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Reluctant Hearts | Part 2
Tumblr media
summary: in which Harry and y/n are forced to work together on a project despite their mutual hatred for one another | 4.7k words
a/n: make sure to read the part 1 first!! u guys are crazy, already over 300 notes on the first part??? i love y’all omg! anyways share your thoughts on this mini series so far, i'd love to hear it.
warning: enemies to lovers, slow burnish, mentions of ex, uni!harry, angst, harrys still a jerk, emotional abuse (lmk if i missed anything !!!)
Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 3 (lmk if you guys want another part)
By some force of the universe, me and Harry were able to come up with an agreeable plan on where and when to meet. It was the second class when I saw Harry for the first time that week since Melissa and Niall's post-class drink at the bar. "Okay, so when do you want to work on the project?" I asked Harry, hoping to finally get this over with.
"I don't know, when are you free?" Harry responded with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
"I have class in the mornings and work in the afternoons, so I'm pretty much free in the evenings," I reply, trying to keep my tone polite.
"Well, I have football (soccer) practice in the evenings, so that won't work," Harry says, sounding frustrated.
"Okay, how about this weekend?" I suggest.
"I have a game on Saturday, and I'm going out with friends on Sunday," Harry responds.
"Okay, what about Monday?" I ask, trying not to get too irked.
"I have a lab report due on Monday, so I'll be working on that all day," Harry says, sounding exasperated.
I can feel my patience running thin. "Harry, we need to work on this project. Can't you make time for it?" I say, trying to keep my voice steady.
"I am making time for it, I'm just busy," Harry retorts defensively.
I take a deep breath and try to stay calm. "Okay, what about Wednesday evenings? Can we meet at the library?"
Harry seems to consider this for a moment. "Yeah, I can do Wednesdays. What time?"
"Let's say seven  pm at the library. Does that work for you?" I ask, feeling a glimmer of hope.
"Yeah, that works," Harry says, sounding more agreeable.
"Great, I'll see you there," I say, relieved that we've finally made a plan. We parted ways, feeling relief of not being in his presence anymore, but a looming swirl in my stomach for Wednesdays at seven pm. 
As I walk into the library, I see Harry already sitting at a table with his laptop open and papers strewn across the table. I take a deep breath and walk over to him. "Hey," I say, trying to sound casual.
Harry looks up and gives me a nod. "Hey."
I pull out my laptop and start organizing my notes, I sense him watching me, his eyes like lasers that never stray. I try to ignore it and focus on my work, but it's hard not to feel self-conscious.
I steal a glance at him and see that he's furrowing his brows, staring intently at his laptop screen. I can't help but wonder what he's working on.
I try to break the silence. "So, what do you think we should focus on first?"
He looks up at me, his expression still serious. "I was thinking we could start with the literature review."
I nod and we both turn back to our laptops, starting to work on our individual tasks. I bathe in the awkward atmosphere between us, but I don't know how to break it. “Does he want us to-” 
Before I could even finish my sentence, I was interrupted, “Listen, if you're going to show up late, at least have the decency to be prepared and know what to do,” He emptily stares. 
Astonished, I checked the time on my phone. I haven't even been here for a full five minutes and he's already made a cynical remark, “It's literally 6:58, we agreed to meet at seven. I am not even late, frankly we’re both here early.” I am genuinely at a loss of words, it wasn't like I was going out of my way to make small talk with him, just trying to make sure I was doing the right section before putting my time and focus on it. Ok fine let's not talk. Rubbing away the headache that's beginning to form, and shift my body to not being directly in view of Harry to ease my own tensions. Someone shoot me now. 
Though the rest of the time surprisingly goes by smoothly, aka we did not bicker with each other because well we did not talk at all. It was to the point where I just highlighted and commented on the document instead of voicing my opinions, too defeated to even attempt starting up a conversation. 
I would steal glances at Harry and catch him staring at me. His eyes quickly dart away as he clears his throat, pretending to be engrossed in the book in front of him. I try to shake off the impression that he's judging me, but I can't help feeling self-conscious.
I can tell that Harry is an intelligent and dedicated student, and I don't want to disappoint him with my lack of knowledge on the subject. My writing portion was filled with highlighted one word comments from Harry letting me know to fix minor spelling errors or content information. I begin to doubt myself, wondering if I'm even capable of completing this project.
As the minutes tick by, we both continue to work in silence. I try to focus on the task at hand, but my mind keeps wandering to Harry. I wonder what he's thinking, what he's feeling, and why he seems so distant. Sue me for trying to understand why as such a people pleaser, this man was quite the opposite of pleased with me. And yes I know you can't please everyone, but at least I can make them not hate me. 
Harry seems content with the silence, no efforts of wanting to break through the wall that's separating us.
An hour rolled by, and we both began to pack up our things and prepare to leave the library. Sure I was disappointed in still being in square zero with Harry, but we both managed to be in the same small shared space without actively ripping at eachothers throats, so there's a win. 
As it comes to no surprise Melissa and Niall officially started dating. Granted they have been basically dating this whole time but did not want to label it so quick after meeting. Melissa and I were having a girls night at our place when she “broke” the news. It was a much needed girls night, being able to spend some quality time after beginning the semester that has already managed to exhaust us with the amount of studying and assignments we have to do.
We had the wine flowing and our favorite rom-coms queued up, ready to go. Pizza has been ordered and a striking idea was composed to create a fort in the living room to lay in to watch the movies. I blame the wine for the way we’re acting as little school girls, struggling to push the couch to make room, gathering all the cushions and blankets we could find. Melissa skips back in the room with fairy lights that she is determined to hang on top of the many blankets we used to construct the roof of the fort. Once successful, we both stand back to admire our very warm, cozy, and somehow still standing fort, feeling very carefree and happy. 
"Do you remember when we tried to make that homemade pizza and it turned out terrible?" Melissa randomly strikes up.
"Oh my gosh, how could I forget? We almost burned the whole complex down," I chuckle wide-eyed at the memory. We both dissolve into laughter. “Which is why we’re ordering pizza this time” I add with a stern pointed look. 
Pizza soon arrived after, we nestled inside the fort, cuddling as we watched the movies, We laughed and cried along with the characters on the screen. It's moments like these that make me grateful for Melissa's friendship. She always knows how to make me feel better and lift my spirits. Before long the movie became background noise as we chatted away. Lying on the floor with our feet sticking out, we talk about everything and nothing. 
 "So, I have some news," she says with a beaming smile . "Niall and I are officially dating!"
“What? No way!” I faked a shock expression, my hands cupping my face to add dramatic effect. Melissa shoves me slightly, crimson coating her face. “But really, that's amazing!" I exclaim. "I'm so happy for you two!" I feel a warmth in my chest, knowing that one of my closest friends has found someone who makes her happy.
Melissa's face lights up even more at my response. "Thanks, Y/N! I'm so excited about it. He's really amazing, you know?" I can't help but feel a sense of pride for Melissa. She deserves to be with someone who treats her well, someone who respects and supports her in all that she does. And from what she's told me and what I’ve seen about Niall, he seems like an incredible guy. Melissa goes on to tell me all about how they became official, the sweet things he's done for her, and how happy she feels when she's with him. I listen intently, feeling genuinely interested in her story and eager to hear more.
As the night went on, we finished the bottle of wine and the conversation shifted to me when Melissa brought up the topic of my ex-boyfriend and how he had treated me. I confided in her about the emotional abuse I had suffered during our relationship and how I was struggling to move on from it. 
I remember the first time Riley said something hurtful to me. At first, he was charming and funny, but then he became unrecognizable. The person I loved slowly turned into someone who would always cut me down with his words. It started with small jabs, but it quickly escalated to full-blown emotional abuse. He would constantly criticize me, belittle me, and make me feel like I was nothing without him. Every time I tried to stand up for myself, he would twist my words and make me feel like I was the crazy one. The worst part was that he knew exactly what to say to tear me down and make me doubt myself. I lost all my confidence, and it took me a long time to realize that his words had an impact on me.
Melissa listened to me and offered me her support, telling me how proud she was of me for standing up for myself and getting out of the relationship. I'm genuinely happy for her and Niall, but a small part of me can't help but feel a little envious. I want what she has, someone who loves and cares for me just as much as Niall does for her.
Melissa notices my change in demeanor and quickly reassures me. "Don't worry, Y/N. You'll find someone amazing, just like I did with Niall. You deserve nothing but the best." Her words make me feel better, and I smile gratefully at her, I couldn't imagine going through something like that without her. I feel appreciative for this moment, this time spent with my friend, just talking and enjoying each other's company.
Eventually, we started to get tired, and we decided to sleep in our little makeshift fort for the night. As we lay there feeling safe and warm, I couldn't help but think about how lucky I was to have Melissa in my life, someone who was always there for me and made me feel loved and supported. She was my rock, my confidant, and my best friend. And even though life can be challenging and uncertain, I know that as long as we have each other, we'll be okay. The night had been just what I needed to unwind and feel a little more like myself again.
And with a blink of an eye, Wednesday evening has rolled around. I poked my head out slightly before I stepped out of my apartment, scanning the hallway for any sign of Harry. With my luck that the universe seems to give me and enjoy, I would run into him more than needed. I mean it is already bad enough that we live in the same off-campus building, but better yet his apartment is two doors down from mine. Although I find it pretty funny not that I am the one constantly on guard when it comes to him, even his name alone brings an unwanted anxiety in my stomach, and no not the butterflies type, more like flies.
Despite our horrible first couple interactions, I would still attempt to engage him in conversation to just be civilized, yet again like all the other times he would shut me down with a sharp one-word comment. It was frustrating and hurtful especially as we were doing this for our best friends, I would not fathom what I even did to him to get him to not like me. Eventually though, I stopped trying, there was no reason for me to go out of my way to make it bearable to be in his presence, and just gave him the same energy back. I would dismiss him if he ever, which he didn’t really, talk to me, and when we would converse it was jabs being thrown at one another much to Melissas and Nialls disappointment.
As I make my way down the hallway, I see Harry step out of his apartment wearing his usual scowl and fitted clothes that look so good on him, his curls framing his face. I can't deny that he's attractive, but I can't stand his personality. I groan internally as he notices me and starts walking towards me with a sly grin accompanying him. Talk about luck, oh the universe just loves to laugh and cause unnecessary problems for me.
This has happened a handful of times since I learned that Harry is quite literally living in such close quarters to me. Leaving to attend class, I would see him also exiting his apartment, then would have to retreat back inside to give me a couple minutes until I know he's far enough I won't run into him going to campus. Or when I sprinted to catch the elevator before it shut, just to find out Harry is inside and the one who held his hand out to halt the doors from closing on me. Yet once he realized it was me who aided in not missing the elevator he would groan and retreat his hand back so quickly that it gave me whiplash.
"Evening, Muffin," he says, his voice dripping with sarcasm once he reaches me. My jaw clenches as I bite my lip from making a comment and giving him the satisfaction of knowing it still bothers me. That stupid name. The nickname was born when I sent a muffin flying across the lecture classroom. I was walking into the lecture hall with a muffin in one hand and my notes in the other. But, as soon as I took a step, I tripped on my own foot and sent the muffin flying out of my hand. It went rolling down the aisle and ended up right at Harry's feet.
He picked up the muffin, examining it for a moment before turning to me with a smirk. "Well, well, well, look who we have here. Muffin."
I groaned in embarrassment and tried to play it cool. "Ha ha, very funny, Harry," I said, rolling my eyes.
But he continued to tease me throughout the lecture, calling me Muffin every chance he got. I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment, and I could tell that everyone around us was starting to notice. After class, I confronted Harry about his constant teasing. "Why do you have to be so annoying all the time, Harry?" I asked, frustrated.
He just laughed. "Come on, Muffin, don't be mad. It's just a nickname. Besides, you have to admit, it's kind of fitting after what happened earlier."
I scowled at him, but secretly, I couldn't help but find his teasing a little bit endearing. It was the only time Harry had happened to be smiling and laughing in front of me, though it still came at my own expense. "Fine, but only if you promise to stop calling me that in public," I said, crossing my arms, throwing my head back to display my annoyance.
Harry grinned. "Deal. But in private, you're still Muffin to me." He winked. And with that, he walked away, leaving me blushing and shaking my head. What the hell was that?
We continue down the apartment hallway in silence, heading to the library to work on our assignment. The destination not far enough for me to make the effort to dig through my backpack for my headphones to tune out the slightly uncomfortable silence that looms over us. Harry constantly bumps into me as we walk down the path. From knowing Harry for the amount of time I have, I learned this man cannot walk properly and always ends up diagonally regardless of the path being a straight shot. “Quit it” I exclaim, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to let him go ahead.
When we get there, we both make a beeline to the table in the back corner, far away from any distractions, the only thing we managed to silently agree on when we first began working together. I pull out my laptop and start typing away, trying my best to ignore Harry's presence. But of course it's not long before we start bickering. Harry keeps interrupting me, criticizing my ideas and telling me what to do.
"I don't understand why you can't just listen to my ideas for once," I speak calmly and steadily, masking the exasperation I feel.
"Because your ideas are terrible," Harry retorts, his tone laced with mockery. "Honestly, do you even know what you're talking about?"
I gritted my teeth, my annoyance with him growing by the second. "Of course I know what I'm talking about, Harry. I've done my research, and I think my ideas are just as valid as yours."
He lets out a loud scoff, his eyes narrowing. "Please, Y/N. Your ideas are about as useful as a chocolate teapot." It's quite clear that we don't see eye-to-eye on anything.
Fists clenching as the feeling of anger boils inside of me. "You know what, Harry? Maybe if you weren't so closed-minded and actually listened to me, we could make some real progress on this project."
He leans back in his chair, a smug expression on his face. "I think I'll stick to my own ideas, thanks. At least they won't lead us down the path of failure." The more he speaks I feel my muscles tightening, god can he just shut up.
“Well if you stopped interrupting me then maybe this could be over and done with, then we won't have to see each other.”
"What's your problem?" he snaps.
"You're my problem," I fire back. "You can't just come in here and take over. We're supposed to be working together."
“Well if you could stop being incompetent, then I wouldn't have to consistently fix everything you do wrong.” I bristle at his words, feeling a familiar sense of inadequacy creeping up on me. I let out a frustrated sigh, knowing that this argument isn't going anywhere. Working with Harry was definitely a real challenge, but only a couple more weeks left so I let out a breath trying to calm myself.
Harry's words send a wave of emotions through me, hitting me where they hurt. My confidence has been struggling ever since my ex-boyfriend, Riley. He was always quick to belittle me, making me feel stupid and useless. I remember countless nights spent in tears, trying to make sense of his hurtful words. His snide comments about my appearance, intelligence, and even my hobbies always cut deep. It's like he took pleasure in seeing me suffer. He made me doubt myself at every turn, and it's taken me so long to regain the self-confidence he stole from me. He was always putting me down and telling me I wasn't good enough. And now, Harry's words are triggering those same feelings.
“Fuck you.” Reaching for my papers, books, and laptop, I began packing it all up wanting to get the hell out of there as possible. My face flushed with anger but also my head swarming with not only Harry's comment but also Rileys words he would throw at my face. My throat felt like it was closing up on me as I swing my bag over onto my shoulders. I rush out of the library leaving no room for Harry to spew out another jab.
The sound of jingling keys unlocking my apartment was the only thing I could focus on, trying to avoid the tears threatening to spill down my cheeks from exposing me to my entire floor. With a pounding heart and blood rushing not helping my case, I finally got the door unlocked and shoved inside. Why did Harry have to be so rude and condescending  all the time? I hated him, I really did. And yet, here I was, stuck working with him on this project. 
Sitting in the living room, gaping at me stunned was both Melissa and Niall, immediately noticing my red, puffy eyes. Melissa sprang from her cozy spot next to Niall on the couch, sensing my distress as soon as I walked in the door, and rushed towards me, enveloping me in a much needed hug with a comforting hand on my back. “What's wrong?” Niall questioned, I looked up from Melissa's tight embrace and noticed Niall removing my backpack, then leading all of us back to the couch. 
I open my mouth to speak, but the words just won't come out. My heart is racing, and I feel like I'm going to be sick. I take another deep breath and try again. I couldn't bring myself to tell them what had happened with Harry, so I just muttered something about feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, my voice barely above a whisper.
"Is it because of Harry?" Melissa probed gently, knowing me too well.
I scoffed. "Of course it's because of Harry. He's impossible to work with, always criticizing everything I do."
Niall spoke up, "I know he can be a bit grumpy, but he's really not a bad guy once you get to know him. Maybe you guys just need to put your differences aside and work together for the sake of the project."
“Differences!?” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air, “I wish it was about differences, he's always attacking me. Half the time, no wait, every time, I did nothing wrong.” My voice begins to shake as I look at Melissa silently communicating with her, knowing she understood. 
“Is this about Riley?” She questioned but ultimately knew the answer. I gave a weak nod, Niall giving a tight lip reaction. He knew what happened between Riley and I, drunk me one night decided he should know, and now he does. Niall was someone you can get close with quickly, one of the easiest people to talk to and always made me laugh. He always had a listening ear and gave the best advice. Our friendship bloomed, and I found myself comfortable with him knowing about Riley when confiding in with Melissa. There was just something about Niall and Melissa that made me feel comfortable and safe.
“I don't know, Harry's words tend to trigger and start to sound like stuff Riley would say to me too.” I lean my head on Melissa, “It's just that I finally found myself after Riley tore me down and now it feels like I am back again where I started, except with Harry.” 
“I'll talk to him,” Niall declares, eyes bright. 
“NO! Don't say anything I rather he does not have another thing to spin around back at me,” I huff. Appreciating Niall's attempt to help but knowing that conclusively would be worse in the end. “Guess I'll just stick through this stupid assignment and then really just never speak to him again - no offense Niall.”
“Yeah, I dont get why he's such a dick to you,” Niall agrees, though I notice a flash of realization in Niall's eyes but it went as quickly as it came. Truth was, I didn't have much of a choice. I needed to pass this class, and Harry was my assigned partner. So, with a heavy sigh, I agreed to give it another try.  
Over the next few days, with Melissa and Niall's encouragement, Harry and I went back to our usual dynamic. Harry didn’t necessarily apologize for his words, but his rude and unnecessary comments did subdued, which meant mine did too. Look, mine were just self defensive against his attacks, uh usually. It's almost like he realizes how much he's hurt me with his words, and he tries to keep them in check. It's a small effort, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Granted we were still sarcastic and snarky with each other. We continue to work on our project together, but don't get me wrong, there's still an underlying tension between us. 
Lying in bed, I scroll through my phone, procrastinating the work I should be doing, when a notification pops up from a groupchat with Melissa, Niall, and an unknown number. I furrow my eyebrows, wondering what this might be about, I click on the chat and read the message.
Melissa: Hey guys! 
How about bowling tomorrow?
Niall: It’s been a while since we've all hung out 
It’ll be so much fun
Unknown: Can’t sorry I got stuff
Niall: Shut up Harry no you don’t
I literally know your whole schedule
You’re coming
My heart drops as I realize what's happening. The unknown number clearly Harry could only mean one thing, Melissa and Niall are trying to get Harry and me to hang out more outside of class. My mind starts racing with thoughts. This is not a good idea, what the hell are they thinking? 
I shot out of bed and pace around my room. I began typing, searching for a believable excuse to get out of this. 
Me: Sounds fun, but I’ll have to check my schedule 
I scour my mind for something that Melissa wont call my bluff on, but before I could, she already sixth-sensed it. 
Melissa: Y/N don't worry I already checked for you :) 
You’re free!!! 
Niall: Wow perfect, who knew we were all free 
It’s a plan 
Me: You both are insufferable together 
Harry: I can hardly contain my excitement (this is sarcasm fyi) 
A notification buzzes letting the group know that Harry had reacted to my message with the two exclamation points bubble effect. I laughed over the fact Harry felt the need to explain his sarcasm over text.
Melissa: We love you guys too <3
Both me and Harry disliked Melissa’s message. 
I flop back onto my bed and groan, staring up at the ceiling. I know Melissa and Niall well, but the thought of being in a noisy, crowded bowling alley with Harry, pretending like my existence doesn't bother him, for reasons still unknown, makes me feel sick.
Uneasy thoughts race through my mind: What if I do something stupid and embarrass myself in front of him, again? I would rather not have another nickname arise. What if this makes things worse? What if I just don't show up? Well now that could work, wait no except Melissa will probably track me down and drag me there herself. 
With a sigh, I toss my phone aside, trying to rid the thoughts of tomorrow to save the last piece of peace I have left. 
a/n: whew so harry is still a jerk. please let me know how you feel about this story so far, I'd love to hear your thoughts! feedback, likes, replies, repost are ALWAYS appreciated :)
also another side note part 3 will take a bit longer to post since (1) i haven’t started writing it yet (2) i have a HUGE exam this Wednesday which i have been procrastinating to study for but i really don’t know anything so that will be where my focus lies for the next days
if u read this far then ur a real one haha sorry for my blabbering, love you all, my little muffins lol
reluctant hearts taglist: @venomsvl @mypolicemanharryyy
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starry eyes
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary - harry’s the captain of the ice-hockey team and there’s a house party to celebrate their win
warnings: alcohol and weed consumption, alcohol anxiety, house party, lots of kissing
word count: +3.2k
pairing: ice-hockey boyfriend!harry x college!reader
You arrived to the party late.
It was kind of your thing though, turning up late. If it weren’t for your boyfriend, Harry, you’d turn up to events weeks late or even weeks in advance. He was your personal calendar reminder, but unfortunately he had drunk too much beer to remind you what time the party was starting.
It had been the last game of the ice-hockey season and Harry, the captain, had brought it home with the final goal. He had scored and won for the entire team, which is why the whole school was now celebrating in his frat house.
Being the captain’s girlfriend, you had an obligation to be there but you’d take the opportunity to get drunk with Harry any day. Feeling euphoric with him was another planet of love.
“You ready to get fucked tonight?” Kora asked, laughing after coming out of the bathroom with a small bag of white powder.
“You ready to get fucked tonight?” Kora asked, laughing after coming out of the bathroom with a small bag of white powder.
“You already are fucked, babe.” You laughed, standing in front of your full length mirror and adjusting your dress. Harry had always told you that you could arrive to his parties in joggers and you’d still be the prettiest girl there, but you wanted to put a little more effort into yourself tonight.
Your black dress hugged your body perfectly and you actually felt really hot. Your tights were really sheer and had darker black hearts running up and down the length of them, your ankles and feet covered by your Docs. Your outfit didn’t show much colour so you added one of Harry’s red checkered flannels over your dress. Leaning into the mirror you rubbed your fingers under your eyes to smear away the mascara that had fallen.
“And you’re going to get fucked, our darling Y/N, by your champion of a boyfriend.” Sloane wolf whistled at you as you checked yourself out.
You blushed thinking about Harry’s reaction to your outfit and just getting to see you in general. You hadn’t managed to see him since the game and so you were eager to see him and kiss him for all he was worth.
“We ready ladies?” Bertie asked, picking up his phone and holding it out to take a group picture before you all left.
It turned out to be a video of you all being excited to party that Bertie added to his story, which you only knew because Harry texted you almost instantly after it was uploaded.
H🫂: juust saw berts story. get here quick but get here safe. i need to kisss youuuuu xxxx
He made you giggle with his text and everyone teased about how your relationship was still in the honeymoon phase 2 years after you’d got together.
It wasn’t a long walk over to Harry’s house, but it took you longer because you were all drunk walking and Kora needed to wee behind a rose bush.
The frat house was so busy to the point people were queueing up outside just to get in. The people outside the front door had created a party outside just to keep them drunk before they got inside, afraid to be sober upon entry. All of the ice-hockey team and their significant others would already be inside, since they all had first priority access. That’s the only reason you walked to the front of the queue, because you knew the bouncer and he’d let you in instantly.
“Suckers!” Kora shouted at all the young teenagers that were here to get a glimpse of their ice-hockey team players rather than actually get drunk.
The bouncer let you inside easily, along with your trail of friends. Each of you were just as drunk as the other, but maybe Kora was a different kind of drunk to the rest of you.
Once you were inside you were greeted with a chorus of hellos, since you were quite well known thanks to Harry. That and the fact you were known for being the kindest person on campus. You were always there to help others and never cared who someone was or where they came from. You were a good person and that’s why people trusted you enough to be friends with.
After hugging a few people, you made your way to the kitchen to take a few more shots.
You turned to see where Mitch was calling your name. You smiled and waved him over. Mitch was Harry’s best friend and regular weed supplier. Some nights you and Harry would drive to the beach and escape college life for a night, whilst sharing a blunt or two. It wasn’t something you and Harry did regularly, but it was nice to feel a different kind of high for the night.
“Mitch, hey bud!” You raised your shot glass up to him and then knocked it back with a sour face. “Congrats on the win!”’
You wrapped your arms around his neck to hug him slightly, not hugging him too tightly because you reserved the best hugs for Harry only.
“Thank you, yeah.”
He pulled his blunt out of his mouth and passed it over to you. You held it between your fingers and took a heavy drag of it, letting it burn the back of your throat before blowing the air back out. When you’d puffed it back out, you handed it back over to Mitch thanking him.
You normally would’ve taken more of a hit from Mitch’s stash, but you weren’t really keen on getting high tonight, Getting drunk was enough. Plus you’d rather get high off Harry.
“Y’seen H?” You asked.
“Saw him about.. twenty minutes ago.”
You nodded and stood next to him as you watched the rest of the room become electric. The music was playing some house party playlist off Spotify, you could tell. There was a group of people dancing with each other, another group playing beer pong and then just people dotted everywhere talking, shouting, to each other in conversation.
Many of the team players were hooking up with their respective girlfriends and boyfriends, only making you crave Harry that much more.
You kept bringing your bottle of red up to your lips to swing as you watched the room like it was a movie on a TV screen, laughing when you saw other people laugh.
Bertie came into the room with his boyfriend in towe, Alex, who was also on the ice-hockey team. Both of them served themselves drinks whilst talking to you.
“Hey, Alex, have you seen Harry?” You asked yet another team member of Harry’s.
“Um, not for a while, no. Sorry.” He shrugged and wrapped an arm around Bertie’s waist.
You smiled softly, but inside your heart was breaking over not finding Harry sooner. You were getting anxious to see him now and the alcohol was going to cause tears if you weren’t careful.
“Hey, Mitch?” You poked the guy next to you, who was passing his secret stash onto Bertie and Alex.
“Hm?” He leaned down so he could hear you better.
“I’m going to go try and find Harry.” You pointed to the exit of the room and Mitch nodded in understanding. He got out his phone and texted Harry that you were looking for him as well. He was a good friend.
Mitch made you check your phone just in case Harry had sent you a message, but your phone had no service since there was so many people in the building. You sighed and tucked your phone back into the flannel shirt pocket, with shaky hands. That was your first sign a breakdown was on its way if you didn’t find Harry soon.
You could handle your alcohol quite well normally, but only because you drank within your limits if Harry wasn’t with you. If Harry was with you, you didn’t mind drinking a bit excessively because you knew you had him to take care of you and be the emotional support blanket required if the alcohol turned into a breakdown. So, the fact you hadn’t found Harry yet and you’d definitely exceeded your alcohol limits made you very anxious and very aware of how tipsy you were.
You were glad you wore your Docs.
The amount of people that were crammed into the house was impossible, making it very difficult for you to see anyone beyond two people. People kept on tapping your shoulder and expecting a conversation out of you, but you had to politely decline because you only wanted to find Harry for now. You weren’t focused on anything other than finding Harry.
“Excuse me. Excuse me, please. Sorry.” You repeated over and over again as you tried to push through the crowds of people.
