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Soooo after I reblogged some of OSP's JttW content, I get the Lego Monkie Kid recommended posts and blogs thrown at me every 4 minutes on my dash. Fiiiine, I went to check out the pilot.
And ok.
Tumblr was right.
The pilot episode is hilarious and the animation ABSOLUTELY SLAPS. I keep rewinding because there are so many good gags happening in the background, or just because the animation was so pretty I wanted to see it thrice. This is like a crackfic with the production value of movie theater animated blockbusters.
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A/N: hey so this is a AU! Where Eren and the reader are both 18.. so yeah lol I hope this is good.. this is my first fic into the anime fandom, and more importantly my first fic of the AOT fandom so request are open. I have a list of characters I write for so feel free to request I write angst, fluff, and smut.
Taglist: @augustweb @harrystylesupremacy
Warnings: bullying kinda?? cussing, slight angst, SEX!! 18+ quickie, oral , stimulation. Dirty talk, unprotected sex slight choking,
Summary: Y/N and Eren had parted ways as children, one wanted it the other didn't. Y/N's life was just fine until a certian brown haired guy showed up at scouts one day. Will Y/N and Eren make up?
Word count: 5,728
Enjoy 😊
Eren and I had been friends since I could remember, we were close growing up. Eren and I were as thick as thieves, but slowly over time there became a HUGE disconnection between us. I never understood when or why it had happened, but it did and it put a strain on Eren and I. It hurt more than anything, our families had always been close, but maybe that was our downfall. We had always spent summers together at the lake house.
The lake house was just 30 minutes away from the wall, and Eren and I would always ask why Titans never showed up like they did around the walls. Our parents never told us, but my father always brushed me off, and told me I wasn't old enough. I never understood what he meant until that day 9 years ago, back then I had everything.. a family, a home, friends, comfort. Now I have nothing, I was truly alone. I knew what my father was talking about now. To be a warrior you would have to be willing to sacrifice everything, and guess what? That's exactly what I did, that's what made me lose everything including Eren.
Losing everything wasn't what I wanted, but who did? I was foolish back then. I was childish and gullible about the real world, I never knew how cruel and cold the world was until the wall came down for a second time 4 years after the first. Eren leaving my life was what finally did it for me, and I thought there was no escaping the cold dark thing that I called my soul. No one was let in. It was like the whole world around me stopped, and I started to distance myself more and more from everyone.
It wasn't until I decided to join the scouts that I felt alive again, just going out and taking all the built up frustrations out on the Titans. After all, they are the reason why I am the way I am. Tell me who wouldn't feel the way I do after they lost everything then on top of that to get stabbed in the back by someone who claims to be your best friend. Eren and I had stopped talking around three years ago, and honestly it's not gonna change anytime soon.
I'll never forget the day Eren told me he didn't want to be friends anymore. In fact I'd never forget that day for as long as I lived, the day had started sunny and beautiful. The sun was warm dancing across the city, the wind was blowing just enough to send a nice calming breeze through the hot summer Hills. The birds had sung happily that morning, the air had finally felt lighter. For once everything felt… Okay, but there was no telling how long that would last.
"Y/N… why are you always so hopeful?"
I turned my head to Eren, my green eyes Shining in his gray ones. I smiled softly before he intertwined our fingers together, I laid my head on his shoulder. I Felt his toned body tense under my simple movement, and I hummed softly looking out upon the town of Shiganshina. I thought it over for a brief moment before I let out a breath answering softly.
"Well Eren, I believe that if we succumb to the horrors of life we fail not only as warriors, but as humans too. I'll never succumb to the enemy or anyone for that matter."
The few minutes of silence made me lift my head off his shoulder, and look at him. His face was unreadable, and it threw me off. Did he have this expression the whole time? Why ask a question if you were just gonna ignore it? Before my mind could go any further into the negative thoughts Eren's voice pulled me from my thoughts making me let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in.
"Y/N.. we can't do this anymore."
I looked at him, my eyes quickly searched his face for more indication of what he meant. I watched his jaw clench before he unclenched it. His hand slowly slid out my hand, he pulled it back into his lap leaving my hand alone. My stomach flipped, and immediately it locked up making my stomach twist making me nauseous.
"W-what do you mean Eren?"
His gray eyes finally locked with my green ones, and he stood up turning his back towards me before walking away. I quickly stood up, and followed after him.
"Can't do what anymore? Eren answer me!"
He stopped in his tracks, and he stood up, turning away from me. He dusted off his hands as he started walking away from me. I stood, and I clenched my fist squeezing my eyes shut as tears threatened to spill from my eyes. I felt my heart pound against my ribcage, and my lip started to quiver. When I opened my eyes my sight was hazy from the tears getting closer, and closer to breaking the dam.
Eren let out a breath, and he looked up at the sky. The grey clouds hid what was left of the beautiful blue sky. I knew his next words were gonna change the rest of my life, I stared at the brown locks covering his head. Before I knew it tears were sliding down my face, after a few silent sobs I wiped my nose sniffling a bit. Immediately I regretted it. Eren looked over his shoulder looking at me, and when his suspicions were confirmed he let out a "Tsk." He took in a breath before looking away from me.
"I can't be your friend anymore, don't try to change my mind because it's already made up. I don't need you around, you're too gullible to have around, you'll just get yourself killed after all… you're weak."
My eyes widened, and I dropped to my knees, balling my fist sitting them in my lap. I felt a few cold drops fall onto my thighs, and I looked up at the gray sky. A few cold rain drops dripped on my burning face as the realization hit me, I was alone. I let out a gut wrenching scream as Eren disappeared out of my life.. forever. I hunched over, and I let the once quiet sobs out my body, Jolting forward as each sob broke through me.
"Why me, I'm only 10 years old, why am I alone? Doesn't anyone love me?"
~End Of FlashBack~
I was walking down the street to a small building where the scouts would change, I walked into the Women's side and quickly put my training uniform on. I looked at the clock on the wall, and my eyes widened. The clock read 5:50 am.. shit If I didn't leave right now I'd be five minutes late, and Captain Levi hands out extra punishment to those who are late. It had been two years since I've joined, and I hadn't been late this far and I definitely didn't plan to start now.
I rushed out of the building, and when the wind hit my face I immediately started running. Two years on and off the field, and I didn't want to stop training. I was always quick to learn new moves, or get better at hand to hand combat. When I finally reached the field I stopped to take big breaths, and a voice caught my attention making my blood run cold. He couldn't be here... of all days why today, why me? My green eyes quickly found the voice that made my heart drop to my feet.
Eren Yeager.. my Ex best friend, the anchor that once held my body firm in the ocean unscathed by the violent waves. My eyes started to burn, and my throat started getting itchy. His gray eyes met with mine, and when Mikasa, Armin, and Levi turned towards me I quickly turned my head, and rushed the opposite way. My wrist was grabbed by someone, and my head shot up to meet Hanji''s gaze, concern sketched onto Their face.
"Y/L/N are you alright?"
I nodded my head, and I mustered up the best smile I could give them at the moment. I parted my lips softly before taking in a breath before letting it out.
"Yes Hanji I'm fine, thank you for asking."
They smiled at me before intertwining their arm with mine, and before I knew it we were walking towards the little group.. including Eren immediately I stopped in my tracks making them get pulled backwards towards me a bit at the sudden lack of movement. When Hanji turned their head to look at me, confusion was written all over their face. They followed my eyes as I glanced at Eren, and they let out a knowing oooh.
"I see now Y/L/N, your disturbance is between you and Mister Yeager. Am I correct?"
Before I could say anything they quickly cut me off their eyes shined at me softly before their lips turned upwards into a smile.
"Ah well whatever is going on you can't let it affect
you to the point where you can't be there for your team. That will only get them and you killed, so please for our sake along with yours please handle this however hard it may be. After all, what would I do if my favorite scout got killed?"
I listened to Hanji intently. I knew I couldn't face him, but Hanji had a point. This "issue" could jeopardize the safety of not only myself, but others and I wouldn't be the reason hundreds of us got killed. How could I approach Eren? Why would I? Would he even talk to me? Hanji''s voice pulled me from the depths of my own hectic thoughts. I'd have to thank them later in the mess hall, but I did plan to talk to Eren.. just not today.
The day of training was spent avoiding Mikasa, Armin, but especially Eren. A part of me envied two of the three of the trio, I was currently sparring with a new scout. My eyes looked towards Eren every once in a while, but this time it got the best of me. As soon as Eren lifted one of the trainees off the ground making his firm muscles flex. I can't help but wonder how-... I was instantly pulled from my thoughts by a fist meeting with my face.
I fell against the dirt of the huge field, I held the side of my face shaking the hit off. When I raised my head a bit I saw a few people looking over at us, Eren included. A slight smirk was on his face as his peers looked on, and I felt my blood instantly boil. I wanted to go over there, and wipe that eat shit smirk off his face. The person I was training with held their hand out to me, and I instinctively slapped his hand away. I stood up, and I dusted myself off getting into a strong sturdy stance. Of course instinctively it was the one Eren had taught me when we were kids.
Training had ended, and I couldn't be happier. My body ached, and when I showered the hot water helped ease my aching bones. Once I changed back into my regular clothes I walked into the mess hall, once I got my dinner I sat at a table alone. I started eating until I felt eyes on me, and with a quick flash I noticed Eren walking my way out the corner of my eye. I gulped, and I gripped my cup tightly. As he got closer and closer my heart thumped harder, and harder.
