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oddlydrawnpuppets · 2 days
A drawing of the infinite realms? With more to come? YO?!
Tumblr media
This is what I imagine Danny’s keep would look like, once becoming king. A castle full of life, surrounded by stars, a stark contrast to the rest of the realms, but the influence of his reign would vastly change the desolate landscape, bringing life to the realms and restoring the balance Pariah Dark destroyed
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lord-of-0blivion · 15 days
Ok, so Danny rules all afterlifes, and being the clown hating little shit he is goes:
◇Sky goes green over Gotham◇
"Listen and hear this Royall decree!"
"I, Phantom, God-King of all afterlifes hearby say"
"That as long as your crimes do not exceed his, and you are willing to repent,"
"So long as you kill the Joker, all your sins will be absolved and you will be granted entry into your Heaven of choice!"
Jason-*Sheds a tear* Fuck yeah! *Fist bump*
Harley-*Evil grin*
Ivy-*Evil grin... but in green*
The rest of the bafamily-"Does this mean-"
The rest of the bafamily-"But God said so!"
John 'Fuck my life' Constantine-"I need a drink.... Who emptied all the pubs!?" (By bad luck he just happened to be in Gotham)
The rest of Gotham-*Party! Umptz! Umptz!* (Also emptied all the pubs)
The Joker-"Uh oh..."
Danny 'Fuck that clown in particular' Phantom-*Literally splits his head in two like a nightmare cheshire cat grinning*
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confusedlittlebastard · 3 months
DP x DC Prompt #2
Danny had been doing odd jobs and favors for Clockwork since the master of time had saved him from becoming his evil timeline self. He went to the past, did whatever thing he had to do to fix the timeline, then left. Some times, he walked through the Infinite Realms to get to whenever he had to go to. Other times, he just walked through the actual time stream while on earth to get to wherever he had to. Most times, he ended up needing to use both.
There he was, on one of the rare days he had to do something in his own time, walking arround as Phantom while time was so slowed he felt like he was in one of Clockwork's time outs. He was arround Missury for some reason, close to a city. Center Town or something? Pretty narcissistic if you ask him, but who was he to talk.
On another news, Barry Allen decided to patrol a bit when suddently he felt something massive through the Speed Force. Not big big as in, y'know, size, but more like big as in feeling. A big, dangerous aura. Whatever was making that, it was powerfull.
He went to check out what was making that because, even if it felt further from Central City than he was comfortable with going, whatever that thing was also felt a bit too cose for his comfort.
He ran as fast as he could, which was pretty darng fast if he says so himself, yet it was nothing compared to whatever the being that had the weird precence could do, apparently.
Something was outrunning the freaking Flash.
It was the first time since the accident that Barry had felt slow, and he decided he didn't like it one bit. To add insult to injury, he didn't actually catch up to it. It felt him, and decided to turn arround.
Barry was still inside the Speed Force when he felt himself almost disconnect to it. He didn't leave the Force, he just felt like he lost all control over it. Somehow, that felt even worse. It made him feel small and insignificant.
In less than a second, the being was right in front of him. It moved faster than what the Flash could see, while he was still inside the fucking Force. Was he freaking out? He felt like freaking out.
If he had thought the being's aura was suffocating before, now he was actively drowning in it. He realized that, if whatever he was staring at wasn't a god, it was something pretty close to it.
And it looked like a white-haired, green-eyed teenager in what looked like a hero costume.
Danny, on his end, is confused because this man is very clearly not a ghost??????? How???? Was he using the GZ's time manipulation thingy???? If he wasn't dead????????
Shennanigans ensue, Danny is confuzzeld and Barry is experiencing the Cosmic Horror Beyond ComprehensionTM experience and he is most definitel not having a fun time.
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cursedzucchini · 1 month
You know what? Fuck it
DC x DP prompt #3
I think at least lmao.
Anyway! Jason starts making videos on YouTube for one reason or another (is really stressed, no one listens to his rants Abt books who cares). His content is mostly bad books he read or really really really long rants Abt pride and prejudice. Like 3 hours on one tiny detail he noticed on his 214th read through.
He's kinda popular, mostly bc his terrible books videos. He talks Abt the ones that made him the most mad, which coincidentally are mostly romance and supernatural. Like he's one of the well known figures in the supernatural romance critique group (whcih is pretty small, but well). (Also he doesn't show his face on camera, bc secret identity and stuff, it's just his voice over a video of something mundane, like the sky or a room in which is a fly or something)
And now this can go two ways, that i can think of (w dead on main in mind at least)
1) one day Jason finds a book which is supernatural romance and is actually good. It has a kidna cliche system for the supernatural stuff, but with a refreshing twist. The characters have depts and flaws, yet are still very likable. The plot is actually interesting and overall the story's theme is death, not belonging anywhere and overall stuff that is very close to Jason's heart. The story doesn't shy away from violence and it is suprisingly accurate.
