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hawberries · 2 days
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[image is image is a stylised drawing of Xiao falling through a dark void; his face is hidden, but he's weeping. A golden arm catches his wrist and lifts him, golden threads dropping from the top of the image to twine around him.]
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fenkko · 2 days
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scarachilde chiscara
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churomo · 19 hours
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nidorion · 2 days
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Xingqiu got to hold two cats anyway
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angelltheninth · 2 days
Hi! Can I request having sex with Al haitham while kaveh is in the house doing his project?👀 kinks could be a mix! Choose whatever!🙏
Oh I got the perfect little drabble for this one Anon!
Pairing: Al-Haitham x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, rough sex, teasing, praise, dirty talk, pillow biting, Reader is loud
A/N: Al-Haitham and Kaveh would be such little shits to each other if they had a girlfriend over I just know it.
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The moment you felt your orgasm approaching you made a grab for the pillow nearby, squeezing it tight against your chest and biting into it, your nails digging deep into its softness. Al-Haitham pulled on your ankles, slamming your hips against his faster and faster the more your moans got muffled.
"What's wrong cutie? Won't you let me hear you? Or are you worried about Kaveh hearing you?" You shook your head, eyes shut tight, too afraid to open them and let him see the look in your eyes. "You've been making such pretty sounds up until now. Such a damn shame. But I can't force you. I'll just have to replace them with these." His hands grabbed at your hips, fingers surely bruising you as his hips hammered and smacked against yours, his balls echoing with a loud slap witch each hard thrust.
With his cock hitting so deep not even the pillow could help you much, "S' deep! Ka- He'll- What if-!"
"What if? What if we get caught? Heh, he already knows your pussy takes my cock on the daily. Even in my office you can't help yourself, you have to keep my cock hard and warm for yourself. Almost got us caught a few times because of that libito of yours. Why hold back now?" You yelped when he yanked the pillow away and crossed your hands above your head, his fingers keeping them in place, "I want you to scream my name when you come."
With Kaveh close by this could only serve one purpose: to make him jealous. For what reason you didn't know yet but you couldn't say no with Al-Haitham looming over you, fucking you so deep, making your pussy feel both loved and abused by his big cock.
"Haitham!" You struggled to get free but with both your legs and hands being held the most you could do was lean upwards to ask for a kiss, "Please, please kiss me when I come." Al-Haitham bent down, his lips brushing against yours, waiting, "Haitham! Haitham! Coming!" You felt him go over the edge right with you, his cum overflowing into your pussy, his kiss delivered right on time to interrupt you screaming his name half-way.
"Good girl. That'll teach him to look your way." Ah. So he was the jealous one this whole time. And this was his way of making sure Kaveh stays away.
An interesting strategy for sure.
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brabbitwdl16 · 2 days
I've already drawn them before but now i wanna update the design so here we are :3
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aestherin · 2 days
privacy 41: karma era
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privacy — ayato x reader smau
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ryuko · 2 days
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fuyahana · 3 days
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Raiden Shogun’s gym fit. Get HD File, Steps Breakdown, and organized .PSD on my Gumroad
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mlem0817 · 1 day
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Waffles with berries🍓🫐
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hawberries · 14 hours
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do you want to hear about my DPS Gorou? it’s too late, I am here to tell you about him. I rolled a 40 CV sands and crowned his normal attack today
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fenkko · 23 hours
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anantaru · 1 day
cw. none, gn! reader, selfcare day with alhaitham <3
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"aww, come on baby, you look great!"
"i do not." alhaitham insists and maybe he didn't, and maybe, you were a little evil for practically forcing him to wear a pink, with gems tapestried, bunny headband to successfully get rid of all the loose bangs pending around his forehead.
"trust me, you do!"
you squeeze back an amused grin and in return, offer him a witty glance over your shoulder, a small innocent pout twining on your lips, it made him almost jump out of his shoes— how can someone be so sharp tongued and adorable at the same time? he wonders.
