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kaydenverse · 10 months
i like to believe that simon “ghost” riley, the big boy with the skull mask, has dimples.
the rest of the task force doesn’t know this for the longest time cause, well, ghost always has the mask on so it’s hard to catch him smiling.
but one day they’re all seated together in a bar celebrating a successful mission and ghost has his mask pushed up to the bridge of his nose so he can sip on his drink. soap is on an absolute roll with his jokes tonight, they’re terrible dad jokes but it’s what he does best.
“oh! i got another one,” soap only grins harder when the group groans. “gaz, what do call a fish wearing a bowtie?” he stares at a lightly annoyed gaz seated across from him.
“… i don’t know, mctavish…” gaz has heard this one before but for soap’s sake he lets him tell it anyway. “what do you call a fish wearing a bowtie?”
“sofishticated.” soap beams a proud smile while gaz and price roll their eyes with small smiles.
ghost, now ghost, he had only intended to snort at his friends dumb joke but something about the stupid fish joke makes him crack a small, but noticeable smile.
the corners of his lips turn up for maybe two seconds at most but it’s enough for a dimple in both his cheeks appear and for his teammates to catch a glimpse.
soap is absolutely ecstatic the moment he sees them.
gaz stares for a moment then grins.
price says nothing but he is surprised nonetheless.
“i cannot believe that the simon “ghost” riley, one of the most feared people on the battlefield, has dimples. and i made ‘em appear.” soap nudges ghost’s shoulder with a gentle bump of his fist. the pride drenching soap’s words nearly make ghost smile again.
ghost glares at soap but there’s no real maliciousness or annoyance behind it, in fact soap could swear it’s a playful look.
“and i can’t believe you’ve still got god awful jokes.” ghost lands a flick on soap’s forehead.
man i cant stop the call of duty brain rot and idk if i ever will
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michaelthejesse · 6 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Another post off @cod-dumps post??? Yes. (I love drawing blob-ghost sm it’s so cute)
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tomurderornottomurder · 11 months
sleeper; ghost/simon riley
pair. simon "ghost" riley x gn!reader
summ. you fall asleep on ghost's shoulder, he doesn't know how to react
gen. fluff, angst
tw. mentions cod typical violence themes and topics, sleep deprivation, trust issues
wc. 1k
note. recovering from top surgery and this man has infected my brain i love him <3
- it had been a long mission. a 78-hour mission to be exact. all 78 hours stuck in a sniper's nest all for one target. but that's a part of your job and at least you had ghost to take shifts with and soap watching your and ghost's six. plus ghost and soap's banter had kept you quite awake and entertained.
- though there were those long moments where you all had to keep quiet and hold your breath. those moments that lasted for hours where you just had to stare through your scope in hopes your target would pop his head out. those moments where you were ready to just jump from the roof.
- but there were also your little breaks with ghost where you two momentarily stepped down the stairs to stretch out before switching places. ghost and you would share a look or two and sometimes soap would chime in over comms usually teasing one or both of you. you'd both roll your eyes before taking your places again.
- there was also ghost's terrible sense of humor and soap's incomprehensible accent. but through it all, you made it. and maybe those things are endearing about them. just a little bit.
- basically, it was a long mission. and you were extremely tired. so was soap who was already passed out sitting across from you on the plane and you knew ghost had to be though he didn't show it. he never did.
- you'd seen him sleep before on those week and month or more long missions. but it was almost rare. he always seemed to be the last to fall asleep, like he had to be. but you had seen him sleep. it wasn't exactly anything special, he looked like any of the other guys sleeping but it was nice to see him get some rest.
- you, too, had that habit of needing to be the last asleep. at least usually. you could go without sleep far longer than most of the squad. and that habit is what gave you the rare view of a sleeping ghost. again, it wasn't exactly anything special but it was a nice sight. it helped you sleep, too, knowing that he could. you trust his instincts and if he felt safe so could you.
- but back to the present. soap snores from the other side as you slowly blink, trying to keep awake just till you get back, you think. but it's not working. not at all. the hum of the plane mixed with your lack of sleep in the past three days, the presence of two of your closest and most trusted friends, and the mind-numbing boredom taking over hit you like a train.
- you kept blinking, trying to keep yourself awake but you couldn't fight it anymore. you gave in to sleep, closing your burning and dry eyes, immediate relief flooding your body. soon after that, your body slumps a little, leaning onto ghost.
- as soon as your head touches his shoulder, he looks over at you. he's not expecting you to be passed out on his shoulder and he's actually at a bit of a loss. he doesn't want to wake you, you deserve the rest but he isn't the greatest at dealing with social interaction. especially an interaction where someone is so close to him (and he's not stabbing them with a knife or gunning them down).
- at first, he tries to ignore it sort of, just sit there and let you rest without acknowledgment and keeping his eyes forward and on soap who somehow is just peacefully snoring away. then again he thinks it's better this way, soap would just tease him or say something stupid (which really aren't that different from each other).
