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Can I kindly ask for a Dottore X reader who has a bad habit of stealing his fatui coat and wearing it or using it as a blanket?
Tumblr media
"I could have sworn I placed it on the couch..."
Dottore muttered under his breathe as he looked around his office in search of his fatui coat. He was supposed to be attending a harbinger's meeting and he was about to be late. He sighed in exasperation as he went to ask his segments if they have seen his coat somewhere.
"That ugly thing? No, I do not know where it is. But I did noticed darling dearest came inside the room a few moments ago before leaving quickly."
Is what the Theta segment answered, his focus was mostly on the report that was assigned to him and not bothering to glance at his creator. Dottore could only hum in return before leaving the laboratory, searching for your room.
He should have thought of it by now, he knew you would always try and steal his coat just to wear it. Dottore always wondered why you prefer wearing it when it's bigger than your figure but your reply was because it was warm and smells like him.
The warm part he understands but his scent on the coat? Ridiculously not.
Dottore finally reached your room with a huff before knocking on the door and calling out your name.
"Darling, it's me. I know you have my coat and I need to wear it for the meeting."
When Dottore didn't hear any reply from you, he let out a sigh before opening the door himself and entering the room. He noticed your figure on the bed as he walked up towards you. Dottore was about to scold you for taking his coat again but the sight before him made him stop.
There on the bed you lay, with his coat covering your small figure, your hands gripping onto the fabric. He did noticed the temperature of your room being more colder as of late, possibly due to the winter weather becoming more harsher the past few days. And with him always busy in his work, you didn't bother ask him to cuddle with to keep you warm and instead decided to use his fatui coat instead.
Dottore sat on the edge of your bed, tucking a few strands of your hair behind your ear that was blocking your face. He watched as you slept peacefully while being under the warmth of his coat. He would want to join you but he is required to attend the meeting or else Pierro will be scolding his ears off.
Lifting his mask up, Dottore leaned down and pressed his lips against your temple before getting up from your bed and leaving the room, deciding to let you keep his coat until he comes back from the meeting.
Quickening his steps, he made his way inside the meeting room where all his fellow harbingers are.
"You are late, Dottore. Where even is your harbinger coat?"
"Sadly, that coat got into such an unfortunate circumstance and I am never late Jester.. you and the rest of the people in this room are simply too early."
Dottore crossed his arms over his chest, not caring how he is the only one out of the rest of the harbingers who isn't wearing their traditional harbinger coat. Some gave him a curious glance while others only rolled their eyes at his remark. Pierro on the other hand, simply sighed before continuing the meeting.
"I am quite curious.. is the reason why you don't have your coat on was because of a certain someone? It has gotten quite chilly these past few days. Should I make a customised coat for your partner?"
Pantalone glanced at Dottore with an amused smile, noticing how the doctor himself isn't even shivering under the cold temperature of the palace.
"No need, Regrator. Besides, I doubt they would even accept your generosity over a new coat."
Dottore replied, already knowing the reasons why you wouldn't even dare to accept Pantalone's offer. He would rather let you wear his coat instead, besides he's already used to cold temperatures. And if he does get cold, he could just pull you towards him and hug into your warmth.
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Tumblr media
Malleus: I require assistance on what to get my dear Mc/Y/N/Yuu for Valentine's
Lilia: oohoho? Why of course! What do you have in mind?
Malleus: I'm not sure, but I do know I want it to be something that is lasting
Lilia: something lasting?
Malleus: Yes, something that will last an eternity and when they look at it they will think of how much I love them
Lilia: fufufu~ it's as if you were to propose with a wedding ring 馃き
Malleus, in deep thought: a wedding ring huh?....
Lilia: I never said it had to be a wedding ring Malleus
Malleus: but a ring is a symbol of love for humans, no? It is something that symbolizes a forever with that person and if my child of man were to look at it they would always remember my love for them as well, no?
Lilia: My~ you do have a point
Malleus: Perfect. Well then, thank you for the help father
Lilia: Malleus, wait you have to-
*Malleus not in his spot anymore, gone without a trace*
Lilia, sighing: Oh dear~ Young ones these days are so passionate
*Somewhere at Ramshackle dorm*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, sneezing: achoo!
Grim: hey! You better not get the great Grim sick! Not that I can get sick anyways!!
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: oh hush! It's not even cold out, someone was probably just talking about me
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, picking Grim up: I just hope it wasn't anything weird or crazy
Tumblr media
Dividers from @/cafekitsune
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Good Looking Boy
Billy (Burn 2019) x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 Coming Soon Summary: You go to a gas station and notice something peculiar. Immediately after, you wake up and acknowledge your current situation: in a chair, tied up to a stranger with your backs to each other, with restraints promising no way out. While you two figure out a plan to escape, you bond in the process.
Word Count: 3.4k
Content: fluff (?), gender-neutral reader (no pronouns used), kidnapping, swearing, mentions of death
(A/n: title was taken from Suki Waterhouse鈥檚 song because I find it funny how she was in this movie. Also jhutch is very good looking. Inspo from the interrogation scene in Stranger Things 3.)
You pulled up into a gas station, filling up your vehicle, and then going inside the store for any extra snacks or cigarettes. You had just finished up your evening shift at work, and in the process of driving home, decided to make a pit stop.
The gas station employee named Melinda, evident by the embroidered name on her uniform, scanned your items as you waited patiently, looking around the store and through the window. Then, your eyes trailed to the large security footage screen, showing the several different views of the property in a grid. However, one square caught your attention as you saw鈥
Was that a man? Tied up in a chair?
鈥淲hat the hell?鈥 You say out loud, peering closer at the footage of the struggling man in a secluded room. Were your eyes lying to you, or was this really happening?
You look back at Melinda, and pointed at the security footage with your thumb in hostility and confusion. 鈥淗ey, Melinda, what the fuck is thi鈥斺
Your head was throbbing and your vision spinning. You slowly began to fully open your eyes, attempting to rub them with your fingers, except鈥
You realized your hands were restrained. You were restrained.
You were gradually gaining awareness of what had happened, piecing everything together in your head. The last thing you felt before your vision went black was trauma to your head, a short pain before losing consciousness. And now, you were in a room, in which its details matched the exact one you saw through the surveillance cameras with the tied up man.
And it only took you seconds later to finally realize that you were in a chair, restrained to him back-to-back. Your wrists were zip tied behind you to the chair with his, and bright orange duct tape restrained the both of you. And not only that, but your legs were duct taped to the chair legs as well. You could barely move.
鈥淲hat the fuck鈥︹ you muttered to yourself in disbelief. There was no sign of Melinda in the room, however. She must have left you here while she would be preoccupied with working the store.
His voice surprised you, only because it was a bit unexpected. He sounded tired and frustrated, which made you wonder even more what she had done to him and why, even.
It felt a bit weird and awkward to not be able to see his face if you鈥檇 begin to talk with him. This whole situation was weird. Having to be restrained to a man. Well, being restrained in the first place.
鈥淗ey,鈥 you replied softly.
There was an awkward silence. You felt like you should鈥檝e been more afraid because you were practically kidnapped, but really, you were just more confused.
鈥淥kay, what鈥 what the fuck is this?鈥 You asked before he could speak again. 鈥淟ike, why were you here and tied up in the first place? And why am I here now? What the hell is this? Some kind of prank, or鈥斺
鈥淣o, for fuck鈥檚 sake, it鈥檚 obviously not a fucking prank,鈥 he said, which caught you off guard, because you didn鈥檛 expect him to be so hostile and vulgar after first hearing a small 鈥榟ey鈥 from him. 鈥淭urns out, Melinda over there is a fucking psychopath who, first of all, burnt me with fucking coffee, then tied me up in this fucking stupid chair,鈥 he explained with frustration and dismay. Well, at least now you knew what his favorite swear was. 鈥淣ow, I have no idea why she would tie you up too, but otherwise, it probably was for a stupid reason as well.鈥
You pondered for a bit, actually trying to think of a legitimate reason why that woman would keep you captive here too, while simultaneously being slightly intimidated by this man due to his excessive swearing. But then again, you thought it was an understandable reaction to being held captive.
鈥淲ell鈥 I seriously didn鈥檛 do anything at all. I just went up to the counter with my stuff and鈥 and then I saw you on the security camera screen. And I was about to bring it up, but then鈥 Oh鈥︹ You put the pieces together and found that Melinda would have held you captive as well because you鈥檝e already witnessed what she had done鈥攖ie up and lock the man in a room. She definitely turned off the cameras after her encounter with you, ensuring nobody else would see them.
鈥淩ight,鈥 he sighed. You bit the inside of your cheek, thinking of what to say.
鈥淗ey, so鈥 What about you, then? Was there a鈥 specific reason why she stuck you in here, or is she entirely and wholeheartedly insane?鈥 You urge, while wanting to know more of what kind of situation you were in.
鈥淵es, but鈥 If I tell you, don鈥檛 be like鈥 alarmed, or anything, or鈥 I don鈥檛 know, hate me, I guess,鈥 he says with a tone of exhaustion and fatigue.
That was definitely a questionable thing for him to say, but you figured that as long as you were both tied up together, for now you were both on the same team. 鈥淎lright. Yeah, just鈥 Just help me understand our situation more,鈥 you implore.
He took a short breath, then finally let it out. 鈥淥kay, so鈥 I was robbing the place.鈥 Alright, you definitely weren鈥檛 expecting that. 鈥淎nd before you say anything, it was for a good reason, okay? It wasn鈥檛 personal, I just needed the money to pay off debt from these stupid fucking bikers. But that鈥檚 all. I swear.鈥
It was kind of weird to you, how much you sort of tolerated this鈥攖olerated him.
鈥淗m. So, you鈥檙e telling me鈥 She tied you up here because you were a threat?鈥 You asked, which seemed like a pretty valid reason why鈥攍ike a survival instinct. But you figured that since you were also tied up as well, there were probably more layers to her as a person.
鈥淲ell, yes鈥 and no. I don鈥檛 know. She鈥 She wanted to go with me after I鈥檇 pay the bikers. Like, get out of here with me. Which was really weird to me, because, like, why the fuck would you want to go with someone who robbed you with a gun, you know?鈥 He said, making you now think more about him and what he had done鈥攈ow he got himself in this situation in the first place. 鈥淟ook, she didn鈥檛 even call the damn cops. That鈥檚 how鈥 weird this shit is. I don鈥檛 know what she wants. I guess she feels, like鈥 shit鈥攁lone and neglected? She was saying how鈥 how everyone paid more attention to her co-worker instead of her. But now she鈥檚 dragged you into this goddamn mess, and all of this just feels so unnecessary. I seriously don鈥檛 know what her motives are now.鈥
You nodded as you heard this. You could agree with that. This gas station employee was definitely unhinged at some extent. You just hoped you would be able to live after all this.
鈥淗ey, so,鈥 you began with slight hesitation, feeling more curious about this man. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 your name?鈥
You could swear you heard a light snicker escape his lips, probably from how unusually compliant and calm you two were to each other. It could鈥檝e been the adrenaline, or something. 鈥淚鈥檓 Billy,鈥 he answers very smoothly.
鈥淗m,鈥 you hum shortly as you raise an eyebrow, looking at the same, light blue wall you had been facing ever since you woke up. 鈥淲ell, I鈥檓 Y/n,鈥 you tell him.
鈥淵/n,鈥 he repeats softly to himself, letting out another chuckle. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 a hell of a nice name.鈥
You scoff from amusement and smile to yourself. 鈥淭hanks,鈥 you reply, not really expecting that comment, appreciating it, however. 鈥淟ooks like we鈥檙e gonna be here for a while,鈥 you remark.
鈥淵up,鈥 he said, followed by an exasperated sigh. 鈥淒on鈥檛 know when that fucking psycho chick is coming back, but we should use this time to make an escape plan, or something.鈥
鈥淩ight.鈥 You observed your surroundings, seeing just a bunch of random junk, shelves, and a desk, gradually feeling a bit of claustrophobia. At least you were able to infer that the room you two were trapped in was the employee鈥檚 only room or office. However, something finally caught your eye, making your heart race.
鈥淗ey, um, Billy?鈥 You say as you try to clear your vision, squinting at the object you think you see.
鈥淵eah?鈥 He answered.
鈥淚 think鈥 I think I see a pair of scissors鈥 over there.鈥 Your vision had completely cleared up as you saw grey scissors sitting on top of a wooden desk.
鈥淗oly shit, really?鈥 You heard surprise and hope in his voice, which sort of lifted you up as well.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you smile to yourself. 鈥淚t鈥檚 like, on a table in the corner, I could probably find a way to get it in my hands..鈥 You didn鈥檛 notice or acknowledged it before, but you finally realized that since your wrists were tied with his, the backs of your hands were touching the whole time. However, the slight warmness and softness strangely brought you mere comfort.
You shook it out of your mindset though, as you focused rather on escaping. 鈥淗ey, so,鈥 you began, looking down at your shoes, then up at the scissors. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a pretty good distance away. I鈥檓 not sure how we can reach it.鈥
鈥淲ell, um, maybe we can try to, like, scoot at the same time to get closer to it. Like I could probably scoot back while you scoot forward.鈥
鈥淥h yeah. Yeah, good idea,鈥 you reply. You look down at your shoes again, in which they were barely touching the ground due to the way they were taped. 鈥淔uck, this is gonna be difficult,鈥 you scowl.
鈥淗ey, no, it鈥檚 okay,鈥 Billy reassures. 鈥淲e can just try to scoot our whole bodies. Like, hop or something, anything.鈥 You listened to him, preparing to obey his plan. 鈥淥kay, on the count of three, we scoot towards that desk, alright?鈥 You hum in agreement. 鈥淥kay, right. One, two, three鈥︹
With the two of you scooting at the same time, you moved yourself and the chairs about an inch forward. The scissors were still pretty far, but you figured it wouldn鈥檛 take too long to continue scooting.
鈥淥kay, good,鈥 he praises, impressed by the progression. 鈥淥kay, again. One, two, three鈥︹
You two did the same movement again, which brought you even closer to the desk, but still not close enough. You grinned as you sought the possibility of escaping and leaving after this, to immediately go to the authorities and detain Melinda.
鈥淵es! We鈥檙e-we鈥檙e almost there, just a couple more,鈥 you observe with enthusiasm.
鈥淥kay, okay, okay,鈥 the way he spoke made you just know he had a big grin on his lips. 鈥淥ne鈥 two鈥 three鈥︹
鈥淔uck!鈥 You blurted as you felt a sharp pain after falling onto the floor with him, the chairs losing balance and collapsing ever since you tried to scoot forward once more.
鈥淕oddamnit! Fuck!鈥 He exclaimed in frustration as the two of you were now on the floor on your sides, still very much secured to your chairs. You hear him mumble a few swears, hissing from slight pain, until he heard your reaction to this, face contorting as if he didn鈥檛 believe what he was hearing. 鈥淎re鈥 Are you fucking laughing?鈥
Indeed you were. You were sort of cackling on the floor, so very amused by all of this, but you didn鈥檛 really know why. But then again, humor was one of your instinctive reactions to life-threatening situations, so it would make sense for your mind to manipulate the dire reality of the circumstance. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 your laugh transitioned into soft, dispersed giggles as your eyes face the wall once more. 鈥淪orry. I shouldn鈥檛鈥 I shouldn鈥檛 laugh,鈥 you say as you were still grinning. 鈥淚 just鈥 cannot believe that I am鈥 tied up to a stranger in a goddamn gas station. At the hands of a鈥 an apparently lonely gas station worker who took things too far? It鈥檚 bullshit, man! People are fucking crazy!鈥
Billy scoffed from impatience. 鈥淵/n, I get that, but this is fucking serious, okay? I know that this seems like there鈥檒l be an easy way out of this, but Melinda is a fucking psycho. Shot and killed her co-worker, burnt my鈥斺
鈥淲ait, what?鈥 You interrupted as you thought you didn鈥檛 hear it right. 鈥淪he killed her co-worker?鈥
鈥淵eah, well鈥 Technically, okay? I wasn鈥檛 actually going to shoot her, but then Melinda spilled fucking hot coffee on me which made me instinctively pull the goddamn trigger,鈥 he explained, now making you question everything. You don鈥檛 know this man, why trust him as well? Was he the bad guy all along? Then it looked like he knew what you were thinking, because he added, 鈥淟ook, if Melinda wasn鈥檛 crazy, then you wouldn鈥檛 be fucking tied up to me as well, alright?鈥
You sighed. That was true. 鈥淩ight.鈥 It was a bit of alarming news to you, the fact that someone died here tonight at the hands of the man tied up behind you, but also at the hands of the woman who tied you up. You didn鈥檛 really want to think about that and your possible demise, so you shifted the subject. 鈥淗ey, so鈥 Why a gas station?鈥
You heard Billy scoff. He seemed to do that a lot, you presume. 鈥淲ell, I figured there鈥檇 be a lot of money here. You know, gas is one of the most expensive fucking things in the world.鈥
鈥淲ell, true, but nobody pays with cash anymore, man. Tell me, how much did you get from the registers?鈥 You chuckle.
鈥淟ike鈥 less than a hundred dollars鈥斺
鈥淧ftt. See, y鈥斺
鈥淏ut I got into the safe. Well, technically Melinda did. There was, like, at least thousands,鈥 he says.
鈥淎nd you said you needed to pay off, like鈥 bikers?鈥 You asked.
鈥淵es. And those stupid clown assholes know I鈥檓 robbing this place, so they鈥檒l kill me if I don鈥檛 have their fucking money.鈥
鈥淒amn, dude! What exactly did you do to piss them off?鈥 You laughed softly.
鈥淒ebt and my anger issues,鈥 he answered. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 sort of what got me here in the first place. I could鈥檝e left with the money already, but Sheila kept fucking with me.鈥
鈥淭he co-worker,鈥 he clarified. Oh, right.
鈥淗ey, maybe once this is all over, I鈥檒l get you an anger management book in time for Christmas, alright?鈥 You joke sweetly, hearing soft laughter from the both of you.
鈥淗onestly, I definitely need one of those. Like, I swear I鈥檓 working on myself, but clearly鈥斺
鈥淐learly, your actions have shown鈥斺 you began to add.
鈥淭hat I still have a lot to work on, yes,鈥 he chuckled. He seemed to do that a lot, too. And, if you were going to be truly honest with yourself, you thought it was charming鈥攖hat he was charming.
To think, that you鈥檇 be charmed by a gas station robber who just happened to be tied up to you. Right. That didn鈥檛 sound right. It was probably some shared trauma thing that made you have these weird feelings. So they had to be fake. Right?
But you were smiling way too much. And he wasn鈥檛 even able to see your face, so why would you be smiling鈥攐ther than the fact that he could be truly captivated by him?
You slightly flinched as you were brought back to the present, realizing he had been speaking to you while you were reflecting to yourself.
鈥淲hat was it?鈥 He asked.
鈥淲hat was what?鈥
鈥淲ere you even listening to me?鈥
鈥淪paced out. Sorry,鈥 you briefly answered.
