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cod-dump · 2 days
Soap: This is a map of all the places Roach could've ran off to Gaz: Gaz: That is a map of the entire base Soap: I have no idea where that little shit ran off to
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miilkybnn · 2 days
Tumblr media
something something “to be loved is to be changed” except i didn’t execute the “the be changed” part all that well so instead it’s mostly just ghostroach being in love
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Cod Monster Au (Pt. 2)
Requested: Yes [Hello! I was wondering if you could try writing for your COD monster au, but with Price, Gaz, Roach, and Rudy next? No pressure of course :)]
Warnings: ✨spicy✨
Price - Ancient Dragon
Price is old. So old that he can’t even remember when his earliest memories took place. He’s tall and big and proud, an immovable being that looks like he was crafted by the gods themselves with his amber colored scales. Oh and his gorgeous golden eyes, as beautiful as the coins the Romans used to put on the lids of the dead. He doesn’t need to mark and scent you left and right like some little welp, everyone already knows that you’re his. And nobody wants to fight something as dangerous as him just for a chance to grope at his mate.
Not to say he doesn’t mark you because boy howdy does he. Though his ways of marking you are….stickier than most others, smearing his cum along the crotch of your underwear before you both go out, proud of the way you seem to squirm from the feeling of it against you, how it seems to stay molten hot against your sensitive parts. It’s a little bit of a waste when it could be used to fill you to the brim but he thinks it’s worth it.
Tumblr media
Gaz - Young Dragon
Gaz is still pretty new to this immortal life, and it makes him pretty insecure at times, especially when it comes to you. He’s barely an adult to his own species, his horns and wings aren’t so big, his hoard is still puny. Any other more impressive dragon could sweep you off of your feet, dragons like Price, those more desirable than him for mating. He clings to you more than Price does, marks you with his scent even more frequently, making sure all the other creatures can smell that you’ve chosen him.
The only thing he’s proud of aside from you is his bright golden scales that all the other dragons envy, shinier than any of their ancient coins and glittering jewelry. He’ll gladly gift you any scales that fall off, his unnatural orange eyes watching you intently, hoping that you’d accept his little offering. Like a sinner before their God, full of awe and wonder at the mere sight of you.
Tumblr media
Roach - Naga
Roach is short for a naga, just barely as tall as the tallest recorded human when he sits up. But despite that, he’s highly desired as a mate among his kind. With the beautiful shades of green that makes up his scales and his big emerald eyes. Not to mention the fact that he was such an amazing hunter. But instead of another Naga, he chose you. To say this made many others jealous was a bit of an understatement, and Roach has to constantly be on guard around others in fear that they will hurt you.
But despite everything, Roach never goes back on his decision, finding you to be the most wonderful and perfect mate. He builds you the finest nests, spoils you with the best food from his hunts and foraging, and gives you anything and everything you could ever ask for.
Tumblr media
Rudy - Nagual
Rudy, in his animal form, is a great black dog, at about six feet on all fours. And he uses his large size to curl up around you, keeping you nice and secure as he nuzzles and whimpers at you. He’s aware he’s not the biggest or strongest creature and that used to make him feel a little insecure but all that matters to him now is that you like to pet behind his ears and kiss his snout. He melts at every touch you give him, every word of praise that leaves your mouth about how strong and brave he is.
You’re his mate and he adores you. Doesn’t care if you’re human or something else entirely. He’s willing to lay down his very life for your happiness as long as you continue to love him just the way he is.
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Hello, hope you're having a good day/night
I was wondering if I could request the 141 x Male reader, they know alot of medical like they use their knowledge of the human body against anyone whom threatens them (or people the care about). They aren't a medic are doctor parday but have extensive knowledge of the field that helps the team. Seem cold uncaring and ruthless but if anyone of them is injured its like a total switch of 'mom bear mode' checking them over the gentle hands and worry.