Thirty minutes later and you were entering a new room, this one even more crowded than the last. It was very loud in here too, or maybe it was because you were sobering up after looking for Harry for so long. You were simply going round and round in circles, but nobody seemed to know where he was.
Your heart was pounding what felt like outside of your chest from the anxiety the alcohol was giving you. You pulled the flannel around you and the collar up to your nose momentarily, breathing in Harry’s cologne just to feel like he was somewhat close to you. You continued through the crowd, getting pushed back by random people and your feet getting trodden on by dancing feet.
“Y/N!” Harry’s voice shouted over the crowd so loud you were worried that he would shatter his voice.
“Harry?” You questioned quietly to yourself, spinning in circles trying to find the source of his voice.
“Y/N!” His voice shouted louder and your eyes teared up after thinking it was just your mind playing tricks on you, after wanting him so desperately.
Then you saw him push a drunk guy out of his way to reach him. He smiled brightly when he saw you and you pushed through some more people to reach him, your brows furrowed in determination to reach him.
Your heart slowly healed itself as you got closer to him, feeling more and more comfortable and safe by the second.
When you finally met him, you went straight in for a hug. Your arms wrapped around his waist and you squeezed tight, swaying slightly as you held him close. The moment felt infinite and you wished it could’ve been as he wrapped his own arms around you, picking you off the ground slightly and onto your tiptoes. You laughed as he spun you in a little circle, holding on tight to you.
You laughed and loosened your hold on him to finally look at him. Both of you kept ahold of each other as you looked at each other, hazy eyes burning into one another’s.
“You look so beautiful.” Harry said softly and even though the room was booming with loud music, you could make out every word he said perfectly.
“You won.” You congratulated him on his game win and he nodded his head lightly.
“I was looking everywhere for you.” He said. “Been going round in circles for an hour looking for you.”
“Me too.” You laughed, cupping his cheeks in the palm of your hands. His cheeks were warm from the flush of pink that was drawn out by the beers he’d drunk.
“I thought you might’ve just been late, but then Mitch said he’d just talked to you and that he hadn’t smoked enough to hallucinate yet.”
You dipped your head and rested your forehead on Harry’s firm chest, right over where his heart was beating rapidly with the anxiety of finding you. Turns out you had both been as desperate as the other to find each other. Your arms dipped too, snaking around his neck and hugging him close again. Harry’s arms relaxed on your middle, underneath his flannel shirt.
Someone then bumped into the back of you and you turned around to see who it was, but Harry had already cupped the back of your head to keep it safe from any more bumps, whilst shouting, “Hey, watch where you’re going will you?”
He was known for being too kind to actually start a fight, but people did know not to mess around with you otherwise there would be an issue. Luckily the guy apologised to you both and everything was fine.
“You okay?” He asked, leaning over so you could hear him.
You nodded against his chest and brought your head out from hiding. His eyes were as bright as the stars that hung in the night sky and all because you made him feel that way.
“Can we go?” You nodded your head in the direction of the door, wanting to escape this sweaty room with all the drunk dancing people.
Harry took a tight hold on your hand and walked through the sea of people towards the door. Every time you lagged a little behind him, due to someone dancing a little too hard, he would wait patiently for you to squeeze through whilst still holding your hand tight.
You were half-way to exiting, when he stopped right in front of you and pushed you a little ahead of him. Both of you were still holding onto one another's hand, but this time you were leading.
“Can see whether you’re alright this way.” Harry had explained the reasoning to you.
You continued to move through the crowd and look back at Harry for reassurance every now and then, but before you could count to ten you were out of the room and could breathe again.
Harry quickly tugged on your hand and pulled around the bannister and up the stairs, making you shuffle along behind him. People were passing by and trying to stop Harry for a chat or a photo, but he kept on walking past with a smile with his only focus on you in his hand.
You knew he was taking you to the hideout upstairs.
The hideout was a small room at the top of the house, in the attic, that was filled with a pool table and video games on one side of the room and then the other was equipped with beanbags and blankets. It was yours and Harry’s favourite place to come to if you both wanted each other alone for a while, since no one ever bothered to come up here during a party. It was made even safer by the fact it had a pin-code to even get into the room.
Once you were both in the attic, alone, Harry walked you over to the beanbags in the furthest corner and flopped himself down backwards, making a dramatic sigh as he did so. You watched him with a smile as you did so, trying to cover it up when you noticed him looking at you with starry eyes again.
“Well, c’mere then.” Harry tugged on your hand to make you fall down next to him, but not hard enough to actually make you move.
“Actually.. I think I’m going to…”
You pretended to walk away but Harry was quick to sit up and pull you back to him, stronger this time so you did fall onto him. You laughed on your way down, cautious of where your knees landed in case you hurt Harry.
“No. You’re staying here, with me.” Harry wrapped his arms around your waist and held you against his body. Laying flat on top of Harry you felt safer than ever and were glad you went through those moments alone to get to this one.
You hummed peacefully as you snuggled your face into his neck, breathing the same cologne that had been on his flannel shirt - only this time it was stronger.
One of Harry’s hands pulled your dress back down your bum so if anyone walked in they wouldn’t get a free show. It was little gestures like that which made you so aware that you’d chosen the right guy to fall in love with. It was a gesture so small that people might even miss it, or call it insignificant, but to you it only made your heart grow for him more.
“Missed you today.” You said, your voice slightly muffled from being so pressed up against Harry’s body.
“Yeah? I missed you too.” Harry’s hand had now slid underneath the flannel shirt and was rubbing up and down over your back, a feeling so comforting you could call it home.
“You always get too busy on game days and I don’t get to kiss you enough. It’s unfair.”
“It is unfair, baby. I agree. I’m free to kiss you now though.”
“I know. I’m choosing to cuddle with you instead, in case you’re needed again tonight and you can’t sleep over at mine.” You lightly admitted to not being able to sleep without him by your side.
“Screw whoever needs me. I’m sleeping at yours tonight and we’re sleeping good.” His arms tightened around you protectively, afraid someone would ruin the moment.
“But maybe we can kiss a bit too?”
“Never going to say no to you, baby.”
You moved your head out of his neck and hovered it above his. You felt his hands move out from underneath the flannel and up to cup the back of your head gently. One of your hands stayed by your side and the other came up to cup his cheek again.
Both of you gazed your eyes over each other, sometimes dipping down to see your lips. Harry then pushed your head forwards with his hand and sealed your lips with you. He tasted exactly the remnants of the party downstairs, with a lovely mix of beer and whatever else he had been drinking.
You moaned when his lips pushed a little deeper, making your head follow his in an effort to not part your lips. Harry pried your mouth open with his tongue and made short work of tasting you all over, noting the taste of weed on your tongue. He tasted cherry sours too and it only made him crave more of you.
“I… love.. You… So much.” Harry said in between kisses, not wasting a single second more to tell you. You always knew it, but it was always a bright moment to hear it again and again.
You hummed in agreement, but Harry wasn’t having any of it. He turned his body so yours fell off his and back onto the beanbag carefully. His body then hovered over yours, the weight of his chest pressing against yours and grounding you to him. You’d never felt so safe and loved.
You tried lifting your head to kiss him again, but his lips weren’t puckered ready for yours.
“No. Say it first.”
“I love you.” You told him and he could tell by the glint in your eyes that you honestly meant it.
“Don’t ever stop telling me.” Harry made you promise by linking his pinky finger with yours and then you both kissing each others pink fingers.
“Well, then don’t ever stop loving me.” You counter offered and Harry was quick to kiss your pinky finger all over for that promise.
“Impossible. Absolutely impossible.”
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eveningepiphany · 3 months
hotel room | H.S
Tumblr media
summary: harry & Y/N are friends but it’s a love hate relationship with so much tension you can hardly breathe. this tension isn’t any better when they get stuck in a hotel room together for the night. and it only has one bed.
warnings: SMUT! hand job (f+m receiving), PIV unprotected, sloppy morning sex, teasing, swearing, praise, friends to lovers.
A/N:I have opened my requests! and I’d love to write some from you guys, so send them in here <3
“So there’s only… definitely only one room for us?” I say slowly, and the lady behind the counter nods.
“Y/N,” Harry says, “we’ve shared a room before—“
“I’m so sorry the inconvenience— Since the multitude of delayed flights from the storm we’ve had an unexpected influx of last-minute bookings…” her hands are zipping along the keyboard as she is clearly under the pump.
“You’ve been booked under a single room.” She glances up, face turned up apologetically, confirming.
I nod, knowing there’s so many other people needing somewhere to stay right now, there’s no point being picky.
It’s just one night.
Because Harry and I live in the same part of the UK, we usually catch the same planes to and from when we get short breaks from touring with the band.
So of course we flew out for our Australian leg of the tour several hours ago and got stuck at our layover destination, Abu Dhabi.
The storm rolled in quick, putting hour— even day long— delays on flights. So now people are scrambling to book hotels for the next few nights.
Luckily our management got on it as soon as we’d called them about the delay of out flight, but I suppose they only could get us the one room for two.
We get our room key and head up the elevator to the 7th floor.
When we walk into the room there is a single queen bed in the centre of it, and I glance at Harry out the corner of my eye. We are always close to one another being in the band, but never “share a bed” close.
“Don’t stress.” He says.
“I’m not stressed.” I quip.
“Yes you are, don’t try and bullshit me.”
“Harry, we’re adults it’s fine.”
“Hardly adults.” He chuckles.
I scoff at his constant digs, there is a fineline of how much Harry I can tolerate in a day and we are really pushing it.
“Well if you think that then I implore you to take the couch.” I know just by looking at the couch he’d hardly fit on it, and I’m not that much of an asshole to let that happen.
“Oooh, you’re just trying t’get the bed all to yourself? Bloody bed hog.”
I open my bag up, pulling out fresh clothes and my toiletries, “Was just providing you the options. I’m going to shower.”
“Too bad if I wanted one first.” He sighs dramatically, with a little smirk that usually indicates he’s teasing.
“Too bad indeed.” I smile sarcastically at him as I shut the door.
It’s so nice to wash away the gross feeling that sticks to your skin after long flights like we just had.
When I come out of the bathroom he’s laying in the bed, crisp white doona pulled back.
“Dude you’re getting airport germs in the bed.”
He glances up from his phone, eyeing me for a split second— I’m just in sleep shorts and a plain tshirt.
“It’s fine, I’ll just have this side.” He replies, a smile breaking out over his face.
He leaves me no room to respond as he stands up, “im gonna have a shower as well, and then we can order room service, how’s that sound?”
I nod, “I’ll get the menu and have a read through.”
It’s weird how we one minute can’t stop sarcastically niggling and the next we’re back to being normal friends.
I browse through their relatively large menu as the shower runs in the background. If I strain, I can hear Harry gently humming.
I’m happy to see my favourite foods on there… and heaps of deserts.
He comes out shortly after while I’m still reading the menu, and he’s clad in only grey sweatpants, adorning damp hair.
I choose to tear my eyes away from his bare chest, “I’ve figured out what I want to get, have a read through.”
I chucked him the menu and he comes to sit down next to me on the bed.
Im surprised we don’t end up in another debate about the sleeping arrangements, but I think we’re both so exhausted from the flight. The 8 hour plane trip settling deep into our bones.
“They have y’favourite.” He says with a smile playing on his lips.
“Yea, I’m so glad. It’s all I’m craving right now.”
“What are you gonna get?” I lean to look over his shoulder at the menu.
“Maybe I’ll try their tacos?”
“I’m gonna order some of the desert stuff too.”
“Y’gonna be so full.” He laughs.
“It’ll be worth it.” I say, as I stand up to go over to the phone on the desk in the corner of the room.
I ring up and order an unnecessary amount of stuff before giving them our room number and hoping back into bed.
It’s so cozy, and if it weren’t for the food I knew was coming, I’d probably curl up and fall asleep straight away.
We lay together, talking about the plan for the next few days until the food gets delivered with a knock on the door.
I get up to open it, taking the trays of food from the kind waiter.
He groans, “God it smells good.”
We both spread the dishes of food on the bed and quickly start eating.
The TV starts playing reruns of friends, the episode where Ross makes the paste with his leather pants, trying to get them up.
We’re both tearing up with laughter, stuffing our faces with our first proper meal since dinner on the plane over 5 hours ago.
“Holy shit.” He says, and we’re are letting out fits of giggles, as Ross says “—and the lotion and the powder have made a paste…”
“I swear— why did he listen to joey.” I scoff, shoving a bite of food into my mouth.
“No, because the way it just keeps getting worse.” He buries his face into his hands with a pained grin.
We watch a few of the episodes that were playing, sharing the last of the chocolate cookies that I’d ordered.
I stood up to move all the trays our food came on over to the small kitchen bench, leaving them for the morning.
“That was so yum.” I sigh out, content and full.
I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and finish up my night routine, ready to honestly just go to sleep.
I come out with a small smile on my lips, excited to get back into bed where it’s cozy. Slipping back under the crisp white sheets, Harry turns off the TV.
The room is now dark, “fuck… can’t see now— I gotta brush m’teeth as well.”
“Have my phone.” I chuck it in his general direction, and clonk him straight in the side.
“Ouch.” He huffs, grabbing it and turning the flash on.
He pads over to the bathroom while I roll my eyes at how dramatic he is.
He turns the lights on in there, coming back over to give me my phone now that he can see.
I text a few of my immediate family members to let them know we’d settled into our hotel, choosing to leave out the fact we’re sharing a bed.
I mean assuming that’s what the plan is. I highly doubt he wants to sleep on the couch.
Being the only female in a band of boys leads to lots of assumptions throughout my family unit. Especially with Harry.
They mistake our arguments as ‘pent-up sexual frustration’. Which is far from how I like to think of it.
He steps out from the bathroom, and I turn my torch on so he can flick the light off.
He scrapes a hand over his face, looking to me with tired eyes.
The hotel was relatively quiet now, only a few drunken laughs echoing down the hallway as it nears 12am.
He climbs back into the bed, pulling the covers over himself.
I tug my pillow down a bit before turning off my flash.
“Y’tired?” He asks quietly, sounding already kind of groggy.
I hum in agreement, rolling to face him. It’s quiet a few beats.
I can just make out his outline next to me,
I can feel the warmth of his body from where I’m laying. And it feels like I’m being enveloped by it in a strange— yet lovely way.
The thought floats around in my head, images conjuring from the darkness.
I blame this on the 8 hour flight and sleep deprivation.
Usually I can ignore it, but as much as he’s a proper pain in the ass sometimes, I’d have to be visually impaired to say he wasn’t good looking.
And hell he’s laying in the same bed as me without a shirt on.
“Y’staring at me.” He chuckles softly, and I startle a little.
“How can you even see me?” I ask, amused.
“I can’t, can just feel it.”
“As if you can feel it.” I scoff, “I’ll roll over if my eyes being on you makes you too uncomfortable.”
“No, no, wait come back.” He whines as I start to move.
I huff out a laugh, and roll back over to him.
I keep my eyes shut, “better?”
He whispers a yes, and I smile.
I keep that very smile as I drift off, listening to Harry’s slow breathes from beside me, allowing them to lull me to sleep.
I can only half remember waking up.
I was warm, heavy, and I felt his body before I saw it.
My eyes had only opened a tiny bit—there was light creeping through the thin curtains, making his unruly hair just visible.
My leg was thrown over his hip, and I was pressed right into his chest. We were fully intertwined, and fuck did it feel nice.
I close my eyes again, I can feel his morning wood. My heart jumps a little in my chest. Maybe I can just roll over— pretend I didn’t feel it, and go back to sleep.
I carefully strain to make the movement, but I instead get pulled closer to him.
He pushes himself against me, a sigh slipping from his nose, and I realise moving may have been a bad idea.
“Fuck…” I hear him mutter against my hair, bucking his hips up again.
“Harry.” I say, voice croaky with sleep. Of course this does nothing.
I have no idea how awake he is, I’m not even fully awake yet. But Jesus, this feels better than it should.
I feel like a horrific person for enjoying the way his clothed-length is pressed into me. But by god I am not strong enough to remove myself from this situation.
“Harry, wake up.” I groaned, squirming a little in his grasp.
He seems to come to it, just enough to realise whatever the fuck is happening in a couple seconds.
“Y/N…? Fuck. what is—“ I feel his body tense underneath me as it hits him, and he probably feels his boner pressed between my legs.
His hand flys up to my thigh that’s resting on his hip, “Holy shit—“
“It’s fine, H.” I whisper, and I’m not really sure why I say that, or what I’m implying by doing so.
Or what it means paired with the fact I haven’t protested to his dick practically grinding against my cunt.
“What do you mean?” He asks, groggily.
“Not sure.” I confess, whimpering a little as he still is hard underneath me. I push into him a bit out of unspoken desire and I hear him swallow.
He doesn’t say anything as he slides his hand up my leg, cupping it on my ass.
I glance up to see his face, his eyes still half-lidded, and his cheeks have a gentle flush to them.
I feel myself getting wetter as he keeps rubbing himself along my thin sleep shorts.
He moans a bit, and I slip my hand between us to palm his cock through his sweatpants.
“This ok? Want me to help you out a bit?”
“God— yes please…” he groans.
I push it underneath his waistband, tugging him out.
He’s heavy and hot in my hand. Glancing down, its bigger than I expected. The tip is flush and red, glistening with the damp beads of precum. Hardly surprising he’s got such a pretty cock.
“Fuckin’ Christ— look at y’little hand wrapped ‘round me.” He swears.
I slowly squeeze the head of it, and that quickly has him bucking into my palm.
His own hand travels between my sleep shorts, “Mind i return the favour?”
I hum in agreement, but he doesn’t do anything, “Gotta hear you say it, tell me what you want.”
I roll my eyes, of course he’s like this in bed, wants to hear how bad I want him.
“What do you want me to say to you Harry? How bad I want your fingers in my wet cunt right now, or how I want you to fuck my clit with your tongue?”
“Want my tongue do you? Because yes that’s exactly what I’d like to hear.” He says, smirking as he dips his hand under my shorts, running his fingers through me.
“No panties… been next to me all night with your pussy so easily accessible. Such a little slut.”
He collects my arousal, carrying it up to my swollen clit. I moan with the action, trying to keep my hand pumping rhythmically.
This proves to be a challenge, as he’s very clearly skilled with his fingers.
“Fuck, you’re so wet. Hardly even touched you.”
“Been grinding your dick into me for a bit, actually.” I hiss as he slips a finger into me.
“Sorry, Baby. Did my hard cock get you all worked up?” He teases, and I hate the fact that he’s right.
I give a particularly hard squeeze and he grunts, “I’ll take that as a yes.”
He quickens the pace of his fingers, fucking them in and out of me.
“Hard to hate me when I’m making you feel so good, hm?” He kisses my forehead, curling his fingers in me.
I cry out. Fuck— I was going to come.
“Wait, wait, wait— don’t wanna come yet, please…” I clench my thighs around his hand and it stills.
I look up at him, his green eyes burning with desire.
He doesn’t say anything, just leans his head down and places a wet kiss on my lips.
He keeps his fingers pumping slowly in and out of me as we start to kiss.
He brings me close to coming again a few times, just to tease me, but he keeps his focus on my lips— pulling my bottom one between his and sucking on it.
It’s messy and sloppy, edges of it blurred from the morning haze still over us.
“Harry.” I say into his mouth, legs shaking a little.
“Want you in me.” It comes out of me as an unbridled thought.
“Jesus…” he murmurs, stunned by hearing the words fly out of me so openly.
He pulls his lips away, cock twitching in my hand, “you want…”
“You want me to fuck you?”
I nod, grabbing the hem of my shirt and slipping it off.
He’s enamoured by me, it’s clear in his eyes.
He reaches his hand up, out of my sleep shorts and he cups my breast with it gently.
He moves his mouth down to place gentle kissed over them.
“You’re perfect, yknow that?” He says against my skin, tugging me closer to him as I smile at the flattery.
“I’m on birth control too.” I state.
He glances up, and it appears I’ve shocked him yet again, “you wanna take me raw?”
I haven’t gone without I condom in ages… but I trust him.
“We’re both clean, right? I trust you.”
He smiles, “I’m clean. As long as your sure.”
I don’t think I’ve ever been surer of something.
He pulls my sleep shorts off, and I help shuck his sweats the rest of the way down his legs.
We’re warm between the sheets, and he’s peppering open-mouthed kisses along my neck as he lines himself up with me.
He locks eyes with me as he pushes in, and both of us moan at the feeling.
“Fuck— you’re tight.” He squeezes his hands on my hips.
I am blinded with the pleasure of him filling me up, I can’t even think about how bad an idea this could be.
“Feels so good, H.” I groan, scraping my nails along his chest.
“Can feel you clenching around me.” He reaches a hand down to play with my clit.
He’s gonna make me come embarrassingly quick— especially considering he sort of edged me a bit while we were kissing.
He was thrusting into me, a perfect pace to have me squirming in his arms.
I can tell he’s getting close, my name flying out his mouth paired with vulgar words and moans.
“I- fuck- I’m not gonna be able to drag this out if you keeping squeezing m’cock like that.” He pants.
“I’m close, so just come with me.” I plead, the thought of him finishing with me adding fuel to the fire in the pit of my stomach.
“God H, I’m gonna come— hard.”
“Fuck, sweetheart, keep talking.” He says, his skin slapping into mine, chasing his orgasm.
“You’re so pretty.” I blurt, spewing the first thing that comes to mind as I look at him.
He really is, his hair is tousled from sleep and my hands, his eyes half lidded from pleasure and tattooed chest slightly damp.
He swears, bottoming out and coming hard without warning. His hand circles my clit fast, bringing my crashing down with him.
“Harry!” I cry, burying my head into the crook of his neck as I ride out the waves of pleasure.
“Good girl, Y/N.” He groans, still thrusting into me trying to prolong his orgasms.
The high slowly ebbs away, and he stays in me for a bit. Nothing but the sounds of our laboured breathing filling the room.
I think we don’t know what to say, after something like that happens— when it all comes on instinct and you’re without any clue on what it changes.
Our dynamic, though it was a love-hate kind of thing, it was a consistent one. You knew what to expect. Now that this has happened…
“I have no idea what you’re thinking right now.” He whispers, “and that kind of scares me.”
I lay quietly for a few heartbeats, “just… that was really good. And I’m not 100% prepared for what might happen after this, y’know. To us I guess.”
“Well. To keep it simple, I really like you— and that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had so…” he trails off, unsure where to go with the sentence.
“Ok— so this isn’t gonna ruin our friendship?” I sigh in a bit of relief.
“Of course not,” he pulls back to look at me, and a smile spreads across his face, “after all, we are adults.”
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whitemancumslut · 8 days
domestic things fbh and y/n would do
word count: fluff, mentions of smut
Tumblr media
OKAY I SOOO IMAGINE you're both nineteen. you have a famous boyfriend. how is it that you guys survived all this madness. people swear he's a womanizer, but this is the sweetest man you've ever met. harry loved you to pieces. treated you like the only girl in the world.
i strongly believe harry's love language is physical touch. he's obsessed with you. all of over you. "harry styles womanizer," the articles and comments made by older woman in interviews hurt his heart so much. knowing you don't think the same, but the internet didn't. of course they didn't. the internet was filled with mean teenage girls who wished on your downfall. year 2013 was the year of it all. i swear, he'd mentally get all up in his head about the womanizer comments, promise you that not a word of that is true, repeatedly, while you tell him you believe and trust him with every bone in your body.
at one point in the relationship some fans came to the realization harry in fact wasn’t going to leave you for one of them.
what is personal space?
harry was overall obsessed with the idea of you and only you. be wasn't scared to show his affection in public. although you were iffy of the idea of going out more as the band grew bigger as did harry's mobs.
• whenever he went on stage, he always needed his good luck kiss. it was like a good luck charm. whether he needed a quickie in the dressing room or a quick peck it always happened. it 'calmed his nerves.'
• never letting you go. i swear i can't get this idea out of my head. he is the type to stand with his arms wrapped around your torso, waist- just your front.
• kissing your neck, the back of your neck, letting you know who was still there. immediately relaxing your body.
harry definitely goes “without me?” whenever you shower or mention you’re going to.
when he does, he scrubs your hair for you, your back…. and sometimes it gets a little out of hand
after he gets off stage it’s a peck and “howd i do?”
you constantly remind him of how great he is.
makes sure you're safe when you go out without him. you know he's part of the biggest boy band ever. whether you're getting coffee, going to the arena, you're mobbed.
if you were to go out with someone other than harry, maybe one of your friends, while he was out at rehearsal or whatever it was— he would always try to keep contact with you.
if you went shopping he would want you to send photos of you trying on clothes.
“get the red.”
going to sleep
harry takes off his shirt at night, laying in his boxers.
he lives for cuddles. he doesn’t matter if he’s the big or little spoon as long as you’re there with him.
however if he is big spoon, he is completely cradling you into his arms. it’s the cutest thing ever. it’s like he’s scared youll get taken in your slumber.
big spoon turning into little spoon over night. he’ll be holding you and then all of a sudden, while you sleep you turn towards his and subconsciously wrap your arms around him and he would subconsciously fall against you and let himself be held.
waking up
“no. five more minutes” he’ll babble nothings that you won’t even try to understand.
pecking your temple and convincing you to stay in bed with him 5 more minutes.
he doesn’t care for morning breath. he would have a full on make out session with you.
only way to get him up early is proposing showering together and he’s up and ready.
fbh is such a passionate kisser. his kisses would be so arnghhhhhh, right??
temple kisses. they’re comforting.
he kisses you on the lips so softly. you know his rhythm. you’ve studied it since you got together.
he’s always mindful when kissing.
if it’s to get intimate he will always attempt to let his tongue past your lips and see if you reciprocate.
if he’s having trouble before stage. anxiety persay, you’re always there speaking him through it.
always assuring him he did well.
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erodasfishtacos · 6 months
Loving You is Easy (Demi)
Tumblr media
prompt: my baby 🥺 mlb!harry’s exploration of his sexuality and coming out.
word count: 14.3k 🥲
warnings: topics of sexuality, identify issues, bullying, toxic masculinity, smut - 18+ minors dni
Take The Hint takes place in the middle of this fic & so you might want to reread first or when Harry starts to mention YN.
This fic is my baby. I’m so so proud of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
Please please like, follow, comment, and reblog ❣️
And I really would love to hear your thoughts so please send me a message about the fic ❣️
That’s what Harry’s life has been based upon since he was in little league because of his perceived dominance and masculinity.
It happened nearly every game, he’d always draw attention because of his skill. 
Even at such a young age - as soon as he could bat without the tee to hold the ball, people knew that he was something special.
Women would pinch his cheek and tell his mother to watch out because he was going to be a heartbreaker with the ladies - men would chuckle and joke that they were going to have to hide their daughters from him.
It doesn’t get any better as he grows up, it actually gets worse. 
The more notoriety he garners, more attention and not just based on his athletic abilities, his looks landed him almost just as much.
He was good-looking and had above average athleticism, he was irresistible for people to leave alone.
He can’t count the number of times that men have asked him how many girls he had fucked that week because he just had to be getting it all the time.
In all this time of feeling wanted, Harry had never felt more alone. 
He felt like there was something wrong with him. 
There had to be - because he wasn’t living up to any expectations that society has set for him and had made abundantly clear since he was young.
He was meant to have a girl on his arm, who had to be the societal standard of beautiful who would follow him like a puppy.
Since he was a young teenager, always playing on baseball teams much higher than his age level - coaches and scouts knew that he was destined for the major leagues and it was just a matter of time before they snatched him up.