Mikasa, and Armin were across the mess hall watching Eren get closer. I prayed to whatever was up there he wouldn't be coming to talk to me. That it was just exhaustion altering my mind, however I was quickly mistaken when he sat right in front of me. His Gray eyes stared into mine calmly. We just stared at each other not knowing what to say, he was basically a stranger to me. He wasn't my Eren Yeager anymore, and I didn't know where to begin to search for him.
"Hey Rosie."
My stomach dropped hearing him use the nickname he used to call me. The butterflies in my heart almost gave in, and acted like nothing happened. It had though, he abandoned me like I was a nobody to him. Rosie came from my feelings towards him, every little thing he did made me blush, or get flushed. I always disliked blushing until he called me that nickname. I used to love it, but now resentment constantly burns through my veins.
"You don't get to call me that anymore."
The smirk that was once on his face faltered a bit, and he just stared at me. Neither one of us spoke, the air was thick with tension. He looked as cute as I remembered he did, his eyes still the color of the sky on a rainy day. His lips still looked as soft as ever, he looked exactly the same, but older. My Stomach turned with every glance I took at him. My thoughts were all over the place, why here? Why now? Is he gonna hurt me just like he did back then? What if he did still care about me?
"No Remember Y/N he's not your Eren anymore you don't know him, he never cared about you. He never will, he doesn't-."
As my thoughts swirled through my head like a tornado on a dark spring evening. I felt my face get warm, and my bottom lip started to tremble softly as tears stung my eyes. His deep intoxicating voice pulled me from my overbearing thoughts, he whispered across the table to keep some sort of privacy between us, his lips parted softly.
"Oh? Well why is that?"
His warm voice pushed any decent thought away, he sounded so stupid.. Why is that? Are you serious? He has to be joking right? I licked my lips before I squeezed my thigh softly. Once I cooled off some I cleared my throat, my back straightened in the chair. I wasn't gonna play his game, not now, not ever his game of cat and mouse was over. I was no longer gonna let Eren Yeager hurt me the way he had.
"You know exactly why Eren Yeager, if you want to talk to me about why you haven't talked to me in years please refrain from playing stupid. It doesn't fit you."
I grabbed my tray, and I stood from the table walking away from the table but more importantly I walked away from him. It felt good to walk away from him, but unfortunately I knew we'd have to talk sooner or later. Mikasa, and Armin both smiled at me softly. I nodded my head at them both before I kept walking, leaving everyone in the mess hall behind me. Little did I know a plan was getting made while I slept the night away.
I woke up to the birds singing, and I smiled to myself before throwing the covers off of me. I got ready for the day taking care of my morning duties. Once I finished breakfast I brushed my teeth, and after I was done I grabbed the mouthwash, swished it around my mouth and spit it in the sink. I braided my hair while I walked down the hallway, I stopped when I heard Captain Levi's voice.
"I'll let her know when I see her, for now go to the field I'll see you out there."
I heard footsteps get further, and further away until I couldn't hear them anymore. Once I knew for sure the conversation was over I stepped out walking around the corner seeing Captain Levi standing there, and I smiled softly walking up to him.
"Morning Captain."
He raised his head, and turned towards me. The blank expression on his face as he nodded his head at me his raven hair moved at his simple movements.
"Morning Y/L/N I was just about to come looking for you."
My smile faltered a bit at his words, and I tensed up a bit remembering the conversation I eavesdropped on. My heart dropped a bit, and my hands started to get clammy. I pushed the smile back onto my face, and I started to play with the end of my shirt.
"Well here I am sir, what's on your mind?"
He let out a breath, and he rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. My heart almost stopped, Levi was never one to express himself no matter the situation. So to say I was nervous was an understatement, I'm sure Captain Levi could hear my heart hammer against my ribcage. I took a soft deep breath preparing myself for whatever he had to say.
"Well Y/L/N I've heard from a few of your comrades that you've been working hard, and you've taken some of the discipline I've given them.. is that true?"
My blood ran cold, I knew he was about to give me kitchen duty, or worse he was gonna make me clean the rooms again. I immediately deflated at his words, I was ready to take whatever he was gonna give me.
"Well Y/L/N as much as I am displeased by your actions, the same comrades offered to take your punishment In return for you having the day off from training so go knock yourself out."
My mouth dropped open at his new claim, my eyes scanned across his face to try and see if he was lying, which I already knew the answer to. I closed my mouth, and I licked my lips letting the moisture circulate in my mouth. My eyes looked back to him, and I smiled softly at him looking into his gray eyes.
"T-thank you Captain, I uhh really appreciate it. If you don't mind me asking who exactly told you about what I did?"
His eyes looked back into mine, and he let out a huff. This is the most I've heard him talk, except for when he's with Erwin in the mess hall or barking orders at us. Other than that it was silence, but I had to know who exactly got themselves in trouble for me.
"Well I probably shouldn't tell you, bit Armin, Connie, Jean, Sasha, and Eren."
My stomach twisted at him mentioning Eren, and my smile faltered just for a split second. Levi definitely noticed, and I knew he was gonna pry. I didn't want him to, but he's my Captain and I can't lie to him. Even if I did he'd see right through it, and I wasn't gonna let that happen at all. I'd have to run laps, clean, dishes, clean oh and did I mention CLEAN!? don't get me wrong, I loved cleaning, but not after a bunch of slobs.
"Oh well thank you for letting me know Levi, thank you oh and tell them I said thank you too."
Levi did a double take when I didn't say anything else. He looked normal, but I could tell there were a few things he had to say. I went to turn back around to get ready to go into town, but his voice stopped me in my tracks.
"Oh by the way Y/L/N… you need to deal with whatever you're dealing with, and I can tell you've been distracted lately."
I turned my head to face him, and I nodded my head at him. When he started walking the other way I did the same, when I reached my room I changed into a pastel pink summer dress. I let my hair down, and I brushed it out slipping on a pair of my black flats walking out of my room. When I reached outside the warm sun kissed my skin, and I closed my eyes for a moment humming softly.
I said hello to the scouts that passed me on my way by, I hummed a little tune as I walked. I felt eyes on my body, and I stopped midwalk looking around trying to find who was looking at me. When I didn't see anyone I just shrugged it off before I continued to walk. It wasn't until I got to a secluded area that I felt eyes on me again, and this time I stopped completely, my arms crossed over my chest.
"Okay whoever is following me, come out you're starting to annoy me."
As soon as the last word left my mouth I heard footsteps, I turned around, and my breath hitched seeing Eren come out from behind a wall. My lips parted, and I put my hand up stopping him in his tracks.
"Don't you dare come any closer Eren or I'll drop you where you stand."
A look flashed across his face I didn't recognize, and he smiled softly at me before he got closer to me.
"Oh Rosie, you still have such a temper, I thought you were gonna drop me?"
My mouth opened and closed every few seconds searching for something to say, when my hand pressed against his toned chest. A pink tint crossed my cheeks, and I let out a huff seeing his face. Anger quickly flows through me all over again before I just let my top blow.
"Eren, who do you think you are? You can't just say what you said, and then years later just come waltzing back in my life wanting me to act like nothing happened cause it definitely did."
His eyes narrowed a bit, and I saw the side of his mouth twitch. I could tell he was mad, the sudden urge to slap him was eager in my mind. I quickly swallowed that urge, and I decided to let him defend himself If he planned on it. The Eren I once knew was warm, sweet the list goes on, but the new Eren was a huge ass.
"Y/N it wasn't like that, I was only trying to protect you."
"Protect me? Eren you hurt me, you've been a dickasaurus rex."
His eyes widened at the new nickname, and before I knew it he was dragging me along with him. I tried to get out of his grasp, but unfortunately it wasn't working so I just walked quickly with him. We walked down a hallway taking two lefts and a right, and when he opened the room door I looked around the hallway noticing we were alone. When he pulled me into the room I quickly turned around, and tried to escape.
"Y/N I know I hurt you, but I thought I was doing what was best for the both of us. I know you hate me, but please just forgive me. I've wanted to reach out, but I never knew how I was afraid you wouldn't talk to me."
He pulled me back around to face him, and my heart softened at his words, but I couldn't just forgive him could I? He hurt me, and I wouldn't let him do it again. I refused to be his fool or anyone's fool again, I tried to repair myself over the past few years, and I wouldn't let Eren break down what I accomplished.
"Eren you told me and I quote. "you didn't need me around, I was too gullible to have around, I'd just get Myself killed after all… I'm weak" you know that stayed with me for a long time, but I joined the scouts instead of listening to you. I'm glad I did because I proved to you, foe's, and anyone who doubted me that I am strong, and that I could save myself if needed. So my question to Eren is if I'm so weak and we weren't good friends why have you been trying to get me to talk to you?"
Eren didn't reply for a few seconds, his mouth opened and closed just like mine did earlier. Now it was my turn to do the smirking, I knew I was fueling his fire, but I didn't care. It felt great to finally tell him how I felt and just get it off my chest. Before he could say anything I turned back towards the door, and started walking towards it.
"Eren I'll see ya around, I'm not wasting anymore of my -."
Before I could get the rest of my sentence out he was pulling me back towards him, and as soon as I faced him our lips met. It woke every part of my body up, and I was just frozen to the ground. It wasn't until he pushed me back against the wall that it registered within me what exactly was going on. My body ached for Eren, and I didn't know it until this moment. The way his lips fit against mine, or the way his rough hands moved against my soft skin.
My hands went to his pants undoing the button, and I pulled down his zipper. I let my warm fingers curve into his pants before yanking them down, and his boxers were quickly following his pants stopping around his ankles. I bunched his shirt in my hands, and I flipped us his back smacked against the wall as I pushed him against it. I dropped to my knees, and I looked up at him waiting for his permission. He let out a soft grunt, and I looked up at him, and my breath was caught once again.