"come on alhaitham, you promised!" you scoot closer, excited, "that's not my problem." he corrects you and this time, draws back the almost embarrassing ornament on top of his head and pushes it into a much better allaying position, taking heavy aim on the flimsy hair piece to get his point across, "but why must i wear this?"
alhaitham furrows his brows when you brush the conversation off and back paddle, "but you look so pretty and it serves as a higher purpose." eventually, he sighs in defeat, barely, and your lips quirk up into sheer entertainment by how clearly unimpressed he appeared— though, don't get him wrong— he still wouldn't get rid of the hair piece, because in all sincerity, he'd do anything you'd ask him to do or participate in.
it's the fact that whenever he agrees, whenever he gets out of his comfort zone to try out and experience new things with you, he can't tear his eyes off the happiness embodied on your face, on each crevice and nestle— your sweet smiles, your voice a tilt higher, barely perceivable in the faint heave of your utters, yet alhaitham distinguished your change in mannerism promptly. you're so cute and genuinely happy— this particular picture of you carved itself into his hearts deepest core, alhaitham wishes to cradle those memories forever.
you're everything and all— and he had vowed to love you as long as the sun would burn across the illuminated sky of sumeru, as long as the moon would shine its eminent light into the pitched darkness over the rainforests.
"now!" you dramatically point out, face lit up and snapping your fingers against his face, "to the beauty masks!"
oh, well, he's doomed.
you fling forward a small container from behind your back, watching how his eyes crinkle in confusion, lifting up a brow. "what will this do?" blinking at your hand, alhaitham reaches over to get a closer look but instead you beckon him to lay down.
"you'll see!" assurance was key, you affirmed, and you seat yourself as close as possible to alhaitham when he silently opens his arm for you, twisting around your hips to press you into him. quickly, you spin open the container to show him a neutral colored substance inside of it. "what did i do to deserve this?" he speaks sarcastically but so painfully monotone that if you weren't actually familiar with him, you'd never guess he's not being serious right now.
you plant a gentle kiss on his forehead to soothe his worries, "i just want to spoil you, dear acting grand sage." and he rolls his eyes at the silly nickname, well, it's not a nickname, it's his title if anything but whenever you said it, whenever you purposefully spill it past his ears like that— laced in a whisper, a pleasing one at that, you'll notice how a blurred redness crosses both his pale cheeks and the tip of his ears.
his heart skips a beat, you're so diligently badgering him that he wonders if you ever get tired of it, at all, "—okay, i'll be ignoring that name calling from now on." he hisses, your ability to just read him like that, be aware on what to do to get him to this current state of mind was a small amount of frightening, only miniscule though.
"why?" you innocently pout with your lips cutely pursed up while carefully applying the face mask on his forehead and t-zone with your fingers, "i like how you look at me whenever i say it." alhaitham focuses on your words, and his eyes, they never let go of surveying over your frame— perceptibly, each touch and trace of you, although being used to it, makes him shiver regardless.
you're radiating pure warmth and pleasantries he longs for, every smile, every laugh and touch, and you somehow become even more beautiful in his mind— alhaitham found it to be a distinguished miracle of some sort, ground breaking, or maybe it was fate after all that brought you together.
"how do i look at you?"
he originally preferred to bury the direction this conversation was setting sail to, but he can notice himself soften into you, together with the sickly sweet scent of the mask on his face— brown sugar mixed with plants from the rainforests, spilling into his nostrils with such gentleness, fragile emotions fermenting within him like an electric tempest rivaling those of inazumas.
"—a little flustered." you coo, tracing the settling substance above his jaw, "and shy."
alhaitham sighs, "is that so?" and runs his fingers over your back, up and down, up and down, yet closing his eyes for a transient moment, a soft exhale following suit next.
ugh, you were such a pain, really. he smiles to himself.
but somehow, just somehow, you both were simply meant for each other after all, no ifs and certainly no buts.
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©2023 anantaru do not repost, copy, translate, modify
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majunju · 1 day
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hitomisuzuya · 2 days
Orgy with the anemo boys(scara+aether+heizou+whoever else you feel like adding<3)
Praise thown at you from everywhere
Overstim like never before
Recieving the primcess treatment
Pure bliss~
Smut smut. Praise. Over stimulation. This request 😳😳 Wanderer x fem!reader Heizou x fem! reader Aether x fem! reader. Extra character: Kazuha x fem!reader
a/n: 😳😳 I had a bit of fun with this. I swear I am not playing favorites. I am really not😳😳 Mwah, here you go darling ❤️
There was a volley of hands, lips, teeth and tongue roaming indiscriminately all over your body. Your head spun, your body already quivering and twitching from overstimulation.