Girls in high school would swoon over his chiseled jaw, the way his biceps flexed, and the baseball bleachers were riddled with gaggles of giggly girls watching him practice on the pitch.
He didn’t have a break, there wasn’t a day of practice that didn’t go by where girls weren’t coming to watch him as he played.
It was supposed to be flattering but to Harry, it was just frustrating to constantly have all these girls gawking after him when he wasn’t interested.
Harry knew that he should be enjoying all the attention from the female gaze, at least, that’s what he thinks because of how often people are making assumptions about his private life.
But that’s all these things were…
Harry didn’t care about girls or dating in middle school, never really gave it another thought when he never developed any crushes on the pretty peers who were very much interested in him.
It wasn’t until high school that he realized that there was something wrong with him or so he thought that he wasn’t normal like the other kids.
Harry began to realize that he didn’t have the same interests and urges as his friends who were constantly drooling over girls in short skirts or commenting on their appearances.
He could look at a girl and think she’s pretty but he didn’t have some deep primal urge to ask her over his house so he could get his rocks off like his friends did.
It only became an issue when his so-called friends started teasing him about his lack of social life with the ladies.
They would ask him if he was gay or asexual, asked him if he was still a virgin with all the date offers he gets.
He didn’t know what he was - he didn’t know if he was gay or asexual, he wanted to have sex but he didn’t just want it to be random.
Harry now realizes it wasn’t harmless teasing, not with how much emotional damage it had on his psyche to constantly be questioned about his sexuality.
He hadn’t known what he was.
It had been a late night practice and everyone was talking about the upcoming prom dance.
“Who are you taking, Styles?” Cody, one of his teammates asks as he packs up his bag with his equipment.
“Er, not sure,” Harry shrugs, attempting to come off nonchalant and unbothered by the question - despite how cocky he appeared, he was the furthest thing from confident internally about the topic.
“Come on! I know Lana and Jessie already asked you and they’re the hottest girls in the school! Lana’s tits are massive,” Seth chimes in, offended that Harry would have the nerve to turn down the girls of his teenage dreams.
Harry feels his face get hot because he knows what this is going to turn into very quickly - as it always did.
“Is it because you’re taking your boyfriend? Or yourself? Your hand can’t be your only date forever!” Cody crows, Harry’s hackle standing up at the jab and he feels himself getting hot.
“Mind your own fucking business,” Harry huffs out instead, swinging his pack over his shoulder and turning on his heel to leave.
“You know for how good you are at baseball, nobody would know you’re a virgin. Great in the field, a dud in the sheets,” Conner can’t help but add in, all the boys were chuckling as they changed.
Harry is still trying to be the bigger person by continuing to walk away but when Seth snickers, “Y’know what I think? He’s so good at baseball because he’s making up for his small dick.’
Everyone has a breaking point.
They had managed to get Harry to hit his, which was an accomplishment but the subject of his sexuality had become more and more tender over the past few months as he really started to understand his dilemma. 
Harry drops his bag at his feet, storming towards Seth with his fist coming up, raised and about to swing when their coach appears to stop anything from happening.
Seth is frowning with his hands up in surrender, eyes wide as he realizes Harry was actually mad, “I was just joking around with you. Take a fucking joke.”
“The only joke in this locker room is your baseball abilities,” Harry snarls back, it was quite the insult coming from their captain and Seth's face drops even more than before.
“Styles, hit the road,” Coach Greggs orders, pointing towards the exit of the lock room with a serious expression - disappointment in his star player’s behavior.
When Harry gets home, he bypasses his mum and sister without even a hello before he’s running upstairs to his room and slamming the door shut.
He hates feeling like this.
Like he didn’t even know who he was.
How difficult could it be to figure out what or who you’re attracted to?
He was trying to convince himself he wasn’t broken, he knew all his body parts worked, it wasn’t anything but pure mental blockage.
Thinking about having someone lay next to him in his bed, they’re kissing, taking off clothes - Harry likes the idea of that.
However, it’s not just anyone, it’s not a random hookup.
He imagines it being someone he’s in love with, he’s so fucking fond of, and they know each other so intimately - its just them in their little world, no one else had this experience but them together.
But that doesn’t make any sense.
That’s not a thing.
Harry always felt normal beside this but this was major. 
This was detrimental that he figured out what his issue was or he would never have a partner, get married, have kids.
Sure, he'd probably be a successful baseball player but may be the oldest virgin on this earth if he didn't shake this feeling.
Harry decides that same night that he's going to go against his instincts and just ask a girl to the dance - maybe once he put himself out there it will change.
And as Harry was thinking about it, he wouldn't necessarily be against asking a boy either but he's not sure he's ready to explore that idea right now.
He didn't feel excited at the aspect of having a date but instead just a sad relief that his teammates won't bother him anymore.
It felt lonely and isolating.
Harry brings flowers the next day, he knows which girl he wants to ask, Yazmin - he knew she had a crush on him and she was nice, not overly concerned with what others thought of her.
The other reason he is choosing her is because she is one of the many who had made it extremely obvious that she would instantly say yes to him if he asked and he was really not trying to get rejected either.
He feels bad he's not very enthusiastic when she accepts and draws him into a massive hug with her face buried in his neck.
To avoid coming off as rude, he hugs her back until it becomes too much for him and he's pulling back with a forced smile.
The lunchroom is filled with envious glares from other girls who had either been dropping hints to Harry that they wanted to go with him or they'd be too nervous to be forward and are boiling with envy.
Yazmin begins to talk about colors, her dress, everything that people should be looking forward to for the event.
Harry...well, he was just hoping that after he asked her and she accepted that he would feel something, anything towards her whether it was a bit of fondness or admiration.
There wasn’t a question that she was pretty, her long thick black curls that fell down her back, her warm brown eyes, and wide smile.
But there was nothing, absolutely nothing that was attracting him to her at this moment as she babbled on about cool versus warm tones.
After baseball practice, he wanders in to his mum and sister sitting at the dinner table - just beginning their meal as they chat.
When he drops his backpack and duffle bag near the entryway and joins them - he's tired from all the drills and doesn't say anything more than 'hi' as he begins digging in.
"Mrs. Fields told me today that you asked Yazmin to the dance," Anne smiles with bright eyes, she was proud that he was putting himself out there - she worried about him.
Harry feels his stomach churn, he's short when he replies, not looking up from his plate, "Yeah."
"I'm so happy for you, this is going to be so exciting," Anne says before taking a sip of her tea and patting his hand.
"She's pretty too," Gemma adds to the conversation, "I think you guys are going to make a cute couple."
"I'm not dating her," Harry says sharply, using a bit more force to stab at his vegetables, "It's just an invite to a stupid dance. That's it."
"I know, dear. It's just that we haven’t seen you interested in any girls at your school and I want you to enjoy your high school experience-"
"Can I not enjoy high school without a girlfriend? Is me not being not a star athlete enough?" Harry is getting loud which isn't like him to every raise his voice at his mother, "Why does everyone fucking care? I just want to be left the fuck alone about it!"
With that, Harry is slamming down his silverware, snatching his backpack off the floor, and storming up to his room with the door shutting and the lock being flicked.
Harry doesn't come out of his room that night and refuses to speak more than a few words to them through the door.
The next morning when Harry comes down for school, dressed and ready to go, Anne tries to  smooth over the situation.
She didn't know what was going on with her son and that was a new uncomfortable feeling for her - usually he was open about everything with her.
Anne didn't know what she said that had triggered the response he'd given and despite how much she wanted to talk to him about it, she knew that she shouldn't force him.
"Harry," Anne speaks up when he steps into the kitchen to make his morning protein drink, " I want to talk about last night."
"There's nothing to talk about, s'fine," He brushes off stiffly as he reaches for one of his shaker bottles and container of protein mix.
"There is. I clearly upset you last night," Anne's voice is soft and cautious, "I'm sorry. I love no matter if you want to date or not, I'm proud and excited for you no ma-"
"There's nothing wrong with me!" Harry bites back as he tries to scoop out the powder, hands shaking with some strong emotion, and it spills onto the countertop.
"I didn't say there was," Anne furrows her brow, she felt like they were on two difficult wavelengths and not really speaking the same language - having two different conversations.
"Shouldn't everyone care that I'm lined up to go pro or that with all this training, I still get straight A's," Harry scoffs as he pours the water and shakes it harshly, "Why is everyone so focused on who I'm going to sleep with?"
And with that, he's grabbing his stuff and leaving the house - Anne stunned as she sits at the breakfast nook unsure of how an innocent conversation at dinner has led to an ongoing tense back and forth with her son.
Yazmin is all over him and Harry is quickly realizing that him inviting her to the dance was also interpreted as him asking her to be his girlfriend.
But when she sat down next to him at lunch, her hand moving to intertwine with his - he didn't push her off but instead could only think about the whole lunch period about how he didn't want to be holding hands with her.
However, he noticed that all of his friends had their girlfriends cuddled up on them too and seemed to enjoy it when their girl curled into them or kissed their cheeks.
He played along.
In the locker room, after practice, well Harry wishes he could skip changing and go home because he was starting to not enjoy this time around his teammates.
"Yazmin, man," Hunter laughs as he sits on the bench to kick off his cleats, "It's no surprise you wait until the last minute to ask a girl out and you pick the hottest girl at school."
Harry shrugs as he shoves his jersey into his duffle, shoulders already tensing because of the conversation topic, "Yeah, she's nice.”
"Nice? You mean has nice tits," Luke adds and the other boys howl loudly as they mock breasts with their hands coming up their chests, "She's got huge ones. Let me know how they look when you get her topless."
Harry shakes his head, face turned away towards his locker- even though his teammates are being pigs, he wishes he could relate in a way.
He hadn't even looked at her chest or maybe he had but it didn't elicit any type of sexual response that made him want to get her naked.
It seemed like every other guy in the room had the identical response except him - normal teenage boys cared about boobs, really no matter who they belonged to.
"Yeah, I saw Casey's pair last night," Josh adds with a cocky smirk, "Let me touch 'em and everything."
Luckily, that conversation distracts the boys enough to lay off of Harry - now to focused on Josh's experience with his girlfriend.
They don't even notice when he slips out the door to head home as they all joke around and share stories.
Life was just..
Harry was miserable.
He dreaded going to school because of all the eyes on him, the fact that Yazmin wanted to be with him every free second, or his friends who were always talking about something girl or sex-related.
At practice, he got hounded by his teammates about the same things everyday and had to hear tales that he didn't assimilate to in the slightest.
At home, he was now in this weird limbo where he knows his mom and sister feel like they're walking on eggshells because of his moodiness that he refuses to talk about.
The ideas of relationship and sex were closing in on him from every angle and he just didn't want to talk about it.
He wished that when he was born someone just smacked a label on his forehead that said 'gay', 'straight', 'asexual', something so that he didn't have to figure this out himself.
Why was it so fucking difficult?
He felt broken, like his brain wasn't functioning correctly because he couldn't even decipher his own thoughts or feelings.
He'd always felt like this in a way but now that he is at the age where people begin to get into relationships and have sex - it's in the forefront of his mind.
He just has to get through the dance with Yazmin, that's it - he at least has to try to see this through with dating her.
Harry knows he's been pulling away from his family too but he doesn't feel like he's able to help it - he can’t explain what’s going on and he doesn’t want to be shunned by them too.
Because he feels like if he talked to them he'll blurt out, "I might not be straight" or "I don't know what's going on with me."
He used to think that he thought about it a lot but ever since he asked Yazmin to the dance - the only time he doesn't think about it is when he's on the field  or working out.
Baseball is his only escape.
When all the boys are going out after the game, the weekend before the dance, they were all inviting their girlfriends to join them.
He didn't want to be an asshole so he knew it was only right to invite Yazmin too - he didn't want her to feel left out.
When they're all in the pizza shop, it's nearly ten at night, and they're all still sipping on Coke and eating pizza after winning the game.
Yazmin is sat next to him in the long booth, their thighs smooshed together, and she wraps her arm around his - resting her head on his shoulder.
It's a nice gesture and Harry feels guilty that he wants to push her away so he lets it happen and tries not to think too much about it.
The conversation turns into the afterparty for prom, they were renting a cabin in a nearby state park, and were planning to drink and have a campfire.
Harry had agreed to go but he really hadn't thought of the implications until Harry is driving Yazmin home that night and she seems nervous in the passenger seat.
"Is everything okay?" Harry asks as he navigates out of the pizza's shop's parking lot and towards her house.
"Yeah. It-It's just, are you excited about the dance? You weren't very talkative in there," She points out, she seems a bit disappointed but hides it behind a small smile.
Harry sighs, he doesn't know how to address it, so he lies, "I am excited, really. It's just been crazy with baseball. I'm sorry it didn't seem like I was in there. Just tired, I guess."
Yazmin perks up immediately, "It's okay, I just wanted to check. I'm used to you being really outspoken and talkative so I was just making sure."
Harry moves his hand over to her, resting it on the lower part of her thigh, near her knee, and squeezes, "It's gonna be fun."
"I can't wait for you to see me in my dress," She replies, her smile widened with his touch as she moves to put her hand over his.
"I'm sure you'll be gorgeous," He fake smiles, keeping his eyes on the road, they're nearly to her house and he presses the gas pedal a little harder.
As they pull up, Yazmin takes a deep breath before asking, "Are you going to bring protection to the cabin?"
Harry gives her a puzzled look, confused for a second by what she means by protection and she grimaces when she realizes he's confused.
"Condoms? I'm on birth control but I want to make sure we're being safe," She adds sheepishly, looking down at her hands.
How was she already talking about sex when they haven't even went further than kissing? 
He didn't think he'd be expected to get intimate with someone this fast in a relationship.
"Oh, er," Harry stammers, just as embarrassed as her, his throat felt tight," Yeah, I'll definitely bring some. If that's what you uh, if that's what you want to do."
For objectively being the most popular boy in school, it was really quite ironic how backwards he was compared to the other people in his grade.
He was eighteen, everyone already assumes that he lost his virginity by this point, and it shows - he wonders if she can tell.
"I'd like to," Yazmin responds before leaning over to kiss him, she parts her lips and Harry matches her but it doesn't feel as nice as he thinks it's supposed to.
They kiss for a while in the car that night until his lips are puffy and swollen but Harry doesn't even remotely feel a twinge of any arousal.
As he drives home that night, he punches his steering wheel a few times- letting out frustrated screams into the car because he just wants to be like everyone else.
The actual event of prom goes fine.
It's easy smiling for pictures, eating at a fancy restaurant, and then going to the hotel where they all dance around to the music without anything being too serious.
The issue comes when they get to the cabin and everyone is starting to disappear from the campfire up to their own bedrooms with their significant others.
Harry waits as long as possible, until the flames legitimately start to fizzle out - he hadn't even touched any alcohol, neither had Yazmin.
She was getting impatient as she begins to wrap their hands together and kiss at his neck before finally asking, "Ready to go to our room?"
Harry agrees because he can't stay out here forever, he had bought condoms even though he was pretty sure they wouldn't be using them.
He bought them in the hopes that maybe, magically that once his body knew he had the oppurtunity to have sex that he would be interested enough to do so.
When they're up in the bedroom, Yazmin is on him, her lips finding his and kissing like they were that night in the car.
He can tell that she's nervous too but she seems much more excited and eager as she tugs off his shirt and runs her hands over his stomach before going for his athletic shorts.
She kneels down and Harry has to squeeze his eyes shut because when she pulls down his shorts - he's not at all hard.
It doesn't seem to deter her, she leans down to begin to stimulate him, and nothing happens as she does it - it’s not those amazing fireworks that his friends talk about.
He knows there’s a silent tear slipping from his eye when she finally pulls back when she realizes something isn't right.
"I'm sorry," Harry says with the most embarrassment he's ever felt in his life, "I'm- I'm sorry, Yazmin."
Yazmin pulls his shorts back up for him before standing in front of him, she puts her hand to his jaw and says quietly, "Look at me."
Harry blinks his eyes open, trying to hold in his tears as she looks at him with a concerned expression.
"Did I make you uncomfortable? I didn't mean to force you to do -" She begins to apologize profusely, getting upset herself.
It snaps him out of his own mind and his voice is firm when he interrupts her, "Hey, no. No, you didn't do anything wrong, I promise. It's me, you're-you're wonderful and pretty. It-s me."
Yazmin’s face washes with relief as he speaks, she reaches to take his hands but it's more of a friendly gesture.
"Are you..." She trails off, not wanting to make any assumptions about him.
"I don't know," He says honestly, choking up a bit on the words, "I'm really trying to figure it out and I just feel broken. This proves I am."
"You're not broken, Harry," Yazmin smiles as she shakes her head like he’s silly, "You're just figuring it out and that's okay."
"I know you don't owe me anything after all this but I'd really appreciate it if you didn't mention this to anyone," Harry mumbles as he laughs a big self-deprecating.
"My lips are sealed. If anyone asks, we had amazing hot sex," She giggles as she walks over to her bag to pull out pajamas, "Want to watch a movie?"
And his prom night actually wasn't as awful as it started out, Yazmin and him laid in the massive king bed and watched a few older horror movies and made fun of the bad acting.
At some point they drift off to sleep, when they wake up, they're not necessarily cuddled together but Yazmin's arm is slung over his stomach.
He thinks to himself, this isn't too bad, and just that little thought alone makes him feel like he may not be as lost of a cause as he sometimes feels.
Yazmin and him stayed friends after they 'broke up' and she never spoke a word about what happened that night and to her, he'll always be eternally grateful that kind, understanding people exist.
The summer before college, he realized that he needed to actually take the time to explore his sexuality through research instead of continuing a pity party for himself.
He could narrow down that he wasn't entirely straight because the idea of him being in love with someone other than a female didn't sound obscure or unappealing to him.
He didn’t think it mattered who he fell in love with, it wouldn’t be purely based on their gender.
The idea of sex didn't repusle him, he wanted to have sex and he knew that he wasn't asexual.
He wanted to have a partner and have sex.
That's when it stuck with him.
Everytime he thought about having sex with someone, it was a partner, someone he was in a strong romantic relationship with - but he didn't think that was a specific sexuality.
One day, he's watching some reality television show, and when they're introducing the contestants - someone on the screen identifies themselves as demisexual.
He'd never heard that term before and he curiously puts it into the search engine on his phone to figure out the definition.
That's when he reads the definition that changes it all.
"Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in whcih a person feels sexually attracted to someone only after they've developed a close emotion with them."
Harry felt like he was having an epiphany and that the world fell still for a moment - it was like finding the puzzle piece he had been missing for years of his life.
It finally fucking made sense.
It made so much sense that he started crying, full on sobbing as he held his head with disbelief that something clicked.
Anne, who was in the kitchen, making dinner, hears the sniffles and rushes in, concerned when she finds her son crying which was completely out of the norm.
"Harry, honey," Anne coos softly, sitting down next to him and brushing his hair off his forehead before wrapping her arm around his shoulders, "What's gotten you so upset?"
"M'not upset, mom," Harry chuckles as she tries to wipe away some of his tears with the sleeve of her shirt, "I just-, I don't know how you'll react when I tell you."
"Is it bad?" Anne asks worriedl,  tugging him in closer like he was still a little boy and not a big, tall athlete that was way larger than her.
"I-I'm, it's about me," Harry stutters, his thoughts now racing for a different reason, this wasn't on how he planned to tell his mother any of this but he didn't want to lie to her either.
He wanted to be himself and he wanted his family to know who he is.
"I've been struggling with, erm, who I am for a really really long time," Harry begins, his eyes glued to his feet, "And I..I finally figured it out."
"I'll love you no matter what you're going to tell me, Harry Edward,” Anne says firmly, tilting his chin so that their eyes meet and he can tell how serious she is.
"I'm pansexul and demisexual," Harry breathes out, saying it into the unvierse for the first time, it felt like a massive weight has been lifted off of his chest, "It means that I am attracted to people regardless of their gender and that I'm only sexually attracted to that  person after we established a emotional bond.”
"How long have you known?" Anne asks as she holds him closer.
"I-I've known that I wasn't st-straight for a long time but I-I didn't know what exactly I was until now," Harry stutters out through tears, Anne can't remember the last time she saw her son cry and his face was damp with emotion.
"I am so proud of you," Anne murmurs but her voice was firm and serious, she moves to cup his cheeks until he's making eye contact with her, "So so proud of who you are."
"Y-You're proud of me?" Harry repeats back in a whisper, his heart felt like it was beating fast enough it was going to leap out of his chest.
"Of course I am," She laughs softly, like it was ridiculous that he could think that she wouldn't be filled with pride, "I love you so much. My little boy."
She kisses both of his cheeks before wiping the tears away once more.
Anne isn't expecting it when Harry hugs her tightly, his face tucked into her shoulder as he hides away for a moment.
She rubs his back lightly and just holds him as he sniffles, she hadn't cuddled him like this is so long but he clung to her for a long while as she whispered words of love.
Gemma is the second person that he decides that he needs to come out - he's not as worried about her reaction as his mum but it still wasn't going to be fun for him.
She had gotten home from work and disappeared into her room to most likely working on college homework like she did nearly everyday.
Harry knocks and when she calls for him to come in, he's sheepish as he comes to sit on her bed next to where she has her textbooks splayed out.
"I have something to tell you," Harry starts off after taking a deep inhale of breath, why was he so nervous? It was just Gemma.
But everyone reacts differently, people he think would be supportive of him may not agree with it and give him pushback or worse disown him.
He was nervous because he couldn't lose his sister but he also couldn't stand not living his truth any longer.
"If you took my laptop charger one more time and broke it, I swear to -" She begins with a frown as she closes her book to glare at him.
"No, it's...well," Harry begins to trip over what he wants to say and now maybe isn't the right time, maybe he should think it through more than this, "Forget about it."
Gemma realizes quickly that something isn't right, she reaches out to grab his arm and tug him back down, "What's going on? Is everything okay?"
"I have something that I want to tell you," He reiterates with a sigh, "I just don't know how you'll feel about it."
Harry explains what he had explained earlier to his mother to her, she listens intently and doesn't try to crack any jokes while he's speaking.
After he's done with what he feels like is rambling, he hesitantly looks up to meet her gaze.
"How did you think I would feel?" Is the first thing she asks.
Harry's brow furrows in confusion, "What do you mean?"
"You said you were worried about how I would feel about you telling me," Gemma explains from before he told her.
"Ju-Just that you'd be disappointed in me," Harry hates that he's been crying so much lately but he begins to sniffle.
"Oh, Harry," Gemma titters, swiping her school things off the bed so she can drag him into a hug, just like his mother did, "I would never be disappointed in you for being who you are. I love you. I'm happy that you finally feel like you've figured it out."
"I hope I find someone," Harry chuckles, wiping his face on his hoodie, "I hope I find someone who will understand, that I'll be able to fall in love with and have a normal relationship."
"It will happen," Gemma hums as she pulls back, "Just like with you figuring this out. It won't happen overnight. Now get out, I have to study."
It really doesn't happen overnight or anytime soon.
He will say that getting in to college and knowing his sexuality even if he hadn't been with anyone had let him slip back into the cocky role that he was used to.
Harry had no problem flirting with girls and guys at frat parties to keep up appearances - even though he wasn't interested in sleeping with them.
It kept his teammates from questioning him because when they saw him at parties, giving a girl his million dollar smile and telling her she's cute - they figured he was sleeping with them.
He didn't enjoy going to parties because it was only fun to fake flirt for a little bit before he wanted to leave because people were trying to get him alone in a bedroom.
Luckily, baseball and sponsorships took up a majority of him time so he wasn't expected at many frat celebrations with how rigorous his workouts and training schedule were.
Tonight though, he didn't have an excuse to not come because they had three days off that weekend.
Everyone convinced him to come, it wasn't a bad time really but he couldn't drink because he'd be kicked off the team  if he got hit with an underage drinking fine.
(They definitely wouldn't kick their star player off the team but he would be in deep shit and would much rather avoid that.)
Harry had been trying to get to know people on campus, trying to create the emotional attachment that he was searching for but it wasn't easy.
It felt fucking impossible.
He learned very quickly that he couldn 't just will it to magically happen and that he has issues building those bonds with anyone.
There was a girl named Halee who he had been talking to for the past few weeks, they met in one of his statistics classes and he tried to make an effort with her.
He took her out to dinner twice, listened to her talk for ages, and he waited to feel the spark after consistently seeing her for a month.
There was nothing there.
She was at the party tonight, they hadn't gone any further than making out because Harry didn't want to force himself to do that. 
Halee manages to get him alone in his frat bedroom later that night, stating that she needed to talk to him alone, and he knows it’s bad that he’s hoping she wants to break up.
But when his bedroom door shut, her lips were on his and she was pushing him back towards the bed - the exact opposite of what he wanted.
When he falls backwards onto his bed, she's crawling on top of him to straddle him, never taking her lips from his as her thighs come onto either side of him.
Harry's hands come to her hips, knowing he should try to enjoy it but also that it was no use despite how hard she grinded her hips into his.
After a few minutes, she pulls back and palms at him - completely expecting to find him hard and ready for her but...nothing.
He's not hard.
Halle gives him a confused look, she'd never had an issue with a college guy’s libido before, and she knew she was attractive.
Harry can feel his face turning red with shame but manages to give her a reasonable lie, "I think it's just because I've drank so much. I'm pretty wasted."
That seems to satisfy her concern because she giggles and drags him back to the party, promising that they can try again when they haven't been drinking so much.
However, he knows that's not going to happen because he fully plans on sending her an 'im sorry, its just not working out' text tomorrow morning.
Harry doesn't stay at the party much longer before he's retreating up to his room and locking the door to shut everyone out.
Sure, he's become more acepting of his own sexuality but it doesn't mean that it doesn't fucking suck that he can't just have a casual hook up.
The fact is the only sexual interactions he's had are where girls are coming onto him, he has to make an excuse or they'll see he's not physically into it which makes everything ten times worse.
Harry feels that sinking feeling coming back that he remembers well from his senior year of high school.
He remembers thinking that because he finally identified what sexuality he was that it was the code to cracking his life long struggle.
He wonders often whether he's truly waiting to meet the right person or if it's just something that is wrong with him.
The fake flirting, turning people down who come onto him, dating people he has no real interest in.
At some point it doesn't feel worth it to try to find his person , he wonders if there just isn't a person for him and that's a really lonely thought.
(Take The Hint) - One Shot
This girl makes him want to scream.
He didn't mean to break her fucking ipad and she has the nerve to run to the school newspaper and write an article about him.
He had apologized when it happened but she hadn't been willing to accept it, that wasn't his fault.
Harry had never had such a critique in a school paper before and he wasn't going to stand for it.
He doesn't know why he feels the need to go back and forth with this journalist from the paper but he can't stay away.
After their back and forths, he finds himself bringing her food a few times to the newspaper's office after he gets done with a long day of training.
Harry's intruigued that this girl doesn't seem to give a fuck about who he is and really hasn't given him the time of day.
But he finds himself looking forward to picking up a sandwich for her so that she can try to refuse it and give him a shy smile when he doesn't take no for an answer.
It sounds a bit dumb, Harry has spent so much of his time worried about finding the right person or building this emotional bond that he fucking misses it when it's right in front of him.
When YN walks out onto the field that day, leans over the fence and connects their lips for the first time - his insides feel like they're going to combust.
His stomach feels warm with excitement, he's eager to kiss her back, he wants to kiss her back and not stop for anything.
When she pulls away, he wants to pull her back, and join their lips again - he's never wanted to do that before.
Then when she asks, "Are you going to ask me out or what?"
Holy fucking hell.
He has never said yes sooner.
Harry was an idiot.
