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pixierainbows · 2 months
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Pixie make whole email to Best Buddies friend all with new AAC device Grid Pad !
speech therapist be so proud for Pixie work hard to learn !
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dreamdropsystem · 2 months
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this user is a full time AAC user
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autisticdreamdrop · 8 months
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this user is a full time AAC user
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sicksadstar · 3 months
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notepadcollective · 3 months
Talk to me, not about me.
You want to know my name? Ask me. Not the abled person I am with.
I can answer myself. I am not a baby.
People need to stop assuming disabled people cannot answer for themself. Please, stop asking peoples carers and just ask us.
Sometimes we might not be able to answer (example: I usually can't order for myself at restaurants), but we very very well might. So please, just ask us. We arent babies. We are grown people, who are tired of being infantilized and ignored.
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semiverbal culture not knowing if 'allowed' use AAC since hard but can talk enough talk get through most days but still lots difficulty and stop once home, but not want give people false impression AAC users because can talk get through day most days
Semiverbal culture
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sl1nkie · 30 days
I thought my go to AAC app didn't work anymore (it put out weird glitchy noises instead of. words.) but i just had to change the speech engine I'm so fucking relieved <33
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magz · 29 days
Tumblr media
ID: Black cat laying down as 3 black kittens suckle on her. End ID.
Magz unexpectedly become responsible for abandoned stray cat, who gave birth around Magz's water heater (?) outside. (pet shelter full)
Magz mentally n physically disable black mixed person in "third world", in neurology treatment. Magz became nonspeak* and full-time AAC user, from degenerative condition.
If want help (optional, only do if can):
Added a few pet supply and helpful disability items to wishlist.
Magz have art commission open and pay links. (new links)
ko-fi and commissions + pay pal + wishlist
Previous Magz dono posts context: [December 2022] [March 2023]
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don’t think many people realize that. like. even AAC user who have most control over motor skill, who type fastest, who have no other cognitive symptom that make hard think, no other communication issue, still communicate a lot slower than average speaking person.
and AAC users who are like that. very very rare.
AAC. even if type very very fast. still slower than average speech. or at least less spontaneous, more intentional, more purposeful, very rarely can do equivalent of “say whatever think without plan ahead, speak fast than think, speak without think.”
so AAC disadvantage when during emergency, urgent times. or even just time sensitive situation. for example one hour doctor appointment, on very good motor day and i type both hands fast (rare), still probably only get at most half of what average speaking person amount say.
and even then. able give less detail, short sentence short phrase, because long full detail take so much long.
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aacalienz · 2 months
AAC users don’t have the option of passing as non disabled when we’re using AAC. We’re visibly disabled, and often visibly developmentally disabled. Especially full time AAC users, but even the most independent part time AAC user is still visibly disabled when using AAC
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nonspeakingkiku · 24 days
Hi everyone! ☺️ (accidentally posted way before was ready)
Today, Kiku wants to make a post about Kiku being nonverbal/nonspeaking.
Kiku is apraxic. Apraxia is a disability that affects movement, there are different kinds. Kiku suspects Kiku has global apraxia (that means it affects Kiku's whole body), apraxia that affects moving your body is also known as dyspraxia, and apraxia that affects your speech is often known as CAS (childhood apraxia of speech). Today Kiku is focusing on CAS.
One of the affects of CAS is unreliable speech, unreliable in this case doesn't just mean you can't rely on speech, it also means that what comes out of your mouth isn't what you want to come out.
The words that come out of my mouth, are not what I actually want to say.
This can vary from the words body said didn't mean what I was wanting to say to the words that just came out of my mouth weren't anywhere near what I was trying to say.
I have gotten stuck saying words that I don't want to say. I can sometimes repeat things that other people say (often not by choice). I can sing, if I know the song. I have word aproximations (sounds that sound like words). I have vocal tics that are words.
I am still nonverbal.
This doesn't even go into the other things that affect Kiku's ability to use mouth words and communicate.
Mouth words don't inherently equal communicative speech.
I am a full time aac user.
I communicate through my tablet and phone (with the apps Proloquo2go, Proloquo4text, LAMP, TD Snap, and facebook messenger), gestures, noises, a handful of asl signs, word approximations, and low tech aac.
If any other nonverbal people want to weigh in on this feel free.
Kiku knows, @birdofmay is nonverbal but can't think of anyone else right now. Followers feel free to tag other nonverbal people on this post.