He let out a soft, amused chuckle. Despite the fact that his face had been burned, with the biker gang on their way to kill him, and the way he was tied up by a crazy lady, he sort of enjoyed this with you. You were entertaining and patient with him. It felt refreshing. And he admired that.
鈥淚 asked you what brought you to Paradise Pumps tonight,鈥 he repeated for you.
鈥淥h. Yeah, um鈥︹ You thought about how your day went today. 鈥淛ust finished my evening shift and when I was driving home, I realized the fuel level was pretty low, so I stopped by.鈥
He hums in response. Then asks, 鈥淓vening shift? What鈥檚 your work?鈥
鈥淩etail,鈥 you answer, chuckling to yourself. 鈥淚 know it鈥檚 not as interesting as gas station robber, but鈥斺
鈥淗ey. I don鈥檛 normally fucking do this. In fact, like, this was my first time robbing a place. I needed the money that bad. I鈥檓 not, like, some criminal,鈥 he says with urge. You could tell he was a bit sensitive about that.
There was a sort of comfortable silence for a while as you thought about it. 鈥淭ell me about yourself, then.鈥 You ask gently. 鈥淟ike, other than your鈥 shit with the bikers and robbing gas stations.鈥
Billy shrugged as he tried to think of how to answer you. 鈥淯mm鈥 I was born and raised in Kentucky,鈥 he began.
鈥淕o Wildcats,鈥 you softly add, smiling to yourself.
He slightly giggled, and there was a smile on Billy鈥檚 face as well, but with your circumstances, you couldn鈥檛 see. In fact, you never really knew what he looked like, and he didn鈥檛 know what you looked like. You tried to remember from seeing the surveillance camera, but it was too quick of a memory to have a clear picture of him in your head.
鈥淎nd鈥 I don鈥檛 know. What do you wanna know?鈥 He questioned.
You hum. 鈥淛ust convince me you鈥檙e not really a bad guy.鈥
You heard a sigh leave his lips. 鈥淚鈥 I told you鈥 I鈥檓鈥 I鈥檓 not a bad guy. I鈥檓 not some鈥 evil criminal guy and I鈥檓 not a killer. I鈥檓 just鈥 currently involved in very complicated circumstances.鈥
You decided to hear him out, dropping it completely. 鈥淪o, what were you going to do after you paid the bikers then?鈥 You wondered.
鈥淚 was just gonna鈥 I don鈥檛 know鈥 get the hell out of this place. Like leave far away, probably. Get a fresh start,鈥 he answered, which you responded with sympathy. There was another short, comfortable silence before you interrogate him again.
鈥淵ou caused this much trouble here? 鈥楽pecially with the bikers?鈥
鈥淵eah鈥 I don鈥檛 know鈥 I just want a second chance in life,鈥 he admitted softly.
You sensed that he was becoming more and more vulnerable. More truthful. You wish you were able to look him in the eye. But instead, you were back to back, on the floor, tied to a stupid chair.
You didn鈥檛 know how to feel towards this man. He was robbing the place, but only because he would鈥檝e been killed if he didn鈥檛 have the money, and he had no intention of harming anyone. Maybe there was some type of goodness in him.
鈥淵eah鈥 I understand that,鈥 you reckon. 鈥淚 believe that people deserve second chances. Especially people like you.鈥
鈥溾楶eople like me,鈥 what do you mean by that?鈥 You heard a bit of defense in his voice.
鈥淣o, I meant鈥 You seem to鈥 You seem really unlucky as of recently鈥 In debt with guys who could kill you, gas station robbery gone wrong and now you鈥檙e, like鈥 practically kidnapped alongside a stranger,鈥 you elaborate tenderly.
You could hear a warm chuckle before he says, 鈥淲ell鈥 being stuck with you isn鈥檛 really what I鈥檇 consider unlucky.鈥 He was smiling, looking at the white tiles of the floor. 鈥淚f anything, you鈥檙e just keeping any possible insanity at bay. You鈥檙e鈥 You鈥檙e actually very kind, which is making this鈥 鈥榚xperience鈥 less shitty than it was intended to be.鈥
You smile to yourself, not sure if you were feeling a bit flustered as a reaction. You were glad to know he appreciated you. 鈥淲ell, yeah鈥 I can鈥檛 imagine being alone in this situation. I think I would鈥檝e been more disoriented without you,鈥 you add.
He hums in agreement. 鈥淲ell鈥 we鈥檙e not alone. We have each other, and we can figure out a way to get out of this alive,鈥 he says comfortingly. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry that if anyone were to be restrained to you, it ended up being a lousy gas station robber, but鈥斺
鈥淣o, it鈥檚鈥︹ you laugh under your breath. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. And鈥 you鈥檙e more than that. You even said it yourself. I really hope you get your fresh start after this, Billy.鈥
You were a comfort to him. You were understanding and patient and kind. You even made him forget he had major anger issues. 鈥淢e too鈥︹ he says quietly.
Time passed fairly smoothly as you two had continued to laugh and converse, learning more and more about each other. Each smile and laugh you two expressed made each of your hearts flutter in such an unsuspected way. And soon enough, none of you ever brought up or reacted to the fact that, for a while now, your pinky fingers were linked together in one hand.
Thanks for reading :) Lmk if you want a part 2 where they break out, see each other鈥檚 faces for the first time, and finally have a standoff with Melinda !
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kisses in the rain w/ genshin men
various genshin men x gn!reader
a/n: I listened to Mitski's "Strawberry Blond" for Alhaitham's one especially. Also a lot of Hozier and "Northern Downpour" by P!ATD, but that's just normal for me so...anyways enjoy <3
cw: suggestive undertones, tooth-rotting fluff
characters: Diluc, Neuvillette, Wriothesley, Ayato, Alhaitham, Itto
鈥淎lthough I don鈥檛 require one, you are welcome to use one if necessary.鈥
Diluc, typically reserved and private, has a rare soft spot for kisses in the rain. It鈥檚 during these moments of downpour that he allows his guard to drop, revealing a more tender side of himself. Imagine accompanying him on one of his hunting trips, camping out under the vast, open sky. The sudden patter of rain against the canvas of your tent lures you outside, where you find him sitting in the rain, seemingly at peace with the world. He sits there, unbothered by the rain soaking his clothes, his gaze lost in the rhythm of the falling droplets.
You join him, sitting beside him, sharing in this quiet moment. The world around you fades into a soft blur, leaving just the two of you and the gentle symphony of the rain. The kiss that follows is soft, tender, a delicate dance of rain-kissed lips. It starts as a gentle brush, a whisper of a touch that gradually deepens. Lips moving against lips; breath meeting and intermingling. His thumb gently traces the path of a raindrop on your cheek, his eyes closing for once outside the sanctuary of his home. In the solitude of the rain, when the world has retreated to seek shelter, it鈥檚 just the two of you. He holds you close, his heart echoing the rhythm of the rain. Each droplet, each kiss, is a silent prayer - a hope that the purity of the rain might cleanse the tainted spirits of the world, and perhaps, even his own. In these moments, under the veil of the rain, he allows himself to be vulnerable, to be tender, to simply be with you.
鈥淚f only rain could purify the tainted spirits of this earth.鈥
鈥淎h, my apologies. This heavy rain must be quite an inconvenience for you.鈥
Neuvillette, much like Diluc, is a man of a more reserved and aloof nature, but unlike Diluc is neither here nor there about kisses in the rain. His solitude finds companionship in the rain, his contemplative frown mirroring the melancholy of the downpour. As the people of Fontaine seek refuge from the sudden shower, you spot him standing alone, his gaze lost in the vast expanse of open water. At first, he doesn鈥檛 notice your approach, so engrossed is he in his thoughts. But as your hand gently brushes his shoulder, he turns to face you. For the first time, you see the depth of sorrow in his eyes, a silent testament to the trials he has judged and the human emotions he has yet to understand.
It鈥檚 you who initiates the kiss in the rain after he apologises for the rain bothering you. His response is hesitant, unsure. As he, despite his years is still unfamiliar with human customs. But when you smile tenderly at him, whispering, 鈥淗ydro dragon, hydro dragon, don鈥檛 cry,鈥 something shifts. He kisses you again, this time with more certainty as if he鈥檚 found his anchor in the storm. The kisses remain comforting, a gentle balm to soothe the wounds of the soul. Out here in the rain, he allows himself a rare moment of vulnerability. A soft smile graces his lips as he relaxes into the kiss, his hands gently pulling you closer, cradling your back as if you were a delicate flower that might wilt under the weight of the world. With each tender kiss, the rain seems to abate, but the kiss doesn鈥檛. It鈥檚 as if time itself has paused, allowing you both to find solace in each other amidst the chaos of the world. When the sun comes out Neuvillette steps back, and composing himself looks up to the sky.
鈥淚t鈥檚 over鈥︹
鈥淥h, it鈥檚 raining? That鈥檚 alright. A real problem would be if we could feel water dripping on our heads in the fortress of Meropide.鈥
Wriothesley is a man of preparation, so kisses in the rain are less common occurrences with him. On the rare occasions when he ventures out into the overworld, he carries an umbrella, a testament to his meticulous nature. However, one day when it rains, the sweetness of your shared kisses truly blossoms. Wriothesley, ever observant, notices you standing alone in the rain whilst waiting for him to arrive for your date. He stops, his gaze softening as he offers you shelter under his umbrella. You accept, and together, you walk in comfortable silence, the melodic patter of the rain on the umbrella the only sound accompanying your shared solitude. As you walk, he glances at you, his eyes reflecting the soft glow of the rain-soaked surroundings. At that moment, he leans in, laying a gentle kiss on your lips.
The world seems to stand still, the only movement being the falling raindrops, creating a symphony around you. The kiss, sweet and lingering, tastes like the rain, a perfect blend of the unexpected and the familiar. As you are still in public, Wriothesley is less likely to take it any further than a sheltered kiss, however, when you part he will smirk and tease you with the promise of more when you are behind closed doors. It鈥檚 safe to say you skipped the set plans for the date and made quick work of getting behind the promised closed doors. From then on, every time the sky darkens and the first drops of rain touch the ground, you find yourself yearning for those sweet, rain-kissed moments.
Ayato, a man known for his cunning charm, finds a unique kind of romance in the rain. He relishes the thrill of a stolen kiss during a downpour, all while seeking temporary shelter under a Sakura blossom tree. The first time this happens, it鈥檚 an unplanned kiss, sparked by Ayato鈥檚 admiration for how the rain delicately adorns your lashes and moistens your lips. This unexpected moment occurs during a leisurely walk, a rare break for Ayato from his responsibilities with the Shuumatsuban, the Kamisato Clan, and the Yashiro Commission.
He pulls you close, intentionally seeking the sensation of your lips against his, fully aware that one of his associates is about to arrive. He cherishes how you cling to him, momentarily forgetting the respectful distance usually maintained when outside of his private quarters. He delights in hearing your composure break as he gently nibbles on your lips, drawing gasps from you.
When a throat clears in the distance and one of his associates makes their presence known, he suppresses a chuckle at the flustered expression that crosses your face when the intensifying kiss is interrupted by the timely arrival of an umbrella. What you don鈥檛 know is that each subsequent rain-kissed moment has been meticulously planned by Ayato. He intentionally invites you for walks on days he knows it will rain, because for him each rain-soaked kiss becomes a cherished memory, a testament to his affection, as beautiful and fleeting as the rain itself.
鈥淟et鈥檚 take shelter for the time being. Don鈥檛 worry, one of my people will be here with umbrellas momentarily.鈥
鈥淕oing out on a rainy day is the worst.鈥
Alhaitham isn鈥檛 one for kisses in the rain. He prefers the comfort of dry, warm places where he can indulge in his books in peace and tranquillity. However, since he met you, tranquillity has become a rare commodity. If he hasn鈥檛 distanced himself from you yet, it鈥檚 because he has grown to appreciate your whimsical bursts of chaos, which make the shared moments of peace even more precious. If you were to share a kiss with Alhaitham in the rain, it would either be because a sudden downpour interrupted a sunny day in Sumeru, or because you coaxed him out of the safety of a shelter at a festival that he attended merely for the food and to see you smile.
As you spin and clap your hands, lost in the rhythm of the dance, your clothes soaked and a bright smile on your face, the downpour only enhances the beauty of the festival of flowers. You notice Alhaitham leaning against a sheltered pillar, his arms folded, his focus locked on you. With a grin, you approach him with the grace of a fairy, taking his hands and pulling him into the rain despite his protests. He won鈥檛 dance, of course, but he鈥檒l stand there, watching you dance around him, desire evident in his eyes, his hair soaked to his face. As you come to a stop before him, the world seems to fade away, your eyes flickering between his lips and his eyes. The music merges with the sound of the downpour as you step closer till your lips meet his. Alhaitham warms ever so slightly, and he reciprocates the kiss. It鈥檚 not a dramatic kiss; there鈥檚 no touching or holding, the only point of contact is where your lips meet. As you pull away and spin off into the dancing crowds, you leave him yearning for more, his desire as palpable as the raindrops on his skin.
Itto, the ever-charismatic and headstrong Arataki gang leader, is known for his refusal to carry an umbrella, even when the skies threaten rain. You鈥檝e always chalked this up to his stubbornness and his relentless pursuit of maintaining his 鈥榗ool鈥 persona. Or perhaps, he simply doesn鈥檛 own an umbrella. On the other hand, you鈥檙e always prepared for the whims of the weather, armed with an umbrella when the forecast predicts rain. On one such rainy day, you find Itto, as expected, braving the rain without any cover. Seeing him soaked, you can鈥檛 help but want to share your umbrella with him. At first, he denies your offer but when it looks like the rain won鈥檛 be letting up he nearly snatches your umbrella from you trying to huddle under your small shelter.
Shocked, you try to tell him to calm down when a gust of wind sweeps in, snapping the umbrella in half, and leaving both of you exposed to the rain. You stare at the broken umbrella in disbelief, while Itto bursts into laughter. His laughter is infectious, and soon, you鈥檙e both laughing heartily, the rain forgotten. Once the laughter subsides, Itto looks at you, his eyes softening. He leans in, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. The rain only adds to the intensity of the kiss. Soaked to the skin, neither of you cares about the rain anymore. After all, it鈥檚 not every day you get to share a kiss in the rain with Itto. And though Itto may never carry an umbrella, you find that you don鈥檛 mind at all.
鈥淭rue men don鈥檛 carry umbrellas, pff鈥 Wow, it鈥檚 really picking up now, my word. Oh, come on, get yours out already! Come on, move quickly!鈥
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ashersanity 1 day
I need more Yan Bailey content sir. And Briar... Remy... if you write for them...
Let's say PC is working in the brothel, So what type of yanderes are they? Will they even let anyone see PC in those skimpy outifts?
I wonder how contradictory it will be for Briar... (Bonus: Avery will probably go furios mode because it's dragging his reputation down?)
bailey deserves a post of their own, planning a part 2 for the shitty caretaker. Just for you @mellowwillowy. part 1 is here.
Cmon, you knew what you were doing when you requested for Remy.. Wait, no one knows that im a Remy enthusiast, do they? Fuck. Well, here I go then. - @princesstokyomoon :)
asher is on a roll.
content warning! dub-con/non-con, mostly non-con really, mentions of violence, murder, kidnapping, marking, anal play with a bottle?? if that鈥檚 even a thing, possessive and abusive behaviour, you know the drill already.
pc and the bastards are gender neutral as always unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Tumblr media
鈥淧retty little thing you are, aren鈥檛 you? Come to my office, baby. Let鈥檚 get you all cleaned up for the show.鈥
yandere type : sadistic, possessive, manipulative
Somehow always has you sticking by their side whenever you鈥檙e not on stage, which they make sure to limit of quite a bit, not wanting their precious little thing wandering off without their watching eyes. It becomes increasingly clear to the other employees that you鈥檙e Briar鈥檚 favorite, whispering among each other, referring to you as the boss鈥檚 bitch, not that it鈥檚 all that far off. Oh? Bailey wants you back at the orphanage to pay your dues? Don鈥檛 worry, Briar will take care of that. They鈥檇 like to talk business with the caretaker anyway, namely about your price. Name it, they鈥檙e willing to pay anything for you.
Drastically increases the costs of your shows despite not wanting you to perform. You may be theirs completely, but Briar cannot abandon their principles over cash since money is money for the brothel owner after all. Wants everyone to know that you鈥檙e not just some cheap whore. No, you鈥檙e fucking Briar鈥檚 whore, the one they call in whenever they鈥檙e feeling bored, slender finger idly tapping against the cushioned arm of their couch, outstretched arm ready to take in you for another one of your daily sessions. Aren鈥檛 you obedient too? Wearing the preferred outfit that they like to see you in. What a doll.
Addicted to having you on their lap, comfortably seated on the brothel owner鈥檚 spread thighs, smooth hand resting on your hips while the other is holding a bottle of wine. Of course, considering how they鈥檙e a sadistic bastard, doesn鈥檛 only involves sweet nothings whispered into the shell of your ear or soothing rubs over your back. You鈥檒l never forget that one time, how they pressed the rim of the bottle against your tight entrance, eyes going wide once you realize what they plan on doing. Smallest of smirks forming on Briar鈥檚 usually calm face, throughly enjoying the cute whines that come out of you as they thrust the neck of the glass bottle into your used hole, wine sloshing inside. A real treat that you are.
Never actually shares you. Sure, those bystanders admiring your dancing form as you perform on stage is still a thing though it doesn鈥檛 bother them the same way it does whenever a potential customer is reaching for their pockets, waving their wallet. Forbids you from going to them, instead, Briar, the one who usually never steps onto the platform, now joining on stage with you. Makes it clear to everyone that you鈥檙e theirs as their hands trail lower over your waist to your hips, lifting up the fabric of your skimpy leotard, giving the others a 鈥榪uick鈥 peek of the marks they鈥檝e left onto your skin.
There鈥檚 no need to know what happened to that one individual who got a feel of your behind on stage, shamelessly groping the soft flesh in the palm of their hand just as Briar is watching. Might鈥檝e resulted in the other鈥檚 bodyguards accosting them right then and there, bringing them over to the basement where the real fun happens. Shove them in the hole with ease, ass sticking out for anyone to use as they please and Briar鈥檚 sick grin appearing on their lips as they call you over to them as usual. Better keep your lips sealed tight if you know the full story, missing body who has yet to be found, buried deep in the woods. Briar likes to be thorough in their punishments.
鈥淟ook at that, perfect for breeding and milking. Fuck, you鈥檙e going to be my fucking star.鈥
yandere type : obsessive, possessive, overprotective
Keeps you away from the other cattle in the farm, your own personal pen that Remy built just for you, there to satisfy your every single need. Obviously they couldn鈥檛 possibly let you be after that one incident, catching one of their workers鈥檚 pesky hands gliding over your precious body, seeing red. You, you poor thing, utterly ignorant as you snoozed away, deep in slumber. The farmer wasn鈥檛 having any of it, gave that fucker what they deserved, having cleaned themselves off of that distasteful encounter. No one entirely knows what ever truly happened that day and it鈥檚 better not to ask around. Remy will simply shut you up with more gifts, your dumb cow mind too foggy to remember much of it anyway.