(I'm.gonna reblog this w pretty long idea of what this book could be Abt, bc i don't wanna annoy ppl lol)
Anyway Jason kinda falls in love w it, and it becomes famous for being the first novel Jason rated positively or something.
Meanwhile Danny, who was told by jazz writing is good way to get his feeling out, and just wanted to make a quick buck, is really fucking confused how tf did his book become so popular and who tf is this nerd who rates books for a living.
(basically big fan Jason and suspicious/awkward Danny lmao)
2) there is a famous series on Jason profile. It's the worst fucking series he ever read and it's just fucking awful. All the characters are fucking terrible, always going on and on about one thing, the romance sucks in a way that isnt even funny. Jason would love to believe some wrote this as a joke, if it wasn't for the absolute cringefest this was, and it wasn't a whole ass series!! Like who writes 12 books for a joke?
Danny ducking Fenton that's who. Dude was so ducking annoyed at his rogues, he threatened them w writing a terrible romance novels abt them. The ghosts, knowing his terrible grade in literature backed off for a moment, before someone crossed the line. And write Danny did. It was the worst thing he had ever written, the love interest was perfect caricature yet still faithfully go the original. And Danny, because fuck them he lost sommuch sleep over that one prank, decided to publish it. (The book was pretty thin so it didn't take that much time writing it). Unfortunately it became immensely popular in the infinite realm. So the ghosts started crossing lines on purpose. Before Danny figured it out, he had already published his fifth book and was writing another three. After some bargaining, getting a book written Abt them as a piece of shit love interest became a reward.
And while yeah, he had to say his writing was terrible and the books sucked, some small part of him was kinda proud y'know? Like a mother of her twelve ugly as fuck toddlers.
So when he saw some nerd on the internet not only shit talk his book, but also get money of it?
Danny decided to haunt him (just like his books did him, now that everyone knew Abt them thanks to this guy)
(enemies (sorta it's not that serious tho) to lovers ala terrible writer Danny who hates his books and kinda famous YouTuber hasn't who also hates Danny's books)
Fuck this is way too long wtf. Anyway imma reblog this w 1) book idea. Might add whatever i think the twelve books could be Abt. Pls if u want to add anything to this pls do!!
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hithisiszooz · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Walker and Danny playing Go Fish in Walker's office
Walker: so when are you friends going to come to rescue you? Danny: give them five minutes Walker: you said that thirty minutes ago
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thebooo-merang · 7 months
Tumblr media
green is the new black
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neurotraum · 1 year
Tumblr media
There are only mirrors around...
Are these mirrors for sure?
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playedcrowd5610 · 2 months
Tumblr media
Danny Phantom Orb Gif
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manapeer · 7 months
Somewhere, in the ghost zone.
Red Robin : Wait, do we even know if the air is safe to breathe, here?
Tucker : Oh, don't worry about it, there's no air at all.
Red Robin, very slowly : ...then how an I breathing?
Tucker, hesitantly : Sheer force of will?
Red Robin : ...
Sam : We actually have no idea.
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kellen-kat · 1 year
Tumblr media
I have loved Daniel Fenton with my entire heart since I was 12, and I think young me would be so happy that I’m still drawing our favourite ghost boy
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ectokelpeigh · 8 months
You know that fic trope where Danny has to be near a portal because the ambient ectoplasm sustains/recharges him etc etc and if he’s too far or away for too long he gets tired and weak
What if we had the opposite: he needs to visit the GZ or be near a portal because he generates more energy internally than his body can handle, and it needs somewhere to go.
If he doesn’t have that outlet, his powers go haywire. It’s like the beginning of Urban Jungle where his ice powers are overloading, but it’s not restricted to the ice
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oddlydrawnpuppets · 13 hours
Tumblr media
A drawing of what the Royal gardens might look like. Many ghosts visit as all are welcome, and many animal ghosts make the gardens their home.
Do you remember the Elsewhereness? In the Danny Phantom universe, the Elsewhereness is a place where all fear, pain, and misery don't exist. Every ghost wants to be there, but no ghost knows where it is. Some ghosts who have gone to Danny’s keep, Believe it is the closest to the Elsewhereness that ghost can get. When they enter into his domain, they immediately feel peace, security, and community.