(Kinda of trope of don't mess with the doctor lol)
Summary: TF 141 reacts to Reader who knows a frightening amount of medical knowledge.
Note: I'm going to do this as more of a headcanons type of post ^^ hope this is good enough! ^^ I did 95% of this all in the last 2 hours
Content: Medical speak, Injuries, Slight Torture, Slightly Bad Medical Research, But I Did Research. Roach Talks.
Word Count: 1085
TF 141 x Knowledgeable in Medic Field M! Reader
Probably first heard about your knowledge from Soap talking to him about how terrifying it is to see it come into play
Doesn't believe him.
You've always been good at what you do but have never shown any previous knowledge or interest in the medical field so, who can blame him?
There was also no way you could've went to medical school unless you were years above your usual education range
He finally sees it come into play when you two were 'interrogating' someone.
"If you're gonna stab, don't do it right there. Price said he needs to stay alive."
Ghost looks at you, annoyed. "I've stabbed many people and seen many people survive stab wounds of surrounding areas."
"In lower places of the abdomen and with quicker medical care, if you do it there" You point to where he had the knife, pointed at the tied up man's skin. "It could puncture an intestine and we will be fucked. If you want to stab, move the knife below the belly button...about right... right there. Do not remove the knife once it pierces through."
He did as you said, with questions, but still followed your lead.
From then on he watched everything you did, even noticing that you took care of some of the rookies that ended up with minor cuts and damage that wasn't enough to bother the medics with.
Needless to say, he also ended up coming to you for some patch ups, mostly when he wanted to keep his new damage a secret from Price.
He ended up finding it kind of hot during the interrogation thing so he often asked to do things like that with you again.
Honestly, probably figured out about your medical knowledge after he was being a dumbass with explosives and almost got hurt.
"Go change into some shorts and a tank top." Your voice was in a serious tone as you went to grab a nearby first aid kit.
"Already wanting to see me strip?"
You just glared at him until he actually left and did what was told.
Despite having only a few scratches, you still cleaned them up as best as you could.
You also went on a rant about it too, about how dumb he was
"Do you realize how dumb you are? What if you actually made a big explosion and a piece of shrapnel flew and hit one of the carotid arteries in your neck?
"My What?"
"Do you realize how fast you would've died? Why weren't you wearing any protective gear?"
"I'm pretty bad at forgetting protection."
If looks could kill, he'd be dead.
That was not the last time you had to clean his wounds, he seems to be a magnet for them.
Asks you more about medical stuff, just to get an idea on how much you know.
You know a lot.
Unsure at this point if he hurts himself in new ways just to hear you yell at him for what dumb way he could've gotten himself killed this time.
He falls out of helicopters a lot, that's the truth. What's one more time?
This time (and somehow not the last?) he ended up hurting his foot, you were there the whole time when it happened.
When the both of you were both safe in the safety of a van, you got him to put his leg up so you could check it.
"This is stupid" He mutters, "It's nothing more than it has been in the past."
"Shush, let me concentrate" You mutter feeling around his bootless ankle, nodding your head when you hear him hiss at a pointed touch.
"Any pain when you walk on it?"
"I'm gonna say it's a sprain for now but I think we should take you to the infirmary after we get back to base. Doesn't seem dislocated. Possible fracture though."
It was just a sprain
Was surprised when you spoke fluent...doctor to the doctor.
Honestly felt like a little kid in the doctor's office, watching his parent's converse with the Doctor telling them what was wrong.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
Always knew, almost nothing gets by him unnoticed
Was probably one of the reasons he wanted you on the task force.
He knows how soap and gaz the boys are
Has you teaching rookies how to probably put a tourniquet on.
"What the fuck are you doing? That's not how I taught you."
The rookie you were speaking to just looked down at the dummy that they were working on and the tourniquet, "It looks-"
"Terrible! He's still bleeding out! Retry it."
Definitely has to sit in on these sessions, some rookies have complained to him that you take it too far.