Tattooed their name on your asscheek, forever imprinting themselves into your flesh. It was done the minute they saw you, a sort of hunger in their eyes, the need to own you, for everyone else to know it. Affectionately traces a gloved finger over their lettering of their name 鈥楻emy鈥檚 bull鈥 permanently etched on the reddened skin, giving it a playful slap. It comes in useful in certain situations, the other animals and humans knowing to keep away from you as they get a glimpse of your tattoo, not wanting to face the farmer鈥檚 wrath by the risk of touching you.
Absolutely does not want you breeding with another cattle. Yeah, they do sort of feel bad when they isolated you in their barn, left with stacks of hay, a warm blanket over your frame and plenty of other supplies to keep you entertained, but it was for the best. Knowing every creature eventually goes into heat one day and so did you, caught you uselessly humping at one of the cows, mounting them even! If it weren鈥檛 for Remy that immediately stopped it, who knows what would鈥檝e happen?? They know.. Yes, they know that you鈥檙e suffering from being deprived like this and so they鈥檙e happy to help, letting you get a feel of what real breeding is like at night, as they return from a long day of working on the fields.
Favours you, giving you special treatment and well, the entire farm is aware of it. Muttering about how you鈥檙e the only one who actually gets Remy to smile, their usual stern face and their lips who are meant to be pressed in a straight-line now curling up at the sight of you. Everyone shooting each other weird looks as you nuzzle against the farmer鈥檚 hand, demanding for attention and they don鈥檛 push you away. Just what the hell kind of trickery is this?? Turning the owner of the underground farm into mush, Wren constantly teasing the other about it, but they just scoff and play it off. As if you don鈥檛 have them wrapped around your finger, stupid cow.
Cherishes every single drop of milk that you produce, wherever it鈥檚 made from, your genitals or chest. Either way, they鈥檙e squeezing it all out of you, making extra sure not to waste a droplet of it as it drips down in the numerous cylinders. Such a prodigy too, milking the copious amount, thick consistency on the verge of spilling out from the plastic containers. You don鈥檛 know it though, how Remy succumbs to temptation, mouth watering from your organic milk, pink tongue dipping down to get a taste of it. How fucking sweet it is, they鈥檝e never tasted anything like it, swallowing it all in one go. Actually never puts your products on the market since all of it is sloppily consumed by Remy, greedily lapping across their upper lip.
鈥淭here you are, darling. Looking sweet as ever. Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are? My prize.鈥
yandere type : self-indulgent, impulsive, controlling
Is in charge of everything that you wear, make it known to the town that you鈥檙e Avery鈥檚 first and foremost, gifted clothes or lacy chokers to place around your neck, the one they like to admire with a well manicured finger. Your closet now consisting solely of the expensive items that they鈥檝e bought for you, stuffed away in the tight confines of the narrow space. It鈥檚 better to wear the suit or dress that the businessperson got for you, for they always know when you don鈥檛, frown appearing on their face whenever they see you walk to school with that annoying orphan. What鈥檚 their goddamn name, Rowin? Robin?? God, they don鈥檛 care, pulling up next to you with their limousine, tinted window rolling down to greet you with a serene smile, completely ignoring the other standing next to you. They鈥檙e not worth your attention, you are.
Is the one to pick you up everywhere and they mean, everywhere. School ends, approaching the school gates and luckily not encountering Whitney in the process, met with Avery waiting in their car, telling you to get in. If they can鈥檛 manage a car, let鈥檚 say, for example because they鈥檙e away from town, coming to pick you up instead in a helicopter, ignoring the awed looks that attracts from others. If their rage is low, which you better hope it is, they鈥檙e giving you the full prince/princess treatment, treating you like deity even. Whatever you want, they鈥檙e here to provide. Oh, you want this new bag that everyone else has at school? They鈥檙e already sifting through their thick wallet, handing you the green notes with a pleased smirk. Buy it, doll. It鈥檚 their treat.
Would never let you work at the brothel, not on their watch. Are you crazy? It鈥檚 not entirely a lie as one would say, that Avery does hire a few whores on certain nights, crumpled bills stashed away in their pockets. Not with you though. You鈥檙e different, special, even if they never openly say it. They鈥檝e never been ready to admit but the idea of you going there every Friday night, sleazy hands trailing over your naked body, no their body. The thought makes Avery grind their teeth, sick at the mere suggestion of you even possibly working there. Why would you? They鈥檒l give you everything you need, pay twice, three times, ten fucking times more than Briar could ever share with you. Out of pettiness however, they do bring you over, in front of Briar鈥檚 own watchful eyes, possessive hands placed onto your hips. Loves glancing over to catch the brothel owner鈥檚 scowling face, watching on as you grind on the businessperson鈥檚 crotch.
Traps you in their manor, turning you into their little, obedient maid that鈥檒l follow their every word and order, the one to come to them at a snap of their fingers. A servant needs to look presentable too, don鈥檛 you think? Forcing you into some fetishy maid outfit, silky, feminine lingerie regardless of gender, barely hiding the flushed skin beneath. Skirt is so short that you have to remind yourself to pull at the hem, fabric riding up your plush thighs and exposing your bare flesh to Avery鈥檚 hungry eyes. They鈥檒l be such a bitch about it too, crotchless panties, putting your hole on display for them to leer at whenever you bend down to pick something up or are busy dusting a corner that鈥檚 particular hard to reach. Earns you a smack to the ass, Avery whistling to themselves as they walk off with your shocked, humiliated gaze on them.
Marks you in a.. different manner than the others, more sophisticated they鈥檇 call it? It鈥檚 subtle at first, hickeys and bite marks left on your collarbone, shoulder blades, inner thighs, places that usually wouldn鈥檛 be visible to other people, not unless you鈥檙e wearing something revealing which they don鈥檛 allow in public. Escalates to your neck, wrists, maybe corner of your lips, your huffed complaints bringing a smirk to their face, claiming that you鈥檒l be forced to wear a turtleneck from now on to hide the evidence of those traces left behind. Why hide it though? It鈥檚 there to be flaunted, meant for the town to know, darling. Won鈥檛 take it kindly if you ever do try to worm your way out of it, theirs to own, their precious doll. Makes it official once they tuck the leather collar around your neck, tightening it with a click. Look at you, so pretty. Avery鈥檚 prized blue ribbon bitch.
Tumblr media
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obsessivevoidkitten 8 hours
Heroes To Villains
DILF Yandere Superheroes x Gender Neutral Superhero Reader CW: Noncon, imprisonment, minor violence, gratuitous amount of firearms, super powers, super soldiers, spitroasting, general yandere behavior, bratty reader Word Count: 3.8k (I am sorry this took a bit for me to get to, only took a few hours to write though. I hope you guys love it. Feel free to tip if you do~)
The city you were stationed in was under attack by some fairly destructive super villains. They were either traitors born of the same government program that had produced you and the other super soldiers you worked with or they were sent by another country to attack the retired super agents of your country. Though it was also possible they were a rogue foreigner with a vendetta. All the people making up your squad had been in the military and had made significant enemies.
Their goals did not really matter so much at the moment. It was more important that they were defeated before they caused any casualties.
There were two of them. One of them with an ability to lash out with streams of fire and smoke and another that could jump up really fast and high before slamming down and causing a large explosion on impact.
They were no match for you and your comrades. Red and Ace had handled much worse threats than these two with ease. Ace had been a top pilot before undergoing medical experimentation that left him with angel-like wings and the ability to shoot energy blasts from his hands. The man was like a living B-52. And Red was basically a human tank. Very little could so much as scratch his skin and he had tremendous physical strength.
Both of them had soared through the ranks and had distinguished themselves as competent generals in the last great war. Now they were retired and used their abilities as super soldiers to become heroes and protect the capital from the strange threats that had been unleashed during war time. Mostly the occasional villain. Sometimes a mutant animal.
You had just been a simple medic. Nothing too fancy, but you had hesitantly taken the opportunity to go through experiments that would allow you to heal others much more effectively and without the need for invasive surgery. Most of the super soldiers gained a unique ability and also became more resilient to damage and agile.
And you had gotten those perks too, but not to the degree as everyone else. Though you had gotten an extra ability that most people lacked. Hyper accurate aim with long distance weapons. But you also suffered a drawback when compared to your peers. You got exhausted easily, having very little stamina.
Who could forget the time you had saved the city by firing the railroad gun at the giant robot that used mutated biological components in its construction? Firing a 19,000 pound shell and obliterating an entire giant robot with one perfectly executed shot had been amazing.
You longed for that kind of usefulness again. But currently you were a bit bored, as a long range support unit you frequently hung back a bit. Red and Ace normally cleared everything up themselves without having need of your abilities.
Ace had plucked the hopper from the sky and injected him with a serum that would knock him out cold until he could be taken into custody where his abilities would be removed completely, if they could be. Red had similarly taken out the fire user who had discovered that his searing flames did little more than make Red sweat a bit.
They regrouped together before they started walking back to you, each carrying the limp weight of an unconscious enemy on their shoulders. It would be a few minutes before they got to the rendezvous.
You heard the gruff voice of Red on your comm line.
鈥淲e got em鈥 On our way back now.鈥
You were cut off by a sudden shift underground followed by a woman jumping up from the earth below you and punching you hard enough to launch you several feet.
There had been a third and they had split up to take you on individually.
As you fell through the air you took out your side arm and fired every round in rapid succession. Each one aimed for her heart. Each one hit their mark. But when you hit the ground you had smacked your head pretty hard and the world faded to black.
You woke up in a medical bed in the basement of your headquarters. You were quite dizzy and you felt like you were certainly going to vomit.
You held your hands to your head and your palms flashed.
Much better. If you hadn鈥檛 been knocked out you would have simply been able to heal whatever injuries you had sustained in a flash. Oh well you were better now.
Ace walked in to check on you right as you had been getting up. He burst into a smile at seeing you awake. His blue eyes full of joy.
鈥淗ey runt! Glad to see that you鈥檙e getting up and about!鈥
鈥淲ho鈥檚 a runt!?鈥
He flexed his biceps to drive the point in.
鈥淩ed, get in here, The runt is up!鈥
You heard his loud steps reverberate upstairs as he bounded towards the basement door and came rushing down.
鈥淚t鈥檚 been five days, we were beginning to really worry about you, squirt.鈥
He was smiling but you could tell his red eyes held a lot of concern in them. It seemed like there was something he wanted to say but didn鈥檛 know how.
鈥淲ell, no need to worry. I am not as fragile as a regular person. And I am fully healed now.鈥
鈥淵eah鈥 but you weren鈥檛 hit by a normal person. And you aren鈥檛 as durable as most of us鈥︹
That was Ace.
鈥淵eah, yeah, I will be more careful, okay? I know my limits. I don鈥檛 need a lecture. I took the enemy down and I am okay now so we don鈥檛 need to linger on it.鈥
Ace put his hand to his face and his wings quivered in annoyance as they often do when he tries to lecture you and you just won鈥檛 have it.
You rolled your eyes and finally Red spoke up.
鈥淭his isn鈥檛 the first time you have gotten hurt on the field. Even with precautions like staying back you still end up injured!鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 your point? It's a battle, injuries happen. At least I can heal.鈥
Ugh, an Ace lecture you were used to. You didn鈥檛 need both of them nagging at you.
You rolled your eyes as Red continued.
鈥淗ave you ever considered鈥 going into another career? You volunteer at the hospital鈥 maybe you could do that full time?鈥
That did it.
鈥淓xcuse me? I wasn鈥檛 in any command position, but I was a trained soldier all the same! I think I can handle myself!鈥
You stormed away from them and went up the stairs, slamming the door behind you. Assholes. Who were they to tell you what you should consider doing? It was your life and if you wanted to use it fighting genetically enhanced monsters and super-criminals then that was your right to do so.
It would become evident in the future that this incident was where everything started to go wrong. Going forward in battle they always had at least one of them at your side whenever it was physically possible for them to do so.
When you were eventually still injured even with that precaution, even though it was minor, they pressured you again to quit being a hero. They thought maybe you just were too attached to them to leave so they even suggested that you could still be their medic but you would stay on at the base. You could even still operate the railroad rifle that could fire shells from miles away whenever a large foe approached the city.
But you wouldn鈥檛 have it. Fuck them. You told them that if you had to form a new squad in a new city then you would do so.
They frantically apologized immediately so they let it go.
It was unfathomable that they would ever allow you to do such a thing. Go off where they couldn鈥檛 protect you even a little? Where some inexperienced whelp of a leader would surely get you killed? Not a chance!
But neither could they allow you to remain a front line combatant. Not after the injuries and not with how easily you became fatigued when exerting yourself.
The solution was ugly, but it was what it was. You left them no other option for your own safety.
Though it would make them criminals themselves they had to do it for your own good. They had to keep you here with them where you would be safe and secure. They could turn the base鈥檚 AI defenses to keep you here and make sure that you were safe. They could also have it alert them through their comms if you there was any trouble while they were on a mission.
You were laying on your bed with your hands behind your head. You stared at your ceiling and contemplated all that you had been through. The war, seeing comrades on the battlefield ripped apart with no way to save them as they bled out in agony. You had to protect people from that in every way that you could, and if you did die on the battlefield then that was fine by you.
The intrusion of Red and Ace barging into your room out of nowhere pulled you from your thoughts and you regarded them both with a scowl.
鈥淲hat NOW!? Can鈥檛 you guys at least knock? I mean seriousl-鈥
Ace cut you off with a hand gesture for silence before Red spoke up.
鈥淟isten squirt鈥 we decided something. We can鈥檛 allow you to join us on the field anymore鈥︹
鈥淒idn鈥檛 you just apologize for saying that after I threatened to leave? Whatever, I am out of here!鈥
You hopped up to gather your belongings and set out at once, the mere sight of the two heroes making you want to go on a rampage, but Red pushed you back onto the bed, then Ace picked up where Red had left off.
鈥淲ell that鈥檚 not all, runt. We also decided鈥 you can鈥檛 leave here either鈥︹
You started laughing. It had to be some kind of joke. But the tension that filled the room told you otherwise. You looked from Red to Ace and the empty expression from Ace and the guilty one from Red told you that they were deadly serious.
You grabbed your sidearm and launched yourself at Ace, you weaved past Red and twirled yo get behind Ace and held your arm around his neck with your gun aimed at his head. You didn鈥檛 speak a word, your intention clear.
There was no way you would be kept here.
You couldn鈥檛 go for Red as small arms fire would bounce off of him, but at point blank range Ace was toast. You backed out of the room, pulling Ace along with you. He cooperated fully. Even a pair of overprotective psychos didn鈥檛 want their brains blown out.
Out of nowhere a robotic arm emerged from one of the sockets in the walls. It seized your gun and then Ace flipped your positions with him behind you.
They had reprogrammed the defenses of the base to not allow you to have a weapon. These two were not former generals for nothing. They knew how their adversary, you, would react.
You slammed your foot down on Ace鈥檚 and smacked your head behind him to hit his nose. Such weak attacks did nothing to dislodge you from his ironclad grasp.
鈥淪top this childish behavior and just accept things. This is for your own good. If anything this little outburst has proven that you need to be protected because you certainly cannot control your emotions!鈥
Red was in front of you, still looking at you with that guilty expression.
鈥淚鈥檒l go get your weapons from your room.鈥
Ace and you watched in the doorway as Red got a sack and rummaged through every single inch of your private space to look for what was now contraband.
鈥淐ome on! If you are going to keep me here at least don鈥檛 go invading my privacy like this!鈥
Much to your embarrassment you actually cried a bit as the large man went through all your things.
He started by removing your pistols from your weapon鈥檚 display case. Your Beretta M9, your SIG Sauer P320, you鈥 dear god no鈥 not your baby, not your Magnum Research BFR!
You thrashed more as you saw him take that one.
Then he moved on to your bookshelf. He took out your religious text from the shelf.
鈥淗ey, keep your grubby mitts off of that! It鈥檚 sacred!鈥
鈥淵eah, Red, don鈥檛 you think you should focus o-鈥
He opened it revealing that it had been cut out and housed one of your many sidearms.
鈥淥f course,鈥 Ace said flatly.
When Red finished with all your pistols he moved on to the ones mounted on your wall. Your Mauser M 98, your Browning BLR, and your little Marlin 70PSS.
The rest of the search was much the same. All but one had been found. Red had to get a second bag for them all. The ones in your desk, under your bed, and the one in your mattress.
Well at least they hadn鈥檛 found your most precious gun-child鈥
鈥淥kay I think I got them all. Nowhere else to search. Be truthful, did I miss any?鈥
You wiped the tears out of your eyes and lied convincingly. You tried to look as defeated as you could.
Ace moved the two of you out of the way so Red could take your weaponry to the armory. As he started to leave the room he noticed his footsteps sounded odd in one place.
He pressed his large foot down in the spot a few times, narrowing his eyes.
He bent down and realized he could remove the floor board under the rug in that spot.
He found it, the bag unzipped and your M1 Garand joined the rest of your firearms.
鈥淣OOOO!!! That one is my favorite! It PINGS when you use it!鈥
Now you were truly defeated, they had gotten every single one of them鈥
鈥淗oly fuck, how many did you need??鈥
Ace joined in.
鈥淵eah that鈥檚 all a bit鈥 much鈥︹
鈥淚f your only offensive power came from guns then you would make sure to have one near you at all times in case of infiltration or emergencies鈥︹
Ace sighed and let you return to your bed in peace. Or what peace could be had in your glorified prison.
Later in the evening they knocked on your door.
鈥淗ey, we made your favorite food for dinner! And made your favorite dessert too鈥︹
That was Red, you could hear the nervousness in his voice. He knew you would hate him now. You ignored them.
鈥淐ome on, don't be like this, you have to eat!鈥
And that was Ace, insisting that not complying with his psychopathic behavior was childish.
You opened the door and took the food tray. Both of them smiled.
鈥淭here, see? We can all still get along. We worked very hard on that meal for you!鈥
You were sure that they had, they were both skilled cooks. You stared at them expressionless and slammed the tray into their faces before slamming the door.
Ace looked furious but Red held him back.
鈥淐ome on Ace鈥 they just need to adjust鈥︹
But you refused to adjust. You ate only when they were out of the house. As the days went by you didn鈥檛 speak a single solitary word to either of them, you may as well have been a ghost.
Well鈥 it would have been. Had you not been doing your best to make them the two most miserable men on the planet. You destroyed all the toilet paper, clogging every toilet in the base with it, you destroyed the fridge twice, you broke the TV, tore the couch, the robotic arms stopped you, of course, but you could manage to do a bit of damage each time before it stopped you.
Even Red was getting annoyed with your behavior.
They had both tried everything to get you to behave. Punishments ranging from not eating anything but flavorless oatmeal for days to being forced to sleep in a bed with one of them so they could make sure you didn鈥檛 cause any destruction while they slept.
Finally they had had enough, things could not continue on like this and it seemed like you may never open your eyes and see that they were just trying to keep you safe. Without them you鈥檇 have ran right into the jaws of danger.
