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This is a Hubert stan blog now
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hi!! i was wondering if i could get a matchup for anyone from the first game? i'm someone who doesn't really approach people and comes off as shy or intimidating, but when people get to know me i'm a bit different. i'm energetic, talkative, sweet, and kind of aggressive. i can also be a bit selfish and distant at times. my hobbies are mostly writing and drawing for stories, and i listen to music 24/7! congrats on the new blog btw, i love your writing and can't wait to see more from you~ 💖
aww thank you so much! i’m excited to be here!
I ship you with…
Makoto Naegi!
Tumblr media
He’s the type of person that wants to get along with everyone, so it doesn’t take long for him to get to know you!
He doesn’t mind your occasional selfishness or aggression as long as you come back around again
He’s very patient
Supportive bf!!  He’s always the first to read or look at your new works, and he cheers you on whenever you have art block!
He’s one of those weirdos that doesn’t listen to that much music, so he might be a little ?? at first, but give him some time and he’ll be gettin down to your jams
I friendship you with…
Sayaka Maizono!
Tumblr media
Another person that’s quick to approach people, so she has no trouble becoming your friend
She’s also very energetic and talkative so you guys will never be bored when you're together!
Not gonna lie, she gets a bit upset if you distance yourself from her, but whenever you come back around she’s understanding!  She loves you all the same
A music fan you say?  If you listen to anything other than her songs she’s friend-breaking up with you
Well, maybe not that much, but she’ll want you to listen to her sometimes!
Supporting each other's hobbies…. best of friends
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