Your throbbing cunt was kissing Wanderer's mouth, your thighs squeezing around the sides of his head, making drool roll down his chin. His groan of pleasure made your back arch with pleasure.
He glared up at you, finding the way your chest looked, dripping with Kazuha's cum exhilarating. His tongue flicked and licked deep inside of you, his eyes hazy and glazed over, looking drunk and cloudy. Wanderer could feel you were about to cum, and he couldn't wait to watch you fall apart for him.
Heizou's hands guided your pace on Wanderer's tongue, chuckling in your ear when he heard you choke back a sob of pleasure. "You sound so shy, princess. It's adorable," He nibbled on your shoulder, licking a line up to your neck, making goosebumps sprinkle on your skin.
"And she tastes fucking good too," Wanderer mumbled, his tongue sloppily grazing against your clit, growling like he was offended when Kazuha pushed his head down a little so the samurai could massage your clit.
"I know you are determined to make y/n cum again before any of us can, but you can't have her all to yourself," Kazuha said, rolling and pinching your clit against the pads of his fingers.
Heizou's arm around your shoulders, pulling your back against his chest kept you from slumping forward, your body no longer being able to hold yourself up. Your body was rapidly beginning to feel like jelly.
You reached out to palm and pump your hand on Aether's cock when you felt it pushing against the side of your hip. He was nursing his tongue against one of your nipples. Like Wanderer, he seemed drunk just from sucking on your nipple. Your chest had always been his favorite part of your body.
It wasn't long before Aether cummed in your hand, resting his head in the crook of your neck to ride out his high. He nuzzled your neck, rutting mindlessly into your hand. You tugged on his braid, your second orgasm of the night washing over you like a tidal wave.
Kazuha and Wanderer were in a competition to see who could make you cry out the loudest. It was Heizou who pried you off of Wanderer's mouth, Kazuha keeping you just out of reach of Wanderer's hands as he tried to bring your pussy back down onto his mouth.
"Will you fucking quit taking her away from me, I wasn't done yet," Wanderer snapped, wiping his mouth.
"Don't be in such a rush," Heizou chided, spreading your legs as he thrust himself inside of you. "She wants all of our cocks inside of her at some point, don't you, darling?" He cooed as Kazuha swallowed your moan of "Mmhmm..." with deep, open mouth kisses.
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chainelunaire · 22 hours
would they enjoy being called ‘babygirl’?
kaeya: he’ll probably laugh right at your face. humiliating.
venti: probably, if he’s drunk enough. otherwise, he’ll need to drink more to make himself forget what you just said.
albedo: will play dumb, as if he doesn’t understand what you mean. he does understand. he just has the time of his life when you embarrass yourself by explaining this to him.
diluc: no.
zhongli: is genuinely confused. will ask for your explanation. then he’ll repeat it somewhere in the harbour. you better not visit for a good while.
tartaglia: no, you are! you are the babygirl!
xiao: he won’t understand right form the get-go, but with time he’ll learn to sincerely love it.
thoma: loves it, but if kamisato siblings will know, they’ll mock him until the day he dies. so no babygirl life for him.
kazuha: he’ll just smile at you very kindly. humiliating (2).
itto: he absolutely would. tries to be discreet about it and fails miserably. everyone in inazuma knows. his previous reputation is ruined. now he’s living his best babygirl life.
ayato: he’ll pretend he did not just hear that. the only act of mercy you deserve after your embarrassment. don’t ever say that again. maybe, when others are not around at least.
scaramouche: yes (is ashamed).
tighnari: you are the baby here. stop smiling. this is not a compliment. it’s degrading.
al-haitham: go do your homework.
cyno: yes (is not ashamed).
kaveh: you stole that from him, so he’s equally proud and offended. give him the credit and you good to go.
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