They discussed it among themselves and had one more idea. You needed to feel loved in every possible way. They loved you so much after all, that鈥檚 what all this had been about, to protect you because they cared for you. But clearly they needed to step things up a notch or ten.
When they came home that day they barged into your room and grabbed you, taking you kicking and screaming into one of the many spare rooms the base had.
They had outfitted it with a huge bed, the walls painted your favorite color, fresh roses filled a heart shaped vase on the nightstand.
鈥淟et go of me! What did you drag me here just to give me a newer bigger room? A prison is still a prison鈥︹
鈥淚t鈥檚 going to be鈥︹ Red started.
鈥淥ur love鈥 nest鈥︹ Ace finished, blush evident on his face.
鈥淣o thanks. Fucking weirdos.鈥
鈥淐ome on, sex is known to alleviate one鈥檚 mood!鈥
鈥淵eah, just give it a chance鈥
Ace smashed his lips into yours and kissed you deeply, you looked at him stunned.
They were serious鈥 You wanted to wretch鈥 Fervently you struggled, trying to get out of Red鈥檚 grip but he handed you off to Ace who wrapped his wing around you and led you to the bed.
They took your clothing off before moving on to your own. All of you had scars due to combat and training, and you had seen them nude in the showers before, but this was different. For the first time you felt vulnerable and scared under their combined gaze.
You covered your genitals but they each removed and held one arm so they could appreciate the view. 鈥淐ome on, don鈥檛 be like that. Nothing we haven鈥檛 seen before,鈥 Ace whispered as he spread your legs apart.
鈥淩ed, did you bring the lube?鈥
鈥淵eah, right here.鈥
Red opened a bottle and lathered both of their growing cocks so that they were drenched with the stuff and then pressed some to your hole and massaged it in. They had no intention of letting this be a painful experience for you. They wanted to show how much they cared about you.
You tried to clench. To close yourself off from them. But the probing fingers would not be denied. You squirmed uncomfortably at the sensation of cold lube being worked into you.
鈥淭ry to relax, it will be much better if you embrace us.鈥
鈥淔UCK YO-鈥
Red cut you off with a kiss. You tried to bite his tongue but his tongue was no more vulnerable than the rest of his body.
Two sets of hand roamed and pet, and groped your body. Gently caressing you as Red made out with you. When they felt as if they had explored every part of your body they flipped you on to your belly, with Red on his knees in front of you. His crotch level with your face.
Ace was behind you on his knees between your legs, holding them still as he wedged himself closer to your entrance, until the tip of his cock was kissing it.
You couldn鈥檛 kick because he had control of your legs. You couldn鈥檛 punch because Red had your arms pinned. Now they just had to plug your bratty mouth and you wouldn鈥檛 have any means of protest. Verbal or otherwise.
They knew you鈥檇 try to bite so Red took your mouth, claiming it with his cock. You tried to move and turn away but once Ace sank his cock into your sensitive depths you gasped in surprise so Red took the chance to put his cock in your soft mouth. He did not go in balls deep, neither of them had yet. They wanted you to enjoy it. To relax. Not worry about being hurt or gagged.
Red humped into your mouth carefully and slowly while Ace did the same behind you.
鈥淒amn, for someone so opposed to it you fit me so well.鈥
Then Ace added, 鈥淵our mouth feels amazing babe. He used his thumb to draw lazy circles into your arms where he held them down. He sighed in pleasure when he felt the pleasured moans Ace was coaxing out of you. Much to your dismay.
But you couldn鈥檛 deny that it felt nice. Your body relaxed, just a bit, as the men slowly bred a bit of the stress you had been under out of it.
Now that it seemed that you were enjoying yourself, even though reluctantly, Ace decided he could speed up just a bit, rolling his hips as his cock dug further into you.
Red was going a bit faster too now that you had acclimated and stopped trying to resist so hard. He let your arms go, sure that you had finally realized how silly fighting was. The large man stroked your cheek as he continued thrusting into those sweet lips.
Ace was the first to cum, his wings outstretching fully and deep voice gasping as his large nuts filled you with wave after wave of his seed. His large cock twitched inside of you, pushing you over the edge and into your own orgasm.
Feeling all your muffled cries of pleasure right in his prick caused Red to start cumming. He pulled out, not wanting to choke you on his copious amount of semen that he knew all super soldiers produced in spades, instead cumming all over your face.
Ace pulled out of you and was the first to speak.
鈥淭here, that wasn鈥檛 so bad, was it?鈥
You didn鈥檛 respond, you were still panting from the workout you had just received. You didn鈥檛 protest when Ace pulled you into his lap and held you with your head nestled into his chest. Your head laying right on his hawk tattoo. You didn鈥檛 protest when red scooted beside him and kissed you tenderly on the forehead. You even let them clean you up and feed you your favorite meal that they diligently cooked for you while you waited politely on the couch. They figured your resistance to them before was just because you had needs that weren鈥檛 getting met.
And from that day forward they knew that anytime you got too snarky or rebellious all they had to do was make time to fuck the brattiness out of you.
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Genshin Guys with an S/O Dealing with Sensory Overload (Wriothesley, Diluc, Alhaitham, Neuvillette)
Please note that this is all from my experience. Obviously not everyone is going to experience it like this. Basically this is me shamelessly self-inserting again. I mean, what's new?
I'm going to format this as kind of scenarios in bullet point form, rather than my usual
CW: hurt/comfort, neurodivergent reader
Wriothesly x gn!reader, Diluc x gn!reader, Alhaitham x gn!reader, Neuvillette x gn!reader
Requests and Ask Box is OPEN
Sensory overload isn't really that uncommon around Wriothesly
And it's not because he's loud or anything, but the Fortress of Meropide isn't a quiet place. I imagine there's always a lot of little sounds even at night. Stuff like dripping pipes, hissing steam, little things
And even if you're not hanging out at Fortress, the city isn't even much quieter
Thankfully he's the perceptive, people-smart type so there's no way in hell sensory overload is getting past him
Tight fists, pinched eyebrows, flinching at loud noises, yeah, he ain't missin' that shit
When he notices you doing that he's quick to finish whatever conversation he's in and bringing you to a quieter location
He's either soundproofed his room or set aside some space in the fortress where you can be alone in the quiet. If you need music to avoid complete and total quiet he has some soft records for you to listen to
Diluc has an easier time dealing with the sensory overload
When the day has left you worn out, overloaded, and on edge, wincing at even soft noises, you seek out Diluc
Of course, if you're helping/hanging out at the Angel's Share, chances are he's already at least noticed your reactions to the ambient chaos
If he can't get away from the bar, he hands you the keys to his room and tells you to go rest, that he'll be up when he's free
At the Winery, he's left instructions that even if he's not there, you should be brought to a quiet out of the way room (ehem, his room) and given whatever you need
In either location, as soon as he's free he's coming to make sure you're alright. He usually has something for your headache, knowing that you've probably got one
If you let him, he'll want to hold you, rubbing circles into your shoulder. But if you need space, he'll leave you be once
More than anything he's intent on making any of his spaces safe and comfortable for you
Alhaitham is an asshole and doesn't people, but when it comes to sensory overload he's 100% sympathetic
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it's something he deals with on the regular
It's also not something you can hide from him (in fact you might go to him because he's a quiet person who has no issues telling anyone who would bother you to go sit on it)
The first thing he does is kick whoever he's talking to out of the room. Unlike Wrio, he doesn't bother wrapping up the conversation, he just tells them to leave
If you're at his house, Kaveh gets told to find a different room to occupy and Kaveh actually listens (I mean, Kaveh is a nice guy who isn't going to be mean to you just to give his roommate the metaphorical middle finger. Really, neither of them are.)
Once he's gotten rid of any annoyances, he's handing over his headphones
He also helps darken the room your in (modifications Kaveh helped with--I feel like both of them are far more willing to accommodate you than each other, even if it means working together)
After that, he just leaves you alone. If you have a headache, he'll find something to help, but he just goes to read
If you're in a place where he can't just shoo people away and remove any offending sensations, he goes out of his way to comfort you (which took him forever to figure out how to do, but he likes you so it's worth the effort). Even if it's just lending you headphones while he takes you by the hand and leads you through the city
Honestly, it takes Neuvie a while to get used to a S/O who is prone to Sensory Overload
He's not human and is very much accustomed to the chaos of the Opera Epiclese, Palais Mermonia, and Fontaine City in general
So when Sedene lets you in to Neuvie's office (he's left instructions that unless he's in a conversation you can't be privy to, you just just let in) and you're nearly in tears, he's very concerned
Anything he's doing is immediately set to the side so he can figure out what's wrong
When he figures out that your brain just can't process any more input without feeling like it's about to spontaneously combust, he's a little confused, but he focuses more on how to help you
First things first, he has you hydrate while he tells Sedene to not let anyone in unless it's an emergency and finishes up whatever he's doing. If you're not feeling well, he wants to be able to focus his attention on you
Then he takes you somewhere quieter and darker
Eventually, much like Diluc and Wrio, he sets aside a place for you to go. He makes sure you can keep it as dark and quiet as you want, while making sure any sensory things you gravitate to are easily accessed
On days where you decide to take a nap, it's not uncommon to see him wrapped around you, letting his naturally cool temperature soothe you
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spiceofvy 12 hours
SKZ - Reader getting hurt during Sex
cws: gender neutral reader, nsfw, comfort, no angst, reader getting hurt, slight dom!Chan, slight dom!Chan, minor mentions of blood (Minho, Felix), bottom reader (Minho, Hyunjin), slight dom!Changbin, Changbin underestimating his strength, slight dom!Hyunjin, mentions of bondage and shibari (Hyunjin), forgetting to check your rope (Hyunjin), reader going to the ER (Felix), Jeongin having a big dick
Chan: One day he tried to do this cool movie thing where he shoves you against the wall while making out with you, completely forgetting that he needs to shield the back of your head. So you just hit the back of your head against the wall behind you, wincing in pain. It doesn't hurt too bad but still enough to push a stray tear to your eye. He is so sorry and mad at himself apologizing over and over. He will make it up to you, on his knees if you let him.
Minho: It was during one of his favorite activities, mirror sex. He pushes you against the cold surface, making you look at yourself as if you are just about to come, when suddenly there is a sharp edge underneath your fingers. It's not a deep cut, just a few droplets of blood but enough for him to kinda freak out and immediately getting you a bandaid. Moving the two of you to the bed where he worships the hell out of you, treating you like glass.
Changbin: The two of you were just going at it as Changbin decides to be a little bit more dominant, holding your wrists above your head. It feels good until he suddenly grabs you just a little bit too tightly, pinching you accidentally. Making you let out the tiniest whine of pain. He is shocked about the situation and immediately gets ice for you. He feels terrible and after the first pain is gone which only wasn't that bad he does need some reassurance.
Hyunjin: He definitely enjoys some artsy bondage or even Shibari. In the heat of the moment he forgets to tightness check one of the ropes and so while he fucks you, you get some slight rope burn. You quickly tell him, and he immediately unties you. In the end it's only slightly red and you aren't hurt. But he still feels terrible and the next few times he double-checks all his rope so you don't get hurt again.
Jisung: Jisung is a friend of many positions. Including many positions during one session. Always trying something new, some even including some low key acrobatic movements. Until he suddenly pushes your leg in a weird direction sending a short pinch of pain through your body. Nothing too bad but he still feels like a monster leading to the two of you only having missionary sex for some while.
Felix: Felix is a biter in bed, and it's cute honestly. He wasn't even aware of it until you once pointed out the bite marks to him. Sometimes they are on your lips, your neck or maybe even your thighs. Just some slight dark marks in your skin that heal within days. At one point while he cums he bites your shoulder a bit too hard, drawing blood. And he absolutely freaks out. He heard horror stories about how dangerous human bites can be so he immediately takes you to the ER. Where he very shyly explains to the doctors what happened.
Seungmin: When the two of you came home you couldn't get your hands off each other, messily making out, undoing each other's clothes uncaring if a button goes astray or a zipper breaks. You two were lost in the heat clawing at each other for release. You were just wiggling out of your own pants when suddenly one of your legs got stuck and you fell backwards, onto the ground. Seungmin stares at you confused before he bursts out in laughter, helping you up and carrying you to your bed.
Jeongin: I think we all know that Jeongin has a huge dick. And that he is not the most experienced out of the bunch. So one time you guys were really excited to go at it. But he still took his time prepping you, making sure you are relaxed and ready for him. Or at least so you two thought, turns out you both kinda underestimated just how big he was, and when he enters you you feel the short painful pinch of stretching too fast. Of course he slows down, worried that he could have hurt you too much. How cursed our baby is with his big dick.
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kittiesmeow 2 days
afab dom scara who scissors us <3
feel free to ignore 鈽猴笍
I hope you enjoy this! It's short and I think mostly my genshin masterlist is just scara 銉熲仩鈼忊仩锕忊仩鈽夆仩銉 oh well
CW.Dom!Afab!Scara x Sub!Afab!Reader, fingering, scissoring,
Tumblr media
Your on your back, your heart was racing, you weren't scared but it was racing because, you came two times and Scara didn't stop! His fingers kept on pumping out, he did scissor motions in you, your mind was begun to be mush, your mind begins to be hazy. "Mmh!" You moan, scara chuckles and he continues to pump his fingers out of you, your stomach curls. Your legs shake and Scara looks down at your cunt, he smiles and leans down. His face at your cunt, he licks at your clit. Flicking it and pinching it with his fingers, it only adds on your pleasure, making your hips stutter.
Your mouth is wide open, you can feel drool dripping out of your mouth but you don't care in this moment, scara moans against your clit, his fingers in your cunt and his mouth latch on your blud. You moan when he moans, you both let out lewd moans. Your hands reach for his hair while he goes faster on your cunt, you throw your head back, feeling his fingers hit a spot inside of you, he notices your about to climax. He chuckles and you moan loudly, you stopped moving and he curls his fingers inside of you. "Your so beautiful, like that." He says, it sounds muffled because he is still latched on you. He smiles and wipes his chin clean, it was covered in your juices, he goes between your legs, he puts his mother leg over your leg. You blink and your limp, you were too lazy to move. He aims his pussy at your cunt, he lowers himself down, he begins to move. you let out a weak moan, he grits his teeth as he goes faster. Feeling his clit rub against yours, he goes faster. Bouncing and rubbing himself against you, you both let out moans. He throws his head back and you felt yourself about to climax once again, your pussy is really sensitive and his harsh movements so your ready to climax. He stops and pushes himself more down you, your legs shake so does his. You both came, he lets out pants. He smiles and reaches for your face, he is caressing your face. He coos at you, you close your eyes and you let sleep take you.
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stinkysam 1 day
Buggy the Clown - So handsome.
Tumblr media
Warning : none
Genre : fluff
Synopsis : 鈥渂uggy with a reader who wears glasses ( I鈥檝e never seen anyone write for glasses reader 馃槱)聽 maybe one day reader pulls out there glasses while trying to read something.鈥 - anon
Reader : gender neutral (you/yours)
Tumblr media
How was Buggy supposed to know you have glasses ? You never wore them ! So to him, you had great eyesight.
He just thought your heavy squinting problem was just you thinking while reading or watching something from afar.
Yet, you had glasses since you were a kid and needed to wear them all the time, which you stopped doing when you became a pirate. They got broken too easily. How many times have you had to buy a new pair just after getting the new ones again鈥
So you rarely wore them except when you really needed them. But so far it didn't happen much. Except for today.
Today, you had put your hands on a treasure map and couldn't read it. Every details and inscriptions were too small.
Kneeling down to read it, you patted your pocket for your glasses, finding the box quickly. You opened it and put them on and, oh, wow, suddenly everything was neat and clear. People see like this all day long without any help ? That's how you're supposed to see ? You blinked several times, getting adjusted to your new vision and focused back on the map.
鈥淲ell, well, well, what do we have here ?鈥 Asked Buggy, approaching you from behind. 鈥淔ound something interesting ?鈥
鈥淎 treasure map, I think鈥︹ You turned to him briefly before looking back at the piece of paper, to make sure it's indeed a treasure map as in map for berries and gold and not some kid's stash of broken dreams and hope. 鈥淲ouldn't want to find like last time, a chest full of Uta goodies and posters. We took it, but still. Gold's better. Right ?鈥
But Buggy had stopped listening, staring at the back of your head.
鈥淟ook at me ?鈥 He said moving his head slightly to the side to see your face.
鈥淲hat ?鈥 You partially turned around. But you were still mainly facing the map.
鈥淟ook at me, please.鈥
You turned around with a frown, not understanding why he was demanding such random things.
He continued staring at you, blinking slowly.
鈥淲hose glasses is that ?鈥 He asks quietly. From whom did you take them鈥
鈥淢e ?鈥
鈥淵es, you.鈥 He rolled his eyes, hands on his hips.
鈥淣o, I mean, those are mine.鈥 You said and Buggy continued to look at you. He squinted his eyes, grimacing as he leaned closer, almost nose to nose.
鈥淪ince when do you have glasses ?鈥
鈥淔erever ?鈥 You blinked back in confusion, not realizing it was the first time he saw you with them. And for a second he wondered if his memory wasn't playing him games. Did he forget you had glasses鈥?
鈥淗uh鈥︹ He looked at your face, still grimacing. What鈥 ?
鈥淥h ! No ! Yeah, it's the first time I wear them in front of you, you're right.鈥 You said with a laugh, taking them off.
鈥淲hat !?鈥
鈥淵ou wear glasses ?!鈥 He yelled, taking them from your hands and putting them on his nose. 鈥淗ow blind are you !?鈥 He asks, moving his flying hand in front of himself.
鈥淯h鈥 a bit.鈥 You laughed, trying to get them back from him. Without success.
鈥淲ait. So you're seeing me blurry ?鈥
鈥淵- yeah ?鈥
鈥淎nd you still chose to date me !?鈥
You said nothing, an awkward smile on your face.
鈥淵ou only know me blurry !?鈥
鈥...It's nice to see you neatly.鈥 You said with a grin.
Buggy grimaced dramatically, cutting himself in pieces, contracting in a random pose.
鈥淏lurry !? I was blurry all this time !?鈥 His hands flew to you, grabbing your shoulders and shaking you.
鈥淚 fell in love with you blurry, yeah. Are you scared that neatness will change something ?鈥
He froze.
鈥淚t's not- is it possible ?鈥
鈥淚 don't know, let me check.鈥 You said, grabbing back your glasses to put them on. You look at him and make a thinking pose. Buggy stares at you, waiting.
鈥...鈥 You say nothing, letting the tension build. 鈥淵ou're right, it's too different. I can date you with a neat vision.鈥 You take them off, wiping fake tears.
鈥淲haaat !? [Name] !鈥 He shook you again. 鈥淲hat does this mean !?鈥
鈥淵ou're too handsome.鈥 You fake sobbed. And he froze again.
鈥淲hat is wrong with you !? Saying such things !?鈥 He said, pushing your head away, while grumbling.