Anger was slightly evident in his eyes, but his pupils were blown with lust. I hummed softly at his reaction to the cold wall making me smirk again so I decided to tease him a little bit.
"Awee what's wrong? Did little Rosie hit a nerve?"
I let out a knowing giggle, and before he could respond I was taking his hardening cock into my mouth. I moved my head softly back and forth around Eren making his hand instinctively go into my long H/C locks. I opened my eyes feeling the sentimental contact, and when I looked up it made the knots in my stomach twist tighter. The way his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, and the way his bottom lip tucked tightly between his top and bottom teeth just made my thoughts fuzzy.
Hollowing my cheeks around him made his grip in my hair grow tighter, and each time I moved my head forward his his jolted to meet my face. His now hard cock roughly grazed the back of my throat making my eyes squeeze shut, when my lips met the base of his manhood he used the hand that held onto my hair in place. I let my hands softly graze his thighs until I needed air, and when the time came I gave both of them a firm squeeze.
When he let my head go I quickly pulled back gasping for air, only a moment passed before he was burying his cock back into my willing mouth. when he slid back into my mouth something changed him, and I definitely wasn't complaining after all I wasn't glass. I used my pointer, and middle finger to tap his bare thigh softly before I tightened my mouth around him, feeling his hard throbbing cock against my swollen plump lips. The arousal pooling between my legs proved how much I wanted- (more like needed) him at this moment.
I wanted Eren so bad there was no denying it, in fact I'd be a fool if I denied it. Anyone could tell I was head over heels for the boy I grew up with regardless if he knew it or not. I wanted this just as much as he did, but we were both too stubborn to admit it on our own Accord. I knew this was bound to happen at some point. Some people call it fate, I call it intuition. The way his breath got heavy when I swirled my tongue around the tip of his member just made me want to do more.
Our eyes stayed locked together even as I teasingly moved my head back and forth sliding my wet lips down his member, and when I got half way down I moved my head back letting just the tip of his cock rest in my mouth. I sucked softly on it at first letting him catch his breath, and one look up at him was all it took for me to know he was holding himself back. The look of hesitation was very evident in his eyes, when I let the tip of his cock slide out of my mouth I heard him groan out of annoyance.
"W-wha- Why did you stop?"
I looked up at him humming softly before I kissed his swollen tip, making his breath falter as the taste of precum spread across my lips dancing onto my taste buds.
" I still dislike you, but Stop holding back Eren, I want this just as much as you do."
He nodded his head, and he grabbed my H/C hair wrapping it around his fist before he started jolting his hips back and forth into my mouth. The lewd wet noises leaving my mouth were enough to get a response from Eren.
"S-shut u-up you make it very hard to concentrate, and that's not a complete compliment."
I pinched his thigh softly at his smart remark, and before I could reply he shoved his hard cock into my mouth immediately burying it in the back of my throat making me Gag almost instantly. I slid my hands back on his thighs, and I squeezed my eyes shut moaning loudly defining vibrations around his throbbing member.
"S-sorry, but ugh. Couldn't let you think you had control."
After a few moments passed he let my head slide half way off his throbbing cock before he pushed it back down to the base of him. After a few moments the actions repeated, and at this point tears started pooling at the corners of my eyes. When he let his cock slid out of my mouth it twitched as the cool air hit his warm salivated cock.
"Get up."
Before I could get up his arm was wrapping around my arm yanking me up. Before I could get my balance I was being shoved against the wall, and he fumbled with the button of my pants undoing them. His fingers pulled my zipper down, and with one swift movement my pants and panties were on the floor. The breeze from his quick moments brushed against my wet arousal making me shudder softly against the cool wall, my perky nipples brushed against the concrete wall making me moan softly.
"Spread your legs."
My mind wanted to tell him to fuck off, but my body reacted before I could get myself together. Before I knew it I was spreading my legs for him.. exactly as I was told.. thanks alot to whoever was watching, I hope you're happy. The feeling of the tip of his cocl rubbing against my soaked folds made me roll my hips against him sliding my folds back and forth on him, the way he sounded when he groaned was intoxicating itself.
When he pushed himself into me it was like striking a match, every inch of my body was on fire, and I didn't want it to be extinguished. I immediately squeezed his hard cock, and as it stretched me out I felt it twitch and throb as it went further and further into me. I let my head slide back against his shoulder as he started thrusting softly into me, his pace wasn't enough to cause any discomfort, but it surely got me used to taking him the more he thrusted into me.
The sound of our skin connecting, and our lewd noises echoed in the room. Little drops of sweat broke out across my forehead as he pulled himself halfway out, and rammed himself deeper into me hitting my g-spot. I arched my back into him making his cock hit at a better angle, the tip of his cock raked across my g-spot with each thrust making me squeeze his hard shaft. The knots in my stomach started making itself more evident, and my breath picked up.
His hand snaked around my hip softly going to my clit, and when his hand pressed against it I moaned against the wall the vibrations made my little tickle. I bit my bottom lip softly letting out a whimper, and his lips pressed against the top of my ear. His tongue slid across the warm skin, and when his teeth sunk into my sensitive skin I let out another louder moan. His hips snapped against my ass making the sound bounce louder off the walls, each time his cock raked against my g-spot I felt myself getting closer and closer.
I felt my walls flutter around him, his break brushed against my wet skin making goosebumps dance across my skin as his voice softly whispered in my ear.
"You can cum If you want Rosie."
Hearing his words were enough to make my orgasm crash over me, but the use of my childhood nickname gave it more of a surreal feeling. Little white stars blurred my vision, and when I closed my eyes they seemed to multiply. I rolled my hips on him as I rode out my orgasm, and I soon felt his warm seed go onto my back. As he rode out his orgasm he fell against my back his heart pounding against my back.
His breath was heavy, and he kissed my shoulder softly moving up my neck. I let out a huff, as much as I'd like to pretend everything was okay I just couldn't. Just because we had sex doesn't mean that I forgave him, and he knew it. I may have given in this once, but I already made my mind up. As much as I loved Eren Yeager for now we were just acquaintances who just so happened to get reacquainted with each other.
When he nuzzled against my jaw my eyes moved to the corner of my eyes so I could look at him, and when I did my breath hitched. His grey eyes were soft, and his smile was warm.
"Rosie.. I've missed you, and I'm so sorry, please forgive me."
I looked at him, and I hummed kissing the top of his damp head before moving my head away, closing my eyes letting out a soft breath.
"I've missed you too Eren, and don't worry it's gonna be okay one day."
A/N: thank you so much for reading!! I appreciate it alot, and thank you for the support it means the world to me!! I do birthday request fics so if you have a birthday coming up I worth for Levi Ackerman, Eren Yeager, and Steve Harrington for now!! I hoped you guys liked it mores on the way.
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My Life Has Been Saved - Chapter 13
Tumblr media
Previous Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12
Pairing: Modern day John Deacon x Original Female Character (Libby) / John Deacon x Veronica Deacon
Summary: Libby, a 45 year old PA wonders if she’ll ever find work again 4 long months are being laid off. Meanwhile in the suburbs John Richard Deacon is starting to struggle over his pending divorce from his wife of over 44 years. Will fate work to bring them together, when they need each other the most?
Word Count: 3765
Warnings: Some profanity, smut ahoy (!)
Evening everyone! Here is chapter 13 of my modern day Deaky fiction. Thank you so much for your patience, I hope you’re all agree it was worth waiting for. Thanks again to the wonderful @painkiller80 for beta reading my efforts and inspiring me.
As ever If you’d like to be tagged in the rest of the series please send me a message or an ask :D
Damn it!
Once again John had shown he was the master of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
After managing to keep himself together just long enough to ensure that Steve the carpenter had finished and left the house, John sprinted upstairs to the master bedroom, locking the door behind him, all the while checking that Libby hadn’t yet emerged from the office. He flopped out dramatically on the bed, his head in his hands, grabbing at the little hair he had left.
I am such an idiot! John groaned despondently, what the hell was I thinking? Why did I have to go and open my big mouth?!
John’s imagination went into overdrive, he pictured Libby storming from the office in disgust once she’d registered what he’d said, and what it implied...He was sure she would never want to speak to him ever again, she’d be composing her resignation letter right now…it would be waiting on the kitchen table for him, after she’d packed her bags...
Jesus, John get a hold of yourself man
He was overreacting again, which was a common theme in his life of late. As was speaking without thinking. The classic foot in mouth syndrome. John was an intelligent man, so stopping to engage his brain before shooting his mouth off should be easy for him, and he knew this only too well. There honestly was no excuse.
John had come so far in recent months, with the help of his therapist and close family but right now it was more like a case of one step forward, ten steps back. It was self-sabotage on a grand scale, he was his own worst enemy.
He sat up willing himself to calm down. His heart was racing, and his breathing rapid and shallow. John stood and braced his arms against the wall, forcing himself to take longer and deeper breaths. After several minutes of this he started to relax, his shoulders dropped and the panic attack he had feared was coming was safely fought off.
John knew he couldn’t stay in his bedroom all afternoon. He felt a bit lost as he wandered aimlessly around, smoothing down imaginary creases in the duvet and curtains whilst working up the courage to show his face again. He was absolutely certain that Libby would be angry with him, or at the very least give him the silent treatment for a while, she had to have heard what he said.
He was in no doubt that she either thought John had been trying to hit on her in a roundabout way, or that he was a sexist oaf. He was not looking forward to finding out which, but seeing as he could hardly abseil out the bedroom window and make a run for it, he had no choice but to face the inevitable.
