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kuroishuuha · 3 days
DP x DC prompt - Mr. Fenton and His Magic School Bus
I’ve seen a lot of posts where there is unhinged science teacher Danny and people compare him to Ms. Frizzle.
But what if it can actually happen?
Like Fenton-Tech is weird enough and Danny (as Ghost King) would have access to all the tech and magic across all dimensions. Not to mention he has a good relationship with someone who is essentially the Lord of Time.
So imagine Gotham Academy Teacher Danny who believes in practical experience and/or first-hand experience.
Mix in a bit of Fenton-tech here, a bit of time magic there and you have a class full of high schoolers who have witnessed things.
It’s a toss up whether people believe them or not because thanks to Clockwork, no time has actually passed when they left.
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smallbraintime · 1 day
I've been in a Danny Phantom mood. Prompt time.
The title of Ancient does not refer to the age of the spirit but rather what the ghost represents.
Clockwork was not always the ancient of time it was an extremely well earned title. And pandora is ready to retire from her title as ancient of protection.
Danny is in Pandora's neck of the woods to properly return the ring of rage and crown of fire to their rightful home Pandora's box. Danny tries to be quick to get home and protect the innocent, and pandora knows that moment she has found her successor.
Tldr hey what if Danny became a god.
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nelkcats · 1 hour
The inbetween
Amity Park had been suffering from increasingly tense moments. After years the portal slowly became unstable, spilling a large amount of environmental ectoplasm into the city and producing various changes in its inhabitants.
Ghosts had stopped being a problem a long time ago but the G.I.W never stopped. They got to a point where they started seeing the Amity Parkers as ghosts due to their liminal state, which made the halfa very nervous.
Not knowing what else he could do, Danny sat on the roof of his house. He knew that the portal would explode, that asking the government for help was pointless, and that the Amity Parkers were growing more and more afraid. At least they were accepting their new changes with some amusement.
"I wish I could keep them safe" the halfa whispered. Knowing full well who was listening. For once Desiree took pity on him, probably because the townspeople were so kind once the ghosts stopped attacking.
The wish was granted and Amity disappeared from the map leaving warnings of danger on the printed maps. When the portal exploded the Realms and the city were combined. Leaving Amity as the most sensitive point to the land of the death and the union between both dimensions.
They had a hard time adjusting at first but found that they could get away from the town as long as they hid their new features and don't scare near cities. They created their own civilization and made contact with the ghosts of their deceased friends.
Years later, the legend of the lost civilization began to be told. Like planes and cars that disappeared whenever they entered the "A.P" perimeter on the map, similarly to the bermuda triangle but on the ground. And it didn't take long for people to become curious, of course none of them came back.
Constantine warned the League not to go, that the only wizard to leave the place refused to say anything about it, but told about ancient humans who had evolved to become one with death. The magician disappeared a few days later. The League decided to take the risk and investigate.
Sure, Amity wasn't holding anyone prisoner, just asking for a bit of discretion. People stayed because the sight of someone you've lost a long time, be it a voice or a spirit can make you lose your mind. And people used to move, to learn or meet again. Not that the League knew any of that.
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broken-blue-heart · 16 hours
I have made fanart for Rin_may_1103's DC x DP crossover fic called "Green Never Looked So Sad Until I Lost You" on ao3
Hopefully I didn't mess anything up or miss a few color strokes, I don't think I did but probably sooner or later I'll realize I made a color mistake. Maybe 😅
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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layyeschips · 27 days
Patron God/Ghost King au
where after a few centuries of boredom, Danny gets a sudden influx of college student worshippers but it's not too worrying since all the offerings he's gotten so far are just different snacks ranging from crackers to a full bowl of mac n cheese. Without any other options, he goes to the only halfa he knows who had finally settle down from dimension travelling to studying in a dimension where she knows the people wouldn't need an extra helping hands of a hero.
King Danny "get me out off paperwork" Phantom: Heya Dani, do you know if something happened that resulted in mass worshipping?
Danielle "I built a shrine of my brother in the empty storage closet of my dorm building to see if it would work" Phantom: gee golly I have no clue on what could have happened to result in that
Words tend to spread really fast especially when it comes to tired students who has nothing else to lose. Besides, after leaving a a potato chip on the creepy looking shrine in the storage room and feeling a strange wave of calm/relaxed/focus and passing that paper you've been struggling with for the whole year, who wouldn't keep doing it and leave even more snacks.
Next thing you know there'll be a creepy little shrine piled with snacks on top of it in empty storage rooms of different college and universities. Eventually the students find out what to call their entity of calm after one claimed to left their notebook in the storage only to find a little scribble that says Phantom in that slightly glowing and possibly toxic green ink.