鈥淯nderstand me !鈥 You continue sobbing. 鈥淚'm used to the Buggy who's pretty all blurry. How am I supposed to take I have a boyfriend who's not just pretty but handsome as fuck !鈥
鈥淪top it !鈥 He blushed slightly.
鈥淚 should've put on my glasses sooner !鈥 You said, eagerly putting them back on to look at him. 鈥淪uch beauty, I have to look at you !鈥
鈥淪top it !鈥 He screamed, face all red from both anger and embarrassment. 鈥淕ive me the damn map instead !鈥 And with that you stopped fake sobbing in an instant, turning around to grab what he wanted with a small smile.
鈥淎ye.鈥 You simply said, handing it to him, smiling proudly at how red you made him.
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nocturnesmoon 17 hours
Safety Nets
Tumblr media
Pairing: Simon "Ghost" Riley x John "Soap" MacTavish x GN!Reader Wordcount: 6k Tags: Polyamory, established relationship, Hurt/comfort, a LOT of comfort, the guys take care of you, that's the fic CW/TW: Military inaccuracies? canon typical violence, insecurities, heavy self doubt and self blame, minor character death, A/N: This is probably inaccurate mission and military wise but idc i wanted to write something like this for so long- though i am open to constructive criticism if you got some notes. (Read on Ao3)
-You come back from a mission that shook you to your core, the boys help you back on your feet as they always do-
Tumblr media
The wind raged like a storm in your ears, despite the heavy earmuffs which sat too tight on your head, you could hear it clearly. When you closed your eyes, you could imagine it being a hurricane, a wind so strong it would scoop you up and carry you to who knows where. One that would tear you apart and leave no remnants of who you were.
The thought seemed nice, to be taken away and to never return. To be freed from not having to face your own failures in the disappointed stares, that awaited down on the rapidly approaching platform. Your body rocked with every little swerve of the helicopter, no longer having the strength to go against the motion.
"Lieutenant?" Your head snapped up to the soldier in front of you. You ignored the crack in your neck and the ache that pooled into your muscles. He'd been calling on you a few times now, his concerned eyes searching your face for an answer. "We're about to land sir," the soldier let you know, you couldn't muster up a verbal response, only a nod to acknowledge you'd heard.
Ever since they had picked you up on the site, they had that look of pity. It made you squirm, feeling all too self-aware of the way your clothes were caked in mud and blood. Your bones hurt, and your joints felt like snapping in half. You had spent the majority of the mission running, believing that you wouldn't make it out. You had fled, and you had left them behind.
The size of the heli was too big for just you, the soldier, and the pilot in the front. The space felt like caging you in, reminding you of your failure, of who you had lost. Your eyes threatened to shut, the exhaustion whispering in your ear that it would all feel a little better if you let yourself drift away into sleep.
Except every time your eyes slipped closed it wasn't darkness you saw, it was their screams, their blood, and their gore. The cracks you heard when one of the bullets pierced someone's skull echoed in your ears, as if you were still down there on the battlefield.
You were pulled back into your own head, your mind running laps to go through the mission once more. Every single second accounted for so you could dissect your failure. How each one of them had fallen, one by one they dropped like they were nothing. How you had ran with what was left of your team, until one got caught in a bear trap and pulled under falling debris, and the other was shot in the stomach.
You had hoped your head would fill with fog, that it would help you forget and suppress the last few moments of that soldier鈥檚 life. His name had been Jacob, his callsign Wisp, he had been difficult to deal with but his progress under your guidance had been noticeable. You hated how it was only now you could remember every little thing about him. Before you didn't care, you did your job in training him, guiding him, but you never made an effort to know him. You wished your brain would stop remembering every little thing now, making you feel all the more guilty.
You wished your brain would do that thing it's supposed to do, block out the traumatic memories so you didn't have to deal with them. Yet they were there still so fresh in your mind, like an open wound, his last words repeated over and over in your mind. You'd think someone's last words would be scared, or sentimental or a sweet last wish. Not his, no he decided his last wish was to let you know just how much you had failed them all.
Over and over again you replayed that memory, how his blood had mixed with the dirt and gravel under you both. You remember how his hand had clutched onto your arm, digging his nails through your sleeve and into your skin. He had pulled you down with him in his final moments, uttered those words into your ear with so much disdain the tone would have rocked your core on its own.
"This is your fault, you led us here."
There was more to his words, you were sure there was but maybe your brain was doing part of its job now. You could only cling to every part of the memory you could before it slipped away into the fog. It was only when someone gently nudged you that you snapped out of your own mind once more. "Sir?" your body went rigid at the touch and the voice, and you fought the distinct urge to disarm the person that was in front of you.
It was the same soldier that had been with you ever since they found you. He had been careful around you ever since he saw the casualties, walking on eggshells around you as if you were a loose cannon, maybe you were. "Sir?" he repeated, being a little more patient now that he had your attention, "We're here."
You felt your stomach drop, nodding slowly and glancing towards the opening doors, the platform outside. You could already glimpse at the two people that were waiting for you, they had probably been on edge for days. It only made you more guilty how you must have worried them, ever since your call for immediate evac. You weren't even sure you could reassure them once you got down there, you weren't sure you wouldn't just collapse to your knees the moment you were within their vicinity.
"Do you need help Lieutenant?" the soldier in front of you hadn't moved, it surprised you slightly, having been sure he would be just as eager to get off and way from your stench of death. For a moment you want to say yes, tell them to get someone to carry you, because your knees would give out the moment you went to stand, but how would that look for you. A new promising Lieutenant, the first op you led after you got your new rank and it turned out like this.
You didn't dare look up at the soldier, too afraid that your own eyes would give you away. You considered for a moment, to tell the soldier to go get the only two people who would know what to do. The only two people you would trust enough to become vulnerable with. "No..." your voice barely comes through, but he seems to register it, his legs moving quickly to get down on the platform. It was time to face them.
It had been a long few days ever since you said goodbye to the two of them. 72 hours since you had left on the plane with the promise of being back sometime the next day. 24 since Johnny had started complaining about your absence. 6 since Simon had been alerted of the fact you had called for immediate evac, that the supposedly simple mission had gone wrong in every way possible.
He hadn't relayed all the grueling details to Johnny, just that the op had gone wrong and that you might come back a little rattled. Simon wasn't entirely sure what had gone wrong either, he just knew there was casualties, and the team wasn't coming back in one piece. The scot next to him was restless, practically jumping in place from anxiety, watching intently as the heli descended and the doors opened.
Simon kept one step in front of him, knowing the man all too well, and even though his eagerness is shared within Simon's own veins, he knows that you might not be in a state that could positively receive that. He knew the both of you inside and out, the years he had spent with both you and聽 Johnny allowed him to know you in ways he didn't think possible.
He was quick to find out exactly what made you both tick, what set you off, what made you happy and what would comfort you. He didn't like the uncertainty; it was a rocky start when he was still mapping out your emotions. By now you all knew each other well, like three puzzle pieces that fit together, you had found each other and filled out the holes in each other鈥檚 lives. Certainty was assured when he was with either of you because you both knew he needed it.
This was new, this was an uncertainty he didn't like. He had no idea what you would be like when you came down to the platform, down into their arms once again. Not to mention the fact you and nobody else had come out yet only churned that unsettling anxiety in his stomach further.
"L.T?" the sound of Johnny's accent filled his ears, his shoulders managing to relax just a little. He wasn't alone in this, he reminded himself, Johnny would be here to figure out how to help you as well. Johnny's pinky curled around Simon's, his urge to pull them both away from the public area would have overpowered if it wasn't for the fact, they were waiting for you.
The pilot had gotten out almost as soon as they landed, but you were still nowhere. He could just peak inside, trying to look for you or anyone else he would recognize. He only caught a glimpse of your form, hidden behind another soldier who was speaking to you. "What's taking 'em so long," Simon mumbled quietly, his mask obscuring his already quiet speech.
Johnny let out a heavy sigh, the hold his pinky finger had was surprisingly strong. They shared the anxiousness, the uncomfortable knowledge that you weren't okay. "Ah dinnae ken" he answered, trying to angle himself so he could get a better look at you. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot he could see at the distance.
They waited, as patiently as they could, the inconspicuous grip they had on each other also served to hold themselves back. Their resolve was wearing thin, and they both knew it, that soldier was talking to you about something, something they didn't know about, and they didn't like it. Simon almost completely lost it when he saw the soldier emerge without you, but his attention was quickly turned when you appeared not long after.
Your walk was slow, in no hurry to get back to them, it should've been the first sign. You looked around as if you were confused, as if you hadn't walked down this path a hundred times before. Johnny wasted no time bolting forward, closing in on you with the clear goal that you were his target. It startled you and Simon almost wanted to berate Johnny in that moment for being so quick with his movements.
Though what Simon saw almost made him want to have a little more time to prepare. The look in your eye rattled something foreign in his bones. It was something familiar, something he had seen in himself once upon a time. Something terrifying he'd never have wished upon you, how it felt when his bare soul had been chipped away at. He looked behind you, expecting some other members of your team to perhaps clue them in on the horror that had occurred.
The hit felt even harder when he realized, you were the only one.
By the time they had gotten you inside and settled in the tub you were a little more present. Your awareness a little higher from when they were on the platform. You had barely spoken a word to them, so vary of threats on every corner that you didn't even let your guard down for them as you usually did.
Only when they had managed to drag you inside, convinced you that your report could wait for later, and gotten you safely inside the space of your own quarters, did you settle. Johnny had carefully helped you out of your clothes, taking the task of cleaning you up and settling you into the safe atmosphere that was them.
He had whispered soft praise in your ears as he removed layer after layer, meanwhile suppressing the want to berate you for each little wound he found on your body. He knew you didn't need the extra scolding, the pure shock from the mission would be enough for you. However, he still felt that sting of hurt in his heart, knowing that neither he nor Simon was there to look after you, to take care of you.
He was well aware that you were capable on your own, you wouldn't have made it this far if you weren't good at what you did. If your rank wasn't enough to go from, then your other various accomplishments on your resume was. But when he saw you like this, with the silent knowledge that you could've been wiped out along with the rest, it put a dark cloud over his mind.
He helped you slowly lower yourself into the bath Simon had previously prepared. You winced in pain when the warm water touched your wounds. None of them were severe enough to cause major worry, but that didn't mean they didn't hurt just as much. Your movements were sloggy, relying on Johnny to not lose yourself completely.
"There ye are," Johnny mumbled quietly, forcing a soft smile on his lips in hopes you soothing you. You let out a shuddering sigh, doing your best to relax into the warm water. You pulled your legs close to your chest, resting your tin atop your bruised knees. "Oh leannan," he gently presses his lips to your temple, cradling your head in an attempt for comfort.
It feels like you're not fully present, watching the world from a third person view that doesn鈥檛 exist. You have half of your comfort with you, his hands grabbing the washcloth and slowly moving it over your skin. You look around the small bathroom, trying to locate the other half of your comfort, the missing equation.
"Si..." You're taken aback on your own voice, the croak and soreness of it all leaving you wondering whether you had yelled or screamed more than you thought. You tried to think back on it, settling your mind into the mission again but it made a headache form.
Johnny's motion came to a slow stop, his eyes catching your pleading ones. He knew what you wanted, but he wasn't the one that could give it to you. "He's comin' soon," he does his best at keeping your calm, "S'ok jus' relax." His free hand finds your cheek, making you focus your vision on him.
You lean into it, your body trembling slightly beneath his touch. It was warm and safe, two things you hadn't felt ever since you left. He moved the washcloth over your face, rubbing at the dirt that had infested itself on your skin. His eyes never left your face, his attention and devotion completely yours. His eyes fell on your trembling lips, before quickly flickering upwards to see the tears prickling at the corner of your eyes.
"S'ok love, yer okay" He lets the washcloth rest on the edge of the tub so he could take your face in both hands. His forehead leans against yours, bringing you close and gently coaxing you into more contact. "Just breathe with me aye, he'll be back in no time" your eyes fluttered closed, listening to his instructions, glad that you were able to let go of the part of your brain that needed to make decisions.
Fortunately, he was right, as he often is.
Heavy footsteps could be heard and then the creak of the door, it made you snap your eyes open, their searching beginning once more. They landed on the tall brute, Simon's eyes fixated on you since the moment he made his way into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and made his way towards the tub, planting himself on the toilet seat right next to it.
He was still wearing his mask, tired eyes searching your body and gliding over the wounds in your traumatized state. He lets out a deep sigh, reaching his hand up to his mask and slowly sliding it off. You had seen his face so many times, by now it shouldn't affect you anymore, yet still you can't help that feeling you get when you see him shed the mask in front of you and Johnny. The trust he has in the two of you makes your heart flutter.
The look he's giving you almost makes you feel ashamed, even though you know that he's just concerned. He's always been, that's why he's so harsh on you, on Johnny, even on occasion Garrick. You're pretty sure the only reason he isn't like that on Price as well is because of his higher rank and better experience. He's trained you hard so you could overcome anything, but no amount of training could prepare you for this kind of thing.
Johnny leans back, allowing Simon more space to move closer. You move before he does, leaning your body slightly to the side. The sound of splashing water went deaf on your ears, even as Johnny yelped from some of the water going overboard. Your chin ended up nestled atop Simon's thigh, his eyes never leaving you as you moved. His hand coming down to rest on the back of your head.
"How we doin' pet?" his voice of gravel is like a blanket for your soul, the years of smoking giving him a voice that makes you shiver. In truth you don't feel like speaking, you don't feel like answering at all. You know you have to; you can't hide forever but you still hope they won't inquire about the mission just yet.
You let out a huff, almost hoping that the answer would suffice for Simon, but he keeps looking at you with those expectant eyes. "I don't know," you whisper quietly, letting your eyes fall, your body going slack against the side of the tub.
Simon nods in response, a hum of understanding going out to you. "S'fine, you don't have to know right now," he tells you, giving you the peace of mind to just have a non-conditional existence between them.
Johnny picks up the washcloth again, guiding your arms in his direction so he could continue his work of getting you clean. They're both quick and efficient with cleaning you up, Simon's rough voice filling the room as he updates you on things that's happened since you were gone. It's not much, mostly trivial things you don't care about and will likely forget, but it keeps your calm, giving you something else to focus on.
"Ye should've seen Cap he was livid," Johnny's laughs and you muster a smile, hearing about his latest misadventures, and the dumb thing's he'd rode Gaz into. His hands run over your scalp, working in the shampoo and grimacing when he takes out a small clump of dirt. "Aye darling, how the hell did ye get so caked in mud anyway," he sighs, parting your strands to get to the nape of your neck.
You bend your head down to allow him to work through your hair without straining his arms. "I..." you do your best to think back, but the number of times you fell down and scraped against things were a blur. "I think i tripped a lot...it was a muddy area," You held back a pleasured groan, as Johnny worked his fingers over your scalp, small goosebumps going down your back and arms.
"I don't really remember," you admit and let out an exasperated sigh. Johnny finishes up your hair, going for a little longer than necessary in hopes of keeping your enjoyment going awhile longer. When he pulls back to reach for the shower head, he boops your nose, leaving some soap on your face. His mischievous grin is infectious, and it manages to tug the corners of your lips upwards. The way his eyes light up when he sees your half smile makes your heart hurt, you've worried them so much, you're still worrying them.
As soon as they got you out of the water you were clinging to them like a leech. Refusing to let go of the precious contact you've already established with them. They move you around between them, molding you to them as they do the teamwork of getting you dry. Simon peppers soft kisses to your lips and cheeks while Johnny moves the towel over your back.
Even after they're done getting you as dry as they can, they keep you there. Sandwiched between them they hold you tight, and in tune each other. Johnny's head nestled in the crook of your neck and Simon's chin resting on top of your head. It's a stance that squeezes you tight, your own head getting light from the amount of love they try to squeeze into your bones.
It makes your heart burn, and your eyes sting with tears. Your breathing coming out in small gasps, as you end up choking back on a sob. Every single little thing coming crashing down on you now that you know you're safe in their arms. They've always got you, ready to catch you in case you fall. That hasn't changed, and being so subtly reminded by them brings it all out.
"Breathe," you aren't sure who says it, the disorienting feeling not alleviating even as they accommodate you. "Good Good," you recognize Simon's praising voice when you manage to take a few deep breaths. The tears never manage to fall but you don't doubt that they both know just by looking at your pathetic state.
"Love, we need to treat your wounds," he starts off quietly, not having any haste to move you, "Johnny'll go get you some food, and then we can get you settled into bed, okay?" He's making it sound more like a question, but you know it's just to make you aware of their next movements.
Even so you can't help but cling to Johnny's presence as he starts to unattach himself from the cuddle. You look up at him with pleading eyes, hoping he would stay if you just used puppy eyes enough. You almost think he'll budge as he moves closer to you again, his lips descending onto yours for a chaste kiss. Reluctantly he pulls away again, "Be back soon, ah promise ye."
Before you can protest and force him to stay, Simon scoops you up and places you on the bathroom counter. Distracting you from Johnny's quest of finding food that will be easily digested. He holds your face in his hand to keep your eyes on him, while the other one rummage through a cabinet.
You had gotten extremely lucky all things considered, the worst of your injuries the long scrapes on your back from sliding down a hill with sharp rocks. The rest included rough bruises, sore joints, and jumbled mind. Your other teammates had been much less fortunate, led right into their death by your own incompetence.
You're softly called back to reality, Simon gently rubbing his thumb over your cheek and calling your name. You don't know how long you were zoned out, but it was long enough to give him that worried glint in his eye. "Sorry..." you croak, swallowing thickly to hold it all back but this time it's not as easy.
The tears come slow and quiet, the shake in your body forcing them out of your waterline and down your cheekbones. He gently wipes them away, pulling you in closer to his body again and cradling you against his chest. "You survived," he reminds you, "You're still here."
You want to nod along with him and take in his words to keep close. But you don't know if you agree with him, you survived but should you have? Why did you survive and not Jacob, not any of the other soldiers who trusted you to see it through.
Simon placed a soft kiss to the top of your head and then leaned over you to get a look at your back. He gave no reaction to whatever he saw as to not make you panic, though from the bleeding warmth in your back told you it probably wasn't looking the best.
"Lean back for me pet," he instructs you, slowly plucking you from his chest. With a reluctant sigh you lean back and look down at yourself. Your eyes trailing over every little bruise that littered your body. Simon was silent as he took care of you, giving you gentle squeezes over small kisses after every little wince you made.
When he was done treating the visible wounds, you could hear Johnny rustling around outside the bathroom. The only thing left was your back, the one you dreaded the most out of all your wounds. Simon leaned back just as Johnny came back into the room, a set of your clothes hanging over his arm. He places it on the counter and picks through it, handing you a fresh set of underwear, sweats, and t-shirt.
"Wait with the shirt, need to check over your back," Simon reaches over for the underwear and sweats, helping you into it and lowering you back to the floor. You stretch out your limbs, groaning as you feel the exhaustion in your body, your joints popping when you stretch your arms above your head.
Johnny takes your hand in his own, smiling at you and leading you into the bedroom. "Ah found ye some soup, there wasn't a lot to choose from at this hour," he told you as you crawl onto the bed. You glance at the nightstand, the soup bowl steaming and looking good enough to make your mouth water. The little chocolate bar next to it makes you smile, just until Simon guides you to lay on your stomach.