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pixierainbows · 1 month
Hi Pixie :) I'm hard of hearing, but even with my hearing aids it can be hard for me to understand people sometimes. And sometimes I have to turn my hearing aids off completely, especially in loud places, or when I'm getting a sensory overload. So I was wondering if you could use your AAC to communicate with people who can't hear well. Like, if you said something I didn't understand, could I see your AAC to read what you said?
yes! Pixies dedicated communication device have a second screen in front for for people to read . and . and . iPad make a big white screen to show what Pixie say more clearly .
pictures show iPad screen , making the message , and then big white screen to “ speak “ message to person .
just not try to touch AAC devices is all .
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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nonspeakers-r-us · 1 month
About Me
Hello! My name is Biehtár, and I am a fully Nonspeaking Autistic person from birth. My Instagram is @nonspeakers.r.us and that's where I mainly post! I am new to Tumblr, I'm still learning my way around. About me (Autism Related): -Nonspeaking, full time AAC user -Level 3, High Support Needs -Borderline Intellectual Disability -Diagnosed at age 3 -Visibly Autistic
About me (non-Autism related): -I am Indigenous (mixed Sámi and Inupiaq) and grew up with both of my cultures -I am Visually Impaired -I love Star Wars, exotic pet care (animals that aren't dogs and cats), and jazz theory!! -I love love reptiles and birds -I am a jazz and sometimes classical contrabassist and pianist -I speak Swedish, Finnish, Northern Sámi, Inupiaq, and English! Things to Know: -I use support needs terms, and occasionally the term "low functioning" to describe myself ONLY and nobody else. -I prefer "Nonspeaking" rather than "Nonverbal" when referring to me -I do NOT reclaim the r-slur, but I do not take place in slur discourse either. -I am very new to Tumblr. I am still figuring my way around.
Happy to meet everyone!
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gwydion-aacblog · 7 days
@asdfghukl "#WAIT other people sometime turn off language good too?#I sometimes speak like that too!"
do not like to answer tags like this . but want politely say . that post come from full time AAC users with language disabilities . that means not just " sometimes turn off " good language - always struggle .
just because online , do not mean that for sure at same level and have same problems . just come off little bit unaware when assume these things only ever " sometimes " . for some people this everyday life and can not change .
that is all . just remember , sometimes , people on other side have larger scale struggle than realise . and not simple as " sometimes " .
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dreamdropsystem · 2 months
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AAC user art. My oc/para Moon (who is the character in the art) is a nonverbal individual that uses AACs full time. I am a part time AAC user, i only recently let myself use this form of communication. 1/2 I really feel empowered to use nonverbal communication when I feel like I want/need to communicate. We have plenty system members are nonverbal, semiverbal or have verbal loss at times so they want/need to use AACs. - Honey
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notepadcollective · 3 months
(TW functioning labels, ableism, meltdowns, doctors, etc.)
I was diagnosed as autistic when I was 10, and I was more specifically diagnosed with "High functioning autism". The person my psychiatrist saw was me on easy days, on days when I was fully calm, on days when I could easily communicate, and had no other job than to sit and do what she told me to do.
She hadn't seen me go fully mute for months on end, she hadn't seen me fully unable to take care of my basic needs, she hadn't seen me have violent meltdowns, she hadn't seen me hit and bite myself because I couldn't identify my emotions, she hadn't seen me run into the street because I have nothing in my brain telling me not to, she hadn't seen me unable to change clothes for multiple days, she hadn't seen me only able to shower once a week, she hadn't seen me unable to properly exist in gened, she hadn't seen me have severe meltdowns over a change I liked just because I didnt expect it, she hadn't seen me put a small hole in a wall during a meltdown, she hadn't seen me as a full time AAC user, she hadn't seen me as a part time AAC user, she hadn't seen me unable to sleep without an intensely large amount of nightlights, she hadn't seen me unable to bathe myself until age 9 or 10, etc.
She saw me in a calm state, once every few months, on days when I could communicate easily and do what she asked. That is all she saw of me, her asking me questions, having me do things, and asking my mom questions.
If she saw me, and I was the way I described in front of her, my diagnosis would probably be closer to something like "moderate functioning autism".
My ability to "Function" varies so so much, and this makes functioning labels extremely inaccurate.
Now, let's use support needs to describe me. I am a person who's support needs fluctuate from med-high. I have med-high support needs. This is accurate for me, and it is not ableist.
I wanted to talk about this to describe how functioning labels suck, and also to talk about how support needs fluctuate; and that is okay.
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