- then, seeing as the only other person around beside you and him is asleep, he looks at you for a little while. ghost thinks it's nice to see you sleep. he knew you were just like him, able to go forever without sleep, and yet in this moment you were slumped against him. he knew you had seen him sleeping before. he knew that some nights, long nights where he could hear you unable to stop moving around or just audibly unable to sleep that you'd watch him, the rise and fall of his chest, and after a little while you, too, could finally fall asleep. he wondered why. he hadn't noticed you do the same with anyone else. so why him?
- he knew probably too much but he couldn't answer his own questions. he didn't feel like he could ask you for some reason. like leaving it unanswered was better. for the both of you. more for himself. it was difficult being close to people. he wouldn't want to get too close too fast though now that he thought about it, he hasn't thought the same about soap or anyone else on the squad really—just you. for some reason.
- ghost looks back over to soap who is still asleep, thank heavens, and then back at you again. he turns away before the pilot can announce that you'll all be back in three hours.
- ghost sighs and turns to you yet again before accepting his fate. this shouldn't be so bad. you're just sleeping on his shoulder.
- you trust him enough to sleep on his shoulder.
- that hits ghost like a ton of bricks. he trusts you too of course but- he's gotta let it sink in and he does, pondering in silence as his two partners sleep soundly.
- he won't go to sleep himself. he never can that easily but for another reason too. to protect you and johnny. make sure the plane lands where it's supposed to, you get where you're supposed to, and no possible stowaways could surprise any of you.
- so, he gets a little more comfortable -just a bit- as much as he can with you on him and settles in for the plane ride. he is still on alert -as he almost always is- but he smiles beneath that mask of his as you seem to scoot just a little closer. he can't help it. and it's not like anyone else would see it.
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daewithmon · 1 month
Tumblr media
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mandofury · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He's more then deserving of being the daddiest of the daddies
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warnersister · 8 months
GHOST Imagine
Swiss Ghoul x Reader
Ghost x Reader
Ghost Bc
Ghost Band
Warning(s): this imagine is aimed at a female or Afab! Reader, or a reader that is comfortable having given birth / being pregnant!
…Imagine if you were in the Apothecary’s room in the Church after having just given birth to yours and Swiss’ baby boy, and he was swaying him on his chest - skin to skin contact to warm him up - and Swiss was singing ‘beautiful boy’ to him. 🥰
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punkcakestrike · 11 months
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2am and the brainrot is there
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livndyee · 10 months
Tumblr media
i just want him to give me a pat on the head .
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gomzdraws · 2 months
Dark rituals Ghost skin…..
Tumblr media
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juven-complex · 7 months
Simple Ghost Quartz Valentine theme ! 💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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squidkid15 · 8 months
For the Ghost AU -- Do any of the characters that Wukong knew way back in his youth learn about his death, or meet his ghost? (Like Nezha, DBK+family, Ao Guang, for instance?)
We haven't messed with it too much, but yes. Eventually a decent chunk of them find out, and it always hurts.
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nii-chans-rabiddogs · 2 months
TWs: Child abuse, dehumanization(?). hi i didnt forget about my boy whatre you talking about finally managed to write something :) i barely checked this over so it isnt the best but its mine so :D
@cupcakes-and-pain @maracujatangerine
I sat behind the boxes again. Jake said I shouldn’t have to hide like that, but Jake isn’t here and he can’t do anything anyways. Jake is nice, though, ‘cus he always gives me candies at the library. And sometimes he- oh no. 
“Jaxton. Get over here. Now.” Mr. Anderson snapped, standing at the top of the basement stairs. I slowly unhid myself, and walked up the stairs. I didn’t speak, cus last time he got really really mad and made me wear a bark collar. I still can’t talk without flinching.
“Why did the school call me.” It wasn’t a question. I didn’t look at him, already feeling numb. Hopefully he’ll just lock me out again, anything is better than the freezer. Well, except maybe the doghouse, if he chains me up again. That was the worst week.
“.....sorry, sir….” I mumbled eventually, when Mr. Anderson started doing that weird foot-tapping and heavy breathing thing he always did when he was angry. He scoffed, before shoving me back and pointing down the stairs. I felt numb and distant already, as he pointed at the freezer. “Get your pathetic ass in there.” He shoved me again, and I nearly fell down the stairs. I could hear his footsteps behind me, before Mrs. Anderson called out.
“No, no, dear. I called the repair men over, remember? Put him in his doghouse, or the attic.” I stared at the floor. Maybe I’ll get the attic? Please?
“Darling, we had to get rid of the doghouse last week. And he is far too loud for the attic, the bastard will do something for attention. You know how he is.” I glanced up at Mr. Anderson, starting to feel hopeful. I ignored Mrs. Anderson’s reply, waiting to be told to go outside. They only ever let me out of the house for school, and…. Er. Anyways, I get to go outside now! They don’t trust me in the house while other people are over, unless I’m in the freezer or wearing the collar. But the collar is gone now, cus I buried it at the park, so they gotta let me outside! 
Mr. Anderson shoved me for the third time, towards the front door. I stumbled up the stairs, running out of the house as fast as I could. I ran to the library, knowing Jake would be there. He’s always there.