In hindsight, Tim should have probably stayed at home and rest after staying up all night finishing a paper due the day after tomorrow but Bruce had asked if he wanted to tag along the JL meeting with the JLD because of... whatever it was Bruce mentioned so who in their right mind would say no to that. So now here he was half listening to the banter meeting about some eldritch entity that could be a threat to humanity and what offering should they provide to complete the summoning. Of course after hearing a familiar name of his preferred deity of submitting papers on time, the delirious boy never even registered what he said.
Tim "barely conscious on his 11th cup of Pedro Pascal's Starbucks order" Drake: Phantom?? give 'em poptart... green flavour...
[this was just a fun little thought but I might add on to it from time to time]
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phantom-dc · 1 month
A deal with the Ghost King
Part2 AO3
Danny was getting impatient.
He had been annoyed at being summoned, then exited when he found himself in the Justice League Watchtower. He was in space! But then the guy in the raincoat begun offering a piece of his soul in exchange for destroying a meteorite, and he had become annoyed instead. He doesn't want a soul! Doesn't this guy get he'd be Danny's slave for eternity? So taking a page off Clockwork's book, he said something cryptic and ominous so no one else tried to bribe him with souls. They had turned white and raincoat guy asked if they could be excused for a moment before pulling the other heroes into a different room. Wich, first off: Rude. Second: Danny couldn't leave the summonning circle unless he made a deal or if he was send back. At first he had been curious what they would offer him now, settling into a more humanoid form instead of the eldritch nightmare being summoned always forced him into. That had been a while ago though, and now he was getting impatient. They better come back soon so he can go deal with the problem. He'll do it for a Pop-tart at this point, as long as he can go break that overgrown space-rock!
Jason was pissed. Batman had ordered everyone to come to the Watchtower immediatly. Jason wasn't even allowed to wear his helmet (he scared the younger Leaguers), having to settle for a domino mask instead. Good thing he had 2, because Nightwing had even brought Alfred! Jason wanted anwsers, why did B rush them here? He hadn't even greeted or explained anything to them, just had Plastic-man bring them to a room to wait. But Jason was done waiting, so he stormed to the main briefing room. He expected B and his Justice club. Instead he found a glowing, floating hero. The floor glowed a bit beneath him, his skin tinted green and his hair floated as if underwater, a crown surrounded by its own northen light. He was beautifull. Anger forgotten, he made his way over, deciding to make some small talk. 'Hello there! Are you a new hero? I've never seen you before?'
Danny was startled. He'd been focussing on the door the heroes left through, trying to will them back. He hadn't even noticed the Liminal behind him until he spoke! He turned around, and was again caught of guard. Even with the Domino covering his eyes,he could tell this guy was really handsome! A mountain of chiseled muscles and a white streak of hair that gave him something mysterious. Oh crap, he was staring. What did he say again? 'Hello! I'm Phantom. It's nice to meet you!' The Liminal introduced himself as J. 'Anyone ever tell you you're drop-dead gorgeous?' Danny laughed. Hot and death puns? Yep, he's going for it. The Leaguers aren't back yet anyway.
Jason was kicking himself. Really? That's the best he could come up with? Thank god Phantom had seemed to like it. 'Well, it certainly wouldn't get a rise out of me if they did!' he said. 'So what are you doing here? I didn't see you at the meeting?' Jason shrugged. 'No idea actually. B called for all hands on deck, so here I am. What are you here for?' Phantom sighed. 'They got me here to deal with some stupid rock, but then ditched me here for an impromptu meeting. I just want to go take care of it, but I can't just leave.' Phantom looked annoyed. Jason asked if Phantom wanted a tour of the Watchtower, surely Flash could get him when they needed him? Phantom looked dejected. He couldn't leave without being dismissed. Jason decided to make a move. 'Ok, how about this: you deal with that rock, and afterwards, we can meet up in Gotham and I'll give you a tour there! Deal?' Phantom looked up, an inhumanly while smile on his face.
After that Phantom had left, saying the boyscouts had their chance. 'I look forward to our date!' He said and then dissapeared. Jason was exited! He went back to the others, who hadn't noticed he'd left. No matter, he had a date to plan!
