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he makes you cry
Tumblr media
expl: he doesn't usually care about others' feelings, so how was he supposed to know what he did to you was mean?
a/n: appalled that this is my first time doing my favorite geo boy, appalled and ashamed; also exhausted this might not be my best work, requests sent will be fulfilled soon, i just need some rest! just got hired at a job that i went for an interview with today, so work will slowly be coming out later and later, sorry!
ask me anything
second-person writing no pronouns used, 2,818 words
Tumblr media
Xiao was not fond of caring about others' emotions, nor did it ever occur to him that he should care. He tried to keep his life as simple and as peaceful as possible because he deserved it after everything he went through before. Which was why he was so confused when someone would cry in front of him. Xiao never cried when times were hard, what made those salty tears escape human eyes so easily?
Most of the time, he never saw people cry, and if he did, he ignored it. That's how he was taught to deal with emotion, he'd ignore it.
It began when you were up in your room at the Inn, minding your business and trying to figure out how to make the woven bracelet that the Traveler had taught you. Frankly, it was pretty difficult, and when the Traveler was teaching you, you were so busy watching them that you never actually learned.
The hours were beginning to fly by and you could hardly make out the original pattern you were trying to replicate. Repeated failures over and over and piling yarn began to stack up on the bed next to you. It was when you had finally gotten it down to only mess up again because something distracted you was when you finally snapped.
Throwing the bracelet across the room where it rested under the table, streams of hot tears began to roll down your cheeks in frustration. You were doing everything right, why wasn't it working!
It happened to be the same time you were leaving your room when Xiao was strolling down the hallway. The two of you made eye contact and his eyes flew to where the tears were running toward the bottom of your neck. His eyes widened only a little bit and his mouth opened and closed like a fish only to not know what to say.
You also stood still and stared at him. Why? Maybe you were just waiting for him to comfort you or you were curious about what he had to say. But when it was clear that he'd keep gapping like a fish, you started to walk off again. Only for him to grab your wrist before you made it too far and pull you a bit toward him.
"Are you okay?" He asked in a soft voice, hardly making eye contact with you and finding his shoes on the floor more entertaining. It was shocking to see him show such concern in general, but you remembered why you were upset and started to ball again. Pushing yourself into his chest and crying warm tears into his shirt.
His hands fumbled on the sides of you for a while until he rested them softly on your hips. Awkwardly patting you in a form of reassurance he'd never shown anyone before.
Tumblr media
His face was pretty flat when you began to show signs of distress and sadness. Albedo was too focused on his experiment to even realize that something went wrong on your end. The sound of a beaker crashing to the floor sounded across the room, but he still kept looking forward, hardly hearing anything at all.
That sound kept up for a while, you were pretty sure you broke at least 5 beakers in the time it took for you to get them from the spare cabinet. It wasn't until the 6th beaker that you managed to catch did Albedo actually turn around to see what had happened.
His experiment seemed to be going fine, the color of the liquid sitting at the bottom of the beaker matching the picture right next to it perfectly. You sighed when you saw he had already beaten you to make the antidote.
"I don't know how you do it 'bedo. This one is probably the most difficult I've done." You said before wiping your forehead which was littered with sweat from how hard you'd been concentrating.
"Just try again, I'm sure you'll be able to complete it." He said, his encouraging words going little to no length and falling straight to the floor. It didn't help that the trashcan full of your previous broken beakers was so close. It was extremely discouraging to see how much damage you've caused just trying to learn how to brew the antidote.
Then Albedo took his leave, putting his things down when he realized the clock read 9 PM. Bidding you goodbye, he looked back one last time with his handle on the doorknob and spoke. "Humans sometimes do not carry the skill to complete such a difficult task, do not push yourself to do something you simply can't achieve."
And then the door shut. All you did was stare at where he previously had been, his words repeating in an endless loop shrinking infinitely into your mind.
"Huh?" Was all you said before a warm feeling rushed down your cheeks and landed on the toe of your shoes. Did he just call me stupid? You thought to yourself. The frustration you felt along with the fact that he just said that, caused a rush of salty tears to leave your eyes. Your eyelashes stuck together as tears mended them together.
You continued to stand there and cry, until the door opened again and the alchemist stuck his head back in the door, announcing he forgot something towards the floor. That was until he lifted his head up to see you standing there, crying. For once, he stood still and just stared at you unable to conjure any words for the scene he was witnessing.
The sniffles and the silent sounds of tears padding the floor were all that was making sound in the room. As Albedo continued to stare at you like the two of you were playing a game of freeze tag.
"I'm stupid aren't I 'bedo?" You said, which made him flinch when the sound of the nickname you gave him came out in a harsh and rude manner. "Too stupid to figure out the dumb potion because I'm just a mere human in your eyes."
"What're you talking about?" He said, with the quietest and most emotion-full voice you've ever heard him use. Albedo continued to step closer to you, almost as if he was never moving at all. When he finally did reach you, his hand brushed against your cheek and his eyes held so much concern it could fill up the sea.
"I don't think you're lesser than me, is this about what I said? I didn't mean it like that..."
You kept sniffling while looking at him, still stubborn for more than what he was giving you. His arms reached around you and held you close, something he often did when Klee would sob, which he learned from Jean.
The two of you stood like that for a while, until the blazing sun rested its eyes in the distance, and the sorrowful moon began to creep up the valley.
Tumblr media
"What is wrong with you??" Tighnari's harsh voice came out in a way you only heard once in a while. His irritated look glared at you from where you stood, all you had done was knock down a few books, but it looked like other things were really beginning to upset him.
You expected to greet the forest ranger and spend some time together, seeing as the both of you made those plans a while ago, but it seems that he was really busy with something that he was supposed to finish a while ago.
He whipped his head back to look at the beakers on the table, making a very loud and audible sigh at your appearance here. "I'm busy, so make another time for..." He waved his hands around dramatically and quick, "Whatever it was you were planning and leave me be."