This was going to end in tears
Libby took in a deep breath as she walked briskly around the local park, it was a beautiful crisp clear afternoon and the cool spring air was invigorating. She’d needed a long walk at lunch to clear her head and to try and make sense of what had happened earlier that day.
She had gone over the mornings events in her head over and over again, and was still confused.
All had been well until the carpenter had arrived and turned on the charm, John had seemed threatened by him and irritated by the man's attempt at flirting with her. Libby had brushed it off easily though. She didn’t like to blow her own trumpet but she knew that she was a good looking woman, and she was well used to guys of all ages trying it on.
Truth be told Libby enjoyed the attention and often joined in with the flirting and banter at times, giving as good as she got. She was savvy and confident enough to know when to pull the plug before things went too far, though every now and then would let herself get carried away if a guy was hot enough, and would end up with them making her breakfast.
As she headed back to the house her thoughts returned to John and his unexpected reaction earlier. On one hand it was slightly reassuring to have him defend and stand up for her, but it also seemed overly protective and dare she think it, with a hint of jealousy. It was as if he was treating her like an object or possession to be protected at all costs. She didn’t get it, or like it very much.
When Libby had admitted she was single John had seemed relieved, and that initially had startled and confused her. At least she was pretty certain that was what he had said. The more she thought about it, it really couldn’t have been anything else.
Maybe I’m overthinking this? She thought, I must be...this doesn’t mean anything surely.
No...John was just grateful she didn't have any baggage weighing her down, that had to be it. He was old school, from a previous generation and believed having an assistant with no ties would simply make life easier...yes that was it, of course it was. It was a slightly sexist attitude perhaps, but John probably thought that if Libby had a partner or significant other she would quit after just a few months if not sooner to go live with them, and he’d be back to square one.
By the time Libby arrived back home she had convinced herself that John hadn’t spoken out of turn at all, and that his intentions had been completely honorable even if he did have a strange way of showing it. He had seemed horribly embarrassed by his words and actions though so she hoped he wouldn’t react by hiding himself away again.
She was determined to keep the man out of the shell that he kept being drawn back into.
Whatever it took
Damn, there’s no sign of her...I guess that’s it then…
What the hell do I do now?
John stood forlornly in the hallway, staring at the front door wondering glumly to himself how he was going to explain Libby’s sudden departure to his ex-wife and children. There was no way he could hide it from them.
He was absolutely certain that Libby had left. He’d worked himself up into such a state that all sense had gone out the window, and sheer panic had taken over. Libby was nowhere to be found in the house and the computer in the office was turned off. That was all the evidence that John needed.
He was so adamant in fact that when the front door suddenly opened and Libby strolled in bearing a wide smile he almost fainted with shock.
“Hi John, it’s a lovely day out there today. A bit chilly but just right for a stroll around the park. I really needed that!”
John was stunned into an awkward silence, Libby hadn’t quit, and wasn’t mad at him...was she?
“....Is there something wrong?” Libby was alarmed at John’s wild eyed stare
“...I...erm, your erm, PC’s switched off…” John stammered in a squeaky voice, cringing at how deranged he must have sounded
Libby waved a hand in the air dismissively, “Oh yes, it needed a software update so I just rebooted it whilst I went out for lunch. I didn’t see much point in sitting there waiting...I think it’s a good time for a cuppa now, can I get you one?”
“....no, no I’m fine, thank you…”
“Ok, well I’d better get on. Oh I’ll be out for an hour or so this afternoon by the way, your MOT is booked in. I’ve managed to get you a courtesy car for the week in case there are any issues, they’d better not give me an old banger, can you imagine?!”
John could only nod numbly in response as Libby happily walked away.
He was dumbfounded, and felt a little nauseous. Had he dreamed the last few hours?
Not wanting to tempt fate or push his luck, John backed away slowly, trying to appear as nonchalant and unfazed as possible. He had gotten away with it, luck was on side for once and he felt almost giddy with relief. Now all he had to do was carry on as normal whilst keeping his thoughts about Libby to himself. That would be easier said than done
This was John’s life now, whether he liked it or not. Living with an assistant who had the power to make him go weak at the knees and lose the power of speech. Who was one of the most beautiful, sexy and alluring women he’d ever met, and he couldn’t have her.
It was a nice problem to have in a way. Oh poor you! his friends would say, If you don’t want her we’ll take her off your hands! First World problems mate!
John had finally accepted that he had romantic feelings for Libby, but that at the same time he could keep them hidden and face her like a man, he could be a grown up about it and not make life difficult. There was no need to be rude to her. It wasn’t Libby’s fault after all, this was John’s issue to deal with and not hers.
It was something to be proud of; being able to acknowledge and recognise that how he felt was normal, he wasn’t the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last, and that it was actually ok sometimes to not be ok. It had taken a lot of effort, blood sweat and tears to get to this point, a real achievement.
John was living something akin now to a double life; by day he would go about his business as normal, coming and going with a pasted on smile whilst stealing the odd glance at Libby. He put his feelings for her to the back of his mind as best he could, giving nothing away to those around him.
At night however it was a different story.
With Libby safely out of the way upstairs, and in the security of his locked master bedroom John would let his imagination run wild. He saw this as his reward for keeping a lid on his fantasies during the day, and whilst he did have a teeny amount of guilt lingering at the back of his mind, seeing as Libby would never discover John’s x-rated hobby he generally saw no harm in it.
One particular evening John was feeling especially riled up. He’d almost lost his shit after catching a glimpse of Libby coming back from a late run. She was breathing heavily, panting and sweaty, her hair in a loose messy bun on the top of her head...the sight was enough to cause John’s cock to twitch.
A moment of madness overcame him when Libby then performed her post workout stretches in the vast hallway. He watched mesmerised, crouching down and peering through the first floor bannisters like a stalker. He grabbed his cell phone and quickly snapped a photo of Libby as she bent right over to touch her toes, her pert bottom bouncing slightly atop of a pair of tight lycra clad long, shapely thighs.
The chance and fear of getting caught only turned John on even more, an illicit thrill that sent shivers up his spine. He quickly stood and creeped across the landing towards his bedroom, quietly closing and locking the door behind him, praying all the while that Libby hadn’t noticed him.
John’s heart was racing as he toed off his shoes and poured himself a large glass of water with a splash of whiskey, seeing to his sexual urges was thirsty work.
With everything he needed in place John climbed onto the bed and got himself comfortable, laying back with his head propped up on several soft pillows. He grabbed his cell phone and brought up the stolen photo of Libby he had taken a few minutes earlier. Gazing at it longingly, John licked his lips and breathed deeply.
I bet I could make you sweat and pant like that…
He propped the phone up next to him so he could see the screen without straining his neck, then proceeded to slowly unbutton his shirt. He imagined that Libby was straddling him in nothing but a pair of skimpy black silk panties and matching lacy bra, her soft warm hands gently stroking his bare chest
John closed his eyes and reached for his belt, fumbling slightly in his haste to release his aching erection from the confines of his trousers. He was rock hard already, picturing Libby’s hand instead of his own wrapped around his engorged length, working up and down with long, slow but firm strokes. Her free hand gently fondled his balls, squeezing them softly
Every now and then John swiped his thumb over the tip, smearing pre-cum over his hand which only served to arouse him further. He whimpered softly to himself, gently rolling his hips in time with his strokes. John cracked an eye open and looked over at the picture of Libby, his heart was racing by now and beads of sweat starting to form on his forehead.
If only Libby was here right now...
He imagined her shimmying out of her bra, throwing it across the room and leaning forward to press a soft kiss to his lips. Her beautifully formed breasts brushing against his chest making him moan. He wanted desperately to play with them, to squeeze them gently and to suckle on her pert, pink nipples.
John was in ecstasy as he pictured Libby lifting her hips slightly to push her panties to one side, she licked a finger and slowly swiped along her folds all the while not breaking eye contact with him.
I’m so wet for you John, I need you…
He pictured her grabbing his angry red manhood and sinking down slowly onto it, stretching her out and making her gasp. She rolled her hips and steadied herself by leaning forward and pressing her hands to his chest. Slowly at first, then harder and faster, her head thrown back with desire
John was stroking himself furiously by now, growing closer and closer to the edge. Panting and red faced, with beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead.his eyes were screwed shut and his free hand clawed desperately at the bed sheets
He came suddenly with a shout of Libby’s name, and had to clamp a hand over his mouth to stop himself from crying out further. He took a moment to catch his breath and let his heart rate return to normal before sitting up, grimacing at the mess on his stomach and all over his hand.
John felt a mixture of shame and exhilaration. He sat still hoping that his cries of passion hadn’t made their way upstairs. The last thing he wanted was for Libby to come knocking thinking that something terrible had happened to him.
Libby, sweet beautiful Libby….
John groaned and flopped back on the bed, still on a high from his secret orgasm. His phone lying forgotten at his side. Fantasising about Libby whilst he played with himself was fun, but it was no substitute for the real thing.  
Maybe one day he would be lucky enough to have Libby share his bed?...No, no that was a pipedream as much as he wanted to believe otherwise, a desire that would have to remain in his head. He had to accept that. Libby wouldn’t be interested in him, he was certain of it. John was a good 20 years older than her, and hardly a looker these days with his balding head and deep wrinkles.
What would she see in him, when she could have any fit good looking young man that she wanted?
John would just have to continue keeping his feelings to himself. It would be tough, but necessary for both their sakes.
Libby smiled to herself as she nursed a well deserved mug of tea. It had been a good day, a good week actually. There was a good vibe in the air with things seemingly going her way at last. In the past she would have been suspicious at such a run of good luck, but this time Libby had no reason to think the tide was against her.