He didn't see that their back and forth over the past few months (even if a few of those were fights) was flirting and building this god damn connection.
It didn't seem like it at the time because in the past, he had to make conscious efforts to build relationships.
It happened naturally with her, he didn't have to think about 'wanting' to kiss her, forcing time together - he wanted to do all those things without having to plan it.
As he's walking back to the frat from practice that night, his mind is racing because he thinks he might have finally done it.
He found his person.
Harry didn't want to give his hopes up but he just hasn't felt like this before - he's had hundreds of opportunities with the smartest, most attractive people and he's never gotten that warm feeling in his stomach around any of them.
He was thinking about the next time he would get to kiss her and really kiss her - it made him feel something new but it was thrilling.
Harry has never felt more nervous in his life, he'd changed his outfit at least five times, and fluffed his hair a hundred more.
It was funny, outside looking in, despite how cocky Harry appeared to everyone - he really wasn't like that at all.
He hoped that YN would like him and he was worried because even though she forgave him, they really didn’t get off on the right foot.
There was another anxious thought bubbling up, what if he's getting too excited and it is another relationship that falls flat.
Harry nearly wants to back out because he doesn't think he can be let down like that again - he just wants to be loved and love someone.
They're set to meet at a small italian restaurant off of campus, Lorenzo's, and Harry arrives first.
Shet not there yet but he's also a few minutes early, he's trying to talk himself out of a nervous breakdown when a group approaches him, a group of middle-aged men who want to talk to the Harry Styles.
Harry smiles politely, answering questions about the upcoming games, and what he thought of their last win.
When they finally bid him goodbye after a few minutes, the group disperse and waiting patiently is YN with a small smile.
"You're really popular, huh? The Harry Styles," She greets, it was teasing but not in a mean way more curious than anything.
And Harry's mouth felt dry because she looked fucking beautiful like the prettiest thing he's ever seen.
In a form-fitting orange dress, her skin tone was complimenting the vibrant color and her curves were other worldly. ***
Harry knows, absolutely knows he wasn't just trying to make this work, he was undoubtedly attractive to her.
It was the fact that he wanted to see what lay beneath the dress, the way her breasts sat made it hard to control his gaze.
More importantly, her smile was wide and heartbreakingly gorgeous as she stared a bit confused, waiting for him to say something.
"You are gorgeous," Harry manages, it wasn't a line, it was the truth, "Sorry, you took my breath away for a moment if I'm being honest."
YN lets out a shy giggle, her hands smoothing the sides of her dress as a nervous tick, as she steps closer to him.
"You don't look too bad yourself, quite handsome actually," YN compliments, reaching out for Harry's hand so he can guide them inside.
The cocky attitude drops over dinner, well it never appeared in the first place, and YN was appreciative of that.
YN was intelligent, funny, kind, and quite honestly, everything Harry's ever wanted as she snorts out her drink at a dumb joke he makes.
She kicks off heels halfway through the appetizer and rests her foot on his thigh like they've known each other for ages.
He can't help but reach down and squeeze her ankle, fingers dancing along the ridge of the bone, and laughing when he tickles her enough to make her squeak.
For the first time, it doesn't feel forced, he doesn't have to remember that he should want to touch his date.
Harry is interested in everything she has to say from her experience on the newspaper to how she accidentally broke into a museum while she was in high school.
He finds himself laughing genuinely, not counting down the minutes until the date is over, in fact, he doesn't want it to end.
"You're actually a nice guy," YN murmurs towards the end of dinner when their plates are near empty, "Who would have guessed."
Harry winces at the dig, putting his silverware down and looking at her seriously, "I am sorry about how I treated you. I was being a douche. I don't always feel like I have a lot going for me and baseball is what I'm good at and to have that article written was a hit on my ego."
It was the most honest he's ever been with someone but he didn't even think twice about revealing his most vulnerable thoughts to her.
YN's face twist in confusion, "What do you mean you don't have a lot going for you? You have a guarantee in going pro, you have a ton of friends, and you have no shortages of girls around you."
Harry knew he wasn't ready to delve into his sexuality conversation with her, he hasn't ever talked to anyone outside of his family and Niall about it.
Instead of admitting what really makes him feel low - his sexuality and lack of relationships, he just shrugs and says, "I don't know. It's just..It's not alway easy."
"I imagine, it's a lot of pressure on you at all times. Everyone watching your every move," She agrees, her eyes are soft and she can tell Harry's thinking about something.
She doesn't force him to tell her, instead she reaches across the table for his hand and takes it in hers - but she doesn't let go.
Throughout dessert, they hold hands across the table until Harry is feeding YN a piece of strawberry cheesecake and it ends up on her lips instead of in her mouth.
"You did that on purpose," YN laughs, her tongue peeking out to wipe the sweetness away but misses the corner of her lips.
"Missed a spot," Harry chuckles, he leans over to wipe it off with his thumb and when he does, she takes his thumb in her mouth - just for a mere moment to lick it off with a cheeky smile.
Harry feels himself actually start to harden in his pants and he almost wants to panic because that's never happened before - even when girls have tried way more sexy things to get his attention.
It had been a simple but intimate gesture, it wasn't even groundbreaking to YN, she went back to eating her gelato without another thought about the interaction.
Harry had to will himself to calm down, his mind racing to her plump lips and the way it wrapped around his thumb.
If he had any doubt that YN was his person, it was completely gone now - he hadn't even known her long but to say he was infatuated with her was an understatement.
He couldn't find one thing about her that he didn't like from her beauty to her intellect to the way she giggles with a little snort when something was extra funny.
It felt like his world was shaping to revolve around hers but that scared him on the same end that he hadn't known her that long - their emotional connection was just that strong.
After the date, Harry offers to walk her home because she lives in the campus dorms - just like at dinner, very soon into the walk she takes off her heels and shoves them in her purse.
Harry doesn't know if he should make a move, this was all so fucking new, and he felt like he was years behind on what he should know, basics about dates.
YN wasn't hesitant or coy, she quickly intertwined their hands as they walk, bumping shoulders as she points out where her classes are at certain buildings and what she hates about some of her awful professors.
Harry wants to cry because it's just so nice to hold someones fucking hand, that's all he's wanted for so long.
When they arrive at her building, YN digs out her keycard, giving him a pouty expression, "I'm sad our date’s over. I really did have a good time."
"I had an amazing time," Harry tells her seriously, "Will you go out with me again?"
YN squints up at him, with puckered lips, "I'll have to think about it."
Harry's heart drops.
"Oh my god," YN bursts out laughing, "Your face. Of course, I'll go on another date with you, I had fun."
"S'not funny," Harry mumbles grumply as she giggles at his reaction.
"I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you," YN hums, stepping into his space and leaning up until their lips meet.
Harry's frozen for a moment, it feels like sparks, like everything finally makes sense but he doesn't realize that he actually physically froze because YN is pulling back.
"Shit, I'm sorry I though-" She begins to apologize profusely, thinking she read the situation wrong.
Harry takes a deep breath, channeling his confidence, and he steps forward into her space now - hands coming to cup her face and bring their lips together passionately.
Their lips move in perfect synchronization, his tongue swiping against her lips until she opens, and he can get entrance.
Her hand comes up to his neck, keeping him close as they kiss, it feels like his first real kiss, and he can't get enough.
When they finally pull back for air, her lips are swollen and she has a starry-eyed smile on her face.
"Goodnight, Harry," YN murmurs softly, pecking his lips one last time before swiping her card and going into her building.
Fucking hell, he was gone for her.
He could not stop thinking about her.
Her smile, her laugh, the way her eyes squinted when she was teasing him - this had to be what being in love felt like.
Could it be this easy?
As soon as he gets home, he sends her a text.
Thanks for giving me a chance. I really had a great time. Are you free next Friday?
It barely takes any time for her to respond and he finds his lips turning down at her response.
Are you fucking with me?
He decides to take the more cautious route, reading his text conversation, and he doesn't think he said anything wrong.
No? Did I offend you??
As soon as he receives the message he's typing out an apology for whatever he might have said to trigger her to be upset but right before he hits send, another text pops in.
Offended you're not asking me to hang out sooner.
Harry totally does not squeal like a school girl as he smiles stupidly at his phone for the next few moments before remebering to actually text back.
I have a game tomorrow and Sunday but we could hang out Monday night x
They agree on that.
When the next day comes, he feels more energized than ever to do good on the field today - he always thrived but YN was really boosting his confidence and overall happiness.
He struts on to the field, he always displayed arrogance on the field no matter how he was feeling on the inside - he wanted to intimidate people and let them know that he's the best.
At the mound, he kicks the dirt a bit and adjusts his hat in a little ritual he always did before scanning the crowd - it was always a full house in the stadiums because of him.
His eyes do a quick skim of the crowd but stop when he's sees YN sitting in the stands without her iPad or notepad - she's sitting with a friend.
Harry's heart leaps as he gives a dimply smile that was exclusively for and he tips his cap towards her in greeting.
She blows him an exaggerated kiss and a small wave as the announcers begin the game.
Harry doesn't know if he's ever had a game that good - he had been on fire the whole time, multiple strikeouts, a home-run, and overall good plays.
When the game’s over after the post-game interview and compliments, instead of heading straight to the showers, he wants to talk to YN but she's no longer in the stands.
He tries not to think too hard about it as he goes into the locker room to shower, in a noticeable less than happy mood.
Harry's actually the last one out, he drags his feet getting into the showers, and lets the hot water just hit against his sore muscles.
By the time he gets out, wrapping a towel around his waist, and stepping over to his duffel - he nearly screams when someone appears in the locker-room.
"What's taking you so long? I've been waiting out there for ages," YN complains with a raised eyebrow, a smirk on her face when she's met with his strong, damp chest - his pec twitches.
"Er," Harry stammers as he stares wide eyed at her, "I didn't think you were waiting for me."
YN shakes her head, "Why wouldn't I? Am I being too subtle about dropping hints that I like you?"
Harry’s chest seizes because he doesn't want her to think that, "No no, it's me. M'sorry I'm fucking this up. I just, yeah..."
I just can't tell you why yet. 
Be patient with me.
"I know you've been with a lot of people, okay? I'm not here to use you and lose you. I want to see where this goes," YN seems frustrated as she explains herself.
"I do too. M'sorry," He apologizes again, the opposite of the cocky asshole she met, "I'm really, really into you."
And you're the first person I've said that to without lying.
"Yeah?" Her words are quiet, bashful as she glances down at her feet for a moment, like she wanted to hear the affirmations from him.
"Of course, you're gorgeous, smart, out of my league, if I'm being honest," He tells her with a raspy chuckle.
"I think you have it backwards," YN murmurs but she's walking towards him, and just like yesterday, kisses him fiercely.
God, he's never going to get tired of this.
He instantly reciprocates her advance, hand moving to the back of her head to cradle her skull and keep her close.
His stomach muscles twitch when her hand comes to his chest, rubbing up and down his abdominal definition, and thumb teasing at his happy trail.
It indescribable how just the simple touch is turning him on, he can feel himself harden at the movement and he can't help but push his tongue into her mouth.
They get startled when a janitor steps into the lockeroom, a tired look on his face when he spots them, "I'm locking up. Get lost, kids."
YN giggles as Harry flushed with embarrassment before she's leaving him to get changed and waiting outside for him to walk her home.
The next three weeks were an absolute whirlwind of hanging out in YN's dorm room cuddled together on the tiny bed, watching movies in his room in the frat, Harry stopping by the newspaper office constantly after practice to make sure she ate and then walkingher home, and then on the weekends they were going on dates and YN was coming to watch his games.
He knew that he was in love, he didn't care what anyone had to say about a certain amount of time it took or it was too soon.
Harry had found his person.
The puzzle piece that was missing his whole entire life was wrapped up in a gorgeous girl who bullied him, cuddled him, and gave him attitude when she didn't get her way.
He couldn't imagine anyone better.
There was one major issue, Harry had yet to tell her about his sexuality or the fact that he was a virgin.
He didn't blame her for making assumptions that he had a high body count with the way he flirted at parties - that was in fact the appearance that he was trying to give off even though it was further from the truth.
Harry wanted to tell her but when revealing that he was demisexual that was also telling her that he was head over heels for her.
And even though YN seemed nothing but understanding and accepting, it's different when you're in a relationship with the person.
She doesn't know whether it would matter if he was pansexual, if it would freak her out that he wasn't soley attracted to females.
As much fun as he was having, enjoying this new relationship, there was a lot of anxiety - he hadn't felt this much weight on his chest since high school with Yazmin and prom.
They hadn't gone further than kisses but it wasn't because of lack of arousal, he was so attractive to her that it didn't make sense.
However, up to this point, she hadn't pushed to do anything further than that and he wasn't ready to take the first step either.
It's a standoff until it's not.
YN and Harry are in his frat, they prefered it there for his queen size bed and he had a bigger television that they could binge watch shows on.
It was after a mid-week game, they had done exceptional, and Harry was truly convinced that YN was his good luck charm.
It was late, they both had class tomorrow but YN was sleeping over for the first time because Harry couldn't part with her.
They were in the middle of watching Great British Bake-Off and critiquing their bakes like either of them could do anything close to as good.
YN is tucked into his side, head of his chest but she squirms until she's looking up at him with a frown.
"Whassit?" Harry rumbles as he blinks heavily, his hand coming up to brush her hair out of her face - he couldn't get over how fucking pretty she was.
"Didn't kiss me enough today," YN huffs like she just realized the problem, her bottom lip pouted out.
"Didn't give you enough kisses, huh?" Harry repeats with a raised brow, his thumb coming to pull at her lower lip, "I haven't been very good to you, have I?"
"Absolutely awful boyfriend," YN agrees and everytime she refers to him as that, his stomach flutters.
"Or maybe I've just given it to you too much so now you're a demanding lil' thing," He hums but he's pulling her up so that their lips meet.
Harry can't help that he gets hard everytime they make out, maybe it’s a rookie thing or maybe most guys that's normal for - he wasn't sure.
But Harry and YN had never acknowledged it and as weird as it sounded - it felt good to get hard even if there wasn't relief at that time because it’s more  pleasure and arousal than he's ever felt.
There was no way he wasn’t truly fucked - this girl held everything in her hands, she had so much fucking control over it and she didn't have one fucking clue.
YN's hand is rested on his stomach but at some point she moves it, she moves it right over his bulge in his nike running shorts, and palms at him.
Harry moans embarrassingly loud and sucks in a gasp at the sensation of someone else touching him like this for the first time.
YN pulls back startled like she hurt him and begins to apologize because of his visceral reaction but Harry joins their lips needily before murmuring, "Please baby, don't stop."
"Okay, whatever you want," She simpers quietly, her lips coming to his neck to kiss and nip at the skin as she feels out the shape of him over his thin shorts - thick and ready for her.
Harry is trying to keep his eyes open but it feels so new and euphoric that his lids are heavy as she thumbs over the sensitive tip.
"Take your shirt off," YN requests, not taking her hand off as he rustles hurriedly to get it over his head, "Slow down, we're not in a rush."
It was lightly teasing but it made insecurities tick a bit because he didn't want to embarass himself in his first sexual experience.
His stomach is sucking in at every other touch, his butterfly tattoo dancing as his ribcage outlines against his skin.
Her hand lazily moves upwards again but is taking the liberty of dipping into his shorts and briefs.
He twitches when her hand wraps around him, thumb tracing along the vein on the underside before circling at his already wet tip.
"M'gonna take my time with you," YN promises as she helps him slip the rest of his clothes off, her eyes locking with where he's hard for her.
He feels self-conscious, the first person to see this part of him in this intimate way - it was the most vulnerable he ever felt.
"You're so pretty," She murmurs happily as she begins to give him light strokes, "Makes sense why you have big dick energy. You're massive."
He has to clench his teeth to avoid coming at her words because it was all too much as he kept his hips on the mattress as she twists and tugs with the perfect amount of pressure.
"I-It feels so good, baby," Harry breathes out, he's on the verge of panting when her hand comes to roll his balls delicately.
"Yeah?" YN muses with a devious smile before she's ducking down to lick at the swollen head before suckling at it.
"Fuck, m'sorry," Harry groans as he feels his orgasm start, "S'good, you're so good. Fuck, you're amazin, sweetheart."
He can tell YN is a bit taken aback by his lack of stamina but she swallows as he pulses in her mouth.
When she sits back up, Harry is trying to catch his breath, "I'm so sorry. I just-"
"Stop apologizing," YN tells him firmly, leaning over to pepper kisses over his chest and tummy, "That was perfect. You look so handsome when you come."
Harry preens at the praise, he knows she’s probably just making sure he doesn't fell bad but it seemed genuine.
"Let me take care of you," Harry says after a few more moments, he knew his cheeks were flushed and his chest red with a blush of postorgasm haze and embarassment, what a mixture.
"You any good at it?" She jokes as she playfully licks his nipple before moving to take her own shirt off.
Harry freezes, he knows he probably looks like a deer in headlights before quickly wiping it off his face.
He doesn't respond but instead knocks her hands out of the way to pull the shirt over her head himself.
Her breasts were fucking perfect where they sat in a plain black bra with a little lace detailing on the edge of the cups.
Harry didn't know if he would survive this, he felt like a  stupid teeanger as his hands were shaking with nerves.
This was more nerve-wracking then when he played in the playoffs for baseball or when a college scout came to watch his game.
He sits up and rearranges them until she's laying on her back and he's on top where he feels like he has a bit more control of the situation.
By some grace of god, YN's bra unlatches with a front clip and when he undoes it, it falls to either side and her tits bounce out.
"Holy shit, darling," Harry huffs out in awe, her nipples were already hard and so fucking pretty.
"What?" YN asks in a mere whisper, when he looks up at her - his heart sinks because he was so focused on himself that he didn't even think about how she might be feeling.
It was obvious that YN was a bit nervous too as he revealed her like he might not like how she looks - she’s squirmy and doesn't look him in the eye.
"How are you so fucking beautiful?" Harry shakes his head in disbelief, moving to cup them and they're soft in grip, warm, and good god, he's in love with them already, "Look at you, s'unfair."
YN lets out a pleased giggle and Harry can't wait any longer, he's fucking down to wrap his lips around one of the buds and suckle as his other hand rolls her other nipple.
"Oo-oh," She gasps out, pushing her chest into him, and he was sure that he wanted to hear her moans of pleasure for the rest of his life.
She was responsive to his touch, whimpering and asking for more through her body language as he switched between them and teased them until they were damp and puffy.
"Please, H. I'm so wet," YN begs as her hips move in frustration, her hand weaving into his hair and scratching at his scalp.
"You're wet for me?" Harry pulls back, their eyes meeting and he couldn't believe - he was turning her on even if he didn't know what the fuck he was doing.
"Stop teasing me," She demands with a pout.
He really wasn't.
Harry felt like he was in a movie in a way.
He dreamed about this for so long.
Being so in love with someone that he would want to have sex with them.
It happened and it was happening right now.
If it didn't feel so good, he wouldn't believe it.
Harry may or may not have utilized the internet to search about how to please a female.
He hadn't wanted to come into this and not be able to return the favor - it wasn't that he was uneducated about sex or didn't know the logistics of how to do it.
He didn't want it to be just okay.
He wants to show her how much he's truly gone for her by making her feel the same pleasure she's give  to him.
Harry takes his time kissing down her soft belly, biting at the plush on her hips to make her squeak before he's shimmying her shorts and underwear off.
Harry has never felt so primal in his life when he's met with her mound and puffy folds, glistening with arousal, and he wanted to devour her.
The hesitance is gone as soon as he sees her for the first time.
He's spreading her legs and nuzzling straight in between her folds, lapping at her with excited, eager strokes.
Fuck, she even tasted good.
"Harry, fuck," YN mewls when he finds her clit, it wasn't hard with how swollen and hard it was for him - dragging it between his lips and suctioned it.
Her legs are restless like she wants to close them, her hands balling into the sheets as he relentlessly goes at her.
"Oh my god," She gasps as she bucks upwards, trying to ride his tongue - it was by far the hottest thing that had ever happened to him. 
He couldn't believe he was actually doing a good job his first time, he knew she was actually close because he could feel her throbbing and getting wetter for him.
Her hands move to his hair, gripping it to keep him close to her center as she punches her hips up to find the friction she needs - it was beautiful watching her chase her pleasure without any shame.
He wanted to do this with her for the rest of his life and he knew it wasn't just the sex talking at this point.
She was it for him.
His chest swells in pride when she finally tips over the edge, a continuous stream of soft whining moans out of her mouth as her hips slow down and rest back against the bed - her limbs loosening.
Her face was damp with perspiration, long locks stuck to the side of her neck, and her chest was heaving and falling quickly as she tried to catch her breath.
"That was the best orgasm I've ever had," YN murmurs in awe, goading him back up until they’re kissing in short little pecks and he's brushing that sticky hair off her skin, "You're so good at that."
Harry's internally preening with the compliment, thrilled that he was able to get her off the first time ever doing something like this.
It was dangerous though, he knew already that he was going to crave her, she tasted amazing, it was addictive to be around her.
Everything from her smile to her laugh to the way her folds glistened with her arousal - it was all consuming.
Harry knows the longer they're seeing each other that he needs to tell her but the second he tells her about his sexuality, he's basically confessing his love to her.
He begins to feel like he's living this lie because YN occasionally makes a joke about how experienced he is or how many people he'd been with and he doesn't ever deny it.
To be fair, he never confirms it either but that even feels like lying. 
One day while they're at lunch in a little bistro on campus, tucked away in the corner so people don't continuously harass Harry like always.
"I..I shouldn't be surprised at how good you were," YN murmurs shyly, they were talking about last night and when he used his mouth for the first time, "It's just...for me, I've only been with two other guys and it wasn't at all like that."
"They sound like idiots who didn't deserve to give it to you anyways," Harry has to swallow down the possessiveness of two other people having her like that.
She was his.
YN shrugs noncommittal as she sips on her peach tea, "They were okay but not as experienced as you. They hadn't been able to make me, you know...finish."
Cue his chest swelling with pride once again.
YN glances down at her plate, suddenly not making eye contact with Harry and he frowns at that, "What's wrong?"
She shakes her head, letting out a short laugh, "I just feel embarrassed, I guess. I know that I don't have as much experience as you. I've heard the stories of you taking all those girls upstairs at parties. It's not, it doesn't bother me but I...I just worry I'm not going to be good enough or compare."
Harry's heart sinks into his stomach and he knows now would be the absolutely perfect time to actually come clean that all those experiences were fake.
He chokes though, his throat tightens up and he can't find the words but he can reassure her, and he's not lying when he tells her, "Hey, I've never had a better experience than last night and m'not lying. You were amazing, fuckin' perfect. I can still taste how sweet you-"
"Ssh," YN giggles, the mood already lightened again as she chucks a chip at him because she doesn't know if anyone is eavesdropping, "I get it. Thank you."
"Anytime, babydoll," Harry drawls cheekily, exerting confidence when inside he's absolutely panicking.
Tonight it is the night.
Harry has nearly canceled three times because he doesn't know if he can do this.
He's so fucking in love with YN.
So fucking gone for her already that he doesn't know how he could lose her if this isn't something she's okay with.
Logically, he knows that if she doesn't accept him for who he is that she's not worth his time but fuck, he loved her.
YN was it for him, he didn't care how early it was or if you’re ot supposed to say that yet because they haven't been together long.
It was the truth though.
Harry wanted to try to make it as casual as possible when he brought it up so he invited her to sleepover after an away game.
He'd organized his room, cleaned his sheets, bought her favorite snacks, and laid out a shirt that she'd want to sleep in.
When she knocked on his bedroom door, one of his mates must have let her in, his hands were physically shaking and his smile was forced through nerves.
"Hi," YN huffs as she brushes past him to drop her overnight bag, "I brought a bag of chips but Niall literally stole them out of my hand and ran away like a little goblin -"
"I have something I need to tell you," Harry blurts out as he quickly shuts the door and leans up against it - he felt like he was about to have a full blown panic attack.
YN freezes from her rant, eyes meeting his with concern at his behavior and his body language, "Is everything okay, H?"
Harry squeezes his eyes shut for a moment and tries to breathe out of his mouth, voice quaking, "I-I don't know."
Fuck, why did he feel like he was going to cry.
"Harry," YN murmurs from where she's sat on his bed now, "You're freaking me out a bit. What's going on?"
"I haven't told you something, important about me," Harry sniffles, he couldn't control the tears that were rolling down his cheeks, and he felt like that scared high schooler all over again, "And I'm scared you won't want to be with me if I tell you."
YN's brow furrows, she doesn't know how to respond because she doesn't know what he's been hiding from her.
"Tell me," She asks softly, her heart was pounding too - she didn't know if he was going to break up with her or tell her he already cheated but she was worried just as much as he was.
"M'not straight," Harry finally whispers, looking down at his feet and avoiding her gaze all together, "I'm pansexual and demisexual. I haven’t been with anyone other than you, ever. God, I know I sound like such a fucking loser."
"Come here," YN responds firmly, her eyes serious and he can't read her expression which makes everything worse as he cries, sniffling and wiping his cheeks with the back of his hand.
He listens though, cautiously walking until he's in front of her - eyes still looking anywhere but at her.
"Look at me," YN prompts once again, waiting until his watering green eyes finally meet hers, "I love you, no matter what your sexual preference is or how many people you've been with."
"You-You love me?" Harry stutters out with another sob, he felt like such a baby but his heart was fluttering and butterflies were turning his stomach.
"I thought I've made it obvious but yes, I do," YN smiles sweetly, pulling him down to kiss him despite his damp cheeks, "I love you as you are. I accept you as you are. You're perfect."
Harry blinks away his tears, letting her cup his jaw and bring him in for short but soft pecks over and over again.
"I know what pansexual is," YN says against his mouth before pulling back a little, "I don't know what demisexual is."
After Harry gets done explaining to her what his sexuality means to him, what he defines as being demi sexual - he's alarmed when he notices tears in YN's eyes now.
"I'm- Are you-" Harry begins to ask but she cuts him off.
"I'm your person?" YN repeats his words from earlier, she sounds like she’s a bit in disbelief that this is all happening.
"You’re my person," Harry agrees, kissing her forehead, nose, lips, cheeks, "I'm so in love with you. It's only ever been you. Only ever will be."
"I love you," YN gasps against his lips, bringing him in for another kiss but this time it's more heated with more purpose behind it as she pulls him down on top of her.
YN and Harry are equally frantic as they tug off each other's shirts, lips wandering over bare skin, and YN whines loudly when his lips wrap around her nipples and suck at them.
She's hurriedly pushing his shorts and briefs off his hips before allowing him to nearly rip her panties with the eagerness to have her bare.
As Harry's mouth teases at her breasts, switching between harden buds and nipping at them - her hands are twined tightly in his hair and holding him to her.
His cock is painfully hard, wet at the tip as he grinds it against her mound - the friction already good.
On one thrust, his length slips through her folds and his swollen head is pumping at her clit - making them both let out a surprised moan at the sensation.
"Need it," YN whines as he pumps his hips, the wet slide against her core was new to him but it felt like heaven, "Please, H."
And he knew what she was asking, he wanted to give it to her but he was scared that it wasn't going to be good.
"It's my first time," Harry mumbles embarrassedly, even though he had already admitted that to her, "I don't know how long I'll last,"
YN wriggles her hips, hissing in pleasure when his cock drags against her slit, teasing at pushing in before pulling away. 
"It's okay, baby," She assures him, petting at his hair, "I just want you, please. I don't care how long you last, just want you. Want to make you mine."
Want to make you mine.
Holy fucking shit.