You always just use the excuse that if those were real people and not training dummies, they'd be at fault for letting them die.
He agrees with you.
The rookie looks over at Price.
"Get to it. He told you to retry it. The man is bleeding out."
Mostly just sits in because it's less complaints now that he is showing he agrees with you in front of everyone.
This fucker needs a friend that has medical knowledge
Much like Soap, it seems like he is a wound magnet
Was probably the first of the 141 that you had to go full protective, medical knowledge out and work on him.
Man's like a tank too, no matter what the day brings to him it seems he's just able to walk it off
You don't let him
"You're limping, sit down."
He just waves it off, "'m good."
"Like hell you are." You walk up to him and grab his wrist, dragging him to a nearby chair and pushing him onto it. "Stay or I'll have Ghost lay on you."
Does not stay.
You cannot get Ghost to lay on him.
You just end up pelting pillows at him until he joins into a pillow fight, and you both end up getting exhausted.
"I'll rest right here."
Stubborn but still okay with medical help
Often comes to you with oddly specific questions.
"Hypothetically, if a car blew up in the near vicinity of where I was at, what is the possible health issues that could arise?"
"Well, burn marks obviously, depending on the distance it could be any degree. If it was enough to knock you over, then a possible concussion. Depending if you hit the ground and hard enough, possible broken or fractured bones. Not to even mention the possible pieces of metal and glass flying, and just blast trauma in general. Could cause damage to internal organs with enough force."
"Okay, so...hypothetically, if that happened, I should go to the infirmary?"
"Roach, were you next to a car when it blew up?"
You immediately dragged him to the infirmary.
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aidenlydia · 20 hours
Tumblr media
Cpt McTavish is on medical leave
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yooo-lets-go · 2 months
May I request more Roach and Gaz?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They are besties on Snapchat
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issdisgrace · 3 months
Gaz: Ok so how many shots would it take for you hook up with each member of the 141 including me.
Y/n: Hmm. Probably at least 5 for Ghost so I can get over the intense stare he always has. For you, soap, and roach probably 2 just for courage.
Gaz: And the captain?
Y/n: Dead sober, ain’t no alcohol needed to hype me up to rail that man. Like he’s honestly a dilf and if I got the chance I would hit it.
Price: Good to know you think I’m a dilf and your not so bad yourself y/n.
******Cue Y/n and Gaz screaming and jumping into each other's arms like Shaggy and Scooby******
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quozacheese · 5 months
sketch dump~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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amikoroyaiart · 4 months
Tumblr media
Soap, Roach and Ghost from the old MW trilogy 
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runicarbiter02 · 14 days
How would each CoD character react to you touching their cheek for the first time? (In a caressing way)
A/N: Oh my god, this is actually the cutest and I couldn't think of a better way to start off this blog, thank you for this, love! I hope you enjoy! ~ Hannah
Tumblr media
Oh, this man is absolutely melting the second your hand cups the side of his face.
The goofiest damn grin on his face, corners of his eyes crinkling, soft laugh rumbling in his chest.
"How ya doing, sweetheart? Hanging in there?" Man is always concerned with you and your well-being.
Absolutely is the type of person to just completely nuzzle into your touch, soft sigh of content leaving his lips.
You aren't getting your hand back any time soon. Try and pull away, and he will absolutely pull the kicked puppy look. You can't bring yourself to pull away anyway.
Tumblr media
"Oh, is there something you need, mi vida?" This motherfucker and his sweet, smooth voice. Love him.
He will gently draw you in close with a hand on your waist, that signature cheeky grin on his lips. He'll gently take your hand in his and just press sweet kisses to your fingertips.
This will lead to him pulling you aside for a moment, peppering you in sweet kisses and showering you in the most endearing compliments in Spanish.
Expect to be walking away with a spring in your step and a flushed face.
Tumblr media
At first, he will look wildly confused, his brows furrowing slightly and his head cocking to the side.