The real pain is about to start, you think. His hands smoothe over your back, avoiding the ridges of your wounds and grabbing the salve. "It'll be quick, am sure" Johnny lowers himself onto the bed next to you, mimicking your way of laying. His head right next to yours, his loving eyes staring into your own and the giddy smile he wore made you huff out the air in your lungs.
His hand reaches out and caresses your cheek, gently running his fingers over your scalp. He does his best at distracting you from the pain in your back. "How ye feelin'?" he asks quietly, his thumb running over your cheek and fixating on your lip.
"Like shit," you scoff and turn your face into the mattress. You feel Simon's hand run over your back, the aching pain making you whine into the sheets. His hands hesitate, smoothing over unscarred skin as an apology before going back to his work.
The work on your wounds is tedious, and when he finally pulls away your eyelashes are wet. The clutch you have on the sheets beneath you is starting to hurt your knuckles. Simon's touch leaves you, but you don't take any action to turn or move. Someone else guides you to move, the difference in touch leading you to believe it's Johnny.
He moves you closer to him, slowly turning you up so you're sitting and leaning against him. He gently helps you into a t-shirt before moving you around like a ragdoll once more. You're settled between his legs, your back to his front and his big forearms wrapped around your waist. He buries his head in your neck, squeezing you and inhaling your scent as if it's the only thing he ever needs.
"C'mon, you need'ta eat," the bed dips as Simon gets back on it, this time having the bowl of soup in hand. He settles in front of you both, reaching forward and gently rubbing your calf. "And we need to talk," he knows you don't want to, that you'd rather bury it deep. Unfortunately for you, he also knows where that will lead you, and the sooner you put it into words for them the easier you'll be able to process it.
You take the bowl from him, agreeing to at least eat something. You couldn't remember when you last had gotten something nutritional, your stomach felt like a gaping hole that was trying to eat itself. You brought the spoon to your lips and savored the taste. Despite the limited options Johnny had still managed to get the things you liked.
"Don't wanna talk," you mumble between your bites, trying to ignore the look Simon is giving you by staring into your swirling soup. "There's nothin' to talk about," You swallow thickly, ever since you had been back you had been fighting the thoughts that urged to trap you. They were just waiting for you to trip in your careful state, they would pull you under the bridge, drown you into the water until you couldn't breathe through your panic.
Simon didn't let go of your leg, rubbing slow soothing circles into your calf. His full attention was on you, and there was nowhere to hide from the man in front of you and the man behind you. Johnny placed a soft kiss to your neck, and mumbled into your skin, "We know ye don' wanna, Leannan, but when ye came back ye were like a Ghost."
When you didn't answer they elected to let you eat in silence for a while longer, unaware to the emotional storm inside your body. You knew that you would have to make that report eventually, that they would hear about the details eventually. But actually, being met with the demand was something else entirely.
You didn't know if you could bear their reactions, the thought of them being disappointed in you made the anxiety roar. You didn't want them to realize that all the time they had spent being proud of you for your achievement had been wasted. That you were nothing of what you promised to be.
You only realized how shaky your hands had become again when you raised the spoon to take another bite. Simon let out a soft sigh, before taking the spoon and bowl from you so you didn't spill on yourself or Johnny. "Darling?" the question was laid bare for you, he gave you the opening to start talking, to confide in them like you always did.
Your hands fall to your lap, right along with your sight. You try to calm your own nerves, trying to rationalize the stirring thoughts in your head. After an elaborate breath, that is more like an exhausted sigh, you find your words. "It was supposed to be a simple op, and it was in the start, find the target and neutralize him," you start quietly, grasping your own hands together.
"But once we were there and set up, nothing went as planned," you lightly shake your head along to your words, "They knew we were coming and hunted us like dogs." You swallow thickly, noting how the shakiness had nestled into your voice. "I tried to reroute our objective; we tried getting out of there, but this was unlike anything I had ever been up against."
Johnny's hand came to encapsulate your own, stilling your shakiness and you freeze up. Feeling all to self-aware all of a sudden, how the attention was on you, as they listened like you were the most important thing in the world. It was both a warm and agonizing feeling, their protectiveness was nice, but it was also scary.
"We were so close to getting out but...they were faster and I...I couldn't..." you choked back on your own voice, feeling the hotness burn on the back of your eyes. "They were better..." you admitted in a whisper, "If I had taken a different route maybe we could have avoided the trap, maybe we could have gotten the drop on them before they got to my team but...."
The feeling of Simon's hand cupping your cheek made you halt, teary eyes meeting his in temporary shock. "It wasn't your fault love," the sincerity in his voice rocks something deep in you, "There was no way anyone could've known." You tilt your head to the side slightly, you wanted to argue, to tell him you could've done a thousand things better.
"Aye, ye acted just how ye were supposed to, ye kept a level head and guided the rest to the best of yer ability," Johnny briefly took over. His voice was hot on your ear, his quiet whispers just as reassuring as the hand on your cheek, "Ye did everything ye could, and ye survived because of it."
"But they didn't..." You sank further into Johnny, sniffling as you held his thumb inside the little cocoon, he made of both of your hands. "They died because of me," you try to argue, despite being grateful that they didn't seem mad you almost wanted them to lash out, to give you right, to let you feel like a monster.
"They didn't die because of you, they died in action, trying to complete the mission they were given," Simon's voice turned a tad harsh, the determination to get through to you all the more prominent. "They knew this was a possibility when they signed up, you did everything you could for them, and the way you make it up to them is to keep going," he told you sternly.
"I know what it's like, to have people fall under your command," he sighs, "S'never not tough, and it's all too easy to fall into the spiral of whose fault it was." You paid close attention to him as he spoke, he always had a captivating way of speaking, just like when he dished out orders, he commanded authority in his mere presence. "It's somethin鈥 that happens love, it's important to mourn and assess," he looks you directly in the eye, "But it's also important that you know, it makes you neither monster nor failure."
You never knew whether to love or hate the way he could read your brain like had he telepathy, or personal access to your every little fear and sorrow. "It doesn鈥檛 make it feel any better," you said quietly, tilting your head into his palm, nuzzling against his skin.
"I know" he puts the half-finished bowl on the nightstand, "Gonna hurt for a while, but we'll be here with you through it." He gave you a half smile, moving closer so he could place a kiss to your forehead. "We're not going anywhere, ain't that right Johnny?" he glances to the man behind you.
"Aye," Johnny's chest rumbles with a hum, his lips placing a trail of loving kisses over your neck. "Not gonna let those nasty thoughts get to ye," he whispers and slowly moves you as Simon directs. Johnny gets you on your side in the bed, your back pressed even further into his chest. Simon gets out of the bed but only for a brief moment. The lights turn off above you, and soon after the bed dips.
You sigh when you feel Simon's skin on your own, his lips find your cheek as he settles in with you and Johnny. His arm supporting both you and Johnny's heads, his other hand coming over you to hold onto the man behind you after moving your hair out of your face. Compressed between them like this always felt like heaven, the pressure they put on your body was grounding and reminded you that you weren't alone.
"Sleep now," Simon's voice rumbled, "We'll be here when you wake up, and we can try again."
They were always here for you, even when you didn't know you needed the extra support. They had worked with you for so long, you had changed a lot with them and for the better. You felt safe with them, no matter how many times you would fall, they would always be there to catch you and get you back on your feet.
Tumblr media
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salty-croissants 2 days
Heya! Just hear me out:
When their s/o buys matching hoodies (w/ Bullfrog & Rayman/Ramon)
Thank you for the request !聽
This is a really wholesome and original idea of a prompt , I really enjoyed writing it :D
I apologize for the long wait , but it鈥檚 been a very , very busy week , and I鈥檝e been feeling a bit too tired to write anything the past days 鈥 sorry about that ;(聽
Anyway , I hope this turned out okay !聽
Details : use of gender neutral reader ;聽
established relationships ;聽
no warnings needed聽
Tumblr media
When you come back home and show him the matching hoodies you got while you were outside , Bullfrog is definitely very surprised :聽
I honestly don鈥檛 think he has ever received something like this as a gift , so expect him to be especially enthusiastic .
< Merci beaucoup my dear , it looks so nice ! >聽
< Haha , you鈥檙e welcome sweetie !聽
I just couldn鈥檛 help myself : the idea of sharing some matching clothing with you sounded amazing to be honest ~ >聽
This frog will have the brightest smile on his face when you鈥檙e both wearing the matching hoodies 鈥β
He just can鈥檛 stop gushing about how much he likes his and just how cute you look in yours , it never fails to make you smile ://)
The other Ghosts have seen you two with the matching hoodies occasionally , and while Dolph thinks it鈥檚 鈥 well , maybe a bit too cheesy , Jade definitely supports you both , even suggesting more matching clothing you could get 鈥β
< Oh - you guys should definitely try wearing these !聽
I think you鈥檇 look super cute in them ! >聽
< *sigh* 鈥 please don鈥檛 encourage this . >聽
It鈥檚 especially nice when you鈥檙e in the safety of your home , cuddling under the comforting warmth of the hoodies and just enjoying each other鈥檚 company 鈥
< y/n , thanks again for this hoodie 鈥 I just love it ! >
< Don鈥檛 mention it 鈥 I just really wanted to do something nice for you , y鈥檏now ?
If anyone deserves that , it鈥檚 you . >
< Aw , venez ici mon amour ~ >聽
< Heyy - hahah , that tickles honey ! ~ >聽
Tumblr media
To say that Rayman is happy about your gift would be an understatement :聽
the fact that you decided to surprise him with a matching hoodie just to see him smile is enough to make his daily stress caused by his job disappear for a few precious minutes 鈥β
< So uh , do you like it ? I wasn鈥檛 sure about the color at first , I thought it might be a bit too much , but these were the last matching hoodies they had left , and - >聽
< Like it ?聽
y/n , I love it ! You couldn鈥檛 have chosen better ! >聽
Rayman is already a big fan of spoiling you , so as soon as he understands that you鈥檙e into matching clothing you better believe that he鈥檚 going to buy you a lot more of them in the future 鈥 maybe exaggerating a little sometimes , but he just wants to do all he can to make you feel loved and appreciated .
< Woah - Ray what happened ? You look like you just bought an entire store ! >聽
< Uff - it鈥檚 okay ,聽聽I just gotta carry these inside 鈥 gimme a second 鈥 >聽
< Hold on , let me help you 鈥
I really appreciate you getting me all these gifts honey , but maybe don鈥檛 get so many next time : I don鈥檛 want you to hurt yourself carrying them around ! >聽
< Heh 鈥 you鈥檙e right , you鈥檙e right 鈥
I just couldn鈥檛 help myself : you deserve all the best things I could possibly give you . >聽
< Pfft 鈥 you鈥檙e always so sweet , thank you ~ >聽
< Anything for you , y/n ~ >聽
When you鈥檙e separated during the day , Rayman likes to carry his hoodie with him and keep it by his side when he鈥檚 at work : just looking at it makes him feel so happy to have a loving partner like you , you truly are the best thing that鈥檚 ever happened to him聽鉂わ笍
He loves it whenever the two of you are outside wearing the matching hoodies , it鈥檚 like a nice little way of showing to everyone around that his heart belongs to you and you alone 鈥β
Also if you ever feel worried about him getting embarrassed by it , Rayman is quick to make your anxiety go away .聽
< That鈥檚 nonsense darling 鈥 this isn鈥檛 just any hoodie , it鈥檚 a gift from you , and that makes it all the more special : I could never get embarrassed by it ! >聽
Tumblr media
Okay , so Ramon might get 鈥 pretty worried at the thought that you went to buy something , especially without him :聽
he鈥檚 the one who is supposed to watch over you , plus Eden knows who you are 鈥 they could鈥檝e taken the opportunity to capture you and do horrible things to you .
鈥 however , he can鈥檛 bring himself to be actually angry .聽
< I鈥檓 sorry Ram 鈥 I just wanted to do something nice for you , you鈥檝e been looking down lately and I thought 鈥 >聽
< No - no no , I like the hoodie y/n , I do 鈥 it was very sweet of you to do this for me .
Still , please remember that Eden is on the hunt for us , you can鈥檛 just go outside without a way to protect yourself .聽
Just 鈥 be more careful next time , okay ?聽
I love you , and I can鈥檛 bare the thought of you getting hurt 鈥 >聽
< I love you too , sweetie 鈥 I鈥檒l be more careful , I promise . >聽
Sometimes , Ramon is going to hold the hoodie and just 鈥 stare at it , quietly reflecting to himself :聽
you put your life on the line to get it for him 鈥 you risked getting hurt , all to give him a gift that could make him happy 鈥β
While that thought worries him , he just can鈥檛 help but smile a little in front of your sheer dedication to make him smile .
It can get very cold in the hiding place you鈥檙e both staying in , so you and Ramon definitely cuddle while wearing the hoodies :聽
they鈥檙e so warm and cozy 鈥 they really make those little moments of affection even better .聽
< Are you comfortable like this , y/n ? >
< Mhm 鈥 couldn鈥檛 be better ~ >
It鈥檚 not rare for you to stumble upon a sleeping Ramon using the hoodie as a blanket , and he just looks 鈥 so cute ;//;聽
He often has trouble sleeping , so having your gift so close to him definitely helps him relax 鈥 not as much as actually holding you , of course , but it鈥檚 still nice !聽
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hey-august 1 day
Warnings: 鈫 MDNI 鈫 NC17
鈥渋t鈥檚 too big鈥 your drooling face is pressed against the mattress, while buggy tries to slide his engorged cock into you.
three of his fingers weren鈥檛 enough to prepare you for his obscene girth. you feel helpless wrapped around his cock so tightly. as much as your body tries to squeeze around the intrusion, there鈥檚 no give.
鈥渞elax,鈥 buggy hisses, tightening his hold on your hips. you can鈥檛.
鈥渋t鈥檚 too big,鈥 you choke out again.
鈥渢hen i鈥檒l push harder鈥 buggy presses you deeper into the bed, pushing past the resistance in your body and letting the rest of his length slam in your needy hole.
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idontknowwhyyouask 1 day
Rodimus with a super badass reader he has a crush on? Like they were one of Optimus Primes most trusted during the war, are super strong and a fierce fighter and he鈥檚 absolutely smitten. Everyone on the Lost Light knows and teases him. Keep up the good work!
Absolutely! Made reader gender neutral. Reader is referred to as 鈥榟is crush鈥.
Rodimus x Bot!Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tags: Rodimus is shy, Ratchet is too old for this, Crack. Confessions
Rodimus spent his idle time staring out the windows of the ship, taking in the sight of the vastness of space outside. No matter how many times he saw it, he could never grow tired of the sight.
The autobot leader had always been an admirer of beautiful and interesting things; however, there was one particular sight that had captured his interest in these recent years. He felt a strange pull towards it, as if it was calling to him.
As he gazed through the window, Rodimus couldn't help but feel drawn in by a certain figure. It was someone that he had crossed paths with before, but he never truly had a chance to connect with on a deeper level. He didn't know much, if anything, about them; still, he had always harbored an intense curiosity about them. Their presence was unmistakable, even from a distance. Every time Rodimus saw them, he felt his heart jump in his chest. Even in these quiet moments, he couldn't help but think about this mystery individual.
Rodimus had spent countless hours thinking about how he could approach them, but the idea of speaking to someone so magnificent was almost too much. He felt like he would crumble under their gaze.
Despite his hesitation, Rodimus knew he couldn't allow himself to give up. He wouldn't let fear dictate his actions any longer. He refused to live with the regret of not trying. So, after taking a deep breath, Rodimus gathered up his courage and decided it was time to take a risk.
He gathered up his nerves and began to walk towards the mysterious figure, his heart racing. Rodimus had never felt so nervous before, but there was no turning back now.
As he approached his crush, he tried to appear as cool and confident as possible.
With each step, Rodimus grew more anxious, but he kept pushing forward until he was standing right in front of the mysterious figure. He cleared his throat, desperate to say something to break the silence, anything to start a conversation.
But before Rodimus could speak, the mysterious figure turned to look at him, and his breath was taken away by them. He quickly looked away, his cheeks burning with embarrassment, and began to stammer out an awkward greeting. He immediately walked away after and some crew mates of his noticed this as well.
A few hours later, Rodimus sat alone in his room, dwelling on the failed attempt to talk to his crush. He couldn't stop beating himself up, replaying their brief encounter over and over again in his mind. He felt like a failure, feeling so much pressure to make the first move.
As Rodimus sat there, contemplating his next move, he was startled by a voice coming from the door.
"Rodimus sir....?"
Rodimus whirled around to see who had called his name, his heart leaping in his chest when he realized it was his crush. The mysterious figure stood in the doorway, looking just as stunning as Rodimus had remembered him. He felt his face flush red, but despite his overwhelming shyness, Rodimus found himself unable to keep quiet this time as he took a deep breath and asked... "Yes?" Rodimus's voice came out as a squeak. He immediately covered his mouth in embarrassment, his face turning beet red as he realized how silly he had sounded. But the mystery figure just smirked at him, making Rodimus feel even more flustered. "Oh, hi... I..." Rodimus stammered out as he tried to collect his thoughts. "I have something... I mean there's something... I mean I was wondering... I'm sorry, never mind," he exclaimed, his voice shaking with nerves.
The mystery figure chuckled quietly to themselves as they stepped into the room. Rodimus wanted to kick himself as his crush slowly approached him. "Oh, well now I'm curious. What were you about to say?" his crush asked, his voice as lovely as ever. Rodimus felt his heart race as he heard his voice, his cheeks flush with shyness. "Oh you know, it was nothing. I was, um... well, I was just... um... ah... nevermind," he mumbled, his face turning a deeper shade of red.
"Nothing? Now you've got me even more curious," his crush said with a laugh, his voice filled with amusement as he stood before a flustered Rodimus. "You've got to tell me now, what were you about to say? I don't think I've ever seen you this nervous." Rodimus had never felt so flustered in his life. His crush was so perceptive, it was as though they could read his every thought and feeling. He swallowed hard, knowing he couldn't back out now. They sighed 鈥淲ell alright Captain see ya around鈥 they closed the door gently before walking away.
Rodimus felt his heart beating out of his chest, his mind racing with thoughts about what he should do next. He couldn't ignore the way he felt around his crush. He was drawn to them like a magnet, despite their mysteriousness. Rodimus knew in his heart that he had to tell them how he felt, but he didn't know how. His crush seemed too perfect, too good to be true. Rodimus was torn between following his head, which told him to keep his feelings to himself, and following his heart, which demanded that he confess. He had never been so conflicted.
The next day he walked into the hall and some of the crew members smirking at him as if they knew something.
Rodimus was unsure of whether to brush it off or dig deeper, but he couldn't help but notice his crew mates smirking at him, seeming to know something that he didn't. He stopped for a moment to think about what they might be referring to. Was it about his crush? His heart pounded in his chest as he remembered the brief conversation he had with his crush. He felt both thrilled and terrified by his growing feelings for the mysterious figure.
