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tac-owo-sensei · 1 day
An Awkward Encounter
I wrote this when I was tired as fuck and I'm too lazy to edit it so enjoy
“So not only have you been stealing my things, possibly contaminating my food with your weird little wall germs, but you’ve also been watching me since I’ve gotten here?”
“...Well it’s not steal-”
“I’m sorry, are you going to give it back?” Audrey snapped. She didn’t know what to expect when she woke up this morning, but it certainly wasn’t a person the size of her pointer finger on her counter, now trapped within her fist.
The borrower, as he introduced himself, gave a lopsided smile in response. This wasn’t good, this wasn’t good at all. No, it was okay, even if she was…gigantic, humans were still normal people, like any other borrower…right? He just had to act like he normally did…like the possibility of being crushed wasn’t so real.
“Well…do you want me to?” He raised his eyebrows and his smile wavered. Peace, keep the peace. The more compliant you are, the less likely you are to die. Audrey let a sigh out of her nose, her breath slightly ruffled his hair. Nope, this was not terrifying at all.
“No, no, I- you can keep it.” She paused for a moment, like she was debating something. Then, she lowered her hand and unraveled her fingers the moment it touched the counter. The borrower could feel himself relax as her hand retracted, but his guard was still up.
“Anyway…uhm, if you don’t need anything else, can I- yaknow, go…like…now? Please?” A pause.
“Yeah, sure…just- look, I really don’t mind you being here, but can you try to not touch the food you’re not going to eat? Like if you’re stealing- I don’t know, a chip- or- something from the bag, can you try not to touch the other chips?” God, that barely sounded coherent. 
His eyes widened. That…was it? She didn’t want him to leave, to kill him, to trap him or…anything? That was it?
“Yeah…uhm, sure.”
“Do you want help or anything-”
“No, nope, absolutely not.” He said way too quickly. “I-I mean, not that I don’t want your help-” He didn’t. He did not wish to go through being held, having all of his limbs restrained, to be so directly left under the mercy of a stranger again. “But I can do it on my own.” He finished. He awkwardly cleared his throat. “If that’s all, I…guess I’ll be seeing you around.” He wanted to thank her for not harming him, but he assumed that would be a strange thing to thank someone for. He turned around, before he was stopped by her voice.
“So will I be seeing you again?” She blurted out. He paused for a moment.
“Uhm, maybe.” Hopefully not.
“Oh, alright.” Before she could say anything else, he sprinted behind the coffee machine. He expertly removed the outlet and hurriedly put it back once he was back, safe inside the confines of the walls. Never again. (Spoiler alert, they had another encounter)
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borrowers-world · 27 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you haven’t already go and check out a tall and small collection by narrans, it is one of my top favorite g/t stories
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G/T Dialogue for Story Inspiration!!
“That’s it. I’ve had it. In my pocket you go.”
“I can make that jump! You just have to trust me!”
“Little one? No please don’t hide again!”
“Christ- you’re huge. Wait- is that offensive? IM SORRY-“
“Stop moving! I don’t wanna drop you-“
“Cities look entirely different from this point of view…”
“Why are they running? I just wanted friends…”
“See this needle? You do NOT wanna be on the other side of it- big guy!”
“You literally bought me a tiny Remote control car…”
“God you’re adorable! I might just keep you like this- kidding! Unless-“
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Choose Your Fighter
Tumblr media
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officiallygoblin · 3 months
Tumblr media
*Wears this to my own weddding*
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Imagine you're a Tiny, right? And you're walking around in the forest or something, until you feel the earth rumble around you and you suddenly get yoinked by a Giant. You get lifted up, and you see that there are multiple Giants around. You're expecting the worst, until the Giant just starts talking about basic Tiny biology and stuff into a camera and says things like how you're a "gorgeous find" and how they "weren't expecting to run into one so soon", and then they just put you on the ground and move on.
You're in a nature documentary.
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small-but-oho · 1 month
I sometimes have to use a magnifying glass at work (construction workers writing very tiny on plans whoch i have to decode) and tbh it always gives me such g/t feels.