"Yeah," Harry rasps, voice deeper than ever, feeling a building up in confidence at how bad she wanted him right now.
He was so used to being the best at everything.
He was the best baseball player in the college leagues.
He was the best pitcher to ever attend Duke.
He was the first person to get an MLB draft pick before graduation.
He wasn't used to not being confident in hai abilities but he truly felt the love radiating from YN and knew that she just wanted him however she could get him.
Harry takes a deep breath, hand shaking as he grips himself, positioning at her entrance, and when he pushes in - he knows he moans loud enough that the whole house will be able to hear him.
"Shit, baby," Harry mewls as he drops his head down to take a deep breath before moving, "You feel so good. Fuckin' hell."
"H, move please," YN begs as she wraps her legs around his hips, "You're so big. Feels amazing, please honey."
Harry nods, one more deep breath before he's pulling out nearly to his tip before thrusting back in - the hot, velvet of her walls squeezing him and it was surely what euphoria felt like.
He can feel his orgasm already brimming over and it couldn't have been more than a minute or two - between the feeling around his cock, how pretty the noises she's making are, and the way her tits jiggle with every stroke - he can't last.
"M'sorry," Harry groans as his stomach starts to tense, "M'coming, you feel so good. You're gonna make me come."
With that, he's speeding up and pounding in harder than before - YN’s hand reaches down to rub expertly at her clit until she's clenching up around him and whimpering as her thighs shake.
Harry pulls out after a moment, ducking to grab his discarded tee shirt to clean them both up - he knows his cheeks are twinged pink with embarrassment.
"Hey," YN giggles, grabbing his attention and squishing his cheeks between her hands as she grips his chin, "Don't get all shy on me now."
"M'not being shy," Harry pouts as his words are muffled from his cheeks being smooshed, "I just look like a dickhead, I just came in a fuckin' minute."
YN rolls her eyes, fuck she's so pretty, her skin was literally glowing, "So what? Just means we get to practice more."
Harry chuckles, already feeling the tension ease form his chest, "For the rest of our lives. I only want this with you, ever. My body is yours."
"And I will always love it," YN murmurs more seriously, forehead pressed against his, "I love you for you. I accept you for you. You’re perfect and you're enough."
And after this, Harry never ever doubts that YN is the one for him - not in a few days or a decade when they're married and have four little babies running around that look just like him.
You are never alone.
There is always someone ready to listen, there is no struggle too little or too big.
The world needs you here.
Trans Crisis Line
LGBTQIA+ Crisis Talk, Chat, or Text
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ivurszn · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
baby, you were the love of my life.
⌗ volume one , volume two , volume three | masterlist
Tumblr media
— one sweet day by @sunfleurry
─ darker days ( before brighter days ) by @wroteasongabouther
─ there’s no us by @wroteasongabouther
─ for the kids by @wroteasongabouther
─ heartbreaker by @wroteasongabouther
— second guesses by @nvrrmiind
— don’t you love me? by @gucciharrywritings ❪ part two ❫
— narcissistic behaviour by @hazzmedicine
— two ghost by @meet-me-in-the-kitchen ❪ part two ❫
— the lonely hearts club by @meet-me-in-the-kitchen
— where’s your heart? by @meet-me-in-the-kitchen
— composure by @kwritingbooks
— three years by @kwritingbooks
— why did you leave me? by @knowiloveyoubabe
─ secret by @watchmegetobsessed
─ minecraft beds by @barkrry
─ one angry voicemail by @sunflowerkissess
─ weird cravings by @enchantedsoulofmine
— dorthy by @thismaydestroyme
— hair clip by @cherievol6
— be easy on yourself by @kwritingbooks
— first time for everything by @gremlinvanfleet
— dodgeball by @watermelonsugacry
— cant sleep without you by @stylesharrys
— late night talking by @watermelonsugacry
— crying in love by @satanhalsey
— rainbow cardigan by @stylesberries
— kisses by @harrysfolklore
— my love by @sweetsbfreex
— hypothetically by @stylesmygucci
— miles high by @loveletter4harry
— tiktok duets by @astranva
— car sick by @sunflowerkissess
— love on the brain by @sylvierouge
— untitled by @jarofstyles
— hands of gold by @antiodote
— her beautiful, ruined boy by @cinnamongirlrry
— little bird by @wroteasongabouther
— theadora by @meetmymouth
— the best man by @glutenfreepeach
— dadrry by @shroombloomm
— songs of hers by @chaoticloving
— lia and harry’s story by @narryfdreaming
— the sun will rise by @watchmegetobsessed
— jealously by @kwritingbooks
— a deep dive by @daaydreamy
— one ❪ @stylesmygucci ❫
— two ❪ @meet-me-in-the-kitchen ❫
— three ❪ @sunflowerkissess ❫
— four ❪ @gucciwins ❫
Tumblr media
completed | © ivurszn 2022
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lukesaprince · 11 months
Best Friend’s Brother H.S
warning: smut
word count: 6100+
summary: your best friend’s brother has always been an unattainable fantasy, until he wasn’t. ( fratboy!harry )
authors note: I legit have had this in my drafts for 6 months because I haven’t been able to finish but here she is. This is such fratboy!harry because I’m obsessed with him and it probably will have a part 2 because I really wanna continue this storyline so enjoyyyyyy x
read part 2 here
- Find my Masterlist here -
Spending the weekend at your best friends house had many perks, the first one being that you got to see her... obviously. She lived an hour away from you, near the coast so you stayed with her all the time during Summer, exploring the surf beaches near her as well as doing a lot of day drinking. 
Another perk though... was her older brother, Harry. 
You all had grown up together but Harry was always an arms length away. The two of you tended to be a bit separate from each other, quickly growing further apart as you got older. You were super close as kids but like all of the boys you grew up with, you drifted apart and never seemed to reconnect properly, even if you spent nearly every weekend at his house.
Over the years Harry had gone through many changes. Puberty hit him like a truck and before you knew it he was no longer that awkward lanky kid, he was a tall, buff man who worked hard at the gym, building muscle and toning his incredible torso until just his physique alone made your mouth water. 
Then there were his tattoos. Fucking hell his tattoos. Two detailed swallows near his collar bones, a large butterfly, or moth (you definitely wanted to get close enough to find out) right under his pecks and oh, the two ferns on either side of his v-line. He had many more, a patchwork covering his left arm as well as one on his upper thigh that you desperately wanted to see fully. 
You were sick of the small glimpses you got when he wore swim shorts. You just wanted to rip his clothes off so you could see him bare, you were desperate to explore every part of him.
Yeah... you had it bad. 
God, everything about him was a turn on. He towered over you in height which you loved and fuck, his hands were huge. You just wanted them to wrap around your neck and become your new favourite necklace. 
It was shameful the amount of times you fantasised about it, one large hand wrapped firm around your throat while the other fingered you in hard motions, his lips brushed right against your ear as he told you how much of a good girl you were. 
You could almost feel it, his hard cock pressed against your leg because the sound of his fingers fucking into your wet cunt was too much for him to bear. He’d rock into you, trying to find release before it wasn’t enough and he just had to replace his fingers with his cock. 
That exact fantasy was what woke you up in the middle of the night, body jolting to a sitting position, covered in a thin layer of sweat as you tried to control your frantic panting. 
Your eyes drifted to the clock on the bedside table: 3:25am. You had gone to bed hours ago, the large jug of homemade sangria you drank mixed with the Summer sun knocking you and your friend out at only 9pm. 
You then looked to the other side, hoping that your alarmed awakening and heavy breathing didn’t wake up your friend. To your luck, she was still sound asleep, mouth wide with a small trail of drool dripping down onto the pillow.
You cracked a small smile before rubbing your hands up and down your thighs, trying to shake the achey feeling that had grown between your legs because of your dream. 
Oh, the dream.
It felt way too real and got you way too worked up. You could feel your thin cotton shorts soaked against you but there was no way you could do something about it. You were horny, sure, but you definitely weren’t about to masturbate in your best friends house, her family’s house.
Maybe water will help, some fresh air? 
Deciding that was the best option, you slowly got out of bed, careful not to wake your friend as you tip-toed out of the room and closed the door behind you. After making your way downstairs and into the kitchen, you turned on the small pendants over the island bench, not wanting to wake anyone up by having the whole room lit up.
You grabbed a glass from an overhead cupboard then filled it up with water from the tap, jumping up to sit on the island bench as you took shaky sips. You couldn’t stop thinking about it, the way his hands felt on your skin and... inside of you. 
You always hated realistic dreams, especially the good ones because you knew that they would never happen in real life. But oh, you wanted it to, especially this one. You honestly would’ve done anything to have one night with Harry, even just a kiss.
You had fixated on his mouth enough to know that you wanted to kiss him. 
Okay, this was definitely becoming a problem. But what else could you do? He wasn’t interested in you like that, while always kind and chatty, he definitely didn’t want to fuck you. 
“What’re you doin’ up?” a low raspy voice echoed from behind you, causing you to tense up instantly. 
Fucking hell, just his voice was enough to make your core clench in suspense. 
“I couldn’t sleep” you replied quickly before taking a sip of water, not trusting how shaky your voice was. 
You made the mistake of turning to look at him, eyes going wide as you took him in. He stood in the doorway of the kitchen, a very short pair of sleep shorts hung low on his hips exposing his very prominent v-line and bare chest, tattoos on display that were enhanced by his tan. He rubbed his eyes sleepily, hair all unruly from just being asleep.
Fuck me.
It was almost instant that you began blubbering like a fish, coughing on the sip of water you took at conveniently the wrong time. 
Harry rushed over to you and grabbed the glass out of your hand, placing it on the bench before rubbing on your back with light taps.
“You alrigh’, love?” he chuckled, tapping your back and staring you right in the eyes.
He was close, way too close for comfort. You could actually feel the warmth of his bare torso near your leg and it made you itch, a shiver running down your spine at how close yet far away he was. 
Aside from that though, you were utterly embarrassed that just looking at him made you choke on water. 
“Y-yeah, shit sorry, I dunno why that happened” you blushed, tearing your eyes away from his intense eye contact and chewing on your bottom lip as your cheeks grew hot.
He stopped tapping against your back and instead began rubbing up and down, palm flat as he moved along your spine. His touch was hot, almost burning you as goosebumps rose on your skin in a path following his hand. You couldn’t help but squeeze your legs together, praying that he wouldn’t notice the small shift.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), luck doesn’t always go your way.
“I think I know why it happened” his voice barely above a whisper as his eyes zeroed in on your thighs, the oversized t-shirt you wore making it seem like you had no pants on.
Harry’s hand suddenly retreated from your back, body immediately missing his touch. But it wasn’t gone for long. Before you could even look at him, he had made his way in front of you, hands coming to rest on the bench at either side of your hips, close enough so his thumbs brushed against your bare skin.
Your eyes snapped to his, seeing him already staring at you with such intensity, like the way he does when you’re speaking to him and he gives his full attention to you. But this time, his eyes aren’t those bright green orbs you loved to admire from afar, they were dark and cloudy with blown iris’.
There is no way it was real. You had seen people look at you like that before, but never Harry.
“What are you talking about?” you stammered slightly, not being able to resist looking down at his plump lips for a moment.
He definitely noticed that.
“You think I don’ see you looking at me all the time? Starin’ at me like you want to rip my clothes off?” He rasped, voice slow and teasing.
Harry was unable to stop himself looking at your mouth either, nearly moaning out loud when he saw you bite down on it anxiously. You did that a lot and it drove him mad.
“I-I don’t-” you couldn’t even finish your sentence, too hot with embarrassment as you turned your head to look away and scrunched your t-shirt in your hands, suddenly very aware of your legs barely covered by the small shorts you wore.
“Yeh know what really gives it away though?” His voice lowered to a tone you had never heard before as he leaned closer, taking opportunity of your turned head to brush his lips against your ear. “The way you moan my name in your sleep”
“You’re lying” you gasped, turning your head towards him so suddenly your nose lightly grazed his as he moved his head back.
He smirked and shook his head with a light chuckle, pressing his tongue to the inside of his cheek as he nudged his thigh against the middle of your pressed knees.
Your body automatically spread your legs for him before your mind could even process how stupid you were being. He once again took advantage of your position and took a step closer, spreading your legs further so he was close enough that his crotch brushed against yours ever so slightly.
That light touch sent your body on fire.
“Why would I lie when the reason I’m awake right now is because your filthy moans woke me up. You’re just lucky the rest of my family sleep like rocks” he replied, leaning his upper body closer to yours.
Your hands pressed against his pecs in an instant, trying to keep some distance between the two of you in shock of what he just admitted to you. You couldn’t believe that you actually moaned in your sleep, and loud enough for him to hear and actually wake up.
A major part of you was mortified and wanted to run away from him and hide but there was also a small voice in the back of your head telling you to take the leap and see how far you could take this. 
The opportunity was right there and you knew a situation like this would never happen again. He wouldn’t have told you that he heard you if he wasn’t interested, and he definitely wouldn’t have been looking at you the way he was if he didn’t want this to go somewhere. Right?
Either way you definitely would’ve regretted not taking the chance. Worst-case scenario is that he laughs in your face and tells you that he was joking, something you'd definitely cry over. But the best-case however, was that you would get the best fuck of your life.
Besides, Harry wasn’t mean and you knew he would never deliberately do something to hurt you.
“Did you like what you heard?” You asked shyly, sliding your hands up his warm chest to hook around his neck.
He cocked his head in surprise, not expecting the response he got. “No.” He lied straight through his teeth, of course he fucking liked it, he loved it. But you didn’t need to know that… Harry loved to tease.
Your heart dropped into the bottom of your chest, hands loosening as you looked right into his eyes, trying to control the embarrassed flush that was creeping up your neck.
Okay, so you definitely read this wrong.
“If it were real life you would’ve woken up the entire house with how loud I’d have you moaning, not those pathetic little whimpers I was hearing”
Well… fuck.
A whimper, similar to the one he was referring to dropped from your lips at his words. You couldn’t help it, even his voice sent you spiralling.
His hands moved from the bench and up the side of your hips, one remaining at your waist as the other continued gliding up, coming to rest at the base of your jaw.
“In sayin’ that though, you’re gonna have to be real quiet if you want me to fuck you. Can you do that sweetheart?” he teased, using his thumb to rub along your lower lip, dipping it in your mouth slightly with each movement. 
You nodded breathlessly and couldn’t help but tilt your chin forward to bring his thumb in your mouth. Maintaining eye contact with him, you began to lightly suck on his thumb, biting down gently between swirls of your tongue.
Harry kept staring at you as a low groan left his lips once your head started to bop lightly on his finger. “Fuck, you really are a dirty little thing aren’t you, love?” he rasped, licking his lips as you let go of his thumb with a small pop, letting your tongue capture the string of saliva connecting your mouth to his thumb.
He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to taste you.
Harry leaned forward in an instant, his mouth connecting with yours with need and passion you didn’t even know he felt for you. His arms wrapped around you to pull you closer to the edge of the bench, his hardened cock now pressed fully against you with delicious pressure that made you gasp.
Harry used this to his advantage and slipped his tongue into your mouth, exploring it and easily fighting domination in the kiss. He wound his fingers into the hair at the back of your head, using this leverage to tug your head in the direction he wanted to take control of the kiss.
It felt so good, his body pressed against yours alone was enough to send your mind racing. But then the kiss. Oh god the kiss. It was so hot and heavy and you could feel your underwear get more soaked as it went on.
You needed him closer, impossibly closer with the clothing separating the two of you.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and hooked your legs around his hips, bucking yours to grind against him in a bid to get friction against your swollen and needy clit.
Harry let out a low groan at the feeling and used his grip on your hair to tug your head back, breaking the kiss so he could attach his lips to your jaw, right under your ear. His spare hand moved to grab onto your hip, stopping you from moving.
“Be good y/n, I’m in control and when ’m ready to touch your wet little cunt I will. Understand?” He whispered, voice with a hint of harshness that sent a jolt straight to your core.
Oh fuck. He knows exactly what to say.
You could only whimper in response, unable to un-fog your brain at how hot you found his words. His other hand suddenly moved from your hip to your jaw, squeezing it tight to force you to look at him.
“I said. Do you understand?” he repeated, voice rougher with slight anger as he looked right into your eyes.
“Yes” you replied quietly, a small smirk forming on his face at your reply.
“Good girl... now, is this okay?” he asked, dominance still clear in his tone.
“Yes” you couldn’t say anything else, too overwhelmed already and Harry had hardly touched you.
“Good... now tell me love, what exactly got you all hot and bothered, hmm? What did dream me do that made you wake up all sweaty?” he asked, bringing his mouth close to your ear again.
You couldn’t respond, only bringing your hands to his shoulders and digging your blunt nails into them as he began to pepper your neck with hot kisses, sucking and biting at the places that elicited a small gasp from your mouth. 
You had many sensitive spots on your neck and Harry was determined to mark them all.
“Cat got your tongue?” he teased, mouth forming a smirk as he bit down roughly at a particularly tender spot at the base of your neck. 
Your head lulled back as your eyes fluttered shut. You tried to stay quiet but between his body pressed to yours and his mouth on your skin you couldn’t help but moan at his touch.
The nagging thought in the very back of your mind that someone could walk in on the two of you at any moment only increased the tingling in your clit, and grew the aching need for Harry to make you cum. 
“Tell me or I stop” he demanded, keeping one hand on your jaw while the other slipped underneath the hem of your oversized t shirt, sliding up your waist and finding its way to your bare breast.
“Fuck” you cursed, back arching into his touch as he pinched your nipple gently between two fingers, pain and pleasure jolting through you all at once.
“Tell me” he repeated, delivering a harsh pinch to your nipple causing you to jerk and whimper at the pain.
Harry brought his head from your neck and leaned back to look at you, his grip tightening on your jaw slightly as he moved his other from your breast down to your hip.
He loved how you reacted to his touch, how heavy he had you breathing and how blown your pupils were when he had hardly touched you. He especially loved how red and puffy your lips were, and he wished he could have them wrapped around his cock.
“I-” you puffed, his intense gaze causing you to blush. Just the hand on your jaw was making your head spin; the large, veiny hand you always fantasised about. 
Come on y/n, get some courage and make a move.
“I thought about your hands...” you grabbed onto the hand on your jaw and guided it down to around your neck, Harry allowing you to move it freely. 
His grip on your hip tightened at the movement, just the image of his hand around your neck caused his cock to twitch, still pressed right against you so you could feel the effect you were having on him. 
It was heaven, knowing that just a simple movement impacted Harry the way he had been impacting you for months.
“Go on” he edged, needing to know what else you had been thinking about him. You thinking about him. Harry had been fantasising about you for months, not that you had any clue of his long affection for you.
“One here... and one here...” you grabbed his other hand from your hip, pressing it flat against your stomach as you slid it, along with your own hand into the waistband of your shorts. His hips parted from yours instantly, providing space for you to do whatever you wanted.
Harry would’ve done anything you asked.
You guided him down, never breaking eye contact except to flutter your eyes closed when his fingers moved on their own to make contact with your slick clit, puffy from how turned on you were. 
“Fuck... you’re so wet love” he cursed, rubbing small circles on your clit as your thighs clenched around his hand in response. “Continue, please” he urged, the desperation clear in his voice. Your hand disappeared from your pants and gripped right onto the bench beside you.
“You-you, fuck” you bit down on your lip, dropping your face onto his shoulder to try and conceal the sounds escaping you, hips bucking to meet his fingers. Swallowing a moan, you tried to continue, this time nuzzling your face into his neck and pressing kisses between your words.
“You’d finger me roughly ‘till I came...” you whispered, moaning lowly in his ear at the tightening of his hand around your neck.
“Like this?” he replied, voice raspy and low as he circled your entrance and slid two fingers into you with ease. 
“Yes” you puffed, moaning sweetly into his ear as you tried to control your volume.
Harry began thrusting his fingers at a steady pace, grinding his palm on your clit at the same time. “Oh god, Harry”
“Gotta be quiet love” he hushed, bringing his hand to the back of your neck and pressing your face further into his skin to muffle the noise more. You felt so good, so warm and hot around his fingers that his cock twitched at the thought of being inside you.
“More, please-fuck! Harry, harder” you urged, wrapping your arms around his waist and under his arms, curling them so your fingers dug into his shoulders. If only your chest was bare also, you just wanted to feel as much of his skin as possible. 
Your nails clawed into his shoulder causing Harry to moan at the pain as you felt him begin to curl his fingers in a ‘come here motion’ inside of you, hitting at the spot that made your whole body jerk with each thrust. 
Oh gosh, even the smell of him was driving you crazy, the musky cologne he wears mixed with sweat.
Everything about him drove you insane.
Harry thread his fingers into the hair at the nape of your neck and pulled your face back, clashing his mouth with yours and instantly slipping his tongue along yours, needing to swallow all your moans.
“You feel so good around my fingers baby, this all for me? All mine?” he praised, bringing his lips away from yours slightly to speak.
All Harry wanted to hear was that you were his, that only he got to touch you like this and he was damn sure that by the time he was through with you, he’d have marked you as his and ruined you for anyone else. 
“All yours” you gasped against his mouth, the sense of ownership he was beginning to claim on your body feeling like euphoria itself.
For now it was all words, all dirty talk that was spoken in the haze of pleasure but you definitely hoped they’d be spoken when this was over too.
Your hips shook as you spoke, the vibrating in your thighs signalling the beginning of your first orgasm of the night. Harry was determined to give you many.
“Harry” you whimpered, squeezing your eyes tight as he used his thumb to rub against your clit, the sensation triggering your overpowering orgasm.
Harry pressed his mouth against yours tight, feeling your thighs tense around his hand as your whines became more high pitched. He slowed his fingers to a halt and only used his thumb to work you through your orgasm. 
It had been ages since someone besides yourself had made you cum, so the pleasure shooting through your belly was so intense and made both your body and mind all warm and fuzzy.
It started at the deepest pit in your belly and shot out from there, your clit pulsing like crazy as your legs clenched in response to the pleasure erupting inside your entire body. It felt so warm and you knew your skin was flushed.
Panting against Harry’s mouth, you slumped slightly onto him and flattened your fingers against his shoulders so they were no longer digging into them; although by how hard Harry felt against your thigh, you knew he had to like the pain.
Even though your orgasm was complete bliss, you were still insatiable and hungry. His promise of making you wake up the whole house hadn’t been fulfilled and while you definitely didn’t want anyone to know what the two of you were doing on the kitchen counter, you needed him to attempt to make you scream… on his cock.
“You good darlin’?” He asked, pulling his mouth from yours to look at the exhausted expression on your face. His hand dropped from your neck to rest on the bench beside your hip.
You nodded in response, eyes opening just in time to see him remove his fingers from your shorts and lick them clean, his enjoyment evident by the smirk on his face. “Tasty.” He licked his lips.
Oh did that just turn you on even more.
“I need you to fuck me” you panted, still breathless from your orgasm.
Harry’s brow quirked and the smirk on his face grew. He leaned in closer again so his lips brushed against yours, pushing his hips against your crotch that now had a large wet patch from your cum.
“Yeah? Need me to fuck you? So greedy, hmm?” He teased, running his tongue over his bottom lip (and yours at the same time). He rocked his hips into yours, the friction against your sensitive clit almost too much for you to bare.
You nodded urgently in response and tried to tilt your head up so your lips met his, but he only moved his head back at the same time to tease. “Beg”
“Please Harry, need you, need your cock” you urged, running your fingers through the hairs at the nape of his neck.
“How bad do you need it?” He needed to hear you beg more than anything. Harry loved nothing more than being praised and told that he was needed, especially in that whiny tone you use that makes him harder than a rock.
Your cheeks tinted with pink the more he continued to rock into you, his cock so close but so far away from being inside of you.
“So bad, Harry. ‘M so wet for you, I need your cock inside of me so bad” you begged, the sound of your voice hushed but pitiful in your own ears.
“Good girl” he whispered, unable to speak louder as he saw the desperation in your eyes. He brought you into another messy kiss, loving how your tongue felt against his as you tugged onto his curls.
He loved when you did that.
His hands gripped tight onto your hips, moving down further to your thighs and massaging lightly as you continued to kiss. With one hand, he hooked a finger into the side of your shorts and easily pulled them to the side, exposing your slick centre to the crisp air.
Once you realised how close you were getting to him actually fucking you, you frantically moved your hands down to the waistband of his shorts. A moan of appreciation escaped against Harry’s mouth as his thumb pressed right against your clit, rubbing small circles to get you even more ready for him.
“Need-need a condom” he cursed against your mouth, suddenly remembering it as your fingers began tugging down his shorts.
“I have the implant” you replied, quickly pushing his shorts down his hips until they fell on the floor at his feet, leaving his gorgeous body fully naked in front of you.
“Fuck, ‘s like you were made for me” Harry groaned, having to tilt his head back in pleasure as you couldn’t help but wrap a hand around his hard cock.
Just the thought of being able to cum in you raw was sending his head in a spin, and the feeling of your soft delicate hand around him only pushed him further.
He was so big, long and thick with an angry red tip that matched perfectly to his lips that had become all puffy and rich in colour from your make-out session. You had imagined it a dozen times, what it looked like… how it felt in your hand… and how it would fit inside you as he fucked you.
Actually having it in your hand though was a whole different thing, and it made you drip. Kinda pathetic how just holding his cock was making you go feral, at least you thought it was anyway.
Without any more words, you hooked a leg around his hip and guided the head of his cock to your entrance.
The two of you let out simultaneous groans at the feeling of him pushing into you for the first time. The stretch made you whimper, his name dropping from your mouth in a hushed gasp as you gripped the counter tight in both hands.
He felt amazing and the feeling of him slowly going deeper inside was making you pant like crazy. Fuck, it’s been a while since you had a cock inside of you. 
You definitely missed it.
A hand slipped from your hip and onto the thigh you hooked around him as he finally bottomed out into you, pressing his forehead to yours as he gave you a moment to give him the go ahead. “You’re so tight, fuck darlin’”
“Fuck me Harry, please, don’t hold back” you urged in a whisper, gripping the back of his neck as before you kissed him roughly.
Harry groaned and moved before you even finished your sentence, drilling into you in quick sharp movements without any build-up. A small yelp left your mouth at the sudden thrusts inside of you, your g-spot hit with every movement.
“Be quiet y/n” Harry hushed, sliding his hand from your hip up to your neck and wrapping around you tight, pushing your upper body until it laid flat on the counter. He gathered your legs in one hand and pushed them up towards your chest, keeping them pinned there.
Your eyes rolled into the back of your head, this new angle allowing Harry better control, shown in the way he was able to swivel his hips while still remaining strong and fast.
Your hand flew to your mouth to try and muffle the noise as the other one blindly reached above your head and gripped onto the edge of the counter. He didn’t stop thrusting, drilling into your insides so hard you knew the ache would be there for days after.
“Good girl, fucking hell baby, you feel so good” Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off your face, the way your eyes scrunched up in pleasure had his head spinning. Fuck, and he was mesmerised by the way your tits bounced back and forth each time he moved into you.
“Tell me how it feels”
“Feels-feels... fuck” you gasped, unable to form a coherent sentence.
“I know baby, too good for words isn’t it? I thought about this, wrapped my hand around my cock so many times thinking about fucking you. Dream come true really” You moaned at his words, his admission making your heart beat like crazy.
“Goddd, I’ve thought about you for months” your back arched as you gripped his hand keeping your legs in position to relieve the pressure simmering in your stomach. Your second orgasm was building up so quickly it made you dizzy.
“Months huh? You kept this sweet pussy away from me for months?” he ran his thumb along where the two of you were connected, your wetness dripping out of you and onto the bench. He used this as lube to rub circles on your puffy clit and oh did he want to bend down and nip at it.