Urgh, I need a shower. I stink like a polecat!
Libby chuckled to herself as she dumped her mug in the sink before making a beeline for the bathroom, grateful that John hadn’t been around to see or smell the state of her after an hours long run around the local park.
Sexy, not!
Her plans were interrupted however by a sudden noise, something that sounded like a muffled shout from downstairs…
Libby stood stock still, listening and waiting but there was nothing, total silence.
Had she been hearing things?
She hadn’t seen John when she’d got back earlier, was he ok?
Libby felt torn, should she go and investigate or just ignore it and go about her evening? It was probably nothing...or was it? John could be lying injured in pain somewhere...or most likely be in a rotten mood because something in the house had broken or gone wrong.
Sighing deeply, Libby decided she’d better go have a look, to put her mind at rest if nothing else. If the worst had happened and she’d done nothing she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.
Half way down the stairs however Libby suddenly lost her nerve, it felt wrong to be creeping about. She wanted and needed to know that John was ok but at the same time also didn’t want to disturb him.
What do I do?
The answer would soon be forthcoming…
John finally got moving as the cum drying on his stomach made his skin start to itch, it was an effort to get up though. He’d really gone for it tonight and gotten close to putting his back out the way he’d been flailing around.
Feeling too tired for a full shower, John grabbed a washcloth from the ensuite and performed a perfunctory clean up instead, doing so with mixed feelings. He wished with all his heart that it was Libby wiping him down, smiling warmly and peppering him with soft and gentle post-coital kisses. Instead he had to make do with sorting himself out, as he had been for weeks. Sadly feeling a little like a pervy old man.
A sudden noise from outside the room made John look up sharply, all thoughts of feeling sorry for himself now forgotten. It sounded to his horror like footsteps coming down the stairs, which could only mean one thing...Libby had heard him shouting
This was bad, really bad...
John risked inching towards the door and cupped a hand, listening carefully for signs of movement. He couldn’t hear anything, not a sound. Was he going senile? He was sure he’d heard the stairs creaking. Or was he so on edge that his mind was playing tricks on him?
He was terrified of Libby discovering his secret, he was going to have to work harder from now on to prevent that from happening. Back to the basement it would have to be for a while, which only made this all seem even seedier.
What a nightmare.
Feeling certain now that the coast was clear, John unlocked the door and gingerly pushed it open, he had to check that he definitely hadn't been rumbled. He poked his head round the door and was shocked to see Libby sat on the stairs above him, he jerked back hoping she hadn’t noticed but wasn’t quick enough
“John!...hi...erm...I erm, sorry I heard shouting just now, are you ok?”
Oh god
“...I’m fine, just fine thanks...I erm, walked into my dresser, that’s all. Caught my knee…” What a load of bollox, John thought to himself, she’ll never believe that
“...Oh right, ok...well as long as you’re alright?, not hurt are you?”
“...No, no I’m fine thanks”
Please don’t come downstairs, please don’t come downstairs
To his horror Libby did exactly that and got up, coming down to speak with him face to face. He panicked as in his haste to check what was going on, he’d completely forgotten that he was pretty much naked apart from his crumpled shirt hanging off his shoulders, it was incredibly tempting right now to slam the door closed.
“Sorry John, I wasn’t snooping. I just heard what sounded like a shout and erm, I worried something had happened”
Too right something had happened..
“It’s fine, don't apologise. It’s my own fault for not looking where I was going, I think I need new glasses!” John tried to laugh it off whilst attempting desperately to keep himself covered up.
Libby didn't look convinced, she was quietly concerned by John’s ragged appearance and red sweaty face..what on earth has he been up to?
“...Ok....well I’m sorry to have bothered you. Enjoy the rest of your evening, I’ll see you tomorrow no doubt, goodnight”
“...Yes..you too, goodnight”
With that John closed the door as quickly as seemed polite, but not before Libby caught a glimpse of his bare legs, chest and backside…
Bloody hell…
Libby was stunned at what she’d just seen, she stumbled back upstairs to the apartment in shock, locking the door with trembling fingers.
I’ve just seen my boss naked…
Libby couldn’t get the image out of her head. Of John’s shapely thighs, luscious thick grey chest hair and almost perfect rear end...he looked damn good for his age
Libby groaned and sagged on to the couch, staring up at the ceiling in despair. Her face was flushed and she felt an odd warmth bubbling in her stomach, a feeling she hadn’t had in so long.
My boss is fit…like, really fit
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eldritchsurveys · 3 years
could you happily survive in a world without music? >> I can’t imagine a world without music. That’d really have to be a world without sound. Even if you took all the humans off Earth, birds for example still make music. Maybe the fact that there wouldn’t be any sapient species around to call it music makes a difference, I don’t know.
do you think that there's really "freedom of speech" in america? >> Of course there is. How could anyone seriously think otherwise?
has anyone ever revealed one of your secrets to another person? >> I don’t have any secrets, and if I did, I think the point would be that I wouldn’t be revealing them to anyone.
if you've stayed overnight in a hospital, how did you entertain yourself? >> I didn’t.
have you ever made your own jewelry? out of what? >> When I was a kid, yeah, a lot of random shit. And I’ve made a few kandi pieces as an adult.
think of the secret you've kept the longest; how many years has it been? >> ---
when was the last time you made a genuine connection with someone? >> Hmm.
what does it feel like to fall asleep in someone's arms? >> I have no idea, that’s not something I have experience with.
what do you think of the situation between chris brown and rihanna? >> I don’t think about that situation.
when was the last time you failed to meet your own expectations? >> I’m not sure. When my favourite Inner Critic isn’t spouting off, I feel like I have pretty reasonable expectations for myself.
what do you often assume about other people? >> I don’t think I have a frequently-made assumption about others.
how many times a week do you watch the weather report? >> I don’t. I have a weather app on my phone that I check sometimes.
what do you drink more of: hot or cold drinks? >> Cold.
if you could go back and give your 10 year old self some advice, what would you say to him / her? >> I’d rather not.
what if you could go forward from now, 10 years into the future; what would you say to that version of yourself? >> I’ll pass.
do you recall the first time that you learned the truth about sex? >> The truth? I don’t recall knowing any falsehoods about it, honestly. I was pretty diligent about reading up on things I was curious about.
how would you support a gay friend during their time of "coming out"? >> I mean, I don’t know. Never been in that situation before. I didn’t even really have a “coming out” for myself, so I just have zero experience with the concept in general.
if you've ever been a featured member of a website, how'd it make you feel? >> I don’t think that’s ever happened to me.
what things / people in your life make you feel important? >> I don’t know what makes me feel important. It’s such a rare feeling.
do you need the opinion of others to make yourself feel worthwhile? >> At least a certain few others (one of them an Inworlder). If left purely to my own devices, I’m bound to make myself feel worthless pretty quickly. On the flip side, there aren’t a whole lot of people who matter enough to me for their opinion to stick, so like I said... a certain few.
how do you hold / position your pillow while you sleep? >> I have my head on one and am usually cradling or nestled up against the other.
what is a common sleeping position for you? >> On my side. Usually right side.
what kind of environment do you need to be able to sleep? >> A quiet, dark, cool one.
when was the last time someone gave you a back massage? >> ---
have you ever rubbed anyone's feet? >> No.
have you ever farted, but tried to pass it off as someone else? >> No.
is there a food that makes you sick just thinking about it? >> Sure, bananas.
what are some things you just do without thinking? >> I mean, there are a lot of things I do without thinking. Breathing, stimming, blinking, scratching an itch, etc...
what are some things you do that require a lot of thought? >> Writing.
how has your musical taste changed since you were a little kid? >> I’ve added a lot but not much has been subtracted. I pretty much still like the same stuff I liked when I was a kid, but I also like way more other stuff than I did then.
have you ever kissed a poster or picture of someone? >> Sure. I used to have a Doctor Manhattan poster... lol.
why do you use foul language, if you do? >> Because it’s language and can be used to communicate thoughts, feelings, and concepts. Just like every other bit of language I use.
do you think that people can change? why / why not? >> I mean, sure. Because that’s literally a function of being a living being. Change happens.
do you know someone that hasn't been willing to change? >> Sure, but it happened to them whether they liked it or not. (Not necessarily the thing they were stubborn about not changing, but sometimes that too.)
if you woke up to discover you were the last person on earth, how would you react? would you move into a bigger house? ( XD ) >> I mean, I’d die. I’d die if I was the last person on earth. Eventually some shit would kill me -- spoiled food, wild animals, domesticated animals gone feral, some unmaintained piece of machinery blowing up, lack of medical care, exposure to the elements (since, you know, it’s not like electricity would be working without humans to maintain it, so there goes climate control), the list goes on -- and I would be dead.
what if you eventually found out that you weren't alone: your worst enemy of the opposite sex is alive; do you two save the species? >> Yeesh. Aside from the sheer improbability of everything about this entire scenario, this idea made my gorge rise. (It isn’t the “worst enemy” part, I don’t even have one of those. It was the having sex and getting pregnant part. Just let the species die.)
have you ever completed a paint by number painting? ( was it of a wolf? ) >> Maybe when I was young. Might’ve been a wolf, who knows.
how do you think it might feel to have your life flash before your eyes? >> Disorienting.
do you take life seriously, or do you act like it's one big joke? >> I ping-pong back and forth between the two ideas. I think the latter idea suits me better, but brain problems like to differ sometimes.
list a few books you remember reading as a child: >> The Phantom Tollbooth, A Wrinkle in Time, a whole passel of Animorphs and Baby-Sitters Club and Goosebumps.
what is one topic people shouldn't bring up around you? >> Politics, because it’s fucking boring and I don’t care.
is there a type of candy that you do not like? >> Yeah, milk chocolate. A lot of candy, actually, but that covers a few varieties.
which would you rather do: fish, or golf? >> I’ve never done either and I have no interest in either.
is there anything about which you are consistently paranoid? >> My heart rate, lmao.
who do you want to just "grow up"? >> ---
what is one thing you fantasize or daydream about doing? >> Not sure.
do you know anyone that's kind of stuck in another generation? >> No.
what is your version of a utopia? >> I don’t have anything like that. I think of utopia kind of like how the real Good Place was on The Good Place. Maybe there is a kind of perfectly balanced ideal world for humans, what do I know, but I can’t conceive of it and I’m kind of busy just dealing with the world we do have.
rank your life based on percentage spent happy, and percentage spent sad: >> I can’t rank that, it’s just not possible.