You stood silent for a while, shocked that he was giving you such an attitude, but at the same time, you had no idea how to respond to what he said. So, you did just that and didn't respond, turning on your heels and leaving. Unfortunately, Tighnari didn't hear you leave and assumed you were still sitting there waiting for him like usual. So when he turned around and opened his mouth to address you and apologize, he stopped in his tracks to see you weren't there.
When you saw Tighnari again, it was actually just his voice you had heard and your eyes didn't flicker to see if it was actually him. Collei was holding some sort of dinner for the forest rangers in the area, to both thank them and congratulate her for beating Eleazar. But you finally did see him when it was too late, and you were bumping into the forest ranger with food in your hands.
A shocked gasp came out of your mouth till the echoed noise of a bowl rumbled onto the ground and crashed down, the food flying along with it. Your distressed state increased, and you immediately flew down to try and clean it up.
In fact, you were so busy trying to clean the bowl of food that had spilled over that you didn't even realize the forest ranger was standing behind you with his hands behind his back. Until the call of your name was repeated for the 3rd time, did you turn around to look at him, tears in your eyes from how frustrated you were?
Tighnari's eyes widened before he immediately dropped to his knees and put his hand on your shoulder for comfort. It shocked him to see you in such a vulnerable state, especially with how cheery you always seemed around him.
"What happened? Are you alright?" Tighnari said, before moving his eyes down to the food splattered all over the dirt. You didn't even realize how much helping out at the party would stress you out. As soon as Tighnari muttered the words are you alright, tears flooded out more and more as you tried to hide your face in your hands. Your shoulders and body shook with how much you were crying. Tighnari moved closer to you and shielded you with his body.
Not only did he treat you terribly before, but the first time he sees you in days, you were crying? His heart felt like it could break then and there. His hand came around your back to soothingly rub circles on it while you continued to sob. His ears even flattened a bit on his head in guilt.
When Collei had come around the corner to see the pasta salad splattered on the ground, and Tighnari hugging you with his tail between his legs. She smiled and sighed a bit, before walking away to leave you two be.
It felt like a long time while the two of you sat like that, his hand never stopping to rub your back. You finally pulled away to look at him and Tighnari rested his hand on your cheek in a comforting manner.
"I'm sorry I treated you like that, I was irritated and you came in at a bad time. I never want to hurt you." His guilt-written face and ears practically flattened to his head making your heart beat in a painful rhythm.
"You can make it up to me by helping me clean this up?" You said as a sly grin grew a little bit on your face. He smiled back and rolled up his sleeves to begin cleaning.
Tumblr media
Scaramouche was a mean boy, everyone knew that he had no filter and he acted as if he didn't care about anyone when in reality it was the exact opposite.
"You're pathetic!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, looking at your shocked expression and stance from across the room. You had just failed to do the task that Nahida assigned you again, and it seemed like the newly-found anemo holder was growing more and more impatient watching you fail over and over.
"Excuse me?" You spat back, clearly irritated with his outburst and pushiness. Scaramouche scoffed again before trailing over to where you were, Nahida watching the interaction from her desk.
"You've been doing it all wrong, and that pathetic idiot brain can't seem to comprehend that." His fingers flew a swift flick to your head, pushing you back a centimeter. "If you keep failing, shouldn't you be trying something else instead of pushing the same solution over and over? Moron."
His insults over and over were hurting, sure, but you were used to it. When you felt good. Right now, this was the last thing you needed after failing again and again. At one point you even glanced over at Nahida after failing and saw her face look a bit reluctant about your skills. Which increased your anxiety tenfold.
"I never knew someone could be so stupid. I even worked with morons every day in the Fatui, but none match up to how idiotic you are." Scaramouche just kept blasting insult after insult at you. What was with him today? Was he really that peeved you didn't wait for him in the morning to walk over here?
Moving aside and putting your hands up defensively, you made way for the prince and his smart brain. He moved in front of you and began looking down at what you were doing. It looked like Nahida was still working with you on Fermat's Last Theorem, which was an extremely difficult math equation, back in the 17th century. Scaramouche made a noticeable eye roll before sitting down to begin writing out how to solve it.
What he didn't see was your reaction to the last flinching insult he threw your way. He didn't witness the tears swell up in your eyes and he also didn't see you walk away and leave the sanctuary. Only witnessing your presence gone when he looked up to turn another sarcastic comment towards you. Scaramouche's eyes widened for a fraction of a second before looking around him to see where you went. He turned towards Nahida when he couldn't find you and she looked up at him before looking back down at her papers.
"Tsk, whatever." He pushed his seat back and sat up to leave, wondering what he should have for dinner instead of concerning himself with where you went. It wasn't until later in the evening when he saw you again, sitting back at the desk, not uttering an obnoxious sigh or an irritating "What does this mean??"
He eased himself over to you with his hands in his pockets before leaning behind your shoulder to see what you were doing. You were working on the problem again, but his copy of it was nowhere to be seen, that is until he looked towards the trash and saw his handwriting on the paper barely crumpled and resting near the top of the bin.
"You threw away my paper?" He said with irritation lining every letter. You kept writing though and paid him no mind. The silent treatment seemed to be really riling him up because he continued to berate you over and over as you sat there taking it and continuing to work.
It was only an hour later that it really started to bother him with you being quiet. Maybe what he said earlier was too harsh, he didn't really feel that bad, but if it meant you weren't going to speak to him then he had to do something.
Leaning over you again, he placed his hand on your upper arm, grabbing your attention from the unusual act. His eyes met yours and held the stare for a couple seconds before he spoke,
"I'm sorry." That was all he said.
You raised an eyebrow at him, before squinting your eyes in confusion and responding.
"Sorry for what..?" The sarcasm dripped from every syllable and landed on his fragile ego.
His eyes widened and he took his hand from your arm, frowning and shouting back,
"I don't repeat myself! Accept the apology I gave you."
"You're such a child, does saying sorry really hurt that bad?"
"You heard me!"
