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Results: Ghosts Showdown
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You Have Voted For Your Favourite Character, and it’s
The Captain (UK Ghosts)
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It’s funny how different they both are with their own ghosts.
Alison loves them a lot but I think Sam is definitely a lot more patient with her ghosts lmao
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you know i had to
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steadfast · 11 days
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jamiemegad3thbsb · 1 month
Watching US Ghosts and comparing it to the pure genius of UK Ghosts is one of my favourite pasttimes - I have come up with some excellent arguments to support the greatness of the latter, such as:
UK Ghosts has so much more heart and is more emotional (Ben Willbond's episodes can be SO depressing)
UK Ghosts is so much funnier in more subtle ways
US Ghosts never allows much time for character development; UK Ghosts has had some beautiful examples of character growth which have occurred over the course of all of the seasons
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noobsomeexagerjunk · 2 months
Potential Ghosts B-Plot/Gag Idea: Mike buys a roomba. Many of the ghosts are intrigued and impressed by the device. Mike later catches Alison laughing at the roomba bumping into walls by itself, confused but pleased to see his wife is happy. Apparently, Julian has placed Humphrey's head onto the robot vacuum cleaner and everyone is laughing at the sight of his head being dragged around by the machine.
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valiantdust · 3 months
It was only a matter of time before Alison got Thomas listening to The Smiths but oh my goodness was it worth it when it finally happened.
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danepopfrippery · 6 months
Now to a show/s i dont get annoyed by: Ghosts (uk and us). Oddly s2 us and s4 uk just premiered like back to back.
I think Jay (us) and Mike (UK) should be allowed to see the ghosts even if its just a day for some spooky reason or injured reason. They want to so badly. Mike considered falling out the same window and Jay was giddy when he thought hed seen Pete.
Also im glad Issac got his bf but I think the Captain deserves something too.
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redpool · 3 months
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askthecaptainn · 3 months
hey cap! describe yourself in three words
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movie--posters · 2 months
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one of the secret awesome things about these polls is that I’m luring in a bunch of ghosts fans and now have a list of blogs to look at for content
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I don’t know if this makes sense but when it comes to Ghosts UK and US I feel different vibes in the relationships the ghosts have with Sam and Alison.
With Alison it feels like at times The Captain, Pat and sometimes Fanny have a sort of paternal side with her and the others are like her best friends but in the US version Sam’s ghosts feel more like annoying older siblings that like to mess with her but also love her too.
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thesevenumbrellas · 1 year
I’m watching the American version of Ghosts and they’re already ruining it.
They’re overly explaining all their characters.
The husband is the “voice of reason” and is *not* excited about their new mansion.
He’s a chef and they are not down on their luck and have a good income which is the entire reason why Allison and Mike can’t leave.
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steadfast · 22 days
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He’s terrible, and I love him. 🥹
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jamiemegad3thbsb · 1 month
Being a fan of Ghosts (BBC) and Ghostbusters (1984 and the 1989 sequel) makes me so conflicted... do I want to support the (mostly) innocent dead people or the good ol' fashioned New Yorkers trying to save the human world from their possible destruction?
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