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s-writing-s · 5 years
“Play Pretend��� VII - Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Summary: In order to accomplish your mission Bucky and you have to pretend to be married. With unknown feelings brought into play, how will it affect the mission and your friendship?
AN: Comments and other forms of response are always appreciated. As usual this is required of the people on the tag-list or they will be removed. I’ve removed quite a few this time, so remember to click the like/reblog button ;)
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Noises drifted in and out of your ears. Mumbled voices. Clinking sounds. Everything felt blurry. Where were you? 
Your head was throbbing and your wrists and feet were tightly bound. Trying to trick your capturers, you let your eyes stay closed. Trying to figure out what they were saying was more difficult.
(Hurry... Painful... More....)
Their footsteps ascended up the stairs minutes later, and you carefully cranked one eye open. The dull light felt blinding, and you immediately squeezed your eyelids together trying to ignore the pain behind your eyes. What in the hell had happened?
You opened your eyes once again, letting them adjust to the light. Memories rushed back as you observed your surroundings.
The Williams had forgotten to close a window so you easily slipped inside. From your earlier visit, you already knew where to start. The door was, of course, locked but that was no problem for you. In seconds you had the door open into ... an office?.
Huh. There must be something in here that could lead to the cure.
It took some time but you finally figured it out. By removing a certain book, the entire bookcase shifted revealing a secret door. Classic. You hurried downstairs finding a basement full of vials of a clear substance.
That must be the weapon, you thought. I need to find the cure.
That was the last thing you remembered before everything went black.
Shit. You needed to get out of the ropes fast, before they came back.
In her hasty search for weapons, Amy had missed the various small knives hidden on your body. By wriggling your arm, the small knife hidden on your forearm slid into your hand and you were able to cut into the rope.
Unluckily, a pair of footsteps descended the stairs before you could finish. You quickly dropped your head, hiding the rope in your hands, and pretended to still be unconscious.
"Wake up!" A harsh slap landed on your cheek throwing your head to the side. "Can't sleep all day, princess."
Amy stood slightly hunched over you sporting a sickening smirk.
"Imagine my surprise, " she straightened up once she saw you open your eyes, "when I found my sweet friend snooping around in our house."
"You see, I thought, you were more clever than this. I mean, stealing my phone wasn't your smartest move but breaking and entering?" she laughed, "How stupid can you be?"
"Despite your cute attempt to ruin our mission," she smiled once again cracking her knuckles, "you are the one tied up in our basement and I’m are standing here free. And believe me, I don't wanna stay in this town for a second longer than I have to."
"But enough of the small talk," she crouched in front of you, her face turning serious, "Who do you work for?"
You stared back at her, making no attempt to answer. 
She repeated her question, getting more and more agitated.
"Alright, if that's how you wanna do it." She stood back up and delivered a powerful blow to your cheek. She hunched forward, "How about now?"
You pretended to consider it for a moment before spitting the blood that had pooled in your mouth onto her face. You had been trained for moments like these and a simple punch wasn’t gonna get you to crack. Even if you hadn’t had training, you wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. 
"You'll pay for that, bitch," she cursed brushing it off.
Ah, it might have angered her more, but it was totally worth it. 
"You know, I'm really starting to wonder why your husband married you in the first place." she wiped her hands on her trousers, "You haven't really got much to offer. You aren't beautiful. Your attitude and behaviour are downright nasty." 
"That might be why," her smirk turned sweet, "he kissed me."
You willed your face to stay emotionless, she didn't need to know how much it hurt to think of it. It had taken you sometime to reach the conclusion that she had forced him and you would like for it to stay that way. That was the only way you could deal with it. However, that didn’t mean it hurt less thinking about it. 
"I gotta say, he has the softest lips," she sighed, "and that tongue? Just wow," she bragged. "I can just imagine that tongue doing its wonders other pl-"
The thought of that vile woman kissing Bucky made you angry, but the thought of them entangled in the sheets had you seething in your seat. 
"Fuck you!" 
She laughed, "Ah, that gets you talking. It’s funny, that he hasn't noticed you're gone. Maybe he doesn't care about you. I mean, are you even married for real? I'll happily take him, might even stay here for him," she taunted.
"Fuck. You." you spit, "Why are you even doing all of this? It doesn't seem like you want to."
"Ha! You got that right. At least you can manage to do something." She turned around throwing her arms out, "You see all of this?"
She didn't wait for an answer, "this holds the power to give me everything I want. I was promised riches and a comfortable life, if I, well Daniel, created this and spread it to the nation."
"You're sick."
"No, I'm not, “ She turned back around, “but hundreds of people will soon be, when we release this into a train. It takes some time for the disease to affect the person and before they realise it, they will have spread it to hundreds of others in the cities. Luckily for us, it takes about 2 hours before the disease goes airborne and by then we will already be gone." she grinned manically.
This mission was really not going as you expected.
"Anyways, where were we? Ah, right, we could talk some more about your handsome husband or we could talk about your employers? It's your choice," she said smiling.
You had no idea how long you had been down in the basement. After Amy's interrogation that gave her no information, she went mental, beating the crap out of you eventually rendering you unconscious again. 
You felt exhausted and regretted immensely not telling Bucky where you went. You wish you could turn back time to before the Christmas party, and just convince him to stay at home that one night. That would have changed everything. Your relationship had taken several steps backwards, not that it was that far ahead, anyways. You were doomed to have a unrequited love. 
Despite the physical and mental aching, you managed to cut the ropes off. Amy and Daniel took no note of you as they were conferring with each other a few meters away. Just as you were planning an escape route, the door to the basement flew down the stairs.
You almost cried in relief when you saw your saviour. Bucky had foregone his suit and came down the stairs carrying firearms. He looked frightening, his glare was enough to scare the toughest assassins. Amy and Daniel immediately went into hiding, grabbing their own guns.
Bucky's eyes went wide as he took in your frazzled appearance and for a moment he forgot he was standing in enemy territory. You frantically cut the ropes of your feet, catching the gun he threw your way. 
You locked eyes and let him know what you wanted. Bucky could deal with Daniel, you wanted Amy for yourself.
You could see her hiding behind a desk trying desperately to finish something. The bullet rain had stopped as Bucky engaged in close combat, so you could easily slip up to her.
"Hi bitch," you grinned holding the gun to her face. Instead of answering, she surprised you by reaching out and sending you onto the floor.
The gun fell a few feet away and as she moved to get it, you stomped your foot on her fingers. She wasn’t winning that easily. 
You had to admit she was good at fighting, but she hadn't been taught by Natasha. You moved into position, getting ready for her signature move. You grabbed her oncoming fist, swinging your legs around her neck and brought her down to the floor.
"How do you like me now?" you smirked at the pain in her expression. Time for her to get some of her own medicine. 
A loud yell came from across the room and you looked just in time for Bucky to throw his knockout punch landing Daniel flat to the ground. 
Amy took notice of your attention shift and brought up a knee to your head that threw you off balance. She scrambled up and before Bucky could reach you, she had you strapped. She grinned triumphantly as she held the syringe up, "Bye bye, princess."
She jammed the syringe down into your neck before she was kicked off you. 
"Stay the hell away from her," Bucky growled as he towered over her.
"Oh, calm down loverboy. It's not like she will die, oh wait" she gasped, "she will." She started laughing hysterically. 
"I even added a little something extra to it and let me tell you a secret.” she started whispering, “There’s no cure!” She began laughing again. 
You couldn't take her talking for a minute more and ripped the syringe out of your neck before you decked her.
"Sleep tight, 'princess'"
She fell to the floor, still wearing a small smile. You resisted the urge to punch it away, instead looking up at Bucky.
"You're hurt," he said stepping closer inspecting the bruises. His fingers reached out before stopping half ways. 
"It's nothing I haven't felt befo-" your vision went blurry as the world started spinning around. 
"Hey, are you okay?" he took a step forward, hands lifted ready to steady you.
"I'm fine, seriousl-" your eyes rolled back at the same time and you lost consciousness.
"Y/N?" Bucky grabbed you before you fell to the floor. He held your unconscious body, panic running through him. 
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Natsume Yuujinchou Chapter 92 Summary
Tumblr media
Hey there Natsume Yuujinchou fans! I know you guys are impatient for more chapters, so I’m gonna be filling you in with what happens in the most recent issues. >w<)7
This chapter comes from the LaLa January issue that was released on the 24th of November. And, to go along with some short translations I have also included photos from the magazine. I’ve changed all my shitty phone camera photos to snippets of our raw scans! Enjoy~
- Niji 
[Everything under the cut.]
Chapter 92: “The House that was Left Behind with a Promise” (Part 1)
Tumblr media
“You wouldn’t know if it’s sweet or not without first taking a bite.”
