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wispscribbles · 5 days
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failing at being normal with new obsessions when u used to be a wolf kid 
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natelia-aldelliz · 3 months
More werewolf au because I can :
Graves wasn't supposed to know about the werewolves, but Shepherd knew so maybe that's how he got the intel. As he's betraying them, he asks, almost begs, Soap to come with him, to join him against Alejandro and Ghost.
Alejandro because of the 'drug affiliation' thingy and his blatant dislike of Mexicans and Ghost because he's a monster. A beast, not even human. And he wants to protect Soap, believes him to be in danger, doesn't listen to Soap trying to de-escalate the situation, trying to ask him not to do that.
(Because he believes he knows what other people need more than them)
And Soap still has that very primal fear inside of him everytime he's around his the pack, that prey instinct that his predators are there, waiting for him to lower his guard. That's true, he does, he's even too scared to admit he's also not fully human.
But never, ever, has he considered betraying them, going against them in anyway. He wouldn't be a good cat if his fear of bigger predators wasn't overtaken by his very cocky very wrong feeling that he could take them all in a fight if he had to.
His cat-self was scared of their lycanthropic-selves, but he himself had never been scared of them as people. Well. Scared that they'd reject him, that they'd never consider him a member of the pack, yes. But scared that they'd hurt him? Not really.
Graves doesn't appreciate rejection, getting told no. He opens fire, Soap gets a bullet in his shoulder, Ghost begs him to get up and run.
He roams the streets with his head swimming from the blood loss, fighting against his instincts to just turn into a cat, curl up in a hole somewhere and lick his wounds, purring to himself to try and comfort the betrayed-hurt-helpless feeling in his gut.
But he can't, because he's not like the were-people, he's not a werecat, he doesn't heal faster. And his human biology makes surviving a bullet wound easier than the cat biology for some reason. (He tried, it just made him go in shock faster.) The hands keeping the blood from flowing freely definitely help for one. And what if Ghost contacts him and he can't respond and his LT thinks he's dead and leaves him here?
The Shadows are everywhere. The good thing is that his eyes see better in low light than theirs, than even the night vision helmets. His hearing is also better, though not as good as his cat-self's. That means he always knows where they are around him and he can avoid them.
When he's finally reunited with Ghost, the man keeps throwing him weird looks, but doesn't say anything. Soap can't really focus, he needs all his remaining blood doing actually important things and analysing your superior-officer-that-you've-been-lowkey-flirting-with's looks isn't one of these.
They reach Alejandro's safehouse, are reunited with Rudy, then Ghost sees him wobbling in place and drags him in the little medbay to see to his wounds. He gets stitches, incredibly thankful for Ghost's steady hands. As he finishes up though, his hands stay a bit longer on his shoulder, one of them climbs up to his ear and tugs it slightly, his eyes still staring.
Soap knows what he's doing, has seen Price lightly tug Gaz' and Ghost's (through the mask) ears, knows that it's a stand in for nipping them when they're in human form, as a way to say hello, or assert dominance or comfort them. Reserved for pack members.
Has... has he been accepted in the pack? His heart is beating faster, which isn't good with all the blood he's lost and the fact that the adrenaline is running out fast. His head is spinning. He looks up at Ghost with dilated eyes, trying to focus everything on him to try and understand before he passes out.
Ghost is looking straight at him, as usual, his head slowly tilting, his eyebrows furrowing in incomprehension. His peripherals are darkening more and more, darkness seeping in, and his eyes suddenly feel very hot while the rest of his body is getting cold and tingly.
Ghost's hand makes its way to the back of his neck, helping him hold his head up as his vision gets more and more blurry.
"What even are you?" Soap thinks he hears whispered as he finally loses consciousness.
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yume-mada · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here you go everybody, another fic to add to the Werewolf AU!
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callsign-bunnie · 5 months
Masterlist of posts
I'm going to make this as organizes as possible. IF THERE IS A POST MISSING ANYWHERE TELL ME AND I WILL FIX IT!