Another time.
“Bad fucking girl, hmm?”
“Gonna cum, f-fuck! Gonna cum” you panted, the added stimulation on your clit sending you further to the edge.
“Think you deserve it?” He smirked, hips shaking slightly as he tried to keep is own orgasm at bay. 
“Y-yes, fuck! Please” you cried, the tightness in your core becoming overwhelming.
“Gonna have to wait for me princess, you cum now and you won’t like what happens next time” he threatened, not giving up on his relentless assault on your clit.
Maybe, just maybe you could hold on if he was only fucking you, but that damn finger on you clit was making your whole body spasm.
Wait- what happens next time? Will there even be a next time?
“W-what happens next time?” You clenched around him, flying your hand up to your mouth to try and hide your uncontrollable moans as you tried so desperately to hold on.
“I’ll spank your ass raw, on second thought maybe you’d like it” he smirked, panting like crazy once he spoke. He was so close too, his core burning and his balls feeling like they were gonna burst. But he wanted to keep you on the edge a bit longer, make you hold out.
With any luck you won’t be able to hold it and he’d get to mark your pretty bum.
You whimpered at his words, loving the idea of large hand prints on your ass. But the urge to cum was getting too strong and you couldn’t think about anything else.
“Need to cum, please Harry, p-please” you mumbled behind your hand, tears leaking down the sides of your face.
When you begged like that how could he not oblige?
“Such a good girl, such a pretty girl… you cum when I tell you, okay?” His thrusts became erratic and his eyes flickering, between your tightly shut eyes and the place the two of you connected.
The moment he spotted the little puddle of your wetness on the counter he lost it, letting go of your legs so they fell to the sides of his hips and quickly gripping the back of your neck and pulling you forward so he could smash your lips together in a rough kiss. He couldn’t help but hold onto you tightly, your nails digging into his shoulders out of pure frustration.
“Cum for me baby” he grunted against your mouth, his hips stilling and shaking as he released in you with thick ribbons, his groan so loud he had to press harder against your mouth to muffle it.
You let go with a high pitched whimper, grabbing his shoulders tight as the sound echoed a little too loudly around the house. You clenched around him as your legs spasmed and your toes curled, your back arched ridiculously high against Harry’s chest. 
The edging he forced on you only made your orgasm more powerful and last so much longer than your first, your clit pulsed and ached as Harry drew you through it with soft strokes.
You panted against each others mouths, the grip you had on each other so tight you didn’t want to let go. You couldn’t even open your eyes to look at him, even though you so desperately wanted to see those emerald orbs. Especially if this was the first and last time you’d ever do this.
Although he did say ‘next time’. And you really really wanted there to be a next time.
“Fuck me, baby. You’re incredible” he mumbled, his breath slowing down as he released his grip on you, letting his arms fall to your hips.
“That was-that was…” you couldn’t speak coherently, dropping your head to his chest as you tried to slow your breathing.
“I know baby, I know” he whispered, pressing a chaste kiss to the top of your head. The action felt too intimate and you had to do something to break this feeling growing in your chest.
“I don’t know how I’m gonna walk back upstairs” you breathed out a laugh, because genuinely you couldn’t feel your legs after his ruthless fucking… and the two mind blowing orgasms.
“I’ll take care of you” but it wasn’t a joke like you thought he’d reply with, he said it in such a serious tone that you forced yourself to lift your head from his chest to look at him.
“You can’t say things like that Harry” you whispered, heart aching at the prospect of him caring about you. Your legs were still at his sides and he made no effort to slip out of you, you were still connected in your most intimate places.
“I want to, will you let me?” he squeezed your hips and looked at you longingly. Harry wanted more than to just take care of you right now... he definitely wanted to have sex with you again but now that he had you, there was no way he was letting you go.
You nodded in reply, not really knowing what to say because you didn’t know the extent to what his words meant. You hoped it would mean the possibility of a relationship, but you had already mentally set yourself up for a one night stand, so you weren’t getting hopeful just yet. 
“Good, now we better disinfect this bench before heading up because it’s covered in cum” he cheekily smiled making you scoff.
And just like that the mood was lifted. Thank God. 
“Ew Harry, you can’t say that!” you giggled, slapping his chest lightly. He only laughed and kissed you gently in reply.
Then all of a sudden a shrill shriek echoed through the house. “Oh My God!”
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jarofstyles · 3 months
Teenage Dirtbag 4
Tumblr media
Here he is… in all his asshole glory. The moment you’ve been waiting for.
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Warnings: smut, degrading, kind of short Sorry bffs
Harry had this in the bag.
At least, he’s pretty sure.
4 tutoring sessions down and he and Y/N have developed a schedule. Harry managed to not be so late and Y/N kept things pretty civil- though her eye rolls and huffs when he would flirt with her did slip through. Of course he was laying it on thick and complimenting her intellect, which wasn’t fake. Y/N was without a doubt one of the smartest people he had ever come across. She had straight A’s across the board, knew every answer to his questions without even blinking an eye, and so far?
She had avoided hooking up with him.
Harry could tell that she was attracted to him, though, and he used it to his advantage. Taking note of what she stared at and doing the most he could to get her to look further. His ringed fingers seemed to be the biggest contender on that list. The efforts to brush his with hers wasn’t met in vain, Y/N jerking back only after letting him pet at her just a little. It wasn’t immediately either.
There was a tension that Harry personally found delicious. She was trying very hard to not let him know her attraction but Harry was far too detail oriented now that he was truly paying attention to the cues and a crumb of attention from her. And boy, did he try.
He would arrive with drinks in tow and a cake pop for her every time, attentively highlighting the assists he noticed her eyes lingering on- aka his arms and hands as previously stated. Cut off shirts with his arms exposed and shorts exposing his toned legs were added to it all, and he definitely caught her eying up his tattooed arms every session. It was a stroke to the ego and a fun challenge considering she would look irritated every time she caught herself getting lost looking at him.
Harry wasn’t used to people telling him no, and Y/N wasn’t used to anyone making her this insane. On paper, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was trying, being nice, doing his work as he had so dutifully promised. But the little things sprinkled in and added to her attraction to the man she most definitely did not want to be affected by. It hurt her pride to know that he was the one that had her sneaking her hand under the sheets at night. The object of her most salacious thoughts, the images of those strong hands and cocky smirk did things to her that she loathed. It should be illegal, how enticing a complete and utter dickhead could be.
Despite it all, the dickish smirks and the knowledge that he most definitely wanted her in his bed, she didn’t want to give in. She really, really, didn’t.
That didn’t mean Drunk Y/N was of the same opinion.
When she was sober, she would regret this. 100% beat herself up over it, cry maybe for letting temptation get the best of her, but the way his hands felt on her body as he backed her into the door in his room and the muffled thump of music drowned out the protests. Her body was screaming for it, screaming for his touch and some damn relief.
“Finally.” His husky voice rasped into her neck as his hand grabbed a handful of her ass, squeezing the plus flesh. His own drunken antics had been in his favor, letting himself be less arrogant and more honest about his want for her downstairs. The man hadn’t even expected her to come considering she knew this was his frat, but it was a very welcome surprise to walk into the kitchen to see her giggling with her friends. It was obvious to him that she was checking him out as her giggles stopped, his confidence swelling as he walked over to her. He paid no mind to her little friends as he leaned down and whispered a request for her to follow him to somewhere quiet they could talk.
His hand held hers as he led her up the grand staircase, passing the bodies entangled in their own embraces. It was slightly awkward, his hand tugging her faster to get to his own bedroom.
Y/N hadn’t been sure what to expect, but she had never expected clean and properly organized. The only thing slightly messy was a corner where his practice bag was laid open and his shoes spilling out of it. Otherwise, it was clean. Some classic rock posters hung upon on the walls along with a guitar, which did surprise her. He played guitar? She would shelve that thought for later.
He also had a wax melter. The smell was quite nice compared to the other boys rooms she had been in.
Her appraisal of the room was interrupted by his voice.
“I see how you look at me.” He started. “And m’not saying it to start a fight. I just.. notice. I want you to know that it’s the same for me and I can’t stop thinkin’ about you.” His voice was a slight slur as he grabbed at her waist. Y/N melted into it, her hands coming up to smooth over his chest, taking note of the sharpen and slope of his muscle.
Goddamn it.
“Harry…” she whispered. “I know, but.. its hard. You’re such a fucking ass, but you’re hot. I hate that you know it.” Her eyes met his coyly, finger coming up to his jaw. “This is sharp. And-and I hate that I’m always staring at you. Just want to tutor you and go home but you’ve got to go and be all.. all sexy and annoying and make me want to jump your fucking bones.” Her little huff made his cock twitch. Why did he find her irritation so hot?
“Because I want to jump your bones too, darling.” His coo was low, rubbing her hips and pressing her against the wood of the door. “Why don’t we just do it once, hm?” He lifted a hand to cup her face in return, ,glazed eyes taking in the softness of her skin and the brightness in her own eyes. It couldn’t be helped that his thumb brushed her lower lip. “Get it out of our systems.” His voice was like a damn siren call to her, and this was getting dangerous. Dangerous because she totally wanted to fucking do it.
“You think?” She croaked, lips brushing his thumb as she looked up at him in wonder. “We can just… do it one time? N’then… we can do tutoring and you can leave me alone?”
For some reason, the idea of leaving her alone for good sent a pinch into his chest, ,but he wasn’t going to think about that right now. This was the obvious solution. One single time with their irritation and passion, they could fuck it away. He could get his way and be a decent student for her when they’re doing tutoring work and just poke a tiny bit of fun, but the weight of their sexual tension wouldn’t weigh them down anymore. It would be perfect.
“Yes. Can we?” Their noses brushed, his mouth aching to attach to hers. “Please? Promise I’ll be good for it.” Harry could get on his knees and beg for it at this point. She could put him out of his misery of thinking about her every time he had to cum, of only craving her smart mouth and her snarky smile. It was driving him absolutely mad, and he wasn’t above begging her for it considering she was all over him too.
Y/N thinks it was the tiny hint of a whimper that broke her. Grabbing the back of his neck and pulling his mouth down to her for the roughest kiss she ever had in her life, she felt like she was possessed. Possessed with the need she had been repressing for so long, wanting this man’s hands on her. Dreaming about it, wanting to know if the rumors are true. If he was truly as gifted in the dick department as everyone seemed to claim.
He was.
Y/N was allowing herself to get lost in it.
Each drive of the thick cock inside of her had her thighs shaking, nails digging into his skin as she whined into the air. There was no doubt in her mind that she would regret it now because there was no way she wasn’t going to want this again. She wouldn’t- no. She would not give into him no matter how good this felt, no matter how perfectly curved he was and hit her spot perfectly over and over… she would remain strong. But this was her time to enjoy it.
“Fuck.” Her growl fed into his speed, hand wrapped around her throat as his mouth covered hers again. There was nothing calm about this. The bed frame hitting the wall as he buried himself inside of her, claiming his victory. The hot, wet cunt taking him greedily each time. His pants weren’t even off his ankles fully,. There had been no time to waste, pushing her on the bed and sliding into her welcoming cunt with a need he had let overtake him.
It was worth the wait. Worth the bickering. He never felt a cunt so perfectly wrapped around him- and he had been around the block a few times. Her hair haloed against his comforter, her heels digging into his back as he looked down at her body. The dress was messed up, cups of her bra strown to the side and breasts bouncing with each thrust- he had to take advantage. Taking one of the nipples into his mouth, teeth grazing as his cock rammed into her sopping wet hole, he knew he had won.
“One time only, huh?” He smirked at her as he popped off her nipple. Her hands had migrated to be buried in his curls, the fiery glare only spurring him on.
“O-only tonight.” She hissed back before tugging on his hair. A mistake, considering he let out one of the most erotic moans she had ever heard. Of course he liked a bit of pain, dick inside of her pulsing at the pressure of her grip.
“Mhm… sure. Like you won’t be gagging for it next time. I’ll-Fuck, this is perfect pussy.” He pressed his forehead to hers. “And it’s made for my cock. See? Should have just l-let me have it the first night.”
The cocky, arrogant son of a bitch. His heavy thrusts were perfect, hand covering her head so it didn’t knock into the headboard. “No. Never having it again. It isn’t yours.” The words were ruined with a moan, the fingers pressing into the side of her throat making her lose her train of thought. As much of a dick as he was- his cock was making up for it. Deep down she knew the truth. He knew the truth. It would be hard to stay away from him like this when it felt this fucking good.
“Whatever you say, princess.” She wanted to smack the smirk off his face, but resorted to tugging on his hair again. It did the job, melting the grin from his puffy lips and getting another groan.
“Shut up and do the one thing you’re good for.” The tone of her words had him throbbing. “Fuck me.”
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eversincelosangeles · 1 month
frat boy harry styles x reader
warnings/content: fluff, first kiss, inexperienced reader, smut, fingering, oral (m receiving), aftercare
summary: harry is your best friend and he invites you to visit his hometown, when things finally blossom between you two.
Tumblr media
Harry Styles. The heartthrob of the decade. That's what the media said, at least, and you had to agree. You and Harry had been close since you started touring with them, you tagged along because your dad was the tour manager and thought it was a much more fun summer activity than sitting at home all day. You must admit, you always found him attractive. Even when all you know of him was in the tabloids, who wouldn't fall for that smile.
The boys were currently filming their documentary, This Is Us, and Harry wanted to visit home.
You two were sitting on his bed in his trailer, listening to your favorite Fleetwood Mac songs and talking about some of the funniest memories from the tour so far.
"Hey, I've been meaning to ask you something." He said, as you were still laughing so hard you could barely breathe, but you quickly stopped, sensing the sincerity in his voice.
"What's up?"
"I... as you know I've been planning on visiting home for a few weeks..."
"Well, um... I've been wondering if you'd like to come with me."
Your heart jolted and you felt the oh-so familiar nervous lump in your throat you always got around him.
"I mean- if you don't want to- I didn't mean-"
"I'd love to."
He looked blank for a moment.
"Oh, okay." He smiled, the kind of smile you loved on him where you could see it reach his eyes. A smile just for you.
"Thank you for asking me." You prayed he couldn't see the heat rising in your cheeks.
"Yeah, of course. I'm excited for it." He said, almost giddy.
The nervous tension between you dissipated and was replaced with excitement.
"Me too!" You smiled and bounced a little on the mattress. "Will you take me to the bakery?"
"I'd love to."
"I'm nervous." You and Harry were pulling into his driveway.
"Nothing to be nervous about, love."
Something fluttered in your stomach. God, you loved when he called you that.
He walked you in and you were greeted by Anne and Gemma. You'd met them both before over Harry's FaceTime calls, but never got to talk for long. They were so welcoming and kind. Anne made you a cup of tea and Gemma wanted to know all the gossip from the tour, and you happily obliged, excited to have a girlfriend to chat with after being with five boys every day for almost a year. Not that you didn't love them, they were just... well... Boys.
Once it was nightfall, you went upstairs to Harry's room and got ready alone as he finished eating dinner. You saw his bed. A single bed. Why hadn't you thought about this before? Sure, he could've gotten an air mattress or something, but you had never considered being in the bed with him. It's fine, right? You two are just friends, after all.
Harry came up shortly after you snuggled into his bed, which was surprisingly comfortable. You called your parents to say goodnight as he got ready, and he climbed into bed next to you.
"G'night, don't let the bed bugs bite!"
You rolled your eyes at his terrible jokes that you secretly loved.
"Night, Harry."
You woke up, taking a second to adjust to the stream of sunlight coming from the window, before realizing you were up against Harry, head resting on his chest. You could tell by his slow breaths he wasn't awake yet. Thank god. You slowly and cautiously got up, trying not to wake him.
A few nights and mornings passed, and the tension grew. Why did you feel this way? This boy was purely your best mate. Your handsome, sweet, considerate, best mate. Shit. You were fucked.
That afternoon, Anne and Gemma had gone shopping and Harry was still asleep. You had been woken by the dog next door barking incessantly, but Harry didn't budge. You were putting away the dishes as a small favor to thank Anne for graciously letting you visit with Harry and all the home-cooked meals you had dearly missed while on tour.
"What're you doing?" You jumped up, surprised by the groggy voice behind you. Alas, it was Harry, hair tousled and rubbing his eyes. He looked so cute.
"Dishes." You smiled, putting a mug that Harry had gifted his mum when he was little that read 'besst mum in the wurld' in a cabinet.
"You know you don't have to do tha'."
It was usually his chore, but you wanted to thank Anne. It didn't hurt it helped Harry out a little too.
"I know, I wanted to. Anne has been so sweet, this is a small thank you." You looked over at him, and his eyes softened. Something flashed in them that you almost couldn't discern, before you dropped a plate with a crash.
"Shit! Harry, I'm so sorry-" you quickly bent down to clean up the three prices it had broken into.
"Hey, no worries. We have a plenty of those."
His eyes strayed to you as he got up to help, bent down in his favorite skirt you wore. God, he couldn't think that way about you. It would ruin your friendship.
But god knows how you've thought about him.
He walked over to help sweep up the smaller pieces and crouched down so you were on the same level. Your eyes met for a moment before you looked down and continued sweeping with your hands, but his eyes didn't leave yours. You tried not to look back up, your hands almost trembling. You'd never felt like this before. He moved closer to you and you couldn't help it anymore. You looked up into his eyes. Jesus, his eyes. You could spend an entire lifetime staring into them and never get bored. In an instant, his hand landed on your cheek and his lips met yours. Your stomach flipped, fireworks practically going off between you two. You were taken by surprise but quickly moved your lips against his. He stood up, hands on your waist pulling you with him. After what felt like an eternity, he broke the kiss, looking into your eyes. He never wanted to look away. Your fingers interlocked before you both heard the front door unlock and quickly stepped apart, just in time for Gemma and Anne to walk in. You prayed you were the only one who could hear your heart pounding against your chest and held your hands behind your back to prevent them from trembling further. Anne's eyes strayed to the broken dish.
"Harry! Did you break another plate? Two in one week, unbelievable." She scolded lovingly.
"Actually I-" you started, before Harry cut you off.
"Yeah, sorry mum." You tried to hide your surprise at his words. How much kinder could this boy get? He shot you a glance before continuing, "Y/N graciously insisted on doing the dishes and I bumped into her."
"Oh. Well, thank you dear. And Harry, be more careful!"
Gemma laughed at Harry and her and Anne went upstairs to unpack from their shopping adventures.
"Thank you, Harry."
Always? Did he mean 'anytime'? You were just overthinking again, right?
The kiss remained untalked about for the rest of the afternoon, but you couldn't stop thinking about it. His hands on you, how soft his lips were, god, just everything about him. You'd dreamt about kissing him for so long, you didn't know what to do next.
After climbing into bed per routine, you couldn't sleep. You never were able to fall asleep until he was next to you. He was taking extra long to come upstairs tonight, it had been an hour and you were stuck tossing and turning, alone. You wanted to make sure he was okay. Gemma and Anne were already asleep, so you tip-toed downstairs to find an empty kitchen and living room. Where the hell was he? You called out for him as quietly as you could and received no answer.
You peered out the window to the yard. The sky was a beautiful mirage of oranges and pinks.
You finally thought of where he might be. You found the window with the broken lock in the guest room, and carefully climbed out onto the roof, where you spotted Harry sitting on the other side.
He turned his head when he heard you, greeting you with a soft smile, and patting the spot next to him for you to come over.
You obliged, sitting next to him with enough space in between for you to remain sane enough to carry a conversation.
"You didn't come to bed."
"Sorry, I've had a lot on my mind. Needed to clear it."
This spot was where he always went to clear his mind, you knew that. But why? Was he regretting the kiss? Did he not want you anymore? Did he-
"You look beautiful." He interrupted your train of thoughts with a barely-discernable murmur.
Your heart fluttered and that familiar lump in your throat grew.
"So do you."
You were both looking at eachother. Into eachother.
Did he really just say that? Did you really just say that? Before you could process what you were doing, you leaned in at the same time he did and your lips met again. The golden sky cast a glow on your skin, his hand snaking to your lap to take hold of your hand. You both pulled away, lips pink and cheeks flushed.
"What is this, Harry?" You said softly.
"I've wanted to kiss you for ages, y/n."
"Took you long enough." You smiled, lips just inches away, and gently kissed him again. You wanted this feeling to last forever.
"Can we go back to my room? Just if you want, we don't have to-"
"Of course, H." This was all happening so quickly.
He climbed back through the window first, helping you down. You kept hold of his hand and walked to his room, turning around at the doorway to see his face flushed.
"What're you nervous for, Mr. Superstar?" You teased, he laughed.
Your lips were captured in another kiss, gently moving towards the bed. You could barely process what was happening. You stopped at the foot of the bed, sitting on the mattress as he gazed down at you. You were both nervous, that went without saying. You'd never done anything like this. Your first kiss was during spin the bottle in 9th grade, and that's about as far as your experience went. You knew Harry had dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and surely had more experience than you, but he seemed just as nervous.
"Um, H, I've never... I've never done this before."
"Oh. I mean- that's alright. We don't have to if you don't want to-"
"No no, I do. I just wanted you to know."
His cheeks somehow got even redder. It was adorable.
You moved so you were against the pillows, and he joined you on the bed, hovering above. You just kissed and kissed until you were both breathless, his hands wandering lower and lower. Your breath hitched when he reached the waistband of your shorts.
"'S this alrigh'?
You nodded your consent and he pulled them off. You pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you in your bralette and panties. He gazed at your chest, and you felt the urge to cover yourself out of vulnerability, but he pulled his own shirt over his head and leaned back in for a kiss. His hands roaming your sides, higher and higher until they reached your breasts.
"Can I..."
You nodded, still at a loss for words and breathless. He gently massaged them as he kissed along your collarbone. You couldn't help but whimper when he grazed your nipples through the fabric. You could feel his breathing quicken at your reactions, he just couldn't get enough of you. His hands moved down to your hips, and he looked up at you as he grazed your clit through the thin cotton, your eyes closing in response. He began to circle it with his thumb, eliciting more whimpers, stars exploding in your stomach. He looked at you for consent when he pulled his hands away to pull down the only thing keeping him from you. You murmured a yes, and your soaking panties fell to the floor. His fingers rubbed up and down your slit, and his eyes were wide at how wet you were. He slowly slid a finger into you, keeping his eyes on yours as you fought to keep them open.
You nodded and bit your lip, stifling the noises you were about to make as he hit the perfect spot inside of you.
"Use your words, love."
"Yes, yes, please don't stop." You managed to choke out as he added another finger and began thrusting and curling them to perfection. You gave up keeping your eyes open and let your eyes screw shut and head fall back. After a few minutes, you felt the heavy feeling in your stomach, you'd never approached your orgasm so quickly by yourself, let alone just using your fingers. Even his breathing became shallow as your whimpers got louder.
His head fell into the crook of your neck, shushing you quietly. You had almost forgotten his mom and sister were on the same floor, but it was so hard to contain yourself when he started sucking the spot on your neck that you didn't know felt so good.
"Harry- I'm so close. Harder. Please"
He groaned at your words, curling his fingers harder into the spot he'd quickly learned made you fall apart. Your legs began to quiver, it had never been this good before. You moaned his name like a mantra, and you could tell he loved it. Your climax hit you hard, scratching your nails into his back and wrapping your legs around him, wanting, no, needing to be close to him.
Everything stopped for a moment as you felt yourself come undone around his fingers. He could feel you fluttering around him and almost came in his pants for the first time since middle school. He slowed down as you came down from your high, your whines getting less frequent.
"Stop stop stop, shit." The overstimulation hit you all at once and he pulled his fingers out of you, coated in your wetness.
"You okay?"
You were practically melted into the bed in your post-orgasm haze, and Harry couldn't tear his eyes off of you. Christ, he had tried his best to hide his nerves and pretend he knew what he was doing and it had paid off. He just wanted to pleasure you until you couldn't take it anymore. But as you slowly returned to your senses, all you wanted was to make him feel just as good as he made you.
You sat up on your elbows, Harry on his kness above you, looking from his eyes to his obvious erection in his sweatpants.
"Can I..."
"You don't have to if you don't wan' to." He said sincerely.
"I do, I promise. Just wanna make you feel good." You whispered, sitting up on your knees and meeting his lips with yours, pulling down his pants, then boxers. You felt his erection hit his stomach, and you grazed his butterfly tattoo with your nails like he loved.
"Sit against the headboard, please." You said, almost inaudible with nerves and excitement. He obliged, fully taking off his pants in the process. He was big. Not to be cliche, but seriously, you'd never seen someone your age this sizeable. He reached around to unclasp your bra, taking a moment to figure it out as you bit back a smile. Once it fell to the sheets, he couldn't look away. You leaned down so you could take him into your mouth, looking up at him.
"I've never done this before, so just... tell me if I do something wrong."
He nodded, highly doubting he'd not enjoy anything you'd do to him. He watched as you spit in your hand and began stroking him, his head falling against the headboard and letting out a sharp breath. You took his tip into your mouth, and he watched as your cheeks hollowed as you began to suck. Every coherent thought vanished from his mind, replaced with the feeling of your mouth around him. God, she was so perfect.
You started bobbing slowly, trying not to gag as you took more of him into your mouth, swirling your tongue around his tip. He had a hard time believing you had never done this before. He hit the back of your throat and automatically bucked up. You pulled off with a small gag, holding your throat.
"Shit, I'm sorry, you okay? Didn't mean to..."
"I'm fine, just startled me." You smiled.
You continued your work, going even further than before, your hands stroking what your mouth couldn't fit.
"Shit, y/n, I'm gonna come." He was almost embarrassed at how fast he was going to finish.
You just went faster, looking up at him when you could to see how good he felt.
"So fucking good."
The praise made you even wetter, gently moaning against him. The vibrations pushed him to the edge, and he grabbed your cheeks to pull you off of him before he came, your hand still stroking him. His abs flexed and mouth agape, chanting your name, his cum landed all over your chest and his legs, and the sight of it alone almost made you both come again. You stroked faster, making sure he was done and bringing yourself back down to taste him. He could barely handle it.
"Christ." She felt like fucking heaven.
Your pupils were blown, breath heavy, looking up at him as he came down and he couldn't take it. He'd fantasized about you for so long - it all felt so surreal.
He pulled his boxers on and grabbed a towel for you from the bathroom, softly cleaning you up and giving you one of his shirts to wear. You lay in his bed, cheeks flushed, wearing nothing but his t-shirt, and he wished he had this view every night.
He climbed in next to you, pulling you in by your waist and pressing his lips to your forehead.
"Was that all okay?"
"Of course. Why?"
"I mean- I just didn't want to push your boundaries, and I just wanted to make sure you feel alrigh'."
Jesus, he was so sweet you were having a perpetual sugar rush.
"It was amazing, H. Thank you for asking."
He let out a breath of relief, and you planted a kiss on his lips.
"Night, Harry."
"G'night, love."
Request anonymously on my page!!! Love you all xx
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harrysarchive · 2 months
A request where Harry styles is a college football star student who has a crush on his single sexy proffesor, reader. One day, reader asked him to see after class
after class: h.s.
pairing: fratboy!harry x professor!reader
"i can tell you like the thought of this rendezvous with me." i smirk and she gasp.
"that is very inappropriate mr. styles."
fratboy harry has a hot professor and she calls him in after class.
p.s.a i didn't write the exact request but this is what i felt comfortable writing! thank you for the request! <3
Tumblr media
i let out an exaggerated sigh as i make my way to english literature, introduction to romantic poetry was the lesson of the week. at least the professor is bangin' hot. thick thighs, amazing curves and what looks like a d-cup set nicely on her chest.
professor y/l/n.
she was a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, the current school i was attending. a full ride football scholarship, i was the best wide receiver in the nation, uni's form all states where trying to pull me. i made the decision to attend UGA on logistics, the best football team in all the states, currently undefeated.