The chapter starts out with Natsume coming home one day and finding Touko chatting happily on the phone. Touko, noticing Natsume, asks if he likes loquats. The phone call is actually for Natsume so Touko passes him the phone.
The following day, Natsume and Nyanko head out to pick loquats.
Tumblr media
They meet the caller at the park which turns out to be Natori. As usual, Natori is in the center of attention and Natsume quickly pulls him aside.
Tumblr media
They ride a train into the mountains where Yorishima's old house is (Yorishima was the exorcist dude from chapter 80: The Ten Loony Nights, in case anyone forgot). Yorishima had asked Natori to help him retrieve a couple of books from the house, and in exchange Natori would be free to take loquats from the giant trees in the garden.
Tumblr media
Nyanko: He's belittling you.
Natsume: ------Why didn't he come himself?
Natori remarks that he didn't intend to bring Natsume along; after all, it used to be the house of an exorcist. However, because Touko had been the one to answer his call, Natori came up with the excuse of loquats to chat with her, which led to her asking him to bring Natsume along for the fruit. Natori couldn't refuse (lolol).
Tumblr media
Despite that, Natsume thanks Natori for the invite since he enjoys their time together. Natori heads inside the house for the books while Natsume and Nyanko set out to pick loquats. Hiiragi pops out from one of the trees, saying that she found some sweet-looking ones at the top. However, since the tree branches look as though they might break, Natsume decides to pick as much as he can from the top of the gate pier instead.
Tumblr media
Hiiragi: ------You humans are such troublesome beings.
Natsume: That's true. If only I could get to the top as well, we could pick out the loquats you chose together and give them to Natori-san.
Nyanko then leaps onto the tree, bouncing off Natsume's head.
Nyanko: Alright! I'll be the one to pick them then. Lead the way, lass.
Hiiragi: With the kind of body you have, you'll definitely break the branches......
As Nyanko and Hiiragi continue their banter, Natsume climbs up to the top of the gate pier. He realizes that he can see the neighbor's garden, noting that the plants are still thriving despite the passing of the owner.
He then notices a piece of cloth blowing in the wind. A hand emerges from behind the fence and cuts off the string that attaches the cloth to a pole.
Tumblr media
Carried by the wind, the cloth flies towards Natsume and knocks him off the gate pier.
Tumblr media
Just then, Natori emerges from behind, and Natsume ends up knocking him down.
Tumblr media
They realize that the cloth is of pretty high quality, and decide to return it to its owner.
Heading over to the neighbor's house, they find it empty. The gate has no nameplate, and there’s no answer when they call out. However, Nyanko notes that there is a strange presence in the house.
Tumblr media
Nyanko: ......There's some kind of an unpleasant presence from this place, yet at the same time it feels empty.
Natsume: ......It feels empty...?
Natori decides to try the front door, and asks Natsume to circle around the house to look for people. Natsume heads off. Natori attempts to ring the doorbell, but it doesn't work. The front door even has its key in the keyhole, and there are fresh footprints on the gravel.
Tumblr media
Natori grows suspicious and summons Urihime and Sasago to check the surroundings of the house. He opens the door, and sees a strange paper doll on the floor.
Tumblr media
Doll: C O M E   O N   I N
Back to Natsume: he and Nyanko are unable to find anyone. Just then, the door behind them slides open, and a figure with a paper-mask emerges.
Tumblr media
The figure lifts his mask, revealing Matoba.
Tumblr media
At this time, Natori runs over to warn Natsume. The two exorcists regard each other.
Tumblr media
Matoba reveals that the house belonged to the "Miharu" family, who were one of the great eleven exorcist families under the Matoba clan. The family had recently ceased (they ran out of heirs) and the house that was left behind had a troublesome custom known as "Mihashira-sama". The family had 3 shiki that were like guardian deities; they would take turns visiting and protecting the house every few decades. The family needed to provide a decent welcome each time or disaster might befall onto the house. 
Despite the passing of the family, they continued to fulfill their promise. The shiki had promised to visit the house one by one, for a total of 9 turns; this was only the 8th. Matoba decided to involve himself with the situation in fear that the lack of a welcome would bring calamity to his clan. 
Tumblr media
Natori: Making promises with such grotesque creatures is...
Natori stops talking. Natsume believes he wanted to say that it was “such a nuisance," but had held back due to Natsume’s Book of Friends or because of Matoba.
It turns out that the key and the paper doll that Natori saw were all part of the ceremony to welcome the shiki, and now they must redo it all over because he had opened the door. Natori offers to help as an apology, and Natsume decides to tag along since this only happened because Natori had come with him to return the cloth.
Matoba explains that the previous shiki, Shirotsume-no-Kimi ("White Claw Ruler"), had left the day before, after 40 years of service. The issue now was which of the other two shiki was going to appear. If it was Boubouzukin ("Pole-Pole Hood"; lmao this name), who calmly guarded the house for 60 years during its previous shift, he figures there would be no issues.
Problems would arise if the shiki that arrives is Akanie ("Red Sacrifice"), the most temperamental of them all. Matoba predicts that the chances of angering Akanie is extremely high, and it’s possible that they may receive disaster; in which case, Matoba has already made precautions to exorcise said youkai if things don't work out... but since this option will likely cause damages and injury, he prefers the welcoming to go smoothly.
Matoba tells Natori to handle the paper doll at the entrance while Natsume comes with him. Natori is obviously unhappy with this, but Hiiragi reassures him that she and Nyanko will protect Natsume. Natori whispers to Natsume...
Tumblr media
Natori: Did you bring that inherited item with you?
Natsume: Huh? (Is he talking about the Book of Friends?) No...
Natori: I see, that's good. It's best to be careful; we wouldn't want Matoba to find out about it.
Natsume: ...Yeah.
Tumblr media
Natori: Well, if you had brought it, I would have tossed you out of here no matter what you said. ...Be careful, alright? Don't push yourself.
Natsume: ...Yes.
Natsume is somewhat relieved that he no longer has to bear the burden of the Book of Friends alone, and wonders if there's something he can do.
Natsume asks Matoba what it is he wanted him to do, and Matoba says he just needs Natsume to keep "watch” in case they are unable to dispose of the youkai. He wants Natsume to help them out.
Natsume: ...In that case, please ensure that it won't come to the point where "you must dispose of them". You’re powerful, aren't you, Matoba-san? If you say that I'm powerful, then I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. I won't help you dispose of the youkai, but otherwise I'll lend you a hand.
Natsume then asks if the cloth was part of the preparations needed to welcome the youkai, which Matoba then confirms that it was. Natsume had seen a hand cutting the string attached to the cloth, and Matoba figures that it might be someone who wants to interfere with them.
Natsume suddenly feels as though he is being watched, and turns around to see a row of masks.
Tumblr media
One of them moves shifts its stare towards him.
Tumblr media
Matoba steps in, realizing that these masks were used as peeping holes. Something must be behind the masks. He sends his shiki to chase after it. Hiiragi decides to give chase as well, but not before confirming that Natsume is alright with the current turn of events (i.e. getting involved with the exorcists again), and if he’s willing to hang out with Natori again.
Natsume: Of course! I was happy too. Once this is all over, let's head back to pick some loquats.
Hiiragi: ...Yes.
(Matoba then comments that the loquats at Yorishima's did look delicious, lol.)
Natsume asks why someone would want to interfere with them. Matoba guesses that, since their clan has so many enemies, they probably wished for disaster to come and ruin them.
Tumblr media
Natsume: Matoba-san...... Have you ever considered ending your job as an exorcist?
Matoba: Nope, not at all.
Natsume: ...I see. (Somehow, I was relieved to hear his answer. ...What about Natori-san? That kind person... who is always wavering...)
Matoba passes Natsume a mask in preparation of the youkai's arrival as Natsume heads off to find the saboteur. Natsume looks around the house, and begins to feel a sense of loneliness, since this house was left alone for many years. He wonders if the house he’s currently living in with Nyanko and the Fujiwaras will one day become empty too.
Back to Matoba: Natori meets up with him, and informs him that he fixed the paper doll at the entrance. He asks about Natsume, and Matoba tells him that Natsume has gone off to look for the saboteur.
Tumblr media
Natori: ------Could you stop using that boy for your own convenience?
Matoba: I could say the same for you. You're an exorcist yourself, yet you drag him around with you. Besides, he's the one who gets to decide if he wants to or not.
Matoba also tosses a paper mask over Natori's head because the youkai will arrive soon. However, they hear a strange clattering noise and follow it into a Western-styled room. Matoba was sure that he had closed the door since they weren't going to use this room, but strangely the door was open. They take a peek inside and notice a paper windmill by the window, shaking by itself. Just then, a pair of hands pushes them into the room and locks the door behind them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The other exorcists panic as Matoba is nowhere in sight when the youkai arrives at the door.
Tumblr media
To be continued.
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burdenofheroes · 6 years
Peter Parker Imagine #5
“I’m heading over to Peter’s!” You yell into the living room as you take a seat on the bottom step of the stairway to tie your laces. “You guys want anything?”
“Yes,” Your brother’s voice boomed as he leaned across the sofa, a copper glass bottle in hand. “I would like one large pepperoni pizza, extra cheese and extra sauce.”
You stuck your tongue out at him in response to which he winked and laughed.
“Do you have to go?” Your mother asked, walking into the little hallway, drying her wet hands on a small towel.
“Yes.” You bit out, keeping your eyes lowered so that she couldn’t see the edginess to them.
“What is it this time?” She asked, crossing her arms. “Another assignment?” She raised her brow. “You know, I’m honestly finding it hard to believe that you are paired with him for every single project in all your classes.”