Your eyes rolled and you turned back to your paper as if you were going back to ignoring him, his eyes softened again and he grabbed your arm once more.
"I'm sorry I said those mean words to you. I didn't mean it, I don't like it when you leave without me and I don't like it when you're upset."
When he grabbed your arm, you didn't turn to face him again, but after hearing the words he spoke, you turned again with a smile on your face and leaned closer to his.
The blush was evidently growing the more you leaned in, and you could see his adam's apple bob with nervousness.
"I accept your apology Kunikuzushi."
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Tumblr media
adeptus xiao… 🤧💕
[image is a digital drawing of Xiao floating against stylised blue clouds, hefting his spear and glancing over his shoulder at the camera. Followed by a chibi drawing of Xiao sitting with a bowl of almond tofu in his lap, eating solemnly.]
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Tumblr media
Conqueror of Demons, Alatus
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Tumblr media
at the eternal oasis
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
we will be reunited 
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not good enough for you
where you feel insecure because you genuinely feel like you aren't good enough for him, but he thinks otherwise.
{CW!!: suggestive, mentions of reader wearing a skirt/dress but gn, different types of insecurities, js know you are stunning with all of that baes <3}
characters: ayato, childe, cyno, diluc, tighnari, and wanderer
- set in modern au for a few, ~1.2k words in total -
Tumblr media
ayato: pillar of fortitude
you being insecure just influences his spending habits on you. it increases tremendously.
of course he'll comfort you, give you attention, all that jazz, but him?
he buys even more things he thinks you'll look absolutely lovely in.
dress shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, literally anything that he might think you'll like he'll get it.
you walk out of your shared bedroom with your hands behind your back and your gaze cast to the floor timidly. ayato nearly choked on the boba he was drinking when his eyes laid on you. the way you looked up at him with your eyes all the way to how you stood, he thought you looked ethereal. "my love, how could you be insecure when you look so lovely?" he pulls you into his arms, hands going down your waist. "are you sure? " you mumbled, your eyes focused on the ground. rubbing over your hip dips before cupping your ass, ayato used his other hand to make you look up at him. "you have nothing to worry about.. let me spoil you."
childe: tartaglia (did my man WRONG)
he honestly thinks you're joking when you first tell him, that's how good looking you are.
he hypes you up a LOT more than usual, making sure you feel extra special before anything.
being so fr, he's the type to comment first and most under your instagram posts
most definitely brags about you on his socials as well, has a highlight for you and everything
"childe, why am i getting hundreds of notifications? from YOUR account?" your boyfriend shrugs as if he doesn't know what he did, replying with a simple, "just making you feel good, that's all." after going to the notifications, your heart gets more and more full as you read the compliments he paints your phone screen with. they all came with such love and adoration which varies from "THATS MY GF RIGHT THERE YOU GUYS!!!" to dumb pick up lines that have you rolling your eyes. you smile softly as you like every single one of his comments, pinning one at the top of your post. despite his cheesiness, you know from all of these that childe truly does think you're the prettiest.
cyno: judicator of secrets
his jokes slowly turn into cheesy pick up lines about how pretty you are, like those REALLY bad ones
its sort of misleading at first and makes you think he's doesn't care, and trust me he does! he's just bad at words of affirmation
not to mention, i believe he tells you you're so pretty and amazing and beautiful and just EVERYTHING in bed
he's totally up for fucking you in front of a mirror to get it through your head about how pretty you are
when he walks into your small shared apartment after a grocery run, he sees you staring into the mirror. you're poking your stomach fat around your belly button, sighing softly. he comes up behind you, kissing your neck softly as he wraps his arms around your hips. cyno digs in his pocket to pull out a small card, before saying, "good thing i have my library card, because i'm checking you out." you look up at him with an attempt at a deadpan, which morphs into a moan as he starts touching your hips, slowly going lower. "if you can't understand how gorgeous you are, i'll make sure you know by tonight."
diluc: the dark side of dawn
he would for sure be such a good person to talk to about your insecurities to and receive comfort
i think that when he was younger, he was also a little insecure about his appearance because of his hair and eyes, since it wasn't normal (i js know that when kaeya came around he got less and less insecure as he grew up but THIS ISNT ABT THEM.)
he would kiss every insecurity and go on rants about how much he loves them, because he loves every part of you
for the sex life? things like stretch marks make him go FERAL. literally all of your beautiful insecurities make him FERAL
as you let out a small moan, diluc spreads your legs open and start kissing up and down your thighs. your stretch marks were more prominent in the moonlight coming from the window, and that alone made him hard. "you're so beautiful my dear.." he took his finger and traced over them. when you looked down, your eyes widen to see him, looking at them like how people look at constellations in the sky. looking at them with such admiration, diluc kissed them over and over. "so pretty.. let me make your pretty body feel good."
tighnari: verdant strider
he would 100% accidently turn it into a lecture about self-confidence and would go on and ON
after knowing about your insecurities, he would bring flowers from his research and give them to you, they reminded him of you
although he would comfort you plenty, he is one sassy ass fox so he would be very sarcastic when you do bring yourself down
he would list all of your achievements while calling you the dumbest person he's ever met
"yeah you are pretty dumb now that i think about it." your heart dropped as those words came out of his mouth. before you can say something, tighnari continues. "it's not like you won the nationwide botany fair for sumeru or anything." your lips formed a pout as you spoke, "but you were my partner! of course we got won." he rolled his eyes before looking at you with a deadpan expression; "did you forget i was sick the whole time? you had to do it by yourself." a shy "oh" left your lips while his arm wrapped around your waist. "have more confidence in yourself you big lummox."
wanderer: eons adrift (named kunikuzushi for convenience)
he's like tighnari in a way, but much more heavy on the sarcastic and snide comments
he can't really comfort you because he can't even believe that he's good enough for you
tries his best though, always makes an effort to compliment you, even if the compliment is very choppy
isn't the best person to go to for insecurities plaguing your mind but it's nice to be around him anyways
Tumblr media
you yelp in pain as kunikuzushi flicks your forehead out of annoyance. "shut it, you're giving me a headache." you sigh, "i'm being serious kuni, i really don't think that i look good enough for you." as your teary eyes dart to the ground, you feel his arms wrap around you. "you are so annoying.. of course your good enough. more than good enough you dumb fuck." you smile a little at his harsh words, knowing that's his way of comfort. while trying to stop your tears from falling, you couldn't hear his soft words in your hair. "you're so fucking pretty, i hate when you say otherwise dumbass."
written 3/20/23 || credits go to me || asks open <3
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Tumblr media
Rhine: Of all my children, he (Albedo) was the only one left.