"What's up, hun? Everything okay?" He signs the term of endearment with so much passion every time, it is absolutely the sweetest and most heartwarming thing. Any term of endearment he uses is always signed with more passion than anything else.
Once you let him know you just wanted to love on him, this cheeky little shit is flirting with you like crazy.
"Oh, just wanted to love on me, huh? Well, there's more ways you could-" He cuts his signing off with his own laughter when you playfully shove his face away, and he follows after you, making obnoxious kissy noises.
He makes it up to you, though, with the most affectionate kisses. He's goofy and that reflects in how he shows you his love.
(Can you tell I love Roach? I love him very much.)
Tumblr media
Johnny will take your other hand, place it on his other cheek, and will gently press your hands against his cheeks to squish his face.
He hums happily, reveling in your touch as his eyes shut and his lips curl into a smile.
"Always know what I need before I even do, mo chridhe." This man is so, so whipped for you. Looks at you with so much love and affection that you might as well melt before him.
Do expect this to end up with you wrapped up in his arms, snuggled close, the Scotsman whispering some of the stupidest jokes known to man to you in an effort to get you to laugh.
Tumblr media
I have like a very specific image in mind for this one!
He tends to work himself to the bone, getting lost and caught up in his work, and its very, very hard to get him out of it. It's one of those nights where you find him hunched over his desk, nose buried in his work.
You walk up behind him, gently resting your hand on his cheek and he pauses, tilting his head back to look up at you.
Despite the exhaustion, his expression softens, the tender smile on his face highlighting the crow's feet at the corners of his eyes.
"It's late, isn't it...? Mmm... Alright, dearest, I'll head to bed."
He gently grasps your wrist and tilts his head to press a fleeting kiss to your palm, and then to the pulse point on your wrist. It takes a bit more convincing before he's off to bed.
(I'm a bit biased, I'm a major John Price simp if you couldn't tell.)
Tumblr media
Look, I firmly believe our resident masked men are softies, but they're all different in terms of their softness.
This man is a softie with you, but good god, is he suave and flirty.
"Mmm, what's up, kid...? Just looking for an excuse to see my face, hm? All you had to do was ask." It should be illegal how much this man's voice sounds like a silky purr.
Soft kisses to your fingers, knuckles, and the back of your palm. Fleeting kisses that barely meet, brushing against your skin and leaving trails of goosebumps in their wake.
"Always so sweet for me, kid."
Tumblr media
(Apparently this man is a colonel? And from what I've seen, if he joined at 18, and if we take the average amount of time it takes to get to that rank... This man is likely in his early 40s. Dilf König? Dilf König.)
Masked man number two! Softie, but different from Keegan. This man is the shy sort of soft.
I imagine this would happen after he shows you his face for the first time. He grew up bullied for his appearance, among other things, and its made him rather insecure about his looks.
When you gently cup the side of his face after studying him for a moment, he heaves a shuddering sigh and averts his gaze shyly. But, the second you tell him how handsome he is, his face goes pink and he flushes shyly.
"Ah, meine Sonne und Sterne... You're going to make me melt." He then proceeds to kiss you softly on the forehead and tells you how much he loves you.
Tumblr media
A pleasant flush works its way onto his cheeks and he gives you that beautiful smile full of sunshine.
"Missed you, lovely. You been taking good care of yourself?" Sweet, heartless man that he is, worrying about you even though he looks exhausted after his most recent mission.
Gently draws you into him and just hugs you tight, pressing his face into the crook of your neck and sighing happily. The second your cologne or perfume washes over him, all tension leaves him completely.
"Missed this. Missed you." Whispered words against your skin. He gently sways in place with you as you two embrace, his hand coming to rest on the back of your head. Fully cherishes the moment.
"How's about some takeout and we finally watch that show you've been talking about? The House of the Dragon, right? Hopefully its better than the last few seasons of Game of Thrones." You have a stellar date in as you binge the entirety of The House of the Dragon and make up for lost cuddling time.