Rolling your eyes, you pull up your hood and grab your bag. “I don’t care what you think.” You stated firmly. “I’m going there because I want to.” Tilting your head to speak directly to your brother, you informed, “I’ll let you know if I need a ride.” He gave you a thumbs up, his way of letting you know that he has your back and would deal with mom.
As you make your way out of the house, you happily welcome the cool air that was hitting your face. You always could rely on good ol’ mother nature to keep you calm and steady after a blow out with your mom. You weren’t entirely sure as to why she was being so hard on your friendship with Peter. It’s not like Peter was a bad kid. Heck, if you had to group Peter with one of the cliques, he would 10/10 be placed with the nerds. And he would wear a proud badge saying so. It was because of kids like Peter and Ned and Liz and Michelle, that being a nerd was actually considered being cool. Since when being intelligent was considered a bad thing, you weren’t entirely sure but as long as you got to hang out with your best buds, you were happy.
Still, it didn’t quite explain why your mom was being so hard on you. You wished she would ease up a little.
You knocked on the door and smiled as you were greeted by May.
“You know I think I might just have to buy you your own key.” She said, running over to the kitchen so that she can quickly flip over the grilled cheese sandwich on the pan.
You locked the door behind you, trapping the sizzle of the melting cheese in the room.
“Why not just give me Peter’s? It’s not like he uses it.” You teased. May simply pointed at you, telepathically communicating her agreement with you. “Is Peter in?” You asked. It wouldn’t be the first time that you were invited to his home only to find him gone for hours at end.
“He better be! If not, he’s going to be eating this for an entire week.” She said, flipping the sandwich over once more. “Here, wanna take this in for me?” She asked, placing the hot meal on a chipped blue plate.
“Sure.” Accepting the plate and the cold glass of milk, you made your way to Peter’s room. “Knock, knock.” You greeted, walking in just in time to see Peter quickly shut his laptop and put it away. “Well, that wasn’t suspicious at all. What were you doing?”
“Oh, nothing.” He lied, smiling so hard that his cheeks scrunched up like a chipmunk.
You decided to let it go, handing over the glass and plate to him. Taking a bite out of the sandwich, he scooted over so that there was an ample amount of room for you.
“Did you think of an essay topic yet?” You asked as you took your history notebook out of your bag.
“Nope.” He answered, with a pop. Inspecting his sandwich as if it was the most fascinating thing in the world, he continued. “Don’t worry about it. We can wing it.”
“You can wing it. I can’t.” You corrected. “I don’t know how you even manage to do that man. I mean writing one page is one thing but writing 2, 000 words, that too the night before?” You shook your head in disbelief.
“What can I say. I’m a pro at procrastination.” He answered smugly as if it was a proud title to hold. “Forget that,” He interrupted, throwing your notebook and pencil at the other end of the bed, “You have to watch this.” He chomped down the rest of his sandwich in two hurried bites, and opened his laptop. Logging in, he gulped down his milk to wash down the last remains of his sandwich, giving you enough time to see what he had been so secretive about earlier.
Elizabeth Allan.
You weren’t entirely sure why your smile had dropped or why your mood had all of a sudden become so sour. But the one thing you knew for sure was that the longer you looked at her, the uglier you felt. So you turned to look at Peter instead but the blushing boy had become busy in shutting the site, and directing your attention to what he had really wanted to show you.
“Pretend you didn’t see that.” He requested underneath his breath as he waited for the site to load.
“See what?” You asked, wanting Peter to elaborate on just what he was so embarrassed about. You wanted to give him the chance to dispel your thoughts and make you realize that there truly was nothing to worry about, if there was any reason to do so in the first place.
He released a deep breath and said, “Thank you,” genuinely relieved that you were willing to drop the subject so quickly.
You were quite disappointed but decided not to push it. There was no point in making him talk about things he didn’t want to yet. When the time came, he would bring it up himself.
“So what did you want to show me?” You asked, directing your attention to the laptop once more.
Of course, you should have known that it would be Star Wars related. “The new trailer just dropped!” He shouted excitedly, pulling the video up to full screen and making himself comfortable by stretching out his legs and placing the laptop on top of them.
Although you weren’t that deep into the Star Wars universe as Peter and Ned were, you had to admit the effects used were pretty cool. That being said, you wouldn’t dare say a word about your indifference to the boy sitting in front of you. Knowing him, he would gape at you with his mouth wide open before launching into a hysterical rant over how cool all the characters are, and before you know it you will end up munching on popcorn as you, Peter and Ned find yourself embarking upon a movie marathon.
So instead, you ask him about what he thinks will be happening next in the future films. It’s a nice diversion as you get to hear him ramble for what seems to be about fifteen minutes. But you don’t mind even if it is about something that you’re not that particularly interested in. There was just something about his voice that you found soothing, and sweet. The various inflections reflecting his excitement, the slight cracks in the words he chooses, the high speed rambling been accentuated by his hand gestures - you found it all to be quite endearing.
“Wow, I’ve been talking a lot. Please tell me I didn’t bore you.” He asked, slightly squinting his eyes.
“Oh no, I was just…” You paused, stretching out your own legs as you thought of a believable excuse to say, “I was thinking about Leia, you know. It can’t be easy knowing that your own son killed the love of your life.” It was a good point to bring up even though it hadn’t really been the one on your mind.
“Hmm.” Peter hummed in agreement, as he laid down in bed. “I can’t even imagine what’s that like. Losing someone you love, by someone you’re supposed to love.”
“Conditional versus the unconditional.” You added in a whisper as you thought about the dichotomy between a romantic love and a familial love. You weren’t quite sure as to why the notion of unconditional love has been attributed to familial love when sometimes it’s your own family members who become your greatest enemies. They’re the ones who create restrictions and suffocating environments while it’s complete strangers who accept you for who you are with no questions asked. They take whatever version of yourself that you say you are and they can’t say otherwise.
“You okay?” Peter asked bumping his knee with yours. “You’re being awfully quiet.”
“Yeah, I’m good. Just thinking about home.” You admitted.
“Did your mom say something again?” He asked quietly and with a tinge of guilt. He knew your mom wasn’t entirely forthcoming of you visiting him so often.
“Just the same old. What I’m going for, why do I have to go there all the time. That sort of stuff.” You picked at a loose thread that was hanging from Peter’s bedsheets. “It’s nothing new.”
“I’m sorry.”
“What for? You didn’t do anything wrong.”
“I know, it’s just… you get in trouble every time you come over. I don’t like it.” He stared intently at you but you refused to meet his eyes.
“It’s fine. Nothing I can’t handle. Besides what’s the worst that she can do? Ground me?” You scoffed. “Even if she does it’s not like she can make me stop from seeing you at school.”
“Let’s not test her okay? I would hate to see how far her powers go.” Laughing, you laid down beside him. “I would hate to lose you as a friend.” You turned your head to face him. Compared to your calm stance, he was rigid. Wound up so tight that given one snap, he just might break. “You’ve just become so important to me. Not having you around is like not having Ned to introduce me to Star Wars you know? If that one moment hadn’t happened, my life would have been so different.” He commented, his eyes glazing over as if he was remembering a distant memory.
“You can stop exaggerating Peter.” You joked but Peter was in no joking mood.
“I’m not joking, I’m serious. You’ve done so much for me even if you don’t know about it. You’re so smart, and brave and are never one to give up. You just keep on trying and would break through a rock with your bare hands if it means you would get results.”
Wincing, you replied, “I don’t think I will go that far.”
“Okay, that bit might be too much, but the sentiment still stands. You’re absolutely amazing.” You blinked a few times and then looked away, being unable to handle the intensity of his words and eyes. “You give me so much courage. In fact,” He sat up abruptly, “I’m going to do something right now.”
Your heart hammering, you too sat up. “What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to ask Liz out.” He answered, smiling wide and being slightly out of breath.
Your threat seized up and you felt as if your heart was being squeezed tightly for the purpose of squirting out every last drop of blood it could manage. You thought back to the picture of Liz on his laptop, the way he had shut it so quickly twice, and why he had been blushing so hard. It had been fairly obvious but some part of your mind had hoped you were wrong. That Peter didn’t like Liz that way. It was a silly idea anyways and now that you think about it, you weren’t sure why Peter said all those nice things about you when they clearly applied to Liz more than you.
“I should get going.” You place your notebook and pencil in your bag as Peter busies himself in texting Liz.
“Hmm? How come?” He asked, sounding quite distracted as he eyed his phone.
“I have to pick up dinner.” You supplied, sending a silent thanks to your brother for you didn’t have to lie to your friend.
“Oh, okay. See you later then.” Peter said, not bothering to look up as he typed up his response.
Sighing, you left the room and clicking the door closed, you wondered if this is the direction your friendship was heading. You being sidelined and pushed to the side while someone else, someone whom he considers to be far better than you, takes up most of his time.
“Leaving so soon?” May asked looking up from the notes she was making.
“Uh, yeah. I have to go pick up dinner.” You spoke with a tight smile.
“You better have someone come pick you up. It’s raining pretty heavily out there.” She cautioned, pointing behind her at the rain beaten windows.
“Uh, yeah. Of course.” You answered, pulling up your phone and sending your brother a quick text.
The last thing you wanted was to be around your brother right now. He could pick up on your mood swings faster than a fly is able to find its sugar sap. Nonetheless, he was coming around to get you and there wasn’t much that you could do about it.
Just like you couldn’t do much about Peter’s feelings for Liz. They were simply there and you had to deal with them the best that you can. If it meant decreasing the amount of time you spent with him, then so be it. At least your heart won’t be broken.
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