Subject two:
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Tumblr media
苦無 忍
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What kind of kisses? Mine of course!
Kisses you give them.
Short and not proofread!
Tumblr media
He’s probably so confused because bro didn’t know what kissing even was 😭 The first time you kissed him was on the cheek, and he went to bed that night holding his face with shining eyes and a big smile. After that, he would always ask you to do it again. ”can you put your mouth on my face again!” “Kuni, I told you it’s called a kiss.” “Yes! please do that!”
Every time you kiss his cheeks, he squeezes his eyes shut and furrows his brows as if he’s focusing on it <3
Tumblr media
Entire face!
Mostly before bed, you cup his chubby cheeks in your hands and kiss his forehead. Then his eyes. Then his nose. Then his cheeks. The- you get it. There is not s single spot on his face that was left untouched and while he won’t admit it, that boy loves it. Feeling you hold him is one of the biggest comforts. Years of being an experiment for others gain has left a big toll on his views regarding physical contact. So when you ever so carefully hold him with only pure affection, he feels his chest filling where his heart should be.
If you save his lips for the last kiss, he’s gone.
Tumblr media
Happened because you did it once on impulse. Your first kiss together was an impulse. Not that he minds, now he does it because he likes the way it feels, he likes it because it’s a kiss with you. They basically happen anytime. Whether it’s before he leaves, or when you wake up in the morning, oh my god he’ll pull you in by reaching under your ear and by your head to kiss you. Wanderer’s lips are soft and move in such a gentle manner, that you know he loves you.
I’m sorry this is so fucking bad, lmao I’m going to rewrite this later i think.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
+ 10
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when they’re put in a situation that makes them feel jealous
Tumblr media
⌗ kazuha and scaramouche x gn reader (seperate)
⌗ jealous behaviour, possessive behaviour, idk what else. their parts are like a one shot in their own HELP.
Tumblr media
— kazuha
as the cherry blossom petals swirled around you and kazuha, you couldn't help but feel content. you had known kazuha for a while now, and had grown to appreciate his company more and more each time you were together. today, the two of you had decided to take a stroll through the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
you’d just gotten off work at a local café in inazuma. it was insanely busy today, causing you to get stressed out. many customers wanted the same thing, causing the item to go out of stock, which caused others to be mad because what they wanted wasn’t available. you’d go into more detail but just the thought of it stresses you out.
once you stepped out of the building you knew straight away you needed kazuha with you to ease off all of your negative emotions. you really did love kazuha, he was always able to clear your head with just a word. you may not be dating yet, but it’s clear as day to anyone that you both have feelings for each other.
anyways, that’s where it brings you to now. you were in the middle of telling kazuha about your day when you suddenly spotted a familiar figure in the distance causing you to pause your movements, kazuha copying with a confused look.
it was your ex.
you couldn't help but feel a sense of dread as memories flooded your mind. you hadn't seen your ex in months, and you had thought that you had moved on from the heartbreak they had caused you. which, you have moved on, but you still can’t help the familiar feelings that come over you. it makes you feel guilty because kazuhas right next to you.
your ex noticed you, both locking eyes. you wanted to tear your eyes away from them, or even pull your eyes out of your sockets but you just couldn’t look away.
as your ex approached, you tensed up, unsure of how to react. to your surprise, your ex greeted you with a warm smile and a friendly hug. you hesitated, but you couldn't help but reciprocate, feeling a wave of nostalgia wash over you.
kazuha, who had been watching the entire interaction (even from when you first noticed them), felt a pang of jealousy shoot through him.
he had grown to care deeply for you, wanting to keep you by his side forever, and the sight of you interacting with your ex made him very uneasy. he tried to brush off the feeling, reminding himself that you were the one with him now (even if not officially), and that your ex was just permanently a part of your past.
you pulled away from your ex, turning back to kazuha with a guilty, and apologetic look. “uhm, kazu, this is my…” you trailed off awkwardly, not really knowing what to call them. kazuha already knew who this person wast you, you just didn’t wanna seem rude officially introducing your ex, as your ex.
“i’m their old friend.” they continued for you, offering out their hand for him with a sweet smile, though the wind told kazuha different.
“it’s… a surprise to meet you.” kazuha took their hand with swift haste, an obvious fake smile plastered. you cleared your throat as they both pulled away, moving back to stand next to kazuha you looked to him, and he looked back.
“you don’t mind if they spend the rest of the day with us?” you asked, a sheepish smile on your face as kazuha let out a sigh only you could really hear. “of course not, it would be my pleasure to meet an old friend of your past.” he made sure to clarify.
“great…” your ex looked at him with a challenging look and then turned around. “i saw there was a place just past those trees over there, let’s go take a look.”
they took your wrist pulling you with them, scaring you out of surprise. you looked back to kazuha who was quick to follow you two, though mainly focusing on the connection between your wrist and their hand. his eyes finally travelled up to meet yours and you offered him an apologetic smile, as in to say everything will go fine from now on.
however, as the day went on, kazuha couldn't shake the wretched feeling inside of him. he just wanted to steal you away forever, not liking the feeling of someone else being a threat to you two. and your ex was one. they seemed to be getting too close for comfort, and kazuha couldn't help but feel like he was slowly being pushed out of the picture.
the sun began to set, and your ex had already said their goodbyes, apologising that it must be weird for you and that they overstayed their visit. kazuha was glad they finally seemed to realise.
he pulled you aside, away from everyone else who was still in the cherry blossom park, thought not much. you looked at him with a curious look, both your arms crossed over each other. he took a deep breath before speaking, his voice low and hesitant.