Rodimus knew it was no use trying to deny it, he had developed a crush on the mysterious figure. He was torn between his head and his heart, between logic and emotion. The crew members kept giving him looks, as if they knew something he didn't. Rodimus couldn't shake the feeling that word had spread about his feelings for his crush. It didn't matter to him what the crew knew, all that mattered was how he felt. And he knew he had to tell his crush and confess.
But how could he do it? How could he tell his crush how he felt? He had never been so conflicted in all of his life. Rodimus felt like he was torn between his head and his heart. On one hand, he felt tempted to follow his head and hold back his feelings, while on the other hand, he wanted nothing more than to follow his heart and confess to the mystery individual. He had to make a decision, one way or the other. one of the crew members looked at him and smiled teasingly 鈥淪o Captain鈥︹ow is your little crush going?鈥
Rodimus was taken aback by the comment, his face burning with embarrassment. He didn鈥檛 know what to say, he had been caught. The crew member had seen right through him. 鈥淥h鈥m鈥-what crush?鈥 Rodimus struggled to find the words. His crush was so mysterious, he didn鈥檛 know how to express his feelings for someone he hardly knew. And now to make matters worse, the entire crew knew of his little crush.
The crew member smirked at Rodimus, his face was bright red. 鈥淥h, don鈥檛 play dumb with me Captain. I saw you admiring鈥hem as they walked by鈥 don鈥檛 know how you can miss those love sick optics when you burn holes through their head鈥 they chuckled. Rodimus could barely hold himself together, not only was his crush鈥 reputation known, but so was his feelings. He couldn鈥檛 believe that he had been so obvious. He was shocked that the crew had picked up on his crush so quickly.
Rodimus felt his heart in his throat as the crew members began to whisper to themselves. They couldn鈥檛 believe that Rodimus, the great leader and war hero, was in love with a mystery figure that no one knew anything about. He couldn鈥檛 believe he had exposed his feelings to the entire crew. He felt his face grow hotter with each passing moment. His crush must have known as well, and they were probably just as shocked as he was. He knew he had to act fast, otherwise the news of his crush would spread like wild fire across the ship and the worst the is he knew that they were going to tease the living Primus out of him.
And his worst fear came true because that is exactly what his crew did for the next couple of days.
They didn鈥檛 take his feelings seriously and just saw it as a great opportunity to tease him. He kept getting hit with questions ranging from 鈥淒id you get their number? Did you confess to them? Did they reciprocate your feelings?鈥 and Rodimus responded with 鈥淚鈥o鈥︹. He felt so embarrassed, so exposed, so vulnerable. He just wished that they would leave him alone and stop teasing him about his crush.
Finally, after days of relentless teasing from his crew members, Rodimus reached his breaking point. He needed a way to put an end to all this teasing, and he knew exactly how to do it. He took a deep breath, gathered up all his courage and knew that he had to confess to his crush and tell them how he felt before it was too late. He wanted to make sure that he did this correctly, so he decided to ask his closest friend and confidante, Ratchet for some much needed advice.
So Rodimus made his way through the med bay of the Lost Light to where Ratchet spent most of his time. As Rodimus watched Ratchet work, his heart raced with anticipation and excitement for the conversation that he was about to have. He couldn't wait any longer, so he took a deep breath and said 鈥淩atchet...can we talk?鈥. Ratchet put down the tools and looked at Rodimus but then sighed a little when he saw it was Rodimus. 鈥淵es, don鈥檛 tell me I have to replace your hand again, I don鈥檛 want your awkward explanation of why it broke like last time鈥 had nightmares for days you know?" Ratchet asked, concerned.
Rodimus shook his head and responded "no no its not that... its about someone I've been having feelings for... and I think I should confess those feelings before..." Rodimus paused for a moment, taking a deep breath before continuing "I just don't want to live with this secret any longer, I don't want to carry this on my own forever. Plus the teasing from the crew isn't helping either." Ratchet鈥檚 expression turned serious when he heard what Rodimus had to say. "Oh... well that鈥檚 one hell of a situation to be in鈥.so what you want me to hold your hand like a your a little sparkling?" Ratchet said, taking a seat.
Rodimus felt his face grow hot with embarrassment, wishing that he could just disappear into the floor board with the way Ratchet was teasing him. But he knew he had to be strong now, he couldn鈥檛 let Ratchet鈥檚 comments get to him. He gulped before responding 鈥淚 just鈥 don鈥檛 know what to do鈥 I don鈥檛 want to mess things up.鈥 Rodimus paused, trying to collect his thoughts. 鈥淚 like鈥 someone and I want to let them know. I don鈥檛 want to live with the regret of not telling them鈥.so could you maybe tell me how you and Drift got together?鈥
Ratchet gave a little鈥橸ou don鈥檛 want to know look鈥 before a sigh left his lips when he saw the slightly determined look on his face "Ah鈥isten, love ain鈥檛 easy, trust me.. me and Drift have had plenty of ups and downs in our little relationship. But, the most important thing is to talk. Talk about how you feel towards this someone and if they feel the same way, then you can be together鈥︹t鈥檚 if they like you back." Rodimus nodded before looking confused 鈥淲ait what was that last part?鈥 Ratchet frowned 鈥淛ust go鈥
Rodimus felt overwhelmed by the advice he received, yet he knew it was what he needed to hear. He was going to have to talk to his crush, he鈥檇 be lying to himself if he didn鈥檛. Rodimus felt his heart beating out of his chest, his knees were a little weak and he started shaking, but he knew he couldn鈥檛 back out now. He was going to have to gather all his courage and talk to them. He could do it.
As Rodimus walked through the hall in search of his crush, he was filled with both excitement and fear. He felt like he had butterflies in his stomach, a feeling that he had never felt before. He knew that he had to talk to his crush now or he might never get the chance again. He just hoped that they felt the same way about him as he felt about them. Rodimus finally found them and stood there looking at them before he finally managed to speak. 鈥淗ey鈥︹an we talk?鈥
His crush seemed caught off guard by the sudden approach but gave him a little nod. 鈥淪ure thing Captain, what鈥檚 up?鈥 their tone was soft and gentle, and their expression made Rodimus blush. They seemed so perfect, he really hoped they felt the same way about him. Rodimus gulped and tried to find the words to say what he had been wanting to say. 鈥淚鈥r鈥鈥檝e been feeling鈥r鈥 a certain way about you.鈥
His crush looked at him, and the look in his eyes made Rodimus鈥檚 chest flutter even more. 鈥淥h?鈥 they said, their expression turning more interested as they continued. 鈥淒o go on, Captain.鈥 The butterflies in his stomach grew and fluttered harder. Rodimus was having trouble forming the words he wanted to say, his brain was going faster than his mouth could keep up. 鈥淲ell um鈥鈥檝e been having some..er feelings鈥bout you.鈥 he said, his voice full of hesitation.
鈥淎nd what feelings would those be, Captain?鈥 His crush asked in a soft and gentle tone, their expression staying neutral. Rodimus could barely speak now that his crush was in front of him. He tried to say the words but just couldn鈥檛 get them out. 鈥淚鈥︹ Rodimus paused for a second, trying to think of the word. 鈥溾ell鈥.鈥 he was so close now. 鈥淚 really like you, a lot. And it鈥檚 more than as a friend.鈥 His crush stared at him in silence, their expression turned more curious.
鈥淒o you mean you have a crush on me?鈥 his crush asked, his eyes lit with amusement. Rodimus shook his head in embarrassment, blushing harder. 鈥淯h well鈥m鈥es, yes I do.鈥 Rodimus finally managed to say. His crush smiled slightly, and he felt himself smile back immediately. Maybe it was his imagination but he thought he could detect a hint of a blush on the face of his crush. His crush stepped a little closer to him, their expression a little too hard to read.
Rodimus鈥檚 stomach was filled with butterflies the moment his crush moved closer, he felt like he was going to burst with the intensity of his feelings and yet his crush still didn鈥檛 say anything. The smile on their face was enough for Rodimus to keep going, he had to fight off his nerves. 鈥淵-you feel the same way too, right?鈥 Rodimus finally blurted out. He wanted to hide his face in embarrassment, but he had to see his crush鈥檚 reaction. His crush stepped even closer, their eyes burning into his.
They smiled 鈥淚 like you too Captain鈥 was all they said before walking away with a smirk.
The butterflies in his stomach turned into a tornado as Rodimus stared at his crush in disbelief. He just stood there, his heart racing, as his crush seemed to take their sweet time to walk away. Was it true? Did his crush like him too? Rodimus felt like he was in a dream, there was no way he was actually lucky enough to have his feelings reciprocated.
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everparanoid 23 hours
Comforting you after a nightmare w/ Genshin men
various genshin men x gn! reader
cw: fluff, slight angst if you squint--like really squint.
Characters: Wriothesley, Ayato, Neuvillette, Alhaitham, Diluc, Itto
Wriothesley often finds himself retiring to bed quite late, though not as frequently as one might assume. After a long night immersed in Meropide鈥檚 paperwork, he falls asleep almost instantly, maintaining a slight distance so as not to disturb your slumber this late into the night. When a nightmare stirs you awake, leaving you sitting up and staring into the darkness, unable to return to sleep, Wriothesley, who is no stranger to the torment of nightmares, opens his eyes and assures you that everything is okay. Without needing any explanation, he sits up, ready to keep you company, so you鈥檙e not left alone with your racing thoughts and the enveloping darkness. He understands the loneliness that comes with being alone with your thoughts in the dark, and he doesn鈥檛 wish that for you. If you feel the need to talk about it, Wriothesley is all ears. A good listener, he won鈥檛 pressure you into saying anything, but if you wish to share, he鈥檚 there to listen. He won鈥檛 attempt to interpret your nightmare or dismiss your feelings as irrational, he鈥檒l simply listen. If you seek comfort, he鈥檒l hold you in his arms until your breathing steadies and you drift back into a peaceful sleep. Don鈥檛 worry he鈥檒l join you soon after.
鈥淗uh? Oh, so you had a bad dream? It鈥檚 okay. I鈥檝e got you. Do you want to talk about it?鈥 No? That鈥檚 fine. We can just stay here till it goes away.鈥
Ayato, much like Wriothesley, often arrives late to bed. However, when a nightmare stirs you awake, he springs into action, ready to shield you from any physical threat that might have breached the estate鈥檚 defenses. Ayato is a light sleeper, a habit formed after numerous assassination attempts following his parents鈥 demise. The rare instances of peaceful sleep he can recall are all linked to the times you shared his bed. Once he has ensured the room is safe and there are no threats, he sheathes his blade and returns to bed, seeking to understand your distress. Unlike Wriothesley, Ayato attempts to rationalize your nightmare, aiming to soothe your rapid breathing and fearful gaze. If you seek comfort, he will draw you into his embrace, sharing tales of his suspicious meals and the interesting dishes he has persuaded Thoma to consume, until your nightmare recedes and your smile, the one he cherishes, returns.
A sudden voice outside the door might startle you, but Ayato will reassure you, explaining it鈥檚 merely Thoma with tea. Having heard the commotion, Thoma decided to bring tea to calm your nerves, a practice he often employs for the Kamisato siblings when nightmares disrupt their sleep. The warmth of the tea in your belly, coupled with Ayato鈥檚 soothing whispers and gentle laughter, lulls you back to sleep in his arms. Although sleep may elude him, seeing you at peace is all that truly matters to him.
鈥淚t was just a nightmare. It can鈥檛 hurt you, not when I鈥檓 around.鈥
Neuvillette is likely to be burdened with other people鈥檚 haunting memories, a consequence of his bond with the element of water as the Hydro Dragon Sovereign. This means that when nightmares stir you to tears and if the water graces his skin, he too experiences your nightmare. Without opening his eyes, he draws you closer, gently wiping away your tears. To him, emotions experienced in nightmares are as real and valid as those felt in waking life. His proximity to you softens the harsh edges of your dreams, unknowingly easing you into a more peaceful state. Gradually, you find calm and drift back into sleep, your dreams now filled with tranquil waters.
Alhaitham, much like Ayato, will seek to make sense of your nightmare upon your awakening. Your sudden movement disrupts his slumber, initially causing a flicker of annoyance. However, recognizing it鈥檚 you, he endeavours to comfort you in the only way he knows - through reason. With his eyes still firmly shut, clinging to the fading warmth of sleep, he begins to whisper words of reassurance. Over time, he learns that tender words have a greater soothing effect than cold, hard logic. Once the sound of your rapid breathing subsides, and if you express the desire, he casually lifts an arm, inviting you to snuggle into him until sleep claims you both once more. Though he may appear to drift off before you, his steady breathing and closed eyes are a facade. In reality, he remains in a state of semi-consciousness, patiently waiting for you to succumb to sleep before he allows himself to return to the realm of dreams.
鈥淐alm down. What you are experiencing, though it may feel real, is not. You are fine.鈥
Diluc too is haunted by nightmares. His dreams, much like Wriothesley鈥檚, are vivid and painfully real, replaying the chapters of his past he yearns to forget, yet is bound by their torment. This is why sleep eludes him. As dusk falls, he embraces his role as Mondstadt鈥檚 protector, a duty that provides a refuge from the inevitable torment that sleep brings. When he met you, the intensity of these nightmares ebbed slightly. Although sleep remains a distant acquaintance, he finds solace in returning to the Dawn Winery just before dawn. There, he lays beside you, silently observing as the night bids farewell to the day. Should a nightmare disturb your peace, he is already awake, prepared to offer comfort. He understands all too well the pain of reliving time-warped memories. Regardless of your preference for physical contact, Diluc remains by your side, a steadfast presence as you both welcome the sunrise, allowing the dawn鈥檚 gentle light to cleanse away the night鈥檚 demons.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, it鈥檚 dawn,鈥
Itto, even with his jovial nature, is no stranger to the occasional nightmare. Though his tend to revolve more around beans than most. When a nightmare jolts you awake, Itto doesn鈥檛 stir until he hears you call his name. He opens his eyes, still heavy with sleep, and upon seeing the distress in your eyes, moves to comfort you. His voice is softer and more gruff than its usual boisterous tone. He beckons you closer, and once you鈥檙e nestled in his arms鈥攜our limbs entangled with his like a weighted blanket smothering your senses鈥 he begins to trace small circles on your back. If words of comfort fail to soothe you, he鈥檒l sing a little impromptu song about him, your oni, scaring away the nightmares. It is a tune that brings a smile to your face. You may not find sleep again, even after Itto drifts off mid-song; but knowing he鈥檚 there beside you, offering his unwavering support, is all that truly matters.
鈥淗ey hey hey, shush, calm down. It鈥檚 alright, no nightmare can get you the Arataki Itto, the one and oni, has got you. What? Don鈥檛 think you can sleep again? That鈥檚 alright. Hey, how about I sing a little song I made up just now for you? That will surely get rid of all those pesky nightmares.鈥
I hope you all sleep better than me.
Reblogs w/ tags and comments are very much appreciated! If you enjoyed this, feel free to consider dropping a follow as well! <3
If you like my writing and wish to support me, please consider buying me a coffee via Ko-fi!
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starrierknight 2 days
Tumblr media
饾悰饾惃饾惍饾惂饾悵 饾悰饾惒 饾悷饾悮饾惌饾悶
Tumblr media
鈥淚 have little left in myself鈥旾 must have you. The world may laugh鈥昺ay call me absurd, selfish鈥昩ut it does not signify. My very soul demands you: it will be satisfied, or it will take deadly vengeance on its frame.鈥 鈥 Charlotte Bront毛, Jane Eyre
MASTERLIST | 饾煇饾惂饾悵 饾悘饾悁饾悜饾悡 | AO3
wc鈥 4.1k
pairing鈥 yandere!gn!reader x defected!getou
cws/tags鈥 dead dove: do not eat, yandere/darling dynamic, erotomania, satosugu implied, kidnapping, mentioned drugging, restraints (ropes 鈥 shibari), death threats, bodily harm threats, m!nudity, gaslighting/manipulation, (brief) knife + blood, manhandling (hair pulling), pet names: 鈥(my) darling鈥, dialogue-heavy
Tumblr media
As he gradually unfurled his eyes, the surrounding world materialised through a dreamlike mist, and his senses stirred to life. Dispelling the remnants of slumber with a series of blinks, he discovered himself within a room bathed in the gentle embrace of candlelight, where the very atmosphere seemed to shimmer and stretch with drowsiness.
Stiffness and lethargy clung to him, as though his body grappled with the lingering tendrils of profound sleep. Testing the resilience of muscles long dormant, he flexed his fingers and toes, only to find the red ropes biting uncomfortably into his flesh in response to his resistance.
Lifting his weighty head, his befuddled mind grappled with the unfamiliarity of his surroundings. There you were. There he was.
His lips received a tentative lick as he inhaled deeply, his eyes darting around the candlelit chamber. "Why am I here?"
A kind smile played across your lips. "You're safe here, Suguru."
His heart jolted painfully within his chest, and he lurched forward, a groan escaping him as his vision swam and blurred. The rush of blood and adrenaline surged through his veins, his features oscillating between confusion, anger, and a palpable spike of fear. With each heaving breath, the red ropes flexed against his skin, binding the robust muscles beneath.
Despite the overwhelming circumstances, conviction etched into his gaze, he remained unconvinced.
鈥淲ho are you?鈥
鈥淥h, don鈥檛 say that. You know me so well鈥攂etter than most, even. You鈥檙e in safe hands.鈥
Aware that his best chance lay in maintaining the conversation, distracting you while plotting an escape, he marshalled his thoughts. Familiar with binds of this nature, he was confident in his ability to slip free. After all, he reasoned, you wanted him here.
He stared at you, eyes narrowed, before a snort escaped him, followed by a chuckle. "...You kidnapped me, and claim that I'm safe? Are you serious?"
You hummed, tilting your head with an air of casual interest as you observed him from a chair opposite where he knelt. "You're with me. The safest place in the whole, wide world. Aren't you happy?"
Your gaze traversed him appreciatively, a profound adoration oozing from your every pore. Heat flushed your cheeks at the sight alone. There he was, entirely exposed to you, kneeling with the softest, most exquisite red ropes cradling his skin. The ropes artfully secured his wrists to his ankles behind him. You had waited for this moment, to witness his vulnerability, understanding that he was safer and more loved than ever before. His sculpted form, bathed in candlelight, revealed every ridge and contour you cherished. How effortlessly easy it was to love him in that moment.聽
Suguru's discomfort was palpable, evident in the tight set of his jaw and the furrowed brow as he caught wind of your appraisal.
He responded with a raised eyebrow, adopting a teasing tone laced with sarcasm. "Ah, yes," he remarked, eyes rolling. "Who wouldn't feel safe being tied up鈥攏aked? You're a real piece of work."
His smirk lingered, a subtle defiance in his expression as he couldn't shake off his wariness.
Your laughter, filled with good-natured amusement, washed over the room as you waved away his scepticism. "You're so funny! Really, you're funny!" you chuckled.
While you seemed genuinely amused, Suguru's suspicions persisted. The whole situation was too dubious for his liking, and he prepared to express his scepticism in a less than pleasant manner, wetting his lips.
