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averydays · 1 month
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just got done rewatching Friendship Games and honestly? they were so gay here
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misssclumsy · 3 months
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This kind of friendship >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i want
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reading-sometimes · 3 months
What normal people see when they look at Sunset:
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What Sci-Twi sees when she looks at Sunset:
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What Sci-Twi actually sees when she looks at Sunset (since she doesn't have her glasses on in this scene):
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stljedi · 5 months
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flutterberrypie · 11 months
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here's a random collection of equestria girls sketches that I drew traditionally and coloured digitally (except the twilight one) 😄💜
🎨 click for better quality :) 🎨
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theanonymousclown · 3 months
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I’m suffering from AO3 withdrawal /lh and I decided to rewrite Friendship games to have Chrysalis be the principal instead of Cinch, then I edited it.
Will post more as I edit. Big sad.
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pleasantlypony · 5 months
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Human Rarity 💎💎💎
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starlightshadowsworld · 6 months
At the end of forgotten friendship.
What Sci-Twi said "Wallflower you've been messing with magic you don't understand. But that has nothing on the magic of-"
Before Pinkie screams light em up ladies!
Initially I was like hehe nice, sounds like princess Twilight.
But the more I think about it.
Was she quoting Sunset?
Not like directly.
But in the Friendship games Sunset was the one who told her she was messing with magic she didn't understand.
And that true magic came from friendship.
I know it's probably more of a callback to Twilight, with the we know we've heard this speech before, skip to the ass kicking.
Especially when Twi probably didn't even remember that moment with Sunaet.
But I like to think, deep down when she called Sunset her friend, she just knew what to say and do.
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infizero-draws · 2 years
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lotus-duckies · 10 months
Actually, the information that the Starlight Time Travel debauchle was happening at the same time as the friendship games makes me wonder if that's why the magic was tearing holes in space
not because of just. magic. but because the universe was already bearing the weight of Starlight's sins and couldn't take much more magic Insanity
and the equestria we saw in the rips was just one timeline while Twilight was getting yeeted through a hundred different ones that threatened equestria as we know it
yeah that makes sense the more i think about it
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daydreamrulez · 1 year
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Daydream Shimmer: Sunset! Promise me one thing! Always look after and protect Twilight with all of your heart! You and Twilight will always be best friends forever!☀️❤️
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Right after the events of EqG Friendship Games
Principle Cinch: Wha-what are you?
Sunset: Oh, I'm bisexual
Principle Cinch: I see... and do all bisexuals have such powers?
Sunset: Yes
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misssclumsy · 1 month
Best friendship goal : learn a dead language and use it to share secrets :)
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jamieisamess · 7 months
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Tried another EQG edit since i liked my Cadence edit so much. Tfw canon doesn’t look canon 😵‍💫
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stljedi · 11 months
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flutterberrypie · 6 months
the equestria girls movies have the best soundtrack ever! 🎶👑⭐🌈🎸💜🏹🎲🌲🏕
♡ ˢᶠʷ ᶦⁿᵗᵉʳᵃᶜᵗᶦᵒⁿ ᵒⁿˡʸ ♡
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