Contantine was freaking out. The meteorite had proven too much for the Justice League. Most of their heavy hitters had been off-planet or out off commision. The damn thing was even made of kryptonite! He had no choice but to summon the only being that he knew of that could deal with it and could be bribed. He had offered the mighty Ghost King a piece of his soul, but been rejected! Batman had offered his own soul instead, but again this offer wasn't enough. The Ghost King explained there were billions of mortals about to become his subjects. Why trade that for 1 measily soul? He needed a better offer if they wanted his help. Panicked, Constantine had pulled the other League members into a different room, not wanting them to make a deal by accident. They were all making desperate suggestions. What could be worth more than every soul on Earth? They had made a list of magical and historical artifacts from every members background. It was a long shot, but the meteorite was getting too close. As they went back to the Ghost King they were praying it would be enough.
The King was gone. Suddenly in the distance the meteorite exploded. Someone had made a deal with the Ghost King, and no one knew who. What had they offered?
What could possible be worth more to the High King of the Infinite Realms than every living soul on Earth?
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spacedace · 24 days
Okay but the Justice League finds out their new baby hero teammate Phantom is the Ghost King by virtue of the Fright Night showing up while they're in the middle of a meeting, looking terrifying and such and scaring the shit out of everyone- even more so when Constantine starts freaking out over the fact that the sworn night of the King of the Infinite Realms is in the Watchtower what the fuck that's apocalyptically bad Pariah Dark is supposed to be locked the fuck up forever - but instead of trying to smite them all or yeet them into the nightmare dimension he just pulls out a space themed packed lunch??? And gives it to Phantom??
And the mildly eldritch giant murder ghost is talking about how "The Queen Mother commanded me to ensure you ate my Lord, she says you missed your morning meal."
And Phantom is just grumbling about over protective sisters and "there's a cafeteria i would have been fine" what the fuck is happening right now?
What do you mean "oops you forgot" Phantom I thought the ghost thing was just a theme!
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cozy-earthbaby · 11 days
Tumblr media
- almost every fic that has Danny meet Red Hood first
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justwannabecat · 3 months
Soulmate AU where, upon the youngest Soulmate turning 18, all have a dream the next time they sleep about the most important moment of their Soulmate’s life(or lives, if there’s more than one.)
For most people, this isn’t a huge issue. For the Batfam, it’s a huge problem.
But when Jason dreams of a boy who walked into a dark hole in the wall, only to hit a hidden switch, die of electrocution, and wake up as a ghost moments later?
Yeah, fuck Bruce. He’s finding his death buddy.
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crazycatgirl420 · 1 month
The Fine Print part 1
a dpxdc universe travel fic
Danny was bored. There wasn't much to do as Ghost King of the Infinite Realms. Every Realm of the Infinite in existence were fairly self sufficient. All Danny had to do whatever he wanted, and some official things every few thousand years.
He could see why Dark went mad, boredom does a number on you.
It was boredom that sent Danny digging through old rituals and ancient magic. It was boredom that made it seem like a good idea.
And so, the Ghost King reincarnated himself into a randomly chosen Realm, to live another human-adjacent life.
Danny rolled a lollipop between his teeth as he read over the contact. The demon, a minor one who would be lucky if they made any noticeable impact in their own Realm, never mind being noticed in the Infinite Realm, was kneeling on the ground.
"So, my father...John Constantine...sold me to you?" Danny asked. "This whole firstborn son thing,"
"Yes you little whelp-" Danny pulled out the lollipop, stabing the glowing green hard candy against the Demon's neck. they screamed, falling forward onto their hands. Danny shook off his candy, then climbed onto the Demon's back to sit.
"Manners," the six year old said.
The contract was simple. The demon would never impregnate an unwilling body, and in exchange Constantine would abandon his own firstborn son.
"It doesn't stipulate I've been abandoned to you," Danny said. "Just that oh father dearest has abandoned me, which he has fulfilled quite throughly."
Danny was amused, honestly. What a way to find out who his new father is!
"You have no power here," Danny said. "Leave."
And the demon did.
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alienzil · 1 month
DP x DC Prompt/notion #1
Danny is summoned by some superheroes. Maybe by accident or maybe they didn't know what they were doing but they don't really know who he is (or that he's the ghost king)
Danny isn't entirely honest about his powers or who he is for reasons and the Justice League mostly just classify him as an average power level teen hero and sign him up for the teen titans (or young justice, whichever).
After hanging out with the younger heroes for a bit, Danny gives them his summoning spell because it's the most reliable way to get ahold of him.
Danny's summing spell has very specific requirements (as is the norm) but after a while one of the other heroes gets annoyed at having to go through the whole process every time they need Danny (maybe Danny is going back and forth between Amity and the hero team and they have to summon him every few days?) Specifically, I'm picturing Red Robin. So he decides there has to be a better way.