"i know i shouldn't feel this way, and it’s not my place to really say this, but seeing you with your ex today... it made me feel… horrible. i care about you a lot, and the thought of losing you to someone from your past scares me."
you were a little shocked. i mean, kazuha feeling insecure? usually he knows whether or whether not he should be feeling vulnerable in a situation, because the wind whispers the secrets to him. so he must be feeling really upset if he’s not trusting the winds of the archon.
you continued to stare at him, trying to find out how he was really feeling inside from his face. you could see the pain and vulnerability in his eyes, and your heart ached for him. you felt guilty.
you took his hand and pulled him into a tight embrace, "kazuha, you have nothing to worry about. you're the one i want to be with, and nothing will ever change that. my ex is just a part of my past, but you... you're my present and my future." you smiled at him warmly.
kazuha's tense shoulders relaxed as he returned the embrace, feeling a sense of relief wash over him. he had been so worried about losing you, but hearing your words made him feel more secure in your relationship. the negativ emotion on his face disappeared, getting it replaced with a way more positive one.
as the two of you pulled away, kazuha leaned in to press a soft kiss to your forehead. "thank you," he whispered, his voice filled with emotion. he grabbed the wrist your ex held earlier, and pulled it up to his lips to kiss, his eyes not breaking eye contact the entire time.
the rest of the evening was spent in a comfortable silence, the two of you enjoying each other's company as the sun set over the horizon. the memory of your exes visit was fading fast along with the light in the sky.
you knew that there would be more challenges ahead for you both, but with kazuha by your side, you felt confident that the two of you could overcome anything together.
lol corny.
— scaramouche
scaramouche, the cunning and mischievous harbinger of the fatui, had always been a man of many talents. but there was one thing that he couldn't quite control - his jealousy. and as he watched you interact with aether from behind a wall, scaramouche couldn't help but feel a rising sense of possessiveness.
you lived with scaramouche in the fatui headquarters as his assistant, and loving partner. your best friend, aether, would usually visit you sometimes with scaramouches permission, but he never really knew what you to got up to since he was always out on missions when aether was there.
this was the first time he was present while aether visited and he’d never felt such regret in saying yes before. he wished he never gave permission to that blonde.
while scaramouche had tried to ignore the growing friendship between the two of you, he found it increasingly difficult to do so throughout the day. aether was a charismatic and friendly traveler, and it was visible to the eye that you seemed to enjoy spending time with him, much to scaramouches dismay.
as scaramouche continued to watch the two of you talk and laugh, he couldn't help but feel a nagging murderous feeling in his chest. he knew that he had no right to feel this way, mostly because you’d get extremely angry at him if you found out he wanted to kill your best friend... but he couldn't help the way he felt.
then, to add salt on his internal wound, aether leaned in closer to you, his hand brushing against yours. scaramouche's eyes narrowed as he watched the interaction, feeling a surge of anger. if aether didn’t mean that much to you he would’ve already ripped that plat off.
as he started to slowly get a better look of the two of you, he noticed something that surprised him - aether seemed completely oblivious to what he was doing. he was just being friendly, completely unaware of the intimate actions he was creating, and of the harbinger's leaking jealousy flowing throughout the entire building.
scaramouche took a deep, long breath, trying to calm himself down. he knew that he couldn't let his emotions get the best of him, especially not near you and aether. one noise and you’d hear him, which would cause you to find him and boast him with questions.
it’s okay. he can last… at least that’s what he told himself.
as the day went on, scaramouche found it harder and harder to control his burning jealousy. it felt like a forest fire inside of him. he didn't want to lose you to some prick, and the sight and thought of aether getting too close to you made him feel sick to his stomach.
finally, it was night and you three sat around a small table chatting. well, it was mostly just you and aether speaking while scaramouche held back a nasty look to him.
as he sat there anticipating for the time aether would leave, he saw something that made the last thread inside of him snap. aether had tucked some short hair strands behind your ear, then his hand trailed down your neck and rested on your shoulder as you continued to speak. it was an innocent friendly gesture, but scaramouche had had enough. he stood up abruptly, glaring at aether sharply.
"i think it's time for you to leave," he said, his voice harsh and fast to leave his body.
aether looked up, surprised. "what? why?" he asked.
"because i don't want you around here anymore," scaramouche replied, his voice laced with venom.
you looked between the two of them, confused and slightly angered by scaramouche's sudden outburst. "scaramouche, what's going on?" you asked, reaching out to touch his arm.
but scaramouche pulled away from you. you looked at him, slightly hurt from what he did, but in a way that you knew you upset him in some way seriously which made you upset.
his eyes dark and his jaw clenched. "i said leave, aether," he repeated, his voice colder than before.
aether stood up slowly, looking between you and scaramouche with a mix of confusion and concern. "i don't understand what's going on, but if you want me to leave, i will," he said, his voice calm and measured. “i’ll see you!” he said with an awkward smile, you giving a sad one back.
as aether gathered his things and prepared to leave, you turned your attention back to scaramouche, your voice hurt and angry. "what was that about?" you demanded, your voice shaking with emotion.
scaramouche's expression softened slightly as he looked at you, but the jealousy was still evident in his eyes. "i'm sorry," he said, his voice low. "i just... i don't like seeing you with him. i don't want to lose you. the way he touched you just then and today i…”
you sighed, feeling torn between your feelings for scaramouche and your friendship with aether. "scaramouche, you know that you don't have to be jealous," you said, trying to reason with him. "i care about you, and i'm not going anywhere."
scaramouche nodded, his expression still pained. "i know that, but... i can't help the way i feel."
you reached out to take his hand, squeezing it gently. "i understand that, but you can't just push people away when you feel threatened," you said gently. "it's not fair to them, or to me."
scaramouche nodded again, his grip on your hand tightening slightly. "i know, and i'm sorry. i'll try to do better," he said, his voice heavy with regret.
you smiled at him, feeling the tension between you start to dissipate. "that's all i can ask," you said, leaning in to press a soft kiss to his cheek. "let's just focus on enjoying the peace we’ll have together, okay?"
scaramouche's lips twitched up into a small smile as he leaned in to return the kiss. "okay," he said, his voice softening. "together."
