't fuck with mushrooms.
If you want to learn to forage, see if your town has a foraging class available to take. They have plenty online, but it is best to learn from someone who is already local and knows what is around you.
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mypieceofculture · 11 months
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Witch Aesthetics // Mushroom Witch
Requested by Anonymous
See all my aesthetics here: Directory
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jillraggett · 8 months
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Plant of the Day
Tuesday 4 July 202
Found growing in a sandy bay on Orkney was Mertensia maritima (oyster leaf plant, sea bluebells). The blue-green, fleshy leaves of this plant are edible with a distinctive salty flavour.
Jill Raggett
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[ID: box full of black walnut with green husk still on, OP (east asian) hand holding one. end ID]
so, college have 1 black walnut tree
🌰 < not a walnut
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ahedderick · 8 months
   It is not the norm to have wineberries and blackberries at the same time that raspberries are still ripening. (not to mention the blueberries in higher elevations). However, here we are.
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   Black raspberries, wineberries (the red ones) and blackberries. Wild blackberries are a bit smaller than what you’d see at a grocery; in this picture they’re hard to tell apart from the raspberries. Technically red raspberries also grow in this area - but I’ve only ever seen one bush in the wild. If they’re here at all, it must be in very specific locations.
   Anyhow. YUM!
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selkiedamus · 3 months
some mushroom photos i took on a trail in Appalachia where i live :)
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if anyone knows the IDs of these please share i’d love to know more!
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moonbanter · 10 months
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Spotted some Dryad's Saddle! I haven't had any Morel luck at all this year.
(cerioporus squamosus / Polyporus squamosus)
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lake-lady · 10 months
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cantherellus persinicus (peach or pink chanterelle), common in Appalachian U.S. 🩷
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foragewitch · 10 months
Money bowl refresh ingredients
bay leaf
green aventurine
tiger’s eye
dollar bills
green candle
yellow candle
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proteidaes · 1 year
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Mushroom hunt!!! 🍁🍂🍄
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bloomsandfoliage · 13 days
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First three-cornered leek sighting of the year
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sappy-witch · 3 months
Winter Foraging ❄️🍄
Hello darlings 🥰
As winter wraps us in its chilly embrace, nature still offers a bounty of forageables that can enrich our culinary, medicinal, and magical practices. December foraging brings its own unique gifts. Here's a guide to what you can find and how to use them. ❄️🌿
December Foraging Treasures:
Holly Berries: Holly is a symbol of protection and good luck. Its berries, while not edible, can be used in Yule decorations and winter solstice rituals for protection and good fortune.
Rose Hips: These are the fruit of the rose plant and are rich in vitamin C. They can be used to make syrups, teas, and jams, and in magic, they are used for love, healing, and attracting good energy.
Pine Needles: Rich in vitamins A and C, pine needles can be used to make a refreshing tea. In magic, pine is associated with cleansing, protection, and prosperity.
Juniper Berries: Known for their distinctive flavor, they're used in culinary dishes, especially in marinades. Magically, juniper berries are used for protection and purification.
Ivy: Common ivy can be used in wreaths and decorations. In magic, it symbolizes fidelity and eternal life. Note: Ivy is not edible and should be handled with care.
Mushrooms: While some mushrooms are edible and have medicinal properties, extreme caution must be taken as many are poisonous. Only forage mushrooms if you are very experienced or with a professional guide.
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Please remember to always forage responsibly and sustainably. Only take what you need, and be sure to leave plenty behind for wildlife and future growth.
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With love, from a Sappy Witch 🔮💕
Blessed be. 🕊✨
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