There's a big battle and Danny isn't there. The teen heroes all have a pretty good idea by this point that Danny is more powerful than the Justice League knows. They're dodging explosions and flying debris and one of them shouts to Tim that they need to summon Danny, does he have the supplies?!
"Download the app!" Tim shouts back.
"App?!" they respond "What app?!"
"The app I made to summon Phantom, it's in our secure sever."
"That can't possibly work?! The summoning needs a circle drawn while chanting the spell!"
"The image of the circle is loaded on the screen and the spell plays via a recorded audio file. It actually works better because there's no way to mess up the incantation or the circle requirements since the app does it all!"
"You need 7 candles of pure beeswax!"
"That part's just about not being cheap with the lighting! That phone costs over a thousand dollars and has a backlit LCD screen with the highest resolution available. It exceeds the requirements."
"What about the blood?"
"There's blood inside your hand, your hand is holding the phone. It works fine. "
Naturally the app works and Danny shows up to help save the day.
I'm picturing one of the Justice League's bigger magic users (Constantine? Zatanna?) finding out about the app and they want to see it. This ultimately leads to them getting details on the summoning spell (presumably with some shenanigans along the way if the younger heroes know the secret and are helping Danny hide it) and finding out Danny is the ghost king.
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runfromthemedic · 1 month
Danny Phantom adopts more kids than Bruce Wayne
I’ve seen a lot of fics going around about how Danny will get summoned as the Ghost King via cultist and dpxdc fics going around and I had an idea.
So Danny (ages 14-16 ish depending) gets summoned a lot, and in those summoning's there is usually a sacrifice. Normally, if the sacrifices are kidnapped adults and the like Danny beats up the cultist and just lets the sacrifices go.
But what happens when the sacrifices are younger?
A literal child gets offered up, a soul contract binding them to Danny (probably as a slave or food or whatever, I just think like John Constantine’s contracts but without the con). Danny still beats up the cultist but now he has a kid with a soul contract that he can’t break without severe backlash happening to the kid and there already pretty hurt form the cultist.
Panicking and worried about the kid, Danny seals the contract but with some adjustments, so now for all intent and purposes he now has a kid. 
Danny takes the kid back to the Far Frozen for Frostbite to heal, constantly sending calming emotions to his new kid while panic texting Sam and Tucker they had a kid now and spamming Jazz with questions on how to parent.
Many freak-outs and logistic family meetings later and they’ve worked out a relatively (more like half-way) decent plan for parenting. The kid is very happy with the new and loving parents and auntie and things calm down as much as things can with three liminal teenagers, a half-dead one, and a elementary schooler can between parenting, going to school, ghost king duties, and hiding all of this from Jack and Maddie. 
Danny cries the first time the tot called him Dad. Sam and Tucker record this for blackmail. Danny gets even when Sam and Tucker breakout the waterworks when they get called Mom and Pops.
And then a few months later another summoning happens, this time with a 17 year old. They get adopted.
Five months after that, another summoning, this time with two 12 year old's. They get adopted.
Thirteen months after that, another summoning. The kids 15. Adopted.
Two months after that, summoning and there’s three of them. All adopted.
By the time Danny, Sam, and Tucker are about to hit college age they have thirteen kids give or take.  All of them call the Trio Dad, Mom, and Pops. Doesn’t matter if some of the kids are older. Team Phantom are the best parents most of them have ever had. Age is blatantly ignored in most situations. Dani is considered the oldest. The first adopted kid is considered the second oldest, etc.
Danny’s castle in the Infinite Realms has a room for all of this kids and portals going out into different dimensions depending on where the summoning happened. The Trio didn’t want to completely uproot any of their kids lives so they make sure all of the kids have the right records, access to schooling, etc. 
Cue two of the kids (maybe three if you want John Constantine drunkenly auctioning off his at the time non-existent first born, accidents happen, the whole hodgepodge family has a understanding to punch Constantine on sight if they ever see him on their siblings/sons behalf) being from the DC universe.
Older of the two goes to Gotham U (I think studying communications, politics, philosophy etc to be able to help Danny with his Ghost Kind Duties) and the younger getting a scholarship to the fancy rich kid school Damian attends. 
Danny’s kids are about as liminal as they can get between the adoption contract, all of the ectoplasm exposure, and the kids all living in the Infinite Realms the majority of the time. Damian and the younger get along like a house on fire be cause they have similar interest based on life. I think the older sibling somehow befriends Tim Drake, Tim possible develops a crush.
Batman is very paranoid about the two possibly metas around his kids
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ghostly-frogly · 1 month
That’s my kid
Danny was a grown ass man and if he wanted to adopt a feral homeless child then he will.