Tumblr media
⌗ hai i’m back:3 took a little break bc of writers block……………. um……… not proof read bc i’m honestly still in writers block i just feel bad for not posting. would u believe me if i told u ai helped me out with the ideas of these prompts
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bohbee · 3 days
Do you think you could do some genshin characters reacting to you flinching during a fight? 👉🏻👈🏻 Im not picky with which characters as long as Childe is included
Tumblr media
Flinching During an Argument, Genshin.
Part 1?
Characters: Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Wanderer.
Warnings: Mentions of violence, misunderstandings, past abusive relationships, insecurities, yelling, blood (unrelated), potential harming.
Notes: There are some kinds of spoilers for The Wanderers but yeah >:). Sorry for not writing for a long time, there's been a lot of stressful things happening in my life right now but I'm trying to write more :). There will be more parts to this I just don't know when.
Tumblr media
Childe (Tartaglia, Ajax)
The room which was usually filled with laughs and smiles now had a dark aura. Both occupants of the household argue with each other, in a fit of rage and hurt. "Ajax please just listen to me! I could've lost you!" You said, wiping the tears from your eyes, a shudder left your chest as your boyfriend's eyes darkened towards you. His boots took a step forward and he pointed his finger toward you.
"You always underestimate me!" A vein popped from his forehead, the air getting thick causing your heart to speed up. "Ajax I di-" He cut you off with a shout causing you to back up into the wall "No! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I SUFFERED THROUGH TO BE SEEN LIKE THAT"
He went to push the hair out of his eyes, his gloved hand swayed in front of your face causing you to cover your eyes, frightened of his next course of action. Your knees buckle slightly. Childe's movements came to a halt, and his annoyance quickly left, now filled with shock and pain.
"Dove... I-" he started to speak, his hands gently grabbing yours, delicately not to strike for negative emotions in you. As he moved your defense, he winced at your fear-struck face, tears he caused painting your skin. "I would never... ever harm you... I'm so- so sorry" He opened his arms slowly, trying not to frighten you, offering for you to hug him, and you pounced into his grasp. Small sobs emitted from your throat, "I'm sorry- I just don't want to -hic- lose you, and I-" your rambling was cut off by a small hush from the ginger.
"I would never leave you... I was being unreasonable, let's just drop it for now, come on I'll take you to the bedroom."
The rest of the day was filled with soft hums, and both of you enjoyed each other's presence. "My dove?" Tartaglia's voice was soft, you looked up to meet his eyes questioning him. "C'mon let's go to a restaurant.... let me treat you?" He said, well more of asked... still not knowing how much you were willing to do. "Of course.... let's go."
Tumblr media
Nothing was different from today than any other day, you went on commissions and came home to your loving husband. However, the crimson irises begged to differ. "You need to stop being so reckless! You've come home yet again with a new bloodied bandage!" His tone was deep, filled with irritation and worry. Though, that didn't do much but annoy you. "Luc, please listen to me, love. This is a part of working for the Guild!"
His eyes shot toward yours, pure frustration filling his pupils. "Every. Day." He started, his body slowly getting up from where he was sitting. "I. Have. To. See. You. Get. Hurt." His body was slightly in front of you, a two-foot gap in between your bodies. "EVERY. DAMN. DAY.!" His booming voice shook the air, causing you to flinch and stumble onto the ground.
A few seconds of silence went by until he kneeled to where you fell. "I am deeply sorry, I- it was never my intention to frighten you, my love." His eyes were filled with shame and insecurity, his gloved hand reached out to you slowly. You softly grabbed it allowing him to pull you up and into a hug, watching for your injuries. "I'm sor-" you started but your husband shushed you "No need dear, I must be the one to apologize. I was being rash, just promise me that you'll be more careful?"
You nodded softly and hugged his torso a bit tighter, the both of you stood in the common room for a while before he broke away from the embrace. "Why don't you let me re-bandage your injuries and then after we can go for a walk?"
As the day continued on, the well-known couple could be seen walking down the paths of the outskirts of Monstadt. Hand in hand, soft delicate smiles painting both of their features.
Tumblr media
Sadly, petty arguments with Kaeya always happened, it was all fine though. None of it really went far, that is until now. The two of you were in his office at the KOF building, snapping at each other. Snarky comments and shouts were heard throughout the whole building, though no one dared to enter not even Lisa nor Jean.
"You are being unreasonable!" you shouted at the blue-haired male who only scoffed back, he stood from his seat and turned his back away from you. "For the last time, now listen real closely and get it through your more than thick skull." He slowly turned towards you, his deep frustrated tone quickly shutting you up. "She was NOT flirting with me, just because you're insecure does not mean you get to PROJECT your feelings on me nor the poor lady who was being nice."
His words made you wince, stepping back in shock as you look up into his eyes with hurt, no more than hurt..... betrayal "oh." Your head bobbed in a quick nod as you went to leave the room. "W-wait.... (y/n) shit... I didn't mean-" he chased after you. The people in the city watched in shock which only rubbed the salt more in your wound.
You finally made it to your home, your boyfriend rushing in behind you. No words were spoken, his strong arms yanked you into a hug as you sobbed into his chest. "I....... I am so so sorry snowflake......" your loud cries pulled at his heart strings. After gathering your emotions, you went to respond, feeling guilty for the situation. "You were ri-" his soft lips slammed onto yours, effectively stopping your words. "Don't even think about finishing that sentence."