"you ready to see our professor?" niall snaps me out of my thoughts wiggling his eyebrows.
"bloody hell, yes. i don't think i could thank my advisor more for forcing me to do this class." i snicker and he chuckles shaking his head.
"tell me 'bout it." he comments licking his lips and i scrunch my face in disgust.
"watch yourself horan." i mumble as i see a group of girls waving at me and sending winks my way, i send them a wave before averting my eyes.
niall throws a punch at my arm before starting a light jog and i huff out a laugh before following him. sooner than later we find ourselves in professor y/l/n's lecture hall.
"romantic poetry is the poetry of the Romantic era, an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in Europe towards the end of the 18th century." professor y/l/n's states as she walks around her desk, a gray pencil skirt hugs her curvy hips, her freshly shaven legs on display, and a black turtleneck that sticks to her skin like glue. "i've decided to take a different route then the normal, 'Sonnet 18 by the beloved William Shakespeare', and instead we will start this unit with something from my background, 'El Beso' by Angelina Weld Grimké. which translates to 'the kiss', Grimké wrote the poem about a love song, full of passion, yearning, and confused emotions."
i lick my lips and pull my bottom lip between my teeth, she sits back on the desk and her hips plush out even more.
i never would've thought i could listen so much in a class.
"as like your other projects in my class you will either make a short story, making it easier for the common eye to read or, you will make a photo reflection. with that being said i would also like a short summary over 'El Beso.' she smiles at the class, "any questions?" no one raises their hand except, well me. "yes mr. styles?" she cocks an eyebrow.
"what is the grade point based on?"
"like all your other projects it depends on efficiency, the structure and etcetera." she replied folding her hand in-front of her chest, "also if i could see you after class mr. styles, we need to talk."
my heart drops to the pit of my stomach and i gulp down the knot in my throat, "of course professor y/l/n."
i'm fucked.
Tumblr media
"thank you so much for working hard today! i cant wait to see all of the things you guys have come up with. there will be a short quiz over El Beso next class so study hard!" professor y/l/n shooes everyone out, class ticked by at the slowest rate known to man kind.
i stand awkwardly at the foot of her desk and wait till she turns around beaming a smile at me.
"ah mr. styles! exactly who i wanted to see. please follow me to my office." she starts walking towards the direction of the locked office and opens it with her key.
"now no need to be scared, just wanted to talk to you about your grades." she smiles pointing me to sit in the chair in front of her desk.
she slides into her rollie chair as well and pulls out a manila folder with my name on the top right corner.
"okay it's just that you seem to be doing exceptional in my class, you are one of the top students that i have."
"but..?" i wait for the wooing factor that's bound to happen.
"but you are barely passing your other classes." she pulls out what looks like a report card you would get in grade school.
"a seventy is passing." i state bluntly as i look over the grades.
"that is true mr. styles, very true but how are you making seventy precent in all other class and passing mine with a ninety percentage average?"
it's because you make me focus.
"how do i make you focus?" she answer the question i thought was just in my head.
"i don't know okay? i mean look at you! you're the hottest professor i have! it hard not to pay attention when you are the professor!"
her eyes widen at my outburst and her ears flush, she straightens herself out and i notice that she squeezes her thighs together.
"i'm sorry? that i distract you?" she stutters putting her glasses on the top of her head.
"i can tell you like the thought of this rendezvous with me." i smirk and she gasp.
"that is very inappropriate mr. styles."
i get up and make my way towards her side of the desk pulling her chair out, i let my hands travel up her sides and to her shoulders, massaging them slowly as she lets out a whine.
"tell me this doesn't turn you on. the thought of you and me. me bending you over this goddamn desk and me fucking you senseless." i whisper in her ear and a shiver runs down her spine.
"we can't." she says bluntly causing a chuckle to leave my mouth.
"i didnt ask if we could did i, love?" she holds back an answer and i bring my lips to her neck pressing kisses on her sensitive skin, "i asked if this turns you on."
she pulls her bottom lip between her teeth and murmurs, "fuck it." before spinning around and crashing her lips with mine. i eagerly kiss back slipping my tongue between her mouth, she lets a moan slips out. i slip between her legs and my arms grab underneath her thighs picking her up with ease.
"wait," she whines pulling apart and pushing my chest.
"what baby?" i practically cry out wanting nothing more than to kiss her puffy lips again.
"the door, i didn't lock it."
i let out a chuckle before dropping her to her feet and briefly pecking her lips, quickly locking the door. y/n leans over the desk, the plump of her ass sticking out.
"so you do want this?" i muse as my hand runs along down arch of her back.
"shut up and fuck me." she grunts through gritted teeth causing my cock to swell in my pants.
i slip a hand through the front of her skirt splitting her sleek folds before my thumb makes contact with her sensitive puffy clit rubbing tight circles, her whimpers and moans start to fill the air, "you're soaked baby." i mumble in her ear and she shivers.
"please." she pleas, grabbing ahold on her skirt hiking it up and they bunch on her plump hips.
"wanna taste ya cunt first." i groan sitting in her chair as i pull down her red lace thong, "ya tryna to kill me."
pressing a kiss to the arch of her back i make my way down to her puffy cunt, jesus fuck, i spread her glistening folds pressing a kiss to her clit, she lets out a breathy moan before pushing her hips back licking a broad stripe through her folds, muffling my own groan of pleasure.
"oh harry." she shuddered pulling her hand to her mouth, trying to suppress the small moans and whimpers that were trying to escape her.
"no," i growl against her and slap her plushy ass, "let them out, i wanna her you."
her jaw fell open as a beautiful pornographic moan erupted through the room, knuckles white as they fisted the bottom of the desk, nails digging in the wood leaving small angry marks, her hips pushing back into my face.
my hands were around her thighs, pulling her closer to me, holding her still as she huffed out a breath through her swollen lips. i begged her with my actions, digging fingers into her beautiful melanin flesh and willed her to cum on my face.
"har, 'm gonna cum!" she moaned bucking her hips.
"do it." i spat shortly.
she lets out a high pitched moan as her orgasm hits her, i let her ride it out coaxing her swollen clit. my hands quickly unbutton my pants and i yank them down along with my boxers.
"got my cock leaking honey." i muse lightly fisting my bulge.
"fuck me please." she whines arching her back further.
"yeah you want my cock bad?" i tease swiping my swollen tip through her velvet folds.
not wanting to tease us both any longer i positioned my cock at her entrance, pushing inside her in one fluid motion. she moaned loudly, my hands moving to her lower back, fingers digging into her skin i groaned at the feeling of being inside her. i fucked into her at a torturously steady pace. she grounded her hips down to meet my movements, desperate for more, silently begging me to meet that soft spot inside of her. my hand moves to her neck, wrapping around her throat and she whines.
" 's good." she slurred as her legs start to buckle.
i pull her up with the hand that's around her neck, moving it to her face before turning her head to give her a bruising kiss. once we pulled away i push her down again my hips snapping faster craving a release. i looked at her like she was artwork, displayed just for me in a pornographic arch. my pace was fast, smooth and shallow thrusts, keeping my hips angled so my cock could hit that spongy place that makes her eyes roll back.
"faster h! please!" she cried pushing her hips back, i rocked my hips faster against her before looking down where we connected, i gather saliva in my mouth before spitting between us.
"that's it baby, that's it, take it like a good girl." i gasp out gripping her hips with an iron grip not letting her run from my thrust. i felt her spazzing around me and a choked moan left my lips, my hand moves around to her front and my thumb connects with her swollen pearl.
"cum for me baby." i grunt and she lets out a whine clawing the front of her desk.
she clenched around me and i let out a gasp as we both finally released. my thrusts we're starting to slow down, giving her a sharp pump keeping my cock there as her orgasm hit her. she screams my name as her eyes closed and legs shook. i stood above her as i waited for her pulse to calm down. i let out a breathy chuckle before pulling out and grabbing a tissue for the box of her desk. i quickly clean her before placing a kiss on her plump ass and pull her thong up.
"what do you want for dinner love?" i ask as she pushes her skirt back into place.
she turns around with a smile on her lips before pushing me to sit in her chair and sitting in my lap, "dunno, we haven't gone grocery shopping this week, we have nothing in the fridge."
i play with the diamond ring that rested on her left hand before bringing it to my lips and placing a kiss on it.
"i can go if you want sum pet."
"yeah been craving your chicken parm." she groans out rubbing her stomach, i let out a chuckle before kissing her lips.
"okay want anything else?"
"those crisps i like, the spicy ones." she hums running a hand through my hair, "best fiancé out there."
"yeah? 'm the best?" i tease her and she nods.
Tumblr media
a/n: PLOT TWIST😭🤣🤣 i knew i wanted them to have a real relationship but i didn't know if i wanted it to be a "they use to date" relationship or a "they're engaged" relationship😋
also a lil introduction about me i'm 19! my full name is emily but please call me em! i am mexican (MEXICORRY RISE🇲🇽) my pronouns are she/her/hers. i've been a fan of harry since xfactor days so i'm not new to this fandom🫶🏽 that's all you get rn ;)
-all the love,
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sooverwhitesandpinks · 2 months
Wish You Were Sober
fratboyharry x friend!reader Inspired by the lyrics of Wish You Were Sober by Conan Gray
Warnings: angst, alcohol, weed, frat party, no mention of gender, idk.
Tumblr media
You never really wanted to come to these parties. Maybe the first few in the beginning of the semester, but you grew tired of them quickly.
Beer, weed, loud music, and sweaty bodies. The bathrooms were always trashed and the floor was always sticky, but you still spent your Friday nights in these humid frat houses. Not for your personal benefit, but for Harry.
"Is he really worth it?" Your roommate, Gianna asked. You were on one of the couches in the living room. Her boyfriend, Danny, was on her other side with his arm lazily slung over her shoulder, scrolling through his phone.
You sank further back into the couch. Your eyes hadn't moved away from Harry in minutes. He was leaned against a wall in black jeans and a dark henley, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the buttons unfastened, exposing his chest. A red flannel was tied around his waist, he'd taken it off within the first half hour of you two arriving.
He looked too good, he always did. His eyes were bright, his hair was perfect. His smile was killer, though the only thing killing you was that it wasn't being sent your way. The girl he'd been chatting up all night was the lucky recipient.
The girl, Piper, was in one of your smaller classes. She was pretty, you understood why Harry liked her. She was sweet and genuine but fuck, did you wish you could hate her.
They looked cute together, you guessed. She stood in front of him, drink in hand as she effortlessly flirted back. You watched as she shrieked something that he laughed at before they switched drinks and took a sip. They both pulled a face before switching back. You shook your head and finally looked away.
"Is who worth what?" You played dumb, turning to Gianna.
"Is Harry worth pining over? You follow him around like a lovesick puppy and he just keeps dragging you behind him," she tsked, sipping her seltzer.
You ran your thumb over the rim of your drink can and bit your cheek before answering. You and Harry became friends at an involvement fair at orientation over the summer. You were instantly smitten, but you never told him and he acted like he didn't notice.
"He's a good friend to me," you replied, shrugging.
"Is he? He's gotta know you like him, and he plays with your feelings anyway," she told you.
"He doesn't know," you shook your head, though you didn't put any effort into hiding your staring or blushing.
"He uses your feelings against you. He drags you out to these parties, he gets drunk, he knows you'll always take care of him," she sat up, staring down at you.
"He's just drunk, it's not intentional," you responded with a shake of your head, though you didn't know why you were excusing his behavior. She wasn't wrong.
"Either way it's fucked up. It's happened too many times. He brings you to these stupid parties you don't like, he flirts with other girls in your face, he gets too drunk, and you always sign up to take him home. Plus he tries to bone you when his flavor of the night won't fuck him 'cause he's hammered," she ranted. "You deserve better."
"I know," you dropped your head into your palm. You did deserve better. "I gotta get over him."
"Go get another drink, and go dance or flirt or I don't know, just don't look at him again. He'll be just fine without you," she shooed.
You lazily got off the sofa, making a point to look everywhere except the corner of the room Harry was currently occupying.
"Okay, I'm going," you nodded, setting your empty can beside the pile of them on the side table.
"'Atta girl," Gianna whooped. Your first stop was the kitchen, you grabbed your second seltzer of the night from a cooler before stepping out into the backyard.
The cool air of October nipped at your nose and the exposed skin of your knees. The back deck had been converted into a beer pong arena, people were crowded around the white folding table. You bypassed the mass of people and headed toward the bonfire in the yard.
"You mind if I sit here?" You asked, pointing to an empty folding chair beside some guy you'd never seen before.
"Not at all," he shook his head. His voice was lazy and his eyes were red tinted and heavy.
"Thanks," you nodded. You stared into the fire pit as the few other people in the circle conversed.
"You smoke?" The guy from before asked, holding a half-smoked joint out.
"Sometimes," you shrugged, accepting it. You brought it to your lips and sucked in a deep breath, feeling the smoke fill your lungs.
"You seem sad," he observed, taking the joint from between your fingers and hitting it himself. You exhaled.
"Maybe I am," you shrugged. He blew a cloud of smoke in the other direction before turning to face you again.
"How come?" He asked, handing you the joint. You took another hit, held it, then exhaled before you replied.
"I don't even know your name," you said, still blowing smoke. You handed him the joint again.
"I'm Zayn," he smiled before batting his long eyelashes. You told him your name before finally answering his question.
"I'm desperately in love with one of my friends, but he couldn't care less. My roommate thinks he's stringing me along, and honestly she might be right," you admitted. You sat back in your chair as the buzz from the weed startled to settle in.
"Damn," he hit the joint once more before he passed it off to the girl a few seats over from him.
"Damn indeed," you nodded.
"You wanna talk about it?" He asked, you could feel his eyes on the side of your face even though yours hadn't moved from the flames.
"Not particularly," you answered. If you talked about it, you might cry. You saw him nod in your peripheral before he turned to face the fire as well.
The two of you sat side by side, the crackle of the fire and the cheers of the cup pong club were the only sounds in the air. You weren't sure how long you were sitting there. You weren't exceptionally high, but definitely buzzed. Your drink was almost empty by now, the alcohol in your system only providing a slight buzz as well.
"I'm gonna go get another beer, you want anything?" Zayn asked, rising from his seat.
"I'm okay," you shook your head. He nodded before walking off.
He returned a few minutes later, beer in hand and a couple trailing behind him. The girl, who you now realized was Piper, was holding Harry up. He was behind her, slumped over her shoulders.
"These two were walking around calling your name, I told them you were out here," Zayn said as he plopped down into his seat again.
"Harry's hammered. I asked him who he trusted to take him home and he said your name," Piper explained. She gestured to the boy behind her who stood up upon the mention of his name.
"This your friend?" Zayn asked. You nodded.
"Okay, I'll uh-- I'll get him back to the dorms," you stood, suddenly thankful you hadn't taken another hit.
"Thanks. I would do it but I don't know which building he's in," she smiled, patting Harry on the arm.
"Why can't we go back to your place?" He slurred, looking to Piper, who giggled.
"Because you're too drunk," she told him. "Call me tomorrow, if you can remember."
"Oh I will," he pointed. Piper waved at you before walking back to the house.
"Hey," you felt Zayn's hand wrap around your wrist. "Don't get strung along."
You didn't say anything, just nodded. You grabbed Harry's arm and wrapped it around your neck so you could help him walk.
"Hiiiiii," he cheesed, starting to walk with you.
"Hey, Harry," you sighed.
"Can I hit that joint I saw back there?" He asked, jabbing his thumb back in the direction of the bonfire.
"Absolutely not," you shook your head as you walked alongside the house.
The two of you stumbled down the street, Harry babbling incoherently and you trying to lug him just a few blocks further.
"You're so nice," he hummed, tripping on every third or fourth step he took.
"I know," you sighed, disappointed with yourself.
The two of you eventually made it to the dorm hall, slowly climbing the few steps ahead of the door. You had to instruct Harry on which leg to lift when.
"You're so pretty too," he added. You shook your head and let it roll off of your back, he always started with that. You pulled him into the building and dragged him to the elevator. The two of you leaned against the back wall after you hit the button for your floor.
"I think I might be a little drunk," he giggled. You wanted to laugh with him, but you couldn't.
"Maybe," you simply replied. The doors opened after a minute or so. You stood up again, letting Harry's weight fall back on you once again.
You walked down his hallway, stopping at his door. He mumbled something about this looking like his room as you punched his code in and opened the door.
You dropped him on his bed, his roommate gone like usual. Harry fell back onto his mattress, his fingers sliding down your arm until they grasped your hand.
"You should lay down with me," he suggested, patting the small space beside him with his other hand.
"No, Harry," you shook your head and pulled your hand from his. You moved to his dresser and grabbed his water bottle.
"C'mon, please," he begged. You sat down on the corner of his bed and held his water out.
"No. Just drink some water," you sighed. This was how it usually went. You would bring him home and he would try to pull you into his bed. You wouldn't ever take advantage of him, but it somehow felt like he was trying to take advantage of your kindness and love for him.
"Okay, okay," he nodded before he clumsily sat up beside you. He grabbed the bottle from your hands and took a small sip.
"More," you urged, wanting to leave this entire situation. You pledged to never accept a party invitation from him ever again. Gianna and Zayn were right. You can't keep getting caught up in your own one sided feelings and let yourself get dragged behind him.
"I'll drink this whole thing if you let me fuck you," he said, leaning closer. You closed your eyes and let out a shaky sigh, the smell of alcohol mixed with his cologne consuming you. You jumped when his lips met your jaw.
"Harry, I'm not gonna fuck you," you shoved him away gently. You still hadn't opened your eyes.
"Why not?" He leaned in again, this time speaking lowly into your ear. "We both know you want it."
You shook your head again and shoved him back a little harder this time. You stood from the bed and tried to breathe calmly, but you were honestly at your breaking point.
"Is that all I am to you?" You asked, not turning around to look at him yet.
"What do you mean?" He slurred, reminding you just how drunk he was.
"I can't keep doing this, Harry. I can't keep letting you drag me around. It's not good for me anymore, not that it ever was," you started, turning around to look at him.
"I'm sick of watching you parade other girls around all night. I'm sick of still being a good friend and taking you home when you're too drunk to walk. And I'm extremely tired of you toying with me when your first choice won't have sex with your drunk ass," you huffed, frustrated tears pooling in your eyes. "It's exhausting, and I'm tired of it. I deserve to be called pretty when you're sober."
You looked down at Harry, watching him stare back up at you. He seemed a little less drunk than he was before. He blinked a few times, running a hand through his hair.
"I'm a shitty friend," he shook his head, setting his water down on the floor.
"You're not, Harry. Most of the time you're great. Honestly, it's not your fault. It wouldn't hurt so much if I wasn't hopelessly in love with you," you bravely confessed. You figured he wouldn't remember it anyway.
"It is my fault, though. I knew you liked me and I still said all that terrible stuff to you," he spoke. You wiped your tears away with the heels of your hands, even though fresh ones replaced them almost immediately.
"God, Harry. I think I need to be away from you for awhile," you said, blowing out a shaky breath. He didn't say anything, just nodded.
"Are you going to remember this in the morning? You usually don't."
"Do we have this conversation often?" He glanced up at you with a hiccup.
"No, not the conversation. You usually try to get in my pants though," you grabbed a bottle of painkillers and set them on the table by his bed.
"I'm sorry," he fell back onto his mattress again, clearly exhausted. He rubbed his eyes.
"I know," you stated, pulling the door open.
"I wish I was sober for this conversation," he sighed, turning onto his side.
"I wish you were sober too," you walked out.
Part 2
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duhstyles · 3 days
Reluctant Hearts
Tumblr media
summary: in which Harry and y/n are forced to work together on a project despite their mutual hatred for one another | 4k words
a/n: heres my first harry fanfic! please let me know your thoughts. this will most likely be one or two more parts, we'll see
warning: enemies to lovers, slow burnish, mentions of ex, uni!harry, angst, harrys a jerk (lmk if i missed anything !!!)
Masterlist | Part 2
“Come on! I want you to meet Niall and he's bringing his friend, so you have to come. Harry, his friend, is really cute, I think you guys would get along just great,” Melissa explains, a mischievous glint in her eye.
I roll my eyes at her. "I don't know, Melissa. I'm not really in the mood for a night out." It’s a Friday evening, and Melissa, my best friend and roommate, is trying to convince me to come to the bar with her.
Melissa groans. "But you're always studying or working! You need to let loose sometimes."
I laugh. "I do let loose. Just not in a loud, crowded bar."
Melissa pouts. "Please, Y/N? Niall really wants you to meet his friend Harry. He's been talking about him non-stop since I mentioned you."
I raise an eyebrow. "And you want me to come because?"
Melissa grins. "Because you're my best friend and I want you to meet my new crush's friend. Plus, who knows? You might have fun. You deserve some fun, especially after him." Him, Riley the ex-boyfriend who shouldn’t be named. Breaking up with him before summer began was the best decision I made, but I am stuck picking up the pieces of myself he tore down when we were in our relationship.
I sigh, knowing that Melissa won't let up until I agree. "Fine, I'll come. But only for a little while."
Melissa jumps up and down excitedly. "Yes! You won't regret it, I promise!" I’m hesitant, not really in the mood to go out, but Melissa knows how to persuade me. She promises that we’ll only stay for a little bit and that I don’t even have to drink if I don’t want to.
I finally give in and decide to come along, I opt for a cute and casual outfit that would make me feel comfortable but still looked like I put in some effort. I throw on a pair of high-waisted light blue flare jeans that hugged my curves in all the right places and paired them with a white cropped t-shirt that showcased just a hint of skin. For the chilly summer evenings, I add a loose fitting warm beige color cardigan to drape over my shoulders but also to add a touch of coziness to the look.
To finish off the outfit, I slip on a pair of white sneakers with a subtle platform that give me a bit of height and makes my legs look longer. I accessorize with a simple gold pendant necklace, a few delicate rings on my fingers, and a pair of simple hoop earrings that catch the light as I move. My hair was styled in loose beachy waves, and wearing minimal makeup, just a touch of mascara and a swipe of gloss on my lips, giving me a fresh and natural look to complete the effortless yet put-together vibe. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt confident and ready for the night.
This is how I ended up walking towards the local bar with Melissa where Niall and his friend Harry are waiting for us. I’ve never met either Niall or Harry before, but Melissa assures me that they’re both really cool guys. I was actually excited to be meeting Niall as he's all I've been hearing about for the past few weeks, so obviously I'm curious to see what he's like. And it does not hurt that this Harry person is apparently cute. What's the harm in some fun?
It was a beautiful summer evening, a slight breeze to calm the bright and intense sun that was still shining, but ready to set. It was a week before third-year fall classes were beginning, so it was a nice, stress-free weekend, the calm before the storm. And, oh, how I didn’t know how true this was.
As we enter the bar, Melissa immediately spots Niall and waves at him. He waves back and motions for us to come over. My heart races as we approach their table, and I can see Harry sitting across from Niall, his arms crossed over his chest. He's tall and handsome, with piercing green eyes and a strong jawline. Definitely intimating and no not cute Melissa but hot, I thought. I keep my eyes set towards the ground building encouragement to make eye contact with Harry, and when I do, he is looking up at me with a frown. Oh.
"Hey, guys! This is Y/N," Melissa says as we reach the table. "And this is Harry," she adds, gesturing towards him. Harry nods curtly in my direction, but I can sense the hostility radiating from him. I smile at him, trying to be friendly, but he doesn't return the gesture. Melissa and Niall exchange hugs with us, but Harry remains seated, still scowling.
I can't help but feel a little disappointed that Harry isn't more welcoming, but I try not to let it show. I order a drink and feel Harry's gaze on me, I turn to catch him staring a few times, but quickly averts his eyes whenever I look his way. "So, what do you study?" I ask, trying to break the ice.
"Engineering," Harry responds shortly.
"Oh, that's interesting," I say, trying to sound interested. "I'm studying psychology. It's really fascinating."
Harry just shrugs and takes a sip of his drink, not bothering to ask me any questions about my major or anything else for that matter. I can feel the discouragement building up inside me, but I try to stay calm and polite. We sit in awkward silence for a few minutes, and I take another sip of my drink, trying to think of something to say.
"So, how do you know Niall?" I ask, hoping to start a conversation.
"I've known Niall since we were kids," Harry says flatly, but finally opening up a little. I’ll take what I can get. "And Melissa is your roommate, right?"
I nod, relieved that we're finally talking.
"Yeah, we've been roommates since freshman year," I say with a smile. My cheeks flushed thinking how much she changed my life for the better. "Melissa is the best roommate I could ask for."
Harry nods but doesn't say anything else, and the conversation quickly dies down again.
I notice him making casual conversation with Melissa and Niall, smiling and laughing with them. He was sharing stories to us, but would lose his smile when he would glance my way. It was hard to focus on his story as I was trying to understand his cold and distant attitude he had against me versus everyone else. It's like he has some sort of problem with me specifically, which is making me feel increasingly isolated in the group. Heck he was polite to the server, so he wasn’t an asshole person, just an asshole person to me.
So I instead focused on making conversation with Melissa and Niall while stealing glances at Harry every now and then. But his demeanor is closed off, and it's hard to read his expression. After a while, Melissa and Niall excuse themselves to go dance, leaving Harry and me alone at the table. I can feel the tension between us. To avoid yet another painful conversation, if you call it that, I excuse myself to the restroom, not like he was listening anyways.
As I enter the small and dimly lit restroom, I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I try to gather my thoughts and calm myself down before returning to the group. I look at myself in the mirror, hoping to see some form of reassurance or strength, but instead, all I see is doubt and anxiety.
I take a few more deep breaths and try to focus on the positive aspects of the night. After all, I don't want to ruin it for everyone else. I wet a piece of tissue and dot it on my face, hoping the coolness will help me feel refreshed and alert. I remind myself that I am confident and capable, and that Harry's dismissive attitude towards me does not define my worth or character.
I spend a few more minutes in the restroom, encouraging myself to stick through the night and not let my anxiety take over. I know I need to face Harry and continue to be polite and friendly, even though he may not reciprocate. I take one last deep breath and exit the restroom, feeling more confident and determined.
As I approach the table, Harry looks up at me briefly, but quickly looks away. I ignore his dismissive behavior. I notice Melissa and Niall have returned to the table, and we all chat for a little while longer. But I can feel Harry's eyes on me, and it makes me uncomfortable. Instead, I focus on the warmth and support of my friends, who are always there to lift me up and encourage me. Harry seems to be trying his best to ignore me, only engaging with me when he absolutely has to. I try not to take it personally, but I can't help but feel a little hurt.
As the night progresses, I find myself getting more and more tired. I'm ready to go home, but Melissa and Niall are deep in conversation, and I don't want to interrupt them. Harry seems equally uninterested in leaving, and I'm starting to feel trapped. The flashing lights, blaring music that I never heard of, and the chatter along with laughter of people around me is very overstimulating, especially since my social battery has died a long long time ago.
Finally, after what feels like an eternity, Niall suggests that we all head home. I breathe a sigh of relief, but I can still feel Harry's gaze on me as we gather our things and make our way outside. We all walk together for a few minutes, Melissa and Niall leading the way, with Harry and I trailing behind. I'm acutely aware of his presence beside me, even though he hasn't said a word to me in over an hour.