Being a king was hard work with a lot of jobs and responsibilities. Apparently one of those responsibilities was keeping in contact with the champion of magic. Pariah dark kinda failed that but there hasn’t been a champion for hundreds of years. When Danny went to the Rock of Eternity to meet the newest champion he wasn’t expecting a 12 year old homeless child. Obviously he had to take care of him. Billy was just a kid, he shouldn’t have to deal with all the bullshit of being a hero. But Danny couldn’t just forbid him from doing the hero gig, no that would be hypocritical. The best he could do was offer a warm place to sleep and some food for the kid. And maybe some actual combat training.
Danny was cooking dinner, well more like burning dinner, when he got a phone call from Billy. It was unusual because Billy was supposed to be in a justice league meeting.
“Hey kiddo what’s up?”
“They know!”
“The league knows I’m a kid!”
“Okay well how did they react?”
“I don’t know I ran away when they confronted me.”
“…I’ll be there in five.”
And now Danny has to yell at some heroes because that’s what dads do.
They defend their kid.
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nelkcats · 1 month
War Day
After Danny was crowned he decided that the truce party had to have a counterpart, after all ghosts became friends mostly through battles, and he assumed that one day letting them fight wouldn't be a bad thing, it might even help stir up some grudges.
This was how High King Phantom, ruler of the infinite realms inaugurated the long-awaited "Day of War" or just "War Day", a moment when the Infinite Realms naturally became chaotic; alliances were allowed but it was not advisable to trust on them.
And of course, you were free not to participate, you just had to put a blue or green band on your arm, or a little green clock in the backyard of your haunt so the ghosts would leave you, your haunt or your territory in general alone.
Danny thought of it as some kind of giant paintball day, only with no paintballs and full of aggressive ghosts with various powers, it was especially exciting since everyone knew there would be no hard feelings after it and they would end up in the king's palace eating sweets as little children.
They usually celebrated it on a day close to any celebration related to death in human world, when their powers were especially powerful and therefore everyone could have more fun.
The problem was that since Danny had human friends (liminals?) who came to play, they didn't really consider it weird when some humans fell into the realms by a natural portal, and since they weren't wearing any blue or green arm bands they were definitely in the game.
For their part, the family of bats along with some League allies found themselves literally standing on a field of war where everyone seemed to be going for the kill, Jason was strangely excited about it, as was Damian.
When Dick asked one of the locals for an explanation, a guy on a motorbike threw him into the air laughing and yelled "LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!"
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tphartz · 4 months
Tumblr media
It's been 84 years since I've drawn anything GhostKing Danny related holy shit, sorry I wasn't able to finish it tho but hope ya'll like it!
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blue-avis · 2 months
Dc X DP prompt/story idea
So Danny has teamed up with different Captain Marvels over the years (either via clockwork shenanigans, or the Dp universe is simply older then DC) and Billy has memorys of this badass Ghost coming to help his predecessors out of tight spots.
Billy brings him up offhandedly in a JL meeting and jokingly calls Danny his dad. (Oh that reminds me of when Phantom went all dad mode and stopped this powerful mage from killing me a few hundred years ago)
The JL finds some ancient pots or writings describing Phantom as a benevolent god. They connect the dots.
A demigod calling a being described as a god their father? Checks out.
The league really needs help with something or someone world ending (probably darkseid) and they are out of all options so they tell Marvel to call his dad. Even Bruce and Constantine are onboard because a being described as benevolent that is apparently one of the most powerful leaders dad is certainly the safest option then whatever else they have at the moment.
Billy internally freaks out and tells them he needs to go to the Rock of Eternity to call him because he lives in a another dimension/universe and it’s just safer contact him there. Billy books it to the rock sifting through memorys, spell books, and desperately asking Shazam for help because none of his predecessors ever contacted Danny he just showed up.
Billy eventually finds something to summon Danny and does so, not before getting some food as offering of course. Danny shows up either and a adult or a Elterich being because it’s just easier to have adults respect you when you look like that rather then a 14 year old.
When Danny sees Billy he’s instantly like ‘is that a 12 year old!?’ Because his powers as the ghost king and or being considered an ancient let’s him see through the magic that is Caption Marvels form. Billy tells Danny about the situation and Danny is concerned.
Depending on how the writer wants the fic to go Danny’s reaction would probably be either ‘I must help him at all costs because he’s like I was after the accident’ or ‘he’s way to young to be fighting such powerful beings, who do I give a piece of my mind to!’
It could easily be either Danny adopting Billy, or Danny and Billy becoming close friends that pretend to be father and son to mess with the JL and JLD
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