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Ghost getting sick, delirious with fever, and begging Johnny not to leave him. At first Soap thinks he's just asking him to stay to take care of him, but as Ghost slips further away from lucidity he's nearly crying and begging until Soap realizes he's actually pleading with him not to leave him for good, the feverish state acting as almost a truth serum for his hidden fears.
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sesameowo 1 day
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miriena 19 hours
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You know what?! * Affectionately dangles Soap like a ferret*
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ghcstao3 2 days
though they鈥檙e both active, soap is the only one with active hobbies between him and ghost
so ghost is absolutely one to complain about everything hurting every time soap insists they go on a hike or something of the like, but for ghost it鈥檚 also a constant battle between spending more time with soap versus doing something he doesn鈥檛 want to and the former almost always wins
for soap, he鈥檚 just learned how to counteract the complaints by promising things later, and it鈥檚 become a fail-proof method
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adas-trashheap 2 days
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'love me gently'
(please don't ask me how the physics of this pose work. I have no idea :) )
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prettyrammy 16 hours
Soap : I'll tell you, jail is no fun.
Ghost : you been in jail?
Soap : once, in monopoly.
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iciclehandds 2 days
Ghost is a kind of insomniac that can stay up until he's body is trembling with exhaustion and then there is soap who sleeps early as fuck compared to many, wakes up at 4am to go jogging sees ghost still up and wandering around then comes back around 5-6am to take a shower and finally buys a big package of melatonin afterwards when he gets out of shower at 6:30 and sees ghost casually making himself tea
"aren't you thinking about sleeping at all?"
"i will sleep soon, it's still early"
"yeah right maybe cause it's FUCK陌NG MORN陌NG"
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somnolentpavana 2 days
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鈥淗ello there, handsome!鈥 John exclaimed loudly after tracing the sensation of being watched back to Simon, leaning on the bar with his chin propped up on his knuckles, 鈥淚f I weren鈥檛 a happily married man, you would be just my type.鈥 The effect was diminished by the sweaty hair stuck to his forehead and lipstick smears on his cheek.
鈥淚鈥檓 here to take you home, grab your coat.鈥 Simon reached for the hand closest to him but it was rapidly withdrawn as John stood to his full height and the friendliness was instantly shed.
鈥淚 just said I鈥檓 married! I鈥檓 sorry you took it that way but I鈥檓 not going home with you, mate.鈥 John yelled above the roar of the music, sidestepping away from Simon, taking Alba along with him and broadcasting his discomfort with body language.
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istanmyman 2 days
Imagine Medieval AU Prince!Soap & knight!Ghost
I love this AU so this might be a story idea I'll eventually write.聽
What if Soap was the heir, next in line to receive his throne from his father, king Price. Trusted advisor Shepherd betrays king Price and tries to kill both him and Soap. Some of the corrupt knights, like Graves鈥檚 and his shadowknight unit, kill the king and try to assassinate Soap as well under Shepherd's orders. Ghost prevents it, taking his prince to safety and trying to stay under the radar with him while they both have to pretend to be travelers.聽
They wander around, hiding, plotting for a way to get Soap on his fathers throne while having to watch Shepherd lie and betray his way to power from a safe distance. Soap grieves his fathers death and learns from Ghost ways to survive their new situation; stealing, working hard, lying, hiding their faces. It鈥檚 grueling, but Soap manages to enjoy some small things, like the new places they visit, living a rule free and unpretentious lifestyle and connecting with Ghost over their time spent together. Helping each other survive, sharing rooms at inns and telling tales over campfires and under starry nights gives them plenty of opportunity to open up.聽
Maybe Soap had been interested in Ghost from the first time they met, when his father had assigned the man as his personal guard. Soap would鈥檝e been so curious about why he is the only knight hiding his face, why he went by Ghost and not his given name. Soap would be told all he wanted to know about the man during their time on the run. Ghost would slowly open up about his mercenary past and how Price had saved him from such a cruel lifestyle. How he had sworn to become a knight to thank the man and would protect his son as a way to pay back this kindness.聽
Soap would question if he isn鈥檛 ever fed up with being on the run because of him, with being hunted down and having to go back to such a similar lifestyle again. Ghost says he doesn鈥檛 mind, that he could鈥檝e left if he wanted to, yes, but he鈥檚 grown fond of a certain prince, so he wouldn鈥檛 mind staying with him a bit longer.
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theradiosilent 4 months
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Tumblr media
My first attempt at a little comic strip, have mercy 侃(锝♀⑻佲库⑻锝)鄱 Ghost is very invested in his cookie jar.
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ghoul-gone 7 months
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Imma need to take a bite of this man
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I had this idea that when Soap knows Ghost is going to be returning late from a mission but he won't be awake to greet him, he leaves a cup of tea outside his door.
And then I thought about Ghost not returning, being presumed KIA, and Soap continuing to take the cold tea away the next morning and leave a new mug at night just in case.
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rinnypyon 26 days
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Kindergartens AU scribble!
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hextechmaturgy 2 months
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just another excuse i found to draw ghost like that ngl
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ghcstao3 3 days
i wrote the. i wrote the civilian!soap hitman!ghost roommates au
4.8k words. rated teen summary:
Soap has lived a peaceful three years with his roommate, Ghost, despite everything just fundamentally聽odd聽about the man. And then Soap finds out that Ghost is a hitman, and that he also happens to have feelings for his roommate. In that order.
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adas-trashheap 7 hours
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'Chapped lips'
I posted this months ago and took it offline again. So if you already saw this, I'm sorry. I don't have anything else to post tho. I hope to post my new mini comic on Tuesday. Until then, this will have to do :(
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