The two of you made an executive decision to take some time off together in which Jean more than happily approved of. The two of you were now in the amazing city of Sumeru, sitting together in the Grand Bazaar. Your head laying on his soft shoulder as both of you watch the amazing dancers.
Tumblr media
Wanderer (Kuni)
You and the umbrella hat male were walking down a trail in the outskirts of Gandharva Ville, when suddenly a random root appeared from nowhere, which caused your body to fling forward into the ground. The Wanderer turned around slightly shocked, he laughed slightly and swung his hand to help you up. But the sudden motion frightened you and caused you to cower backwards. "I'm sorry!" you yelped out while closing your eyes, preparing for the hit that would never come.
Kuni looked at you shocked, no words left his mouth, he was truly stunned at the scene in front of him. You soon opened your eyes and looked to the side embarrassed, "I- uh- sorry heh, that's embarrassing.... well lets uh continue." You stood up and brushed your pants off and walked past your "new" boyfriend, expecting him to follow you. Though his next words, stopped your movements.
"What......" he paused before slightly hanging his head in shame "I know I used to... treat you unfairly....... just know that I am trying to get better." he muttered before walking to you and gripping the back of your shirt. "I don't want to lose nor hurt the one I love...." he mumbled before he slowly and awkwardly hugged you from behind.
"I know you are trying.... don't think I've given up on you Ku.... I trust you."
Over time, the two of you slowly dropped your walls with each other, becoming closer than ever. He was a completely different person than the one you used to date. Same face..... same body.... same soul..... just different purpose.
I hope this is good :), I love you guys... also dude why are genshin characters written so WELL gah damn!
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aestherin · 20 hours
privacy 39: kiss them away
NOTES: -> happy 18th my bestie @lady-elodie 🤍 take my humble gift 😔🫶 -> a little heated at the end 👀
Tumblr media
Enveloped in the warmth of a cozy sweater and surrounded by the calming scent oozing from a field of lavender — that's how you woke up.
Or not.
As your eyes gradually fluttered open, your consciousness was starting to come back. It was in fact, not a cozy sweater that is enveloping you, but Ayato's arms. The lavender part was, however, partially true.
Only that the calming scent of lavender was not from the flowers themselves, but from the man currently embracing you tightly.
It seems that after your little crying session earlier, you somehow fell asleep. You woke up in a different spot though. You are no longer in that one-seater sofa, but you were now lying down on a totally oversized long couch.
The living room was a slightly dimmer than it used to be, most likely caused by the passing of time. How long were you both out anyway?
Since Ayato is hugging you from behind, you were able to face the coffee table where your phone was. It was a little farther than an arm's length, meaning you had to reach out a little bit using your body to get to it.
You let out a soft grunt while attempting to, but your fingers barely graced your phone when you were pulled back against a certain someone's chest.
"Mm," he groaned, burying his face further into the corner of your neck.
You sighed deeply. Attempted to reach for the phone again.
Failed once more.
You rolled your eyes as you rested. "Ayato, I know you're awake."
There was no response from him, only that he brought you even closer to him, if that was even possible. "Good morning, love."
"It's not morning."
"Oh. What time is it then?"
"I don't know," you huffed. "Maybe if you'd let me get my phone then I could probably check?"
"I don't wanna get up though."
"Then don't? You don't have to get my phone with me."
"I don't want to let go," he whined.
"Clingy," you whispered. "Only for you, love," he declared in a hoarse voice before giving your nape a peck.
It was as if a shiver run down your spine... but in a good way? It was the type of shiver that you want to experience more and more, again and again. The type that you would crave for and endlessly covet.
The type that only Kamisato Ayato could ever make you feel.
You chose to ignore it for now, avoiding the incessant teasing he'd probably give you once he notices his effect on you. This time, as you lifted your back a little in an attempt to get your phone, no obstacles hindered you.
"It's late afternoon now," you told him as you sat up, still with your back facing him. You don't see him get up after you, but you knew that he did based from the little noises he was making.
"I see," his voice still sounded like someone who just woke up. "[Name]?"
At his call, you turned to face him.
And shit.
His clothes, they were now wrinkled. His soft blue hair? Disheveled. His eyes? His damning lavender eyes? Holy archons above. They're indescribable at this point.
You continued to shamelessly gawk at him, subconsciously of course. He was able to let it pass only because he was still out of it at the moment.
If he realized it though...
Maybe he would've already ascended to Celestia by now.
Once you came to, you immediately looked away. "Why did you call me?"
"No reason."
He flashed a gentle smile. "I just like how I'd call you and you'd respond immediately."
Ayato did not outright say it. What he really meant by that.
He remembered how you used to not respond to any of his attempts. His messages, his calls, the times he rang your doorbell, his desperate pleas to allow him to at least talk to you.
It was hell.
He knew he deserved it, but it was still hell.
"And your name is heavenly," Ayato added.
"Sweet-talking isn't effective on me," you lied.
"Could've fooled me, love." He leaned closer towards you again, his arms snaked around your waist and his chin resting on your shoulders.
You shifted your focus on your phone in an attempt to distract yourself. It's just that... you didn't expect it to be that distracting.
As you turned on your phone's internet, notifications flooded in nonstop as if they came from a waterfall. Thousands from Facebook, ten thousand from Instagram, and ten times more from Twitter.
Ah, that's right. Right now...
You were still the hot tea of society's party.
You were about to unlock your phone when you heard the fabric of the couch rustling loudly. You felt yourself being the only one weighing the sofa down. "Ayato?" You called.
"Hmm?" The sound came from above you.
As you removed your eyes from your phone, you could spy his feet directly across you. Panning your stare from bottom up, his form was slowly revealed before your eyes.
Ayato was now standing in front of you, in all of his just-woke-up glory. His legs straight, yet his back curved to lean closer to you. Once you met his enticing eyes, as intimidated as you were, you didn't fail to notice the glint of mischief present in them.
You subconsciously pressed your back against the sofa's backrest.