Just, imagine. Giant finds injured tiny and has to look for injuries. Holding a creature so small is already overwhelming, but with the magnifying glass revealing the detail of their clothing, their skin, their limbs? The giant forget their task for a moment, just to inspect the tiny in front of them.
Also, from a tiny perspective, it'd ofc would be even more terrifiyng. The giant's face is already twice as big as their whole body, but now their giant eye is even bigger, staring, watching, all-encommassing. The tiny cannot hide anymore as their are studied by an ocean of white.
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missagonyy · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gulliver’s Travels 1996 Mini Series - Starring Ted Danson.
There are barely any posts about this amazing, underrated film, so I made these gifs to share my favorite moments.
If you are a g/t fan, you will love this! I can’t praise it enough!
I hope you enjoy my all time favorite adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels! 🌈✨
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thelilfae · 1 month
thinkin about how laughter is contagious- and giant laughter would be very contagious !
sitting next to this big bass, of loud, concert levels of sound of just, pure happiness after laughing at a silly lil joke they read? you'd be bounced up and down like on a bouncy castle just from their chuckling, or feel the warmth coming from their face & body because of how funny it was, like cmonnn youd have to smile super hard and laugh along!! even though the loudness of their voice might be startling or a bit scary at first- the overwhelming amount of joy would be hard to ignore! their smile literally the size of a mile to a tiny. oh! and especially if they're trying to hide their own giggles and cover their mouth to stop laughing- but thatd be impossible to hide from a tiny, who would pester them till no end until they told them what had them in hysterics, the way you'd only see their happy eyes holding back tears of joy as they struggle to tell you just what was so hilarious, the tiny bursting into laughter aswell just from their attempts to be serious and form a sentence, ugh! so cute!!!!
those are my g/t thinky thoughts for today ty
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tac-owo-sensei · 2 months
Playful Giants
This is a concept I love so much that is not nearly as talked about as it should be. I love the idea of a giant nudging a tiny with their knuckle or poking them, but “accidentally” putting a little too much strength in it, making the tiny stumble. Annoying nicknames giants give tinies that reference their size. The ruffling of the tinies hair with a giant finger- I love it all.
Bonus points if the tiny acts all annoyed and fights back by trying to push their finger away, but after realizing their friend isn’t going to relent, the just huff and stay silent, secretly enjoying it.
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cat-egg-gt · 9 months
Too many ‘normal’ people in g/t stories I think.
Give me a germaphobe human that loses their mind finding out a borrower has committed the ultimate sin (walked on their counter)
Give me deaf borrower who thinks their being quiet while borrowing, and the human just plays along, pretending they don’t hear all the noise they’re making
Give me autistic giant who holds a human captive simply so they have someone to infodump to
Give me human with visual and auditory hallucinations that just thinks the little guy they’ve seen running around their house is a hallucination
This isn’t even mostly about representation, I just think applying these to the g/t dynamic makes an even more interesting dynamic
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sprout-gt · 1 month
here are some angsty g/t prompts to feed the brainworms
(come get y'alls juice.)
recently shrunken/borrower friend who has had to lower all defenses around someone so utterly terrifying to be around simply because of how much them there is. learning how to develop a relationship with someone capable of any amount of destruction with minimal effort. the truth that, for some things, they are completely dependant on the giant. over the course of days/weeks/months fragile trust is slowly cultivated as they both learn how to adjust to each other's presence, only for it to be shattered in a moment due to a giant's carelessness. a voice raised too loud, a hand slammed a little too close, a grab just too tight. and ultimately, no amount of guilt or remorse will fix the damage done.
the utter helplessness of size shifting. like, i know size shifting is a popular concept for g/t scenarios, but if you think about it- it's legitimately body horror. consider it, a signifigant aspect of your physical body robbed from you over the course of a few moments. the rushing feeling of anxiety crashed with the abject panic knowing that the world around you is going to transform, that you are going to change. overwhelming vertigo as the ceiling begins to stretch above you, as your surroundings change from a neutral space to an immense and overwhelming enclosure. even the most banal and mundane items are now obtacles, if not actively dangerous. shifting somewhere you can't leave, shifting somewhere you shouldn't leave. shifting somewhere where you can't reach someone you trust.