(Gaz does NOT get enough love and it's criminal. Perfect boyfriend/husband material right here. I adore him. Also? Man is absolutely gorgeous? Best man.)
Tumblr media
(Russian dilf? Yes please! Underrated man right here.)
Late nights in bed, curled up with him are always the sweetest. Soft whispered nothings as you both lay together, skin on skin, fully content in a post sex haze.
He shoots you a lazy grin as you cup his face, his hand gently rubbing up and down the expanse of your back. "What's on your mind, мое солнышко? Laying there looking so stunning..."
Soft, playful kisses are placed along your jaw, a cheeky smirk on his lips when you begin to protest, laughter in your voice.
"One more round wouldn't hurt... We can sleep in tomorrow morning, Золотце." You know damn well you're going to be exhausted in the morning as he takes the time to worship every inch of your skin.
Tumblr media
(Rudy, my darling, my beloved, my SWEET! This man is also criminally underrated even though he's PERFECT husband material. SHAME!)
He happily returns the favor as you rest your hand against his cheek, his hand cupping your cheek as he rests his forehead against yours.
"Long day, cariño? Mmm, I understand... I'll draw us a bath and we can relax." He takes your hand, pressing sweet kisses to your knuckles before he draws a bath for the both of you.
You both spend most of the evening in the tub, you resting against his back as he holds you close, featherlight kisses pressed to your skin as you both talk about your day.
The both of you take such good care of each other, and there's never less than 100% put into your relationship on both sides.
Tumblr media
Masked softie number 3: Tender and longing edition.
His night terrors don't often wake you; he's usually fairly good at hiding them. The first time he does wake you is during a particularly violent one that has him thrashing and crying out in his sleep.
He wakes not long after you do, sweating and panting, his voice hoarse from how much he had been crying out. Once you're sure he's fully conscious, you gently rest your hand against his cheek and guide him through a grounding routine: 5 things he sees, 4 people he knows, 3 foods he likes, 2 things he hates, and one thing he loves.
As he talks, you become his sole focus as the night terror fades into the back of his mind, the grounding method working wonders.
And when it comes to the one thing he loves, he shuts his eyes and presses further into your touch, a few tears streaking down his cheeks. One hand gently clutches your wrist while the other rests against yours, holding your hand against his cheek. He doesn't need to say it. You know.
You always, always know. And with a kiss to his forehead and your thumb stroking against his cheek, you let him know. I love you too.
Mi vida - My life; honey
Mo chridhe - My heart
Meine Sonne und Sterne - My sun and stars
мое солнышко - My sunshine
Золотце - Honey; darling
Cariño - Honey; dear
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cod-dump · 1 day
*Ghost, Soap, Gaz, and Roach are all sharing a room for a mission* Ghost: If I ever figure out which one of you shits left the dresser drawer open that I just hit my shin on- Ghost: Just start praying now. Your days are numbered Ghost: *leaves the room* Soap, Gaz, and Roach: *staring at the door with wide eyes* Soap: Soap: Who's gonna tell him he was the one who left it open? Gaz: Not me, I choose life
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miilkybnn · 6 months
Tumblr media
guard dog
(better quality if u open it!)
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mentallyilllittleguy · 3 months
Soap: *chattering away animatedly*
Ghost: *laying there with his eyes closed, asleep*
Soap: So uh... yeah. Anyway, I'll be quiet and let you rest.
Ghost: *sits up immediately* Why are you stopping?
Soap: You weren't sleeping?
Ghost: No? How could I fall asleep when you're telling me something? Now, keep telling me about the time you almost fell out of a tree in your grandmother's backyard in the Scottish Summer of 2005.
Soap: I need to sloppy make-out with you right now.
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hurrraaid · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ep 44 of #soapghost falconry au. This has been redrawn so many times,caused me endless frustrations and done a number on my sanity... but thank you all so much for your patience 💕
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grimmzee · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
GhostSoap farm au - farm humour
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