“Jesus, runt! What’s up with you, huh?” He yelled out, standing just in front of the library. I smiled awkwardly at him, shrugging. Talking was still hard some days, but Jake said it’d get better, and Jake is always right. Kinda. Sometimes.
“Out, out of, of the house.” I mumbled, breathing heavily from the run. Talking was hard, and I always struggled to talk loud enough after the collar.
“They let you out today? That’s… Uh, nice. Say, the library just got more books, and Ms. Lydia said they have more snake books.” He smiled at me, and I smiled right back at the mention of snakes. Snakes are awesome, and cool, but not as cool as dragons. 
I flinched a little as he grabbed my wrist, but he was really soft and nice, so I didn’t pull away. I followed behind him, and he brought me to our normal spot, but this time it had a red bean bag chair. I flopped down into it, and Jake went over to talk to the library person. I hope the new books were more focused on snakes, though. One book was just about people, and why they cared about snakes, but the actual snake part was really small and not very fun. “Hey, buddy. You’re real quiet today. Well, quieter than normal. It’s like I have my own little ghost.” Jake was crouching next to me, when did he get there? And- wait.
“.....Ghost?” Ghost was nice, that was a nice name. Better than Jaxton, though. Jaxton was cool, but not as cool as Ghost. “That’s my name now.” I decided, and Jake just looked at me. He shook his head, before nodding and smiling at me again. Weird.
“Okay, then. They’re still unpacking the books, so we need to wait for a bit, buddy. But, I got a brand new coloring book for you, AND it has dragons.” He handed me a book and some colored pencils. I started flipping through the coloring book because dragons are awesome and cool and amazing and needed to be colored immediately. Jake just laughed and ruffled my hair before grabbing his book and sitting down next to me. 
I made sure my dragons were the most colorfullest things ever, cus dragons are the best and being just one color is boring and sad. Dragons are cool, but I don’t like hydras, because with their heads you can have lotsa friends, but only if you hurt the first friend, and that’s sad and mean. My favorite favorite dragon is Toothless, but I don’t like how normal he acts. Like, he was ‘sposed to be feral, and dragony, but he acts really human later on. I feel like Hiccup should’ve become more dragony, cus being a dragon is far better than being a human. But my favorite dragon that Hiccup petted was the speedstingers, cus they look like velociraptors from Jurassic park and that’s really really cool.
“Buddy, you doing good? You know, the name ‘Ghost’ is starting to fit you more and more, bud. C’mon, talk to me.” I huffed, pouting at Jake but he pulled my coloring book away and I had to throw a pencil at him for that crime. “Uh, hi. I was-” I flinched, breath hitching as I grabbed at my throat. Jake just hummed, patting my knee gently. I rubbed at my neck, not feeling the collar and sighing a little. “Was coloring my, er, dra-gons.” My voice cracked and I wasn’t able to talk louder than a whisper, but I was talking, and that was nice. Talking was really hard, especially when someone made me do it. But Jake was nice, and he never yelled at me, or made me speak louder, or told me to shut up, so he made it fun. 
“And, and there was a kitty. Wi-th my dragons, and that was nice.” I smiled at Jake, and he smiled back at me and ruffled my hair again. I liked it when he ruffled my hair, it felt nice and he never yanked like the other kids at school, and he was always really soft and nice and just really cool. I wanted to talk more, but my throat hurt and I was tired and talking was hard. I shook my head, and Jake sighed before giving me my lollipop, and it was chocolate which was the best flavour. 
“Okay, buddy. Guess you’ll just be my little shadow today, huh? My very own Ghost.” I nodded, and Jake smiled again. He smiled a lot, and always had snacks or bandaids on him which was nice, and he always made sure to help me with my homework if it was too hard. He was really good at math, since he was a junior, and he made math easy to do.
Jake gave me back my coloring book, and I started humming around my lollipop. I hurt my throat a little, but it was nice and Jake gave me another lollipop for it so I kept at it. I liked making Jake happy, it’s easy and he never gets mad when I mess something up or don’t wanna do something. Jake is nice. He never forgets about me, and he even lets me play on his phone if I get really super bored. He said he’d help me get out of the house more often, too, but I dunno. No one ever cares about what happens in the house. I hope Jake doesn’t leave like the others did, when they found out about the house. Jake can’t leave me, though, he promised and even pinky sweared to stay. He won’t leave me behind.
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michaelthejesse · 9 days
Tumblr media
Y’all know that one song that goes “Can I steal a little kiss, sir?” Or something like that. So here’s Ghost giving Soap a lil smooch (I’m so normal about them)
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Tumblr media
guess who just got hollow knight
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samnook · 2 years
calamity duo
Tumblr media
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fairyysoup · 2 months
i just randomly wanted to stop by and say i love you. no real reason just wanted to give a surprise hug
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NO BC I WAS ABOUT TO DROP INTO YOUR ASKS!!!! it's the psychic connection for me omg 💕💕 im lov u
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