Call of Duty:
Main Universe (Canon Compliant/Canon Divergent):
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Drowning without you PT 1
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Aledolfo angst HC
Angst HC PT2
Cowboy Children (How Aledolfo interacts with the Los VaquerosHCs
Why Can't I Be More? AO3 Link
HC List for if Alejandro and Rodolfo didn't meet until already in the military
Everyone Reacting to Aledolfo being together HC
An Explicit Guide in Grieving Someone Who Isn't Dead (Yet) AO3 link
Aledolfo Wedding HC
NSFW Headcanons
Aledolfo Confession HCs
Aledolfo Childhood HCs
Bratty Rodolfo HCs
Aledolfo first joined the military HCs
Cute and Sweet HCs
Alejandro flirts with Rodolfo
Autistic Rodolfo (Bonus Bipolar Alejandro) HCs
The Proposal HC
Basic HC
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Role Reversed HC
Fluffy HCs
Rodolfo Overwhelmed by them fighting PT1
PT2 of Overwhelm
ADHDSoap/AutisticGhost HC
Every Move You Make AO3 link
Embarrassing Phases (Soapghost and Aledolfo)
Friendships (Alejandro & Ghost, Soap & Rodolfo (& Gaz))
Beach Day HCs
Polycule TF141 + Aledolfo HCs
Polycule TF141 + Aledolfo HCs NSFW
Soapghost and Aledolfo double date HC
Physical Appearances (Soap, Ghost, Alejandro, Rodolfo)
Physical Appearances (Price and Gaz)
Rodolfo breaks his thumb PT1
Rodolfo Breaks his thumb PT2
Soap and Rodolfo Friendship HCs
Ghost and Rodolfo interactions HCs
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Random HCs for other characters
Roach HCs
Twitter threads (GhostxRudy)
GhostxRudy domestic headcanons
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My Wife Wrote This:
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Hybrids AU:
Animal Assignments
Catboy!Gaz HC
Bunny!Rodolfo HC
Puppy!Soap HC
Wolf!Price HC
Panther!Ghost HC
Panther!Ghost and Bunny!Rudy
Bunny!Rudy x Panther!Ghost HC
Tiny!Bunny!Rudy HC
Bunny!Rudy and Coyote!Graves HC
Bunny!Rudy tries to hang out with Coyote!Graves
Bunny!Rudy flirts with Coyote!Graves
College AU:
Original HC List
AO3 Link
Magic Universe AU:
Basic Character Info
Extra Character Details
Alone Mission rewritten
Extra Background info
Story Divergence Details
Zombie AU:
Random info
More Random Info
How Would they react to killing Zombie Kids
Character Cards:
Rodolfo Character Card
Laswell Character Card
Soap Character Card
Gaz Character Card
Alex Character Card
Roach Character Card
First Meeting Storyline:
PT1 Rodolfo POV
PT1 Soap POV
PT2 Rodolfo POV
PT2 Soap’s POV
Red Widow Storyline:
Migration Storyline:
Basic Info about my omegaverse
Gender assignment and Pheromone HCs (OUTDATED NEEDS TO BE UPDATED)
Omega Rodolfo HCs
Rodolfo's Heat triggers Alejandro's Rut oneshot
Alpha Alejandro focused Aledolfo HCS
SoapghostxAledolfo Rodolfo and Soap tease Alejandro and Ghost nsfw (The revenge!)
Domestic SoapghostxAledolfo
Alpha Valeria x Alpha Alejandro x Omega Rodolfo HC
Aledaria where they didn't know Valeria first HC
Aledaria where Rodolfo joined the military late HC
Aledaria rewrite of Interrogation scene
Omega!Gaz HC
GhostSoap domestic HC
Alpha!Soap and omega!Ghost
The Announcement PT1
Ask Games:
Fic title and ship
Song Title and Ship
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fr0ntier · 3 months
monday music recs because i'm consumed by cowboys and i need peace for five minutes alsdknfladskf
Gold - All The Saints
bro....the guitar at the end.....i nut
Fluorescein - Abandoned Pools
this whole album is just rly good early 2000s misery rock
This Body of Mine - Franci
snail recommended this PAINFUL FUCKING SONG to me so u all must suffer.....ghostsoap.....(sobs)
Some Kind of Ghoul - Joe Zempel ft Bethany Conerly
another snail recommendation..die. cowboy au.
Faster - Cloud Rat
whirrrr rbrrrrrrrr metal noises....pretty white noise soft vocals make brain quiet
Street Carp & Feiticeira & My Own Summer - Deftones
deftones "thank fucking god winter is ending" songs. no i will not elaborate. they are Spring Songs fight me
Diana - Chelsea Wolfe
AROOOOO wolfe fan til the day i die. THAT GUITAR...tHE SYNTH?? PLUS HER VOICE???? i need to get blasted and listen to this song in an glass-paned elevator and dissociate. i think that would solve all my problems
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islenthatur · 4 months
So have been reading a lot of Ghostsoap I can get my hands on and now I need a Gerskier MW2!AU where Ghost!Geralt and Soap!Jaskier meet but they're still the White Wolf and Buttercup!
Geralt: Why are you called buttercup?
Jaskier: cause I'm pretty as a flower and deadly as poison...
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wispscribbles · 20 days
Every time I see your art it makes my heart so WARM!! And it makes me cry happy tears. I especially love your werewolf soapghost art. The way you drew those two is DELICIOUS!!! And there's just something about the way you draw their eyes that just makes me 😍 😍😍😍
FORNHAUS!! U are a real one, I srsly do happy jigs whenever I read all ur tags on my art - thank you so much <333 Here's a sketch of the wolf lads just for u
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wispscribbles · 2 months
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i wolf-ified them :)
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