"Oh? It seems I was effective in taking your attention away from your phone." Triumph was evident in his tone.
He advanced further.
He spared a glance at the thing you were still holding for a second, then back at you. "Love... let's stop minding others anymore."
At this, you let out a sound of confusion. He looked away from you as he gently got ahold of some of your locks and began twisting them slowly.
"Let's just live for ourselves now."
He flashed a warm smile, now meeting your eyes once more.
"Our job is to act out dramas, not the public's fantasies and demands." You felt a palm cup your cheek. "Our occupations are being actors and actresses —"
He gave the crown of your head a soft peck.
"— not being puppets."
He didn't have to say it.
You knew. You reflected on that earlier. You let people you don't even know affect you, and where did that get you?
You were miserable without him. What more do you need to know?
There was no convincing needed.
He didn't even have to try.
You were already prepared to take another risk with him when you let him be near you once again. Only this time, it was a risk not fabricated by lies and seemingly-feigned affection.
It is a risk with no more reservations, only sincerity.
"And if I see negative feedbacks again then what?" You faked a pout.
"Those weren't feedbacks, [Name]," Ayato frowned. "Those were full on hateful and malicious comments. They should be banned. Honestly, they are punishable by the law. Hmm, what repercussions are there? I have a lawyer friend —" he started blabbering.
You chuckled. He's so cute.
The noise you let out made Ayato halt with his ceaseless uttering. At that moment, he wanted to hear you. And only you.
Your gleeful sounds were pleasant to his ears, and it hit all the right places in his heart. It was even better than when he found the perfect song to vibe to while boosting his self-esteem.
Yes, even he has moments when he needs to boost his self-esteem. He's not oozing with confidence 24/7, you know?
"Okay, okay. Then what if I get hateful or malicious comments again?" You were smiling when you said that, which let Ayato feel somewhat relieved. 'So this was a light-hearted conversation,' he thought.
"Then —"
As if on cue, the device on your hand started buzzing nonstop again due to the flooding notifications.
However, this time, instead of merely sparing it a glance, Ayato picked it up, snatched it, and threw it away, having it land somewhere in the huge couch.
"Then I'll just have to kiss them away."
You laughed even more. "You think your kiss is enough?"
He hummed.
"You dont believe me?"
You smiled as you shook your head.
"I'll just have to prove it then."
His lips crashed against yours.
It would be naive of you to assume that it would start gently. Given the teasing that came beforehand? Given how much you both missed each other? Given how much the two of you desire one another?
No fucking way.
You don't know how he managed to do it in such an inconventional position, but everything felt sensational, rapturous. Is this what people consider cloud nine?
His hot skin, his hand on your cheek, the other on your neck. His overwhelming scent, the feeling of his locks falling against your face — it tickles, yet you cannot even think of letting out a small laugh.
You feel hot. All over. Nonstop contact of your skin against his gave off burning sensations. Even worse, you felt heat seething from your insides as well. Everywhere. Your gut, your lungs, your face.
You were sure it was flushed deep red.
The two of you busied yourselves quenching your thirsts, not permitting the other to be dehydrated and depraved of the feeling of being satiated. Your touches were desperate, your nails piercing through the fabric of his shirt and onto his skin, and his fussy hands that kept switching spots because he wanted to feel everything all at once.
Memories of previous trysts simultaneously flashed in your mind — but one stood out the most. Back in his penthouse. You and him. In this very same position. The two of you were only supposed to practice kissing, but... it led to a full makeout session.
One like this.
You leaned back even more against the backrest when you felt his knees make a dent on the couch, caging you in even more. At this point, you were almost lying down.
Not that you mind even one bit.
Ayato grinned against your lips when he felt your fingers caress his hair roughly. He eyed your neck next, planning to make it his following target.
And of course, what Ayato wants, Ayato gets.
You gasped at the feel of his lips. "[Name]?" He whispered when he stopped his actions for a splitsecond.
"I." A peck.
"Love." A kiss.
"You." His lips went back to yours after his declaration of affection.
You and he went back at it again as if you haven't eaten for days. At this point, Ayato even thought that Maslow would frown on the two of you for messing with his 'Hierarchy of Needs' — both of your needs for love, belonging, and intimacy were already overflowing, overpowering everything else.
Everything else except oxygen, however.
Despite not wanting to, with the lack of breath, you pulled away.
"How was that, love?" Ayato curved his glossed lips playfully.
"You want my rating?"
Ayato suddenly felt your palm cup his jaw. Your hand pulsed as he gulped.
What the fuck was that look you're giving him? You with your sultry, half-lidded eyes, want seeping through. You make it hard for him to resist —
"It's not enough," you whispered, still catching your breath. "I want you -"
You pulled him closer.
"— to keep kissing them away."
Ayato's mind went spiraling at your request.
Fuck, [Name].
He let out a deep breath.
And then a grin.
"As you wish, my lady."
Tumblr media
privacy — ayato x reader smau
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Tumblr media
NOTES -> hilig nila sa sofa maglandian 'no? (trans: they really love flirting on the sofa, don't they?) -> also in case yall were confused what im talking about you can refer to ch19 🤍 -> lost my sanity writing this :DD /hj
TAGLIST I (closed) @catsrkool @sukunasrealgf @redactedhimbo @layla240 @mxlkytea13 @itsactuallylina @milza12 @aixaingela @tatiratty @kimiesstuff @laventiseriou @kunihaver @bibisbestgirl @lunaavity @coquettemaiden @opchara @slvdsjjk @cotton-eee @lady-elodie @dearxiiao @wheneverthesunrise @heartswonder @chuduchok @headphonesrlif3 @lleoll @vnderthesunn @lizzardlady1234 @nekogakuro @rifran @atlatcaheart @ani-st @creammpuff @lunastarjay @kittycasie @poisoned-candy-apples @zannivrs @b0bafl0wer @moonlightaangel @elsoleil
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Happy Birthday, Noelle!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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