Most ghosts just visit, but some have made their permanent homes inside of his domain. Danny doesn’t mind of course, he has enough room, as long as they keep the peace he’s more than willing to share.
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lord-of-0blivion · 16 days
Ok, so you know how monarchs and governments, could like issue papers to, like make legal pirates?
Picture this:
Phantom is a king.
He so incredibly done and wants a vacation.
He issues said piracy papers to "Danny Fenton"
Que legal pirate chaos gremlin Danny.
And he goes ALL the way in on the pirate shtick.
Accent, eyepatch, old wooden literally ghost ship (not that anyone notices, so maybe just a liminal ship), crew (Could either be his rogues or just ghost goons) Or, he goes up to the goonion and hires a crew.
Cue the goonion stareing incredulously.
This twink that looks like a summer breeze could blow him off his feet wants to start a pirate crew?
Eh, more like privateers, so it's thenically legal (He has the papers, tho they have never heard of the GZ), the pay is good and and he covers everything from dental to parenthood.
Maybe even become a space pirate.
Also insert Youngblood.
Shenanigans ensue
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theghostlykat · 11 months
Tumblr media
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daydreaming-bee · 4 months
More DP crossover thoughts
( I specifically think of the Justice League ) but what would other people who just meet Danny, and he just blows peoples minds by talking about the Immortal Realms / Ghost Zone
Danny: “did I ever tell you all the myths about the Bermuda Triangle have some truth? The Bermuda Triangle is one of the largest natural portals on Earth!”
Danny: “oh no, don’t worry no ghosts fight in December. Why? Because there’s the Christmas Truce, well technically it’s just the Holidays Truce but who’s looking for specifics? … what do you mean you don’t understand.. breaking the Christmas Truce is like really bad. I mean really most of my favorite presents are from the ghosts that ‘torment’ me daily. No their not really enemies, more like frenemies.”
Danny: “did I tell you about the time I started a prison riot in the Ghost Zone? No! I’m not a criminal! Walker; that’s the Prison Warden, he makes up outrageous rules and then sentences you to jail for like a thousand years! I wasn’t just gonna sit there!”
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some-rotten-nest · 1 month
Okay, this is fully inspired by: The Ghost of Wayne Manor
But I'm going to write it anyway becuase I'm low-key in love with my interpretation of it.
When Dick was little and recovering from his trauma of seeing his parents be killed and becoming Robin shortly after he would always try to convince Bruce and Alfred that there was a Ghost in the house. And there was!
His name was Danny Phantom and he liked to haunt the study the most, then the library for the astrology books in there, and he played the piano! Well, he played badly, but it was funny to child Dick how he messed up the keys when he tried to play something.
He and Dick would talk during the night when they could, Danny showing himself, and Dick quickly learned of Danny Phantom as the world's first superhero! But when he tried to tell Alfred or Bruce, Danny never showed any sign on him, no flickering lights, to creaking steps, nothing!
Alfred and Bruce began thinking of this 'Danny Phantom' character as Dick's imaginary friend, no matter how much Dick said he wasn't imaginary.
One day Danny just left, and according to Dick he had 'to go rule his realm, which is a sister realm of ours, and it's called the Ghost Zone!'
Either way, years passed and now Danny Phantom was only brought up as a way to tease Dick while Dick would just roll his eyes and say he is real, he was sure of it
Then during one random day while the family had gathered, all of a sudden, the piano started playing badly enough to make Alfred frown.
Damian instantly ran to the study, assuming it was an intruder, sword in hand as Dick followed him, filled with nostalgia and childish joy. Bruce and Alfred followed out of concern.
There was nothing in the study except for the sound of the piano.
Everyone grew confused except Dick, who grinned ear-to-ear, and happily said, "Hey Danny, been a while."
The lights flickered and the curtains moved.
"oh so now you show yourself?" Dick complained, the piano stopped playing off-key songs.
"Dick, explain." Bruce demanded sternly.
Dick gave him a smug look, "what? Oh, don't worry about that, I'm just talking with my imaginary friend. Aren't I?"
Dick was tackled onto the floor shortly after as he laughed.
"Danny!" He called out, "okay, okay, I'm sorry! You're real!"
Or, alternatively, everyone had some kind of story about the ghost in Wayne manor.
Jason said the ghost helped him hide from Bruce and Alfred when the stole the last cookie.
Tim said the ghost would freeze his coffee solid if he worked late.
Steph said the ghost would help her find stuff she'd lost.
Barbara said the ghost would hand her stuff she couldn't reach.
Damian, no matter how much he refused to use the word ghost, said the ghost would grab him some new paint when he was running low.
If anyone does anything like this please tag me want to see!
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