Eventually the four of us made it to the front of Melissa and I apartment building, bidding everyone a goodbye. I began discreetly walking backwards towards the building entrance, trying to end the conversation, so I can get into bed and forget this night even happened. The group shuffled and followed me inside the building, I turned slightly confused as to why everyone was coming in. "Hey, wait a minute," I whisper to Melissa, turning back to face her. "Are they coming in?”
Melissa chuckles, a smile on her face. "Yeah, they actually live in our building. Matter of fact, they're just a few doors down from us."
I can't believe it. It's such a small world, and I can't believe that I never knew that they lived in the same building as us. I turn around to see Harry and Niall walking towards us, and I try to keep my cool. Harry still looks indifferent towards me, but I can't help but feel a bit aggravated at the thought of seeing him more often.
"Looks like we'll be neighbors," Niall says with a grin.
"Haha yeah, looks like it," I reply, smiling back at him. I didn't mind Niall, in fact he was quite funny and light hearted. Can definitely see why Melissa was so puppy eyed for him. Harry looks at me and I try my best to ignore him.
As we enter the building, I can't help but feel a bit nervous about running into Harry again. The tension between us was palpable, and I can't shake off the feeling that he doesn't like me. But at the same time, I can't help but be intrigued by him. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about him that draws me in. Maybe since our friends are together, and we live a few doors from one another, I can figure out why he's so hostile towards me.
As we step into the elevator, Harry pulls out the building key card required to access the building and its facilities to scan, then Niall presses the button for the floor. The ride up is silent, but I can feel Harry's eyes on me the entire time. I try to act nonchalant, but I can feel my heart racing in my chest. As the elevator doors open, we make our way towards our respective apartment doors and finally wish each other goodnight. Niall offers me a hug, while me and Harry just give one another a curt nod.
I grab my backpack, a freshly toasted eggo waffle in my mouth, and balancing my keys, wallet, water bottle, and other miscellaneous stuff in my hand that I forgot to pack. I rush out my door careful not to drop anything when locking up behind myself. Already leaving my place later than I wanted to, I ran (more like a fast walk, you won't catch me running ever) to campus to get to my first class of the semester on time. The week has gone by way too quickly, better yet the whole summer flew too fast and now here we are back to uni life.
This was definitely not going to plan already, I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ear, and in my sleep deprived state I fumbled for my phone and silenced the noise, just to go back to sleep. Which is why I am now running late to get there on time.
I'm power walking across campus, dodging students who are leisurely walking to their classes, when I bump into someone. I look up, and there he is – Harry. Of course, it had to be him. My stomach sinks, and I try to quickly apologize and move past him, but he stops me with a hand on my arm.
"Watch where you're going, yeah?" he says, annoyance clear in his voice.
I bristle at his tone. "I could say the same to you," I retorted, pulling my arm out of his grip and continuing on my way.
I can feel his glare as I walk away, but I refuse to turn around. I can't let him ruin my day before it's even started. I keep walking, trying to shake off the encounter and focus on getting to class.
As I arrive at the door of the lecture hall, I hear the professor starting his introduction. I take a deep breath, steeling myself for the inevitable stares I'll get for being late. I quietly open the door and slip into the back of the room, trying to blend in with the sea of students. People are still filing in and finding available seats as I settle into mine, pulling out my laptop and notebook ready to jot down information when needed.
Once I am sorted out and unfrazzled from my own anxiety I gave myself, I look around, trying to see if there's anyone I know. And then I see him again – Harry, sitting near the front of the room. Great, just my luck. I try to ignore him and focus on the professor, but I can't as my eyes keep darting back to him. I can't help but feel annoyed that he's here, in my class, ruining what little peace of mind I had left.
The professor starts going over the syllabus, and I start to relax a little. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. I mean he probably did not even notice me in this class, and even if he did as long as we don't go out of our way to talk to one another we will be good. We’re just strangers anyways and sitting too far from one another for him to bother me. But then, the professor announces that we'll be working on a group project this semester. My heart sinks as he starts pairing us up. And of course, when he gets to my name, he pairs me with Harry. Such a cliche. I beyond no doubt had done something to the universe because why the hell am I constantly seeing and now paired up with this annoying man.
I feel like the room is closing in on me. This can't be happening. How am I supposed to work with him on a project? I can barely stand to be in the same room as him, let alone work with him. I feel a pang of uneasiness in my chest as I try to think of a way out of this. But there's no escaping it – I'm stuck with him for the semester.
I try to take deep breaths and calm myself down. Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe we can put aside our differences and work together. But as the professor continues talking, I notice Harry’s flare nostrils and clenched fist. I can tell he's not happy about this partnership either. I brace myself for the weeks to come, wondering how I'm going to survive this class with him as my partner.
Class is dismissed shortly after, professor reiterating the importance of starting the assignment now as it takes weeks to complete and perfect. Great. Not only is this a stupid prerequisite course I need to graduate but I have to do this stupid course with Harry. Students approach their assigned partners discussing when and where to meet and project guidelines. With a sigh I decided to do the same.
I nervously approach Harry after class, clutching my notebook in one hand. "Hey, Harry," I say softly, trying to catch his attention.
He looks up at me and raises an eyebrow. "What?" he says, sounding bored.
"I was wondering if we could talk about the project," I say, trying to sound confident. "I have some ideas and I think we should start working on it soon."
He doesn't say anything for a moment, just stares at me with an unreadable expression. "I already have some ideas," he finally says, turning to gather his things.
"Oh," I say, feeling deflated. "Okay, well, can we at least discuss them together? I want to make sure we're on the same page."
Harry scoffs. "I don't have time for this," he says, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. "I have places to be."
I watch as he rushes out of the room, leaving me standing there feeling frustrated and defeated. Why is he being so difficult? I try to push the thought out of my head and focus on my own ideas for the project. I'll just have to brainstorm on it without him for now.
It was the end of the week, the mundane routine of snoozing then waking up for classes began once again, but at least now there's the weekend to look forward to. I grab my backpack and run out the door of my apartment, making my way to the classes of the day. As I rush through the hallways of the university, I bump into Melissa, who is headed in the same direction.
"Hey, Y/N! How's it going?" Melissa greets me with a bright smile. I give her a knowing smirk, letting her know that I know she spent the night at Niall’s place. I realized when I didn't hear her alarm or see her when rushing out of the house this morning. The blood rushed to her cheeks with slight embarrassment.
"I'm good, just already tired of this semester and it's only been a week. What about you?" I reply.
"Ugh I know tell me about it!” She groans, “ Listen, I wanted to ask you something. Niall and I are going to grab a drink after class today and I was wondering if you wanted to come along? There will be a bunch of people and plus he's been dying to hang out with my best friend again," Melissa says with a hopeful look.
"I don't know, Melissa. I'm not really in the mood to socialize today. I think I'll just head home after class," I say, trying to come up with an excuse.
"Come on, Y/N, it'll be fun! Plus, you never know who else might show up. Maybe even Harry will come along," Melissa says with a delinquent grin.
Harry. The mere mention of his name sends a shiver down my spine. I've been trying to avoid him ever since our disastrous discussion, if you can call it that. But Melissa knows how to push my buttons.
"Fine, I'll come," I say, giving in. "But just for a drink. And only if Harry isn't there."
Melissa laughs. "Okay, deal. See you after class!"
The class goes by in a blur, and before I know it, it's time for Melissa and Niall's post-class drink. I make my way to the bar and find Melissa and Niall sitting at a table, chatting and laughing.
"Hey, you made it!" Melissa says as I approach.
"Yeah, I did," I reply, giving her a weak smile.
We order drinks and settle into our seats. As we chat, I can't help but keep an eye out for Harry. I scan the room, looking for any sign of him. But he's nowhere to be seen. I relax, making conversation with Niall about the first week, and mingling with others around our table.
Just as I start to loosen up, I hear a familiar voice behind me. "Melissa, Niall! How are you guys doing?"
I turn around to see Harry standing behind me, a smile on his face. My heart sinks.
"Hey, Harry! We're doing great, thanks for asking," Melissa replies, giving him a warm hug.
I can feel his eyes on me, and I try to avoid his gaze. But it's no use. He's sitting right across from me, and I can feel the tension between us.
I continue to small talk with people I’ve seen around campus, but never got to talk to, for a while, but I can't shake the feeling of discomfort. Harry seems to be on his best behavior, but I can tell he's not happy about my presence.
“It seems we never got to finish our conversation from last class,” I point out, providing a painfully obvious fake smile.
Harry scoffed, “Yeah I guess we didn’t.” He didn't seem to want to continue on but waited to see if I had anything else to add. And boy I did, but decided against starting a fight.
“Hmm just let me know when you want to meet and where so we can start the assignment” I spoke, taking a long sip of my drink. Harry offers me a thumbs up and turns to the person next to him and begins conversing. Yup fuck you too. My fingers dig into the palm of my hand, avoiding dumping my drink on Harry's head.
I secretly watch him interact with other people having light smiles, dimples that I never noticed poking through. It pains me slightly to see the Harry I could have had if he didn't decide to be a cold, distant jerk to me. I still cannot wrap my head around why he acts the way he does with me compared to others, I never did anything to him. This semester will be quite the shit show, and oh did I know it.
a/n: soooo thoughts? feedback (good and bad lol) is always appreciated :) what do you guys think of me writing another part? is there anything you want to see in the next part? i am open to suggestions!! also guess what, my birthday is coming up on march 24 if anyone is wondering
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romantiqueofthemind · 5 months
Hosting (formerly Untitled Harry Blurb)
Hellloooo!!! First off, I’ve missed you all so much! I’m working on some more fics rn as we speak, but here is an untitled Harry Blurb that I wrote last week? Idk but it’s fluffy and cute so Enjoy!
Warnings: NONE!
Word Count: <1000 (less than 1000 for those of you who are bad at math like me lol)
Tumblr media
"Come here bubs." You said calmly as you carefully lifted your son out of his high chair covered in Spaghetti sauce. He had turned over his dinner from being fussy and kicking around. You quickly took him to his nursery and undressed Henry from his messy onesie. You grabbed an emerald green onesie with a picture of a dinosaur on it and dressed the toddler. You loved him in that color, it really brought out how green his eyes were. You held him in your arms and shushed him gently as you stroked his light brown hair. Every day it seemed to amaze you how much he looked like his father.
You noticed the time, a reminder hitting you that it was time to turn on the TV. You took Henry into the master bedroom where you and your husband slept and set him down so he was sitting between your legs on the bed. You both were facing the large TV on the wall as you grabbed the remote, turned it on, and put in the channel number for CBS. Henry looked around your room. He hardly ever was in here, usually he was in his nursery room, the living room or the kitchen. He looked around and noticed your husbands side of the bed, noticing the objects on his nightside table next to the bed. Almost immediately, the boy started to get fussy again as tears welled up in his eyes. Henry started crying and kicking his feet against the bed in a similar fashion to the way he had when he was in his highchair. "Awww bubs... Shhh its okay. What's wrong sweetie?" You asked before crossing your legs and setting the toddler in your lap, doing your best to calm him. Your eyes shifted towards the TV as you heard the program start. "All the way from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, Give it up for a Mister Harry Styles!" You looked up to see a purple curtain pull back to reveal Harry wearing a dark emerald velvet suit, almost black.
"Lookie bubs! Look! Who's that?" You said pointing to the TV, the toddler turning his attention to the TV that displayed a smiling Harry Styles in front of a studio audience clapping and cheering. Henry looked up at the TV, his tears had stopped and his glazed emerald green eyes staring up at the TV in amazement. The moment Harry looked into the camera and smiled, blowing a quick kiss towards it, Henry's face immediately lit up. He smiled widely as he giggled, his arms moving up and down out of excitement. "Dada!" the toddler exclaimed. You couldn't help but giggle a bit yourself. Henry was so adorable and you loved him more than anything. "Yeah! It's Daddy! Can you wave and say hi to Daddy?" You smiled as you waved to the image of your husband on the screen, your son soon copying your movements. He then turned back to face you, a wide smile spreading across his face. He looked so much like Harry, it was nearly too much for you sometimes.
Henry squealed and bounced up and down on the bed with excitement any time Harry would do something cute, or told a joke to get the audience to laugh. You absolutely adored how Henry idolized Harry, and vice versa. Even before Henry was born, Harry was absolutely ecstatic when he found out you were pregnant. He immediately picked you up in a hug and spun you around until you started to get dizzy before he called his sister, mum, and gran in a merged call as he went upstairs and shouted "M' GOING TO BE A DAD!" You couldn't help but laugh at how cute Harry was. It was one of the things you loved about him, how it seemed like you were married to a literal child, but it was amazing.
Your attention went back to the TV as Harry said "We have a great show for you tonight but first I wanted to give a quick message to my wife and son who are watching at home tonight. Y/n, baby I love you and I'm so proud of you. Thank you for making me a dad, I am eternally grateful." The audience clapped and cheered for a moment before Harry continued. "To my son, Henry, I love you so much bubs. You are the center of my universe and I would do anything to keep you smiling and happy always. Love you lots bud, I'll see you both very soon." Your eyes welled up with tears of happiness as you placed a kiss on your sons head and blew a kiss to the TV. You glanced back and fourth between the TV and Henry, just absolutely beaming at the two loves of your life. You were incredibly proud of Harry for all he has accomplished and how hard he's worked, and of Henry for only being 10 months old and being so interested in everything Harry does. You could tell that Henry would turn into an amazing kid with all of the best qualities of his dad.
Let me know if you guys want more Harry Styles Blurbs! This was really cute to write and I want to do more cute blurbs like this! Maybe I can do some with Austin? Lmk what you guys think!
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hsgucci94 · 7 months
requests are open!
hiii. these are all the stories i’ve written on here so far. i also write on wattpad and instagram.
hope you enjoy them! much love. x 
The ride (AU)
The one where Harry and Bella like each other. The issue? She's his boss' daughter.
Part 2
The one where Y/N asks Harry to ride his tiger.
Her first
The one where Y/N joins One Direction on tour and decides to lose it to Harry.
Rome wasn’t built in a day (AU)
It’s 1950 and Y/N’s fighting for women’s right and freedom to work, alongside her husband, Harry. But she forgets it’s a long fight that can’t be conquered in a short time, which causes them to argue.
The one where Y/N’s feeling horny and the car is the nearest place to relieve her.
It was supposed to be a quiet afternoon at home
The one where a quiet afternoon at home soon spices up for Harry and Y/N.
Long day
The one where Harry wants attention but Y/N’s working.
Sharing is caring
Part 2
The one where Harry and Y/N share the bed for the night while secretly having feelings for each other.
Don’t break my heart
The one where Y/N feels insecure when she sees Harry talking to someone else.
The one where Harry makes it to Y/N’s birthday party just on time.
I don’t hate you
The one where Harry prevents Y/N from drinking an intoxicated beverage while they secretly have feelings for each other.
Date night at home
The one where Harry cooks for Y/N.
The one where Y/N feels like hers and Harry’s relationship is just sex.
A safe place
The one where Harry goes to Y/N for comfort.
The ghosts came out to play
The one where Harry and Y/N attend a Halloween party and the ghost of his ex-wife is all over the house.
The sex talk
The one where Harry wants to talk about sex but Y/N finds it uncomfortable.
His weakness (AU)
Part 2 Part 3
The one where Y/N gets hurt for being the girl of a mafia leader.
Professor Styles
The one where Y/N’s summer fling turns out to be her new literature professor.
❋ Love On Tour scenarios:
One day maybe
The one where Harry Styles and Y/N Y/L/N are dating off the spotlight and he gets jealous when he sees someone else (Tom Hiddleston) flirting with his girl.
The one where Harry knows how bad Y/N’s anxiety gets in a crowd and offers her to watch his live show from his dressing room.
Pre-show nerves
The one where Harry’s feeling anxious before playing Wembley and Y/N’s there for him.
~ Excerpts from books I’ll never write:
Untitled #1
Getting used to you
He’s feeling down
Untitled #2
Take it off
Denim jealousy
Let’s shower
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celestialhrry · 8 months
The Box (AU)
The one where Harry, CEO of the biggest company in town, is an avid member of The Box club in Soho, and he happens to get a private room with his favorite performer, Y/N.
WARNING: Contains unprotected sex, blowjob, face fucking, choking, spitting, slapping, hair pulling, semi-public sex, dirty talk, fingering, degradation, name calling such as slut, whore, and cumdump, LHH, dom!Harry, sub!Reader
Harry’s POV:
I watched as her perfect body floated across the stage, wearing the skimpiest lingerie I have ever seen, causing an immediate bulge to erupt in my boxers. She is so effortlessly good at what she does, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, wanting more.
I know I can pull her for a private room, it’s just if she is willing to do it. So, I decide to shoot my shot tonight, and start with a bid of $15K. No one seems to top that. That’s what I figured would happen.
She gives me a look, her eyes full of lust and passion, as I give her that same look back, clicking my tongue on the roof of my mouth. She gets off the stage and steps toward me, going painfully slow, making me wait even longer to finally get my hands on her.
She finally reaches where I’m sat in the back of the club, sitting herself down on my lap with no warning, slowly starting to grind her hips against mine, causing me to buck my hips up and put a hand on her waist to stop her from starting something out here.
She turns herself around, landing her lips on mine in a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss, trailing down to my neck and leaving a mark right below my earlobe.
“Meet me in the room in 30 minutes. I expect to see you there. On time. Don’t be late, Styles.” She gives me a swift smirk before hoisting herself off of me in one swift motion and heads towards where the rooms are to do whatever it is she has to before our little evening of fun.
Oh it’s over for me.
I knock on the door of the private room, waiting a couple seconds for a response from her.
“Come in.”
I practically knock the door off of its hinges with the amount of force I put into opening it as soon as she made one sound.
My eyes widen when I see her, sitting in a throne-like chair, wearing a red laced set, her bra making her tits look even more full than they did on that stage.
I walk towards the chair, circling around it, restraining myself from touching her. “Well, what do we have here? A little slut, waiting to be man handled like the filthy girl she is.” I chuckle lowly, a smirk creeping onto my lips.
“Open your mouth.” I say in a growly tone when I land in front of her. She obeys almost immediately, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out, looking up at me with puppy eyes. I grab her jaw with my hand, a bit of force to my grip, spitting in her mouth before forcing it closed with my hand. “Keep it there for me, pretty girl, yeah?” She nods her head, obeying all of my commands. “Good girl.” I say before turning around to get myself situated.
I frantically undo my belt, throwing it to the side, not caring where it lands. I unzip my pants and undo the button impatiently, kicking them off my ankles, before turning back around and pulling my boxers off just enough to expose my cock.
She takes her bottom lip into her mouth once she sees my length, starting to smile. “You like what you see, angel?” I stare into her eyes. She nods her head and tries to touch me but I push her hand away.
“Ah, gotta see if you were a good girl for me. Open that pretty mouth if yours, need to see if you kept me there.” She obeys, opening her mouth, allowing me to see both of our saliva pool on her tongue.
“Fuck, you’re such a good girl for daddy, aren’t you?” I say, placing my lips on hers, forcing my tongue into her mouth, exploring her mouth, but not with too much force. She takes my tongue between her lips and gives it a gentle suck before continuing to kiss me.
Fuck. I’m so down bad.
She separates her lips from mine, trying to catch her breath. “Wanna make you feel good, daddy.” She looks up at me, taking my cock in her small hand and slowly starting to stroke it.
“Wanna give me a blowjob, pretty? Yeah? Want my cock in your pretty mouth?” She frantically nods her head, looking up at me with her puppy dog eyes.
I pick her up, taking her place in the chair before setting her gently down on her knees so that she’s eye level with my cock. She takes it in her hand, slowly stoking it up and down as she looks up at me, making eye contact.
She places a kiss to the pink tip, immediately causing me to throw my head back in pleasure. She places a few more pecks down my shaft before coming back up to take the tip in her mouth, gently sucking on it.
“Fuck, that feels so good.” I gather her hair into a ponytail with my fist and guide her mouth down my cock a bit further with each movement. She suddenly pulls off of me, and looks up at me with teary, red-rimmed eyes, a trail of spit dripping down her chin. I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight.
“Why’d you pull off, babylove? Was my cock too much for you?” I say in an enticing tone, almost sarcastically. “Want you to fuck my throat, daddy. Please. I’ll be good the rest of the night.” I smile deviously at her, so obedient and submissive. “Tap my leg 3 times if you need me to stop. Understood?” She nods her head head at me, letting me know that I can continue.
Without warning, I thrust my cock into her mouth, inching it slowly down her throat. She closes her eyes which causes a light slap to her cheek. “Look at me, baby. Eyes on me.”
She looks up at me as I thrust in and out of her pretty, little mouth, edging me closer and closer to cumming on the spot. But I can’t. She would think I was insane for cumming so fast, but she has no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.
I feel a few little taps on my leg, causing my movements to immediately stop as I pull out of her mouth, my mind immediately racing with thoughts. Did I do something wrong?
“What’s wrong, babylove? Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you? Fuck, I’m so so sorry if I hurt you. I could never forgive myself for hurting you, my baby.” I say, holding her face, one hand on either side.
“Want your fingers, daddy.” She looks up at me with a devilish grin, a sigh of relief and anger coming out at the same time. Relief because I know she’s okay. Anger because she stopped pleasuring me just to tell me she wanted my fingers.
“Angel, you don’t tell me to stop unless I’m hurting you or making you uncomfortable. Stopping me because you want my fingers in your pretty little cunt is unacceptable. Now, since you’ve been such a good little slut for me all night, I’m letting this happen. This is your one and only warning.” I say the last sentence with a bit of sharpness in my voice.
I see a couch against the wall and without question, I pick Y/N up and place her on the couch so her back is against the soft cushion but her legs are lifted off of the couch. I taunt her legs open, placing wet kisses on her inner thighs, dangerously close to her cunt.
I pull her pretty panties to the side, her cunt dripping with her own arousal, all pretty and pink. All for me.
“Such a pretty pussy you’ve got, love. Cant wait to get my cock in there but we’ve gotta open you up a little first, huh? Such a tight little thing.” I say, slowly rubbing at her clit, seeing her face contort with pleasure, small whimpers escaping her lips.
“Fuck, that feels so good.” She says breathily, almost coming out as a whimper instead of clear words.
“Yeah? You like when I play with your pretty pussy, don’t you, baby?” She nods her head frantically at my words as I move up to place a kiss to her lips, our teeth clashing with the force one another is putting into the kiss.
I pull away from her lips and without warning, slide my index finger into her cunt, causing an immediate moan to escape both of our lips. “Shit, you’re so tight.” I say, thrusting my finger in and out, seeing her arousal glisten on my finger before adding another one.
“You want my cock in your pussy, pretty girl? Want daddy’s cock in that pretty little cunt, dripping all because of me? Beg for it.” I say in a tone that causes her eyes to immediately go dark, a smile creeping up her lips.
“Please, daddy. Please fuck me. Need to feel your cock in my pussy. Make me feel so good. Please.” She says, a slight hoarseness to her voice, making it that much hotter.
My tip teases her slit every so often, causing gasps and whimpers of pleasure to escape her perfect mouth. “Already whimpering and I haven’t even put my cock in you angel. Such a desperate little whore.”
She flashes a smile at me, seeming a bit flustered as her cheeks turn pink. “Please? Can I please ride your cock?” She whimpers, causing a low groan to escape from my parted lips.
I immediately help her up and place myself down in the chair before helping her on top of me and making sure she’s comfortable. I glide the tip of my cock along her slit, causing moans and whimpers to escape her lips, making me realize how desperate she is.
“Please fuck me, Harry. Please.”
“Is that what you want, baby? My cock inside your tight, little pussy? Yeah?”
She nods her head profusely. That won’t cut it for me.
“Words, baby. Use your words.”
“Yes, daddy. Please fuck me.”
I guide my cock slowly into her tight pussy, causing loud moans of pleasure to escape her mouth, her nails digging into my chest, surely leaving a mark.
“Fuck, angel. You feel so good around me. So, so good. Just move whenever you’re ready, baby.”
She slowly starts to move up and down, gaining speed with each thrust. I throw my head back in pleasure, raspy groans and moans escaping my lips.
She moves her head out of my neck and places her lips on mine, starting a heated kiss, tongues immediately finding their way to each other. She pulls away and gives me a smug smile, biting her lip, a small chuckle escaping her lips.
“Shit, you’re so good, H. Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”
“Let go, angel.”
She immediately goes limp, her legs shaking, having quite the orgasm. What a beautiful fucking sight that is.
Just when she thought we were done, I bend her over on the chair, her knees on the ground, and thrust my cock straight into her pussy.
“Fuck! Holy shit! That feels so good.”
“Yeah? You like that, baby? Does it hit your spot?”
“Fuck, yes it does. Feel you in my tummy, daddy.”
“That’s what I like to hear, babylove.”
I notice her legs start trembling again, me getting close to my high as well.
“Fuck, daddy. Please cum inside me. I want it all.”
“Shit. I’m gonna cum angel. You’re so good. So good.”
I feel my cock start to twitch inside of her, before I let go and cum right inside her pretty, little pussy.
“Daddy’s little cumdump, aren’t you?”
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erodasfishtacos · 5 months
Not My Fault
Prompt: Harry can’t always take the blame
Warnings: smut, 18+ minors dni
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Harry rarely, rarely gets angry with YN, let alone to the point he feels like his heads about to pop off as he signs with sharp motions.
”I told you fifteen times about it. It‘s not my fault you didn’t set your alarm. I’m not your babysitter,” Harry gestures from where he’s standing in his frat house bedroom.
”No but you were awake and didn’t wake me up!” YN replies with a sour expression, “You didn’t even check and just assumed it was canceled.”
”I‘m sorry you missed an important test,” Harry huffs as his hands move, “But I’m not going to try to put this on me. You’re being a spoiled brat.”
YN signs a very obvious sign from under her chin outwards, “Fuck you” before she’s grabbing her backpack from the floor and bumping his shoulder as she storms out.
Harry follows her down the stairs where she passes the group of boys in the living room playing video games together.
Harry looks to Niall with a serious look, “Walk her home. She’s mad at me. I want her to be safe.”
”I don’t mind taking this cutie off your hands,” Niall agrees, jumping a bit too eagerly off the couch and trailing behind YN who puts up her middle finger.
”Baby, I’m not the one who hurt you. Don’t push me away,” Niall drawls dramatically, helping when Harry pinches him hard.
YN breaks first, which rightfully so, because she was completely in the wrong.
She knows Harry will be upset if she walks back over to the frat alone this late at night and texts him instead.
come over please
And despite what a royal brat she’s been all day, the response comes almost instantly. Be over in fifteen. x
YN is nervous when she hears the knock, opening it to reveal a calmer, less irate boyfriend as he steps into her small room.
”Are you done being a spoiled brat?” Harry raises his eyebrow, he’s still on the edge, looking for a fight with her.
”I’m not spoiled,” YN signs back with narrowed eyes - they both know shes lying.
”Oh really?” Harry‘s tongue presses to the inside of his cheek as he stares her down, “So you want to keep fighting? Is that it? Didn’t get enough at the dorm? You want me angry?”
And YN doesn’t know what makes her so brazen but she replies, “No, I want you to fuck me.”
Harry keeps a poker face, shaking his head, “Spoiled. Fucking. Brat. Making demands. I’ll give you what you want, princess.”
Then he’s stepping forward and shouldering into her space, lips slamming against hers, and his teeth catch her lip hard - making her whine.
His hand finds his normal position, wrapped gently around her throat to feel the vibrations when his other hand wastes no time in dipping into the front of her pajama shorts and finding where she’s ready for him.
Harry wants to laugh at how much he loves her, in all of her brattiness, but making her beg to come is enough of a reward.
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