"And you're just insane, aren't you?" he retorted plainly.
Your laughter continued, seemingly unfazed. "Don't say that, I'm so nice! If I were a real sicko, then I would've hurt you in your sleep. But I didn't do that, y'know? I'm not a freak."
Despite your assurances, Suguru remained unconvinced. His frown deepened as he observed your behaviour, finding it too peculiar for comfort. Your abnormal kindness only heightened his sense of unease.
Anger seeped into his tone. "Why the fuck am I here?"
Leaning forward, you invaded his personal space, wide-eyed and curious. "Are you okay? D'you have some sort of impairment? I just said I'm here to keep you safe," you giggled.
His tension escalated at your proximity, a mix of irritation and trepidation evident in his eyes. Suguru was not an idiot, not a monkey. How dare you suggest that? The sinking feeling in his gut intensified as the mystery behind your intentions deepened, leaving Suguru with more questions than answers.
Suguru strained against the unyielding ropes, attempting to create distance between himself and your unsettling proximity. The bindings, however, held steadfast, allowing minimal room for movement and posing the constant threat of an uncontrolled fall. The prospect of losing consciousness in your presence once more churned his stomach, creating a visceral sense of unease.
His gaze fixed intensely on your face, scepticism etched into his features. "...You're serious. You mean it, don't you?"
Your warm smile persisted as you reached out, intending a gentle gesture by tucking a lock of his smooth, dark hair behind his ear. He recoiled instinctively, as if your touch carried a searing heat. His eyes darted around the chamber with rapid intensity, registering the plastered walls adorned with talismans, scrolls, and wards鈥攁 meticulous effort to contain him, he realised, preventing the use of his Cursed Technique for escape. A sinking feeling settled in his chest.
"You鈥檝e really thought this over," he murmured, a realisation dawning.
"Something wrong?" you whispered. "You seem a little on edge."
Your hands gracefully extended towards the intricate red ropes, their vibrant hue contrasting against the subdued ambiance of the room. Fingers curled with a practised grace, tenderly encircling the fibres before commencing a deliberate dance of tugging and tightening. The room held its breath as you skillfully secured the knots, the subtle tension mirrored in Suguru's wince as the ropes embraced the smooth, plush softness of his chest and thighs.
A ballet of sensations unfolded鈥攖he tactile precision of your movements, the hushed whispers of the ropes tightening. As your eyes traversed Suguru's form, every contour was noted, each nuance absorbed. A knowing smile played upon your lips, a hint of amusement at the palpable vulnerability now etched on Suguru's face.
Meanwhile, Suguru's scrutinising gaze became a discerning observer, meticulously analysing every facet of your being. His senses heightened, capturing the delicate interplay of scents, the nuanced details of your features, and the subtle shifts in your demeanour. Despite the unconventional circumstances, a flicker of hope ignited within him.聽
There was a recognition that you, despite the enigmatic scenario, did not exude immediate menace. A strategic gambit formed in his mind; he needed to keep the conversational threads flowing, a subtle dance to buy himself precious time to untangle the intricacies of the mystery that surrounded him, ropes and gazes interwoven.
"On edge? On edge? You're the one who kidnapped me! Do I have a reason to feel comfortable?" he retorted, sharp anger colouring his tone.
You furrowed your brows, a hurt expression crossing your face. Leaning away, you huffed, "But you're with me, Suguru."
"I know I'm with you, that's the problem!" Suguru tensed, a futile attempt to move away met with the unyielding grip of the ropes digging into his skin.
The mere sound of your voice addressing him by his name stirred a slight fluster within him. A disconcerting silence hung in the air, and he leaned back, a forced attempt at relaxation. His body, weary and aching, rebelled against him, his vision of you swaying in and out of focus. The realisation struck鈥攈e must have been drugged. The thought made him cringe, his heart racing as he contemplated escape. But would getting closer to you bring more harm than good?
"Who are you?" he whispered weakly.
You chuckled, shaking your head with a grin, playfully wagging a finger at him. 鈥淥h, you鈥檙e good. You鈥檙e good, Suguru. You nearly fooled me, but I know you.鈥
He eyed you warily, raising a curious eyebrow. 鈥淲e haven鈥檛 met.鈥
Laughter escaped you once more. 鈥淥h, c鈥檓on! The joke鈥檚 getting old now.鈥
鈥淚 have no idea who you are,鈥 Suguru asserted. The puzzle of your identity loomed, and he remained trapped in a web of confusion and suspicion.
A disconcerting smile played on your lips as you leaned forward, rolling up the sleeve of your non-dominant arm, tinged with a disturbing nonchalance. "Ah, let me refresh your memory then. I might鈥檝e made your dose too high, but I know you don鈥檛 mind鈥"
You thrust your wrist forward, revealing the words etched onto your skin鈥'My one and only.'
Suguru's heart pounded. The realisation hit him like a sledgehammer. Those sacred words, inseparable from the memories of another time, adorned your arm. Dread seeped into his veins, realising those words were an intimate connection to a past he couldn't fathom. Not with you. What right did you have to intertwine yourself with words, a person, a past that was never yours?
Your fond smile intensified as you observed his reaction. "You鈥檙e remembering now, aren鈥檛 you?"
Memories surged through Suguru's mind, but not the ones you had in mind鈥攎ercifully so.
鈥淚 think back to that afternoon. I have done, ever since you left Jujutsu Tech,鈥 you continued, your tone laced with nostalgia. 鈥淚 used to be so jealous of you and Satoru-kun calling each other that, y鈥檏now? I was still just some underclassman鈥 But you always saw me.鈥
Horror painted Suguru's expression as he watched you trace the letters of the shoddy stick-and-poke tattoo. His bound hands trembled in futile resistance, the urge to summon a Cursed Spirit to end you becoming an agonising itch. How dare you intertwine Satoru's name with your own, inserting yourself into a past that was never yours to claim.
Your fingers, with a deliberate and measured elegance, curled and glided across each meticulously tied knot in the ropes. The vibrant, carefully chosen hues of the bindings seemed to complement the subdued atmosphere, creating a visual tapestry of constraint that both fascinated and enthralled. There was an artistry to the knots, but the masterpiece was your love before you.
As your fingers traced the lines of the knots, there was a sense of admiration for the handiwork that bound him. The tactile exploration became a silent celebration of the beauty in restraint, appreciating how each knot of limitation and vulnerability. The beauty of the constraints was not lost on you, and there was a certain satisfaction in witnessing how the ropes embraced him, both restricting and revealing in equal measure.
鈥淭hat afternoon when you took me to your room and we did these for each other鈥 And you promised me, then and there, that I was your 鈥榦ne and only鈥. Your real one and only鈥攏ot just saying it to keep Satoru-kun happy. That you said it to him, but thought of me鈥 You always were such a romantic.鈥
鈥淟et me go.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not done reminiscing yet!鈥 you chirped. 鈥淎nd don鈥檛 ask me that again, okay? We have so much to catch up on, but we have all the time in the world now. Lucky us.鈥
"Let me go!" Suguru's yell echoed through the chamber.
In an instant, you closed the distance, your presence overwhelming as you gripped his chin with a frantic intensity. Wide, frantic eyes locked onto his, you muttered dangerously, "Didn't I just tell you not to ask me that?"
His body stiffened, fear coursing through him. Despite your smaller frame, you now exuded an intimidating aura that sent his heart into overdrive. Your hand on his chin quickened his pulse, the blood rushing to his face.
"Let me go, you freak!鈥
You clutched his jaw, your nails digging into his skin. "Don't you dare say that. Don't you dare be so ungrateful, okay? I'm keeping you safe from a world that wants you dead. You need me. You can't leave me," you spat.
Pain surged through him as your nails bit into his skin, a trickle of blood escaping. Your face hovered inches from his, your eyes mirroring the intensity of his own.
"B-but I don't need you..." he whispered softly, his trembling lips barely audible.
You responded with a cheerful laugh. "Oh, you do! You do, you do, you do!"
"I-I don't," he gasped, his attempts to pull away proving futile against your unyielding grip. "I don't want you."
Your shrieking laugh filled the room, a wild grin on your face. "There's not a thing in this world I wouldn't do for you! Nothing I wouldn't do! Who else can say that?"
His cheeks flushed red, embarrassment washing over him, buried as best he could. The warmth of your fingers on his chin contradicted the intensity of your words.
"You鈥檙e delusional," he whispered back, looking away from your gaze. He couldn't shake the feeling that you were spiralling into a realm of insanity that both terrified and repulsed him.
Your giggle resonated through the chamber, your expression softening as you gently brushed your free hand through Suguru's hair. The strands glided effortlessly between your fingertips, each one a delight. The coolness of the strands against your warm skin added a subtle contrast, intensifying the experience. There was a soothing rhythm to the motion, as if you were weaving through a secret, intimate tapestry as the strands gently cascaded through your grasp, making it shimmer.
"Oh, my darling. Says the pretty man who thinks he has a chance of killing all the non-sorcerers. You wanna talk about delusion? Let's talk about you."
The sensation of your fingers weaving through his hair nearly overwhelmed him. Your words and touch held an intimate quality that unsettled him. He stared at your hand, trapped and unable to escape the touch that both repelled and intrigued him.
"I'm not delusional," he insisted, his gaze fixed on your hand.
"Oh, but aren't you? You want to go out there, facing the world without me! You think you can handle them by yourself, and look where it's gotten you!" you chuckled breathlessly.
Annoyance flashed in his narrowed eyes. "Don't patronise me," he snapped. A small gasp escaped him, surprised by the admission that followed. "I hate you."
You staggered to your feet, frustration evident as you cried out, "Hate me? What right do you have to hate me? If I didn't care for you, why would I do this? I'm not like those sickos! Those freaks, those fucking perverts!"
Suguru remained still, his eyes widening as you vented your frustration. His fists clenched in the ropes, a silent expression of the urge to fight you for daring to raise your voice. Yet, he couldn't deny the impact of your words, hitting him in a way that left him defenceless.
"You鈥攜ou do care for me, don't you?" he asked softly. It sounded like a plea, a desperate hope that you would deny the undeniable.
"You gave me no choice! I鈥檓 not a bad person! You were going to ruin yourself鈥攌ill yourself鈥攐ver some dream of yours!" you screamed, the intensity of your words reverberating through the chamber. "You sent me a sign, that declaration of war鈥攜our Night Parade of a Hundred Demons! You needed me! I let you have your fun for years, watching you from the sidelines and 鈥榯aking care鈥 of anyone who would鈥檝e ended you! I made sure you were happy! I let you be happy, but I won鈥檛 let you kill yourself!"
As you paced, the candle flames danced in rhythm with your steps, casting erratic shadows on the walls. Your back turned to him, you tilted your head up, your gaze scanning the wards and talismans that adorned the room. "But you鈥檙e safe now. Thanks to me鈥"
Wheeling around to face him, you shook your head. "I just want you to live your best life. It鈥檚鈥 brave, what I do for you. It鈥檚 not easy, okay? Sometimes, it makes me sick. I鈥檓 brave."
Suguru remained silent, the weight of your confession hanging in the air. The complexity of your actions unfolded before him, revealing a side of you he hadn't fathomed. The blend of concern and obsession wrapped around your words left him grappling with the truth鈥攈owever twisted it might be. The realisation that you saw yourself as a guardian, however misguided, made his heart throb.
Once again, a deliberate focus settled upon the intricate knots of the ropes as you meticulously checked and ensured the security of each binding. Your fingers, now with heightened sensitivity, traced the path of the knots, delicately brushing against the warmth of his skin. It ensured the practical security of the restraints, affirming the efficacy of each knot, while also introducing an unexpected element of intimacy. Your hands shook.聽
"You're demented. Completely, utterly, demented," his voice murmured, a frustrated undercurrent weaving through his words as his gaze bore into you.
"I'm in love.鈥
"Demented," he repeated, shaking his head in disbelief at the apparent incongruity of your words and actions.
Insisting on your perspective, you countered, "Love! Love! Everything I do is for love, for you! Darling, why don't you see that?"聽
Your fingers clutched the ropes tightly, knuckles turning pale with the force of your grip. He winced.
鈥淚 never asked you for this! I didn鈥檛 ask for some demented half-wit to love me! I don鈥檛 want your love, I want to kill every one of those monkeys鈥攚hich you are stopping me from doing!鈥 he exclaimed, frustration boiling over.
鈥淥h, for God鈥檚 sake鈥︹ you sighed, rubbing your temples in exasperation.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you dare act like for one single minute that you could understand my dream, my vision, let alone care about my happiness. You don鈥檛 give a shit about what I want, you just want me as your pet,鈥 he accused, his eyes narrowing with resentment.
鈥淣o, that鈥檚 not true-鈥 you began, attempting to defend yourself.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e never cared for me! You could鈥檝e proven your devotion and joined my family, our cause, and you didn鈥檛! You鈥檝e festered in silence, and I hope you rot where you stand,鈥 he ranted, anger fueling his words.
鈥淚 love you! You need someone to tell you that your idea of happiness is some dull illusion! You wonder why I didn鈥檛 join that cult of yours? Who the hell d鈥檡ou think was keeping them alive all this time, while you played House? Me. Who bailed them out and took care of the Jujutsu authorities? Me. I love you, Suguru, God fucking knows that I do鈥攂ut you can鈥檛 sit there and tell me that I didn鈥檛 care! That I鈥檓 not more devoted to you than them all combined!鈥
鈥淚f you cared, you would have joined us.鈥
An indignant laugh escaped you, your eyes ablaze with a wild and dangerous intensity in the flickering candlelight. 鈥淛oined? And be surrounded by those idiots who think they know a thing about you? Deluded enough to think that they鈥檙e doing you any favours, by leading you to certain death? Don鈥檛 you see, Suguru?鈥
鈥淪ee? I know, I see鈥擨 know and see the truth and I lead my family past the lies! Behind every Jujutsu Higher-Up is a monkey that sinks their teeth in, blinding them with money and status and forcing their hands, convincing us that we should be serving the less evolved. I saved my family鈥擨 could still save you! Just let me go.鈥
You groaned, attempting to interject, but he pressed on.
鈥淓verywhere you go, the lies are spread! Society is poisoned by the monkeys鈥攅ven the air we breathe stinks of their foulness. Where is the hope for the children? The monkeys are organised鈥攖hey spread their propaganda everywhere鈥攖hat the strong owe the weak. That the weak should somehow be protected; rewarded for their inferiority. I can鈥檛 stand by and let every sorcerer be brainwashed into believing they should be protecting these鈥攖hese animals!鈥
鈥淭hen where are they?鈥 you said in an eerily calm voice.
"Everywhere. The monkeys, they-"
"Your family, Suguru. Where are they?"
In a moment charged with tension, you loomed over him, your gaze piercing the depths of his inky black eyes. Despite the gravity of the situation, your touch took on a deceptive gentleness as you brushed some strands of hair away from his temple. The intimate contact of your fingertips against his flesh elicited a wince.
An affronted laugh escaped Suguru's lips. "They're in my heart."
You scoffed at his response. "Your heart? And is your heart gonna save you? Answer me this: how long d'you think you've been in this room?" you murmured, your voice carrying a mix of authority and curiosity.
Suguru set his jaw, narrowing his eyes at you, then sighed. Your fingers continued their exploration through his hair, lightly pressing against his scalp but firmly maintaining control.
"Where are they, Suguru? Why haven't they found you? Ah, no. No need to answer me there, darling, because I'll tell you the truth. You're alone in this world. You鈥檙e vulnerable."
"I have a family," he insisted.
In response, your temper flared, and your fingers tightened their grip on his hair, lifting and tugging upwards. Suguru gasped, pain flaring at his scalp and shooting down the lengths of his spine to the tips of his fingers. His body instinctively responded, straightening in an attempt to create slack and nullify the pain, but your hand persisted, maintaining its upward pull. His eyes scrunched shut, and he panted, a pained moan escaping as the physical manifestation of his isolation played out in the relentless grasp of your fingers.聽
鈥淚 know your heart, Suguru. I鈥檝e seen it, held it, kissed it. I know what it wants. You鈥檙e just like me, y鈥檏now that? We both want the same thing. Understanding. Security. Acceptance. Love鈥攗nconditional love.鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 give me that,鈥 he breathed out, glaring at you.
Your nails scraped against his scalp, wrenching him forward by the hair and letting him fall to the floor. His body, once held upright, yielded to the inexorable pull of gravity. It was a less-than-graceful collapse, like a marionette whose strings had been severed.
Time seemed to stretch as he tilted forward, a cascade of hair obscuring his face like a veil. The atmosphere thickened with the sound of his breath, measured and strained, the only audible acknowledgement of the impending impact. There was a profound thud, resonating through the room, as his face met the cool surface. The impact rippled through his body, a shockwave, and he lay there for a moment, motionless.
Slowly, reluctantly, he stirred and let out a loud, muffled groan.聽
You huffed out a laugh. 鈥淚鈥檝e tried, Suguru, I really tried. I just鈥 Sometimes, I wonder if you鈥檙e the same boy I fell in love with鈥攚ho loved me鈥攁ll those years ago in school.鈥
You smiled wryly, shaking your head as you lifted the arm of your non-dominant hand and traced your fingertips over the tattoo鈥斺橫y one and only.鈥 The amateur ink work, done with a single needle and makeshift equipment, had aged poorly, leaving behind a blurred and uneven mess on the skin.聽
The black ink, once sharp and defined, had spread over the years, creating a smudged and faded appearance. The letters, originally intended to convey a message of permanence, now looked distorted and indistinct. The lines bled into each other, forming a jumbled mass of ink that barely resembled the original words.
Your gaze lingered on Suguru, bound and vulnerable on the floor. There was a dark satisfaction in the way he squirmed, his eyes hidden by his fallen hair, the tight binding of the rope that connected to his ankles. A mischievous smile played on your lips as you recalled the undeniable truth: he was worth every challenge, and the two of you were an unstoppable force when united. Bound by fate, by the stars.
A dreamy exhale escaped your lips, a mixture of contentment and desire. As your eyes traced the contours of his form, appreciating the sight before you, a thought crossed your mind. The imagery of him, bound and displayed, conjured the amusing image of a feast鈥攍ike a meal expertly trussed with butcher's twine. A chuckle echoed through your thoughts, and you couldn't help but picture him with an apple in his mouth.聽
Ah, but all in good time. Gags could come later.
Your gaze, however, couldn't help but fixate on his arms, particularly his left forearm. It was a canvas that should have bore those words鈥斺橫y one and only鈥欌攁 distinctive mark that proved he was yours, that you were his. But in this vulnerable state, the ink was conspicuously absent.
An insidious flame flickered and danced with an unsettling intensity, gnawing at the edges of your better nature and searing hot on your skin.聽
Hot on your knife.
Tumblr media
a/n: teehee love to a couple of moots who helped w/ this <3. this is my first time writing yandere or anything of this nature sooooooo. ya I hope it鈥檚 okie :3 P.S. this is not a moral guidebook!!!!! do not be like the reader insert!!!!!!!!
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