tinies discovered by someone curious and stolen away from their trusted giants in a moment. the tiny has to endure this new giant that is over ten times their size and unconcerned with their wellbeing like their friend/partner, while the giant spirals into panic searching for their vulnerable friend/partner who trusted them- blaming themselves all the way.
tinies stuck in thunderstorms. the sky roars with claps of deafening thunder as they scramble to find cover against the frigid, heavy raindrops that pound against them. their vision is nonexistant as they stumble through the soft earth, unsure of where they are running towards but just hoping its somewhere away.
the prompts below are a little more intense/whumpy fyi!!
borrowers caught in traps intended for pests. maybe they were being careless or overconfident - maybe they just weren't paying attention... until the metal bar of a mousetrap snaps over their ankle or they find themselves stuck in a glue trap, pinned in place and in the open. they can't cry out in pain in fear of being discovered, while also knowing it's inevitable. injured and growing more panicked by the minute, they hear the resounding sounds of a giant approaching them.
tinies locked in things. bird cages, jars, drawers, lockboxes- take your pick. bonus points if it's claustrophobic. bonus bonus points if its pitch black. bonus bonus bonus points if the tiny has no idea how long till they get out and can breathe again.
g/t fearplay lightning round: giants that love to see how little they need to do in order to panic a tiny, tinies being tossed around like keys, rubber bands used as restraints, shock collars, tinies held out over tall heights, the works
it's ok though because in all of these scenarios they end up being taken care of by a gentle and caring giant because i'll be damned if this hurt isn't eventually going to have comfort.
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that-one-anime-writer · 2 months
G/t Story Starters ❤️
1. “OW- You know us tinies are very fragile!”
2. “Wait- you want me to call you little one?”
3. “Eat you?!! Are you kidding me? God I hate those giant stereotypes…”
4. “WHEEEEE- Catch me!!!!”
5. “I’m sorry- I didn’t see you there little guy.”
7. “When I said pick me up from work- THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT-“
8. “I pray you have car insurance because uh… I might’ve sorta stepped on your car…. Heh…”
9. “Why are you dressed as a chess piece- I told you- human chess is dangerous!”
10. “No don’t cut me a smaller slice! I want the same portion you have!”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
had a dream a couple nights ago about a scrappy lil human in a hodge-podge alien fleet befriending their biggest scariest most dangerous crewmate who turns out to be extremely clingy and has to forcibly carry the human away from confrontation before they try to fight something
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justme315 · 3 months
G/t thought
Yeah, yeah, I love all the fluff and all the borrower/human and human/giant friendly stories and all the disappearing fear and friendship building, but… sometimes I need some angst. Some trauma. Some realistic fear. A borrower who has witnessed a human hurting/killing another borrower will not trust the human easily. Maybe the human/giant does something out of order when their angry. Or maybe they're just evil and don't care how they make the tiny feel. Hell, maybe they even like it when they're scared.
I live for some good angst.
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gtbutterfly · 3 months
Thinking about tinies feeling bad that they can't do more for their giant friend/partner.
Like, the giant can protect the tiny physically from danger with their massive size, but also comfort the tiny, hold them in their arms and hands, hold them to their chest to warm them up, rub and massage their back with a single finger, carry the tiny over long distances so they don't have to walk, etc.
And what can the tiny do for the giant? They're too small to protect them in any way, or to give them a proper good hug or massage. Obviously, carrying them or warming them up with their body heat is out of the question. They could comfort the giant emotionally, but in most cases that's what the giant is doing for the tiny, and the tiny wouldn't know how to do that anyways.
So the tiny feels like they're useless to their giant, and they're a bad friend or partner for them because they can't do anything for them, regardless of if the giant feels the same way. And when they end up talking to the giant about this, the giant holds and comforts them, making them sure that they don't need to be useful or do anything for the giant to be important to them, and that they care for them no matter what.
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